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2023.06.03 03:32 AncapGamingAddict The AEW World Cup (Firestorm Booking)

The AEW World Cup (Firestorm Booking)
Tony Khan announces The AEW World Cup, a 16 man tournament with each man representing a country. The final will take place at All In in Wembley Stadium with the winner becoming #1 Contender to the AEW International Championship. All In will also feature Orange Cassidy defending the AEW International Championship against Swerve Strickland (Strickland kept tweeting on social media about how a title match on TV is below a mogul like him, and challenges Cassidy for the International Title at All In, to which Cassidy replies with a thumbs up emoji, thus making it official).
A series of qualifying matches for the World Cup take place to determine certain competitors from countries.
Qualification Highlights:-
  • The Land of Opportunity Battle Royale - Won by Hangman Page by last eliminating Bryan Danielson to officially represent the USA.
  • 6-3-1 Match to decide Mexico's representative. Trios Match: Rush, Andrade, Vikingo VS Bandido and the Lucha Brothers. Winning team faces each other in a 3-Way to determine the official representative. Penta pins Rush with a Fear Factor to win the Trios Match. Bandido rolls up Penta and Fenix at the same time in the 3 Way to win and officially be Mexico's representative.
  • JAS member Angelo Parker scores an upset victory over Chris Jericho in one of the Canadian qualifiers.
  • Konosuke Takeshita cuts an excited promo after defeating Michael Nakazawa, and assumes that he has qualified considering they are the only 2 Japanese wrestlers on AEW's official roster. He says it's an honour to represent Japan when all of a sudden, he is surrounded by Kota Ibushi, Katsuyori Shibata and Kenta.
  • After losing out on qualification, Christian Cage announced that a close friend of his will still be in the tournament. Someone he considers a brother. Someone who debuted as a tall, athletically gifted creepy guy in a 3 man stable, .... Luchasaurus, by virtue of him being from "the Amazon forest".
  • David Finlay is announced as Germany's representative by virtue of birth.
The final list of participants is as follows:-
  1. Hangman Page (USA)
  2. Kenny Omega (Canada)
  3. Bandido (Mexico)
  4. Kota Ibushi (Japan)
  5. PAC (England)
  6. Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
  7. Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
  8. Jay White (New Zealand)
  9. Buddy Matthews (Australia)
  10. Angelico (South Africa)
  11. Miro (Bulgaria)
  12. Francesco Akira (Italy)
  13. David Finlay (Germany)
  14. Hiku Leo (Tonga)
  15. Satnam Singh (India)
  16. Luchasaurus (Brazil)
R-O-16 Matches will be contested in a 15 Minute Time Limit
Quarter-Final Matches will be contested in a 30 Minute Time Limit
Semi-Final Matches will be contested in a 45 Minute Time Limit
The Final will have a 1 Hour Time Limit
In the event of a draw, neither competitor will qualify to the next round. Whoever qualifies will either get a bye, or win the tournament if they are the only one to qualify. If all matches in a round end up in a draw, then the winners will be determined by 3 judges.
  • Jim Cornette
  • Dave Meltzer
  • Vince Russo

Round of 16

PAC (England) VS Bandido (Mexico) - AEW Dynamite - San Antonio, Texas
PAC enters wearing a mask as well as "Lucha Brothers" written on his trunks and their masks printed on either side. It looks like he's giving a tribute to his trio-mates who failed to qualify to represent Mexico. We are in San Antonio, a city with a large Mexican population and an excited crowd who cheer for both men like crazy before the bell even rings. PAC takes off his mask and an action packed 10 minute match ensues full of high spots and flips, PAC hits Bandido with a Black Arrow, followed by a Fear Factor to secure the victory for England and qualify to the Quarter Final.
PAC d. Bandido via pinfall after a Fear Factor (10:00)
Hiku Leo (Tonga) VS Luchasaurus (Brazil) - AEW Dynamite - Los Angeles, California
Both men have a connection to the city. Hiku Leo, a prominent feature of NJPW Strong which is based in LA, and the man behind the Luchasaurus mask actually being born in LA (the commentators play up Hiku Leo's connection to the city as a sort of hometown hero but obviously don't mention Luchasaurus' real life connection to Los Angeles). An all out war between a monster and a warrior full of intense strikes, eventually Luchasaurus overpowers Hiku Leo but he still shows fighting spirit despite taking huge amounts of damage. The match hits the 14 minute mark and Luchasaurus hits Hiku Leo with the Land Before Time. 1, 2, kick out! Luchasaurus immediately puts Hiku Leo in an Arm Triangle Choke. The timer hits 14:59 as Hiku Leo passes out and Luchasaurus secures the victory.
Luchasaurus d. Hiku Leo via technical submission with an Arm Triangle Choke (14:59)
Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland) VS Satnam Singh (India) - AEW Dynamite - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Swiss Superman VS The Indian Giant is quite a one sided bout as Castagnoli wrestles circles around Singh for the first 5 minutes. Eventually, Castagnoli gets hit with a giant chop, to which he responds with an European Uppercut! Both men exchange chops and uppercuts until Castagnoli has has enough and lifts Singh up for the UFO for 30 seconds followed by a Giant Swing for 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT! Castagnoli sets Singh down, rolls him backwards, lifts him up for The Neutralizer for the 1-2-3.
Claudio Castagnoli d. Satnam Singh via pinfall after a Neutralizer (8:10)
After the match, Singh's stablemate Jay Lethal shows up to take him to the back as Claudio celebrates with the ROH World Title. Lethal sets Singh on the apron and enters the ring and stares down Claudio and his title as the ROH-loving Philly crowd go wild!
Miro (Bulgaria) VS Angelico (South Africa) - AEW Collision - Chicago, Illinois
You call yourself an angel? I will send you to God.
The last time Miro competed for the AEW International Championship was right here, in Chicago, where he lost. The match is an incredibly fan action packed bout involving the high flying babyface Angelico against the athletic monster Miro. Angelico manages to hold his own for 14 minutes as he avoids any major damage from Miro. As Angelico realizes that time is running out, he attempts to lift Miro for a Fall of Angels but Miro lifts him up and hits him with a Front Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam followed by a running somersault senton. He then puts Angelico in the Camel Clutch as Angelico passes out in 14:59.
Miro d. Angelico via technical submission with a Camel Clutch (14:59)
Buddy Matthews (Australia) VS Francesco Akira (Italy) - AEW Collision - Boston, Massachussetts
A city synonymous with America's fight for independence sees Buddy Matthews from the Commonwealth nation of Australia fight Francesco Akira, representing The United Empire.
Pure, fun, action.
  • Both men hit each other with a double Boston Knee Party in tribute to Eddie Edwards.
  • Matthews hits an Attitude Adjustment to Akira and proceeds to lock him in an STF in tribute to John Cena.
In the end, all good things must come to an end as Matthews hits Akira with a Whale Hunt (Murphy's Law) for the win!
Buddy Matthews d. Francesco Akira via pinfall with a Whale Hunt (14:30)
Jay White (New Zealand) VS Hangman Page (USA) - AEW Collision - Montreal, Quebec
This match takes place in the French speaking part of Canada as we need to stray out of the US for neutral ground (even though we still technically are in North America). A fun clearcut hero VS villain story.
  • Jay White locks in the Sharpshooter with a cheeky smirk on his face for that cheap cheap heat.
  • Hangman Page hits a Helluva Kick for that cheap cheap pop.
Page immediately follows up the Helluva Kick with a Blue Thunderbomb for the win.
Hangman Page d. Jay White via pinfall with a Blue Thunderbomb (9:00)
Kenny Omega (Canada) VS David Finlay (Germany) - AEW Dynamite - Atlanta, Georgia
A former Bullet Club leader VS the current Bullet Club leader, in the hometown of a phenomenal Bullet Club leader (Fun fact: David Finlay lives in Atlanta according to Wikipedia but this isn't mentioned).
A match full of fun Bullet Club references which the crowd eats up!
  • Finlay hits Omega with a Coup De Grace.
  • Omega locks Finlay in the Calf Crusher.
  • Omega hits Finlay with the Phenomenal Forearm.
In the end, Omega puts Finlay away with a Styles Clash!
Kenny Omega d. David Finlay via pinfall with a Styles Clash (9:00)
Kota Ibushi (Japan) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands) - AEW Dynamite - Winnipeg, Manitoba
We are in the hometown of Kota Ibushi's lover, Kenny Omega. If Ibushi wins, we will see a clash of the Golden Lovers in the quarter final but Malakai Black wants to crush that dream. An epic clash filled with kicks and moonsaults. In the end, Malakai Black hits Ibushi with a Black Mass. He then has a cheeky smile on his face as he hits Ibushi with a V Trigger, followed by another Black Mass for the win.
Malakai Black d. Kota Ibushi via pinfall with a Black Mass (12:00)
Ibushi is bleeding from the mouth as Omega comes to his aid, to cheers for the hometown hero. Malakai lets out a sinister condescending laugh as Omega looks at Black with an enraged stare.
With that, we conclude the Round of 16.

Quarter Finals

2 shows.
Collision - Toronto, ON.
We need neutral ground yet again as the American Hero Hangman Page fights the Swiss Cyborg Claudio Castagnoli in the main event!
Miro VS Buddy Matthews
Hangman Page VS Claudio Castagnoli
Dynamite - Jacksonville, FL.
We return to the home ground of AEW where Kenny Omega won the AEW World Title. Will he be able to avenge his lover, Kota Ibushi ?
PAC VS Luchasaurus
Kenny Omega VS Malakai Black
Miro (Bulgaria) VS Buddy Matthews (Australia)
OOOHHH BOY! The Redeemer HATES this display of Satanism and he makes it known...physically. However, Matthews isn't one to let anyone toy around with him. A crazy, painful and speedy strikefest ensues. In the end, Matthews tries to lift Miro for a Whale Hunt but Miro pushes Matthews away and hits a Savate Kick. Matthews rebounds off the rope and hits Miro with a BLACK MASS and falls on Miro for the pinfall victory!
Buddy Matthews d. Miro via pinfall with a Black Mass (15:54)
Hangman Page (USA) VS Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
Page manages to counter a Neutralizer attempt with a Dead Eye but he's too exhausted to reach Claudio for the pin!
In the end, Page goes for a Buckshot but Claudio bends, grabs Page's legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter. As Page edges for the ropes, Claudio floats over into a Crossface. Time is about to run out as Hangman attempts to escape but alas, he passes out in the Crossface!
Claudio Castagnoli d. Hangman Page via technical submission with a Crossface (29:59)
PAC (England) VS Luchasaurus (Brazil)
An enjoyable endeavour, a mix of hard hits, power moves and of course, everyone's favourite, good high flying "lucha things" as Kalisto would say. Both men go the distance and just in the nick of time, PAC manages to get Luchasaurus to pass out in The Brutalizer
PAC d. Luchasaurus via technical submission with a Brutalizer (29:59)
Kenny Omega (Canada) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
Hard hits, moonsaults, technical sequences. The Ironman Kenny Omega does not back down as a smirky, condescending Malakai gets increasingly frustrated. Both men unleash all their wrath, everything they have. At one point, Omega goes for a Golden Star Press which Malakai counters into a Triangle Choke. Omega struggles but manages to lift Black up for a Golden Star Bomb which Black kicks out of. In the end, Omega hits Black with a V Trigger, Black rebounds off the rope and hits Omega with a Black Mass and falls onto Omega. 1. 2. 3.
Malakai Black d. Kenny Omega via pinfall with The Black Mass (29:59)
With that, we conclude the Quarter Finals.

Semi Finals - AEW Dynamite - Manchester, England

Buddy Matthews (Australia) VS Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
A pure back-and-forth endeavour, these men pour out everything they've got! Claudio with his suplexes, power moves and submissions, Matthews with his high risk dives and hard strikes, but that's not all! Claudio goes crazy with European Uppercuts including a Springboard Corkscrew variation! Claudio hits a diving crossbody and a somersault senton on Matthews as well! Matthews is also able to hold his own against Claudio technically, with his own creative submissions and escapes.
At one point Matthews attempts to lift Claudio for a Whale Hunt, Claudio attempts a reversal into a Neutralizer, which Matthews flips out of and hits a Pedigree!
In the end, Matthews pins Claudio after a Black Mass!
Buddy Matthews d. Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall after a Black Mass (15:01)
PAC (England) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
The match begins with an intense staredown as the hometown hero PAC is adored with cheers. Both men then perform an intricate chain wrestling sequence ending in a Death Ritual which PAC lifts into a Fireman's Carry Position, which Black slips out of and applies a waistlock on PAC. He goes for a German Suplex but PAC rolls him up. Black rolls PAC up, PAC kicks out, rebounds off the rope, Black attempts to trip PAC but PAC performs a cartwheel and a backflip as Black sits in a crosslegged position. PAC joins him in sitting crosslegged, mocking him. Black begins to laugh. PAC crawls closer, laughs and slaps Black. Black laughs more. PAC laughs again and slaps Black again. This eventually turns into a slapfest, followed by both men getting up and the slapfest turning into a strikefest. The strikefest ends with a double clothesline. The referee begins a 10-count. Both men kip up at 9 and stare each other down again. The crowd is mental. Both men now forearm the everloving crap out of each other. Black grabs PAC in a side headlock, PAC pushes Black off the ropes and Black performs a Springboard Moonsault onto PAC!
Strikes, submissions and acrobatics gallore in this match! Both men are putting in everything to ensure that they are one step closer to attaining the AEW World Cup!
In the finishing sequence, PAC goes for a Black Arrow which Malakai catches into a Triangle Choke! PAC is about to fade but he lifts Malakai up in a powerbomb position. Black gets out but PAC carries him in a Fireman's Carry when all of a sudden, Black counters and locks in The Death Ritual, which PAC ends up passing out in!
Malakai Black d. PAC via technical submission after a Death Ritual (44:59)
Post match, the lights go out and we see Buddy Matthews and Brody King appear in the middle of the ring. Malakai and Matthews stare each other down intensely. Malakai takes a mic and says: "Whoever it may be, The House Always Wins". All 3 men start laughing and hug each other in a warm embrace.

The Final - AEW All In - London, UK

Malakai Black (The Netherlands) VS Buddy Matthews (Australia)
The match begins with a handshake and a hug, followed by a clinic, a spectacle to be witnessed at least once in everyone's life. Both men know each other upside down, inside out, and counter each other's moves, including Matthews dodging each and every one of Malakai's Black Mass attempts, each time Malakai looking at Matthews with a sense of anger mixed with pride.
In the end, Black goes for a Black Mass, Matthews catches Black's foot, and performs a Whale Hunt on Black for the win!
Buddy Matthews d. Malakai Black via pinfall after a Whale Hunt (59:59)
After the match, Buddy celebrates with his newly won AEW World Cup, alongside his House of Black brothers.
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2023.06.03 03:31 whimsicalwolf329 ISO divine rivals fairyloot edition!

hi i am desperately seeking a copy of the fairyloot edition of divine rivals and was wondering if anyone is selling theirs because i would love to buy one!! i have unfortunately been stuck on the waitlist and i don't know how else to get one and would love to buy your copy if you don't want it thank you!
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2023.06.03 03:31 Flat_Square_3616 My story + Timeline leading up to Botox Appt

Hi everyone,
I know some reddit circles are very particular about not asking questions that have been asked before. If this question has been asked, my apologies. I tried to find the answer but didn’t see anything yet. I hope someone wonders the same as me. If you aren’t interested in my story also, my question is at the bottom :)
My story:
I have dealt with no burp my whole life (26) but up until a couple years ago I did not quite understand that there may have been an actual issue with my body, rather than me just being a person who doesn’t know how to burp. It feels as if it has gotten worse over the years. It seems now I’ll have major inconsistent uncomfort in random happenings of life where I don’t even feel I am pushing the boundaries. Drinking fluids (carbonated or not), exercising, eating food and more. Sometimes I have to call it early when friends or family because of how uncomfortable I get, all I want to do is lie down until I can get my breath back.
My biggest frustration with this hasnt been the social scene however, but my marathon running. I am not an elite runner by any means (232 marathon if that means anything to anyone) but I train year round with teammates and we often find ourselves at the front competing for prizes. It is a great feeling when it pays off. Over the past 2 years I have stepped into marathon running where fuel is just as important as fitness. I find myself with my teammates for the first half and then as fuel consumption becomes a factor, I frustratingly struggle to get anything down. I watch my teammates and others around me consumes 8-12 oz of fluid plus gels packs and I can merely get down a sip of water or a gel without feeling the discomfort in my throat. It feels like anything I were to put down would push back up if I tried, like the door is completely closed. Others around me sustain their energy and my body fails me, simply because I cannot clear the aigas in my throat to consume what I need to. Not to mention how much harder it is to breath when feeling like this. It’s to the point where I want to give up the sport all together, because something my body can’t do prevents me from doing the one thing I need to if I am ever going to improve.
My question: I have read about R-CPD for a few weeks since my last frustrating race and feel I truly am someone who has this, every symptom provided is something I have and have gone through regularly. My question to the group is what does the timeline look like or what was the timeline for you? From the first time you reached out to your primary care doctor about the concern of this condition to the moment you received your first Botox treatment. I am curious how long the process takes (I am in Michigan, so US answers I would assume may be preferable as they may differ from than European timelines). My main reasoning is I just want to put racing on hold at this point until I have an understanding if this is something that can be fixed and help me be my best self. Both in life and running.
Thank you in advance everyone
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2023.06.03 03:31 NewHereToo22 How can I indirectly turn my bank account money into cash?

Hey, I’ve made a post like this in past, but I haven’t been in best mental place and wanted some more input on it.
So, I’m in a situation where MONEY I MAKE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT, is monitored by my parents.
I need to use money to help myself from something I can’t tell my parents (because they are homophobic and strict)
I was thinking of maybe flipping things, or maybe buying something with my bank account money and refunding it into cash? Do refunds show up on bank account info if I ask for money back in cash?
Anything I can constantly buy that looks normal and refund it? (Maybe batteries?)
(I was also thinking of doing small jobs for cash, but I make a lot more money from my part time job, and i’d rather be able to use the big money I make than do stuff for small amount of cash)
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2023.06.03 03:31 MNLYYZYEG Heart Signal 4 - Episode 3 - 230602

Heart Signal 4 (하트시그널4) is finally here after 3 years.
Episode 3 Discussion for Heart Signal 4 over in /koreanvariety subreddit:
Cupid returns for a fresh assault on the hearts of a new group of romance-ready singletons. The group has never met before, but must live together in Signal House. The house rules encourage flirty behavior, but forbid housemates from directly telling anyone that they like them. Instead, they must express their feelings via text message. But there’s a twist: All texts to housemates are anonymous – meaning recipients have to guess who is trying to make a love connection with them.
Watching events unfurl in the house is a celebrity panel of love experts. These include returning romance fans Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Ea Na, and Lee Sang Min, all veterans of previous “Heart Signal” seasons. And joining this trio this time around is a fresh crop of star pundits, including OH MY GIRL member Mimi, Kang Seung Yoon of WINNER, and leading psychiatrist Kim Chong Gi.
This variety TV show series is the follow-up to 2017’s “Heart Signal.” A second series was released in 2018. And this was followed up with Season 3 in 2020.
“Heart Signal 4” is a 2023 South Korean reality TV/variety show that was produced by Park Cheol Hwan.


Lee Jumi (이 주미)
Kim Jiyoung (김 지영)
Kim Jimin (김 지민)
Shin Mingyu (신 민규)
Han Gyeore (한 겨레)
Yoo Jiwon (유 지원)
Lee Hushin (이 후신)


Kim Eana
Lee Sangmin
Yoon Jongshin
Kang Seungyoon (from WINNER group)
Kim Mihyun or Mimi/미미 (from OMG group)
Kim Chonggi (psychiatrist)


Stream Viki
Stream VIU Singapore
Stream VIU Hong Kong
English subtitles are available on Viki now.
Around 9PM for English subs on Viki could be the consistent release schedule, so wait ~10-12 hours after the episode premieres (converting from Korean Standard Time, it's like 9:50AM every Friday, New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time), then the Viki volunteers should have the English/etc. subtitles available maybe before midnight or usually it's available the next day anyway, just like with other Viki shows.
Remember VIU (and KOCOWA/etc.) also has Heart Signal 4 but it seems sometimes they're delayed with the English subs or episode release.
For VIU access, you'll probably have to use VPNs set to Singapore/Southeast Asia to view their catalog.
Oh and Heart Signal 4 (and earlier seasons) is also apparently available on Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, et cetera, but as usual there's some region restrictions.
Accessing Kdramas, Korean variety shows, and so on (basically Viki, VIU, Disney+, Netflix, etc.): and

Past Threads

Episode Subreddit Thread
Episode 1 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Episode 2 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Episode 3 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Heart Signal Youtube channel or 하트시그널 라비티비 channel:
Heart Signal 4 teasers and clips playlist:
Heart Signal 4 production stream:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 1 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Jaeho and some other people:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 2 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Youngjoo and Jaeho, and some other people:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 3 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Youngjoo and Jaeho, and some other people:
Gaheun (Heart Signal 3 and Friends) and Jaeho with the Heart Signal 4 house:
Jangmi (Heart Signal 2 and Friends) and Jaeho with the Heart Signal 4 house:
Heart Signal 4 Official BGM Playlist:
Heart Signal 4 Official BGM Playlist 2:
The Chinese version of Heart Signal (心动的信号) has an engaged couple now, don't click this link unless you finished Heart Signal 2 (心动的信号第二季), oh and it also talks about Terrace House marriages too:心动的信号,_Chinese/중국_version_couple/
Terrace House: Aloha State marriage now has pictures:
For Heart Signal, the original Korean version and some seasons of the Chinese version should be on Viki.
Season 2 of both the Korean and Chinese versions are considered the best, and now some people also really like the 5th season of the Chinese version. The upcoming 6th season of the Chinese version is being prepared at the moment, it might be out later this 2023 year or so.
Heart Signal 1 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 2 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 3 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 1 (Chinese Version):
Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version):
Heart Signal 5 (Chinese Version):
With the Chinese version of Heart Signal, it's available on the WeTV/Tencent Video website (has English subs), and also their WeTV/Tencent Video channels on Youtube for free but without proper English subs.
Through the Tencent Video Youtube channel you'll have to use auto-translate from Chinese/Mandarin or maybe say Thai, Vietnamese, etc. So for English subs you have to check their own WeTV/Tencent Video/etc. website.
Viki has the 1st, 2nd, and 5th seasons of the Chinese version of Heart Signal, so you'll have to look for the 3rd (心动的信号S3) and 4th season (心动的信号S4) elsewhere. Like use auto-translate/etc. with the Youtube episodes, or check their actual WeTV/Tencent Video website.
Heart Signal 3 (Chinese Version), Episode 1 and playlist (has Thai and Vietnamese subtitles, use auto-translate to English/any desired language):
Heart Signal 4 (Chinese Version), Episode 1 and playlist (these episodes on Youtube for the 4th season don't even have automatic captions/subtitles (no Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese/etc. subs either), so go on WeTV/Tencent Video's website or some places (like Bilibili, etc.) for other subtitles):
Expect English subtitles on Viki/etc. to appear after 10/12/etc. hours have passed since Heart Signal 4's initial release on the Korean TV/streaming services.
Episode 3 of Heart Signal 4 got moved to Friday (today), and it seems to be a similar schedule of being available around 11 hours later, 9PM New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time. Future episodes will probably be on Friday too unless they change it again (due to low ratings and so on), as such expect subs to be out during the weekend as IIRC it was rare for shows (on Viki) to have subs on Monday instead of Saturday or Sunday.
But actually that did happen for a while with the earlier seasons of the Chinese version of Heart Signal, as in it would be stuck at about 95% completed subtitles for a good day, like some parts or dialogue were missing subtitles. Still watchable but sometimes key/etc. parts were glossed over. Viki subtitling teams are still composed of volunteer members, so keep that in mind if the subs are delayed for a while.
For the KOCOWA and VIU subs, expect them to be earlier than Viki but right now it seems that they may be delayed or after Viki, so who knows how it'll be for the next 10 episodes or so.
If you don't want to wait for Viki/VIU/KOCOWA/etc. subtitles (and to get ahead of spoilers), you guys can watch the raw Episode 3 on this Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel (appears like an hour or so later):
Wait, wtf they just regionally restricted it this past week, lol, so a VPN set to Korea will probably unlock it. This was the link to Episode 2 of Heart Signal 4:
That video for Episode 2 (from the Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel) has no English/etc. subtitles, but with auto-generated Korean, you can use auto-translate to English/any desired language (it worked last week):
This is the link to Episode 3 of Heart Signal 4 from the Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel:
Oh and if you want to watch it live (there's advertisements and other shows around the Heart Signal 4 episode stream), then you can also visit the Channel A website:
Note the release schedule in Korea: like UTC+9, Korean Standard Time, 10:50PM every Friday. That just translates to around 9:50AM New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time. So make sure to tune in around that specific time as otherwise you'll miss the episode release and get like a different thing, lol.
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2023.06.03 03:31 Mysterious-Wasabi103 Spark's Return System

Ok so this is just me going on a rant, and looking to see who agrees and other people's opinions on this.
I have been doing Spark for about 2 years and lucky enough I've really only had to make 2 or maybe 3 returns the whole time. I had to do it tonight, and I'm just livid because it's so unfair to the drivers and also busy curbside employees.
I knock on the customer's door for probably 10 minutes, and I would have left sooner but I knew that with my store a return would take up a lot of time just to make a measly $2.50 that frankly I couldn't care less about. I drive the 3 miles back anticipating having to wait at least 15 minutes before I can properly get the attention of someone who knows how to handle returns because most of them don't.
Sure enough, I get there and their phone line is busy. In the past, I've taken the risk and just dropped the items by the curbside employee door and left. I've also just taken them inside to customer service, but they often have a 10 minute line and then don't know how to properly verify the return. Not wanting to risk deactivation I was patient and just sat. Tried telling some of the employees and they say I need to grab their manager who if course is busy AF. My store has been deactivating drivers for less, but finally I get her attention and she doesn't really know what to do either but she takes the 4 items from me.
Is it just me or is this whole system fucked? They literally just throw away all the food items anyway! The whole time you're stuck doing this return you can't get new offers. You had to double your mileage, waste 10 to 15 minutes driving back, waste another 15 to 20 minutes getting their attention, and be cut off from seeing more offers or just going the fuck home. All of this just for that $2.50?! It takes longer to return than it did to shop and deliver the order to begin with. They basically pay the absolute minimum because they are probably legally obligated to pay you something but that's not worth shit and so you do it just not to get deactivated!.
My store has no idea how to process returns and they just throw the shit out. They also get really irritated and I've had a few employees in the past get pissy with me and suggest I was doing something I shouldn't be. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. How do you all handle returns? There has to be something I'm missing here. I swear from here on out I'm attaching a little note explaining whose order this is, my name, and that it's a return. Then dropping it by the door where they have to see it and getting the fuck out of there. If they want to deactivate then that's just a risk I'll have to take since they want to practice abusive labor practices.
submitted by Mysterious-Wasabi103 to Sparkdriver [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:30 Ok_Supermarket_7627 have an idea for a choreography for a musical I’m writing inspired by Disney musicals like frozen, do you think this choreo would work well visually?

So it's for the show I’m writing.
Called The Four Seasons."
The story is about a royal family; there are four siblings that control the power of the seasons.
So the sibling Sabina (who controls spring) has a song called "Process" where she tries not to look back and live life in the past.
Because her old friend Dimirti (who controls the droughts) turned on her
Because in the show, she needs to learn to move on from the past
But she has a chip on her shoulder and can’t
Which goes against her power to start new beginnings.
So I want to stage the song as a big number.
where she’s going throughout the kingdom, using her powers to get ready for spring.
She’s dancing, and everyone around her is dancing with high energy as well.
But she’s singing a ballad.
To show how she’s not looking forward while everything else is
And how she’s currently unattached to her role, which she wants to do well at.
It's kind of like the song she is singing is akin to musical ballads, but the choreography is akin to big musical production numbers.
submitted by Ok_Supermarket_7627 to Frozen [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:30 stibgock Big Baby Step Celebration

Sorry, long-winded post... This might only make sense to very few, but I have nobody to celebrate this milestone with right now.


I've had anxiety for most of my adult life due to various traumas. But I was a bartender for a decade+ and going to work and hustling mostly kept it at bay (mostly...). Cut to the quarantine. My fiancee and I moved in with my Mom after we were laid off. My mom has had lots of health problems since she was young, and as a result is immunocompromised. Can't take any antibiotics, can't take any painkillers etc. (She's had root canals with no drugs...).
So during the year and a half that we stayed with her we BARELY went anywhere for fear of bringing something home. At first we shopped with masks, but that eventually turned into deliveries. Long winded story short, I developed an intense panic attack leaving the house. It got so bad at one point, that I could barely take the trash to the cans at the curb. Granted, this was in Sacramento during the summer when it hit 111 degrees regularly.
There was lots of progress and backsliding over the next few years. For instance, we went to Tahoe in 2021, but I could barely leave the hotel room. We even bought a car by having the salesman bring the car and paperwork to the house... We ended up moving out to our own place summer of 21. I couldn't go to view apartments, even though they were within a couple miles of the house. So my fiancee picked.
While at the new spot I had some significant strides. I started walking the dog, yards at a time, inching further and further as time went on. Eventually I was able to start going on drives (with my SO as a passenger) and then eventually solo drives. Not far. I called them "round the blockers". Then we had the opportunity to move back to SF. (SF was always a healing city for me). So we moved. I gathered all my energy, meditated, and just went for it. It was a huge deal.
Cut again to being all moved in. My progress clock basically reset. Slowly, I worked my way making out on the block and to the bar downstairs. That bar! My entry point to freedom. I started socializing down there and heavily coming out of my shell. Another big moment.
I got to the point where I was able to walk the dog fully around the block (those long sf blocks)!
Then we got COVID. After we healed, my clock was reset to 0. Maybe -2.
I ended up seeking out a psychiatrist and subsequently a therapist. Best thing I've done for myself.
I bought a bike, and started riding around! The world! There it is!! At least a few blocks of it! Then we started to drive again! More of the world!!! I still needed to be dropped off after our drives to the dog park and the ocean, but I was seeing THE OCEAN and THE DOG PARK!!
I'm able to walk my bike to all the bars within a mile radius, but I can't for the life of me walk past 2 blocks...
Until today. I'm currently 3 blocks away from my house, at a bar I've been to tons of times (with bike) but without my bike! I walked here! It feels like the beginning of a major breakthrough. It may seem trivial, but holy wow it's major for me.
The kicker, my fiancee just went on a camping trip so I can't share this with her. So I post!
submitted by stibgock to Anxiety [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:30 windowtwink Total noob question: how do I copy-paste vertexes and polygons they form, from object to another?

Duplicate doesn't work in edit mode, and I can only select individual vertexes in edit mode.
In object mode it's just 1 single object. I need to copy the parts that are not "objects".
I can remove specific polygons by removing vertexes, but how do I move them to another object?
submitted by windowtwink to blender [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:30 Hatrct MBTI and autistic traits (18 plus)

This is not formal academic research. It is only for the pursuit of knowledge in this domain.
Everyone 18+ can participate.
No personal information needed on my end.
If interested you can fill out this short questionnaire:
Simply copy paste your total score in the comments, or PM me.
Then this one:
Simply copy paste each of the 4 lines under the 4 bar graphs when you reach the results page (click "more" to expand to see the following text), for example:
Your score on I-E was 0.25 (scores range from -2 to 2) which indicates that you are extroverted (with low confidence)
Your score on S-N was -0.375 (scores range from -2 to 2) which indicates that you are a sensor (with low confidence)
Your score on F-T was 0.125 (scores range from -2 to 2) which indicates that you are a thinker (with low confidence)
Your score on J-P was -0.375 (scores range from -2 to 2) which indicates that you are a judger (with low confidence)
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2023.06.03 03:30 throwracookiecrush 24 [M4F] UK/anywhere - searching for a soulmate

I think falling in love with someone, when you know those feelings are reciprocated, is the most beautiful thing. I’m a very affectionate person and I love to love and make someone feel special, although I don’t fall easily. But this sub has been good to me in the past, I’m hopeful of finding a lasting connection here. Something real. Someone to text all day, where we both smile when we see your name pop up. Cute love. Good morning and good night messages, FaceTimes, sleeping on the phone together. Something where doing simple things together is fun. Where we can sit in silence together and it doesn’t feel awkward.
I’m from England, but I’ve been in a relationship with an American girl before and I feel like I connect with Americans. I find y’all super cute and I like your accents. I guess Americans tend to like British accents too. I’m definitely open to relocating. American, Canadian, British, I’m open to whatever with the right person.
I’m shy, but for the right person I will open up once I’m comfortable, and I’ll end up being outgoing and a little clingy. I think clingy is kind of cute.
Acts of service is definitely one of my love languages. Sex is great but cuddles in bed are my absolute favourite thing. Cuddling and kissing someone you love feels better than anything. Initial attraction is important, but personality is of equal importance to me. We just have to vibe and feel comfortable.
I love to travel. I have been to 22 countries so far and hope to visit more. I’m big into sports, my favourite is football (soccer). I love animals, I have a cat and a dog. I’d love to hear about your interests.
Hopefully this post connects with someone.
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2023.06.03 03:30 Future-Salary-9503 🥲🥺 I have been asking for assistance these past few days earlier i unfortunately made my son live a life for one night that no one should ever put their kids through. I’m ashamed and embarrassed of course

depressed and I don’t know what to say anymore I have been laid off cause their Not hiring anyone with a degree why because they have to pay you more now it’s crazy asf I feel I like giving up I really have dark thoughts I hear my stomach growling if this wifi shuts I’m screwed I feel like screaming I feel like disappointed PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE with some humanity help me get some food and of you could maybe help me get a room for a few nights
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2023.06.03 03:30 sandro_rocha Disappearing series

I am organizing my library with the following structure: publisheseries and so far everything has been fine. But today I came across a problem. I moved two different volumes of the same series to their respective folders. Image Publisher's 2008 True Blood and IDW Publisher's 2010 True Blood. For some reason only one of them appears. I removed both from the library and added them again and always the last one to be copied to the folder stays and the other disappears. After trying several times, including leaving them in the root of the Kavita folder or putting them in a "True Blood" folder, none of them appear in the library anymore. What could be happening? I use ComicRack to save the metadata and it seems to be OK. Now I was apprehensive because I don't know if this problem occurred with other series.
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2023.06.03 03:30 AutoModerator [FREE] Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency FREE Download - Link Below

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2023.06.03 03:30 sharewithme WoTH: Vocabulary Quiz - Day 1001 Evening

See words and translations for the past 24 hours below.
English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
painful douloureux schmerzhaft doloroso dolorido doloroso
complex complexe komplex complesso complexo complejo
opportunity opportunité die Gelegenheit opportunità oportunidade oportunidad
sitting asseyant sitzen sedevo sentado sentando
color couleur Farbe colore cor color
writing écriture das Schreiben scrittura escrita escritura
abundance abondance der Überfluss abbondanza abundância abundancia
nationality une nationalité die Nationalität nazionalità nacionalidade nacionalidad
informal informel zwanglos informale informal informal
fossil fossile Missing? fossile fóssil fósil
insertion insertion der Einschub inserzione inserção inserción
vehicle véhicule das Fahrzeug veicolo veículo vehículo
Report any incorrect translations @
Thank you for all of your help and support!
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2023.06.03 03:30 ttoffee how do i (18f) cope with my boyfriend (19m) not talking to me for a while and the possibility that we are breaking up and this might be his last message..

he told me a few days ago that someone opened up our chat and the chat was on 'seen', but i didn't worry too much about it. he told me today that his father has read our conversations and helped him see the rightful way forward..
i know i have been talking to him less these past couple of weeks because i've been so busy with college and family issues. he has been really understanding, and he always does his best to comfort me when i was feeling overwhelmed.. but fast forward to today, he texts me a really long message out of the blue.. saying he doesn't even know if he is able to talk to me ever again.. he told me to forgive me if this is the last time i'm hearing from him.. he said his love for me passed away.. and that we've both changed.. but i feel our relationship was improving and i have been trying to do my best to mend what i've broken and rebuild trust in our relationship..
i think i should also mention he is religious, and he comes from a religious family. i believe his father saw some of our intimate texts, and i don't think he was happy about it.. i don't know what i should do now. i know i haven't been the best to him.. but i can't imagine my life without him.. i'm scared because i don't want to lose him.. he's my soulmate, my life, and my best friend.. i don't even know what to do right now..
i think we are officially breaking up.. i think he needs time to decide, so i'll give him space.. but i just can't imagine life without him.. he is everything to me.. he is the kindest, most sweetest and caring guy on this planet..
i don't know what i should do.. we've known each other for almost 2 years now.. and been together for more than a year, even though there were many ups and downs.. my heart feels so heavy.. he was being really sweet to me yesterday.. and now today, it feels like we are complete strangers..
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Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 03:30 miranicks Breaking

Random parent question
My kid’s favorite part is breaking. I was looking at prices of sparring gear for him and scrolled past some practice breaking boards. I debated those for his birthday gift but thought if I were to hold them for him to practice- I wouldn’t know if he was doing it right and don’t want him to get hurt. Kid will be 8. I would only let him do the punches and kicks he knows. But is this ok? Is it safe for him as long as he already has good form in class with the punches and kicks?
Side note- he absolutely does not want to wear a cup. I am not a man… are any cups better than others for kids? (Looking at tournaments in the future- he says this is required to spar).
submitted by miranicks to taekwondo [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:30 blackvoyage1704 He broke up with me. I wish I did not stalk his ex.

So basically, I have dated a pastor's kid who was not allowed to date until he finished college. We've been seeing each other for eight months. We opened up to each other about our past relationships, and he happened to have an ex who goes to their church. However, he had been reassuring me that they no longer talked, plus his siblings and friends are aware that he's dating someone new and have entirely supported his relationship with mine. Throughout our relationship, I have always been curious about his ex, which led me to create a dump account to stalk her Instagram stories constantly.
As his ex started to hint that the dump account was mine, she began uploading pictures of my boyfriend to her Instagram stories. I was completely startled and eventually panicked when I saw her uploaded story. I confronted my boyfriend about it and asked him if he still communicates with her. He told me they had never talked since their breakup, and neither stayed connected on social media, and he explained that he had no idea about those pictures of him. We argued about it for several nights, yet I didn't get his expected reassurance. Instead, he got mad that I didn't trust him.
Long story short, I got caught up in my emotions, so I uploaded pictures of my boyfriend and me to my Instagram story out of jealousy and switched my account to public. I tried to hide that story from all my followers except those not following me, hoping to let his ex see it. Eventually, his ex's friend stalked my profile and saw my uploaded story. The next day, I received a phone call from my boyfriend. He told me someone sent our photos to his parents and their church staff and knew about our dating. They got frustrated with him, prompting him to end our relationship. The fact that his ex’s friend was the only person who viewed my story led me to believe that his ex was the one who sent our pictures. I tried to explain to him that she was likely responsible for sending those photos. However, he didn't want to believe me. He also explained that he had other reasons for breaking up with me, such as family and church issues. But I'm afraid he went back to his ex as to why he dumped me. My friends have told me the same thing; they kept feeding me theories to support their claims, but I have only been gaslighting myself into thinking they're probably wrong.
I understand that what I did was utterly immature, and I'm held accountable for that, but I don't understand why he couldn't choose to stay despite all his reasons. He promised that if we ever faced the situation of his parents finding out about our relationship, he would never leave me and would find a way to work things out. I don't understand why he changed his mind. I even apologized and begged him that I would never act out of my emotions again and promised him that I would start to think rationally just for him to stay, but he had already made up his mind. I miss him so much that I can't even hate him. The thought of what his ex did seriously traumatizes me due to the unfortunate events.
Right now, I'm still blaming myself every night and thinking that we would still be happy if only I weren't insecure and didn't create a dump account to stalk his ex. They were right about what you don't know and what you don't see, which won't hurt you. I wish I had only stayed curious
submitted by blackvoyage1704 to ExNoContact [link] [comments]