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2023.06.03 04:03 Sybinnn Starting to lose hope that things actually do get better

Every time im doing well and someone is going through a rough patch i tell them the same thing i tell myself when im going through a rough patch, that just because its bad now doesnt mean it always will be, and things have to get better. But i dont know why i say this, because every time things get better they quickly get worse again, usually even worse than they were before they got better in the first place, and the good phases always last a fraction of the time that the bad phases do. Am I just gaslighting myself every time it does get good that itll actually last this time i cant remember the last time its lasted more than a month or two, this most recent one lasted 5 weeks after nearly 2 years of misery.
On a related note if anyone has coping mechanisms to use when you lose friends please send them my way, im trying to make more friends but its not working, and im so lonely.
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2023.06.03 04:02 N0G00DNIK How to make homes far better than they currently are

I think most people can agree that the newest revamp of the apartment system was, well, pretty disappointing. The potential these had honestly feels like they went down the drain, especially with a lackluster vault that only paid out 5k and virtually no other real features. However, I think a few simple changes however, could make them really good and actually viable in game.
Vaults The vault system in my opinion in itself is pretty good, but I think a larger payout is what the game needs for them to be viable. However, I don't think that the vaults should all be buffed across all the apartments. For example, the desert house would still give 5k, the beach house and modern house would give 10k, while the penthouses would give upwards of 20k. I think this simple change makes each apartment more viable and the reasoning for buying more expensive ones bigger than just their size. A very simple change that would already increase the viability of them by a significant amount.
GunShop UI As it stands, we only have 3 racks that have to have an item manually put into them. I think replacing them with a purchasable and placable gunshop UI would benefit the apartments greatly as well, maybe costing 200-500k as a result of how good it can be. This would definitely make having an apartment much better and being able to grab weaponry right at your spawn point is a great buff that similarly would apartments be just that more good.
Glider and Doghouse UI Similarly to the Donut and Energy Drink vending machines, I think a glider store where you could take a glider from would be pretty awesome. It would definitely make sense and would be in a similar vein to the other 2, and considering those exist I don't see why this one can't either. As for the Doghouse, being able to grab either or would be pretty cool. It would definitely make getting a dog easier and also doesn't require you to go all the way to the Dog Shop to get one, making apartments that much more viable to go to. The glider shop would probably cost similarly to the Donut and Energy Drink vending machines, while the Dog House could be pricier, sitting at around 300-600k, or even more depending on balancing.
Other Miscellaneous Changes (Not as important or in my opinion needed) - A usable garage in certain homes, maybe a helipad on the penthouses. (This may be a broken change considering it does neglect the use of mobile garage at the start of your session or after dying, but it could be a neat addition.)- More defense options, different types of turrets maybe.- Maybe some sort of support for items being able to be placed on shelves or tables.
Conclusion The current houses have a ton of potential and have had a lot of good changes, but as of now, they're still not as viable as they could be. I believe these changes could be beneficial to them and further their usability for players, because as of right now I don't believe they're worth it. If you have any other suggestions let me know, if I like them I'll definitely add them to this post. Regardless, thank you for reading. Stay safe.
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2023.06.03 04:02 FallenAngelicDespair I hate when people say..

"you have to move on" "get over it" "the abuse made you who you are today" "oh you think that's bad? Well listen to this ______" "why don't you have any proof?" "yeah but they still are your parents and you gotta respect them" "you're giving them power by letting what they did to you affect you so much"
Shut up. Shut up. SHUT THE FUCK UP JUST SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! You privileged piece of worthless shit who had everything served to you on a golden platter, who never had to endure a second of their life being abused in any form ALWAYS say the most stupid bullshit. Acting like a humanification of those ridiculous life coaching quotes you see on social media from people who never once suffered any kind of tragedy personally or have a mental illness.
Wow thanks, I'm cured! You telling me to get over it and move on just undid all the altered brain chemistry from the abuse I endured my entire life. Wow thanks, telling myself to forgive my abusers for their actions totally made me feel like a million bucks.
You're right, I should embrace it all with open arms and accept it that will magically make me become a saint of pure happiness. It will open the flood gates of sunshine and rainbows for the rest of my days!
Yeah my abuse totally made me stronger! That's why I have over anaylize people every day to make sure I keep them happy with me so they don't hurt me. That's why I cry myself to sleep or when I'm alone so no one can gaslight me or get mad at me for having emotions that isn't being a people pleaser with a stupid happy go lucky attitude to keep myself safe while the only thing I can hear is my heart beat pounding out of my chest. Oh yeah I am so tough look at me go! Look at me fear being in public thinking someone is out to get me! Look at me jump, hide, and shield my face when there is loud noises or someone raises their arm or voice around me.
You're right maybe I should go and forgive my abusers for taking my childhood away from me, was it really my mom's fault for raping me and letting her friends rape me as a child? Should I go tell that adult man that got with me when I was a minor that it is okay that he beat me and kidnapped me torturing me with my mom and forced me to have sex with him after he had sex with my mom? Should I go tell my stalkers that it's okay that they groomed a disturbed child online and offline and make forums discussing me and the things they would do to me?
Just give them a round of applause because that's suppose to help me right? Will I reach nirvana if I decide to no longer hold them accountable? Or are you really trying to say that you're a abuse enabler and apologist and you are just like them?
Because I can't think of any ANY good reason to even do anything positive towards to those who took advantage and hurt me giving me a life time of problems that will never go away. Unless that positive thing is them being six feet under and I can watch them burn in hell I am not interested.
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2023.06.03 04:02 Throwaway67891099 I'm tired of invalidating myself

I'm 22, had a couple instances of sexual abuse under 10 and at 16. Both experiences had different affects on me. Living for years not thinking anything of the first incident until I was a teenager and it all hit me at once was terrible. I felt so upset for a very long time that it had happened to me and I didn't have any clue how to process being molested. The second I was aware of what happened as it happened but completely froze up as I was being groped by someone way older. I didn't know what to do other than toughen up and keep working. They were such traumatic incidents but I invalidate my experience all the time. Perhaps it's natural for us?
What I mean is I'll make up excuses for the abuser or tell myself it's not a big deal. I'll pretend I was just touched accidentally, or that I wasn't raped so my experience doesn't matter. And that's not to say I take my experience for granted. I'm very fortunate to have only been groped/used sexually but not penetrated forcefully. However, I feel like if someone else told me their experience I would feel terrible for them and be broken at what they've gone through. But for myself I always have to minimize it. It's like I don't feel worthy of being wronged. That bad things must be deserved. I can't explain my thinking but I think this is why I've never come forward irl about being molested. Because I don't feel valid in my abuse. I hate the thought of others going through this too. Your experience is extremely valid if it's brought you sadness, hurt, disgust.
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2023.06.03 04:02 lord-southpaw I can't find m8 fat bob fender struts to save my life. I'm trying to swap my 2023 fxlrs fender. Anybody want to trade or sell?

I can't find m8 fat bob fender struts to save my life. I'm trying to swap my 2023 fxlrs fender. Anybody want to trade or sell? submitted by lord-southpaw to Harley [link] [comments]

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2023.06.03 04:01 VeryLopsidedlmao Lol

I just finished watching Across The Spiderverse and loved the movie, it had me fully invested for the whole thing and i can't wait for Beyond The Spiderverse. I hope it does come out on the (supposed) scheduled release date in 2024
But i still find it funny how Miguel 'O Hara has such a noticable size difference going into Across The Spiderverse
(Apologies ahead of time if someone already pointed this out. I just felt like posting it)
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2023.06.03 04:00 Basic_Rip_5177 [20] I have really loved someone.

I was fairly young, 15-16 years old, when it was happening and because of that for a while thought that it might not be real love and so just sort of put my head down and tried to keep going But as the years pass all i become more sure of is that I really loved this girl.
The longest story could ever tell cut short: She had had a rough childhood and was mentally ill, and that never dissuaded me for a single second. But, being young, I thought the best way to care for her was to tell her that I would solve all her problems, convince her that if anything was ever wrong I would fix it. She believed me. And eventually discovered that can't fix anything, and don't know how to even try with most things. But am very convincing. And she believed that I could fix all her problems, and when tried to tell her that couldn't and was over zealous, she just thought it was my bipolar disorder lying to me. Telling me wasn't good enough. And I watched her get worse and try to lean on me, but wasn't even strong to hold myself up. And she got worse and refused to recognize it because she had me. I was everything to her. But not enough to really be anything at all. And loved this girl so much, it was so heartbreaking to watch her spiral out of control, as she would beg me to help and couldn't. got scared she was going to kill herself. It became a possibility. I had to do something, but nothing I had ever said since the beginning had been convincing. I, in my maybe overdramatic but certainly scrambling, frantic and desperate mind, decided the only thing could do to get her to get help, was break up with her. I knewI had to convince her that was not the solution, but any attempts at that so far had been shot down by her belief that was everything she ever needed. An idea that put in her headl had to convince her that was part of the problem.
And so I did.
And it is the most heartbreaking thing to look into the eyes of someone you love, someone who is crying, begging you to tell them that you love them, and feel like you have to tell them that you never really loved them. And that you were wrong. And more than tell them, you feel like you have to convince them. And for countless hours over the next year at school, I would skip lunch periods, and stay after school, trying my best to talk to her calmly, as she would find me in any free time and try to figure out what she did wrong. Sometimes in my classes, and a couple winter nights at my car, she would stand at the drivers door, and so l'd start the car and let her sit in the heat whilst stood in the snow. All the while loved her and my heart wanted nothing more than to be with her, but had to do it. told myself had to, to save her life.
She still hates me. I read her Twitter feed sometimes and reference to me made an appearance last year. I convinced her to need me. Then convinced me to leave her. Then convinced her to hate me. There's not a night that don't dream about the life we could have lead had never tried to convince anyone of anything. Before said any words, we had real love. It's been 6 years now since it started. Almost 4 since the last time really could've done anything.
I talked to her once 2 years ago, on the phone. I wish had said something.
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2023.06.03 04:00 DeezWut 2017 3.5 Transmission Issues

2017 SCREW 3.5 105k miles
Anyone had transmission issues?
I was in the middle of a 5 hour drive on Monday coming home from a long weekend. Going 80mph steady and the truck started shifting between 9 and 10th gear. Wrench light came on. Pulled over when I was safe. Called around to find a garage or auto zone but everything was closed and I was in the middle of nowhere. After being parked for a while and starting it back up the light went away and I drove home.
My mechanic recommended taking it to a transmission shop. Transmission shop said there is obviously a problem and they will need to take apart to see if it needs to be rebuilt or replaced.
I would like to just trade it in and let the dealership have to deal with it but I feel bad dumping it on one of you guys. Plus there is already a code in the history for powertrain.
Looking at my options. Curious if anyone with same model has had similar issues.
submitted by DeezWut to f150 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:59 Hot-Strike-1421 POV: In body text.

POV: In body text.
POV: You randomly wake up in some sort of black void. After a while of wondering around you hear a very high-pitched yet monotone voice. You go to check out the source of the talking
No romance... Idk why you would want to
No killing or insta fix
Op ocs allowed... Why would you need them?
You cant teleport out of the void
No idc
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2023.06.03 03:59 headchog69 best walkable cities in USA?

hi! my boyfriend and i are long distance and would like to travel together- not only is it more reasonable than staying with our families, but seems more interesting and we feel we could get a more interesting experience out of our time together seeing new places. we are unable to rent cars in most places due to our age. thankfully, we are both very open to visiting walkable cities and were wondering if there are any hidden gem spots for cheap and convenient travel for two young people! we are planning for mid-late july so preferably anywhere that won't be excruciatingly hot. thanks!

tldr; boyfriend and i are looking for walkable USA cities to travel to since we can't rent a car just yet. we are going mid summer so preferably somewhere in a (relatively) cool area. :)
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2023.06.03 03:59 SinDreadElla 3.7 abyss and Kirara's ascension exemplifies EVERYTHING that is wrong with how Hoyo treats new players.

This is nothing new that I'm talking about so I'll get to the point.
Abyss is getting harder and harder to the point where even whales are having trouble completing it and its pretty much impossible for any F2P account under 1 or even 2 years old to complete. Yes I am well aware that 4 Star character + 4 star weapons clears exist (its not because Bennett had R3 Aquila to help his survival and they are all C6 which is harder to get than a 5* but again don't hate the youtuber. It just proves how stupid Abyss has become.)
And this doesn't even include the myriad of "bugs" or issues that are unfixed since day 1 where if you:
  1. Retry the chamber immediately, your skills are still on cooldown.
  2. You can't retry the 2nd half chamber without being forced to retry the 1st.
  3. Can't reset Chamber 3 once you finish it.
On a different note, they still haven't addressed ANY of the issues with new characters needing the latest ascension materials from an area that often has nothing to do with them. For example Kirara needing Ascension materials from Inquitous Baptist which isn't even Inazuma related but oh its there just because she is the newest character and there needs to be an incentive to farm the new boss.
You could say "Well players can just build the 5*s from the permanent blue wish banner."
Except there is a 2/7 (28.5%) chance that you'll get Tighnari or Dehya so good luck roaming ALL the way to Sumeru on foot just to ascend them past level 20. And the two rate up banners of Yae and Yoimiya? Both from Inazuma which is blocked by the sea of thunders until you complete the Archon quests which will be timegated because all Archon quests relies on your AR and until you opened enough chests or spent enough resin, you can't brute force this easily.
For abyss, just gate the character levels. Even if you have a lvl 90, put a limiter on all characters who enter there to something reasonable like 50 and lower ALL the enemy levels to at best 60. That way F2P can at least somewhat reasonably build 8 lvl 50 characters. Abyss should be a test of skill, not how much you whaled and how much jacked up Constellation characters you have.
Even better, newer games like Aether gazer has shown what a true completely fair "Abyss" is in the form of Dimensional Variable. Simply put, you are given a select number of characters all at a fixed level and stat and based on the abyss path that you take, you can equip them and build stats as you go. No need to pull any new characters, no need to have the latest greatest R5 weapons. Its pure skill for rogue like mode.
Except Hoyo ALREADY have something like that during their events like Hyakunin Ikki or Vibro Crystal research. Meaning they are fully aware of what they can do and yet chose NOT to do it for Abyss.
As for the ascension material, just add an option into the Crafting Benches where you can convert certain ascension materials into others at a slight loss. Maybe 2:1 or something so that newer players won't be stuck at a huge brick wall with their newly pulled characters. Even better, give them a gift every few levels perhaps through AR rewards a box that allows them to choose ANY Ascension materials enough to level up 1-2 characters up to 90.

I've seen sooo many friends who dropped Genshin after a few months because they just can't be bothered to deal with the HUGE wall of requirements they have to complete just because they want to ascend their favourite character they pulled recently. And them being stuck in the very first Abyss 9 (which is the only thing that resets) shows how big of a gap Floor 8 and 9 are. Long gone are the days where you use Anemo characters like Jean to strategically pull and drop enemies from a height to deal % health damage because now every new enemy and their moms will be pull immune until they decide to change it after multiple patches down the line. For instance, do you know that you can easily pull even the big Fatui or the Specters now with Venti's ult? I rest my case.
submitted by SinDreadElla to Genshin_Impact [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:59 Ultimate_Fox14 How to ask my mom to have me evaluated for ADHD?

I'm 15M and I'd like to go get evaluated for ADHD. One of my main problems right now is that I don't know how to ask my mom. I feel a little uncomfortable asking her and idk how she's going to respond to my question. My other problem is how to word it. I'm already a bit uncomfortable asking her about it but I would need a good way of wording it and talking about it to her.
I think I've been having symptoms of ADHD for at least 4 or 5 years. Towards 4 or 5 years ago I think my main issue was fidgeting and just being a bit restless. Since January I feel like my symptoms have gotten worse. Since then I've been struggling way more than before to read, and I struggle to simply think completely straight sometimes.
I also can feel how I'm more restless and fidgety; I can rarely not move. Like sometimes if I'm in church (church is a whole other thing as well: can't pay attention, restlessness like I'm about to talk about, etc) and I'm tired and trying to sleep, within a few seconds I need to open my eyes or move a body part or something. I have trouble focusing often; frequently when im talking to someone, maybe a family member, and theyre saying something, I end up zoning out and hearing pieces of what they say and I usually end up just agreeing or saying "yeah" because I dont want to make them resay everything or get them mad I wasn't paying attention. Also, memory is probably one of my biggest issues I have. I just have horrible memory and I don't like it at all. It makes me struggle a lot because I don't pay attention to detail often and I also just can't remember something if I or someone else needs me to
So basically I've been having worse symptoms for about 5-6 months and I'd like to get evaluated but I don't know how to approach my mom about it or how to word it. I'm also a bit discouraged/put off from doing it, both because I'm a little uncomfortable talking about it and also I've read about people going to multiple different types of doctors or something, so I'm not interested in the idea of going to my pediatrician first (?) and then a psychiatrist or someone who can help; and then possibly having to go and get new medication if I use that and/or just going back for whatever reason. But I know I should probably get that checked out just in case, but I need advice... so any help is appreciated, thanks
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2023.06.03 03:59 VirtualKoba Random Blackscreens - Windows 10

For quite some time I have quite an annoying problem at hand.My Computer loves to just blackscreen on me. Whilst I can still hear audio, I cant see anything on any of my 3 screens anymore. They will just show the "no device" thingy and then go to standby. Only after restarting the PC I can see anything again.
The problem appears on an irregular basis, sometimes I have days without it, on others I get blackscreens every couple of minutes. From playing games to just scroll thru reddit, all can end with a black screen.
Tried reinstalling/updating drivers, cleaning my PC, checking if everything plugged in. Nothing yet has worked. I am tempted to just reinstall Windows at that point, since working with my computer is a pain in the ass these days.
I appreciate any help!
-Win10-AMD Ryzen 9 5900X-RTX 3080 Ti (MSI Suprim X) -Asus ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING WiFi II X570 -10TB WD Black HDD -1TB WD Black SN750 m.2 -32GB Corsair Vengeance -1000 Watt be quiet! Straight Power 11
Monitor 1 -> Samsung 49inch Odyssey C49G94TSSR Monitor 2+3 -> 34inch MSI (something with MAG, dont know the exact model, sorry)
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2023.06.03 03:58 ashim66 H1b edge case 3

Condition : same as prior case. You have a legitimate h1b that got picked and you file with them. But you also have additional registrations that may have collusion.
Go to the 52 minute mark. Even if you are charged with collusion, you have a strong defence.
This is my interpretation for Reddy saying this ::-
Why? An approved h1b is a delicate thing. It can be broken by misdeeds by the petitioner or the beneficiary and it's gone.
But the misdeeds of a petitioner are different from those of a beneficiary.
A broken H1b can lead to NOIR or NOID without leading to a definite misrepresentation or fraud case ONLY if it's broken by the misdeeds of a petitioner.
Petitioner's misdeed in this case - False attestation during lottery. (HOWEVER this only affects NOID and Noir. These aren't attributed to the beneficiary in causing misrepresentation or fraud straight away).
Beneficiary's misdeed - all the 5 conditions for misrepresentation on the USCIS website. H1b lottery attestation is NOT one of these (that's the petitioner's responsibility).
Something like inhouse project /incorrect client dates/consultancy office not being a legit location /messed up site visits/not performing duties listed in petition etc are all situations that invoke misrepresentation.
All the fear mongering we see online mentions misrepresentation, lifetime bans and 221gs.
But it could very well be that in the case of collusion, when you are picked by a scam consultancy there is no REAL job available so beneficiary resorts to any of the above misdeeds of beneficiary. This leads to h1b petition getting noid or previously approved petition getting noir. It ALSO leads to misrepresentation during stamping.
BUT, on the other side, if you are working for a legit job and your employer is the one who engaged in collusion, then your h1b is still broken Since the employer broke the attestation so you get noid or NOIR. However, it's not a case of misrepresentation because willful intent is pretty much impossible to prove (because even if it was intentional, the offender communicates with the employer verbally, the other colluding companies don't have an offer but you cannot prove they didn't have an offer at the lottery stage).
And finally, this brings us to the last point. Your employer is legit and separate from the other colluding registrants. Since you are already working at that company you, the beneficiary, have a strong defence against misrepresentation because at the lottery stage you can't prove colluding with the bad actors since a valid job offer is ambiguous and is not required to be submitted. Plus, you can't be hit with noir or NOID because the bad actors ruined their registration but the clean registration of legit employer is untouched by their broken attestations.
Very much of an edge case, but still makes sense to not give in to the fear mongering and ruining your legit selected lottery (and don't apply to the lottery next year with your legit employer and reduce our chances!!)
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2023.06.03 03:57 Chojinki Why don't we get info about the tracks?

In the event section it's fine that we don't know what cars were going up against but why can't we at least know what the road conditions are? It's so frustrating when you're pretty much guaranteed to lose your first match because you have no idea what the road conditions are going to be and you pick your best cars and then it's raining in the tires are completely useless so you suck because you're going up against cars with standard tires. It makes no sense.
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2023.06.03 03:57 well_its_jo My world has been turned upside down by cheating revelations

Not sure why I'm posting, maybe to vent, maybe to find comfort in other's similar experiences, and maybe to ask if I'll recover properly. I don't want this to destroy me.
It's still quite fresh and I'm dealing with probably every emotion posible, but this week, I (39F) have found out that my bf (42M) has been on dating apps for pretty much the entirety of our two year relationship. I caught him when he went away for a weekend work meet up and sent me a screenshot which had tinder and bumble icons on the notification bar, obviously but luckily for me he was dopey enough not to clear them. I flipped out and he came out with some bullshit that a recent update installed them automatically... yeah right.
He was mostly uncontactable all weekend drinking till 6am etc, but when I did video chat with him I knew he was deceiving me, I could tell in his eyes and body language.
Anyway, he was in a bad way with extreme anxiety from the hangover so I said I'd pick him up from the airport, I was actually worried about his safety. On the drive home he was talking about some stupid argument and drama that happened one night amongst colleagues and how he's worried about this particular female colleague. He was also saying how they had deep chats about mental health and that they had a lot in common. Fine. But something was off and I knew not all was as it appeared.
We got back to his and I confronted him properly about the apps. He confessed and said it was for a confidence boost and that he needs to seek validation from other people. I knew he had self esteem issues but jeez. I asked to see his phone and he gave it to me confidently knowing he'd deleted messages and the apps, or so he thought. He forgotten delete hinge so I opened it and there were so many messages flirting, arranging dates and exchanging numbers. My whole world fell apart, I thought we had a good thing, a real connection. Again, he told me it was for validation, he just wanted to be seen, and that he never met anyone in person. I actually believe that part, any spare time we were together. Not that that matters.
Something wasn't right about this female colleague though, so I pressed him. He denied anything happened but whenever I said her name he was agitated, I could tell he was lying. Eventually after pretty much dragging the truth out of him he told me she kissed him and that he didn't pull away and that in that moment he wanted it. If the apps weren't bad enough, this really floored me, this was way more real. He said he regretted it and pulled away after the kiss, but who knows, the fact he got himself into that position is bad enough.
A few days later and struggling to cope with the mental anguish, I go back to his for more clarity to process everything. I asked to see his phone again and he hands it over. I went through the messages between him and his friends to see if I get the real picture, the things he's not comfortable telling me and sure enough, more incriminating stuff. Messages saying how he wants to meet women on tinder, messages saying how he had an instant spark with this woman blah blah. Well, I got the picture and it was a completely different picture to the man I thought I knew.
I can see he's absolutely gutted he's hurt me so much but he's also just realised how much was actually at stake. I'm absolutely devastated, I really thought we had a good future together. I told him he needs to sort himself out, get therapy because he can't live his life like this hurting people. And for me, I just don't know what to do with myself now.
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2023.06.03 03:56 Ch4rlie_h0rse alone tonight and having a hard time being alone

my dad died last week. i had just moved in with him not too long ago either. tonights not the first time ive ever been in a house alone, its not even the first time since ive been alone in his house since he passed. i get so paranoid when im alone i cant really handle it. none of my friends are available to stay with me tonight, and even though there are places i could go, i dont really want to leave his house. dont really know what to do, dont really know how to handle myself. i really am incapable of being alone but most of all i really miss my dad being around. this is not how i wanted to start my adulthood
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2023.06.03 03:56 Professional-Ride735 I don't understand how this works.

It's been about 6 months since I've quit my latest job and I've been struggling to find employment since. So much so, I'm seriously considering going to school instead of finding another job. During this time I've come to feel what I can only describe as empty. I'm not trying to sound edgy in any way, but it really feels as if my mind is empty, or maybe it's a strong feeling that something is missing and I can't find it.
No matter what I do nothing seems truly fun anymore, but I'm never truly bored. If I do something that I enjoy it kinda feels like I'm just acting, and that I'm not truly enjoying whatever it is I'm doing. Furthermore, I haven't had any sort of relationship with anyone in almost two years. Granted I am a bit of a shut in.
Shut in or not, I do my best to stick with my excersice routine and eat right. The least I can do is take care of myself.
With all that out of the way I ask two questions:
Any advice is appreciated, no matter how harsh. I'm really just looking to get someone else's perspective.
I'll clarify anything if need be in the comments.
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2023.06.03 03:55 Veledwin1 LF: Apriballs; FT: Aprimons

I am looking for the following Apriballs, I can trade multiple Aprimons for one of these:
I'm also looking for the following Aprimons:
The aprimons I have to offer are listed below:
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2023.06.03 03:55 iEusKid Jabra elite 7 pro, switching connections between devices

hi, i am using these earbuds for 2 months now and they treating me well, there is specific problem that bugs me and i hope there is a way around it.
i have macbook, iphone, ipad, nvidia shield
it always favors the last 2 connected devices which the expected behavior, but when i want to use a third one it doesn't pull the connection from one of the already connected devices by simply clicking connect in the wanted device so i have to go to one of the connected devices and disconnect, which is annoying,

if i am connecting to my macbook and ipad, and lets say i put my ipad in my backpack
i can't connect my macbook and iphone unless i go to the ipad and disconnect it!
sometimes i don't remember the last connected devices so i have to check each one to see which is connected
is this normal ?
i have Bose headphones w/o multipoint, and i can connect to any device by just clicking connect in the wanted device and this is WAY more convenient
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2023.06.03 03:55 Odin1806 Help deciding which device I need...

Long story short I need one apple device with my apple account to help me track my kiddo when she uses her watch/phone.
I figure I should get one of the older iPad that isn't too pricey and gives me the ability to use it for kindle and maybe some movies and such.
I got my used iPad 4 in today, but I can't put kindle or audible on it because the ios can't get up to the minimum needed.
I figure I will make a list of the apps I think I will put on and figure out the minimum it's and tablet I need, but here is my question: if I get the iPad 5 or 6 that looks like they can both go to the current ios 16, will I possibly cause myself trouble down the line if the iPad 5 can't use ios 17 or whatever? Will my apps stop working/opening? Or will they continue to work if I just tell the system not to update after I get stuff on there and working?
If needed, off the top of my head, I'm thinking: kindle, audible, google maps, crunchyroll manga, mtg arena, and then a bunch of streamers (crunchyroll, prime video, netflix, disney+, HBO max, warhammer+)
Thank you for any help.
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