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2016.05.28 19:56 playswithdolls A place for those who like to go steep and deep.

BackcountryHunting is a subreddit to discuss all things involved with "western big game hunting" focusing on extended self-led multi-day public land hunts. Lets talk Gear, planning, nutrition, conservation, and fitness. And, of course, feel free to post pics and tell stories of your own adventures.

2023.05.10 21:35 Classic_Knowledge364 Gunwerks/Revic range finding binoculars

Looks like Gunwerks is bringing us some Range finding binos. What are your thoughts. Anyone think they’ll be able to compete with the zeiss victory rf? At that price I’d like to see the glass quality before buying. I’m guessing somewhere between sig and zeiss bino glass quality?
Also, looks like the laser work is out of China. Is that where all this laser stuff is done now or something to keep an eye on?
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2023.04.16 21:11 RogueSoldier18 Is anyone here on the rokslide forum?

So I am in the market for a new compound bow and I found exactly what I'm looking for on the rokslide classifieds. I didn't have an account there and you have to wait 7 days to be able to comment on classifieds or PM. If someone here would be able to send a PM to get the guys email for me it would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.02.19 03:35 googs185 18650 with built in USB-C charging that fits in Zebra h600?

Does one exist? Has anyone tried it?
I found this thread for a few years ago but it’s outdated.
Recommendations on a super small usb battery charger like the one in the thread I posted above would be awesome as well. The one I linked to is discontinued.
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2023.01.27 20:02 Yvonnetheterrible91 WM vs SG sleeping bags

Hey everyone. So in the search for a sleeping bag upgrade and I’ve narrowed my search to 3 options 1. WM Terralite 25 F bag 2. WM Badger 15F bag 3. Stone Glacier Chilkoot 15F bag
From a materials, size, and temp rating they seem to all be close on paper (acknowledging that the 25F bag is slightly higher and I’m ok with this). WM clearly has a long history of quality products but has anyone had experience with SG bags? There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of 3rd party testing other than one RokSlide Forum review and a handful of YouTube videos summarizing the specs so if anyone has experience with one or both brands I’d love to hear feedback.
Some considerations: I can also get the SG for around $110 less than a WM Terralite and then $220ish less than the Badger. I’m a side sleeper and move in my sleep so the dimensions of these bags seem ideal for me vs some “tighter” mummy bags.
Thanks for the help!
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2022.07.28 01:19 alvesl Help needed! Scope that holds zero $1200-$1500

Friends, I’m in search for a new scope for my Weatherby Mark V. I follow this sub closely and have read all the FAQs and discussions. I was pretty much set on the Leupold VX5, since I have a VXR that works pretty well and my main application will be hunting — though On this rifle mainly long range, 200-800 yards.
After doing some reading here I found this interesting discussion on another forum:
They propose a test (among other stuff) that drops the rifle with the scope and then test to see if they hold zero. To my surprise, most of the scopes I was considering like VX5 and vortex lht did not pass. More than that, from their perspective they failed miserably.
Now I’m wondering if I should really go with the recommended stuff that passed the test (in my budget a trijicon tenmile 3-18x44 FFP) or if I’m just overthinking this. Again, primarily for hunting so I really care about maintaining zero. Having nice glass, tracking and zero stop are also important things, but secondary to holding zero.
Any advice is much appreciated!
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2022.07.08 00:21 TheGingerBeardMan-_- Trouble registering on rokslide forum

Hey hunters,
Ive been trying to get onto rokslide to look for trespass fee land in my GMU and i cant make an account. Its stuck on "name a hunting clothing brand" and doesnt like any of my answers. Ive tried every version i could think of for mossy oak camo, krytpex, drake, sitka, browning, and so on. Anybody run into this?
edit: Contacted the owners and got it with their suggestion, despite the ones i tried being in the list in some form. No idea what happened.
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2022.06.09 15:49 postvasectomy Extrapale: The pain was like a bad case of blue balls on the left side that would not go away. I spent a couple years in PT at least twice a month. Eventually it got better to the point I could live with it.

Feb 26, 2022
Had it done in 2014. Surgery and recovery were pretty simple. The shot is not in your balls by the way.
I did end up with complications. After various shots to clear things up which were far worse than the procedure itself, physical therapy has helped quite a bit.
I went to a doctor who specialized in it, and had never had a patient with a complication. He had done something like 4000 of them.
The pain was like a bad case of blue balls on the left side that would not go away. I spent a couple years in PT at least twice a month. Eventually it got better to the point I could live with it.
You went to physical therapy twice a month for a few years…..because of your balls ???
We need some more details. I’m pretty anxious about my March 9th appt now
A Vas has little to do with your balls. It is the plumbing between your balls and crank that they cut and cauterize.
Yes, I spent a bunch of time between 2015 and 2018 at a PT getting my junk worked on for Vas complications.
I still have some pain. Nothing like before. I can use basically the same techniques as the PT to keep it under control now.
The treatments (shots of steroid, painkillers, and anti inflammatory cocktails) were far worse than the procedure. Enough to make your ass take a bite out of the table you're laid out on. I damn near puked and passed out on the worst one. I ended up at home curled up in the fetal position for the rest of the day.
I saw the top specialists available at OHSU to try to figure out what was wrong. I heard the line "we took out the last guys testicle for the same symptoms and it didn't help."
It is not a risk free procedure. Complications like mine are rare, but they are possible.
All that said, today I am pretty much as good as new.
There's a lot of stories like yours.
I had 20+ pms of guys saying similar things when I asked about it on another site.
My PT's husband refused to get one based on all the cases she had to handle for complications.
ID: dfe2019b
Name: Extrapale
Vasectomy Date: 2014
Posted: 2022-02-26
Storycodes: LTP
Months: 48
Resolved: Mostly
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2022.05.12 21:15 blackhawk219 [WTS] Sightron SIII Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 3.5-10x 44mm 1/10 MIL Adjustments Side Focus Mil-Dot Reticle (CO)

I have a used Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44 for sale. I had this mounted on my hunting rifle for 2 years and worked great. I recently sold the rifle and am going with a different scope because this has exposed turrets (and I don't want to have to worry about accidentally turning the turrets while hiking in the backcountry with it) and I wanted something with a little more magnification. It will come with Butler Creek flip covers (as pictured).
I have bought/sold a few things on the Rokslide forums (same username if you want to see some positive feedback), but this being a more tactical style scope I figured this would sell easier here.
Besides the small scratch on the scope (pictured), everything looks great and is in working order.
See this link for more details about the scope (
It is no longer made, but it is a great scope that has served me well.
Looking for $550 $500 shipped to lower 48. This does not include G&S fees.
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2022.04.22 01:39 Far-Appeal-5594 [WTS] Zpacks Triplex camo DCF tent, 2 lb., 2 oz

Selling my Zpacks Triplex camo in rare camo DCF fabric.
Tent comes with Zpacks DCF stuff sack, but no stakes or poles. UPDATE: Weights 1 lb., 10 oz. on digital scale. Previous weight was with stakes.
Great condition with no rips, tears, or stains. I used it a few season on hunting trips but no longer need since we bought an Aliner travel trailer so my wife and kid can tag along more comfortably.
Reddit will not let me post pictures, but this is the real deal and I'm not a scammer. The tent is also posted on Rokslide, a hunting forum where you can find pics of this tent. PM me if interested and we can work together to get you pics if I can't figure it out.
$675 shipped to lower 48, Venmo or Paypal + fees.
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2021.06.09 17:46 mporter1513 What happened to Rokslide forums?

I’ve been trying to post some things to the Rokslide forums for a couple weeks? Page just loads forever. On both my iPhone and iPad.
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2020.06.17 15:05 southsfinest55 Ballistics systems

I’ve been into reloading for a fair amount of time now, and have slowly improved parts of my shooting system to the point where i can reliably get 0.8ish MOA out of my tupperware savage. Now that i feel comfortable with that aspect of my shooting, I’ve started looking at shooting longer ranges and looking at range finders, wind meters and ballistic solvers. I’ve tried looking here, and in forums like rokslide to find recommendations for a ballistics system (i.e. a combination of ballistic solver, RF and wind meter) that will work together and is user friendly to get ballistic solutions. I’m aware of the existence of the kestrel link, the bushnell conx and the various AB products, but I’m not sure whether you have to buy e.g. both a kestrel with AB and a sig kilo with AB (i think the answer is no?) anyways...
I’m looking for what systems y’all use to get ballistic solutions and am interested in systems that reduce or eliminate user input.
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2019.05.26 06:08 steeldust Trekking/ski touring pole recommendation and threaded grip coupling device

I’m looking for new poles for hiking and skiing. Would like to add a threaded insert or buy poles with inserts from the factory. This would allow for secure coupling of poles and camera/bino mounting.
A thread on Rokslide from a few years ago nails what I’m looking for
Any recs for poles with this feature or ones known to have a fairly substantial grip construction? Thanks
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2016.05.29 16:26 Tinman556 Rokslide

Everyone here a member of I frequent many hunting forums but that one is the most specific and knowledgeable about backcountry diy hunts.
BY the way, great idea for a sub, props to the originator.
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2015.06.08 18:56 heypal11 so you want to learn to hunt... (long process, long post)

So I was reading this post and got to thinking about how hard it has been for me learning to hunt without a mentor, and thought some of the things I've learned as a forty year-old new hunter might deserve their own post.
To begin with, I'm learning, and am not a hunting expert myself. What I have done is locate some resources that have been helpful to me and may be helpful to others investigating hunting.
Once these two things done you're legally eligible to hunt, but if you're like me you're not ready. I still had to learn the ropes. I'm comfortable with firearms but don't own a hunting rifle, so I borrowed one and spent time shooting it until I was confident that I would be able to hit what I was shooting at from two hundred yards. I know that back east there are places you'd be hard pressed to see that far, but honestly here in the west it's just a start - I'll be working on longer and longer ranges as I get better optics.
If you're like me, you'll have been doing research all along. If not, do it now. Know what's ethical in the field, and why. Learn the biology of the game you're hunting, what it eats, where it sleeps, when it's on the move. You can find what amounts to too much information online, and part of the trick at this stage of the game is finding information that speaks to your level at this point. The more information you gather, the more the other stuff starts to make sense. It's like learning a new language. I have found a couple good resources for starting out online.
Now that you've got the theory, it's time to figure out how to put it into practice. That probably means hunting with someone who's done it before and will show you what to do.
Another resource is through Jesse's again, where they have a mentor section in their forum. It's a great resource, and you'll probably need to be a contributing member of the community in order to find one. I didn't have luck there, so I did the next option...
My next steps are to purchase my own gun, get quality optics for the areas I'll be hunting, and more research. I'm reading this book and training for some serious backpack hunting.
The starting curve can be expensive. The guide sure wasn't cheap, but I saved some money starting out by borrowing a gun. That's a short term solution, though, and luckily I feel like it was a good choice for me. I would have been pretty bummed had I not taken some game, though. Now it's time to buy a rifle and some optics, and a little other gear, and start hiking and scouting some options. I'm a bit bummed at and intimidated by the deer zones here in California, though, so that's the next big research topic for me. If anyone can articulate it in a way that makes sense to a simpleton such as myself, I'd love to hear it.
Finally, if anyone is local I'd love to find someone to head out with. Experience is helpful, but a willingness to work hard, common sense, and respect for animals are great too. Let me know.
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