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Links to reviews of flat fee real estate brokerages that list homes for sale on the Realtors Multiple Listing Service. Self MLS listing, flat fee listings, fsbo MLS, for sale by owner multi-list, whatever you call it, to be successful you need a trustworthy broker with a track record of satisfied house sellers with substantial commission savings. Inspired by the popular that was discontinued in 2018. See links to seller evaluations, comments, complaints, & experiences.

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The Austin Real Estate Market is CRAZY! This community will provide you with industry insights, homes for sale or rent, and useful updates about investing or selling your house!

2018.03.20 23:17 Crying Nazis

This sub is pretty simple... you see a crying nazi, post them here. Its fun to watch one time bad-asses cry over their predicament of being called out as a shitbag racist and whatever fate they may find themselves stuck with. "B-b-but I'm not like that, I'm not racist"... bahahahahahaha! Okay, buddy. You just scream obscenities at random people out of your own fear, mmmhm.

2023.03.22 16:37 DeltonArno_ForJay Jay Arno's GoFundMe

I loved my brother. We laid on our backs under the stars talking about life and how good it was getting. We spent our whole lives seeing everything through both viewpoints. He and I were inseperable. He died much too soon and far too quickly. I am in an umbelievable amount of pain.
But my pain still pales in comparison to his widow who is faced with raising their 3 yr old daughter alone.
Every penny goes to her to help with Olivia, her daughter. (And anyway, GoFundMe's new policies force this to be true)
I have never known such grief. But how we land is the most important thing for carrying on in life.
I had to de-anonymize myself under a new account, so dont be afraid of my low Karma.
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2023.03.22 16:37 Throwaway_Mess97 Do you have tips to start losing weight and have a better relationship with one's body and food?

Hello, i'm a 25 female and... Yeah, 6 days ago i was DUMPED bad. And I know that sometimes big changes can't come all at once, but I want to be different. To make me like... me. I've always struggled with weight. I was severely underweight during all my childhood and when puberty hit, I became overweight. Then, I started binge eating to cope with life, stress, depression. I've visited a LOT of nutritionists, but I always dumped them because I couldn't stick. But few weeks ago something clicked, I started go swimming again (8 times a month), then I bought a matress and an elastic and some weights to excercise at home. I'm 163 lb and my aim is to become 143. My goal is to loose everything slowly, starting a new lifestyle, eating better without denying anything. I will follow for this first time a diet that a nutritionist suggested me and then, eventually, I will ask for other help in the future. Excersing 5 days a week, 3 times with at home workouts, 2 times at the pool. I will cut some calories, more veggies and protein, less sugar and carbs.
To make this an effective journey, do you have any tips for me?
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2023.03.22 16:37 Eyeklops X4 Public Beta 6.00 Beta 7 Release Notes (Trimmed)

Version: 6.00 Beta 7 (496124) - Last updated: 2023-03-22

Version: 6.00 Beta 6 (495649) - Last updated: 2023-03-16

Version: 6.00 Beta 5 (495135) - Last updated: 2023-03-08

Version: 6.00 Beta 4 (494230) - Last updated: 2023-02-22

Version: 6.00 Beta 3 (493483) - Last updated: 2023-02-09

Version: 6.00 Beta 2 (492699) - Last updated: 2023-01-26

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2023.03.22 16:36 Narrow-Feature2992 Last week I was heading home to Yamaguchi for my grandmother's funeral celebration ✈️ (Nico stayed home with dad 🏠)

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2023.03.22 16:36 MysteriousFood7338 cancel bubbly gum for flirting w tae😡😡 look how jealous jk is🥺 #teacock4eva🤞🏼🤞🏼

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2023.03.22 16:36 techno-sapiens The rivers of Afrika:

The rivers of Afrika:
Afrika is a large continent of just over 30.3 million square kilometers; it is the third most extensive (behind Asia and America) with 20.3% of the total land area of the Planet...
The African continent is surrounded by the Atlantic (west) and Indian (east) oceans, in addition to the Mediterranean (north) and Red (northeast) seas. Its coastline, over 27 thousand km long, is quite regular, with few indentations and islands, with rare bays, gulfs or peninsulas, which makes it difficult to use it for port facilities. Three of the great terrestrial parallels cross Africa: Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, in addition to the Greenwich Meridian. About 80% of its territory is in the intertropical zone, with most of its land located in the eastern hemisphere (east) and only a small part of it in the western hemisphere (north).
Hydrography: With the northern and southern regions practically taken over by deserts, Africa has relatively few rivers. Some of them are very extensive and voluminous, as they are located in tropical and equatorial regions; others traverse desert areas, making life possible along their margins. Few large rivers stand out. The greatest importance belongs to the Nile River, the second longest in the world (after the Solimões-Amazonas), whose length is over 6,500 km. It rises near Lake Victoria, runs through northeast Africa and flows into the Mediterranean Sea in the form of a 20,000 km2 delta, where one of the most important agricultural areas on the continent is located. In addition to the Nile, there are other important rivers for Africa, such as the Congo, a river in the equatorial zone, with a large volume of water and high hydroelectric potential. After traveling 4,400 km, it flows into the Atlantic, with the second largest flow in the world. There is also the Niger, which rises in Guinea, close to the Atlantic Ocean, and runs inland, penetrating the Sahara desert. Halfway there, it changes direction and falls on a long, narrow plain towards the south, flowing into the Gulf of Guinea, after covering 4,160 km. Less extensive, but equally relevant, are Zambezi, Senegal, Orange, Limpopo and Zaire. As for lakes, Africa has some that are larger and deeper, of tectonic and volcanic origin; the majority located in the east of the continent, such as Vitória, the third largest in the world, with almost 70 thousand m2, Rodolfo, Niassa and Tanganyika. The latter, almost 1,500 meters deep, highlights the great geological fault in which the lakes were housed. Thousands of small lakes in the region have water contaminated by salts and acids from volcanoes, which makes it unfeasible for the population to use.
The continent has five different time zones.
Africa is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea and is connected to Asia at its northeast end by the Isthmus of Suez. However, Africa occupies a single tectonic plate, unlike Europe which shares the Eurasian Plate with Asia. Its geological base is formed by large and ancient tectonic plates, fractured in some regions; showing areas quite worn by erosion.
Extreme points - from its northernmost point, Cape Branco, to its southernmost point, Cape Agulhas, in South Africa, is a distance of approximately 8,000 km. From the westernmost point, Cape Verde, to the easternmost point, there is a distance of about 7,500 km. Among the coastal geographic features, the Gulf of Guinea, in the South Atlantic; and the Strait of Gibraltar, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, near the Iberian Peninsula, in Europe. There is still in the east of the continent, the Peninsula of Somalia, also called the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Aden, formed by waters of the Indian Ocean and limited by the Arabian peninsula, which belongs to Asia and the island of Madagascar, which delimits an important transport route. maritime traffic, the Mozambique channel.
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2023.03.22 16:36 Vegetable-Cobbler734 Risk topic: The evolution, impact and insights of the Credit Suisse event

Risk topic: The evolution, impact and insights of the Credit Suisse event
01 Credit Suisse's history of events
CreditSuisse (hereinafter referred to as Credit Suisse), founded in 1856, is an investment banking and financial services company dealing with personal and corporate financial services, banking products and pension and insurance services. CreditSuisse is the fifth largest global conglomerate and the second largest bank in Switzerland, with branches in more than fifty countries worldwide. Traditionally, Swiss banks include Credit Suisse, National Bank, and UBS Group (UBS merged with UBS AG in 1998), leaving only two large Swiss banks, Credit Suisse and and UBS AG.

Credit Suisse event development history at a glance: freezing three feet, not a day's cold


Former advisor forges clients' signatures for illegal gains


"Surveillance scandal", alleged espionage


"Surveillance scandal", resignation of COO and CEO


Greensill collapses, Credit Suisse closes $10 billion fund holding its bonds
Archegos plunges, Credit Suisse loses $5.5 billion
Involved in Mozambique corruption scandal, fined $475 million


Reports net loss of CHF 1.7 billion for fiscal 2021, profit warning raises market concerns
Convicted of helping Bulgarian drug cartels launder money
Announces three-year restructuring plan incorporating $4.2 billion
Saudi National Bank acquires $1.4 billion stake in Credit Suisse, becoming the largest shareholder with 9.9% of the shares
Data breach of 18,000 accounts with over CHF 100 billion in hidden wealth involving several serious criminal customers
Over CHF 110 billion withdrawn by depositors in the fourth quarter

February 9, 2023

Reports fiscal 2022 loss of $7.6 billion

March 14, 2023

Shares plunge 30% after claiming "material weaknesses" in FY 2021 and FY 2022 reporting process

March 15, 2023

Saudi National Bank chairman says refuses to assist Credit Suisse in increasing liquidity
Swiss central bank says it will provide liquidity to Credit Suisse if necessary

March 16, 2023

Announces it will borrow up to CHF 50 billion from the Swiss central bank

March 20, 2023

Credit Suisse faces up to $10 billion a day in depositor withdrawals for nearly a week, sources say
UBS reached an agreement with Credit Suisse and the Swiss central bank to acquire Credit Suisse for $3.23 billion
Credit Suisse's 16 billion Swiss franc AT1 bonds written down to 0 on the same day as required by Swiss regulators
Some Asian banks' AT1 bonds dive sharply, hitting the biggest drop of 20%
UBS five-year credit default swap widens to 175 basis points, highest level on record
Saudi National Bank confirms it lost nearly 80% of its investment in Credit Suisse, more than $1 billion

02 Pros, Cons and Potential Impact of the Credit Suisse Acquisition

As one of the world's systemically important banks, the bankruptcy of Credit Suisse would have enormous secondary damage, which in turn would affect the entire financial system. Potential solutions for Credit Suisse include takeover, closure, spin-off and nationalization. on March 19, 2023, the Swiss government held a press conference in which UBS AG (UBS) acquired Credit Suisse for 0.76 Swiss francs per share at a total price of 3 billion Swiss francs, with substantial losses for all shareholders who previously held Credit Suisse shares. The Swiss central bank committed to provide up to CHF 100 billion in emergency liquidity loan support to the merged bank, while the government provided a CHF 9 billion guarantee for potential losses on the assets taken over by UBS. Some market participants have commented that the proposal is the most reasonable of all possible options, but there is a risk that the proposal does not treat investors fairly.

In general, the advantages of bank mergers as a potential solution during a banking crisis are: first, increased stability: bank mergers can potentially increase the stability of the financial system by creating larger, more diversified banks that are better able to withstand financial shocks. Second, it reduces risk: by merging, banks can reduce individual risk exposures by diversifying their portfolios and spreading risk across a larger entity. In the case of the Credit Suisse acquisition specifically, the key was to stabilize market expectations. Bankers and the government hope that the Credit Suisse case will demonstrate the central bank's and the government's protection of the banking sector, which in turn will allow investors who are still on the sidelines to re-enter banking stocks, stabilizing market expectations and putting the current crisis on hold.

But whether the Credit Suisse acquisition can achieve its expected effect is controversial. The day the acquisition was announced, UBS's five-year credit default swap expanded to 175 basis points, reaching a record high. As a result of Credit Suisse's discounted deal, Saudi National Bank confirmed that it lost nearly 80% of its investment in Credit Suisse, more than $1 billion. In addition, the combined UBS Group would have total assets of more than $1.5 trillion, and the excessive asset size could pose a risk to Switzerland. The acquisition could also have a negative impact on the Swiss job market, with the merger of the two banks likely to result in some 10,000 layoffs.

More controversially, Credit Suisse's CHF 16 billion AT1 bonds were written down to zero as required by Swiss regulators. under Basel III, common equity tier 1 capital (CET1) is the first capital to be written down, followed by additional tier 1 capital (AT1) and Tier 2 capital. However, in the Credit Suisse case, the common shareholders' equity at the top of the write-down order was protected to a certain extent but AT1, which was relatively at the bottom, was written down in full, which was inconsistent with the loss-absorbing order stipulated in Basel III, which triggered significant volatility in the AT1 market. According to Bloomberg Industry Research, no other bank in Europe, except Credit Suisse and UBS, has provisions that allow full write-downs of AT1 while retaining some value for equity investors.

Credit Suisse AT1 capital is basically CoCo debt (contingent convertible debt). This bond variety was created in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to meet the capital requirements for banks set out in Basel III, introduced in 2010, as a financial instrument to protect the capital adequacy of banks. When a bank meets certain triggers, such as the CET1 ratio dropping to a certain level or being unable to continue operations (Point of Non-Viability (PoNV)), CoCo bonds will be forced to stop paying interest and converted into shares or written down to improve the bank's capital adequacy ratio. It is the lowest-rated class of bank bonds, offering attractive returns in boom times and bearing the brunt of threats when banks run into trouble. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Credit Suisse Holdings Inc. has 13 outstanding tranches of CoCos bonds worth $17.3 billion, denominated in Swiss francs, U.S. dollars and Singapore dollars. Such bonds represent slightly more than 20% of its total debt. The largest number of U.S. dollar-denominated CoCo bonds, including $2 billion of perpetual bonds that could have been redeemed in July this year, and $2.25 billion of bonds with a first callable date in December.

Swiss financial regulator FINMA said in a website announcement that the acquisition would trigger a "full write-down" of Credit Suisse's AT1 bonds to strengthen the bank's core capital because of the unconventional government support. The trigger for Credit Suisse's CoCo bonds is a CET1 < 7% or a viability event. According to media reports, Credit Suisse's capital adequacy ratio is well above the 7% threshold that triggers the write-down of AT1 bonds. As of the end of 2022, the bank's CET1 ratio was 14.1%. This trigger is thus likely to be the occurrence of a survivability event. Prior to this, in 2017, junior bondholders of Spanish bank Banco PopularSA had their bonds written down by around €1.35 billion following the bank's acquisition by Banco Santander, when the company's shares were also written off, while regulators forced the cancellation of its CoCo bonds, but on a much smaller scale than Credit Suisse.

After the news was released, the market reacted sharply, once triggering market panic, European shares fell more than 2% at the beginning of the session, double-digit plunge in bond yields in Europe and the United States, some banks in Asia and Europe AT1 bonds jumped sharply, hitting the largest drop of 20%, safe-haven demand made gold rise above $ 2000 for the first time in a year. Credit Suisse European and U.S. stocks both fell more than 50% to a new low, UBS European shares fell 16% after turning up, but the cost of one-year CDS credit default swaps hit an eleven-year high. Large U.S. banks turned down in late trading, First Republic Bank fell 50% intraday and multiple meltdowns to record lows.

After the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, the U.S. banking industry has seen deposits moving from small and medium-sized banks to large banks, and there are media reports that small and medium-sized U.S. banks with assets of less than $250 billion are responsible for 80% of commercial real estate loans, 60% of industrial and commercial loans, 50% of real estate mortgages, and 45% of consumer loans. The Credit Suisse incident is bound to increase market concerns about the banking sector in Europe and the United States. The Fed's balance sheet expanded by about $300 billion in recent weeks after the Fed launched its Term Financing Program (BTFP). On Sunday the Fed and six other major global central banks announced coordinated action to enhance the supply of liquidity in permanent dollar swap arrangements. The U.S. is also reportedly studying ways to provide guarantees for all bank deposits as a "pre-emptive plan" for an intensifying crisis. European banking regulators reassured the market that equities would take losses ahead of AT1 bonds. The Bank of England said AT1 bonds will be paid in order before equity investors and after Tier 2 capital (T2) bonds.
03 A review of the comparison with the global financial crisis in 2008

The Credit Suisse incident has become the current "Bear Stearns moment" overseas. In the 2008 financial crisis, Bear Stearns was acquired by JP Morgan Chase, but the subsequent crisis could not be stopped, followed by the collapse of Lehman, which eventually triggered the global financial crisis. How will the global banking industry risk transmission go this time? Let's first review the transmission path of the 2008 financial crisis, which was a global crisis triggered by the collapse of the U.S. real estate market. The crisis began in the United States and quickly spread to the rest of the world. Here is a review of the transmission chain of how this crisis unfolded:

  1. Real estate bubble: At the beginning of the 21st century, low interest rates and lax lending standards led to a real estate bubble in the United States. The U.S. housing market peaked at the end of 2006, and from 2002-2006, total U.S. residential real estate market value increased from $16 trillion to $23 trillion, and total residential real estate market value rose from 110% to 150% of GDP. Home prices soared and many people bought homes they could not afford.

  1. Asset securitization innovation & subprime mortgages: Based on home loan mortgage-backed securities (MBS), more complex CMOs and CDOs emerged. to hedge against default risk, CDO issuers bought credit default swaps (CDS), and insurance agencies were sellers of credit default swaps (CDS) and assumed the corresponding risk. Asset securitization has led to increased mortgage funding, and increased investor demand for mortgage-related securities means that some borrowers with poor credit histories can also obtain loans. In addition, investment banks have continued to innovate with lower minimum down payments and declining interest rates, resulting in variable rate mortgages, interest-only mortgages and negative amortization mortgages. in 2003-2004, U.S. subprime mortgages accounted for only 6% of total mortgages, while in 2005-2006 this percentage rose to 20%. According to CNN, in 2006, the U.S. subprime loans amounted to $640 billion, about twice as much as three years ago, subprime mortgages accounted for 20% of the total size of the U.S. national mortgage market, financial companies, hedge funds in the hands of subprime mortgage-backed bonds worth $1 trillion.

  1. Real estate market collapse: As interest rates continued to rise from 2003-2006, home prices plummeted and many homeowners defaulted on their mortgages when the housing bubble began to burst in 2007-2008. 2. Asset securitization innovations & subprime mortgages: Based on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) for home loans, more sophisticated CMOs and CDOs emerged. in order to hedge against the risk of default, the CDO issuers buy credit default swaps (CDS), and insurance institutions are sellers of credit default swaps (CDS) and bear the corresponding risk. Asset securitization has led to increased mortgage funding, and increased investor demand for mortgage-related securities means that some borrowers with poor credit histories can also obtain loans. In addition, investment banks have continued to innovate with lower minimum down payments and declining interest rates, resulting in variable rate mortgages, interest-only mortgages and negative amortization mortgages. in 2003-2004, U.S. subprime mortgages accounted for only 6% of total mortgages, while in 2005-2006 this percentage rose to 20%. According to CNN, throughout 2006, the U.S. subprime loans amounted to $640 billion, about twice as much as three years ago, subprime mortgages accounted for 20% of the total size of the U.S. national mortgage market, and the total value of bonds collateralized by subprime mortgages in the hands of financial companies and hedge funds reached $1 trillion.
4, bank failure: a large number of banks and other financial institutions invested in these complex derivatives suffered huge losses. April 2, 2007 was the starting point of the "subprime mortgage crisis", this day, the second largest subprime mortgage institutions in the United States New Century Financial Corporation filed for bankruptcy protection, in March 2008, JP Morgan Chase to $ 236 million to buy Bear Stearns Bank, to avoid the burst of financial assets. On September 15, Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, an important U.S. investment bank that had invested heavily in the real estate market and owned a large number of assets such as mortgage securities (MBS) and derivatives, but these assets rapidly depreciated in value after the housing market collapse. The huge size of the liabilities in these balance sheets made the company unable to pay its debts in a liquidity crisis, which eventually led to the bankruptcy of the company and triggered the outbreak of the global financial crisis.

  1. Global financial crisis: The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caused a great impact on the global financial market and triggered the global financial crisis. The bankruptcy led to the disintegration of confidence in other financial institutions, rising borrowing costs, tight market liquidity, and the risk of bankruptcy for many companies and banks. Governments and central banks around the world took a series of measures to mitigate this crisis, such as launching massive bailout programs, lowering interest rates, and providing financial assistance. However, these measures did not fully resolve the financial crisis, and the U.S. and global economies fell into recession in the following years.

The global financial crisis had a profound impact on the development of the global economy and financial market system: First, the crisis highlighted the need to strengthen financial regulation to prevent excessive risk-taking and ensure the stability of the financial system. Since then, governments around the world have introduced new regulatory requirements to increase transparency, limit leverage, and reduce systemic risk. The second is the contagious nature of the financial crisis, which showed the interconnectedness of financial markets and how problems in one part of the world can quickly spread to other parts of the world. This has led to increased international cooperation and coordination among regulators and central banks. Third, the crisis demonstrated the risks associated with complex financial instruments, such as synthetic CDOs. hence the need for greater emphasis on transparency, risk management of financial products. Fourth, the importance of liquidity in the financial system. When credit markets froze, it was difficult for firms to get the financing they needed, which exacerbated the economic downturn. Since then, central banks have introduced measures to increase liquidity in the financial system during the crisis. Fifth is the role of government intervention. The crisis proved the need for government intervention in the economy in times of crisis. Governments around the world provided fiscal stimulus and implemented accommodative monetary policies to stabilize their economies and prevent further recession.

04 The impact and insights of this Credit Suisse incident

First, the global financial system is under increased pressure from systemic risks, and risks are still being transmitted. From a market perception perspective, the direct impact of the Silicon Valley bankruptcy was limited to some regional banks in the U.S. The impact of the Credit Suisse incident on the global financial markets and economy was of a different magnitude. The much-discussed full write-down of approximately $17 billion of Credit Suisse AT1 bonds triggered a widespread sell-off of AT1 bonds in Asia-Pacific and European markets, with financial institutions with heavy positions suffering large losses. Despite the rebound in AT1 bond prices in Asian markets on Tuesday, it is feared that investors' confusion and anxiety over the order of AT1 liquidation will not be fully dispelled. This market of up to about $275 billion may face a deep freeze, which will no doubt also trigger market concerns about the health of the global banking sector on a wider scale and will hit more financial institutions, and it is difficult to say that the market turmoil will end.

Confidence is the cornerstone of a properly functioning financial sector. From the credit market, the market is generally expected to see a contraction of credit, which will accelerate the emergence of the U.S. banking sector credit inflection point, will also make the Federal Reserve's decision more difficult, the market recession expectations in the rise. From the financial market, the Silicon Valley Bank incident superimposed on the Credit Suisse incident, the banking industry in Europe and the United States have to switch to the crisis mode, the risk of spreading the trend. The transmission chain of the U.S. subprime crisis is a real estate default → MBS prices plummeted → CDO prices annihilation → financial institutions collapse, and the banking crisis is likely to develop along the chain of interest rates rose sharply → market value loss → deposits and other liabilities outflow sharply → liquidity risk outbreak → collapse, be acquired, the U.S. government policy on the expansion of the scope of deposit insurance landing remains to be seen, at least until then The problem of regional banks in the US will continue. Investors are concerned that losses from rising interest rates + liquidity problems will eventually trigger asset quality problems for financial institutions.

Past research has shown that financial crises are contagious, with financial market correlations increasing significantly in crisis mode and volatility spillovers. Although from the current market volatility, in addition to the U.S. bond market volatility has hit a new high since 2008, foreign exchange, stocks and other markets volatility rise relatively small, but need to be alert to the European and American banking crisis is not handled properly, may trigger a global financial market tsunami and global cross-border capital flows dramatically, be alert to the formation of China's financial market impact.
Second, the reputation of the Swiss banking sector has been hit again, and the cracks in the international monetary system have deepened. The Swiss banking industry has been criticized in recent years for helping the rich to avoid taxes. Since 2007, 85 Swiss banks have been fined a total of $5 billion for helping U.S. bank clients hide their wealth, including Credit Suisse, which was fined $2.5 billion in 2014 for helping wealthy Americans avoid taxes. Some of the practices of Swiss banks during the Russia-Ukraine conflict have caused customers to worry that the nature of their banking industry is changing again. Credit Suisse alone has frozen some CHF 17.6 billion of Russian assets, or about 33% of all assets of Russian natural and legal persons in Switzerland, according to the Swiss daily newspaper Le Journal. A large number of deposits of non-Western clients are accelerating out of the major Swiss banks. Credit Suisse, for example, had an outflow of CHF 123.2 billion for the year 2022, and in the fourth quarter alone, customers withdrew CHF 110.5 billion in funds from Credit Suisse. And this anti-conventional decision by Swiss regulators to write down the full amount of AT1 bonds hit the market so hard that the ECB had to step in to emphasize that the EU's order of indemnity criteria are not set by Switzerland. And this incident made the Saudi National Bank, which took a stake last year, lose 1.1 billion Swiss francs in less than 15 weeks, sounding another alarm for the acquisition of problematic financial institutions across borders.

The West's financial sanctions against Russia in recent years have raised concerns about the reliability of the dollar as an international reserve currency, and the Swiss banking sector's involvement has called into question its adherence to the principle of neutrality. Against the backdrop of a century of unprecedented change, the cracks in the international monetary system are deepening and the financial order is undergoing intense restructuring in the wake of the crisis. The recent increase in gold purchases by central banks and the continued rise in the price of gold are a reaction to the distrust of the existing international monetary system. The multipolarization of currencies may be an important direction in the future, and the RMB will play a greater role in the construction of the new pattern due to the gradual improvement of the Chinese economy, the increasing depth of the market and the expanding use of overseas. The historic window for the RMB to increase its internationalization and become a more widespread settlement and reserve currency may be emerging.
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2023.03.22 16:36 FlatCapWolf Tim Peake: My Journey Into Space

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an awe-inspiring ride.
Join Tim on an epic and thrilling journey to the International Space Station as he extends his sell out UK tour. Tim will be your personal guide through life in space, with unprecedented access, breath-taking photographs, and never-before-seen incredible footage. It’s a fascinating insight into what it’s really like to be an astronaut; from training to launch, spacewalk to re-entry, Tim reveals the secrets, the science and the everyday wonders of how and why humans journey into space.
Sharing his passion for aviation, exploration and adventure, this is your chance to spend an evening with one of the world’s greatest living astronauts, and to rediscover the wonder of the place we call home.
Book via the Buxton Opera House Box Office - call 01298 72190.
Buxton Opera House, Water St, Buxton SK17 6XN, UK
March 22, 2023 at 07:30PM
March 22, 2023 at 10:00PM
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2023.03.22 16:36 Rawlus Could i get some help on the meaning of this notification and an easy step by step resolution?

Moonraker warning
[update_manager timelapse]: Moonraker is not permitted to restart service 'timelapse'. To enable management of this service add timelapse to the bottom of the file /home/pi/printer_data/moonraker.asvc. To disable management for this service set 'is_system_service: False' in the configuration for this section.
I am wondering if it may be related to a persistent issue i've been chasing of a MCU shutdown: Stepper too far in the past error.
as is noted in this thread: the error seems very connected to timelapse settings (although i am not using a creality sonic pad - i have an Artillery Genius Pro running plain klipper and moonraker on a Rpi Zero 2W
I see in Mainsail now the notification at the top of this post and wondering if addressing that has something to do with the fix for the extruder error and stepper failure?
Camera is on timelapse in hyperlapse mode - after prime line the extruder moves to position to begin printing the print but then it moves back to the end of the prime line and back to print position, over extrudes a small amount of the intended print in a big blob before the MCU failure triggers.
For those who have tried it, does changing to Layermacro mode for timelapse instead of Hyperlapse make a difference? I have yet to try that.
As in the other referenced reddit thread, i can 100% prevent this from occurring by disabling timelapse in Mainsail settings. But i am interested in restoring timelapse capabilities for longer prints so i would like to get this resolved.
TL/DR - is there a guide or step by step process for addressing the notification at the top - and for those having done it, does it also address this not unique issue of the timelapse affecting extruder movement in a way that causes a stepper too far in the past error?
results of GET_TIMELAPSE_SETUP (enable: false exists because i have to keep it disabled to print at all)
Timelapse Setup: enable: False park: True park position: center time: 0.1 s park cord x:110.0 y:110.0 dz:1 travel speed: 100.0 mm/s fw_retract: False retract: 1.0 mm speed: 15.0 mm/s extrude: 1.0 mm speed: 15.0 mm/s verbose: False
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2023.03.22 16:36 ladyindev Any experiences with white boyfriends meeting black family, especially poor black family? I just know there will be culture shock 🥲

Any similar experiences, stories, or advice? How did it go for you?
I’m not toooo worried, but I suppose I am having a slight bit of anxiety. I was too chill with my dad when the idea of bf meeting extended family for the cookout / July fireworks topic came up. Dad was going to keep things on our side of town, where my parents live. But me and my big mouth and now bf may be taking a trip to the hood when we go back to my home base for him to meet my parents (and now other family too). I’ve told him already that it will be a culture shock moment. He says he was around a lot of friends who were from low income families when he was growing up in suburban and rural Missouri, but I just feel like the hood is a different experience. And I’m not even sure how my grandfather and uncles feel about interracial relationships. I’m not that close to my family and I’ve never asked, so who knows if any comments come up. I don’t think that will happen, but it would be my luck. I know my one uncle will say something problematic (either about women’s bodies or someone being a faggot) and I’ll warn bf ahead of time.
I know finding points of commonality or interest will be important, albeit challenging.
On the other hand, if anyone was going to bring home a white man, it was going to be me. I have lived a much more privileged life than most of my family, thanks to my parents. So they probably half expect me to end up with a white guy anyway. Just a tiny bit of anxiety. But he has to know my family either way, so this will be a good step.
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2023.03.22 16:36 Throwerpopuptown I think God hates me

Last night I was out drinking and thinking about my life. In some ways I am fortunate but I have lots of problems. Mostly mental illness that I've struggled with my whole life.
It causes me to be extremely self-destructive and isolated and alone. It also causes problems with drinking and other things.
I was outside drinking by myself and the weather was really nice. I sat there and looked at the sky and asked God to help me. To send me an angel, something. That I was tired of destroying myself and suffering.
At that moment I realized why would God help me. I'm a degenerate. He doesn't even help children who are dying of cancer who deserve his saving far more than me. Why would he care about me if his divine intervention is selective?
I continued to drink and went to a strip club and had sex with one of the strippers. When I got home I slept for a couple of hours and woke up hung over.
I'm sitting in my bath tub now in pain from my decisions last night. Like many nights.
I just want the pain to stop. Therapy doesn't help. Medications don't matter. God doesn't care. I don't know what to do.
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2023.03.22 16:36 Jackspades2012 Need advice for next steps

I am kind of in a crossroads in my career right now. I graduated college in 2018 with a B.S in Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology. I was told that I would be able to get a job in my field with no problem. Fast forward 5 years it still hasn’t happened yet. While doing this, I’ve developed a 10 year career in IT. While I have the experience in networking, hardware deployments, imaging, etc. I do not have any formal education in this field. My problem is this: I was making it my goal to strive for a mid-senior level position in IT (sys admin, network admin, IT manager, etc.) in the next 3-5 years. After talking to a senior coworker of mine, he’s leading me to believe that it will take longer than this for me to gain this role and I’ll have to go back to school to get a second bachelor’s degree. My feeling are: if I’m going to have to get another degree l, then I might as well focus on the field I originally intended to be in. It would be a lateral move, but should I take a chance and try to focus on engineering again or should I cut my losses and focus on IT? For context: I’m 28, single and living at home.
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2023.03.22 16:35 louied91 Pressure BioSciences Receives $1.5M Contract for UltraShear Nanoemulsified CBD

News Link:
CBD Supply MD, a Leading Maryland-Based CBD Retailer, to Introduce PBIO's UltraShear Processed, Best-in-Class Nanoemulsified CBD Products Across the Multi-State Mid-Atlantic Region
SOUTH EASTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2023 / Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB:PBIO) ("PBI" or the "Company"), a global leader in the development and sale of broadly enabling, high-pressure-based products and services to the life sciences and other industries, and CBD Supply MD, one of the largest and best-known retail suppliers of CBD products in the multi-state mid-Atlantic region, today announced the execution and launch of a manufacturing and distribution agreement (the "Agreement"). Under the terms of the Agreement, PBIO will supply CBD Supply MD with the Company's UltraShear™ optimized nanoemulsions of CBD in a best-in-class, long-term stable, and highly bioavailable CBD Topical Spray, formulated for ideal effectiveness and optimal potency, addressing consumer's diverse CBD objectives. The Agreement is expected to generate over $1.5 Million in revenue for PBIO during 2023, including nearly $250,000 in the second quarter.
The Agreement defines four phases of product development and commercialization for a custom-formulated topical spray of hemp-derived, UltraShear nanoemulsified CBD designed for extremely rapid absorption and effectiveness and for efficient high potency delivery of the CBD active material in each dose. All ingredients used in the manufacture of the Company's nano-CBD are sourced from naturally-occurring, plant-based origins. Phase I of the Agreement is underway and provides for an initial shipment of 850 vials (30ml. volume @ 40mg/ml) of UltraShear-nanoemulsified CBD to CBD Supply MD by mid-April 2023.
Mr. Keith E. Manley, Co-founder of CBD Supply MD, commented: "Partnerships like this don't happen overnight - and for good reason. It takes a lot of time and hard work to ensure that both parties are a good fit, now and in the future. The game-changing UltraShear processed product line we are bringing to market fills a legitimate, long-awaited, and sorely unfulfilled need of our customers and the market."
Mr. Manley continued: "This past year I've gotten to know Ric and the PBIO team very well. As CEO of CBD Supply MD, I review thousands of products a year. Without hesitation, I can say the hemp-derived nano-CBD developed by Pressure BioSciences is a true game-changer. Their best-in-class UltraShear processed nano-CBD manifests unmatched bioavailability and long-term shelf stability that is unparalleled in the industry. This is the first of many UltraShear nanoemulsified products we plan to bring to market with our new partner PBIO. As excited as this makes me, I know that my enthusiasm will pale in comparison to the benefits our customers will receive."
Mr. John B. Hollister, Director of Sales and Marketing at PBI, observed: "CBD Supply MD is a rapidly-growing and highly respected market leader, with one of the largest established customer bases in the mid-Atlantic region. We are excited that their customers will now have the opportunity to benefit from our best-in-class nano-CBD product that has been manufactured with our patented UltraShear processing platform. Results achieved to date with UltraShear-processed cannabis products gives us tremendous confidence that word will spread very quickly about the absorption speed and effectiveness of our UltraShear-enabled products, as well as how quickly and effectively they address and satisfy the needs of the customer. We look forward to developing multiple additional product formulations with CBD Supply MD beyond this substantial initial $1.5M contract."
Mr. Richard T. Schumacher, PBIO's President and CEO summed up: "Our diverse work on UltraShear nanoemulsion processing across nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, and agrochemical markets has generated an exciting array of developing commercial opportunities for PBI. We have foreshadowed a plethora of contracts anticipated with many clients requiring nanoemulsion product development, demonstrations, toll manufacturing services, and eventual lease/license agreements around our patented and revolutionary UltraShear technology platform. We are honored to welcome this new partnership with CBD Supply MD - a highly respected retail sales leader in the cannabis marketplace, especially in CBD products. Additional pending agreement announcements, coupled with continued positive improvements in our financing activities, balance sheet, and capitalization table are helping us accelerate PBIO's path forward to a planned uplist to either the NASDAQ/ NYSE stock exchange later this year. Finally, as much as we are deeply excited about our achievements to date, we truly believe that the best is yet to come."
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2023.03.22 16:35 thebaldfox [WTS] Dark Hour Billet Upper practically new $90, Amend2 20rd 5.56 mag never loaded $9, BCM VFG Black in great shape $15

Critical Assets
Dark Hour Billet Upper practically new. Was assembled for a bit, maybe used at the range once, swapped out for Anodized upper. $90
Amend2 20rd 5.56 mag. Was inserted, I don't think it was ever loaded. - $9
BCM VFG Black in great shape. I bought more than I need so here you go. - $15
Not particularly interested in trades as I need the cash, but you never know.
Paypal F&F only. No chats.
Dibs rule applies.
No, I won't sell to a restricted state. Sorry.
Love you. 😘
Also, need a red dot? I have a Romeo5 for sale HERE
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2023.03.22 16:35 xdxxdxdxg FP lost their feelings and empathy for me

It's not their fault at all but it hurts so much it hurts so fucking bad I just want them to love me and look at me like they used to. I feel so alone when they look at me and I feel so empty when they hold me. There's nothing there. It hurts so bad. I feel like I live with the ghost of who they used to be. I just want to be a home for them again, I want to go back in time. Everything is so fucked up now. It hurts so much. I miss them. I miss them so much. I feel so alone.
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2023.03.22 16:35 Inevitable-Fox3929 28 [M4F], looking for someone in Europe or who has plans to move here

• Gender: Male • Sexuality: Heteroromantic Asexual • Pronouns: He/Him • Age: 28 • Height/Build: 177 cm/Average • Physical Description: I can send a pic when we talk in private • Location: Southeast Europe
About me: -I would describe myself as a patient and easy going person. I enjoy the outdoors and would go on an adventure anytime. I can also just stay at home and watch movies or shows. My comfort shows are Brooklyn 99 and Family Guy. We can watch some shows together if you want. I listen to music all the time so you can send your Spotify playlists that you like.
What I’m looking 4: -I’m looking for a woman that is willing to pursue something serious and with good sense of communication. I had many people ghost me or message me and act like they are interested only to disappear later and it didn’t feel very nice so if you want something short term I’m not your guy. I’m open to LDR within Europe.
Dealbreakers: -I don't smoke so I prefer someone who doesn't smoke either and who drinks occasionally but not heavily. I’m open to having children.
If you think we might get along, say hi…
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2023.03.22 16:35 FedNewsQ Will HR tell my supervisor that I received a TJO at another agency?

Hello! I received a TJO for a position at a different agency and the onboarding paperwork asks for the info for an HR POC at my current agency. Will HR inform my current supervisor about this TJO?
The reason I do not want to tell my current supervisor about the TJO is because I also applied for a promotion on my current team. If I land that job, I’ll rescind my acceptance of the TJO and accept the promotion. However, if I don’t get the promotion, I’d kick myself for letting this other opportunity pass - which is why I’m accepting the TJO.
The other thing I’m considering is that, under other circumstances, I’d happily inform my supervisor ASAP about the TJO in order to provide ample time to prepare for my transition. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to let my supervisor (who is the hiring manager for the promotion) know that I have a TJO for a position that I’d drop if selected for the promotion. BUT I’m also going to feel bad if I don’t get the promotion and then come back with “okay - well I need to put in my two weeks”.
What are your thoughts on my situation? Thank you!
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2023.03.22 16:35 HenryHarington My new puppy wants nothing to do with me. Any advice?

A little background. While in college I live with my girlfriend and her family, her mother actively breeds dogs for a living. Recently, she had a burnepoodle litter and is letting me keep one. I really wanted one and my girlfriend decided to help out with her.
Me and my girlfriend both love the dog but my class schedule and working makes it hard. My schedule makes it so a couple days of the week I go from class/work from 8am-11pm. Then on other days I leave for work at 5pm and don’t get home until late at night.
It started off okay with the puppy and she really loved being around me to but recently she’s started to not care for me at all. I’ll come home from work and she’ll be laying in bed with my girlfriend and then I’ll have to bring the puppy down to the puppy pen. She won’t listen to me most of the time. If me and my girlfriend are in the same room she will stick solely to my girlfriend. When my girlfriend leaves and I’m home with the puppy, it’ll just cry and whine and bark cause she’s not there. If there’s not something that smells like her she goes full tantrum. She won’t even want to play with me.
I’m perfectly good with the puppy loving her, I’m just looking for some advice to teach her that I’m her pet parent too. I’m trying to pet, play and love her but she just keeps crying until she falls asleep.
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2023.03.22 16:35 99Bee Apple Keyboard Deals March 22, 2023 - Apple Magic Keyboard: Wireless, Bluetooth, Rechargeable. Works with Mac, iPad, or iPhone on sale at [Amazon for $79.99][19% off]

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2023.03.22 16:35 LEONotTheLion Screenshots of flight paths into SFO yesterday

I was watching some of the flights going into SFO yesterday and found things super interesting. Here are some screenshots showing what pilots and air traffic controllers were dealing with.
Aircraft were circling in holding patters all over the place, and the screenshots show some previously diverted planes heading back to SFO from OAK and SJC.
This is pretty standard stuff for controllers, but it’s still fun to see how they work on fitting those in holding patterns into a spot to finally land.
Anyway, thought some people here would enjoy.
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2023.03.22 16:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Full Course)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.03.22 16:35 MissionPretend Custom “group hug” commander thoughts (pic is a dude on a flying fish)

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