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2023.03.22 16:20 closeartz Iman Gadzhi - The Agency Navigator (Actual Course)

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2023.03.22 16:19 helikoopter It’s Not The Young Guys

Is It The Young Guys Hitting the Wall?
A lot of people continually point to this team being “young” and that they are subsequently hitting the wall. While there is no denying that this is a youthful team, the idea that their youth is somehow negatively affecting their results is what bothers me. From my vantage point, the youth is mostly doing their job, or at the very least, they are not entirely responsible for the Sabres defensive demise.
The last couple of weeks have been an absolute trainwreck, anyone who has been watching the games can agree. While there have been moments of something, it’s been a lot more terrible than okay. I decided to look at the last four games where the team’s defensive play was abysmal (5v5 4+ goals allowed - which excludes the games against the Rangers, Leafs, and Capitals). Admittedly, this is a pretty random 4 game sample, but we’ll look at a bigger picture after.
I’m using Quinn, Peterka, Krebs, and Power as my focus as those are the young guys (rookies, or near rookies). I’ve left out Samuelsson, although we can add him in later if necessary.
March 9 vs Dallas - 9 Goals Allowed 5v5 (45 skater goals allowed) Quinn - 3, Peterka - 2, Krebs, 2, and Power - 3 Not great, but far from the problem. That adds up to 10 goals out of 45, less than 25%.
March 17 vs Philadelphia - 4 Goals Allowed (20 skater GA) Quinn - 1, Peterka - DNP, Krebs - 0, and Power - 0 Wow, 1 out of 20 goals. Not at all the problem.
March 19 vs Boston - 6 Goals Allowed (30 skater GA) Quinn - 2, Peterka - 2, Krebs - 1, and Power - 2 Not great, but again, far from the problem sitting at less than 25%.
Last night vs Nashville - 6 Goals Allowed (30 skater GA) Quinn - 0, Peterka - 0, Krebs - 1, and Power - 1 That’s 2 out of 30. Yea, that’s not the issue either.
So in this admittedly small and random sample we have 2 games where the young guys were about average, and 2 games where they weren’t at all responsible for the defensive lapses (at least compared to their teammates).
As I said, this is a very small sample, it’s more pointing to the fact that the young guys haven’t been responsible for the poor defensive play recently - at least not enough that has created negative results.
So let’s look at a larger sample, say, since Feb 1 (I haven’t, but I’m sure you can roll the dates and things wouldn’t change significantly). Looking at rate stats (per 60) and 5v5 let’s see where the young guys rank at Goals Allowed.
Quinn - 18, Peterka - 12, Krebs - 19, and Power - 20.
I mean, that’s incredible. Not “hitting the wall” in the least bit.
The collapse we have seen in the second half (.40 pt%) of the season has not been due to the youth and inexperience of this team. There’s something much more significant at play. I’ve made my opinion known on multiple occasions. Let’s just stop pinning the blame on the young guys.
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2023.03.22 16:19 Decitriction Invoke-command stopped working on calling host since yesterday

Yesterday I was able to invoke-command on the calling host (self) in multiple domains, but today the command is failing, with differing error messages. Can anyone offer some insight?
Simplest case is
invoke-command -computername "selfhostname" -scriptblock {hostname} 
which produces no result. The longer one-liner confirms that I can invoke-command on other hosts but just not the calling host (in multiple domains). This was working just yesterday!
$t="icm $(hostname),dc2 {hostname}";$t;iex $t 
icm DC1,dc2 {hostname} DC2 
but should produce
icm DC1,dc2 {hostname} DC1 DC2 
I am using $PSVersion 5.1.14393.5582 in PS ISE, but this has also been tested in $PSVersion 7.3.3 console. Here are the error messages:
[goodhost] Connecting to remote server goodhost failed with the following error message : Access is denied. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic. + CategoryInfo : OpenError: (goodhost:String) [], PSRemotingTransportException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : AccessDenied,PSSessionStateBroken 
[dc1] Connecting to remote server dc1 failed with the following error message : WinRM cannot process the request. The following error with errorcode 0x80090322 occurred while using Negotiate authentication: An unknown security error occurred. 
What could have changed in 2 different domains since yesterday? In each case my account is NOT locked out and the hostname is the same one that is running the invoke-command.
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2023.03.22 16:19 Kasai0404 The Irony of Riot Games and their Punishment System

Hello, my dear Riot Games enjoyers,
I am here to tell you a little story I encountered this week.
So the story is about Riot and their punishment system, as you have read in the title. To get into detail, Sunday I got my account banned for two weeks after a match, where I played Qiyana and we lost with me standing 1/14/0. For sure I ran it down a little, but it was a normal game and I did not troll. The game was lost in the 10th minute and my mate already went AFK in the 20th minute when, for some reason, we didn't surrender the game.
So far a normal day of League of Legends, but like 5 minutes after the game, I got banned for two weeks and I didn't know why.
I looked up the reason on the Riot Games Support website, but there was only an article that was written like I got banned for negative behavior and flaming. The classic shit.
I wanna mention, that my Team and All Chat is turned off basically since I started playing the game three years ago. So I never really flamed someone for anything in the chat.
So in this article is written down that I got reported for negative behavior and flaming too often, so I got banned for that.
I thought at that moment, that this is a mistake because I never do that or to be more clear I actually can't flame anyone in the chat because it is turned off for like 2.5 years now.
under that part of the article is a button that says: "REVIEW YOUR CHAT LOGS" so I clicked it.
And then I started laughing over the irony of the greatest indie company in the world. There it says: "Players have reported you 0 times in the past 20 games for negative or abusive behaviors in chat."
After I read that, I instantly made a ticket for the support, because I still thought it must be a mistake. I never saw so much Riot Games stuff at the same time.
So Yesterday I received an answer from Riot.
But in the answer, it says that there was no mistake and that I did not get banned for flaming in the chat, but for inting and getting reported for that multiple times.
At that point, I lost every hope that was left inside of me, for Riot Games.
On that account, I don't have any ranked games this season and in ranked games, I only tryhard and go for the win. In normal games, I obviously don't go for the win every time, because I play for fun. So if it's lost or I don't want to play the game anymore I die more than in other games and sometimes I get reported, but that's normal League stuff.
Sometimes I also leave the game because my team doesn't want to ff a lost game or just keeps us hostage. I know that's not good behavior, but I didn't get banned for that and it's in normal games. I sometimes have a Leaver Buster cause I left too many normal games. I accept that it is a fair punishment.
So if the Riot support guy/girl didn't lie to me, it has an impact on the system if you report someone for inting.
The point I want to make is, that the only thing I did was not tryhard every game and tried to win every game, because I play for fun, and if the game is for example lost and the score is 5-25 I don't just run it down mid or troll or anything that's near to that, but I just leave the game because I don't have any fun in playing this game until someone's Nexus explodes or just don't give a shit anymore about that game and get a little bit more deaths. My question is, what does Riot want from me when i don't have fun in the Game? Or when your Teammates just hold you hostage? When you take the amounts of punishment you get from each option, then Riot wants us to AFK.
But is AFKing so bad when you don't have fun in the game and you just wasting your time in it?
A funny thing is, my mate just left the game and watched Youtube, while I was playing out the game. And I got a ban, but he just got a
1-minute leaver buster...
Today I replayed to the answer, but I don't have another answer at this time, I will keep you updated if there is something new in this situation.
Stay safe and unbanned guys and girls
And have fun playing ranked :)
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2023.03.22 16:19 not_2day_s8an I haven't drank in 50 days. Here are some of the approaches that I found helpful this time around and some of the highlights from staying off the sauce.

What's worked for me
I didn't try to change everything at once. My primary focus has been alcohol. If I had a bad day and wanted to stress eat, fuck it I gorged myself on unhealthy food. If I just needed to get fucked up, I ate some edibles. If I didn't want to go outside, I played video games. If I was tired, I slept in.
I had a secondary focus of exercising but honestly that is just to support the primary focus of not drinking. I found that setting a standard of running every other day for at least 20 minutes was achievable and curbed my cravings significantly. On top of that, I almost always did longer than 20 minutes.
At the beginning of each day, I make it a point to remind myself what I would be feeling like if I had drank the night before. I find this kind of positive reinforcement to really help when the sun starts to set. When the weather is nice and I want a beer, I try to think about how I wouldn't even be fully enjoying that weather today if I had drank the night before. Playing the tape forward (and backward) is immensely helpful to keeping my motivation.
Having short term, medium term, and long term goals has been really helpful. My short term goal basically just boils down to I will not drink today. My medium term goal is some sort of social plan to play board games or get a coffee the next day or the following day. Something that goes from being enjoyable to miserable if I'm hungover. Long term goal has been to run a 10k race.
The list goes on. I know it's not all roses and there are evenings and days I wish I was with my buddies having some brews but overall my quality of life is better without alcohol. I don't know if this is permanent but I know I'm not going to drink today and I know I'll be grateful regardless for the time spent away from it.
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2023.03.22 16:18 Trulymad87 My child made me cry last night

Yesterday was report card day and she seemed off when she when she handed it to me. I saw the F in math and we talked about it and I heard about how she was struggling. We came up with a plan and I shot an email off to her teacher who agreed it was a good time to start tutoring. After that we sat on my bed and watched Nailed It! On Netflix because it’s her favorite show when she’s down. About 10 minutes in she asked if she could tell me something and I paused it to give her my full attention. She told me she was scared to come home because she got an F and she was afraid I would be mad. I told her she never has to be afraid to come home and not to be afraid to tell me anything because I love her with all my heart and I might be upset by a bad grade but I’d never be mad at her if she was trying her hardest. She started to cry then said she was afraid her Dad would scream at her for the grade and that scares her more.
We left my STBX about six- seven months ago, he liked to scream at the smallest inconvenience be it her or I. He never laid a hand on her, I was the subject of most of his abusive behaviors. The thought of her being afraid of him was always in the back of my mind but this broke me. I assured her that we weren’t going back there and she didn’t have anything to worry about because it’s just us now. We finished the show and I put her to bed, then I sat on my bed and cried for an hour, the ugly kind with snot and eyeliner running down my face. I had one job, to protect her from him, and I thought I did my best but now I know she is terrified of him. I failed her before, I won’t fail her again. She is my everything.
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2023.03.22 16:18 Appropriate-King-896 Lollapalooza brasil show

I’m a Brasilian American and I’ve seen the boys perform a lot the past years in Chicago where I live but wow when I came for lolla brasil and they announced last minute that tøp was covering blink I screamed!! I’m gonna see the boys in my homeland for the first time, I think I might actually cry during the show for the first time😂 What is the coolest/ most meaningful place you’ve ever seen the boys? Wish me luck on my run to the barricade!!
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2023.03.22 16:18 Ayanelixer Lagging on xbox

I picked the game up and it was lagging so badly that every attack had a 0.6-0.7 second delay,the game displays a latency of 183ms however when I run a test on my side to we if it's my router I get a latency of 30 from Google's internet speed test
And other games like overwatch are playing so perfectly it's like I'm playing offline
Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?not sure if this is very important but the country I'm in is south africa
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2023.03.22 16:18 semaphone-1842 On the passage blaming Warren in Bernie's recent book

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2023.03.22 16:18 Dr_Skull_uwu strong fear of heights and reverse fear of heights.

So, my fear of heights got stronger recently, to the point where I panic when I use the stairs or escalators while looking down.
Same when driving close to an edge of a hill or similar.
It comes with my intrusive fear of simply jumping down from somewhere high up, too.
Also, when I think about how earth floats in the void called space, I begin to panic looking up at the sky, as though I'm losing touch with gravity, thinking everything would just fall.
That's it.
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2023.03.22 16:18 tfn105 Strange behaviour with Application launch via Citrix after VDA gold image update

Hello, got a strange issue and we are relatively new to Citrix. Here's our setup:
  1. Our Citrix platform is plugged into AWS and we use MCS to create our machine catalogs
  2. We use AWS Directory Service to run our domain controllers and the domain that Citrix relies on for user / group / machine configurations
  3. We use FS Logix to run our roaming profile solution
  4. In AWS, as we have Citrix running in three regions (Virginia, London, Singapore), I have three gold image servers - one per region
  5. We have multi session VDA servers in all three regions, with multiple servers per region
  6. We have three in-house applications we run in a portfolio that we make available to clients
  7. We are running VDA software v2303 on our gold image servers and the latest version of Citrix receiver on the client side
  8. I can build a new image from a gold image server in AWS (an AMI image) and can successfully update our machine catalogs in each region. VDA servers come online and are Registered correctly
  9. When I do, the first time a user logs into Citrix (either Workspace (or via some SSO magic from our own platform) and launches their application, I can see that the app is rendering as an invisible object on the screen. If I hover my mouse cursor over it, I can see my cursor change, so we are able to "interact" with the application even if we can't see it
    1. One way to resolve this is to go into the DaaS console, find the user and right-click -> log out. The next time they log in, things are fine
    2. Another way to resolve this is to just delete the FS Logix roaming profile

Where we have multiple VDA servers in a catalog (e.g. 10 in London), I think my users are reproducing the invisible screen issue the first time they are launched on each of the VDA servers. E.g. if they log into server 1 on Monday and have an issue, but then stay on server 1, they are fine. The second they log into server 2 they reproduce the issue, then we resolve, etc.

It's like there is something conflicting between the new version of my VDA servers - which are all AWS EC2 instances - and whatever we are storing in the roaming profile. Has anyone else had this issue when applying new gold images? I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to progress my investigation.
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2023.03.22 16:17 PopsMCG Please help with my fax

Hey guys, our business recently deployed unifi talk into our office, everything is up and running as it should, except the FAX machine, we bought a ATA device and from the looks of it, we are able to receive fax, but not able to send out. We have been trying to get this setup over the past 2 weeks and having no luck, I tried to contact the UI team, but they seem to be of now help, please can anyone help me?
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2023.03.22 16:17 devilsdesigner H100i running for 9 plus years. The temperatures are same in mid 30s without load and in 70s on full load on i7 4930k. Shall I replace thermal paste or any concerns with the fluid?

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2023.03.22 16:17 Tartooth So I'm starting to see talks about L3 coins / protocols etc for Ethereum, does anyone have any early projects to recommend?

Just was reading about Taiko and realized that this is a whole new genre (can you call it genre?) of blockchain technology and that there MUST be others out there that are already developed or are in development.
Looking for somewhere to gamble a few hundred bucks on something that may prove to be useful in the next few years and thus profitable.
Anyone have any insight/recommendations?
note: not endorsing or pooping on Taiko, however after Daniel dumped his LRC bags at the peak of the run up I am jaded to say the least about him and his projects...
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2023.03.22 16:17 NothingReallyAndYou Can I get 3-5 years out of a Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite, used as an ereader?

The A7 was released in 2021, the A8 in 2022. The A7 is a better size for an ereader, but I need something that will continue to be able to run the Kindle and Kobo apps for the next 3-5 years. My Windows Stream 8 lost support after 3 or 4 years. I'm hoping to get at least that long from this, so should I buy the A8, instead, since it's a year newer of a model?
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2023.03.22 16:17 SneakyVic I really need your help! (Struggling student here)

Hey everyone! 😊 I'm a business school student working on my thesis about sustainable jeans, an important topic for our environment and society.
I know this isn't the ideal place, but I'm having trouble getting responses for my survey. So far, I've only got 3 out of the 100 needed. I hope that some of you can take 3 minutes to answer it (I promise, it won't take any longer!) The survey is, of course, anonymous:
Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you all have a great weekend 😊 (if this bothers anyone, I will, of course, delete the message). The survey was created on, which is similar to Google Forms but offers more flexibility.
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2023.03.22 16:17 Weak_Toe_431 Sponsors, money and teens

During a certain period . 2012/2014. I was attached to a clinic/pharmacy along Thika road. My job was mainly counselling and therapy.
Pharmacies along that road stock abortion pills, PEP, and also in some places, they organised for HIV negative results for the positive. It's soo bad we would run out of meds and would have to order from pharmacies in Langata or Ngong.
Our biggest clients were married women, young boys and girls. (19/23) watu wa cole. This I mean, a lot of anal/ sodomy and casual sex.
A certain light skin had done more than 8 abortions, it got to a point, she would pay my boss with sex, 2nd year for that matter (19 year old). I won't lie she was 🔥 and the men she was around, would tip her good. She finished school and is on depression meds last time we talked 2021.
For married women, they were not cheating, a large number did not want to have children at that time and contraception kind of fucks you up a good one. Most probably you're wondering why your wife doesn't give birth, because she's ending lives than an ISIS commander.
As you enjoy the small treats and big money you get from beneficiaries, especially old men and women who have very interesting diseases, from swapping small girls. Their wives know. And their own wives would never sleep with them. The constant visits by small girls to clinics to treat STis. Gets to a point the antibiotics don't work anymore.
There was a 65 year old guy who would occasionally come in with a dif girl for STI tests, and later on the girl would come for abortion pills. Same guy 10+ girls that I counted, same routine. He had an apartment he would give the girls and a small Nissan note.
I don't really judge but those money favors you get, even 100k to get sodomized in the name of love making always end up in Therapy. Every coin you make using any hole, mostly ends up in medication, therapy. Most times you don't see the benefits of such coins.
Sex is dangerous out here. " I'm clean, hakuna haja ya protection" has ruined many small lives.
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2023.03.22 16:17 leung19 ATR32-420 Replacement

So I have 20 ATR that are making good money for me on a short route that I would like to replace in the future. How should I go able replacing them?
  1. Should I replace them with other aircraft and run the same route? What a/c?
  2. Should I replace them with other aircraft and run a longer route? Maybe BAe 146-300?
  3. Should I sell them off and save money to buy 738 and run a longer route?
  4. Should I keep them all and keep running them? Then buy bigger aircraft and run a longer route?
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2023.03.22 16:17 throwawayxlost I work as an afterschool teacher, the mean students and mean coworkers have been getting to me and causing me so much stress, idk how to not let it get to me.

Yesterday was terrible! Some students were just awful and the overall environment is so overwhelming for me, i usually have to do a routine of helping the kids find their classes and telling them where to go, and all of them talking to me at once cause a lot of overload, i have to tell them to please get into the line so i can go one by one but they dont listen a lot and find myself repeating myself over and over. Same thing happens with misbehavior in class, and it just get tiring after a while i cant imagine doing this type of job for very long or at least becoming a good worker, as im getting too tired to keep disciplining the students/telling them to behave/correct for long period of time and them not listening.
The main teacher tells the student to please stop talking and making noise while she teaches and while a student is playing (this is music class) and then a few seconds later they go back to making noise or trying to sneak into making noise and i find myself having to remind them every 5 minutes even the main teacher! When i took them to the lunch room for a break for the class they run around, misbehave, one kid drew something and told me to guess it and i didnt know what it was and he was like 'what kind of teacher are you, you dont know anything'' i told him sternly that is not nice to say and he should be respectful!
Then the kids kept drawing poop and giving it to me as a present and thought it was funny, one girl wrote stupid on someones drawing for me and told them to 'give it to me' when i called her out seriously she denied saying she wrote that! she also lies a lot and is a troublemaker
in another class i helped the teacher to try to quiet the class down and one kid mockingly told me 'okay miss'' and was waving his hands and mocking my voice and tone, i told him again that is not nice and to quit that or i will get the principal here, and i just walked away because i felt i was gonna snap as i was already in a bad mood and i still heard him mocking me, a little more quietly behind my back.
What a nightmare. My coworkers are hit and miss, some are not so supportive or friendly, one coworker dislikes me for no reason, she talks to everyone but me, she avoids me, dont not speak to me, is hostile with me, i saw her yesterday, i had to pass her and the thing she carried was blocking the entrance, i gestured i needed to pass and she gave me a cold look and just pressed her hand to move the thing away. I really did not like her vibe or her attitude with me!
im near my period too my mood swigns are all over the place. im trying to find another job but no luck, my past experience have just been with kids but im tired of childcare and want to work in an office or somewhere more peaceful and less noisy with more mature coworkers!
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2023.03.22 16:17 paddlenorth12 Solar set up

I was looking for some help, figuring out the best short-term solar setup with room to grow in the long run.
In the short-term, I would like to power a water pump (to pump water up from the lake) and change devices (phones, computers, etc.).
In the long-term, I would like to switch over our propane stove, fridge and lights to electric power. This would have to be done further down the line.
What's the best way to set up an affordable solar system for my short-term needs while also being able to expand further down the line.,
Thanks for the advice.
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2023.03.22 16:17 SouthParkiscool I've been traveling to different realities for six years. Washington DC update. (Part 4)

Part 3
Part 2
Part 1
As alternate me drove south, the pop music station switched back to the news channel. Whatever was going to happen in Washington DC in the alternate reality, I was screwed. My heart began to race as I pondered the possibilities. Building smashing would be insane, a creature dump would be the worst thing to get caught up in, an EMP Bubble complete with gassing would be terrifying as hell too, but I guess it would be a quick way to go. The entire city exploding would most likely be quick as well. Either way, and no matter how quick death could be, I didn't want to die at all.
Hopefully a task force made up of various other alternate me's would come rescue me. That's of course probably just a dream in the reality I'm in. For sure there is a team of alternate me's rescuing other alternate me's in some area of the multiverse. It's possible, so it's happening in some set of realities. I hope they come here too.
At around 8 AM, my stomach was rumbling. Luckily, my alternate self got the memo. Unfortunately, her response was cruel.
"Hungry back there? You don't need to eat anyway. It's not going to matter."
I'd probably find something to eat somewhere anyway. Hopefully…
Nothing new came up in the news. It was just talk about the three giants who attacked the UK. Other than that, the news reporters talked about the crashing worldwide economy on account of the Northeast China and Japan EMP Bubbles, the refugees emerging from EMP bubbles and claiming to have seen giants spraying gas on cities and towns, world leaders' reactions to the attacks, and the fall of the CCP, Russia, North Korea, Iran, the UK, Japan, along with the slow torture of the US. The reporters speculated about what the giants may want.
"They're taking out thousands of people in an obviously coordinated way, but we still don't know what they want."
"They for sure want us to be scared, and we definitely are, but yeah, why are they killing certain people who have no proven connection to each other?"
"Maybe that's part of their point. Make us go insane at their uncertainty."
As I browsed the internet, I came across a discussion thread claiming the giants were good because they were destroying all the fascist and flawed democratic governments. The comments of course disagreed, saying killing people is not the answer. It won't end fascism. Curious, I scrolled down to the very bottom to read the least popular comments.
"Yeah.. these giants are transforming this world for the better. Hopefully when their attacks are finished we can rebuild where they helped us out and just be better to each other"
Right… they helped us out… sure.
"Why are people expecting democracy in the aftermath of this? We need stronger leaders who can see past hypocrisy"
Giving people rights means being weak?
And of course… the craziest one.
"These attacks came out of nowhere. How? You're telling me giant titanic beings just popped out of nowhere and nobody had any foreknowledge? The government will do absolutely anything to control their citizens. China has collapsed? North Korea too? Even Iran? Yeah this was coordinated."
Because everyone's psychic and somehow knew beings like these would pop out of nowhere and catch everybody off guard? Also the UK, Canada, and Japan were attacked too. Why would the US attack its own allies? And itself? Especially its own facilities? This must be one of those every elite is a demonic Illuminati puppet theorist.
Hilarious comments aside, it's scary how people can believe just about anything is planned by the government. Demonic giants from who knows where cannot be the fault of any government. But that aside, there was yet another rabbit hole I stumbled down. On an obscure part of Reddit, there was a group who called themselves the Children of Satan's Titans. At first, I thought it was satirical, but as I read their posts, it was clear they were being serious. They thought the giants were bringing on armageddon and that they were supposed to lead the world after all is said and done. They even came up with nicknames for the giants.
The one that attacked Manhattan was the Grim Baron The one that attacked first was the Mother of Destruction for being the first giant to attack The one that forced Justin Trudeau into hiding was Lacertosis The giant duo who first attacked Newmarket and Aurora, Ontario were called the Ignis Duo
…and the list went on. The cult had come up with latin-translation names for each confirmed giant so far. There were 45 confirmed giants.
The car came to a stop. I slid my phone into my pocket and anticipated the worst. The three got out of the car. My alternate self's two cronies opened the trunk and told me to get out and to follow my alternate self or I'd be hit with another dart. I climbed out of the trunk, stepping onto a parking lot. As my alternate self began to walk, I followed. Cars were driving up and down the road, people were walking on the sidewalks. It was pretty busy. That made it even more saddening, as I knew the city was about to be attacked by giants.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"Don't talk," alternate me said.
My alternate self was such a psycho. But why? What led her to berating every other version of her? How many times has this whole sort of thing happened? It can't be the first time. If it is, then that's a good thing… She isn't very experienced in this… but I can't let optimism cloud my judgment, especially with the pit of dread in my stomach. I was probably going to suffer whether I survived or not.
I want out of this hostel shit.
The three told me to wait outside a Starbucks. As I stood outside, I checked Reuters for some updates on the attacks. Interestingly, there weren't any. Once the three walked back out, we continued walking.
Over the following ~two hours, the three took me on a tour of the city. However, it was more of a goodbye tour, with my alternate self making snarky comments at every tourist attraction. I'll just list the stuff she said and the places we went to.
When we stopped in front of the White House…
"See this magnificent building here? It's about to be swarmed by a mass of wild creatures. Hope the president makes it out alive."
When we walked by the Smithsonian National Museum…
"All the lovely stuff in there is going to be torn to pieces"
When we walked by the Washington Monument…
"Creatures are going to scale that thing looking for guts to eat"
When we walked by the Capitol Building…
"Creatures this time, and 100 times worse"
When we walked by the Supreme Court of the United States…
"Ever wanted to cut the court in half? Well here we are"
When we walked by the National Academy of Sciences…
"New stuff to put in science books. History books even. Imagine if you had a 21st Century history book and could know how the rest of this century unfolds for this timeline."
While her comments were presented as if they were light, they creeped me the hell out. She was joking about my likely death and reminding me of all the terrible things that were about to happen. What kept me most on edge was the uncertainty of when the creatures would be dumped. There being no updates about the attacks gave me a calm before the storm vibe too. I began to jump at the sight of dogs running by. The Ian and Billy behind me couldn't stop giggling each time.
At the end of the tour, my alternate self led me to what at first looked like the entrance to a subway train station. It was called Dupont Underground. Alternate me led me down some concrete stairs and stopped at a door. She turned to me while pulling her phone out.
"I'm going to show you something from a different reality," she said, with a sinister look in her eyes. "This timeline, but one month from now."
She tapped around for a minute, then she held her phone in front of my eyes. A video was playing. The camera operator walked down a deserted city road. Every car was stalled in the middle of the road with shattered windows and some had huge body dents. I saw the Dupont Underground sign and realized it was the street we were on. The camera operator took a right down the concrete steps. At the bottom was a body covered in blood and fleshy holes. The camera operator walked up to the body and zoomed in on its face. I recognized her. It couldn't be. But it probably was.
"This is you after having your guts sucked out by creatures," alternate me said.
My heart sank. An odd eeriness overtook me. That was me. Dead. My unmoving body laying on the ground. I was looking at my own corpse. I had never seen a dead alternate version of me before. That was about to be me. Technically it was an alternate version of me, but it mirrored what was going to happen to me. I shivered with dread.
"I… I'm…… I'm going to be eaten alive"
"Oh suck it up," alternate me said.
"Yeah," Ian added.
"Don't cry too much," Billy added.
"Don't cry?" I asked. "I was shown my fate you shit!"
"And there's no way to avoid it," alternate me said. "Now, we're taking you for another walk. This time, just a stroll."
"What is the point exactly?" I asked.
"Exercise," alternate me shrugged.
My alternate self took me on a long walk up north. She didn't say a word to me. Neither did Billy or Ian. I made sure to keep my mouth shut, anxious I'd be taken into a back alley and be injected with fire ants of all things. After an hour of walking, I became exhausted. My knees felt like they were going to snap, I was sweating all over, and my breaths were shallow. My stomach began to ache from not eating. I was still too anxious to talk. We went to a McDonald's, but alternate me told me I wasn't allowed to have anything. She had to have been taunting me.
We walked north for another exhaustive aching hour. I was thirsty as fuck. We stopped at a convenience store where alternate me gave me a water bottle. It wasn't something I expected, but I guess he did it just so I wouldn't faint from heat exhaustion. It made the following hour of walking refreshing, but my stomach was still numb. At least we were walking back though. But it dawned on me that it only meant my death was closer than ever. The pit of dread in my stomach deepened, distracting me from the numbness in my stomach. There was a hint of sadness behind every thought I had. I played a song in my head as I continued to follow behind my alternate self. The songs I heard in the Creature Dump Aftermath footage. Just me playing the memory I had of them back in my head calmed me down a bit. For the following hour after that, I anticipated the moment where my legs would just give out. The three psychos would have to understand, but they probably wouldn't… and so I just kept walking, hoping my legs wouldn't give out.
After four hours of walking, I could see the White House right up ahead. I needed a break. I thought it was over, but then we began circling the freaking Washington strip.
I thought I could give out in a place where there were no back alleyways or any place of the sort. I'd get quite a bit of attention. Maybe too much for my alternate self to handle even with two others. But I'd still be in the city… damnit. There was no way I could run either, being exhausted like hell.
Finally, after circling the Washington strip a tenth time, my alternate self told me I could sit down on a nearby park bench, but that I still couldn't eat. I took the offer and rested on the empty bench. Euphoria was all I felt for a good minute, then my adrenaline went back up.
She's letting me rest. Finally… Yes…. I'm going to die but this is worth it right now, even though it really isn't.
"Alright, now I'm going to show you something you're going to want to see," Billy said.
Oh god… another horrific video… I assume.
She held her phone in front of my eyes. It was a private Instagram live stream featuring two men who looked around my age.
"Hello, Nicole," said the one on the left. "This is your cousin, Sam."
"I'm your cousin Markus," said the one on the right.
They're my cousins? Oh, okay. What are they doing?
"We're in a room in the Niagara Falls Observatory," Sam said. "We aren't allowed to come out. We don't know why."
"We don't know who put us in here," Markus said. "Just two girls. One looked very similar to you… Your doppelganger I guess."
A boom echoed from somewhere off camera.
"What was that?" Markus asked.
Multiple booms began echoing from somewhere offscreen, getting louder and louder and louder. Sam and Markus both looked to their right. The booming stopped. A crashing noise echoed from above, followed by an avalanche-like rumble. Sam and Markus looked up, then the stream ended.
Billy navigated to a YouTube livestream of CTV news helicopter footage. A giant was looking around as missiles struck it. But a background detail caught my eye. The Falls.
What the fuck…? did she just show me a live stream of my cousins' deaths? What the hell…?
She skipped back a minute. The giant smashed the tower down, creating a plume of smoke.
"I hope they treated you well," she said.
"Nicole?!" I shouted at my alternate self, who was standing a meter away from Billy. "That's too far!"
"It was my idea," Billy said with a huge smile on her face.
"You're a fucking psycho!" I shouted and stood up. "Were they from this timeline or my own?!"
Billy stood there with her hand on her hip, continuing to smirk. "I'm not telling you," she said. She turned around and walked away. Ian and my alternate self followed.
"Where are you going?" I shouted.
"Have fun," alternate me said as she walked away.
The three walked out of my sight. I stared on, once again wondering what the hell made them so psychotic. They're just evil versions of people. That's all I knew.
I checked the time. 6:35 PM. I sat down and teared up. I was about to be eaten by wild gut sucking creatures. A girl just executed my cousins.
I'm still trapped in this dark reality.
At least I won't have to deal with those three ever again… or anybody…
How painful is it going to be? I don't want to go out in pain… but it looks like that's going to happen.
There's no way I can get out of here before the creatures come. At least, I assume so. Wait… what if my alternate self gave me enough time to get out of DC, but wanted me to think she left me alone because the creatures would be here in a matter of minutes after he left? I was probably overthinking, but I'm not going to take that chance. I need to get out of here while I can.
I trekked in a random direction. South. I wasn't going anywhere near Dupont Underground. My heart sank at the thought of being there. But I wasn't going to stop without eating. I marched into a convenience store and bought anything I could, then I found a park bench and ate everything I had just bought. I was met with some acid reflux in my mouth due to my guts clenching at the idea I may be overthinking alternate me's possible plan, but other than that, I stomached it pretty well.
But as I was eating, I overheard a conversation a couple of people were having.
"So you think this is the end of the world?"
"Maybe. I wouldn't be surprised at this point."
A little kid began balling their eyes out.
"Mommy, he said the world is going to end!"
"The world isn't going to end… It's just going to be… changed. Different."
"Did you hear about the cluster attacks though? They're going for specific people for sure. I can't wait for this stuff to be figured out," an older voice said.
"Cluster attacks?"
"Yeah those giants hit over 6000 houses and apartment buildings all over the world around an hour ago," the older voice explained.
"Where did you hear that?"
"The news. It's crazy."
"I heard there was an attack in Pittsburgh, but not much information was given about it."
"I haven't heard anything about that attack."
None of them know… I hope they're driving out of the area right about now.
As I walked by a short orange building, an overbearing presence struck me.
"Oh no, oh god," I whispered to myself. "I hope that's all in my head."
The cars driving up the road in my direction slowed and people walking in my direction looked up. Some of them began pointing. Dread overtook me to the point I decided to stop walking. I froze. If the next creature dump was happening in seconds, I was screwed.
I kept walking, avoiding my curious urge to look where everyone was looking. Two people turned around and ran. The roaring of car motors began to get faster. I took a glance behind me. My heart stopped. Two giants stood some miles away, holding giant sack-like objects. The two giants tilt the sacks and thousands upon thousands of wild creatures fell out. As the creatures rained down, I turned my head back in the direction I was headed in and sprinted down the sidewalk.
Where do I go?
The river. Can the creatures swim? I'll take any chances.
I ran down the sidewalk, in the direction one of the rivers was in. The adrenaline was peaking. I couldn't think about anything other than survival. I ran through a small park, navigating the benches and people frozen in fear. I crossed the next street without looking at the traffic lights, I nearly tripped over chairs, I almost bumped into people running from my right. I ran that way for seven blocks straight, almost being hit by a car three times. I carefully navigated across a main street. As I crossed the street, air raid sirens began to blair from all directions. I found a one way road to my left and just sprinted for my life.
Hopefully the river is close.
At the end of the road was a parking lot. Nobody was there. I sprinted across it until I found a trail. Down the trail, I saw the river. Boats too. I ran along the trail and saw a spot away from the boats to jump into the water. A couple explosions shook the ground beneath me as I ran. I hopped over the fence and jumped into the water.
I swam until I got to the middle of the river. I glanced around. Everything seemed calm and normal in all directions until a loud bang hit my right ear. I looked to my right and saw a cloud of smoke rising from a triple arched bridge in the distance. People jumped off the bridge and landed in the river below. The air raid sirens continued to blair as fighter jets flew by in the distance. I just needed to stay in the river until the creature invasion blew over.
I looked to my right and saw two creatures crawl across the building beside the parking lot I ran through. Three creatures ran onto the pier. The adrenaline worsened.
Time to find out if these beasts can swim.
They ran around and jumped onto some of the boats. A painful scream echoed from one of them. A man was stumbling around with a creature attached to his head and stomach. He pulled on its tentacles, but they held their grasp. He nudged himself sideways into the water. Seconds later, the creature started squirming around in the water, with its tentacles flailing about. I shivered. It was a terrifying sight. The man floated on the surface, shaking his head and moving his arms as if he were a bird. Soon the creature stopped moving and just floated in one spot like a dingy.
I'm good. But how long will it be until the military clears them? I'll just have to wait.
Explosions, gunshots, and emergency sirens from every direction, along with the roar of fighter jets flying overhead, were all I could hear. I couldn't hear the waves washing up against my own ears, or the sound of my own voice. I decided to play those songs in my head again to pass the time. I played other songs in my head too, all while hoping some soldiers would see me, then rescue me.
After a good amount of time in the water, the sounds of explosions seemed to be concentrated on an area to the north. I could only speculate it was the government strip. I looked to my right again and noticed a dozen creatures were occupying the pier.
This wasn't getting better anytime in the next hour. Hopefully I'll be in the clear soon. Once I am, I need to make sure my alternate self cannot find me.
At one point, I woke up to me being pulled out of the water by some Marines. They put me on a boat and asked me some questions, then they gave me some water. After the rescue, they took me to a refugee camp somewhere in southern Virginia. I was given food, water, and my own little room with a bunk bed. I sat down on the bed, hoping I'd be safe from the creatures. I unzipped my pocket and pulled out my phone to read up on the creature dump in Washington DC. These were the top headlines on CNN, for those curious:
"All branches of the US Armed Forces are responding to the attack on Washington - Yes, even the Space Force as the US speculates the giants are of extraterrestrial origin"
"Images from above: the White House, US Capitol moderately damaged by wild creatures"
"Five major politicians, 2 billionaires, and 1 celebrity confirmed dead in Washington DC after Creature Dump"
""Nuclear weapons aren't likely to be used, but they have not been ruled out""
"Pennsylvania, Virginia set up refugee camps for predicted mini-flood of refugees from EMP-striken, gassed parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia"
"Global Recession: Why economists are torn on whether or not the economy will return to pre-attack levels"
"Refugees from Florida EMP Bubbles: "We went into town after the gassing and we saw people and animals on the ground, everywhere""
""We need FEMA" EMP Bubble refugees who are staying in their states criticize their state governments for not declaring an emergency"
"MILITARY: There's no way to protect any type of technology from an EMP Bubble"
A guy with brown hair who looked to be in his early 20s walked into the room. He introduced himself as my roommate. We talked about the attacks and their potential ramifications.
"I don't know what's next for the world," I said. "I'm scared."
"We're going to be at war for a while," he said. "Good vs bad. We need to ready ourselves for what's to come. Everything is different now."
"I mean, at this point, I'd just end it if I didn't feel like I had a chance to survive this new world," I said. "Especially being in the initial attacks… I thought about ending it a few times."
"So you're a coward?" He asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Why would you leave people behind to suffer?"
"I'm not the one making them suffer"
"Yes you are… by killing yourself… people want you around…"
"Dude… nobody owns me. Do you think I'm a slave or something? People shouldn't be relying on others for their happiness."
"You are so stupid"
"Are you that entitled? Do you feel you need to treat people like entertainment animals? People are individuals. They're not your Mom's nipples either."
"I just… can't with selfish people like you"
"Honestly, if you can't respect others' choices and call victims cowards, you're just like the monsters and their little gut eating creatures."
"I don't understand why you'd support selfish people," he said. "You're like my ex-girlfriend."
"Maybe if you respected her individualism more, accepted the fact that mental health issues exist, talked about and validated her issues, she wouldn't have done it."
"Oh, okay, so you're okay with what those Empire State Building jumpers did?"
"Yes," I said. "They acted on survival instincts. It was either get eaten or jump."
"A real person would fight!"
"Survival instincts don't exist to you, do they?"
"I'm not talking to you, man," he said, climbing up to his bunk.
He had me until the victim blaming. Anyway, I went back to reading the news and reminded myself I'm not responsible for other people. Sometime after that, I went to sleep. Sometime later, I woke up to the sound of gunshots and shouting. I looked out the window. Two of those hideous creatures crawled by. I closed the curtains. I checked the news, hoping there wasn't another creature dump nearby.
"US East Coast on high alert as wild creatures make it past military checkpoints around DC Metro Area"
"Security video from Philadelphia captures creature that came from DC Metro area"
""V-BASCBHOB-TJCPSZAMDLSA-IKPJJ-HBCHLL" The FBI is investigating the string of letters scratched into the Washington Monument by the creatures"
"OPINION: After a week of teasing, it's the US' turn to fall"
I want out of this painful chaotic dark reality. Maybe there's a slip nearby. It probably wouldn't take me back to my home reality, but anything would be better than this. I've been to dark realities, like one where there was a third world war in the 1960s followed by a fourth world war in the 2010s, in which technology was a bit more advanced, but Eastern Europe and the Eastern United States were irradiated. There was a darker reality where giants attacked multiple metropolitan areas around the world. EMPs were used, but they weren't EMP Bubbles. People were crying, hoping their friends were okay. It was more mysterious, with every initial attack happening within the darkened areas. It started in New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. Then it spread west to the US in about a day.
Something heavy banged on the door. Shit… I opened the window, clawed the screen apart, and climbed out. I stepped onto the grass, then I sprinted away. I needed to find the gate. It was probably guarded, but I could find a way somehow. Not to sound too optimistic.
The gate was up ahead. There were three dead soldiers lying on the ground around it. After navigating my way through it, I sprinted across the street and into a dense forest.
Half an hour into running, my knees became weak again. I sat down up against a tree to catch my breath. I must've relaxed for a bit too long, as I essentially just blinked and the sun was shining and birds were chirping. I checked the time. 8:02 AM. I checked the news. There were no new updates.
Where do I go now?
There was no place for me to go that I knew of. Slips weren't extremely common. They weren't active 24/7 either. Until I found one, I had to deal with the possibility of being crushed, gassed, or eaten. I didn't expect my alternate self to find me. I was outside of the DC Metro area. To him, I could be anywhere.
Unless of course she tapped my phone… but she most likely would've shown up by now if he had. Knowing me, he probably would've gone to a reality where I famously snuck out of the refugee camp and my steps were publicly retraced, then he'd use that information to find me. Looks like I just need to walk in a direction that is almost one I'd go in but is not one I'd go in, in this situation. I chose to walk in the direction of the ocean.
As I walked, a bird flew right by me. I watched it fly away, then vanish out of thin air.
I went over to the spot with a good adrenaline rush coming on. I pulled out my phone and pulled up Reuters. I refreshed the page. The headlines were still about the giants. I walked back and forth once a minute for some time, clamping the leaves to the ground in the process. The headlines were the same. I was desperate, but I dreaded my alternate self finding me. I layed on the dirty ground, letting the leaves brush against my hair. Every few minutes or so, I'd refresh the page and there would still be news about the giants. I wanted to be home, where everything is safe, peaceful, and quiet compared to this place. I didn't want to hear another boom or a certain growl again.
A number of minutes later, I checked the news again.
"Russia warns US over Black Sea drone flights"
"No path to peace: 5 key takeaways from Xi and Putin's talks in Moscow"
"Russian soldier accused of war crimes in absentia after audio files intercepted"
There was nothing about the giant attacks. The headlines were normal again! I slipped! But did I slip into the right reality? A safe one?
I Googled the attacks. Only movie scenes and recaps came up. I had to be home. I had to be far away from wherever my alternate self was. My heart dropped for a second as I realized one of those creatures was roaming around in what may be our reality… I'm sure it'll be taken care of. I hope it's taken care of soon though. It's going to eat a few people for sure, and I hope I'm not one of them.
I got distracted by the sound of an animal moving through the bush beside me. I brought my head up and saw the head of a tentacled creature. It sat still on the side of the bush. Its tentacles brush against the dirt. I laid my head back down. My heart began to speed up as the thing sat there. If it saw me, I would have no chance of living for another minute. The leaves served as a barrier between it and I. I couldn't see it when laying down and it couldn't see me at its height.
"Hey!" A man shouted from some distance further to my left. "Are you alright over there?"
The leaves ruffled. The man looked down in confusion, then he jumped. As he began to turn around, the creature climbed onto him. He fell to the ground as the creature's tentacles grabbed his arms and chest. He screamed. The scream was gut wrenching, but at least this was my ticket out. I got up and ran as fast as I could through the bushes and trees around me. Once I came across a road, I took a left and continued sprinting. My heart was pounding out of my chest. At one point, I came across a river. I stood still on the shoreline, hoping that thing wasn't about to jump out of the bushes. I turned around. Nothing.
I went to my Reddit account and found my previous update. I'm back. I'm going to dump this update here, then hopefully I'll find a good place to stay while running. If I go back home to my parents, I'm going to need a defense mechanism. My alternate self wanted me to be in that dark terrifying reality. She probably doesn't know I'm still alive.
Oh, and if you live in or around Richmond, Virginia… stay safe. The creature moves fast and, as you know, it eats your guts.
Now I hear three familiar voices. I need to run.
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