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A community of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Speech Therapists (STs), Speech-Language Therapists (SLTs), Clinical Fellowship Clinicians (SLP-CFs), Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs), graduate clinicians and students. We discuss ideas, stories, information, and give general advice through our personal experience and research. Please join /SLPGradSchool for pre-graduate school and graduate school related discussion.

2023.06.01 00:34 wellnourished Help with research study on students and mental health

Hi! I'm a PhD student studying how diet can impact the mental health of students in college. I'm looking for women currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students to take my 30 min survey about diet and mental health. If you can please share or up vote or participate if you meet the criteria that would be greatly appreciated!
Here's the link to the survey. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.01 00:33 kokoro018 You got this

Daily reminder to keep going bro, just keep going
Please just keep going. And don’t suffer in silence if you have any thoughts
Idc your age, where you’re from, you’re background , you can talk to me and that other help Is there
It gets better.
Messages are open , Idc if it’s about general mental health surrounding issues like lgbtq hate/confusion about gender sexuality etc , family issues, finances, school, I am here 👍
Don’t see many of these posts but if you need help you can reach out , if you don’t , ignore this 💛
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2023.06.01 00:31 Ratfts I feel like I'm going nowhere

Hi, I'm posting this kind of with the intention of getting reassurance or advice 😂 I graduated with my psychology degree in summer 2022, I loved doing my degree and learning, I was really looking forward to starting a career in something I find really interesting. I basically got the first job I could after uni because I was moving in with my bf and needed money, I work as a physio/OT assistant part time. The job itself isn't a bad job but I've been there a year now and I'm just super unhappy because I've been applying for so many jobs in mental health and I've gotten nowhere for the last year, so I didn't really think I'd be there this long.
I've gotten quite a lot of interviews but they all end up with rejection, the feedback is usually "we really liked you and you come across as very personable but someone else just had more experience than you" but then Im struggling to get more experience in mental health bc I keep getting rejected for not having experience 😂
I would also like to do my masters bc I thought it might help boost me to get a better job but I just can't afford it with working part time, having to pay bills, for food, utilities etc.
I feel like I'm going nowhere and I sometimes feel like I did the degree for no reason because it feels like I'll never get into the jobs I want :') I guess I wana know how long it took you guys to get into the job you love/wanted, and how old you were too because Im 23 and I get worried that I should be further along than I am right now (I know everyone moves at different paces, but I just want to know if it's normal to be looking for a while before you finally break into the mental health setting, after doing a psychology degree). Thank you:)
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2023.06.01 00:31 Jevia Mental Health book suggestions for a teen boy dealing with a narcisstic mother and emotional incest?

Hi, I have a teenage brother-in-law who is unfortunately trapped in a bad relationship with his mother until he becomes of age. Theres a lot of emotional incest going on (treating him as a surrogate husband) and she's also been previously diagnosed with NPD. I was hoping to find some books for him, or myself and my partner, that could help us navigate this. Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.01 00:30 unhingednferal [Group] Welcoming online squad for genuine connections and mental health support!

Hey there, Reddit fam! I've created a special Discord group chat for all the amazing folks out there, whether you're facing mental health challenges or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals. In this welcoming community, we exchange relatable memes that bring joy to our day, and we're all ears to hear your funny stories and experiences. And of course, who doesn't love sharing adorable pet pics?
But it's not all just about laughter and memes. We genuinely care about each other's mental wellbeing, engaging in wholesome discussions on topics like selfcare, personal growth, and mental health support. Our community embraces diversity and is proudly LGBTQ+ friendly 🦋
Drop a comment or send me a DM for the invite link. Can't wait to meet you all! 🥳🎉
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2023.06.01 00:30 wellnourished Help with research study on students and mental health

Hi! I'm a PhD student studying how diet can impact the mental health of students in college. I'm looking for women currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students to take my 30 min survey about diet and mental health. The survey will ask about your usual diet, current mental health status, and descriptive/demographic information.
If you can please share or up vote or participate if you meet the criteria that would be greatly appreciated! Here's the link to the survey. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.01 00:29 keithmckeever Overcoming Mental Health Challenges as a Veteran

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges as a Veteran
In episode 98 of the Battle Buddy Podcast, we are joined by Navy Veteran Danny Mayberry, the host of the 1 Mile 1 Veteran Podcast. Danny shares with us his personal story and the origin behind his podcast, which is dedicated to sharing the stories of veterans and their struggles with mental health. Danny also talks about his upcoming podcast and personal journey, and how the 1 Mile 1 Veteran Podcast has shaped his personal journey with mental health. Danny breaks down and shares with us his 5 pillars to a full and healthy life. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in learning more about the challenges that veterans face with mental health and how they can find support. Tune in now to hear from this great guest.

Watch the Full Interview with Danny:

Danny and Keith discuss the following...
  1. Origin story behind 1 Mile 1 Veteran Podcast
  2. Danny's upcoming podcast and personal journey
  3. How the podcast has shaped his personal journey with mental health
  4. Danny's 5 pillars to a full and healthy life

Listen to the full episode here:

Guest Links:

Battle Buddy Podcast Links:

Veterans Crisis Line: 988 Press 1 or Text 838255
#veteran #veterans #marines #navy #armedforces #coastguard #marinecorps #bbp #military #spaceforce #coastguard #supportourtroops #1mile1veteran #mentalhealthmatters
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2023.06.01 00:29 sufferingearth Is there any point getting a diploma?

I'm almost 19 and I'm in a situation where I have 3 months to decide what I do in September, even less, because I have to apply. I dropped out of high school a couple of years ago because I severely struggled with mental health. I still do. I turned down an opportunity to go back last year and I still don't feel ready this year. But the only reason why I want a qualification, a high school diploma is because I want to travel long term, to live on the road and this diploma would be a backup plan for when I no longer want to live that way. As a way of making the best of now, because in a collapse scenario, I'll die of type 1 diabetic complications, I want to pursue this dream. And the reason why I want to travel at 21 is because if I wait too long, to resolve what I'm suffering with in my head and to finally get a diploma as a backup plan, climate change will make the possibilities of travelling obsolete. I don't know what to think. It's all super frantic. The world and my life. I don't know which road to follow and I don't have enough time to decide. Do I give up on my dream of travel, try and opt for the homestead lifestyle instead, or do I just give up on everything and die? Or do I just allow myself to be assimilated back into society? Really lost at the moment and suffocating everywhere.
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2023.06.01 00:28 kali_ma_ta Tired of being nice

Hey bromos. I have been co-parenting for over a decade. My kid's other parents live a few hours away. We get along really well, which is a testament to our willingness to always put the kid first. Honestly, it's mostly a testament to me always bridging, making space for them to show up however they want. Our time together as co-parents will be over in a few years, and I'm just burnt out. I'm so tired of being nice all the time.
I feel like I'm the caretaker of the world between my job and being a single parent and all the other shit I do in my personal life. I'm nice nice nice nice. And everyone else benefits from it, but I feel like it has been making me sick. It certainly has contributed to my struggles with substance use disorder and eating disorders and mental health!
Accidentally tagged this as a man rant, which it's more of a self-care rant! But I can't figure out how to undo the man rant tag. Isn't that telling. There's always a man at the center of it ;) haha
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2023.06.01 00:28 heearrt Opinion on unemployed people in their 20’s, who live with their parents rent free, because mental health issues?

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2023.06.01 00:27 melatonin_girl room

why is my room always messy? why is it so hard for me to put things back where they belong?
This used to never be an issue for me. Up until 7th grade, my room was always spotless and even as a little kid i would always clean my room and my room would be clean and organized. it’s ever since quarantine that my room started becoming really messy and especially now in highschool it is more messy than ever. i have food that has been half eaten sitting in my room for sometimes more than two weeks and it molds and smells yet i don’t take it down to wash bevause for some reason that is hard for me to do. am i just lazy? i have clothes all over the floor and here’s the thing- i do clean my room. i will try my best to clean my room and take down dishes once a week, but for some reason it still gets so messy. i still have dirty dishes in my room. not today tho- i took them down and washed them yesterday since it started smelling really bad. idk if it’s connected with my mental health, bevause this year i really have not been feeling the best, and my room also looks the worst. but what if i am really just lazy…? How do i keep a clean room?
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2023.06.01 00:27 wellnourished Help with research study on students and mental health

Hi! I'm a PhD student studying how diet can impact the mental health of students in college. I'm looking for women currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students to take my 30 min survey about diet and mental health. If you can please share or up vote or participate if you meet the criteria that would be greatly appreciated!
Here's the link to the survey. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.01 00:27 Chchchchangessss I’m not doing well.

If I knew that I would have to put myself through the stress and anxiety of reliving the worst moments of my life, just for the VA and someone who has never met me to deny that those things have caused me an inconceivable amount of pain, I never would have filed it to begin with.
I feel so…disheartened. Let down. Alone.
It’s not about the money. I wanted them to recognize that those “stressors” they refer to have been the catalyst for every mental health issue I struggle with today. I guess waking to a man raping me anally doesn’t fit the fucking bill.
The doctor who did my c&p told me she was going to submit for a ptsd diagnosis. And went and did the opposite.
I don’t know what to say anymore. I really thought speaking up after so long would have helped. Fuck this shit.
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2023.06.01 00:26 Efficient-Gift-2806 I just want a day not being me

i’m in grad school, and severely in debt from said schooling. previously diagnosed with bpd previously but don’t fully believe that’s all / it’s accurate - also unmedicated. Terribly unable to make friends, especially since moving for grad school, so have 2 friends (mainly 1) from high school that live 800 miles away. Chose this school to be closer to extended family i never got to see growing up. Do i see them? no. relationship with parents depends on the minute due to their own (undiagnosed?) mental illness (runs rampant in my extended family so just an assumption). Have severe weight problems that, like all my other problems, i don’t get checked out because of my own mental health issues/ financial insecurity (aka 5”4’ dropping from 120 to 95 and nearing impossible to gain anything back). Honestly the things that keep me going: my boyfriend and my cat. I’m just so lonely and so stressed trying to make ends meet. I just want a day not being me.
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2023.06.01 00:26 wellnourished Help with research study on students and mental health

Hi! I'm a PhD student studying how diet can impact the mental health of students in college. I'm looking for women currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students to take my 30 min survey about diet and mental health. If you can please share or up vote or participate if you meet the criteria that would be greatly appreciated!
Here's the link to the survey. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.01 00:25 obvusthrowawayobv Anyone ever blow up on their narcissist at the end?

The relationship ended a month ago, but we kept in contact from then until now… he kept re-writing history, trying to convince me of how ‘the relationship ended and how it’s my fault’… because I flushed the engagement ring down the toilet, and that’s why we can’t be together. (He has repeatedly brought it up to make me sad)
… But he didn’t answer on the phone when I asked what he said before I flushed the ring. He didn’t answer when I asked him what he would have done in my place.
What he said was how he said he ‘didn’t give a fuck about me’ and how ‘he is relieved when he is free of me’ along with a final ‘you always come crawling back and my life is better when you are gone.’
…So, yeah, I flushed the rings. Something at the core of my soul flushed them just to make sure I couldn’t come back.
Thank goodness. But that wasn’t why I left.
I left because when I told him my coworker asked if I was being abused, his first initial response was ‘if something happens to you I am going to be the first suspect, you fucked up!’ That’s a bad sign. But he ignores that, too.
He kept blaming me, like he has this whole month, all because I flushed the rings…. And then I finally blew up at him, telling him everything that was wrong with him, how he was a failure as a man and completely worthless in a relationship… every repressed thought I’d had when he tried to convince me I was crazy, and tried to say I needed a brain scan because I ‘remember things that didn’t happen or become easily confused’… yet I’m the one seeing the psychiatrist and therapist and they confirmed I am mentally all here.
I just lost it, and went off about his entire life, picking away at everything wrong with him one by one.
He hung up on me, so I rage texted him… and when the dust settled, it turned out that like a psychopath, I sent about 20 hate texts telling him how many directions to go to hell with a lot of ‘honest but unfiltered criticisms’ about him.
He didn’t block.
I do feel immature and childish, because I’m very much a mature adult in my 30s. But… I just couldn’t take it anymore, and the trauma bond runs extremely deep, so I felt like it was what I needed to do to drive him away.
Have any of you let it all out to your narcissist ex?
How did it go? Did you hear from them again or did they finally disappear?
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2023.06.01 00:25 PokemonBreederJess Car of pregnant woman catches on fire when man runs the red at Michigan and Mansfield.

I live on the corner, and I heard the impact. When I run out across my lawn, a silver van is already smoking as a pregnant woman and two young children quickly get onto the grass and away from the vehicle. The man that ran the red had to make like a gopher to get out the side of his now flipped car, as his windshield was crunched but not budging.
While I went inside to get water for the family and our first aid kit, the car went up on flames, and stretched over to the large amount of plants and trees on the corner.
Thankfully the response time was rapid to the scene. In less than 10 mins, both fire and police had the situation under control.
That kid was a trouper, for as scary as the situation was, she made some people laugh. And want to thank my other neighbor for coming out to also give the kids and pregnant woman sparkling water, although the kids made me laugh with the faces they made.
All that to say, I want to call out the rubber necker walking around in a sprain boot. While you were out there with your "Let's Go Brandon" and "Go Woke Go Broke" pins, trying to get people's comments on video for your tiny minded whatever that "started when Fox dropped Tucker", while you were way more concerned with making some kind of name for yourself by capitalizing on someone's pain, there were actual caring individuals doing the real work of making sure everyone was safe and had what they needed. I sincerely hope this literal ambulance chaser can get the mental health services he so sorely needs.
Hope the family gets home safe tonight. Knowing the kid was able to sing and smile before they left because the people around them helped them feel safe, that's what matters to me.
Those two seconds you think you have don't exist, and if you run that red you may not exist anymore either. Both cars are totaled, and if the fire department had not responded so fast the transformer definitely would have caught fire.
I have seen many accidents on Michigan and Mansfield but today's was really bad. Someone tries to run that red every week, and almost every week there are screeching tires or impacts. Today, it was a full blown car fire. At least no one was seriously injured.
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2023.06.01 00:25 cake_oclock MotN lazy haaka pumping

Just in case this helps save anyone else's sanity--
I'm an underproducer but I was so ready to drop the middle of the night pump at 8 weeks pp to preserve my mental health. It was just too stressful worrying about having to detach the whole setup if baby needed me in the middle of pumping, the machine sounds, the aggressive assault on my nipples, etc.
At one point when I woke up in the middle of the night and started leaking I just slapped on two Haakas and was able to get pretty much the same amount as a middle of the day pump. If I am already starting to letdown it's better, but I can massage my breasts and get things going. So much easier than attaching all the parts and putting on a bra, plus wireless so can hang out with baby more easily. He did give my haaka boobs a side eye though.
I pump at 9:30pm, sometime between 3-5:30am when baby starts to stir and I watch him on the monitor, and whenever between 8-10 am.
Ymmv based on how effective Haakas are for you, but for me it was way more comfortable and better than dropping the pump entirely.
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2023.06.01 00:25 syeager96 Don't know how to handle my 8yo child. Please read if you can relate or have advice.

My 8yo was diagnosed with ADHD and oppositional defiance disorder two years ago and we are currently seeking further diagnosis but it takes times and wait lists to get into doctors are almost a year out at this point. He exhibits a lack of empathy for everyone around him with the exception of his 2 baby brothers and animals. Lack of overall emotion(example: if I were to buy him something he told me he really wants or take him somewhere he really wants to go to he would not be happy or excited about it and would in fact act as if he was boered or disappointed we didn't buy him something different or take him somewhere else, nothing is ever good enough for him) no self control (example: he wants to hit his middle brother he hits him, he wants to use a cuss word he cusses, he wants to throw a toy across the room at the wall he does) no motivation (example: if I were to let him sit on his tablet or Nintendo switch all day and not bother him he wouldn't even get up to eat he would lay in bed all day and do nothing, another example: he got selected at school to participate in an evaluation thru the state to see if he was gifted in the visual arts and was asked to create five original art pieces for a portfolio he wanted nothing to do with it and refused to participate we tried for weeks to encourage him sat down to create together as I do art as well and he said he didn't care and didn't want to do it) he has poor social skills ( example: he often pushes his friends away by bullying them or saying things that are hurtful and not really caring if they are his friend or not in the first place. He often tells me he doesn't want or need friends he doesn't want a wife or children he wants to watch YouTube and just be rich). Anything you say to him he takes to the extreme (for example: me saying to him son I don't like it when you do that can you please stop, his response would be oh so your saying you don't like me okay another example: I say son your gonna be on punishment if you please do not do your one singular chore for the day and he would respond okay well I'm on punishment I'm just gonna go to my room and will walk away without completing it and lay in bed) he has poor self esteem and little self worth (example: all the adults in his life will say great job for getting such good grades in school we are proud of you and know how hard you worked to make it thru the school year his response would be no I'm stupid. Another example: wow your art is so creative I love it his response would be no it's stupid and ugly and you hate it). He will selectively go non verbal and only reply in hums but not for any extended period of time. He makes different noises and claims that he does them on purpose to annoy everyone around him (his words) but I think he may be embarrassed of the fact that everyone including teachers classmates and his cousins always comment on the noises he makes and I think they may be something he does to help regulate himself when he gets overwhelmed and maybe he doesn't know why he makes the noises he just does. We have him on Vyvanse 30mg and he sees a counselor once a week we also are in constant contact thru out the school year with his teacher and the principal and guidance counselor we have him on a 504 plan and it is extremely detailed and I talk to the teachers and guidance counselor regularly thru out the week. As of today 5/31/23 we are taking him off the medicine for a few weeks to get him back to his baseline and wanting to have him reevaluated because we don't like the way the medicine affects him. He's a straight A student but I fear its only because he is on medicine for his ADHD and if we were to go a different route without medication his grades would suffer incredibly. He's so extremely gifted in art and in doing things like Legos and rubix cube. I have tried every approach to bond with my son relate to my son be understanding be strong for him I am patient I advocate for him his father and I are divorced but his father his new wife myself and any other family you could think of are very involved in his life in supporting him being patient and showing him empathy and support letting him know how loved he is and it's okay if he's a little different we can find tools and ways to live and put them in our tool box to use when we are having a hard time or a hard day. I try to not give into him when he picks fights with me or says hurtful things when he is making the noises to the point that I want to scream I try so hard to remain nice and calm and understanding and if anything I will just walk away or try to not acknowledge the noises. I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried everything to get him to listen or atleast see that every action has a consequence. I don't know how to parent my child and neither does his father or step mother. He doesn't care about anything. No electronics he doesn't care. No toys he doesn't care. Grounded to his room he doesn't care. He will look us dead in the eyes and just out right refuse to do anything. Very rarely does he listen to his father or i or act like he cares about anything. The only time he smiles and seems to be having a fun time is when no adults are around and those moments where you just leave your children to play and figure things out on their own or if it's something he wants like Pokemon or Roblox or playing video games. We do not spank him as we are trying to break generational habits and I feel even more strongly about it towards him as I feel like whatever mental health stuff he has going on spanking or anything along "traditional punishment" will only make everything worse. We do however follow thru with things like taking electronics away standing in the corner or being stuck in his room because those are the only "punishments we can get him to do without physically touching him and punishments chores and routines are the same amongst households. My son does not tell me he loves me he does not hug me he rarely talks to me or shares his school life or friend life only unless it is about video games or again something he is interested in. He bully's his middle brother his cousins family friends everyone. He does not express emotions to anyone in his life. Im coming from a place of desperation. There is much more to his story and please if you can trust an Internet stranger trust that we are all trying to do what's best for him and talking to doctors phycologist doing research on what could possibly be going on we give him unconditional love and support we put him in sports and encourage but do not force extra curricular stuff we try everything we can to get thru to him and it doesn't matter no amount of talking accepting understanding relating being strict or stern being soft and understanding nothing. Nothing works. I don't know what to do with my son anymore and if anyone has advice or has a son like mine and would like to share your story I would really appreciate it because this is really hard and I fear what his future might look like as we get into teenage years. Thanks.
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2023.06.01 00:24 ThrowRA53123 My husband (24M) wants to move to Indiana for family. I (26F) want to stay in Colorado where we are now. I don’t think I can do it but I don’t want a divorce

Back story. I am 26F and my husband is 24M. We met when we were both in the military at ages 18/19. He was medically separated when I was still in the Army. We continued dating and when he proposed to me, I was still legally obligated to live wherever the Army had me. It was in Georgia and I absolutely hated every day of my time there.
We got married knowing that I still had 2 1/2 years on my army contract and I was planning to get out after that. So we spent our 2 years in Georgia and it was time to move. Here’s the problem: I’m from Southern California and he’s from rural Indiana- couldn’t be more different. Both of us have absolutely zero desire to move where the other person is from. So we ended up in Colorado and it’s been tough- on him more than me. I think it’s alright here, I’m in the middle of college (3 semesters left), don’t want to move again. He said he hates his job here, has had no luck finding another job in months, and misses his family and needs to go back home.
When we got married I was very clear I never want to move to Indiana. Ever. He said he thought he could handle it but he cannot handle being away from his family anymore. I feel like I have to give up a lot in order for this to happen. I think Indiana is one of the most undesirable places on the planet to move. I’m afraid I can’t handle the small town, 40 minute drive everywhere life.
I’m not a family person. Growing up, it was just me and my mom. My dad and my only sister died before I was 13 and the relationship with other family members is no better. So I’ve gotten used to being adaptable, moving, not always having support and doing my own thing. We both don’t want to have kids, so I want to embrace the nomadic type lifestyle. But he needs his family. I like his family, but I’m not sure how to give up everything for this. But I’m afraid for his mental health if we stay here- he said he can’t make it another year here in this town. We have no friends, family, or attachments here.
TLDR: my husband wants to move to Indiana for family. We live in Colorado now and I’m in the middle of college and don’t want to move. What do I do??
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2023.06.01 00:23 wellnourished Help with research study on students and mental health

Hi! I'm a PhD student studying how diet can impact the mental health of students in college. I'm looking for women currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students to take my 30 min survey about diet and mental health. If you can please share or up vote or participate if you meet the criteria that would be greatly appreciated!
Here's the link to the survey. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.01 00:21 DominoesCascaded Child negligence in my own family

I am torn. I want to report my own sister to CPS for neglecting her child and putting him in danger one too many times because of her addictions and bad parenting. The thing is I know my sister would hate me, fall into a depression…because she does love her kid but she is an addict…and she often neglects him, doesn’t feed him, doesn’t cut his nails or brush his teeth. She recently crashed her car TWICE with him in the car (first time he was unharmed, second time he was mostly okay but wasn’t buckled in so he flew and hit the back of the passenger seat). Not only that but she doesn’t keep the house clean. She has him living in a pig sty. An unsanitized, disgusting, unhygienic home. Its not an environment for a child to be living in. I hate going to her home because of it. Its just disgusting. And that child has to live there. I have talked about this with her and she just doesn’t change. She needs rehab but refuses to go. She needs a therapist and mental health help but doesnt do anything to get it. Is she is unwilling to help herself then it’s impossible for me to help her. I cant change her on my own, she needs to help me help her but it’s impossible as of right now. What im worried about is my nephew. I would much rather have him be living with my mom (his grandma) and I. But she will NOT agree to that so my only option would be CPS. However…I would hate to put my family through that process. Any advice?
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