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2023.03.22 17:41 ii_Phoenix_i Need job urgently

I'm new international student and running out of money.. if there is any job available for me please let me know near North York area..
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2023.03.22 17:39 slaughterhim 20 [F4M] maryland/anywhere does it feel like a past life connection ʚ♡ɞ˚?.

hi i’m literally the angel on the devils shoulder :0 . idc about your darkness i want to know everything about you .. just be yourself. i’m not a surface level person at all i’m very in depth & i’m very simple when it comes to finding a person.. i do believe in love but most importantly friends come first if a love is rushed it’s what breaks faster
bit about me* i create art , gardening , baking/cooking , tattoos / piercings , kawaii , fashion , i have a puppy named sage , i like to create handmade crafts , spiritual / dreams/ existentialism, supernatural creatures & staring at my wall lmao etc etc. it’s okie if were the complete opposites
description of me * brownskin , 5’3 , 116lbs, i wear glasses , i have lots of piercings .
preferably * i would want someone who’s tall :) & Caucasian or asian !
i enjoy voice calls eventually since it’s a better way to connect with someone & i also don’t showing what i look like once comfortable! but either way what matters the most to me is your soul.. is it beautiful? are you willing to grow together ?
i’m a really a shy sweet girl who doesn’t ask for much beside being genuine we all have flaws & layers i’m looking for someone who can reciprocate that.. honest, patience, emotionally available & sweet to me someone who makes me feel seen/ heard :3! .. i want someone who keeps their word & knows what they want
it’s so much more to say but i’ll keep it short if you feel compelled to exist in eachother’s world & form a connection with a earth angel w/ a pure heart feel free to message me i’m excited to see where this goes <3. either way if it doesn’t work in the end i’m grateful for the experience / memory.
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2023.03.22 17:39 thighs_save_lives_99 How can I increase the number of workers?

How can I increase the number of workers?
  1. Uniting the North American continent
  2. Maximising average GDP per capita 3. Maximising average SoL
-Conquering Mexico -Getting so strong that I could beat Britain, France and Russia in what will boil down to decades ofconsequtive warfare (for Mexico and Canada)

-Low manpower -Way to few workers -No domestic source of Opium
Current situation:
At the middle point of the game, I have mechanised my economy as much as the current technology allows. I am at the verge of colonising most of "empty" Africa and Oceania. Britain is the second largest power, France third and Russia has formed a giga custom union and alliance with Qing and Korea. All three are getting involved now almost all defensive and offensive wars I have.
Multiculturalism is only supported by the farmers which have 6% clout (I am on Cultural Exclusion). I also haven´t yet pushed any right for women since my worker ratio still has to increase from the Trade Union bonus. After that is almost done, I will go for women in the workforce. Almost all of South America is in my custom union (exepct Argentina), but since the generally low population this is not a nearly sufficient migration source.
All East Asian countries and India are critically overpopulated (Unemployment: >50 mio., SoL: ~7,3), however either they have closed borders (Japan, SEA) or are in Russia´s customs union (Qing, Korea). It is obvious, that this would be the best source of immigrants, but I don´t really know how to access it in the best way (as I said, I really struggle to get Multiculturalism).
I was growing on debt but my construction was way ahead of my population growth, so much in fact that I have gold reserves of over 80mio. while being on the lowest tax level possible. Therefore, expanding it wasn´t really viable before. As you can see changes right now, the 400k peasants and unemployed will become construction workers over the next month.
As for opium, I decided at the start of the game that I won´t snipe it for role play purposes. This decision is currently under review:)

So, what do you think? How can I go about growing my overall population? Can I force open borders somehow? Is there anything I have overlooked?
Any other non-related advise is also most welcome.
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2023.03.22 17:39 -sparke- not very casual, but definitely filthy.

I had a little visitor in my camp today, which usually makes my whole session. Since launch I have went out of my way to drop food, ammo, and aid to new players, especially ones under lvl 25 or so. This guy though, keeps spamming the trade emote and following me around even after I give the no emote in reply. He clearly wasn't taking the hint and began following me out of my camp emoting to me. So I walked over to my good friend Gertrude, the mirelurk queen that lives near my camp. Usually gerdy is the one feeding me, it was nice to be able to give her a snack for once.
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2023.03.22 17:38 Vivid-Line9937 RACCOON REMOVAL SERVICES - RACCOON REMOVAL NEAR ME - CALL (862) 658-2086

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2023.03.22 17:38 Regulatory_Junior Working Part time for health insurance

Hi guys,
I would like some information on dental and health insurance from anybody working at Starbucks for the health insurance. It would be even better if I can get information from someone working at north Georgia, near Atlanta.
So to keep it simple:
So somebody told me about working part time at Starbucks for the insurance alone. If anybody has information on silver and gold plans on dental and health, I would be super grateful.
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2023.03.22 17:38 Vivid-Line9937 RACCOON REMOVAL SERVICES - RACCOON REMOVAL NEAR ME - CALL (862) 658-2086

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2023.03.22 17:36 shoesarecool2468 Looking for a compounding pharmacy that has made SADBE and it gave u the rash

i’m going through a very tough time right now. i’ve been on SADBE for 15 months now and my outbreaks went away for a while but they are back now :( OHSV1 I suspect my compounding pharmacy isn’t making it correctly since I have yet to get the rash. can someone recommend a compounding pharmacy they’ve used where they got the rash + had their outbreaks nearly stop? you can imagine how difficult this is for me. been trying to treat myself for over 20 years and i’m still struggling I really do think SADBE could be my solution I just can’t seem to get it right
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2023.03.22 17:36 OkNebula404 Some advice please.

So, I'm considering getting a new device for long term use. 5-6 years to be specific. if it lasts more, then I'll be happy to use it till it's not working anymore. I'm thinking about apple products, an Ipad to be exact. After lots of searching and price comparisons, I found that an ipad pro 2021 would be a nice fit. I'm planning to use it mainly for:
Digital art / studying and note taking/ writing/ planning/other stuff for college like lectures and meetings.
I won't be storing any movies or games on it. It will be a device for nothing productivity, and getting things done.
What I'm confused about is that i found 2 models for the same price.
The first is a 12.9 inch, with 5G, and 512GB of storage
the other is an 11 inch, wifi only, 2TB of storage.
both are really tempting. On one hand I get a great storage capacity and higher rams
On the other I get the bigger screen with a fair amount of storage. Right now the 5G is useless to me. I don't know but it may be available in my country in the near future.
So, which is more worth the bigger screen or 2Tb of storage?
By the way, This is my first apple device to get so, I'm afraid of making the wrong decision with a big investment like this. Thanks for reading;)
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2023.03.22 17:35 iamkiq Advice for flat tire on KQi 3 Max

Recently, I've noticed that the rear tire's PSI of my KQi 3 Max has been dropping from 48 to 12 every day, even though I've been checking the pressure every 4 days in the last 6 months and ensuring it's at 48 PSI. I just reached 1000 miles, and this issue only started happening last week. To make sure I don't ride on an empty tire, I've been pumping it up before every ride.
I called a scooter repair store near my place, and they suggested that I buy a pair of solid tires (they advice me not to buy pneumatic tire again, and and have them change the tire for me with a labor charge. I'm not sure if this is the best option for me. I've heard that solid tires can provide a bumpier ride and may not be as comfortable as pneumatic tires. On the other hand, solid tires are more durable and resistant to punctures. I think 6 months and 1000 miles is a short lifespan for my current tire while I was checking it frequently
Should I go ahead and replace the tire with a solid one, or is there another option that I should consider?
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2023.03.22 17:35 NascentEcho My (25F) boyfriend (25M) says really mean things to me in his sleep.

I am NOT OP. Original post from relationship_advice by u/throwRA-beautifulboy
Trigger Warnings: alcoholism
Mood spoiler: Surprising Optimistic
A woman struggles with her boyfriend saying mean things to her in his sleep. She wonders if she's being too sensitive and how to keep her sensitivity from affecting their relationship.
Original Post: 10/17/2020 - My (25F) boyfriend (25M) says really mean things to me in his sleep.
TL;DR: My boyfriend yelled at me in his sleep, calling me annoying because I attempted to wake him up to get my blanket back.
I need to preface this by saying that when my boyfriend is awake, he is wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. We laugh and joke all day and spending time with him in general is truly a joy. Yes, I mean this. No, he doesn’t upset me at all when he’s awake. Also, for some background, he works night shifts at a job he really hates, so when he comes home, he likes to just relax unwind, usually with whiskey or beer. Typically we cuddle or I massage his back and legs until he’s drunk enough to fall asleep. [[EDIT: he doesn’t need alcohol to fall asleep. I worded this wrong. He can fall asleep fine without it, I just meant that the alcohol makes him fall asleep quicker than usual.]] I have insomnia so I usually end up staying awake for awhile after he falls asleep.
I’m also really sensitive to aggressive tone of voice due to some past trauma.
He only really talks in his sleep if I shift too quickly or try to move him over a little bit if I have no room on the bed or if I move the blanket too much and it disturbs him. he usually snaps at me saying “quit fucking moving!” or “can you please fucking stop” or “oh my fucking god,” just things in general that give off an indication that he’s really annoyed with me.
There’s also been a couple unprompted times where he’s stirred or rolled over (I guess disturbing his own sleep) and said things like “I can do better than this” etc.
Because of my sensitivity I usually end up crying over these things.
I try to make it a point not to bring up the things he says/does in his sleep (unless they’re funny which sometimes happens) because, for one, I really don’t think he can control it, and two, when I have brought up things he’s said, he always ends up feeling horribly guilty for the things he says and that makes me feel guilty for saying anything.
Last night, in his sleep, he ripped my blanket away from me (we sleep with separate blankets because this has been an issue in the past) and tucked it under himself and his own blanket. It was really cold in the room so I tried to take it back, but he grabbed my hand and shoved it away. I didn’t want to have to wake him up but he’s a lot stronger than me and no matter what I tried to do I just couldn’t get the blanket back.
I shook him gently and kept saying “baby, can you please give me back my blanket”. I was met with sleepy grunts but he still wouldn’t give it back. Finally after a little persistence he sat up really quickly and yelled “WHAT do you WANT? JESUS YOU’RE ANNOYING.” I said “I just want my blanket back please.” He shoved it towards me and nearly knocked me off the bed and then instantly laid back down and started snoring.
I didn’t sleep at all last night because of this. It’s really eating at me. I really don’t want to be annoying to him, especially when he’s trying to rest after work. But I also don’t know how I can keep putting up with this. Part of me wonders if he actually means any of the things he says. When he woke up this morning I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about it but I also couldn’t look him in the eye.
I guess my question in this is am I being too sensitive? Should I bring this up to him? I don’t know how much that would accomplish because he usually has no recollection of it and doesn’t know how to control it. What can I do to keep my sensitivity from affecting our relationship and the way I see him/myself?
First Update: 10/22/2020 - [UPDATE] My (25F) boyfriend (25M) says really mean things to me in his sleep.
First, I’d like to address the comments accusing my boyfriend of being an alcoholic, being abusive, accusing me of lying about how happy I am in the relationship, or claiming he wasn’t actually asleep during this and wanted an excuse to abuse me.
Y’all are, and really I cannot stress this enough, fucking crazy. What a leap. He functions just fine without alcohol and I’ve seen him go weeks without it. He doesn’t need alcohol to fall asleep. He drinks after work because that’s how he likes to unwind. The same as one might go to a bar on the weekend.
And for those of you with anecdotes about how your partners started off like this before leading into full-on abuse, I am deeply sorry that you endured that, and I wish healing on all of you. But that’s not what this is. I’ve known my boyfriend for 10 years. He doesn’t have an abusive bone in his body.
Onto the update:
Shortly after I made this post, I asked him if he thought I was annoying. He said “of course not,” and asked me what prompted the question. When I brought up what he did in his sleep, he got very quiet for a short while and then asked “Why didn’t you slap the shit out of me?” which made me chuckle quite a bit.
He then went onto say that he would prefer I tell him about the things he says in his sleep, stressing that if he crosses a line like that ever again I have full permission to smack the life out of him (I never would).
I asked him if it was a possibility that the alcohol was making his sleep more restless and he said “maybe, i don’t know.” I then asked him if it would be a possibility to try going a couple nights without alcohol, and he agreed.
Since then, our co-sleeping has been wonderful, restful, and peaceful—except for the night before last.
He shook me awake while I was sleeping, and I asked him what was up. “, I’ll show you.” I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked him. He said “I’ll show you.” I said “Baby, are you still asleep?” “Yeaaaaahhhhhhh.... I’ll show you.” He instantly started snoring again. I must’ve giggled myself back to sleep.
Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind advice and we’ve decided to cut alcohol out before bed as it’s seemed to help immensely. Bless <3
Final Update: 3/15/2023 - [UPDATE] My [25F] boyfriend [25F] says mean things to me in his sleep.
Hi. It’s me again.
Going back and reading these posts was insanely difficult. I want to kick myself for how deep in denial I was. Everyone in the comments was telling me that my boyfriend is an alcoholic and I fought so hard against that.
But it was true.
A few months after my last post, I had an epiphany moment. It was 3am, and he was drunk. He begged me to make him a pot of spaghetti because he liked the way I cooked it. I asked him if he would strain the pot for me, because the pot we had didn’t have thermal-safe handles (or whatever they’re called) and I often would burn myself trying to do it on my own.
He grumbled for a bit and said fine. But after less than 5 minutes he said he was going to hang out in our bedroom. I begged him not to, because he would fall asleep, and trying to wake him when he falls asleep drunk often became a nightmare of verbal abuse. He insisted he wouldn’t fall asleep, but lo and behold, he did. I thought to myself, Great. Now I get to choose between burning my hands, or being berated until I cry, all over a pot of fucking spaghetti. I chose to burn my hands.
I angrily made myself a plate and put the rest in a tupperware, and reality hit. I’m just like my mom.
My mom has been with an alcoholic for 13 years. He is awful to her in so many ways, but she puts up with it because A) she feels like she can’t do any better, and B) she believes it’s her duty as a wife to just deal with it quietly. And I was falling down the same path. I thought that if I could just grin and bear it, he’d see how much I love him and how much I do for him and realise that he needs to put in the same effort. Boy howdy was I fucking wrong.
I took off to a friend’s house for the night and he panicked when he woke up in the morning and I wasn’t there. He called me, crying, begging me to return. I unleashed all my feelings in return, and in more words told him that I didn’t have much of an incentive to return, and how could I know that he’d do better? His tears turned to anger, and he screamed down the phone. It was terrifying.
I ended up going back home to collect some things, and told him that I needed to separate from him because I didn’t know how to help him anymore, and as deeply as I loved him, I couldn’t stay and watch him kill himself any longer. I’ll never forget the look he gave me. It was like I had kicked him in the stomach.
I stayed with my friend for a month or so, with little to no contact with him. I ended up having to return to collect the rest of my stuff, and I noticed something strange. He had always been kind of a slob, leaving empty beer and liquor bottles on the floor beside his bed, but when I returned, by the side of his bed were only tea, soda, and water bottles. His face was less sunken, and he didn’t smell like beer at all.
When he went to the bathroom, I took a sneak peek in his garbage can just to be sure. It was full, but there were no signs of anything alcoholic. He caught me peeking, and asked what I was doing.
He then told me that he hadn’t touched alcohol since the day I left. I was shocked.
We ended up sitting and talking for awhile. He said being sober was hard and he had the shakes all the time, and he missed me. I missed him too. I’ve been infatuated with him since I was 13; those feelings weren’t going away anytime soon.
To wrap things up for the sake of character count, we ended up getting back together. He celebrates 2 years of sobriety this week. I’m so proud of him. He sleeps restfully now (with the exception of a mumble here or there in his sleep), and is no longer mean to me in any facet.
Also, we’re engaged now.
Thanks for reading. I’m sorry I fought you guys so hard, and thank you for telling me the truth even though I wasn’t ready to hear it.
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2023.03.22 17:33 Shatter4468 Yeah...Thats not supposed to be there.

For some backstory I worked Security in a Regional Hospital for 5 years. Im still in Security but now In A political office.
Anyway so protocols for the Hospital were staff are not allowed to attend to injuries outside the doors after a series of attacks on nurses once they left the doors. If the victims were outside the Ambulance bay had to open and deploy to get them.
I was walking a new guy around showing him the exterior as we walked out the front her turned to me and ask
"Hey that supposed to be there?" I looked where he was pointing and a Car had hopped the curb and stopped right near the entrance.
"Yeah...thats not supposed to be there" We ran over and a woman started screaming bloody murder that her mom was allergic to cold air and not to open the door. (we live in Canada so I'm surprised she was still alive)
I told the Rookie to get inside and radioed for a Code Blue (Medical Emergency) and to get a nurse team outside.
The guy on the other end called Switchboard and relayed the info.
The Staff came running (maybe 10 nurses) and as soon as they arrived I told them.
"The daughter says she is allergic to cold air and they just came from the ER, my best guess is a reaction to medication." The Nurses counted down as they perpared to get her inside and warm.
They counted down and got her onto a stretcher and the sprinted off for the ER.
Turns out they had given her medication she had never had before and it caused a reaction similar to when you accidentally breath in cold air and it hurts. Except like x1000. They got her warm and safe and she survived.
I have dozens of stories from that hell hole. Might share more later as the office is closed.
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2023.03.22 17:33 Ivebeendoingurmom I need an Asian girl in my life

If you're reading this and you're an Asian girl, please hit me up. I need one in my life so badly.
I do anything for that pussy anything, i will be your 24/7 slave. Please hit me up, I can pay you if necessary
I'll eat your pussy good everyday even on period days
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2023.03.22 17:31 AloneAmphibian4646 Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?
Ive had her since the beginning of covid. I am a little concerned I am not giving her tge best life I can. If any of you have any suggestions on what to add or remove or chsnge that would be amazing. One thing to add she has not ever been to the vet as all the vets that take care of turtles near me quit at the begging of covid. I am hopping to get her in within the next few months.
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2023.03.22 17:31 Verrgasm Clubbing

"Why won't you come with me?" Andrea's voice whined down the phone in the tone she always adopted when she wasn't getting her way. "C'mon… please? Everyone else is busy..."
"I already told you, I'm not going back to another one of your shitty dive clubs. Remember last time when I nearly got my eye gouged out in the moshpit? I had to take a week off work."
"So what if you got your bell rung for the first time, you really want to die without any scars? Besides, do you have any idea how hard it was to get these tickets? I had to pay some random street guy double just to get us in the door."
"Well, what's the big deal about this place, then? Why's it so exclusive?"
"Suck Shaft."
"Suck Shaft, they're opening. Headliner's some local hick but everyone's going to see Suck Shaft, it's their first gig in like ten years or something. How in the fuck have you never heard of Suck Shaft?"
"Andrea, can you please stop saying 'Suck Shaft' for a minute… let me think…"
"Look, are you coming or not? We'll be in and out in two hours, Tom, I promise. You'll be no worse off for work tomorrow, might even have something interesting to say around the water cooler, ay?"
"Fine... As long as we're only staying for the opener."
"Great! Pick me up at six."
I pulled up outside Andrea's house to find her sitting impatiently on the doorstep and she eagerly bounded over and hopped inside.
"Are you as excited as I am?!" She asked giddily, looking at me with her make-up-caked face. She presented two little white tickets and passed one over. "This is gonna be a night to remember!"
"Yeah, whatever… Two hours, then I'm going home, so don't fuck around, okay?" I put the car in gear and departed from the pavement. "I mean it, Andrea. I can't mess up with this job right now."
"Jeeeez, you're such a stick in the mud…" She groaned dramatically as her eyes rolled back into her head.
As we drove slowly down the decrepit street which was home to the run-down venue I was immediately shocked at just how busy it really was. A swarm of patrons all waiting to get inside mobbed the sidewalk and spilled over into the street. After a tedious fifteen minutes of creeping around, I eventually managed to squeeze the car into a tiny space two streets over.
It was freezing but I gave Andrea my jacket anyway after catching a few passive aggressive 'brrrrr's' as we walked side-by-side to the club.
"Why didn't you just bring your own coat?"
"Well, I didn't know we'd have to park like a hundred fucking miles away, did I?"
"What if it's cold inside? You consider that one, genius?"
"We won't be cold for very long," She shot me a sly wink as she dug into her back pocket and held up a baggie containing two tiny pills stamped with a smiling alien. "Roll with me?"
I looked into her big green pleading puppy dog eyes and found myself unable to say no. That and it had been a while since I'd gotten my hands on some decent ecstasy. Andrea always got good X.
"I'll take half. Remember I still have to get us both home in one piece after this." I said in a defeated voice, but secretly I was excited for the first time that day.
"Yay!" Andrea hopped up and clicked the heels of her Nikes at me. "This is gonna be great!"
She pulled the bag open and bit half a pill, handing me the other half. Then, without any hesitation, she slammed the other full one down too before flashing her tongue at me the way I imagine they make the patients do at mental hospitals after med time.
"For fuck's sake, Andrea. Really? You said two hours. In two hours' time you're gonna be completely gone, I'll probably have to carry you through the dance floor, prise your fingers off the stage just to get you out the door with me."
"A promise is a promise." She booped my nose condescendingly the way you might a small child. I always hated when she did that, endearing as it was. "When it's over, it's over. I won't hold you back."
"I hope not." I'd gotten the pill down quickly, but that bitter taste still permeated the surface of my tongue and a little at the back of my throat. "I really hope not..."
We rounded the corner and joined the back of the line and found ourselves relieved that it was moving relatively quickly. I stood on my toes and got a decent look at the action up front. The bouncer wasn't even really checking the tickets, just a nod in acknowledgement at whatever random white paper was being presented. This prompted me to check the one in my pocket.
It was riddled with typos. I held it up to Andrea and she looked at me as if I was from Mars.
"You paid double for fake tickets?"
"Yeah, so what? They'll get us in, won't they?"
"Jesus, Andrea. I swear, two hours and then we're leaving. Okay? This is gonna be a nightmare to get away from, look how busy this fucking street is, it's all because of these fake ticket scalping fucks..."
The ecstasy had begun to take effect and I couldn't help but feel a little shame for just how hard my half a pill was already kicking my ass. I looked over at Andrea for the first time since we'd joined the queue, of which was quickly packed behind us as we gradually approached the front, boxing us in. She was chewing voraciously at her bottom lip. I put my arm around her shoulder reassuringly and she turned to me with her big wobbly pupils. The vibrant green of her irises almost obscured by them.
"We will get in, right? Won't we?" She asked with a sort of desperation that I understood. I'd had a 'bad' X trip before when my plans got cancelled and I'd taken too much, ended up milling around my apartment hugging pillows and gnawing at my toothbrush. I pictured Andrea disappointedly sitting on her couch while she ferociously stroked her cat with hardstyle blasting through her TV speakers.
"Yeah, I think we'll get in. Don't worry." She pulled me closer to her and we embraced. Usually that took an hour or two but the clear overdose had ramped up the process. "Are you sure you're okay to go in here? You shouldn't have done all that at once."
"Oh, y-yeah" She chattered at me through her clenched teeth. She broke away for a second and yelled into the crowd behind us.
She was met with a rallying cry of about two dozen other people who were also prematurely wasted. With a pleased giggle she took my arm again and snuggled in, which was a relief because it was so damn cold on that sidewalk. We got close to the front and I whispered into Andrea's ear.
"Look, just keep your head down and don't look at the bouncer. If he sees how fucked up you are he won't let us in, okay?"
"Gimme your ticket."
I took her ticket and approached the big man by the door as Andrea half-hid behind me. No words were exchanged, barely even a look. He grabbed our tickets, and in we went.
"Here's your jacket back." Andrea thrust my knockoff leather jacket towards me and I put it back on, knowing that it'd eventually just become a hindrance in the heat. I followed closely behind as we descended the sickly white painted concrete stairwell, already littered with cigarette butts and empty bottles and vomit possibly from the night before. The music was getting louder as we got closer to the underground set. Thick swathes of bass resonated in the walls and in the floor and the ceiling and I felt myself come alive.
The stairs ended after a few turns and Andrea took my hand and led me into the packed crowd, all moving sinuously to the beat. I felt a jab in my ribs but I didn't care. We were somewhere close to the stage, but I couldn't tell where. My vision flickered and moved with my body as I danced with Andrea, every so often taking an accidental shove from a stranger and giving out a few of my own. That moment, I don't know how long it lasted, but it was the last time I was ever truly happy.
I brushed it off at first, something being shouted that looking back, I know must have been 'fire'. I just didn't want to believe it. Then, when the dancefloor broke its rhythm and people began to push into us towards the exit, I realized what was happening. Andrea looked into my eyes and I could see she knew it too, that rapturous joy snuffed out by terror. When the real world creeps into the fantasies we use to escape, turning them foul forever.
The music was still blaring, but the stage was empty. Smoke trickled out from behind it. Screams began to overtake the bass as people crammed in beside us, all running in the same direction. The lit single door exitway was in near darkness spare a few gaps that weren't full of people squeezing through. It was utter chaos.
All around us the ones who'd fallen over were stepped on in the scramble, I could hear their bones snapping under the weight of frantic footfalls and their pained reactions as they gasped their last breaths before giving in. Several men and women were actively shoving people back, throwing elbows and punches with others retaliating and then succumbing to the trampling themselves. We managed to reach the exit door leading to the stairs, but as I squeezed myself through Andrea's wrist got caught in the doorframe and was shattered by the incoming horde pushing through the cramped doorway three at a time. She screamed, shrieked out, and then was lost. I didn't look back, I was overcome with an unbearable rage. I stood in that doorway and I kicked out hard, knocking at least a dozen people back into the club, which was now entirely ablaze as flames engulfed the stage rendered near invisible by the thick black smoke.
I wasn't giving anything close to a fuck. I jerked my elbows into noses, I yanked back two womem ahead of me and they tumbled backwards down the stairs into the fiery oblivion below. I kicked and I punched and I shoved and I think I even bit a guy at one point, until eventually, I managed to wriggle through the open door and into the night air as sirens screeched down the street towards the scene. I looked back over my shoulder at the carnage as other escapees of the blaze rushed past me to safety. I did too, except I didn't stop running.
I got in my car and I drove home.
Fifty-three people died in that club that night. Seventy were injured, many in ways that'll surely have made their lives a living hell since. Andrea. I'm not sure if Andrea died in the crush or under some fucker's boot or if the smoke got her, or the fire. All I know is that she didn't make it. I just hope it was quick. Oh, fuck, how I hope it was quick... I look back and it's like I can see her lying there by that jammed up door with her wrist all bent backwards with the bone sticking out while she pleads, begs, the other people there to help her. Everyone ignored her. I ignored her.
I don't like to think about it. I can't. So I don't. I moved away. Nobody knows I was there, or what I did. I know I'll never forget it, though. I know that I'll never forgive myself.
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2023.03.22 17:31 ApocalypticThoughts_ I don't pass but my voices passes

I was wondering how many of you guys have this experience where you don't pass as male in person, when people see you, but people automatically read you as male when they hear your voice through the phone?
I like that my voice is so deep enough that I could pass automatically as male. However I feel disappointed that, after being on T for about 17 months (I was 27 when I started HRT), I don't pass as male through visually. Nearly everyone struggles to read me as male, I look androgynous, regardless how I dress. I know this will take a very long time for me to pass fully as male, but this is making me feel depressed how long this will take :(
I'm trying to be patient, but I'm worried I won't really pass, even after being on years on T. I am actually thinking that if I don't pass after 5 years on T, I may have to get facial surgery.
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2023.03.22 17:31 Nicolelex7 Navy Yard or Alexandria?

I’m about a day away from signing a lease for an apartment located near Braddock Rd Metro and I’m having second thoughts. I’m a single female in my early 30’s and am afraid I’m going to regret not living closer to DC or choosing a different area. (FWIW I ruled out Arlington because I thought it was too young). Am I being silly and overthinking, should I not sign the lease and look into Navy Yard or just stick with what I have in Alexandria? (I already applied for the appt, been approved, etc.)
Things important to me: I have a car and will be keeping it, I don’t know anyone in the area so I want to meet people, I’m a single female so safety is important, I want to be able to walk to coffee/restaurants/quick groceries but don’t need to be right in me middle of everything, I WFH and occasionally go running.
Other thing to note is that I’m not really interested in other areas of DC because I can’t afford what I want apartment wise-I want gym, pool, amenities, updated building, 700+ sq ft and it seems the prices between what I have in Alexandria and what I could get in Navy Yard are comparable where other areas in DC don’t even stand a chance.
Going to cross post to NOVA Reddit too so the answers aren’t skewed
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2023.03.22 17:30 Perfect_Plane_6712 Llimo hire in Manchester

Limo Hire Manchester is undoubtedly the best and most trusted Limo hire service in the Manchester area. With a proven track record and a wide range of classy fleet, our Hire A Limo Near Me services will leave you delighted and spellbound. Our workforce goes beyond their line of duty to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Hire us and you will never look for any other Limo Rental service.
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2023.03.22 17:29 gillyboatbruff When long-time technical support clients pass away

I have moonlighted as in-home tech support for about 25 years now. I've been quite lucky with it. I do not advertise, and rely solely on word of mouth. I charge much less than I could, but I treat it almost as a hobby. Some months I make may make $500, some months I might make $50. Whatever it is, I just consider it bonus income.
One of the pleasant results of this type of setup, is I generally only work with very nice people, and I consider many of my clients to be friends. They don't refer me to people who would be nightmare clients. Having done it this long, there are some people that I have supported for up to 20 years, and we know each other quite well.
About 15 years ago I did regular support for a woman who lived alone in her 90s. I would generally come over and take care of whatever minor issue we had, she would pay me, and then I would generally stay and visit with her for another 30 minutes or so. When she was 98, she told me the end was near, and she was going to have to move to another state to live with family, and she expected to die within a few months. The last time I met her, she took a large framed picture that I had complimented several times over the years. She took it off the wall and gave it to me. I was not expecting that, but I was quite grateful. It wasn't an expensive item by any means. It is still hanging in my house today.
A few days ago, it happened again. I got a phone call telling me that a widow in her mid 80s that I had supported for about 15 years had passed away. I had a similar relationship with her, where I would come and fix her minor problems, get paid, then sit and visit for another 30 minutes or so. This week her daughter talked with me and told me how much that friendship meant to her mom. She asked me to come and take her computer, clean it off, then do whatever I like with it. It isn't a fancy computer, it's one that an 85 year old person could browse the web and do email, and that's about it. I went over yesterday afternoon to pick it up. There was no dog to bark frantically as I rang the doorbell. The house was nearly empty, as they were preparing to sell it. As I walked through the garage, I glanced around her few possessions that were left. The daughter asked me if I would like to take anything. I went over and found a framed picture that had hung in her computer room. Soon it will find a place on a wall in my house. She was a good woman. She was my friend.
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2023.03.22 17:27 partylikeyossarian I am a survivor of police brutality and I have not been able to unpack that.

It has taken a lot of time and mental and physical energy to deal with entering adulthood coming out of a violent household with no savings, no driver's license, locked into student debt, no housing safety net in an era where half my peers needed significant material support to get their lives started, in a historical economic crisis where half the institutions needed significant material support to survive.
It takes a lot of intellectual labor and social sacrifices to escape being suffocated between "go to therapy" culture and the corrupt, unscientific, and violent systems baked into mental healthcare,
It took a lot of time and effort to build a life where I do not face targeted hostility and aggression for being queer from those in my immediate social world.
It takes a lot of emotional sacrifice and intellectual work to not crumble under the cumulative effects of everyday racism and sexism.
(and the fact that even this list is edited down for the sake of brevity)
If acquiring the tangible and intangible resources needed to simply go on living in these circumstances already adds up to near-Sisyphean amounts of work...If trying to get acknowledgment from institutional forces....or convince even normal "friends, family, and loved ones" to not side with agents of harm, to be supportive or at least not be actively resist targeted efforts to gas victims into rescinding their story and submitting to their own oppression, under threat of being marked as bad seeds...

forget about the churning muddy waters surrounding police violence.
I do want to say: I cannot begin to measure what the Floyd protests mean to someone like me. How many crushing social barriers knocked over, how much self-concept redeemed. What it felt like to have people put in time and energy to help lift these burdens instead of spending time and energy pushing down on people trying to lift themselves back up.
but I have not been able to truly come to terms with my personal experiences 6-8 years ago. It sits inside me like a hot stone, only tempered by the protests and the fact that I am living in a stable environment now for the first time in my life.
I am not psychically prepared to face it yet. But I am grateful I have found space that will hold me through that journey when the time comes.
This forum is part of that space. So thank you.
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2023.03.22 17:27 VisconitiKing Six feet apart or six feet under. Your choice.

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2023.03.22 17:25 Awkwardturtle13 Landlord withholding Security Deposit Deposit after 21 days. Any Advice for those who have gone through the same thing?

I know this is not a legal sub, but I figured any advice from anyone who lives in the same city and has gone through the same thing could be be pretty helpful.
I was renting a converted garage(not sure if it's permitted) for pretty cheap, which is why I stayed there so long. The place was kind of a dump: cracked floors everywhere, cracked ceiling, windows that are very high up and super old/barely close, the main door didn't lock properly, one of the stove burner's doesn't work, the microwave crapped out and she didn't replace it etc. Lastly and most importantly, the closet area which is behind where the garage door is leaked every time it rained, which then allowed mold to grow on the wall and carpet. I was not aware of this until my move out as I had dresser's and clothes in there(which btw the mold ruined one of my dresser's). The shower is also very far past its life and was when I moved in, it's a plastic shower and the seals were coming undone and allowing mold to grow in there despite regular cleaning. Also, they did provide a space heather but there is no central heating. The ladder to the loft also came loose and nearly fell several times. There are several more issues.
The landlord lives in another state and rents out the garage and the main house. about 2 weeks ago they contacted me saying they were pissed because they found rats and it cost them $800 for abatement. There were absolutely no rats while I lived there, I am terrified of them so I would have said something. There have been contractors in and out since I started moving out( I had 3 weeks left on the lease so I slowly moved into my new place and let the landlords friend bring contractors, stupid I know, I was trying to be nice), so who knows if they left the door open/what they brought in there. Also, the place is located along the the alleyway, where there are garbage bins everywhere, and the neighbors have a bunch of chickens right along the fence line(Having chickens myself, I have read that they attract rodents because they love their food). Also, a mutual friend I have with the person in the front house mentioned they saw rats in their place. I'm pretty sure the rat problem is on my landlord to pay for as they can not prove it was my fault for the infestation.
They also tried to tell me that the wet carpet and mold in the closet is from an animal urinating in there, which is not true and I have pictures of the work the contractor had done in there before my lease was even up. They said they were going to send me a bill for this issue too.
It has been 25 days and after arguing with my landlord about giving my deposit back, they are now illegally withholding it and have not responded to my last message. I sent a demand letter yesterday. I did clean the place but I won't lie, it wasn't cleaned immaculately, but I did not damage anything. I dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed etc. but I wouldn't say it was as good as a professional job. I would have been fine with a cleaning fee if they would have sent me a receipt within the 21 days. The stove burner was broken when I moved in and I have proof of that, but they told me it cost them $300 to fix which is BS as I left them the part to fix it, I just didn't know how to do it myself. They said they will be billing me for that too.
What should I do besides take them to small claims? Can I report them to development services and request an inspection? If it's not permitted can I report them somewhere? Also, should I text their friend that was helping them to ask her to give me my deposit back? Idk I feel like that would be pretty embarrassing if my friend found out I was illegally holding my tenants deposit lol. I am worried about the next tenant as I met the potential next renter and she is a sweet younger woman in college and I do not want her to be taken advantage of as well when she goes to move out. Plus, knowing how cheap the landlord is, they are just going to paint over the mold and not fix the shower.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice!
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