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For Honor and Glory!

2015.05.01 08:23 nipplymax For Honor and Glory!

Join the arena, and prove your fighting spirit! Choose your faction, and engage in gladiatorial style battles to prove your color's supremacy! For honor and glory! Fight! In addition to winning respect for your faction, you will also be helping provide material for original drawings and stories to be produced by artisans such as nipplymax. Don't let the fame go to your head though!

2019.04.07 16:11 Movie Cliches

This is a list of the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in movies. Comments, additions and suggestions welcome!

2015.04.22 16:17 apbeir The DKC League

The DKC is an NBA role-playing game where each user becomes the general manager of his or her own team and abides by a modified version of the NBA CBA to trade, sign, and draft players. Users control their teams over the years, allowing for multiple strategies (win-now, or build for the future) but the ultimate goal is to have fun and build a team you're proud of. The DKC has been ongoing since 2013, and hosted on reddit since 2015.

2023.03.22 17:13 FretlessRoscoe Let's talk about Milo

We don't know much about him, and why he's so evil. But we do know that he's much bigger than Kingstown.
Remember early on when he wanted to get to Mike, he pulled Iris off of her current assignment in New York City. Milo uses girls (and presumably boys) to bribe Congressmen and Senators, Federal Judges and other government officials. The folks that he works for have to have a very large national, if not international, reach. He implants his girls with GPS trackers (which is far fetched that they would actually work being that small and that low power, and implanted that deep, but with this show that's not the point at which I can't suspend my disbelief), and he's moving them around the country. His bonds can't be used easily, which makes them useful to the right people.
When we see Milo in the church basement, he's watching money market graphs.

When Mike asked where Iris was after she went back, Milo told him that it didn't matter, she's been sent elsewhere and he'll never see her again. Mike accepted that answer, and sent Kyle on the trail to find her.
Compare Milo to the other leaders in the show. Bunny is a local leader of the Crips, Duke was a local AB, Mike is the "Mayor of Kingstown", the local cops and prison guards are worried about the ATF and FBI getting involved (which the FBI was on Milo's tail with the Iris story arc) and they can't help anything. You have the DA and the ADA- local/regional folks/state. Joseph seemed to be the local leader. None of them have any reach. The whole reason Iris went back to Milo was because, even without an implant she felt that she could never get away from him- his reach was too long. The only reason Milo was there was because that's where he was in prison. He orchestrated the riot to escape, grab the bonds and get out.
Milo has reach into the largest financial city in the western world. Why? and why would he fake his death and not just run- the feds won't find him. Who is he afraid of? I think he's a money man for an international terror or big crime/arms dealing syndicate. The really scary folks who want to operate dark in the USA, who our military and other three letter agencies are fighting abroad- either overtly or covertly.
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2023.03.22 17:12 sofa_king_rad Hoping for other perspectives on this criticism of “the woke” by an acquaintance

This is a long post, looking for other perspectives, I totally understand if it isn’t worth someone’s time to read.
I’m acquaintances with this older intellectual, who I really don’t know their politics, but believe they generally are socially and economically progressive, not sure if they are all the way left, or more of a soc dem. He is someone who I know has read a lot of theory and philosophers. At times he’ll make comments that I feel are borderline misogynistic, he acknowledges that he doesn’t have to agree with someone’s ideology around gendegender roles, to support their rights and let them be who they want to be.
He regularly goes on these long rants about “wokeness”, where I feel he is generally referring to what is often referred to as “woke-scolds”, especially those who are authors, professors, people in politics… I think of the over compensating liberal.
I wondered if anyone would read something he recently wrote, someone of which is clipped from a NYT article, to help me consider if I’m misinterpreting him or not. I feel like he is a bit focused in on the woke-scold types and attributing their loudness to the majority, am I misunderstanding, or just wrong?
I have some thoughts specifically to address his NCAA comment as well.
Here is the post:
Among the multitude of reasons I attack Wokeness, apart from its religious irrationality, explicit anti-semitism and implicit racism is that is attacks form and the surface without dealing with genunine issues of structural poverty and homelessness. While every spoiled brat at Yale Law shudders at the possibility of encountering an uncomfortable idea or wants to fire someone for daring to state something obvioiusly true but at odds with their dogma, there are genuine issues of criminality and social upheaval that threatens social order and the sort small business that Wokeness ought to support were they not religious fanatics.
We have serious issues of structural poverty and wealthy stratification. The only fact you can bank on is that religious truth is not the solution. We have a path to solve some of society's ills and it is not the ethnic war of tribal power Wokeness envisions.
"He had been coming into work at the same sandwich shop at the same exact time every weekday morning for the last four decades, but now Joe Faillace, 69, pulled up to Old Station Subs with no idea what to expect. He parked on a street lined with three dozen tents, grabbed his Mace and unlocked the door to his restaurant. The peace sign was still hanging above the entryway. Fake flowers remained undisturbed on every table. He picked up the phone and dialed his wife and business partner, Debbie Faillace, 60.
“All clear,” he said. “Everything looks good.”
“You’re sure? No issues?” she asked. “What’s going on with the neighbors?”
He looked out the window toward Madison Street, which had become the center of one of the largest homeless encampments in the country, with as many as 1,100 people sleeping outdoors. On this February morning, he could see a half-dozen men pressed around a roaring fire. A young woman was lying in the middle of the street, wrapped beneath a canvas advertising banner. A man was weaving down the sidewalk in the direction of Joe’s restaurant with a saw, muttering to himself and then stopping to urinate a dozen feet from Joe’s outdoor tables.
“It’s the usual chaos and suffering,” he told Debbie. “But the restaurant’s still standing.”
That had seemed to them like an open question each morning for the last three years, as an epidemic of unsheltered homelessness began to overwhelm Phoenix and many other major American downtowns. Cities across the West had been transformed by a housing crisis, a mental health crisis and an opioid epidemic, all of which landed at the doorsteps of small businesses already reaching a breaking point because of the pandemic. In Seattle, more than 2,300 businesses had left downtown since the beginning of 2020. A group of fed up small-business owners in Santa Monica, Calif., had hung a banner on the city’s promenade that read: “Santa Monica Is NOT safe. Crime … Depravity … Outdoor mental asylum.” And in Phoenix, where the number of people living on the street had more than tripled since 2016, businesses had begun hiring private security firms to guard their property and lawyers to file a lawsuit against the city for failing to manage “a great humanitarian crisis.”
I then made a comment, less in response to the NYT article, and more to his use of “woke”, that I don’t think he uses “woke” in the same way it is understood colloquially, highlighting a recent survey that 59% of Americans understand “woke” to basically be an awareness of social injustices.
He responded with this:
Cory, I think the way tribal defenders use right criticism to deflect from the serious issues of this tribal populism unfortunate.
I am willing to bet I read more “woke” monographs than you so I am smokier with what it gets right. But you are more comfortable with its implicit racism ( how else would you define antisemitism?), anti-intellectualism, and it’s insistence on doing the greatest harm in the name of protecting the fewest.
We cancel anyone who speaks out. We deny it is cancellation while less than 3 blocks from San Francisco’s modern art museum, where a curator who shared the desire to purchase the works of artists of color but stated the obvious fact that not to purchase any works of white artists would be racism, there is a similar tent city.
Wholeness claims it is about social justice but is it? While woke is composed of affluent elites those it claims to speak reject its policies.
It is mot racial justice to shut down conversations that disagree with your religious dogma. The number 1 NCAA woman’s swimmer is a transitioned woman who sent through puberty as a male. She was ranked 400 when swimming as a male.
I am confident, Cory, you did not read the article. Or you would have read about who supported the existence of tent cities or that the diner’s owners are feeding people in the tent city who are dedicating, urinating, having sex, throwing garbage and threatening anyone walking past.
In Wokedom police are bad but people living in high crime areas want policing. San Francisco recalled one DA and one woke politician who 3 months ago was screaming “ defund the police” is now screaming that the police are not doing their job.
Care to know the number of times a racist woke responded to the evidence that Black women were responsible for Hillary and Biden being the nominee with “ don’t YOU DARE TELL ME ABOUT BLACK WOMEN!!”
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2023.03.22 17:12 Theclaaw Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

🌹🌹🌹 LET'S GET THORNY!! 🌹🌹🌹
You can check out the the original post with links to all other write ups for this year here.
Head Coach: Mike Norris
Formerly an assistant coach for the Thorns, Mike Norris took over the team in January of this year following the resignation of last year’s head coach, Rhian Wilkinson who stepped down after only one season. Her resignation came after a joint investigation by the NWSL & NWSLPA regarding a relationship developing with a current player on the team. While the investigation found Wilkinson did not violate league policies, Wilkinson left the team after player urging, regarding the broken trust between the players and Wilkinson, the legitimacy of the reporting/investigation process of the team/league, and potential retaliation amongst other issues.
Norris joined PTFC in 2022 as an assistant head coach under Wilkinson. Most recently, Norris was the goalkeepers coach for the current Olympic champions, the Canadian Women’s National Team, but Norris’s assistant coaching background in women’s soccer is extensive. After starting his coaching career in youth soccer, he quickly moved up through Canadian youth’s national system up to the senior team over the span of 8 years. Most importantly, Norris was hired with the backing of the current players. Expectations are high for Norris. The Thorns are coming off their third championship season with sights set on a repeat performance.
Technical Director: Karina LeBlanc - General Manager
Karina LeBlanc took over the role of General Manager in November of 2021 following a 3 year stint as CONCACAF’s Head of Women’s Soccer. The newly dedicated role in the Thorns' organization came after a separation between the Thorns management from their brother club Portland Timbers FC stemming from the fall out of the 2021 abuse scandal of the league. LeBlanc, a Canadian national team Hall of Famer, was immediately thrown into the mix, managing to make a splash with her first two trades within her first month, securing a substantial amount of allocation money and expansion draft protection. Unfortunately, LeBlanc stumbled a bit in her first NWSL draft, using her first pick on a player that was never signed by the club (due to transphobic/anti-LGBTQ+ social media posts). In just over a year, LeBlanc appears to be a breath of fresh air in the recent tumultuous years of the club. Just like head coach Mike Norris, there are high expectations for LeBlanc (honestly though, not protecting a known abuser would instantly shoot LeBlanc up to the best GM in Thorns history).
Captain: Chrstine Sinclair
Synonymous with Portland women’s soccer and needing no introduction, the Canadian GOAT Christine Sinclair has been the Thorn’s captain since the start of the league in 2013. While several players have worn the armband in Sinc’s absence, the captaincy is Sinc’s and truly Sinc’s alone.
Stadium: Providence Park, Soccer City, USA
Arguably one of the most iconic professional soccer stadiums in the US, Providence Park has played host to the Thorns since they joined the league in 2013. Located in the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Southwest Portland, the recently renovated stadium is home to both PTFC teams and can host over 25,000 fans.
Ownership: To Be Determined
I am not going to waste time talking about the Thorns' current owner; in no way does he deserve any more publicity and in mine, and I’m sure many others’ opinion, should not be allowed to own a club in the league. Thankfully, in December of 2022, it was announced the Thorns would be up for sale. While this could potentially hinder both the Thorns & Timbers’ mantra of “Two Teams, One Club”, the future is bright for the Thorns. Right after the announcement of the sale, it was reported that an all-women investment group led by Nike executive Melanie Strong was looking to submit a bid with a valuation of $60 million.
Mascot: N/A
While there is no mascot for the club, the prominence of roses can be seen throughout the club, including on merch, within the supporters section, and even awarded to players after home matches.
Kits: We’ve Got Some Mixed Opinions
The Thorns have had some really great kits in past years. However, the kits unveiled in 2022 really missed the mark. One comment pointed out that the 2022 kits looked as if someone took the 2021 kits and remade them in MS Paint. Switching to black kits the previous year, Portland’s primary kits kept with the theme of a black base with the inclusion of red vines/thorns. A nice little easter egg, the acronym dear to the PTFC supporters, BAON, is included within the neck tag (a feature added to the kits starting in 2020).
The secondary kits didn’t fare much better. The club kept with the primary colors of white and red, but other than that, not much else can be said about them.
2023 brings about a fun new kit for our Ed Hardy fans out there (at least we can say they didn’t play it safe???). The Thorns wanted to go bold and that they did. With an updated logo on the shorts, they definitely stand out.
Supporters Groups: The Rose City Riveters
Housed in the North End of Providence Park, the Rose City Riveters are a wild bunch of supporters. You can check out their Instagram or Twitter. The group provides plenty of volunteer opportunities, charity drives, and are never shy in supporting what they believe in. The Riveters are loud and proud (NSFW - language), creating one of the best sporting environments in the league. Very biased, but they also create some of the best TIFOs and banners; since I love a good TIFO/banner, here are few of my recent favorites:
Subreddit: /Thorns
The Thorns subreddit is probably above average in activity compared to other clubs. You’ll get the biggest news, fun social media posts, and the occasional hyped upvote party (we like excitement). Drop by to show your support!
News and Commentary: Stumptown Footy & Riveting!
Stumptown Footy & Riveting! are the two publications that you will constantly find Thorns-centric coverage & commentary. While STF is currently going through the SB Nation cuts of all soccer coverage, they still plan on continuing coverage of soccer in Portland. Both are great for not just coverage, but opinions on the Thorns & the league.
Key Twitter Follows for Team Insights:
Thorns FC
Ryan Clarke - Beat writer for The Oregonian
Paul Danzer - Sports writer for The Portland Tribune
Stumptown Footy
Phuoc "Francis" Nguyen
Rose City Review
Mike Donovan
Chris Rifer
Anne M. Peterson - Portland based AP writer
Meg Linehan - The Athletic (it’s not a true list without Meg)
Craig Mitchelldyer - Great PTFC photos!
DanteysArt - Not Twitter (though they do have one), but great game day pics!
2023 Season/Home Opener: Sunday, March 26th, Orlando Pride @ Providence Park
Full 2023 Schedule
  • NWSL Championship: 2013, 2017, 2022
  • NWSL Shield: Supporters’ Shield: 2016, 2021
  • NWSL Challenge Cup: 2021
Also including the 2020 NWSL Community Shield for the Fall Series after the Chaos Cup.
2022 Season Review
Three Stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐
The Portland Thorns were your 2022 NWSL League Champions! As any other season in Portland, the Thorns came in with high expectations following their Shield win in 2021, but their upset loss in the semi-finals to Chicago. Portland went into the pre-season Challenge cup in the West Division finishing 3-1-2, but missed out on advancing to the knockout stage to defend their Challenge Cup championship. The Thorns started off the regular season a little sluggish, going 1-3-1 in their first five games, falling all the way to 7th in the standings. Thankfully, they quickly hit their stride, going on a 10 game unbeaten streak. Following back to back thrashings from NCC & SD, the Thorns went on to not drop a match for the rest of the season. They ended the season with a record of 10-9-3 and a goal differential of +25! The race for the shield at the end of the season was wild, with Portland being in control of their own destiny, but couldn’t get it done, ultimately falling short by 1 point to OL Reign.
Focusing on the on-field storylines, there is one name that was the star of the show: Sophia Smith. Coming into her 3rd season in the league, Smith took off (for club and country)! Racking up 14 goals with 3 assists which lead to 3 Player of the Week nominations (1 win), a Player of the Month award, 2nd in the race for the Golden Boot, NWSL Championship Game MVP, and ultimately being crowned the 2022 NWSL MVP. Nothing could stop Sophia Smith last season and hopefully this is just the beginning for her.
Smith was not the only Thorns player to really step it up this year. Continuing on with the nickname of Goalkeeper FC (shout out the magical Thorns GKer coach Nadine Angerer), starting goalkeeper Bella Bixby tied for the most clean sheets in the league with 9 (10 if you include the playoffs). Rookie Sam Coffey made an immediate impact in the midfield, switching to a DM position and being an anchor our midfield needed. The Thorns also had 1 iron woman in 2022, defender Kelli Hubly who really solidified her starting role going forward (over an injured Emily Menges). Last, but not least, one of the biggest stories of the season: the return of Crystal Dunn! After giving birth to her very adorable son Marcel in May, Dunn returned to the pitch less than 4 months later. And who could forget Dunn’s game winner to send Portland to the championship?
Players Out
  • Lindsey Horan, MF - For now, Horan is still out on loan to Lyon through the summer of 2023
  • Marissa Everett, F - Retired (to pursue a career in nursing)
  • Abby Smith, GK - Free agency (signed to Gotham)
  • Yazmeen Ryan, F - Traded to ACFC
Players In
Free Agents: None
  • Reyna Reyes - Defender - Round 1 Pick 5 (still unsigned, but training with the team)
  • Izzy D’Aquila - Forward - Round 1 Pick 12 (signed)
  • Lauren DeBeau - Forward/Midfield - Round 2 Pick 24 (released by the team ahead of final roster)
  • Lauren Kozal - Goalkeeper - Round 3 Pick 32 (signed)
Preseason Roster
Thorns return 23 players from their 2022 season and added 3 new players through the NWSL Draft.
Goalkeepers (3): Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan, Lauren Kozal (DRAFT)
Defenders (9): Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka (INTL), Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Reyna Reyes (DRAFT), Becky Sauerbrunn
Midfielders (7): Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita (INTL)
Forwards (7): Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Izzy D’Aquila (DRAFT), Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
Predicted Preferred Gameday XI
Formation: A bit unknown what the formation will be this year with a new head coach, but the Thorns primarily ran a 4-3-3 last year. It’s going to be an interesting discussion to see how Norris handles where Sinclair goes. While I respect the Canadian GOAT, I believe Sinc would be best used as a super sub. Depending how Norris handles where Sinclair goes, there is going to be some variation within our midfield & forwards group. Predicting Sinc remaining in our starting line up, I would expect to see some form of our starting XI looking something like:
Likely Top Bench/Subs:
  • Emily Menges, D
  • Hina Sugita, MF
  • Janine Beckie, F (sike :( )
  • Izzy D’Aquila, F
  • Olivia Moultrie, M (again, Moultrie’s use is really going to depend on what Norris plans on. Moultrie was ramping up in minutes on the back half of the season last year. As of today, Moultrie is in the Starting XI for the Thorns first preseason match)
Returning Players (Almost Everyone):
GK: Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan
D: Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka, Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Becky Sauerbrunn
M: Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita
F: Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
The Vets
Almost every Thorns player is a veteran with the team at this point. The vets below are those who have been around the block a time or two in this league:
D: Klingenberg, Menges, Sauerbrunn
M: Dunn, Rodríguez, Sinclair
Something to Prove
  • Kelli Hubly (D) - Being the Thorns only iron woman is a feat in itself, but until the 2021 season, Hubly hadn’t been a consistent starter. With an aging backline, it will be seen if Hubly can continue on the upward trajectory in being that anchor of our backline
  • Sam Coffey (M) - Year 1 for Coffey went about as good as one could wish for. Like Hubly, Coffey’s “prove it” is if she can continue to be as good as she was last year, proving that year 1 wasn’t just a fluke (I don’t think anyone thinks this is the case though). If she isn’t called in for the World Cup (a long shot at making it at the moment), Coffey is going to be a key piece for the Thorns.
  • Olivia Moultrie (M) - The Child. (Can we even call her that anymore?). Moultrie & co. fought hard to allow her to play for the Thorns which led to massive changes in how the league handles U18 players. That said, Moultrie hasn’t really consistently shown that she’s as good as they said she was. A lot of it is due to playing time, it came sporadically and at times, playing only the last few minutes of the match. However, Moultrie has shown flashes of brilliance when she was in. She’s not afraid to be physical and she has the confidence to take her shot.
  • Christine Sinclaire (M) - Does Sinc really have to prove anything at this point in her career? No. However, we are unfortunately heading towards the end of Sinc’s career here. The big question is, how will she handle it? This will be Portland’s 3rd coach in 3 years and while the Thorns are far from rebuilding, it is yet to be seen where Sinc will fall in Norris’s game planning. However it shakes out to be, I have a feeling we will see Sinc be what Sinc always is, the GOAT.
Out for the season
So far, Portland is looking good as far as the SEI list (knock on wood). Jinxed myself on this one. Unfortunately, Janine Beckie went down in the preseason friendly against the U23 NT with an ACL tear. The biggest missing piece will once again be Lindsey Horan. Leaving at the start of last season, Horan left big shoes to fill. She will continue to be out until at least June (the end of her loan), but we most likely won’t see her return until after the World Cup. Fortunately for the Thorns, they do not lack depth in their midfield.
Realistic Best Case Scenario: 1st Place
The Thorns are returning almost the entirety of their championship team. And while they do have a new coach, Norris was there during the Thorns’ championship run. Expectations for the club will be higher than ever with the possibility of the Thorns going back to back a very realistic goal.
Realistic Worst Case Scenario: 5-7th place
The league is only getting better. While the Thorns did not lose any key players, many clubs right below them gained quite a few. Five different clubs were all within 4 points of each other at the end of the season. The 3 teams right below Portland were San Diego, Houston, and Kansas City. I won’t repeat what’s already been said in these write ups about those 3 teams, but the Thorns could’ve easily been 5th last year as they could’ve been 1st. Looking further back, you have a team like ACFC who should be returning many injured starters and could easily project themselves forward in the standings. The World Cup is going to be especially hard on the Thorns who will look to have ~7 players out which includes 5 potential starters. I don’t expect to see Portland drop out of the playoff picture, but the middle to back half of the season could get very interesting.
Realistic Most Probable Scenario: 2nd-4th
While the Thorns didn’t make any flashy trades or free agent signings, they stuck with what they know worked. Sophia Smith really hit her stride last year and is going to be looked upon to continue her dominance this year. The return of Lindsey Horan (if healthy) in the back half should really give us a push late into the season. Portland returns a team of veterans that know what it takes to win. Can they repeat the success of their 2022 season? We’re going to have to find out.
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2023.03.22 17:12 pastelbunnies95 What do MCAS up feel like?

Was wondering if anyone could give me a little insight on MCAS vs Histamine Intolerance Because well? Lately my GP just tells me " You may have this but unfortunately we don't know what can be done about it" even the allergy clinic told me the same kinda thing!
A little back story I have been chronically sick for years, P.O.Ts, Endometriosis,PCOS and Fibromyalgia to name a few.
Like any chronically sick person does, they go through a myriad of ways to try to fix,heal or at very best manage their pain and symptoms through diet.
So begins a trial and error of in and out of Keto,Carnivore,Ketovore,Veganism oh and that one time I fasted for like 30 days..
To cut a long story short- nothing worked and every time I ate certain things I would basically die in excruciating agony to the point a steak sent me to A&E.
My symptoms if I eat any aged beef or aged dairy:
-Hot, painful, swollen Puffy lymphnodes I become so swollen and hot that my partner has to massage me to try and do some sort of diy lymphatic drainage sorta thing. -My sinuses are so sore and puffy that it feels like acid is being pushed all the way into my nasal cavities. -I faint and my blood pressure and heart rate is all over the place but I don't know if its just my POTs. -Burning urine yep -inability to move because I feel like I have acid pushed all in my Veins.
The list could and would go on but basically I feel like my body is attacking itself like any high Histamine food is the enemy however, I've gotten to the stage where I don't even know what sets it off anymore.
As of reccently I was certain it was a Histamine Intolerance but my partner is convinced it is something more deeper then that because I don't quite line up with the same symptoms of the usual Histamine intolerance.
Be interested to know your thoughts!
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2023.03.22 17:11 xRakashx Slow in the eccentric of my bench press.

I’ve been having issues with going down way to slow on the bench press. I lose a lot of control if I try going down fast. It’s starting to hinder my one rep max. I am recovering from breaking my hand and I’m trying to get my bench back to where it was ( had this issue before the hand broke). My 50 meter target right now is to get back to being able to rep 315 for 10. I got a new workout partner and he noticed that I go down way to slow on bench and feels like I could do more if I didn’t waste so much energy on the eccentric. I’m aware of the issue because this is not the first time someone has brought it up during a workout but I have no clue how to address it. Usually the very first rep no matter what the weight is feels extremely rough but after that I speed up on the eccentric/concentric tremendously. The higher the weight gets, the more prominent this problem becomes. By the time I get to the bottom I’ve already wasted so much energy that I feel like I don’t have anymore in the tank for the press. I’ve tried looking around to find a solution but I haven’t found anything that directly addresses the issue. I tried widening my grip and narrowing it. I’ve seen some people mention stuff about the way you grip the bar. I use a false grip when I bench and haven’t used a conventional grip since I was 13. I recently tried benching with a conventional grip for the past three weeks and found that it did not solve my issue. If anything it made it worse because now I have weird wrist and elbow pain. I’m starting to worry because I have a competition in three months and I want to preform at my best. I was thinking maybe a lagging muscle group is the cause but I haven’t found out anything that would support this. It’s my goal to bench 405 one day but I don’t see that happening if I don’t work on my fundamental issues. I feel like I’ve exhausted all my options at this point. Any advice from people who had the same issue that I have currently and managed to work through it would be a major help. I’m open to any suggestions and criticism. If it makes me better in the long run I’ll try anything at this point. I’m 5’10 and weigh 172 lbs if that helps at all. Some people mentioned arm length but my arms aren’t especially long. Thanks in advance lads.
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2023.03.22 17:11 Jock_BEAR9000 Starting my journey

Hey, so I'm 28M, and I have an unhealthy relationship with food. For some context, then I promise I'm coming back to the main topic (dont ban this, bots🙏), I grew up poor. Like back when mac&cheese was 0,75$ a box, that was dinner 5 times a week poor. To add to this, I grew-up in the closet, afraid of myself and what others would say. So naturally, I turned to depression, amd my comfort, was food. Developed a growth abnormality in my back and vertebrae in my early teens that prevented any strenuous form of exercise (i couldn't even run anymore) otherwise I was at risk of landing, in the best circumstances, in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, which contributed to my depression, hence, more food. The habit of using food has followed me n'y whole life, pushing me to 350 lbs...
I've never been truly happy with my own size. Even though I do tend to find bigger guys attractive, personnally I want to be in better shape. 350lbs is to much. I've tried things in Tue past, going to the gym, swimming, etc. But everyt8me, my back acts up, I end up unable to move for longer periods of time, which further shoves me into depression, and brings me back to food.
I want to change my relationship with food, and I want to get in better shape. I'm not blindly optimistic either; I'm not expecting to get down to 180lbs. But if I could at least get back down to a 225-250 range, I'd be so happy....but I'm also scared. I've recently been dealing actively with my depression, which helps alot; I've lost about 10 lbs in the past 6 weeks😁, feeling less the need to eat my emotions to fill a gap. I think I can do this, but I need help, and a sense of community to chat with if need be. So here I am, making my first step to a better me😁 I'm terrified, partly afraid that it's to late for me, but I want to be proud of the man I see in the mirror, amd I feel like this would be the last thing I need to accomplish to reach that point in my life.
So here's to the future! Looking forward to share my journey!
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2023.03.22 17:10 Bimbo_in_pink My (25f) boyfriend (29m) of 5 years doesn’t want to get married

I don’t even know where to begin.. me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 5 years and we’ve lived together off and on for at least half of that (he had to move away when I was in college for a bit). We have a few pets together and we have a great life. However, he is emotionally stunted and honestly, at times straight up neglectful.
He isn’t where he thought he would be at this point in his life and i can see how depressed that is making him, but I don’t know anyone our age that IS happy with where they are for their age. He hates his job and comes home in an awful mood every night but still, I can’t help but jumping up like a puppy when he gets home so happy to say “hi handsome” even though I know he’ll look at me like he wants nothing to do with me. It’s like a kick in the ribs.
The marriage conversation keeps getting brought up by me and his own friends-especially his best friend when he gets drunk. Well, last night we all went out and I was hanging with his best friend who basically cried and told me that he’d always be my friend but wouldn’t blame me for cutting my losses and moving on since he knows my boyfriend isn’t ready and has no plans to get married.
Me and bf talked last night and I didn’t even have to bring up the neglect because he acknowledged it right away without me saying anything. I can see in his eyes that he feels terrible about how he’s treated me and he says he wants to work on it together and even see a therapist. It was a good, healthy conversation but I’m still walking away in this weird relationship limbo.
I love my boyfriend but he is constantly ripping my heart out and stomping on it unintentionally. I want to get married because I can’t imagine life without him.It’s not about the wedding party or that it feels like that’s what I’m supposed to do- I want to marry him because I would do anything for him and I want to be there for every milestone and achievement.
That being said, I don’t know how much longer I can take the constant heartbreak and rejection. I can’t help but feel scared that I might be spending all this time waiting for a man who may never arrive…
I really want to hear especially from men who have had doubts about marrying their long term girlfriends and the reasoning behind it. He says it’s financial sometimes or that he just doesn’t feel ready for that legal commitment, but something tells me it may be about something else he isn’t saying.
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2023.03.22 17:09 qoorius_d Anyone here run paid communities on free slack ?

What pain points do you need solved ?
I run a managed service that already solves this - Admin / community curated posts auto backup to website or notion. Like a members only library of best threads
Looking for new ideas / requests beyond this.
What issues do you guys jeep facing regularly that are a time / energy / money drain ?
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2023.03.22 17:08 UndercoverAnteater10 Best Buy rewards system

I got bored today and wanted to see how much I spent at Best Buy and how many points I was rewarded. Turns out I spent ~2,500$ at the store in my town, rewarding in about….. 4$ worth in rewards.🙃
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2023.03.22 17:08 nwatkins364 Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?

Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?
Ja Morant’s absence only lasted a few weeks, but it felt like forever.
This is especially the case for a young team who has been without their cornerstone center since late January and recently lost another frontcourt impact player in Brandon Clarke.
The Grizzlies star point guard is back after an eight game suspension plus a reintroduction period and will see the court on Wednesday for the first time since March 3rd against the Nuggets.
His suspension spanned nearly ten percent of a season and was hopefully a time of reflection and healing as he looks to combat the mental stress that comes with having a team and city on your shoulders.
In his absence, Morant’s teammates dug into the 'ole tool bag and found ways to win while opening up some doors for key players on the roster.
Memphis overcame multiple deficits, including a 29 point hole against the Spurs. Though things seemed bleak on many occasions, the Grizzlies found ways to stay above water.
In the long run, this time spent without Morant could prove beneficial for the Grizzlies. Previously, a typical moment in a close game would involve three or four guys setting up camping chairs on offense while Morant does his thing and waltzes into the kitchen to cook. The creativity in end-of-game scenarios is frequently lacking. With Ja out, many other dudes got the chance to showcase their grit down the stretch. Even guys like Kenny Lofton got to step up to the plate and take a swing at success.
Since the article at ESPN spotlighting Dillon Brooks and his psycho defensive strategies, he has gone full WWE heel mode - and I’m here for it. The guy that the team readily proclaims as the heart and soul of the defense has helped bring the energy in the last few weeks among bleak circumstances. Brooks seems to have zeroed in on his niche and is putting a tremendous amount of focus on being a deterrent on defense and not forcing his shots on offense as much. During the stretch with Morant out, Brook’s usage rate was 18.9% - a point and a half lower than his season average. He also attempted 11.9 shots per game compared to the 13.7 he has attempted on the season. One would have expected to see an uptick in those areas for Brooks with Morant’s 20+ shots per game becoming available, but he was not the benefactor of those additional attempts. I think we can all agree this is for the better.
Where exactly did the Grizzles supplement their production? Well, coach Taylor Jenkins used a variety of lineups. The main starting lineup of Brooks, Tyus Jones, Jaren Jackson Jr., Xavier Tillman, and Desmond Bane was actually a net negative (-3) over this stretch in 191 possessions. The most successful lineup subbed in David Roddy for Brooks and was a plus -18 in 43 possessions (though Dillon himself was a plus -5.83 per 100). The bulk of this positive run likely came during Roddy’s run against Dallas where he lit them up for 43 points cumulative in a back-to-back series.
The biggest winner on offense for Memphis has been Jaren. He has stepped up and shown himself worthy of the All-Star bid that he received in February. His usage increased five points over his season average during the nine-game span of the Morant suspension. Jackson also led the team in scoring with 22.67 points per game compared to his 17 point per game average. He did this while not letting up on the defensive end. This shouldn’t be overlooked, as the Grizzlies frontcourt has been increasingly depleted by injuries, making Jackson’s success even more impressive. He is emerging as a true two-way play who discourages opponents from shooting at the rim and is learning to score consistently from the rack and the three-point line.
📷NBA University @NBA_UniversityJaren Jackson Jr. may not be a deep-drop rim deterrent, but my god he destroys everyone at the rim when they try… Guys shooting 14.6% (wow) less than expected at the rim against him. Impact stats are through the roof. His finishing has vastly improved this year. Still only 23… 📷1:23 PM ∙ Mar 19, 20231,195Likes160Retweets
Another key theme that emerged over the past three weeks is the increased comfortability for Luke Kennard. When he first arrived in Memphis following the trade with LAC, Kennard looked lost and intimidated out on the court. It seemed like a case of the yips. Well, the yips have been shaken and cast aside. Over the 9-game stretch, Kennard led the team in three point shooting with 2.56 makes on 5 attempts per game. He even looked a little more comfortable on defense and on multiple occasions made heads up hustle plays that benefited the team. Luke led the team with an impressive plus -9.34 per 100 possessions in his 202 minutes played. He requires only minimal touches on offense but the defense must respect his shooting. The future should prove out that Luke is a valuable addition to this roster.
Tyus Jones did his thing, averaging 16 points and 8 assists, furthermore proving that he was a critical re-signing this past off-season. Anytime Morant misses a chunk of games, Jones can be counted on to carry the torch in his absence.
Now that Morant is back, the pecking order will have to be re-established, but hopefully some of the momentum and comradery that has kept this unit together will shine through in the upcoming weeks and months.
(more at my substack)
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2023.03.22 17:07 CazadorHolaRodilla Is your ideal form of democracy just to defer most decision making to the experts?

From what I have seen on this sub, many of the popular views tend to be “follow the experts advice” for a given policy.
To me this seems to bypass the whole point of democracy which is to have the people vote and choose rather than deferring all major policy decisions to a group of unelected experts.
To further back my claims, I see a lot of liberals get really upset at the likes of Joe Rogan when he speaks about a topic he is not an expert on. To me that seems like an attack on democracy if you attack “the people” when they use their right to voice their opinion.
Full disclaimer: I am not convinced that democracy is the best form of governance and I think the term is wildly misused in mainstream media nowadays to the extent that most people don’t actually know what it means.
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2023.03.22 17:07 cinderellaman27 Fiancé (25F) confessed to me (28M) of crushing on a co-worker.

I proposed to my longtime gf about a year ago and our wedding is coming up at the end of next month. She started a new job 2 months ago and since she’s started this new job there has been a noticeable change in her mood. She’s introverted and shy when meeting new people but will get comfortable once she gets to know them. Over the course of a month she’s meeting new people in other departments everyday trying to be as friendly as possible as she’s excited about this new job and very optimistic about how it’s going. She tells me about Chris and how he’s into anime as she is and they talked about his experience working there and how funny he is.
A few weeks after she meets Chris she texts me at the end day to tell me she has something to tell me and she’s very sorry about it. After apologizing a few more time she finally confesses she has a crush on Chris. She explains that when she bumped into him today she notice she was excited to see him and she actually had butterflies while they talked and felt her mood be uplifted for the rest of the day. She thought about it and came to the conclusion that she had crush on him and decide that she should talk to me about it. She tells me it’s the first time she’s felt like this since we started dated and before me only one other person had caused this in her.
I responded by thanking her for her honesty and happy she told me as it makes me feel like she cares about how I might feel about it. I went to into a bit of a rant explaining that it’s natural to have crushes and as long as she isn’t acting on them or crossing boundaries then it will be fine and the crush will sizzle out, basically no harm no foul.
She has asked about how best to handle this situation and she suggested to cut off all contact and avoid him. I responded by telling her that may be an over reaction and she shouldn’t avoid him just respect boundaries and at this point not accept any invitations to go out and do things as that could lead to trouble and we left it at that.
Is there anything else I should be saying or asking about? Did I handle it correctly? If this crush doesn’t fizzle out what steps should she or I take to resolve it? Basically asking for any advice or comments on how to best handle this situation.
TLDR: Fiancé confessed to crush on her co-worker, we talked and there was no harm done no foul done. Asking for advice on how to best handle this situation.
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2023.03.22 17:07 REALCellWaters Some Posts (03 22 2023)

Post 01:
Just admit the truth, you gaslit me about HIV, assuming you didn't literally infect me.

Post 02:
They deserve to be in jail or the psychiatric hospital.

Post 03:
Lily from Stony Brook understands me and is genuinely my friend. Though, I haven't spoken to her since like 2010. It was obviously her at the MET Museum in 2021 using a different name, though. She saved my life. She's going to be my fellow comrade too.

Post 04:
Did Oje Hart and Kelly just get married? They basically told me how they intentionally caused the HIV scare in 2019. Today, they got married when I came to the realization it's true.

Post 05:
Giving someone an HIV scare is like METAPHORIC RAPE, not Attitude Era WWE. This is not sensationalism, where they plan the wedding when I realized I was actually gaslit about HIV. This should LITERALLY BE A CRIME.

Post 06:
Is anybody a nice person? Or are they all a bunch of sadistic monsters who enjoy hurting me?

Post 07:
My psychosis is pretty bad lately. I can't even tell what's reality and fantasy at times. I'm starting to lose touch with who Kelly is, which is tragic, because she was my best friend and gave me the best experiences of my life. Now she's becoming a fantasy character in my mind.

Post 08:
To Kelly: if you're in my old blue bedroom, on the other side of the wall, listening to me, you don't have to put yourself through the suffering I lived through for many years. Though, I appreciate the gesture. Have you been in there for all of 2022? Right here and I didn't know.

Post 09:
The Asian social media model who hides her face, but is totally Kelly, posted herself looking in a mirror, and was basically saying how Kelly's my reflection. She's literally me.

Post 10:
At some point, we need to stop the sensationalism and playing WWE. If we truly love each other, we should embrace and give each other a hug very soon.

Post 11:
Oje Hart and Kelly are trash people who metaphorically raped me, a vulnerable mental patient, giving me an HIV scare, causing trauma, just because Vince Russo or Vince McMahon is my biological father - which I didn't realize at the time.

Post 12:
People usually suck, but SOMETIMES people don't suck. I'm hoping there's someone out the who cares about what happened to me. It certainly doesn't seem like it at the moment.

Post 13:
They say I can't handle the truth. Whatever. What is the truth? Is Mark Zuckerberg my half brother? Was the HIV scare intentional? Just tell me. They don't want to. They lie to me.

Post 14:
I realize this is definitely my father is a billionaire, gaslights me into thinking he has no money, while I have less than $2,000 in the bank bad. But is it literally try to infect the vulnerable mental patient with HIV bad too?

Post 15:
Kelly knew I was practically a virgin, at rock bottom, broken, and a clean baby. She intentionally gave me the HIV scare. She's a lying psychopath who deserves to be in jail. I don't know if what she did is technically illegal. It should be a crime.

Post 16:
Are they all psychopaths that found it hilarious and sexy knowing how Kelly was gaslighting and scaring me about HIV which led to me taking PrEP? These monsters deserve prison.

Post 17:
Dr. Garrett said: "Your ideas about what is real change from day to day. Uncertainty about what is real would make most people extremely anxious, but the fact that your beliefs about what is real change so often doesn't seem to upset you. Why is that? If your ideas about who people "really are" and your ideas about who did what to whom when for what reason keep changing, how can you hope to think in a steady way about your life circumstances?"

Post 18:
I feel disassociated and disconnected from the real world, nobody interacts with me, I have no friends, talk to nobody. I just like living in my delusional, comforting, fantasyland on social media. That is the source of my self-esteem. I am a movie star in Wonderland.

Post 19:
Unfortunately, Wonderland is a house of cards. When my mother inevitably passes away I don't have the money to keep this going. That doesn't mean if I'm homeless I won't start a new delusional Fantasyland to comfort me from the new extreme sadness. But it will be a different one.
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2023.03.22 17:05 Nervous-Try-4785 HIRE A HACKER

HEY Are you out here looking for the services of a legitimate hacker , to be honest meeting and hiring Amelia was a huge risk and my best decision ever. Too many fake hackers out there and i must say i had lost a lot before now. Thanks to a friend from Russia who recommended her. i usually wouldn't do this , but i have to put out her information just so she might be useful to you as well. Perfect hacker for all your SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS.
TELEGRAM: +1 (608) 520-0361
TEXT- +1 (209) 625-9582
SNAPCHAT- smarthack24
Tell her John sent you GOODLUCK
- SHe was direct and on-point (genuine hackers do not have time to waste);
- SHe made hER terms very clear;
- SHe assured when the work will be delivered and should you not find the hack satisfying, there is a 24 hours refund policy if you find the service unsatisfactory and you feel you didn't get value for your money.I highly recommended the services of AMELIA.
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2023.03.22 17:05 alliancedraw1920 Why should I buy Gmail PVA accounts in bulk?

Gmail PVA, or telephone checked accounts, are turning out to be progressively well known with organizations and people the same. PVA accounts offer additional safety efforts contrasted with ordinary Gmail accounts. They can be utilized to safeguard delicate information, keep email records perfect and try and assist with advancing items or administrations. Be that as it may, the inquiry at the forefront of everybody's thoughts is: could you at any point purchase Gmail PVA accounts at a reasonable cost?
It's additionally vital to recall that not all messages sent from these bought PVA Records will arrive at their beneficiaries - contingent upon what kind of advertising effort you're running, messages sent from Mass/Paid Record in all actuality do tend get obstructed due spam channels more frequently than those starting from certifiable individual email addresses purchased straightforwardly from Google or other authority sources like Viewpoint Mailing Records and so forth... So remember this prior to putting time and cash into this endeavor!
Peruse likewise Best destinations to Gmail Records.
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2023.03.22 17:05 Bbailz90 RAMQ/Quebec Spousal Sponsorship

My de facto partner is moving back to Canada (Quebec specifically) from Australia. He has already done an IEC, so he has a SIN, bank account, QC drivers license and a lease and bills with both of our names listed.
He is arriving at the end of April and we are wondering what the best way to go about insurance is. He will purchase personal travel insurance before coming over, but we wonder at what point does RAMQ kick in? Is it as soon as PR is granted, or would he have to wait X number of months until after receiving PR or an actual PR card?
Any info is welcome! TIA!
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2023.03.22 17:04 jeffseidl92 Need new threads

Where do I get the best shirts? Neophyte here in terms of Dead concerts, but long time fan. I have a shirt my brother gave me, but it’s pretty worn out at this point, I just can’t bear to part with it.
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2023.03.22 17:04 FrillsTheFool The content be lackin', my guy

The best events are the ones who don't do the same stuff all over again: Battle these guys and get some items, use the featured pairs or lose out on progress and get your butt kicked by 5x multipliers. Events like last year's riddle teatime one, which was mostly about solving a couple of fun riddles while interacting with the characters and the overworld; or the recent Ball Guy events, which connected multiple mini-events to the character and had you collect hidden prizes. The regular event here you just use the same sync pairs to clear events over and over again got very very stale.
Regarding those kinds of battles anyway, we really need more free battles, without any pair modifiers, that allow us to use any kind of pair we want without punishing us by mitigating event progress or by essentially forcing a loss. I wanna use characters like Roark for example cause I like him, but there is no reason for me to use him in pretty much any case ever, because it would outright be a mistake, so we need a fun little playground where we can just focus on enjoying battles, even if we do not get any rewards. Players just use their most powerful pairs all the time because not doing so would be a mistake on their part, so they then come knocking at your door for bigger challenges because they spoiled themselves with overpowered tools you gave them, because you're making the purpose of the characters how strong they can be instead of how fun and innovative, which is because you made the entire game about all the battling and item farming.
There is literally no point to having friends in this game, really. I can't even communicate with those people because there is no friend chat or anything, we cannot battle one another, and if we battle together, or if I battle together with strangers, they'll just use their EX'd Ash and bore me to death by not only doing 0 thinking in building a team or playing the game, but also by destroying any kind of stakes the battle might have had. If friends are gonna keep being a thing, we will be needing proper friends content.
I'm sure I'm not the only player who got bored, and noticed the content is stale and repetitive, and only keeps playing due to the simple collecting of new units, because monkey brain like having shiny stone, it pretty. This is a game though, which uses the Pokemon franchise none the less, so it is a fact it would just simply be a waste for it to remain like this on the basis of "it is a gacha game that's what they do" it's a game not a wild animal, it can be changed for the better and for everyone's benefit.
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2023.03.22 17:03 caffeineandnihilism Licensing board is requesting information on a marijuana possession charge that was expunged over a decade ago and I am unsure how I should respond

I'm a healthcare worker attempting to get incensed in Washington DC. Dealing with any level of the DC government, particularly regarding anything to do with a license, is a nightmare under the best of circumstances. 6 months following my initial application, I finally thought I was near the end of the process when my point of contact informed me that the licensing board had questions about a weed charge from 2011 and that I need to provide a statement as well as any documentation regarding the charge that I may have. The incident in question happened almost exactly 12 years ago when I was still in high school. I had just turned 18 but was hardly an adult, just a dumb kid doing dumb kid stuff and got caught with like 2 grams of weed on me. We ended up getting a lawyer, I did some community service and substance classes, and ultimately got it expunged.
I have worked multiple jobs that have required background checks, got into and completed my doctorate program that also required background checks and multiple drug screens, etc, and currently hold an active license in Virginia. This is the first time anyone has ever mentioned the drug charge. I didn't even think it COULD be mentioned, being expunged and all. I don't have any paperwork related to it and don't particularly want to reach out to my mom to see if she's hung on to any of it. What should my statement to the board be? Could they really keep me from getting my license based on this alone? Thanks in advance for any advice yall can give
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2023.03.22 17:03 Aishan_tan 4 Reasons why your content doesnt engage

As help, we contribute a lot of energy making content that will keep people pulled by a general perspective an in each sensible sense, faint way as may be possible. Making content that is attracting, drawing in, and speaking with takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Whether the moving experts sort strong regions for out for an of thinking for consuming these, they at times really nonappearance of respect to post content that helps them with attracting the party for a wide time frame outline frame outline frame outline frame outline frame length.
In unambiguous circles, unfathomably overpowering substance is the respected target of content publicizing. Furthermore, is there any astounding legitimization for why it couldn't be? Making and sharing substance that the party very — that they check out, that they share, that helps them in their positions and standard plans, that rouses them, that guides them, that dears, and that at long last prompts bargains — It each showing pack had a go at, yet it isn't seen enthusiastically.
Expecting you have seen that content is something that is making an issue for you, the entry has appeared for you to pick changing your substance showing heading. Content is as such the genuinely point of view that ought to be moved by and large expecting you are in the unmistakable level appearance business. This is because when a client visits a site, the substance is the huge worry that is observed. Thusly, you truly should connect with substance that isn't only head for them yet near sorts out a sharp construction for keeping them pulled in for a wide time frame outline frame outline frame outline frame outline frame outline frame outline frame.
The inspiration driving this blog is to help you with making content publicizing structures. Subsequently, in this striking situation, we have recorded a couple of reasons that will tell you the clarifications for your substance not being getting.

  1. Your substance is unessential
Before you post anything on your site, you genuinely need to figure out the necessities and fundamentals of your party. Every individual comes from a substitute establishment and culture, and subsequently they shift on a lot of viewpoints. Plus, you truly need to see the worth in that you really need to associate with substance that suits the necessities and stray bits of every single individual visiting your site. This is thinking about the way that a specific article can not take mind blowing thought about everybody's necessities. Basically, you genuinely need to focus in dependably on making changed content that is reasonable and matches the necessities of your clients. fixed satisfied considering client needs. A blend of express and considered data can help. This should be across each channel, not just email.

  1. Your substance is defective
Drawing in the substance and posting it isn't rich. You truly need to guarantee that all the substance that is being made by your electronic publicizing ace goes have the best district. To sort out this, ponder this model. Imagine you are busy with selling cards, and Christmas isn't staggeringly far away. Thusly, to show people the straightforwardness concerning Christmas cards, you really need to start posting content that conversations about Christmas and St Scratch Claus. Anyway, you nonappearance of regard to post this substance essentially, you are, generally speaking, not showing your party concerning the best piece. It is a certain exercise in futility to post such well known after Christmas is done. As such, it could be said that time is a stunning part that you truly need to consider to ensure that your substance is according to a general viewpoint staggering.

  1. Your substance isn't on the right channel
Think about a remote. You have email, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, calls, thriving applications, etc. You use your cells to screen all of the activities that collaborate with every one of the applications as passed in the on past lines. In any case, father may be including it for another sort obviously. For certain, even your life as a young will have a thoroughly unsettling security for using a phone. Right now you ought to contemplate how this model fits in the strong situation. The point of view is that everyone uses different correspondence redirects in a conspicuous manner. Also, as an appearance worked with fit, rather than all over focusing in on cost, you genuinely need to start proposing people what kind from pushing channel they should help information through. Right when you have the information, you ought to finish the focal updates. You can do this as a piece of the email join process or later on.

  1. Your substance isn't strong
You ought to be solid with the substance that you post. Rather than making unrehearsed missions in a manual "sprinkle and ask" process, use programming that grants you to accumulate data on who your party is, what they are amped up for, and what they need to get on which channel and how much the time and licenses it to do the truly pushing work for you. It is on a remarkably significant level crazy to do all of this and stay clear with all of your party through manual work.
So soon you are especially mindful of the clarifications behind your substance's need to get. So secure yourselves to avoid all of the above-passed overwhelms and hold tight with the wizardry on to happen.
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2023.03.22 17:03 janbun I (19f) dont know if i should cut off my friend (19f)

TLDR; My “best friend” of 7 years has crucially put a dent in our friendship by neglecting the friendship for the past year and a half, while we also are growing apart, and I am not sure if I am being dramatic and shouldn’t cut her off or if I should because she is bad for me.
Background: we have been friends for almost 7 years now maybe longer. We were always glued at the hip, at first we met each other and then I introduced her and my other friend and quickly we became a trio. The other friend I introduced her to had remained her friend while I fell out with my other friend three times for let’s say four years, but the last time we fell out was my choice as I told her I didn’t want to be her friend anymore because she was constantly over jealous and did not like my new relationship. Therefore it was left to me and my original friend.
Now, I am having some issues because I cannot tell if I am being dramatic or I just don’t understand relationships in the real world, but my friend of 7 years has always been, I wouldn’t say like a sister, but like a soulmate friend. We were literally the same person with the same humor and could talk every second of every day like we practically were dating lol. Well even when I was in my relationship, I actually would say I still liked her more than him lol but that’s because we were just so close for so long. Then covid hit and I remember the first month without her literally felt like centuries. We hadn’t hung out for a while after that and when we did there was just a shift I guess. After this, I realized we just started becoming different people and it progressed over the years. Then things got better for a short while and then we started college. It was like we never talked, she would ignore my texts for hours and days because she had made a new friend group. Sometimes when we talk she will tell me things like, “I just thought they were going to be my forever friends,” (her friend group) “I feel like I have nobody and I am so glad I can always come back to you and I am not just saying this because my friend group is falling apart,” there would just be comments that would make me take a double take but laugh awkwardly.
In addition to all of this, we have hung out in the past year and a half maybe 5 times. I have made it a point several times to what she is doing and she constantly apologizes. So I did what she did to me and not even a day and a half later she texted me saying “I feel like you don’t want to talk to me anymore,” “I feel like nobody likes me and I can’t stand it so can we be good,” WHEN the whole time I’ve been saying this to her. And for once I actually told her everything about how I felt and I genuinely thought we would make a turnaround but we haven’t.
During this time that she has ignored me, I’ve had time to reflect on our friendship, and she also was a very jealous friend but not over me like my other friend, she would be jealous around boys I guess, always making me the funny character you know. She would tell me to stop posting pics of myself because her crush would see it and like it. One time she sent a “nice” pic of me to this boy that she actually has been talking to for this past year and a half (he lives in a different state and they met on a beach and met 2 times in person after) and when he made eyes or something, she said, oh let me just show him this picture, and we were silly people so obviously it wasn’t great lol. Just small things like that, putting me down in ways I didn’t notice.
My dilemma comes in because I feel like I don’t want her to be my friend. Everybody around me also thinks she is bad for me, I feel she is bad for my mental health because I’m constantly wondering why she is ignoring me and such. We also have outgrown each other so much. We are two completely different people now, and I keep trying to make excuses to not cut her off but I still deeply want to. I just don’t know how. I also am not sure again if I am being dramatic or if I should just suck it up and realize people have issues and that I accept whom I want to take it from? I really don’t know.
TLDR; My “best friend” of 7 years has crucially put a dent in our friendship by neglecting the friendship for the past year and a half, while we also are growing apart, and I am not sure if I am being dramatic and shouldn’t cut her off or if I should because she is bad for me.
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2023.03.22 17:03 Kafadanapa Lord Beerus

I got my Wife to watch Dragon Ball Super with me, and she fell IN LOVE with the 'Sassy Purple Kitty Cat' as she called him. So, I made this build for her.
Tabaxi Divine Soul Sorcerer 8 Vengence Paladin 8 Hexblade Warlock (Blade Pact) 4
Str 13 Dex 13 (14) Con 14 Int 8 Wis 9 Cha 15 (17)
Pump up Charisma to 20, maybe boost str to 14 alongside Charisma getting to 18, get Wisdom Resilience, and lastly Warcaster.
Pros: Charisma does almost everything: Attacks, Damage, Spells, Saving Throws. Even AC if your DM is okay with swaping out (Heavy) Armor & maybe Shield proficency for Charisma Based Unarmored Defense
Concentration King Proficency +6, Constitution +2, Charisma +5 = 13 adding Advantage means nothing short of a BBEG can make you drop concentration.
Variable Spells Healing, Blasting, Buffing, There isn't much you can't do! Hold Person & Smites make for an amazing combination.
Cons: Claws aren't amazing. 1d4 isn't the best damage dice, but the smiting is the real point of melee damage.
AC is dependant on either Mage Armor or a cool DM.
Highest Spell Slot is 4th. Not amazing, but not terrible. That & the amount of concentration Spells could be a minor issue.
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