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2023.03.22 17:51 ProfoundPenguin 2023 Rav4 LE AWD $31k vs 2021 Rav4 LE AWDfor $25.5k? Trade in offer lower buying the new one.

I’m a little conflicted between buying new and used. I can buy a previous rental rav4 with 43k miles for about 25.5k. With my trade value I’m essentially not paying any taxes and have 3k positive equity going towards the used vehicle. The catch is, on the newer vehicle I can’t get a dealership to match the Echo park trade in value. It would be about $1500 less on my trade buying a new vehicle. Plus since the rav4 won’t be delivered for a month, they could go down on that number and make it worse. Although I do like the idea of having a new vehicle that hasn’t been abused.
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2023.03.22 17:49 mrsaptrza For my hikers, climbers, or New England residents/fans:

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2023.03.22 17:46 confusedthrowaway144 Five volumes of Tom Lehrer Rarities!

Hi everyone, I came across a blog that has five large volumes of rarities ("rare" recordings of songs and interviews that aren't available anywhere else). I've downloaded and listened to them all and they're definitely worth taking a look at! Also on the site is Tom Lehrer Discovers Australia and a Voices of Vista interview from 1966.
Rarities Revisited (contains Volume 1, 2, and 3)
Volume 1
FROM "THE PHYSICAL REVUE," January 22, 1951:
  1. The Professor's Song
  2. S is One-Half of GT2
  3. Relativistic Approach
  4. The Derivative Song
  5. There's A Delta For Every Epsilon
  6. Hail Chemistry
  7. The Slide Rule Song
  8. Any Questions
  9. That's All
  1. Interview with Neville Clarke
  1. The S.A.C. Song
  1. The Fifty Russian Composers [Gershwin/Weill]
  2. The Subway Song
  1. So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) broadcast March 10, 1966
  2. Pollution (broadcast March 17, 1966)
  3. Who's Next? (broadcast April 14, 1966)
  4. Decimal (broadcast April 21, 1966)
  5. That Is the End of the News [Noel Coward] (broadcast May 19, 1966)
  1. Dodge Rebellion Theatre
  1. National Brotherhood Week
  2. When You Are Old and Gray
  3. MLF Lullaby
  4. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
  5. So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)
  6. Pollution
  7. The Masochism Tango
  8. Send the Marines
  9. Who's Next?
  10. Wernher Von Braun
  11. The Vatican Rag
  12. We All Will Go Together When We Go
Volume 2
  1. L-Y (broadcast version with spoken intro)
  2. Fight Song (from ELECTRIC COMPANY LP)
  3. N'T (broadcast version, sung by cast)
  4. Finch and Dinch (broadcast version, sung by cast)
  5. The Menu Song (broadcast version, sung by cast)
  6. The Mumble Song (broadcast version, sung by cast)
  1. I Got It From Agnes
  1. Interview
DJ BOB CLASTER, November 1989:
  1. Telephone Call to Tom Lehrer
SHOW #91-46 (broadcast November 17, 1991)
  1. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (album version)
    I Hold Your Hand in Mine (album version)
    Noel Coward - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  2. It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldier (album version)
    Katharine Hepburn - The Merry Minuet
SHOW #91-47 (broadcast November 24, 1991)
  1. Be Prepared (album version)
    Kaye Ballard - Teeny Tiny
    The Hunting Song (January 21, 1961 orchestral single version)
  2. Pollution (album version)
    The Limelighters - Gunslinger
Volume 3
SHOW #91-48 (broadcast December 1, 1991)
  1. TOMFOOLERY Cast - The Masochism Tango
    Silent E (album version)
    The Goons - I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas
    The Elements (album version)
STUDIO OUTTAKE, November 2, 1993:
  1. That's Mathematics (alternate lyrics)
  1. The Derivative Song
  2. There's A Delta For Every Epsilon
  3. The Professor's Song
  4. Sociology
  5. That's Mathematics
  1. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (live)
  1. 1990's Interview
  2. Vintage Interview (Norway, 1967?)
Volume 4
  1. "An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer"
FROM "THE FROST REPORT," UK TV, April 7, 1966:
  1. National Brotherhood Week
  1. Pollution (w/ live album version, 1966)
  2. Pollution (w/ new studio recording, 1967)
Volume 5
  1. Phone Interview (February, 1983)
  2. Phone Interview (November, 1989)
  1. We Gather Together
  2. Everybody Eat
  1. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (recorded previous day to video version)
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2023.03.22 17:43 Safari_DN S25 scenic self-drive - Kruger national park with music

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2023.03.22 17:43 Safari_DN S25 scenic self-drive - Kruger national park with music

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2023.03.22 17:41 sanu29 From the Desert discovery trail at Saguaro National Park Arizona[1365x2048][oc]

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2023.03.22 17:36 Justplainsimple99 RideBHM Makes Birmingham A Downhill Mountain Biking Destination

RideBHM Makes Birmingham A Downhill Mountain Biking Destination About Town
"The impressive flow-focused wonderland came with the help of Red Mountain Park and opened in November to over 400 people from 11 states. The park is currently hosting free beginner classes, offers bike rentals, and will be hosting youth camps - including scholarships for Birmingham-area students who wouldn’t typically have this experience - in the spring/summer. Day and ride pass specials can also often be found on the park’s social media pages"
"A mountain bike park of this caliber is not a common site, and people have been consistently traveling from Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and beyond to take in the enthralling jumps and berms found on these new trails. The park’s masterminds see it as their role in showcasing the beauty that is the Magic City. “I think Birmingham’s an awesome city and people just need to give us a chance,” King explains,"
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2023.03.22 17:27 Due_Post_6037 Golf Trip Idea

This is a shoutout to my friend who has planned this trip for three years running and is now a tradition.
He is a PGA Pro/General Manager. For the last three years, he has scheduled a golf trip on the same extended weekend. Sounds like a normal golf trip right? It's not.
The kicker is that he doesn't tell anyone where we are going, what courses we are playing, when we are leaving. He plans the golf, RV rental (yes we even pile into an RV without knowing where we are headed), housing, food, and beverages. He tells us when to meet at the course the day before we leave. We find out when we usually get off an exit close to the location. He organizes the teams and events by similar handicap ranging from +2 to 26.
Year 1: Pinehurst
Year 2: Hilton Head Island
Year 3: unknown? I am typing this on the way down.

If anyone wanted to organize a golf trip for their buddies, I would recommend trying this. It's exciting and adventurous.

We look forward to it every year.
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2023.03.22 17:20 AgreeableEmploy1884 Where is everyone?

It all started a month ago on 16/02/2023. I woke up on 8:30 as usual, i brushed my teeth, and dressed up to go to work. While i was preparing a quick breakfast, i noticed something off outside. There were a few military trucks and jeeps passing through the street. Normally i would brush this off as something normal however the nearest military base that i know of is 150 kilometers away. Still, i ignored it. Ate my breakfast and entered my car to go to work.
While on the road i decided to listen to some music and opened the radio. Usually there was cheerful music or the weather broadcast on the radio however, it was just static. Weird, i thought to myself. The radio channels here rarely went down.
I parked in the parking lot of the building i worked in and just as i entered the elevator i got a text message. It was from my boss telling everyone that work was cancelled. "Finally i can rest for a little bit." i said to myself before entering my car.
As i was driving on the road i was driving 15 minutes ago, i saw what i thought was another military convoy in the distance. This whole day felt off. Still i could be overreacting and that could be the same convoy that i saw earlier. While i was driving i saw a few military guys setting up perimeters around the town entrance in the distance. I started getting really creeped out. What was going on?
I parked my car on the driveway of my house and headed inside. I decided to watch tv since there was nothing else to do. While i was watching a documentary about cryptids i accidentally changed the channel to the news broadcast. I was bored so i deciced not to change it back and nothing caught my attention until i heard the broadcaster say: "There have been reports of heavy military activity around the Mainland United States, these reports are mainly from rural areas such as suburban towns and small villages. A video sent to us shows a few soldiers putting up barricades blocking access to the entrance of a national park and the video ends with a soldier stopping the person from recording the video. The government has not made a public statement about the situation yet."
As the broadcast ended, i heard a knock on my door. When i opened it i saw a person dressed in military tactical gear wearing a gas mask. Before i could ask what was going on, they said:
"Stay indoors if possible, there has been a gas leak in the nearby area. Do NOT exit your house after 6pm, a curfew was placed to keep citizens safe. Close your curtains after 6pm."
And before i could ask anything, they pushed me back and closed the door before i could even get up. I didnt understand the last part, why would we need to close the curtains if it was a gas leak? Still, even tho it sounded like bullshit i decided to listen to the "soldier" that knocked on my door.
This was the night it all went to hell. I woke up on 2:33 AM to gunshot and explosion sounds outside. I was too scared to get out of the bed. I heard someone yelling "ANOTHER ONE! SHOOT IT QUICKLY BEFORE IT CAN DO ANYTHING!" and a few gunshots after that. I didnt sleep after that, i stayed in my bed motionless for the whole night until 9 am. The sounds stopped at 4 AM but i didnt have the courage to get out of bed.
After i shakily got out of bed i peeked out the window to see, a bloodbath. There were alot of heavy machine guns dropped on the asphalt and a lot of dead bodies, i think they were soldiers. I blocked the door with a huge table while i desperately tried to call 911 to no avail. The phone lines were down or there was noone to pick it up. I remembered that i had a few cameras installed around my house so i reluctantly went to check the footage out. What i saw, made my blood run cold. I could see a few people in tactical gear shooting someone or something offscreen. Then i saw it, there was a huge claw type limb reaching out from the forest grabbing the soldiers head and squishing it like it was a balloon. I couldnt continue watching it.
I stayed in the house for the next 19 days until i ran out water. While i was inside, i couldnt hear anything from the outside. No people, no cars, not even birds chirping. When i decided to go out to get some water, i grabbed my M9 pistol with me incase something was out there. I ran to my car as fast i could thinking something was going to grab but, there was nothing. While i was driving to the store i saw cars flipped over, and a few houses destroyed. I expected there to be people and soldiers in the downtown area but there was noone. Not even a dead body. However i did see alot of abandoned cars. When i got to the store, just like the downtown area there wasnt anybody in it. The streets were devoid of people. Either all the people were inside or they somehow disappeared. There were no signs of those thing i saw in the camera either. It was like every living being just disappeared into thin air. I grabbed as much water and food as i can and ran back to my car.
As i was driving in the "abandoned" city, i had an idea. I could check to see if people were inside hiding somewhere. So i grabbed my M9 pistol that i brought with me and went to the first house that i saw. The door was unlocked. I slowly entered the house to find nobody inside. The bathroom door was locked so i tried to kick the door down and i somehow did. There was something written on the wall with blood, the blood seemed relatively fresh. The writing said "cover windows after sunfall". What the fuck was going on? I searched a few more houses to find no people. Not even animals. I drove back to my home and barricaded all the windows with what i could find. I had food and water that would last me for weeks. After the sun set i could hear this weird type of buzzing sound outside. I didnt have the courage to check the camera to see what it was. After 6:34 AM, the noises stopped.
After the noises stopped, i decided to drive to the downtown area to see if there were any signs of people or any animals. I checked a few houses but there was nothing. One of the houses seemed to be inhabited very recently, there were empty bottles of water and a few cans of food on the floor but no sign of a person.
After i got back home i found an old radio that was still working and i decided to see if there was anything on the radio. The only thing i got was a weird beeping sound, there were 3 short beeps and 3 longer ones after that, and at the end were 3 more shorter beeps playing on loop. I think it was morse code, i am not sure.
I do not know why i am writing this, since i could be the last living thing on the planet except for those fucking things that killed everyone. If someone is somehow reading this, i am in the town of Swindmore in Iowa. I will be at the town centre everyday at 9 AM. Those fucking things killed off the entire town or possible even the whole world, the last television broadcast was 4 days before the electricty cut off and it was about serial disappearences all over Europe and North America. I will be at the town centre everyday at 9 AM, if i am not there i have probably died. 22/03/2023.
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2023.03.22 17:17 TreasureDragon New and improved Central America itinerary

So after I asked with my super limited knowledge of Central America and solo traveling in general, I was helped by so many people here! Found out CA really is not a great place for big city lovers and you’ll have to stick to smaller towns and nature instead which I want to do anyways! So that being said, I recrafted my itinerary and wanted to see some thoughts and had some additional questions:
Country Region # of Days
Belize San Ignacio 1-2
Guatemala Tikal 1-2
Guatemala Flores 3-4
Guatemala Semuc Champey/Lanquin 2-3
Guatemala Atitlan Villages 3-4
Guatemala Antigua (+ Acatenango) 4-5
El Salvador Ruta de las Flores (optional) 1-2
El Salvador Santa Ana 2-3
El Salvador El Tunco 1-2
El Salvador Suchitoto (optional) 1-2
Honduras Copan Ruins 1-2
Honduras Yojoa (optional) 1-2
Honduras La Ceiba 1-2
Honduras Utila 3-4
Nicaragua Leon 2-3
Nicaragua Granada 2-3
Nicaragua Ometepe 1-2
Nicaragua San Juan del Sue (optional) 2-3
Costa Rica Samara 1-2
Costa Rica La Fortuna 2-3
Costa Rica Tortuguero (optional, so far!) 2-3
Costa Rica Puerto Viejo 2-3
Panama Boquete 1-2
Panama Bocas del Toro 3-4
Panama San Blas (optional) 2-3
Panama Chagres National Park 1-2
Panama Panama City (ending trip here) 1-2
Ok so all in all, I plan on spending at least two months and those days I can just adjust it however I want tbh. I foresee it being a lot longer than listed and this is not even taking into account transportation as I heard transportation is rather difficult! That being said, I want to use Rome2rio for general connections (good idea?) and when should I fly? My thought is the longest drive by far would be getting from Utila to Leon which sounds super boring and difficult so is it better to fly from La Ceiba to Tegucigalpa then take a bus directly to Leon? Any other legs I should fly instead of ride shuttles/buses/chicken buses? Also, for a majority of these days, I will probably rent a private room (money isn’t a big concern) as I despise hostel rooms with 8+ people or something. Any good websites that I can use for the entire trip? And finally, AT&T has a great plan for Latin America so I won’t be needing a SIM card (yay!). Is the SIM card faster than AT&T for those who tried it?
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2023.03.22 17:17 mrtimothyarnold Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park, Ireland (finally a less rainy day)

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2023.03.22 17:17 mrtimothyarnold Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit, May 2021 - the best photo I will ever take.

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2023.03.22 17:16 cf815 Another fun, but cold trip into Canyonlands Nat. Park

This was my third backpacking trip in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park (March 2023). Even though temps were about 15 degrees below normal (high of 48, low of 20), we got lucky with the weather compared to the days before and after the trip where they had rain and snow.
We camped at the EC2 campsite which had a surprisingly great view for being inside of Elephant Canyon. It was not nearly the view as when I camped at CP1, but this site was very private and pretty far off the main trail.
It was my first time hiking most of this route, Squaw Flat loop A to BS1 campsite, then cut across to the Chesler Park trail, and then south down Elephant Canyon. I highly recommend this section between BS1 and the Chesler Park trail!
Has anyone ever stayed at SQ2, LC3, or LC2 before? I'm thinking that might be my next trip. (I've done Peekaboo and most of Salt Creek which I also highly recommend).
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2023.03.22 17:12 Theclaaw Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

🌹🌹🌹 LET'S GET THORNY!! 🌹🌹🌹
You can check out the the original post with links to all other write ups for this year here.
Head Coach: Mike Norris
Formerly an assistant coach for the Thorns, Mike Norris took over the team in January of this year following the resignation of last year’s head coach, Rhian Wilkinson who stepped down after only one season. Her resignation came after a joint investigation by the NWSL & NWSLPA regarding a relationship developing with a current player on the team. While the investigation found Wilkinson did not violate league policies, Wilkinson left the team after player urging, regarding the broken trust between the players and Wilkinson, the legitimacy of the reporting/investigation process of the team/league, and potential retaliation amongst other issues.
Norris joined PTFC in 2022 as an assistant head coach under Wilkinson. Most recently, Norris was the goalkeepers coach for the current Olympic champions, the Canadian Women’s National Team, but Norris’s assistant coaching background in women’s soccer is extensive. After starting his coaching career in youth soccer, he quickly moved up through Canadian youth’s national system up to the senior team over the span of 8 years. Most importantly, Norris was hired with the backing of the current players. Expectations are high for Norris. The Thorns are coming off their third championship season with sights set on a repeat performance.
Technical Director: Karina LeBlanc - General Manager
Karina LeBlanc took over the role of General Manager in November of 2021 following a 3 year stint as CONCACAF’s Head of Women’s Soccer. The newly dedicated role in the Thorns' organization came after a separation between the Thorns management from their brother club Portland Timbers FC stemming from the fall out of the 2021 abuse scandal of the league. LeBlanc, a Canadian national team Hall of Famer, was immediately thrown into the mix, managing to make a splash with her first two trades within her first month, securing a substantial amount of allocation money and expansion draft protection. Unfortunately, LeBlanc stumbled a bit in her first NWSL draft, using her first pick on a player that was never signed by the club (due to transphobic/anti-LGBTQ+ social media posts). In just over a year, LeBlanc appears to be a breath of fresh air in the recent tumultuous years of the club. Just like head coach Mike Norris, there are high expectations for LeBlanc (honestly though, not protecting a known abuser would instantly shoot LeBlanc up to the best GM in Thorns history).
Captain: Chrstine Sinclair
Synonymous with Portland women’s soccer and needing no introduction, the Canadian GOAT Christine Sinclair has been the Thorn’s captain since the start of the league in 2013. While several players have worn the armband in Sinc’s absence, the captaincy is Sinc’s and truly Sinc’s alone.
Stadium: Providence Park, Soccer City, USA
Arguably one of the most iconic professional soccer stadiums in the US, Providence Park has played host to the Thorns since they joined the league in 2013. Located in the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Southwest Portland, the recently renovated stadium is home to both PTFC teams and can host over 25,000 fans.
Ownership: To Be Determined
I am not going to waste time talking about the Thorns' current owner; in no way does he deserve any more publicity and in mine, and I’m sure many others’ opinion, should not be allowed to own a club in the league. Thankfully, in December of 2022, it was announced the Thorns would be up for sale. While this could potentially hinder both the Thorns & Timbers’ mantra of “Two Teams, One Club”, the future is bright for the Thorns. Right after the announcement of the sale, it was reported that an all-women investment group led by Nike executive Melanie Strong was looking to submit a bid with a valuation of $60 million.
Mascot: N/A
While there is no mascot for the club, the prominence of roses can be seen throughout the club, including on merch, within the supporters section, and even awarded to players after home matches.
Kits: We’ve Got Some Mixed Opinions
The Thorns have had some really great kits in past years. However, the kits unveiled in 2022 really missed the mark. One comment pointed out that the 2022 kits looked as if someone took the 2021 kits and remade them in MS Paint. Switching to black kits the previous year, Portland’s primary kits kept with the theme of a black base with the inclusion of red vines/thorns. A nice little easter egg, the acronym dear to the PTFC supporters, BAON, is included within the neck tag (a feature added to the kits starting in 2020).
The secondary kits didn’t fare much better. The club kept with the primary colors of white and red, but other than that, not much else can be said about them.
2023 brings about a fun new kit for our Ed Hardy fans out there (at least we can say they didn’t play it safe???). The Thorns wanted to go bold and that they did. With an updated logo on the shorts, they definitely stand out.
Supporters Groups: The Rose City Riveters
Housed in the North End of Providence Park, the Rose City Riveters are a wild bunch of supporters. You can check out their Instagram or Twitter. The group provides plenty of volunteer opportunities, charity drives, and are never shy in supporting what they believe in. The Riveters are loud and proud (NSFW - language), creating one of the best sporting environments in the league. Very biased, but they also create some of the best TIFOs and banners; since I love a good TIFO/banner, here are few of my recent favorites:
Subreddit: /Thorns
The Thorns subreddit is probably above average in activity compared to other clubs. You’ll get the biggest news, fun social media posts, and the occasional hyped upvote party (we like excitement). Drop by to show your support!
News and Commentary: Stumptown Footy & Riveting!
Stumptown Footy & Riveting! are the two publications that you will constantly find Thorns-centric coverage & commentary. While STF is currently going through the SB Nation cuts of all soccer coverage, they still plan on continuing coverage of soccer in Portland. Both are great for not just coverage, but opinions on the Thorns & the league.
Key Twitter Follows for Team Insights:
Thorns FC
Ryan Clarke - Beat writer for The Oregonian
Paul Danzer - Sports writer for The Portland Tribune
Stumptown Footy
Phuoc "Francis" Nguyen
Rose City Review
Mike Donovan
Chris Rifer
Anne M. Peterson - Portland based AP writer
Meg Linehan - The Athletic (it’s not a true list without Meg)
Craig Mitchelldyer - Great PTFC photos!
DanteysArt - Not Twitter (though they do have one), but great game day pics!
2023 Season/Home Opener: Sunday, March 26th, Orlando Pride @ Providence Park
Full 2023 Schedule
  • NWSL Championship: 2013, 2017, 2022
  • NWSL Shield: Supporters’ Shield: 2016, 2021
  • NWSL Challenge Cup: 2021
Also including the 2020 NWSL Community Shield for the Fall Series after the Chaos Cup.
2022 Season Review
Three Stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐
The Portland Thorns were your 2022 NWSL League Champions! As any other season in Portland, the Thorns came in with high expectations following their Shield win in 2021, but their upset loss in the semi-finals to Chicago. Portland went into the pre-season Challenge cup in the West Division finishing 3-1-2, but missed out on advancing to the knockout stage to defend their Challenge Cup championship. The Thorns started off the regular season a little sluggish, going 1-3-1 in their first five games, falling all the way to 7th in the standings. Thankfully, they quickly hit their stride, going on a 10 game unbeaten streak. Following back to back thrashings from NCC & SD, the Thorns went on to not drop a match for the rest of the season. They ended the season with a record of 10-9-3 and a goal differential of +25! The race for the shield at the end of the season was wild, with Portland being in control of their own destiny, but couldn’t get it done, ultimately falling short by 1 point to OL Reign.
Focusing on the on-field storylines, there is one name that was the star of the show: Sophia Smith. Coming into her 3rd season in the league, Smith took off (for club and country)! Racking up 14 goals with 3 assists which lead to 3 Player of the Week nominations (1 win), a Player of the Month award, 2nd in the race for the Golden Boot, NWSL Championship Game MVP, and ultimately being crowned the 2022 NWSL MVP. Nothing could stop Sophia Smith last season and hopefully this is just the beginning for her.
Smith was not the only Thorns player to really step it up this year. Continuing on with the nickname of Goalkeeper FC (shout out the magical Thorns GKer coach Nadine Angerer), starting goalkeeper Bella Bixby tied for the most clean sheets in the league with 9 (10 if you include the playoffs). Rookie Sam Coffey made an immediate impact in the midfield, switching to a DM position and being an anchor our midfield needed. The Thorns also had 1 iron woman in 2022, defender Kelli Hubly who really solidified her starting role going forward (over an injured Emily Menges). Last, but not least, one of the biggest stories of the season: the return of Crystal Dunn! After giving birth to her very adorable son Marcel in May, Dunn returned to the pitch less than 4 months later. And who could forget Dunn’s game winner to send Portland to the championship?
Players Out
  • Lindsey Horan, MF - For now, Horan is still out on loan to Lyon through the summer of 2023
  • Marissa Everett, F - Retired (to pursue a career in nursing)
  • Abby Smith, GK - Free agency (signed to Gotham)
  • Yazmeen Ryan, F - Traded to ACFC
Players In
Free Agents: None
  • Reyna Reyes - Defender - Round 1 Pick 5 (still unsigned, but training with the team)
  • Izzy D’Aquila - Forward - Round 1 Pick 12 (signed)
  • Lauren DeBeau - Forward/Midfield - Round 2 Pick 24 (released by the team ahead of final roster)
  • Lauren Kozal - Goalkeeper - Round 3 Pick 32 (signed)
Preseason Roster
Thorns return 23 players from their 2022 season and added 3 new players through the NWSL Draft.
Goalkeepers (3): Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan, Lauren Kozal (DRAFT)
Defenders (9): Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka (INTL), Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Reyna Reyes (DRAFT), Becky Sauerbrunn
Midfielders (7): Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita (INTL)
Forwards (7): Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Izzy D’Aquila (DRAFT), Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
Predicted Preferred Gameday XI
Formation: A bit unknown what the formation will be this year with a new head coach, but the Thorns primarily ran a 4-3-3 last year. It’s going to be an interesting discussion to see how Norris handles where Sinclair goes. While I respect the Canadian GOAT, I believe Sinc would be best used as a super sub. Depending how Norris handles where Sinclair goes, there is going to be some variation within our midfield & forwards group. Predicting Sinc remaining in our starting line up, I would expect to see some form of our starting XI looking something like:
Likely Top Bench/Subs:
  • Emily Menges, D
  • Hina Sugita, MF
  • Janine Beckie, F (sike :( )
  • Izzy D’Aquila, F
  • Olivia Moultrie, M (again, Moultrie’s use is really going to depend on what Norris plans on. Moultrie was ramping up in minutes on the back half of the season last year. As of today, Moultrie is in the Starting XI for the Thorns first preseason match)
Returning Players (Almost Everyone):
GK: Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan
D: Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka, Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Becky Sauerbrunn
M: Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita
F: Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
The Vets
Almost every Thorns player is a veteran with the team at this point. The vets below are those who have been around the block a time or two in this league:
D: Klingenberg, Menges, Sauerbrunn
M: Dunn, Rodríguez, Sinclair
Something to Prove
  • Kelli Hubly (D) - Being the Thorns only iron woman is a feat in itself, but until the 2021 season, Hubly hadn’t been a consistent starter. With an aging backline, it will be seen if Hubly can continue on the upward trajectory in being that anchor of our backline
  • Sam Coffey (M) - Year 1 for Coffey went about as good as one could wish for. Like Hubly, Coffey’s “prove it” is if she can continue to be as good as she was last year, proving that year 1 wasn’t just a fluke (I don’t think anyone thinks this is the case though). If she isn’t called in for the World Cup (a long shot at making it at the moment), Coffey is going to be a key piece for the Thorns.
  • Olivia Moultrie (M) - The Child. (Can we even call her that anymore?). Moultrie & co. fought hard to allow her to play for the Thorns which led to massive changes in how the league handles U18 players. That said, Moultrie hasn’t really consistently shown that she’s as good as they said she was. A lot of it is due to playing time, it came sporadically and at times, playing only the last few minutes of the match. However, Moultrie has shown flashes of brilliance when she was in. She’s not afraid to be physical and she has the confidence to take her shot.
  • Christine Sinclaire (M) - Does Sinc really have to prove anything at this point in her career? No. However, we are unfortunately heading towards the end of Sinc’s career here. The big question is, how will she handle it? This will be Portland’s 3rd coach in 3 years and while the Thorns are far from rebuilding, it is yet to be seen where Sinc will fall in Norris’s game planning. However it shakes out to be, I have a feeling we will see Sinc be what Sinc always is, the GOAT.
Out for the season
So far, Portland is looking good as far as the SEI list (knock on wood). Jinxed myself on this one. Unfortunately, Janine Beckie went down in the preseason friendly against the U23 NT with an ACL tear. The biggest missing piece will once again be Lindsey Horan. Leaving at the start of last season, Horan left big shoes to fill. She will continue to be out until at least June (the end of her loan), but we most likely won’t see her return until after the World Cup. Fortunately for the Thorns, they do not lack depth in their midfield.
Realistic Best Case Scenario: 1st Place
The Thorns are returning almost the entirety of their championship team. And while they do have a new coach, Norris was there during the Thorns’ championship run. Expectations for the club will be higher than ever with the possibility of the Thorns going back to back a very realistic goal.
Realistic Worst Case Scenario: 5-7th place
The league is only getting better. While the Thorns did not lose any key players, many clubs right below them gained quite a few. Five different clubs were all within 4 points of each other at the end of the season. The 3 teams right below Portland were San Diego, Houston, and Kansas City. I won’t repeat what’s already been said in these write ups about those 3 teams, but the Thorns could’ve easily been 5th last year as they could’ve been 1st. Looking further back, you have a team like ACFC who should be returning many injured starters and could easily project themselves forward in the standings. The World Cup is going to be especially hard on the Thorns who will look to have ~7 players out which includes 5 potential starters. I don’t expect to see Portland drop out of the playoff picture, but the middle to back half of the season could get very interesting.
Realistic Most Probable Scenario: 2nd-4th
While the Thorns didn’t make any flashy trades or free agent signings, they stuck with what they know worked. Sophia Smith really hit her stride last year and is going to be looked upon to continue her dominance this year. The return of Lindsey Horan (if healthy) in the back half should really give us a push late into the season. Portland returns a team of veterans that know what it takes to win. Can they repeat the success of their 2022 season? We’re going to have to find out.
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2023.03.22 17:10 karmelo11 Spider infestation

I got my RV out of parking after a year and found it has become a home for Wolf Spiders. They are mostly in the bathroom and i have seen about 3 of them. Any way to remove them without getting bit?
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2023.03.22 17:07 Lower_Independence52 Glacier national park

Hey everyone, i am intrested in going on a hike in Montana glacier national park, i want to do an overnight trip on the trail but am having trouble deciding on a trail. I would like to be able to hike half way to a lake and camp for the night then continue up then back down. I was thinking about the sperry chalet but i am unsure. Trail names would be greatly appreciated! This will happen in august
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2023.03.22 17:07 golangprojects [Hiring] Video Backend Software Engineer (C++/Golang) at Zattoo (Berlin, Germany)

YOUR FUTURE, ON DEMAND The ideal blend of stability and flexibility. A genuinely human employer that cares for people and the planet. True autonomy to shape what comes next, for us and you. This is the perfect platform to take your career where you want.
Back in 2005, we pioneered Europe’s first TV streaming service. Today, we’re the world’s first certified climate neutral TV streaming provider. 3 million users across three countries. Over 230 colleagues of 47 nationalities. We’re the grown-up start-up, helping to shape a better future since day one. That hasn’t changed, even if the world has. We’re friendly, international, inclusive – and our people say we’re reliable and transparent, too. It’s why they trust us and believe in what we do.
THE ROLE Become a part of the core team that maintains, extends and improves our video backend based on state of the art technology. Collaborate with a highly skilled and passionate team of multi-national engineers to build and operate our video services.
THE VIDEO BACKEND TEAM Our team develops the software which drives our carrier-grade streaming platform, covering the full processing chain from content ingest, transcoding, storage and stream delivery. We work closely with the Playback team - our counterpart to bring streaming features into applications, and with the Ads Backend team - whose engineers focus on our solutions for server-side dynamic ad insertion.
WHAT YOU’LL DO Improve our encoding pipeline for live and on-demand content Integrate seamless use of GPU or cloud resources in our infrastructure Improve our HTTP streaming stack (DASH, HLS) and experiment with new technologies Secure sensible content with fine-grained access control and DRM technologies Solve the scalability challenges of a global Content Delivery Network Improve fault tolerance of our platform Develop clean and maintainable code Collaborate with stakeholders and engineers across the company
WHAT YOU’LL BRING Expert knowledge in either C/C++ or Golang programming Excellent understanding of operating system / Linux fundamentals Expertise and ideas to build highly concurrent and distributed systems Experience diagnosing and troubleshooting complex systems using test tools, network management systems and error reporting systems Desire and abilities to learn new technologies and programming languages Comfortable working with remote colleagues and multidisciplinary teams Experience in development and support of production systems with 24x7 operations Bonus: Experience with video and audio encoding (H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC...) or streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH...) technologies Experience with distributed data stores such as Scylla, Ceph or ClickHouse Experience with container management such as Kubernetes, Docker or LXC
WHY JOIN US? At Zattoo, you’re always on firm ground with real freedom to explore. You’ll have the support and opportunity you need to go far, while you’re helping us create a sustainable and entertainment-filled future for all.
WHAT WE OFFER YOU Reward: strong market competitive salary Recharge: 30 days vacation plus public holidays Regulate: trust based flexible working hours and the option for remote working 8 weeks per year
Plus: We’re sharing: Free access to the best streaming experience on the market We're developing: Your own development budget, German classes and Zattoo all-company hack days We’re inclusive: ‘Zattooies’ are a fun, engaged, and diverse team made up of 47 nationalities We’re healthy: Health checks, team sports, organic fruit, vegan options and more! We’re responsible: We are carbon neutral, an active employee Green team, discounted BVG tickets and free bike rentals We’re sociable: A calendar of events with fireside chats, lunches, in-house bar, BBQ’s, monthly socials, summer party and an annual off-site event
Read more / apply: https://www.golangprojects.com/golang-go-job-fxx-Video-Backend-Software-Engineer-C-Golang-Berlin-Zattoo.html
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2023.03.22 17:02 sunnykangaroo If you're looking for RV rental

I just canceled an RV rental at Cruise America Knoxville, TN location for Bonnaroo dates. I thought I would share it here so another Roovian can swoop it up. Happy Roo 🌈
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2023.03.22 16:55 digital4kcollector (Offer) list (request) list

I split all splitable titles If you want a full code please let me know.
​ *Disney/Marvel/Star Wars all hd unless marked as 4k *
​ *hd unless marked otherwise collections* ​
​ *HD unless noted as 4k* ​
TV shows
Standard definition and XML Titles
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2023.03.22 16:52 CarpenterApe Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit, May 2021 - the best photo I will ever take.

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2023.03.22 16:49 Stunning_Eggplant595 A male Johnson's Chameleon recently photographed in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Uganda.

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