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Ocean Shores, Washington

2011.07.16 21:08 Jasonrj Ocean Shores, Washington


2017.08.05 23:44 omarm1984 Mafia State

In this subreddit we discuss all articles and media which expose the dealings of the various members of the Mafia State of Russia.

2023.06.01 00:34 dennis_k_g Not Ish telling Joe he also has the biggest scammer friend in the industry after he brings up Dj Envy and co real estate scam topic again. 😂

Not Ish telling Joe he also has the biggest scammer friend in the industry after he brings up Dj Envy and co real estate scam topic again. 😂 submitted by dennis_k_g to theJoeBuddenPodcast [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:33 Oh-nicki-ur-so-fine LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE FOR A 2B2B

Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m from Chicago, I’m 21, and I will be a senior in the fall. I am looking for a roommate in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit and I will be graduating in December (so I will be reletting to someone else after that).
I work in finance/financial services and that’s what I’ll be doing post-graduation in addition to grad school. I’m super clean, and cleanliness is a priority for me. Im looking for a roommate that’s also clean and that’s on the quieter side and enjoys a peaceful and calm living environment. My goal is to be under $1000 with utilities and parking and rent.
My hobbies and interests include fitness/nutrition, self care, laying by the pool, fashion, real estate/interior design, and living a healthy, routined lifestyle. I like going out but not too often. I like going to bed at a decent hour and school is a priority for me.
I’m interested in Latitude Apartments, Octave, and am interested in looking at more options such as available subleases too. I would prefer something more modern and updated.
I would also be interested in splitting a lease for a one bedroom apartment (I would live there in the Fall, you would live there in the Spring).
My number is 8476096545 and my Instagram is @nicoleeconradii.
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2023.06.01 00:32 SneakinCreepin Trying to get girlfriends sister away from violent junky boyfriend

Title says it all. Girlfriends sister was doing well, saving money, gearing up for real estate exam..etc. Goes on date with ex meth head fucking loser that went to prison for 8 years, and quickly starts going downhill. Loses job, can’t wake up to alarms, 10k in savings blown on food in a month or so, and has now been arrested for possession for drugs she was going to get for him. In this case where it’s just this clear that his influence has lead her to self destruct, can a lawyer meet with a judge and have a restraining order made against the boyfriend as a stipulation of a sentence that isn’t jail/prison? If not, is there any avenue her family can take to get her away from this person? He is a volatile, incredibly toxic, parasitic person who the entire family has interacted with and hates. What can they do, if anything?
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2023.06.01 00:28 ImmaJack Satellite images to inform trades 🤔

Recently started using satellite images to for real estate research. Apparently it's also popular for commodities trading, especially in oil where people use it to count ships, barrels, etc. Some other communities have mentioned hedge funds frequently utilize satellite imagery as well.
Curious to hear if anyone is trading or knows people trading based off of satellite images?
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2023.06.01 00:23 mauricex If you buy a building with triple net tenants.. do those tenants now have to pay the new property tax rate?

Hello all - I am learning more about commercial real estate, and at some point in the future would like to own some commercial properties. I've been looking at some deals, and for example, one building I saw has 2 tenants, both triple net leases.. so presumably they pay the property taxes etc. but if I were to buy said building, the property tax rate would increase dramatically, since its based on the value of the property which would be re-assessed at the time of sale right? (I'm in CA). So would the tenants suddenly have a big increase in their monthly expenses covering the property tax increase just because a new person bought the building?
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2023.06.01 00:18 goldenticket310 buy puts on every regional bank

Short every dog shit regional bank
CEOs and insiders sell their shares conveniently before the stocks crash in April
Bc their balance sheets look like somebody took a shit on a piece of paper
Then Yellen’s goofy ass comes in and offers unlimited fucking cash to any bank that “needs” it. Courtesy of hard working people that are getting jacked 40% every year in taxes.
After this the bank executives buy back in along w institutions and boom. 50% pop in 2 weeks
And blaming short sellers for being unethical. Eat a bag of dicks. Buy puts on every regional bank. The balance sheets are still dog shit.. and with interest rate hikes demand for credit isn’t the same as before.
Wait until the small businesses getting eaten alive by mega cap corporations, and commercial real estate values plunge bc everyone is working from home. All banks gonna have left is shitty 2% mortgages they’re making no money on student loans, who prob won’t even pay that shit back graduating w degrees that are useless bc they can be replaced by AI
KRE 0 eoy
ZION 0 eoy
WAL 0 eoy
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2023.06.01 00:17 Elbadrrealestate11 El Badr Real Estate - البدر العقارية El Badr Real Estate - Home Page

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2023.06.01 00:16 poavellaneda [AUDIENCIA LEGISLATURA PBA] Romina Del Plá: "Este Ni Una Menos marchamos en La Plata por la plena implementación de todos los derechos de las mujeres y las disidencias"

En el día de hoy se desarrolló la audiencia pública en la Legislatura Bonaerense convocada por las bancadas del Frente de Izquierda – Unidad encabezadas por los diputados Guillermo Kane (PO) y Laura Cano (PTS). Los diputados presentaron un proyecto sobre la Educación Sexual Integral (ESI) y un pedido de informes sobre la aplicación de la Interrupción Legal del Embarazo (ILE). El evento contó con la presencia de la Diputada Nacional Romina Del Plá (PO), la Campaña por el Derecho al Aborto y otras organizaciones defensoras de los derechos de las mujeres y las disidencias.

Romina Del Plá comentó: “Una conclusión importante de esta audiencia, a partir de las intervenciones de las compañeras, es que en la Provincia de Buenos Aires se cae el velo del gobierno de Kicillof y el Frente de Todos, acá ocurren los mismos bloqueos para implementar la ESI y el aborto legal seguro y gratuito. Asimismo, a nivel nacional, la implementación real del cupo laboral travesti trans tampoco se cumple, ya que solo está cubierto el 6% del total de cargos que es el 1% de la planta estatal nacional”

Por su parte, el Diputado Guillermo Kane dijo: “Desde la banca del FIT insistimos permanentemente en que se cumpla la ESI y la ILE, por eso realizamos estos proyectos. Hay que insistir en la denuncia en que esto es un acuerdo de todo el arco político patronal que refleja en la Legislatura: del Frente de Todos, de los fachos libertarios y Juntos por el Cambio con las iglesias forma parte de un disciplinamiento más general a las mujeres trabajadoras.”

Por último, Romina Del Plá anunció su participación este viernes a las 16.30hs en la movilización platense del Ni Una Menos que partirá de Plaza Moreno.

Diputada Nacional Romina Del Plá: 1140429791
Diputado Provincial Guillermo Kane: 1140424812
Victoria (prensa): 2215623755
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2023.06.01 00:10 Pure-Ad-2058 Auto-leveling Woes & Firmware Updates

I'm incredibly frustrated with my so-called "auto-leveling" printers, including my Neptune 3. The Neptune has gradually become unable to print evenly across the surface of the bed, especially at the corners despite repeated runs of the bed leveling routine. The middle section of the bed lays down quality prints, but anything that dares use all of the real estate afforded inevitably puts the nozzle so close to the bed relative to the middle it clogs up.

I first checked and retightened all of the eccentric nuts on the bed, extruder, and gantry. No dice. Then I went for firmware upgrades for the screen and motherboard. Everything went swimmingly and I updated to 1_1.0.4 no problem. Then, during the auto leveling process it started acting oddly. It wouldn't put the nozzle anywhere close to the bed before repositioning itself. At the end it took a -7.30 offset to pass the paper test. Then when I rehomed it tried to bury the nozzle into the bed. Reboot, restore factory settings, and run leveling - tries to bury itself into the bed until it fails to home. Tried all versions of firmware to no avail. Same issue. Restoring factory settings apparently does jack shit.
I'm about to toss this fucken thing out the window so talk me off the ledge. My $100 Enders with manually adjustable beds are 1000% more useful than my two paperweight auto-leveling beds. My other one is an Anycubic. It sucks too, albeit will actually print in spurts across the bed.
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2023.06.01 00:09 ImmaJack Satellite images to inform trades 🤔

Recently started using satellite images to some extent for real estate research. Apparently it's also popular in commodities. Curious to hear if anyone is trading or knows people trading based off of satellite images?
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2023.06.01 00:02 AutoModerator Jason Wardrop - Real Estate Agency Accelerator (

Jason Wardrop - Real Estate Agency Accelerator Download
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2023.06.01 00:02 Superb_Top_4761 Type of LLC

I currently own two SFR as long term rentals that were bought under mine and my wife's names. I am looking at starting a LLC both am confused with a member managed or a manager managed. My CPA says a single member LLC with my wife as a manager. This will keep my taxes on my personal tax return, which I think is the way I want to do it. My lawyer friend (not real estate law) says it should be a manager managed but I don't know if he is looking at the tax structure. What type should I be looking at?
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2023.05.31 23:58 Werbenjagermanj3nsen Is there a longer version of the 'pure sadness' real estate cunties song?

A requiem for lost profits? It's an earworm.
I really like the throw away joke how it turns into graphic profanity so all you can hear is bleeps in the background.
The music and sound design is on point in this whole series, Tom got a variety of styles to compose in and a lot of them are really catchy.
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2023.05.31 23:58 bordermessie-on-edge The *Bonk* No 348- The german evening post for Apes 31.05.23 / all credits to u/RetardHolder , the Ankermann*Bonk*

The *Bonk* No 348- The german evening post for Apes 31.05.23 / all credits to u/RetardHolder , the Ankermann*Bonk*
I am afraid that the sub will get restrictions if I post links from other subs. Therefore, the links to the comments are in the real *Bonk*, which can be found at this URL: RetardHoldecomments/13wy4ue/bonk_die_aktienschau_zum_31052023_ausgabe_nr_348
u/RetardHolder :
Good evening my dear Apes.



The RRP update shows us a value of USD 2,254.9 billion with 107 counterparties for today.
  • Top post: A GameStop delivery has reached an Ape that apparently helps defend Ukraine.
  • Announcement: GameStop to announce quarterly results on 7 June. * Speculation: premature announcements are usually a good sign.
  • Graphic: A plot of DRS figures. over time.
  • Call: The Healthy Markets Association publicly calls for a conflict of interest investigation of DTCC.
  • New addition: Heat Lamp Theory is now part of the great Supestonk Library.
  • American Banker article: Banks have borrowed more money to stay liquid than they lost in the recent crisis.
  • Forecast: The US central bank will continue to raise the key interest rate.
  • Pulte tweet: "No reason AMC and GME people can't unite on common ground". Some commentaries criticise this statement, among others, because AMC's chief executives - according to the common view of GME investors - do not act in the interest of their shareholders.
  • Hypocrisy: Citadel touts itself as defending the interests of retail investors in the context of the SEC proposal.
  • Mod drama: An Spielstopp Ape reports his/her ban from superstonk after a new mod's behaviour was criticised.

That should be the most important for today. If there is anything else worth mentioning that I didn't notice, feel free to write it here in the comments. I will try to add to the post if necessary.(only in the german sub).
Sleep well my dear Apes, see you next time!

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2023.05.31 23:50 CashDealsTooday Secrets to selling homes for cash: 10 strategies for getting quick deals in Bedford Park, IL.

Secrets to selling homes for cash: 10 strategies for getting quick deals in Bedford Park, IL.
Hi! We're Cash Deals Today, and we're here to talk about the secrets to selling homes for cash in the Bedford Park area.
We buy Houses
In this era of real estate investing, it's easy to get stuck trying to sell your home. But if you need to sell your property immediately, the best solution is to sell it for cash. If you're interested in finding buyers for your property quickly, then I recommend you learn the following ten secrets to getting immediate offers on your business.
Secret #1: Watch the price! This is crucial to selling a home for cash. You want to make sure the price tag reflects what the market is currently offering. By pricing your home according to this pattern, buyers will be more willing to take a quick deal with you when they see how well your home is priced.
Secret #2: Create an attractive package! You need to get a buyer as quickly as possible and that includes offering as many extras and perks as you can. Make your home look appealing to buyers by offering premium amenities like equipment amenities, a refreshed design, and a modern feel. By doing so, buyers will get exactly what they want and therefore make a deal with you.
Secret #3: Make use of social media! Digital marketing of a property is an amazing tool to get contact with local buyers interested in your property. Use various social media platforms and organize online activities to interact with potential clients. This will not only generate a positive image of your property but also put an offer in place much sooner.
If you like this information and want to know why we buy houses in Bedford Park IL, call us at 312-286-0752 righ now. Dont miss this opportunity.
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2023.05.31 23:46 NoLongerStalking My humor is broken

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2023.05.31 23:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Commercial Real Estate: Finding a Clearing Price? National Review

[Op-Ed] - Commercial Real Estate: Finding a Clearing Price? National Review submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:36 OdeeSS Pot Size for Container Native Plants

I'd like to know how to figure out the minimum pot size for a single native plant to flourish and meet its max flowering potential.
I recently moved into an apartment and I'm restricted to a west facing balcony for all of my gardening needs. I have a couple years of experience planting natives in a yard.
I live in central ohio. The balcony is about 10 feet long and 6 feet deep and I plan on cramming as much plant as possible. I want a bunch of flowering, pollinator attracting plants. My goal is to get some hummingbird visitors.
Plants I'm particularly interested in include the following: - Wild Bergamot - Cardinal Flower - Anise Hyssop - Echinacea - Rudbeckia - Coral Honeysuckle - Oak Leaf Hydrangea - Meadow Sage - Blazing Prairie Star
I know people have grown some of these plants in pots as small as a gallon, but I really want my natives to live their fullest life. Information online is always very i consistent. I want pots large enough to satisfy a native plant, but not so large that I'm wasting limited real estate.
Furthermore, is it more efficient to plant as companions? Otherwise, I was hoping to plant one plant per pot, so I can move them around easily, as opposed to lugging around a 200 gallon container on a second floor balcony ;)
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 23:34 eddiiegriier THE DAZE - Methomania

THE DAZE - Methomania
newest single from my band and a video we shot ourselves. for anyone into grunge, hard rock, psychedelic, stone temple pilots, sunny day real estate…check it out!!!
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2023.05.31 23:32 Ok-Supermarket4492 Introducing Seattle City Council Newsletter

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, and I am a college student interested in civic engagement and politics. I have been working on a project with some other students to make the Seattle City Council meetings more accessible by putting them into short summaries. My friend Rachel and George has posted previously about it, and I am continuing this group project. I have put an example from last week below, though the real thing has a bit more formatting that doesn't translate into Reddit.
This project is relatively new, so we would really appreciate any feedback you may have and hope to make it as informative and accessible as possible! If you're interested in getting these newsletters every week, please click here:
Example newsletter:
Seattle City Council Meeting Summaries - Week of May 22
Council Briefing 5/22/2023 (Duration: 1h50min)
Council Meeting 5/23/2023 (Duration: 2h56min)
Councilmember Updates
Legislation Updates
State Legislation Update: The Office of Intergovernmental Relations (OIR) director Gael Tarleton, State Relations Director Samir Junejo, and State Legislative Liaison Anna Johnson gave a presentation on legislation regarding climate and environment, healthcare and behavioral health, housing and homelessness, labor and commerce, public safety, drug possession and treatment, social programs and education, the capital budget, transportation.
Public Comments:
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2023.05.31 23:31 Changeusernameforver Re video

What tips would you guys say to a beginner in real estate video? I’m about to shoot one and I got a basic idea like wide shots of the room/ walking into the room/ detail shots. I’ll be shooting with a Sony a7iii and a dji gimbal. Any help would be appreciated. Planning to draw the outline of the house and planning my shooting line from there.
submitted by Changeusernameforver to RealEstatePhotography [link] [comments]