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Better utility than a truck with more performance than any sports car. This is Cybertruck.

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2023.05.31 23:56 bugterfig_ No such thing as getting lucky when taking the exam.

I took and passed the Associate Exam first time, 20 minutes in, nice and easy. I thought with my basic knowledge that I can cut corners and pass the Admin exam just as easy. God, was I wrong. I failed miserably. The second time was the real hard disappointment as I spent ages preparing for the exam with FoF resources (always over 90% on each mock) and going through trailhead admin trail mix. Failed again and messed up with my head as I scored the lowest on what I was most confident. Third time I was a lot more confident but there was no difference in my knowledge as I was busy with work and studies. I scored better but not enough (I think I was 6-7 questions away from a pass).
I genuinely struggle to find motivation to continue studying and taking the exam once again. I don’t test well although I very much enjoy working in the Salesforce field. I did forget to mention that I work as a “very” junior admin for over a year and I think having the certification would increase my chances of progressing.
I guess bottom line is that there is no getting lucky. You either know or you don’t. Still can’t stop wondering why I find this exam so damn difficult.
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2023.05.31 23:54 Piano_Away 35 [M4R] Texas - Wanna explore small towns and try new foods?

I apologize as it's a bit of a novel and doesn't quite make grammatical sense in some spots. I can read goodly now and again lol. The reason it says M4R is because I mainly like women and trans women but I also like a very very very specific type of guy and certain trans men as I'm partially bi. Chances are you aren't that type but feel free to ask if you are. (Didn’t want to offend anyone so I’d rather say in private) Just throwing that out there as it's a deal breaker for most women. Which why would it be? The number one reason I get is I'm going to cheat on them with a guy. As if being bi has any bearing on cheating and not the persons character.
I'm a 35 year old guy living in the middle-ish of Texas looking for a female partner. Partner as in LTR. That's Long Term Relationship meaning boyfriend and girlfriend and holding hands type of stuff. You know, adult things? I had someone comment I was too vague so this is me being specific. I'm gonna be honest and kinda sad so bare with me.
So I spent New Years alone (I realize June is like tomorrow lol but I have yet to meet someone and I think the story is still somewhat relevant). Rang in the New Year in bed staring at the ceiling listening to fireworks go off into the night. The next day I cried randomly while browsing for a movie to watch on TV. At first I didn't know why as I'm not much of a crier but I realized for the first time that I genuinely felt alone. I have no partner, no family that I speak to, no friends just acquaintances, really no one there for me. That's my own doing which took years to accomplish through me being closed off and just shutting people out, so I figure it might take just as long to fix. I'm not complaining as I got myself into this predicament. It's gonna sound dumb but I wanted a New Years kiss. I'd never had one and it seemed like a fun dumb silly thing to do. Eh maybe one day. Ok well back to my spiel. (I'm not depressed or anything or wanting attention) Some of my hobbies and interests are movies, reading, cooking, kayaking, records, video games, board games, snorkeling, bowling, swimming, escape rooms, puzzles and antiquing. I would describe myself as more goofy and dorky than nerdy. I like to go out and do fun things but also stay in and cuddle and relax. I guess it depends on my mood and the weather. I prefer the cold and would love to live in a state with actual seasons and snow. I'm 5'10, stocky AKA fat and open for adventure and new experiences.
Here are some random facts about me:
Some of my favorite bands are: The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The White Stripes.
Christmas is my favorite holiday, mainly because of the cold and festive activities.
I come from a medium-ish family.
I'm exceptionally patient but every person has a breaking point lol
I like traveling a lot. It's a basic thing that lots of people like. But I've found lots of people hate to leave their house, town or state so if that's you we probably might not be a good match. I also enjoy the mountains. But I don't like roughing it (give me that sweet AC in the summer). Hiking is so hard on my knees and I haven't done it in a while that if I were to I think about doing it I'd about die or twist a kankle.
I don't eat seafood, mushrooms, artichokes or pineapple on pizza (Who cares about this? Doesn't mean I won't go to a restaurant with you that has these things)
Never went to college as I'm horrible in a classroom setting and at taking tests.
Have probably the most boring job imaginable (Ask me about it)
Overweight but trying to work on it and make better choices (Get healthier and lose weight together maybe?)
Non religious but no issue with what you believe. (If anything)
Looking into sterilization. If you are already maybe you can give me some info or tips?
My own red flags 🚩
I work too much and oftentimes can't talk.
I send selfies often. I'm a visual person and like receiving photos. Apparently it's a generational thing. Hopefully you think pictures are neat as well? Is it really that weird to want to see you and your life and show you mine?
I sometimes speedily become attached to people, not in a weird way, but if I like you and we have some kind of connection, I will enjoy talking to you and want to do it often.
I'm a very organized person and will plan out pretty much anything from a vacation to a road trip to a birthday. This makes being with a go with the flow type of person hard at times I've learned but still very much doable.
Due to childhood trauma I'm secretive which can be annoying.
MY own "HELL YES" 🏁
I know how to cook.
I will always drive if you want. (Within reason)
Great at escape rooms and jigsaw puzzles.
Can read a map.
Decent at reading backwards upside down writing.
What I'm looking for:
Is my age or older. But I'm willing to go quite a bit lower if you are neat and we have stuff in common. But super young isn't my goal here.
Mature, considerate, responsible and funny (Dorky wouldn't hurt)
Someone who never cheats, honesty and trust are important to me.
Someone who is open-minded, willing to try new things, be adventurous, funny and nerdy.
Someone who believes in sharing household chores equally because we are both adults.
Be open and frank about issues you or I are having. Not pushy or jealous. Won't yell or argue about stupid things, I've had enough of that.
Willing to push me to become a better version of myself (Can you turn me into Batman?)
If this sounds like you then feel free to reach out and say hi or challenge me to a game of Scrabble/Pictionary/hand to hand combat maybe? Maybe Wordle or some online vidya game?
P.S. I realize my post isn't for everyone but if your seeing red flags from my post then I'd say trust your gut and please don't message me as we probably aren't compatible. I honestly don't mean that in a mean or hurtful way. I've just been messaged quite often with women saying they pushed aside red flags to get to know me. Please don't, it never ends well and you end up wasting both of our time. Wouldn't you rather spend it finding your person with no flags?
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2023.05.31 23:54 vertgo Considering exchanging luba for an epos system

I am conflicted. I love my luba because I'm impressed with the build quality and I think awd is smart and the right way to go, and the devs are working hard to make it better.
But I have spent a week setting it up. At first it kept losing connection to the ref station even when it was close by and nowhere near a tree. I moved the ref station to the pole for my starlink, so I knew it had good satellite reception there. Still, it wouldn't let me make any zones because it would lose connection.
But they released the firmware that allowed it to modify the boundary after making a zone. So I just made a small zone and grew it before it could lose connection. But during many runs, it would lose connection and then turn off. I'd find it in my yard powered down. And then last log message was that it lost connection.
I hired an electrician to use a crane to move the antenna to the top of my house. Still, I could never get it to finish a zone on the other side of my house. I guess the house would block the signal even though the sky was clear above it.
The seller said that epos might be more reliable, and he'd let me exchange it for a Husqvarna epos (almost twice the price).
Should I: 1) take the deal and exchange for an Husqvarna epos? 2) hope they fix it or make it possible to work with another base station or stay on until it can reconnect? 3) buy a second luba for the other side of the house? This might just give me 2 robot lawn mowers who get lost, tbh.
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2023.05.31 23:54 DrPreppy [NA][SEA] Most Valuable Pack [MVP] seeking FWBs

Howdy excellent people! MVP is looking for Friends With Boons - or people who might appreciate a good boon! We are particularly looking for NA/SEA players who are interested in joining a fun and friendly primary guild. It is a plus for us if you would also like to become part of our regular raid trainings, especially the SEA raid training on Wednesday nights and the NA raid training on Friday nights.
Our general schedule is:
Everything else is ad hoc: people are usually around and help each other when we can as organized by guild chat. Most of us are on the Crystal Desert WvW server.
About us: MVP is a friendly 18+ NA/SEA max level guild. Attitude and behavior is everything: we are all here to have a good time without getting super stressed in a fun game. We are an inclusive and diverse guild: it's easy to be nice so we choose to be, and that's how we would like other people to be too. We don't allow political, religious, racist, sexist, homophobic, or cruel speech: we're here to support each other and make each other better. We do require joining our discord, as we use that to coordinate trainings. We use voice chat for trainings: you are welcome to just silently listen and type responses if you don't like talking. :)
About you: hopefully you are interested in fun. Being interested in more challenging content like fractals, raids, and strikes is a plus since we have a lot of people who like those. But we all start somewhere, so casuals (like my BFF) are quite welcome too. If you do want to participate in raids, strikes, or fractals, we do ask that you have exotic gear and a reasonable build: we can help you sort that out if you're overwhelmed. :)
If you are interested, join our Discord at and post up in #Introduce-Yourself with your gamertag and your opinion on quaggans - or send me an in-game mail at Preppy.7046 and I'll hit you up when I'm next online. :)
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2023.05.31 23:53 mylifeisamessbabe My (F30) fiancé (M28) makes me feel objectified / fetishized.

My fiancé loves my butt. I was flattered at first and I feel blessed that he genuinely appreciates my figure.
(I’m not crazy attractive or anything, I guess I just found a compatible partner).
However I feel like the majority of his touches are motivated by lust, and it makes me feel like our intimacy is more about my body more than me as a person.
For example, we will be cuddling and I will be in a lovey-dovey headspace feeling safe, and he will go straight for my butt. Totally takes the intimacy out of it for me.
I’m feeling both touch-starved and overstimulated at the same time. It’s gotten to the point where I reject his touches because I feel like they’re from lust and it puts me out of the mood. It hurts both of us. Sometimes it feels like I’m not even in the room apart from my body.
I have talked to him about it before and for some reason I’m never able to get a straight answer or get it resolved. It just makes us both feel bad for feeling the ways we do.
I know he genuinely loves me. But the touch thing has been an issue for me. I guess I’m looking for advice on love languages - can this type of touch be a love language? Or is it fetishizing / objectification?
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2023.05.31 23:53 ymmit34 Prey-inspired Weapon Ideas

Hello all,
After watching Prey through, I noticed there's a lot of unique weapons that aren't included in the game that were in the movie. After some brainstorming, I came up with some random concepts for how they might work in-game.
Cut Clamp Wielded by the feral Predator in the early 1700s, the cut clamp is a powerful tool that can deal high damage at long ranges while dealing decent damage in close range. Can be thrown and retrieved or used as a melee weapon. ~~~ (Based on that funky chainsaw thing the feral predator used, my idea was it works as essentially a less involved smart disc. You can use it as a melee weapon for more damage than a smart disc can do in melee, but you can also throw it to deal damage over a ranged distance. However, you can't guide it like a smart disc, and it does less damage ranged than a smart disc does.)
Hatchet Based on a weapon used in combat by a feared Comanche warrior, the Yautja were able to design a weapon that works similarly to the one seen in the Great Plains. It can be used as a melee weapon for low damage and has a final AOE attack that cannot be parried. It can also be used as a retrievable ranged weapon over short distances. ~~~ (Obviously based on the hatchet Naru used in Prey, this weapon would work kinda like the war club. It can be used for relatively severe damage over short distance, and if double or triple clicked, the user can swing it around himself a few times to damage anything next to him/her. While holding right click, it is also possible to throw it at a target up to maybe 10-15 feet ahead.)
Speargun Can be used for devastating attacks against prey, either as a single projectile or by firing three at a time. Uses the targeting laser. ~~~ (An alternative to the bow, the Speargun can fire reusable metal projectiles in quick succession for moderate damage, or can be charged to fire three projectiles at once. It is generally quicker than the bow, but relies on the targeting laser to be used, and as such can give away the location of the user and is much less accurate if your biomask has been destroyed. It also only has 9 bolts, so it cannot be used as excessively as the bow.) (An alternative idea I had was that the projectiles could be directed like the smart disc, but move much faster and are harder to control. Not to mention they don't come back to you, even if you are hit while directing it.)
Wrist Shield A weapon frequently used by Yautja hailing from the deserts of Yautja prime, the wrist shield works as both a defense and a decent weapon, good for use against foes with shotguns or miniguns. ~~~ (The wrist shield would work as an offensive and defensive weapon, able to do low-moderate damage at decent melee range. Repeated clicking would allow you to do a lunge attack where the shield snaps together in a scissor motion, dealing increased damage. Holding right click will allow you to block with it, minimizing [but not entirely negating] damage to your person and biomask, but you cannot attack while doing this.)
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2023.05.31 23:53 ShozzBott97 Venting about Missed Opportunity

Hi bandmembers
I am the drummer for a very small indie band (550 FB followers) and I have been in contact with a booking agent for the 50th anniversary of a festival happening in the capital of my state since December 2022. She wanted to put us on the main stage of the first hour of the festival to kick off the entire event, she loves our sound and thinks we'd be the perfect fit. In my mind this is the momentum-starting event for our band we were supposed to play in 2020, but then COVID happened.
One of my bandmates, call him Lenny, let me know he and his son have a yearly tradition every year on the weekend the festival is supposed to take place, so he can't make it to the festival, and we can't play the show without him.
I am incredibly frustrated with Lenny as it is. Lenny has been like a coworker to myself and the lead guitarist for the last ten years, but he and the band leader are best friends. Lenny is a highly skilled musician, playing multiple instruments and being incredibly difficult to replace in our band, he is not going anywhere anytime soon. I have been very close friends with the other two bandmates for longer than I've been in the band and still know very little about this guy Lenny, who is a tall, silent, intimidating individual and who is always right about everything he says. You disagree with his opinion? You're wrong. Even if you have more facts than he does, you're still wrong.
I feel stuck in a rock and a hard place; I know Lenny is the deadweight holding us back. None of us really totally agrees on where we want this band to go. I'm not sure where to go from here or how to destress from this sucky situation.
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2023.05.31 23:53 OddSatisfaction6696 Thorfinn is a better MC regardless

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2023.05.31 23:53 kimickz Software Engineers / Senior Software Engineers [Hiring] [Remote Job US]

Hi, my company is currently looking for a Vietnamese Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer, we are particularly looking for fellow Vietnamese applicants because the CEO is Vietnamese as well. We are a Start-up Fintech Company in NY and we are looking for SE's.
Please send me your Github profile along with your LinkedIn Profile
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2023.05.31 23:53 EastOfEaston Hi FOB fans! Want to ask Pete a question??

I'm the producer for American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest and Pete is coming in soon to guest host! I’m looking for fans that want to ask him a question on the radio!
If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about Pete or the band, leave a comment here! If you want to call in and leave a voicemail for Pete, that's even better! Just DM me and we'll set it up!
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2023.05.31 23:52 bhj887 Some comfort as some of us are appearently hurting right now

I had a really bad day today (because of some financial fuckups)
I also read some of the posts here today about "god being an abomination" and somehow another post (I wrote) about free will and choice derailed into a similar topic of contemplating suffering
however I learned something in the recent days (I found Nonduality only a few months ago):
Nonduality really means NON-DUALITY, therefore most questions here (especially my own) target not fundamental nonduality but lower levels of Awareness like thoughts, mind and concepts
It's only normal to talk about concepts such as "an evil god" but that would be abusing parts of infinity in order to misconstruct wrong general principles about the absolute nondual infinity
at least whatever you assume about anything is only half the truth because the opposite would also be true when talking about absolute nondual infinity
so at least god would be "an abomination" and "pure love" and furthermore every other contradiction you could think of
at best god somehow manages to tend towards love more than suffering but that is speculation
what isn't speculation is that you are not real, the I is not real, that what you experience as I is also not seperated from anything else as you are part of absolutely everything (infinity)
therefore if we try to deduct from "part of infinity" towards "all of infinity" we will ALWAYS fail logically (because god is not just logical)
it has to be *felt* not put into words... words are dualistic and the best approach towards god using words would be "it is and is not", zero = infinity
now what this means for suffering: you can claim anything about suffering that you want and it will be true:
god is pure love -> true and false
suffering is created for us by god so that we can learn -> true and false
earth is heaven -> of course, why not? it's true .... and false
earth is pure hell -> definately true and false
as everything came from nothing we are still nothing and everything right now
you are not even happening right now, you don't exist (and have always existed)
everything that is, is also just this moment as Awareness is the only "real" part and Awareness for you is May 31st 2023 and not 1940 or 1914 or whatever hellish date you could think of
To sum it up: this suffering is this suffering and does neither create infinite suffering nor does a good life create infinite happiness as those terms are nonsensical... infinite suffering is just as impossible as infinite happiness
and some bonus comforting thoughts:
1.) most animals don't have the nervous system for what we call suffering (think of insects and how many insects there are compared to us), most of life doesn't suffer like we define "extreme suffering", extreme suffering happens in mammals and animals with very high self identification, a fungus would not care about being stepped on, crabs just rip off their arms when they don't work anymore
2.) just because you learned something and then died doesn't mean that learning dissappears, it could still be stored within infinity like a certain form within a fractal
3.) consciousness might play a role in further developing creation, free will exists (and does not exist), progress is possible and you can feel it, you can feel yourself being alive, not just machinery
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2023.05.31 23:51 Pin_King_ I thought I was a Type 3 ENTJ, but I now realize that I don't care if everyone dislikes me

I've taken these tests and learned about enneagrams, and I used to confidently say that I am an ENTJ 3w4. I definitely am success oriented, but so are the Type 8's. I am motivated by success/recognition than powecontrol, so I assumed I am a type 3 over a type 8.
However, I am asking myself, "Do I care if someone doesn't like me?" And honestly, I'm thinking to myself that I don't really care if people in my life dislike me/hate me. But I think that is important for Type 3's because they are image driven.
Though I will say that I can be pretty adaptable and secretly will love if most people will admire me and look up to me (if most people don't admire me or look down to me, then fuck them). Also I do act differently with different friends/groups. So I can still be a type 3.
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2023.05.31 23:51 freshschampoo Got "workstyle" to show icons, how do I add all mising icons?

I got this little add-on to sway to show icons for all windows that are in a workspace:
It works well, but it comes pre-configured with only a few icons. Icons for many applications that I use are missing: qutebrowser, 1password, keepasss to name a few.
Is there any commnity project I haven't found that lists more glyphs? Or is there some other project that has glyphs for more applications pre-contigured? Or is there an easier way to find suitable glyphs than I know of - I just searched for "qutebrowser icon glyph" and came up empty handed.
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2023.05.31 23:51 takerainpurple Anxiety in Quiet Places

Does anyone else with SIBO experience this? Being in class stresses me out because of my excess gas noises. I literally feel gas moving inside my body 24/7. I’m still experiencing this on Day 10 of Xifaxan. Some days are better then others. But my stomach never shuts up. I can drink water and it’ll produce gas. Is this not insane? Why is there no way to fix this? I cant live like this forever. It’s so embarrassing. My stomach is constantly making farting noises. And no it’s not my MMC working properly because it’s not your usual digestion sounds. It’s literally gas popping and exploding inside of me. It’s so hard for me to even hangout with friends or go to class because of this. Do you guys think Motility pro by Ortho Molecular will help improve this after my Xifaxan? and no gas x doesn’t work i’ve tried phazyme and gas x extra strength. Everything. It’s simply just so hard for me to pass gas. It never fully comes out, it’s just stuck for the next 12-24 hours. I don’t know what else to do. I swear i never had a problem being in quiet places until this problem, now it’s all i think about in any situation.
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2023.05.31 23:51 ChooseAusername788 Pex A to laundry machine configuration questions

Pex A to laundry machine configuration questions
I need to re-run my laundry machine hookups due to a leak but don't want to do any drywall work because that area was just refinished/painted. My plan is to, instead of swapping out the whole box, just swap out the two valves.
I DO have access behind the wall, it goes to a closet that I can open up. My plan is:
  1. Remove the rear wall section and the existing two valves.
  2. Slide two new valves into the existing box (see image below)
  3. Attach some sort of Pex A adapter to the bottom of this and connect to plumbing
New valves:

What is the adapter that would connect to the bottom of this? I would think it would be FPT (male pipe threads to female pipe threads) but Home depot (that sells this item) only sells "FNPT" not FPT. I have a hard time with so many different thread types.
Is this the correct adapter?
If so, you would put plumbers tape on the male threads, correct?
Or if there is a better configuration, let me know. I see the Pex A box that has the shut offs directly to the box, but 1. they don't have it in stock, you have to custom order it and it takes days and 2. I would *think* you'd have to pull the box out which would require drywall work and drainage work.
I've asked the HD people for help but they were just as confused with the threading as I was.
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2023.05.31 23:51 roserose7 To be on not to be a completionist? How do y’all feel about collecting every released doll?

I’ve been collecting for about a year now and have mainly focused on purchasing the dolls I truly like and that spark my joy. However, every now and then I buy a doll because of FOMO or because I want to complete a series/group. Sometimes I end up connecting with those dolls more than I expected to. Then I also have a few dolls I have for the clothes lol. I’m at the point with my collection where there’s a few dolls here and there that I would need to complete a few of the series and I wonder if I should get them before they are a nightmare to find. My plans for my collection has been evolving as it’s grown. I keep a list of who I have, who I want, who I feel is a maybe, who I’m not really interested in right now but May change my opinion on, and who is a no for me. Helps me visualize who I want to save up for, who I’m willing to wait for a sale on, and who I’m okay with being without.
How do y’all feel about completionism/ being a completionist? How do you deal with FOMO? Have your plans and perceptions of collecting changed?
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2023.05.31 23:50 Ordinary-Stand9042 Tips

So this is where i'm at. Feel like i'm doing alright but just a few questions. 1. Is Croaky really that OP? 2. Are base red's better than tier 3 gold S class?
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2023.05.31 23:50 Serene_brownmouse144 Just. So. Frustrated.

I'm tired. I'm fat. I have no energy. I can't think straight. My house is a mess.
I think the thing that bothers me most is the weight gain. I broke my knee one year into Covid and was on the couch for almost a year. It's been two years and im only up to 5k steps a day and HURTING. Like, if I get up to 7k steps a day, I can't walk for a day. Knees, hips, ankles, feet, everything hurts.
I'm going to the chiropractor weekly because my back is constantly out of whack. I'm trying to do core excercises but i cannot do anything on my knees, sitting on the floor, squats, lunges.........
I talked to my doctor. I'm on thyroid meds. I tried intermittent fasting. That worked for about two months but then devolved into me being ravenously hungry 24/7 and eating non stop because I never felt full. If I starve myself, my nerves get out of whack.
I had a horrible job and got a new one. The job is better but its full time in the office. I EAT NON STOP. I cannot stop thinking about food. I cannot focus. I eat MORE in the office than when i was wfh for 3 years.
I'm not a sugar junky. I don't eat a ton of gluten. No sugary drinks. I drink black coffee or tons and tons and tons of water. I'm not diabetic (yet).
"Will power" doesn't do it for me anymore. I used to do it ALL. Like everything in the house, work, excercise...........and now just going to work is like all i can do.
I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because i've gained so much weight.
I cannot stop eating. I just had to order a size up in shirts and pants today because I'm growing out of my clothes.
I've tried, Keto, Paleo, plant based smoothies..............this is all supposed to make me never hungry and not crave food. And non of it works. And I hate going to the doctor because when you are fat, they treat you like crap. "It's just a matter of eating fewer calories and getting more excercise."
I need something to curb my appetite for real. Snacking on walnuts and celery is not helping. I eat my walnuts and celery and then hit the vending machine and spend $5 on snacks.
I really have no idea what to do here. It seems like when I turned 50 everything just fell apart in my body.
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2023.05.31 23:50 DougDougtheCorgi Wedding guest dress

Wedding guest dress
Hi guys! I'm going to a wedding in Scotland at 23 weeks pregnant and looking for something good and stretchy, but also sexy and flattering. It's been more difficult than I had originally thought. I purchased this dress in black and I love it, but the size that I need is sold out. This dress with the pink florals is available in the size, but I'm worried that it's too much white. What do you guys think about wearing this dress to a wedding? Do you have any favorite stores for maternity evening wear?
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2023.05.31 23:50 Siidell_ Which one to start ?

I still didn't play BOTW and I planned to buy it before TOTK but I saw that on Amazon, with a discounted price, TOTK is even cheaper than BOTW, so I'm wondering which one to start.
I know BOTW is a great game but I heard that both games have a lot of similarities, so it's maybe not mandatory to play BOTW first now that TOTK is released, What do you think ?
Oh, and how is the framerate on this one ?
Thank's !
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