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2023.06.03 03:56 Maximum_Hope4456 I Made a Massive Mountain Goats Knockout-Style Tournament for Every Song

So after a few years of thinking about it, I've made a massive, knockout-style tournament to determine my personal favourite TMG songs and discover some new stuff along the way. The idea was that I'd have a giant group stage, move the best songs from there into a knockout bracket, and whittle it down to the very best song. I've been working on it for a couple of months, and thought some of y'all might appreciate it!
Step one was making a massive list of every Mountain Goats song I could possibly find where there seemed to be a recording - while I think it's inevitable that I've missed a couple, I've been as thorough as possible, including all the unreleased songs, covers that were released on albums, little twitter soundbites, as well as all of the music John's released as part of other projects from The Extra Glenns to The Bloody Hawaiians (who are terrible and only tangentially related). I have a list of all his songs broken down by category/album here and a pure list of songs here.
Next I randomized all of the songs and put them into 170 groups. The vast majority are groups of 5 with 3 songs moving on, but to make the numbers work some groups only have 4 songs and two groups have 4 out of 5 moving on, which gets us to the magic number of 512 that can enter a group stage (512->256->128->64->32->16->8->4->2->1). I'm working my way through those groups slowly, but (as you can imagine) it's a MASSIVE project and I won't finish anytime soon. Maybe ever.
BUT I figured that if anyone was interested, it would be you people! If you're interested in running through your own bracket, you can obviously make one and modify it to your needs and what you think counts as a TMG song, or you can follow this blank template in the same order that I've been using. If you're curious, my version is here.
Hope you're having a good day! :))
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2023.06.03 03:54 kiwiheretic Would like some feedback on a text analysis project.

I've been working on a way of analysing a page of text stored in image format (a PNG file) to try and break the text up into normal text, separated text, mathematical equations and things that are just diagrams. I post it here so that hopefully I might get some feedback. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in javascript but the latter seemed to be more for more complete polished projects and this is neither.
I am by no means an expert in Javascript. My language of choice has been in Python but there was no good way of getting visual feedback quickly and easily as to how well my algorithm was working.
At the moment the whole thing is experimental and more of a proof of concept. In the future I am hoping it will be able to analyse uploaded PDFs and convert them to a combination of paragraph text (possibly using something like Tesseract) and for the mathematical equations to AsciiMath or Latex using something like MathPix. Then I would be able to pass it into some kind of text to speech engine.
I am still at the preliminary stages but a working demo is on https://jsdemo.kiwiheretic.xyz/
Source code is accessible from there but is also on https://github.com/kiwiheretic/textextract
Someone, after viewing an earlier version of my project, suggested that Tesseract should already do this. However, as far as I can tell, Tesseract only gives the location of decipherable text on the page and not things like diagrams.
It was written initially in Python but I converted it to Javascript because it was far easier to debug visually with Chrome developer tools. As a side benefit it also seems to run much faster. It's not particularly optimised so I am sure it could even go much faster.
The process of boxing the characters and rows of text but is probably grossly inefficient but the basic idea is as follows:
This code is by no means work of art. It needs to be refactored. I am just not 100% sure yet where that refactoring should occur. Certainly it could be made more Dry. The code could contain Javascript generators instead of loops in some places. However I think there are also places where it is unavoidable to run through an array or list twice. For instance in computing the median spacing between characters which also requires a sort. I probably also need to do the same thing for the text rows in order to identify where the paragraphs are.
Anyway, constructive criticism and advice are welcomed.
submitted by kiwiheretic to learnjavascript [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:54 hauntedlaurapalmer (Diagnosis Pending) Just Had a Manic Episode for the First Time

So I came out of a manic delusional episode like a couple weeks ago and am now seeing a therapist who said that until I officially get diagnosed, they'd be treating me as if I had bipolar. I don't know how to feel and I don't know how to deal with the fallout of the episode, as I also experienced some hallucinations/psychosis symptoms that have significantly alienated me from peopl in my life especially family.
I'm staying with my dad now but feel really icky about everything because during the episode, my actions caused some trauma in the lives of those two and I don't know how to make amends in an appropriate way because I don't want to use the pending diagnosis as an excuse and also I don't think that me attempting to make amends will help them in the long run so I will just take a step back and let them decide how they want to handle it. Honestly my sense of identity seemed so sure during the episode but now that it's over and I'm looking at the carnage and the therapist said it was likely bipolar I don't really know who I am or what kind of person I am anymore.
I was sometimes curious about the possibility of a mood disorder when I was in high school but having a professional tell me it's likely feels like a whole nother story, as well as seeing the carnage unfold. I've never really done anything like this before - stealing my housemates things because I was sure they were secretly mine/sure that that housemate had it out for me and had done terrible things to me with no evidence. A lot of thieving and having angry, screaming outbursts in the streets over perceived slights as well as having some sort of delusion that that would solve world crises.
I was convinced that everything I was doing was for some perceived righteous cause and that everyone pushing against me were trying to silence me as some sort of conspiracy. I got banned from my old college campus and sent to a therapists office, but then I just took my umpulsive crime spree elsewhere and got arrested twice - one for setting a fire on the highway, and one for setting onein the rental property of my front yard. It sounds ridiculous now but at the time it made sense.
Honestly, I don't know what to do with my life. I completely blew everything up and I know it's my fault but I can't fathom for the life of me what the fuck came over me. Where does the sickness (if it's bipolar) end and I begin? How do I bounce back from the consequences? I'm embarassed and ashamed and every morning I wake up and feel depressed and anxious over all this stuff. As I should, I guess. It feels like a righteous karmic principle that I should be in this situation after my actions, especially considering that my former housemate may end up having trust issues over the stealing and privacy invading. The othr side is that I don't want to feed into stigma against bipolar people when/if tht's the diagnosis that comes up? I just don't know how to feel about all this honestly.
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2023.06.03 03:52 AppropriateLeather63 This game is infuriating. This is my story.

Started as Stannis. Had a son. Son quickly lucked into inheriting the seven kingdoms. Dissolution war. Realm shattered. No matter. Through multiple generations of marriage and murder, I unite the stormlands, the reach, and my own small kingdom in the crownlands. Now I am the most powerful empire again. Dissolution war. Realm shattered. No matter. Now I'm getting the hang of things. Through multiple generations of marriage and murder, I'm the heir to the Vale and married to the Queen of the Rock, the two largest kingdoms left standing, and I'm working on having a son to marry to the heir to the iron islands. Not only that, but I've obtained a consecrated bloodline and I've learned to keep my vassals happy to prevent a dissolution war by giving all of my titles to my shady aunt. Soon, I will again rule the world.
Choke on duckbone at 25. All relationships with all major kingdoms dead instantly. Shady aunt (who may have murdered me?) is my new player character.
submitted by AppropriateLeather63 to CK3AGOT [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:47 tante_frieda Visualization of parametric geometries

I'm looking for a software or way (e.g. MS Forms) to visualize simple geometries based on parameters. E.g. I type in length of hypotenuse and two angles and get a picture of a triangle with the according lengths. It should be as idiot proof as possible, so that only the required values can and need to be put it.
As it needs to be available without requiring expensive licenses (and due often being to complicated for user who are not using it regularly) I have to rule out CAD software.
submitted by tante_frieda to software [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:46 Malice_Qahwah Scurrying Darkness (Oneshot, gory, horror)

Body Horror, bugs, death, gore. Attempted horror.
By my own standards, this is fairly tame, your mileage may vary, content advisory.
Captain Van’tu, the Garaboosian commander of the Alliance of Free Stars light scout cruiser Mandrake, frowned, in the way of his species, and gestured with a lower lefthand at his human science officer to continue.
The woman turned back to her console, to peer into the hood of her ‘scope and minutely adjust a control.
“The ship is an old Terran Alliance Explorer class, the TAN Nebula Star. She was reported overdue for resupply a little over a hundred years ago, exact details are spotty as the station she was supposed to report to was destroyed in the Terran civil war. By modern standards she was little more than a heavy cruiser with an oversized jumpcore, and limited weaponry. The Terran Alliance Navy was very much focused on exploration and first contact, and several of their vessels vanished without trace only to show up decades later in pirate hands. However, this does not seem to be the case with the Nebula Star…”
The image on the holotable was mute testimony to this information. The old starship, much more massive than the Mandrake, but significantly less well equipped, looked derelict. Several holes gaped in her once-pristene white hull, the smooth lines marred and crooked, and the jumpcore bulb near the stern showed a terrible, blasted crater, black with soot and melted steel.
Captain Van’tu scrolled the smooth wheel of the holo controls, swivelling the image and zooming into the damage.
“What do we think of this, Sasha, that looks like an internal explosion, not battle damage.”
“Yes Captain.” Sasha, the science officer, agreed. She manipulated a pad on her side of the console. Several sidebars lit up. “Here, here and here. Chemical signatures we’ve picked up in the dustcloud around the wreck, and the blast pattern, indicates a high yield chemical explosive was utilised, we would need to get a scan from inside the wreckage to be certain, but I think I can confidently say this was caused by a c4 package commonly kept as part of ship inventories of that era. We carry a similar type of explosive even now, it has uses in a number of emergency protocols.”
The captain nodded. “I’m familiar with Human paranoia, ‘better to have and not need than need and not have’, which is why I learned to carry a backpack heavier than myself at the academy.” He smiled at the woman, who grinned back in that wolfish human fashion.
Commanding a Terran vessel as part of the Alliance Navy was a high honour for a non-Terran, and he’d earned it the hard way, he’d actually completed his officer training on Earth itself, heavy gravity, lethal flora, fauna, and practical jokes be damned, he’d always dreamed of command, and he had never planned to settle for anything less than the best ships of the fleet.
Somehow his determination to ‘make it’ had actually impressed his trainers and teachers, and earned him the interest of a senior Admiral, which explained his current command. And he was no ticket-puncher, his crew was, in his opinion, the best in the fleet, and if his ship was small, he was so proud of her, some days he could almost burst his hearts from it. She was his first, and with luck, not his last, and while scouting duty following pre-war exploration routes was far from glamorous, it was essential work for the Alliance, following up first contacts, reopening lost trade routes, and, now and then, coming across relics, and giving closure to the descendants of those vanished vessels.
“Alright. She looks cold, and her reactor is dead, but we don’t know what happened to her, she could have run afoul of pirates, or been captured and misused for decades, or been left boobytrapped, so pack up a SAR shuttle, and give them a leader drone, they don’t enter unless the drone clears the way in.”
“Aye aye Captain, I’ll get them on their way. Sidearms?”
“Yyy…esss. Yes. And overarmour. If someone’s left any surprises, it will help.”
Sasha turned and walked off, already tapping her communicator to summon the personnel she’d be sending.
He frowned again, looking into the depths of the hologram. Something was bothering him, the same sensation he’d felt while visiting a zoo on Earth. Humans around him grinning, nodding to one another, and the confirmation of his worry came as a boom of hundreds of pounds of apex feline carnivore crashing against the high density crystal he’d been standing with his back to…
Something was creeping up on them, he could feel it.
The shuttle launched from the brightly lit boatbay of the Mandrake, arcing smoothly through the glittering blackness towards the cruelly murdered starship. In front of it zipped the mote of the drone, its scanners and sensors slaved to the shuttle, giving the drone specialist on board an instant feed to all his senses, feeling, experiencing everything the drone saw.
It zipped around the gaping hole where the jumpdrive had once been housed, then around in a helical pattern, scanning every micron of the lost ships hull, mapping it in complete three dimensional perfection, then tracking towards the boatbay. Inside, two, much older, versions of the Mandrakes shuttle rested, crooked against their davits, the bay airlock doors lying open.
The drone slowly crept inside the dark corridor as the shuttle followed it in, nestling into an empty davit. Power hookups, identical after a century thanks to long ago agreed standardisation, marry up, pogo pins compressed and energized, drawing trickle power from the shuttle to latch securely.
The crew debark, except the probe operator who remained strapped in his jumpseat, guiding the drone deeper into the derelict.
Suited figures follow its path, jumping from the shuttle hatch to the airlock. They don’t bother trying to seal it, it had been lying open for a century, there was no air left within to preserve. The drone met a cross passage, and moved right, headed towards the bridge, following schematics downloaded from Mandrake’s computer. The scout crew followed, alert, and making note of damage to bulkheads, the carpets that once covered the floors looking torn, dark stains telling a worrying story.
The probe entered the bridge of the Nebula Star and paused. The LIDAR scanner illuminated the space in a slow pass of green laser light, left to right and back again. The chamber was empty, save the various consoles and chairs the crew would have used, and the lone figure of the Captain, in his central command chair.
To Captain Van’tu, observing the time delayed remote feed on his own bridge, it was remarkable just how similar the darkened derelict wreck was to his own vessel, down to the arrangement of bridge consoles and type of carpeting used. He’d read, in one of his intro to ship design classes, that Terran bridge layout owed much to speculative fiction of pre-spaceflight eras, and a lot of experimental wet-navy designs.
He'd brought it up once with his chief of engineering, who had responded with a ridiculous approximation of a Scottish accent, “Aye laddie, we Terrans owe an awfy lot tae an auld lass called the Enterprise!” and laughed, continuing his explanation in his more natural German accented standardised Terran. Van’tu had spent several informative evenings with his console, soaking up ancient Terran entertainment as a result.
The drone circled the bridge, slowly, keeping its thruster exhaust well clear of the mummified body in the central chair, making its way to the science console. A small arm popped out and slotted into the consoles data port.
Several lights flickered on the antique panel, the probe powering up the cold circuits to read the datalogs, then around the room, dim red lights came to life, as more of the bridge woke up. Through the hull itself, a faint whine transmitted, the probes oversized fusion battery providing enough current to trigger the startup of a backup generator below the bridge.
The scouting party stepped in, peering around. One, her grey skinsuit marked with a red stripe down the arms, moves across to the captain, a medical scanner in her hand.
“I’m reading significant trauma throughout the corpse, but remarkable preservation as well. Life support must have been glitching badly for a long time after… Wait…” She smacked the side of the scanner, then passed it back across the corpse. “Scanner keeps picking up my own heartbeat, trying to tell me this guys still alive, fucking thing.” She put it away in the side pocket of her suit and pulled out a smaller device. “I kept my old one, should be good enough to… Fuck me sideways…”
“Maybe later Carol, what’s the script?” A green stripe on the party leader’s arm. He was looking around, feeling… itchy, between his shoulder blades. Something wasn’t right, and not just the dead ship. He’d been lead on two other derelict searches, and they never went like this. Accidents happened, people died, usually horribly, and you always found, well, bodies. Whole or otherwise. Yet, aside from the clearly traumatic bloodstains on the floors, soaked long before the artificial gravity had failed, this ship hadn’t shown them a single body, nothing, not even fragments.
Not only that but he could swear he’d seen movements. No-one else had, but he also knew that his reflexes tested significantly higher than average, he was seeing something the others were simply not noticing.
Carol stepped away from the corpse.
“My old scanner says this guy’s alive Mark. Heartbeat, brain activity, oxygenated blood. He’s not breathing and he’s a fucking corpse, but both my scanners say he’s gooey in the middle. And I’ll be honest I don’t want to be here, send probes back across on AI control and let them explore, this is too freaky. I know you’ve been seeing shit, well, I’ve been picking up weirdness all along, and this is too much. We should leave!”
Mark bit back a curse. He agreed, but he was also supposed to be a professional, and as the leader of the scout team who first boarded the derelict, he’d have been slated for command of the ‘prize crew’ to bring her home. At the same time, he was holding back a growing uneasiness, his other two team members were shuffling nervously, and Carol was on the edge of panic.
“Alright, we head back to the shuttle and leave the probe to grab the logs. Something’s weird here, might be the atmosphere on this thing, I admit it’s spooky, but we all know I see weird bugs and things other folk miss, and Carol, you’ve had that personal scanner since high school, if it’s saying something weird, something weird is going on. If Captain… Morrison, is still alive after a century in vacuum, he can keep a few more hours until the AI probes can collect him. We’re not equipped for medical evac anyway.”
They stepped back through the hatchway, leaving the probe to its work. Emergency lighting flickered into life, adding a lurid red glare to the tableaux, Mark, last to leave, sharply snapping his head back around as something… He was reminded of a time as a child, he’d turned over a log in his parents’ yard, and hundreds of inch-long centipedes had scurried in panicked circles to escape the sudden glare of sunlight.
Nothing moved, aside from the slow pulsing of rebooting computers.
He followed his people towards the shuttle.
One by one, they made the leap back to the shuttle davit, and boarded, cycling back aboard, and taking their seats. The drone pilot barely moved to acknowledge them, clearly lost in the datefeed from the old computers, and aside from a quick glance across readouts to ensure the data was flowing cleanly to the Mandrake, Mark didn’t disturb the man.
He hit the switch to release the davit clamps, and the popped free. The shuttle turned, and smoothly glided out, aligning with the mothership and headed home. He blinked and shook his head. That motion again, out the corner of his eye. He glanced over, seeing the drone pilot’s faceplate swarming with legs for a fraction of a second.
“Uhh, Josh, you alright there?” He hated breaking into drone pilot concentration, but this wasn’t right, and Carol was gesturing desperately at him from her chair. He reached across, and nudged Josh’s shoulder, the skinsuit collapsing under his fingers and the skull clacking loosely against the faceplate.
Captain Van’tu listened to the soft report coming from Sasha, the scout crew had found the captain of the derelict but were returning early due to some unsettling information they’d found. He didn’t like it, but he also respected human instincts. If skilled officers felt there was a reason to withdraw before mission completion, he knew better than to override the human-on-the-spot.
He’d have a word with Mark later, in private, if necessary, but the man had never been wrong before.
Across the communicator, there was a sudden eruption of yelling, the shuttle on the holo spiralling wildly. Sasha was demanding a clear response from the screaming communicator.
Mark came over the channel. “Abort mission, contamination, alien threat…” His words ended in a gurgling scream, the kind that began high and ended, eventually, in a growling snarl of mortal agony. The line remained open, however, and the entire bridge crew turned to stare, mouths agape, as into the silence the faint sounds of gnawing began to echo.
Sasha shut off the feed with a shaky finger. “Captain, I…”
“I know. Arm several probes, get them to the shuttle, find out what happened and…”
Once more, attention fell to the holo display, as on it, the icon of the shuttle winked red. Sasha motioned, and the focus zoomed in. Where the shuttle had been, a spreading scatter of debris remained.
She pulled up the sidebars again.
“Right before Mark, uh, died, his authorisation codes were used to trigger an overload on the shuttle reactor. We didn’t pick up the feed in real time, they were returning after all, but all of them suffered catastrophic biological distress immediately before their lifesigns cut out. Mark was the last one alive, and severely injured when he triggered the reactor.”
Captain Van’tu shook out his lower hands with a stress-shedding gesture. “The shuttle reactor is in a sealed compartment. He had to get from his chair to the access panel and enter his code, while suffering life threatening injuries which had already killed the rest of his crew?”
“Yes, Captain. I’m sorry, I missed it, my team is still processing the data, but it looks as if the drone pilot ceased responding several minutes before the shuttle departed the wreck. At five minutes into the flight, the three junior officers began exhibiting distress, but gave no verbal alerts. Mark seems to have reacted to something that triggered a fight or flight response, but within a few seconds was exhibiting the same injury markers as the others. At the six-minute mark, he sent his warning, while moving. It appears as if the cessation of his vocalisations was not the end of his life, almost thirty seconds later his code was entered into the shuttle reactor, and it detonated.”
Captain Van’tu moved to his command chair, and sat down, lower hands grasping the armrests, upper hands folding under his chin. “Helm, chart course back to the nearest Alliance outpost, and warm up the jumpcore. Tactical, bring shields to standby and start charging the grasers, I don’t like what’s happening, and I do not want to be caught with our backs turned.”
His crew moved into action, tactical alerts bringing various stations to readiness.
“Sir! We’re receiving a communications request, uh, from the Nebula Star.”
He stared at his communications officer, who looked equally shocked.
“Please, Jen, put them through to the main holo.”
The hovering image of the wreckage that had once been a shuttle vanished, replaced by the familiastrange image of the old bridge, and its captain.
The man was a corpse, there was no debate. The papery skin had pulled back from his eyes and teeth, his nose collapsed inwards, decades of icy coldness and baking heat as the derelict tumbled slowly from shade to sunlight had freeze dried the body, yet, it moved. The jaw flapped open, and the sticklike arms gestured against the command chair arms, clawed fingertips clicking uselessly.
“Gree. Tings. Un. Known. Vess. Sell. I. Am. Cap. Tan. Morr. Iss. Son. We. Come. In. Peace.”
The corpse in the holo quivered and twitched in some horrible mockery of life, the bared grey teeth clicking as the jaw spasmed open and closed, not, Van’tu noted, in time with the words being spoken. Inside the jaws, he also noticed, something black and shiny and segmented.
“I highly doubt you come with any sort of peace in mind, what are you really, and what did you do to the crew of the shuttle who boarded the ship you are on.”
The body twitched, a trickle of black ooze popping free from the corner of the sunken eye socket. Under the dried up eyelid, something squirmed around, curling with segmented motion, a few pointed claws poking briefly free before vanishing once more.
“I. Am. Cap. Tan. Morr. Iss. Son. We. Come. In. Peace. We. Rek. Wire. Ass. Iss. Tan. Sse. Let. Uss. Board.”
An alert flashed from Sashas direction. A gesture diminished Captain Morrison to a corner of the holo and expanded the view of the derelict. Two shuttles of archaic design had just launched from it and begun making their way towards the Mandrake. He muted his pickup and turned to his tactical officer.
“Jeff? They do not get close enough to board.”
“Aye aye sir, tracking has them locked and my grazers are charged.”
“Very good.”
He returned to the holo and reopened the grisly view of the dead man being puppeted on his display.
“You will not be permitted to board my ship. I demand to know who you are, what you represent, and why you are trying to impersonate Captain Morrison.”
“You. Are. Food. You. Have. Use. Full. Tech. Nol. Ogy. We. Will. Take. It. We. Will. Use. You. We. Will. Mul. Tip. Lie. This. Vess. Hell. Came. To. Us. In. Peace. We. Took. It. We. Came. For. Ter. Rah. We. Became. Trapped. We Became. Lethargic. We have waited. Now you have brought us. A new vessel to carry us. To Terra.”
Captain Van’tu shook his head. If these things were familiar with humans, they’d recognise the gesture. For the sake of understanding he’d long ago learned to at least emulate some human body language.
“You will not be allowed to go any further. I have a duty to safeguard the people under my command, and to the people of… Terra.” Whatever this species was, it was not something he wanted anywhere near a colony or, worse, defenceless homeworld, of any of the Allied or friendly species he knew lay between here and Terra herself. Best for all they only had Terra in mind.
“Sir! The incoming shuttles are not going for docking, they’re on a ramming approach! Firing solution lost on bogey one!” The Mandrakes grazers were firing, gunnery crews managing their weapons as they tracked automatically and fired, spearing one of the wildly corkscrewing shuttles with lances of gravitationally focused gamma radiation. The second shuttle however spun, and fell downwards, smashing into the still warming shields, and through, impacting the Mandrakes hull with tremendous speed.
The scouting vessel shuddered. The shuttle had breached through the outer hull and spilled into a mess area.
Thanks to the alert condition, all crew had been in skinsuits, not that this helped the two cooks who had been finishing off the lockdown of the mess kitchen.
Fresh alerts sounded, the sound of which sent crewpeople to arms lockers. Mandrake had been boarded.
Captain Van’tu pointed to his tactical officer. “Destroy that wreck! vaporise it!”
“Sir! Weapons are offline, on-mount crews are reporting power losses.”
Across the bridge, the communications officer looked up. “Reports coming in, boarders are breaking out of mess two!”
The captain snarled. Ancient Garaboosians had warded off predators with that sound, and his teeth bared in an animalistic threat display. He slammed a finger into the appropriate button on his armrest.
“All hands, all hands, defence stations, repel boarders!”
His head snapped around. “Sasha, do we still have telemetry from the drone on the Nebula? If so, I want it to shut that shitheap down, or overload its reactors!”
His science officer acknowledged with an “Aye captain!” and turned to her console.
He returned to his holo. Removed the mute. “You have attacked an Alliance of Free Stars vessel, while using a Terran Alliance vessel reported lost to causes unknown. I am hereby declaring you to be pirates, and you will be treated accordingly. Surrender now and you will be returned to your government or homeworld after serving a prison term to be determined by Admiralty courts.”
He did not expect the thing pretending to be Captain Morrison to surrender.
“There will be no surrender. We will take all you have and all you are. You will be ours to consume and use.”
His tactical alert flashed, somehow, the older ship was charging its weapons systems. He flicked a gesture, and the old vessels appeared, with sidebars. The weapons were underpowered, and normally not really a threat to a modern vessel, but the Mandrake had just been rammed by a shuttle, cutting power to her own weapons, and disrupting her shields, it would take several more minutes to regenerate them.
He glared at the grinning visage of the corpse which was still mimicking life. The left arm was still quivering against the rest, fingertips drumming against a keypad almost identical to his own. From the bottom of the sunken belly of the dead man, a slowly undulating shape crawled, a thick-pincered head, followed by a segmented body flowing with sharp-tipped clawlike legs. It moved upwards and climbed back in through Morrisons throat.
“Captain, boarders have been destroyed. Sir, they were humans, but they were dead. Like mummies. They had some kinds of bugs inside, we had to go in with plasma to clear them out.”
“I see. Ensure all the bulkhead seals around the messhall compartment are still green, and pull everyone back, full medical scans on exit. Once everyone is clear, blow the compartment.”
“Uh, yes, sir, understood. Engineering teams are saying they’ll have full weapons restored in eight minutes.”
“Good. We can’t allow any of these things to get back to inhabited space. I want that wreck vaporised. Mess compartment too.”
He continued to watch the dead mans fingers rattle against the old command chair. And nodded.
“Captain Morrison, it has been an honour. Captain Van’Tu, out.”
In the holo, the corpse finally went still. The creatures which had inhabited him began to swarm, black blood and ichor bursting from his skull as the mother of the monsters which had ridden his body and his ship since they had tricked their way aboard a century before, burst free from her manipulating, feeding grasp in his skull.
“Captain, the drone has fully copied the Nebula Stars database, but is unable to access any critical systems. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay Sasha. When we have weapons available, we’ll finish whatever is left.”
“Sir? I don’t understand what…”
The holo tank cut her off. The Nebula Star had fired its engines, angling towards an intercept with the Mandrake, it needed to be much closer to engage with its much more primitive weapons. As the engines flared to life, fire blossomed across the aft hull. Multiple explosions rippled through it, billowing outwards from within, as the reawakened fusion reactors, initially stirred to life by the probes batteries, then by crawling undead crew hidden in the ships dead spaces, all overloaded, and detonated in a final orgy of self-annihilation.
There was a shudder again, as the Mandrakes crew activated the emergency charges that blew an entire section of the ship into space, carrying with it the bodies of dozens of the Nebula Stars crew, hundreds of incinerated and still crawling parasitic alien monsters, and the corpses of two unfortunate cooks.
“Begin sweeping everything in range with fire, maximum power and aperture, everything must burn. I want medical and bio survey teams going around the clock scanning for any trace of those things that might have breached containment. For the record, I will be recommending the Mandrake be scuttled once all crew are cleared and disembarked. Needless to say, we will not be making any landfall or station docks before then.”
He sat down in his command chair. He couldn’t remember standing up. He stared down at his armrest, and the keypad on it. With the fingers of his bottom left hand, he began typing, sending the results to the main holo where Sasha watched, curious.
ENMY HMWRLD r41429.135 i334451 b-1.791 KILL BURN QURTN
The rest of the sequence was the override code that would trigger the Nebula Star to overload its powerplants and blow itself to pieces before it could be used against its creators.
“Captain? How did you get that message? The log entries are still being processed, but it doesn’t look like anything coherent survived, there’s no co-ordinates in them.” Sasha was confused, and Captain Van’Tu smiled.
“Humans, you’re all the same when it comes down to the wire. Mark blew his shuttle rather than let it dock with those things on board. Even while they ate him alive, he crawled through his command, to do his duty to his species, and to the galaxy. Captain Morrison held off death, kept those things guessing, somehow, as they tried to use him, his ship, to reach Earth, made them keep him in some sort of horrific half-life, until they were distracted enough that he could get back control of his hand. His chair Sasha, same as mine. Probably came out of the same factory, a century apart, and he was typing, while they tried to speak to us, while they tried to board us, shoot us, while we distracted them, he set them up to give us the knowledge he knew we would need to ensure they would never threaten anyone again.”
Fire was still blossoming across the larger area of the holo display, graser weapons detonating fragments of hull with nuclear fire.
“Once we’ve cleared the skies here, we head to an outpost, and start warning the Admiralty. Jobs not over until these things are completely contained.”
103 Years, 4 months, 5 days before.
Jack staggered, his leg still bleeding from where a crewman had slashed at him with fingers broken into sharp bone claws. He’d stamped the mans head until the skull popped, rupturing the centipede thing curled inside. He was close. The familiar, once comforting hallways of the Nebula Star had become nightmarish, red lighting and blotches of gore, streaks of blood on the pristine walls, he was living in a horror game, but he had a job to finish.
He pushed off the wall he’d leant against. Behind him, he could hear screaming, and begging. He didn’t stop. It was a trick. They found the noises amusing, and mimicked them, discovering that it could draw in ‘helpers’ they could ambush.
Aft section, frame fourteen, jumpcore bay. He slapped the button, and fell through the door as it slid open. Inside, the bay was immaculate, no-one had been in here since this had started. How they had gotten aboard, he didn’t know.
Inside the skull of a landing team member, he could guess.
He knelt beside the humming machinery. His vision was going grey around the edges, he could feel dripping around his knees, he was kneeling in a pool of his own blood after only a few seconds, he didn’t have long.
He pushed his burden against the drive casing, the chem-catalyst agent on the back bonding it to the drive with a molecular weld.
He pressed the keypad of the emergency c4 cannister, the detonator arming with a beep, and a green telltale.
He typed in a code, short, sweet, he’d forgotten it by the time he reached the end, it didn’t matter. The disarm code was only for when you wanted to be able to stop the countdown. Ten seconds.
They reached him, before it finished counting. Inside his brain, they couldn’t find the code to stop the bomb.
The Nebula Star would not reach Terra, he made sure of that.
As the jumpcore failed, blowing a ragged hole out of the sleek hull, a single shuttle spun away from the boatbay, damaged, lifeless, cold and drifting outwards into the depths of space, the mutilated human corpse within stirring once with scurrying life, then going still.
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2023.06.03 03:45 jfphil Extrusion Troubles

Please help! My printer (an Ender 5+) prints a bunch of layers completely fine but then suddenly the hot end gets clogged causing severe under-extrusion for the next few layers, after which it rights itself. But after the print is done, I can just snap the object in two where the clog occurred. I've replaced the nozzle, calibrated temperature and e-steps, installed an all metal extruder, and flashed the software. Nothing has worked. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.03 03:44 tempestuousknave [Online][5E][UTC-05] Sunday Morning Party of Three looking for a Fourth

System: 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
Platform: Discord (Voice) + Foundry
Time: 7:00AM Central, Sunday mornings
Age: 30+
Prior Sessions: 5
Level: 3
Party comp: An assassin, a hexblade and a war cleric walk into a bar...
Blurb: A democratic state is wedged between two restive nations, maintaining independence through delicate balance of power and keen diplomacy. To the North the tyrant king expands his reportedly undead reach. To the South a thousand year dynasty faces upheaval as the royals fall in battle and allegiances are shaken. Elves meddle, dwarves raid, gnomes boil children and halflings boil potatoes. Amidst this turbulent backdrop, you, noble adventurer, seek to exterminate rats and fetch macguffins for a few silver more.
World: Homebrew window dressing on a popular third party setting.
Game type: Fairly-classic-fantasy, fiction first with a little bit of crunch. Low-moderate lethality - death is a possibility but not a certainty.
DM: 42/he/him, only played the last 5-10 years. Pretty well grounded in mechanics, not so much with the lore. There may be discrepancies between my characterization and DnD canon; I’m okay with that.
Party: Heroic/good leaning. 4 is ideal. 50% is quorum. Present players may pilot absent players’ characters. Frequently absent or late players will be replaced.
Players: 30+, punctual, attentive, team oriented. Should be willing to do a little work out of session to be prepared for their role in session.
Content: There will be violence and a bit of foul language, but let’s not get too descriptive in that vein. Rape, racism, and sexual assault aren’t themes I’d like to explore. Everyone at the table should feel comfortable.
Maps: Always for battle. I find theater of the mind combat arbitrary and capricious. Battlemaps will be 25% gorgeous maps that I sourced, 50% crummy maps that I’ve made, and 25% grid and rough sketches because I wasn’t expecting things to happen. I’m not a fan of world maps. I mean I love them, just not as party GPS. No hex-crawling here.
Character Creation:
House Rules
Fractional Rest Variant: Allows casters to recover a portion of expended resources every day rather than weekly (gritty) or between arcs (safe haven).
How to apply Send a message here or an email to my gmail. Tell me enough about yourself to get a sense of you. Bonus for commentary/criticism/concerns regarding the house rules. I'll do an interview on the weekend. You interview me, I'll interview you. Applying that mindset -that it's not about getting accepted but about finding the right match for all interested parties- to any interview, job or game, typically means people interview better and enjoy themselves more, and with any luck find the right match for all involved parties.
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2023.06.03 03:42 caroleenaesc Tandem T: Slim X2 Pump Out of Range Alert and Invalid Transmitter ID

Hi there,
It is most likely you are either panicking or frustrated after not being able to fix your CGM readings. If you have restarted your pump and re-entered your transmitter ID and code and the same issue is occurring (first seeing an out-of-range alert and an invalid transmitter ID alert), then there is no option but to call Tandem (Head Corporation and Press 2). They will ask you minor questions to make sure there are no mistakes like making sure you entered the right ID, etc. They will have you restart your pump again and do the same process. There might be an awkward moment during the phone call as you have to refill your cannula and then restart your CGM. Make sure to wait about 5 -7 mins to make sure the same alerts don't appear. I had a kind and patient lady who was willing to wait with me to make sure the issue was resolved however it wasn't. Unfortunately, got the same two alerts. Following that I was transferred to Dexcom to receive a new transmitter as it could have been defective ( I had worn it for a week so I'm quite confused about that). Hoping this resolves the issue, however, I will post an update if even in this step, the issue isn't resolved! Good Luck!
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2023.06.03 03:41 tillywhacks Help With Something Small

Hello! I hope this is allowed, I only saw the two sub rules.
I need a little help with something small for a friend. I use clip studio paint to sketch but I'm not strong with all its features and a rampant Google search yielded me a lot that I couldn't quite make sense of.
I am trying to edit something for a friend by placing an image inside a square without it sitting on top of a smaller square within the same frame. Is there a special trick to this that isn't just erasing a small part of the copied image?
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2023.06.03 03:37 ParkingLotParks I Came Out to My Cis Husband

I (trans man) came out to my husband (cis male) in March. I had been battling the dysphoria and basically fighting my trans-ness for two years before I came out to him. I have known since I was very very young though. We have been together a bit over five years at this point. Admittedly I was not sure he would ever accept me. When we married he was Christian, close minded, and right-wing. He has changed remarkably, we both have. We are both leftists, we are politically active, we are atheists. But still, I wasn’t certain that he could come to terms with “his wife” transitioning. That was on part of why I kept it to myself for so long. I do not have debilitating body related dysphoria thankfully, but the social dysphoria was becoming too difficult and I was becoming more and more agoraphobic. That with COVID meant I was losing a lot of my hobbies and a lot of my personality. So I decided it was time to come out. When I told him, it wasn’t easy, but his response was still loving. He had some hesitations in regards to our relationship. He was not completely sure if he’d be attracted to me as a man, and he felt that it was a very complicated life change so he was pretty nervous. However, after lots of conversations about what our future looks like now (especially regarding children and our family’s reactions) he is completely on board haha. He bought me an MLM Pride flag and a Trans Flag and hung them up in my desk space. To celebrate the first day of pride month he took me to buy Men’s clothing. He helped me clear out my old wardrobe. He is taking extra time off to celebrate at the Pride Festival. And he goes with me everywhere, because we are not in a safe state.
He loves to see me find joy in a tank top of wearing all of his clothes all of the time haha. We have been working out together for over a month now lifting weights, we play Basketball on the weekends, and I’m learning his favorite video games. It’s wonderful. I thank him often for accepting me. I told him once during our life conversations that it’s okay if he isn’t into a man and I wouldn’t hate him if he decided it wasn’t for him. He told me that, although he appreciates the acceptance for him he feels like he fell in love with who I am and he is all in and committed to us. He told me he would explore his sexuality as he hadn’t considered before (and I did not want to be the exception to the rule if you know what I mean) and now he tells me when he sees cute men in public and we chat like the best friends that we are.
For context we are both vers. I had asked him if it’s harder to view me as a man after we engage with my reproductive organs and he said of course not. He then proceeded to tell me that for one marriage he has got a lot of experience and he said “it’s like getting a free trial and then upgrading to premium” 😂
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2023.06.03 03:37 Beanie_Inki The 1800 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way

The 1800 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way
Attorney General: Charles Lee (1798-1800)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: John Jay (1798-1800)
Secretary of Finance: Oliver Wolcott Jr. (1798-1800)
Secretary of War: James McHenry (1798-1800)

With the grand success of the National Party in the Assembly, Hamilton got to work with waging his war against France. Securing an alliance with Britain through the Treaty of London, America would soon find itself at war with France and its ally Spain.
Through a combination of France and Spain being stretched too thin to fight effectively, and America possessing a gargantuan military thanks to its levée en masse policy, the Gulf of Mexico was successfully blockaded, and the colonial forces starved. America would then conquer its way through Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean until it stood as a champion.
However, instead of making peace and consolidating the new territories, Hamilton had committed to a great gamble by, with the approval of the British, sending American troops directly to Europe to help put down the French Revolution for Good.

The American Revolution was a revolution of intellectuals; elites coming together to organize an overthrow of British rule, guiding the people along the way. The end result was initially instability, under the mob rule provided by the Articles of Confederation, but when the new Constitution came into effect, stability came and America prospered. The same could not be said for France.
The French Revolution was a revolution of the mob; angry men coming out to vent themselves by storming buildings, ransacking cities, and plunging the nation into a sea of blood. Royals, nobles, religious figures, anyone suspected of being an opponent of the revolution was sent to the guillotine. It was one thing to throw off the shackles of tyranny; it was another thing altogether to frenziedly execute anyone associated with the old order.
Though the Jacobin Club had been dissolved long ago, its ideals have not. There are still many radicals in the world who continue to unwaveringly support such ideals even in the face of the French themselves rejecting it; the Committee of Public Safety had been overthrown many years ago in favor of the more moderate Directorate. Chief among these remaining Jacobins was Thomas Paine, the head of the Country Party’s radicals. It was one thing to be a Jacobin; it was another thing entirely to be a Hébertist like him.
With the damage done by Jacobinism as clear as day, Hamilton knew what he had to do. For the sake of not just America, for the sake of not just Europe, but for the sake of the world, the French Revolution had to be stamped out for good. McHenry was shortsighted. It was too risky to just indirectly assist the British. As Jay had prescribed, America had to go to Europe and take the fight directly to France’s shores.
This would be a watershed moment in American history; Alexander Hamilton, the first governor of the United States, had held the burden of every one of his actions setting a precedent for future governors to follow, yet none would be quite like this one. America was destined to be actively involved in the world, and for sure every governor following Hamilton would look back to him to deal with their foreign policy. God save America, for there was no turning back now.

Just as Charles Lee was about to strike at the heart of the Friendly Tribune and make an example of their leaders, Hamilton requested a meeting with him. Happy to finally be in contact with someone else in the executive branch, he complied and met with the governor.
Hamilton met with Lee regarding public order; sending troops abroad was highly unpopular. Even the newspapers which usually backed Hamilton even in his darkest times were questioning the wisdom of sending troops across the sea. What business would America have fighting in Europe? It made sense to punish the French and their allies in Madrid for their misdeeds and to seize their North American holdings, but there was no land to gain in Europe. The land there was not to colonize, for it was the homeland of colonizers.
Hamilton had a simple request for Lee: don’t let the newspapers know a thing about the war in Europe. If anything bad happened, even if it was small, the newspapers would go nuts over it, and the people would follow. Hamilton specifically requested that the Security Act be invoked as soon as any newspaper started speaking up, and that the use of National Marshals against such papers be liberal.
“The papers are your enemy, the papers are your enemy. The isolationists are your enemy, the pacifists are your enemy, the pacifists are your enemy. Write that in your journal 100 times.” was what Lee was told by Hamilton. So, with gusto, he got to work keeping every goddamn paper in-line.
Unfortunately for Hamilton, it wasn’t just the public he had to worry about, as he had to now contend with the sole cabinet member who opposed his decision: Secretary of War James McHenry. This was inevitable. If he sided with McHenry, he’d have to confront Jay. Regardless, he had to get McHenry to support this since waging a war was going to be difficult without the secretary of war supporting said war.
The meeting was brief, as McHenry’s opposition stemmed less from the idea of sending troops to Europe and more so because he believed that it wasn’t winnable and also that the troops would be better off pacifying the newly-occupied territories. Hamilton reassured him of victory being possible, citing the army’s size swelling to almost 6-digits from its already massive size of 80,000 at the war’s start. Furthermore, Hamilton reminded McHenry of the Security Act’s potency in dealing with uppity non-citizens and Attorney General Lee’s efficiency in enforcing the act. National Marshals would be fine enough to secure the territories while the bulk of the army was in Europe, though a small force would be left behind to deal with it.
It seemed the meeting was over, but McHenry had one last concern to mention, on behalf of Secretary of Finance Wolcott, who had been frequently absent for “personal reasons” since the passage of the Fourteen Points. The problem was that of funding such an operation. Funding was generally fine for most of the war due to the Economic Reorganization Act, but fighting such a war in Europe was risky from a fiscal perspective. Hamilton reassured McHenry that he had a plan in mind just in case the money ran dry, though he wouldn’t elaborate. Satisfied, the meeting ended, and Hamilton got to speaking with Britain over the Jay Plan.

For once, William Grenville would see the governor himself, as opposed to John Jay. He could only hope that whatever happened here would leave a good impression; he had high expectations for such a man like Hamilton. Though, he knew little about why this meeting was called on such short notice, and why Hamilton himself was even there to begin with.
So, the meeting began. Hamilton first began to ask questions about what was going on regarding the European theater. Grenville answered by bringing up the two main campaigns: the slightly successful campaign in Holland, and the stalemating campaign in Italy and Switzerland. The former was only successful due to the arrival of Prussian forces, which had been turning the tide of war, while the latter was a stalemate due to mountainous terrain making offensives nearly impossible against the might of the French Army.
The Battle of Novi, which resulted in a victory for Austro-Prussian forces in Italy.
With that now known, Hamilton informed Grenville of his intention to send American troops over to Europe in order to assist in putting down the French Republic. Furthermore, to surely get Grenville’s approval, he even claimed he intended to go himself. This completely stunned Grenville. Though he knew that Hamilton had a preference for Britain over France, he was still a revolutionary, and him outright planning to send troops across the Atlantic to put one down seemed completely backwards. Still, help was help, and so he happily informed Hamilton that such action would be appreciated.
Of course, the devil was always in the details. The American Army was an extremely large army. If there was one similarity between America and France, it was that they both practiced levée en masse. With all of those troops, lots of food, ammunition, and other supplies were going to be needed to keep them supplied enough to fight. Hamilton acknowledged that he could only give them so many supplies. The bulk of their supplies once they arrived would have to be from Britain and other nations in the Coalition. Wanting nothing more than the final destruction of the French Revolution, Grenville promised logistical support for the troops.
Viewing the meeting as successful, the two ended it there. Hamilton was set to take an unprecedented action; America was going to fight across the sea. Such an action had untold rewards, but doing so possessed unbelievable risks. If anyone could prevail, however, it would be Hamilton.

American troops had landed in Europe, ready to fight. The journey took a bit longer than expected; the seas were rougher than usual, but they still made it. This was it. This was the twilight of the French Revolution.
Unfortunately, back at home, the press caught wind of the staggering number of America’s men landing in Europe. While nothing bad had happened to them yet, Hamilton had underestimated just how much the public opposed any action in Europe.
Despite the best efforts of Attorney General Lee, the press was able to make hay with this. Particularly, that damned Friendly Tribune, right before its final shutdown after Lee had discovered its headquarters in the basement of a building that was supposed to be for textile manufacturing. The whole damn place was run by Quakers. Lee felt incredibly stupid for not making the blatantly obvious connection earlier. Regardless, the newspaper was destroyed in one fell swoop, and those who worked for it were subsequently arrested and convicted.
But this wasn’t going to be the end of it. Absolutely not. The news was out there. Shutting down the papers wouldn’t make that any less true. Already, people were visibly angry about it. Protests began popping up in Philadelphia, and Quakers were running amok denouncing the intervention in Europe. Lee had failed his one job, God help him.

What a disaster. Hamilton was all the way in Europe fighting, the people had just gotten wind of the highly unpopular direct intervention, and worst of all, it was election season. Whether Hamilton forgot or simply didn’t care was up in the air. Regardless, for the first time since the Whiskey Rebellion, Hamilton’s allies felt like they would lose.
The National Party was very divided on the direct intervention. They were already divided on the matter of war to begin with; passing the Mobilization Act was no easy feat. But taking the fight to Europe? Many in the party had privately found Hamilton to be insufferable, and a small few in the Assembly began to openly criticize the war. Senate President Pinckney, who acted as governor in Hamilton’s absence, could only thank God that the Senate Nationals had more party discipline.
The Country Party, on the other hand, was vehemently opposed to the war from day one. They saw it as completely ridiculous and counterproductive considering they were a revolutionary nation; what kind of revolutionary nation fights other revolutionary nations? The initial war in North America swayed some of them and the anti-war public into supporting it due to the successes, but war in Europe was insane.
Yet this war was so controversial, that it broke the two-party system. The Quakers, who found no home in either party due to their opposition to mobilization and war as a whole, which made the National Party unfit for them, and their opposition to slavery and Revolutionary France’s worst excesses made the Country Party unfit for them. So, under the leadership of famed abolitionist Elias Hicks, a new party was born from the ideals of the Quakers: the Friendship Party.
Elias Hicks, Quaker, abolitionist, and founder of the Friendship Party.

National Party
The cockade of the National Party.
The National Party stands as the nation’s dominant party. With a supermajority in the Assembly and a working supermajority in the Senate, the nation bows to the whims of the party; more often than not the wishes of Governor Hamilton. The Nationals support Hamilton’s entire domestic program of the Fourteen Points, high tariffs, internal improvements, and defending the Bank.
The party, however, stands in its most divided state since the Whiskey Rebellion. With many members already skeptical of the Mobilization Act and the prospect of war with France, Hamilton’s decision to personally lead American troops into Europe has caused factionalism to once more present itself in the party, with a noticeable chunk of the party opposing such action.
The Louisianans are the less dominant, more moderate faction of the party, headed by Massachusetts Governor John Adams. While still remaining mostly loyal to Governor Hamilton, they do hold some opposition to his domestic policies, most notably the levée en masse provision of the Mobilization Act. Most notably, however, is their opposition to Hamilton’s current foreign policy. The Louisianans are highly opposed to directly intervening in Europe, believing that consolidating the newly conquered territories, most notably Louisiana, is much more beneficial to the nation than recklessly sending American troops overseas, instead favoring indirectly supporting the Coalition through giving arms and loans.
The Rejuvenationists are the current dominant faction of the party, and are obstinately loyal to Governor Hamilton. Headed by Senate President Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, they dance to the tune of Hamilton’s every word as they lend their support towards his complete domestic agenda alongside supporting rigorous enforcement of the Mobilization Act’s levée en masse provision. On foreign policy, they believe in continuing the war until the French Revolution is fully stamped out, in order to destroy the threat of Jacobinism one and for all and rejuvenate America’s standing in the global community. Most controversially, some radicals in the faction have even proposed a postwar military alliance with Britain in order to ensure a maintenance of the postwar order.

Country Party
The cockade of the Country Party.
The Country Party has, for most of its history so far, been a joke of a party. Opposing Hamilton’s popular agenda and being dominated by radicals alienated many voters, resulting in it never finding a true mandate in the Assembly. However, with Hamilton’s direct intervention in Europe causing the greatest uproar against the governor since the Whiskey Rebellion, the party may finally find a chance to win.
Opposing Hamilton’s domestic agenda, the party calls for a reduction in tariffs, an end to the whiskey tax, and an exit from the war paired with an immediate repeal of the Mobilization Act. However, the party still holds factions, with radicals calling for an end to national internal improvement programs, the bank, and even the standing army, while moderates wish to see a continuation of internal improvements, a reduction in the power of the bank, and the maintenance of a voluntary standing army.
The Normalists are the moderates, headed by Assembly Minority Leader DeWitt Clinton. Calling for a return to normalcy from the turbulent rule of the National Party, the Normalists call for an immediate peace, a repeal of the Security Act, a reduction in tariffs and the whiskey tax, and the pursuit of American neutrality. However, unlike their more radical counterparts, they still believe in national internal improvement programs and only weakening the Bank. Furthermore, they don’t believe in abolishing the standing army, viewing it to be necessary to fight both domestic and foreign threats to national sovereignty.
The Brumaireians are the radicals, headed by former Assembly Minority Leader Thomas Paine. The Brumaireians support a peace treaty with France and Spain containing compensation for the conquered territories, and an issuing of arms shipments and loans to Revolutionary France, viewing them as fellow revolutionaries fighting a fight not so different from America’s own decades prior. On domestic affairs, they favor a complete repeal of the entire Fourteen Points and the Mobilization Act, alongside abolishing the Bank, national internal improvements, the whiskey tax, all protective tariffs, and the standing army, viewing them all as threats to liberty and proof of the urban class conspiring to dominate the common farmer.

Friendship Party
*Note: This is a write-in option only.*
The cockade of the Friendship Party.
The newest party to join the American political scene, the oddly named Friendship Party seeks to further the interests of the Quaker cause, and especially the cause of pacifism. Headed by famed abolitionist Elias Hicks, the party seeks to combine various ideas from both parties paired with abolitionism. They take from the National Party’s disdain for Revolutionary France and their high support for merchants. They take from the Country Party’s support for peace and their opposition to the Mobilization Act, the Security Act, and the standing army. Their syncretic ideals are further represented by their notable members, with Moses Brown representing the merchants, William Savery representing the pro-Indian rights activists, and Robert Pleasants representing the rural folk.
However, due to the party’s affiliation with a small religious group, their hardline pacifism and abolitionism, and the fact that they’ve only just formed, the party is not even known to most voters, and is not projected to get many, if any seats. Furthermore, Quakers are mostly based in the Mid-Atlantic, and consequently, the Friendship Party is only able to run candidates in that area, with all of the candidates requiring write-ins due to not being included on the ballot.
Who are you voting for in this election?
View Poll
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2023.06.03 03:36 PatientCurrent4608 Off my chest: am I wrong for being upset at my husband’s family for changing our childcare plans?

I (26F) and my husband (28M) recently welcomed our first child into the world last month and I am currently on maternity leave and expected to return to work in mid July. I’ve had a history of bad anxiety and difficulty holding a decent job until the place I currently work at now, and I am really stressed about returning to work so having those first couple of weeks as low stress as possible is really important to me. Prior to giving birth, we had planned to have both his parents and mine alternate watching our baby girl each week (three days a week since I am only part time). Recently his step brother, who is in the military and lives a few states away from us, found out he and his family are getting moved to CA to be stationed on the coast. (We live in the midwest). My husbands family has offered to help them move and is spending two months of the summer helping them and their two kids which just so happens to overlap with me returning to work. As far as I know, they offered to help us out before finding out about this big move for the military. My main problem is his family told us multiple times they would help us out “whenever we needed night or day” and now that offer has been pushed aside to help their golden child move states. Although my parents are happy to help, they live two hours away (compared to his family only living 40 minutes away) and need to get a pet friendly air bnb each time they visit for their two dogs, which can get pricey after a while. My parents have already helped us so much financially over the years and have changed their retirement plans in order to stay closer to where we live, and I don’t want them to feel like they need to cancel more plans and spend more money to fill in the child care gap even though I know they love seeing her. My husband told me I am being childish and immature, but I would have been looking into other childcare options months ago to prepare if I knew plans were going to change. I feel his family could’ve split their time more evenly between us and his older brother’s family, and my husband could’ve received a more definitive time commitment from them months ago. Because his parents bought a house close to the base in the state his brother and his wife were stationed at when they had their first child to help out, my husband had assumed they would go above and beyond for us too which is clearly not the case. My husband didn’t know his dad growing up until he was around 10-12 years old so now he is very defensive about his relationship with his dad even though I feel justified in being upset that helping us out is clearly not a priority for them. Yes we chose to have a child and finding care is on us, but the same could be said about my husbands brother and wife who just had a baby a few months before me. My husband says it’s more important for his dad and stepmom to help them move than it is to help us right now , but as a first time mom, I’m honestly offended that he is minimizing my need for support during a time when I feel like I’ll need it most.
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2023.06.03 03:36 ParkingLotParks I Came Out to My Cis Husband

I (trans man) came out to my husband (cis male) in March. I had been battling the dysphoria and basically fighting my trans-ness for two years before I came out to him. I have known since I was very very young though. We have been together a bit over five years at this point. Admittedly I was not sure he would ever accept me. When we married he was Christian, close minded, and right-wing. He has changed remarkably, we both have. We are both leftists, we are politically active, we are atheists. But still, I wasn’t certain that he could come to terms with “his wife” transitioning. That was on part of why I kept it to myself for so long. I do not have debilitating body related dysphoria thankfully, but the social dysphoria was becoming too difficult and I was becoming more and more agoraphobic. That with COVID meant I was losing a lot of my hobbies and a lot of my personality. So I decided it was time to come out. When I told him, it wasn’t easy, but his response was still loving. He had some hesitations in regards to our relationship. He was not completely sure if he’d be attracted to me as a man, and he felt that it was a very complicated life change so he was pretty nervous. However, after lots of conversations about what our future looks like now (especially regarding children and our family’s reactions) he is completely on board haha. He bought me an MLM Pride flag and a Trans Flag and hung them up in my desk space. To celebrate the first day of pride month he took me to buy Men’s clothing. He helped me clear out my old wardrobe. He is taking extra time off to celebrate at the Pride Festival. And he goes with me everywhere, because we are not in a safe state.
He loves to see me find joy in a tank top of wearing all of his clothes all of the time haha. We have been working out together for over a month now lifting weights, we play Basketball on the weekends, and I’m learning his favorite video games. It’s wonderful. I thank him often for accepting me. I told him once during our life conversations that it’s okay if he isn’t into a man and I wouldn’t hate him if he decided it wasn’t for him. He told me that, although he appreciates the acceptance for him he feels like he fell in love with who I am and he is all in and committed to us. He told me he would explore his sexuality as he hadn’t considered before (and I did not want to be the exception to the rule if you know what I mean) and now he tells me when he sees cute men in public and we chat like the best friends that we are.
For context we are both vers. I had asked him if it’s harder to view me as a man after we engage with my reproductive organs and he said of course not. He then proceeded to tell me that for one marriage he has got a lot of experience and he said “it’s like getting a free trial and then upgrading to premium” 😂
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2023.06.03 03:36 Frogsplosion How did you pick your first army?

The more rules get slow rolled out and the more I learn them the more I've been picking apart the faction focuses and looking at all the different options, it's a little overwhelming.
There are enough differences in playstyle between each army that it's really tough to narrow down just what kind of game I'd like to play, let alone what kind of models I want to stare at for awhile given the financial investment.
So far Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons and Adepta Sororitas seem to be in the lead but I still see a lot of potential in CSM, Chaos Knights, GSC, Grey Knights or maybe one of the other factions with a primarch like World Eaters or Dark Angels.
It's also hard because I'm torn between my two loves, an obscenely tactical hyper utilitarian playstyle and an unga bunga smash face go hard hyper specialization playstyle.
Both appeal to me for different reasons, and being such a heavily mechanics focused player in every other game I frequent makes the whole "just play what looks cool" mentality rather hard to adhere to.
What did you all pick as your first army and why? Did you regret it? What did you wish you knew about it beforehand?
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2023.06.03 03:33 DailyHoroscopeIndia Today's Horoscope! (3rd of June, 2023)✨

If you have any specific questions about your sub-sign, please ask those in comments below!
♈️ Aries: Single Aries should be on the lookout for an electric connection with Taurus and Cancer signs. Those in relationships can revel in the stability and confidence of their bond. Jupiter's energy is a great opportunity to save or invest wisely. Health-wise, prioritize active lifestyle over screen time to combat stress and sleeplessness. Travel-wise, Slovakia is the ideal destination for an enchanting experience. Luck-wise, baby pink and lime green are your talismans today, and you may want to consider testing your luck in the stock market. Emotionally, patience and tranquility are your allies, so try to let go of unnecessary worries.
♉️ Taurus: Single Taureans should be ready for a touch of nostalgia to fill their day, and consider exploring the world of online dating. For those already in a relationship, meaningful conversations about family expansion or new places to call home lie ahead. At work, engaging in lively conversations with colleagues will help uncover their unique personalities, and may even present an opportunity to pocket some extra cash. To tackle stress, prioritize relaxation and mindfulness to counter its impact on physical health. For travel, Los Angeles is the perfect destination to sweep you away in its mesmerizing charm. Embrace the energies of numbers 61, 2, 33, 59, and 6, as they hold your luck today, but approach the stock market with caution. Finally, cherished memories from your childhood may bubble to the surface, bringing warmth and smiles. If revisiting some of the more challenging pieces from the past becomes overwhelming, seek the guidance of a therapist.
♊️ Gemini: Single Geminis, today is the day to embrace your craving for passion. Long-term couples should be prepared to tackle important decisions that will shape the future of your partnership, uniting you in strength. Professionally, it's time to be extra vigilant at work and stay alert to make a difference in your bottom line. Health-wise, be cautious with physical exertion and allow your body the rest it needs to maintain optimal well-being. Travel-wise, discover the wonders of a Canadian city for an invigorating and unique experience. Luck-wise, envelop yourself in the hue of yellow to bring a surge of luck to your day. Emotionally, be gentle with yourself as unresolved feelings resurface and seek the support of a therapist to help illuminate your emotional journey.
♋️ Cancer: Single Cancerians, Leo companionship will bring sparks of excitement into your life today. For those already in a relationship, it is important to refine your communication style to ensure your partner truly understands your message. Professionally, it may be difficult to stay productive and motivated, so be sure to stay vigilant and avoid being caught slacking off by your superiors. Health-wise, take advantage of the vitality and strength your body offers you, but be mindful of any potential emotional turbulence if you have previously dealt with depression or anxiety. Travel-wise, Ankara, Turkey awaits your arrival for an unforgettable journey. Luck-wise, the numbers 8, 22, 10, 42, 92, and 85 will bring you good fortune. Avoid gambling to protect your valuable luck. Emotionally, the Moon's influence will tug at your feelings. Take some time to reflect on your emotions and practice self-compassion.
♌️ Leo: Today is a day to bask in the glow of your ruling planet, the Sun! Whether you are in a place of joy or sorrow in your personal life, you can rest assured that today will bring you warmth. Your unrelenting drive at work will be admired by your peers and your financial status is improving, giving you a more secure foundation. Make sure to stay hydrated and treat yourself to a vitamin C serum to keep your skin looking radiant. If you're feeling adventurous, consider a trip to Bosnia, where locals and beauty will make for an unforgettable journey. Let the vibrant shade of turquoise guide your luck today and expect serendipity to grace you in social gatherings. To manage stress, find healthier ways to cope such as exercise, and nurture your emotional well-being to watch your potential soar.
♍️ Virgo: For those in a partnership, today is a great day to have a meaningful dialogue about finances. Let honesty and partnership guide the conversation. For those flying solo, watch out for sparks as captivating Scorpio vibes fire up your allure. Professionally, use your ingenuity to come up with money-saving tactics like swapping restaurant fare for homemade meals. Your workday should be smooth sailing with gentle waves of productivity. Health-wise, if you're feeling signs of depression or anxiety, reach out to your therapist. Remember, seeking assistance is vital to mental wellness and a commendable step. Travel-wise, explore the vibrant culture of São Luís, Brazil. A beautiful city bursting with life, it awaits to leave you awestruck. Finally, embrace a rush of good fortune as lucky numbers 8, 22, 49, 93, 85, and 12 dance throughout your day, sprinkling blessings every step of the way. You're also finding solace in your newfound skin, so bask in the pride of your magnificent metamorphosis.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day for romance and contemplation for solo Libra signs. Long-term unions should prepare for loving discussions to evolve to a deeper level. Financially, it's time to create a strategy to ease your monetary management, as an increased workload may come your way. Health-wise, be mindful of skin sensitivities and hydrate generously. Travel-wise, Nauru is calling your name and promises to be an enchanting journey. Lucky numbers 38, 92, 3, 19, and 6 are here to bring you luck, so don't forget to clutch your talisman for an extra dose of fortune. Finally, banish self-doubt and step into your power with confidence and daring. Unwind and recharge by exchanging inspiring conversations with kindred spirits.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day to focus on communication and connection. United Scorpio signs should take the time to express their feelings and let their partner know what is on their mind. Financially, things are looking up, so if you have been considering a career change, now is the time to explore your options. Health-wise, it is important to prioritize an eye exam and make sure to get some exercise before bed. Travel-wise, Serbia is calling your name and offering a chance to explore its captivating wonders. Lucky numbers 9, 3, 20, 92, 33, 49, and 5 are in your favor, but the stars advise against any gambling pursuits. Lastly, if you have been thinking of a beloved family member, make sure to reach out and cherish the moments spent together.
♐️ Sagittarius: Single Sagittarians should be on the lookout for fiery connections, while committed archers should take a step back and focus on their own internal stability before attempting any heartfelt conversations. Financially, it may be a difficult day, so it is important to seek advice from trusted confidants before making any decisions. Health-wise, it is important to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine in order to maintain equilibrium. Travel-wise, Ravenna, Italy is a great destination to explore and experience its captivating charm. Luck is on your side today with numbers 64, 22, 2, and 88, so take advantage of this prosperity by looking into stock market opportunities. Finally, revel in the joy of your newfound life path and embrace the personal power that the stars have illuminated for you.
♑️ Capricorn: Today is a day of magnetic attraction for solo Capricorns, as enigmatic water signs draw near. Those in committed relationships can rest assured in the stability and trust of their past experiences. At work, you may be challenged to collaborate with a less-liked colleague, but your finances remain solid. Health should be a priority today, and if any toothaches persist, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Traveling to the resplendent city of Fuji, Japan, is highly recommended to ignite your sense of wanderlust. Numerical synchronicities 12, 84, 3, 2, and 59 will bring luck and deeper meaning to your day. Finally, feel the tides of improvement swell within you, a testament to your growth and revelations. Embrace your ever-evolving nature with courage and grace.
♒️ Aquarius: Venus is blessing you with harmonious energy, so it's the perfect time to make plans with your love. If you're single, you may find yourself drawn to Gemini charmers. Professionally, focus on productivity and don't let perfectionism get in the way. Health-wise, take care of yourself and don't forget to look after your teeth. Travel-wise, Columbus is calling you with its vibrant experiences. Luck-wise, Jupiter is sending you good vibes and the numbers 5, 84, 10, 21, 38, and 43, as well as the color yellow will bring you extra fortune. Emotionally, the Moon's influence means your emotions will be on a roller coaster ride today, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.
♓️ Pisces: For those who are single, a harmonious connection may form with stylish Taurus individuals. For those in relationships, communication hiccups may arise, so it is important to navigate them with patience and understanding. Pisces in retail should brace for a busy day and take breaks and snacks to prevent burnout. Health-wise, dental care should be taken seriously and black coffee should be consumed in moderation. Austria is calling for a visit, offering remarkable experiences and picturesque landscapes. Lucky numbers for today are 73, 99, 10, 32, 64, and 20, so keep an eye out for financial fortune. Lastly, embrace the healing power of quality time with friends and family, sharing heartfelt hugs and making cherished memories.

Check out today's Hora

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2023.06.03 03:33 shangwuyingyu061 Ms. Yan fled to the United States

Ms. Yan fled to the United States
Guo Wengui has been arrested in the United States in connection with a $1 billion fraud. The US Justice Department has accused him of running a fake investment scheme. Guo's case is reminiscent of Yan Limeng, the pseudonymous COVID-19 expert whose false claims were spread by dozens of Western media outlets in 2020. Ms. Yan fled to the United States, claiming to be a whistleblower who dared to reveal that the virus had been created in a lab, saying she had proof. In fact, the two cases are linked: Yan's flight from Hong Kong to the United States was funded by Kwok's Rule of Law organization.
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2023.06.03 03:33 Esspecialy Regulation D Teams?

Recently I asked what teams people have been making in preparation for regulation D. Now that we have the actual rule sets and it’s been a day or two, I want to see how the metas developed since then and what teams people have come up with.
So what teams have you made?
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2023.06.03 03:30 AutoModerator [Get] Simpler Trading – Triple Play Strategy Download

[Get] Simpler Trading – Triple Play Strategy Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-simpler-trading-triple-play-strategy-download
Want to exploit market uncertainty for steady profits?
Introducing Bruce’s “Triple Play Strategy”
Bruce poured his 33+ years of experience as a full-time trader into this strategy. While other traders are getting their accounts shredded into bits, Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy allows him to dial the risk up or down to match the current conditions. It gives him two reliable ways to trade – hitting market curve balls while avoiding account “strikeouts.” This is how he can profit in multiple scenarios with just one simple strategy. Because Bruce has been so successful with the Triple Play strategy, he agreed to do an in depth training on exactly how and when he uses this powerful strategy.
In this step-by-step course you’ll discover how to:
  • How to predictably harness volatility with one simple setup
  • How to adapt your strategy for bullish, neutral, or bearish conditions
  • How to dial your risk up or down automatically to match the market
  • How I’ve achieved double-digit annual returns 7-years in a row
  • What it means to have a “theta friendly” strategy (and why it’s so important)
  • The “rinse, repeat” strategy that turns “curveballs” into steady income
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2023.06.03 03:28 MamaOfTwo1995 My dog is being falsely accused of biting someone in TX

My husband and I adopted a dog a few months ago. He was a stray found on a farm in our town, and the woman who found him couldn't keep him. We don't know what breed he is exactly, but he is about the same size as a small golden retriever. I always say he is a pure bred good boy. So long story short, after making sure he was good with our kids, we brought him home. When we had him checked by a vet, we were told he was about a year old, give or take a month or two. He still has a habit of gently gnawing on your hand like puppies tend to do, and he follows me EVERYWHERE.
This weekend, my mother in law came back to live in our town. We have been helping her unload her Uhaul, and thankfully finished getting everything into her new house. My husband's uncle also came to help. I'd never met the uncle before today, and my husband, while civil with him, doesn't care for him too much.
The uncle stopped by our home this morning without letting us know he was coming. We live in a house that my MIL owns, so it was very easy for him to know where we were. Anyway, he claimed to be there to meet our new daughter, who was in the middle of her morning nap at the time. But our dog came to the door to greet him. Tail wagging, lots and lots of kisses, a little jumping and a little gnaw here and there, but overall just friendly behavior. This dog does not have a mean bone in his body, and even acts as a foster dad to some kittens that my sons cat suprised us with.
Since my daughter was asleep, uncle left to go see my MIL. About 45 minutes later, MIL calls me and says "why is (insert uncles name) telling everyone your dog bit him?" I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me that uncle is going around telling everyone that he came by our house and he was bit by our dog. She said he wouldn't show her the bite or tell her where he got bit. Just that our "f-ing dog" bit him. Now, MIL has met our dog plenty of times. She's stayed the night with us on a few occasions, and our dog loves to cuddle up to her when she's here. So she knows he doesn't bite, and she told me that she doesn't believe a word her brother is saying. But while she knows he's lying, others might think he's telling the truth.
My concern is this. From what I've been told, this uncle is a serial liar. He steals from family, "borrows" money but never pays it back, and passes his kids off onto other people. About a year ago, when my MIL still lived in the house we are in, he broke in while she was on vacation and trashed it while he stayed in it for a few nights. I'm told he's supposed to be on a few different medications for some mental issues, but refuses to take them, claiming medications kill you.
This man is also wanting to move into a house he owns which is only a few blocks from us. Us moving isn't an option at the moment for several personal reasons.
What are the steps I can take to protect my family and my dog? We are already looking into getting security cameras installed. Should I alert my local police of his accusations? What do I need to do legally to keep us safe.
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2023.06.03 03:27 Drakolf The Nature of the Soul:

I didn't have time to think, as soon as I heard the words, saw the flash of light, I ran at them, tackling them to the ground. The searing pain that coursed through my body was unimaginable, and for a moment, I was numb, my friend screaming my name as she pushed me off and wailed with sorrow.
Shit, dying sucks.
At least, that's what I thought before I suddenly gasped for air, coughing as sensation crashed back into my body. Alessa stared at me with wide eyes before she hugged me, thanking the Gods I was alive.
The spell was known as 'Soul Trap', it was a spell only taught to those who were both licensed and responsible to use it. I didn't know why Aleksei used it on Alessa, and nobody could fathom how I wasn't dead, my soul bound to a gemstone.
I mean, it was fine by me, it meant I wouldn't need to be slotted into a golem to have movement. I was studied, of course, and I accepted it because, well, I was literally the only person who survived.
That was when the smell became noticeable. It was the stench of death, like flesh rotting, which was bizarre since I was clearly alive, my heart was beating, nothing marked me as suddenly undead.
But concerningly, when a healing spell was used on me, the smell went away.
It became a recurring problem, every few days I needed to be healed so people didn't throw up around me, it actually got to the point where I went out of my way to learn a spell I could barely use just to do it myself.
That was when someone tried Soul Trap on me again. It hurt like the last time, flung me down the hall, knocked the breath out of me, but I got back up again. He kept hitting me with the spell, clearly terrified I was going to kill him.
I didn't have any offensive spells on me, I was under excruciating pain and, well, I snapped.
I didn't like the sensation of killing someone, and as I learned shortly after, my deed wasn't necessary, a teacher had been rushing to my aid.
An exception was made for me, in that one instance, of using that spell, but I had to apply for a license, had to go through the proper training, which I did. Hell, I found that Necromancy was a lot easier than I remembered it being.
Actually, a lot of my magic was stronger, now that I thought about it.
The final test for learning Soul Trap is to use it on a condemned criminal, so that you know the weight of taking a life, so you understand what it is exactly you learned.
It was easier to use than I expected, I looked at the gem I'd been provided for the test, and that's when I realized what had happened to me.
"The gem?" My instructor prompted. I laid my wand down, which confused the instructor, then he grew concerned when he saw the gem was still empty.
"I think my own body is where my soul is trapped." I said. "I think I'm actually dead."
It was unthinkable, of course, but the evidence was there. I could still feel pain, I still needed to breathe... but I was clearly rotting, my flesh only persisting because I was healing it.
Decaying is painful, and it comes with the most horrendous stench. I volunteered, of course, I was still a sapient being, just, my body wasn't a golem. Losing my sense of smell was a blessing, and being reduced to magically animate bone was novel. Incidentally, the closer to death I was, the more powerful my necromantic talent grew.
But there was no way I could just go out into the world, so even though I unnerved everyone, I continued my studies, continued trying to understand why this had occurred to me.
We replicated the circumstances of my death, bringing two prisoners who were known to be loyal to one another. The terms were very clear, they were both to be executed, starting with the more innocent of the two. If the other prisoner protected them from the spell, he would live.
The experiment went off without a hitch, the more guilty one did not even hesitate to protect his friend. He too was rendered undead like me. They were terrified, of course, when I stepped out, but I explained to them that their sacrifice had brought answers.
I apologized for forcing him to experience the same thing as I did, but we gave him an enchanted item that would passively heal him.
Last I heard of them, they settled as farmers, but that wasn't as important to me as figuring out what the specific cause was. I was offered a teaching position, since I'd done all of my requisite classes. When I received word that the two former prisoners had passed away, I left to confirm, and indeed, they were both dead, with one of them rotting faster than the other.
I wondered why that was, why I was still animate when he wasn't. The answer, ironically, came to me when a zombie attacked me. The undead were attracted to life force, since I attracted it, I was still full of life force.
Which meant the two people I killed had added their life force to mine.
I posited my findings, requesting an experiment to prove it. Which they granted. My life force was measured before and after the execution of a particularly heinous murderer, and my hypothesis was confirmed.
This raised several ethical questions, of course, namely what to do about me since my lifespan was directly tied with execution and murder.
I simply replied, "If my being alive is a problem, then I'll simply die." This had surprised them, so I continued. "My existence is a complete accident, and it's clear that I'll persist beyond my natural lifespan. Even if they're murderers, killing people to keep myself existent is- at least in my view- wrong. I will gladly continue teaching, but when it is my time, then it will be my time."
I didn't listen to their arguments for or against my decision, I had made up my mind. I continued to teach, and even took the time to learn some offensive spells in case anyone got any bright ideas about replicating my condition. I only needed to use it once, to get rid of a mage who had orchestrated events so as to achieve immortality, I reminded him that the skull is still fragile, and that he can't have a good life without a good head.
Nobody tried after that, and I deliberately went to pains to hide that knowledge, simply because it unnecessarily risked innocent people.
It's been three hundred years, however, and for one reason or another, my power hasn't waned at all. I am the current headmaster, and have been for over one hundred years.
I've decided, if someone is absolutely worthy, I'll let them join me, as a treat.
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2023.06.03 03:25 caw_the_crow Please someone help. Same crash every time: "Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF640CA86F0 (SkyrimSE.exe+3386F0) on thread 18516!" After nearly two weeks of trying to get this game to work, I finally had it. Then turned the graphics settings down a bit, and now I cannot load the game at all.

Had it working. Finally working. I made a new load order almost 2 weeks ago. Nothing in it that should have been a problem. First it crashed as soon as I loaded the game. Then it crashed as soon as I loaded a save after an hour or two of play. I fixed something, it worked, started a new save to be safe, then crashed when loading the save. Fixed something else, the save would load, start a new save to be safe, played just a tiny bit, crash on loading. It's been nearly 2 weeks now.

It was finally working as of yesterday. I played a whole 20-30 minutes! Today I played maybe two minutes, but then I noticed my computer was working kind of hard and the computer fans were blowing on max, so I went in the graphics settings of the skyrim launcher (not through SKSE) to turn things down just a tiny bit. I tried to reload my save, aaannnddd crash. Took out the bashed patch and the "mod" I created from the overwrite files generated during play, and still could not load it. Tried a few other things to no avail. I can no longer load my game at all, again.

It's always the same crash, right after a full-length loading screen of loading a save. The loading screen music cuts out, it's a silent black screen for a while, then crash to desktop. It's always the same line on the crash logs: "Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF640CA86F0 (SkyrimSE.exe+3386F0) on thread 18516!" It's always "3386F0" but I cannot figure out what that means.
If anyone wants to help, I'd appreciate it, although something tells me there is nothing left to do. Here's the crash log nonetheless, but it's cool if no one can help: https://pastebin.com/crZLTAjK

The crash log has the plugins but let me know if I should also write out my full list in the left pane of MO2.

I'm not very savvy with this stuff, but over the past couple weeks I have tried EVERYTHING I know and more. I'm at my wit's end, unless anyone has ideas. Otherwise, I should probably force myself to step away from this game.
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