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NBA All Star Weekend 2023 Live [email protected]

2022.02.18 18:53 jacobsc95 NBA All Star Weekend 2023 Live [email protected]

NBA All Star Game 2023 LIVE [email protected] NBA games, All Star time, TV channel, FREE live stream showdown of NBA All Star Game, Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Clorox Rising Stars, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, MTN DEW 3-Point Contest, AT&T Slam Dunk Contest from Feb 17 to 19, 2023. The game will be broadcast live on TNT and can be streamed live on fuboTV streaming..

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We are Reddit's largest community for the discussion of replica footwear. Our subreddit is the most extensive archive of replica-related information in the world. Many of our members are highly skilled in differentiating replicas from authentic products (legit checking), for the purpose of helping others avoid scams. Additionally, we welcome the discussion of replicas as a hobby, including reviews, culture, guides, and related discourse. Enjoy your visit.

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Confused on how to buy/sell/trade your sneakers? Read the pinned post of the subreddit. Any violation will result in a 3 day ban. NO EXCEPTIONS. You have been warned!!

2023.06.01 00:48 Itsuka-Detsukika Yet another "are my tires too old" post

OK, so I know there are a lot of these posts. I'm familiar with the science, I know the recommendations from the tire manufacturers, and I've read a lot of comments on this (my favorite: an old set of tires may last the rest of your life, and I don't mean that in a good way). What I haven't read -- and that's where I'm asking for input from y'all -- is stories about actual tire failures that have lead to crashes/strandings/etc., where the tire's age was a major causal factor. I'd like to get this discussion from the theoretical to the concrete (no pun intended) and hear from folks who've actually had an age-related failure.
I'm asking for a friend (ahem) who has an old cruiser that's been garaged every night of its 22-year life, has almost 11K miles on the odo, but still has the original tire on the back and seemingly plenty of tread remaining. She hasn't ridden it much in about 10 years, and yes, she's planning to replace the tires, but wonders if she should be in a life-or-death scramble to the local bike shop, or if it's still OK to putter around on it locally before she coughs up the 500 bucks for a new set (and yes, she knows the hospital bill would be much more).
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2023.06.01 00:48 Honberdingle What's the crack with all the late night fireworks? Every night of the week at this time for days... seems like some people don't care what sleep people need.

I think I know which section of the community is doing it... but why are they so important that this is acceptable?
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2023.06.01 00:47 lilelliot Hiking shoe/boot recommendations - late June

Hiya folks! I'll be bringing three kids (6, 12, 14) for a two week trip around the Rockies (4 nights Jasper, 3 nights Banff, 3 nights Yoho, 3 nights Waterton) most of which we'll be spending day hiking. I was planning on just using my approach shoes (which are not waterproof or even very resistant - La Sportive TX4), but I have heard it can be both rainy and slushy, even in late June. Do you experienced folks recommend waterproof shoes or boots? Each of us will also be bringing a pair of trail runners -- I just don't want to fly halfway across the continent and risk having wet feet, especially for the kids.
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2023.06.01 00:47 PoeyPlayz69 Dunk Rank rentals

Hey all! I’m looking for a dunk tank for the 10th. But central coast party factory is sold out and the Dunk Tank rentals guy is out of town that weekend. Thanks in advanced.
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2023.06.01 00:47 Coquetti My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her new friend more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?

My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her new friend more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?
My girlfriend has always had trouble making friends. Usually when she does, they stick around for a couple weeks and she moves on or they stop talking to her. I have my own friends who do enjoy her but she doesn’t want to befriend them because “they are mine”. She gets jealous when I’m around my friends or in a call, so I try to avoid it all together. I’ve attempted to leave the relationship once because my family and therapist say she’s bad for me and I wanted to focus on myself for a bit, but when I’ve tried she has threatened to hurt herself. If we break up it also means she has to move back to her home state, and sometimes I think she’s with me just to stay in this particular state. Whenever I attempt to vent to her about anything, she tells me she “can’t deal with this right now”, yet when she’s upset and wants to vent, I’m always there. She’s allowed to smash and destroy things, but I can’t even cry. I try to keep all my emotions in and avoid talking about them to her.
Recently she found a new friend (23f) and they’ve been spending a lot of time together. Like, a lot of time together. She promised me she would get a job, but is instead sitting at her friends workplace all day. I feel insecure and jealous in our relationship because she is poly (but has committed to a monogamous relationship with me) and a bit flirty with people, so when she hangs out with people I try to distract myself by going on adventures. Although she has told me she wants to be monogamous, she has also recently brought up being open to a poly relationship. Anyway, Now that the new friend is in the picture, she wants me to stay at the apartment or with my parents and just kinda wait for her to get home.
I work a lot, so the days I do have I try to spend with her. Not too long ago I took her to see a musical and have a nice dinner, and in the middle of our date she pulls out her phone and starts texting her friend, and then explains to me that she wants to go hang out. It’s all she talked about the entire dinner, and even offered to take her friend to see the musical now that she’s seen it. Okay cool, that’s ok. I’m probably going to buy her tickets for her, but if it makes her happy it makes her happy.
Yesterday I took her out to dinner again , and once we were done. It just feels like she used me for a meal before going to hang out. I try to plan fun things for us, but usually the day of she either 1. Sleeps in and cancels or 2. Hangs out with her friend. She complains about wanting to get out of the house, but when I make plans she ignores them and naps. She drives the next town over and just ignores me. She didn’t say thank you for dinner, and just kinda ditched me. Her hanging out was very last minute and I guess I felt confused and sad considering she’s going to her house today. She’s been texting her all day and talking to her all day. I feel like I just make my girlfriend miserable and that her friend is the only person who makes her feel good.
My job is near where her friend works, and she’s made it very clear to me (I mean like she literally straight up told me) that she’s only going to visit me if she is going to see her friend.
Maybe I’m overthinking it, Im cool with all her friends that she has kept in contact with, but for some reason this person makes me jealous. It feels like I’m not allowed to have friends but she is. I don’t want to hold her from hanging out or say anything because keeping her from her friend is abusive. I just wish I could spend some time with my friends or family. I feel like a little bird in a cage. I work, come home, try to spend time with her and sleep. I’m the only one in the household between us who works and does those things.
I usually just come home and call it a night. I have severe anxiety and a fear of abandonment, so being here alone is really triggering. I just need advice and some coping skills. She’s just acting strange and it’s making me feel confused and sad. I feel like she’s bored of me and I can’t give her what her friend makes her feel.
TLDR; my girlfriend is spending a lot of time with a friend of hers and I feel jealous and don’t know what to do..)
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2023.06.01 00:46 Ok-One-6948 Advice on how to keep dog calm around new people

I’m planning on hosting a party in a couple weeks with just about 6 people coming over. My 5 year old yellow lab gets overly excited when new people come over and jumps all over them, licks them, and the whole 9 yards. I’m concerned about introducing him to all these new people in the house at once and how he will react and act throughout the course of a night. The only people he is ever really around is me and my parents and we have tended to avoid having people over since he is usually bothersome during things like this. Around us he is calm, but when he meets new people he freaks out. Anyone have advice on what to do to try and make him calm that day?
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2023.06.01 00:45 ErrprMachjne1 The Chad fishing experiment reveals women's authentic nature.

This is why the black pill reigns supreme, it makes women behave in a way that removes all social conditioning and forces them to act in their basic state for their basic goal - which is to get pregnant.
Here's a quote from Nietzche on the matter -
Everything in woman is a riddle, and
everything in woman
hath one solution —it is called pregnancy.
Man is for woman a means: the purpose is always the
child. But what is woman for man?
Two different things wanted the true man:
danger and
The quote goes on to explain women are essential a bitter fruit for the warrior and a game to be played, but not invested in. Except if he wants her to bear her children.
The ultimate Blackpill is this - with the Chad fishing experiment women lose all sense of danger. They are willing to travel miles in the middle of the night, invite a complete stranger to their house around their kids (step father's are the most likely to abuse the mothers children), waste resources, endure social judgment, basically you name it women will do it to get this elite genetic material.
They will risk rape and murder because it is more desirable to be raped than not raped by a man whose seed they see as so valuable.
This is the proof that women have no sexual agency or control of themselves as they exist as semi-conscious animals.
We have to remember that humans are semi-conscious so what we are discussing here is women's BASE instinct as an animal, not a conscious agent with self awareness, but we are having this conversation with the majority in mind not the few who actually have self awareness in this society of shit and cum and decay.
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2023.06.01 00:45 VirtualOdin423 Trafficking?

I have a question, if I parked my car in a full public parking lot over night, come back and see that just 1 lugnut was stolen off my wheel. Was someone trying to trafficking me or “mark” my car??? Just curious bc of how bizarre the circumstance was.
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2023.06.01 00:45 Pleasant_Ad4296 Was answering a question about solo money on another post, they said they just cant make wnough money for things. This is wayy not all I could have exampled but I took the solo part into consideration. Take it for what you will.

Step 1, get Acid lab and upgrade it. Need to do stupid dax missions for upgrade. Step 2, use it as much as possible to get max payments per hour. 300k ish for a full load. Can call mut on phone to resupply when not indoors, no need to go anywhere, and can call in acid lab from interaction menu to anywhere. You can get an idea of how much you have to sell if you pay attention to your stock when you leave your bars and how much it costs to resupply.
Step 3, have 3-5 cars you care about,, super, bike/tuner, one armored. Sell rest of cars if u make money from it. You will be able to buy 50 of each eventually.
Get nightclub and biker businesses, link them. Not forgery office or green house. Then Forget the biker bizs, stock is separate from nightclub stock. Sell acid lab and night club regularly and spend money on 3 things if you have no properties that have them to get. Bullets, armour, and snacks (Health) .
You'll be a millionaire in a month or less.
Source: me, bad at the game and brain damaged. I make 50k on accident regular at this point.
I haven't even finished cayo once yet have had sub forever.
Save a lot, grind money a lot, look up what to invest in (first) that suits how you play. And have fun. 🤝👍
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2023.06.01 00:44 kayla019283 31F - Looking for long term friendship - USA

I want to find a friend who I can talk to and listen about each other’s lives. I want this to be a mutual thing. You talk and I talk. So only reach out if you will put in the effort. I’m from the US, but it’s okay if you’re in another country, it will just be difficult to stay in touch because of the time differences, and what point does that serve if we would barely talk.
Also, texting is convenient and something we could do to stay in touch, but we also need to add calls to the mix. I don’t want to hear that you need to know me first.
MUST BE OKAY WITH CALLS. I’m not making anyone message me and do calls. That’s your choice, but if you do reach out it’s because you’re going to be doing calls with me :) And I don’t mean share numbers, we can talk on an app.
I enjoy walks and being out in the sun, now that the weather is getting warmer. I also enjoy Korean and Thai shows. I like K-pop and my favorite group is BLACKPINK.
I’m 31, probably too old for some of you. I’m single. I don’t have children. I’m in a good spot but just need that connection with people because I lack social skills.
If you’re married, don’t reach out. It is just uncomfortable. Also, if you’re in a relationship, it’s just awkward. Why?!
If the times below don’t work for you or you won’t be able to talk through these times then it won’t work, so don’t reach out.
I’m in MST, USA. I wake up at 5am Monday to Friday and 6am on weekends. I sleep around 11pm each night. I would like it if we could talk throughout the day and start and end our days together.
Thanks. Send me a chat request if you want to try this. Include your location and in your own words tell me what you are looking for or I will not reply. I will not respond to messages or comments, only chat.
I also have other forms of communication if that works best for you.
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2023.06.01 00:44 Grailswar1 48 [FM4F] #Cleveland, Ohio- dominant couple 2v1 kind of thing.

We have been at this a while anything its a slippery slope as most are. We have met some great people, had some amazing experiences and ultimately keep wanting to go that little bit further. Like most things when you look back at where started it seems far off indeed.
So here we are, somehow in Ohio this is fine but only for the time, adventure calls. There are different kinds of adventure of course, exploring Bondage is one of those roads we keep travelling.
We are so into CNC and BDSM that vanilla threesomes are barely of interest, sure a beautiful woman is alluring, but one that wants to be choked and violated, forced to endure bondage, well that is our kind of girl.
Heres the breakdown:
US- a couple.
Male (me) 47 5'10 190, in good shape.
Female (wife) 48 5'3 116 in great shape and aftermarket additions that you will notice.
What we're looking for, a woman, (this is a hard rule) no guys, no penises, I have mine thats enough, I dont get why women like them, they look dumb, women are streamlined and have such fun parts. so no men, we have no need for more man parts.
Age- 25 and up or very mature for your age.
Where -anywhere in USA or CA, as long as you're not on the FBI no fly list.
We like soft, thin, feminine, in shape, we dont like BBW, as for race any is fine, we would like to play with an Asian woman as we never have though that is just a plus, we're open to any race.
Clean shaven, a little hair is okay, but a seventies bush or armpit hair, leg hair, hard pass.
Kinks- Lets remember we're not trying to insult anyone here and consider this the fair warning that we like some really hard stuff, so if you dont or dont think people should be allowed to consent to what they want to do, then you're just not going to like what we have to say.
Still here?
Good girl. (Gentle biting on the neck as I whisper it)
The basic's, slapping, flogging, whipping, restraints, choking, hair pulling, degrading (verbally, whore slut basic stuff). Now if any of these are are hard 'no' we may be able to work around them but, if 2 or more are on your list, well you might want to swipe whatever way is away, because its going to get worse.
Roleplay- you're a visitor, who gets abused, not to far from the truth, but the best stories always intertwine the reality and fiction.
The harder stuff- this stuff that you can object to, and we get it, its all the harder stuff that we kinda grew into and get that not everyone is going to be all for it, you can pick and choose.
Fisting and or large objects and stretching, DP we really like to DP a woman, you pinned between us, so sexy, so full, eyes rolled back my hand at your throat, giving all you can give but we're wanting more, my wifes nails gently biting your skin. Yeah, we like DP.
Shockers, Estim, prod the jolt of pain, if you do it wrong it can be dangerous, so we have studied and are careful to make sure everyone gets out without any long-term effects. A shocker to the ass, breast, leg or clit, while you're being fucked, in between being stimulated the contrast of pain and pleasure, we love to see that in a sub.
Degrading (part 2, the first was level 1, this is the upgrade) We like the mental aspect of BDSM, its that connection when you have it with a sub, its so sexy. If she wants to be broken mentally, we want the tools to do it. We need some input here, tell us what are the words the things that you secretly hate the feellings that you have that you want to expose but need to be deep in session, walls down, to really admit what you feel about yourself. Its primal and goes far beyond the spat 'slut, whore' If you know, then you do, if not it may not be your thing. Its ours though, let us in, so we can break you more effectively.
Paddles, with the intent to bruise, we like to see our handywork, the paddle gets the job done. We're artists in a way, and you're a canvas.
Overstimulation- the toying till you're cum drunk, you're hurting but were going to keep fucking you hitting you choking, using you like our whore, on this night you are ours and we want you to give yourself to us completely. You have our undivided attention.
Squirting- if you can we are going to be super interested and want to bring you home for a nice night that will end very harshly, we'll keep you hydrated.
The REALLY Hard- Most people won't be for the following, if you are and you have the other third of this mysterious amulet which we have had since we were babies, we need to meet you.
Sounding, the placing of smooth metal rods in your peehole for stimulation, usually it results in you peeing and losing control, which is sexy.
Watersports, you being degraded by my wife peeing on you, or you peeing on yourself.
Waterboarding- you strapped to a board and being tortured against all Nato sanctions, it is rough and extreme and youll lose focus when your clit is being stimulated and you're dry drowning. Not for everyone but sexy if you're the woman we're looking for.
Knife play- we dont do cutting, but using the knife as a prop forcing you at knifepoint to surrender and subject yourself to everything we demand.
The off limits- things we wont do. Nothing Illegal, no kids (both gross and illegal), no breeding you, we dont want any subsiquent kids, not with you, not with anyone nothing ruins kinky fun like crying babies.
No- hard drugs, we dont use anything that alters our thoughts during BDSM, bad mix. So we expect you to be clean too.
No- longterm damage, lets have fun and kink not hospital bills.
No- dudes (I thought it was worth repeating)
No- feet stuff, we dont like feet.
No- furries, not my kind of fun, I'm not dressing in one of those outfits.
Most other things are on the table- do you have a fantasy? Tell us about it we are likely down to try it. Is it twisted and kinky? then we really need to hear about it.
Location- US, we'll take care of travel, if we get along and have a connection, come spend a weekend see clevelands sports teams (we dont do sports so whatever, I hear were not missing much) and get abused (more than by just having to watch Clevelands teams take a whipping).
Experience, we have been doing this for a while but you dont need to be experienced, some of our best experiences were with beginner subs, we all have to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of where this is going, and where it stops.
Lastly- consent, there has to be consent and anything were going to do must be discussed and safewords will be in place. Dont tell me you dont need safewords, youre either unhinged or lying, this should be like a haunted house scary but you know you can leave at anytime. (I mean halloween haunted houses not creepy old houses with ghosts, those are scary)
If you got this far, lets talk, if youre deeply offended by us, please lets not talk, lets just part non-enemies.
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2023.06.01 00:44 Regular-Poet-3657 Assassin Master Yi bio: Ever since Yi gave up the ideals of Wuju style, he's been a terror to Noxian forces. A blade in the night, he strikes at the foes of Ionia with deadly precision. With every whisper of the leaves they shudder, expecting the next moment to be their last.

Assassin Master Yi bio: Ever since Yi gave up the ideals of Wuju style, he's been a terror to Noxian forces. A blade in the night, he strikes at the foes of Ionia with deadly precision. With every whisper of the leaves they shudder, expecting the next moment to be their last. submitted by Regular-Poet-3657 to YIMO [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:44 Tieria_Endashi Razor's Edge: Saving Lives in Night City A Cyberpunk Audio story

The story revolves around Evelyn "Razor" Sinclair, a combat medic in the bustling and chaotic city of Night City. Evelyn and her team, part of the Trauma Team organization, are dedicated to saving lives in a world filled with violence and danger. we take a look at Evelyn's daily routine. She prepares herself and her medical supplies for another day of saving lives. The team receives an urgent mission and rushes to the location, an alley where a young man lies gravely injured.

Go have a listen and enjoy!

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2023.06.01 00:43 InviteFinancial My boyfriend 30M told me 28F that I couldn’t hang with him and our friends on vacation because he dubbed the rest of the evening as boys night.

I was on vacation with a large group of friends for my boyfriends 30th. All the girls went to bed, and it was just me, my partner and our friends in the living room. My partner said I needed to leave because he wanted to have “boys night” now that the girls were going to bed. I felt since we have the same/ mutual friends, and we all paid to be on the same vacation I shouldn’t be sent to my room to sit by myself.
For the record, he does have boys nights when we’re at home, and I have no issue when he does have those kinds of nights. But I felt that since it was both our vacation, it was rude to try to kick me out.
Am I being oversensitive for feeling excluded by that? Should I have just let him enjoy a night with just the men, even though they’re all of our friends? We’ve been dating for 5 years if that gives any kind of context.
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2023.06.01 00:43 Good_Purpose_4651 Big problem no one talk about

I’ve been on this journey sense about 2020 when sr became the new thing to do Just about the same time I was just becoming an addict And this addiction pornography is a great to have I believe this addiction to be a sort a brain disease I’ve heard that sr is the answer to heal. The holy oil. Well I just wanted a say a few words about this. First off sr had helped me And does help me a lot especially when after a relapse I struggle with drug abuse for over ten year’s and the only other thing I’ve been doing for just as long is lookin at adult content. With that being said,quick Thank you if your still reading. I have a problem with drugs. If I didn’t say that already yes I have only less then 24hrs sober. And so don’t believe a word I say. Also…,, sr does something to our soul l had a dream a woke from last night. I woke up at 5pm today and so In the dream I was doing push-ups looking in the mirror glowing gold. And then the words I deserve this was what I heard. Then I woke up . Boom! I do deserve to glow gold. I deserve to look good and feel goodz I deserve it. Releasing and putting drugs in your body is not a good idea. It ruins your life. I’m 341/2yrs old .and rn I have very little going for me. Still living at home with grandma. & why?? Because of drugs!. Drugs aren’t a good idea and very dangerous for you. It alters your body and minds it weakens you drains you completely. There is nothing that Real Life doesn’t have to offer. Drugs are fake and so are the pixels on the screen and so is that feeling in your mind. Retain and succeed with the healing power god gave us. Do the right thing I know I can do it . I can pick my self up it’s gonna be a battle but a battle I’ve done before. I can do it again. I got this : you deserve it This problem really isn’t a problem at all
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2023.06.01 00:43 foxforbox Meme War Results!

For the Meme War's panel of judges, we have u/Link922 from Red, u/Dr4gonSl4y from Orange, u/Auuvs from Blue, and u/DropFist from Purple! As well, the fifth vote is the community vote which was a Reddit poll earlier this month.
u/Link922 - Green
Throughout the last month, yellow and green have both been fighting vigorously to penetrate the flairwars subreddit and our hearts. While yellow might have the greater total output, I believe it is green that has won the day. First, they had the overall best received post over the last month and the greater number of high-quality posts. Green was also better at arranging a larger coalition of lesser-active users; these two factors push them over the edge and are why I believe they are the winner of this Meme War.
u/Dr4gonSl4y - Yellow
right i checked through the most recent memes again and i gotta say both sides really struggled to make good memes imo. none of them were really convincing for any side, and more so to stroke the ego of the color to make it. a circlejerk basically which i wouldn't complain about but you asked me to rate them, and as an outside observer they're generally unfunny. in my opinion however boog genuinly made consistently good memes. there's also a few by you i liked. also you had a sheer numbers advantage, with you posting more memes than green, so there's generally more chances to make good memes. green made a total of one meme i enjoyed. this one. so yeah congrats yellow won and you know this is unbiased because if i were being biased i would absolutely dunk on you guys.
u/Auuvs - Yellow
I vote that Yellow won, both due to both the higher quantity and higher quality of their memes. It would seem that for every meme green posted, yellow had at least two or three more. It's hard to compete when you have less absolute manpower, and in this it too holds true.
u/DropFist - Yellow
Personally, I would say the color "Yellow" won the meme war. Yellow entered the meme war with a passion that resembles the racism from 2018. Yellow held no punches, producing some quality memes that made me laugh. This meme is a classic, for example. The "my honest reaction" memes are also quite funny. If Green varied their jokes a little more, they could have won this one.
Community Vote - Yellow
Winning by one vote, Yellow wins the community vote!
Yellow wins the Meme War 4 to 1!
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2023.06.01 00:43 ChillyFlameBW May 2023 haul

May 2023 haul
Got some amazing deals this month, for example, all the ultimate spidey books + secret wars ohc + avengers complete collection vol 4 + astonishing x-men complete collection vol 2 all for $150 Australian dollars (the avengers book is alone is around $65 on amazon)
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2023.06.01 00:43 PhuckingMunter I (F19) told my BF (M19) to put more effort into his life

Post might be a little incoherent because i've had a lot of caffeine to try to study for my exam tomorrow. Hoping that typing this out will help me clear my head.
My (F19) BF's (M19) video game addiction has gradually taken over his life. We've been together for a little less than a year. I've always been supportive of my BF's gaming, even picking up some of the games he plays most often or asking to play multiplayer games together in order to increase the time we spend together (I used to game when I was in middle school but I sort of grew out of it until I started dating him). I started watching E-sport tournaments with him and getting into the hype. So, know that I'm not against video gaming itself.
For as long as I've known my BF, he's always been the type to choose a night in with a designated game over a night out with friends. I thought that was totally understandable initially but he gradually started declining more and more things that involved leaving his room/apartment. Eventually, we've gotten to the point of only leaving his room to buy beers, a ready meal. a frozen pizza, or KFC. He now spends almost every waking hour gaming/watching streams/on tiktok. On occasion, he will suggest going out for dinner, to which I always say yes, appreciatively. We go out to a restaurant, but it's always me making the effort to have conversations. Then he returns home to game more.
He also began to drink more and more. Beginning with wine bottles (I still don't understand how he kept opting for the cheap grocery store white wine over any other drink) and progressing to 12 packs of beers. I don't really keep track of how many he drinks per day, but I think I've seen him buy a 12 pack in the afternoon and then seen about 7 empty cans on his desk by the end of the day. He doesn't really act any differently when drinking, as in he isn't abusive or mean, he's the exact same. My sole issue with this is the damage to his health. He has stopped cooking for himself, citing the fact that he "can't be assed" with cooking. We got gym memberships together around 5 months ago, and he stopped going after the first month but continues to pay because he's "planning to go soon". His room goes through periods of being extremely untidy (large quantities of beer cans, clothes on floor, unpacked suitcase being used as a closet, food crumbs, dirty plate (he only has one), many many empty plastic bottles, used tissues). These periods usually end with me offering to clean up, because I dont really mind cleaning and I always think it might give him a morale boost to see a clean room. We both do the same course in uni, and I know he's only been to 4 lectures this entire year. He manages to pass online exams/coursework with the help of his coursemates. He ghosts his family, he worries about his health but refuses to go see a doctor, I accidentally got him into weed, he sleeps for 10 hours at a time (always varying hours of the day), sometimes more.
This is pretty much what I mean when I say it seems like he doesn't put any effort into any aspect of his life besides video games and occasionally our relationship. I have considered that he may be suffering from something that I'm not aware of. I've had long long talks with him about this. We discussed the possibility of him being depressed, to which he said maybe but he really doesn't think so. He claims this is the lifestyle he currently enjoys. He has pretty nonchalant responses to all of his habits when I bring them up. Drinking: "being sober is boring", Uni: "first year doesn't count, I'll try hard next year", exercise: "I'll do it tomorrow", diet: "CBA to cook". And listen, I can honestly understand most of these responses (except for the drinking one), and I think they're valid ONLY if it's a once in a while thing. The uni thing I can understand too, but I personally don't agree with paying to go to uni just to cheat your way through first year... Plus, I feel like completely neglecting all of these aspects all at once for a really long period is more of a refusal to put effort into your life.
I'm never really hesitant to communicate if I have an issue with my BF. I've tried my best to bring up my issues with all of this in non-overwhelming, non-attacking ways. I started with asking if anything was bothering him, casually asking about the trash in his room/plans to go out/plans to do anything. I mentioned my opinions on uni/constantly drinking/eating junk food. I, too, like to indulge. I just think there's a lot of overindulging going on. I suggested he see a counsellotherapist, which may have been a mistake because he took that as me saying there was something mentally wrong with him and felt insulted. I began to lose sexual attraction to him. Combined with my already pretty low sex drive, this made me stop wanting sex altogether. This was a relatively big deal for him. He said he totally understood and didn't want me to feel pressured to have sex. But after about a month he admitted this could be a dealbreaker in the long run. This is where I told him that I felt his lack of effort in his life had contributed to my lack of sexual attraction, and I had stopped being able to see a future with him if things continued, and I repeated that I felt he should try to put effort into at least one area of his life besides gaming. This led him to spiral and focus on the fact that his GF didn't find him attractive and saw him as a "loser". I tried to reassure him that I didn't say either of those things, and that my only issue was his lack of effort. He freaked out about me not seeing things long term, which I think is fair, because nobody wants to hear that from their SO. I tried to explain that I just couldn't see him, in his current state, fitting into a future where I strive to achieve my goals in fitness/academics/career. He's still acting off from this discussion, and I get that, but I felt I had to be honest.
I feel like I've become a sort of weird mother figure. I think I'm a pretty laid-back person (apart from being a bit of a neat freak) and I never thought I'd be the one to nag someone else to improve their life, and it feels very uncomfortable. I know it's his life and he gets to choose how he lives it, but it feels like I've enabled him to live a really unhealthy life because I've always said I accepted him completely until recently. Perhaps I've led him to think that it's okay to spend every waking hour gaming, binge drinking, and never leaving his room. I really don't want to nag him and tell him what to do, and I know it's pointless to try to change someone else, but it feels so wrong to watch him destroy himself, especially as one of his closest relationships (he has friends who he games with but they don't know about his lifestyle) and probably the only one who witnesses his behaviour at home (his 3 other flatmates do not talk to each other, and his family have always minded their own business).
I don't really want to give up on the relationship just yet. I still think he's a lovely person. He's nice and funny and well-mannered. We have good laughs and inside jokes and stuff like that, formed when he's in between games. He claims he's willing to try to change, but has little faith in himself. (He's said this before). Is it pointless/wrong to hope he'll change his ways? to nag him to put more effort into his life? to ask him to dial back the video games/drinking/smoking? to tell him I couldn't see a future with him unless he stepped up? If his behaviour is from an underlying issue, is it my place to even begin to figure out what it is? Am I hurting myself by staying? Hurting both of us by making him feel like a "loser"? It's probably all obvious but I can't seem to assess my situation clearly rn.
Sorry for the long read, became more of a get-this-off-my-chest thing
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2023.06.01 00:43 Obvious-Ratio-197 I've been playing this patch way wrong

I log in, check for friends, and monitor the chat for server strength and bugs going on. The majority of the complaints are missions not working, cargo loss to 30k or explosions, asops not working.
I went out to HurL5. Upon arrival, the frames, graphics. All outstanding. All terminals worked. So, instead of the grind, just go fly.
I've been formation flying, low flying, exploring the different Lagrange points, basking in beautiful graphics, zipping around thses stations in my space prius..also known as a fury and honestly having a blast
Some friends, a flightsuit and Helmut, a ship and out into the wild wonder.
Last night almost three hours of enjoyable flight, flying stunts, just an amazing relaxing experience.
Starbcitizen gave us some lemons this patch, I made myself some lemonade.
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2023.06.01 00:43 talbur Is British meta to hunker down?

(Critiques aside)
Consider the following: -Nonverbal tools for asking for support to put down supplies -Bunkers etc given a lot of love cosmetically -High lvl engineer load out is the best and gets wrench -Mostly bolt action load outs otherwise for long distance accuracy OR suppression style load outs -AT has more load out options and includes the longer range AT gun
I played a squad doing this the other night and it worked really well and felt very natural. Thoughts (other than repeating the obvious critiques of the update)?
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2023.06.01 00:42 beneath_the_madness Can you clarify license tags vs license plate?

I was listening to a show the other night where a cop was talking about running the license tags of cars.
Does he mean the license plate i.e the numbers you see
Or do you have a sticker on your plates and that is a tag? And if so what is the purpose of that and do you have to get new tags when you buy a car or renew each year?
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2023.06.01 00:42 Famous_Drink_5485 Tips for dealing with fatigue?

Hey folks, hope you all are great - was interested in some ways that the high volume riders or those that have increased volume are able to manage fatigue as you ramp training volume + intensity. A bit on me:
Last year rode about 1500 miles - this year, really fell in love with the sport and have gone from ~50 miles / week in Jan - March to approx 130-150miles / week over the last few weeks, with 7-10k feet climbing / week. I'm not on an structured plan, but do a majority of the volume in zone 2/3 with 1 or 2 higher intensity interval sessions per week, and I intend to keep training at this volume for the foreseeable future.
As I've ramped volume, I'm just tired all the time. Used to get away with 6 hours of sleep / night, and now I need 7+, and even want to nap occasionally. I'm taking a few rest days per week and fueling 60-100g/h while on the bike, on top of drinking water, avoiding alcohol etc. My weight has been constant during this ramp period. My questions for the group:
- For those that have ramped training volume + intensity, are there any techniques to minimize fatigue?
- Any major changes in diet / hydration / macronutrients needed to accommodate the increase in volume?
- How important are rest blocks (e.g. week off of the bike) in situations where you've increased volume substantially? AITA for just overtraining and not realizing it??
Thanks all
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