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2023.06.06 07:12 LaughResponsible1914 Kik - pokimanesecret mommys craving a longterm muscular boy toy to flex for me and be able to handle getting milked daily… I’ll be your secret girlfriend🖤 (catfishing) Can be sexual or romantic long term 🥰

Kik - pokimanesecret mommys craving a longterm muscular boy toy to flex for me and be able to handle getting milked daily… I’ll be your secret girlfriend🖤 (catfishing) Can be sexual or romantic long term 🥰 submitted by LaughResponsible1914 to CatfishMePlease2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:10 Dry-Release-1307 Female rider in search of first bike

Hey there! I’m very new to bikes and recently rode my first time. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a bike, but I have no prior experience. I’m 5’7, 194 lbs. I live in a small town and commute 40 minutes into town on the highway and through residential areas. I’m looking for pointers on my next steps and recommendations for a bike that would suit my build. I recently pulled up to an Indian, not sure the model, and liked how low to the ground it seemed.
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2023.06.06 07:08 Ulipet Amazing toy for my cat

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2023.06.06 07:04 seoulbandit84 While we’re posting menus…

While we’re posting menus…
This place was wonderful. Food was impeccable. Yes, it’s expensive yet totally worth it for a special occasion. Check out Lion & Owl if you’re looking for an upscale dining experience. Drinks were very well made too!
Anyone else been?
Disclaimer: I don’t eat like this often. Again, it was for a very special occasion.
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2023.06.06 07:02 colossal82 NY In June music video soon

NY In June music video soon
via: Pierre’s story
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2023.06.06 06:58 sed4718 Clean Freak Stepmom Gets Dirty,Katie Morgan Vanessa Sky,Reality Kings

Vanessa Sky’s only had her new stepmom for a week, but she already can’t stand Katie Morgan’s clean freak ways. When she comes home to see Katie on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor–and playing with her pussy–it confirms Vanessa’s suspicions that the blonde MILF is a freak in the sheets, too! Katie catches Vanessa going through her drawers and using her dildo, and she decides to teach the teen a lesson, spanking her ass and then showing Vanessa how to please her pussy with all her toys."
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2023.06.06 06:53 leeiigh Has anyone had this issue?

Has anyone had this issue?
Trying to download it with Xbox ultimate and it always stops downloading at 14% on EA. I’ve tried clearing EA Cache, uninstalling, and restarting my PC several times
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2023.06.06 06:52 Shunks_ Assam Class 12 results just came out

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Why the fuck does this always happen to me I was expecting atleast 70% since I wasn't interested in getting into a college or university but I got only 52% How? I would've happily accepted it I got less marks in chemistry and maths which I did, got 50 and 60. But, I swear to god I did really well on English, Alternative English and Physics. My friends told me it must be because of my bad handwriting but does bad handwriting cost you more than half of your marks? I'm trying to relax and was planning to submit for re-checking as ny friends told me. But my sister (12 years older than me) won't stop berating me without understanding what I'm saying. I'm gonna fucking kill myself
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2023.06.06 06:48 emmiealright advice? my resident cat won’t stop playing with my new kitten

basically what the title says, but more info:
my resident cat (1 year old, m, neutered) has always had an intense personality and i could tell he needed a friend. he was feral as a baby and still isn’t super friendly but is extremely energetic. i adopted a kitten (8 weeks old, m, not yet neutered) and after keeping the kitten isolated for a few days with no signs of aggression from my older cat, i let them meet through a baby gate and soon took it down. they’ve been playing for supervised time several hours a day, nonstop.
they’ve done nothing but play. no signs of aggression at all from my older cat, a few signs of distress from the kitten that i separated them after.
my concern though: THEY WONT STOP PLAYING. it’s been seven straight hours today. i’ve tried feeding them, distracting them, playing with them myself, but my older cat WONT leave the baby alone. all he wants to do is play.
do you think he sees the kitten as a toy? I’m genuinely worried that he won’t let the baby sleep or rest and it could cause him stress, but i want to let them play and be friends.
help 😭😭😭
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2023.06.06 06:47 SunSoakedinCA Revisiting NY season 1

I am waiting for tomorrow's NJ reunion episode on Peacock so I restarted NY and just finished episode 1.

My biggest takeaway was Bobby Zarin and Allie's relationship. I always remember Jill as being this crazy person/bad friend but a good mom. Holy smokes, Bobby's and Allie's relationship is so... awkward at best? Jill is wanting to put Allie in this Martha's Vineyard fat camp even though Allie looks absolutely lovely and is blaming it on her arthritis so she has to go begging Bobby for permission basically. Then when she gets permission she makes Allie go over to hug and kiss Bobby even though Allie has just spent the whole scene prior talking about how cold Bobby is with Jill's college friend. I was SO uncomfortable for Allie. Jill and Bobby had been married for 7 years at this point. This makes me look at Jill with an even bigger side eye than I looked at her with before. Why would you marry someone your "one true love" or "everything" (or whatever she described Allie as) wasn't 100% comfortable with.

Luann has always been elitist. Ugh the way she demeans her housekeeper... yuck. I was kind of digging the seeming chemistry between her and THE COUNT though.

Ramona was BANANAS from episode one. I literally think she toned down her personna after this season. She is so... I don't even have the words to describe her. Crazy? Rude? Insane? From another dimension?

Bethenny, meh.

Alex, meh.

Such a wild ride!
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2023.06.06 06:47 ManateeMermaid_ Will kitten high energy go down?

Hi all :) can anyone reassure me, that sib kitten high energy will diminish as they age? I’m incredibly stressed out keeping up with how much play interaction she needs, hours and hours all day, for months (8 months old now).
I was told by the breeder that she was very low maintenance and would be a very laid back, low energy, low attention needs kitten/cat, and am overwhelmed by how opposite that is. I have a 9 year old cat who she’ll play with, plus multiple cat trees and many interactive toys, but my kitten prefers me, is constantly climbing my legs, tearing down window screens, and knocking my work computers down 🫠 can someone give me some hope?? I’m worried by how this constant demand for attention and destruction stress is starting to effect my work and sanity 😭
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2023.06.06 06:46 uhungtosuck315 Hermon Ny 34 gf needs long thick cock but can’t host. Need someone local for ongoing. Needing a cock with a fat head and length as well as girthy! Keep posting til we find that guy!

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2023.06.06 06:45 yx_lins Dress code for a Chinese wedding

Hi ladies and gents, I'll (31F) be attending an old classmate's wedding at the Intercontinental and am figuring out options for attire. I've heard that wearing black/white wasn't appropriate for chinese weddings before, but I've witnessed plenty wearing some combination of both so I'm wondering if it's really okay.
Additionally, I usually dislike wearing too formally and don't often wear dresses, so I'm toying with the idea of wearing a fitted black sleeveless top with white high-waisted wide pants. What do you think? Too casual? Would appreciate the advice.
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2023.06.06 06:44 SleepyCalaban Selling this Frankenpup for 700 sapphires at my shop pls consider 🥲

Selling this Frankenpup for 700 sapphires at my shop pls consider 🥲
Ik it's in the screenshot but my username is Wenonasky ✨
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2023.06.06 06:43 pandamonte Special needs child in schools bus for 4 hours NYC

All I have a special needs child with autism who is 2.5 years old in NYC. She spends the week 2 hours a day in Brooklyn at amazing early intervention. We spent many days and months looking for the best place and I’ve even played a dedicated driver for her the last year so she can attend the school. Today our worst nightmare came true. She was picked up at school at 130pm at her school and no one told us she’s going to be late and\or change of schedule to her bus. We found out she was all the way in Flushing, NY at 330pm and we live over south queens near Jamaica / JFK area. Thank you apple air tag! After stressful event of trying to understand what went wrong our daughter came home to us safe at 535pm.
We would like to know what advice or next step we should take? NYC law states children should not be in bus no longer than 80 mins, but here she’s been in the bus at 4 hours plus. The reasoning is that the bus company didn’t have any drivers. Also very livid the fact when I called them said sorry for the inconvenience.
What should we do?
Sorry ahead of time posting from mobile and cannot stop running scenarios in my head on what’s could’ve happened.
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2023.06.06 06:41 mc83ch5 My beloved rabbit has passed on.

I’ve had Nisi since she was six months old, she was given to me by my uncle Rico as he couldn’t take care of her. She was going to turn 3 in November.
I’m poor, and I couldn’t afford much. Most of her toys were hand-me-downs from other pets, but I loved her regardless. As she did with me.
I’m going to miss her honks, her licks, her thumps from when I wouldn’t feed her fast enough (when her bowl was already full), I miss everything.
She had a sudden seizure, which she then passed from after several minutes. She was surrounded with love, and I was with her until the bitter, bitter end.
I love you, Nisi, my little Jolene, my Nichi-Nichi. Keep my seat warm for me, I’ll join you when my time comes. But I know you’ll already steal my seat, you were always to spoiled. <3
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2023.06.06 06:41 fakestpersonever [15m] I like to watch Markiplier play scp games and listen to music that’s about my personality. Also I’m making a video game

[15m] I like to watch Markiplier play scp games and listen to music that’s about my personality. Also I’m making a video game submitted by fakestpersonever to TeensMeetTeens [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 06:40 aigret This is a bizarre question but need suggestions on how to replace an ugly piece of furniture my cat loves. And by love I mean they’re dang near a bonded pair.

My cat loves this mangy, pilled, halfway destroyed ottoman that matches absolutely nothing in my house. It’s her favorite play “setting” - she flops against it, bats toys under it, loses her mind if I wiggle a feather around the corner, uses her claws to drag herself around the perimeter while on her side (this is a hilarious thing to behold), etc. Honestly I’ve held onto this ugly ass thing for way too long because she loves it but I’m getting ready to buy a coffee table and both won’t fit. It’s breaking my heart though. Here’s a picture:
My question is bizarre but what in the world could I potentially replace this with that’s perhaps a little smaller and more portable (this thing is heavy)? Do your cats have a similar thing at home they get all excited about playing against/with? Anything helps because honestly I feel like gonna be stuck with this damn thing the rest of her life. And it’s not a lack of environmental enrichment or stimulation, she has a big cat tree next to a window, a tall scratching post, a cat “stool” onto my bed, a hidey spot with a bed, two other beds, a scratcher, toys, a treat puzzle…. she may be a little spoiled.
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2023.06.06 06:40 Glassman543 37 [M4F] #Texas, Daddy looking for a Kinky Young Submissive Slut who loves Lingerie and Toys to Sext, Dirty Talk, Role Play And Cum Together! 😈🙂

Hey there! 37 M looking for a kinky girl to sext and play together! Main kinks are dom/sub, rough, praise/degrading, and more! Also love lingerie, outfits, and toys! Contacts are on profile, would love to chat and play as we explore and have fun together! Looking as long as post is up!
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2023.06.06 06:40 Temporary_Turnip1888 Legoland New York

I was wondering where to get souvenirs in the area? I know the Walmart near the Florida location carries lots of Lego clothing and merchandise. Does anyone know if one of the Walmart locations near Legoland NY does the same thing?
Also any ideas for where to take kids for dinner outside of the resort.
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2023.06.06 06:40 I_am_D_captain_Now Put-In-Bay suggestions

Hey everyone - im planning a bachelor party for ny best friend. Our group is 24 guys, most of us are 35 years old. We have 3 cabins on the island. What are some ideas of stuff i should look into that's fun to do?
We like to drink. And smoke.
I'm also thinking of trying to arrange a Pig Roast (catered). Has anyone done something like that on the island?
I'm all ears.
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2023.06.06 06:40 JacobHarley06 [TOMT][TOY][2000s-2010s] with dancing string that changed colors

I just remembered this toy (Idk if it even was a toy) that I used to play with, and I was wondering what it was, since I never learned what it was called. The "toy" had a base with two plastic rods that came out of it at outward angles, and you could adjust their positions. At the top of the rods, there were these things that were I guess egg-shaped, and you could adjust their positions as well. Then, there was a string attached at both ends to those egg-shaped things. This toy was also, electric, so there was either a button or power switch somewhere. When you turned it on, the string would dance around in different patterns, depending on how you adjusted the rods. As the string danced/spun, it changed colors. I don't know if the "toy" came in any other colors, but the one I had was all black, except for the string. I would really appreciate it if someone knew what I'm talking about!
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