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Atomic Porn: Photos and videos of all exploding things nuclear.

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The idea of this songwriters collective is to connect with other writers, to collaborate as a community creating lyrics together. Sometimes writing lyrics doesn't come easy, ask for suggestions from the community for what the next line should be, or give your own suggestions to others. Also, upload original tracks and request lyrics to suit them or... request an original track to go with your own lyrics!

2023.03.22 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Wed, Mar 22 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Putin will be arrested if he comes to Ireland, Department of Justice says
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Uganda passes bill banning identifying as LGBTQ
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Putin has vowed to respond to Britain sending uranium tank arms to Ukraine - as his defence minister says there are fewer steps to go before nuclear collision between Russia and the UK
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Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held
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‘Don’t Say Gay’ lawmaker pleads guilty to COVID relief fraud
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Biden designates area sacred to tribes as largest national monument of his presidency CNN Politics
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Most Americans want to ban cigarettes and other tobacco products, per new CDC survey
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Study shows ‘obesity paradox’ does not exist: waist-to-height ratio is a better indicator of outcomes in patients with heart failure than BMI
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A crucial building block of life exists on the asteroid Ryugu. Uracil, a component of RNA, was found in a sample collected by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft.
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Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket
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Scientists have discovered the chemical compound uracil, one of the building blocks of RNA, in just 10 milligrammes of material from the asteroid Ryugu
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Young Sun-like star reveals hidden step in how planets like Earth get their water. The new results show that a significant portion of Earth's water most likely formed billions of years ago, before the Sun had even ignited.
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Leukaemia breakthrough: Experimental pill sees cancer vanish in 18 patients
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Bill Gates just published a 7-page letter about AI and his predictions for its future
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World’s top climate scientists issue ‘survival guide for humanity,’ call for major course correction
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what sucks when you get married?
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What video game have you played the most?
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What subscription is worth every penny?
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TIL of Ettore Majorana, an Italian theoretical physicist who predicted the existence of the neutron and neutrino before disappearing without a trace in 1938
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TIL that one of Hitler's earliest allies and close friends, Ernst Röhm, was actually openly homosexual, despite the Nazis' hatred for homosexuality. He was the leader of the SA until 1934, when he was killed during the Night of the Long Knives.
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TIL the Big Gulp was invented in 1976, when Coca-Cola suggested that 7-11 use 32 oz. cups, much larger than 20 oz. cups being used by McDonalds at the time. The first regional order of 500 Big Gulp cups sold out in a week, eventually forcing automakers to make cupholders bigger as popularity grew.
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[OC] Every Possible Wordle Solution Visualized (With Interactivity!)
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[OC] Timeline of same-sex marriage legalization across Canada, USA and Mexico (2003-2022)
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[OC] Microsoft Bing: A forgotten $10B+ business
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What do you make rarely because it's a lot of work and not even remotely healthy?
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Garlic press which doesn't leave 1/3 of the bulb behind?
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What's on the menu tonight? Home Cooks Sound Off.
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[Homemade] Spicy noodles with hot dogs!
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[homemade] Reuben eggrolls
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[homemade] cheesy roasted garlic rolls
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Chris McKay confirms 'Renfield' is a direct sequel to 1931's 'Dracula'
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Netflix’s ‘Gears of War’ Movie Taps ‘Dune’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ Writer Jon Spaihts
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‘Family Means No One Gets Left Behind’ An Oral History of Lilo & Stitch, the Disney Movie that Almost Brought Hand-Drawn Animation Back.
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Recreation of Bob Ross’s Mountain Waterfall, Me, Makeup, 2023
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Cyber Samurai, by me, digital drawing, 2023
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The Face of Terror, Steffen Hartmann, digital, 2022
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Taylor Tomlinson Signs Netflix Deal for Two More Standup Specials
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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Ciarán Hinds ‘Was Put Off by the Amount’ of Sex in the Show: It Took Away ‘From the Political Storytelling’
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always-30th Anniversary Reunion Special Trailer-Netflix
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Pedro Pascal bought Five Guys for the whole cast and crew of The Last Of Us
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A picture of Mount Rushmore before the faces were carved in. It was known as the Six Grandfathers.
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I travelled 5,000 miles to take this scenery in
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Impressive display of balance and strength
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Off the highway at SXSW someone was projecting art of keanu reeves on the basketball stadium for john wick 4
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What we made it work today
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"CHIEF OF POLICE WANTS ME DEAD" Sign in Small Town Kansas [OC]
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This sign warning of a dog who runs in front of cars.
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This sign make Janitor look like its own gender
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Stabilised footage of the Bigfoot film from 1967.
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A German-Jewish WWI veteran wears his iron cross while a Nazi soldier stands in front of his shop in an attempt to intimidate
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Upon landing in New Zealand flight attendants sprayed insecticides inside the cabin before anyone was allowed to leave the plane.
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Harry Potter, but Balenciaga.
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My dog got some shots today and it reminded me of a famous painting
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Yesterday I posted how I was going to adopt Vincent today. A kind redditor who wants to stay anonymous paid his adoption fees and told me to pay it forward. We're home. The 1 ear cat and the 9 finger man
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Cheetahs love getting scritches too.
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Dog visiting friends
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2023.03.22 16:00 breadcrumbnugget How does one get so deep into debt?

I often see posts here about people that have debts to the tune of £20,000 or more.
I’m curious how this usually happens and what series of events lead to it?
The main reason I ask is because I can’t get anything more than a £200 limit on a credit card despite earning an okay salary and being debt free. I struggle to see how I’d get into that much debt but of course it can and does happen, so I’d like to know what pitfalls to look out for.
And let me say this is not intended as a judgment on anyone in debt! I just want to hear some cautionary tales so I know how it happens and what to avoid.
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2023.03.22 15:59 Several-Chance-649 Depression cycle

I know pills aren’t the way to deal with your mental health, but I’ve been having to do a lot of stuff for family members and busy with life. I haven’t gone out with friends to have an actual night of fun in almost 6 years. But fuck it, they make me keep going even though life is hard for me at the moment. I can’t let my family down with money, working, and taking care of everything.
I guess you can say I’m getting really burnt out, is it sad that I have to take some pills to power through feeling alone, depressed, and tired? At least when that pill hits my system I can cam my mind for a little. I’m sorry for the rant, just have a lot on my mind. Mental health hasn’t been too good. I hope you guys are doing well. Take time for yourself, doesn’t have to include drugs. Have a good day everybody
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2023.03.22 15:59 SJJeallyBean First Trip Away From Little One

So I have 3 older sisters and us and my aunt are planning a girls trip the last weekend of May, which is also the last weekend of my maternity leave. My baby girl was just born in mid February. The trip would be across the country. We will be going to wineries, out to dinners, etc. I am either considering bringing my baby girl and wearing her everywhere, but I am a little worried about bringing her so young. My husband would be able to handle her while I’m away too, because I’m not breastfeeding anymore and he could take a couple days off work. It would just be three to four days. I’m not worried at all about him handling her on his own! I just don’t know if I’ll be ready to leave her then, but I have to make my decision soon - either bring her, go without her, or don’t go at all. I’d hare to miss out on a trip like this with my sisters. Any other moms out there who struggled with taking their first trip away? When was your first trip away?
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2023.03.22 15:59 ucanthaveeverything How do you gain confidence as a black woman?

I’ve struggled with comparing myself to others which makes no sense. it was worse when i was in a relationship because my white ex boyfriend would get these opportunities in his engineering field where he did really easy work for a lot more money than what i was making do work in my field. he would boast about it a lot which did not help my confidence.
we broke up a little over a month ago. my friend recently contacted me saying that he heard my ex’s family at his job boasting about my ex and how he’s graduating on time and going across the country for this amazing paid internship. why did my friend tell me this? idfk. my ex wasn’t even into traveling until i pushed him to travel more with me. heck, he wasn’t even getting this internship until i told him to contact his connections (which he really didn’t want to do at first) to put in a good word for him.
and it’s so stupid how hearing something like this is making me less confident about myself. i want to become a doctor, the odds are stacked up far more against me than a white man (my ex) becoming an engineer.
there are 0.29% of doctors in the USA. 3% are black women.
there are 1.6% of engineers in the world. 86% are male and 68% are white.
so why am i struggling to see how far i’ve come in my career even when the odds are so stacked against my favor.
the odds have been sm in his favor (literally from the day he was born) and it makes no sense for me to compare myself to him or really anybody bc my journey is my own. but i still struggle with actually believing that.
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2023.03.22 15:59 alonelygirl247 Shitty Neighbors

I already posted this on redddit, but it’s in a private subreddit:
I have shitty neighbors. They don’t respect our boundaries. Literally. We asked nicely yesterday for their 3.5 year old, who was with their grandparents, to not be on our property. It’s happened before, but we never said anything.
We sent them three videos through texts and they still denied it.
The weather sucks now [they were still outdoors playing during a thunderstorm warning], but during nice weather the kid is always climbing on our retaining wall. Walking through the flowers. Just not giving a shit in general about our property. Here’s how it went 😂
Husband: We need to respect each others boundaries. That should include not going on our property without us present. We don’t want minor property damage or worse, [child’s name] getting hurt on our front retaining wall. I know you weren’t there, but thought you should be aware.
Neighbor: That just looks like she was walking from our yard to the street and cut through the very corner of your yard
Me [pissed bc it wasn’t an unusual request]: Stay off property please. It happened multiple times throughout the day
Neighbor: I am not going to respond anymore because I’m going to say something that I am going to regret. Please do not text about this kind of stuff anymore.
Husband: I don’t think that is unreasonable. I’m sure you would be surprised to find any of us in your yard without you present [we have a toddler who we teach to not go on other ppl’s property bc not everyone is cool with it aka MOST PPL]
Then the neighbor blew up 🤣 We’ve had multiple other incidents with them where I went full Karen and looked up ordinances for later use.
We are getting noise reducing curtains for our screened in deck bc they just let their dog bark and they built a ridiculously large playground next to our fence (like it barely fits and seems dangerous to be so close to the house).
Kinda excited about the curtains. They reduce noise by like 20db (some of you might be interested for sensory issues, but I haven’t got a quote yet so they might be expensive).
I have to lock my dogs indoors bc the dogs always start barking at each other. I have a two year old so I can’t constantly break up dog fights.
Their excuse for being shitty neighbors? They are drowning at work. They have a nanny. A housekeeper. Grandparents (who are especially shitty ppl, but that’s a story for another time) that come over all. The. Time.
Me? I’m a SAHM who just got her kid into daycare bc I literally had a nervous breakdown because my husband and I do everything and we have no help or family. Did I mention I am trying to start a company and I just got diagnosed with autism 🤪 but they are drowning 🤣
Thoughts? 😵‍💫
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2023.03.22 15:58 PyroIce1601 Should I get a second opinion? (M20)

So basically,
Today I went to see an urologist about my left testicle pain (that worsens as the day goes on) and how I can feel the veins being bigger than my right one. Prior to talking to the urologist, I kinda new that I had varicocele. Indeed after talking to the urologist and some ultrasound, I was diagnosed with a "small" varicocele in my left testicle. Although he didn't say the grade from what I read online it most probably is grade 2 because you can feel it directly by touching it.
In the end, the urologist told me that I should just take painkillers and "suck it up, as the pain will go away soon" and that surgery is out of the question, he never talked about embolization.
But, from what I've read online (I know I shouldn't take Google as a doctor), I never saw someone with varicocele pain have a urologist giving him painkillers and just letting him go. So I kinda want to know if I should see another urologist or just "suck it up" as he said.
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2023.03.22 15:58 MondainGaming001 Trying to make a negative issue positive (and help with build ideas)

Hey guys.. so we are 4 weeks into a campaign with some longtime guild mates of mine from a previous mmo. We are all mutual friends with 1 individual but have gamed together for the last 8 years. We have one individual that is just outright toxic.. but long story short, we all just deal with it.. confronting him usually goes nowhere and he's back to his behavior in a few days/weeks.. and the mutual friend and his boyfriend already flat out said If anyone from the group stops playing, than they will stop as well.. so to remove him is to half our player base which just isn't happening.
Long story short we have a battle master fighter, twilight domain cleric, arcane Archer, a valor bard, swashbuckler rogue, and I'm a melee sorlock. The last level up the swashbuckler took 1 level in hexblade last level up (we are now 4). And now won't stop saying how he's surprised the dm let us both be the characters we are because we are so similar.. I'm a sorlock with mobile feat.. I weave in and out of the front line using GFB or Booming blade and have my spells to fall back as shield spells or utility. He's a swashbuckler that with fancy footwork weaves in and out of the front line using booming blade... Literally every time I use an ability or my disengage I'm reminded that we are practically the identical character.. I'm getting tired of it and it's making me not want to play my character anymore.
If given the option at this point to just save drama for another day.. if the DM allows it, I'd rather just reroll my character all together the next time we get into a town.. but I'm at a loss of what even to go for something fresh. My take of the party is we are short on Frontline since we only have the one warrior (the cleric uses chakrams as throwing weps and likes to stand in the back line).. we also have no real magic/control user... My sorlock was supposed to be the bridge that brought magic utility while still being semi-formidable in the front..
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2023.03.22 15:58 Miss_Banana97 How do you deal?

How do you deal personally with family disregarding your presence and solely focusing on the baby? Like I understand that the baby is the important one but at the same time acknowledge the adult holding the baby with a hello. Right? I went to a family event this past weekend to celebrate my parents birthdays since they’re so close together, and I had more people greet my 7mo son than my husband or I. And while I’m happy he has such a huge loving family, it’s just frustrating because at least say hello! Like manners! Not to mention I had an uncle try and rip him out of my arms all while saying “give me MY d*mn baby!” And laughing. I wasn’t laughing and I needed to keep reinserting my boundaries with family that you don’t take him from my arms without mine or my husbands permission. We have that boundary because my family is massive and to reduce the risk of someone getting him sick or a drunk adult dropping him, we don’t allow everyone to hold him. Mainly grandparents. Ugh I’m just so annoyed. I don’t even want to see my family for a bit because of it.
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2023.03.22 15:58 Green6563 Dating/Marriage advice

When being PIMI, you’re told to marry a jw because your religious values and goals in life are aligned (as far as serving God together and because that’s what the Bible says to do). Any advice from those POMO who have been dating or got married outside the organization?
Because now it feels like the main important things, such as religion and politics, will be a source of distress in any relationship and I’m not sure how to best navigate that. Leaving has truly caused me to feel afraid of marriage and the thought of it failing because I didn’t marry within the organization.
Maybe if you have any stories you’d like to share in your experience? I know things like holidays (which I don’t feel comfortable celebrating) could be a problem, and raising kids with parents who have very different beliefs will be hard as well. I just want to know what major problems I’ll have to face in relationships moving forward in the long run and any advice you can provide.
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2023.03.22 15:58 Zestyclose_Skirt7930 Advice for new tenthies ( I saw other guy do it. I might as well do it)

Idk why am i doing this . I'd didn't do that good in boards but i tell you.
Maths - easy. Just practice daily. Ncert and do rs as well before exam make sure to do sums of every chapter at least once (me who just learned median formula and took wrong lower limit as i forgot that we had to take cf as well) and there you go you score good
Hindi- left it at 8th grade can't say
Sst- hate this idk just do waht you feel is best
Science - do ncert especially for biology. It's a must. Do use reference books like schand because they have definition which ncert don't have ( ncert science books are worst) however do learn alld iagrams from ncert only
It - just read textbook and pay attention in class. However some things are different like digital documentation in syllabus and word processing in textbook so just check that and it would be better if you don't do it last minute
French - revise grammar and letters and also do literature
English - just understand literature and learn all the figures of speech
Also utilise your summer vacation as then time will be very very less to cover subjects up This is it
I hope your guys don't have depressing 10th like i had. I wish you all the best
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2023.03.22 15:58 PortSided The doctrine of Celestial Marriage closets so so many members. I was one. My mother was also likely one.

TL,DR My mother was likely a closeted LGBTQ person her whole life. After I came out to all my family and friends, an old friend contacted me to tell me of a fling her mom and my mom had. It's a side of her I never knew about and gives me new perspective and empathy for her.
Full story: My mother died almost 5 years ago. My dad died about 20 years before that while I was just a teenager. They were both TBM but were both wonderful people and I miss them every day. I believe they were just products of the indoctrination and brainwashing of the Mormon church.
My family growing up was me, my younger brother, Mom, and Dad. Just 4 of us. Mom became very good friends with another woman (I'll call her Sharon) in the ward and soon their family and our family were all good friends. Their family was huge. 7 girls 1 boy ranging from early 20s to toddler. Almost just like the Nickelodeon show The Loud House, lol.
Our families did all kinds of stuff together. We were always over at their house having dinner or just hanging out. Trampoline sleepovers. Camping trips. We even went skiing with them 2 or 3 times. Then one day it all just stopped very suddenly, and our parents told us we were not going to be doing activities together any more. Us kids had no clue what happened and it killed us to know we were done hanging out. What happened? We saw each other at church but it just was never the same again.
When my wife and I left the church over a year ago it didn't take long for me to come out of the closet. My coming out story has been shared here before, but just a quick recap: I always knew I was attracted to boys starting in my teen years but I didn't know what it meant other than it made me embarrassed and ashamed to admit it to anyone. I was raised so sheltered that I barely had any concept of gay relationships. Seminary and the new Family Proclamation made my internal homophobia even worse. I was straight! I had to be! It's the only option in the Mormon church and I was a good Mormon boy, right? After my mission I struggled dating women. I was terrible at it and it felt so forced, and again I couldn't figure out why. But I met a tomboy girl in a college singles ward who I became friends with very fast and my family was so excited to see me with a girl, especially my mom, that we got pressured into engagement very quickly. Amazingly our marriage has endured and we've been together for 17 years now with 4 kids. My wife has been super supportive of me coming out and suspected my orientation for a long time. For now we are still co-parenting in the same home and separated by bedrooms to allow each other our own autonomy and privacy. We are ethical non-monogamous now and are free to date people if we wish. Our financial situation makes it difficult to seperate right now, but we are ok with staying together for now. We are, after all, still each other's best friend. Don't get me wrong, it was VERY rocky after I came out and it looked grim at times, but we're working though it. Counseling is helping too. She herself has come out as non-binary, still good with she/her pronouns and uses a gender neutral nickname when we hang out with LGBTQ friends. Even some of our kids are LGBTQ now.
Right after I made my big coming out announcement online to everyone I know, I (mostly) got lots of support and contacts from family and friends. Then I got a PM from someone I hadn't seen or heard from in decades. It was one of the kids from Sharon's family (I'll call her Megan). She called to let me know she supported me, letting me know she herself had come out as lesbian. Then Megan told me of a story that absolutely shocked me. Her mother Sharon told her when she came out and now she wanted to tell me.
Sharon and my mom were more than just good friends. They had romantic feelings for each other. One day one of them made a move (I was not told who made the first move and I'm not sure Megan knew either) and they made out. Then one of them hit the brakes and said we can't do this; this will destroy both our families. Realizing that they could not set aside the feelings they had for each other, the only solution they could come up with was to never see each other again, which meant the whole of both families unfortunately.
I was so floored upon hearing this news. I never knew! I thanked Megan for telling me and called my brother. I told him the whole thing. His response was equally surprising. "Well now I recall a memory that makes a whole lot more sense." he said. "I remember a night where mom and dad were fighting in the next room and the shouting woke me up. I remember lots of swear words" (which shocks me because I never heard my parents swear) "and then I heard Dad say 'well why don't you just go run off with Sharon then'. Now I know what that was all about." We were both just shocked. A piece of Mom's life we never knew.
So much more about her life makes sense now too. She was very "tom boy"ish. Not that that automatically makes someone queer but it can be a common trait. After Dad died she never remarried. There were even a couple of times where she deliberately rebuffed a couple of men. She had absolutely no interest in remarrying.
So now I just feel so much empathy for my mom. Megan told me how she went to go visit with my mom and tell her that she knew about her feelings for her own mom. My mom vehemently denied the whole thing, which just makes me so sad really. I never got the opportunity to come out to my mom. Would my coming out have given her the courage to admit her feelings? I don't know.
It frustrates me that as long as the church keeps cis-hetero marriage a literal required ordinance for access to the highest heaven, all queer members of the church will be forced to live with an outrageous amount of cognitive dissonance for their own feelings. It perpetuates internalized homophobia, self loathing, confusion about one's own gender and orientation, suicidal ideation, and on and on. The church can claim all they want that they love LGBTQ people, but until that marriage doctrine changes there will still continue to be untold damage done to queer members.
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2023.03.22 15:58 ky-92 I have veen stripped of who i once was

So im a 26 year old male, relatively healthy apart from recent cocaine addiction. I run and workout most days, eat a strict diet etc.
Ill start from the past, i was always a bit different in my teenage days at school. Id prefer to be on my own at dinner and breaks (despite having many friends) and was always getting excluded for silly nonsensical things. However, i still had friends and wasnt shy or awkward. I left school and had a normal life, i had a good building apprenticeship, had girlfriends and learned to be independent and confident in myself.
Fast forward a few years, im now 19-20, and completed my apprenticeship but left my job to sell drugs. I was making far more from weed and coke and had more time to myself. (I see now thats a very weak minded path). Of course, i got greedy and got involved with people at a high level and before i knew it was dealing in harder narcotics and bigger quantities. I always stayed true to myself tho, i never acted like i was something i was not. This started causing problems between my gf and i, and the stress of being run down and not having my own time or life got me onto taking cocaine regularly. Long story short, my life turned upside down to the point i was living in my car and had no friends, woman or family. On top of that i had enemies because i stood up for myself.
This caused me to live off the grid at my grandmas for a while, and sent men into a spiral of self destruction and depression. I grew my hair and beard (haven't shaved for 4+ years) and commited myself to being a better and more virtuous person. While this was sufficient at the time, im now 26 with no job, no career, no woman or kids, no friends and just a couple of family members. I developed asthma some how, and a gastro reflux disease (which is now much better due to health and diet changes) but still, a pain to be living with at a young age. This stopped me from being able to enjoy simple things like walking in nature, or enjoying a desert or even some healthy foods would give me an acid reflux flare. And brought my confidence down to the point i stopped dating, stopped going out and stopped living. I was now a recluse, playing video games and finding myself being lost in a virtual world as a fully grown adult.
Im now 26, and while i indulged in cocaine on a weekend with friends as a younger man, i started to develop a habit of doing a significant amount once a month, which recently turned into once every weekend of 3.5grams. Ive come down with Raynauds, which is most likely vascular damage from the cocaine abuse. Now my hands are bright purple or red, and ice cold 90% of the time. I suffer from bad OCD and ADHD, which is leading me to stress about everything even more. My mind is constantly thinking about how ill never find true happiness, which i think im ok with. But would have been nice to be able to go out and converse with people without them staring at my hands, being able to hold a normal conversation with a woman. Just the simple things in life we take for granted, but dont realise at the time. With the Raynauds, i cant enjoy a cold shower or ice bath (which was truly my happiness and relaxation time) smoke a joint at night or even drink a coffee in the morning.
My post probably sounds like im being dramatic, and a part of me tells me i am being super petty. But i cant help but feel, everything i enjoyed and took for granted i can no longer do. My Raynauds symptoms are constant and do not go away, my voice has diminished due to the bad acid reflux i used to get.
I feel like this could be a punishment from god, as it all seems far too coincidental that everything i could enjoy in my lonely miserable life, i can no longer enjoy. Maybe i am being punished for my past and sins i have certainly committed, I have had many signs recently that i should be baptized and submit, but my ego keeps telling me theres no need for that. Im truly lost and confused, and not even sure what the point of my post is. I am most likely over exaggerating, and will get alot of hate.
I just feel truly lost, and cant help but think to myself every day is any of this even worth carrying on? Ive lived my best years as a young adult, ive been on fancy holidays and experienced alot in life. I am grateful for having a good life for at least a short while, but is there really any point carrying on now? Another 50 years of loneliness and segregation seems like the worst torture imaginable.
If anyone took the time to read this, i thank you and wonder if you feel similar? Albeit you wont have made so many stupid decisions as i have!
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2023.03.22 15:58 ThrowRAkrazydiva My boyfriend (32M) is pissed at me (23F) for refusing to go on the surprise vacation he planned for us

The vacation is two weeks away, right around the day of my best friend’s wedding. Although I’m truly appreciative of him making such a sweet gesture and have thanked him gratefully for it, I think he should’ve simply ran it over me and made sure I have no prior commitments. It’s for a whole week and he claimed that he knew about her wedding which exactly is why he booked our returning date to be a right before it. But in all honesty, as the maid of honor I just can’t be away for an entire week before her big day! He’s currently very angry at me, claiming that he put a lot of effort into it and has already booked and paid for everything. I feel awful and terribly guilty but the timing is just not convenient. I suggested that he postpones everything but he couldn’t because he has important work ties and a conference he needs to attend right afterwards.
I tried apologizing to him about it in more ways than one but he’s still angry, he also didn’t cancel things and suggested that I should just ask my best friend whether she’d have a problem with me going or not, knowing how sweet and selfless she is she would just say no and I’d feel guilty for not sticking around and helping her. Any advice on how I should handle this situation?
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2023.03.22 15:57 SJJeallyBean First Trip Away From Little One

So I have 3 older sisters and us and my aunt are planning a girls trip the last weekend of May, which is also the last weekend of my maternity leave. My baby girl was just born in mid February. The trip would be across the country. We will be going to wineries, out to dinners, etc. I am either considering bringing my baby girl and wearing her everywhere, but I am a little worried about bringing her so young. My husband would be able to handle her while I’m away too, because I’m not breastfeeding anymore and he could take a couple days off work. It would just be three to four days. I’m not worried at all about him handling her on his own! I just don’t know if I’ll be ready to leave her then, but I have to make my decision soon - either bring her, go without her, or don’t go at all. I’d hare to miss out on a trip like this with my sisters. Any other moms out there who struggled with taking their first trip away? When was your first trip away?
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2023.03.22 15:57 koningx Potential hot take: you can’t call yourself a main unless you have 100+ wins with a legend

Was having this convo with a random duo and they thought it was funny. So was curious, is this a hot take? Under these guidelines I only main 5 legends, though I’d say I have a working knowledge of how to play most. What do y’all think?
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2023.03.22 15:57 bggtr73 [RF} Patricia's Labor

The Craigslist ad said they needed another man for a moving and install job for about 3 days work, email for details.
Kevin figured it was probably a scam of some sort, but he was broke and needed a couple hundred bucks ASAP to make his car payment; the buy-here/ pay-here lot he bought it from was scarily efficient at tracking down their vehicles. So he sent his reply email from his phone in the public library cause his internet was off at home and the month to month phone plan didn’t include internet access. He hoped they’d text him instead of emails because texts always dinged when they came through but the gmail message notifications were turned off. He tried turning that on once, but his phone dinged and buzzed every 16 seconds for 14 hours straight and it drove him nuts.
But god, he hoped they contacted him, he needed the cash. A hundred bucks a day for three days would get some food and make the payment and maybe a tank of gas. Or maybe half a tank since gas is almost $4 a gallon.
The text he got back about three of the longest hours of his life later said they could definitely use him, if he could meet their criteria. They explained “Patricia's Labor” was a small company, started by their mother originally to do cleaning for homeowners and businesses in the area. They were a small crew of mostly family members and had branched out to do moving and construction work also. Basically they had double booked a priority air-conditioner installation with another big moving job and needed another body or two to help. They had an electrician and a HVAC tech guy to do the technical work but they needed at least one more guy for the heavy lifting and to run tools and materials back and forth, do some site prep like shoveling, and stuff like that. It definitely sounded good to him.
Could he meet at the grocery store off of Gilbert at 8am sharp, just down the street from the convenience store? They’d pick him up and drop him off from there.
Did he have some steel-toed work boots? Preferably brown or tan, so they would look like they were all uniform? Good footwear is important when moving heavy stuff, one guy had worn gym shoes once and dropped a compressor on his foot and broke it.
Did he have some decent jeans? Dark blue preferred, no holes or tears and they had to fit right no droop or sagging so his underwear showed,
Does he have work gloves? Not mandatory, but will definitely be helpful.
White tee shirt? Not a ‘wife beater’ - a clean white tee, and they would give him a company zip up hoodie to wear over it, so they look uniform and professional.
OK, since they were planning to reimburse the boots anyway, they’d write him a check for that, and a separate check for his pay. He could cash them right at the grocery store there, they’d throw in the extra $5 for the check cashing fee because they don’t like to carry cash (says so right on their trucks - ‘driver carries no cash’)
And sorry, this is technically illegal, but it makes their life easier- there will be some heavy lifting and using some tools - he wasn’t missing any fingers or anything, no physical handicaps? No? Good. Don’t want to run afoul of EOE rules, but if you’re handicapped you really can’t do the job.
By the way - how tall is he and what does he weigh? About 5’10 and 240 pounds? Perfect, that’s about the same size the other guys are, one of them will have an extra hoodie he can bring.
And one last thing - he doesn’t have any racial issues, does he? The HVAC guy and Electrician are Nigerian - pretty dark complected and with accents - one guy they found on Craigslist was some kind of right-wing white supremecist nut…. No, Kevin is black too, no worries.
Everything sounds great, look for the white van in the lot tomorrow at 8. If it works out for these first two or three days, there will probably be more work in the future.
At 745am, Kevin is waiting in front of the grocery store in his brand new boots, jeans and white tee. He’s feeling good, its a nice day and it gets even better less than ten minutes later when a guy wearing a green hoodie and carrying an identical one walks around the corner.
Must’ve parked on the street on the other side of the building. Whatever.
The guy starts to hand Kevin the hoodie in his hands, but frowns. In his strong accent he says “they told me size medium. No worries though” - and he pulls the hoodie off his back and hands that one to Kevin instead. It’s definitely a funny bright color green, but the logo looks professionally done, black script like a signature “Patricia’s Labor” on the back and “Patsy’s” much smaller on the front lapel.
He pulls two checks out of his wallet and shows them to Kevin. A check for $40 for the boots ( reimbursement for the generic Wal-Mart boots that look just like the one the African has on), A check for $155 - $150 for the day’s labor, and he says the extra $5 is for the check cashing fee. He stuffs those in an envelope and hands them to Kevin.
For about a nanosecond Kevin debates mentioning it was supposed to be $100 for the day instead of $150 . He decides the extra $50 is just good karma or something. Puts him in an even better mood too.
“Go ahead in Kroger and cash those, I’ll pull the truck around, ‘kukuona kwa dakika moja’ - that’s Swahili - means see you in a minute”
Kevin is thrilled this job thing is legit, its gonna solve some problems, so he smiles back and replies “kukuona kwa dakika moja” as best he can, and apparently his accent amuses the African because he yells it back to me as he goes around the corner, so Kevin yells it back to him - they go back and forth as Kevin walks into the store, stuffing his work gloves into one of the hoodie pockets.
Kevin vaguely notice the siren getting louder, from somewhere vaguely down the hill towards downtown.
Kevin walks right up to the customer service desk and since there is no one in line, he hands the clerk the envelope with the checks in it, and vaguely noticed there is writing on the back side of the envelope, in miniscule writing and orientated upside down from where he’s standing so he can’t quite make it out.
The clerk’s smile drops as she reads the writing and hits the alarm. She shrieks “He’s got a gun!”
Things happen very quickly after that.
The Security guard by the entrance pulls out his gun and points it at Kevin.
Kevin yells “what the hell?”
The sirens are getting closer
The security guard is stammering something that Kevin can’t quite make out, and looks more nervous and scared than Kevin does. Kevin throws his hands up, and when he does the work gloves fall out of his pocket. There are several gun shots somewhere close, sounds like they are right outside the building.
The guard panics and shoots twice, one gets Kevin in the shoulder, the second goes who - knows - where. There is a lot of blood. Things get kind of gray and washed out and there is a roar in his ears - he thinks he is losing consciousness.
Some time later - minutes maybe. He is aware of being lifted onto a stretcher. His whole left side is painful as hell and he feels cold. There is blood all over his brand new boots.
There is still lots of yelling. He fades out again.
The next time he wakes up, he is obviously in a hospital room. There is still lots of yelling.
This time, it’s an angry nurse yelling at a guy in a suit. She’s telling him to get out before she calls security. He says he needs to talk to him now, and he must be awake because he is staring at us.
The nurse relents, but stands by.
“On behalf of Uniform Security I want to offer our heartfelt apology as to what happened today. We are willing to compensate you for what occurred if you sign this release immediately. We will of course cover all of the medical costs associated with your unfortunate accident, and we will pay you the sum of $20,000 today.” He shows Kevin a check made out in his name for $20,000, and shoves a clipboard onto the bed under Kevin’s good hand (the other arm is immobile in some sort of cast/ splint thing). He then shoves a pen into Kevin’s hand.
Kevin is still sedated, but realizes something big is going on. All he can ask is “what happened?”
The lawyer sighs.
“The investigation determined that at about 738 AM a male black, approx 5 foot 11 and 250 pounds bright green hoodie over blue jeans and tan work boots assaulted the cashier at a gas station approximately two blocks from the grocery store. He collected an undetermined amount of cash from the register. He then ran towards the convenience store one block east and demanded the clerk there give him the money in the register. Both incidents are on the security cameras at those stores, and both victims indicated that he had a strong foreign accent, possibly African.
Witnesses indicate that the subject then ran towards the grocery store where your unfortunate incident took place. The manager on duty there had a police scanner and having heard the police dispatched for the other incidents had warned his staff. You entered the store and matched the description perfectly, and were also yelling in a foreign language, possibly African. You handed the customer service agent two fake checks in an envelope with writing stating that you were armed and wanted all of the cash in the drawer. She became fearful for her life, and when she activated the audible alarm and yelled the security guard was startled and accidentally discharged his weapon, striking you in the shoulder.
One crucial witness saw you meet with another male your same height and general build wearing exactly the same clothing as you, who gave you the distinctive green hoodie he was wearing that you then put on. As you walked into the store, he climbed into a silver Dodge pickup, and the witness saw he had a large handgun tucked into his waistband. This witness flags down a passing officer and points to this subject. Upon seeing the policeman, the African opens fire at him, but the officer is able to shoot more accurately and remove that threat. He calls for backup, and then more backup as he hears shots from inside the grocery store.
The suspect who was shot is a known felon, and there were several emails on his cell phone to people like you in different areas of the city. It looks like he invented this “Patricia’s Labor” Craigslist scam to recruit people to take the fall for similar robberies he had planned in different areas of the city. There were several more bright green hoodies in a box on the passenger seat.”
Kevin barely digests that long explanation, and starts laughing. He laughs so hard the nurse rushes the lawyer out despite the lawyer’s sputtering protests. He laughs so hard a doctor shows up and gives him something that puts him back out.
The name on the front of the hoodie wasn’t the most common abbreviation for Patricia, but it was the most apt.
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2023.03.22 15:57 feels_old anyone have any experience reneging on an offer?

Some partially relevant backstory: Received my first offer for a manufacturing position yesterday. I'm thinking of accepting and sitting with it unless I get a better offer, and reneging down the line. I know this isn't unusual, but it feels unfair only have 48 hours to decide when the companies can take well over a month (if not more) to decide. I've asked for additional time, but HR has said they're not sure if they can do that. I've been in and out of recruiter calls and interviews and the process feels so tiring and demoralizing because it seems like there's no rhyme or reason for how calls go in terms of leading to further interviews or not. I like the position and company, but the pay is kind of abysmal and the benefits are mediocre at best. The sign on of 1.5k after a year is kind of a joke for a cross country move.
I'm still waiting to hear back on positions that I'm not necessarily more interested in for the work, but overall comp. for R&D position is >50% more which is really hard to not consider fresh out of school when nearly every one of my friends is heading to xyz prestigious grad school or going to be making far more in tech and consulting or finance. Outside of that, I'm concerned about progression, since I've looked through linkedIn and it doesn't seem like people are getting promoted internally at this company all or at least not without like 4 years of experience and even then it's not a new title, but like tech to higher level tech or something like that. People starting in higher titled positions are staying in those positions for many years (like decades) or starting fresh at higher levels with years and years of prior experience, even though supervisor levels at company job postings say 3 years experience. Since it's a bigger company, I'm worried about divisioning of work and not sure if I'd learn enough within a year to job hop. HR also said it takes two years to fully learn the position, which I am rather skeptical of.
TL;DR: first offer. thinking of sitting with it and reneging if I land something better. Any experience?
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2023.03.22 15:57 JaredRMyer Theory for how they’ll handle Grogu growing up (Spoiler for most recent episode)

In the most recent episode, they made a pretty clear point to say that Grogu doesn’t wear a helmet since he can’t speak the Creed yet. This makes me think that when Grogu talks, he’s getting a helmet. And with Grogu proving to be more capable with each episode, I’m going to guess we’ll hear him talking sooner rather than later.
When they armor up Grogu, I think they’ll be able to do a lot more with him. They won’t have to animate his face, and they can take the wrap off and give him sleeker armor. In fact, if they wanted to give him a bit of a growth spurt (who knows how his species ages after all), then they could even get an actor like Warwick Davis to be the one in the armor when his helmet is on, allowing him to be a much more dynamic character in his movements.
Don’t get me wrong, I love our sweet baby boy, but I’m getting anxious to see him grow up and become a more active member of the cast and of the action.
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2023.03.22 15:57 KCsunshine31 Me again

Hello. I can’t help but feel so much hatred towards myself. I have tokophobia. I have had it for a while now I think but when I learned the name of the phobia about a year ago it really sat with me. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone. It got me the courage to tell my husband I don’t want to experience childbirth and we discussed surrogates and adoption. He said it was ok. I could tell it wasn’t tho. Time went on and he kept assuring me it was ok. Until last week he called for a divorce. He said it just wasn’t sitting ok with him. He couldn’t wrap his head around the context of not experiencing the bond of pregnancy and childbirth. I understand. Now we are divorcing. When I tell people they get really defensive and say why didn’t you just do it. They tell me it isn’t that bad and there’s nothing to be afraid of. That you just sit there and do nothing for 9 months and then you deliver and then the baby is here and that’s it, you forget all the pain and it’s all ok. They make me feel so bad about myself. Even more than I already have been. I feel so much hatred towards myself. I wish I had tried therapy but I didnt. I wish so many things. I wish I’d been ok with childbirth. Maybe it is as easy as everyone says. But now it’s too late. I’ve lost the love of my life due to fear. How do I not hate myself? Especially when everyone is making me feel so stupid. I feel like I failed as a wife and as a woman. All I want is my husband back. All I want is to be a mother. But I lost it all. I feel so alone. Why do I have to have a baby? Why is it ok if someone physically can’t but not ok if someone mentally can’t? I don’t get it. Someone please help me
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2023.03.22 15:57 boringemergency911 Why do parents hate CF people so much?

Let me just say there’s quite a bit of debates between CF and parents on social media allllllllllll the time. Literally. I always read the comments bc I like to hear both sides since I’m happily CF😂.
One post in particular on FB said “y’all are like early 20s with 3-4 kids, y’all didn’t even give yourself a chance to live.” And the parents were BIG MAD. A lot of parents retorted with “y’all must be infertile and mad, about it” or “if you still don’t have a child, you’re childish.” WHAT??? first of all weaponizing infertility against people bc you’re mad you bust your legs or d!ck wide open and had a child… is so LAME. They also make the comment “well yall are gonna be changing diapers in your 40s while we’re in the club.” Sweetheart… we’re in the club NOW. I doubt we’ll be missing the club at 40 with our gray hairs and bad knees lmao, and that goes for people who DO want kids but are waiting until they are older with more money bc they are smart people, AND childfree. Sooooo your argument is invalid.
These remarks are so filled with jealousy and rage that honestly it makes CF people want to rub it in their face even more. Honestly I can’t help but gloat bc protected sex is sooo easy😂a monkey could do it. No one told you to get cream pied… I had to delete my comment yesterday going through the regretful parents page bc this 24 year old was talking about how she found her man cheating, had 3 miscarriages, and STILL was determined to get pregnant. Now she’s regretful at 7months pregnant. I had to edit my comment bc I was about to say “well you should’ve took the THREE miscarriages as a sign.” That comes off as very judgy but I can’t help but judge these folks. The Bible said “be fruitful and multiply,” and these people said “hold my beer.” 😂that’s the other comment that gets me, “that’s why we’re put on earth to reproduce.” Ok sure, but you could at least be smart about it. You don’t have to reproduce with every single person you date… the Bible also said reproduce with your HUSBAND or WIFE lol.
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2023.03.22 15:57 SkyHiighGroundLow Why doesn’t Sony stop putting ps exclusives on pc in Response to the whole Microsoft acquisition thing?

Why do they continue to reward them with amazing ps exclusive? Pc is still microsoft so I don’t understand putting your games on their platform when they are doing so many things you don’t like. Starfield, fallout 5 and elder scrolls 6 are all not going to be on PlayStation. It’s insane for established games like fall out and es to not be on PlayStation when they have for many years. Now Microsoft is trying to buy Activision and more studios. Sony needs to punish them and not release anymore games on pc. And before you say, “they just want more money!” Well why not release them on Xbox as well?
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