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Welcome to CancelCulture, the place to discuss on-going cancelations of corporations and celebrities.

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Just like any dictatorship, cancel-culture leads to inevitable digital censorship and bias. Here, you can say what you want, how you want. No rules, no victims, no white-washed snow-flaking. Talk about Canadian Politics, or even world politics.

2023.06.01 01:05 ComfortableAttractio Bitcoin and social media similarities

I am a bit new to bitcoin and money so please bear with me. I've been thinking about similarities between how money and bitcoin work and social networks, wanted to share my thoughts and hear out what you guys might think as well! I'm really eager to learn more about it, I feel we're so early.
You know how we're all more connected than ever, right? Like, how you're friends on Instagram with someone you met once at a party? The same goes for money. The more connections in a money network, the easier it is to trade stuff. Everybody in the network is connected by the same type of money they use to show and store value.
So, think about how fun it is when a new friend joins your group chat. That's the same with money networks – every time someone new hops on board, everyone in the network benefits. This is what we call "network effects", and it nudges people towards using the same type of money.
Now, let's talk about "hard" and "soft" money. Hard money keeps its value over time, and soft money, well, it's kind of like buying a brand-new phone that loses half its value as soon as you open the box. Naturally, we're all more into hard money because who wants their cash to lose value?
The tricky thing about trading is that what you want, where and when you want it doesn't always match up with what others have to offer. It's like trying to find a vegan, gluten-free, organic dessert at a random small-town bakery – not an easy task! That's why we lean towards a type of money that can tackle all these problems, and this money will become the most popular.
Basically, the money market is like a reality TV show – there's room for only one winner (or, at least, a few finalists). More people using the same type of money means it's easier to trade. But, just like your favorite TV show, the winner isn't always who you expect. It really depends on the market and what they're looking for in their ideal type of money.
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2023.06.01 01:05 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Lethal Weapon (Complete)

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2023.06.01 01:03 LickDaBooty123 Help!

I need help my doom project called The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. I don't know how to code Spider-Man swinging, web zip and wall crawl. Is there any way to code this or it is too advanced for lua... Btw, this is the progress for this upcoming project.
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2023.06.01 01:02 bob6784558 How can one party get out of paying QDRO by filing bankruptcy?

Quick rundown party one was legally obligated to pay QDRO but filed bankruptcy to avoid paying party two. Just got the news and I've no idea how that's legal but apparently it is. Haven't gone to court yet just the lawyer says what party one did was legal.
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2023.06.01 01:01 Terrariumlover Stalling

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2023.06.01 00:58 NoWrongdoer9145 200+ wrestling figures

200+ wrestling figures
Loose wrestling figures, some duplicates. Over 200, some belts and other accessories
Poor-very good condition Average fair-good
I have no clue how to value. Average price for each was probably around 15, but I don’t think they’re worth more than $4-8 each
(If there’s a better sub to ask this on lmk)
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2023.06.01 00:58 Exhibit5 Summer Course not published?

Hi, I'm taking a course for the summer which isn't on Canvas. Officially it says "No" under the Published tab on Canvas. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how have you managed to resolve it?
The course is 01:202:389 if anyone has heard anything about that specific course being under different circumstances or something.
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2023.06.01 00:56 faerybones Last name Dorhamer

I found an old email exchange between a distant relative and I regarding our last name. What really has me curious is how the name changed frequently over the years. I'd really like a better understanding of why. I'd also like to know if the original spelling is old Germanic for Thor's Hammer? Or would that be too cool? Here's part of what he sent me:
It should be noted that the spelling of the last name changed with almost every generation of Dorhamers. Some individuals used various spellings of the name at different times in their lives. On many occasions, different siblings in the same family spelled their last names differently.
Generation 1: ANDREAS THIRRHAMMER of Espasingen, Germany Born: Unknown Died: Unknown KATHERINA SENGER of Espasingen, Germany Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
Generation 2: JOHAN GEORG DIERHAMMER AKA GEORG THIRRHAMMER Born: April 28, 1779 in Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Died: November 30, 1842 in Espasingen, Germany. MARIA JOSEPHA KNECHT Born: 1774 in Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Died: Unknown
Generation 3: Note: Migrated from Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Left Germany in March 1854 with wife, Agnes, and two children, Edward John & Josepha (Josephine) Doorhammer. JOHAN GEORG DURHAMMER AKA GEORGE DOORHAMER (SR.) AKA GEORGE DORHAMER AKA GEORGE DEHIMER AKA GEORGE DORHEIMER Born: April 13, 1821 in Espasingen near Stokach Germany Died: May 16, 1890 in Waldo, Kansas. AGNES DOORHAMER nee SALZMAN Born: December 13, 1822 in Buhringen near Radolfzell Died: December 11, 1887 in Sauguoit, NY.
Generation 4: GEORGE DOORHAMER (JR.) AKA GEORGE DORHAMER AKA GEORGE DEHIMER AKA GEORGE DOURHAMMER Born: November 30, 1857 in Forestport, Oneida County, NY. Died: November 29, 1918 in Rome Hospital Rome, NY. CATHERINE “KATE” DORHAMER nee MANLEY Born: January 13, 1860 in Town of Florence, Oneida Co. Died: April 4, 1927.
Generation 5: Joseph Francis Dorhamer AKA Joseph Dorheimer AKA Joseph Dehimer Born: January 14, 1889 in Clark Mills, NY Died: January 4, 1924 in Rome, NY. Isabelle “Belle” Reid Born: c1891 Died: May 7, 1957
Generation 6: William Joseph Dorhamer Born: April 22, 1921 in Rome, NY Died: November 5, 2000 in Fort Pierce, FL
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2023.06.01 00:56 A_little_quarky [TotK] Hoverbike feels like cheating.

First off, I'll preface this by saying it's NOT cheating. You do you, play your way, etc.
But after getting an air bike, the game just became...trivial. All of this open world, and I'm just zooming over it.
Huge, dangerous underground depths where I struggle to find the next safe zone to light up the map. But I didn't experience any of that, I just flew to the bulbs.
It feels like I've hacked flight, which is something they were careful to restrict. Zonai Wings pop themselves after some time, and take a lot more power to move. But the bike? Cheap, maneuverable, efficient, and never breaks.
Now I'm not telling anyone how to play, but I wonder if anyone else has the same sentiment as me? I love the bike, but I'm wondering if I'm cheapening my experience by having it.
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2023.06.01 00:55 Opposite_Teacher_546 🔥Cheap Lifetime Spotify Premium On Your Account!🔥

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2023.06.01 00:55 AbbreviationsMotor12 How to have a vision and mission if you just getting started ?

Recently I watched a podcast between Steven Bartlett and Whoop Founder, Will Ahmed. Whoop is a fitness monitoring app where they are worth $3.6 billion. So obviously he know how to build a company.
There is few lesson that I learned from him but one thing that I think worth thinking about is having mission and vision. I understand that those 2 is crucial but as a person who is just started and does not have clear vision on what to do, how do I even set one ?
One approach that I am currently working on is just keep doing something until I found some vision and mission. It is not very effective but it is better than sitting there and thinking about vision and mission.
What do you guys think ?
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2023.06.01 00:54 MKLORD_ Registration renewal

How much does it cost to renew your registration at any dmv around here?
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2023.06.01 00:52 CynInverse Endometriosis and Adenomyosis surgery with Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos (Dinos)

I'd like to share my experience with surgery for endometriosis and adenomyosis with Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos (Dinos) in Athens, Greece. I travelled from Canada to see him and paid out of pocket.
I've had a few surgeries in the past. It's an odd thing to say a major surgical experience was excellent, but this one was for me. I had a total hysterectomy (preservation of ovaries) for adenomyosis, adhesiolysis, and endometriosis excision with Dinos and his team.
Dinos has a very patient centric, detail oriented, compassionate approach. He is kind and funny and adjusts his approach according to your needs.
I felt that he heard my concerns and the things that were important to me and remembered and addressed them. He was able to calmly address my million questions and reassure my anxiety, especially before I made the decision to go.
It was important to me that he and his team wouldn't just do things, especially around the genital area without talking to me and walking me through what they were doing. His exam and ultrasound was skilful, respectful and he explained and asked about each step.
He follows up consistently and is responsive to messages and emails. He is on top of even the little details, while coming across really laid back. He pays attention to pre and post op care, visited daily while I was in hospital and changed my dressings himself.
He allows you to have control and a say in decision making. For example, when I reacted to the morphine with itchiness, he explained and gave me a choice of flushing it (reduced itchiness but also reduced pain management) and I chose not to. When I was concerned about how I would manage pain once I was discharged he allowed me to actively participate in tapering it so I was able to taper it off myself with the knowledge that if I really needed it I could ask and get it. These things really helped me and gave me confidence.
I heard Dinos works with three anaesthesiologists. Mine was Marinos and he was excellent. I wasn't sure when they said they would handle my pain management well in hospital, but they did. Amazingly so, and I think that really helped not to feel traumatized by the whole experience. Marinos is aware of ERAS and goes out of his way for patient comfort in close consultation with Dinos. I had an epidural for a few days - blessed pain management. I only had one moment where I woke up in the middle of the night in pain, I called for help and the nurses arrived shortly with something additional that helped.
Dinos is aware of and pointed out that hysterectomies are a trend in North America and worse that some uninformed ObGyn's see it as a cure for endo (which it is not).
But I had adenomyosis and an enlarged uterus - he did my hysterectomy and did it well from what I can tell.
Even though he could have made his life much easier by cutting my belly open (my uterus was large 😕) Dinos added time to the surgery first to remove fibroids/ myomas, then morcellate and remove the uterus before moving onto the rest of the surgery, all laparoscopically.
I felt he was extremely skilled; it's reflected in his exams, care, neat incisions, follow ups, even the recovery of his patients.
Also 🙂 his sense of humour is similar to mine and... He gave me very delicious chocolate cake to make up for starving me 😂
Sometimes things don't go perfectly as we hope and while this can happen with any surgery and surgeon, what impressed me again was how he dealt with it when I reached out post surgery to discuss. I don't always know that my bladder is full. Dinos explained that it can be a common effect, to set a timer to go pee and that it usually heals with time.
I am in pain and have a long recovery to go through but it's a different kind of pain than before. I honestly feel much better and tremendously hopeful just two weeks post surgery. I wonder why I didn't get it done sooner rather than suffering so long hoping the Canadian healthcare system would do something for me.
I feel grateful for my experience overall, that lady luck was walking with me when I decided to go to Greece to Dinos for endo and adenomyosis surgery.
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2023.06.01 00:41 twing1_ Suggestion to Bridge the Gap Between Unyielding and Full Health Builds

Unyielding builds provide too great a benefit relative to their full health counterparts. This build type is so popular that it is killing build diversity and homogenizing the gameplay experience.
Unyielding builds should not be nerfed, but other build types (full health) should be made more viable.
In order to do this, the benefits that a point into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat provides should suffer from diminishing returns, so that the first 15 points into the attribute provide a far greater benefit than any other point after the 15 point threshold is hit. This proposed change will do wonders in bridging the gap between the level of QoL between full health builds and their unyielding counterparts, without severely punishing the unyielding playstyle.
In order to accomplish this, two simple things must be done:
  1. The benefit provided by each of the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. must be multiplied by a factor of 1.5x
  2. The benefit provided by each additional point after the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute must be multiplied by a factor of 0.5x
Example, using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute LCK:
Currently, every point in LCK increases crit refill by 1.5%.
Under this proposition, the first 15 points in LCK will increase crit refill by 2.25%, and every point in LCK after the 15 point threshold will only increase crit refill by .75%.

Almost every end-game level player runs an unyielding build with 80% of their health bar being taken up by radiation.
Why is this happening?
Under the current S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute calculations, the unyielding armor effect provides far too great a QoL bonus to pass up. For those that do not know, someone wearing 5 pieces of unyielding armor at <20% health will receive a bonus of +15 points into every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute except for endurance, effectively granting them the equivalent bonus granted by maxing out every single one of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, that also stacks on top of their currently selected S.P.E.C.I.A.L. distribution.
Why is this problematic?
The bonuses these unyielding builds provide are problematic because they are nearly too great to pass up. This is evidenced by their extreme and over-popularity. When one particular build type takes over the "META", it is a surefire indicator that a rebalance is needed. Furthermore, when such a large population of the player base is running a single build type, it decreases build diversity and homogenizes gameplay, resulting in economical imbalance and, truth be told, a less interesting gameplay experience overall.
Are unyielding builds themselves the problem?
In the objective sense, no. These unyielding builds are not "breaking the game" by any means. No part of them feel like they are allotted too much of a power budget. While they do perform better in combat situations and pull higher damage numbers than their full health counterparts, this is offset by the risk of death inherent in being limited to <20% of their health bar. Additionally, these types of builds are not pulling damage numbers so great that they are allowing players to skip or break any of the game's mechanics in their entirety. The idea of "high risk, high reward" has always been intriguing, and the benefits provided are balanced out by the increase in risk.
If unyielding builds themselves are not overperforming, then what is the problem?
The problem lies within the inadequacy of every other build type available. The opportunity cost of running any build that is not unyielding, and thus not taking advantage of the effectively doubled max S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes is too great to consider running a non-unyielding build.
So what can be done?
The perfect solution would be to leave the unyielding power budget relatively unchanged, while at he same time increasing the power budget of their non-unyielding counterparts. This can easily be accomplished by introducing the concept of diminishing returns to S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes.
What is the concept of diminishing returns?
Diminishing returns is the idea that the more you invest into something, you will receive less benefit from each additional increment of investment. This concept is widely used in video games to prevent imbalances in gameplay. Incorporating this idea into Fallout 76 and S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes would be relatively simple, and can easily be demonstrated by example.
Lets take LCK and its affected stat, critical refill, as an example. The way the current system works is that 1 point spent in LCK increases critical refill by 1.5%. It does not matter how many points you have already invested in LCK, the benefit that one additional point in LCK provides will always be 1.5% critical refill.
Under the concept of diminishing returns, the first 10 points in LCK could increase critical refill by 1.5% per point. From 11 LCK onward, the benefit that each additional point in LCK provides could decrease to an improvement of only 1% critical refill. It could continue this way up until 20 LCK, and then from 21 LCK onward the benefit that each point in LCK provides could decrease to 0.5% crit refill, and so on.
This is a very simple example, but the concept is sound. Allowing earlier investments to be more impactful on gameplay than later investments bridges the gap between certain bulids by front-loading the power budget of an attribute, yet still promotes additional investment in that attribute to accumulate greater amounts of statistical power.
How do we balance this?
Because there is nothing inherently wrong with the unyielding build and it is not objectively overpowered, I believe this can serve as a good starting point for balance. Because full unyielding provides +15 S.P.E.C.I.A.L, and this can be stacked on top of the base max of 15 S.P.E.C.I.A.L, a total of 30 points into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute should be targeted as balanced, with lesser amounts of S.P.E.C.I.A.L investment requiring a sizeable buff and greater amounts of S.P.E.C.I.A.L investment requiring a slight nerf. The absolute simplest way of doing this would be by simply taking half of the benefit provided by points 16-30 into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute and incorporating it into the benefit provided by the first 15 points into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute. In mathematical terms, it would mean multiplying the current benefit provided by the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute by 1.5x, and multiplying the current benefit provided by any additional point after 15 in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute by 0.5x.
Lets use the example of LCK and critical refill again.
Under the current system, every point in LCK increases critical refill by a static 1.5%, with 5% base at 0 LCK. Under this system, the following are certain LCK value thresholds and their corresponding critical refill value:
Under the proposed system of diminishing returns, each of the first 15 points in LCK would increase critical refill by 2.25% (1.5x1.5%), and each additional point in LCK after the first 15 would increase critical refill by 0.75% (0.5x1.5%). The same base of 5% critical refill at 0 LCK exists. Under this system, the same LCK value thresholds and their corresponding critical refill values will be as follows:
As you can see, there is no change whatsoever between the current system and the proposed system of diminishing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. returns at the exact LCK value of 30. This is the standard maximum S.P.E.C.I.A.L. value of an unyielding build that we determined earlier. For LCK values of less than 30, there would be a sizeable buff to critical refill, and conversely, for LCK values greater than 30, there is a slight nerf to critical refill.
What would the impact on gameplay be?
On paper, this change seems to do a good job at bringing non-unyielding builds a bit more up to speed with their unyielding counterparts. The power gap between the two standard maximums (15 for non-unyielding, and 30 for unyielding) has dropped considerably, from a difference of 22.5% critical refill to a difference of only 11.25% critical refill. This accomplishes exactly what we intended. But how does this change actually affect in-game mechanics?
On a META build running critical savvy, a threshold of 27.5% critical refill is required to crit once every 3 shots, and a threshold of 55% critical refill is required to crit once every other shot.
Under the current system, 15 LCK is required to crit once every 3 shots, while under the new system only 10 LCK is required to meet this threshold. This helps out non-unyielding builds a lot.
Similarly, under the current system, 34 LCK is required to crit once every other shot, or 24 LCK with a 15 crit refill legendary weapon equipped. Under the proposed system, 37 LCK is required to crit once every other shot, or only 17 LCK with a 15 crit refill legendary weapon equipped. At this threshold, again full health builds are buffed (requiring only 17 LCK + crit refill legendary vs 24 LCK + crit refill legendary) with unyielding builds receiving only a slight nerf (requiring 37 LCK vs 34 LCK).
This is a lot more balanced, and goes far to close the gap between unyielding and non-unyielding builds. Although the example used was examining the LCK S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute, the same would be applied to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes with similar results.
Adopting this system of diminishing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. returned, or a system like it, would go leaps and bounds toward closing the gap between unyielding builds and their non-unyielding counterparts, without severely nerfing the unyielding playstyle. If this change is implemented, build types of all varieties would receive an increase in viability, which would promote build diversity and strengthen the game. Additionally, this change will still leave room for unyielding builds as a niche build for min-maxers who want to maximize their stats to their fullest potential. The results of the change would surely be a decrease, but not complete elimination, of the unyielding player base and an increase in full health builds. I believe this to be a very easy and practical solution to one of the games biggest points of imbalance, but I am eager to hear from others what they think as well.

Feel free to comment, criticize, critique, or troll as you see fit.
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2023.06.01 00:35 Adorable_Choice_8528 A support group for parents/guardians who hav me an autoimmune disease or any other chronic illness/disability!

I hope this is allowed, if not then let me know and I’ll delete this.
I started a subreddit group called autoimmom for parents/guardians who have autoimmune diseases or any sort of chronic illness. I am a mom who has psoriatic arthritis along with many other autoimmune issues including fibromyalgia. It’s basically a support group and a place where people can share their struggles with trying to parent while struggling with their disease. Anyone is welcome to join! Everyone in the group has been amazing and so supportive to each other and also share some great coping mechanisms for all sorts of things like how to keep up with your household, how to keep kids entertained when you are down, spouse/partner support etc…
I wanted to share it in case any of you wanted to join! 🥰
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2023.06.01 00:31 PaniniBrain3 How do I take medication? + boyfriend’s medication

Hello, I just tested positive for ureaplasma and mycoplasma. My boyfriend is using PushHealth to get Doxycycline medication since we’re sure pretty he has it. Does he take it exactly how I’m taking it? 2 a day, 12 hours in between? I’ve been paranoid about this because I don’t want us to reinfect each other. Thank you :,,)
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2023.06.01 00:31 Away-Ninja1381 10yrs on from a transplant

So to start off I got HSP as a child, I don't really know how it all biological worked but all I can say is that it lead to both of my kidneys failing around my 5 birthday. From this event happening I was put on dialysis, honestly these where some of my hardest days; given my young age I wasnt really informed what was actually happening to me (I only found out a few years ago what dialysis was lol)
So I spent 3yrs? of my childhood hooked up to a machine for 3 to 4? Hrs a day (it's been a decade I can't remember the specifics) inwhich I still have the scars on my chest to this day. Again, I won't lie, those days were rough because spending days to weeks to months sitting in a hospital bed watching the same CBBC shows on repeat while other kids my age where running around in the outside world having the best times of their lives. It was hard. There was also others medical issues during this time but thankfully trauma blanks that out lol.
So after the 3yrs? on dialysis and the renal unit trying to save my original kidneys they eventually decide to start looking at transplant as an option. For my transplant they began to look at family such as my mother, uncle and siblings. Look, I know I'm extremely lucky when I speak about this as many are waiting years for a suitable kidney and I'm incredibly sorry if that's your situation but my transplant was from my father. He was a perfect match on nearly every category (again was 10yrs ago I can't remember specifics)
So on the 13 of December 2012 I woke up high as a fukin kite with a slightly used but functional kidney from my father. I was lucky as my transplant went smoothly with no hiccups (to my knowledge anyway i was unconscious for a few hrs) again I know many don't go smoothly and I'm sorry if that had ever happened to you.
So now I'm 18yrs of age living a semi normal life, still having to take meds in the morning but have been doing that for over a decade so that's just normal to me. I still go to a consultant but me and her are best mates so no complaining.
I don't won't this post to come off as boasting or flexing on anybody and If It does I apologize. I just wanted to type my story out and some people to relate and understand it. Also maybe if your worried about it this can show you that it does get better, you can live a normal life to your standard if normal at least.
Anyway thanks for reading, if you are.
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2023.06.01 00:29 BiteMyWolverine (just sharing/no advice needed). Just had a really bad date

So, i (m18) matched with a woman (f18) on bumble a few days ago. We had a really good convo and seemed to have a lot in common and needless to say, it was flowing great. she seemed eager to talk to me and was actually trying to get too know me.
we moved things to number and talked for about two more days and eventually we decided to meet earlier..awful, just awful
she literally couldn’t find me when i was at the other end of the street. i had to watch her car drive from one section of my apartment complex to another and then pulling out and back in to the complex, and then drove around in circles, all while i was standing at the end when i was on the phone with her. i was giving her very basic, simple instructions and she just..couldn’t follow them. She also didn’t have knowledge about a lot of basic things..for example i asked her if her car was a sedan or SUV so i could flag her down and she straight up said “idk.” great.
well, i get in the car and we drive to this breakfast place to get coffee and..awkward. we talked for a bit and whatnot but the convo wasn’t flowing very well.
when we got there, that’s when i officially wanted to leave. she fumbled with her hands the entire time while we were at the restaurant, was actively AVOIDING eye contact and not talking. at all. if i asked a question i got a mumbled, one word response and she just looked away.
afterwards we drove to a thrift store cus she wanted to look at vinyls and the entire time i tried to make convo or suggest an album to her..silence. one word responses and shaking her head and going “mhm.” when we left the store she walked out and slammed the door right in my fucking face without looking back.
finally she took me home, i awkwardly left and texted her how i truly felt, letting her know this was quite uncomfortable for me. no response, nothing. which is fine with me. but wow. worst experience ever
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2023.06.01 00:21 HostileCactus Barbie and Ken Podcast

I finished the episode today (finally, I get distracted too easily), and as I finished it, there was an error that it couldn't show me the information in my podcast app. Once it was over (yay buffering and loading ahead of time), I saw the podcast listing was gone. If I want to listen to it again, I can't.
Was it pulled because one R-WORD wasn't bleeped? Or was it something else?
Related, I live in Ontario, Canada. I remember the news of the trial and more. I remember hearing that she got off so damn easy. I did not know how much she was truly involved. She is even more repulsive than I first thought. I didn't think anyone could get more repulsive than her....and apparently she can..
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2023.06.01 00:21 CommitteeReal9271 I want better.

I wish I had better friends. The few I do have rarely ask me to hang out, and rarely ask me how I’m doing. But they have no problems dumping their life on me. I just wish I was appreciated more / wasn’t always the giving friend.
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2023.06.01 00:16 Wonder-Lad Pet peeves and things in gaming you hate

I think I'm done with turret sequences in games, it has become one of my least favourite gimmicks in shooters. My dislike started out with the Dead Space 1 astroid shooting sequence and ever since it has persisted through other games. It turns you into a sitting target and limits your movement and asks you to manage how much damage you can take while also having to defend against overwhelming waves. I know manning a turret can feel powerful if done right but usually it's a flunk.
P.S. unrelated but I watched Highlander 86 for the first time. No wonder people were obsessed. It was anime af. Clancy Brown stole every single scene he was in. What a great villain.
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2023.06.01 00:15 mime454 Why is nut consumption not associated with weight gain?

Can someone explain how this works to me? It seems like nuts are an extremely high calorie food. I can eat 6-800 calories of walnuts in a single sitting.
But when I go through studies on nuts and body weight, long term epidemiological studies seem to suggest that high nut consumption is associated with weight loss or lower weight gain compared to people not eating nuts.
Can nuts be part of a weight loss diet despite their calorie density? What is the mechanism for how this food is associated with weight loss?
Long-term associations of nut consumption with body weight and obesity
In addition, several independent prospective studies found that increasing nut consumption was associated with lower weight gain over relatively long periods of time. Moreover, high consumption of nuts (especially walnuts) has been associated with lower diabetes risk. Therefore, regular consumption (approximately one handful daily) of nuts over the long term, as a replacement to less healthful foods, can be incorporated as a component of a healthy diet for the prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Inverse association of long-term nut consumption with weight gain and risk of overweight/obesity: a systematic review
Overall, evidence from limited cohort studies demonstrated that long-term nut intake was associated with less weight gain and reduced risk of overweight/obesity.
Changes in nut consumption influence long-term weight change in US men and women
Increasing intakes of nuts, walnuts, and other tree nuts by 0.5 servings/day was associated with a lower risk of obesity. The multivariable adjusted RR for total nuts, walnuts, and other tree nuts was 0.97 (95% CI 0.96 to 0.99, p=0.0036), 0.85 (95% CI 0.81 to 0.89, p=0.0002), and 0.89 (95% CI 0.87 to 0.91, p<0.0001), respectively. Increasing nut consumption was also associated with a lower risk of gaining ≥2 kg or ≥5 kg (RR 0.89–0.98, p<0.01 for all).
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