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For all people who work and shop at Crate&Barrel!

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All about Coffee Pressure and Flow Profiling. Share your experience and recipes. Engage with fellow coffee addicts. We love beautiful images coffee extractions and portafilter espresso machines.

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Coffee lover? Found a great coffee machine or handy little tip to make a killer coffee? Help the Reddit community by sharing what you know about the good stuff!

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2023.06.06 07:45 Maleficent-Acadia346 Translations that make you go...Huh? [You Awakened While I Was Dead]

I know I shouldn't have gone through that translation, but still, what the hell? 😭😭💀
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2023.06.06 07:43 LadyNoir303 Tips for secret Persephone altar

Tips for secret Persephone altar
So I have a black basket and a box that's "for storage purposes." I want to decorate the box right so any tips on that and what type of offerings are nice. I have an old coffee jar that I glowed the lid shut and turned it into a piggy bank. I painted it partially black. I also have these sticky plastic gems that I can use. 🌺🌺🌹🌹🦇🦇🦌🦌🦌
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2023.06.06 07:43 kevinMenear Course Plan that Satisfies Interactive Intelligence & Computing Systems Spec

I'm a big fan of this program. It has already changed my life in huge ways and I'm still one year away from graduation. I've agonized over my course plan every semester, and think I've finally landed on the final edition. After minting it, I realized it satisfies the requirements for both the Interactive Intelligence and Computing Systems specializations. Here it is, for anyone like me who is looking for a roadmap, in the order I took them/am going to take them:
  1. Knowledge-Based AI (KBAI) (Spring '21)
  2. Graduate Introduction to Operating Systems (GIOS) (Summer '21)
  3. Introduction to High-Performance Computing (IHPC) (Fall '21)
  4. Educational Technology (EdTech) (Spring '22)
  5. Summer off for an internship -- and a much-needed break (Summer '22)
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Fall '22)
  7. Network Science (NetSci) (Spring '23)
  8. High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) (taking this now)
  9. Deep Learning (DL) (Fall '23)
  10. Introduction to Graduate Algorithms (GA) (Spring '24)
  11. Computer Networks (CN) (Summer '24)
KBAI and AI gave a foundation in AI (KBAI was also the perfect on-ramp to the program, I think). GIOS, IHPC, HPCA, and CN provide a foundation in computing systems. DL gives insight into machine learning and seems like the best course to learn the heart of neural networks. GA is the OMSCS algorithms course, which says enough.
NetSci may seem questionable, but I think there is real growth potential in this field, and it gives a good intro to graph theory and network analysis which are applicable to many domains.
EdTech may also raise an eyebrow, but you have complete freedom to do whatever project you want to do. Not only did I learn the ropes of real CS research in this course, but I also used it to learn JavaScript, Node.js, web scraping, and graph databases.
For context, I came into this program with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and took an online course in Data Structures & Algorithms to prepare/before applying. I'm a middle school teacher and a father of four, including two identical twins that were a year and a half old when I started this program. This program has stretched me to my limits but it continues to be so, so worth it.
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2023.06.06 07:43 Environmental_Lab578 How is spark dataframe.summary() executed?

I'm running summary over large data (like 1 TB), with 10 executors 128 Gb RAM each. Inspecing spark ui qt some point during the execution, I see all executors with 0 active tasks and the job fails with spark context lost. I wonder if it tries to pull all data into 1 executor at some point. So is it better to run summary over 1 large machine?
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2023.06.06 07:42 concretbydesign Concrete Furniture Concrete by Design

Concrete by Design offers sleek, contemporary Concrete Furniture to take your home decor to the next level. Whether you're looking for a coffee table or dining table, our quality crafted products are perfect for any modern home. Made with high-quality concrete, our furniture pieces boast a sturdy and timeless design that will elevate your living space.
Visit here:
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2023.06.06 07:42 WorkingPotential6352 Experience before applying

Hey! I’m sure you guys probably get this a lot. But what’s the path for someone with little to no experience? For myself I’m currently am an LEO, but I haven’t had any trades jobs that were that complicated. During high school/college I was a Teamster casual and worked in several warehouse operating various machinery. I also worked in a factory where we built glass walls and ran different CNC machines, saws, tappers, and presses. I was also a handyman for a while. As a handyman I mostly worked masonry, carpentry and a little bit of electric (enough to get by on home repairs). Also during college I helped a friend build his home from the ground up and gained experience in pretty much everything from waterproofing to whole home electrical. I’ve called my local (Local 17) and I’ve spoken to the NEIEP rep for my area who gave me some great advice. I just got my MEWP certification. I plan on getting a forklift cert, scaffolding cert, OSHA 30, and completing some basic welding classes at Lincoln Electric. I also have my Bachelors degree which I was told by the NEIEP rep will help. Any other certs I should be looking to get? And do I really even stand a chance with not being as experienced as most applicants? Thanks for you help!
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2023.06.06 07:41 strawberrymilfshake7 I’m at a loss

I’d like to preface this by saying I have applied at other jobs. Just to throw that out there.
As the title states, I’m at a complete and total loss. A lot of you guys have seen my previous posts and honestly, they might be worth a read just to know what kind of stuff I’ve had to deal with. Today I had a complete panic attack while on the way to work because I’m the only scheduled aid that was even going to come in, and even I had to call off.
It wasn’t good. As I was going, I blacked out while driving (only for about a second) and noticed a smell coming from my car and since I was already in a panic, I genuinely had in my head that my car was unsafe and going to explode. It is an older car and I’ve already had some problems with it, despite just purchasing it a little over a month ago, or maybe even 2. I called my mom crying and she insisted I pull over and call a crisis worker, as I did, because if I didn’t, she would anyway. I’ve done decent for so long mentally, but I can’t do this anymore at this facility.
Patients go hours without proper care because we are understaffed even when all aides are on. The LPN’s never help us that much, which I get that they have their own stressful jobs to do and sometimes there’s literally only 1 LPN for our entire floor (30 residents).
They harassed me saying they will come get me, as if they were even giving me time to even process that I felt there was something wrong with my car. I’m honestly too afraid to even drive right now in my condition. Not even giving me time to figure out what I’m going to do all the rest of the days, or with my child. I have appointments literally every day for him, as he works with teachers and whatnot because of some delays that are possibly caused by autism. (He’s made great progress so far btw, yay!!!)
The crisis worker asked if it would help me feel better if he called my work to confirm he was with me. I gave him permission and he called as I sat beside him. They didn’t realize that I could hear them talk. They interrupted him and picked apart what he was telling them, as he didn’t give all details about my day and just gave a one-sentence rundown.
I can’t help but to think that they could possibly terminate me for calling off. They already threatened to because I got extremely sick a few weeks ago.
I have barely been eating and I have had a single sip of a drink since a few sips of a coffee I left this morning. I understand some may think that I can’t handle this job, and I may need to look for other jobs. The truth is that I’ve worked for healthcare on and off for a few years and have never run into a place this absurd before.
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2023.06.06 07:41 chocolatesuperfood noob needs help: I have two Python versions on my computer and I don't know how to use the newest version

I had to use Python for my university class two years ago with Jupyter Notebooks and last year I briefly dabbled with PyCharm for a different class, but then other stuff got more important and I hardly ever used the language.
(Pure CS is not my main background - therefore my ongoing noob-ness and me not knowing how to install programming languages properly, apparently.)
Now, I'm taking a class were Node.js is required. I have installed it and it came with Chocolateley and the like, and during the installation process, it claimed I didn't have Python on my machine and it was installed.
I'm using a Windows 10 PC and I have just looked into the installed programmes menu: . I now seem to have both, v3.9.1. and v3.11.3
I opened a new Jupyter Notebook and asked for the version it was using, and apparently it still uses the 3.9.1. version: . PyCharm answers the same:
The command line interface, however, only displays 3.11.3 when asked "python -V":

How do I make this right and consolidate the two versions, so that the newest version gets used everywhere? Do I have to change something about the path variable? Do I have to uninstall the older version?

Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.06 07:41 Pestodaisylana Cat peeing on stuff help!

I got her 4 months ago. She is about 10 months old, fixed. I got her from a shelter where she used litter boxes, I brought her home & I have 3 other cats, all fixed. Everyone gets along perfectly. I moved the litter boxes a few times but she never had an issue. I put in a doggy door to my garage and now that’s where the litter boxes are, no issues. OUT OF NO WHERE, she has peed quite a bit, upstairs on a pile of my husbands clothing in the closet. Then on my school work I had on the couch (which is right next to the garage and the litter boxes) then again upstairs on a towel that was left on the ground next to the washer machine. I think one other time it was on a blanket that was on the couch but I can’t say for certain if she peed on the blanket and we put it on the couch or if she peed on the blanket while it was on the couch. Each instance is when me and my Husband are not home and we find the pee basically. (And yes the litter is cleaned and I have 2 big boxes)
Google answers are she has an infection but she has no other signs, she goes in the litter box normal all the time. I don’t think she “can’t hold her pee” because of diabetes or kidney stones. Again no signs and she is a young healthy girl otherwise.
I use bag liners for the litter and she rips them up kinda like she’s moving the litter but she claws the bags instead, very annoying but never stops her from using the litter box.
I cannot figure out why she is peeing so randomly?? Also I have never seen it happen, I think it’s her because my other 3 are all above the age of 3, all fixed, all been together since 2020 and never had any accidents before. They’ve moved 3 homes and 2 countries and still never peed on anything other than the litter box. I do not think it’s a territory thing either because my 3 have been around other cats many times, I have cat sat and fostered cats in the past.
She is so sweet and high energy, plays all the time, eats properly, drinks water properly, her fur is normal, eyes normal, no abnormal gum discoloration. LITERALLY nothing.
Help me? It’s driving me nuts.
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2023.06.06 07:41 chewychi Armed robbery at city centre

Saturday morning around 2am after leaving bowl and barrel me and my girlfriend were robbed at gunpoint by two black kids in hoodies on the second floor parking garage by lifetime walking back to my car in front of the stairs. They took my watch, two phones, wallet and car keys. Keep your head on a swivel and watch your back past midnight this area has been declining.
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2023.06.06 07:41 chunkylubber54 I would kill my own family to be hypomanic again

it's been four goddamn years of my life since my bipolar depression was replaced by untreatable long-term depression and I spend every waking moment wondering what I would have to do to get back the side of myself that I lost.
some people suffer from hypomania, but I thrived on it. When I believed I could move the world I was actually able to do those things. Maybe i was grandiose, but I wasn't delusional. I had the successes under my belt to prove i could accomplish things.
These past four years though have been a steady decline into the depths of hell, and my life has imploded because of it. I no longer exerience any sort of real happiness, and even during the periods of stability I manage to experience I'm constantly craving the highs of being on top of the world. Sure, I had periods of insane rage and irritability before, but those never went away, only the good parts did, and now I'm nothing but a husk who wants to die but can't.
My parents are the worst part, not just because they don't understand, but because despite everything they still love and need me. I hate it. I hate that they're holding me back. The only happy ending for me is at the end of a barrel, and I can't even point one at myself without hurting them too.
I just want my fucking life back
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2023.06.06 07:40 The-Toby So, the spiritual power of the town created the God of the cult, right?

I know the series is mysterious but I wanted to see what people commonly agree is what's happening with the gods of the cult.
In Silent Hill 2 we learned that the town was always "a special place". It's not until the murder of nativeamericans, and all the bad shit that went there that the town after the tragic event of Alessa in SH1 that the spiritual power becomes more agressive and starts (perhaps unconsciously, like a machine) making people's delusions and nightmares become reality.
My question is, did the spiritual power that reflects people's delusions created God?
In Silent Hill 3, we learned that Her was born from humans (instead of the premise of irl religions that says it was the other way around). Kinda how Pyramid Head or any monster is created through the subconscious of the people that inhabit the town and have a traumatic past/negative intentions.
Maybe the big ammount of people believing in this God made it actually real with the power of the town. Like the creation myth said, "God was born from from humanity".
I have no idea if I'm right. Maybe this spiritual power of the town and these gods are completely unrelated and the summoning of these evil entities is what corrupted the (initially innocent) benevolent energy that was inherent to Silent Hill, making it so peaceful before.
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2023.06.06 07:40 Malt_and_Salt Thoughts on Casa brews 5700

Long time coffee lover, have a decent burr grinder and drink a pour over most days. Moving soon and have a perfect spot for a small espresso set up. My go to drink is a cotado and my wife loves a nice red eye. I'm just looking for something simple to pull a decent shot from time to time and stream milk. Liking around the Casabrews caught my eye, it's a great price and looks to have decent construction and should work for what I need. Just seeing if anyone has any feedback for something so low on the spectrum. Thanks In advance
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2023.06.06 07:40 BoleynTour2nd PART 5, 6, 7, and 8: GUESS THE CAST BY WORDS AND EMOJIS

Hello, everyone! Since we've already covered all the US casts which were: Broadway, North American Tours, and from the Australia and New Zealand tour, we move to another country.
REMINDER: Please DON'T make fun of their names because they have some of the emojis that match up with their names. 
Are you ready, London? Here we go!
We now move on to: West End, Original Edinburgh, Original Arts Theatre, and UK Tour Casts.
We first start off with the first cast and where SIX started, Original Edinburgh and Original Arts Theatre.
  1. 👩 🔫 🐟
  2. 🏛️E 🪦
  3. 🫒🕯️ 🍖
  4. 🔁🐎 🐑
  5. 🧬👫🏻 │A
  1. opposite of article "a" (_ _), 1st letter of alphabet (_), a metal object that when hit chimes, mostly seen in churches (_ _ _ _), Mars without the "s" (_ _ _), opposite of high (_ _ _)
  2. pronoun mostly used for females (_ _ _), a place where there are many retail stores connected (_ _ _ _), a unit of time that is 24 hours (_ _ _), an animal that is a mammal which eats fish and lives on sea, land, or ice (_ _ _ _), last part is (va)
  3. 1st letter of alphabet (_), pronoun used by the speaker referring to him or her (_ _), preposition that can express location, arrival, or time (_ _), next in line for the throne where an example would be "Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth were the next in line to the throne if Henry had died" (_ _ _), male or boy child (_ _ _)
Now, are you ready London (West End) 'cause here we go!
  1. a container made of glass or plastic (_ _ _), sound made by horse (_ _ _ _ _), having great amount of money (_ _ _ _), plural of is (_ _ _), used to express negation (_ _), 12th letter of alphabet (_)
  2. 3-letter word that expresses negation but used with verb or "be" (_ _ _), 1st letter of alphabet (_), a false statement that doesn't tell the truth (_ _ _), capital of france (_ _ _ _ _)
  3. being polite, respectful and being good (_ _ _ _ _), cut down an area filled with grass with a machine (_ _ _), expresses location or time (_ _)
  4. 1st letter of alphabet (_), opposite of thick (_ _ _ _), 1st letter of alphabet (_), contact someone by a phone (_ _ _ _), preposition that expresses something that is enclosed (_ _)
  1. 👨‍⚖️🦵📎
  2. 👧👑🅰️ 🍝🛣️
  3. 📞ette 🎸🎨
  4. 👨‍⚖️🦵 🏹👨
  5. 🅰️👩 🅳 📊🦶📉👩O
  6. 🅰️👨 ║😊
  7. 🐾🅳👍 🚗EU🔑
  8. ☀️🤙 🥩║🧒
  9. 💳ley 💵ings
Now, we move on to the final cast for this part, the UK Tour Cast.
  1. 😡🧒 🐂
  2. 😮🎲 ⛓️🔩
  3. 🐱║ 💁‍♀️ing
  4. E🛣️a G✅C
  5. 🚫A🤥 Pil👑🏋️‍♀️
  6. 💇et 🧢🛣️-👩🏻‍💼
  7. 💨in 🥶
  8. ⚖️ 🐔🔁
  9. 🤝ra 🥺🧒
rules made by government for peace and order (_ _ _), second part is "ren", past tense of draw (_ _ _ _)
rules made by government for peace and order (_ _ _), second part is "ren", to set something on fire (_ _ _ _)
the things on your head that is thin and thread-like (_ _ _ _), the word "and" in French (_ _), one of the -wh questions asking about on information (_ _ _ _), male or boy child (_ _ _)
growing or arrangement in curls (_ _ _ _ _), a substance used to add colors or shades of color (_ _ _), the 18th letter in the alphabet being a consonant (_)
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2023.06.06 07:40 code_hunter_cc Apache HTTPClient throws Connection reset for many domains

I'm creating a (well behaved) web spider and I notice that some servers are causing Apache HttpClient to give me a SocketException -- specifically: Connection reset The code that causes this is:
// Execute the requestHttpResponse response; try { response = httpclient.execute(httpget); //httpclient is of type HttpClient} catch (NullPointerException e) { return;//deep down in apache http sometimes throws a null pointer... } For most servers it's just fine. But for others, it immediately throws a SocketException.
Example of site that causes immediate SocketException:
Works great (as do most websites):
Now, as you can see, loads fine in a web browser. It also loads fine when I don't use Apache's HTTP Client. (Code like this:)
HttpURLConnection c = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection(); BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(c.getInputStream()); Reader r = new InputStreamReader(in); int i; while ((i = != -1) { source.append((char) i); } So, why don't I just use this code instead? Well there are some key features in Apache's HTTP Client that I need to use.
Does anyone know what causes some servers to cause this exception?
Research so far:
Bonus question: I'm doing a fair amount of crawling with this system. Is there generally a better Java class for this other than Apache HTTP Client? I've found a number of issues (such as the NullPointerException I have to catch in the code above). It seems that HTTPClient is very picky about server communications -- more picky than I'd like for a crawler that can't just break when a server doesn't behave.
Thanks all!


Honestly, I don't have a perfect solution, but it works, so that's good enough for me.
As pointed out by oleg below, Bixo has created a crawler that customizes HttpClient to be more forgiving to servers. To "get around" the issue more than fix it, I just used SimpleHttpFetcher provided by Bixo here:(linked removed - SO thinks I'm a spammer, so you'll have to google it yourself)
SimpleHttpFetcher fetch = new SimpleHttpFetcher(new UserAgent("botname","[email protected]","ENTER URL"));try { FetchedResult result = fetch.fetch("ENTER URL"); System.out.println(new String(result.getContent()));} catch (BaseFetchException e) { e.printStackTrace();} The down side to this solution is that there are a lot of dependencies for Bixo -- so this may not be a good work around for everyone. However, you can always just work through their use of DefaultHttpClient and see how they instantiated it to get it to work. I decided to use the whole class because it handles some things for me, like automatic redirect following (and reporting the final destination url) that are helpful.
Thanks for the help all.

Edit: TinyBixo

Hi all. So, I loved how Bixo worked, but didn't like that it had so many dependencies (including all of Hadoop). So, I created a vastly simplified Bixo, without all the dependencies. If you're running into the problems above, I would recommend using it (and feel free to make pull requests if you'd like to update it!)
It's available here:
Answer link :
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2023.06.06 07:39 Dee-Sean Newbie. Questions about possible side effects.

Age 50, female
Diagnoses: Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, Hoarding Disorder Recent (past year) general and social anxiety.
A lot of shitty life circumstances over the last 3 years. My sister died. My mom is sick.
Met with new psychiatrist a few days ago. Did quick assessment by asking me questions. Result: I might have ADD, inattentive type.
His recommendation: Ritalin.
I have questions about Ritalin. I’m not asking for official medical advice. I’m just curious about other people’s experiences.
In your experience:
  1. Did you receive a diagnosis in your 40s or 50s? If yes, were you surprised and skeptical?
  2. Have you found ADHD medication to be helpful to you?
  3. If you’ve struggled with depression, did the ADHD meds help your depression?
  4. Because they are a stimulant, do they tend to increase anxiety? (My anxiety has gotten significantly worse over the last year. I don’t want to take a medication that increases anxiety.)
  5. Can you drink coffee while taking ADHD meds?
  6. Do ADHD meds make you feel jittery?
  7. Have ADHD meds negatively affected your sleep? I struggle with insomnia. I don’t want to take a medication that will make insomnia worse.
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 07:37 Ok_Donkey_5615 Experimenting with card shops

Went to a local card shop and bought some Japanese card packs and these are what I pulled. And the two Vulpix’s were from a dollar machine dispenser they had
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