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The best place to learn what not to do.

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2023.06.01 00:27 alejandroburritos After 5 years, I feel like we live different paces of life 25M and 25F. Anyone experienced this?

After 5 years of dating, with a break up in between there, the relationship has been feeling like a roommate relationship. After graduating I moved and began a full time job in tech and life has been great! My girlfriend discovered her degree was not something she wanted to use for a career. Which sucks, but I guess it happens. When she moved in with me she bounced around between various jobs, so I was super relaxed about it. Let her know the bills and rents would be paid by me for the house and she could take her time finding something she liked. I let her know she could go back to school if she wanted to, but she said she didn't want the debt. Understandable.
She's been a bartender for a year now and she likes it! Which was awesome until the relationship began changing due to our schedules. I work 8am-5pm and she works nights. Sometimes from 4pm to 3am. She knows I don't like the schedule, but I don't want to make her feel pressured to quit the only job she has liked in the past year.
It feels wrong to make her feel that way, but we just don't hang out as much anymore. I've been going to events like concerts and sports events by myself ever since she got that job. I'd rather not be alone at these events, but they're events I wouldn't have wanted to miss! I always make sure to invite her, but she hates asking for days off. Prior to this job, our relationship has been a bit rough, so it's not like it was near perfect before, but this just made it worse.
She's complained about not doing stuff together and it sucks because I'm always suggesting stuff, but she's never up for it unless it's something she came up with. Anyways, has anyone experienced something similar? Just feels our pace of life is too different now.
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2023.06.01 00:27 paradiselostttt Fired for placing too many HR complaints

A lot has gone wrong in my life the last month and I’m still like filtering the events day by day. I come here because I just need to vent and feel like I’m in a space where maybe like minded individuals as myself can maybe relate or at least give me some advice on how to get some closure. I was fired without any paperwork a month ago as of today. I was working for a retail company for some time and from the first encounter with the GM through out the interview process I could tell I wasn’t being hired so enthusiastically for my resume but you know, first I needed a job that wasn’t going to pay me to run a company for the minimum wage in Florida and aside from him I felt confident in the role I met the qualifications for. Anywho, within the first WEEK of employment the inappropriate messages slithered in to the point I asked him to please stop communicating outside of business hours for non work related reasons. After some drastic cold shouldering I thought we had just had a misstep and were on the way to a better start/ transition to a work place environment. Haha, so after trudging my feet through some very uncomfortable instances I literally would get so much anxiety just going to work. I decided I need to pull the plug and see if I can transfer after submitting my first batch of complaints everything was met with “ he was joking” and not even a warning to his file. After again the same process, cold shouldering but also now actively making me feel unwelcome. For reference I was ASM, so people would be switched off or plan updates wouldn’t include me. He would give updates to the staff and I was left completely confused and then reprimanded by not meeting goals he set out for the store without even consulting me. Luckily, to my belief I had proof he didn’t include me but funny enough, district manager concluded that I was still expected to ask questions and go above and beyond for my team and made sure HE Felt comfortable being able to include me in conversations about the workplace. As I type this my Brain floods with so many different emotions and thoughts; still very recent. So I don’t get sidetracked I filled two more instances and on the third the district manager randomly showed up one day with a different store manager as a witness and fired me for making the staff uncomfortable and causing drift in the work place. After all the moments of frustration and fear and just being uncomfortable, never big moments just a bunch of clusters of small moments like putting his hand of my knee or going through the isles I’m down stocking or on truck day that I’m placing for the employees to do totes he would brush up against me or reaching for my manager keys (he has his own) I had like a lanyard on my keys I always had in my back pocket and he “accidentally” touched my butt trying to get keys he has attached to his own neck. Or when I’m helping with the damages of the store and he’ll go to the dumpster to “help” me by getting too close. So many moment that I had to swallow because I felt as a trans woman I didn’t want to be in a new workplace and cause trouble or just be problematic or whatever insecurity I have getting jobs with no degree in Florida and trying to ride the wave I’m in all for a check to keep a roof over my head. All this to be terminated. Big companies don’t care about facts, they value who keeps their numbers up and seniority. 😓😪 thank you for reading
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2023.06.01 00:26 weslehh What to get for my second credit card?

I'm looking to get a second credit card since I've just had my Discover card for the past 9 years and for some reason, haven't really thought about taking advantage of getting a new one. Interest won't ever be an issue since I will always pay my balance every statement.
Not sure if I should just try and get a 2% unlimited cash back "generalist" card and call it a day? Also just trying to determine which card has the best SUB, but not really finding anything that fits both of those criteria (or if one with 1.5% unlimited cash back + a good SUB is just better than 2%).
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'll try to answer and questions in case I missed anything.
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2023.06.01 00:26 Theduckinmybathroom Cairns pride events and dates anyone?

Thinking of attending a pride event if any are on this month and shop around so to speak.
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2023.06.01 00:25 NileshaN8 Unleashing the Power of Minecraft Hacks: A Guide for All Types of Players" 2023

Minecraft is a sandbox video game renowned for its boundless creativity and exploration. With its pixelated, blocky world, players are invited to embark on a captivating adventure where the only limits are their imagination. From building towering structures and intricate landscapes to unearthing hidden treasures and battling menacing creatures, Minecraft offers a unique and immersive experience that has captivated millions of players worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey, Minecraft's open-ended gameplay provides endless possibilities for players to shape and reshape their virtual world, making it an unforgettable and constantly evolving gaming experience.
Minecraft hacks ignite a thrilling sense of excitement and unlock boundless possibilities, taking gameplay to unprecedented heights. These ingenious modifications introduce new features, mechanics, and visuals that enhance the overall gaming experience, allowing players to unleash their creativity and delve into unexplored realms. From soaring through the skies with fly hacks to uncovering hidden treasures with x-ray vision, Minecraft hacks open doors to exhilarating adventures, empowering players to shape their world in ways they never thought possible. Get ready to amplify your Minecraft journey with these remarkable hacks and embark on an unforgettable gaming experience filled with endless excitement and limitless potential.
Introduce the promotional link (
I. Understanding Minecraft Hacks.

· Define Minecraft hacks as modifications or add-ons that enhance or alter the game's mechanics, features, or visuals.
· Explain that while some hacks provide advantages in survival mode, others focus on creative mode, building, or multiplayer experiences.

II. Types of Minecraft Hacks A. Gameplay Enhancements

  1. Fly Hacks:
· Allow players to fly freely, effortlessly bypassing gravity and exploring the game world.
· Advantages for builders, adventurers, and those seeking shortcuts.
  1. Speed Hacks:
· Increase movement speed, enabling players to navigate large terrains quickly.
· Helpful for exploring, survival, or time-limited challenges.
  1. X-ray Hacks:
· Reveal hidden resources or structures through solid objects like walls or terrain.
· Useful for resource gathering or finding hidden treasure.

B. Visual Enhancements

  1. Texture Packs:
· Alter the game's textures and visuals, providing a unique aesthetic experience.
· Showcase popular texture packs and their impact on the game's appearance.
  1. Shader Mods:
· Enhance lighting, shadows, and visual effects, immersing players in a more realistic or stylized world.
· Discuss popular shader mods and their impact on the game's atmosphere.

C. Multiplayer Mods

  1. Minimap Mods:
· Display a minimap on the screen, allowing players to navigate and locate points of interest.
· Helpful for cooperative gameplay, survival servers, or large-scale multiplayer events.
  1. Chat Mods:
· Provide additional functionalities to the in-game chat system, such as filtering, formatting, or custom commands.
· Enhance communication and organization among players.

III. Responsible Use and Safety Measures

· Emphasize the importance of using Minecraft hacks responsibly and within the boundaries set by the game's community guidelines.
· Advise players to download hacks from reputable sources to avoid malware or compatibility issues.


· Recap the different types of Minecraft hacks and their potential benefits for players.
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Remember to maintain a casual tone throughout the article to engage readers and encourage them to explore Minecraft hacks further.
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2023.06.01 00:25 PossumButler Why do you practice Parallel?

I’ve been reading this sub for about two years, I’ve read Ethical Slut, Polysecure, More than 2. I’ve listened to Multiamory. I’ve done the basic homework, but I’m still at a loss for why someone might want parallel relationships over KTP. I want KTP, but I know that’s not how all relationships work and should be prepared for that.
Here are some thoughts I have: It allows you to not feel as jealous because you can pretend metas don’t exist. Your partner getting PDA from someone else gives you ick and you can pretend they don’t if you don’t see it. You don’t get along with people easily and don’t want to try adding new friendships to your life. You feel like relationships can be too fickle for you to involve yourself with someone who might disappear. (Do you wait to meet your partner’s friends after 6+ months too?!)
The first two confuse me because I feel like if I can’t handle seeing my partner with others then I shouldn’t engage with poly, but clearly others don’t feel that way. (Why not?) As for the second two, I just want to get along with folks and feel like it’s shitty to not even try to be friendly to people (meta or not) who interact with my partners in their personal lives.
I genuinely don’t mean to criticize, I just think I see poly so DIFFERENTLY than others and don’t understand the motivation. And I should understand the motivations if I’m going to be interacting on a regular basis with people I’m going to be dating who don’t see eye to eye with me. I just want to understand and it feels to me like I’m seeing things more black and white than they actually are.
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2023.06.01 00:25 JimbosBricks What do you think about this? New kind of game for rpgs a friend told me about, turned out they are on reddit. Random event cards to add into any roleplaying campaigns. Sounds interesting to me!

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2023.06.01 00:24 CobblerBud Opinions on value of lightly used but aged second hand 877s.

Opinions on value of lightly used but aged second hand 877s.
TL;DR These boots are a couple hours from me so I would have a family friend who happens to live in that town pick them up and bring them to me next time he visits, but they should be exactly my size in spite of the seller claiming they are a narrower fit and prefer wider (2E). Seller remembers paying $300CAD for them so is firm on $100, says they are about 5 years old, purchased new from RW store and retired shortly after. Actual date of manufacture appears to be 02/09, so more than 5 years old. Seller was a weldeconstruction worker, looks like possible spark burns on toe...
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2023.06.01 00:24 Reptani Pray the Conquistadores, Ch. 13: Broken Puppet

First Previous Next
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
— Langston Hughes
Catalogue Description
Self-Monitoring Behavioural Management Report: Casimir Szymański, Scazim Institute of Science and Technology - English Translation
15 Summer-2 3429 (Standard Parimthian Calendar)
November 23rd, 2162 (Gregorian Calendar)
Held by:
The UK National Archives, Kew
Legal status:
Public Record(s)
My father worshipped a fabricated, pagan prophet.
The Senghavi of the Parimthian Empire are principally joined under the ditheistic religion called Siedi, which I do not subscribe to. Of course, the Senghavi's literature, art, and faith flooded the whole of Earth upon their arrival a century ago. From this ocean of civilised culture, my degenerate species drew a sample, claimed it as our own, and polluted it with a distorted, appropriated, dumbed-down doctrine.
The central figure in this corrupt sample of Siedi was a man whom my father called Jesus Christ. He was said to have offered himself as a sacrifice that could be made to a single God. It was a final sacrifice, one beyond lambs or cattle or people. One that would atone for humanity's sins, so that we could have the free choice between the eternal presence of God and the eternal absence of "Him."
My father dressed himself in black, with a standing collar whose white fabric was exposed at the centre. That much, I could recall. He preached to hopeful humans in what was called a church, though I did not know what he was preaching. At the very least, my childhood is fuzzy in that regard.
The pain that throbbed through my skull, after the blonde savage had slammed my head against the ridges of the airlock, faded into the background. I could not focus; perhaps, I thought, one of their improvised explosives had gone off by accident. There was blue Senghavi blood staining my dress shirt. The rush of air escaping into vacuum pierced my ears.
Perhaps it was thirst of water, which binds most sapient beingsthe Sons of Liberty had reached an agreement with the Colonial Defence Force to allow spacecraft delivering food, water, and medical aid, only to unleash the anti-collision lasers of this cursed spaceliner upon those very ships.
Or perhaps it was the explosion, as I initially thought, an inadvertent complication which had wrought injury and death over my countrymen, and which had forced the terrorist savages to attempt to patch up the many hull breaches left by debris.
Or perhaps it was simply the stress of betraying, in my desperate efforts to save everyone from this senseless violence, the greatest secret of the Senghavi Terrans: our antimatter research. Word of it had likely been forwarded already, hundreds of light-years away, to that pink-hued marble which was Parimth itself.
Or perhaps it was all three; thirst, explosion, and stress. In any case, my mind shut it all out, and something lost from my childhood flashed before me:
We're standing on the cracked street of the Vennec Human Reservation. In the distance, the Senghavi's white, glassy spires reach above the clouds, their accents of luminescence dim in the broad daylight.
I hold a ball in my palm. It's wrapped in white leather held together with red stitching. I toss it to Dad.
Instead of his clerical uniform, he wears the normal "T-shirt" and "cargo shorts." Along with the clerical getup, they are just two of the many sorts of clothing which the Senghavi have invented for humanity. I toss the ball to Dad, and he swings a primitive wooden bat.
The ball goes soaring, further than he meant to. He jogs down the road to retrieve it, then gives me the wooden bat. The breeze ruffles his hair just as he ruffles mine with his hand.
"Now, you try," he says. "It's just practice, that's all."
For some reason, he lifts one leg in the air, then pitches the ball to me. I swing. The impact of the ball shakes through the wood, and it goes careening off to the left.
"I did it!" I yell. "But it went out of bounds."
"Heyyyy, that's not bad," Dad says with a reassuring voice. "Good job, just try to go a little more right next time."
Mom comes out onto the front porch, the breeze ruffling her dress as she waves to Dad. "Dinner's ready, and Mom's pie is... almost ready."
I stare blankly at her until I realise that she is talking about her Mom, Grandma, who is the best at making pumpkin pie.
"The pie!" I shout, running and jumping to the front door. "I totally forgot about that!"
I am ready to speed my way through dinner just so I can get to dessert, but Dad stops me before my first bite.
Of course, I think. We need to say grace. Me, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa all hold hands, thanking God for our food, and then dig in. But Mom and Dad just talk about work, and I am too focused on finishing my food quickly to pitch in.
Finally—Grandma's pie!
When you bite into the soft, smooth filling, you can instantly tell it's been made with fresh pumpkins, not the boring canned ones. The taste of cinnamon and spice is balanced out perfectly with the coolness of the whipped cream.
The flavour spreads through my tongue and nostrils, filling my entire brain with a feeling of amazing-ness. If I wrote the Simple-Speak Dictionary for Senghavi Terrans, I'd put Grandma's pie next to the translation of "perfection."
I should save a slice, I think, for the Senghavi kid.
Even though it's only been a week since I met him through the playground fence, we already told each other where we live, and I want to get to know him more. He doesn't live on the Vennec Human Reservation, but his house is just a bike-ride away in Fellye Neighborhood.
I wonder if anyone's ever given pumpkin pie to an alien before. Even though humans only invented it fifty years ago, it makes me feel proud of my species!
When Mom tucks me into bed, kissing my forehead, I tell her what I'm going to do.
"Oh, you wild thing," she coos. "You're so much like your father. And you have his eyes, you know? Just stay safe."
"Don't worry, I'll do my best."
>! "Good night. I love you." !<
>! "I love you, too, Mom," I say. I hug her tightly from my bed, and a warm, fuzzy feeling blossoms within me. I can hardly fall asleep in my excitement. !<
Luckily, Fellye Neighborhood doesn't take apartheid that seriously, and I don't think anybody cares about an eight year-old human riding his bicycle around the gates.
Next evening, I do just that, peddling out of the Reservation's entrance into the violet dusk. When I get to Mensim's address, I ring the hi-tech front doorbell, and a really tall Senghavi shows up.
"Oh, dear," she says in Parimthian. "A barbarian hatchling—by what name do you go?"
"I'm Casimir," I say nervously. I don't pay that much attention in school, but I know just enough Parimthian to talk to the Senghavi woman. "Are you Mrs. Munghazi? Is Mensim fe Munghazi here? I got two slices of pie. You can have one, too!"
She looks at me suspiciously, antennae twitching. "That would be Teacher Munghazi to you; I know not why you natives invented these odd 'Mister' and 'Missis' honorifics. Hold on—Ghanvati! A native hatchling stands at our doorstep!"
Ghanvati must be Mensim's dad. I wonder where his other moms are; only one has shown up to the door. Ghanvati shows up with two of them—they are both shorter and daintier than Teacher Munghazi, their raptorial forelimbs folded shyly against their bodies. In front of the group of three is Mensim, and I involuntarily gasped with excitement.
"This is your new companion?" Ghanvati asks Mensim.
Mensim's papery forewings flicker with affirmation. "I met him at school."
"What, pray tell, is the point of apartheid if it does not actually keep natives away from Senghavi?" whines one of Ghanvati's wives.
Ghanvati's antennae droop as if to say "I don't know," while Mensim lifts my arms, inspecting me like I am a test animal in a mad scientist's laboratory.
"How do you guys not get cut all the time?" he asks, tracing his tarsal hairs over my bare skin. "You're so fleshy!"
"I do get cut all the time," I giggled. "We just use band-aids. Oh, do you wanna eat a pumpkin pie?"
It turned out that pumpkin pie is bad for alien stomachs. Mensim had to go to the bathroom for a long time, and three of his moms got mad at me.
When I got back, Dad and Mom were arguing. I snuck close to the back porch, making sure they couldn't hear me.
"Yes, they leave some people alone," Dad said. "Obviously, they can't spy on every single human who believes in human religions. But Katarzyna, they still need people to make an example out of, and I don't want to be that person!"
"Casimir is a responsible kid," Mom retorts. "I told him he can't tell anyone what you do, and he listens to me."
"He's eight years old. You can't just let him wander around aliens with a secret that could have me killed! Or have *you *killed!"
Mom cups Dad's cheek and looks him in the eye. She's a lot shorter than him. "Look, love. You're a great father, and I think it's amazing that you spend time with him. But you're the only person he talks to. You know just as well as I do that he needs to talk to other kids! It's not healthy; even Teacher Perevvoxath agreed. And now he finally has a friend."
Dad sighs, running his hands through his black hair. My hair. "You really think aliens are a substitute for human interaction?"
>! "I think every human needs a person they can talk to, and Casimir found one. If you really care about him, stop preaching for a while! Your church isn't gonna die without you. It'll be okay." !<
The next day, I visit Mensim's house after school again. And the next day after that, and the next after that. His dad Ghanvati is formally named Engineer Munghazi. I am to call his moms Teacher Munghazi, Teacher Munghazi, Teacher Munghazi, Accountant Munghazi, Priestess Munghazi, Doctor Munghazi, and Maidservant Munghazi.
A couple weeks later, Mensim and I are lounging together on his couch, watching a Parimthian war movie. The main characters are fighting against the evil forces of the Imperium of Orion. Under his head capsule, Mensim is munching something called Synth-Fruit, which is imported from a faraway planet called Mryi. I eat Pop-Tarts, which I'm pretty sure are toxic to him.
"Come on, just give me one," Mensim exclaims, reaching over to steal the sweet snacks from me. "It can't be that bad!"
I lift the Pop-Tarts away from him, laughing. "Stoppit, you're attacking me! Pay attention to the movie, or I'm gonna shoot you!"
"But I just want one..."
"It's gonna poison you, and you're gonna get your weird alien throw-up all over me!"
Priestess Munghazi, the oldest of his moms, bursts into the living room, her jewellery clinking over her clerical cape.
"Your sister conveyed to me quite the disturbing piece of news, Mensim," Priestess Munghazi cries. "The father of Casimir is a priest of a most barbarous and evil perversion of the Siedi faith. Ghanvati and I spoke, and we agreed that you are not to consort with this primitive, pagan savage any longer."
I drop my crumbly Pop-Tart on the couch, confused at the sudden order.
"But Priestess Munghazi, I'm not dangerous or evil. I'm just a kid."
"Nonsense! You are dangerous; your father is a barbarian worshipper of this evil, primate paganism that is called Christianity, and a most woeful effect is begot that even self-respecting Senghavi have 'gone native,' as they say. Mensim, if you continue to consort with this native spawn, I will be impelled to inform the Siedi Court, and they may by chance see to it that he is executed!"
"W-Wait!" Mensim says, holding up the remote to pause our movie. He gets off of me, suddenly losing interest in my Pop-Tart, his vestigial forewings rising with concern. "Please, Mother. I promise he won't be any trouble."
My blood runs cold. Dad, executed? Just because what he believes in isn't "civilised" enough? Actually, I thought that Mom told him to stop preaching for a while.
Mensim scrambles to *his *father's sleeping quarters, and I trail frantically after him.
"Father," Mensim says. "Is Casimir's father's job so ghastly that he should be executed by the Siedi Court?"
"We can't just let the natives spread the same barbarous religions that they used to kill each other," Ghanvati replies, his secondary arms clasped together. "It's a threat to safe, moral society. Priestess Munghazi told me his father spreads evil and paganism. I have no reason not to trust the oldest of your mothers."
"But Casimir's my best friend! If you tell the Siedi Court about his father, I'll... I'll run away! I'll hate you!"
Distressed vibrations emanate through the floor beneath my feet; Mensim's antennae and papery forewings and hindwings go limp. Something like lilies and the earthy scent of rain fills the air.
"My dearest Mensim," Ghanvati says softly, dipping his head capsule with compassion. "I will hold off, just this once. It would be apt of you not to cause me to reconsider."
"T-thank you, Engineer Munghazi," I say, wiping my own tears. "My dad's not a bad person, I promise."
*After confronting his dad, Mensim and I keep on watching movies and playing digital games. He always wins when we wrestle, but I still haven't given up (even though Priestess Munghazi always tells us to stop roughhousing). *
I even bring my Lego pieces to his house. He doesn't know what Legos are, but later, in his sleeping quarters, we build together. He makes a cool-looking spaceship that he calls a "negative energy generator."
"Hey, you took all the cool black and grey pieces," I complain. "Now I can't finish my army base!"
"This is cooler than your army base," Mensim says proudly. "Father used to work in one. It uses the superposition of squeezed vacuum states to produce a field of negative energy density."
"I have no idea what that means, but that sounds really smart."
*"No kidding! It's how people make wormholes and fly all the way to other stars." *
"Well, my army guys could beat your negative energy-thingy. They have machine guns."
"My guys could just fly a [~million billion trillion kilometres] away, and yours can't do anything about it!"
"Then your guys are wimps. But my guys aren't. Because they're the Army!"
>! *We also explore the pine forest in his backyard. Within just two more weeks, we have uncovered all sorts of interesting things, like a piece of a real human skull. One time, we found a human foot sculpted and smoothed out of stone—who would make such a thing?—and a dead metal device with the icon of a bitten-out-of apple printed on it. *!<
There were also other human body parts made out of ancient stone, too: the cracked half of a man's face buried a foot deep, a muscly arm sticking out of the soil. Even a private part, which I snickered at, though Mensim seemed unfazed.
There is something else we start to do. My parents have given me "the talk," and Mensim told me that his parents gave him the Senghavi version of it. And so even as we talk and play in the woods, we experiment—because we are curious, and why should we not be?
A fragment of a memory in the forest; Mensim's raptorial forelimbs are set on my shoulders as his compound eyes look into my primate eyes, and he says, "You cannot tell anyone about this. Anyone. Absolutely no one."
I don't know how, but Priestess Munghazi learned of what we were doing, and now she expresses anger and disgust alike, her wings and antennae wild and rigid. Ghanvati is the same. Mensim and I... We're actually making them reconsider their decision not to tell the Siedi Court about my dad.
A fragment of a memory... I feel like I am in space, stranded aboard a spaceliner that has been hijacked by terrorists, its atmosphere venting amid a backdrop of violence... But I am not, I am in the forest that Mensim and I talked and played in; I am in Mensim's home, terrified as I am yelled at by Ghanvati, whose compassion no longer shines through, accompanied by Priestess Munghazi.
"By the names of the Gods, it's those false, pagan corruptions which humans have named as their religions, that are spouted by your father," Priestess Munghazi spits. I am teary-eyed and snot-nosed from guilt and embarrassment. "How horrid is the link between the state of barbarism and a most revolting and shameful propensity for bizarre and perverted behaviour!"
Then I am in my own family's living room, and the mom I love so dearly yells at me, too, but my father is quieter and only seems disappointed. This must be the first time in my life that I have felt true shame, I think; the kind that leaves you with an emptiness inside. Like the whole point of existing just vanished inside of me.
*The worst part is that I cannot even lean on Mom's shoulder, because she is distressed—because she knows what will happen— *
"This is all on you, Casimir!" she screeches, tears in her eyes. "All on you!"
I remember telling Priestess Munghazi that 'I'm not dangerous or evil; I'm just a kid,' but now I can't be sure anymore. I can tell I am different in the eyes of my family. They are disgusted by me.
After Priestess Munghazi tells the Siedi Court of my father's evil, barbaric Christian teachings, the Parimthian soldiers bring my father to the gallows. Their snow-white exoskeletons gleam under a burning sun. They have dressed him in his clerical uniform, and the camera is close enough that I can see his cross necklace.
I have been grounded in my room; still, I have a television to see the live broadcast.
Hanging works for primates and mantids alike. It happens in the Forum of Movvaeti, the venue for public events in our area, where my father is a lesser criminal compared to the native leaders and Senghavi malcontents who have dissented from Colonial Governor Nieve fe Skellth.
He is joined with seven other convicts, three humans and four Senghavi, and their crimes are read to the crowd—blasphemy, paganism, monogamy, witchcraft, seditious libel, insulting the Parimthian Crown, treason against the Parimthian Crown, and refusal to quarter Parimthian soldiers.
Why? None of this feels right. Why should my father be killed because of what he says and believes? Why can't these people be judged with fairness, rather than at the whim of some distant space emperor?
Not only have I been grounded, but I grow cold without my mother's touch. I want to hold someone's hand while watching Dad lose his life, but nobody is there. Mom brings me food, but she doesn't even look at me. Why can't she look at me? Why can't she speak to me? I just want things to be the way they used to be, when Dad would help me practise hitting a ball with a bat on the street.
I watch him turn down a caped, bejewelled priestess of the Siedi faith, who thought she could make my dad accept their Gods before his death. Before a modest crowd of humans and Senghavi alike, all eight of the convicts have their arms and legs bound with rope.
I am begging myself to turn the TV off, but I can't bring myself to. The Senghavi executioner uses some kind of hi-tech display to remove the supports from beneath the convicts' feet. My stomach flips over inside of me, a nausea of shame filling my body.
I can't deny it any longer. This is my fault—this is why my family avoids me—this is why they are disgusted by me—and Dad falls and his head jerks when the noose goes taut.
As he hangs there, I cannot tell for how long he remains alive. My insides are cold. After the broadcast ends, after night falls and I sit in the moonlight spilling faintly through my windows, that is when it all comes out. I sob alone. I scream for Mom to help me and be there for me, but she does not come. Her harsh voice resonates through my memory; this is all on me. I am a disgrace to everyone I love, and that is why they have left me here. Why they avoid me as if I am a disease.
The only thing I want is to see Dad again, but he is gone forever. I curl up on my room floor. What is this? What is this loneliness? This stinging hatred I feel against myself?
No one, human or mantid, will be there for me. I cry until my throat cannot ache any more harshly, until my eyes cannot sting any more painfully, and then I go cold inside, my body shivering in the moonlight. I retreat into my happy memories with Dad until it is too painful to bear.
I wish so dearly I could end it all, to take my own life and join Dad in the heaven that he believed in. There is a belt in my closet that I can use on myself in the way the Siedi Court killed Dad.
But beneath the sickly well of shame, the nausea and crushing humiliation at the stupid antics of Mensim and I, with which Mom's brief gaze pierces me—beneath the weight of knowing that I will never fill the torturous vacuum Dad left, knowing that I am a foul and disgusting son to the mother I so desperately need, that I see no end to the infinite river of anxiety and guilt pouring through the hole left in my heart—beneath my isolation and my longing for human touch—something breaks inside of me.
An emptiness of purpose. There is no point in going on, and I feel nothing, not even the desire to stop living. There is one exception: A hatred of myself, and of the humans I loved as family.
One day, Mom appears in my doorway, and she just stands there. Before, I would've welcomed being offered interaction with her beyond just receiving food, but now I am numb, my eyes all out of tears to cry.
"Pack your things," she says, her voice flat. She still doesn't look at me; the eyes she once said I inherited from Dad, she now shuns. "You're going to a residential school."
Indigenous Residential Schools; that is what Colonial Governor Nieve fe Skellth calls them, I think. They're for human kids who have trouble letting go of their "savage" roots; kids that the normal schools aren't enough to civilise. Schools that show you how to act Senghavi, to think Senghavi, to... be Senghavi.
There was a human kid in normal school whose sister went there, but they said that something had happened to her there; something in that residential school had changed her before she finally returned.
But I feel no fear as I pack my clothes into my bags. Every time I look in my bedroom mirror, a violent feeling rushes to my chest, only to dissipate into the hatred-tinged numbness I have grown so used to.
Finally, the time comes to depart. In the early morning, I am already aboard the autonomous public transport. It pulls out of the cracked street I once played with Dad in, passing by the entrance of Fellye Neighborhood, driving off into the fiery, violet Terran dawn. I see my faded reflection in the window, and my chest jumps with revulsion.
So I look down, fidgeting with my touchpad—then the numbness abruptly leaves, and my tears fall once again.
Forgive me for all the redaction, Doctor Morgthax. While I will not disclose what I wrote, you are correct, as always, about the act of writing. There is some semblance of psychological relief in typing one's sullen inner thoughts onto a touchpad. As if one can be heard without being heard.
By the time I drifted back to reality, my mouth and lips dry from dehydration, the hijackers had patched up the holes punched through the hull by the accidental explosion. Plenty of Senghavi passengers were spilling cerulean blood from beneath their exoskeletal coverings; though they were all alive, they needed medical attention.
Two hundred-something Senghavi civilians aboard this luxury spaceliner, and none had yet died. That stroke of luck offered me a glimmer of hope.
Pavok, the child, was emitting vibrations through the floor in his despair, the smell of rain and lilies becoming evident to me. It is starkly fascinating, the evolutionary dissimilarity between how native Terrans and Senghavi Terrans cry.
Those ships were delivering medical aid and critical provisions to the passengers, Commander Lokprel barked, the neutrino signals that encoded his gruff voice coming out from the intercom. Why did you laser them?
"Stop playing games," Jake snapped wearily into his radio. I recalled that his full name was Jacob Weaver, as Commander Lokprel had mentioned. A drop of blood streaked down his face. "We know what you're up to."
Paranoia will get you nowhere, Jacob. If we don't work with each other, you won't survive. We have detected an explosion aboard the spaceliner. Is anyone dead?
"Not yet," Jake growled. "But Fenni Svim will be if your forces keep approaching!"
Fenni Svim—the Senghavi from the Vellir Veneti Physics Lab, against whose skull Jake had pressed his pistol to halt the CDF's initial approach, hours ago—stiffened in her seat. I had never known the nuclear researcher very well before this barbarous event, but I prayed to the Gods of Siedi (whom I do not really believe in) that she would be okay.
Many of the passengers were still being kept by the windows to deter snipers. They included Pavok, behind whom Khadija stood guard.
"Sorry for attacking you," Jake suddenly said to me, his voice worn-out. "It's like Khadija said. The bugs know that humans are strong when they're united. It's why they try to play us against ourselves, to ally with just some of us, to try to make us hate each other; to hate ourselves. It's how they tore the United States apart. Everything they do... It's to make us ashamed of our species, our own culture, to lose hope in the future. If we were united, Casimir... they'd be terrified of us. And make no mistake—we're uniting again."
"E-even if what you say about mankind is true," I croaked, "Our species would not have settled anywhere but Earth. Our culture and history would still have been negligible and primitive, the richness and complexity of the Senghavi, still greater by many orders of magnitude."
"Casimir, did you go to one of the Indigenous Residential Schools?" Khadija asked.
"Y-yes," I managed, dusting off my formal wear and cleaning my glasses. "I was sent to one as a child. They are for those of us savage natives which conventional education could not sufficiently civilise."
Khadija's eyes softened with compassion, and she gestured to my wrist. "I asked because of that code on your wrist. I've heard about some of the things that happen in those places. The cruelty; the abuse."
I glanced at the abstract identification code tattooed onto my skin, faded with time. I hadn't thought about it in ages; it was but a remnant of my childhood, and I never paid it any attention.
"Residential schooling is necessary and proper," I tell her. "It is similar to human-mantid apartheid in its purpose; it keeps the public safe from savagery. "
"If we get out of this alive, I'm gonna take you with me to Russia," she said, wiping sweat from her brow. "Specifically, Moscow. It's where I lived after the fall of Türkiye. Man controls it, not the Senghavi."
I was already aware that a vast, untamed region named Zvorriu-Sai, located in Earth's northeastern quarter-sphere, is called Russia in simple-speak. A decade ago, Nieve fe Skellth had tried to civilise the hunter-gatherers who lived there, but his troops starved and froze in the snow.
It was with the multitude of planetary habitat fabricators that his army had been using that the native primates of Zvorriu-Sai constructed such cities as Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
"Russian civilization goes back over a millennium," Khadija explained. "I don't give a fuck about what the Senghavi have built on this planet; Russian architecture is my favourite, hands down. Anyway, it's the most stable and self-sufficient of the ten countries we've got left. Hard to invade, you know? It's seen better days, but the cities are nice, the economy is good. I think you'll find it's a hell of a lot less 'savage' than whatever the fuck the Parimthian Empire is doing."
To corroborate her claims, she showed me a photo from the gallery of her cracked, dusty touchpad. Before a busy canal, the waters tinted orange by a rising sun, a more relaxed version of her smiled into the camera alongside some human of the phenotype I had seen in the video of Tokyo. Looming over them was an intricate, palatial structure topped with colourful, onion-shaped domes.
"How... quaint," I replied, unsure of what to say, though it ignited dry laughter in Khadija.
"Looks like we got a communiqué from the UN," another hijacker announced, his mask still covering his face. I couldn't place his accent at all. He held up his own touchpad, displaying photos of the Colonial Governor herself—Perellanth fe Sumur—flanked by armed UN military personnel. They were clad in urban camouflage that was marred with blood. The black, plant-like extraterrestrial gazed defeatedly in the sterile lighting.
The UN had captured her! The Crown's decision to appoint a Vire as the leader of a Senghavi colony had been no small event. I was certain that after all the talk of Senghavi Terran independence, then followed by the Colonial Governor's capture, His Imperial Majesty regretted his progressivist decision.
"We... We did it!" Jake exclaimed, his voice disbelieving. "We took down Perellanth!"
You achieved nothing, Commander Lokprel retorted over the intercom. Not beyond the promotion of Benghoviu fe Prim to Acting Colonial Governor. If you kill Governor Sumur, Governor Benghoviu will become the permanent Colonial Governor as per the chain of command, and he will carry on the fine work of his predecessor.
Jake seemed to consider that situation a fair one, and he nodded to himself subtly. "Okay, sure. But if you do nothing, we'll still kill our first hostage."
What I can promise you is that Delegate Essintsya fe Baryn will submit an Act to the Forum of Delegates to recognize the sovereignty of the UN. It will be deliberated over for months, but it is your only realistic option. In return, we demand that you allow the passengers injured by one of your explosives to board CDF medical ships.
I recalled that the Forum of Delegates had voted Benghoviu fe Prim as Vice Colonial Governor just a year ago. And before even that, the Senghavi who lived on Vennec—my home continent on Earth—had popularly elected the ever-prudent Essintsya fe Baryn to the Forum. She was quite the economic liberal, as her sort was called.
Delegate Baryn's statements on the social contract between a people and their government, as well as her rejection that the Parimthian Crown ruled by divine right, had resonated deeply with me.
Jake's eyes hardened, and he turned his radio back on. "I said no games!"
There are no games here, Jacob! We only aim to preserve as much sapient life as possible. And you are out of options.
The hijacker who had shown Colonial Governor Sumur's prison photo gave Jake a withering look. "We're dragging this on, man. I don't want anyone to die."
"Don't talk to me about death, Ramiro. Not after what happened in the US."
The so-called United States of America... called Gholo Vieda in Parimthian. That region was Nieve fe Skellth's last successful conquest before he attempted to take on the vast, snowy expanses of Zvorriu-Sai. I wondered if, like Khadija's experience in Türkiye in the Niethvahi region, Jake had witnessed firsthand the cultural assimilation and political integration of Gholo Vieda into the rest of Parimthian Earth.
The conquest of Gholo Vieda and Niethvahi were the great accomplishments of Perellanth's predecessor, of course; but, in my opinion, the devotion of the (now captured) Perellanth to the causes of liberty, reason, equality, and sapientism far outshadowed anything that Nieve had done. I am certain, however, that the Parimthian Crown disagrees.
In any case, my faith in CDF Commander Lokprel loth Fonvie had not risen. Perhaps that was a good thing; otherwise, I might have regretted betraying the knowledge of antimatter research in order to elicit a more competent Parimthian intervention.
More security forces took up positions around the spaceliner, each ship split sharply into sunlight and shadow amid the black of space. The hijacker called Ramiro pointed to a series of smaller craft, which seemed to be pulling away from the luxury spaceliner. Escape pods!
"Hostages are falling through our fingers," Ramiro said. "We need to do something."
"Go to the rear," Khadija ordered. "Stop anyone else from sneaking out!"
Jake's radio crackled with the voice of someone in the cockpit. We've intercepted a neutrino transmission from the new guy, Benghoviu fe Prim. He's calling for some kind of emergency council at the highest levels in the Parimthian Empire.
I scoffed internally. The Crown would intervene for the sake of investigating all this talk of antimatter, whose alluring utility had hitherto been confined to theory and fiction. But it was doubtful that His Imperial Majesty would agree to an emergency council for the sake of his colonists' security and well-being. As (relatively) progressivist as he was in policy, he was still very much a punitive emperor, not a rewarding one.
"I told the commander to stop advancing—dammit!" Jake spat. "We're only letting medical craft get any closer. Fire at the corvettes!"
Affirmative, his radio crackled. Targets in sight.
The spaceliner's anti-collision lasers flashed against several faraway spacecraft. A succession of oxygen-fueled fires, each lasting for a [~split-second] against the vacuum of space, flared in the distance. Even so, the growing array of naval craft began to close in upon us again, surrounding the spaceliner in every dimension.
Switching again to the neutrino-connected channel, Jake gave a disgusted scowl. "Are you deaf, Commander? If your people keep getting closer, the deal is off!"
The more you fire, the closer we will get, *Lokprel said. *We are just making sure it is safe for the medical craft. As long as you refrain from harming them, we will not hurt you.
The hijacker in the cockpit radioed to Jake again, her voice sounding more alarmed.
We're picking up a massive object on our scanners. It's headed our way.
"How massive are we talking?" Jake asked.
It's... some kind of warship, I think. Over a hundred times our size.
"You're joking, right?"
"A Parimthian spacecraft carrier," murmured a soft, whimpery voice.
It was Fenni Svim again, her praying raptorial forelimbs tucked close in fear.
"The Imperial Parimthian Navy?" I asked. "They're really here?"
"Y-you shouldn't act surprised," Fenni said. "I know you were speaking to someone on the P-Parimthian side. You leaked our greatest secret, Casimir."
"What's she talking about, dude?" Khadija asked. Suspicion of betrayal lingered in her dark eyes. She had believed the lie that I was only calling a loved one when I contacted Mensim, >! who is at present an agent of Parimth!<; she had trusted me, and defended me against Jake's wrath.
I didn't answer. The very reason we needed antimatter was that the colonists' outerspace spanned but a meagre few millionths of the Parimthian Empire's total volume. I did not know what exactly a spacecraft carrier one hundred times the size of our spaceliner could do for the hostages, but it would be far more competent than the comparatively flimsy Colonial Defence Force.
Finally, after so many years of strategic modesty in the administration of the Crown's distant colony, of his Earth, as His Imperial Majesty suffered expense upon expense in countering the Imperium of Orion... Parimth had sent a warship of the Imperial Parimthian Navy, here in full force!
There was no need to inquire as to its distance; I could see it through my window. It was far enough that I could view the whole of its great form. Senghavi architecture, of course, is usually round, white, and glassy, traced with glowing accents; however, the imperial warship was boxy and shadowy black, visible only by the silhouette that it carved into the beaming sun.
Already, dozens of smaller craft—operated by some of the finest Senghavi pilots in the Milky Way—began spilling out from the spacecraft carrier, moving in the shadow of their gargantuan mothership. As even the hostage passengers became aware of its presence, the muted chatter and whimpering, which had been ambient across the aisles of the spaceliner, finally ceased.
Because of me, all of us—colonists and savages alike—were, for the first time in a decade, going to face a military intervention by Parimth itself.
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2023.06.01 00:23 OutrageousYear7157 Advice for a 24 yr old divorcee

I got married in last year and going through a messy divorce right now. I was engaged to this man for 18 months before, it was an arranged marriage but I knew the guy and his family since childhood so I thought he was a great guy well educated, smart, checked all the boxes. I have never dated before so I had zero experience and practically no point of reference although I did have a few guy friends but ofc it's not the same. I am a social nerd I had many friends but just two really close ones.
Things started spiralling down since the night of my marriage only when I discovered he has a medical condition which be lied about. I later found it was pretty contagious and had gotten pretty chronic. We lived with his family they were nice but and in the next two to three weeks I realised everything was just a facade.We lived like strangers. He had a wfh job and from 2nd week of our marriage only he stopped coming home at nights won't tell me where he goes won't share his phone password but he demanded to have total access to my phone which I didn't mind but as time passed I realised it was a great mistake as he hacked into everything from my gmail accounts to my WhatsApp to everything as if he was trying to search for my weakness.
Since I am a researcher by profession working on publishing several papers so my mails had some really confidential research data. Later he stole my old phn started being very abusive made sure I had no contact with my friends and monitored all the calls and chats I had with my family. After lots of struggle I convinced him to take me to my home to meet my parents and he agreed left me there and then cut all contacts with me demanded I come home and apologize for leaving which I didn't rather I filed for divorce.
Now I am lonely depressed totally lost and have no clue of where or how to move forward he keeps torturing me by filing false cases or complaints against me and my family which turn out baseless after a single police intervention.
I am trying my best to stay afloat preparing for my phD and making sure my papers publish so I get to follow my passion and get admit in a good uni in Europe.
What advice can you redditors give me ? Any advice would be helpful as I am seriously very lost and depressed..
I'm new to reddit still figuring out how all this works
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2023.06.01 00:23 SConn90 Dating Scene

Not sure if this is the right place for it but is there any good spots to maybe meet single women? Like speed dating events or something? I am not a drinker so dont really go to bars but would like to try meeting and getting to know single women in the area to possible date later or just get to know if that is all it comes to.

Sorry if this isnt the place for it alot of the relationship reddits seem to be filled with bots so hoping to find a good actual place for meeting if they not all gone practically post covid
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2023.06.01 00:22 thatwildmage Honkai Star Rail's biggest sin, is not letting me play it.

I've played many many gacha games, to name a few E7, FGO, Genshin (briefly), Counter Side, Honkai Impact 3rd, FE Heroes and many others. The visuals, the hub worlds, the combat and gameplay, the depth and fun of the system is all around incredible and one of the most fun gacha games I've ever played. But that is part of the biggest problem Honkai Star Rail has. It's fun, too fun.
Star Rail's lack of content on launch and Stamina system actively hurt this game's future prospects and give a scary indicator of the future popularity. Many if not most gacha games create a time gate of some kind in order to slow progression and keep you actively playing the game constantly with a constant stream of rewards and things to do in an endless cycle.
Games like FGO and E7 your limitations are how much time you are willing to sink into grinding resources to power up the next character or obtain better gear to grind more efficiently. One could do this endlessly as both of these example games have a stamina system to create an artificial halt to gameplay and encourage you to take breaks here and there, but they also give stamina replenishment resources away like candy so much so that I'm currently sitting on over 1500 stamina refreshes which equates to about 120 hours of non-stop end game gear farming even with an extremely quick 1 minute per run clear time at 20 energy cost per run. On FGO I have 1200 stamina refreshes that range from 1/3rd fill to 100% refill and with no auto battle system (bleh) I literally could not possibly play the game enough to ever use 100% of those resources without quitting my job and dedicating months to trying to spend them all. The point of that long winded explanation, is that these games gate your progress not by preventing you from playing and enjoying the game any way you like, but by giving you something to constantly grind for in whatever amount you deem fit. E7 you can always grind for better gear and get 1 second shaved off your run, FGO you can always pull another new character and spend hours powering them up as they constantly add more and more little ways to grind and power them up more, all of which take resources that require a little bit of grinding here and there.
This brings me to the biggest problem of Star Rail. I and many others I've spoken to and see/watched videos made of on Youtube by large content creators, love Star Rail to death, the problem is that Star Rail doesn't want us to play Star Rail. Don't get me completely wrong, I love the idea of only having to dedicate maybe 8 minutes of my day to capping out dailies in a gacha game, the problem is that once those dailies are done, you are literally not allowed to play the game further in any capacity for progress. Star Rail has caps on even the mob drop farmable resources to only drop once per day. Your dailies are done in a few minutes and nothing more to do. Your stamina replenishes at the exact same rate as Fate Grand Order and has a roughly equal cap amount and cost to run missions for resources (Star Rail costs slightly more by about a third) yet Star Rail has an extremely limited number of ways to keep playing unlike the other gacha games out there. Not to mention, the price per stamina refresh in this game is absurdly high compared to it's competitors who not only charge less for a refresh and said refresh gets you far more resources per run, but they hand out said refreshes like candy. FGO gives you a full stamina refresh almost every day and will constantly drop 10 on you every time an event goes live to make sure you are always playing their game. Star Rail is still very new and has not even really had an event yet (if you can call the boxing thing an event) so this could change, but the nature of how few stamina replenishments they give you for achieving max levels, the fact that stamina replenishments in the shop are a horribly overpriced bundle that has limited quantity, and that your only other option is to dump way too much of a valuable resource to get more stamina is a scary indicator for what this game could become in the future. Even the battle passes in Star Rail are time gated in such a way that you can complete as many quests as you want, but are only allowed 8 levels per week, it's just absurd. I feel like I'm battling a clock instead of cool enemies.
It's a bit too early to tell, but the fact that we are so heavily gated, I worry about the future of Star Rail. People are going to play the game, hit constant brick wall after constant brick wall with no real progress achieved when you spend your entire day's stamina farming up once single trace (skill level increase) and most people will get bored and move on to another game that better respects their time and love for the game. I feel like there will either need to be a massive inflow of stamina fuel refills with the release of future events, login rewards, and dailies, or they will need to drastically lower the stamina cost of farming basic resources if they want to keep this large popularity and playerbase long term. I feel like Star Rail is at an extremely high risk of being fotm and losing massive amounts of players quickly due to burnout from lack of content and ability to play the game. I see no reason why there isn't any content that can just be constantly farmed to keep people playing and happy. Every single thing in this game costs stamina and not even a reasonable amount, but you will literally dump 1/4th your entire resources on a single run. So either the resource costs need to go down to allow more time to play, or more fuel replenishments need to be injected into the economy to allow people to play more.
TLDR: Star Rail is a perfect 10/10 game that is incredible fun, but the problem is, that Star Rail won't let me play it and it's subjecting itself to severe burnout and massive amounts of players just quitting over the inability to play the game more and actually progress due to insanely strict stamina gating. No other major successful Gachas are this restrictive and it's really bad that there are already content creators getting tired of the game not letting them play it and making them move on to other games. The entire purpose of games as a service and being successful in the gaming industry is battling for that precious time that gamers have, the entire purpose of battle passes is to keep you on their game more and for longer, to occupy your time and prevent you from playing the competitor and taking your time and money elsewhere. Star Rail does the opposite to a fault.
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2023.06.01 00:21 604Mafia Are you wipe ready ?

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click the link already.
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2023.06.01 00:20 OkAdhesiveness3233 Editing 'time and date'.

Editing 'time and date'.
Recently downloaded a csv file and opened it in 'Calc' and don't know how to put the date and time in a new format.
How do I change the format of those columns?
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2023.06.01 00:19 Twayneeded Oct 2021

I worked with ychild to get her to clean her room. i did not help her but tried to tell her step by step on cleaning. ochild found out and started cleaning his room. He did well but missed something small. I asked him to finish this one section and he flipped out. I did not yell at him but did start to become heated because he was throwing a fit like a toddler. spouse came bursting into the room yelling at me for yelling at ochild.I think ochild knows he just can just yell and stomp to get spouse's attention and I will get in trouble and he will get to do whatever he wants. This is when I finally made up my mind that the only option is divorce. I cannot think that this marriage is fixable now. I did the dishes, cooked supper, cleaned the living room, swept, and vacuumed. spouse asked me when was the last time I cleaned the toilets. spouse slept with the kids.
spouse spent all day in her room working on her school work. I got the dash cams working in both of our vehicles. Worked with the dogl while walking with her harness. I put up all the laundry except for her shirts because there is no room in our closet and we are out of hangers. I picked up all the torn up trash and dog poop in the backyard. Did a water change in the aquarium. ychild has torn up her room that she cleaned the other day. I spent about an hour outside playing with ychild and ochild. I managed to get the kids in bed around 10-10:30pm. spouse announced that she was taking a bath. At the end of the bath I went in. She started talking about how after everyone went to bed she was going to stay up in the livingroom to work on school. She then told me i came in there for a reason and to tell her what was going on. So I asked if I could go down on her that night. She got angry and told me "does not need to be taken care of." I closed the door and left but I could hear her still going off on me. I feel deflated and unloved again. I don't know why I keep trying to bring the spark back in the marriage. spouse slept in our bed last night and ychild joined us. Today I cooked a breakfast supper and made pizza for lunch. I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.
I started this journal and decided to try and write about the previous 2 weeks events. My goal is now to record the things I do in the house, my interactions with spouse and the kids, where spouse sleeps, and anything noteworthy on a daily basis. This morning I tried to talk to spouse (she sighed and looked annoyed when I started talking) about an interaction I had with ychild on our way to get breakfast this morning. ychild decided to talk in a way that makes it sound like she is cussing even when she isnt. I told her what I told ychild and spouse snapped at me when I tried to get into the details. If I know I am going to talk to spouse about something non-spontaneous I'm going to try and start recording the interactions. I cooked supper. spouse slept in our bed last night, ychild joined us after waking up.
Today we went to the state fair. It started out as usual when we go on the trip. late start, blaming, getting mad, yelling, her being upset. After getting to the fair the day went well. We didn't argue very much and the day was actually nice but long. Wife had a school meeting at 5. Went out to eat for supper then ice cream with the kids. As usual fight started when the kids only wanted to sit with Wife. Get home kids bathed and put in bed. Wife bought a special deodorant to help with smells in the breast/pubic area (something she is self conscious about) I helped apply it and try and kiss her breasts. She turns away and says she is cold. Helped wife put together kids lunch and backpacks for the next morning. Take the trash out. I shower and notice my wife isn't in bed when I get out so I assumed she was sleeping with the kids. She was sitting in the living room in the dark with her phone on facebook. Wife said she was going to bed but didn't want to "do anything." I go to bed also so I can spend some time with her. Once again I try and cuddle with her. I roll next to her and place my hand on her leg. I don't move it because it tickles or annoys her. After 5 min without her trying to cuddle and with her face buried in facebook I roll over. She can tell I was upset and said that she didn't try and cuddle cause my arm was pinning her down. This isn't true it was only on her leg and i wasn't applying any pressure. YChild ended up in our bed during the night.
Went to work today. no goodmorning or goodbye kiss. Worked all day, picked up the kids, brought them home and emptied their backpacks. Wife got home about 10min later. No hey how was your day. no hello kiss. Nothing. She disappeared into the bedroom again. Worked with Ychild on her letters because she isn't doing well in school. had a breakfast supper. Took the dogs for a walk. made OChild lunch. She complained because I had not yet done the dishes. Waited till the last minute to get their backpacks/clothes together for the morning. Complained because things were missing. feels like I never hear anything positive only ever complaints. Went to bed and wife finally makes it in. I don't really attempt to cuddle just put my arm on her leg and accidentally scratched. Thought I had made her mad so I pulled my hand back. A few minutes later and she rolled over and spooned with me (little spoon.) Its been years since this happened. Is she doing that because of my persistence and she is trying to make me happy? or is it because of a positive change. Only time will tell (success.)
Woke up and wife wasn't in the bed. I don't know if she woke up early or went to lay down with the kids in the night. She was in a mood when i got up. Complained because I hadn't put up the kids school laundry when it came out of the dryer so the clothes are now wrinkly. I let myself relax last night and did not do as many chores. I need to work on that and try and stay busy. ran into trouble picking the kids up from school. Their school fund raisers were supposed to come out with the kids. Ochild did not bring them out because he didn't listen to instructions from his teacher. Wife had to swing by and pick them up because I was already on the way home and the line was seriously backed up. Got home did the dishes, cooked supper, folded the laundry and put a load of laundry in, and gathered and took the trash out. Wife spent the evening once again in our bedroom but this time it was working on activities to help our daughter learn better for school. She did have a school meeting at 7 pm. I thought the kids would shower on the next day so I did not tell them to bath, but was overruled agrily by wife and gave my daughter a shower because her hair was dirty. Kids got to bed 1 hour late because wife kept overruling me on telling them to go lay down. After kids went to bed I got on my computer to play games. I put too large a load in the dryer and it took a long time to dry so I was not able to put it up before bed time. Wife went into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. I asked if I could do anything to help and she said no. I layed down in bed a little later than I was planning. Wife was very angry when she opened the dryer because I hadn't taken the clothes out and folded them, I had washed our large pile of clothes instead of the kids 1 day of clothes, when I folded the laundry I didn't put the towels in the bathroom because i did not want to interrupt her meeting so she yelled at me because the towels were not in the bathroom when she went to take a shower. I was berated very badly and once again felt unappreciated, emasculated, and unloved (hated maybe.) She said that I was doing more around the house only because I felt our marriage was failing (in a sarcastic tone of voice) and I wanted to be praised. I am doing it because it helps with my depression and honestly I am trying to get into the habit for when I inevitably divorce her. I turned off my emotions and went to sleep. No kiss goodnight and even saying goodnight.
Woke up at 3:30 am alone in bed. I assume the wife slept with the kids. I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid in bed. Closer to the alarm time of 4:30ish I got ready for work. When my wife came in I had to say good morning,she wasn't even going to talk to me. I had to initiate the conversation. I left 5 min early because I didn't want to be around her. I had to kiss/tell her goodbye which is usual. I'm not sure the last time the morning routine was initiated by her. several times in our marriage I have experimented with how long we would go without a kiss or an I love you that wasn’t initiated by me. Usually its several weeks and I almost feel like seeing how long it would take this time. Got home with the kids and stopped for our weekly
treat. Wife did not spend as much time in the bedroom as usual. I was tired so I did not feel like doing any cleaning. I cooked supper and we watched a show during supper. Afterwards she joined me and the kids in walking the dogs. We got back and watched a few more shows and then I helped her with lunches and getting the kids things together. Anytime something didn't go perfect she always had little comments and blamed me (like when she couldn't find Ychilds clothes or if a tape was missing.) all in all, the day wasn't bad and wasn't good either. I went to bed a little early and she decided to stay up and watch one of her own movies. I did not kiss her or say I love you. She did not say anything about it.
Woke up at a normal time. Wife and Ychild were in bed with me. The morning went ok and Ychild was very chipper and loving. Got home from work with the kids and went out picked up groceries and ate out. we stopped at some yard sales and had a decent fun time with minimal arguing. Got home and put up the groceries. wife's parents were coming over the next day and "we" cleaned the house. I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, vacuumed and shampooed the carpets, picked up the living room, cleaned off the fireplace, put up the clothes in the living room. It was 10:30 I kept telling the kids to go to bed and Wife kept overriding me. Telling me its the weekend and the kids should be able to stay up. I think 10:30 is too late for an 8 and 5 year old to stay up. I told wife I was tired and was going to bed. She complained that she was going to have to stay up and clean the house by herself. She said i didn't do enough. The only thing she could come up with when i asked her what i didn't do was keep the entertainment center clean and organized. Apparently i'm fine living in an empty house. Funny when she was a stay at home mom after she got laid off and then during the pandemic, the house was never cleaned. She stayed home all day everyday and never cleaned nor cooked supper or did the dishes. I feel like I am bending over backwards not only am I not receiving credit for what I have done. I am actually getting complaints for not doing enough. She eventually went to bed with the kids while I slept in my bed alone again. Not that I wanted her company after making me feel like that.
Got up around 7:00. I finished cleaning the carpets in the living room, cleaned the trash from the carpets, and swept the bathroom. We went looking at garage sales. Parents got there a little late in the day and spent more time with her sister than they did with us which is usually. I tried to get the kids to go to bed at a decent hour but was once again overruled by my Wife. She said the kids are on a school break and should be able to stay up later. I agreed but didnt think staying up till 11:30 at night should be the answer. They should be in bed at 9:30 and asleep at 10:00. Needless to say Wife slept with the kids.
Today we spent a great deal of the day traveling and going to yard and estate sales. It was a decent day with minimal arguing except for right before supper trying to get the kids to not cry when we wont buy them everything they want. Wife said I am fuel to the fire for the kids. It upset me that she constantly bad mouths my parenting style. Apparently not putting up with children throwing fits and actually punishing them instead of just letting everything play out without saying anything is a bad day. A thunderstorm came late in the evening and none of us went to bed before it passed. Wife slept with the kids again.
We all woke up early and took wife to work. When we got back I let the kids play and be kids. We did work on Ychilds worksheets for school. Ochild had a dr apt then we went to pick up wife. Got home and cooked supper and did the dishes. I also vacuumed the livingroom. spouse spent the entire evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again.
Woke up with Ychild in my bed and wife at work. Had a good day with the kids. Ychild lost one of her (only pairs) of shoes. They played all day in the living room having a good time. Had leftovers for supper. Wife spent all evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again. I was feeling very alone again. Just reminded me how we don't have much of a marriage.
Woke up early alone in bed. Had a good day with the kids. Helped them build a big fort in the living room. I did some woodworking today and got the pole saw from our neighbor. Walked the dogs before supper. Supper didn't turn out well, the pork chops were freezer burnt so we got taco casa. Wife spent the evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Another thunderstorm rolled in around bedtime. Wife slept with the kids again. That's 6 days straight sleeping in my bed alone.
Woke up at 3:30am got up but went back to bed and eventually sleep around 4:30-5:00. Woke up with Ychild in bed. I took the kids to several stores today and changed the water in the aquarium . Wife got back home and let the kids play. Once my wife got home I cooked supper and washed the dishes while she disappeared into the bedroom. Went back there and she was just laying in bed saying she was tired while watching tv. I convinced her to come and eat supper with the family at the table. Afterwards she went back to the bedroom for more bed and tv. She would rather spend time laying in bed and watching tv than spend a little time with me. I have been all alone with 2 kids all day (actually for the last 4 days.) Ochild convinced her to come out of the bedroom to show her something on his tv. I don't know what to do and no longer feel connected to my wife, I feel like I am all alone. Wife came out and before laying down with the kids mentioned I havent kissed her goodnight in a few days and to come kiss her. It was just a smooch but at least she took notice. I told her it feels like she wanted me to do that lately.She told me she was just stressed and tired from school work. She slept with the kids again tonight.
Woke up with Ychild in bed with me. Got the kids up and fed them breakfast. Wife got home early and we went to an estate sale. I made hotdogs for supper. Kids went to bed late. Wife complained about them not being asleep. I told her what she said about them being on a school break and me getting in trouble with her earlier for putting them to bed before 10:00 pm. It didn't matter, it was still my fault and still upset. Wife slept with the kids again.
Wife got up earlier than me. We left the house around 9 to go look at some neighborhood garage sales. had a decent day in the car with minimal fussing. Got home a little later than planned. Had Ychild start cleaning her messy room. Wife started complaining about the messy house again saying she is the only one who cleans. Apparently I am not doing a good enough job. What a surprise. did some laundry today. got the kids to bed around 9:30. They were constantly out of bed until 11:00pm with different things. I was getting upset with them and my wife strolled in and took over as usual as soon as the kids started crying. She actually came to bed with me tonight. I tried to cuddle with her but as usual she huffed as soon as I put my arm around her. She said she doesn't mind me cuddling, she just doesnt like it when I move my hand. She made no effort to return the love. I am glad for these interactions because it reminds me that I am not loved and why I want a divorce.
Woke up around 6:00 am with a stomach ache and bloated. Down to 238 lbs. Wife spent the day in the bedroom working on school. I did some laundry, trimmed the trees in the yard, and put out bulk pickup items. Cooked chicken fajitas for supper. Wife came down sick with something and went to bed early. Kids were asleep by 9:00. Wife was asleep by the time I came to bed.
Went to work. Not a bad day there. Got home and cooked supper, took the dogs for a walk. Tried to put the kids to bed at 8:00 Ychild started crying and got wife to agree to let her sleep in our bed tonight. All they have to do is turn on the water works. The wife doesn't want to hear them cry so she caves. Ychild slept with me and wife.
Went to work. Picked up the kids and went home. Cooked hotdogs for supper. Put up some laundry. Wife cut the Ochild and my hair. Didn't go for walk today. Got kids to bed on time. Wife slept with the kids.
Worked from home today. Picked the kids up for a half day. Stopped at chick-fil-a for lunch. Went to the fish store with the kids. Met Wife for the Ychild's parent teacher conference. Cooked chicken fajita nachos for lunch. Gathered trash, did laundry, and did the dishes. Cut out the pumpkin with the kids. Wife and I watched Netflix until bed. We lay down and I decided to try cuddling again. I rolled over to her and she actually reciprocated. She put her leg around mine and held my hand. It felt really nice.
Went to work. It was an uneventful morning and work. Picked up the kids and called my wife to meet us at DQ for a treat. We got home and my wife wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat supper. Me and my kids took the dogs for a walk while my wife stayed behind and took a bath. We watched netflix until bed again. Got the kids in bed on time. When the kids threw a fit when they wanted Wife to cover them up she said something in a low voice and refused to tell me what she said. I kept asking her and she finally told me "it's probably why you resent me." I didn't say anything because it was partially true. I do resent her because the kids prefer her, but they only prefer her because she constantly gives in their fits and I do not. So I keep being the bad guy and she get to be the fun yes mom. Later we started working on the kids' lunches. I got a bottled drink off the table and started to open it.She asked if it was old and I said i don't think so. She started to complain at me because she didn't want to give the kids an old drink. I started to explain why I didn't think it was old (the cap still had seals on most of the cap.) She told me I was talking too loud (I wasn't, I was talking in a normal voice.) She told me she didn't need me anymore so I left and went to bed. We went to bed angry with
each other.
Woke up still angry at her because it was such a little issue to get mad about. Things like this happen all the time. Little things that don't matter in the long run end up being blown up beyond what it should have. had a decent day at work then went and got the kids. ate at the olive garden. Ochild asked if he could have her phone. I explained to him that he could only have his tablet, not her phone or tablet. He got upset and wife immediately caved and gave him her phone. I explained to my wife that we agreed 2 weeks ago and they haven't had either this entire time. their behavior is much better but she said she isn't feeling well and just didn't want to hear it. i got home and unloaded the groceries. My wife started complaining about me unloading the groceries wrong. Apparently I'm supposed to put them on the table starting at the far end then work down the table from there. Like it makes a difference if you take an extra step either way the entire table is filled up and it doesn't matter which end you start on. Then my wife complained that I hadn't cleaned up the blood drops from the dog yet. I literally was only home for 2 minutes before she got home then we left but it's supposed to be my job to get it done with no time to spare. I cleaned it up and she started complaining that I cleaned it wrong. I used a baby wipe when I should have used clorox wipes. There is litteral pee on the floor and she is worried that the blood wasn't sanitized. Makes no sense. This all happened within 20 minutes. Needless to say she slept with the kids again.
Woke up for overtime on a saturday. i worked 7 hours on a boat on the lake. Come home and the wife is sitting on the couch watching tv and the kids are right next to her zoned out with electronics. she didn't do anything all day and has been binge watching netflix. she said
She wanted to go to a local festival today. I fixed myself a pbj for lunch then did the dishes. We went next door to help the neighbors put on their pool cover. After that we went to watch a country band perform at a local festival. We were there for 2 hours and she seemed
upset with me because she knows i do not like crowds and i told her i was there because it's what she wanted to do. that's supposed to be my job to do things i don't like to support her but I guess i am actually supposed to like it to avoid offending her. The kids were
horrible and kept fighting over her phone. It seems like im never gonna get her to put her foot down. Came back home and watched the last episode of season one of our favorite shows. Kids stayed up late and the wife slept with the kids.
Had a decent night's sleep. The kids were screaming when I woke up. Kids had a full day of playing. I took Ochild with me when I went to the store and I bought him lunch. We get home and I throw the kids' laundry into the washer. Wife and the kids made a pumpkin into a puppy for
Ochild's book report. I take Ychild to the store to get her own pumpkin. Kids are playing a game with a hula-hoop like mirror-mirror. My son asks the mirror who is the laziest and he puts it up to me. It really hurt my feelings. Wife talked to him and told him all the things I do (dishes, cooking supper, laundry, sweep/mop, vacuuming, gardening, mowing.) She listed all these things. I talked to her about it later and she said "well" like she really thinks I am lazy. She just listed off all the things I do and she talks to me like I am lazy. Ychild threw a fit at bedtime because her required stuffed animal is dirty from the dog. I begin telling her that she needs to take care of it and this wouldn't happen. Wife gets onto me about trying to teach her life lessons. Wife allows ychild to sleep in our bed with us. I don't think any of my lessons will ever stick when wife is there to overrule me and go softer on the kids. At least I didn't sleep alone tonight.
Woke up and went to work. Uneventful day at work. Get the gets and bring them home. I put up the laundry and started a new load. Picked up the living room and then cooked supper (smothered pork chops.) Afterward we walked the dogs (wife got home and was tired so she changed into pajamas) ychild was upset and wants her mommy to walk with us so she got peeved but changed into street clothes and we walked together as a family. We get back and sit on the couch for the next 3 hours watching netflix. Put the kids to bed then finish our netflix binge. After I volunteered to help fix the kids' lunch for the next day. She praised me for the speed that I made their lunch. Unfortunately ychild had spilled something in her lunchbox and I cleaned it. It got wet when I cleaned and my wife flipped out and got in a bad mood. the next 20 min was kicking me out of the kitchen, complained because i forgot to bring ychild's sweater in from the car, upset because i did not put the laundry into the dryer. I went to bed alone.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed with me. I started getting ready and my wife started complaining to ychild that she will have to go dig through the laundry basket to get socks because they never get put up. I spent all my time between getting home and cooking supper and putting up laundry. The both of us sat on our butts and watched netflix for hours the previous evening. we could have done those together but we didn't. Instead it's my fault because I didn't do it. Its tiring bending over backwards, feeling like you are doing the brunt of the housework, the only one working, the only one cooking and feeling unappreciated and getting bitched at for minor things. especially the 1st thing in the morning to our ychild within earshot of me. She is very passive aggressive and saying these things to my kids undermines my authority and prevents me from being an effective parent. Its things like this that leads me to believe that's why my son thinks I am lazy. I wonder what she has said to him so that I didn't overhear. I got the kids from school and brought them home. I immediately put up the clothes that had been folded but not put up. I cleaned the fish tank of dead fish and snails. I cooked supper (hamburgers), i wasn't feeling well so we didn't go for a walk, I got an old laptop together for Ochild to use. Wife and I watched TV for about an hour and got on my computer. Went to bed alone.
Wife and I had an argument at the end of the night. Went to bed upset.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed. Didn't say goodbye to my wife when I left. I had a decent day at work. Picked up the kids and brought them home. We didn't walk the dogs today. Wife had to stay late at school. Wife went to bed early with the kids.
Woke up in bed alone. Left again without saying goodbye to my wife. She was upset but I guess doesnt realize that our marriage is in trouble or just doesn't care and wants to maintain an illusion. Didn't have to pick up the kids from school today. We went out to eat for supper. Wife slept with the kids again. came home and mowed the lawn. We ended up eating out at Tuscan Slice. came home and the wife slept with the kids.
Woke up alone. Worked 10 hours of overtime. got home and immediately left to go do some halloween stuff at the big church. had a decent time with little arguing. Afterwards I ate at CFLA. Daughter got upset because she wanted to switch seats and I said no. I am tired of giving in
to the kids' every demand. When she started throwing a fit and told her she was about to get a spanking. Wife got upset because I will actually spank them and she thinks it doesn't do any good. The kids only really seem to do this when they know mommy is around cause when it's just me they behave. They know they can always get mommy on their side and turn her against daddy just by crying. The wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork after we got back. The kids stayed up really late (11:30). went to bed alone.
Woke up alone a little later. Wife and ychild had slept with me. We ended up staying home most of the day. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork. I played with the kids, swept, vacuumed, did the laundry, cleaned the living room, and cleaned the aquarium. We went to a local church event for trunk or treat and then we took the kids trick or treating down downtown. It was a decent night. We got home and the kids went to bed a little late.
Nov 2021
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2023.06.01 00:19 marcia6412 (23f) what are some red flags I should look for when dating?

So I had a pretty messed up childhood/teen years, I have no clue what a healthy relationship looks like in any form. I’ve never been on a date before either, I just moved to a new city and I’m pretty happy on my own but I’d like to start dating. I also don’t know what traits to pay attention to in men, I don’t currently know any men except my dad, and my family isn’t very close lol
Also are dating apps good for meeting people? I’ve never tried them either, I don’t know anyone in this city so I don’t know how to even meet them to get started!!
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2023.06.01 00:18 Agile-Departure-2586 WIBTA if I didn't attend my little brother's wedding?

My youngest brother is getting married at the end of this month. He has reached out to me several times since the announcement.
At the end of high school, I came out as bisexual, then fully gay in my mid-twenties. Before then, I was seeing this woman who was a close friend of mine, probably the closest friend I have ever had. I lost my virginity to her in high school and continued to have an on/off-again relationship with her until our mid-twenties. In full transparency, I was seeing men on the side, and she wanted a more stable and committed relationship. I led her on for a few years until we finally separated and went our separate ways before the pandemic.
During the pandemic, I needed a reference for a new job. I reached out to her, and to my surprise, she responded and was still her kind and understanding self. She agreed to be a reference for me and helped me secure my job. As we began talking again, I made it known that I was still slightly interested in her and made comments that she was a great catch, that hearing her voice again took me to a better place, statements that I thought were obvious I was beginning to feel something again. I am not sure I ever really got over her; I assumed we would always be together because she was intertwined with my family. During the third year of living with my brother, she was visiting on a work trip, and we went out to dinner and returned to my apartment. My brother walked out and asked her how long she was in town. I didn’t think much of this interaction because she has always been polite to my little brother. During the interaction, he asked her if he could take her out to dinner, and to my surprise, she said yes.
After the date, I met up with my friend the next night and asked how it went. She seemed embarrassed to tell me that they had both slept together. This shocked me, and I tried to process it as we continued hanging out with mutual friends. At the end of the night, I tried to kiss her and was rejected; I then promised to visit her (about a three-hour drive away). I never got an opportunity to visit her because she ended up moving back to our area and continued seeing my brother. I noticed that my brother was never home and eventually started basically living with her. When I announced I was ending our lease, he simply moved in with her officially. I heard they had broken up for a short period, and my brother came to me for advice. I told him to leave her, and to my chagrin, he was back with her three days later and worked through whatever issue they were going through. A year later, I was invited to their wedding.
My brother is reaching out almost every day, demanding a reason why I won’t go. I feel like my brother stole my best friend from me.
WIBTA if I didn’t attend his wedding in protest?
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2023.06.01 00:18 irjdkanymore I don't know if it's reasonable to sustain this relationship?

I'm tired of driving back and forth to my partner. It's been 2.5 years long-distance and it'll be another 2 years before we can even think about living together. I feel like we're stuck in this phase where it's just me driving back and forth to them. I work full-time, sometimes part-time and keep busy with hobbies. I rent a room b/c I honestly cannot afford to live alone on my salary. I've had shitty situations with roommates in the past. My partner is a full-time student in a doctorate program. I've noticed that both of us have gained a significant amount of weight throughout this relationship. I'm honestly afraid to look at the scale at this point. I've picked up really bad eating habits with them. I think this relationship brought on a different type of stress than I've been accustomed to.
The first year I met them, they weren't in school. So dynamics were a bit different. Lately, I've been reflecting and I feel like I give up my time, gas money, and energy to spend time with them when they have time. I've tried to be accommodating b/c school comes first but I have not been able to put myself first in this relationship. Even when I visit, I'm limited on the hours I can visit. Also they do not have an income so it's been very difficult. I've taken the financial responsibility to offset the costs of our dates, activities, events, or whatever. When we spend time w/ their family, that costs even more money that I cannot budget for or even expect b/c it just happens. Yet I make a pretty low salary for the cost of living in my area.
It doesn't feel fair to me. I'm always so exhausted and can't even stick to my budget b/c there are too many variables. They live rent free with their mom. They're currently full time in a doctorate program. So there is very little time for me. I've become accustomed to seeing them on a very rigid schedule. Sometimes we won't see each other for weeks. Texts/calls are limited in a way where I'm always told, "Well, I have to go or sorry to cut you off." At first I was very understanding and now I'm beyond frustrated b/c it feels like whenever I get comfortable in the conversation or with them, there is a limit and I'm cut off. Then other times it's like they're overwhelmingly wanting to spend time w/ me, in their time off affection, and etc... when I need to reacclimate to being around them in that capacity.
I'm not certain if I have the patience for another 2 years. I love this person greatly but this has been incredibly difficult and I find myself getting more and more frustrated even when we talk things out. I want to settle down. I want to live with my partner and start taking milestones towards settling down. I'm tired of the back and forth. I want to have a conversation without being cut off.
I've also been working on myself the past year. Started therapy, finding hobbies, and building social connections. Recently, I've been super involved in my hobbies. They came w/ me to one event and got upset w/ me, I felt bad, missed out on another event I planned on going to (even invited my partner) w/some friends but they weren't happy until I spent that time in the way they intended. I was so emotionally exhausted that I just cancelled everything for the remainder of the week. Another thing I cannot prepare for is when we're upset with each other and how draining that can be.They were mainly upset b/c they felt like I have a life outside of them and they're not included in my plans and they're struggling socially and they have absolutely nothing planned on their time off(they're doing clinical right now).I've literally planned so many of our dates in the past... I don't see why I always have to be responsible. It would honestly be nice if they planned something instead of expecting me to constantly take charge.I was also very upset and resentful that I didn't get to do the events I planned on doing and how I lost so much energy to do the things I wanted b/c of the whole situation.
I also feel like I want freedom, flexibility and my time back. I want to know if I intend to commit to something, nothing out of my control will prevent that. I've had to sacrifice so much for this relationship, time, money, inner peace, and energy. I've been really depressed lately and this relationship has only made it worse. They haven't even noticed that I'm actually depressed b/c they're so overwhelmed. When I communicate my frustrations or reasons why I'm upset they start crying and I feel guilty for saying how I feel or what frustrates me & it always goes back to how they're overwhelmed and how they can't handle things. I feel like I have to say what they want to hear b/c they're so sad but it's building resentment. Lots and lots of resentment. I am struggling with setting boundaries b/c for some reason I feel like this bad person when I try to. I don't know if this relationship is worth it. I don't know if I'm getting the things I need from it. I really don't know if sacrificing my sleep, my money, or my inner peace is worth the love, trust, and relationship I have with this person. I am so tired of going back and forth for nothing to change. I am so confused and cannot look at this objectively b/c they have made me feel incredibly loved, accepted, and make time/effort for me when they can. I just think the things I truly value from them aren't possible for a while and I don't know if this is something that'll pass with time or won't. They do make efforts in other ways but I'm honestly at the point where I don't think it's making any difference for me. I'm so conflicted between what I feel like I need and my love for them.
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2023.06.01 00:17 _Nightscape_ My Two month plan to become a GM for Pathfinder - Month One. What can be improved?

ChatGPT helped me come up with this study plan to learn to host a one-shot Pathfinder game in two months. Here is the first month; the detail is too long for one post. Any suggestions on how to improve the study guide is appreciated.
Week 1:
Nightly Homework (Week 1):
Create a Sample Character:
For each night of Week 1, your homework will revolve around creating a sample character. This exercise will help you familiarize yourself with the character creation process and the various options available to players in Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Here's a breakdown of the nightly tasks:
By completing these nightly homework tasks, you'll have a fully fleshed-out sample character ready for your one-shot session. This exercise will give you a deeper understanding of character creation and the mechanics of Pathfinder 2nd Edition. It will also help you become familiar with the specific abilities and options available to players, enabling you to better guide your players when they create their own characters for the game.
Weekend Project (Week 1): Create a Sample Adventure Scene
Rather than focusing on a full encounter or puzzle, for this weekend project, you'll create a sample adventure scene based on the chapters you've read so far. This exercise will help you apply your knowledge of character creation, basic gameplay, and equipment. Here's how you can approach it:
  1. Setting: Choose a location for your adventure scene. It could be a dense forest, a mysterious cave, or a bustling marketplace. Consider the atmosphere, potential challenges, and the overall theme or purpose of the scene.
  2. Characters: Create a few non-player characters (NPCs) that the player character(s) may encounter in the scene. Give them names, appearances, and brief descriptions. Consider their roles, motivations, and how they can interact with the player character(s).
  3. Goal or Objective: Determine the goal or objective of the adventure scene. It could be a simple task like delivering a message, solving a minor conflict, or gathering information from an NPC. Keep it focused and achievable within the scope of a one-shot session.
  4. Challenges and Interactions: Plan potential challenges or interactions that the player character(s) may face in the scene. These can be skill-based encounters, social interactions, or small combat situations. Ensure that the challenges align with the rules you've learned so far, such as skills, feats, or basic combat mechanics.
  5. Rewards or Consequences: Consider the potential rewards or consequences for the player character(s) based on their actions or choices in the scene. These can include valuable information, new equipment, or minor impacts on the overall story. Ensure that the rewards or consequences are meaningful and have a direct impact on the narrative or gameplay.
By creating a sample adventure scene, you'll get a hands-on experience in applying the rules and concepts you've learned. It will also give you a chance to practice designing encounters, creating NPCs, and guiding the player's choices within a focused setting. Remember to keep it manageable within the time constraints of a one-shot session.
Week 2:
Nightly Homework (Week 2):
Create a Brief Outline for Your One-Shot Session:
During Week 2, your homework will revolve around creating a brief outline for your one-shot session. This exercise will help you structure the narrative, plan key encounters, and consider important NPCs and their motivations. Here's a breakdown of the nightly tasks:
By completing these nightly homework tasks, you'll have a solid outline for your one-shot session. This exercise will help you structure the session's narrative and encounters, ensuring an engaging and coherent gameplay experience. It will also provide you with a framework to guide your players through the session and keep the game flowing smoothly.
Weekend Project (Week 2): Create a Detailed Map for Your One-Shot Session
For this weekend project, you'll create a detailed map for the locations where your one-shot session takes place. Having a well-designed map helps both you and the players visualize the environment, navigate the areas, and adds immersion to the game. Follow these steps to create your map:
  1. Determine Key Locations: Identify the important locations in your one-shot session, such as a town, dungeon, or wilderness area. Consider the purpose and significance of each location within the narrative.
  2. Sketch the Layout: Begin by sketching a rough layout of each location. It doesn't have to be artistically perfect, but it should provide a general sense of the area's layout, including key features, landmarks, and points of interest.
  3. Add Details: Add details to your sketch, including specific rooms, structures, or natural features. Consider the purpose and function of each area within the location. Incorporate any elements that may affect gameplay, such as obstacles, traps, or hidden passages.
  4. Label and Annotate: Label the various areas and features on your map to provide clarity. Use descriptive names for key locations, and annotate important details or notes that will assist you during the game. This can include NPC locations, potential encounters, or any relevant information for the players.
  5. Finalize the Map: Once you're satisfied with the sketch and details, transfer it to a clean or digital format. You can use map-making software or online tools to create a more polished version of your map. Consider adding color, shading, or symbols to enhance readability and aesthetics.
  6. Optional: Create Player Handouts: If desired, consider creating separate maps or handouts for the players to use during the game. These can be smaller sections of the main map or specialized maps for specific encounters or challenges.
By creating a detailed map, you'll have a visual representation of the locations in your one-shot session. This will aid in describing the environment to the players, planning encounters, and ensuring consistency in your storytelling. It will also serve as a valuable reference during the game, helping you navigate the world and keep track of important details.
Week 3:
Nightly Homework (Week 3):
Create Compelling Non-Player Characters (NPCs):
During Week 3, your nightly homework will revolve around creating memorable and engaging NPCs that the players will encounter in your one-shot session. NPCs can bring life to the game world, provide quests or information, and offer opportunities for interaction. Here's a breakdown of the nightly tasks:
By completing these nightly homework tasks, you'll have a roster of well-developed NPCs that can enrich your one-shot session. These NPCs will have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and motivations, making them more engaging for the players to interact with. They can provide quests, information, or become recurring allies or adversaries, adding depth to the game world and enhancing the overall storytelling experience.
Weekend Project (Week 3): Design a Dynamic Encounter
For this weekend project, you'll design a dynamic encounter that offers an engaging and challenging experience for the players in your one-shot session. A dynamic encounter includes multiple elements, such as combat, environmental factors, and strategic choices. Follow these steps to create your encounter:
  1. Determine the Objective: Decide on the objective or goal of the encounter. It could be defeating a group of enemies, solving a puzzle, or navigating a treacherous environment. Consider how the encounter fits into the overall narrative and what the players can gain or lose based on their success or failure.
  2. Establish the Environment: Choose a specific setting or location for the encounter. Consider how the environment can impact the encounter. Are there hazards, obstacles, or unique features that the players can interact with strategically? Ensure that the environment adds depth and provides opportunities for creative problem-solving.
  3. Populate the Encounter: Determine the opponents or creatures the players will face during the encounter. Consider their strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities. Ensure that the difficulty level aligns with the capabilities of the player characters and the overall challenge you want to present.
  4. Include Dynamic Elements: Introduce dynamic elements to make the encounter more engaging and exciting. This can include timed events, changing environmental conditions, or unexpected reinforcements. Think about how these elements can affect the flow and strategy of the encounter.
  5. Design Tactical Options: Provide the players with tactical options and choices during the encounter. Consider different approaches or paths they can take to achieve the objective. Include interactive elements, such as objects they can interact with or strategic positions they can utilize.
  6. Test and Refine: Playtest the encounter to ensure it offers a balanced and enjoyable experience. Make adjustments as needed based on the feedback and observations from the playtest. Pay attention to the pacing, difficulty, and player engagement throughout the encounter.
By designing a dynamic encounter, you'll provide the players with a memorable and immersive experience. This encounter will challenge their abilities, promote strategic thinking, and encourage teamwork. It will also showcase your creativity as a Game Master and provide an exciting highlight within your one-shot session.
Week 4:
Nightly Homework (Week 4):
Create Engaging Puzzles and Challenges:
During Week 4, your nightly homework will revolve around designing puzzles and challenges that will engage and challenge the players in your one-shot session. These elements can add variety and intrigue to the gameplay, providing opportunities for problem-solving and critical thinking. Here's a breakdown of the nightly tasks:
By completing these nightly homework tasks, you'll have a collection of engaging puzzles and challenges ready to be integrated into your one-shot session. These elements will provide moments of mental stimulation and interaction for the players, fostering problem-solving skills and encouraging teamwork. They will add depth and variety to the gameplay, making the session more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.
Weekend Project (Week 4): Design a Unique Setting
For this weekend project, you'll design a unique and immersive setting that serves as a backdrop for your one-shot session. The setting should be intriguing, visually appealing, and offer opportunities for exploration and interaction. Follow these steps to create your setting:
  1. Determine the Theme: Decide on the theme or concept for your setting. It could be a haunted mansion, a mystical forest, a bustling city, or any other theme that fits your session's narrative. Consider the atmosphere, mood, and overall ambiance you want to convey.
  2. Establish Key Locations: Identify the key locations within the setting. These could be landmarks, important buildings, or distinct areas that the players will encounter during the session. Consider their relevance to the story and the unique features or elements that make them stand out.
  3. Develop the Environment: Describe the physical environment of your setting in detail. Consider the geography, climate, flora, and fauna. Think about how these elements impact the atmosphere and affect the characters' interactions within the setting.
  4. Populate the Setting: Populate the setting with NPCs, creatures, or other inhabitants. Determine their roles, motivations, and relationships within the setting. Consider how they interact with the players and how their presence enhances the overall atmosphere and narrative.
  5. Create Points of Interest: Create points of interest within the setting that provide opportunities for exploration, interaction, or discovery. These could be hidden treasures, ancient ruins, mysterious artifacts, or intriguing NPCs. Consider how these points of interest can engage the players and contribute to the session's narrative.
  6. Incorporate Lore and History: Develop the lore and history of the setting. Consider its backstory, legends, and notable events that have shaped the current state of affairs. This will add depth and richness to the setting, providing a sense of history and intrigue for the players.
  7. Visualize the Setting: Use visual aids, such as maps or artwork, to bring the setting to life. Create a visual representation of the key locations and important elements within the setting. This will help the players visualize the environment and immerse themselves in the game world.
By designing a unique and immersive setting, you'll provide a captivating backdrop for your one-shot session. The setting will contribute to the overall atmosphere and enhance the players' engagement and immersion. It will offer opportunities for exploration, interaction, and storytelling, making the session more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.
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2023.06.01 00:17 ShroomieDoomieDoo What do you wear when you want to smell expensive but not break the bank?

I have a formal nonprofit event coming up and I’m looking for something new. I love my current perfumes, but they’re all either casual or business-casual. I need something feminine, glamorous, and black-tie. Something that smells like pure gold and silk.
I’m generally into spicer and gourmand scents, but do also like warm florals. I’d like to avoid vanilla and sweetness if possible, but I’m not opposed to it if it’s done really well. I’ll be wearing pearls and an emerald green satin dress if that helps!
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2023.06.01 00:16 Glamourice Visiting - Potentially Move?

Hi folks. Some friends and I are visiting Whitehorse in the next few weeks from Edmonton and are really looking forward to it. We are possibly thinking of moving there?
Any advice or things we should know? I understand the air quality is amazing, seems like there’s lots of well paying jobs, a northern living allowance, and a good sense of community.
We are women in our mid 30s to early 40s. Left leaning politically, progressive, single office workers.
What are the condo and housing markets like? Car insurance, general affordability, things to do. What’s the dating scene like? Amenities? Nightlife? Are there enough doctors? Is crime bad?
Our major concerns: we are not very outdoorsy, definitely “city girls” so we like our bars, shopping, restaurants, festivals, culture, events etc. not sure if we will fit in. Also the winters - how bad are they? Is depression common during this time?
We will definitely be looking for vibes when we visit but any advice from experienced locals is best :). Thanks!!
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2023.06.01 00:16 BecuzMDsaid A new GTA Online event is starting on June 1, 2023 (available through June 7).

A new GTA Online event is starting on June 1, 2023 (available through June 7). submitted by BecuzMDsaid to TheWomenofGTA [link] [comments]