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2023.06.06 09:23 No-Specialist-1432 It's Criminal... Behavior in the Suburbs Washington County Oregon. Need new place to live soon.

I've lived in my current apartment for just under a year. In this short time frame I have had countless break-ins with people using keys toy apartment that I believe the manager gave to them. Sometimes they return the things they steal and other times they just take my better quality stuff and leave their cheap crap behind for me. I am scared to be here but scared to leave.
What makes it worse is I think they stole my car as well. Someone came in and took my keys while I was sleeping in a locked apartment. I have full coverage insurance on my vehicle though so I called and asked for a tow and for it to be re-keyed as well. The tow truck driver I am sure had to damage my car somewhat getting it out of my parking space and towed it to a repair shop in the neighborhood.
I later found out that the repair shop no longer had my car and they were taking it farther away. Now it is in a third repaired shop for some reason for a collision that I did not have. The insurance company isn't telling me much at this point but I am so fed up with this place.
As if my car, the break-ins and the harassment that me and my friends endure wasn't enough I was sexually assaulted again with some sort of weapon while I was sleeping by my front door because my landlord refused to give me new locks and keys after the theft if my keys causing my car to be towed away. It feels like someone stuck a knife inside of me and cut me. I am in fear for my life at this point as these crimistic asshole torment me. I did nothing to them other than move in. I've not stolen anything, I've not retailed in any way and all they have gotten from me is fear, shacking and tears that seem never ending at times. What gives them the right to come into my home that I pay rent for and assault me with a weapon inside of me? Who in the hell do these people think they are?
I am on housing and even have a housing navigator that is helping me right now. She made a few that's today and now I have fresh locks on my door so I can sleep soundly for now right? How long until someone is given or steals that key from the office and assaults me again? I want fines and scantions placed upon this property in Washington County Oregon at the Rock Creek 185 apartment complex for all their illegal actions. Do not move here is it not safe. I have 30 days to pack up the items that I have left and move to a new apartment complex where hopefully the people there will be more kind.
To make matters worse this slim of a complex (in my humble opinion) needs to be condemned because of their behavior wasn't enough for that with their three duck ponds and amenities that sound nice there are wolves, not Coyote's, in the neighborhood every night because these dumb fucks of people thought they could tame them and feed them. The wolves come into the buildings and break door ways and people just disappear. I am afraid that I am going to be one of those people here soon because all the have to do is wait for me to go to sleep and then open my door ever so slightly for them to come into my home and kill me and my beloved cat. I think they did this in another building but I am unsure.
People here just seems to disappear every so often. No moving trucks or pickups with loads to move just gone as they pile trash and furniture by the dumpsters. DO NOT MOVE TO ROCK CREEK 185 in Portland Oregon off of 185th and Rock Creek Blvd unless you like to be terrorized. It seems beautiful here but it is not worth the risk. Almost all of my clothing is gone. I have almost nothing left to wear. My smart television destroyed to where I can ot ever get a single television station any more due to illegal hacking and pure asshole behaviors. My cat needs to see a vet and have her fur shaved off because they put something in her fur and knotted it up. My mental health is deteriorating as well. It seems like it's impossible for this to be real but it is and it is happening in the United States of America Portland Oregon area.
The doctor said that the damage to my vagina and cervix might be permanent from the sexual assault that I had and I cannot help but wonder that if so eone would not have stolen my keys or if the manager Alicia would have rekeyed my locks maybe this heinous act and sexual assault would not have happened in the first place. I am distraught. I don't know what to do. I have police reports filed with the Washington County Sheriff's office that my police report numbers have been stolen from me. They even had the nerve to reach into my purse while I was sleeping in a fully locked apartment and take over 100.00 of my social security money that was to pay my car insurance. I can not believe these people. They even steal my food and yet I see packages that are delivered outside of their doors. Clearly they are not so desperate that they have to steal from me, a person in poverty, so they can eat when they order temu and Amazon items regularly.
I am disabled with mental health conditions. I am schizoaffective which is schizophrenia without paranoia and a mood disorder as bipolar type 1 among other things and I had a psychotic episode a few months back that was non violent. Really just me talking to myself with the angles demons and aliens and the treatment that I have received since then is so outrageous that I dare say it is a hate crime against people with my disability. I cannot even check my mail right now because they stole my key to the mail box as well.
I have one complex in mind for where I may be able to move but if they do not have an opening I still have to move. I ask is there anyone in Washington county Oregon area that knows if a nice complex where this sort of shit won't occur that has a one bedroom with washer and dryer in it that is in a safe area? I cannot live in Beaverton, to much trauma there so looking at the Washington County Portland area to the better part of Hillsboro and Tansbourne. If you have suggestions for little gems of complexes in the area please let me know so I can look into it.
Thankyou for your time and allowinge to rant about this Injustice in this what seems to be a lawless state in desperation. Any feedback would be appreciated immensely.
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2023.06.06 09:21 CeleryStocked I, (19F) may or may not be in love with my best friend (19F)

I met my best friend around September (or October, I cant remember) of 2022. After we basically "opened up" to eachother (or rather just talked to one another) i found that we had a lot in common. We instantly became inseparable. She was basically the only person in my life (apart from family) who i really trusted and wanted to be close with. Now, i can't tell if I just really want to be her friend or if I want to be WITH her.
Okay, so, this is basically the first time I'm dealing with what may or may not be a crush so I REALLY need some advice. My friend (who I'll call M) is one of the best people I've ever met. She helped me open up and deal with anxiety. She basically changed my life for the better, and I would NEVER had been able to make other friends (or even have a social life) without her. She helped me be a better person and develop my "personality". Recently, my feelings for her might have changed but I'm not sure.
M is an awesome person. She's smart, nice (for the most part), pretty, has an immaculate personality, and is just overall amazing. I don't know if I have my feelings for her confused or not. Like, I wouldn't mind if she kissed me. As a plus, sometimes, when i see her or when she talks to me, i (maybe) get butterflies. It's just all so confusing.
In general, M is a great person and if I ever tell her about this I'm worried our friendship will waver, or just vanish in all. I don't wanna lose her, plus I don't even know if I have a crush on her or not.
TL;DR: I may be in love with my best friend (who's helped me through alot and is THE complete package) but I'm unsure.
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2023.06.06 09:21 Embarrassed_Cook2327 So a PG got me under investigation.

So i have a fracture rib and when i feel the pain of it i swear. He came by saying for me to go to singles. I start to turn and felt the pain. I said fuck (not towards him but cuz of the pain). Seen him so tried to joke it off saying your not my dad meme joke nd said im heading there. Hours later near end of shift my am came by saying im under investigation for swearing.
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2023.06.06 09:21 P7NKY222 I hate my dad

I think just now I found out he’s a narcissist. Makes sense. I always thought he was just an asshole but this makes more sense. I hate how he’s treated my mom all these years. He talks down on her and he’s so ungrateful. He overlooks all the things she does and picks out such a small detail about what she hasn’t done good enough. My mother has spoken to me about their problems since I was a teenager and I had told her then that she should leave him and I still stand by that now. She says he’s changed but I know he hasn’t. It’s not right for him to still take his anger out on her just because he’s not having a good day after all these fucking years. He even blames her for my actions as well. Like he says I’m the way I am because of her. That’s simply not true because I’m the way I am because of THEM. My sisters think he’s such a nice dad as well or they just act like that around him maybe idk it’s like they don’t even care to see the type of man he can be. I see it though I just don’t talk about it. I make all these observations and keep them to myself. My father and I never had a great relationship. When I was a teenager it was the worst. It’s only now that I’m an adult that he treats me better. He used to beat me and it scared me a lot because i didn’t have anyone to run to. My mother wasn’t in the state at the time. I still remember and he never apologized about it. He acts like we never had a bad past. But I remember. I just act like I’m okay with him. But I know what he is.
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2023.06.06 09:20 Anthonyyrt Anyone up for side fun. I’m free till tom afternoon.

Dm me, i suck and rim. I hope ur near blumentritt lang.
3s are welcome
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2023.06.06 09:20 redheadfemalehuman Boyfriend is leaving job we both work at and I feel lost

My boyfriend and I work at the same job (small team of about 5-6 people) him for 2 years and me for 1 year. We work together almost every day and usually its just the two of us. We also spend most of our time outside of work and weekends together. He's recently decided he's unhappy in the job and wanting more, so in a week he's leaving to pursue something else. It's a great change for him, more money and health benefits, so I was really supportive and happy for him, as I know he was struggling mentally and physically before.
However, I feel very sad. We've been together for 3 years but the year that I've worked with him has been the best of our relationship. We've become so close and healthy, our communication has improved and we've gotten our spark of passion back. I truly think spending time in a work space has allowed these changes. We work so well together, I'm afraid that will all change when we dont have that neutral space together during the day. My boyfriend knows I'm a little sad about it but I've tried to stay positive and supportive, so the past couple days he's been saying how much he hates our current job and doesn't want to be there (despite it being our last week working together) and how excited he is for the new job (and he should be). I don't want to be any less supportive because i do fully believe it's a good choice, but I also don't want to diminish my own feelings of sadness. Do I talk to him about how I'm feeling? Talk to a friend? Leave it be for now and just try and be fully happy for him? I don't know what to do but this week has already been very hard and my feelings just keep getting worse
Tl;Dr: bf and I work same job but he's leaving soon, I'm very sad about it and don't know how to proceed with my feelings while supporting his new goals.
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2023.06.06 09:20 justanotherthrowwy99 [Demons souls remake][PS5] helping with any boss. I need to get online trophy and change world tendency to white so if anyone can call me it would be very helpful for me lol

I need to get online trophy and change world tendency to pure white so if anyone can call me it would be very helpful for me lol
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2023.06.06 09:20 roundPrick me irl

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2023.06.06 09:20 lizardperzon A little over a year without my dad here

I've been finding my grief has change a bit, alot less crying and more fear of how the world's changing without him here. I find myself daydreaming about being a kid in 2005 coming home after being at a friend's house & seeing my dad watching his favorite show & joining him & snuggling up to him feeling safe & content. I miss it, I miss feeling safe & having the one person in the world that truly loved me.
I think about how my kids haven't had many of those simple moments with me in the past year as I've been too depressed to leave the house much or face them when im down. They've been spending most of their time with their dad and grandma. I'm worried my kids will never feel that same bond I had with my dad, I want to be that person for them. I'm lucky for them. I'm feeling alot of guilt over dropping my world the day my dad died It was unexpected, he should have lived to be at least 80.
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2023.06.06 09:20 Odinn353 I'm tired.

I have spent the last four years trying to better myself. I've invested in several hobbies: guitar, singing, dancing, lifting. I got into a decent college, finished my first year with a 3.40 GPA in electrical engineering. But it was hell. Constant studying. Constant work. I was always the slowest person in my classes. I had to study so much more to barely get B's
What do you do when you realize you will always be slower then those around you? Try harder? This means I have to constantly take advantage of those around me for help. I even purposely manipulate people smarter than me so they'll be more willing to teach me. I feel disgusting. I don't even have any aspirations. The only reason I push myself, is because I pray that somewhere along the way, I will have reached the answer. If I reach the epitome of what I can achieve, then I must have saw the answer somewhere on that journey.
I just loath the thought of always being the worst in a group, always being a detriment. I hate it. It makes every fiber of my being want to rip apart my skin and cast it away. None of the self improvement I've done can fix this. Sure, I derive some enjoyment out of my hobbies, but even then, the thought of always being painfully average burns me. No matter the effort.
I don't even get the satisfaction of being good looking either. I weigh 165, bench 230, squat 325, and yet despite this, my looks are at best a 6/10 on a good day. I groom myself everyday, shower, brush my teeth, apply deodorant, dress well. I'm nearly 20. I've never held a women's hand, nor have I had a kiss. I've been on a single date and then we slowly became strangers again.
And here is the main the issue: despite what I say, people will still think it's because I think my life is poor or I don't appreciate what I have. I have a great life. It's me. I'm the problem. It's my constant stupidity and lack of ability to do anything beyond basic human activities which even then take intense practice. And this is why I'm tired. My intelligence will never improve. I'm condemned to be an idiot, to be a weight that must be shouldered. I can't experience love. I am blessed to have two good friends and an amazing family. I've had plenty of opportunities to succeed. And I do strikingly medicore everytime.
I can't even kill myself because I have a loving family. I have to wait until my family passes away. How long will it take? Each year becomes longer. I have half a head of grey hair now. My loathing is interminable. The source can't be cured. My intelligence is innate. I can only hope that somewhere along the line, I'll find the answer. It's all I have. I will keep pushing as much as I can. I will use all of my resources. I guess my point in posting this is to get an answer to how I can cope with my lack of any natural talent or intelligence. I feel like im hard capped. Trapped to be medicore.
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2023.06.06 09:19 Ok-Raspberry-7545 Have you ever had a moment of pure excitement that left you feeling grateful?

Have you ever had a near-death experience that changed your outlook on life?
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2023.06.06 09:19 AwareEstablishment90 How important is sexual chemistry in a marriage?

When I (F, 27) met my husband (M, 28) we went through a lot together (I lost my baby brother 4 weeks into dating & he stuck by me during the worst freaking time of my life).
He was easy to talk to, to be with. We just didn't match at all on health & wellness/ fitness stuff, which I was willing to overlook. (As I'm sure he overlooked some things with me).
He proposed within 4 months. We got married within a year. It seemed to be a no brainer.
We waited to have s*x until marriage which was extremely important to me for moral reasons. He was a virgin, I was (definitely) not.
Sex has been a (traumatizing) issue from our honeymoon. He had performance issues from day 1; we tried again day 2, day 3. It was Horrible for us both; I felt rejected, unwanted, undesired, etc & would cry about it bc I thought "what's wrong with me that he doesn't want me like that" ya know? (even tho I know & hope that's not the truth).
And since then it has not really gotten better. 6 years married in July and I am extremely sexually frustrated. We have tried everything. Talking about it to death, Viagr, brief counseling, toys, se challenges, losing weight. (Us both, and hubby struggles with obesity) and it's not working. And to be honest I am not even attracted to him most days (or his body) sexually and I have no idea when this happened or if it was already there at the beginning bc he was there for me during a time so traumatic for me.
We have been trying to have a baby now for 2.5 years and our terrible sex life is glaringly becoming a worse and worse issue.
We have had some good days, but they are so few and far between both of us are usually so terrified to initiate bc of anxiety unless we are "trying" that month-which may happen 2x if we are lucky during OV week.
We have talked this to death and not much is changing or improving.
I don't know what to do. How important is sexual chemistry in a marriage to make it work??
Help. Tl;dr
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2023.06.06 09:19 thepaler 23[M4F] Mumbai \ Anywhere - Must have internet connection and loneliness

Skinny student seeks smart woman with a Cute Face for sports, TV and maybe more

I'd rather be in love than right any day.
Hello ladies! I'm learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them? I'm a sporty kind of chap, who likes nothing more than sports with the right woman. The first thing people usually notice about me is my funny personality, closely followed by my smashing legs. I'm the man for you, if you like great legs and eyes, particularly combined with ample baby oil.
I work as a research engineer, helping no one. This allows me to exercise my skills: selling kippers and programming computers(Hence the "\").
My life goals include:
  1. Meet Douglas Adams' ghost
  2. Become the best engineer I can be
  3. Help all the no one in the world (not exactly the charity kind)
If you're the right woman for me, you'll be smart and talkative. You won't be afraid to Make a move and will have a healthy respect for smarts.My ideal date would involve TV (Sitcom mostly) with a hot woman by my side. While we're there, I admire your Cute Face whilst feeling I'm the luckiest man on the planet.
Let me tell you a funny thing
How do you make a cat go 'woof'?
Soak it on petrol and throw it on the fire. hahahahahahahahahaha
So long and so longer
P.S Feel free to ask what i look like if you are curious
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2023.06.06 09:19 Eastern_Tear_7173 I Had a Spa Day

I had a relaxing, guilt free spa day today. I left my 11mo at home with my husband, drove to the salon, and got a spa pedicure and a manicure with a full set of sparkly acrylics. They took me straight back even though I was a walk-in. I was alone for 3 whole hours getting pampered and only got one message from my husband (just an ad on Marketplace for a used car), I spent my own money so I didn't feel guilty about getting whatever I wanted and how much it cost, and my nails are done for the first time in nearly 2 years. It was a salon I had never been too and it was so fancy. The tech who did my manicure looked at a picture I found for inspiration and she DELIVERED! They're sparkly, purple, and the design she did with the rhinestones is soooo pretty. I picked up Mexican food on the way home and the baby was up from her nap when I got home. We snuggled and she was fascinated by my nails. What a great day! I think this was the only real break I've had in 11 months.
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2023.06.06 09:19 TopGamer101111111 I beat the game as summon necro and I ended up hating it lol

So I wanted to play a summon necro but Diablo and Baal made me hate it so much. First time beating this game even tho I have the original game I never beated it. I had to change my build for baal because I didnt use decrepify and mage skelies seem to be kind of bad.
My character is weak as f, I´ll get the respec in nightmare mode, I honestly dont even know how did I beat the game.
What builds are fun for necro? I dont like watching guides but I dont want another weak weak character.
How can I prepare for nightmare difficulty? Just kill whatever bosses and hope some good lot or sets drop?
I am sleep deprived.
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2023.06.06 09:18 Dublindude96 I'm Getting Annoyed About My Accent

Lads, ever since the aul lockdown lifted, nobody understands me at all. I have a mad thick inner city Dublin accent, but it hasnt changed at the grand age of 24. I'm even starting to think people never understood me in the first place. It's madness, they gentrified Stoneybatter, racked a coffee up to 5 euro, and now they dont even understand ya when ya order.
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2023.06.06 09:18 jp2bc3 Help me find my sound

I've been pulling my hair out trying to find an amp/ setup that gets me near the sound I'm looking for.
I'm trying to get something high gain where you can really hear the fundamental frequency in low single notes instead of just overtones. A big sound in the same way that a big muff pedal has a big sound, but of course still having some attack and dynamics. It doesn't have to be tight by any means, but that would be a nice bonus
Rectifiers get close but not quite.
Older VH4s do this but I can't quite afford that.
The closest I've heard is the setup I've linked below which is a jmp1 pre and a mesa strategy 500 power amp. From what I understand, the thing that gives it this quality I'm looking for is the power amp cranked up (along with the deep switch) and the preamp volume down low.
I would get this, but the power amp is far too expensive and it's very noisy to run it in the way I would need to.
Maybe someone designed a high gain amp that gets that deep saturated power section sound? Is that even what I'm looking for?
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2023.06.06 09:18 drsunildubeypatna Sexologist in Patna for MI Sexual Disorder – Dr. Sunil Dubey

Sexologist in Patna for MI Sexual Disorder – Dr. Sunil Dubey
MI Sexual Disorder stands for Male Infertility. Whenever someone falls towards this sexual disorder then he becomes unable to make a fertile female pregnant. The male patient of this MI sexual disease is responsible himself 20% whereas the other factors are responsible for this disease is 30-40%.
The treatment and precaution for this sexual disease is possible in Ayurveda. The patient becomes healthy after the medication. The treatment of the patients' wellness is totally based on the patients examination how much he has lost his infertility.

Sexologist Doctors near me in Patna, Bihar India - Dr. Sunil Dubey
Dubey Clinic in Patna, Bihar is one of the best and highly responsible Ayurveda Medicare Clinics that provides the entire medication and treatment privileges to the patients. Dr. Sunil Dubey is India’s top-5 sexologist who always treats this type of patients. He totally provides Ayurveda, Herbal, Naturopathy, and world-famous Ashes for this terrified sexual disease.
Mostly patients from this disease get their health improvement after the medication of this sexologist in Patna. Dr. Sunil Dubey is always helpful to all the sexual ill ones and he does provide the most reliable and highly effective Ayurveda Medicare. Both local and the outstation patients get their Ayurvedic medication in this clinic.
If you are having this sexual disorder, then don't be late. Just make a call to Dubey Clinic and take appointment.
With Best Wishes:
Dr. Sunil Dubey, Sexologist & Ayurvedachara
(B.A.M.S (Ranchi) M.R.H.S (London) Ph.D. in Ayurveda)
Helpline No: +91 98350 92586; +91 91555 55112
Web info:
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2023.06.06 09:18 Fancy_Newt7854 I broke up with my boyfriend over Animal Crossing surprise, should I still be his friend?

Hi there THT, I've been in a bit of toggle over a situation that has happened recently, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I would really appreciate advice because I genuinely don't know what to do. This story is a bit long, but I'll try my best to be straight to the point and informative as I can. I don't have many people around me to get the opinions of, and my now ex-boyfriend is a frequent user of reddit, so I'm coming here to escape his radar. I will tell the events that unfolded to the best of my ability and memory, so here it goes:
I 20F and my now ex 21M had been in a relationship for 1 year prior to breaking it off. He was my friend for 2 years before we got together, and even considered each other best friends. Throughout our relationship, we experienced a lot of our firsts together and really made the effort to make things long term. However, I started to notice things around the end of our breakup, and I don't even know if it's worth maintaining a friendship with him anymore.
INFO: For a bit of context, I have been diagnosed with MDD, ADHD, GAD, PTSD, BP, BPD and DDD (Derealization). I struggle pretty often navigating life day to day and came out straight from hell to get to where I am today. I am in an amazing place now and am self aware about my conditions. Additionally, I make an active effort to practice healthy habits and make sure I work on improving my quality of life. Because of my disorders however, I have always struggled with memory issues. I have found that my memory loss has been one of the most hardest challenges presented to me. My ex knew about my diagnoses and my memory loss issues before asking me out. He always said he accepted it, but would get really upset and sometimes cry when I could not remember things that he would bring up the second time around. I understood where he was coming from at first because I knew it would hurt me if someone forgot an important memory that we once shared, but for me it was different, and I cannot control what stays and what goes in my mind. I would always try to remedy the situation, or hear him out a second time, as to not make him feel like I was falling back on my memory issues as an excuse to dismiss something of his concern. Overtime however, he began to become intolerant to my "forgetfulness" and seemed to grow resentful towards me. After that, anytime I would mention to him that I could not remember something, he would become upset and and argument would start. My ex also struggles with MDD and GAD, but nothing else to my knowledge. I struggle to understand why he has become resentful in the first place, as I tried to make an effort to mend things. So, here comes the issue at hand:
During the spring, my then-boyfriend wanted me to try out some of his games on his Nintendo Switch, one of which was animal crossing. I have never owned my own switch before or played any AC games of the sort, so everything about it was new to me. Then-boyfriend really loves games, and uses games as a way to destress and unwind, so I made extra sure to maintain it and not damage the switch or games. He let me have my own house on his island, allowed me to garden and decorate some parts of the island that were empty land, and use some of his resources he had in his storage. The only rule that he gave me when it came to playing was that I was not allowed to terraform his island, which I respected. During him visiting me once, he spoke about how he would really LOVE to have blue roses on his island. That was when I got the idea to surprise him with blue roses. For those who are unaware, blue roses are really hard to obtain and require a lot of time and effort to crossbreed and produce in the game. After he went home, I opened up the switch that night and began the blue rose gardening process in my little villagers front yard. I began to google what to do exactly to make these blue flowers as the process needed to be followed strictly. From the YT videos I watched, a lot of comments had recommended that I time-skip to get the flowers faster, so I did just that. During the gardening process, we would text each other back and forth until our next visit and I let him know I was making a surprise for him in AC, but did not tell him what it was exactly. He had expressed excitement over receiving the surprise. In conclusion, it took around 70 hours to complete and 90 in-game days to get 7 blue roses. After I acquired the roses, I ran my little villager over to his houses front yard and put them down, I also put other little items around the flowers to make a cute arrangement. To note: his personal villagers front yard was completely empty apart from a couple of trees that I did not uproot nor touch.
After the surprise was complete, he came over to my house again for another visit. Unfortunately, this is where my disorder kicks my ass, because I don't remember what happened before the moment I gave him the switch. The only thing I can vaguely remember is that he was upset and I was being distant and giving short responses as a reaction to his frustrations (I am unsure if him being upset was related to my memory or not) and I remained distant and relatively quiet. I thought that I could mend the situation by presenting him the gift of the blue roses. I pulled out the switch and gave it to him upon launching AC. At that moment I decided to leave my bedroom and go to the kitchen after giving him the switch, so he didn't feel the pressure of giving me any sort of reaction for opening the surprise because his anxiety. I gave him a few minutes, and came back into the room. When I came back, he still seemed upset and was organizing his storage from inside his villagers house. I asked him if he had seen the surprise yet, in which he responded "No." I said "Okay, take your time". As I was getting up to leave the room again, he walked out of the little house and saw the surprise. The first words out of his mouth were "I thought I told you not to touch my yard". I stood silent and stunned for a moment, after that I said "If you want, I can pick it up and move it into my yard". In which he replied with a sigh. He claimed after that, I was previously told he wanted nothing in his yard, and I have no memory of this. I apologized to him and said that I'm sorry I couldn't remember him telling me that, and reiterated that I could move the blue roses into my yard. He said "You can do that if you want to, but it won't be the same". I was puzzled by this as all it would take is to simply pick up all the items, and he would have a empty yard again. I asked him, "What do you mean 'wouldn't be the same?'" in which, he did not respond, and closed the switch. I called him out right then and there for his strange and cold reaction, and then followed up with reiterating the solution I presented previously, and began to question him about how it wouldn't be the same, if my solution could restore exactly what he wanted? Unfortunately, I can't remember what happened after this either, nor for the rest of the day. The next thing I remember was him texting me the next day about how upset he was that I was time-skipping on his switch, and that he was strictly against it, as well as that he wanted to do it naturally and since I "took that away", it would be a better idea to start fresh on a brand new switch. After a few hours of texting, we ended up reconciling and were back to being on good terms again, but I wasn't able to shake this.
After this, I began to limit house visits and used most of my time alone to think. Eventually I was able to muster up the courage to break up with him at the end of April. At first, it was a no-brainer that I would still continue being his friend since we were so close before, but now, I'm not sure anymore. When I broke up with him, I had only done it off the inkling that I wasn't comfortable and that he was making me feel oddly weird. Since the breakup however, reflecting on his past actions has now changed the perspective I felt initially from forgivable to questionable.
To not make things longer than necessary, here is a TL;DR of the things he has done:
- has lied about being at home when he was actually spending the night with his friends.
- guilted me about my memory loss and said I was disappointing him/a disappointing partner and made me cry.
- got so upset that I fell asleep during a visit, that he let himself out of my house without waking me up and left my front door and gate open and unlocked at night ( I found this out after calling him, asking where he was when I woke up and saw he wasn't with me).
- confirmed a rumor that his friend started about us having sex, despite me explicitly asking him to not discuss what we do sexually to his friends months prior to this incident (from a conversation we had about boundaries and insecurities, I have trauma).
It's hard to navigate this situation because we were close for years and I don't want to hurt him more than he already is hurting, but I have an inkling that everything may not be what it seems, and that I may have overlooked these issues initially because we were together. So I ask if anyone finds this, should I still be his friend? I know that people can change, but I don't know if its worth sticking around finding out what kind of person he is capable of becoming. If anybody has any questions feel free to ask, I will try to answer any questions you may have to the best of my abilities, thank you so much for your time.
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2023.06.06 09:18 Due-Feed-4720 Permanent eyelash extensions near me - Cleopatra hair and beauty

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2023.06.06 09:17 KayC720 Package delivered to neighbours house, they threw it away because it was ‘suspicious’

Am I crazy or is this an over reaction?
I live at X street and my neighbour lives at X road, I forgot something at work on Friday and had a colleague drop it off for me yesterday at my house. He went to the wrong house and dropped it outside the door of my neighbour.
(It’s one of those roads that changes name at the junction and the Satnav takes you to the junction.)
After realising it’s not at my door I head down to my neighbours to collect it and knock on the door. My colleague was in work uniform at the time when he dropped it off and she threatens to report us and the company for dropping off suspicious packages, I explain I live up the road and point to my house, she doesn’t care and says ‘he should’ve at least knocked on the door before leaving’ because it’s extremely rude. I remind her that he thought he was at my house so why would he have knocked. She still seems unhappy but tells me if I want my package it’s in the bin and I’m free to get it.
Not only is it in the outside bin for collection but she has put it under a couple of bags so I have to dig down for it, she has also moved the bin out into the street despite it not being bin day until the next day. The whole experience has left a bit of a sour taste as I don’t think I would do that in a million years.
A day later I’m still annoyed am I overreacting?
TLDR: package got dropped off at wrong house, neighbour threw it in her outside bin and put it out for collection and threaten to complain to my company.
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2023.06.06 09:17 _iamunknown90 31 [M4R] Virtual Accountability Buddy

Anyone here who's a data analyst that works at night? I'm trying to change careers and become a data analyst. I'm cramming data analyst courses but the past couple days I think my brain has been drained so much so I need someone to push me to keep going and help me in any way possible haha. Message me please!
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