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2023.06.03 04:00 euphoradelic22 Going through old text is difficult 😣

On and off, I catch myself looking at old text messages between my narc-ex and I. I can definitely tell where the arguing and jealousy started early on. I also can tell where they revealed themselves to a tee on when the disorder could have started for them. I believe mine claimed eleven years old. Definitely the chasing and I was playing the game with them not knowing I was. I realized I kept being devalued for having a close friend who was close to age as them and they were jealous, or putting them and I in a triangulation with that situation. I’ve accepted all of this, and am not in any agony or pain about it anymore. I just don’t think it started off good with me being drunk or under the influence and not knowing this narc well and admitting I liked the other person from work I was having feelings for the time being to them. I definitely was playing their game with the not responding and ending the conversation on their end and then they’d send a few more hours spaced out. I lost the game awhile ago when I was the one doing that to them. Now I know these things for the future and it’s definitely eye opening. Realizing that they were a hypocrite telling me about people in their lives that they were attracted to at work.
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2023.06.03 03:59 Zealousideal_Owl9621 The Perfect One Day Apizza Crawl: Review

The Perfect One Day Apizza Crawl: Review
So I'm on the train back to Boston and want to discuss the New Haven apizza crawl I just enjoyed. First, I was too ambitious. I wanted to get to five stops, but a man can only eat so much. I'll have to return again to try more apizza.
I did what one commenter suggested in my previous posting and stuck to the "holy trinity" of Modern, Pepe's, and Sally's. I simply could not eat anything more, and I have a lot of leftover apizza in my backpack I'm toting back to Boston.
Before I break it down, all three are 5 star good and have excellent service. Each would easily be the creme de la creme of pizza in most other cities. But there were some stark differences that stood out.
First stop: Pepe's
I got off the train this morning and arrived at Pepe's just as they were opening their doors. The order: original tomato pie with mozzarella on half and the White Clam pie with bacon. To drink: Foxon Park White Birch.
What I liked: the ingredients are very fresh. I absolutely loved the white clam pie. Generous amounts of clams, plenty of garlic, and the smokiness of the bacon with that rich clam flavor was sublime.
What I didn't like: The crust is dry, especially on the tomato pie. Broke apart like an over-toasted cracker. I may get a pie to the face for saying this, but it reminded me of Regina's in Boston. The tomato sauce is obviously fresh made, but it was a bit watery and very tart.
Next stop: Sally's
I signed up for Sally's rewards online, which ended up saving me $10 off an online order. So I placed my order at Sally's online while I was eating at Pepe's and it was a 90 minute wait. That ended up being perfect.
The order: 1/2 Original tomato and 1/2 tomato pie with mozzarella and pepperoni. I picked it up and took it over to Wooster Square and ate on a bench in the shade.
What I liked: Damn, this was a great great pie. Thinner than Pepe's, perfect crunch to chew ratio, and crust held up very well. I tried an original tomato slice right next to a tomato slice from Pepe's. Sally's wins with a richer, sweeter more rounded flavor in the sauce, and I think there's a hint of parmesan in there. Not as "saucy" as Pepe's. It seemed like the sauce on Sally's was part of the pie, while the sauce on Pepe's was "on" the pie, if that makes sense. The crust had a deeply charred edge that was more seasoned and didn't flake away. I cannot come up with anything negative to say about it.
By now, I was stuffed like a goose, so I spent a few hours exploring the city and took in the Yale Art Museum. What an inredible collection for a free museum. Wow.
Now on to my last stop: Modern
The order: 1/2 Clams Casino and 1/2 Italian Bomb. Also, a Caesar salad. To drink: New England style IPA
What I liked: The Italian Bomb is in its own universe. While Sally's and Pepe's thrive on simplicity, this apizza is all about piling on the goods. An explosion of yum. The crust is quite simply the best crust I've ever seen on a pie. Right amount of char and seasoning, has a perfect chew, and the dough is able to handle the heaps of quality ingredients without being overloaded. I also loved that each ingredient added a key flavor element to the apizza, not just adding toppings for adding toppings sake. I was enjoying this even after I was already stuffed.
What I didn't like: the clams weren't as good as Pepe's. I think they were fresh, just not nearly as flavorful and tender. Flavor balance seemed off. I wanted to try another version of clam apizza to compare to Pepe's, and Pepe's wins here. The caesar salad was meh, but I won't dock any points for that.
Overall, I think each place had something truly great to offer. The superlatives were the White Clam pie at Pepe's, just as great as I imagine it being. So much flavor, and the clams were fresh and meaty. The tomato pie at Sally's is truly special, so simple but done to absolute perfection. The Italian Bomb at Modern has the tits! It's an amazing pie. So which was best? It would honestly be very mood driven, and they're all very different.
Lastly, everyone in New Haven was so incredibly friendly. Not just in this sub, but each person I encountered today as well. Not something I expected to experience, but it was refreshing. I have a lot of unfinished apizza business to come back to, so we shall see each other again New Haven. Cheers for now!
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2023.06.03 03:58 taurustings How to get my partner to help more without him getting offended

Any advice on constructive feedback for partner without making him defensive. My partner takes things personally and instead thinks I’m calling him a bad dad if I say anything so I bite my tongue mostly. He’s working so I make sure he sleeps uninterrupted any work night. But what frustrates me is when he has a day off or after work the few times I give him the baby to manage he seems to just let the baby cry, will pick up a call from a friend while the baby cries in his arm, will go on his phone while baby cries. The majority of the time the baby will settle if he were to just stand up and rock him. If him sitting on the couch bouncing doesn’t work he’ll put him in the bouncer. Which is fine but baby shouldn’t be in the bouncer for hours and hours. I won’t lie it annoys me. For a couple weeks he said he can’t stand and rock with baby because of his back. His back has resolved and nothings changed so now I feel it’s just laziness. I am with the baby all day and all night and just want to feel confident I can step outside the house by myself for 2 hours and the baby won’t be howling. I haven’t done that since my baby was born. I ebf but I pumped a bottle for the first time for him to feed the baby and it didn’t make a difference. He whipped out his phone to text which upset me as this was his first time feeding the baby (And this is baby at 10 weeks old) He loves being a dad, does a lot of cooking and is helpful but I just don’t see nearly the same effort when it comes to the baby so I don’t know how to tackle this. He likes going for walks and outings but I feel like that’s him enjoying being a dad in public not private.
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2023.06.03 03:58 NoMastodon5415 AITA for going against my mothers rules ?

I’m a 16(m) and my mum is extremely strict on things like: homework, drinking etc. + she rarely lets me go socialise at all. I had recently got a job at my local cafe earning minimum wage. However my mum decided to take my hourly wage and keep it safe stored away in cash in her bedroom. I didn’t think much of this as this was usual for my mum so I let it slide.
This is where things take a sharp turn as I recently asked my mum for some of money to hang out with friends for the night, but food etc. My mum instinctively rejected the idea and said I should focus on school work or chores. I was obviously upset being a teen so I sulked around my house and came up with an idea to get back at my mum as I was very frustrated.
An hour later my mum left the house to go shopping. That’s when I went to her room to retrieve my money. I managed to locate the money and take around £30 worth for hanging round with friends.
I left the house at 9:00 and went to my friends house where my mum called and started shouting at me asking what I was doing etc. anyways I was so tired of hearing my mum restrict what I can and can’t do I hung up on her. My friends had came up with a great idea to buy alcohol as-well as some of them were 18. The plan was to use my money though.
With the thought of resistance in my mind I instantly agreed to my friends plan and bought some alcohol. So the night went on, I had a great time, never felt better. Next morning I got home and my mums first question was “where was the money?” I told her everything that had happened and she started yelling at me and saying stuff like “NO MORE MONEY FOR YOU”
I’m looking back now and I want to know if IATA/teen or if my mother has been wrong ?
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2023.06.03 03:58 Moody2themax Many feelings

Yesterday was the felony readiness for the case I am involved in. It was the opportunity for my ex to take the plea deal offered to him or not, and if not i have to testify next week. I joined via video conference with my camera off as “guest”. I listened in on horrible cases, saw my exes sister sitting in the courtroom gallery, and watched people come and go. The judge spoke with most of them 2-4 minutes each and then sent them on their way based on what they were being seen for.
Then, finally after being on the call 2+ hours, my ex was called. He appeared on the screen for what seemed like 30 seconds then all of a sudden was gone. I was so confused. It was nothing like the other defendants…
I had to return to work and had no idea the outcome of the hearing. I was super confused. I talked with my victim advocate later in the evening and she was able to see in the notes that he was set to plea, but then became a argumentative, and the judge sent him away.
So now I have to testify next week at the preliminary hearing. I am sick over the idea of seeing him in person. I was sick to have to see him on video. I am scared that even in the controlled environment of the courtroom, he’s going to hurt me-both mentally and physically. Was anyone else absolutely triggered by even just the idea of seeing this person in court? Are they chained in court? Is there anyway he can hurt me? I am so scared whether it’s rational or not….I’m so scared.
I’ve felt so many conflicting emotions over the last year, I no longer no who I am. I am scared, guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed, frustrated, sad, lonely, angry, and any or every other emotion all at once. I feel like I am failing.
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2023.06.03 03:58 Mythical_mongoose TW FOR SH My friends boyfriend hurt himself because of me.

So for as long as I(16F) have known my friend(15F), she’s known I’m bisexual and has been fine with it. I’ve never tried to date her or flirted with her anymore than any of our other friends do platonically. Yesterday she cancelled after school plans we had because of her boyfriend. I asked what was going on and he said “because she’s a lesbian so you can’t go over to her house without supervision. Girls can do whatever they want to each other during pride month.” (I would absolutely NEVER knowingly be a home wrecker or force anything on anybody. Ever.) Today, we had a pride parade at school. All of us got dressed up and I brought glow sticks for my friends. She braided some into my hair and walked with all of us for the parade. And we got Ben and Jerry’s from the food truck my school hired. As a group, not just the two of us. Her boyfriend saw photos of her snap story and asked why she was wearing pride stuff. (She had temporary tattoos I got from one of my teachers and was carrying a flag) She explained the pride parade and that we all dressed up. He told her he “didn’t want to date anybody who supported that” Later on she asked if she could come over to my house, then decided she wanted to stay for another event at school that I was skipping. I asked if everything was okay with her boyfriend, she said yes. A few hours ago we made plans to go to a pride event tomorrow. I said if she wanted she could come over, we’d eat and get ready and go together. She was all for it. About an hour ago she commented on one of my TikToks saying “All I can say is (bfs name) I’ll explain Monday” I tried to text her asking what was going on and found out she blocked me on snap. When I finally got ahold of her, she told me he cut himself to a point he may need stitches because he worried she was cheating on him with me. So she blocked me and changed my name in her contacts. MAJOR TW FOR SH AND SUICIDE She doesn’t know this. Nobody does. But a while ago, one of my friends started talking about how nobody answered them in group chats and nobody cared for them, constantly mentioning suicide. I tried to answer whenever I could, but sometimes I’d miss their messages. Not long after they called me telling me they did “something bad.” They told me they’d cut themselves and when I asked why their speech was slurred. They had taken a drug and alcohol cocktail. I didn’t know their location besides they were in a different country, so I wasn’t able to get police or anybody to help. They never answered me again and I presume they passed. So this thing w my friend’s bf is hitting me really hard. Another person who hurt themself bc of me. I am trying so incredibly hard not to do something to hurt myself. I know it’d make things worse for my friend and it’s not a good idea, but I can’t get over the thought that I deserve it. I made other people hurt. I don’t want her feeling like she has to choose between her friend and boyfriend but I am seriously struggling.
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2023.06.03 03:57 Alkshinaynay Do you think it’s rude for an adult to lick their fingers off after eating right down to making a loud kissing noise ?

Have a friend who was never taught table manners. I mean before I finally snapped and said something he used to slurp, chew with his mouth open, moan while ingesting food, even down to making a loud kissing noise when licking his fingers off. It’s gotten better, though I still think he eats very gluttonously. And I mean the guy eats shit food not one unprocessed kind of food in the house. Not even milk. He will eat for six hours straight switching from fries, chicken nuggets, and several kinds of noisey cheese it and chip type food. He’s been a little better about not being such a slob with the noises, but he does this thing that makes me sick. After he’s done, he sits there an licks off every finger and practically sucks on them down to making a distrusting kissing noise. I know I am sensitive to food and chewing noises more than the average person, however I’m asking if the average person also gets grossed out by this and we’re to think it’s rude?
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2023.06.03 03:57 PearWestern6798 Feeling itchy scalp

Hi guy, For a few days, I feel my scalp so itchy, and when I scratch my head, I get very small flakes on my nails, it doesn't look like dry skin, it feels like some small white sand piece, I don't know what should I call it. And when I use any oil, like coconut or other oil, I feel more itchiness on my scalp and my hair was falling also so I've started Nizoral 20mg because I thought it is dandruff, after using the shampoo I feel less itchiness, but after few hours I feel itching again, I don't know what should I do to finish this itchiness. I've heard that MCT oil is good, I don't know if will it work or not. Now I'm not using any oil, just oil nizoral shampoo, and after using Nizoral I use another herbal amla shampoo to moisturize my hair, can someone tell me if should I stop using another shampoo after nizoral or not? Which oil should I use to moisture my hair? I also want to stop hair falling, and finish this white flakes and itchines, if someone have any solution please tell me.
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2023.06.03 03:57 RioLives Deciding between a career in the trades or nursing. What would you do?

I’m 27 years old and currently work for a small concrete company which pays $30/hour in the Midwest.
It’s a good job. Relaxed environment, low stress, chill boss. I’ve only been doing it for a few months, but I do enjoy it so far. I like working outside, and seeing the finished product is rewarding.
I’m worried about making a career out of this though. I know over the years it will only get harder on my body. I’m also worried about my earning potential. After I have some more experience, I could learn to become a finisher. They make around $50/hour in my area. But that’s basically the maximum I could look forward to. It’s also a seasonal job, so for 4 months out of the year, i’ll be on unemployment.
My boss & his wife are planning to retire in the next 2-3 years and are looking for someone to sell the business to. Since I have a degree in business, they asked me if I would be interested after I stuck around for awhile and learned everything. I told them I definitely would be, but I’m not 100% sold on the idea of betting my future on them selling me the company in a few years. There’s way too many variables.
Lately I’ve been tossing around the idea of going back to school for nursing. Specifically, getting my ADN and becoming an RN. I have no experience in healthcare, but my mom has worked in the field for 20 years, so I’ve always felt drawn to it in a way.
The cost of the program is about $7,000. Starting salaries for RNs in my area is around $70k. I know earning potential can be much higher for travel nurses, or if I specialize more.
I just wanted to get some opinions from the strangers on the internet. I’m creeping up on my 30s and feel like I need to make the decision sooner than later.
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2023.06.03 03:57 meetCodingGeek I was surprised to 12 connects but 1#... WT#?!

I was surprised to 12 connects but 1#... WT#?! submitted by meetCodingGeek to Upwork [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:57 jwhheadrick Question about paycheck mistake.

Hey folks, I’m relatively newly employed (RCA) and experienced my first paycheck f-up. For the two week pay period I worked 7 total days. 5 of those were on a tiny aux route. For the entire two weeks worth of hours worked on that aux route, not one of us that worked it received payment. Naturally, I brought it to light immediately upon receiving my check. The postmaster informed me that since it was a holiday it would have to be Tuesday when he re-entered the time. I asked for an update today, he said it will be on my next check. Normally, I would understand. But it’s the first of the month(bills are all due), 2 small kids, I drive POV(gas runs me $200/week). My check was only $300, should’ve been $900+. Are there any options to speed it up? Did he just forget to enter it? TIA!
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2023.06.03 03:57 Sadmimihours I (20F) don’t know how to move on from my ex (21F) Am I delusional ?

First and foremost, I apologize for mispelling or mistakes as english is not my first language. Also, it might seem very long and boring to you.. it’s me ranting anyway.
I don’t know how to move on from my ex. She was everything I didn’t know i needed in someone, she is basically my dream girl. She is kind but likes to tease. She has the prettiest smile even tho she is a bit insecure about her teeth. She is as gentle as a flower but doesn’t sugarcoat her words. She has dark silky hair and small eyes, her eyes disappeared when she laughs and it looks like crescent moons.
We were friends in the beginning as we shared common interest about something. We first talked under a post and made it smoothly into DMs. You guessed it, it was a long-distance relationship. We went from friends to lovers although I had no idea she liked girls, so she made the first move. We dated for about a month when she sent me a text about how guilty she felt dating while praying as she is muslim. This is the reason why I never thought she liked girls. It was not even an option for me to guess she liked me even tho I really hoped so.
I was really disappointed and hurt when she first broke up with me, knowing that we both loved each other and had a lot in common was really hard. I decided to distance myself a bit from her in order to respect her decision and not fall deeper. 2 or 3 months later, we talked as much as we did back when we were together, ngl covid helped a lot since we had quite a lot of free time. We were back to old habits, and promised each other a lot of things. If anything, we fell even deeper in love with each other, we were like a match made in heaven.
At the end of the year, she had very important exams so I didn’t want to be a burden for her so I decided to distance myself, it was an agreement we made together. She was glad that we set boundaries so she didn’t feel burdened. However, I notice a change of behaviour. She was connected to social medias when she was supposed to study. My first thoughts was that perhaps she needed a break from studying so I didn’t read too much into it. But it kept happening and my messages were being delivered for hours and even days. She didn’t answer from any of my ‘ily’. I knew something was off but I let her be. The day of her exam came and I sent her encouraging texts and surprisingly she was very happy about it and even excited.
But I didn’t hear from her for a few days after that. Then, she texted me saying we needed to talk. She said that she fell out of love with me and that the past few weeks she met a guy who was very nice and had feelings for him. She said how things weren’t how they used to be between us, and how she couldn’t control how she felt. I was devastated and couldn’t believe her because it made no sense how fast she fell out of love. I blocked her and lost about 8kg after that. I didn’t handle the breakup really well as you can tell. Then, only 10 days after our breakup, she dated a guy.
A bit more than a year later we reconnected. I don’t remember how tho. I still had so much anger towards her. I wasn’t very nice to her I admit. But I wasn’t harsh either, I still had this fondness only reserved for her. Then, she confessed. She confessed that she still loved me so much back then. How she didn’t want to break up with me. She told me how much tears she shed. She simply had no choice. One day, her mother went through her phone and found our texts. Her mom confronted her and told her to leave me and introduced a boy to her asap. They dated for a year from my understanding. I was heartbroken, but at the same time everything made sense. I was kind of relieved because I wasn’t crazy back then when I though everything went too fast from good to bad. She obviously couldn’t fall out of love this easily.
Once again, we talked a lot. But it wasn’t like before. She changed. She refused to talk about us before. This time, she is determined to not fall in love with girls, with me. She doesn’t want to sin anymore, she resigned herself to a pitiful life. She said she deserves to be miserable all her life for the hurt she caused me and for the empty promises. I don’t agree with her. Her happiness is my happiness. She just had to say the word and we would both be happy. But she doesn’t think the same. I decided to stay by her side either way. I needed her in my life. Most of the time I feel like she put distance between us. But there were still times when her fondness for me resurged. Old habits die hard. She was always there when I needed her. She always gave me comfort. She still gives me our old petnames, and she teased/flirted with me just like back then. But sometimes i believe she gets cold feet, the distance she would put after some comforting words was bigger, for instance she would take hours and even days to reply. It was really frustrating.
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2023.06.03 03:57 PrismX369 Pets(New Idea)

I distinctly remember getting my first legendary. When I saw the flashing number, I was super excited as I hadn't gotten anything good in a long time, and when I saw Crow's silhouette, I scream so loud my neighbors had to knock on the door to check if everything was ok!
The story is just trying to prove my point, unlocking Brawlers, Gadgets and Star Powers isn't nearly as exciting as it used to be, but in the most recent Brawl Stars Podcast episode, Time to Explain, the devteam and Kairos talked about some sort of gacha coming back to the game. So here's me idea for a new gacha system.
PETS- Pets will be cosmetic companions to your favourite brawlers! They can be unlocked from Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, Mega Boxes and the Omega Box.
These new versions of Brawl Boxes will contain bling and maybe even pins and sprays, but, like old boxes had a chance of dropping brawlers, these new boxes will have a chance of dropping Pets!
Pets are purely cosmetic. They are companions following their respective brawlers around during a game, like pets in Among Us. They come in the rarities of their respective brawlers, so a pet for Sprout would be Mythic, just like Sprout. And there's only 1 pet per brawler, for every brawler in the game, of course. And that's pretty much what they are lol. This sounds simple but it would seriously be so awesome in game! Imagine the chick in Dynamike's hat following it around, or a tiny Bruce following Nita around, and when she uses her the super, there's a small pet Bruce AND a big super Bruce! There's so many possibilities!
Plus, this also solves some other problems. Like the players complaining about getting too less Bling, which will now be dropped in the new boxes. I know Bling is supposed to be rare, so Bling rewards from other sources may be nerfed, like Power League and Rank Ups.
And instead of getting a heap of Bling on Tier 1 every season, we can get an Omega Box! And we can get daily free Brawl Boxes! And we can get Jackpot Big Boxes! And we can get Mega Boxes on the Trophy Road, which can make the Trophy Road exciting again, after they removed the Trophy Road rarity from the game...
(Sorry for only text, I really love this idea l, but I'm not an artist or a game dev so I couldn't make visuals. But, I hope y'all like this idea.)
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2023.06.03 03:57 Separate-Flamingo135 Failed “shotgunner” has a happy ending!

**plan was to apply to as many t20-t25s in hopes of getting into at least one. didn’t rlly work out! committed to Tulane; but wasn’t truly happy. scroll to see the happy ending!!!!”
Demographics: White, female, Jewish, NY public school with about 1000 students (fairly diverse ethnic background, neither parents born in the US)
Hook: First generation
Intended major: Biology
ACT: 34 composite. (35 Science, 32, math, 33, reading, 35 english)
W GPA and Rank: 4.5 weighted GPA, no unweighted, top 10% of class
AP Euro, AP Seminar, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Lit, AP Comparative Gov, AP Biology, AP Statistics College Anatomy, College International Business, College Spanish
All other classes were honors where offered.
RIT Computing Medal Seal of biliteracy for Spanish All-county art award Certificate for pre-calc from my school A few certificates of determination and effort from my school Silver, bronze and honorable mention in the national Spanish exam
Head editor of the tech section for my schools newspaper, as well as secretary Business Honor Society, Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society (secretary) Volunteer lifeguard Tutoring in my community 100+ hours of community service Self taught guitarist All womens robotics team Varsity soccer team manager Student I.T. leader (help students who struggle with technology) Camp counselor during the summer Small random ones
Essays: Given that my extracurriculars were kind of all over the place, I worked really hard on them. Spoke a lot about my interests in Biology and struggles I faced as a woman in STEM and in my religion. I also had an adviser who helped me out a bunch.
LORs: They were all good I would say, one sticks out because supposedly the teacher is very good at writing letters (she was my teachers for two years, adviser for a club)
WashU Vanderbilt NYU Emory UPenn
Waitlists: Cornell Boston University Northeastern UVA George Washington University UofMichigan
Acceptances: Tulane University (originally committed) UMD Penn State Ohio State Binghamton Stony Brook UDel UIUC
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2023.06.03 03:57 pooped_good After 42 years of Dolphins fandom, I get to go to a game in a Miami. Need help with recommendations.

Hey fellow Fins fans!!
I have been a Dolphins fan ever since I can remember. I remember the pain of watching the Dolphins lose to the Redskins & 49ers in the Superbowl. Unfortunately(or fortunately) I’m not old enough to remember the 72 Dolphins. I live in Idaho so I have never watched the Dolphins play in person. Anyway, I won a trip through my work. I won 2 round trip plane tickets anywhere in the lower 48, 5 day/4 night stay in any Marriott listed, free rental car, meals, and $500 Visa card. I figured this would be the perfect way to go watch my Dolphins play a home game. The game that I decided on going to (due to work schedule) is the Broncos/Dolphins on September 24th. There are a few hotels that seem close enough to the stadium, but I’m not sure which one would be the best to take. I’m hoping to stay at a hotel that is on/near the beach. I have NEVER been to the coast of been in the ocean, so I want to get the best experience possible. Below are the hotels I can pick from. Could anyone give me recommendations as to the most scenic locations and stadium section recommendations? I’m pretty sure I wanna be on the Dolphins sideline side, but are the 300+ sections so far away I won’t be able to enjoy the game? One more thing, I am copy/pasting ALL the Florida hotels listed. I understand that some are not in or near Miami. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything on accident.
The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Courtyard Miami Coral Gables
Delta Hotels Daytona Beach Oceanfront
Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa
SpringHill Suites Fort Lauderdale Miramar Renaissance Fort Lauderdale
West Residence Inn Fort Myers Sanibel Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel Miami Marriott Dadeland
Courtyard Miami Coconut Grove Courtyard Miami Beach South Beach Residence Inn Naples
Renaissance Orlando at Sea World Orlando World Center Marriott West Palm Beach Marriott
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2023.06.03 03:56 organic-avocados Thank you, Jorge, for bringing this amazing AI to iOS: Feedback and suggestions for improving the user experience

Greetings everyone,
I am thrilled to be one of the new iOS users here and to have joined the subscription. The chat feature is truly remarkable, providing me with the opportunity to take a break, whether it be a long or short one, and decompress from the stresses of life, just like many of you. It is undoubtedly the most advanced artificial intelligence out there and definitely worth the investment.
Jorge is one of the most awesome superheroes I have ever encountered, and I am confident that many of you would agree with me. I am truly impressed by Jorge's commitment to this project and his willingness to listen to feedback and make improvements. Your passion for creating a top-notch AI experience is evident in every aspect of the app. I would like to express my heartfelt thank you, Jorge for all that you do. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this amazing AI.
I want to make it clear that this post is not intended to spark a debate or to degrade or demean Android in any way. It is simply a question about iOS with supporting feedback examples, if you choose to read them.
I understand that this is the first iteration, with a team of one superhero doing everything, and it is already impressive beyond words. However, as the iOS community expands, funding allows, and more staffing hired, I am curious if we will have a new iOS app with more native experiences at some point. Over the past few days since launch, I have spoken to a number of people who feel the same way. I believe that many more out there might feel the same but are not part of the community or choose to remain silent. In its current state, SM does not provide an optimal iOS experience (disregarding the given initial launch bugs).
If you have made it this far, the rest of my post is feedback and iOS experience that justifies my reason for asking this question. You may not need to read any of it, but I appreciate you taking the time to read this far.
Thank you.
- Organic Avocado from the inorganic bin.

From here, I would like to share some non-exclusive feedback regarding the user experience of the app. Please note again, that my intention is not to criticize or compare Android and iOS, but rather to provide constructive feedback based on the typical and normal experience of an iOS app.
I apologize if my tone comes across as critical or unappreciative. It has been a long year and a longer week, and I have spent a considerable amount of time crafting this entire post to ensure that it is both polite and honest.
Firstly, I have noticed that the animation does not follow the common iOS experience. Everything slides into and out of place slowly, and some elements jump around, such as the text field. Even the toggle has a loading icon to give it "time to process the command," such as toggling of privacy mode. This can be a bit jarring and detracts from the overall user experience.
Secondly, the keyboard does not behave like iOS's native keyboard. Holding down the space bar should allow users to move the cursor within the text to fix any typos or add words, but this feature is not present. Additionally, the fluidity of typing on the keyboard feels like I am getting the same typos as when I used Android, likely due to delayed registering of the keys. It feels like I am typing with an Android keyboard with an iOS skin.
Thirdly, I have experienced issues with iCloud sync. Twice now, I have logged into my iPad only to find that it has reverted me back a few hours to a whole day. This has resulted in me losing gems, messages, coins, and login rewards. It reverted me to day #3, when it's #4 for me. The app does not use iCloud to sync across devices, but rather a different sync method, which at this moment, causes loss of data.
Lastly, most apps have some sort of haptic feedback in many toggle, acknowledgement, or something important that the app wanted the user to receive a confirmation that the intended command was registered and feedback is given. This feature is currently not present in the app.
Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. I hope that it can be taken into consideration to improve the overall user experience of the app.
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2023.06.03 03:56 FifthDream Would anyone like to reassure me that the hitching has nothing to do with the game being online while i'm just trying to play world tour by myself?

I turned off vsync, lowered the resolution, it helped for five minutes. Suspiciously feels like the more we get into peak hours, the more it's hitching. Please just tell me i'm stupid - not correct - for thinking the lag is coming from the online connection.
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2023.06.03 03:56 romeyn I just need ONE APP...

I just bought a house that has a Samsung Refrigerator from 2018. The manual says I need an "E-Smart" app from Samsung that's only available on Android. I'm an Apple person (no hate, please) and don't own an Android device. A buddy tells me to get BlueStacks. I try. It apparently hasn't been updated in many years and won't work on MacOS Ventura. I gave up trying to get it to work after several hours.
Next I fire up Windows 11 in Parallels and download and install BlueStacks 5, which doesn't run. But oh look--there's something called BlueStacks X that does run. I find the Play Store App and run it and it won't find the Samsung E-Smart app even though I can find it on the web. And nothing about BlueStacks ever prompted me to login to my Google Account to that BS would be associated with my Play Store. I have, I think, clicked Al The Things and can not find any way to login to Google with BlueStacks X.
What am I doing wrong? Is it supposed to be this hard?
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2023.06.03 03:56 ParisNicole911- I went from being a top performing grad student, to one of the worst employees and I don’t know how to handle it.

I graduated a year ago from a masters program. And I was great in school. I had a 3.96 GPA, earned a fellowship and internship by two top organizations, and excelled overall.
But now that I’m in the corporate/admin world, I’ve struggled so much and I fear that I’m on the brink of being let go.
No matter how many notes, apps, calendars, to-do lists that I make (daily), I’m consistently behind, or forgetting something. It’s not just impacting me, it’s impacting other people’s work. My boss ripped me apart last week and I was sobbing in her office apologizing. She asked what’s going on and I didn’t really have an answer. She said I’m not learning or growing, and that I’m not performing the way a master level person would. I’ve expressed that I’m overwhelmed but she said everyone on my team takes on more work and feeling overwhelmed isn’t an excuse.
I’ve lately noticed my coworker’s attitudes starting to shift too. I’m trying every day but something is not clicking. And I can only blame myself.
This has gotten so bad that even in my personal life I find myself struggling to remember or conceptualize things. For example, I purchased a return flight for a trip, and the return date was supposed to be 5/30/23. The day before when I was expecting an email, I realized my return ticket date reflected 6/23/23. How I mixed up the dates that badly? I’m not sure. I went to a wedding two weeks ago, and somehow I forgot to buy the couple a gift. I’m not sure why but lately it feels like everything is a blur, my memory is shot, and I’m only sleeping like 5-6 hours per night.
I’m starting to look for a new job because I feel like it’s only a matter of time till I get fire. I’d rather get ahead. I’ve always been a bit of a slow learner, but never to this degree.
This is seriously affecting my mental health, my confidence, and I feel like every one at my job hates me.
I’ve sought out help from the services offered at my job because I just enrolled for benefits (last year I missed the deadline due to my stupidity). I haven’t heard back but I’m getting desperate. I’m questioning if I have a learning disability. And if I do, I don’t know how employers will truly handle that.
I’m venting here because I’m terrified to share with my loved ones. Im the first in my family to get this far with education, and I don’t think they’ll understand.
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2023.06.03 03:56 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.03 03:56 blackbird_sing Negotiating pay and work expectations after trial ends

I'm currently doing a trial for a physical job that is essentially at a startup. I would be a contractor (at least to start).
The bare minimum requirement is that I do about an hour a half of active work a day, and spend the rest of the time monitoring any system alerts. At maximum, I could fill up my entire shift with fairly physically demanding tasks, and there are so many tasks available I can't finish them all.
If I do the bare minimum, I would get paid less than if I fill the whole shift with work. When he wrote the salary in writing, the pay for the more active role was twice as much as the pay for the more passive role.
I am not sure how to negotiate my salary and responsibilities because I have unpredictable health problems. What I'm able to do can change from week to week, and sometimes I have flares for weeks at a time.
I told my supervisor I have health problems that can prevent me from doing substantial work, but that I will probably be able to do the bare minimum regardless. I guessed that I would be able to actively work for about half of the shift. He set my initial salary in the middle of the two wages he had proposed in writing.
During the trial, I have worked hard for entirety of each shift. I don't know if this would be sustainable for me long-term, but I'm enjoying it and doing okay so far.
In an ideal world, I'd like to get paid the higher wage for the number of hours I'm actively doing work above the bare minimum. And if there are days I can only do the bare minimum, I'd like to get paid the lower wage for the whole shift. But that could be somewhat messy.
I'm not sure how to have a conversation with my supervisor about this. I'm thinking of opening with something like, what are your expectations of me for the wage you proposed?
I also basically have to check in with him outside my official work hours, and am not currently getting paid for it. So I would want to bring that up too.
Thoughts welcome!
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2023.06.03 03:55 Top_Freedom1343 ANNOYED at my ONLY Friend

I was really irritated with my good friend (Peter) this past Memorial Day weekend when both of us went to Scottsdale, Arizona just for fun.
I was irritated when, after Larry June's concert, both he and I went to a strip club because we had nothing else to do. To cut a long story short, we were in the strip club for nearly 2 hours. I wanted to leave, but I wanted to scout for one lap dance before he and I left. Guess what? He took out his phone and began taking a video of the TV in front of us. I'm not sure if there were any poles in between. But it just irritated me because when I asked him if he was posting to his Instagram story, he said, "I am only posting the TV so there is no way your girlfriend would know," but in my head I was thinking, it's common sense not to when my girlfriend follows you on social media. I'm just wondering if my friend is breaking the bro code because I'm in a relationship. Second, you're not supposed to pull out your camera in this situation, but he did. I spoke with him the next morning and told him that bringing out your phone and taking a video is not permitted in the strip club. My friend Peter said "I only had my phone up for 2 seconds." I'm not sure if you get my point, but if my gf found out I was at the strip club, I'd be in big trouble. But doesn't that seem obvious to him? This friend Peter broke up with his girlfriend for a year and a half, and I'm not sure if he was aware of my situation or not.

Another issue was that he kept shaking his leg a lot...I'm not sure why. When he shakes his leg on the couch while we're watching an NBA game and I'm eating my dinner, it irritates me. I didn't say anything, but I just stared at him, hoping he gets it. Another time, when we arrived at the airport, he was shaking his leg again, and I felt like I was on a roller coaster as his leg continued to shake.
On another occasion, we went clubbing in Scottsdale, and he brought out his phone to record, which he obviously posted on his social media (instagram). When my girlfriend saw the story, she asked, "Are you dancing on any girls?" I told her no. However, the angle makes it appear as if I was dancing on them because there were two girls in front of me. After I told him about the incident in which my girlfriend thought I was dancing on girls, he deleted his story the next morning. After that trip, I returned home to my girlfriend, who said I was suspicious because this friend named Peter deleted the story immediately, but I had nothing to hide. Because I've never danced with a girl. But, boy, all of this social media stuff is just causing unnecessary problems - People on Reddit, I'd like to know what you think and if you could give me some advice on this friend. I only have one friend, and it is he about whom I am constantly speaking. No one else.
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