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2023.06.01 01:34 Afraid_Ad7267 Feeling like a piece of shit

Hi, just to get it out of the way, I am not a bio parent but have to coparent my teen sister with my mother. Im sorry if this isn’t allowed, I just don’t know where else to go since I’m regretting my parental role even though im not a parent
My parents are both severely mentally ill and so my sister (16) and I (21) dont live with them anymore. We live with some shitty relatives, and the situation sucks. Anyways, Im my sisters #1 source of emotional parenting, and it SUCKS. She never listens to ANYONE. Bad idea? She does it. She calls everyone bitches to their face, yells at people, and literally cannot handle not getting her way. She refuses to learn to drive because its too much work and literally only does the bare minimum. Her grades are ok, so its not like any of her teachers are concerned.
I don’t even know what to do. Theres not much I can do. My mom regrets us as well and is not in the headspace where she can give my sister the emotional support she needs, so I fill in.
I decided to move to college because of how toxic she and my other relatives are. It just sucks to know that I regret my decision to step up when my parents couldnt. Now shes my responsibility and I have to deal with her shitty attitude forever. Do I love her? Absolutely. But I don’t like her. Living with her during this break is so frustrating and I dont know when I’m going to snap.
I know I didnt create her, but I basically was the reason why. I would beg my parents for a sibling and then one day my mom caved in and they started trying for her. I know I was 5 but I deeply regret that I asked for her. My parents weren’t in the right headspace when they listened to me. Because I have to help out, I can’t have a normal college life. I have to be ready at the drop of a hat to listen to teen girl problems and get cursed out when I tell her shes in the wrong.
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2023.06.01 01:33 ACheekyTimelord For the new people

So I ran a few QPs the past few days and I'm seeing a pattern going on. I'm going to assume this is because people are new from all the simple mistakes that they are doing, but here are a few things you should know.

  1. Start On Recruit: Don't go in thinking your some badass because you play Call of Duty. You need to know the map layouts, spawns of resources, and that friendly fire is a thing. Been running into too many people in Nightmare/No Hope that have 0 clue what is going on and having starter decks.
  2. Tool Kits are Important: Tool kits are one of the most powerful accessories in the game. They are the only way to get into stash rooms and can be used to by pass the booby traps on warp chests. Don't hold onto them like a newborn baby. Use them. If you find a warp chest and have a tool kit, then use it. Getting Deep Wounds (trauma dmg) when you are already low health isn't fun.
  3. Stay As A Team: Running off is a fast way to cut your game short. This game has A LOT of CC specials that the AI will spawn and the only way out is using a burn card, stun gun, or being Evangelo (and no one likes being called an Evangelo player).
  4. Roles Count: You can't see it when loading into a match but there are roles to be filled in. Everyone does damage but there are decks that are filled to handle certain situations. Melee is your tanks and should stick with the team and hold off the common as they rush in. Support is there to keep everyone up and do pick ups when someone is downed, their decks normally do a lot of team buffs and can pick up people fast applying more heal recovered. Special Killers are good at picking off the specials before they reach the team. Sniper decks are the best at this but it leaves them vulnerable close range.
  5. Communication: Lower difficulties it isn't really needed these being Recruit and Veteran. Nightmare and No Hope it is key. The ping system is wonky and even if you have your crosshair on something the ping will not land 80% of the time. Best to talk to your team and let them know of the danger or items that you find someone could use.
  6. Don't Be A Dick: If for some reason you decide not to use a mic or the very least type, do not shoot someone to get their attention. 99% of the time you will get dropped, they will get kicked for FF, and now you're down a team member mid round because you wanted them to pick up that defib so you can hold onto your stun gun. I myself have dropped people for shooting me in No Hope/Nightmare because of this. I have even ended a run when it was a group of 3 being pricks because I was the odd man out. Normally you'll get a warning over mic or text. If you keep it up then you'll lose a player or the run.
  7. If You're Not Support Don't Take Medkits: Medkits should be reserved for your support player. They will have a deck that gives +% to healing and can heal far more than other people can with those kits. Those kits also HEAL trauma and since support usually as +% to heal, they'll heal more trauma. Pain Pills are the best to go with since they are fast to use and let you temporarily use your own trauma as health.
  8. Share The Auto Regen Special Card: This is more towards melee decks that self heal (which every melee deck should do this to be of some worth). You don't need that card and it doesn't give it to the entire team, only to the person that picks it up. So if you are already self healing from kills and pick this up, you are taking that away from someone else that could actually benefit from it such as your support. They'll have to use a healing item on themselves rather then on someone else.
  9. Do Not Drop Everything When You Leave: If you are done and want to leave the game, don't drop everything you have. Someone else will drop in and now they're stuck with nothing but the white guns the bots spawn with and no ammo. If you're going to drop anything then drop the copper for the team. That can be made up during the course of the run much better than finding a new gun.
  10. Don't Baby Rage: Fuck am I tired of hearing people screaming into their mics with a pitch so high dogs howl. If you get downed don't scream for a pick up. You will get picked up after the danger is over. Having someone run in to get you up drops the active number of people down to 2 and places the revivor in a pickle as they cannot defend themselves while picking you up. If you get downed then congratulations! You are now a human turret and can fire on everything with unlimited ammo. Raging into a mic is a quick way to get yourself muted and/or treated poorly in the match by getting denied items and/or heals.
I know it's a list of 10 things but these are the 10 things I have been seeing constantly in the past few days. Go in, have fun, but keep in mind of these things. They will make the game play much better for you and your fellow gaymers.
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2023.06.01 01:33 More-Head6459 DEFENDING the DRAFT: 2023 WASHINGTON COMMANDERS

Defending the Draft: 2023 Washington Commanders 8-8-1
This 2023 season will be the most interesting for the Commanders franchise in a long long time. We enter this season with more uncertainty than I have ever been a part of, however, the one thing the fan base is certain of... is the future is brighter. Dan Snyder purchased the franchise in 1999 and subsequently done nothing but run a blue blood franchise into the ground. This team has lacked direction for a long time and a large part of that was due to Dan Snyder's meddling in the day-to-day football operations of the team. Starting his ownership with signing washed up HOF veterans, to then overspending in free agency (Albert Haynesworth is arguably the worst free agent signing of all time), drug scandal with thetraining staff, the mishandling of the RG3 and Kirk Cousins situation, Not resigning Trent Williams, and lastly we've now reached tumultuous time where his off the field issues have hung a dark cloud over a once proud franchise. Although, lol, his most egregious mistake may be hiring Jim Zorn as head coach. It's egregious that his only punishment is a 6 billion dollar payout for his franchise. I hope the banks bury him and he faces the deserved legal actions. As of now there had been an agreement to sell the franchise to 76'rs and NJ Devils owner, Josh Harris.... and is 20ish members of his parliament. We await to hear news of the reviews from the NFL financial committee to close out the process. Last news I came across was he has cut down the number of minority owners to 20. It will be a pleasure when this agreement is finalized. He could be a terrible owner, but it would still be an upgrade from Synder. Harris, seemingly has been a hands off owner and properly allows the people he's hired to operate the team. This last sports season he's had both of his teams deep in the playoff hunt. This season will be interesting. A lot of questions all around: Sam Howell? Chase Young? Ron Rivera? Eric Bienemy? Josh Harris? I'm not sure of those answers, but I'm very excited to find them out.
HC- Ron Rivera OC- Eric Bieniemy DC- Jack Del Rio
Key Additions: Eric Bieniemy
Ole' Riverboat Ron Rivera is back and going into his 4th season with the Washington Commanders, hopefully his last. I believe Ron Rivera is a leader of men, but I highly question his actual coaching skills and team building. I've currently seen enough of this coaching regime and front office to safely say let's move on. There's been several things that I believed were firable offenses.... the Carson Wentz trade. Some rumors have said that this was a Snyder push. Not entirely positive, but Ron bragged that it was his call. Our team at that point was not a qb away from being really good, let alone a Carson Wentz level of qb. The next fireable offense was starting Wentz over Hienke when the playoffs were on the line. Wentz ended up being benched for Hienke, but it was too little too late. The next fireable offense was not realizing we were eliminated from the playoffs. Going into the last week of the season Ron planned on starting Hieneke. Pretty odd to not know you're out of the playoffs, let alone to test Sam Howell out for next season. Additionally, there's been some pretty questionable roster creation decisions. I absolutely hate the versatile secondary and offensive line philosophy. We currently have a patch work offensive line that has the means to fluctuate between average to below average. Not a single player on the line is top 5 at their respected position. Two years ago we had a top 10 o-line, but that had Brandon Sherff playing like a top 5 guard and Charles Leno having his best season. Our o-line took a significant step back this past season and now looks to be our biggest weakness. Ron has shown to trust his own board and has reached (according to the consensus big board) with every single pick so far. People mistake 2019 as one of his drafts ( Sweat, McLaurin, Holcomb), but he was hired at the end of the season. Take this with a grain of salt as it takes at least 3 years to properly review a draft. Rons 1st round picks have been the following: 2020 pick 2 Chase Young- the correct pick at the time, but hard to botch the 2nd overall pick, 2021 pick 19 Jamin Davis- hated the pick at the time, too early for a linebacker... let a lone a project. On tape he looked lost a lot and made up for it with his elite athleticism. He's shown progress, but nothing showing he's worthy of the pick. 2022 pick 16 Jahan Dotson- looks to be an absolute baller, had him ranked above Olave in the pre-draft process. Was a slight reach above the consensus board, but flashed high end ability. Davis has been the only mistake in the 1st round thus far. When I say mistake I don't necessarily mean player, but the roster building philosophy. Whether reaching on Phidarian Mathis in the 2nd round of 2022. Lol, he was older than Payne coming out of the draft, one year of good production, and was taken a round too early. In the next round Brian Robinson was taken and was really just a body. Haven't really seen anything elite with him so far and was a meh pick. John Bates in the 4th round was egregious. Now I have to give credit where it's due. Kam Curl was an absolute steal and can solidify himself as top 5 safety this season if he continues to play this well. Our other starting safety in Darrick Forest also had a lot of bright spots playing this past season.
Arguably, our best offseason move was signing Eric Bieniemy. I'm absolutely excited. Forget everything about him not calling the plays. Reports from OTA's shows his hands on approach and full control of the offense. One of my favorites things I've heard is he is using OTA's to see what the players can do and crafting the offense to their abilities. Time and time again (Scott Turner) you see coaches say this is the offense and not change anything to match the players strengths. We don't know for sure how the offense will look, but if it's anything close to the motion west coast offense the Chiefs have... boy lessssss gooooooo. Jack Del Rio has been up-and-down in his time in Washington. He's had two very slow starts with the defense to start year, however, they've finished strong and kept his job safe. This is really the no excuse year and everyone needs to show up amd show out.
Free Agency:
Key Departures:
Taylor Hieneke- signed with the Falcons
Cole Holcolm- signed with the Steelers
Bobby McCain- signed with the Giants
Carson Wentz- TBD
J.D. McKissic- TBD
Trai Turner TBD
Andrew Norwell- will be released when he passes a physical
In my personal oppinion, the only player that hurt losing in free agency was Cole Holcolm. Linebacker is our one weak spot on defense, however, not resigning Holcolm shows Ron's belief in Jaymin Davis's progression. Cole was limited to 7 games last season and has yet to truly break out. Always played very solid and losing him downgraded the position. We've moved on from both starting guards from last year in Norwell and Turner (previously on the Panthers). Both players were liabilities last season and the guard position was easily upgradeable. Bonny McCain was a solid do it all for is player. Lined up at corner, safety, and nickel throughout the season. Hieneke was a big fan favorite, but was never the answer. We thank you for your service though. Carson Wentz, fuck you. Loved J.D. and his time here, suffered a major injury. Not sure if he gets picked up hy another team.
Key Additions:
Andrew Wiley- 3 years for 24 million, 12 guaranteed. Previously on the Chiefs
Nick Gates- 3 years for 16.5 million, 8 million guaranteed. Previously on the Giants
Jacoby Brissett- 1 year for 8 million, 7.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Browns
Cody Barton- 1 year for 3.5 million, 3.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Seahawks
Simple. In free agency the Commanders did not overspend and tackled positions of need. None of the players signed are top 5 at their position, however, they could all possibly end up being upgrades to what we have. The most interesting is Andrew Wiley. He allowed 9 sacks (tied for 3rd most)... but man he put on the performance of his life in the superbowl. Another stat that favors him is pass block win-rate, which measure if a lineman can sustain a block for 2.5 seconds. Wylie ranked 9th in that stat last season. I translate that stat to mean can a lineman sustain a block against thr initial rush and counter move off the snap. After that 2.5 seconds the ball is thrown or the play breaks down. Another key factor to this signing is it kicks Samuel Cosmi inside to guard. Cosmi has shown flashes being a high end lineman and I expect him to be even better kicking to guard from right tackle. Guard was our weakest position on the line and Wylie signing helped to upgrade the RG position. Nick Gates is expected to he our starting center. He's coming off of a brutal leg injury that made him consider retirement. Has played guard and center and has some positional flexibility. Jacoby Brissett is the best backup qb in thr league. A solid signing if Howell doesn't pan out. Just a solid game manager that doesn't commit many turnovers. Cody Barton is another unproven guy. Last year was his first year with significant reps. Bobby Wagner leaving in FA and Jordyn Brooks injury made em the guy. He showed flashes of coverage abilities and had a lot of tackles. The tackles weren't necessarily a product of his abilities and more so of cleaning up on a bad run defense team. I've read some notes that he has trouble getting off of blocks. Honestly, haven't watched much on the guy, but reports were he played solid down the stretch.
The Draft:
Link to all RAS scores for our draft class
Round 1:16 Emmanuel Forbes 6'1" 174 lbs. Mississippi St
Stats: 58 targets, 31 catches allowed for 284 yards (23 yards a game), 3 tds allowed/ 6 ints, 9 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 46 tackles.
PFF Grade: 87.2
If being a 160 pounds is your only knock then I think you're doing something alright. The word on the street is he is already up to 174 pounds. You wouldnt realize hes only 174 pounds by the way he plays the run. Hes not scared to hit and flies ro the ball. Although, he does struggle to get off of blocks. Emmanuel Forbes, per PFF, had the highest rating in man coverage last season, albeit the snap count was very miniscule. Emmanuel Forbes is a lanky corner than played a lot of zone coverage and is a very good scheme fit for what we do. I like the pick and I'm not upset about taking him over Gonzalez, who also had his own question marks. Forbes set a NCAA record with 6 pick sixes. A lot of those were the right place at the right time, but when you have that high of a number than you're doing something right.
Forbes is one of the best ballhawks in this class. Over the course of his three-year career, he came down with 13 interceptions. That’s four more than the next closest Power Five cornerback since 2020. Forbes was unbelievably dominant in man coverage in 2022, giving up only three catches while also snagging three interceptions. He also only allowed a 20% completion rate in man, the lowest among FBS
Remarkably lanky frame. Limbs for days — ideal for a corner.Has bounce like a hooper. He can challenge any catch point necessary. Elite ability to locate the football. All six of his interceptions came in man coverage.
Still a stick. Not much mass on his frame. Has eyes that get him in trouble. Some freelance tendencies on tape.Can get bowled over in the run game. Mediocre tackler over the course of his career.
Round 2: 47 Jartavius "Quan" Martin 5'11". 194 lbs Illinois
Stats: 74 targets, 42 catches allowed, 611 yards allowed, 3 tds allowed, 3 ints, 15 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 4 missed tackles, 64 tackles.
PFF Grade: 73.2
Quan is a beast. I thought he was the 2nd best nickel prospect in the draft and a better deep safety than Brian Branch. Martin absolute rockets around the field in the run game. He started his career at cornerback before transitioning into the safety/nickel position. Another elite athlete that is a perfect fit for our Buffalo Nickel defense.
Martin came to Illinois and immediately started as a true freshman in 2018. He originally started off as an outside corner before becoming more of a slot corner recently. He had arguably his best year in 2022, as his 15 forced incompletions were tied for the sixth-most among Power-Five corners. Martin’s 91.0 run-defense grade also led all Power Five cornerbacks. While he played corner at Illinois, we project him more as a safety for the next level.
Explosive flat-foot breaks. Tremendous burst. Forceful and reliable tackler - 7 misses on the last 129 attempts last two seasons.Fills like a mac truck in the run game. Wants to come downhill and play in the backfield.
Pure man skills are work in progress. Overagressive and liability to bite on fakes. cons On the lighter side for an around the line of scrimmage player. Gets caught with his eyes in the backfield on run
Round 3: 97 Ricky Stromberg 6'3" 306 lbs Arkansas
Stats: 9 impact blocks, 11 qb hurries, 0 qb hits, 0 sacks allowed
PFF Grade: 82.4
Nasty. Another guard experience player that spent his last two years at the center position. Award winner of the Jacob's Blocking Trophy for the SEC'S most outstanding blocker award. This is a solid player that has started since he was freshman in the SEC. He's been battle tested since he was kid and has improved every year. He has some knocks about his play strength, but a NFL program should get em to where he needs to be.
Stromberg was a three-star recruit in the 2019 class and started for the Razorbacks as a true freshman, mostly at right guard. He moved inside to center for his sophomore season and spent his final three college seasons there. Stromberg’s 82.4 overall grade and 83.7 run-blocking grade in 2022 both ranked fourth among all centers in college football, and his nine big-time blocks were tied for fifth among FBS centers. Not to mention, Stromberg had an incredible performance at the NFL combine.
Does not want to let blocks go. Can see him straining his butt of to stay engaged on tape. Tons of experience against top competition. Four-year starter with 3,121 career snaps.
Forward lean gets going on the move, making him liable to topple over. Has wide hands to initiate contact in pass protection before resetting. Leaves himself open for stronger rushers.Unimpressive musculature, which leaves questions about how he'll anchor against NFL strength.
Round 4: Braeden Daniels 6'4" 296 lbs Utah STATS:
0 sacks allowed, 1 qb hit allowed, 14 hurries allowed.
PFF GRADE: 72.2 at tackle, 2021 84.4 at guard.
Braeden Daniels is another tackle/guard hybrid, with starting experience across his college career. This guy is on the lighter side but that allows him to be an Explosive athlete. Very raw at the tackle position and will be a developmental guy. I'd like to give em a try as our swing tackle and see how he performs. He was one of the quickest offensive lineman I've seen off the tape and that athleticism will let him climb to the next level. Even on the lightweight side I'd hate to see this guy running at me on the second level.
Daniels is an experienced veteran who commanded the Utes’ offensive line for the past few years. He originally started as a guard before switching over to tackle. His best season came in 2021, as he put up an 84.4 PFF grade. Given his time on the interior, Daniels is at his best when run blocking, and his run-blocking grade in 2021 was an elite 89.1. He still held his own as a pass protector, allowing only five sacks in his Utah career.
Explodes out of his stance. Arguably the quickest get off in the offensive line class. Linebackers don't want to see him climbing. Gets on them before they can even react. Drive in his lower half to still move the line of scrimmage despite being under 300 pounds.
Wild into contact. He approaches blocks with the adjustment ability of a freight train. consDoesn't bring his hands with him. Clean engagements are rare on tape. Very light by NFL standards (294 pounds at combine).
Round 5: 137 KJ Henry 6'4" 260 lbs Clemson
51 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 FF, 6 pass deflections, 50 qb pressures, 31 qb hurries, 14 qb hits.
Loved this pick. Henry was a 5 star recruit coming out of high-school and decided to attend Clemson University. With Clemson having deep lines it took him a couple of years to get on the field. The stats look odd when you only see 3.5 sacks, however, the 50 qb pressures is the key stat. Seems more like bad luck that the sack numbers weren't high. Clemson's whole d-line underperformed (Bresee, Murphey) and they should have picked up more sacks from Henry who was the best DE on that team last year. The team clearly liked him as we traded back up for him. He's not elite athlete, but he is an elite hands guy. Almost had that veteran presence in college. High motor and will immediately make an impact as a rotational de, a position that sorely needed an upgrade.
On a team with Myles Murphy, you can easily make the case that KJ Henry was Clemson's best defensive end this year, as he posted better PFF grades than Murphy in every category and even generated 19 more pressures. The only problem is That Henry is 24 years old while Murphy is only 21. Therefore, Henry was expected to produce this well against younger competition. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that he can’t still improve. If Henry's play this season is any indication of his potential, he can still have a great NFL career as an edge defender.
Heavy hands that are so well refined. Uses them independently to use combination moves.Utilizes hesitations and head fakes so well to catch linemen off-balance. Coaches rave about the type of teammate he is. He is the type of player you want in the locker room.
First step that's unimposing for a rusher on the smaller side. Late bloomer. Wasn't even a starter until this past fall. One of the oldest prospects in the class. Already 24 years old.
Round 6: 193 Chris Rodriguez 6'0" 217 lbs Kentucky
STATS: 8 games played, 175 attempts, 904 rushing yards, 6 tds, 5.2 ypa, 5 catches, 41 rec yards.
Chris Rodriguez is a PFF darling and was rated as the 7th best running back. This guy's is a pure one cut, run you over, power back. There's not much finesse to his game, but there's highlights of dragging guys 10-yards down the field. He does not posses break away speed, but he will get you 40 yards. He was suspended 4 games due to a dui and he may have been drafted higher on am abysmal Kentucky team. An extra 4 games of stats against SEC competition and no suspension may have jumped him into the 4th round. This was an Eric Bienemy guy and they brought him in because of that. Isiah Pacheco was another EB guy.
Rodriguez is a powerful runner, but he lacks the burst and creativity to become anything more than a downhill grinder. He has the size and mentality to do the dirty work between the tackles, but it could be a challenge for him to get to and through the hole quickly in the NFL. He’s a physical blitz protector, so teams might envision a role for him as a second-half battering ram and third-down quarterback protector.
Two-time team captain. Thick frame with ability to pick up tough yards. Makes tacklers feel his size at impact. Stays square getting through downhill cuts. Low success rate guaranteed for arm-tacklers. Stays on his feet through heavy angle strikes. Allows lead blockers to do their work. Steps up with force against incoming rushers.
Below-average burst getting through line of scrimmage. Lacks finesse to navigate tight run lanes. Change of direction is heavy. One-speed running style is easy to track for linebackers. Pad level is a little tall as run-finisher. Inconsistent finding assignment versus blitz.
Round 7: 233 Andre Jones 6'4" 248 lbs Louisiana
STATS: 7 sacks, 5 qb hits, 20 hurries.
Andre Jones was another hybrid de/lb player coming out last year. He possess 34 1/4" arms which is an elite number for his size. May move to LB, but I'm not sure that's the right move with a 4.71 40-yard dash. He doesn't have much a pass rush move set playing a hybrid role, but does use length to his advantage. A solid developmental pick.
Shows a natural feel for setting up blockers and getting them off-balance. His hands are active and violent, and Jones quickly disengages with blockers and counters when his initial move stalls. Possesses accurate snap anticipation and timing to beat blockers off the edge. Offers some versatility, rushing from a two-and three-point stance with the playing speed to stand up in space.Flashes strength as a bull rusher and his energy doesn't plateau. Showed initial quickness and good flexibility to dip and bend. Jones has active hands and suddenness to his movements, demonstrating the ability to counter inside. Has fluid footwork to redirect, reverse momentum and close with a burst. Regularly first off the ball with good snap anticipation. He’s a high-effort pass rusher with an impressive combination of length and speed.
Jones has to develop a counter move or two in the pass rush, and Jones needs to make better use of his hands. He lacks the speed of a chase and- tackle guy. He lacks twitch as a pass rusher and lacks the feet and flexibility to threaten around the edge. Jones also shows some stiffness when trying to bend the edge, often getting pushed past the pocket — he seems more comfortable countering back inside.
Draft Summary:
This was my favorite Ron Rivera/Martin Mayhew draft thus far. Going into the draft, offensive line, cornerback, and quarterback were our three biggest needs. Drafting in the middle of the round really took us out of the olineman race. The last one that interested me was Broderick Jones and he went off the board when the Steelers traded up. At that point in the draft it really left us with going cornerback. The Forbes pick was received negatively due to Christian Gonzalez being available. Both players will be viewed under the microscope throughout their careers. I'm fine with Forbes pick though. Another lanky cornerback who was an elite athlete. I did have Gonzalez rated higher going into the draft, but he slid for a reason. A lot of his tape shows him not necessarily being an elite cornerback, but being an elite athlete that plays corner. Forbes actually showed the athleticism, corner skills, and ballhawking ability. Some additional knocks against Gonazalez and his love of the game. Quan Martin was our biggest surprise pick of the draft. A lot of people had him going in the 3rd round, but I think the 2nd was a fine spot. Mayhew after the draft said he wish we were more aggressive at times, which I translated as not getting Brian Branch that went several picks before us. I think Quan was the backup option, but I like him as much as Branch. I think Quan will be a better deep safety and Bramch will be a better nickel. Liked Quan alot, but felt we should have gone o-line at this pick. Ocyrus Torrence would've been a sweet pick here. I think if that happened, the consensus view on our draft would shoot up. Quan will immediately via for playing time as our base defense is essentially a 4-2-5. Kendall Fuller was our only above average corner and now we turned our secondary into a strength. Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels were our next two picks. I like Stromberg’s tape a lot and think by next he will be a solid starter at guard or center. Braeden Daniels will be a nice depth piece and if he's able to tame his play he could develop into a starter. Fun player to watch. KJ Henry was an awesome pick and can see him being a nice rotational piece. Good pick at an underrated area of need on our defense. RB wasn't a pressing need, but it's an underrated area of weakness. I think Brian Robinson is about as average of rb as you will see starting in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodriguez slowly cut into Robinson's role over the next two years. Antonio Gibson has had some solid season, but has a severe fumbling problem. Andre Jones will be a depth piece that will need development moving forward.
Offseason summary:
The biggest question of our offseason was our owner, which now appears resolved. Our second biggest question... was who was our starting qb? Sam Howell. Ron preached all offseason that he was going with Howell and I'll be damned, he did. Brissett was good qb to bring in, not someone that would necessarily turn the offseason into a battle, but can be a starter if called upon. Really a true backup qb. I'm all in on the Sam Howell train. I love it for a multitude of reasons. One, he balls out and we have our qb of the future, two he plays well enough we give him another season and maybe Ron is out and we get a high draft pick, three he bombs and we fire Ron Rivera and go for Caleb Williams next season. If anything, it gives us a direction for our future. I'm ready for Ron to go and think he's only as good as his coordinators. I'm concerned that EB AND Howell turn the offense around Ron gets resigned and EB takes a head coaching role... then the offense regressed. Additionally, I don't want Ron to get credit for drafting Howell. It was 5th round pick, you and every team passed on him for 4 rounds. If Howell is that good... it's not because Ron was a genius and drafted him. Very similar to Seattle taking Russel. I am excited about EB being here and think he's the real deal. I will give Ron credit for allowing him to run his own offense as he sees fit. OTA's have shown that EB is pushing his guys hard and is trying to see what he can do with the offense. We really do have elite playmaker and I'm most excited to see what he can do with Antonio Gibson. I can see his role being that of Jerrick McKinnon, with more athleticism. Sam Howell has shown a lot of progress since his rookie season. Had issues with his foot work, but has shown vast improvements. We only have 1 preseason game and 1 NFL game of tape on him. I liked what he showed. When watching tape you could see him going through his progression, man absolutely saved the day wish his escapability- was under pressure the whole game, threw two beautiful deep passes, and won the game. He did throw one bad pick, but was under pressure and playing hero ball. He had one week of practice with the starters, now he has a whole offseason. Our defense should be a top 5 unit next season and we only got better. Chase Young should be fully healthy and he's the X-factor for the number one overall defense. He comes out plays to his full potential then he could be a mid teens sack guy. If we have that sort of production and Sam Howell plays well than we can compete for the decision. Big if though. Our secondary really lacked a 2nd option, Benjamin St Juyce has shown some flashes but didn't seeze the role last year. Now on paper he's the number and that's very solid. We return two top 6 defensive tackles and Montez Swear is one of the most underrated players in the league. He's yet to have a high sack season, but is very much that Jadaveon Ckowney type of player in the run game. Big question mark season for Jaymin Davis. We knew he needed development, but it's been slower than previously thought. Down the stretch he showed flashes that he was coming into his own and now is his year. He's one of the best athletes at linebacker in the league and his ceiling is very very high. Overall I predict we will go 10-7 and challenge for a wild card spot. That record can fluctuate each one, but I'm calling the improvement now. We went 8-8-1 with bottom 3 qb play. The defense got better, we hired a better offensive coordinator, Howell will at the minimum be slightly better than Hienke last season, we didn't lose any major pieces and had a solid all around draft. I'm truly excited to watch how our future plays out.
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2023.06.01 01:33 Zodiacuser [Store] TI8, TI9, Nemestice,Aghanims, Diretide CC's

Emperor Zodiac Services is back on reddit to provide you my servicesI have been selling since TI10 and stopped due to complication with reddit postings. But now I have returned to provide service to those who are interested as there is coin to be made.For proof of legitimacy as a businessman please look at my steam profile
Mode of payment Gcash/Coins.ph/Paypal/PaymayaDown payment of half or full payment is a must for transaction to proceed to avoid joy ridersIf interested feel free to message me in reddit or in steam ( Prefer steam as I am more active there) ^^

TI8 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Shackles of Enduring Conscript (Axe) 1 Available $10
Rare: Rainments of Obsidian Forge (Underlord) 1 Available $15

TI9 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwork) 1 Available $10
Distinguished Expeditionary (Tuskar) 1 Available $10
Prized Acquisition (Batrider) 1 Available $10

TI10 Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
The king of thieves (Keeper of the Light) 0 Available 1 Reserved $10

Nemestice Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Arcane Inverter (Gyrocopter) 1 Available $10
Caerulian Stars (Enchantress) 3 Available $5
Litany of the Damned (Doombringer) 1 Available $10
Red Sands Marauder (Shadow Shaman) 0 Available 1 Sold $10
Twilight Hex (Dark Willow) 2 Available 1 Reserved $6

Aghanims Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Blight Fall (Abaddon) 1 Available $8
Cosmic Concoctor (Alchemist) 0 Available 1 Sold $6
Forgotten Fate (Mars) 1 Available $8
Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 2 Available $8
Secrets of the Frost Singularity (Ancient Apparition) 1 Available $8
The Chained Scribe (Grimmstroke) 1 Available $8
Rare: Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi) 1 Available 1 Sold $20

Diretide Collectors Cache I Quantity Price
Champion of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 4 Available $4
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 4 Available $4
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 5 Available $4
Deathstick Shaman (Witch Doctor) 3 Available $4
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 4 Available $4
Forgotten Station (Terror Blade) 3 Available $4
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 2 Available $6
Seadog's Stash (Clockwork) 4 Available $4
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 4 Available $4
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawnbreaker) 1 Available $6
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt (Ursa) 4 Available $4
Whippersnapper (Snapfire) 2 Available $4
Rare: Angel of Vex (Invoker) 2 Available $20
Rare: Blue Horizons (Marci) 3 Available $15

Diretide Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
Acrimonies of Obsession (Vengeful Spirit) 3 Available $4
Bird of Prey (Legion Commander) 2 Available $4
Cursed Cryptbreaker (Pudge) 3 Available $4
Darkbrew's Transgression (Alchemist) 3 Available $4
Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doombringer) 3 Available $4
Feasts of Forever (Nightstalker) 2 Available $4
Freeboots Fortune (Ogre Magi) 2 Available $4
Grand Suppresor (Silencer) 2 Available 1 Sold $4
Sacred Chamber Guardian (Huskar) 2 Available $4
The Wilding Tiger (Pandaren Brewmaster) 1 Available $6
Transcendent Path (Oracle) 1 Available $6
War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 2 Available $4
Withering Pain (Boneclinkz) 3 Available $4
Rare: Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant Protector) 5 Available $10
Rare: Brands of the Reaper (Anti-Mage) 2 Available $15
Very Rare: Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit) 1 Available $25
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2023.06.01 01:33 autotldr Argentina allows morning-after pill to be bought over counter

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 52%. (I'm a bot)
Women in Argentina will no longer require a prescription to obtain emergency contraception.
The health ministry said the measure would help avoid unintentional pregnancies by overcoming "Difficulties of access to health services, contraception supplies, and education" faced by some.
"People can have this method of contraception as support before an emergency happens."
Vanessa Gagliardi, leader of the feminist group Juntas y a la Izquierda, said the move would help "De-stigmatise" the morning-after pill in a country where seven out of 10 adolescent pregnancies were unplanned, official data show.
Emergency contraception pills - commonly known as morning-after pills - taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex prevent pregnancy by blocking the fertilisation of the egg, according to the World Health Organization, although it is more effective within 12 hours.
Emergency contraception - including emergency contraceptive pills and copper-bearing intrauterine devices - can prevent about 95% of pregnancies when taken within five days of intercourse, the WHO says.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: pregnancy#1 contraception#2 emergency#3 pill#4 health#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.01 01:33 pewpewWitThaL8stToy A post about Metronidazole (Flagyl) countering some of the stuff I've seen online

I did a round of Rifaximin and Flagyl (3 a day with meals for two weeks, spaced 6 hours apart) and I was deathly afraid to do this because of all the horror surrounding Flagyl online, things like permanent brain damage and encephalopathy, damage in the tendons and joints, etc. All this stuff was scaring me to take it for over a year but at this point I am so fed up with my SIBO I will try just about anything to kill it. Well I did the course and finished it a few weeks ago and while it didn't help with my methane SIBO whatsoever, it definitely didnt give me these crazy symptoms and lasting damage that i've seen from some online sources.
I'm just putting this out there in case someone's looking up info on Flagyl and was scared like me. It's definitely not for everyone and I don't doubt the people that suffered from it, but for me it was a piece of cake. Only noticeable things while on the course was that I was much more tired often, and I would sometimes have random pains in my hands or the bottom of my feet. If it lasted into the next day I would have called my doctor but all the weird pains and symptoms faded after sleeping. I kept hydrated, avoided everything with alcohol or propylene glycol (sadly this meant anything with Soy Sauce as well), ate the doses 6 hours apart, and stayed out of direct sunlight as much as I could. It may help you or may not, but it's certainly worth it to try considering it didn't do any lasting damage. No more weird pains or overbearing tiredness.
Fluoroquinolone antibiotics though... I will never ever take one of those again.
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2023.06.01 01:33 umay21 Experience Fast, Safe and Secured online payment with Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Experience Fast, Safe and Secured online payment with Utopia P2P Ecosystem
100% anonymous fully Decentralized Privacy currency of Utopia enabling anonymous online purchases across over 1,800 partnered merchants of Utopia that is now accepting CRP and UUSD coin as payments.
Crypton - Crypton is a minable interest-bearing decentralized cryptocurrency of Utopia ecosystem. Crypton is eternal, while transactions are instant, untraceable and cannot be reversed. a decentralized cryptocurrency and the main payment unit of Utopia ecosystem. Official ticker of Crypton is CRP. The entire process of mining and buying ecosystem resources is denominated in Crypton.
Utopia USD (UUSD) is a stablecoin soft-pegged to the U.S. Dollar that feature instantaneous transactions at low cost. UUSD transactions are completely private and do not reveal any identifying information. an anonymous, low cost payment method designed to maintain 1:1 parity with the US Dollar. It is built upon Utopia’s serverless, peer-to-peer blockсhain. UUSD's value is backed by DAI cryptocurrency collateral that is publicly verifiable and equals the total supply of UUSD.
CRP coin is listed on P2PB2B, Cointiger, Lbank, Hotbit, Cryptex and Crypton Exchange.
UUSD coin is listed on Crypton Exchange, P2PB2B, Cryptex, Lbank, Cointiger and Hotbit.
The role of privacy in the online payment space needs to change. In today’s landscape, neither consumers nor merchants can benefit from any privacy, as everything is subjected to online monitoring. Utopia offers a viable alternative solution that lets global customers make private online payments without friction.
That approach introduces various benefits to consumers and merchants. More specifically, store owners can provide a higher service level to customers while guaranteeing top-notch security and anonymity while purchasing. No other payment service provides these unprecedented benefits, enhancing the appeal of Utopia and its native currencies.
Visit Utopia website: https://u.is
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2023.06.01 01:33 User_3971 MHA/CCA/PSE/RCA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 5-31 rollup.

Damn it, lost a day! Had Memorial Day off but got fucked (mandated to work) on Saturday. Threw off the timing. Super-rare Wednesday edition!
Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from usps.com/careers/ for your convenience. Tell HR User_3971 sent you, let's see if they pay more than .25¢ per head. NOTE: Maintenance jobs are drying up - the In Service Register may finally be seeing results for our already career people.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a Maint overview and here is Exam 955 info. You can DO it!

NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to usps.com/careers/ and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
CHARLEVOIX MI NC11370316 05/27/2023
OMAHA NE NC11369343 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365062 05/27/2023
KIRKLAND WA NC11367251 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11371903 05/27/2023
FORT WASHAKIE WY NC11369073 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11367214 05/25/2023
MOUNT IDA AR NC11361986 05/20/2023
BRATTLEBORO VT NC11374752 05/31/2023
BENTON HARBOR MI NC11371533 05/27/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11371537 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11371600 05/27/2023
EL CENTRO CA NC11371615 05/27/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11371700 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371707 05/27/2023
HAZELWOOD MO NC11371718 05/27/2023
WAUKESHA WI NC11371854 05/27/2023
GREEN BAY WI NC11371863 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371870 05/27/2023
AUSTIN TX NC11371871 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11371908 05/27/2023
EAST HAMPTON NY NC11371909 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371527 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371421 05/27/2023
MACHIAS ME NC11371418 05/27/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11371915 05/27/2023
WILLMAR MN NC11371410 05/27/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11370120 05/27/2023
WARSAW IN NC11369259 05/27/2023
BISMARCK ND NC11369191 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369059 05/27/2023
URBANDALE IA NC11369055 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369050 05/27/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11368995 05/27/2023
SANTA ANA CA NC11365065 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11367255 05/25/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11367254 05/25/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11371417 05/27/2023
WEST CHICAGO IL NC11368968 05/27/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11367250 05/27/2023
PONTIAC MI NC11370630 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371348 05/27/2023
NEW YORK NY NC11370543 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369434 05/27/2023
BIRMINGHAM AL NC11369105 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369114 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369186 05/27/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11364942 05/27/2023
JACKSONVILLE FL NC11370197 05/27/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11369187 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370181 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11363416 05/27/2023
BOSTON MA NC11370175 05/27/2023
BETHPAGE NY NC11371414 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371828 05/27/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11371737 05/27/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11371742 05/27/2023
JERSEY CITY NJ NC11371729 05/27/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
FARGO ND NC11371325 05/27/2023
WEST FARGO ND NC11371173 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370161 05/27/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION NC11371671 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369373 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369179 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371319 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370043 05/27/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
BELLMAWR NJ NC11368795 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11368549 05/27/2023

General Clerk VMF:
TULSA OK NC11367091 05/24/2023
MIAMI FL NC11365300 05/30/2023
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11365247 05/30/2023

Tool & Parts Clerk:
MIAMI FL NC11365302 05/30/2023

Garage Assistant:
HOUSTON TX NC11368988 05/26/2023
Electronic Technician:
BROCKTON MA NC11370302 05/27/2023
ROCHESTER NY NC11371416 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370150 05/27/2023
JACKSON MS NC11366836 05/27/2023
TRENTON NJ NC11369363 05/27/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

LINDEN TN NC11359072 05/18/2023
OCEAN BEACH NY NC11370230 05/27/2023
LANAI CITY HI NC11363428 05/20/2023
DAYTON TX NC11362387 05/22/2023
MEMPHIS MO NC11370238 05/29/2023
JACKMAN ME NC11367260 05/25/2023
ILIAMNA AK NC11371701 05/27/2023
CHENOA IL NC11361153 05/19/2023
BUNA TX NC11362381 05/22/2023
BOLINAS CA NC11368368 05/25/2023
PRESIDIO TX NC11360896 05/19/2023
PALACIOS TX NC11362377 05/22/2023
KOTZEBUE AK NC11371704 05/27/2023
ROCKSPRINGS TX NC11361161 05/19/2023
MILLERSBURG PA NC11370506 05/27/2023
EAGLE BUTTE SD NC11367304 05/29/2023
S YARMOUTH MA NC11370685 05/27/2023
CHARLESTON TN NC11371307 05/27/2023
BERRYVILLE AR NC11360673 05/19/2023
RANDLE WA NC11367126 05/24/2023
PECONIC NY NC11370190 05/27/2023
MARSHALL AR NC11360674 05/19/2023
ELK MOUND WI NC11369091 05/25/2023
BOW WA NC11367586 05/25/2023
BASSETT NE NC11366996 05/24/2023
ADDY WA NC11367447 05/25/2023
WEST CHATHAM MA NC11368584 05/27/2023
WEBBERVILLE MI NC11360764 05/19/2023
PONCE DE LEON FL NC11367045 05/24/2023
MARENGO IL NC11369368 05/26/2023
KETCHIKAN AK NC11373327 05/30/2023
HOMEWOOD CA NC11368364 05/25/2023
HIGHLAND MD NC11372890 05/30/2023
FLANDREAU SD NC11367252 05/25/2023
BELGIUM WI NC11366636 05/24/2023
BATH MI NC11360766 05/19/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368369 05/26/2023
EDGECOMB ME NC11367253 05/25/2023

City Carrier:
OAKLAND CA NC11365498 05/28/2023
PITTSBURGH PA NC11365454 05/28/2023
AURORA CO NC11365555 05/28/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11370311 05/29/2023
CAMBRIDGE MA NC11370380 05/27/2023
CINCINNATI OH NC11365482 05/28/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11365496 05/28/2023
COVINGTON KY NC11371919 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11366882 05/28/2023
DULUTH MN NC11362480 05/30/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11368607 05/26/2023
FREMONT CA NC11370500 05/27/2023
HALF MOON BAY CA NC11367133 05/25/2023
HOPKINS MN NC11367637 05/25/2023
JAMAICA PLAIN MA NC11365301 05/28/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11365461 05/28/2023
LONGMONT CO NC11364941 05/30/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11367127 05/25/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11365468 05/28/2023
MISSION KS NC11366896 05/28/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11367129 05/25/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11361984 05/24/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11370511 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11365552 05/28/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11371344 05/27/2023
WALTHAM MA NC11365314 05/28/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367306 05/24/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372881 05/30/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372888 05/31/2023
WHEAT RIDGE CO NC11372884 05/30/2023
WOBURN MA NC11370383 05/27/2023
BURLINGAME CA NC11367093 05/25/2023
DENVER CO NC11365625 05/28/2023
FORT DODGE IA NC11367454 05/31/2023
GLENSHAW PA NC11367256 05/26/2023
SAN BRUNO CA NC11367213 05/25/2023
SCOTTDALE PA NC11367257 05/26/2023
ALBANY NY NC11370227 05/27/2023
BELMONT CA NC11366923 05/25/2023
CONCORD NH NC11370243 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11365557 05/28/2023
FLORENCE KY NC11371918 05/27/2023
LAKEWOOD CO NC11366843 05/28/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368374 05/26/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11365467 05/28/2023
LOWELL MA NC11370408 05/27/2023
MADISON WI NC11365493 05/28/2023
MOUNT HOREB WI NC11368738 05/26/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11365480 05/28/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11367212 05/25/2023
SOUTH BEND IN NC11370168 05/26/2023
UNION GROVE WI NC11368781 05/26/2023
ASPEN CO NC11369062 05/26/2023
BELVEDERE TIBURON CA NC11372865 05/30/2023
BILLERICA MA NC11370249 05/27/2023
BILLINGS MT NC11367481 05/25/2023
BOULDER CO NC11353373 05/28/2023
BOULDER CO NC11365053 05/29/2023
CEDARBURG WI NC11367207 05/24/2023
CHELSEA MA NC11365307 05/28/2023
COHOES NY NC11367097 05/29/2023
CORTE MADERA CA NC11372872 05/30/2023
CRESSON PA NC11367258 05/26/2023
FARGO ND NC11366936 05/29/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11365459 05/28/2023
LACONIA NH NC11370526 05/27/2023
LAWRENCE MA NC11370401 05/27/2023
LITTLETON CO NC11366840 05/28/2023
MALDEN MA NC11365310 05/28/2023
MILLBRAE CA NC11367211 05/25/2023
NEWPORT KY NC11372004 05/27/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11366639 05/28/2023
PACIFICA CA NC11367168 05/25/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11367164 05/25/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365554 05/28/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11368650 05/26/2023
SARATOGA SPRINGS NY NC11367451 05/27/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11368652 05/26/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367220 05/24/2023
CENTRAL SEATTLE WA NC11366942 05/28/2023
NORTH SEATTLE WA NC11366940 05/28/2023
SOUTH SEATTLE WA NC11366849 05/28/2023

Rural Carrier:
KNOXVILLE TN NC11372862 05/30/2023
GORHAM ME NC11370153 05/26/2023
BARRINGTON NH NC11370412 05/27/2023
BRIGHTON CO NC11372903 05/30/2023
AMERY WI NC11370225 05/26/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
ALBANY NY P&DC NC11371435 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11371439 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371661 05/27/2023
RALEIGH NC P&DC NC11371445 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371654 05/27/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11371442 05/27/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11371664 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11371658 05/27/2023
SAN JUAN PR P&DC NC11371880 05/27/2023
MARGARET SELLERS P&DC NC11371651 05/27/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
LANCASTER PA P&DC NC11371431 05/27/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11358892 05/27/2023
NORTH READING P&DC NC11371432 05/27/2023
SPRINGFIELD NDC NC11371434 05/27/2023
MICHIGAN METROPLEX MI P&DC NC11371623 05/27/2023
SALT LAKE CITY UT P&DC NC11371617 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11371542 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL P&DC NC11371705 05/27/2023
DENVER CO P&DC NC11371611 05/27/2023
KCMO MO P&DC NC11371703 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371538 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO NDC NC11371541 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371547 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371601 05/27/2023
TACOMA WA P&DC NC11371609 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA P&DC NC11371702 05/27/2023
EVANSVILLE IN P&DC NC11371709 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11354736 05/27/2023
SYRACUSE NY P&DC NC11371433 05/27/2023
NORTHERN NJ P&DC NC11358893 05/27/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
submitted by User_3971 to USPS [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:33 CounterElegant521 Seriously, how many?

Cause apparently it’s mop head season, 1 after another in a ring and a fight to the death. How many, driving age mop heads can you take out before they take you out?
My answer is 7, before my hands break or my heart gives out. 7in.
submitted by CounterElegant521 to moreplatesmoredates [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:32 mirai_e Tips on Working Towards Venture X/SavorOne Combo

Edit: Formatting
Hi all,
I graduated from college back in May 2022 and have planned on traveling internationally at least once each year. After stumbling across this subreddit after my first trip to Japan, I realized that I will be losing out on a lot of mileage points for not having a travel card, and have been eyeing the Venture X + SavorOne combo for a while. Disclaimer that I am still new to the world of CCs and my parents aren't really into applying for CCs. My stats are below:

I was dumb and applied for Venture X back in late Dec. 2022 without going through Cap1's pre-approval tool. I was instantly rejected and reason was for young credit history. My questions are below:
  1. How strict is Cap1's Credit Level "requirement"? Cap1 lists Venture X as Excellent Credit (have a credit card for 3 years or more with a credit limit > $5000), but I have seen posts about people with a younger credit history that 3 years get approved
  2. How should I garden my credit to increase my chances of getting approved for Venture X? Should I look to see if BoA is willing to increase my credit limit?
  3. The pre-approval tool qualifies me for QuickSilver for Good Credit, SavorOne for Good Credit, and Platinum Mastercard. Is it work to apply for the SavorOne for Good Credit now? I would like to get the SUB for the SavorOne instead
  4. I heard it's best to go for Venture X early on. Should I work towards getting Venture X before getting SavorOne?
submitted by mirai_e to CreditCards [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:32 Yuki_Hyde My aunt and her family won't leave, how can we get them out?

To start off with, my aunt, her boyfriend and her four kids have been staying with us, mom, dad and three kids.
So 11 people in one house.
They were only supposed to stay for two weeks at the end of October. It was a verbal agreement.
However two weeks turned to a month, a month turned to three months and now it's been eight months.
At the beginning of this month, my aunt and mom got into an argument, as my mom refused to let my aunt use her car.
The fighting got worse when my aunt and dad fought because her child lied in front of them both.
She then said that she was moving out in a week to a shelter.
A week passed and she didn't leave.
So my mom, dad and aunt came to an agreement.
My mom will give my aunt 1,000$ to leave at the end of May.
Everyone agreed in a text message very clearly.
Today the last day of May, my mom gave the 1,000$ to my aunt and she immediately stated that she was in fact not leaving.
So my mom changed the password on the wifi as they don't pay for anything but their own groceries.
Now they're stating that they're not leaving and are retaliating by unplugging my bearded dragons lights so they can charge a laptop and headphones.
I just want to know our options for getting them out, or if we even can get them out.
Some information.
This is in Winnipeg Canada.
No they're not residents at our home, they don't pay rent, utilities or anything towards the house.
My aunt and her boyfriend haven't looked for any jobs.
Their kids are one adult, seventeen, fifteen and nine.
More information may come here if I find out anything new.
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2023.06.01 01:32 Royallyclouded I am about ready to give up on my dog.

Hello everyone,
My husband and I got an iggy in November. We have been trying with training, we paid a little over $1,000 in training, we use the crate and this dog is just. Pushing me to my limit. I want to love him but he just makes it so hard. I have an iggy mix who is 10 now. Which is why I wanted a 2nd.
This dog is like a tornado demon. He is almost 8 months and he still chews shoes and now carpet. He knows potty is outside but still pees on the floor outside of his crate (from inside his crate). He should be able to hold it but doesn't.
I feel so frustrated and broken and I feel terrible for even thinking about suggesting to give him away. But I just don't know what to do anymore. He constantly harasses my older dog and cat.
Like when does it get easier? When does it become enjoyable?
submitted by Royallyclouded to ItalianGreyhounds [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:32 GalaxiGazer This is no relationship without communication

I know that 99.99% of the human population has this already figured out. Now it's finally my turn to fully and completely understand this.
There is no relationship without communication.
I know this applies equally to all relationships across the board, but my focus here is on intimate relationships, since it's heavy on my mind.
Wonder why relationships of yesteryear were able to last so long? Why were they able to stay together, for better or for worse, for a baseline period of 40 to 60 years? Why did those relationships of our elders stand the test of time? What was it that made them stick together, working together through anything and everything that came their way, and was able to stand by each other's side until death actually parted one (or both) of them?
They had the advantage of not having cell phones, social media, hashtags, friend requests, video chatting, texting, sexting, and emailing.
No, that was not an error.
If a man wanted to ask a woman out on a date, he would either need to: (1) approach her in person and formally request her company with him somewhere, where the focus was to actually pay attention to one another and get to know each other; or (2) he had to pick up a telephone and actually speak to her, letting her know his intention of wanting to spend time with her. She wasn't trying to interpret his words through a phone screen, trying to figure out what he really meant and he wasn't hiding behind a phone screen to evade the social responsibility of learning to actually communicate with someone.
Back then, when a man and a woman were on a date, they actually paid attention to each other. She wasn't trying to snap the perfect selfie to post on her Instagram for a measure of likes and comments, and he wasn't sending out a mass "wyd" text message to 4,321,844 other women on Tinder. Both people were focused on each other, talking to each other in real-time, observing each other, and investing in quality time to get to know each other. They learned who the other person was over time. They got to learn about each other's likes and dislikes. Their active participation on a date allowed the other to get a better understanding of the other person's character. When conflicts did arise, they couldn't get away with ghosting. They had to call each other to talk things out. For the more mature (and able), they showed up in person to discuss things face to face. Over time, they developed the necessary skills and emotional intelligence to not only build a strong relationship but to also work together to sustain the strength of that relationship over time. Being involved in such an adult and responsible relationship such as a committed relationship gave each of them an opportunity to hone in on those skills that they have spent years learning, developing and practicing.
Fast forward to today. Quite the difference! Sure, there are those who want the benefits of an actual committed relationship. They want someone to be there for them, to listen to them, to give them emotional support and security. They want to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy. They want someone to desire them, to want them, and to let them know that they are loved and that they matter. Who doesn't want that?
The problem is the unwillingness to put forth the effort, patience, time, maturity and compromise to develop and grow that kind of relationship.
It takes more than just a "good morning, beautiful" text message sent every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasional Sunday morning every other month during each leap year to set the proper foundation to really get to know someone.
No, simply "liking" someone's comments, videos, and posts on social media doesn't communicate, "You share some really good insight and I'd like to talk to you more to understand how you think."
Sex is just that: sex. A physical act shared between two people for the sole purpose of experiencing pleasure. It's not an invitation to start a relationship. It has nothing to do with your intellect, your emotional makeup, what you want to accomplish in your life over the next 365 days, or what you would like Santa to bring you for Christmas. The focus of sex is for your body to accommodate the use of someone else in order for them to get pleasure from you. That's it. If they really wanted to get to know you, that same mouth that travels all over your body would be used to ask you personal questions about yourself in order for them to get to know you. Anyone who tells you that they need sex from you in order for them to stay interested in you would be more successful feeding shit on a shingle to Chef Gordon Ramsey.
The best way to gauge if someone is truly interested in you, not in your usefulness to someone else, is to calculate how much time they actually spend in wanting to talk to you and the actions that shows you their willingness to open up for you to get to know them. Do they take the time to call you, to actually speak to you, and ask questions to learn about you? Do they utilize video chatting because they want to observe your facial reaction as you try your great-grandmother's gnocchi recipe for the first time, and you wanted to see how it looked to someone else or because they bought a kitten and wanted to show you because they know how much you love cats? Do the activities they plan with you focus on your mind and your intellect, rather than on how quickly they can get your clothes off? Are the quality of your conversations focused on how the both of you think and feel about certain issues and about life in general, that goes beyond your favorite sexual position or the last time you tried a sub/dom relationship? Is this person still willing to spend time with you and get to know you, even if/when sex is not quickly offered or even on the table?
The main inspiration behind this piece was from an old episode of "The Hills". Audrina met a very wonderful guy, Colin and started dating him. Audrina expressed her apprehension about drinking because it would lead to unnecessary fights and confrontation, and Colin put her mind at ease by explaining that he was a "happy" drunk and she had nothing to worry about. He kept reassuring her that she was safe and that he would make sure that she felt safe around him. They had not even gotten their appetizers, and he was already expressing his interest and planning out a second date with her. However, on their second date, Audrina turned down healthy and available Colin in favor of the mysterious and unavailable Justin who, just days later in Mexico, made it clear to her that he was unwilling to care for her feelings and value her place in his life. If you were to ask Colin and Justin the same question, "Do you want someone in your life who values you, accepts you, and loves you for who you are", I'm sure that they would both answer with "Yes". But who's the one that's willing to put forth the work to get there? Colin was willing to invest in the time to get to know Audrina, to spend time with her, to make sure that she felt safe and open as they got to know each other. He demonstrated his willingness to listen to her, expressed openness for her to communicate with him, and made sure to know that he was available for her. Justin, on the other hand, was only open with her when she was swimming topless in the swimming pool and gaslit her into allowing him to use the upcoming trip in Mexico to chase after any other woman he wanted.
I may seem to be all over the place, so I'll bring this home: a relationship cannot exist without real communication. It's very easy to get caught up in the social media trap, believing that communication through a phone screen is a viable substitute for real face-to-face interaction in order to really get to know someone. It doesn't work. There is nothing wrong with a relationship beginning from an online dating platform or from social media, but it's another thing entirely if it doesn't grow or go anywhere beyond it. If a social media/online shituationship goes no further than text messaging, NSFW video chatting, coordinating when to meet up for hooking up, and talking about anything remotely sexual in the early stages of getting to know one another, then that's all it's ever going to be.
submitted by GalaxiGazer to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:32 Gzzx [NA][Static][LFM][6.4][sMC][Savage][Ultimates] 1 of 8 I am looking to make a weekend static

Hello due to life restrictions I am currently only able to raid during weekends. I'm looking for others who prefer to raid during weekends or can only.raid during weekends. I am looking to make a group that can have a good time while also making good progress as the same time. I am not in a massive rush to clear but id like go clear in a reasonable amout of time. A bit about me I have been raiding since 3.X
Some expectations for raiding. Be on time and come prepared with food and pots. Look up strategies for the fights head of time. Other than that lets just hahe some fun and get clears! .
Times are tentative but I'm looking for a group to raid with ideally from 10 AM to 1 PM PST Saturdays and Sundays although I am free until 7PM PST so I am flexible with scheduling.
Currently looking for 2 Tanks 2 healers 1 Shield and 1 Regen 3 DPS 2 Melee and 1 Phys Ranged
I will be playing SMN for this tier. I will edit the party list as I find members who want to join!
If you're interested please reach out to me and we can discuss times and start forming up a roster. I'm also happy to answer any questions.
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2023.06.01 01:32 kalokaira What are ways for the plot to force people together?

In my book, the main character has her love life cursed (unknowingly) but she finds someone she really likes. I need them to stay together throughout the book, but i’m having trouble finding a logical reason why they would, and why the love interest wouldn’t just assume the mc is not worth it and leave.
I’m leaning towards the curse spilling over into the L-I’s life, but I think there’s too many logistics to figure out. Any tips/suggestions?
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2023.06.01 01:32 belgiansam "Your Honor, the greatest writers are the ones who truly embody their characters, and sure they may overdo it at times, but in the end isn't good art worth the price of a little eccentricity?" said the lawyer.

"Ted Bundy's not a character" the judge responded.
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2023.06.01 01:32 Intoempty Rhinoceros Man Poet will perform, but won't eat

Rhinoceros Man Poet will perform, but won't eat
The rhinoceros man poet is known across the Page-Continents of Meeting for his literary style and, as the winner of many rap battles, deserves a spot in our primary temple as a performer.
However, I can't get him to eat anything -- I get DFHack warnings that he's starving once or twice a year. Is it that rhino people are vegetarians? Is it obligatory that the folks in the fort feed him in return for his poetry? Will work for food, is the deal with rhino men poets?
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2023.06.01 01:32 NoFlamingo867 Вот и прийшло лето. А у меня через пол часа выезд, так как ехать в максимально сложный участок

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2023.06.01 01:32 MoldyPineapple12 In Defense of Sherrod Brown - Part 6 - Tim Ryan vs Joe Biden + DeWine’s Coattails

In Defense of Sherrod Brown - Part 6 - Tim Ryan vs Joe Biden + DeWine’s Coattails
Hello angry observers. Welcome back to the sixth installment of my Sherrod Brown series! This one is again about Tim Ryan, particularly his turnout and margins compared to Biden’s 2020 performance in Ohio. The goal with this one is to help us analyze where Tim Ryan got what he needed and where he fell short. This will tell us where, and by how much, Sherrod Brown will need to improve on Tim’s numbers.
This is a county map showing the average turnout for each county between the 2022 midterms and the 2020 presidential election. Green counties had higher than average turnout in last year’s midterm compared to the 2020 presidential, relative to the rest of the state.
To make this map, I took each county’s ratio of votes between the two elections and shifted them over the state average, 30.33% lower turnout in 2022 vs 2020.
MARGINS:. . . 0-1% highelower than average. . . 1-2%. . . 2-3% . . . 3-4% . . . 4-6%. . . 6-8%. . . 8%+
Important county numbers:
Franklin (Col.): -2.47% (basically 2.47% lower than average in 2022 compared to 2020) —
Delaware (Col. sub.): +8.58% —
Hamilton (Cin.): +0.52% —
Warren (Cin. sub): +4.63% —
Cuyahoga (Clev.): -4.53% —
Lucas (Tole.): -4.15% —
Summit (Akr.): +1.39% —
Greene (Dayt.): -0.56% —
Mahoning (Youngs.): +2.34% —
If there’s any number you want for any particular county(s) for either map, lmk
Let’s break this one down.
The first thing you’ll notice is a decline in turnout in most of the cities, with Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland being the main ones. Meanwhile, Cincinnati, the most historically conservative of the biggest cities in the state, and the Youngstown/Akron metro saw higher than average turnout compared to 2020.
The rural counties were a mixed bag. Some saw higher turnout, while others saw lower. Counties in the south and Appalachian regions are the fastest shrinking in population and are also the reddest on the map, yet this trend did not hold up for the comparably declining Northeast.
And, as expected, our fastest growing suburban counties are the darkest green: Union and Delaware north of Cbus, and Warren northeast of Cincy.
In an effort to see what 2020 turnout would have resulted in for the 2022 senate race, I averaged out each county’s numbers to what average turnout looked like in 2020. After the adjustment, JD Vance would’ve still won by 5.72%, down slightly from his actual margin of 6.11%. It would’ve shrunk his 252,000 vote margin of victory down by around 16,000 votes by my calculations, or .39% less, a drop in the bucket.
I even went through the effort of adjusting each county by 40% of its population growth/decline from census info from the last decade, and Vance would still win by 5.63%. In other words, this would be Ryan’s margin if he had 2020 Biden turnout in each county but if each county also had its projected 2024 population. The reason the margin stayed almost the same is because rural decline and the decline of rust belt cities canceled each other out, as did growth in red suburbs and blue Franklin county.
Turnout alone was not going to save Ryan’s campaign. Like many of you I’d imagine, these results surprised me, but I found two explanations for them.
First off, we’re shifting turnout onto another notoriously high rural turnout presidential election, 2020. Rural turnout wasn’t higher than average across the board this midterm because I compared it to 2020, instead of, say, 2018. While many rural counties would’ve netted less votes for Vance, the red ones on the map would have netted more after the adjustment. On the flipside, Urban turnout in the rust belt was decent in 2020, but not astounding. Yes, getting four percent higher turnout in Cleveland would’ve boosted Ryan some, but it was never going to save him, given my next reason.
Second, as you’ll see on the next map, Ryan hardly over performed Biden in the cities and suburbs, especially in the more ancestrally Republican ones. Quite frankly, he didn’t get his margins high enough in the biggest counties for averaged turnout to have boosted him as much as it otherwise would have.
This one’s a straightforward map comparing Biden 2020 and Ryan 2022’s margins in each county. Blue counties are where Ryan got the better margin, Red where Biden did.
(0-1% better than the other. . . 1-2%. . . 2-3% . . . 3-4% . . . 4-6%. . . 6-8%. . . 8%+)
Important county numbers:
Franklin (Col.): Ryan +1.24% (Ryan did 1.24% better than Biden) —
Delaware (Col. sub.): Ryan +0.53% —
Hamilton (Cin.): Ryan -0.42% —
Warren (Cin. sub): Ryan +1.73% —
Cuyahoga (Clev.): Ryan +1.60% —
Lucas (Tole.): Ryan +2.79% —
Summit (Akr.): Ryan +3.66% —
Greene (Dayt.): Ryan -0.56% —
Mahoning (Youngs.): Ryan -1.57% —
Across the board, despite doing less than two points better than Biden statewide, Ryan did better than him in almost every county, with four exceptions.
The first is Allen Co. in the northwest. This one’s a rural guy and I don’t have any real explanation for it, so I'd consider it an outlier. The second and third are Hamilton and Montgomery, homes of Cincinnati and Dayton respectively. These cities used to be very red, (Obama won Hamilton by 6 in 2012 for context, Biden got it to safe). DeWine put up enormous numbers here, so much so that I strongly suspect it weighed down Ryan significantly. The whole southwestern region went for DeWine by a landslide and his performance must have caused the ancestral republicans here to default to the GOP and vote for Vance more than it did elsewhere.
The fourth is the notorious Mahoning, home of Youngstown and the poster child for Obama-voting WWC ancestral democrats leaving the party for Trump. I really don’t know what went wrong here. It’s obvious the place is going red, but Ryan underperforming Biden in what was his own house district? It wasn’t even a regional thing; all the counties around it are blue here. It’s kind of funny because this really is ‘muh trends’ on steroids, but I still don’t have a clue what happened specifically here.
On the flip side, Ryan did very well in most rural parts of the state, putting up solid numbers in places like Appalachia and the rural rust belt. He focused much of his campaign on appealing to these voters and it showed.
One thing this map is excellent at illustrating is why Ryan did so much better among rural Ohioans than suburban and urban voters, and that is DeWine. Ryan’s ability to get the numbers he needed somewhere rested with how much DeWine would be dragging him down. When DeWine got Assad margins among swayable suburban voters because of his moderate appeal, it dragged Ryan down. When DeWine got Franklin and Cuyahoga counties down to likely, it showed in the senate race when Ryan ended up with Biden margins.
However, my theory is that a moderate Republican governor doesn’t have the same level of influence on rural voters living in rural counties that are already deep red. Being moderate isn’t going to get rural Ohioans to like you any more than just being a Republican would. DeWine didn’t seem to have the same magnetic pull on the ticket in rural counties, which allowed Ryan to narrow the margins by campaigning as a hardworking moderate democrat who can relate to the common man. It’s easier to get higher numbers somewhere where DeWine is outrunning Trump by 10, instead of 25 or more.
The more urban the county, the more DeWine outran Trump and dragged Ryan down when independent voters defaulted to the GOP and went straight ticket. The more rural and anc. Dem the county was, the more Ryan was able to play wholesome moderate dude and pick up Obama-Trump voters and make new inroads elsewhere by being there and trying.
The interesting thing is, 2024 is going to be the opposite of the midterm scenario. Trump is the biggest drag on the ticket in the suburbs, while his base appeal does wonders for him in the rural parts of the state. Assuming suburban trends hold in any capacity, Brown will have to perform better than Ryan in suburbia, while an “America-first” ticket the GOP base is more excited for has the potential to pull him down more in rural Ohio.
MAP 3: How important it is Brown improves on Ryan’s margin
This is a purely opinion based map I made categorizing each county by how important it would be for Sherrod Brown to improve on the margin Tim Ryan got. This is not exactly how important each county is to victory, but more what Brown would want from each of them if he were to win. Essentially how much work needs to be done there, margin-wise.
Categories: . . .
Dark Green: If he just gets Ryan’s margins here, he’s golden. These are mainly counties where Brown didn’t do much better than Biden did two years later, so Ryan’s slight improvement on Joe is more than enough . . .
Light Green: If Brown gets Ryan’s margin, he’ll be fine. Ideally, he’d improve on them slightly. . .
Yellow: Ryan did decently here. Brown would hope to get a percent or two higher to win comfortably, but it’s not a necessity everywhere. . .
Light Orange: Brown should be doing somewhat better than Ryan here. Winning would become very difficult if he were to get Ryan margins in most of these. . .
Orange: He should plan on improving considerably here. Many of these are ancestral democratic counties that Brown has been able to put up good numbers in while Ryan fell short of what he needed. . .
Red: You’re finished with Ryan’s margins here during a presidential election year. It should be a lot easier for Brown in Cuyahoga and Franklin without DeWine on the ballot and he needs to hold his grip on unionized places like Trumbull. . .
Maroon: If you’re putting up Ryan numbers, just throw the fucking towel in. Brown should be winning Mahoning by likely, not losing it, he should not be underperforming Biden in Cincinnati, and getting 2020 Biden numbers in rapidly blue-shifting Delaware in 2024.
As you can see Ryan pretty much got what Brown will need in most of rural Ohio, particularly in the ancestrally Republican parts of the state. Brown should hope his incumbency makes up the remainder. There are some rural counties which Ryan did perform very well in, but I know Brown can (and should) do so much better in due to his incumbency. If Ryan did eight points better than Biden in a particular county, but Brown did better by thirty in 2018, he should try and narrow Ryan’s margins here even further. These counties are mainly near the WV border.
Another thing, from old maps, we know that Ryan nearly matched Brown's numbers in the Cincinnati and Columbus suburbs, but they are also about what Biden got in them. Since these areas are quickly blue shifting, Brown should be doing better than Ryan regardless. Getting 2020 Biden/2022 Ryan numbers would likely mean Brown underperforming Biden a good amount there, which is not something I have on my 2024 Bingo card.
And again, it’s Trump at the top of the ticket instead of DeWine. Even though it’s a presidential year, there should still be less of the top-of-the-ticket drag that Ryan had to put up with in the big counties. While Brown can’t come into ancestrally Republican suburbs with the mindset of “they voted for me before, I’ll make sure most of them do it again,” Ryan proved that getting voters to ticket-split and vote for a democratic senate candidate for the first time is still possible. Biden improving in the Cin/Day/Col region by another five or so points, and Brown doing even a point or two better than that would cut into the GOP candidate’s statewide total significantly.
These suburbs are where Brown has historically had the weakest incumbency bonus (anc. reps), but also where his recent gains made up for his other losses from 2012 to 2018. The result was him winning by about the same margin both times. He’ll want to repeat this strategy to pad his losses elsewhere. A suburban voter in Warren county hopping on the Brown train for the first time means you can afford to lose another follower in Youngstown.
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2023.06.01 01:32 Silver6567 Is octopath 2 worth getting?

A few years ago I picked up octopath traveller on a sale, I played it for a while but I got bored because of how grindy it is, now I have the opportunity to purchase octopath traveller 2 at a 34% discount, is it worth getting it or will I likely be disappointed by the grinding mechanics?
Thank you
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