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2023.03.22 16:55 Super-Shenron Endless Cycle

Lilly hid behind a tree, her breath held as hard as she could. She cursed her burning legs as she peered around both corners for potential attackers. All she saw was a silent, unmoving walker on the ground next to a shed. Waiting about five minutes in the same spot, she checked her bullets. Two. Noting to make her shots count, she stepped closer to examine the body and gave it a light kick. Lilly took its lack of response as a blessing to dig through its pockets, glancing over her shoulder the whole time. But whoever killed them already took everything they had.
“Shit.” Lilly said. Yet, her hand landed on something firm but small…
A quarter. Virginia, 2005 was written on it. Her father never had that one in his collection, although Lilly could imagine his reaction if he did. Funny. After all he went through on the battlefield, these tiny pieces were one of the few things that brought him some solace. If nothing else, Lilly dared to hope he finally found closure. Amidst the endless pounding of their heart, the living could use such luxury.
“Ah!” She gasped, taken aback by a nearby rustling. In a steady and quiet pace, Lilly huddled back in her hiding spot with a trembling hold of her weapon. Was she really being followed? She couldn’t even trust her senses with how light-headed she constantly felt. She dared another peek… when a man burst through the leaves, carrying a pot of sunflower in his hands. It was normally Lilly’s cue to leave… but the glimpse she took of his face stopped her. Against her better judgment, she double checked…
“Oh god…” Lilly held her tightened chest and used the tree for support. He… was there. That fucking animal was right here. He had an unkempt beard and an eyepatch, but this wasn’t a face Lilly could forget. Not that she didn’t try to… but even her “sleep” wouldn’t allow her. Like she was still imprisoned in that meat locker. Like there was no way out… none except death.
It didn’t have to be her own.
Just as she was about to come out of hiding… the door of the cabin closed. He was definitely inside… but he’d see her coming. There would be better opportunities to make him pay.
To think she once tried to find common ground with that…
“... That guy.”
“Kenny.” Lee corrected.
“Right.” Lilly coughed. “You really think I should talk to him?”
“I guess that’s up to you.”
Despite his evasive reply, his flickering gaze from Kenny to her made Lee’s opinion on the matter clear. If they were to live together, it would be a lot easier to bury the hatchet.
Lilly met this man yesterday, but it already felt like she could understand him. Talk to him about a lot of things. Was it because they’ve been (quite literally) staring death in the eyes together? After spending so long planning or preparing for… the end, one would think she would be somewhat prepared for this.
Lilly turned to Kenny, who kept watch at the top of the RV. Next thing she knew, she let him take charge of the situation. And now she owed one to the last per How was she even supposed to go on about this? Something like “I’m sorry I was going to feed your son to these monsters”? This wasn’t gonna end well… but she was supposed to relieve him of his duty anyways.
She took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing. Hey, Kenny.”
As soon as Lilly announced her presence, the father’s very eyes wanted to bury her deep. “For the watch?”
“Listen…” Lilly rubbed the back of her left arm, “First, I wanted to… thank you, for helping me and my father back there… despite the circumstances.”
Kenny raised an eyebrow for a few seconds, before wearing a neutral expression. “It was just the right thing to do.”
“And… you should know I didn’t think he was in the right.”
“Could’ve fooled me.” Kenny replied through gritted teeth.
“We were all in a bad situation, Kenny. You saw what happened after that argument with my dad.”
“Oh!” Kenny laughed bitterly, “So now this is my fault?!”
“It’s not…!” Lilly inhaled and exhaled once more. “Look. Maybe that’s not an excuse but… he’s all I have left, and I’m doing whatever I can to keep him alive. Perhaps you can understand that?”
Kenny opened his mouth to say something else… but nothing came out of it. Instead, he had an almost vacant look on his face.
"Kenny?" Lilly called out to him.
"I… was just thinking of something else. It's not important.”
Lilly could tell it wasn’t true, but now wasn’t the time to ruin her progress with an inappropriate question.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kenny reached a hand towards Lilly, “Climb on."
Surprised by the offer, Lilly jumped up and let him help her up. There, she could see the walkers.
“Look at these guys.” He said. “All walkin’ around like they’re not about to fuck over the town. What do you think when you see them?”
“Lee asked me the same question.” Lilly said. “What’s even there to think?”
“I mean…” Kenny said. “When they talk about resurrection… I had a whole different picture in mind. Whatever happened to their souls-”
“Souls? What, you’re religious or something?”
“Born and raised a Christian man.”
“Well, I go back and forth. But religion and hope… Lee has seen the good it did that girl from the other night. It’s best to focus on being alive than relying on these things.
Kenny stayed silent for a few seconds.
“I’m aware this whole thing might be bullshit, Lilly. But where the hell would we be, if there weren’t people who believed in crazy things. Like that a piece of rock could somehow make a fire. Or… I’m sure Lee’s got historical facts for us. Point is, maybe we need to believe in some things to make it through this.”
“Well…” Lilly said. “I'm not in a hurry to find out which of us is right about the afterlife. Let me take over.”
“It’s alright. I think I’ve got another hour in me.”
“Okay… I’ll see you later.”
Lilly hopped down from the vehicle. While she refused to believe there was a golden house on a fluffy cloud with her mother waiting for her… at least they seemed to have worked something out.
Kenny watched the lady get further away from him before resuming his duty. An apology would’ve been nice, but realizing they were in the wrong would have to do for now. Besides… some of what she said wasn't total bullshit. His gaze drifted towards Katjaa and Duck’s room. If nothing else, these things gave him an opportunity to be with them. And he already had blood on his hands… it had to count for something.
Didn’t it?
“Why am I thinking about it all of a sudden?” Kenny muttered.
It probably wasn’t helped by… waking up early again. He had something to do anyway. Disregarding his canned food once more, Kenny picked up the pot and pushed the door open.
“Man…” his back made sure to remind him how old he was. About as soon as he came out, two walkers limped towards him. He briefly pondered over what it must have been like for them. Were they suffering on the inside? Or… was there nothing left? No longer weighed down by such things like age, or fearing for their lives… or being ashamed of anything they do.
Kenny kicked them both... barely staggering them. Another kick... and that was enough to knock down. Pondering on his unusual weakness, he continued on his path. His plans didn’t involve getting his hands dirty… besides, they could probably distract whatever was out there yesterday. He may have imagined it, though.
The former fisherman continued along the treeline to reach the makeshift tomb he had made. Too small of a grave for the pile of bodies he left in his wake, but it would have to be enough at that moment.
"Here, your favorite." Kenny said. “You know I was more of a fan of gifts that last… but what can I say? This world has a hell of a way to make you appreciate what doesn’t.”
He closed his eye.
“I didn’t look back, just like I promised not to. But Clem was right. I didn’t know these people. Or what will happen if this place falls one day. Should I have left her there? Am I even capable of looking after them?”
He tenderly touched the grave.
“Truth be told? I don’t even know what I’m doing here anymore. Do I even belong here? Sometimes… sometimes I catch myself thinking maybe it should have been me. You probably would have been smarter than me about things. You wouldn’t have tried to march people through a blizzard for nothing. You wouldn’t have… been alone.”
Kenny shook his head. "I guess it doesn't matter now. Same time tomorrow?"
Time had come to head back home. All this... somehow lightened the load on his heart somehow. Maybe today he would actually feel like feeding his body. Or better yet, actually grab some sleep. At least, it settled the argument: he truly was in no condition to take care of anybody else. In fact, he was more likely to drag them down with him and get them killed too.
When he pushed the door open, his blood ran cold a cold metal pressed against the back of his head.
“Guess your boat plan didn’t work out?” A woman said.
“The fuck?!” Kenny let out.
“Turn around. Slowly.”
Trying and failing to keep his heartbeat under control, Kenny did as he was told...
"Jesus..." Kenny muttered, as he faced the person he just about wanted to see the least.
Lilly approached with a smirk. “You remember me. Good. This will make things easier. Get inside.”
“The others aren’t with you. So, they’re dead?”
Kenny didn’t respond.
“Even… Clementine?”
Kenny kept quiet.
“Maybe they weren’t meant to live.”
“Just get it over with. We have nothing to talk about.”
Lilly pistol whips Kenny.
“There is the Kenny I know. Hasty as ever. You didn’t think we were gonna rush this, did you?”
“I know Clementine is still out there.”
This prompted Kenny to turn around, with Lilly smirking.
"My god, she IS alive."
“I’ll find her.”
“She will let you near her.”
“I will be the judge of that. You? You’ve got a different problem.”
Kenny grabbed Lilly’s wrist as he slammed her against the wall.
She could be anywhere.
Why? Why did she have to find him? Now, after all this time? It’s
Lilly stabbed Kenny.
He couldn't stop her now.
Again, he let her down. Like everyone else in his life.
He wanted this. He had it coming for so long. Now he was scared. So afraid. Why?
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2023.03.22 16:54 Glittering-Oil-4200 Leeching, Visiting JNILs

First time poster, recent lurker. I have a long history of JNMIL and JNFIL absurdities. My in-laws are emotionally manipulative with DH, cry poor, and don’t understand the concept of overstaying their welcome and personal boundaries. I also FULLY recognize I have a DH problem.
My DH (44m) and I (40f) have been together for 16 years and married for 12. ILs come to visit 3-4 times a year and stay with us for 1-2 weeks. They live several states away and drive by car for 18 hours to visit. Because of the long drive, they always feel they need to stay at least a week to make the trip worth it. They have never offered to get a hotel, as they are extremely cheap, and my husband insists they stay with us anyway due to their fixed income and financial woes (mostly crying poor- their house is currently for sale for over $1million). Years ago, BIL had a SO who was resentful when ILs stayed in BIL and SO’s NYC apartment. BIL’s SO made them feel unwelcome, and DH has sworn that his parents will NEVER feel unwelcome when they visit him/us. Even when we first started dating 15 years ago, when I lived alone in my house and DH lived with roommates in an apartment, he insisted that they stay in MY house with me when visiting. I was very uncomfortable with it, but being young and not fully aware of JNILs, I allowed them to stay with me. He would stay too. Over the years I have tried to put down boundaries as to when and how long they stay, but DH gets upset and mad at me because “they are his PARENTS” and he doesn’t ever want them to feel like they are not allowed to stay.
Currently, we live in a small one-level house with our children, who are 4 and 6. When ILs visit, they sleep in our playroom on a murphy bed, which means all the toys have to be moved out and it makes our packed small house feel even more chaotic. What’s most bothersome, though, is that they are a total energy suck. Their visits drain me physically, mentally, and financially. When they stay, they do not lift a finger to help or offer to buy anything. They do not clean up after themselves (even at meals), do not offer to cook, do not buy groceries (even when we go to the grocery store together- they will put groceries they want in with our order so we pay for it), and do not pay for meals out. They bring a lot of shit (rotting vegetables from their fridge that are going to go bad, 20lbs of grapefruit from their trees), take up a lot of space and are just generally gross. (FIL does not shower when they visit, and after their last visit, I found a full fallen-off toenail in their room). Their own house is dirty and they both have hoarder tendencies.
Before my LO was born, their visits mostly fell on me to plan meals and outings, cook, clean, empty the dishwasher, etc. After LO, I stopped. I silently let it fall on DH to take charge and care for them. I no longer clean up after them, help in the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, etc. and I cook very minimally now when they visit. I have my own two children to care for, I don’t need these leeches. DH is definitely now aware of how laborious it is to have them here, and he is frequently exhausted and grumpy when they come.
Another aspect that drives me crazy is that they sit around all day. DH and I both work full time. While we are at work and kids at school, ILs sit on their ipads or read all day. They do not take the initiative to do anything or go anywhere. They will also harp on what groceries we are low on/out of incessantly, but they will not walk to the grocery store (right up the road) to purchase it. When we are home, they do not take initiative to do anything with the grandkids either and they have never offered to watch the kids so DH and I can go out. Once, when I told them we had made dinner plans with friends on a weekend night, MIL immediately blurted, “but what are WE going to do about dinner?!” I can’t stand the helplessness (a JNMIL’s favorite). The lack of initiative also makes me insane, and I start feeling so claustrophobic in the small house with 6 people, so I end up being the one that plans and initiates family outings with the kids and they tag along. “Let’s go outside!, Let’s walk to the park!” I also utilize our zoo memberships and botanical gardens memberships when they are here.
I am not actively rude when they visit, but I do not engage much. Ever since I was pregnant with my first LO (and they still didn’t lift a finger!) I realized that they don’t really care about me, and I retreat to my room at night because I don’t have the energy to “entertain” in the evening after my kids are in bed. I honestly don’t care if it appears rude, as I think they are extremely rude houseguests. By the end of each night, I’ve had it. My husband frequently brings up that I am “not welcoming” and that they can sense that I don’t want them here. We end up arguing about it for days before and after their visits. Any normal person who picks up on those vibes would cut their visit shorter or stay elsewhere, but they don’t seem to care.
JYBIL and his JYwife live on the opposite coast in a big city and do not have to deal with ILs as much due to distance. ILs are too cheap to fly, big city is too much for ILs, and BIL has much stronger boundaries with his parents. When BIL had his first LO, ILs flew to visit for a week when LO was 2 (pandemic baby). JYBIL and JYwife paid for them to stay in a hotel and did not “host” them at all hours. BIL has said that he also never wants to bring his wife and children to his parents’s house because of the hoarding and filth. Therefore, JYBIL and JYwife have come to our house twice pre-pandemic to visit the ILs. JYBIL now has two children of his own (3 and 2 months). ILs have not yet met the baby. The thought of ILs coming to visit them again is so terrible that JYBIL and JYwife think it’s easier to fly their whole family to our house again and visit the ILs here. JYBIL and family are coming to town in May and staying in an Airbnb for 6 days. IL’s will stay with us. Because JYBIL and family will be here mid-week to mid-week, I know ILs will try to come for two full weeks. I’m already dreading the visit and want to lay down time limits for their stay. However, I know it won’t matter what I say and insist on, as DH is going to allow them to come whenever they want. Besides needing to vent and rant, I’m also seeking advice on how active I should be in this visit. I will be working and kids will be in school for the majority of it. Although I am looking forward to seeing JYBIL and family, I don’t feel as though it is my responsibility to entertain and host everyone. I am not a cruise director, and they are the ones that planned the arrangement to meet the ILs at my house. Any advice, suggestions, or commiserating is welcome.
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2023.03.22 16:54 thiboz Question about foundation, water and house settling.

Hello all!
I purchased this house a few years ago, it was brand new. On our back patio, water gets on the patio pretty consistently when it rains (we are in the Seattle area). I noticed a crack, and talked to a contractor who mentioned that the house is probably settling more in that corner because of the moisture.
When looking at the roof, the roof above the area is not as "far" as the other areas, and so we have a lot of rain falling directly on the border between the grass and foundation. I would like to potentially fix this before this becomes an actual problem. I can see multiple approaches:
We don't really have a fixed budget as well, so how does reddit think I should approach the problem?
Thanks everyone!
Pictures of the house
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2023.03.22 16:54 PaxEtVolga Defending the term, “Lightfall”

Hello Guardians,
I have seen a ton of responses to the Lightfall campaign and many are saying they feel duped from the title because light didn’t fall. I never post, but I wanted to chip in to the conversation about this because I personally believe the title fits in more ways than one.
The Witness entered the Traveller after the long game of cat and mouse proving the immense power we have waited for since the concepts inception. The last sentence before this expansion was stating that the Traveller has no where else to run. Due to this, I believe the fall of light wasn’t meant to be the death of the Traveller, or guardians losing their light. It was the triumph of darkness in those moments, understanding that this being we have revered and gave us a renewed purpose is not as powerful as we once believed.
If we take it a step further and consider up to current seasonal story content, Amanda’s story is another way to view Light falling in a different way. While she wasn’t a Guardian, she served as a purpose for Crow through love. A man tormented by his past found light in his life through her and his struggle for redemption. As a result of this week’s story he very quickly spoke of regression to vengeance and acting out of spite for his circumstances. So his character arc involves darkness being overshadowed by light prevailing and through these events in this expansion he has begun a mental descent back to his old ways of thinking. Amanda’s death is a light’s fall to him, and his outlook and future actions are going to be a fall away from light.
These are just my opinions, but I think Bungie did a beautiful job with this expansion in allowing the story to have nuance and interpretation.
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2023.03.22 16:53 ashh_ketchup1 Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝

Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝 submitted by ashh_ketchup1 to twitchpromote [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:53 friendlyBrowniee Ramadan the month of Quran

One of the major reasons of the heartbreaking decline of Muslim Ummah, according to the post of the east Iqbal Sahab, is a complete abandonment of the study of The Noble Quran by Muslims all around the world.
وہ زمانے میں معزز تھے مسلماں ہو کر اور تم خوار ہوئے تارک قرآں ہو کر
"The honoured of their times, they lived, For their's was true iman, You live disgraced, as having left the paths of Al-Quran."
The copy of the Quran is sitting there in all our houses waiting to be picked up and understood by us who claim to be followers of the greatest man to ever set foot on this planet, Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH). The reading of Quran has been reduced to earning Sawab (Good Deeds) by clueless recitation instead of us understanding what the heavenly book is trying to convey, implementing it in our respective lives and preaching its message to other Muslims.
In his famous Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura, through the character of Iblees, Iqbal speaks of a heart wrenching tale of Muslim fall:
چشم عالم سے رہے پوشیدہ یہ آئیں تو خوب یہ غنیمت ہے کہ خود مومن ہے محروم یقیں
ہے یہی بہتر الہیات میں الجھا رہے یہ کتاب الله کی تاویلات میں الجھا رہے
"Better, if this Law (Islam) be kept hidden from the world's eye: So much the better, the Believer himself is deprived of inner conviction.
Better that he remains busy and entangled in the metaphysical theology: Better, that he remains busy and entangled in the interpretations of the Book of God."
Let us all take advantage of this month of Ramadan and set our boats into the vast and deep ocean of the Noble Quran. May this Ramadan help you witness a glimpse of the greatness of Allah and bring you closer to him.
Ramadan Kareem!
كتب أنزَلَتهُ إِلَيْكَ مُبْرَك لِّيَدَبْرُوا ءَايَتِهِ ، وَلِيَتَذَكَّرَ أُولُوا الْأَلْبَبِ
'This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you 'O Prophet' so that they may contemplate its verses, and people of reason may be mindful.
(The Noble Quran 38:29)
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2023.03.22 16:53 okclm Today I learned Predator detection range is influenced by elevation

I was in the upper Bleak Inlet area crouching at the top of the Pensive Outlook tower. I was observing a pack of 3 timberwolves below that were patrolling the area. I was undetected. As 1 of the wolves approached the climbing rope to the lower area, I stood up for a better view and the was detected The timberwolf howling sequence initiated and the moral meter appeared! As the crow flies, I was not that close to the wolves.
The day before, I was returning from the Cannery Worker Residences on the lower far East side of the map. There was a pack of 3 timberwolves down on the frozen river just North of Raven Crossing. I was crouch walking as far away to the East as I could be in an attempt to avoid detection. I thought I was past them and stood up to run and was detected. Again, I felt I was pretty far away but obviously was not. I simply outran them to the Cabin just Southwest of the Lower Raven Falls and spent the night to lose them.
As a thought about these two experiences, I think that elevation may have figure into the predator detection algorithm. Just like when you use charcoal to map, the higher you are, the more distance is revealed. Perhaps the higher in elevation you are, the further your detection range is?
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2023.03.22 16:53 Tasty_Case_374 NMom has Cancer

About 18 months ago, in the fall of 2021, my mom was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. There have been many factors that have made the situation difficult to process, understand, and accept.
10 days before my mom was diagnosed, I had just moved home from California. I was experiencing a bit of burnout in my career, wasn’t in love with the city I was in, and as cheesy as it may sound, something told me I needed to go home. In August/September nothing was working out. My car battery got stolen, I ended a relationship, I accidentally flushed my keys down the toilet (automatic flush will get ya), my car got towed because I parked in a construction zone, the same day that I picked my car up from the tow lot I got in a wreck that totaled my car. After the car wreck, I was certain that the universe was sending me signs that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. My lease was set to end in October so I finished a small project I was working on, paid October rent, and moved home at the end of September.
Once I was home, the worst year of my life began. In the couple weeks that I was home before my mom was diagnosed, I allowed my parents to make me forget who I was.
I didn’t know what I was going to do next, but I had an idea that I wanted to work for the college I went to. I have always had some sort of job/income since I was 15.
My dad told me, “you did nothing at (school I went to)” despite being a tour guide, being a part of a sorority, going on service-based trips, and working really hard on my academics as a first-generation college student. I’m not saying I’m perfect and I haven’t made mistakes, but I am saying that in most everything I do, I have good intentions.
My mom once said, “well you think you’re smarter than everybody else because you went to college” which is not the case nor have I ever acted like that. Some of the most intelligent people I know don’t have a formal education.
Shortly after her diagnosis an exploratory surgery was scheduled for the following month in November. The doctors were unable to do any sort of debulking surgery due to the cancer metastasizing. They said it would be too dangerous to operate and her quality of life would be too low. In December, she started chemotherapy which she had every three weeks up until the beginning of February 2023. She has stopped chemo due to her white blood cell count being too low, and is now on a hormonal medicine to combat the spread. I feel that chemo has stopped for reasons other than just her white blood cell count being too low. I think the oncologist knows the reality of the situation and my dad knows more than he says. My mom is emotionally-immature and I think it would be very difficult for her to hear that her disease is terminal. My dad is in denial, and doesn’t go with her to the her appointments. My grandma will go with her which is effective for my moms emotional support, but not for taking notes/helping my mom understand/remember what’s going on. I have gone to a couple chemo sessions/appointments with her, but I live in a different state. My dad is also an alcoholic who hasn’t once asked me about how I’m doing with processing what’s going on with my mom. About two weeks ago he told her that he could “use some help” around here, was the only one who brings in income, and that she needed to get a job. I told her that’s the last thing she needed to worry about, and that I would get a second job/send her money so she doesn’t have to work. I can’t imagine having cancer and my husband telling me I need to work. I felt so bad for her.
I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have stage four cancer. I should not be the judge of how my mother handles her situation, and how she expresses herself, but I am extremely unsettled about the way things have gone. I understand that the situation is not about me, and I need to be there for her.
It’s like my mom has empathy for everyone but me. I don’t feel like her daughter a lot of the time. She constantly talks about how she feels bad for my one of my little cousins because she doesn’t have a mom, and of course I feel bad for her too. Recently I went to one of my cousins weddings in Mexico.
She cried at the wedding because she felt bad for my cousin whose mom wasn’t there but is alive, and she made sure everyone knew why she was crying. I felt bad for my adult cousin too but I just feel forgotten about. I’m about to lose my mom too, and my mom can’t see that. I am watching her actively die and it’s almost like she’s incapable of understanding how that must feel. She never drinks and got ridiculously drunk the night of the wedding. She’s really insecure about her now pixie-cut short hair from the chemo. Once she was beligerated she went up to every group in the hotel bar and told them that she “wasn’t a lesbian” just because her hair was short and that she had cancer. Then she wanted to dance on the stage and was upset because the music was playing anymore. She got the attention of a manager and asked him if he could play music and make an exception because she has cancer. Then, with the help of our family friend and one of my other cousins we took her back to her room because she was getting out of control/was just too drunk. She got emotional and said how she was said she wouldn’t get to see my little cousins grow up, to be sure to take care of my dad and my brother when she’s gone, and that I needed to get started making a family. I am so tired of my worth/success being equated to getting married/having kids. It’s like our family and especially my mother doesn’t take me seriously because I don’t have those things yet. And the sad thing is I do want those things, just not yet.
I feel like such an outcast in my family. Deeply alone. Like I don’t fit in or belong anywhere and I want to so badly.
Yesterday my mom called me and goes, “grandma and I think you’re depressed, you need to get on an antidepressant” with a tone like I’m in trouble or I did something wrong. Anytime I try to talk to her “it’s always something with you” “don’t be so sensitive” “I never said that” I’m just exhausted. Anytime I ask for help she rejects me. I just wanted somebody to talk to.
Today I reached out to a friend who’s going to help me find some counseling services. I don’t know. I just needed to get this out.
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2023.03.22 16:53 e1geo 73 [M4F] #SF Want to fall in love with a petite woman and be cuckolded

My dream is to have my girlfriend hurt me by fucking another man while I watch. Would be good even if you were not my gf, but I am looking for the pain that comes from having my lover admire and give herself to another man. I'm 73, 5-10, 150 lbs.
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2023.03.22 16:53 Doctor-Tuna Any good current trails

Hi everyone. I arrived in yosemite yesterday and succesfully did the lower falls + mirror lake trail and went up to the bridge past mirror lake. It was quite doable and nice eventhough from time to time I was waist deep in snow. Are there any other relatively ok trails to do at this time? I was thinking of higher yosemite falls, but at the trailhead I couldn't even see where the trail went so decided on the other trails i just mentioned.
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2023.03.22 16:53 HercegBosan Did you know there is an all-Catholic boy school in NY named after a Croatia. Nazi priest Aloisius Stepinac that aided Ustashe in genocide of Serbs, Jews and Roma?

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2023.03.22 16:53 DreadCube12046 Internship/FT Decision Date Extension?

Just finished an audit internship in Chicago, and received a full-time offer for summefall 2024. I had another audit internship lined up with a different b4 firm this summer, but my offer decision is due next week. I asked to have this extended through the summer and they didn't budge. I loved the firm I was at but having some sort of income this summer is also a priority for me. Can anyone let me know if this sort of extension is typical? I've heard that other firms do that sort of stuff but are currently unsure if that is the norm or not.
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2023.03.22 16:52 ashh_ketchup1 Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝

Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝 submitted by ashh_ketchup1 to TwitchFollowers [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:52 obnoxious_chili Old Rift DK2 Game on Quest 2

Hello! I am trying to get an old Rift DK2 game/app called Floating Flying Falling to work on the Quest 2. I'm unsure if this is possible, so I thought I would ask the experts here.
I received the Quest 2 yesterday (my first VR headset) and got AirLink working properly. Unfortunately, the app only shows up through a virtual screen with both eyes displaying on that screen (rather than in the eyes of the Quest 2). As such, the head tracking doesn't work and it's nearly unplayable.
Are there any solutions for something like this? Thank you for your time and assistance.
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2023.03.22 16:52 isaiahremake Going to college for this

Can anyone in this field that’s already working give me some advice on what I could go ahead and learn before I start my classes in the fall to make things easier
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2023.03.22 16:52 ashh_ketchup1 Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝

Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝 submitted by ashh_ketchup1 to Twitch_Startup [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:51 SiruX21 Microsoft's Supplemental Response - my key takeaways

Another day another post on Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard. Anyway, time to get to the meaty stuff:
Now we get explicit confirmation that NVIDIA didn't actually pay anything for this deal since they specifically mention, "royalty free"
Now this is a more important bit as it suggests a more "permanent" solution to the whole issue. What I think this means is that they'll make it so as long as you own the game, you're free to stream it to any streaming service (which is how it should be)
Now this part is interesting, it means not all games will actually fall under this banner.
Sadly, the entire list is all redacted but it's rather weird that it's not open to all.
So yeah, they're just making it if you own the game, you can stream it on any cloud gaming service that uses that license.
Interesting to note, this is very different from the other deals that Microsoft has made. This only applies to Activision PC games and not any current Xbox Games.
So basically applies to games on EGS or Steam.
How it should be in the first place
Starfield my beloved.
What's important to note on all of these is that what's mentioned here only applies to Activision Blizzard titles. It currently does not detail anything that Microsoft is doing with their games.
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2023.03.22 16:51 ashh_ketchup1 Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝

Hey everyone! I am hosting a fall guys/jackbox game night this Saturday at 10:30 pm est. It would be a fun time and way to connect with other people :) stop by my stream tonight if you want more info or just tune in on Saturday. There will be drinking involved 😝 submitted by ashh_ketchup1 to twitchfollow4follow [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:50 Bravo_Whale Computer is slow to boot up

Recently when I’ve been turning on my PC (Windows 10) it won’t start immediately, I thought it could be this monitor (it is eleven years old), but when I plugged in a new monitor the same issue occurred. I have to wait for it my PC to enter sleep mode before I’ve even logged in to my user profile. Then I have a small window to wake it up and it functions as normal until it enters sleep mode again or I turn it off. If I wait too long to wake it I have to wait the 20 minutes for it to fall asleep again. Please help, I’ve been streaming episodes of King of the Hill when I’m afk so my PC doesn’t fall asleep while I’m gone.
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2023.03.22 16:50 Ouuxie Pregnancy in LDR

I just found out I’m pregnant and in an LDR (TX to NY). LDR is hard enough but having to raise a child while planning a move in a couple months would be difficult on its own for obvious reasons. I just wanted to see other peoples experiences with pregnancy in an LDR and how it turned out for them. I’m not looking for advice, just experiences!
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2023.03.22 16:50 AquaOrange1 Would you want A. Rodgers to join Miami for 1-2 yrs.?

Since we considered going after Brady before, A. Rodgers seems like a no brainer. If he'd be willing to scrap his contract & play for MUCH less like Brady did with TB; I would strongly consider it if I'm the Dolphins.
I'm not saying that's wat I do/dont want, I'm a big Tua fan but his availability is a huge concern & we're talking about a back-to-back MVP just a year ago or so. It would suck to see this team fall short bcuz of Tua's health, esp when A.R makes u immediate favorite to at least get to the AFC champ game. I think we'd beat the Chiefs even if it came down to it.
Its a tough decision but if Tua was ok with backing up Rodgers for 1 yr. I don't think too many ppl would be upset with that decision bcuz of all the talent we got. IMO we gotta Top 10 defense without even stepping onto the field!
U don't think S. Ross wants Rodgers? this point it's M. McDaniel's call but with all the Tua hype, Tua would have to be all in on board prior to making any decisions before it leaks out to the media; Even tho it's more about who Rodgers is (1st ballot HOF) than wat Tua isn't. ..eitherway Fins Up!
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2023.03.22 16:50 Technical_Location19 “Rant” Unlimited

Lol unlimited so so unplayable doesn’t matter what team or players you have and you can set a screen fade and shoot the 3 all game more then likely the game is going to fall in your favor…. Like 2k fix the fucking sliders it’s simple shit that can be done to make this a playable game yeah I understand it’s a simulation of a basketball game but got damn it’s a 600$ console all I wanna do is play some basketball… it’s crazy cause the dudes with this playing style will have no bag if they fix the fucking sliders in unlimited clutch time seems like the move cause it doesn’t give people enough time to just screen and 3 hunt for 4 quarters
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