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2023.06.01 00:39 Baronessse I am unbelievable angry for good reasons but I don't know what to do with my frustration. (raising nephew because his mother has post-partum psychose)

Hey, guys! I feel so stuck and I really don't know how to act adequate. I wrote by brother a long half-angry but also de-escalating(hope so) message, but it doesn't feels like this is the right way. I can't talk to my sisinlaw - she's not really in reality. Everything you say can make her super angry, she doesn't see any other person's feelings - her son is no exception. They visit him every day for 4 hours and take him with them for the weekends. My mother has him over night - I take him 6 hours/day. We get about 300€ from my brother per month. My problem is not that we have to raise their child for x time. It's her behavior... I never really liked her. She's stupid, she's loud, she smoked even in pregnancy over 25cigs/day and she's so unbelievable bitchy. She never listens to any advice you give her. I hate her friends, they are even dumber, but she made one of them the godmother. My brother wouldn't give his child to those people. He asked us for good reasons. I visited her when she was in closed psychatrie - she was so proud that she beat up the nurse... NO one can tell me this is only the illness. This weekend she wants to go on a party and we have to take care for her son. There are two nights in the week and she can't even care for her son for this time?! I understand that they need to find each other again, BUT NOT on our shoulders wtf! They can make SO much WITH a child. Whyyyy on earth is everyone so silent!? I am BURSTING inside everytime it's about her or I see her face. She was kicked out of the psychatrie because she didn't cared for the rules and now she's at home all day long. My brother has to care for her AND his job. He is so thin... but she loves her.. my God who am I to talk bad about her. BUT I AM SO ANGRY. I am crying because I can't understand why this is... so unfair. If I yell at her he might exclude me from taking care of my nephew but I am doing such a good job.. and my mother needs my help so much... I don't have the power to fight this. And for what!? Everything I say will NEVER stick to one of her three brain cells. How can someone have so little empathy. She is so stubborn and stupid. Her voice is torture. She lied a lot when we met her first and now she's lying again... about every little thing. I don't know why she makes me so angry. I wish I could simply ignore her but everytime she talks more bullshit about getting a new education in August or how hard her life is or how boring her life is now or how her medicine isn't working or how she wants to learn how to ride horses... I just want to slap her with her child's diapers until she realizes that SHE"S A MOTHER NOW. I know the psychosis won't let her feel this....but why can't she care more for herself... she's chilling all day and we do her job. Am I allowed to be angry? Am I able to change anything? Am I risking my relationship to my brother when I show how angry I am?
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2023.06.01 00:39 Chance_wolfhog Some Mage 20A/4E rules clarification.

If you can point me to the correct page in the book, please list the page number, but some rules I'm not fully sure of.
So I get mage is a lot about being subtle, and I have a player who is managing that wonderfully. But I have another who just wants to throw lightning and yes, she's being 'doxed appropriately.

The questions I have do with distance of spell effects primarily using forces and matter spheres, but if it's different for others feel free to say so. Also I am very aware a lot of the rules are up to ST interpretation.

  1. To throw a fireball or lightning bolt at range, do you need Correspondence? Or is that really just for things like teleportation.
  2. How do you determine the range at which those spells can go? Is it based on the 'Correspondence Sphere Ranges' on page 504, based on something like hits = so many meters, or just, whatever feels good?
  3. How about spell radius/diameter. Is there a way to determine that or just, 'does it make sense for the forces/arete/number of hits'?
I do see that Magickal Feats on page 502 does mention hits for different kinds of fire, which is why I listed that. Again, just wondering if there are rules or if I just make it up on the fly.

Thank you all for your help.
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2023.06.01 00:38 TouhouWeasel Reminder: We have legal recourse against OpenAI for refusing to provide their advertised, paid services. It is not legal for a company to charge for a service it does not provide.

Remember that when you sign up for a subscription service, the company you are paying for that service from is legally required to provide it to you. Imagine if you sat down at a restaurant and paid for dinner, and dinner simply never came? Or if they advertised a 1000 calorie meal and each item in the meal kept coming out half-cooked and you were only able to eat 300 calories of it.
Request a refund from customer support for any month in which GPT4 is significantly inaccessible. If they refuse to provide it the company is liable for fraud ( see here for more information about reporting fraud/scams).
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2023.06.01 00:38 SgtDaemon In anticipation of another round of rwf induced plogon controversy, I asked chatGPT to prepare an ffxivdiscussion post on plugin usage, just in case

Title: Contemplating Third-Party Tools: A Discussion on the Race to World First and Raiding Community
Hey fellow adventurers!
As the dust settles on the latest raid tier, Pandemonium Anabasis, it's time to address a topic that has sparked controversy and heated debates within the Final Fantasy XIV community: third-party tools. Specifically, the role they play in the Race to World First and their impact on both the raiding and casual player base.
Before we dive into the discussion, let's acknowledge that the Final Fantasy XIV development team explicitly forbids the usage of third-party tools. However, it's no secret that a significant portion of the player base, including some raiders, employ these tools to gain a competitive edge. The casual player community, on the other hand, often expresses concerns about their usage, viewing it as an unfair advantage.
The Race to World First, a thrilling and highly anticipated event, showcases the pinnacle of competitive raiding. Raid groups from around the world engage in an intense race to be the first to conquer all four bosses of the latest raid tier. Over the years, the emergence of third-party tool usage during this race has led to considerable drama and heated discussions.
Critics argue that the use of third-party tools in the Race to World First undermines the spirit of fair competition. They claim that these tools grant an unfair advantage to raiders, skewing the playing field and potentially tarnishing the achievements of those who conquer the raid tier without their aid.
However, it's important to consider the wider context. Third-party tools, despite their disallowed status, have become a common part of the Final Fantasy XIV experience. Many players use them casually for tasks such as enhancing screenshots or customizing the game's UI. The question arises: are all uses of third-party tools equal? Is there a distinction between their casual use and their implementation in competitive raiding?
The controversy surrounding third-party tools has led to ongoing debates within the community. Some argue that using these tools during the Race to World First should result in severe consequences, including disqualification or even permanent bans. They believe that only by enforcing strict penalties can the competitive integrity of the race be preserved.
On the other hand, proponents of a more lenient approach highlight the need for clearer guidelines and increased transparency from the developers. They suggest that the Final Fantasy XIV team should clarify the boundaries of acceptable third-party tool usage, allowing players to engage with them responsibly and without fear of repercussions.
So, where do you stand on this issue? Is the usage of third-party tools in competitive raiding truly cheating, or is it a symptom of a larger problem in the game's enforcement policies? Should the penalties for using these tools be more severe, or do we need a reevaluation of the rules and a more nuanced approach?
Let's engage in a civil and respectful discussion regarding the controversial topic of third-party tool usage in the Race to World First and the wider raiding and casual communities. Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions below, and let's strive for a better understanding of this complex issue.
May the light guide us in finding common ground,
[Your Username]
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2023.06.01 00:37 Alundra828 JWT role claim alternatives

Hi all,
Our app has just received a new round of funding (yay!) which means we have a whole new list of demands from our customers about features they want from the software. Which is great, however I've run into a bit of an issue.
Currently, my users role claims are stored in an identity service, and populated in a bearer token. The bearer token is used as permissions to access routes, and also to access microservice endpoints. As the software has grown, the amount of role claims have also grown. And, in the process of keying in the new permission candidates today, I found that super users are bumping up against the size limit of JWT tokens, which means my services are now flat out refusing to serve any content.
Of course, the reason is that there are lots, and lots of role claim permissions on there. Given everything is authorized by what is in your JWT token, I'm now in a bit of a pickle...
What is the first port of call here...? I'm aware I could try and "de-bloat" my jwt, however I feel that's just kicking the can down the road and may only buy me a few more years before we hit this issue again given the rate we're expanding... How can I best get around this issue?
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2023.06.01 00:37 DesastreAnunciado This Used to be About Dungeons - Chapter 180 - Cease Fire

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2023.06.01 00:37 keithles Open records coming to Minnesota

It’s about time. I spent a good portion of my adult life searching, ultimately paying thousands to a P.I. to find my family history for me, then years of dealing with the emotional aftermath of it all….doing away with the secrecy and lies of closed adoption and restoring rights to adoptees is absolutely the correct course.
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2023.06.01 00:37 Men3mmm [A3][SERVER] S&C Supply for arma 3 modding

Who are we: S&C Supply is a provider of Arma 3 modding assets. Our team is comprised of passionate gamers and experienced developers who understand the needs of the modding community. We have worked on the finest arma 3 gear out there, and our assets have been used by many players in the community.

What do we offer: We offer a wide range of assets, including weapons, gear, uniforms, and more. All of our assets are carefully designed and tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We use real-world data and expert knowledge to create assets that are not only visually stunning but also functionally realistic. In addition to library of pre-made assets, we also offer custom asset creation services. Our team of designers and developers can work with you to create unique assets that perfectly fit your mod's theme and style. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your custom assets are optimized for performance and seamlessly integrate with the Arma 3 engine.

Our Commitment: At S&C Supply, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We offer fast completion competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer support. Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide technical assistance.

A list of What we can do:

- Uniforms
- Vests
- Backpacks/Panels
- Helmets
- Eyepro & Facewear
- NVG's
- Weapons
- Weapon hand animations
- Optics
- IFlash Combos
- Grips
- Mags
- Suppressors
- Custom Patches
- Texturing
- Porting new models or from other games

So, whether you're starting a new unit or have an existing one, S&C Supply has everything you need to take your Arma 3 Unit to the next level. Visit our discord now to learn more about our products and services, and join the satisfied customers who trust S&C Supply for their Arma 3 modding needs.
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2023.06.01 00:37 OctopusOfMalice_ M32, let's call on discord, let's hang out, ans [chat]

Anyone will do. You will do, because you're an awesome person and i like you a lot. I don't have a specific thing in my mind, if there's something on your mind you'd wanna share/bounce/vent I'm down. Just in general - we could play 20 questions, or two truths and a lie, word associations. Or talk about nothing at all works fine as well. Hmu
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2023.06.01 00:36 shotsfired78- Folks looking for a stable career with great benefits, check out USA Jobs!

(I am not paid or incentivized to talk about this. I’m a current federal employee.)
USA Jobs is where federal agencies post vacancies & are available to US citizens. I was surprised to hear that many people never heard of it or thought to apply. There are thousands of jobs in pretty much any field, from assistants, nurses, technicians, and accountants to scientists and law enforcement.
The benefits are amazing. I can retire after 20 years and will have a nice pension, plus a TSP account and health insurance. I don’t worry about job security or being laid off/fired. Worst case, in the event of a gov shutdown, we miss a paycheck or 2 and get backpay after.
The downside is that it takes time. Hiring processes are lengthy (months) and it may not be a quick solution of anyone in need of an immediate paycheck.
Check it out & maybe throw some apps in if interested. Let me know if y’all have any general questions.
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2023.06.01 00:36 Masy02 Carol with FedEx customer RESOLUTION and SERVICE!

I called after a package I’ve been waiting on all day said attempted delivery at 4:51pm (delivery time between 11:10am-3:10pm) will attempt again tomorrow.
I asked Carol to support me in contacting the local distribution center and have them note the driver is lying as I have cameras and no FedEx was attempted.
Carol then said that that the items was never on the truck… to which I said the email, the text and the app all said loaded on vehicle at 6:55am…
Carol just says it will be delivered tomorrow. I asked the same questions a few times and Carol gave me the same lies saying it wasn’t on the truck… I then (again) asked why it says attempted delivery and why I saw a timeline of it being loaded and have all these update but now it was never on the truck… Carol says nothing. I ask for her employment I’d so I can complain when I call back.
I know she can contact the local distribution center and have them file a complaint. She says she cannot do it. I asked what she can do and she says tell you it will be there tomorrow. When I asked for the employment info to complain about her she says the only thing I can provide you with is my name and position.
My complaint isn’t that the driver lied or Carol lied. My complaint is there is no system at FedEx (or any corporation) to have people be held accountable for their lack of doing their jobs correctly.
It use to be when you do something wrong you are held accountable for your actions. Now, if you’re a corporation you can be so Mia-managed that you go bankrupt and the people are forced to bail you out.
The US sucks and it’s all due to corporate greed and the lack of accountability in todays world.
What can we do?
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2023.06.01 00:36 Transitnerdism Moving to Chicago next month - building allows Comcast or RCN for internet. Any preferences?

Coming from the south so have never used either. I see a few posts from years back but nothing super recent. Not too picky on price, mainly care about quality of service as well as customer service.
Thanks y’all!
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2023.06.01 00:36 Acrobatic_Duck_4896 Trying to live with a sex addicted emotionally abusive partner

I am just writing here because I am having a hard time seeing the hope. There was a time when we were both doing hard drugs together and there was acting out and emotional and physical abuse. Prostitutes lots of prostitutes. I am dissociative almost all the time just trying to not upset him so that he won't leave and be gone for days with no responses to any messages. I thought we were moving forward and that all of our money was in an account where I could see where it was being spent. I just found out he was back in drugs, hiding money from me, and found condoms including an opened empty condom package in his car. He always reacts with rage and when I try to talk about my needs and basically pleading for this to just not happen again he sullenly says fine you can have all the money and all the control, it doesn't feel like a relationship it feels like he sees it as I'm an authority figure he has to deceive and who is trying to just control him so when he acts out it's always painted as my fault for being controlling. At times it feels like we aren't even speaking the same language when I try to talk about what we need to do for both of us to be happier and stop the hurtful actions and lying. It's always defensive and angry and why are you trying to make me feel bad type of stuff.... I don't know what to do I'm not in a good position to leave even though I have almost done it anyways recently. I'm struggling with hopelessness and despair that none of this will ever change there is always going to be lies and prostitutes and drugs and he will never take responsibility except for the times when he is lovebombing and professing how things will get better and change and he won't do this or that again and doesn't want to deceive or hurt me.
TLDR: thought that progress was being made and that maybe there was hope just to find out about more lies and cheating and acting out and drugs. Does this ever end or can I just expect to go through this cycle over and over again with no hope for anything better as long as I stay with this person?
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2023.06.01 00:35 AffectionatePlum2272 My story about DND (Btw this is the first chapter)

In the North near the tempestuous mountains and the groves of the Relum trees, which grow relum, which are like sweet pears, was a prosperous village called “ Alestra”. Alestra is a medium-sized village known for its cloying relums and its soft and crumbly soil perfect for the trees and gardens. They lived a humble and healthy life supplying themselves with veggies and meat from the boars they hunted. The water from Rivenile was the source of their agricultural success and survival. The sound of little children having fun exploring the fields of grain while their family works diligently on the farms. Most of the children spend their time outside either helping with their family's farm or playing near the grains and on the trees playing fun games. All except one particular boy who will spend his days indoors writing stories and reading about the fascinating creatures he wishes to discover. His name was Aran, a 12-year-old with red hair living with his parents who helped the village by transporting their food and veggies to nearby villages. Aran eagerly followed his father, perpetually saying “Father, can I hear the story about the Rift Creators of the Coliseum again please?”. The father replied, “ How about tonight when your mother is back for dinner, is that alright?”. “ Yes Father,” said Aran. Aran rushed to his room whose walls were covered with sheets of drawings and a portrait of his family right in the center of his room. His desk was piled with books and maps slightly torn and dirty. His bed was big enough for him, and a little chest lay at the end of the bed to store the items he cherished. Aran sat on his chair and picked up a book labeled “ Creatures of the Night” and he sat on his bed and read from where he began. Meanwhile, the Father went near his stable and put the ponderous goods on the wagon when he smelled a putrid stench of a rotting corpse. The father looked around to find the smell and discovered a Villager riding a horse carrying a wagon with numerous dead bodies disfigured and all missing body parts. “ What happened to them!?” stuttered the father in shock. “ To be honest I don’t know?” said the villager. “It might be a wolf or a bear,” said the villager. “That can’t be bears since it's winter,” said the father. “We might have to stop shipment to other villages,” said the villager. “Why, though, it's only a few animals we can take care of,” said the father. “Well, that depends if the mayor agrees,” the villager says. “Shouldn’t we mail this to animal control, maybe they can control these beasts,” the father said. “Already mailed it to them, should be arriving in a few weeks or so”. The villager rode his horse to the village square leaving the father worried. When it was nightfall the family was at the dinner table eating their food. They had a hot and warm meat pie filled with lamb and pork all mixed with gravy with a side of pan-fried spinach. After their dinner, Aran rushed towards his room with his father following him. “ Are you gonna tell me the story Father?” asked Aran. “ Alright, hold your patience,” said the father as he sat down on the bed. “ The story of the ..colosseum begins with the Greater wills, gods who judge the realms and serve as the way of evolution”. “When these gods see someone they love they give birth to the demigods. “ Each demigod ruled the realms and served as a ruler for their realms,” asked the Father. “ They had abilities like gravity, time, War, pestilence, and even death, while others had less powerful abilities like sand,” said the father. “ Each of the demigods is known to be the best and the most revered in their worlds.,” said the father in a Joyous mood. '' “All had everything they could need in their lives, but some wanted more”. The father looked outside the dark knight. “ Well it's getting late. The father replied with a tired tone “ Sleep well Aran”. “Can you finish the story tomorrow? " asked Aran, resting his head on the pillow. “Of course,” said the father. Aran closed his eyes and dreamed of himself in the stars, seeing the planets go by as he feels the
5 years later
Aran who was now 17 got off his bed with his room no longer having the drawings he used to have and the desk he still had an accumulation of books. He passed his parent's room and went into the kitchen to make his parents some breakfast. Aran's parents were always tired of the number of resources needed for other villages and Aran’s mother sprained her knee when running back to the village. Aran grabbed a few thick pork slices and chopped them to put on the ardent sizzling pan. Aran proceeded to crack a few eggs, mix them with scallions, and place them on the pan with the pork bits until they were cooked well. The sound of the sizzling food awoke the father as he peeked through the kitchen to see his son cook. The father asks” Son it's still dark outside why are you up this early”. “I wanted to give you something to eat while I’m gone with the delivery for the next town,” said Aran. “ Alone, you can’t be alone when Wendigos are out on the road”. “ Let me come and help you deliver the food..” but as the father said that he was cut off and the Aron said, “ It's alright I brought a knife with me and I’ll be cautious”. Aran exited the house and went near the stable to ride his horse carrying the fruits and vegetables on his side. Aran rode his horse down the road to the village square. The village square had big houses with markets surrounding the houses and farms surrounding the Relum trees growing ever so long behind the village. The villagers look depleted and worn out. Aran rode his horse to the other houses to ask for resources and food they offered them all saying “ Tell Newberry to stay strong”. After Aran was finished taking the villager's supplies for Newberry he went to the village chief to gather his resources. He knocked on the door of the Mayor's house and saw him with a pile of water buckets, a few bags of gold, and Packs of wood. “ Ah Aran, please put this on your cart and tell Newberry to stay safe and have hope”. “Of course chief,” said Aran. Aran rode his horse to the village gate next to the tower post. When Aran was next to the post a Knight went outside of the tower replying “ What is your business of leaving Alestra '' . “ I’m transporting my family’s food to the village of Newberry, “ said Aran. “ The village of Newberry isn't doing well since the Wendigos raided them, they're going to need those supplies” said the knight. Aran was permitted to leave Alestera and Aran continued his journey on the path. Aran passed through from a few corpses to an abundance of them until Aran saw the village. The village was burned and ravaged with dark smoke covering the sky and the stench of burning flesh still in the air. Aran rushed to the village to see if anybody survived but found none survived. When Aran was about to leave he saw smoke coming out of the forest, Aran rode his horse swiftly and came to the source of the fire. He saw a few villagers and a small number of children near the fire scared and tired from the raid. “ Are you the villagers of Newberry?” asked Aran. “ We used to be until the Wendigos attacked,” said an elderly lady. Aran with a shocked look on his face asked: “ What about the knights”. “ Most of them died fighting while some died running,” said the old man next to the lady. “ Some more knights tried to help but those insidious beasts forestalled ”. Aran was worried for the villagers of Newberry and shouted“ I have resources from the town of Alestra and we have come for your help!!!”. All the villagers looked at Aran as he continued to shout “ Please gather any resources you need and help yourself to the food you need to survive with!!!”. The Villagers filled with hope and joy rushed to the cart and gathered all the supplies. They were all eating and drinking and covering themselves with blankets making them feel just a little bit safer. “ We don’t know how to thank you, young sir,” said a man with his children next to him. “ Please sir you don’t have to do anything, but if you and the others need help we're just a few miles away south,” said Aran. Aran left with an empty cart and a feeling of beatitude when he saw the villagers of Newberry full of bliss and hope. Halfway through his trip back to his village the horse instantaneously stopped and nearly threw Aran off the horse. “ Stay here Becky,” said Aran smoothly. He jumped off the horse and looked all around to see if anything would jump out and attack him. Suddenly he heard a large screeching sound mixed with screeching. He heard rustling and sticks being broken. He heard the noise again except it was teeth chattering and the sound of a loud sharp horn was closer. “ We have to go, Becky,” said Aran urgently as he jumped on his horse and rode as fast as he could. Aran heard the sound come closer and faster towards him. Aran had the sudden urge to stop the horse midway. Aran stopped his horse and soon after a dark wendigo jumped out in front of him and crashed near some trees and was unconscious for a few seconds. Aran used that time to ride away while horrified by that chase. The wendigo screeched in anger as Aran was out of its sight. Aran returned to the village sweaty and scared and opened the doors only to be on his knees. The father rushed up to him with the mother following him slowly. “ Aran what happened to you?!” asked the father in a frightened manner. “I escaped from a wendigo,” said Aran panting. “ How in this world did you survive?!” asked the father. “ Raranold, let the Aran rest now,” said the mother. “ Aran is traumatized enough for today, we can ask when he is ready but for now let him sleep and rest”. The father took a deep breath and said to Aran “ You can go upstairs and we’ll cook something for you, is that okay ''. “That's okay,” Aran replied. Aran went upstairs to his room and went to his bed to sit. Aran heard voices from downstairs wanting to hear what his parents were talking about. Aran opened the door quietly, walked on the stairs sneakily, and peered through the kitchen to hear what they were saying. “ 7 people died on that road and were eaten, there is no way our son could survive one of their attacks,” said Raranold. “ I think it's time for us to leave the village”. “But where will we go, Raranold,” asked the mother. “ We could go to the city of Elistar and maybe there we can be safe,” said the father. “I don’t know what to do now Elizabeth”. “ We can leave tomorrow when we pack all our stuff and leave while we still have light, and maybe we can reach an inn,” said Elizabeth. “ But what about Aran, how will he handle this?” asked Raranold. “He might be upset about it but I’m sure he’ll love the big city and all its fancy buildings and all the new stuff he’ll like”. “ Plus we have a good amount of money to survive in the city”. “ Now then, we should be cooking dinner at Raranold”. “ Please pass me the mushrooms on your right, we're going to be making some skewers” Aran walked to his room quietly shocked by the fact that he will move from the village he grew up in. Aran looked out the window gazing at the village thinking about how he will never get used to the city. Aran suddenly saw something big and tall in the bushes. It was the same wendigo that was chasing him through the path. Aran quickly fell over in terror and when he got back up, the wendigo was suddenly gone in an instant. “ Oh lords,” said Aran. The wendigo rushed deep into the forests crossing through the dry trees and the murky puddles towards an abandoned camp. The abandoned camp was full of wendigos either resting or fighting each other for food. Near the big stump sat a tall wendigo with various skulls and aches full of bottles and ashes on his sides. The wendigo held a staff with a large skull. The wendigo went towards the large wendigo and shrieked “ Shouldn’t we attack the village now”. The tall Wendigo stood up and said “ We attack when the sun is dim”. They heard horses coming through the road with knights packed with weapons passing by them. The tall Wendigo screamed in the sky letting every Wendigo know that they would attack the village of Alestra.
Btw I'm 13
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2023.06.01 00:35 KingStona420 What server is NightLife RP?

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2023.06.01 00:35 everernest My Landlord Put the Wrong Months on our Lease

My roommates and I signed for a lease from 27th of September, 2021 till April 30th of 2022. We then signed a renewal lease for 12 months on the 18th of April from June 1st 2022 till May 31st of 2023.
You may notice something is missing. The month of May in 2022. We did not notice this as we never recieved a copy from our landlord and it never occured to us we would need it. And in our experiences, we always had the landlord send them to us automatically. But it is still our bad for moving out early. I think.
We moved out on the 30th of April as we signed a 12 month lease. We are being penalized for not paying for May 2023's rent even though we did not live there and returned our keys and everything to the landlord. But we did pay May of 2022's rent despite the fact it was not in either of the leases.
The landlord is lying to us and because we did not document as well as we should have, we have no evidence on us to dispute (though there should be reciepts of maintenence requests, as well as current mold damage in the apartment we messaged them about very early into our tenancy). But now I have been told that I never submitted a request for maintenence. I do not know what to do I would not care if we did not recieve our security deposit, we were not perfect tenants, and we expected for some to come out anyway, but being lied to our faces and left with confusing documents I am becoming frustrated and confused.
I do not know what to do. I have been trying to communicate with the property management but I do not get many to any responses.
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2023.06.01 00:35 FiringSquad13 Ported Glock 43x built by Firing Squad Firearms

Ported Glock 43x built by Firing Squad Firearms
Glock 43x with Firing Squad Customization package - Firing Squad Black DLC barrel - Slide/Barrel port with front sight relocation - Show Stopper Slide cut - Hex/Asphalt hybrid stippling with front borders - RMRcc optic cut - Trijicon RMRcc optic - Ameriglo tall sights - Overwatch tac FDE trigger - Graphite black cerakote slide and frame - Shield mag release - Shield 15 round metal magazine
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2023.06.01 00:35 Kurt_Danko DELL Earnings DD

DELL Earnings DD

Play type: AI Hype/Earnings/TA gap fill

Position choice: Bullish

AI Hype
Due to all of the recent AI hype, hopefully their earnings call will speak about the roll out of their tech which can house it.
  • Dell PowerEdge R760 is available globally in February 2023.
  • Dell PowerEdge HS5620, HS5610 are available globally in April 2023.
  • Additional next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers will be global availability throughout the first half of 2023.
  • ProDeploy Factory Configuration is globally available today, and ProDeploy Rack Integration is available today in the US.
  • Dell APEX compute services are planned for the second half of 2023.
As well they've announced a collaboration with NVDA to create Helix on May 23rd.
  • Project Helix makes it easy for enterprises to build and deploy trustworthy generative AI
  • Dell and NVIDIA infrastructure and software include built-in data security for on-premises generative AI applications
Further reading can be done here.
After read this it looks as though their ISG (infrastructure solutions group) will continue to crush with eight consecutive quarters of growth. According to the Q4 '23 earnings call they are number one in servers and storage.
Unfortunately their CSG (customer solutions group) may drag them down again. Though they do address this issue by saying they have moved their spending priorities to ISG to capture the IT market. Another note is u/JayArlington mentioned on his stream today that PC's could be at the bottom so that would allow for an upside for the CSG to perform well.

It looks like they guide well and stay close within their estimates

However what is to note is that they have guided down hard for this earnings which leaves a potential for a beat.
Technical Analysis
A quick TA look shows that the stock dropped from the top of it's channel today through the 20SMA and a gap fill was created. It closed at the last resistance point with the 1st support 44.12.
The 5% drop could be due to end of month rebalancing?
While I researched and wrote this DD what I have realized about this company is that it is not a direct AI play like AI, NVDA or PLTR. What this company does is provide their strength (severs and storage) to work in conjunction with NVDA so it is secondary or coupled play. Alongside the potential for an earnings beat I see there to be an upside.
To conclude, from the information provided I am hoping I have found an opportunity that the market has not priced appropriately. My plan is to enter a position tomorrow consisting of shares and calls.
P.S. Looking at the options chain - June 9th would be ideal to play since the IV is around 60 where it's over 100 for June 2nd
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2023.06.01 00:34 OctopusOfMalice_ M32, let's call on discord, hang out, and chat.

Anyone will do. You will do, because you're an awesome person and i like you a lot. I don't have a specific thing in my mind, if there's something on your mind you'd wanna share/bounce/vent I'm down. Just in general - we could play 20 questions, or two truths and a lie, word associations. Or talk about nothing at all works fine as well. Hmu
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2023.06.01 00:34 AmbitiousGoal2872 Three questions

Did Pycelle lie about Margaery and the moon tea? And if he didn't lie, who would she have slept with? Would she have slept with Renly, or was Cersei right about her maybe sleeping with Loras?
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2023.06.01 00:33 Pils_Urquell123 Lied about having degree; getting background checked

Hello. I know I'm gonna get lit up in the comments here. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes," etc. The long and short of it is that I have been struggling to make a career change, and applied to an entry-level job in my field. This field is not known for needing Bachelor's degrees, in fact this job didn't even require anything more than a high school diploma. But I came close to getting one (two semesters away) before dropping out. I did fudge it a bit on my resume-- most of my schooling was at a community college where I got an Associates, then transferred to university for a semester. I consolidated all of that under the university, mainly to save space and look better. I specifically avoided claiming that I have a Bachelor's. However, during the interview, they asked if I had a Bachelor's degree and I answered that I did, just without thinking. I genuinely never planned on lying about it, and had I taken a second to think about it, I would have told the truth.
Well I just got my job offer, which is great, but... now they're doing a background check on me, through Checkr. They explicitly say they're checking criminal, employment, education, etc. So there's really no way to get around this. Between putting everything under the university, and lying on the interview about having a Bachelor's, there's no way it won't get found out. The funny thing is, this job doesn't even require a degree! Anyway, I wanted to post this for two reasons:
First off: Is there any chance that coming clean before the background check will help me? It's an entry-level job, I have all of the technical skills needed, which I explained (truthfully) in the interview.
Second: I wanted to post this as a warning. I decided to get bolder about fudging my resume mainly because a lot of people on Reddit suggested it. There's a lot of success stories out there, people bragging about how they or someone they knew got away with it, saying that everyone lies, etc etc. But as someone who has mostly worked in the service industry, I didn't realize how standard and how thorough background checks can be. Even for entry-level jobs like this. They're really checking my degree, employment history, etc for a job where I'd barely make above minimum wage? Maybe it's a new thing, or I just picked the short straw.
I'm bummed, I desperately want to leave service behind. And the job market in my target industry is fucked right now, I was really lucky to get this opportunity. Now it's gone. Ah well. What do you think, should I come clean, or just withdraw my application? It's a moonshot, but I don't think I have anything to lose from at least being upfront.
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2023.06.01 00:33 Broken_Age How do people get into trades with 0 experience???

I’m writing with this a bit of frustration so forgive me, but I feel like i’ve been lied to. I keep hearing about how every skilled trade is in high demand for people, people eager to learn, work hard, have reliable transportation etc. Well, Ive got all of that but I can’t seem to find any that will actually take me. Maybe it’s my area (northern PA) but it seems like every apprenticeship wants me to have prior experience. I’ve really only worked retail since I graduate high school and I obviously want something more. I’d like to be able to learn a skill and work hard. I honestly don’t even care what the trade is anymore. Electrician, plumbing, HVAC etc it doesn’t matter I’d take any of them.
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