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2023.06.03 02:50 TheBonesOfAutumn In the 1970’s, two unrelated deaths occurred within the confines of a small home that once stood along Lawrence County, Indiana’s Ramsey Ridge Road. Referred to by locals as “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge,” this is the story of the unusual deaths of Dennis McArthur, and Gerry Lee.

Nestled in northern Lawrence County, Indiana, just six miles from Bedford, lies Ramsey Ridge Road. Just under three miles in length, the rural pathway once referred to as “Skin Ridge'' winds through the sparsely populated area’s dense woods atop a hill overlooking Little Salt Creek and nearby Bartlettsville. In the 1970’s, two completely unrelated deaths occurred within the confines of a modest green house that once stood along the ridge. Referred to by locals as “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge,” this is the story of the unusual deaths of Dennis McArthur, and Gerry Lee.
Dennis McArthur
On April 11, 1976, 44-year-old Pearl McArthur returned home after a lengthy stay at Madison State Hospital. Pearl, who would later be diagnosed with schizophrenia, had committed herself to the hospital in early December, leaving her 18-year-old son, Dennis, to care for the house in her absence. Accompanied by her 23-year-old daughter, April, who lived in nearby Bedford with her husband Gary, Pearl made her way inside the small two-story farmhouse.
Inside, Pearl and April found the home in complete disarray. Trash laid strewed about, lamps and furniture were overturned, and the stove was caved in, its exhaust pipe torn from the wall. It was unusually cold inside as though no heat had been recently used, and a strange smell permeated the air.
Alarmed, Pearl and April began to frantically search for Dennis. As they made their way over to a small couch located in a bedroom on the second floor, they noticed a pile of blankets lying on the sofa. As Pearl peeled back the layer of quilts, she was met with a horrific scene; Dennis’s decomposed body lay beneath the bedding. They immediately summoned police.
Dennis was found in a fetal position on the couch, facing inwards. Although covered by quilts, he was nude from the waist down. The coroner estimated he had died one to two months prior, however the cold weather had, in part, delayed the decomposition process making it difficult to give an exact time of death. During an autopsy, it was discovered that Dennis was severely emaciated, to the point of starvation. No evidence of external or internal injuries were found.
Police discovered several bottles of pills in the home; vitamins used for energy, an antidepressant, and a drug used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. All of the pills were prescribed to Pearl, and were still relatively full. A toxicology test was conducted and proved negative, however the state pathologist who performed the test admitted that the test was incapable of detecting substances such as LSD. He also explained due to the amount of time that had passed since his death, the tests might not be one hundred percent accurate. Dennis’ cause of death was listed as malnutrition and exposure.
Investigators found several clues at the scene that struck them as odd. Although the cabin appeared ransacked, nothing seemed to be missing, including a small amount of money that was found within the disheveled home. Along with money, a small amount of, now spoiled, food was found in the cabinets and refrigerator. An upstairs window was found to be broken from the inside. Also upstairs, investigators discovered several large pools of blood, including one beside the couch where Dennis’ body was found. They also found blood on the backside of the couch, on a rug, and on the kitchen door frame, along with splatter on a wall. Testing confirmed the blood to be human.
Dennis was well known to both police and the county’s social workers. His mother, Pearl, was frequently in and out of mental institutions leaving Dennis and his two siblings to fend for themselves. The children’s father, Walter, had abandoned the family and moved to Georgia years prior. In 1972, Dennis was arrested for theft and truancy. That same year, he was expelled from school and never returned.
He was again arrested in 1973, this time for driving without a license, fleeing from police, possession of alcohol, and curfew violation. After his release, Dennis was sent to live with a man named Al Hagopian, a case worker for the Youth Services Bureau. Al was quoted as saying; “Finding him a place to stay was hard. The house where he had been staying was pretty grubby, and the state thought he was too young to live alone. His mother was in and out of hospitals a lot and he worried about her constantly. He didn’t want to return home, but said he had to go back to help care for his mother.”
Al discovered that Dennis “read and wrote backwards,” and was “practically illiterate.” After reviewing Dennis’ school records, he found multiple instances where teachers labeled Dennis as having disciplinary problems when it came to schoolwork, however not once did they mention he had a clear learning disability. Al further explained that attempts to secure employment for Dennis were nearly never successful. Aside from being unable to read or write, he had no vehicle. He also had no stable address or phone number and was oftentimes dirty and dressed in near rags.
Dennis’ unfair hand he had been dealt did not stop him from trying to act like an average kid most of the time, Al added. He explained that Dennis had an interest in cars, enjoyed hanging out with his friends, and was always chasing girls. He had also told Al he wanted to someday save up enough money for a new guitar, as he loved to play music. Al admitted that Dennis was also into the “street scene” and had dabbled in drugs and alcohol. Dennis returned home after two months of living with Al.
In 1974, after another arrest and his subsequent release from a youth detention center, Dennis went to live with his father for a short time. Dennis’ arrest had made headlines when it was learned the young man had been kept with adult men for a long period before being transferred to the youth detention center. Dennis and Walter reportedly couldn’t get along, however, and Dennis ran away to Florida. He lived there for a few months, washing cars to make money, before returning to the home on Ramsey Ridge in Indiana in 1975. He was again arrested, this time in Bloomington, Indiana for carrying a concealed weapon, alcohol consumption, and curfew violation. At the time of Dennis’ death, the charges against him were still pending.
According to his sister, April, she had gone to visit Dennis at the home on Ramsey Ridge on Christmas Eve. April said Dennis was sitting on the couch, playing his guitar. He also showed her a new rug he had purchased for the home. According to her, he seemed his usual self and the home was clean. April offered him some money, however Dennis refused claiming he had enough to get by.
Lucy Lively, an aunt of Dennis’ who lived “within hollering distance,” claimed she entered the home on February 1st to turn off a lamp that had been left burning. While she did not see Dennis, she claimed the home's interior was in normal order. Joe McArthur, Dennis’ paternal grandfather who also lived nearby, said it was not unusual for Dennis to disappear for long periods, so he thought nothing of the youths' absence as of late.
When Walter, Dennis’ father, was informed of his son's death, he informed police that Dennis, along with two male friends, had come to visit him in Georgia in mid December. He gave a description of the two teens and told police they had been introduced to him as “John Boy'' and “Blonde John.”
Police were able to track down “Blonde John” who was identified as 18-year-old John Fonk of Bloomington, Indiana. John told investigators that he and Dennis had driven to Florida together in October, not December, as Walter had stated. John explained they had stopped by Walter’s home in Georgia on their way back home. He was confident in the date as he had joined the Air Force in December. He also explained that “John Boy” had been a hitchhiker they had picked up along the way. According to John, “John Boy” rode back to Indiana with the pair, but he had not seen him, or Dennis since. He described him as being in his mid 20’s. After learning of the discrepancy in Walter’s story, police again tried to contact him, however phone calls and letters went unanswered. Unfortunately, they were never able to identify “John Boy.”
Further questioning of social services showed that Pearl had filled several grocery orders provided by state services, however the orders ceased when she had been again hospitalized. Eventually the Lawrence County Welfare Office had taken control and promised to look in on Dennis, however they could provide no evidence they had followed up on the case. They suggested that Dennis, overwhelmed with his impoverished lifestyle, had simply starved himself to the point of being comatose, before succumbing to the harsh cold of winter. They were quoted as saying “We were aware of him of course, but he never came to us. We don’t go looking for people if they don’t come to us for help. Now if he had, we would have done something.”
The local sheriff as well as members of Dennis’ family were unsatisfied with Dennis’ listed cause of death and continued to pursue the investigation for several months. Unfortunately due to a lack of funds, more elaborate tests that may have presented some clue as to how Dennis died could not be conducted. Sheriff Robbins was quoted as saying, “This is a very disturbing mystery, because even if someone confessed to killing him, I doubt we would have the evidence to prove it. But it sure is hard to believe he could kill himself like that, by just laying down and dying. We aren’t closing the case, it will remain open. But until we have something more to go on, there’s not much more we can do at this point.”
Dennis was laid to rest at Heltonville’s Gilgal Cemetery. Few attended the modest closed casket funeral and subsequent burial. One journalist gave a last description of Dennis’ final resting place,
“The dogwood trees are in full bloom on the hillsides of Gilgal Cemetery, and though Dennis’ body now rests peacefully beneath a carpet of fallen petals, his soul will surely never rest until the reasons behind his death are discovered.”
Pearl, Dennis’ mother, passed away in 2000 at the age of 67. Walter, Dennis’ father, died in 1988. His sister, April, passed away suddenly in 2006 at the age of 53. Dennis also had an older brother, Gordon, who passed away in 1994 at the age of 42.
Gerry Lee
On the evening of May 28, 1978, police were again summoned to the little green house on Ramsey Ridge. The home was now occupied by 27-year-old Gerry Lee, a divorced self employed carpenter, and his roommate, 25-year-old Michael Davis. When police arrived, Michael informed them that Gerry had committed suicide.
Gerry was found hanging from a maple tree located 20 feet from the home's front porch. The rope had been tied off to a branch approximately 10 feet above the ground and fashioned into a noose. His feet were found to be touching the ground, and his knees were bent. Blood was discovered on Gerry’s hands and pants, despite having suffered no visible wounds. An autopsy would reveal that Gerry had died of asphyxiation as a result of a fracture to his cricoid cartilage located at the base of his larynx. The coroner stated this was not an injury normally associated with suicidal hangings, but instead blunt force trauma to the throat. Inside, more blood was found on a television set, the phone, and on the kitchen floor. A window on the home's back door had been broken from the outside, leaving shards of glass lying on the kitchen floor.
When questioned, Michael gave an explanation for the unusual findings. He claimed that he, Gerry, and two other friends, Mike Oakly and Roberta Chandler, had spent the day in nearby Bedford before the foursome returned to the home on Ramsey Ridge. There, Michael told police that he and Gerry got into a “friendly scuffle” that resulted in Michael falling into the window in the kitchen. He suffered a deep laceration to his forehead that left him bleeding profusely.
According to Michael, Roberta and Mike accompanied him to seek medical treatment in Bedford, while Gerry stayed behind at home. Michael returned home alone from the hospital, having left Roberta and Mike in town. It was then he discovered Gerry’s body and summoned police. He added that that evening Gerry had threatened to shoot himself multiple times with one of the loaded guns kept in the home.
When Roberta and Mike were taken in for questioning, they gave similar accounts of the night's events. Both were released. Aside from having a visible wound, medical staff confirmed Michael had been to the hospital that evening, having sought treatment for a laceration to his forehead.
Still, both the prosecutor and the county coroner stated they were not entirely satisfied with a verdict of suicide. The coroner stated “Some things have not fallen into place like they should with a suicide case. Although it looks as though it could be a suicide, there are so many angles that do not fit in with the suicide verdict.” The prosecutor agreed, “I’m not satisfied with how the investigation was handled,” he said, “and there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Several months later, Gerry’s case was brought before a grand jury who ultimately returned a verdict of “probable suicide.”
Gerry was laid to rest in Bedford’s Breckenridge Cemetery. Despite his death being declared a suicide, many locals, including Gerry’s friends and neighbors, continued to believe that something more sinister may have happened that evening, and the suicide was in fact staged. The community’s more superstitious elders shared a similar belief, however adding that a “strange ethereal force” inhabited the room where Gerry once slept, and where two years prior the body of Dennis had been discovered.
Whatever your opinion may be, it seems for some the books will never fully be closed on “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge.”
Newspaper Clippings, Death Certificates, Photos-
Find a Grave Dennis-
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National Library of Medicine-,the%20cricoid%20cartilage%20of%2020.6%25.
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2023.06.03 02:29 Drakolf TftM- Impeccable Service:

It was an older profession, one that had maintained its presence even after the dissolution of the wealthy elite. Butlers were trained to manage a household, to keep things clean and organized by efficiently delegating tasks to workers, to make life as easy for their employers as possible.
There had been a certain degree of prestige attached to the title, even though they were effectively well-trained household managers- both in terms of working to keep things neat and tidy, as well as ensuring everyone was doing their job correctly.
In the past, anyone with the money could train to become one, approximately 15,500 Euros before the Galactic Standard Credit was adopted, albeit this was on the higher end of training.
They were expensive, certainly, but with hoarded wealth returned to circulation and inflation largely taken care of as a result of this, anyone with a decent job could afford one, or if they so chose, become one.

Alex had always had a special interest in butlers, a mixture of ADHD and autism contributing more toward this fixation than any of the benefits of the job. He'd always liked helping people, but with the stress of everyday indirect conversation flying over his head- passive aggressive remarks as to what needed done without explicitly stating such being a major contributor- he'd found that a more rigid system of expectations and rules benefited him more.
And as far as his family was concerned, the exact job didn't matter as long as he thrived in it.
The clicking sound of the stimulation device in his hand soothed his nerves as he anxiously awaited meeting with his potential employer. He'd had plenty of practice ignoring that lingering doubt that he'd forgotten to take his medication, even though he was absolutely certain that he had, even so, it wasn't quite enough to avoid the need to stim.
He took a silent, deep breath, fully aware of the sensation of his lungs filling up, the formal vest only slightly constricting against his chest- a pleasant sensation, a gentle pressure- and he exhaled equally silently.
The clicking was subtle enough that most Humans could barely hear it, Alex's hearing wasn't any better than the average Human, it was just more sensitive to specific sounds. He liked the soft clicking.
A knock sounded against the hardwood door, the clicking stopped, the device stowed away surreptitiously as Alex put on his Normal Face.
Meeting with a client was among the most important steps for hiring, it was just like a job interview- and he'd suffered through plenty of those. Stand up, approach the door, open it while-
"Please come in." Alex spoke. He needed to present as good an impression as possible, demonstrate that he was more than capable of doing the job. "May I get you some refreshment, sir?"
Rohirr worked in the government- not the Hedron, everyone knew that could either be the best or worst thing to happen to a political career- but as a local politician in the American state of Oregon, the mayor of Salem.
He'd immigrated to Earth after the Human-Caniti War, having made planetfall and having the best time of his life while his life was on the line, even when he'd been taken as a prisoner of war. The fact that the Humans didn't even bat an eye at his running for mayor didn't even shock him, their species had each other's respect.
After all, the enemy you cannot kill is your best friend.
He regarded the Human in formal business attire with great scrutiny, he could immediately tell the Human was putting up a guarded front, his expression was too stoic, the delivery of his spoken words sounding more like rote memorization than anything natural.
This presented a challenge.
"Tea, and one of those nice little pastries. The one with cucumber." Rohirr rumbled. He was easily twice the height of the Human, some small part of him- probably the part that reared its head only now that his pups were recently born- wanted to pick the Human up by his scruff and sit him on the couch.
The fact that Humans didn't have a scruff didn't occur to him until he was sat down, the Human already in the process of pouring him a cup of tea, the pastries already laid out on a plate.
Efficient, he hadn't even noticed the Human getting everything set up for him.
The Human set the tea pot on a plate designed to prevent heat from leaching into the table and damaging the finish. "Please enjoy, sir. Is there anything else you require before we begin?"
Anything else, huh? What was it the Humans liked to do? "A breeze would be nice." He remarked, trying not to think too hard on if that phrase was too non-specific. The way the Human's expression shifted ever so slightly intrigued Rohirr, there was a moment of silence.
"Of course, sir." He replied, walking over to the window and opening it. A breeze blew in, bringing with it the cool air of a late spring day. The Human looked at Rohirr. "Anything else, sir?"
Rohirr shook his head, and the Human sat down across from him.
Canicians had always appreciated Human military gear for its practical defense, it had stymied the worst of their bites and claws, and had held up surprisingly well to their ballistics and energy-based weaponry. Human business suits were a close second.
The uniform design and the fact that they could be tailored exactly to the wearer's proportions made it moderately popular among more politically-minded Canicians. Plus, the sight of them being torn to shreds after a headed debate was alluring in its own right, but their relatively expensive nature also meant that needlessly fighting in them became too expensive.
They usually wore them both for the style, and because it 'humanized' them enough.
Humans, of course, wore them better. They didn't need to be careful, or risk ripping them to shreds, and there was something to be said about the professionalism of Humans wearing one.
It was why the Human intrigued him, because it was clear that professionalism was an ongoing effort.
The Human breathed in, it was silent, only noticeable by the notable swelling of his chest. Nervousness?
The Human began with thanking Rohirr for his time. "As you are a busy man, I will be brief-"
"Take as long as you need." Rohirr interrupted. "I am here to hire someone to help maintain my den, keep my pups in line, and deal with the stuff that's too annoying to deal with myself." Blunt, honest, not something Humans often appreciated, but considering that brief pause when he used passive language, it was worth trying.
"Of course, sir." Came the immediate response, most Humans were put-off by his brusque nature, even though it was that brevity that won him the election. This one responded well, even seemed relieved. "I am fully trained to manage your household. I am qualified to interview and hire any staff you may need within a set budget, at your discretion, and have the skills necessary to establish routines, schedules, staff hierarchy, and setting the standards that will ensure your comfortable and uninterrupted lifestyle."
He was back to the rote memorization, a script read and re-read countless times. As the Human listed off the qualifications he had- which included, but was not limited to establishing menus, coordinating cooking, cleaning, clothing care and maintenance- Rohirr realized that he'd completely forgotten to ask their name.
"Do you have any questions, sir?" The Human asked.
"Just one, I neglected to ask your name."
The way the Human's face paled indicated to Rohirr that he had made an enormous gaffe, he was about to apologize when the Human began apologizing. "I am terribly sorry, sir. In my haste to ensure your comfort, I forgot to introduce myself and ask your name."
There was panic, the scent of stress hormones, fear.
"The fault is mine." Rohirr replied. "I was more focused on figuring out how to speak with you that I had, likewise, completely forgotten to ask."
The relief on the Human's face was palpable, he simply nodded and said, "My name is Alex Knox, sir. May I ask your name?"
"Rohirr." The Canician answered in kind. He held his hand out and the Human shook.
Alex was just coming down from a near panic attack, the reassurance of his potential client had gone a long way to help him normalize. He didn't like handshakes, the way he could feel the texture of another person's fingerprints always left him feeling gross afterwards. While white gloves weren't strictly part of the uniform, he preferred wearing them because they offered a layer of separation.
That, and they were just the right level of snug.
"Are there any other questions, sir?" He asked.
Rohirr nodded. "Yes. Do you have any chronic illnesses or similar that I need to be aware of?"
It was the question Alex dreaded, but he didn't lie. "I have autism and ADHD, sir. However, I am on medication that allows me to manage the symptoms of the latter, and my training more than makes up for my disability."
Rohirr hadn't anticipated the waves of fear-scent that emanated from the- from Alex. That paternal instinct urged him to take hold of the Human, curl up with him, and growl at anyone who dared threaten him. Shaking off the thought, he simply replied, "Is that all?"
Alex nodded. "Yes, sir."
"As I understand it, your condition comes with some difficulty in understanding indirect communcation, such as passively remarking what you want, instead of direct communication?"
"Indeed, sir."
Rohirr nodded. "Then there should be no problem. I prefer direct communication, and can provide any necessary accommodations you need for your- what was that word, again?"
"Disability, sir."
Rohirr snarled at the word. "As though you were any less!" He barked. "When can I expect you to start?"
"When do you want me to start?" Rohirr smiled at this question.
"Today, if at all possible. By chance, are you willing to work in-home?"
Alex smiled at the question, it simplified things. "Absolutely, sir."
Rohirr stood, as did Alex, and they shook hands once more. Both felt confident this was the start of a wonderful arrangement. Though, he did have one more, more selfish request. "Do you mind wearing the uniform, even on rest days? I think it looks good on you."
Alex could hardly contain his glee at the request.

Out-and-out mansions weren't often built, since more often than not, they had existed primarily as a symbol of wealth and status. That didn't stop people from trying.
Rohirr wasn't one of those people- certainly he did have a large home that could be considered mansion-adjacent- but that was primarily because Canician culture dictated that if you are in a position to accept guests into your home, that you ensure they have a place to rest. His home was accessible to the public, and it was made very clear that this was a cultural thing, and that him keeping his constituents out was a massive faux pas in his society. He also made it very clear that in his society, it was also understood he would be expected to deal with disrespect with extreme violence.
He'd hold back, of course, and he'd pay for their medical bills up to a certain Credit amount, but beyond that, he gave as many shits as he took- which was to say, none.
Alex marveled at the size of the place- while it wasn't like the buildings he'd visited and trained in, it was certainly more than he anticipated. Even though he knew the place was open to the public, he was moderately surprised that nobody who didn't live there was inside.
"There are three floors." Rohirr explained. "The first floor is what I refer to as the visitation floor. It is understood this is a public space with rules. It is also understood that any staff I hire to maintain this space are not to be disrespected, and that they are free to defend themselves as necessary. I will not fire someone for telling a rude asshole to shut up."
The first floor consisted of three sitting rooms, a room with publicly available snacks and drinks- including a keurig- a small library, and three empty rooms which seemed to be multipurpose. All of the rooms had what could be described as a minimum of decoration, things that certainly made the rooms seem less empty, but nothing of particular value or note.
"The upstairs is soundproofed, and requires a personal ID to enter. I will register your ID to our security systems and how you how to operate it in the event you feel more staff is necessary. Any questions?"
"Yes, sir." Alex replied. "You mentioned other staff?"
"Indeed. A gardener, a janitor, and security. The former two will not need to be managed by you, they are locals in need of a job due to... unfortunate circumstances." Rohirr cleared his throat before taking his ID out and inserting it into a scanner. The wall slid open, revealing an elevator. They both got in. "The latter is my brother, Grauf. Our tribe is such that family protects one another, he is aware you are here, that I have hired you, and that you are thus allowed to be present."
Alex nodded. "Understood, sir." He replied. "Will I be expected to interact with the public in any capacity?"
Rohirr shook his head. "No. In fact, the less you interact with them while on-duty, the better. If I ever have an event or such that I ask if you are willing to assist with, you are within your rights to refuse, and are not contractually obligated to."
Alex appreciated that Rohirr explicitly pointed this out, it gave him a better sense that his employer cared that he was comfortable with his job.
They stepped out onto the second floor, which was visibly different from the first floor. As Rohirr walked Alex around, he observed the different rooms.
First and foremost, there were five bedrooms, one of which was larger, the others which were somewhat smaller and had VariaBed adjustable beds- the kind that could be changed between single beds to bunk beds.
"These are rooms meant for staff." Rohirr explained. "This larger room is yours, a small perk of your position. While I would prefer staff that is willing to work in-home, I also recognize this is not always feasible or desirable. These rooms will always be available for rest, I do not want any of my staff overworked."
The rest of the rooms consisted of a kitchen, a laundry room, an elevator connected to both side entrance, the second floor, and the third floor. "The staff elevator." Rohirr remarked, as well as two bathrooms, an entertainment room, a sitting room, and a few other rooms for tailoring, spare uniforms- autofit, Alex noticed with a little distaste- a pantry, and an empty room.
"I honestly have no idea what to do with this room, you are free to use it as you see fit." Rohirr finished.
The main difference between this floor and the prior one was that this had what Alex could only describe as Canician art hanging on the walls. "May I ask as to the decorations, sir?" He asked.
"My mate likes to carve." Rohirr replied. "She supplements our income through selling her works. There is spiritual meaning attached to them, wards against evil, masks meant to invoke strength and stamina, totems meant to grant clarity of mind." Rohirr pointed at a door beside the elevator. "Stairs, in case of emergency. And in the event that the stairs are not an option-" He slid open a panel on the wall. "This chute provides an even faster exit. It is large enough to accommodate me, and it is not a pleasant descent."
"Understood, sir." Alex replied. "And the third floor?"
Rohirr nodded. They went up the elevator to the third floor. The second floor was pleasant and had character, this was very clearly meant to evoke Canician culture. While the structure was still standard, the decorations were subtly different.
"Also of spiritual significance." Rohirr stated, as though reading Alex's mind. These totems have been in my family for generations, they are literally irreplaceable. It is understood they will not remain whole forever, it is understood that they will one day break, and to my people, this is a sign that our ancestors have finally departed, and no longer need to protect us."
"I will ensure they are treated with the respect they deserve, sir." Alex replied solemnly.
The rest of the floor consisted of no less than eight bedrooms. One which was very clearly the master bedroom, and another one that also served as the security room. A heavily-scarred Canician with several mechanical limbs regarded them briefly.
"Brother." He spoke, his voice clearly synthetic.
"Grauf." Rohirr replied. "This is Alex, he is my new hire. Alex, this is my brother."
Alex remembered hearing that Canicians appreciated compliments regarding their strength, but was uncertain on how to approach that. He simply gave Grauf a respectful bow. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, sir." He stated. He chose his next words carefully. "I look forward to hearing any tales you wish to share about your past victories."
Grauf raised the only organic eyebrow remaining, then let out a soft growl. "Your Human is trying too hard."
"Better to try too hard than to be insulting." Rohirr remarked. "Don't forget to peel yourself off the screens once in a while, you're crippled, not decrepit."
Grauf laughed, it was a wet, painful-sounding wheeze that made Alex wince. "We both know I'll die before I let myself be useless." He said. "Enter, Human, you'll need to be registered into the system."
Alex approached, his ID in hand, which Grauf snatched without warning. He slid the ID into a slot, tapped a few keys, then pulled it out. "Congratulations, Human. You have access to one of the most secure buildings on this planet, my brother is expecting little from you, I expect your best."
"I will endeavor to meet your expectations, sir." Alex replied, taking his ID back.
"None of this 'sir' kraaf! If you insist on calling me by a title, you will refer to me as 'Hurr', Grauf, or- if you want to submit to me- Chief."
"Understood, Hurr." Alex replied.
Grauf nodded approvingly. "Come back to me when you've finished orientation, I should have your permissions set, and you can help me set up security clearances and hierarchies."
Alex didn't miss the appreciative glance-over from Grauf.
Beyond the rooms was a play-room, within which were three Canician pups and an older female one- Rohirr was quick to identify her as Carraf, as well as his two sons and daughter, Bif, Rouf, and Harra.
"It is my hope that you work here long enough that you at least see them to their naming ceremony." Rohirr replied.
"I am not familiar with this 'naming ceremony', sir." Alex replied.
"When they are of age, they choose their own names. It is not our place to say who they are, that is what they shall discover."
They left the pups and Carraf alone for the time being- there would be plenty of time for proper introductions later, when she wasn't focused on wrangling them. As the tour reached its end, Rohirr and Alex stepped out onto a balcony.
"Is this adequate?" Rohirr asked.
"I do not know what you mean, sir." Alex replied.
"I mean what I ask. I am not like the rich men of your people from long ago, there is no such thing as 'pedigree' among my people." Rohirr met Alex's eyes. "Is it enough?"
Alex shook his head. "That implies there is some metric by which worth is judged, sir." He replied. "If I may be so bold, I wish to share with you why I do this job."
Rohirr nodded. Alex looked outward toward the city of Salem, this had been his home for many years, its familiarity was comforting. "It has always been my dream to help others, and this is the best way I may do so. Yes, I am trained by one of the oldest butlering schools on the planet, yes, I have a certificate that indicates such- one that I will proudly hang in the room you have set aside for me. It cost me more money than I truly had, and I can tell you now, it is most certainly more than adequate."
Rohirr nodded once more. "It occurs to me that I've never discussed strict hours."
"With respect, sir, you may consider me as always available." Alex replied. "For as long as your family will have me, at least, for as long as you are able to pay my wages, I will work for you. After all, I am doing what I have always wanted."
Rohirr smiled. "Do not be surprised if we end up adopting you, then you'll never get away."
They both laughed. Alex did not stand idly by for long, nor did Rohirr. At the latter's insistence, they both worked together to ensure everyone's long-term comfort.
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2023.06.03 01:29 YeeHaw170203 [The greatest estate designer] Can anyone recommend smtg similar to this manhwa?

[The greatest estate designer] Can anyone recommend smtg similar to this manhwa?
This manhwa is literally so good and funny, and God knows how hard it is to find a good comedy manhwa these days. I found [Murim Logic] which is also a good 10/10. I would just like to relive the serotonin boost for a sec.
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2023.06.03 01:27 next3days For those in Blacksburg: Weekend Event Rundown

For anyone in town for the summer who's looking for events to enjoy this weekend, here's 25 local events you can enjoy and participate in on Saturday & Sunday.
1. 2023 Pulaski County Spring Flea Market New River Valley Fairgrounds, Dublin Saturday, June 3, 2023 and Sunday, June 4, 2023, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: $2.00, Kids 6 and Under: Free The Dublin Lions Club presents the 2023 Pulaski County Spring Flea Market celebrating 48 years. With over 20,000 visitors and 700 vendors spaces, more than a dozen different food vendors offering varied food options and the chance to eat a few of the famous "Lion Dogs", you will not want to miss this event. Check out vendors with crafts, antiques and more at the semi-annual Pulaski County Flea Market. Although over 100 spaces are under roof, it is a largely an outdoor event. The terrain is varied from asphalt, gravel and grass. Parking is free. All proceeds go to the Dublin Lions and their numerous community causes such as eyeglasses for the needy and hunger relief in the community. The event is rain or shine. Link:
2. Kunga Fest 2023: Two-Day Donations Yoga Festival In Balance Yoga Studio, Blacksburg Friday, June 2, 2023, 4:00 - 10:00 PM and Saturday, June 3, 2023, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Yoga classes and events are by donation. In Balance Yoga Studio presents their 10th Kunga Fest, a two-day Donations Yoga Festival with 100% of the donations donated to directly support the Homes of Hope Orphanage in India. Homes of Hope is a safe space for orphaned, abandoned, or trafficked young girls in India. In Balance Yoga is offering 15 donation-based classes throughout the two-day event. Hot yoga, ariel yoga, yoga classes with live music and gentle flow, are just some of the options offered. A silent auction will also be offered with bidding open until 6:00 PM on Saturday, June 3rd. Over 20 items are in the auction including a private ariel yoga session, a one-hour reiki session, an acupuncture session and more! Yoga classes and events are by donation though registration is required. Membership is not required to attend however new students will have to create an online profile in order to register. Link:
3. National Trails Day: Appalachian Trail Volunteer Trail Work Pearis Cemetary / Appalachian Trailhead Parking, Pearisburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admission: Free The Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech is hosting Appalachian Trail Volunteer Trail Work for National Trails Day meeting at the Appalachian Trailhead Parking at Pearis Cemetary. The first Saturday of June each year is designated as National Trails Day, a day to celebrate our National Trails. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available throughout the Trail. Essential trail maintenance helps protect natural resources and improves the hiking experience. Activities planned for the day include removing tress that have fallen across the Trail and are obstructing its path, cleaning out water bars and other trail tread structures of debris so that they can effectively divert water from the Trail and continue to help reduce erosion, as well as trimming back woody bushes that might be encroaching on the sides of the Trail. This work will be taking place on Hemlock Ridge, the stretch of Trail between the Celenese plant and Clendennin Road. There will be a shuttle planned to allow for a 3-mile hike through, performing work along the way. No previous experience required and all ages are welcome. The club will provide tools, training, and personal protective equipment. While it is free to volunteer, registration is required to ensure enough supplies will be available. Link:
4. American Red Cross Blood Drive with Brunch Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, June 3, 2023, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Meadowbrook Public Library and the Meadowbrook Center hosts an American Red Cross Blood Drive. Help save a life by donating blood. Brunch will be provided for donors and they may select a used book to take home. Books compliments of Friends of the Library-Meadowbrook Chapter. The blood drive is sponsored by Craighill Masonic Lodge and Meadowbrook Library. Link:
5. CIMA Open House Christiansburg Institute Museum and Archives, Christiansburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Christiansburg Institute Museum & Archives staff will lead museum guests on a behind the scenes tour of our archives and explain the digitization process. Explore the history of Christiansburg Institute and African American history in Southwest Virginia. No registration is required. Link:
6. Survival Skills Workshop Series: Part 2: Edible and Medicinal Plants Pulaski County Library, Pulaski Saturday, June 3, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Admission: Free The Pulaski County Library continues their Survival Skills Workshop Series with "Part 2: Edible and Medicinal Plants". Learn about edible and medicinal plants and enjoy some pine needle tea. Join them to learn important survival skills from a Claytor Lake ranger. This is the second part of a four-part course that will help you to brush up our survivalist knowledge and skills. All are welcome but these will be gauged for adults. Link:
7. 2023 Gospel Sing St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall, Blacksburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 12:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation presents the annual Gospel Sing. The afternoon will be filled with singing, dancing, and fellowship as six local groups including Simple Gifts, Indian Run, Glorylanders and soloists perform their favorite current and old-time gospel favorites. Food and beverage will be available for purchase. Link:
8. Historic Smithfield's June Crafters' Stitch Along Historic Smithfield, Blacksburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 12:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: Free Historic Smithfield presents June's Crafters' Stitch Along. You don't have to stitch to participate. Bring whatever craft you would like to work on and feel free to bring your paints, pencils, hooks, yarn, needles or fabric. This event is free to attend though pre-registration is appreciated. Link:
9. Music at the Villa with Craig Vaughn Villa Appalaccia Winery, Floyd Saturday, June 3, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Relax and enjoy some great music along with great wine and food. Craig Vaughn is a musician that combines extraordinary musicianship with heavy-duty fun. His high energy blend of rock, blues, pop and acoustic music equals unforgettable moments for audiences. He seamlessly goes from playing Bob Marley to The Eagles to Johnny Cash to Tom Petty to Ed Sheering to Journey to Newgrass to The Steve Miller Band without missing a lick. Kids and well-behaved dogs welcome. Link:
10. Genealogy Saturdays Alexander Black House & Cultural Center, Blacksburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Ancestry experts will be on hand to assist you as you explore your family tree. Come with questions about research and discovering your roots. Join them on the first Saturday of every month for Genealogy Saturdays. Link:
11. Puzzle Swap Christiansburg Library, Christiansburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your puzzles to swap for new-to-you puzzles. Please make sure that all pieces are there. Link:
12. June 2023 Cruiser Night Scoops Arcade, Pembroke Saturday, June 3, 2023, 5:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: Free Scoops Arcade continues their Cruiser Nights on Snidow Street in downtown Pembroke, VA. Show off your classic, modified, or new cars, trucks and bikes. Ride in style down the street and/or park and enjoy the atmosphere and oldies music. All vehicles and spectators are welcome. Hotdogs, corndogs, pizza, nachos, drinks and Scoops old fashion hand dipped ice cream and shakes will be available inside Scoops. Link:
13. Bobby and Blake Parker in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, June 3, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Rising Silo Farm Brewery presents Bobby and Blake Parker playing cozy folk music, blues and ragtime on 6- and 12-string guitar and more. Link:
14. Chico and Willie in Concert Outerspace, Floyd Saturday, June 3, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Chico & Willie perform Americana music to make you smile outside at Outerspace. Link:
15. John McEuen & The Circle Band in Concert Floyd Country Store, Floyd Saturday, June 3, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $38.00, Reserved Seating: $45.00 John McEuen has performed for 50 years worldwide with his banjo, fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. Often referred to as ‘the String Wizard’, he humorously weaves stories of his travels and family life (he has raised 7 kids), taking us on a multi-media show through where his musical path has taken him. A founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1966, John realized his teenage dream: to record with Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson. When he initiated the 1972 classic "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" album with his band the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Earl and Doc with Roy Acuff, Mother Maybelle Carter, Jimmy Martin, Merel Travis, Vassar Clements, Norman Blake gathered for an historic week in the studio. The album has been inducted in to the Library of Congress as "one of America’s most important recordings" and the Grammy Hall of Fame. John has continually performed since 1963, doing over 11,000 concerts, 300 television shows, 10,000 interviews and flown more than 4 million miles. McEuen’s rich history of creating, producing and preserving original and traditional folk music earned him the 2013 Charlie Poole Lifetime Achievement Award. He has made over 46 albums (7 solo) that have earned four platinum and five gold records, multiple Grammy Awards and nominations, CMA and ACM awards, an Emmy film score nomination, IBMA record of the year award, and performed on another 25 albums as guest artist. Link:
16. The CC Coates Band in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Saturday, June 3, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 The CC Coates Band performs blues, soul and rock n roll. Sung by the real deal and backed by a hell of a band. Link:
17. 2023 Check Farm Trail Downtown Check, Check Sunday, June 4, 2023, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Floyd Country Tourism presents the 2nd Annual Check Farm Trail at seven participating farms and businesses throughout Check, Virginia including Lil Valley Farm, Weathertop Farm, Grateful Produce, I-Tal Acres, Seven Spring's Farm and The Soup Shop. This family-friendly experience is an up-close chance to learn about agriculture through demonstrations, tastings and farm tours and more. Food and/or products will be available for purchase at most of the farms and businesses. Times and available hours vary by farm and tour stop. Link:
18. 2023 Rotary Club of Floyd Dog Show Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park, Floyd Sunday, June 4, 2023, 12:15 - 3:00 PM Dogs: $5.00 entry per class, Spectators: Free though donations encouraged The Rotary Club of Floyd County presents their 4th Annual Rotary Dog Show. Bring your dog, puppy, and/or faithful canine friend to compete in one or more of the dog show classes and ribbons will be awarded for each class. Classes for Dog Show include Best Tail, Best Treat Catcher, Best Smile, Best Owner-Dog Look-a-Like Contest, Best Trick, Cutest Puppy Under One Year Old, Best Bark, Best Mixed Breed Dog, Best Purebred Dog, Best Child Handler Under 12 Years Old and more. All dogs must should be on a short leash and up to date on vaccinations. The Humane Society will also have a table and possibly dogs to adopt. Adults and children ages 9 and older are welcome to participate with their dog in the various classes. Proceeds will be used to help build a dog park in Floyd. Link:
19. Music Jam and Car Cruise-In Wildwood Farms General Store, Floyd Sunday, June 4, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Enjoy a cruise-in with a variety of classic cars, motorcycles and other vehicles from 1:00-4:00 PM. All are welcome to bring their vehicles. And, bring your instruments and join in the music jam from 2:00-4:00 PM. Admission is free and all are welcome including non-musicians. The event is weather permitting. Link:
20. Clay Blevins in Concert Buffalo Mountain Brewery, Floyd Sunday, June 4, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Clay Blevins performs a signature mix of old and new country, pop and singer songwriter tunes. Link:
21. Book Club Meeting: Corkscrew Blacksburg Wine Lab, Blacksburg Sunday, June 4, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: $40.00 Blacksburg Wine Lab presents their June Book Club Meeting featuring the book "Corkscrew" by Peter Stafford-Bow. Josh from Well Crafted Wine has picked this book specifically for the book club and will be hosting the event. The book includes a whole chapter on South Africa and Josh is inspired to share a tasting of his favorite bottles with participants from this region, along with a selection of crafted bites from Chef Bryan. The ticket price includes the wine tasting, book discussion and crafted bites to accompany the wine. RSVP is required. Link:
22. Matt Mullins in Concert Rock House Marina, Pulaski Sunday, June 4, 2023, 3:00 - 5:00 PM Admission: Free Matt Mullins performs multiple genres of music and now resides from Beckley, West Virginia after a stay in Southwest Virginia. A loud and sometimes profanity filled personality, you can't help but love to hate his shake, rattle, and roll nonsense. By spending the better part of the last decade creating songs with some of his favorite artists, (in particular The Boatmen) it has helped shape this songwriters methodology. Relating to back porch memories, and moving listeners to undoubtedly feel that he's got music in his bones. Link:
23. Sunday Mountain Music Series with Kris Hale Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke Sunday, June 4, 2023, 4:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Kristopher Hale is a native of Roanoke, Virginia. Currently a Adjunct Professor of Music at both Radford University and Lynchburg College in Virginia, he also teaches guitar and music theory privately throughout the New River Valley and Roanoke areas. He is a sought after performer, appearing in public and private events throughout Virginia playing classical music to The Beatles. Stop by Salt Pond Pub every Sunday starting Memorial Day weekend through Sunday, August 20th for live music and delicious food and drinks. Perfect for relaxing with the whole family (furry friends welcome too). Link:
24. Open Mic Night (Family Friendly and 18+ Segments) The Beast of Blacksburg Pizzeria & Bar, Blacksburg Sunday, June 4, 2023, 4:00 PM - 01:00 AM Admission: Free The Beast of Blacksburg Pizzeria & Bar kicks off their Open Mic Nights with two segments offering a full evening of local talent. From 4:00-8:00 PM, family friendly material will be performed and then from 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM, the open mic is open to adult material for ages 18 and up. Note: Any group acts of more than two performers should message them on Facebook to make the necessary arrangements. Link:
25. Mist on the Mountain in Concert Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston Sunday, June 4, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free Mist on the Mountain is an Irish Traditional Music group based in the New River Valley of southwest Virginia. From lively jigs and reels to heartbreaking laments and rollicking ballads, Mist on the Mountain provides great Irish music for any occasion. Reservations are not required, but recommended for dining area seating. Link:
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.03 00:43 recruitnurses Travel Nurses – Med Surg. RN- 6 Weeks – 36 hours - $2,160 Weekly gross in Mt Pleasant, IA 52641

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2023.06.03 00:37 Alarming_String1946 Andrew Wold Investments LLC, Misc. LLCs + CoOps

To be honest I'm unsure of the relevancy of any of the information I've compiled over the past few days, but felt the need to put it out there just in case it can be of any use to anyone. Albeit I've done my best to be thorough I do accept that I may have missed and or misinterpreted the information found, such as acquisition costs of real estate, permits listed below as well as attorneys associated with Andrew Wold. I'm not here to speculate, but just wanted to put out what I've found. All information has been obtained through public record via Iowa Secretary of State, Scott County Electronic Docket Record search, Scott County Property search and Scott County Permit search.
Also apologies if incorrect Flair used - wasn't sure which route to go.

Confirmed Owned By Andrew Wold Business(s):
324 Main Street - AQ 6/21 $4.193 - Davenport Hotel LLC - The Davenport (Licandro Leases Unit - Active)
219 W 4th St - AQ 06/21 $4.193 - Davenport Hotel LLC
217 Brady Street - AQ 03/20 $660 - Andrew Wold Investments, LLC
307 W 6th Street - AQ 02/20 $1.160 - Andrew Wold Investments, LLC
518 Harrison St - AQ 02/20 $1.160 - Andrew Wold Investments, LLC
1028 Harrison St - AQ 07/15 $10,680 - Andrew Wold Investments, LLC
923 E 6th Street - AQ 10/19 $83,500 - Andrew Wold > Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 12/19 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 10/22
311 Kirkwood BD - AQ 10/19 $40k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
317 Kirkwood BD - AQ 11/19 $100k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
633 Kirkwood BD - AQ 9/19 $100k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 10/22 QCD $0
1427 Jersey Ridge RD - AQ 10/19 $160k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 12/19 QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
1315 Belle Ave - AQ 10/15 $22k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
1440 Jersey Ridge RD - AQ 10/19 $160k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 12/19 QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
314 E Rusholme St - AQ 10/19 $95k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 12/19 QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
2224 Iowa St - AQ 09/19 $97k - Andrew Wold > 12/19 Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
2215 Jefferson Av - AQ 11/19 $75k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
801 E Rusholme St - AQ 09/19 $110k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
2415 Farnam St - AQ 10/19 $65k - Andrew Wold > 12/19 Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
201 E Dover Ct - AQ 09/19 $130k - Andrew Wold Investments
211 E Dover Ct - AQ 09/19 $84,900 - Andrew Wold > 12/19 Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
2702 Leclaire St - AQ 10/19 $165k - Andrew Wold Investments > 12/19 Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0
221 W Pleasant St - AQ 09/19 $105k - Andrew Wold > 12/19 Andrew Wold Investments LLC QCD $0 > 10/22 QCD $0
2602 Harrison St - AQ 11/19 $116k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
2631 Main St - AQ 11/19 $91,500 - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
2801 Harrison St - AQ 11/19 $120k (Purchased from Licandro Management LLC) - Andrew Wold Investments LLC
311 W 3rd St - AQ 4/22 $999,313 - Dorothea, LLC
2612 Harrison St - AQ 05/15 WD $0 - Andrew R Wold > 05/15 Andrew Wold Investments QCD $0 > 12/15 Harrison St CoOp QCD $0 > 05/16 Harrison St CoOp QCD $0
313 Harrison St - AQ 12/19 $1.5 - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 12/19 307 Harrison St CoOp QCD $0
246 W 3rd St- AQ 12/19 $1.5 - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 12/19 246 W 3rd St CoOp QCD $0
Found Business(s) Under Andrew (R) Wold (confirmed by Home Office Location / Signing of Incorporation):
Davenport Hotel L.L.C - 05/21 Addition of Officer Kerr, Leonard per
Alliance Contracting
Andrew Wold Investments LLC
Village Property Management LLC
Dorothea LLC
246 W 3rd Street Cooperative*
1224 Main Street Cooperative*
917 W 3rd Street Cooperative*
909 W 3rd Street Cooperative*
307 Harrison Street Cooperative*
Harrison Street Cooperative*
Perry Street Cooperative*
Business (Potentially) Associated To Andrew Wold:
739 Perry Street Cooperative** - Tawna Kerr Signed Articles of Incorporation
Attorney: MICHAEL L. GORSLINE Home Office: 1609 N. ANKENY DR., #200
Kerr Enterprises LLC - - shares same PO box as Davenport Hotel LLC per
Attorney: JOHN D. HUNTER Home Office: 1609 N. ANKENY BLVD. #200
246 W 3rd Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
Attorney: MICHAEL L. GORSLINE Home Office: 3629 CEDARWOOD CT
1224 Main Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
917 W 3rd Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
909 W 3rd Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
307 Harrison Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
Harrison Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
Perry Street Cooperative* - Andrew Wold Signed Articles of Incorporation
Address / Building Potentially Associated To Andrew Wold:
The Roslyn Flats - 739 Perry Street - Sold to Kerr Enterprises LLC 10/19 $960,400 > 12/19 739 Perry St CoOp QCD $0 - Reviews as recent as 12/22 claim Andrew Wold as management - Listed by Sarah Tyler + Libby Mills per Zillow Listing 06/01/2023 - Contact Point is Village Property Management per current tenants 06/02/2023
The Berg - 246 W 3rd Street - Quit Claimed $0 From Andrew Wold LLC 11 days after AQ
7086 E Valley Dr - AQ 1/22 $200k - Andrew Wold Investments LLC > 05/22 Tyler Sarah QCD $0
400 N Main St- AQ 06/21 $2.640 - Kerr Enterprises - Found Facebook Comments State Andrew has hand in management of prop - Home Office of Licandro Management
1605 Harrison St - AQ 01/18 $102k - Village Property > Sold to Andrew Wold Investments LLC 01/12 $165k > Sold To Kerr Enterprises 03/21 $525k (Alliance Contracting Office Located in building at Address per
1601 N Harrison St - AQ 12/14 $53,600 - Village Property Management LLC > Sold To Kerr Enterprises 03/21 $175k
Attorneys Involved in Andrew Wold Cases:
MICHAEL L. GORSLINE (Village Property, 739 Perry Street CoOp., 246 W. 3rd Street CoOp,)
ROBERT H GALLAGHER (07821 STP224465, 07821 SMCR235719, 07701MUNTA0049047, ) (Potential relation to Bettendorf Mayor Robert S. Gallagher)
ROBERT S. GALLAGHER (07821 SCSC235169, 07821 SCSC235170, 07821 SCSC235166 )
KEVIN HALLIGAN ( 07821 LACE135491 )
ANDREA D. JAEGER (07821 STA0314532, 07821 NTA0314529 )
PETER GLENN GIERUT (07821 SRCR413113, 07821 EQCE134739, 07821 SCSC240383)
CALEB RAHN (07821 SRCR413113)
LAWERENCE LAMMERS (07821BESTWG378290, 07821BGST100936)
Found Building Permits w/ Alliance Contracting:
Building Permit 21-106828 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-56229 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services - Fail Elect + Mech
Building Permit 20-84025 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-106816 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-102885 > Andrew Wold Investments LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 20-80150 > 739 Perry Street Cooperative hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-22769 > WAUKEE INVESTMENTS I LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-56727 > KERR ENTERPRISES LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-57086 > KERR ENTERPRISES LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 21-57086 > LICANDRO MANAGMENT hires Alliance Contracting for services
Building Permit 20-84861 > KERR ENTERPRISES LLC hires Alliance Contracting for services
Failed Inspections:
307 W 6th St - The Roosevelt
- Permit 21-56231 - Mech Final Fail
- Permit 21-56230 - Elect Final Fail
- Permit 21-56229 - Mech + Elect Final Fail
- Permit 23-2610 - Elect Final Fail
- Permit 23-2909 - Gas Meter Release Fail
- Permit 23-8239 - Elect Final Fail
311 W 3rd St - The Dorothea
- Permit 22-68798 - Elect Final Fail
- Permit 22-72625 - Elect Final Fail
- Permit 23-15516 - Elect Final Fail

217 Brady St - M Lounge
- Permit 20-47526 Mech Final Fail (no inspections called for)
- Permit 20-84025 Building Final Fail (no inspections called for)
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2023.06.02 23:22 VolumesfromBBcom Trip Report - 2 Weeks Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara/Osaka/Tokyo (First timers!)

Hello! Excited to share back a Trip Report in hopes to share learnings recommendations and hopefully add value here. Went mid-May.
About us We are late 20's couple. From North America. One thing to note, we don't drink alcohol, but we love coffee and snacks.
Top Takeaways: Tips
  1. 7/11 breakfast was pretty great each day. The pancakes and smoothies were delicious. Very affordable and seemed to do the job well.
  2. For dinner places we found that either go early - ie 5pm or go late to avoid long waiting times. We saved tons of time by doing early dinners.
  3. When struggling on crane games, the attendants are more than happy to help you.
  4. If you don't like crowds, found some of the most relaxing times in Tokyo were pre-10am at a coffee shop or wandering around city side streets.
  5. The weather seemed to be ALWAYS changing, keep very close eye on it as it sometimes changes hourly. A cloudy rainy day could turn to sunny by the time you check again. Important for trying to see Fuji.
Top Takeaways: Recommendations
  1. Ryogoku was a really pleasant place to have as home-base in Tokyo. Very casual, some good restaurants nearby, and Sumo wrestlers walking to work every morning was a huge highlight. It's also close to 2 lines and a 7/11 and found most trips within 30 minutes train ride. I personally would not have enjoyed staying in busier places like Shinjuku or Shibuya.
  2. Be very flexible with your itinerary. Planning out general areas to explore or specific stores or restaurants to visit are good, but after that be flexible. We found that we had a ton of free time actually which allowed us to feel very relaxed. It also helps if you want to make a trip to Hakone, Gotemba, or Mt. Takao - especially if you want to see the elusive Fuji. Speaking of which the cameras at Gotemba, Hakone, and Kawaguchiko can help advise on visibility.
  3. If budget permits, staying in a Ryokan can be a nice break from hotels and can help you relax a bit more on your trip. Not only did it allow us to finally do laundry, but also just felt more private and refreshing in the middle of a trip.
  1. Lunch/Dinner staples: Ichiran & Gyukatsu Motomura (value especially for these two)
  2. Coffee (Pour-over): Glitch Ginza (the ladies there were absolutely phenomenal)
  3. Coffee (speciality): Glitch (Osaka), Arabica (Kyoto), Blue Bottle Truck (Tokyo)
  4. Pokemon Store: Shibuya since you can make a custom shirt and had very wide selection
  5. Part of Tokyo: Shibuya
  6. Gashapon Spot: Aeon Mall (Kyoto)
  7. Crane Game Arcade: Fuchu had extremely friendly staff, Shinjuku probably best variety
  8. Temple: Senso-Ji + Fushimi Inari
  1. Pocket wifi: the screen of it cracked somehow, I kept it in my pocket and all I did was walk so not sure how that happened. But would recommend people to be careful with that aspect of it.
  2. A local in Fuchu randomly approached me at the train station and started asking me questions in English and it threw me off since that had not happened for the entire 2 week trip. I ended the convo with him early because I felt sketched out but he honestly probably just wanted to practice English. Felt terrible about that.
Brief Day by Day Overview Day 0 (Arrived mid-afternoon): Checked into Hotel. Stayed in Ryogoku. Wandered around the area & stumbled upon Yokoamicho Park which was calm, the river running through the city also had tons of jellyfish. Lasted until about 7pm, ate 7/11 dinner slept by 8pm till 7am.
Day 1 (Sibuya): 7/11 breakfast then Camelback for coffee. Wandered into Shibuya Centre (short walk) around 10am or so and was super quiet and played some crane games. Went to Parco for 11am opening, checked out the Pokemon Centre there. Lunch at Ichiran nearby (so good). Afternoon coffee at Kitsune. It started raining so spent rest of day at arcades in Shibuya.
Day 2 (Harajuku/Shinjuku): Made it to Blue Bottle around 8:30/9ish, then walked to Gyukatsu Motmura in Harajuku, got there around 10:30 and into a barseat for its opening for lunch. So good. Did Takeshita street, visited SanRio store. Super crowded. Then walked to the Meiji Jingu park. Which was nice to get some fresh air in such a crowded area. Wandered back into the city centre to see Godzilla, play some crane games, and look at the 3D Cat billboard. Had poke dinner and finished evening at Omoide Yokocho.
Day 3 (Tsukiji/Chuo/Ginza/Minato): Started day at the fish market. Daifuku and macha latte were great. After went to Chuo Pokemon Centre. Afternoon coffee at Glitch in Ginza. Explored some shops including the massive Uniqlo. Stumbled upon a cosy/amazing hidden gem Udon place called Kyoto Udon Kitsunean for a late lunch. Trained over to Tokyo Tower, finished day with dinner back in Ryogoku called Ichikatsu.
Day 4 (TeamLABS/Sumida/Asakusa): Did TeamLABS at 9am, very awesome experience, and great start to the day. Stumbled upon the Blue Bottle Coffee Truck in Toyosu which seemed to have an exclusive latte flavor. Was relaxing and a nice morning view. Did Skytree next including Pokemon Centre. Then did Senso-Ji and Nakamise-Dori. Melon pan was amazing. Explored the pottery shops nearby and finished with dinner at Kura Sushi.
Day 5 (Kyoto): Took Shinkansen to Kyoto, got their early afternoon. Stayed near Toji Station. Explored To-ji temple and Pagoda and also the Aeon mall for some crane games and Gashapon Bandai official store (huge). Did the main strip in Kyoto after, had some really great JBBQ at Yakiniku Yamakawa and tried some Kobe. Explored around the Gion district after and saw some Geisha.
Day 6 (Nara/Fushimi): Did the morning in Nara with the deer and explored the park. Loads of fun. Then made way back to Kyoto to Fushimi area. Afternoon coffee at Vermillion which was good. Did the hike up Fushimi Inari which was spectacular and well worth going up if you can for more relaxing atmosphere. Finished day off with dinner at Suba Soba which was delicious and a hidden gem.
Day 7 (Osaka): First enjoyed Glitch again in Osaka super cool atmosphere. Played some crane games, visited the Pokemon Centre, and had lunch at Okonomiyaki Chitose. Quaint and cool spot. Explored Dontonbori area in the early evening but found it incredibly busy. Finished with late dinner at Ichiran.
Day 8 (Kyoto): Did Pokemon Centre first, then Arabica for coffee and Nishiki Market area. Did some more crane games. Went back to the Gion area explored the Pagoda there and Kiyomizu-Dera. Also the matcha house which tiramisu was great.
Day 9 (Arashiyama/Kyoto): Went to Arashiyama and did the Monkey Park which was super cool experience. Baby monkeys were adorable. Also views there were great. Went back to Kyoto Nishiki area did early Katsu dinner and then spent night at a 120 year old Ryokan with open air bath, which was phenomenal experience.
Day 10 (Back to Tokyo/Akihabara): Spent morning in Kyoto, then took afternoon train to Tokyo, checked back into hotel near Ryogoku. Went to Akihabara area for early dinner at Gyokatsu Motomura and then to play crane games - pretty cool area at night.
Note - had plans to hit up Hakone the last few days but weather wasn't amazing, so kept it casual in Tokyo. Also debated on Nikko but the cost/distance was discouraging.
Day 11 (Shibuya/Kitazawa/Shinjuku): Started day for coffee at Blue Bottle Shibuya, then back to some stores in the Shibuya centre. Ichiran for lunch again then went to Kitazawa for vintage shopping. Then back to Shinjuku for crane games, also explored the new Namco entertainment centre.
Day 12 (Ginza/Bunkyo/Toshima): Morning coffee at Glitch, in afternoon went to Bunkyo Civic centre and very faintly saw Mt. Fuji (beautiful views and free). Then took the short trip to Toshima for Sunshine City.
Day 13 (Fuchu/Shibuya/Shinjuku): Spent morning in Fuchu to check out the arcades. Huge Gashapon store there. Then back to Shibuya for SKY. Finished night in Shinjuku again.
Day 14 (Morning/Fly out): Did morning coffee at Blue Bottle Shirakawa, which was cool cause also a Roastery. Got last few things - flew back home.
Any questions happy to try to help!
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2023.06.02 23:08 localfyi Local Events in Charlotte this Saturday + Sunday!

Artisan Market and Festival - 09:00 AM @ Woodlawn Community Fellowship
Free yoga class at Blakeney - 10:00 AM @ Blakeney
Saturday Morning Music - 10:30 AM @ Madison Perk Coffee Bar
Farm Yoga in Albemarle - 10:00 AM @ Naughty Donkey Farm Sanctuary, Albemarle
Golden Bull Palooza - 10:00 AM @ Johnson C. Smith University
Lemonade Fest - 11:00 AM @ Brewers at 4001 Yancey
Pre-Juneteenth Celebration - 12:00 PM @ Venue at 8470
Rosé Day Super Tasting at The Bohemian - 12:00 PM @ The Bohemian: A Wine Bar
Spring Fling Fest CLT (free, but $15 for tastings) - 1:00 PM @ 1600 West Trade Street
The Sneaker Exit - Charlotte - Ultimate Sneaker Trade Show - 1:00 PM @ Charlotte Convention Center
3rd Annual Seltzer World Festival - 1:00 PM @ South End
Free introductory squash clinic - 1:00 PM @ Charlotte Squash Club
What's On The Table? Marketplace - 2:00 PM @ Pilot Brewing
Rhythm Riot: Summer Break Kickoff for Teens - 2:00 PM @ North County Regional Library
Field Day - 2:00 PM @ Petty Thieves Brewing Co.
Adult Field Day Wet&Wild edition - 2:30 PM @ Derita Park
The Day Party- At Oasis - 3:00 PM @ 512 E 15th St
Food truck and movie night at The Green at Prosperity Village: Strange World - 5:00 PM @ The Green at Prosperity Village
Concerts @ the Circles: Southside Saints - 5:00 PM @ Davidson Village Green
Summer Concert at VAPA Center - 6:00 PM @ VAPA Center
Stein Holding Competition - 6:00 PM @ Gilde Brewery
Trap & Paint (Comedy + Hookah Edition) - 6:00 PM @ The Peace Pipe
Drive-In Movie at Badin Road Drive-In (price is per person) - 6:30 PM @ Badin Road Drive-In
Cornelius Outdoor Cinema Series: Top Gun: Maverick (adults only) - 6:30 PM @ Smithville Park, Cornelius
3.5-Year Anniversary Bash - 7:00 PM @ Devil’s Logic Brewing
Live music: Hellar Stellar - 7:00 PM @ Eleven Lakes Brewing, Cornelius
Hive Mind Spelling Bee - 7:00 PM @ Free Range Brewing
Village Park Concert: Collective Soul - 7:00 PM @ Village Park, Kannapolis.
Comedy Open Mic at The Landing - 7:30 PM @ The Landing at 4th Ward
CATCh Improv Comedy: Improv Game Night - 8:00 PM @ CATCh — Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte
Belmont Movies in the Park: Back to the Future - 8:30 PM @ Stowe Park, Belmont

Queen City Fitness Games Free Weekly Workout - 11:00 AM @ Veterans Park (Central Avenue)
Sunday Sessions at Brewers at 4001 Yancey - 1:00 PM @ Brewers at 4001 Yancey
Free Zumba Class - 1:00 PM @ Confluence, Cramerton
KLASK US Regional Games - 2:00 PM @ Divine Barrel Brewing
Charlotte Spring Carnival (admission is $5 -- rides are more) - 2:00 PM @ 4525 The Plaza
Free Live Tunes Every Sunday - 3:00 PM @ Free Range Brewing
Summer Concert Series at Seoul Food Meat Co. Mill District - 3:00 PM @ Seoul Food Meat Co., South End
Open Mic at Eleven Lakes - 4:00 PM @ Eleven Lakes Brewing, Cornelius

Want us to send you all the fun happenings in Charlotte directly to you? Join the LocalFYI newsletter (by clicking here) to get the inside scoop sent to your inbox every Monday.
Any other fun things happening this week? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.02 22:54 Pavel_Sergievsky Ukraine vs. Russia: Russian perspective.

Dear Professor Peterson,
I realize that your schedule probably won’t allow you to read this letter, least to reply. I am not expecting either of these and will not be offended. Why do I write it, then? Well, most probably because in the past several years you have been for me the voice of reason from abroad. Too many things are going in a crazy and disastrous direction, and listening to your lectures and videos have been very inspiring. It always amazes me how deeply you investigate the problem and how thoroughly you analyze it. In many cases listening to what you say have been like hearing what I always felt was true, but could not formulate and justify it myself. Thank you for that experience.
During the past year, which not only attracted the whole world’s attention to a conflict in Ukraine (at last, I’d say, war started there in 2014), but also demonstrated the unwillingness of countries and people to hear each other, I felt the growing urge to share Russian understanding of current situation and of the events that lead to it with someone who could probably be able to hear. Your name was the first to come to my mind. I hesitated until some time ago I came across the interview that you have recorded – “Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict” and it actually triggered me into writing. It occurred to me that, objective as you are, you may be unaware of some facts and interpretations, partly because modern media have mastered the art of being silent about some facts while shouting about the others, partly because you were born and raised in Anglo-Saxon civilization, with all embedded ideas and principles.
A bit about my background. Master’s degree in English language and literature, spent one year as a student in Connecticut, worked in American-owned companies for 17 years. That allows me to a certain degree to understand both sets of values.
I wanted to offer for your attention the view from the other side on what’s happening now between Russia and Western European civilization. I don't say that it is correct, I just say how Russians see it.
Very briefly, just point by point:
3 basic principles of western foreign policy
Looking at the international events of past 30-40 years, we may see 3 basic principles of international policy that the West is utilizing.
  1. Democracy is the best possible society model.
Hard to argue – there is the strongest correlation between availability of human rights in society and its prosperity. Let’s accept it as it is, although it is much more complicated and there are other factors that should be taken into account, like, for example:
a) Majority of Noble prize winners are from protestant countries. Disproportional majority if you look at country population or wealth or other factors. Why? Maybe because Protestantism urges its followers to read the Bible on their own, whereas in Catholicism you study Bible under the priest’s guidance. Encouragement for independent research must have some effect.
b) After the ancient Rome fell, and Europe lived through the Dark Ages, Arabian countries preserved much of knowledge and science. At that time Arabian East was much more cultural and civilized than Europe. What happened to them later, why they stopped developing science, how could Europe overtake them? One of the explanations is that at some point of time Muslim theologians declared that “Koran has everything”, so scientific research stopped. The legend says that under this slogan the Library of Alexandria has been burnt by Arabian conquerors.
c) There is an interesting correlation between the agricultural conditions in a certain territory and some national traits of character. That’s more than a coincidence. For example, wheat was the main crop in Europe. It doesn’t require any special irrigation, so you can well grow and harvest it alone. That means you are less dependent on other people. Hence smaller states (Germany before mid-XIX century consisted of dozens independent states), hence more independent opinions. Compare it to China. Rice requires serious irrigation works, you’ll never do it alone. In order to harvest rice, you need to organize a fairly large group of people to do a job together. And as the population grows, you need to perform those works at a larger scale, also because the easiest-to-work fields are already busy. As a result, we see that Chinese value the society more than they value an individual. A single person sacrificing his wishes for the good of the others is more acceptable for them than for Europeans.
This idea needs further thinking but it is quite possible that the liberalism and human rights developed in Western Europe to the extent we see due to a unique combination of religion, natural conditions and other factors. And it can’t be copied in other parts of the world. It can be brought to other parts of the world by immigration of people with European mentality, of course. But otherwise it can be done only by complete mentality change of local inhabitants. Not an easy task, could take generations and mean death of local culture.
  1. All people are seeking freedom and democracy, so it is our duty to help them achieve this goal. If some part of the society resists this help, it is the tyrannical part and it should be eliminated.
Yeah, really. Take up the White Man's burden… This idea is not dead yet, with all its prejudices.
In some part such understanding is based on the theory that appeared in history (history as a science!) in the UK in 18th century. This theory states that the process of human society development over time is a) linear and b) goes through the same stages in every society of the planet. One of the consequences of this theory was the statement that every society started from matriarchate – researchers came across some primitive society, ruled by women, and made their conclusion. This theory has long been proved wrong, but its influence is still alive.
Even if we accept that all countries, all societies are aiming at maximizing human rights, how justified will interference be? Good intentions are the pathway to hell. How long it took Anglo-Saxon civilization to reach modern state of human rights? Setting the Magna Carts as the starting point, it is a bit over 800 years, roughly 30 generations. Looking at the world history, we see how slowly societies change their organizational forms, evolving one into another. And you can’t forcefully speed it up. Imagine that our modern “crusaders of democracy” take time machine and show up at Hastings early in the morning on October 14th, 1066. “William, Harold, there is no need to fight. You need to run democratic elections, and everything will be ok…” Will they even understand the idea??? And what will happen the next day after they are left alone?
You have shown significant interest in Russian culture. If you care spending some more time on Russian books, I’d recommend you brothers Strugatsky ( The form of what they have written is science fiction, but the contents is all about ethics, morale, responsibility, conscience. Try «Escape Attempt», «Hard to be a God», «Overburdened with Evil».
Why I am mentioning them now is because among others they are exploring the topic of “progressors” – people from Earth of XXII century who try to speed up the history of other planets, to solve their problems, stop wars, etc. And it doesn’t end well. As one of their heroes says, “You can’t break up the natural course of history without breaking the spine of humanity.”
It’s hard to find examples of good revolutions when they are initiated from abroad. Change of regime should be supported by majority within the country – it is the guarantee that society is ready for it. What Anglo-Saxons and NATO frequently do is supporting the angry minority in its aspirations for power. And instead of peace, freedom and prosperity it brings chaos. The classic example is Libya. Over 10 years ago the country was “spared of Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule”… How do they live now? The GDP is still around 50% of what it used to be, the country is still not at peace, there are two major forces each claiming to be the legal power. How many lives it did cost already and how much time it will take free Libya to recover? Can such liberation be called anything but a disservice? In Russia we call it “bear’s help”. I don’t say that everything was good in the country when Gaddafi was alive, but aren’t they in the worse situation now?
The whole series of Arabian spring looks like a great mess, not a great success. I rely on the opinion of an expert – below is the brief translation of an article published in 2015-2016 by Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arab culture and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. I can’t find the original, unfortunately.
December 2015 was the fifth anniversary of the events known as an ‘Arabian spring’. The world applauded the heroes of the streets in Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain. Now, five years ago, those countries are still battlefields, with no light ahead. What problems have prevented them from positive development? Most of them have developed over centuries and they still prevail in mentality, remaining the dangerous rudiment.
  1. Tribalism*, that was always a survival factor in harsh natural conditions of the region. Now the conditions are different but mentality is still the same, when each person thinks of himself as a member of the clan first (family, tribe, tape, whatever…), not the citizen of the country.*
  2. Violence*. Resources are scarce, so anyone who is not the member of my clan, is a deadly threat. And the first reaction to a threat is violence.*
  3. Honour*, understood very specifically. Dishonoured person will seek revenge. It is not uncommon for a person to kill members of his own family if they dishonoured him. Honour is of primary importance in relations between countries and nations, sometimes more important than economics and healthcare.*
  4. Nepotism*, which has its roots in tribalism. Promoting your relatives to administrative positions is illegal in the West, but is part of normal practice in the East.*
  5. Corruption*. An office holder will invest in projects and regions where his tribe and supporters live, not otherwise. He feels financially responsible to his family, not to the country.*
  6. Multiple ethnic groups*, which protect their own languages and traditions. Marriages outside of a group are rare, coexistence with other groups is tense and hostile.*
  7. Islam*. Islamic extremists are sure that people who believe otherwise, are deserved to be killed.*
  8. Sunnites vs*.* shiites*. This conflict started back in 7th century as a conflict for control over Islam. Non-Islamic people see them analogous to Catholicism vs. Orthodox church, but in reality now, after centuries of religious wars, these are two separate religions, and the dialogue between them is very difficult.*
  9. Predominant culture*. Three main groups are Bedouins who live in deserts, fellahs who are the peasants, and inhabitants of the cities. Each group thinks stereotypically of other two, cross-marriages are rare.*
  10. Country borders*. British, French and Italian administration have been drawn the borders straight, just by a ruler and a pencil, paying no attention to the real borders between various groups which differ by religion and ethnicity. People who never thought about themselves as about having anything in common, are now the citizens of one country. And they don’t feel it this way.*
  11. Power change*. This is something which never happens peacefully in Arabic countries. The ethnic or religious group at power holds to it by all means.*
  12. Israel*. Arabs and Muslims don’t acknowledge Judaism as a live religion, Jewish people as a people. So for them the very existence of Israel is illegal. Plus Israel is very convenient as an external enemy, a good target for the aggression of the masses.*
  13. Oil has turned the countries of the Gulf into societies which don’t produce, but do consume without limits. The difference between wealth of the Gulf and poverty of other Arabian countries is shocking.
  14. West that interferes into the region to solve its own problems. Oil, gas, weapons – all is targeted to use natural resources of Middle East.
  15. Al Jazeera as a catalyst of social and religious unrest.
Throughout the XX-th century Europe tries to solve myriads of cultural problems of the Middle East, trying to create modern Arabic states that will fit Europe’s needs. The brightest example of Western misunderstanding of the East is the belief that Middle east can easily adopt democracy. Western democracy is based on western culture with equality of religious and social groups, minority rights, freedom of speech and opinions. Add to it religious freedom and free elections and you will get the list that is absolutely alien to Middle East.
Here’s an article by the same author on the same topic –
Here’s an interview with him –
In one of your interviews you discussed the competition between China and the US for influence in Africa. And your opinion was that China wins due to corruption of local elites. Let me offer another reason for your consideration. It is the same reason that allows Russia to gain influence in Middle East, Africa, South America. When China or Russia come to some country to cooperate, they come to cooperate, not to teach, not to judge, not to interfere into the internal affairs of the state. And people appreciate this.
  1. We have the right to decide who is democratic and who is not.
This one is undoubtedly wrong. As a psychologist, you can diagnose it, I guess. What will you call such mental blindness, when a person considers himself flawless and assumes the right to judge and punish others, like in “The House of Pride” by Jack London. And here we see a group of countries that consider themselves the best in the world, that judge other countries and feel it righteous to interfere into their life, to change it without being asked. I understand why leaders of these countries have that blindness, but I wonder how many people in these countries actually understand that it is not a radiant crusade for democracy, but a destructive raid of Normans.
De furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine.
One of the principles of democracy is separation of three powers – legislative, judicial and executive. So why then countries that consider themselves “leaders of democratic world” forget about this principle in international relations. They make the rules, they judge and they punish.
One of American diplomats said recently that USA supports international rules-based order. Sounds good, sounds undoubtedly right. But why USA and NATO forget about the rules when it is convenient? Or is it “We support international rules-based order, but our own actions should not be limited by these rules”? What immediately comes to my mind without web search:
Double standards
Speaking more about the rules… We are tired of seeing double standards. As an illustration, I will use just one aspect – the principle of integrity of the state vs the principle of the right of nations to self-determination. It looks like the West supports integrity of the state, when this state is allied or friendly to the West, and supports nation’s self-determination when the state is not. Let’s go through some examples.
- Chechnya (an autonomous republic within Soviet Union) wanted to become independent after 1991. It quickly started to use terrorism to achieve this goal. It took a lot of effort to stop the war and bring the region back to safety. Reaction of the West – support of chechens, their leader fled to London and was not deported to Russia despite all requests.
- Abkhazia (an autonomous republic within Georgian republic which was part of Soviet Union) wanted to become independent from Georgia when Georgia became independent from Russia. Resulted in a war. The conflict is still not solved. Abkhazia now is an independent state which is acknowledged by very few countries in the world. Reaction of the West – they still consider Abkhazia as a rebellious part of Georgia. Same situation about South Osetia – another region, that was an administrative part of Georgia until 1991 and that also seeks independence.
- Donetsk and Lugansk wanted to become independent from Ukraine after 2014 coup. Ukraine tried to subdue them by force and failed. Then the workplan has been signed in Minsk – what the parties of the conflict agree to do to settle. The result should have been – Donetsk and Lugansk return to Ukraine but have extended political rights, etc. Ukraine did nothing of its promises. Reaction of the West – support of Ukraine.
- Catalonia is seeking independence. And I remember that leaders of independence movement have been under political and criminal pressure.
- Scotland had a referendum about independence. And even though results were in favour of the UK, I remember how nervously London reacted.
Russia – NATO relations after 1991
This is best said by Vladimir Pozner, a journalist who spent years of his work in the USA, Russia, Europe and is one of the most known journalists of the old school (comparing to modern propagandists). Here’s the link to his speech in Yale University on September 27, 2018 –
His speech takes around forty minutes, the rest is the Q&A. To save you time, I’d summarize it here in just a couple of phrases. After Soviet Union collapsed, there was an illusion that we aren’t enemies anymore, that the world is open now, and that we will be partners or even friends. Russia dismissed the Warsaw Treaty union and agreed for Germany to unite, that looked just right – why keep a military union when we aren’t enemies anymore? Sometime later Russia made an offer to join NATO to provide world security together and was denied. Russia offered to join the EU, and was denied. Russia was promised that NATO would not expand eastward and less than 10 years later this promise was broken. Since then, we’ve been witnessing NATO getting closer and closer to our borders, inviting countries that are our neighbours and aggressively supporting those candidates to country leadership in East Europe who declared anti-Russia views. So now the illusion is over. We are enemies. And what’s worse – we don’t trust US anymore, so negotiating some new principles of coexistence will be problematic.
Briefly about history, in more details about recent times and present situation.
In 16-17th century the territory of modern Ukraine was controlled by two forces with no clear border between them. Northwest (where the city of Lvov is now) was under Polish rule, center and the region along river Dnepr – under control of “kazak military democracies” – gatherings of all people, who fled from Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Crimea and who with time formed Ukrainians as a nation. They were ruled by elected chieftains and made their living largely by either joining some military campaign for money and loot, or by robbery raids to Poland, Crimea, Turkey. They were allied to Russia due to same religion – Orthodox Christianity.
As Poland grew stronger, its pressure on the territory grew, which led to periodic rebellions. Poland is a Catholic state, and people of Orthodox Ukraine were severely oppressed. Seeking protection, Ukrainian chieftains asked Russia to include those territories into Russian state. First request came in 1591. Russia rejected this request and several others. Only in 1654 part of Ukraine, controlled by kazaks, was included into Russia. Consequences – war with Poland and tens of thousands orthodox people fleeing from Polish-controlled lands into Russian-controlled lands.
From then on Russians and Ukrainians were really ‘brother nations’. Well, it was not heaven, but it was the best available option. Same religion, very close language and mentality. And forget about oppression. Ukrainians were oppressed as much as Russians themselves.
When the WW I started, Germany and Austria-Hungary were looking for collaborators in occupied territories of Russian Empire. They promised independence to nationalists in Western Ukraine, and found people who bought the idea. Not surprisingly, the most dedicated nationalists came from the least developed region of the country. Ukraine did not become independent at that moment, but the ideas stayed and gave their fruit during WW II, when Ukrainian collaborators actively participated in Nazis’ crimes. In one of your videos you described what Unit 731 of Japanese army was doing and you warned your listeners that they will never forget it. If you will find and read witnesses’ accounts of Volhynia massacre, you will never forget it either. I read it once long ago and I never want to read it again. It was a shock to me that people are capable of such things.
In the period between 1945 and 1991 Ukraine had the same rights as any other republic. There were no impediments to preserving and developing local culture. If you lived in any republic, you learned two languages – Russian and local. National literature was actively translated into other national languages of the Soviet Union, there were no impediments to education. Soviet Union with all its flaws, really tried to unite all of its nations into one big family. (What surprises me though is why antisemitism remained. You could come from Georgia, Uzbekistan or Yakutia and pass exams to Moscow university, no problem if you are smart enough. But it could be problematic for a Jew…)
After 1991 Russia and Ukraine remained friendly states, tightly bound by economic, cultural and even family ties. Ukraine tried to get the most out of relations both with Russia and with the West and it worked fairly well for 30 years. But with time attempts to elevate significance of their own nation led Ukrainians down a dangerous path. They started to slowly eliminate all other cultures that were present in the country. This process sped up dramatically in 2014, when after a coup the nationalist forces gained influence on the government.
Official Kiev denies being nationalistic, but don’t trust what the person is saying, see what he is doing.
I live in Moscow region, so all these processes for me were just an echo of a far-away thunder. My friends who lived in Crimea, Kiev, Donetsks, Kharkov many times said how difficult it was to live in a country that is so obsessed with its own magnificence that it becomes absurd. Massive renaming of streets, destruction of monuments that signified joint Russian-Ukrainian history, rewriting of history, when traitors and criminals become heroes, heroes become butchers. Anne, daughter to Yaroslav the Wise, wife to Henry I of France is known as Anne de Russie or Anne of Kiev. But now there are attempts to call her Anne of Ukraine, even though the very term Ukraine appeared at least a hundred years after she died.
We see those nationalistic ideas demonstrating themselves in a number of ways, and we have seen them before and we know what threat they can bring if left unattended. Pay attention to a dragon when it is small, you may be unable to win when it grows up.
I don’t say that our perception is correct, I just say how we see it. And to us modern Ukraine is like a younger brother who joined a bad company and who is becoming dangerous.
Now combine these two. Ukrainian nationalism plus NATO. Two threats, one well known historically, another the most dangerous rival of the past 70 years. We see them uniting and it is really an existential threat to us. In such circumstances could we afford being blind to it, just sitting and waiting what comes next? We tried to settle it peacefully. Many times Russia said that we are worried by NATO expansion, that we are worried by Western support of nationalistic movements in our neigbour countries. No effect. The last attempt was made in autumn of 2021, when Putin offered a negotiation that should have resulted in guaranteed safety. No reply.
If there is a conflict and your rival refuses to talk, he is asking for a fight. I don’t say that war in Ukraine is the right way to solve the conflict, but who can say that we did not try to set it by negotiations?
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2023.06.02 20:58 Somnusdom Beat the heat - score some COOL DEALS & $$ at the upcoming Indy Public Library Book & Media Sale

Mark your calendars. The Indy Public Library book & media sale is BACK - starting this coming Friday, June 9 at "Friends Night" - library Friends get first crack at the goodies - from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. You can become an IPL Friend instantly with a $25 donation on site.
The PUBLIC sale opens a week from Saturday, June 10, from 10:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Indy Public Library Services Center (NOTE - that's the library's administrative HQ - it's an office building - NOT a library), located at 2450 N. Meridian. LOTS OF FREE PARKING. The store is located on the first floor to your left as you enter the building.
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Cash and charge cheerfully accepted. THE DEALS AWAIT - Check out the link for additional information:
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2023.06.02 20:47 ArchaicChaos Pneumatology 2. The Paraklétos (John 14:16-17, 26, 15:26, 16:7, 13-14)

John 14:16-17, 26: And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you to the age— the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it does not see Him nor know. But you know Him, for He abides with you and He will be in you.... But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and will bring to your remembrance all things that I have said to you.
John 15:26: When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes forth from the Father, He will bear witness concerning Me.
John 16:7, 13-14: But I tell you the truth, it is profitable for you that I should go away; for unless I go away the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you... But when He the, Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things coming. He will glorify Me, for He will take from that which is Mine and will disclose it to you.
Translating "Paraklétos"
The translation above (BLB) uses the term "helper," other translations will variously use: advocate, comforter, intercessor, counselor, etc. These are all translating the Greek word παράκλητος (paraklétos). The word itself is variously translated, not because it is difficult to understand, but because we don't have one solid English word that encompasses everything the Greek word means. This word describes someone who is para, or "close" by another and is in defense of them. This can be in defense in regards to comforting or helping with a problem, but this word is also used in legal defense, someone who advocates on another's behalf as an intercessor before a court or an audience. This is why all of these translations are used. Each does represent a different aspect of what this word means. In context, Jesus is comforting his apostles in these chapters. John 13-17 (and part of chapter 18) are all of Jesus' last night before his trials begin. John 13-16 is the "upper room discourse" where Jesus has his final words with his apostles. Chapters 14-16 are mostly repeating the same few points over and over. Namely, that Jesus will show us the way to the Father through the Spirit which will comfort them after he dies. He will soon die, and they will be comforted by the Spirit of truth. John 17 is called Jesus' "high priestly prayer," this entire chapter is Jesus' prayer to the Father. Chapter 18 is when Jesus is captured and taken to be tried. These statements about the Holy Spirit, Spirit of truth, or paraklétos, are found in the above listed verses in chapters 14-16. Jesus is comforting his apostles by telling them things before he goes to his death. He goes on to explain that he will ask for another comforter to come and comfort the apostles after he is gone. For this reason, the context seems to me to be best translated as "comforter," or "helper," because this Spirit is coming to comfort and help the apostles through the period of time after losing Christ, and as they go one their great commission. For the course of this article, we will generally leave the word untranslated for this reason.
Who is the paraklétos? The Holy Spirit
The paraklétos is the Holy Spirit. "I will ask the Father, and He will give you another paraklétos, that He may be with you to the age—the Spirit of truth... But the paraklétos, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name..." (John 14:16-17, 26). The Holy Spirit is the paraklétos that the Father will send in the name of Jesus. The paraklétos, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of truth are all equivalent terms referring to the same thing. The paraklétos is the Holy Spirit.
The 3 Trinitarian Arguments
In these passages, many Trinitarians will use them to argue three points.
-1 That the Holy Spirit is a person, due to the fact that "he" is used and not "it."
-2 The Holy Spirit is someone other than the Father or Jesus because the Father sends him, Jesus sends him, and the Spirit is "another" being sent. It follows that if the Holy Spirit is a person, and another, then you have a third person of the Trinity here.
-3 The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father due to what is said in John 15:26, the Spirit ἐκπορεύεται (ekporeuetai), or, "goes forth, proceeds from" the Father. In the doctrine of the Trinity, the procession of the persons (how the Son and Spirit come from the Father) advocates that the nature by which the Father generates the Son is through begetting, while the Spirit proceeds, or spirates. Depending on the stance on the filioque, the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, or the Father through the Son.
Argument 1, "He"
Looking at argument 1, we find that the Trinitarians do have a particular point here. In Greek, you have grammatical gender. A particular word will have grammatical gender associated with it. Common examples are "logos," or "word," which is grammatically masculine, and "sophia," or "wisdom," which is grammatically feminine. The Greek word for Spirit Πνεῦμα (pneuma), is grammatically neuter. When using a pronoun associated with the subject, the pronouns' grammatical gender must match the subject. So, if we use a pronoun associated with a grammatically feminine word, the corresponding referring pronoun must also be in the feminine gender. Our subject here is "Spirit." Which is grammatically neuter. Therefore, the associated pronoun should be grammatically neuter. However, something different occurs in these passages that we would not expect to see. While referring to a grammatically gendered word, the gender changes to a masculine when the referential word is used.
"But when He (ἐκεῖνος, ekeinos, masculine), the Spirit (Πνεῦμα, Pneuma, neuter) of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself (ἑαυτοῦ, heautou, masculine), but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things coming. He (ἐκεῖνος, ekeinos, masculine), will glorify Me, for He will take from that which is Mine and will disclose it to you." (John 16:13-14)
As we can see, while the referential pronouns are referring to a grammatically neuter word, we have them in the masculine. Compare this to Matthew 15:22:
"And behold, a Canaanite woman from the same (ἐκείνων, ekeinōn, neuter) region (ὁρίων, horiōn, neuter) having approached, was crying out saying, 'Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David! My daughter is miserably possessed by a demon.'"
The subject here, being "region," which is grammatically neuter, is paired with the same pronoun used in John 16:13-14 above, but it is also in the neuter gender.
Grammarians say that John is "breaking the rules of Greek grammar" by doing this, and this is for the purpose of referring to a person. The reason why John would change the grammatical gender from a neuter to a masculine is for the purpose of showing that the subject is specifically masculine.
Some Unitarians' Response
Many Unitarians argue that the Holy Spirit is not someone, but, something. It is "God's power," or "an active force." It is a rather impersonal object that's used by God, not a person. If the above argument from the grammar is correct, then this would disprove the Unitarian claim. It is my understanding and opinion that the objection above is correct, and this does disprove the Spirit in this case to be something rather than a person. The Spirit is not "it," but properly, "he." My argument is not against the case made for the grammar, but my argument is against the Unitarians, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, that claim that the Spirit is nothing more than an impersonal force. Under the study notes in the NWT (New World Translation, the translation made by the Jehovah's Witnesses), they say the following:
Study notes on John 14:16:
When Jesus spoke of the holy spirit, an impersonal force, as a helper and referred to this helper as ‘teaching,’ ‘bearing witness,’ ‘giving evidence,’ ‘guiding,’ ‘speaking,’ ‘hearing,’ and ‘receiving’ (Joh 14:26; 15:26; 16:7-15), he used a figure of speech called personification, that is, referring to something impersonal or inanimate as if it were alive. In the Scriptures, it is not unusual for something that is not actually a person to be personified. Some examples are wisdom, death, sin, and undeserved kindness. (Mt 11:19; Lu 7:35; Ro 5:14, 17, 21; 6:12; 7:8-11) It is obvious that not one of these things is an actual person. God’s spirit is often mentioned together with other impersonal forces or things, further supporting the fact that it is not a person. (Mt 3:11; Ac 6:3, 5; 13:52; 2Co 6:4-8; Eph 5:18) Some argue that the use of Greek masculine pronouns when referring to this “helper” shows that holy spirit is a person. (Joh 14:26) However, Greek grammar requires masculine pronouns when the activity of “the helper” is described since the word for “helper” is in the masculine gender. (Joh 16:7, 8, 13, 14) On the other hand, when the neuter Greek word for “spirit” (pneuʹma) is used, neuter pronouns are used.​
Study notes on John 14:17:
spirit: Or “active force.” The Greek term pneuʹma is in the neuter gender and therefore, neuter pronouns are used when referring to it. The Greek word has a number of meanings. All of them refer to that which is invisible to human sight and gives evidence of force in motion. (See Glossary.) In this context, “spirit” refers to God’s holy spirit, which is here called the spirit of the truth, an expression that also occurs at Joh 15:26 and 16:13, where Jesus explains that “the helper” (Joh 16:7), that is, “the spirit of the truth,” will “guide” Jesus’ disciples “into all the truth.”
Study notes on John 15:26:
That one: The Greek demonstrative pronoun e·keiʹnos is in the masculine gender and refers to the helper, which is also in the masculine gender.​
Study notes on John 16:13:
that one: Both “that one” and “he” in verses 13 and 14 refer back to “the helper” mentioned at Joh 16:7. Jesus used “the helper” (which is in the masculine gender in Greek) as a personification of the Holy Spirit, an impersonal force, which is in the neuter gender in Greek.​
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In other words, the NWT is arguing that the reason these pronouns are in the masculine, even though they are paired with the neuter "Spirit," is because they refer back to the word "paraklétos," which is grammatically masculine. They are saying that John is not changing Greek grammar to note that the Spirit is masculine to indicate that it is a person, but that these pronouns refer to the masculine word "paraklétos."
Then they explain that the reason why God's "active force" would be called "the paraklétos," and doing things that someone would normally do, not something, such as bearing witness, testifying, hearing, etc, is because this is simply personification. They then give a list of other things in the Bible that are personified to justify the fact that the Bible does this at times.
Their end result is to uphold that the Spirit is an impersonal active force that God uses, and Jesus here reifies the Spirit and speaks of it as if it is a person doing personal things.
Objections to the Jehovah's Witnesses Response
Does their answer fly? I don't think so. First, I am not convinced that a good grammatical argument could be made that the referential pronouns are referring back to "paraklétos" and not "Spirit."
Second, while personification is a common figure of speech in the Bible, it does not justify this to be the case here, it only posits it as a possibility. The notes of their study Bible give no definitive proof of either claim thus far. How do we explain the Spirit as doing all of these things if it is merely a personification? One example they give is that of wisdom, in which it is personified in the statement, "wisdom is proved righteous by what she does." We can explain this metaphor. The results of what someone does from wisdom is the personified action. But with the Spirit, how it comforts, and how it testifies is never explained by these notes. While personification is assumed, we should have an explanation for how these personified metaphors apply in reality. In other words, if we are going to assume metaphorical language, we must have an explanation for the metaphor. Far too much is said in these passages to just assume it to be metaphorical.
Third, they argue that, "God’s spirit is often mentioned together with other impersonal forces or things, further supporting the fact that it is not a person." They argue that the Bible mentions "holy spirit and fire" or having "joy and holy spirit" this emphasizes that the Holy Spirit must not be a person. However, by this same logic, in the passage in question, the Holy Spirit would be proven to be a person. Since the Holy Spirit is mentioned as "going forth from the Father," who they admit is a person, why wouldn't this mean the Holy Spirit is a person here? What about Matthew 28:19, "the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?" The two things mentioned alongside the Spirit are persons, even by JWs standards, so why should we not use this line of reasoning to assert that the Spirit is a person? Even in the infamous verse in the NWT of Genesis 1:2, where God is mentioned as being with his Spirit, we should then infer that the Spirit is a person. As a side point, this would also disprove their theory on Proverbs 8:22 being about Jesus preexisting as God's wisdom and being created. Why not use the same "personification" argument here with wisdom? Why not argue that because wisdom is mentioned with other things that are not persons, such as the Holy spirit in their own listed example, we should conclude that God's wisdom is not a person in Proverbs 8?
The arguments here are circular, and I do not buy them to be accurate. It is to start with the assumption that the Holy Spirit is entirely impersonal and then to make ad hoc arguments to justify the assumption. When we read in these passages that the Holy Spirit is how the apostles will be comforted, shown truth, and will testify to them, this can not merely be a personification. How does the Spirit comfort and testify to us?
The Holy Spirit, More Than Power
The Holy Spirit is not just a force God uses, nor is it just God's power. Zechariah 4:6 says: "Then he said to me, 'This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.'" Some argue that this "might" and "power" refers only to human might and power. God does not say, "Not by your power, but by my power." The contrast isn't between just human power and divine power. It is between power and God's Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God's power (Luke 1:35) but is not than simply this. The Spirit is also God's word (Psalm 33:6), God's wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-31), God's presence (Psalm 51:11), the angel of his face (Isaiah 63:9-10), God's intercessor (Romans 8:26-27), the mind of God or the communication of it (1 Corinthians 2:11), and much more. To reduce God's Spirit down to just his power is to ignore the entirety of Pneumatology and the many statements about what God's Spirit is and does. How, then, should we define the Spirit to encompass all of what the Spirit does? The Spirit is the nature of God. Compare 2 Peter 1:4, "partakers of the divine nature," with Hebrews 6:4, "partakers in the Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit communicates everything God wishes to communicate. That is to say, every communicable attribute of God can be communicated by his Spirit. It is his very self. God is Holy, and God is Spirit (John 4:24). The Spirit of God is what he is. God is power. God is love. When we receive his power, his love, when we receive his Spirit.
The Spirit communicates the person of God to us. There is what's called the "transcendence, immanance problem" in philosophy. How can God be transcendental, residing in heaven far above us, and yet omnipresent, here with us? How is he both transcendent and immanent? God is a person, and he resides in heaven. And yet he also resides in us, and we reside in him (John 14:23, 1 John 2:24). The Spirit is how he resides in us. The Spirit of God communicates the person of God to us. His own presence resides in us. This person resides in us by his Spirit.
The Lord is the Spirit
When Jesus was raised from the dead, he received this same Spirit in full (Acts 2:33, 1 Corinthians 15:45, Colossians 2:9). In the same way God resides in heaven and resides in us, so also does the Son by the same Spirit. These are not two different spirits. The Bible says that we only know one Spirit (Ephesians 4:4). Jesus was raised from the dead by God's Spirit, and he himself became clothed in that Spirit. It became his own nature. This is what a new creation is. A man of flesh who is now Spirit. When Jesus was raised from the dead, he says that he has flesh and bone, unlike a spirit (Luke 24:39). Yet, he appears in locked rooms and in a different form (Mark 16:12). He breathes the Holy Spirit onto his apostles (John 20:22). Jesus is the same body that rose up from the tomb, the same body nailed to the cross, with the same holes in his hands and side. Yet, he has the Holy Spirit within, his own breath, his own life source. "The second Adam, Life-giving Spirit" (1 Corinthians 15:45). No longer a body of flesh with life made to be a living soul, but a body with the Spirit of immortality clothing it.
Who is the Paraklétos? Jesus Christ
In the topic passages, we are talking about the paraklétos, who we have clearly identified as the Holy Spirit (which is not a very contested claim). If we read 1 John 2:1, we find: "My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you might not sin. And if anyone should sin, we have a paraklétos with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous One." Jesus Christ is identified as the paraklétos "with the Father." John is talking about the risen Christ and says that he is the paraklétos. "We have (present tense verb) a paraklétos with the Father." Is Jesus, then, the Holy Spirit after resurrection? Yes. "Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all having been unveiled in face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as from the Lord, the Spirit.... For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Christ Jesus as Lord" (2 Corinthians 3:17-18, 4:5). As plainly as it can be, the Lord is Jesus, and Jesus is the Spirit. How many spirits are there? "One Spirit" (Ephesians 4:4). Jesus Christ has been made the Holy Spirit now that he has been resurrected. So, too, will we be "who are being conformed to the same image."
The Holy Spirit "Was" Another
The Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, all of these terms refer to one and the same Spirit after Jesus' resurrection. A common objection raised is that the Holy Spirit is something that comes down upon Jesus at his baptism. "I saw the Spirit descend and remain upon him" (John 1:32), and other objections which show a distinction between Jesus and the Spirit. This is not to the point. We, now, receive the Spirit as a down-payment (2 Corinthians 1:21-22, Ephesians 1:14). You put a deposit on something that you do not yet own but have some partial claim to. The Spirit is granted to us as a partial reward for what is to come at resurrection and glorification. The Spirit that we have now is not ours. This is the same for Jesus in his ministry. God gave Jesus the Spirit as a deposit for what he would receive in full at resurrection. The Holy Spirit becomes the Spirit of Christ only after resurrection. To argue that the Spirit is someone or something else during Christ's ministry does not change the facts presented here. Jesus becomes the Spirit. That is the resurrection body Paul speaks of at length in 1 Corinthians 15 (verse 12 ff). A body of glory by the Spirit of the Lord of glory. This is why we are the body of Christ. Because Christ has been raised in a body of Holy Spirit, and when we partake in that Spirit now, which is his body, we become his body. This is truly what Jesus means when we ask us to eat his body, his flesh, and drink the blood of his life. What has the body of Jesus become? Life-giving Spirit.
The Holy Spirit, a Person? Who?
John 14:23 says: "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and we will come to him and will make a home with him." This is just before and after he has introduced the paraklétos to us. When we receive the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of the Father and will be the Spirit of the Son, then both the Father and Son are in us through that Spirit in us. One Spirit in us, the presence of both of these persons. 1 John 2:27 says: "And you, the anointing that you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But just as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught you, you shall abide in Him." What is the anointing we receive? Is it not the anointing of the Holy Spirit? When we are anointed and receive the Spirit, then we abide in Him, and he abides in us.
When people argue about the Holy Spirit being a person in John 14-16, the argument does not prove the Trinity to be true. The question is, "Who is the person of the Holy Spirit?" There is no reason to assume that the Holy Spirit is another person, not the Father or the Son. When "he" abides in us, the Spirit of truth, in these verses, is the resurrected son. He, the risen Lord, will be in us, with us, and testifying to us, comforting us. This is not personification of something. The personal presence of Christ is in us. He is immanent. He is with us, as our paraklétos from the Father.
Argument 2, "Another" Paraklétos
"And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper." Jesus says that the Father will send another. How, then, can I say that this is Jesus? Because the resurrected Jesus is another helper, a different helper than the Jesus in his ministry. This is what they did not and could not yet understand. Paul refers to this resurrected Jesus in the same way. Romans 7:4, "Likewise, my brothers, you also have been put to death to the Law through the body of Christ, for you to belong to another, to the One having been raised out from the dead, so that we should bear fruit to God." We died in Christ, to belong to another in his resurrection. In this context, Paul is talking about the union of Israel to the old law, and he likens this covenant to a marriage covenant. At the death of one party, the covenant is broken. "'Til death do we part." After death, the covenant is broken. There is no law holding the marriage together. Likewise, Israel died to the law when they died together with Jesus in their baptism into his death. Water baptism. We die to ourselves, we die to the flesh, which the law governs over, and we are raised in the Spirit. Spirit baptism. We receive the Spirit of another. The risen Jesus. Have you ever wondered why Acts 13:30-33 says that God had to beget Jesus when he was raised from the dead? Have you ever wondered why Colossians 1:18 and Revelation 1:5 call Jesus the firstborn from among the dead?
Paul also says this in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17: "Therefore from now, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we have regarded Christ according to flesh, yet now we regard Him thus no longer. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, the new has come into being." The Jesus that went to the cross to die was the first comforter. The comforter in the flesh. But this flesh was nailed to cross, and what rose from the grave was another comforter. A new creation. This is why we are also a new creation when we are "in Christ," by dying with him in baptism and raising with him in the same Spirit that raised him from the dead.
"I will send another paraklétos. We have a paraklétos with the Father, Jesus Christ." Another. The resurrected Jesus. A new man, a new body, begotten of God again, life-giving Spirit. Jesus is saying that he will send the Spirit of Christ to us. And when we receive this Spirit of Jesus and the Father, they are abiding in us, at home in us, and we abide in the them in that same Spirit. "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I am coming again and will receive you to Myself, that where I am, you may be also. And you know the way to the place I am going." Where did Jesus go? Was he not ascended to heaven? He isn't talking about going to heaven when you die. He's talking about where you will reside when you receive his Spirit. "Seated with Christ in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 2:6). This is now for those of us who have been filled with the Spirit, and heaven has been opened to us (see Acts 7:55-56). Notice that Paul uses the aorist tense, which is a past tense verb in this verse. God has already, past tense, seated us with Christ in the heavenly places. Paul goes on in verses 8-10 to explain that his audience has already received forgiveness and grace, and they have already been created in Christ for good works. That is to say, they have already received this Spirit. they are seated with Christ already in heaven. Not when they die, not after resurrection, but now. "I will not leave you as orphans; I am coming to you" (John 14:18). He says this just after he speaks of the paraklétos coming to comfort us. Jesus isn't talking about coming back at his return. This isn't comforting to them. He still has not returned. He's talking about coming back in the Spirit.
John 14:16-17, 26 Explained
John 14:16: "And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you to the age—."
Jesus will ask the Father on our behalf as mediator (1 Timothy 2:5), and he will give us another helper. Not the helper they had in the flesh, a new helper in the Spirit. The risen Christ. And this Spirit of Christ will be in us until the end of the age. The Church age. That is until his return.
John 14:17: "the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it does not see Him nor know. But you know Him, for He abides with you, and He will be in you."
The Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, which guides us into all truth. The world does not receive the Spirit of Christ. They have the Spirit of the world. They do not know or see the Spirit we have received. They do not understand or faith. But the apostles know him, the Spirit of truth, because they see the Spirit in Jesus while he is alive. They will have that same Spiritual deposit when they receive him.
John 14:26: "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and will bring to your remembrance all things that I have said to you."
The Father will send in the name or authority of Christ. God will have given Jesus all authority (Matthew 28:18). We receive the Spirit in the name of Jesus. He is our way to the Father. The Spirit will teach us all truth, so that we have no need anyone should teach us (1 John 2:27).
John 15:26 Explained
John 15:26: "When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes forth from the Father, He will bear witness concerning Me."
The Spirit goes out from the Father. It is essentially part of him, which goes forth. But this part of him is given to Jesus, who participates in the shared Spirit. This is what makes us a family. We will all share in what the Father is. The Spirit of God is sent from the Father through Jesus, and that Spirit will bear witness concerning Christ. This means that when we receive that Spirit, we show and display the mind and nature of Christ, and Christ is formed among us. "We will be like him." This is not about a distinct person proceeding forth from the Father's essence as a new and separate center of self-consciousness. The consciousness and personhood of the Spirit are the same consciousness, the same person as he who sends it. If the Father sends his Spirit, the Father is in us. If the Spirit proceeds from Jesus, then Jesus is in us. Since the Spirit becomes a shared Spirit that both are sending, then both are in us by this Spirit. This is why Jesus says that he will send the Spirit from the Father. His Spirit is that which he received from the Father (Acts 2:33), and they both are present in the same Spirit. This is why the Holy Spirit is sometimes very vague in the NT as to which person sends the Spirit. Because it is very much a blended act. Romans 8:9: "You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him." The Spirit, the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of Christ are all interchangeably terms here. All are the same thing.
John 16:7, 13-14 Explained
John 16:7: "But I tell you the truth, it is profitable for you that I should go away; for unless I go away the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you."
If Jesus does not die on the cross, the Spirit can not be poured out to us. Why? Because we can't be a clean and holy temple for the presence of God to reside in if we do not become sinless by dying to our flesh in Christ. If Jesus goes to the Father, he will send the Spirit to us. Because Jesus does not receive the Spirit in a way that he can pour it out upon us unless the Father elevates and raises him. Jesus must be changed (1 Corinthians 15:51).
John 16:13-14: "But when He the, Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things coming. He will glorify Me, for He will take from that which is Mine and will disclose it to you."
The Spirit guides us, individually, into all truth because each of us individually receives this Spirit personally when we are anointed. "He will not speak from himself, but whatever he may hear, he will speak." The Spirit does not possess a separate consciousness from the Father or Son. The Spirit says nothing from himself, the one speaking in the Spirit is the one who sends the Spirit. What Jesus communicates through his Spirit, this is what we hear. But this paraklétos is the risen Christ. He, the resurrected Jesus, does not speak from himself. He speaks what the Father has told him. "A man who told you the truth I heard from God." Hebrews 1:2 says that in these last days (a reference to the resurrected Christ), God has now spoken to us in a Son. The Son does not speak from himself. He speaks only what he has heard from the Father.
Applicable and Explanatory Context
Other scriptures from this discourse from Jesus illustrate his points.
John 14:2-4: "In My Father’s house there are many mansions. And if not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I am coming again and will receive you to Myself, that where I am, you may be also. And you know the way to the place I am going."
In my Father's house are many mansions. Places of residence in the Father. Receiving the Spirit of Christ is not just about the Father and Jesus being in us, but about us also being in them. Being in them where they are. Seated at God's right hand in heaven. "Seated in the heavenly places."
John 14:11-12: "Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me; but if not, believe because of the works themselves. Truly, truly, I say to you, the one believing in Me, the works that I do, also he will do. And he will do greater of these because I am going to the Father. "
We should believe that the Father is in Jesus by his Spirit because of the works that the Father does through Jesus (Acts 2:22). The one believing in Jesus will do "the greater of these works" (not "greater than these). The verse literally says, "the [one] believing in me, the works that I do he also will do and greater of these will he do because I go to the Father." He's talking about us doing the works he did and the greatest of those works. The greatest work Jesus did was love his neighbour and share the gospel. These are the works we are to do "because I am going to the Father." We do the works of God too because we are to receive the Spirit of God just as Jesus did. This is how Jesus demonstrated perfect love. This is how Jesus was guided into the truth of the gospel. Because he received the Spirit of God, and so also will we.
John 14:20: "In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you."
In what day? The day we receive the Spirit of life. We will know Jesus is in the Father because we will experience what that is like. For those of us who have received this Spirit, we know that we are in God, God is in us, and we are in Christ, and he is in us. "In that day," the day you receive the Spirit. We will understand how the Father in him did the works because they will be in us doing their work as well.
John 14:21: "The one having My commandments and keeping them, he is the one loving Me. Now the one loving Me will be loved by My Father. And I will love him, and will show Myself to him."
"I will show myself to him." How? As the paraklétos. Heaven is opened. "I know a man in Christ, fourteen years ago—whether in the body, I do not know, or out of the body, I do not know; God knows—such a man, having been caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man—whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know; God knows— that he was caught up into Paradise, and he heard inexpressible words, not being permitted to man to speak." (2 Corinthians 12:2-4)
John 14:23-24: "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and we will come to him and will make a home with him. The one not loving Me does not keep My words. And the word that you hear is not Mine, but that of the Father having sent Me."
"We will make our home with him." Think back to, "in my Father's house are many abodes." We receive them in us when we receive their Spirit. The words we hear are that which he received from the Father. "He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak." Jesus will teach us the truth from God as the word of God. "In these last days, God has spoken to us in a Son."
John 14:27: "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it fear."
Jesus, here, is our comforter, leaving with peace. Jesus will give us peace once again when he returns to us in the Spirit. As another comforter.
John 14:28: "You heard that I said to you, ‘I am going away and I am coming to you.’ If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced that I am going to the Father, because the Father is greater than I."
Jesus is going away through death to ascend to the Father. He is coming back in the Spirit to us. Jesus knows his apostles will be sad at his death and his ascension in losing him. But this is how Jesus comforts them. They should rejoice because he is going to come back again to comfort them. "The Father is greater than I." His reason for mentioning this is because the way in which he can comfort and strengthen them in the Spirit he will send and receive from the Father is greater than the way he can comfort them now. They should rejoice at Jesus' leaving them. Not because they want to see him go, but because they will understand that he will come back to them in the Spirit once he does. He must ascend to the Father to receive his Spirit and inheritance to be able to pour out that blessing on us.
John 15:4: "Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch is not able to bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither you, unless you abide in Me."
They can abide in Jesus by the Spirit he will pour out upon them.
John 16:16: "A little while and you behold Me no longer; and again a little while and you will see Me."
You will see me. Not someone else named the Spirit of truth, but you will see me. Jesus. We will see him where he is in heaven when we receive him to ourselves in the Spirit.
John 16:19-22: Jesus knew that they were desiring to ask Him, and He said to them, “Do you inquire among one another concerning this, that I said, ‘A little while and you do not behold Me, and again a little while and you will see Me’? Truly, truly, I say to you, that you will weep and will lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be grieved, but your grief will turn to joy. The woman has pain when she is giving birth, because her hour has come; but when she brings forth the child, she remembers the tribulation no longer, on account of the joy that a man has been born into the world. Therefore, you also indeed have grief now; but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you."
Their pain will turn to joy when they see him again. He will come back to them as their comforter. They will be grieved when Jesus dies, just as a woman who has a child is in pain during the child birth. But after the pain comes relief and reward. After losing him, they will receive him and see him again, in the Spirit. "No one will take your joy from you." Even when Jesus ascends, they will still rejoice because they have not lost him. They still have him by the Spirit.
John 16:33: "I have spoken these things to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world, you have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world."
The paraklétos is Jesus, who is the Holy Spirit in resurrection. When he ascends to the Father, he receives his inheritance to pour this Spirit out upon us. "Therefore having been exalted at the right hand of God, and having received the promise of the Holy Spirit from the Father, He has poured out this which you are both seeing and hearing" (Acts 2:33). This is when the Spirit is poured out on Pentecost. Jesus pours out the Spirit from God because he has received his promised reward. "We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous One" (1 John 2:1). Jesus is going to be raised as another. A new creation. In doing so, he will grant us the Spirit he has received in full, yet we only now receive as a deposit of what is to come. We will receive this same Spirit in full when we are changed and raised up to glory. "When he, the Spirit of truth shall come, he will guide you into all truth." That is the Spirit of Christ. The personal presence of Jesus himself.
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2023.06.02 20:36 the_hot_one83 long time no see!!!! A Osmofolia Duet review (be chill am dyslexic)

it been a month (sorry but am even more poor now so i cant buy anything, i still have a few but i have to space it out)
am i sitting here at 10 pm (i write the review in multiple days sometimes lol) making a review because i have to declutter my cloths and am TERRIFIED, yes absolutely is it wort it yes
it a few days later and now am watching the fast and the furious am at the 8 right now, ill probably be done by tomorrow, it a fun marathon, right now the best one is the first, but like as a kid my fav was always the 3 one, guess when we grow up our taste grow up too lol
what's a duet: it a concept created by osmofolia (am pretty sure as i never seen it before) where a perfume is made by 2 perfume, so lets say you have exquisite corps that's the perfume you buy, when you receive it you gonna have 2 bottle, vanilla milk and smoked lavender musk, when you layer them on your skin, they become exquisite corps! but the fun part is that you have 3 perfume, and the 2 bottle you get are amazing layering notes (as it their hole purpose) so you can add them to any perfume you want
LIKES: tea, patchouli, tart fruits, close to skin smell, greens (grass, moss, leaf's of all sort (tomato leaf yum)), atmospheric/realistic, citrus, frankincense, cedar, most fruits actually, soil, roses, lavender, salt, sage, cannabis, rosemary, cozy gourmand, marshmallow, smoke, cinnamon actually most spice, pine/fir, violet leaf/violet, i like stuff that feel wet (fog, ocean, rain), ambergris
DISLIKES: ozone, aldehyde, oud, sandalwood, cinnamon leaf, big silage, white floral, especially tuberose and gardenias, but also just florals in general, alcoholics, vetiver, perfumy perfume, most milk, tar, when company say “for woman” or “for man”
HATE OR LOVE no in between: Hay, jasmine, incense, pink pepper, fancy woods, most resins, iris/orris, petrichor
to your attention: this is not really a critique, but it still normal i don't gush over everything, am talking about my taste not trying to sell you anything, i like all the company i talk about and if i don't i will say it. i am a bitch but don't let your feeling get hurt over a little dumb post please ;) love yall lets do this

HONEY DUST you mean pollen right?
notes: pollen, hay, honey, beeswax, powdered sugar
though: so on the bottle there the name of the duet (what a spellcaster leaves behind) and a number not the name of the note, and when i got them i was too lazy to look it up to make sure i wrote the right name so i just did it by memory, so now on my bottle it written "pollen" lol. i do think it perfect for this perfume it super dusty to the point were if you have pollen allergy i would tell you to stay away from this, it also gives me the same harshness grass perfume give me sometime but it not at all green wish is kinda weird too maybe the hay? idk but it welcome, this perfume is the mix of comforting sweater and seasonal allergy, weird but i love that in a perfume
color: golden yellow dust of pollen in a gold ornate jar sitting on a red tinted wood table
ANTIQUE BOOK if vanilla ice cream and white wood had a child
notes: paper, leather, glue, old book, cedar, vanilla, cetalox
though: every single book fragrance is either super chemical or super woody marshmallow there just no in-between and this is a woody marshmallow that dry down to a sandalwood-y thingy, i don't hate it but i do think it better as a addition to another perfume then by it own. but on it own i think it perfect for the book ladies that are a little (a bit) more conservative then me (and always ladies in a non gendered way lolll i just have a booktok person in mind and shes a woman, but it not a woman perfume none are)
color: a hard cover book with no letter printed on any of the page (your gonna say, oh a drawing pad, nah, a small hard cover where they just made a mistake on the print and there nothing) and also you know the wood you can find around lake and the sea, it super white and soft, that but in a 2x4

notes: pollen, hay, honey, beeswax, powdered sugar, paper, leather, glue, old book, cedar, vanilla, cetalox
though: this is interesting the antique book note almost lost itself in the honey dust, but then you smell honey dust on it own again and your like ok i see it much more chill on the dusty-ness, i get it i get it, it also a perfect on the name i love it! what a spellcaster leaves behinds it so descriptive and cute and definetly perfect for the perfume, you can imagine the scene, a big dusty book closing, the dust particule going everywhere, someone closing a candle and then a door.
color: a huge dusty, very dusty book, with gold corner and yellowing pages
VANILLA MILK sweet brown milk (smell better then it sounds)
notes: cream, caramel , heliotrope, vanilla, milk, musk
though: that's not for me, for sure, i mean to be fair my skin don't work with anything milk, my only love is milk shaka from Damask Haus, to me this is sickly sweet, but i don't think most would think that, if you like a milk caramel this is for you for sure, this is concerning because of the realism, i mean it smell like warm milk, and the thick light brown caramel that looks like melted plastic but actually taste pretty good, just very artificial, witch is weird cuz caramel sauce is so easy to make and i don't get why restaurant and ice cream shop don't make it themselves it like 3 ingredient, butter, sugar and cream, (brown sugar if you want butterscotch) but anyway you also have a bit of a floral note but it just adds to the warm milk, really interesting i see this being very popular with the gourmand people
color: a room temperature glass of milk forgotten on a oval shaped table, you know the big ones in wood, with a super big feet underneath, they always have some middle piece of broderie made by some grand mother and and a flower pot full of fresh flower (white heliotrope this time) on the other side of the table there a caramel cream pie
notes: lavender, smoke, oakmoss, musk
though: lavender smoke is a pretty common mix, i don't particularly care for but i love this, it fun it sexy and the lavender pretty realistic. if you know a bit about queer history, lavender been a symbol of gay-ness (lol) since the end of the 19th century, and idk if it since i know this fact that i believe all lavender perfume are gay, well this not the exception (i really don't think there one, it like violet) idk know why exactly but this perfume is just very queer to me, only downside, cuz it really smell good, it that it doesn't last super long contrary to vanilla milk that's super persistent
color: light purple fur coat, and a black leather cat suit with cowboy boots and a big chunky belt, but truly it just a smoke lavender love

EXQUISITE CORPS They are cold like porcelain
notes: lavender, smoke, oakmoss, musk, cream, caramel , heliotrope, vanilla, milk, musk
though: you know i bitch a lot about name accuracy but this is spot on, does it smell like a crops, i mean no, not that i know of (and idk every dead i seen was in dust form not corps form) but it has this cold creaminess mix with the floral it just exactly the name. this is amazing if you put just a little bit of the vanilla milk (my opinion, but don't you think this concept is amazing for that you can dose your 2 perfume to make exactly the combi you prefer) i just think it better when it the smoky floral that take the lead it more mortuary less floral caramel
color: cold, soft but lifeless skin. resting on a pile of white and purple flower, white coffin, 2 small marble column on each side to witch rest on top flower pot. people crying
7/11 STEAMED MATCHA LATTE a dammed good matcha latte
notes: steam, matcha, warm milk, green tea, cream
though: this is the best of them all, by far, on it own, it just so perfect, the matcha super realistic, it super creamy it has this amazing grass quality and i just sweet enough, as a tea note lover THIS, IS perfect. i were it the most out of the 6 and any combination of the 6. oh last thing it kinda also smell like white chocolate just so you know but there literally nothing else i can say to this perfume it a perfection in simplicity
color: white chocolate and matcha ganache, i kinda want to make a matcha latte recipe but it would be too long cuz there way to many step to make a fancy matcha latte, you'll have to imagine it lol
notes: cold air, humid air, puddles, rain, concrete, tar
though: i hate ozone/aldehydes, but objectifly this one is not too bad, osmofolia has a goesmin single note that is actually realistic rain this one is not (to me) but it still adjacent, it wet, bright, soapy and and a bit floral, i mean ofc i wont like a perfume that give me a headache, but that's not the perfume fault right like, i know this perfume is beautiful, it gives me Ghibli rain scene, like in Arrietty, Totoro or Kiki the Little Witch, it rain but in a very aesthetically pleasing way, am doing a fast and furious marraton but after i feel like watching all the ghibli movie
color: walking next to a flower shop after the rain, a little brightness in the thick of the concrete jungle

notes: steam, matcha, warm milk, green tea, cream, cold air, humid air, puddles, rain, concrete, tar
though: every one that read my reviews know 2 thing for sure about me, i hate ozone/aldehydes like we seen right before and i have weird references, well weirdly i don't hate this, i mean not on me it would still give me a head ache like ozone/aldehydes always do but it pleasant, i think it the creaminess, it kinda chill out the harshness of cold rain on pavement, but it still has the buzz-ness, it like a soapy, after the rain drinking a matcha latte (that has some kind of white floral syrup in) it pretty, too pretty for me
color: walking next to a flower shop after the rain, a little brightness in the thick of the concrete jungle but the flower shop is also a coffee shop and you get yourself a matcha latte
MIX AND MATCH, if you get it you get it if you don't you don't ok
Matcha + Milk = Brown Sugar Matcha Latte
Matcha + Lavender = Dirty Matcha
Matcha + Book = White Chocolate BonBon
Matcha + Pollen = Fancy HoneyBee With Her Little Tea
Milk + Book = Alpha, Eating At The Library
Milk + Pavement = Frolicking, Naked After The Rain
Milk + Pollen = Sexy Picnic
Lavender + Pavement = Smoking In The Flower Field
Lavender + Book = Gay Woodworker
Lavender + Pollen = Ashtray, Potpourri
Pavement + Pollen = Electric Bee, Buzz Buzz
Pavement + Book = Little Bookstore In Old Montréal
Pollen + Book = Reading in the Sunroom

i could do a combi of 3 perfume but that just to much work, but if you do please share in the comment your favs lolll
this month as been kinda hell, am still working on my move (to no where lol) and am nowhere near done, now am starting to make the boxes (tomorrow) and it stressing me the fuck out, anyway on that note, how do you make pr? loll (half joking) cuz yeah i miss doing these review, but dont worry i still have maybe 5 review left if i don't count the discontinued stereoplasm

also, have a great night love xoxo
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2023.06.02 20:33 yupanda 24 days in Japan. Osaka - Onomichi - Shimanami Kaido/Matsuyama- Hiroshima/Miyajima - Kyoto - Takayama/ Kamikochi/Matsumoto - Tokyo

Hi lovely people,
We just came back from our first trip to Japan and it was truly a memorable trip. We spent over 3 weeks in Japan from 07th May until 30th May. WE LOVE JAPAN! Can't wait to come back.
A little bit about us: We are both ~30y olds and enjoy a mix of urban, outdoor and culture during our holidays. We are foodies, but not hard-core as in we don't specifically organize our trips around restaurants. There are so many restaurants in Japan, it is hard to get a bad meal. We enjoy just wandering around neighbourhoods. Mostly low/mid-budget stuff with a splurge once in a while.
Our travel itinerary can be found here
General comments
Japanguide has a nice overview of all the passes :

Trip report

PS. I am not mentioning everything we did in this post. I will just mention highlights. It is still a long read though ;).
D1 - D2 Osaka
We landed at Kansai airport. Before our trip, we also bought train vouchers for Osaka online ( Best decision ever, because the journey was rough and we were exhausted by the time we landed. We only had to exchange our vouchers at the station and off we went.
Osaka was nice city to start with as it is a more manageable "smaller" city whilst recovering from our jetlag. Despite being smaller, I do think it is worth a visit. Osaka is so iconic at night. We stayed at a spacious Airbnb near Kuromon Ichiban market.
Skip Shinsekai: We visited during the day and it felt very empty to me. More like a tourist-trap, the eateries didn't look appealing to me. Maybe during the evening this area is more fun.
D3 Nara
We did Nara as a day-trip from Osaka.
D4 Onomichi
After staying in Osaka for 3 days, we headed west for the Shimanami Kaido. We decided to stay in Onomichi (Hotel Beacon Onomichi) for the night before we started our two day bike trip. For this part of our trip, we picked up our 7-day Setouchi area pass at Shin-Osaka JR station. I just want to mention that I really love the hospitality of the staff in Japan. The JR office people were so nice and helpful. We reserved our seats for the shinkansen and off we went to Onomichi. Onomichi is a lovely little seaside town to just stroll around and take in the views. I really recommend spending at least half a day here. Don't skip it!
D5 & D6 Shimanami Kaido -> Matsuyama
The next day, we picked up our reserved cross bikes from the general bike rental and off we went. Honestly, biking the shimanami kaido was the highlight of our trip. We took two days to bike the whole way, one day would definitely be too rushed for us. We stopped at Ikuchi island (Shimanaido NEST) for our halfway stay.
The sights along the way were great! It was so much fun to go down-hill, the uphills were do-able. We had great weather also, not too hot and no rain. Everything was clearly indicated, we just followed the blue lines. I felt very safe biking in Japan. PS. My butt did hurt from the saddle, so be warned! Bring some cushioned pants if you want to be safe side. for more info and bike rental
We decided to bike one-way from Onomichi to Imabari and we have no regrets. I liked that we ended the bike trip with the longest bridge (4km!!). Imabari is very industrial, but after the fun long way down from the last bridge and being exhausted from biking you just want to get to the station and stuff yourself with pastries from the bakery at the station and go on to your next destination. Thus, we immediately took the train to Matsuyama. Originally, the plan was to enjoy the famous onsen in Matsuyama, but we didn't have enough time and we were also pretty tired. After checking-in at the hotel, it was already 4, we made our way to Matsuyama castle but unfortunately, we were too late to go in. It was still nice to view it from the outside and walk around the park. We planned to do sightseeing in Hiroshima the next day, so there was no more time to explore Matsuyama further.
D7 Hiroshima -> Miyajima
After Shiminami Kaido, we headed towards Hiroshima/Miyajima. We took an early ferry from Matsuyama. The ferry was included in the setouchi JR pass, so we gladly took advantage of that. It's a nice way to get to Hiroshima, just one last view of the Seto inland sea. One remark: if it is not JR serviced transportation, you do have to obtain separate tickets. Normally, just showing your setouchi JR pass is enough to get onboard the train, but for the ferry you do have to go to the ticket desk and show your JR pass to obtain the ferry tickets.
Surprisingly, it was very hard to find affordable good accommodation in Hiroshima. It was the weekend and two weeks before G7, so maybe that was the reason why it was harder to find accommodation. In the end, I found a nice simple hotel on Miyajima island and it was a good decision after all! After a long day in Hiroshima, we made our way to Miyajima to stay two nights. Staying on Miyajima island is lovely especially when all the day-trip tourist leave.
D8 Miyajima
Honestly, Miyajima is truly magical. Another highlight of our trip! We started the day early to get ahead of the crowd and that made it all so much more enjoyable. Seeing shrines and temples without a crowd is truly 1000x better! If you can stay at Miyajima island, do it! You don't have to splurge on expensive ryokan (although it would have been nice). We stayed at Sakuraya, which was very budget-friendly.
One remark, our hotel didn't include dinner and all the restaurants on the island close quite early. Luckily, with our setouchi JR pass, we could take the ferry for free, so went to the mainland for dinner. Just keep this in mind, when booking your stay.
D9 - D13 Kyoto
We took the early train to Kyoto and checked in at Tokyu stay Sanjo-karasuma. We had 5 days to explore Kyoto and by this time we had lost our FOMO a little bit and also decided to take it a bit more slow. We still ended up walking a lot anyways but at least we were sleeping in.
The day we arrived,15MAY, was supposed to be Aoi matsuri so we headed to Kamo river to see the festival. Unfortunately, the festival was postponed due to the slight rainfall and we had no clue! but we were next to Kyoto botanical garden and we decided to visit that instead!
I didn't mention everything we did in Kyoto here. We also had so much more planned for Kyoto, but didn't get around to it, which was totally fine! We were also a bit temple-fatigued by that time and needed a slower pace. Hopefully next time, we can visit some of things we skipped. Furthermore, some days were incredibly hot (30 C degrees and humid) or we had whole days of rain. On those days, we decided to go shopping instead.
D14 - D15 Takayama
After spending 5 days in Kyoto, it was time to leave the city and head for the Japanese alps. We took the shinkansen to Nagoya, where we changed to a limited express to Takayama. It took around 3 hours to get to Takayama, but we didn't mind. Train travel = resting time for our legs! Also, the views from the train were great!! I really enjoyed this train trip to Takayama. We arrived around noon and immediately checked in at our hotel (Hotel Kuretakeso Takayama). We had two nights in Takayama to explore the town.
D16 Kamikochi -> Matsumoto
After checking out of our hotel in Takayama, we took the 7am bus to Kamikochi. We were only going to spend a day here, and then continue our way to Matsumoto to stay overnight.After ~1 hour of bus, we finally made it to Kamikochi. The Japanese alps are amazing. I wished we stayed longer in this area, but just the bus ride alone to Kamikochi was already a great with the views. We decided to hop off at Taisho pond bus stop and walk along all the major sights in the park. We had no specific plan. Just hike around as far as time allowed. For lunch, we stopped at this cute teishoku restaurant, where we ate katsu curry, a big lunch to fuel our walking. We also saw wild japanese macaques and lots of wildflowers where blooming during our time there.At the local shops, we bought some yummy pastries to snack on. I had the tastiest baumkuchen with cheesecake center and my partner had a chocolate ganache cookie. I really regret not buying more kamikochi pastries to take home while we were there.After spending the day walking around, we hopped on the 4pm bus towards Matsumoto. Checked in at Tabino hotel lit Matsumoto, where I relaxed in the onsen.
D17 Matsumoto Tokyo
After sleeping in, we did some sightseeing in Matsumoto before we moved on to Tokyo. We really liked wandering around in Matsumoto. Lots of cool shops with local crafts. We didn't know but the biggest national crafts fair is held in Matsumoto. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for one day, but next time we would love to visit this crafts fair!
Matsumoto Castle - I really like the interior of the castle. It has been renovated, but still contains that castle feel. It is 5 story castle and you are allowed to climb all of it. It also included a pretty extensive gun/weaponry exhibition. Do arrive early because you do have to line-up within the castle to get from one floor to the other. This is due to the steep stairways, on which they allow only one-way traffic at a time.
Matsumoto city art museum - There was a nice exhibition from Yayoi Kusama. We didn't know but Yayoi Kusama was born in Matsumoto. It is a good replacement exhibition if you aren't able to snatch up tickets for Yayoi Kusama museum in Tokyo.
Nakamachi street and Frog street - street with persevered houses with craft shops, cafes, brewerys. What more do you want.
After spending the day in Matsumoto, we took the train to Tokyo, our last destination of our stay. We decided to stay in Ueno (Hotel resol ueno). This hotel was located close to Ueno JR.
D18 - D24 Tokyo
Last 7 days in Tokyo. By this time, we were just enjoying everything at a much slower pace. Tokyo is huge! Staying near the JR line is indeed a must like everyone said. I could go on hours about Tokyo, I am just going to mention some highlights here.
That's it!
For 24 days, we spend around ~2500 euro p.p. (excl. 1000,- flights). This amount includes food, transportation, entrancefees and shopping/gifts. so average is ~100 euro/day. We didn't track every cost. Hotel costs were 900,- pp, which ranged from 50,- to 120,- per night accommodations. The conversion yen/euro is also great at the moment, so it might have contributed!
I hope you enjoyed my trip report. Let me know if there are any questions.
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2023.06.02 20:16 bigma36 🚨ATTENTION🚨ATTENTION🚨 all rise bc my bitch ass has a lot to say!

This is referring to maintenance’s post! If you’re lost, go watch the video she posted then come back and join me here! -first and foremost, idc what you can and can’t talk about. You ain’t gone tell the truth no way, so whether you can talk about it or not wont change what anybody has to say. -when are you fighting for them? You must’ve visited the jail library during one of your stays 🙄 “putting every single bit of my effort into that” you still show up on lives so fucked up nodding and slobbering, you still going to jail for MISSING COURT DATES, if you’ve been “tRyIng” and have “cOmpLetEd eVeRytHinG” and “passing” your drug tests then why you still ain’t got them back?? AMD FUCKING SAVE THAT “CPS is cORRuPT. ThEy kEEp aDdInG mOrE sTuFF” FUCK NO, you ain’t allowed to cry wolf with that mess, CPS has literally let you get away with EVERYTHING, your addiction has been 💯 plastered all over social media, BY YOU, going live on TT nodding out, incoherently babbling, and.NOT only out here driving around HIGH literally falling asleep while driving, you’ve been driving your kids around like that , WITH NO FUCKING DRIVERS LICENSE! CPS has literally coddled you, while I do know CPS can be corrupt and fuck ppl over, YOU DO NOT GET TO CLAIM THAT! -YOUR children are NOT home because of YOUR actions/choices. YOU neglected your children, endangering their lives, YOU abused YOUR child(ren), YOUR CONSTANT ARRESTS, and YOUR ADDICTION! Save your breath tryna deny that that last part too, bc you’ve made it very clear you are in ACTIVE ADDICTION, a lot of us have been there SO WE FUCKING KNOW! Not only has CPS coddled you, but apparently the judges in your county do as well. How you keep missing court dates and they just keep giving you a slap on the wrist. -we have no right, NO RIGHT at all to talk about that at all. That’s where you’re confused. You have spent 3 years SCAMMING AND LYING to ppl using your children as the bait. You have been on that app for THREE years crying and begging for money for food, lifht bills, phone bills, money to get car out of repo, YA KNOW THE BARE MINIMUM NECESSITIES YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEM CHILDREN. THAT DOESNT EVEN INCLUDE THE “WANTS” computers, cell phones, toys, bday presents, Christmas presents, school clothes/shoes, cheerleading,football, rocks for your driveway, Uber rides. EVERY FUCKING THING. Allowing you to put all your money into your addiction. A lot ppl in this group have provided the bare necessities for YOUR children, a lot of ppl in here have been duped by YOUso don’t act like your character is being defamed, Nawl, it ain’t defamation when it’s true! So don’t come yelling at the camera “you do not know, you have no right, shame on you” and pointing your finger all angrily as if you’re a victim and ppl are just being “mEaN”. -imma tell you this from my own personal experience, ain’t nothing gone get better until you get clean. Whether you get a prescription or not, you are an addict. It’s taking everything from you. It’s taking time you can’t get back, you have to be honest with yourself and seek help. -I PROMISE YOU, WE KNOW! NO MATTR HOW MUCH YOU DENY IT, WE KNOW. JUST BC YOU HAVE FOOLED A FEW PPL ON TT DONT MEAN YOU CAN FOOL EVERYBODY ELSE. AND “the girls” they ain’t yo girls. I hate to tell you, but the fact that they enable you, turn a blind eye to what you’re doing, they very OBVIOUSLY ENJOY SEEING YOUR DOWNFALL, OTHERWISE AINT NO WAY THEYD JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH THIS SHIT AND JUST ENCOURAGE IT.
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2023.06.02 19:52 BlueEyedDragonGal All good things must come to an end, especially with Sofinia around. My last doll and my last week of 20% off!

All good things must come to an end, especially with Sofinia around. My last doll and my last week of 20% off! submitted by BlueEyedDragonGal to GeekyCrochet [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:49 BlueEyedDragonGal My final doll from Honour Amongst Thieves! And my final week of 20% off!

My final doll from Honour Amongst Thieves! And my final week of 20% off!
All good things must come to an end, especially with Sofinia around, so hurry down to my shop to take advantage of the sale!
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2023.06.02 19:39 BlueEyedDragonGal My final doll from Honour Amongst Thieves! And my final week of 20% off!

My final doll from Honour Amongst Thieves! And my final week of 20% off!
All good things must come to an end, especially with Sofinia around, so hurry to my shop before it is too late!!!
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2023.06.02 19:34 BlueEyedDragonGal My final Honour Amongst Thieves doll is here for the last week of 20% off!

My final Honour Amongst Thieves doll is here for the last week of 20% off!
All good things must come to an end, especially with Sofinia around. So head to my shop before it is too late!!!
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2023.06.02 19:09 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 20 Jobs in Columbus Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Best Buy Retail Sales Associate Columbus
Ametek, Inc. DVP, Business Unit Controller Columbus
RTI International Field Interviewer - NIS Columbus
A-Line Staffing Solutions Medical Assistant Columbus
City of Pataskala Immediate Openings Utility Systems Superintendent Pataskala Columbus
Lululemon Warehouse Floor Lead Columbus
NFI Industries Warehouse Operations Lead (260) Columbus
LanceSoft Inc Forklift Driver II - 3rd Shift Columbus
Nestle Operational Services Worldwide SA Stock Specialist Columbus
Trillium Staffing Shipping Clerk Columbus
PeopleReady 23rd May Hiring Event Class A, B, C, Yard Hostler And Warehouse Admin Columbus
Trillium Staffing Forklift Operator Columbus
FedEx Supply Chain Warehouse Worker Columbus
The Ohio State University Strategic Manager of Receiving and Distribution - M2 Columbus
Snipes JimmyJazz Stock Manager Columbus
Beemac Logistics Freight Broker (Sales Account Manager) Columbus
Sally Beauty Holdings 09951 Dcpickepacker 2 Colops1 Columbus
Franklin County Board of Commissioners Dock Worker Columbus
Columbus Metropolitan Library Customer Services Manager - FT (40hrs) - Parsons Branch Columbus
Rite Rug Co. Builder - Operations Manager Columbus
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in columbus. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 18:27 johnmakhubele5 How to Pay Back Your Student Loan Fast?

How to Pay Back Your Student Loan Fast?
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There are stories about people paying off their student loans early, and many of those stories are real. Some students have paid off their R80,000 loan in under five years. How did they do it? You shouldn’t need a lot of motivation to pay off your loan as quickly as possible to enable you to do other things with your money.

Loan Priority

Does buying a new car, buying your first home, or traveling sound better than paying off a loan for years? That student loan needs to be paid off first, and here’s why. There are more than 44 million Americans with student loans and owing over R1 trillion. No doubt, they all want to pay back their loans as well. The average college student has more than R38,000 in student loan debt when they graduate. Some students make it their priority to pay off that debt. It doesn’t matter whether they are federal student loans, private loans, or education grants. If you should prioritize paying off a student loan as soon as possible.

What’s the Best Way to Quickly Pay off Your Student Loans?

Start with your mindset. If you do nothing, then nothing changes. You need to be willing to work hard. Be ready to make some short-term sacrifices. They will eventually pay off. Keep a focus on your goals. That feeling of freedom when your debts are paid will be great. Imagine that feeling of happiness and satisfaction when you make your last payment.
Besides changing your mindset, here is a list of real steps to pay off your student loan fast. Some are budgeting tips, and others are opportunities you can create yourself. See what category will fill you with inspiration to push you towards a debt-free life.

Understand Student Loans

Make the time to understand fully all about student loans and what other financial aid there is available. A student loan may sound straightforward, but there are a lot of potential options that you can also consider.
Many students graduate and have several different bad credit loans from direct lenders and the federal government. You need to make up your mind about which loan best suits your situation. Choose from federal student loans, financial aid from the state, scholarships from colleges, and many more. If you select the suitable one, you will pay it off in no time!

Paying Off Student Loans While Still in College

Here are a few tips on how to pay off student loans while still in college.

Apply For Grants and Scholarships

Find out if there are any grants or scholarships available. You might be pleasantly surprised at the number of private and public awards for which you can apply. There are scholarships for sports accomplishments, good grades, music success, and many more.

Look For a Part-Time Work

Can you manage a part-time job while studying? If the answer is yes, start looking for a gig that fits into your study schedule. The money you earn can go towards your education. Most students find good offers in college bars and cafes, libraries, and shops.

Try Alternative Ways to Make Money

There are numerous money-making jobs you can do while attending school. Things like freelancing, crowd-working, tutoring, and signing up for work-study programs.

Start Repayments Before Graduation

You may be able to pay back the student loan before graduating, depending on the type of loan you have. Carefully read the terms of your student loan before signing it.
Warning! Any money you pay before graduating goes straight onto the principal loan balance because interest does not accrue until you have finished or left school. You need to check that your loan does not attract early payment penalties.

Simple Tips For Paying Off Student Loans Fast

There are a few steps that will help you repay your student loan faster. Some of them include payment setup, schedules, and sticking to budgets.

  • Calculate Your Loan
If you want to pay off your student loan quickly, you better figure out the payments you will need to make to achieve that goal. Use a student loan calculator. You will see the amounts and the time frame quickly and see if it’s realistic.

  • Arrange Auto Payments for Student Loans
This is silly and simple. Lenders sometimes offer lower interest rates if you set up automatic online payments.

  • Punctual Payments
Late payments or defaulting on payments will cost you penalties and additional interest. Just add all that to your total repayable amount!

  • Pay Student Loans Fortnightly
By paying fortnightly, you will make one additional payment each year. It also means you are paying down your principal faster, and that helps shorten your loan period.

  • Is Your Student Loan Interest Tax Deductible?
When doing your annual tax return, see if the interest you have paid qualifies as a deduction. When you receive your tax refund, put the amount towards your loan.

Stay on Track With Your Goals

Buying a new car or taking a luxury vacation may sound great, but if by doing any of these, you set back your loan repayment goals, it’s not worth it. Live within your means, or below them without taking additional same day loans, and make paying back your student loan a top priority.
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2023.06.02 18:16 Jumpy_Target_5024 School List Help/Recommendations!

Hi everyone! I'm in the midst of pre-writing secondaries, and I just want to make sure my school list looks okay before I get too deep into it lol. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!
GPA: 3.76 sGPA, 3.78 cGPA
MCAT: 519 (130/128/132/129)
State of Residence: CA, ties to NY (went to undergrad and work full time in NYC now)
Undergrad Institution: T5 ivy
ORM: Asian male
SES: Low SES - FAP, EO2 designation on AMCAS primary, born and grew up in two medically underserved counties
Clinical paid (2432 hours total):
Research (1775 hours total):
Clinical (338 hours total):
Non-clinical (712 hours total):
Teaching/Tutoring (1421 hours total):
Work Experience (720 hours total):
Shadowing (74 hours total):
I am planning on only applying to MD's for this cycle. So far, I have pre-written around 15 secondaries but I just want to double check that my school list is fine before I commit to more. I'm pretty happy with the other parts of my application, and I want to make sure that my school list doesn't screw me over since I know my stats are a bit too low for the amount of T20s that I'm applying to. I am planning on shotgunning as many schools as I can since I received FAP and started prewriting early. Please let me know if any of my schools are significantly out of reach or if there are any low to mid tier schools that would fit my stats/mission fit. Thanks so much!
Johns Hopkins
Ohio State
Mt. Sinai
Case Western
Boston University
UC Davis
St. Louis Univ
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