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Post-Trip: 1 week in Chennai, India (business trip)

2023.01.15 20:32 MuscovadoSugarTreat Post-Trip: 1 week in Chennai, India (business trip)

Hi all! I just got back from my first ever business trip to India. Reporting my experiences here!
This is my first business trip ever, and I went with my boss and boss's boss, and our company director. I asked a coworker, who went on this trip before, about what I should be wearing, and they said that everyone dresses casually and the Chennai office actually allows sandals and to even be barefoot, so there's no need to be very business-y.
To note, I came in from NYC. The weather here is around -12 C to 5 C, while in Chennai it was 23 C to 28 C.
Before visiting, I figured the weather is pretty warm and we will mostly be indoors, so I just packed a blazer. Did not account for how truly warm it could get, and some offices that we visited had fluctuating power so the AC was on and off.
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