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Tomodachi life is a Nintendo 3DS game. It combines elements from animal crossing, the sims, nintendo Mii, and hallucinogenic drugs. Check back here for latest updates and news about the game.

2023.06.06 07:34 Apytele Can we talk about men who seek out bpd women to get high off the emotional ups and downs?

They talk all day and night about how much we made their lives hell when they spent the entire relationship generating emotional waves for themselves to surf for fun. These men literally fuck with us and rile us up so they have drama to play with.
And DO NOT get me started on how much they love the often comorbid hypersexuality. I am extremely tired of men thinking I'm a toy, whether it's emotional or sexual. I'm over it.
And there's some gender inclusivity to be had, there's multiple ways this can play out with AMAB v AFAB and presenting masc v femme. Because of societal stereotypes and power gradients it's usually cis/masc men fucking with cis/femme women but sometimes it plays out different. That said the overall point is:
If a person is making your emotions way too wild in a way that you do not enjoy and can tell is hurting you? Just ditch 'em. They ain't worth it. They ain't fuckin' worth it. Promise.
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2023.06.06 07:34 Just_Limed I Made A Fluffy Emoji Cat Base, Here Is What It Looks Like, It Was Made In Flipaclip,

I Made A Fluffy Emoji Cat Base, Here Is What It Looks Like, It Was Made In Flipaclip,
Say “ H “ In My First Comment Or Reply, Or DM Me, Or With Fire Haired Emoji Cats,
Say “ D “ In My Second Comment If Your Emoji Cat Is A Lynx Like Eared One,
Or Say “ X “ In My Third Comment If Your Emoji Cat Has Fluff.
[ Ends In 24 Hours, DM Me If You Wanna Share My Base! ] [ It’s On Live Chat, So.. Here Are Live Chat Options, ] Say YY If Your Emoji Cat Is Black, Blue, Or Brown, Say KI If Your Emoji Cat Has A Red, Orange, Or Green Color, Or Has A Fullbody And A Tail, You Can Use It As OC Concept If You Like, Or A Fullbody OC (// •_• \)/
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2023.06.06 07:34 throwawaycoll36 Feeling behind in life

Being un dxed for so long but with the fact of having it has been relieving but albeit depressing
I was diagnosed with a learning disability but had a bad support system in high school. I wish I had something to be proud of in life but I have none. My life is stagnant and I’m in debt that’s in a debt collector. I had no accolades throughout my childhood or skills that impressed because I had the typical case of can’t hold an interest.
I failed post secondary and I’m doing nothing nothing, I don’t have a job, and I’m deeply envious of my siblings and my friends who are ahead of me, their social media is filled with travel experiences, independent life, and their positive life experiences, and I’m unemployed, in debt, Toni longer interested in working, on a year long waitlist for a psych, while living with my dad. Hell will freeze over by the time I gain the mental capacity to function like a human being and move out
I’m honestly so scared of my future, like the idea of me getting an education, being happy with an SO living on my own is complete fantasy to me. The idea of holding a job and living up to my friends is alien to me. It’s hard to describe… hell, some of the more successful people I know claim to have ADHD. Which depresses me more, and 90% of the things I’ve ever gotten in shit for or developed negative reputations over in life were just ADHD symptoms. But getting a dx is soooo hard up here
It’s hard to ‘love myself’ when there is nothing in my life to smile about. Can’t be comfortable when my life is falling apart, I got debt collectors on me, never worked for more than 4 months in my life. I feel like I’m not worth loving
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2023.06.06 07:34 help_a_homie_ Girlfriend (19f) never seems interested in sex but will not tell me why

When we started dating we had a solid sex life and were helllla active. we are 9 months in and i have noticed a significant decline in her interest. There have been many things that could be the reason that we have talked about before such as antidepressants and mental health issues. The only thing is lately i have found her making excuses every time im trying to initiate or seem interested.
She gets very defensive with the excuses (she has a trauma based lying issue) and it is hard. but she always ends up saying she “just doesn’t want to” but will not tell me specifically why. Yes i know it could be the feeling just isnt there because of the antidepressant’s or mental health issues but i feel like there is more too it.
Also lots of times when we are just starting to make moves on each other she will stop altogether out of nowhere saying her stomach is upset. im not upset at her for making the excuse cuz i know she had a trauma based lying issue (she is working on it) and it could be hard for her to turn me down but i wish she would be more open and just tell me whats up. She also used to text me when shes in the mood when we were apart and send dirty texts but that has stopped a while ago say maybe a few months. she rarely seems in the mood and it seems forced sometimes when she initiates something cuz normally there is no visible signs that she is interested in sex until its all at once and we start quick with little to no foreplay.
Idk if im overthinking but this is what happened tonite. she randomly started teasing me and seemed really into it and when we got home we had amazing sex. I wont lie i didnt last too long as it had been built up for hours and we hadnt in like a week so i figured she would be more than intrested in round two but to my surprise she came back from the bathroom and seemed visibly upset. she told me she just didn’t want to again and was nervous to tell me because she thought i would get upset. which made sense cuz that does happen because she always makes excuses for why she loses interest but i always feel like there is more that she is not telling me so i overthink it and get upset. but i just feel like there is something more to it that she is not telling me . i just have a gut feeling.
Im just really confused to what the true reason is. Any theory’s would be appreciated!
Girlfriend stopped showing as much interest in sex and always makes excuses. she says she is just not in the mood most times when we get past the excuses but it still seems like she isn’t telling me whats really going on.
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2023.06.06 07:34 existingliterature Thinking it may be time for me (29M) and my boyfriend (31M) to break up - LDR death

tl;dr: my boyfriend and I have been long distance for about 9 months after dating in person for nearly 3 years and I feel I may have lost my love for him during that time. How do I know for sure, and how can I break it off if it's really over?
My boyfriend and I started dating November 2019. I had just moved to the city while working a terrible and demanding job and he was in the second year of a PhD program. Naturally, when 2020 rolled around and the pandemic hit, we wound up each others' pods. Although we never actually lived together, we spent a lot of time at each others' apartments. It was tough adjusting to each others' living standards at first, and we definitely got into petty squabbles about things, but I stepped up my cleanliness/organization game to better suit his style and I think he learned to be slightly less uptight with me.
During the pandemic, I also decided to finally get serious about applying to grad school and trying to get a better career for myself since I felt my industry was volatile under COVID and also that I'd gone about as far as my bachelors would take me. From the start, I had felt a lot of insecurity about dating him because of him working on his graduate degree from a world-class school while I still just had a bachelors from a local state school and was in a dead-end situation. I had definitely wanted to get into a good university so that it wouldn't feel like there was some kind of intelligence/education disparity between the two of us.
I started applying to graduate programs and wound up getting into a great school that's considered comparable to his... but is also on the other side of the country. To his credit, he encouraged me to go, and I've been studying here since September. The transition to LDR was rough for us because of how physically close we'd been prior to that in our relationship. We have tried different ways to communicate long term (scheduled things, spontaneous things) with varying degrees of success.
In the past few months, I've come to the painful realization that I think I'm losing my love for him. I think a big part of it is just the long distance burnout and adjusting to living independent on a day-to-day level, but there may be other issues too.
I think the other big big issues on my end are:
  1. Intimacy - common issue on this sub from what I can tell. We were really sexually active with each other in the early months of our relationship, but from around March 2020 (so over three years ago) he just can't seem to get and stay aroused. To his credit, he's gone to the doctor and been prescribed pills, but those haven't been successful either, and in the past year or so it feels like he's completely given up. Since we've gone long distance, he is even less interested in physical intimacy. We scheduled times to try Zoom sex (cringe I know) and he was completely unwilling to do anything.
  2. Moral support - while he has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself possible, there are little quotidian things that I feel like he seems unwilling to do, and requires overly analytical explanations for why. It required a huge phone argument and two follow-up Zoom calls for me to attempt to explain to him why a simple "that sucks" would be appreciated when I'm venting about something.
These two things put together make me feel like I'm dating someone who's not really giving me the warmth that I need from him. He's in the 5th year of his PhD now, and while I am sympathetic that things are getting very busy for him, it's starting to feel like my calls are done out of obligation, and I'm not excited to see him or hear his voice anymore.
He is coming here for a visit in about a month and I think it may be the time where we decide if this is worth still pursuing. I guess I am wondering if there's anything else I need to consider before pulling the trigger, and also what the best way to go about it is.
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2023.06.06 07:34 Mocha_Kitten Middle grade or YA book about a hidden city built in ice

this may have been a series!
I think there were two protagonists. Specifically I remember that one of the protagonist had a dad who did some kind of research in a cold area, and I believe that the people who lived in the ice had invented a way to keep the ice from melting (it may have been some kind of secret). Someone's mom was named Aurora, and later it was revealed that this was the "Rory" mentioned somewhere? Or maybe the other way around? I recall being shocked to find out that Rory and Aurora were the same person.
Would be grateful for any help!
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2023.06.06 07:34 Limp-Sleep-6284 Skipping a lot of injections, disappointed in myself

I take my T via IM injection, I used to have my partner administer it for me. It was fine for the first month or so until I began getting anxious and overwhelmed in anticipation of the (brief) injection pain and would be constantly telling my partner to wait or to try again later right before he would inject, eventually I started feeling bad for wasting his time and he was going to be out of town during my next injection, so I made the decision to start self injecting. It was scary, but I eventually got better at it and I went a few months issue-free. However, the injections began being very painful and tedious (I was too anxious to insert the needle quickly and would slowly push it into my leg, terrible I know) and I slowly started skipping injections because the distress it was causing me was too much to handle.
I'm supposed to administer my dosage once a week, but I've probably only done it a maximum of three or four times since February. I feel terrible about grinding all my progress to a halt, I was making a lot of progress physically but now I haven't noticed anything new in months. The guilt and shame has been eating me alive.
Recently, I was doing my injection in my living room and my puppy suddenly got up and walked towards me. I panicked, not wanting her to be interacting with any of my potentially dangerous medical materials, and very swifty pushed the needle into my leg. It was painless, it was efficient, it was the easiest injection I've ever done in my life. I have spent the past several months struggling and in pain because I was too overwhelmed to just stick the needle in quickly. This week I was able to replicate the quick injection without any issue, but I can't help but dwell on how disappointed I am in myself for getting in the way of my progress over something so simple and stupid. I suppose the only thing I can do is try to get back into administering my dose regularly and hope that I will start noticing changes again. What a nightmare :'(
Edit: before anyone says anything, gel isn't an option for me. Not only do I have concerns about my puppy coming in contact with it on my skin, but I am autistic with severe sensory issues. I know myself well enough to know that the sensation of gel application would not go over well with me.
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2023.06.06 07:34 CEO_of_Shopify Career guidance App Developer (Kotlin) for a college dropout

I live in Gorakhpur and have 4 years of experience in WordPress Development/ Designing, Currently, I know HTML and CSS, and I’m learning App Development (Kotlin) for the last 2 months and was wondering how hard is it to get a job an App Developer if I don’t have a college degree. I’m 2 Times college dropout ( I take dropout after completing 1st year) and want to switch to App Development. I want guidance from college dropouts or devs without a degree.
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2023.06.06 07:34 squirlysquirel Newly single... finance advice

Newly single, have not worked for 15 years.
Currently on jobseeker plus ftb - live with my 12 year old and 19 year old.
Just got a job offer of 60k plus super. I have a HECS debt.
Child support should be about 300 a week.
I have a 2 year lease, 550 a week.
I am trying to find a good way to budget. We are pretty simple...I cook at home a fair bit, kid at public school. No smoking or drinking to pay for.
How can I make the most of my money ... is there things I should look for.
I know the rules for single parent payment will apply to me in Septemver...does that help me or will I be earning too much?
Feeling very overwhelmed but hopeful!
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2023.06.06 07:34 Hopebubblegum Horses and weird men

Context ~ I caught the tail end of my dream just before I woke up and it was interesting. I think I've been annoyed with the horse racing happening nearby to where I live and my landlord owns horses but looks after them horses on the brain.
Dream ~ I came out in the sun onto a balcony looking down at a wide field and my presumed garden below. There was a unique grey horse tied up outside the front of the house on the left and one on the right. It didn't feel like they were mine. But a man approaches the left one and starts poking it's bum with something quite viciously. So I'm like "hey, stop that" and he laughs. (Red flag) he looks up to his friend and nods, I didn't realise he was near me on the roof. He's ginger and thin with buck teeth and old and grubby and starts slowly walking to me. A knife appears on my other side so I just pick it up while calling my phone, point it towards him and say "f*ck around and find out" he then eases off but kind of with attitude copying what I say in a tone. No one is answering the phone and I wake up.
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2023.06.06 07:33 TRAE-is-Alastor Designation: Death(chapter 8, part 3)

Doll was quick to get up and counter her tricks, by creating 3 knives, which she each split into two.
She fired 3 knives at R, and 3 at X.
X was only hit by one, he was very agile and quick, throwing one of them back and forcing Doll to leap backward.
X was able to close the distance while she dodged, and feinted a claw swipe at her head, in order to actually get a slash at her back, cutting into it.
Doll however cut his arm off with the knife he threw back and then telekinetically threw it into his gut and plastered him to the wall next to R.
R had gotten hit by all 3 of the knives Doll threw at her, and she narrowly dodged before Doll could slam a desk into her ribcage.
X managed to rip the knife out of his stomach, and R began firing bullets at Doll, but they were easily redirected and hit her directly in the gut.
X ran forward and attempted to stab Doll with her own knife, but it shattered against Doll’s forcefield, before the tiny pieces were enhanced by Doll and sent flying into his skull hard enough to pierce it.
“This is over, Doll!”
X shouted as R’s chest cavity opened up and out of it popped a small cylindrical piece of metal, which she threw at Doll.
This piece of metal exploded into a storm of shrapnel and nanite acid, which just barely managed to pierce Doll’s forcefield, and hit her.
Only the shrapnel however actually worked, the nanites weren’t numerous enough to affect her.
Doll suddenly realized something… She wasn’t getting any Solver readings from R, even though she seemed to have the Solver.
Normally, AbsoluteSolver users were non-interactive and therefore couldn’t directly be harmed by the Solver, and yet…
Doll decided to test her theory, and began crushing R telekinetically.
That proved it, R for some reason wasn’t considered to be an AbsoluteSolver user despite having it.
Suddenly; X got up and once again managed to stab her in the back, but this time he also slammed her against the wall and threw her backwards over his head, firing a rocket at her as well.
Doll survived the explosion, but was winded and took a second to get up.
X began firing at Doll with a concealed sniper in his arm, but only one bullet hit her, and it wasn’t enough to stop her.
Doll sent every other bullet back, hitting X in the wrist and radius in particular.
X and R quickly began to flee, knowing that they couldn’t win.
However as X and R both ran down the corridor, they saw a cleaver fly past them, only to suddenly loop around and slash into R’s skull.
X quickly hacked the blade in half however, and brought it up to one of his wounds, allowing it to be absorbed into the wound.
Doll was still making chase, and so they still ran. X and R narrowly turned a corner, allowing them to dodge two small knives from Doll.
However, as soon as they turned the corner, Doll was somehow right there in front of them, and cut X’s arm off on the spot.
R thought that they were dead, but X’s arm had a built in shotgun that blasted out, hitting Doll’s leg and staggering her.
X roundhouse kicked her a good 20 feet, before picking up his arm and running again.
Eventually, X and R had lost her, and had a moment to breathe.
“That was close. Be careful, R. I’ll set you free, on one condition.” X spoke with a detached voice.
R was shocked and relieved about what she just heard, and was immediately ready. “The condition is that you don’t fight Uzi, and try to help us out. I’m aware that this little alliance we all have is shaky and strained… but we have to try and make this work so that survival is possible.”
R looked at him, shocked yet again. She knew that this was as good as she could get, and that it was her ticket to become free.
“I’ll let you leave, right after we meet back up with Uzi.”
They began running through the corridor again, their dread building with every dark corner they turned.
They had to be careful, Doll could be around any corner. They moved with the fearful caution of lives who directly encountered death.
They walked as silently as they could, to avoid being tracked, but they still heard footsteps.
Those footsteps could only belong to Doll, which meant that she was still close. The halls seemed to be like a labyrinth, they always took weird turns, just hoping that they led away from Doll and closer to Uzi.
There was something grim about the air itself, and suddenly it felt as if the walls were moving closer to them.
It would turn out however, that they were. Doll had located them, and was crushing the walls around them.
X’s program, translator.exe, activated to translate a Russian voice, and the translation read: “I’ve found you. Goodbye.”
Suddenly the corridor walls glowed red and starting closing in on them even faster, as fleshy tendrils of organic matter seemed to sprout through the wall in little cracks, splintering the ground and chunks of the wall as they reached out to crush X and R.
X and R began to run, trying to escape before they were trapped and killed by Doll.
X was sure that he could make it normally, but the tendrils led to some complications. One of them hit him in the side of the jaw, and grabbed his neck, slamming him against the wall.
The wind was knocked out of him and he could have died right there, however R quickly saved him by cutting the tendril off.
They kept running, but they wouldn’t make it if these obstructions continued.
Suddenly, fleshy organic hands sprouted out of the floor, grabbing R right as X managed to get out.
X didn’t look back, he didn’t realize the hands sprouting out of the ground and therefore thought R was right behind him.
One of these hands ripped part of R’s kneecaps off, then another scratched at her leg and several held her in place.
The walls were closing in, she needed to act fast.
“Godmind_String_Overdrive.” R whispered, and the protocol activated that physically renewed her vigor and temporarily made her tougher and quicker.
She cut the hands in half, and created a forcefield around her and kept running forward through the corridor.
The wall had reached her, and her forcefield was crumbling around her. However; the moment it crushed and her arms were shattered under the force of the walls, she managed to squeeze out.
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2023.06.06 07:33 Jpoolman25 Feel completely lost and overwhelmed, don’t know what to do

I understand this isn’t right subreddit to ask but most of young adults and students could relate to my problem. Like I just feel so out of touch with life lately this past two years. Can’t seem to find this purpose, passion, motivation, drive to pursue and do anything. Yeah we here but what if we don’t feel this presence. How do we learn to live in the presence moment instead of our head surrounded by thoughts & overthinking. It’s like I want to do something with my life, but self doubts, insecurities, not having concrete plan, confusion, am I making the right decision type of questions rise up and down everyday but end up with no answer. Feeling emotionally mentally drained, physically exhausted.
I see so many young kids, taking risks and challenges despite their struggles and problems in life whether it’s finically, relations and academics. not knowing the outcome, gives me so much anxiety that I end up not trying. Because there is no fuel in my soul to pursue and go after it. When people have a vision, goal, desire they automatically feel so alert and aware. And I’m living in thick brain fog. I letting myself down and I’m realizing all this but don’t have no willpower
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2023.06.06 07:33 ModerateService You are a white slave owner in 1850.

You have your current mind and knowledge of world affairs. You've been mystically transplanted into a 32 year old white man's body. He owned a small tobacco plantation in Georgia with 25 slaves. In 15 years the Civil War starts and in 19 it ends. What do you do?
Is it best to free them immediately knowing the social climate and likelihood they could be recaptured and sold? Do you focus on improving their lives as much as possible until the war's over? How can you help the most people with the modest wealth you have? How do you avoid the attention of your neighbors and establishment? How do you use your knowledge of modern science to be successful?
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2023.06.06 07:33 Icy_Direction9003 My bf M23 never took me F22 on a date

I F22 been dating a M23 for 9 months he has never taken me out on a date but he always goes out with his sister (I don’t have a problem with that obvs).his first excuse was that he doesn’t have a car and once he has it he will start taking me out more so whenever I asked if he’s learning to drive and stuff, he says he doesn’t need a car to take me out. Now it changed that I can plan something it doesn’t have to be him planning it (bare in mind he never did) but obvs it will not feel the same for me and I’d like him to do it, most times I plan when we will spend time together like choose on which days we will meet since our schedules are different each week, so I plan which days he can come over and which days I will come over. I explained that I would plan a date but I want to be take out and not just take him out all the time it just feels different if he plans it. He said I was pestering him, so I asked why was he telling me that he wants to take me out and that he will, when it’s not what he wants and he says “I will soon” which no idea if it means if I continue “pestering” him he will not want to do it or that he will take me out soon.I am confused I told him I’ve waited 9 months obvs I will get annoyed at some point if all I’m hearing is some words but no actions and he just left me on delivered. When I asked if he will take me out he said he doesn’t know. Why is he like that? What was the point of giving me false hope, also when he said he will take me out he always did it off his own back he would randomly say “we should go out some time “ or “we should go cinemas this week” obvs I always agreed but nothing was done after that, it’s like he completely forgot to plan it or something. And I’m just tired, apart from that he’s a great guy. I just wonder how can I go about it. I don’t have anyone else apart from him so going out with my friends doesn’t work and I’m too anxious to go out by myself
Sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.
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2023.06.06 07:33 Technical-Passion552 I’m a piece of shit and I’m probably gonna kill myself sooner or later

So my girlfriend found out that I had texted girls early on in our relationship about a year or so ago. I was stuck in my ways of trying to get attention and have other conversations. I didn’t realize how much it hurts. She was sitting their crying and mind you we never fight, we don’t have much issues at all. So seeing that broke my heart even more because I hurt someone I love. This isn’t just oh I love you bullshit. I truly am in love with her. I’m 27 years old. I’ve had my fair share of relationships and I didn’t take it seriously at first for some stupid reason. I regret it so much and I feel like a piece of shit and a scumbag which I am. I’ve had issues with depression for a long time. She sincerely helps me with everything and I help her. It was such a loving and caring relationship that I never had before. But I couldn’t keep myself off of tinder and all this shit. It was so immature and disgusting of me to think it was okay. What if she did that to me? How would I feel? I probably wouldn’t want to be with you anymore. So in conclusion, she wanted a week to think. I doubt she will take me back. I don’t know what to do. I just know if that it turns out that way. I’m going to kill myself. I’ve had my fair share of wants of doing this. But this is kind of the last straw because I thought I was better and my karma sneaks up on me once again. It’s all my fault. I wanna drive my car off the road and that be it. I don’t want to live anymore. I’m a lost cause and I honestly think I’ll end up alone and broke and sad by the end of my life.
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2023.06.06 07:33 Affectionate-Cow800 How do you store/display your zine collection?

Just curious! My collection is just a couple of boxes, zero organization, tossed in the least damaging and best-fitting configuration possible. If I ever got the time, I think the best I could manage in my studio apartment is a few well-organized short boxes, all zines bagged and boarded. I just wish they could be on display and easy to grab like my regular bookshelf.
How do y'all do it? Or what's your absolute dream fantasy of zine display? A rack, like a comic shop would display single issues? A whole wall of zines hung like some kind of interactive museum? I'm curious what the zine-minded can think up as a creative solution.
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2023.06.06 07:32 Kr4zyyy_ I don't feel like there's progress

I have been trying to move on these past months yet I don't think there's been a progress. Is it because we are still mutuals or connected in our social medias? Does cutting off connections ever work or help a person to move on? I've been restricting myself from checking up on him and stalking him because I always feel bad when I do. Yet, even after no interactions with him, I still feel depressed. Sadness and memories always gets to me even when I'm doing something. Like for example, I was having fun playing a game with my sister. After hearing a song, I felt like crying because it reminded me of him. He's always in my head. I may have to admit that I miss him but when I think about going back, it drains me so much. I don't think I can deal with the treatment he gives me. But still, I long for him. I don't think he feels the same though since he looks perfectly fine. He's living his life while I'm trying to pick up the pieces he broke. It's been so hard and frustrating to feel miserable for months already. I don't know what to do anymore
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2023.06.06 07:32 rennxpenn To those who have had employers steal wages from them, what did you do?

Seriously, it's been about 3 months since I quit my last job (please read my post history if you're curious) and I still haven't been paid for the work I did. I thought I was following all the steps I could to retrieve my paycheck from them and honestly, I am exhausted and my mental health is going down the drain. I filed a wage claim with the state, I contacted the IRS (again due to the reasons for me quitting) and they wouldn't do anything unless the wage claim was settled by the state. Which I also didn't know before contacting the IRS that they would only be able to recover minimum wage ($7.25 for my state) from the hours I worked if the wage claim didn't give me back everything.
I have also hounded the wage claim office and they told me these things take months, usually longer than that because the employer has not responded. I have also reached out to numerous local attorneys and nobody is returning my calls.
On top of everything the work I did, as an intern, is currently available on their website for purchase and nobody will know the person behind it didn’t get paid for the work they did. And that the last paycheck was going to be a rent payment. And that they also had to work two jobs to make ends meet while working for them. And that (last one I swear) I have to seek counseling after dedicating myself to a job (I even quit my other one) that pays less than a living wage only to be threatened and discarded like trash.
What am I doing wrong? Is there a something that poor people can do to recover the money they actually worked for? I don’t want any more or less, just what I am due. I just graduated college and I can’t take the possibility of working for people knowing that if they aren’t stealing my money, they are exploiting me in another way.
TL/DR: I’m owed money from my last toxic employer, I’ve tried everything I can think of, got any suggestions? Also just had to rant about how horrible I feel right now
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2023.06.06 07:32 Cranky_Franky_427 Forgetting to install something

I just got this game on Xbox GamePass and tried it out. I read a review the game was terrible because how annoying it is to take things apart if you forget something. As an experienced mechanic in real life, I can confirm this is the most realistic part of the game LOL
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2023.06.06 07:32 RefrigeratorGrand619 Anybody living at UVT wanna play cards?

I live in UVT and am stressed about finals and am looking for some way to pass the down town.
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2023.06.06 07:32 LordBobiscuis Is This a Scam? (Contract shown here)

I was at the gym the other day and was approached by someone who said that they were a model scout. I've never been approached by a scout but I have been told to give modeling a try. I never looked into it until now. We talked and turns out this person used to be a photographer for an agency and would also develop/advise the models they worked with as they went on to become more successful and that they were an independent mother agency now. We had a meeting a few days after and they explained more of the industry to me. I even took some notes on the side. They said they would have me join their mother agency It went something like I get all the money I deserve and that they take a cut of whatever the agency that I'm with (in that territory) gets. So if I get say 90% and the agency I signed with gets 10%, they get half of what goes to the agency. They also explained flat rate percentages to me, but I do need more clarification on what that means as in the contract given to me, it says 33.3%. I can insert some of the text from the contract sent to me here: (I inserted dashes to keep this person's business and name private looks like ---- )
[THIS MANAGEMENT AND MOTHER AGENCY AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into by and
between “MODEL” (as specified in Section 1: Model Information below) and ----, a Washington
Limited Liability Company ("----").


WHEREAS, ---- conducts business as a scout, manager, and mother agent for MODEL,
WHEREAS, MODEL desires to work with ---- to place MODEL in working markets,
NOW THEREFORE, for valuable consideration, the adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree
as follows:


Recitals. The above recitals are true and correct and hereby incorporated by reference.
We are extremely pleased that you have decided to engage ---- as your exclusive personal manager and
“Mother Agent” (as that term is commonly used in the industry) on the following terms and conditions:
  1. Model Information. You hereby certify that the following information is true and correct:
Full Name:___________________________________________________
Telephone No.:_____________________________________(cell or home)
Date of Birth:_________________________________________________
Date: ________________________________________________________

  1. Engagement; Scope of Services. You hereby engage ---- as your sole and exclusive personal manager
WORLDWIDE (the “Territory”) with respect to the development of your career in the professional modeling and
entertainment industry, including, without limitation, photography, advertising, licensing, industrial exhibition,
runway, live show, publishing, television, video, film and any other audio-visual projects, Internet, music and
theatre, social network industries (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blogs, etc.), and any and all
services (the “Services”) rendered by you in any such industry. You and ---- agree that the Services provided
and made available to model pursuant to this agreement may be provided by ----’s offices in Seattle. ----
agrees to act as your personal manager and Mother Agent for your Services for the Term. ----Services as
your personal manager and Mother Agent will include:

---- Management and Mother Agent Agreement Strictly Confidential Model Initials _______ 2
a. Advising you with respect to (i) personal appearances, composites and your portfolio; (ii) career
opportunities, photographers, licensors, advertisers and other vehicles for your talent; (ii) general practices
in the modeling, licensing, advertising, entertainment, film, video, television and music industries;
b. Arranging your schedule;
c. Supervising your publicity, public relations and advertising.
d. Aiding in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the Services you may provide to clients; and
e. Sending invoices and statements to, and collecting compensation and expenses from, clients that engage
you to perform your Services.
  1. Exclusivity. You agree not to employ any representatives, managers or agents in the Territory during the Term
other than ---- concerning any aspect of your career or the performance of Services by you without our prior
consent. Further, you shall not accept any assignments, opportunities or agreements in the Territory for the
performance of your Services except those selected by ---- and will forward to ---- all inquiries and offers
made directly to you for your Services.
  1. Term. The initial term (the “Initial Term”) of this Agreement shall be for a three (3) year period commencing on
the date set forth above. The term of this Agreement shall automatically renew for successive one (1) year periods
unless you provide written notice to ---- at least ninety (90) days prior to the end of the Initial Term or any
successive period. In the event that this Agreement has been signed on your behalf by your parent and/or guardian,
you agree that the three-year term shall be automatically extended and shall run from the date of your eighteenth
(18th) birthday, unless you or your parent and/or guardian legal provide written notice to ---- within ninety (90)
days of turning eighteen. The Initial Term and any extensions thereof shall be referred to herein as the “Term”.
  1. Relationship of the Parties. Your relationship with ---- is that of an independent contractor, and nothing in
this Agreement is intended to, or should be construed to, create a partnership, agency, joint venture or employment
relationship. Accordingly, you shall be responsible for (a) your own expenses (unless paid by a client of your
Services), such as travel, lodging, entertaining, wardrobe and make-up, (b) preparing and filing your personal tax
returns and paying all taxes required to be paid, and (c) complying with all the governmental laws, rules and
regulations pertaining to your performance of Services, including, without limitation, obtaining any applicable visas.
Further, you acknowledge and agree that ---- is acting solely as your personal manager and Mother Agent, that
---- is not licensed as an employment agency under the General Business Law of the State of Washington or as
an “artists manager” under the Labor Code of the State of Washington. ---- does not control the terms and
conditions of your Modeling Services regardless of whether ---- negotiates your agreements regarding such
Modeling Services. To the extent any such supervision and control exists, such supervision and control relates solely
to any relationship between you and any of your clients or customers that engage you for the Modeling Services.
---- shall provide and make available advice regarding the terms and conditions of your Modeling Services to
your clients and customers. ---- will notify you of offers for Model’s Modeling Services that come to its
attention. All of your activities will be at your own risk and you are hereby given notice of your responsibility for
arrangements to guard against physical, financial and other risks, as appropriate.
  1. Authority as Exclusive Personal Manager and Mother Agent; Power of Attorney.
a. ---- is hereby authorized, as your exclusive personal manager and Mother Agent to act for you, and on
your behalf, during the Term with respect to: (i) negotiating, renegotiating, contracting and executing for
you and in your name and on your behalf any and all agreements, documents and instruments providing for
your Services to clients pursuant hereto, subject to your prior approval; (ii) approving and permitting the
use of your name, biography, image, voice, caricatures and the like for the purposes of advertising and
publicity, subject to your prior approval; (iii) invoicing, collecting and receiving sums payable to you,
endorsing your name upon and depositing in our account all checks payable to you, and retaining therefrom
all sums owing to ----; and (iv) demanding, suing for and collecting, all claims, money, interest and
other items that may be due to you or belong to you, and settling any and all such claims (which settlement
may be at par or below par).
b. You hereby authorize and appoint ---- to be your agent and attorney-in-fact for the purpose of set forth
in subparagraph (a) above. This appointment of ---- as your attorney-in-fact shall be irrevocable during
the Term and thereafter until you have rendered all Services contracted for during the Term and have
collected full payment for such Services.
c. Without limitation to any other rights grated to ---- hereunder, ---- shall have the right and license
to use your name, likeness, voice and any other personal attributes in and connection with the advertising,
promotion, and marketing of your Services, talents and activities related to your work, in any and all media
now and hereafter known.
  1. Compensation.

---- Management and Mother Agent Agreement Strictly Confidential Model Initials _______ 3
a. Except as set forth in subparagraphs (b and c) below, you agree to pay to ---- a fee (the “Regular Fee”)
equal to twenty percent (20%) of your Gross Compensation earned for (i) any Services performed by you
during the Term; or (ii) any Services performed by you after the expiration or termination of this
Agreement if such Services were performed pursuant to any booking, engagement, license, or similar
agreement negotiated, solicited and/or accepted during the Term or pursuant to a renewal, option or
renegotiation (each, a “Renewal”) of any booking, engagement, license, or similar agreement initially
negotiated, solicited and/or accepted during the Term. “Gross Compensation” shall include compensation
from all sources, including salaries, license fees, other fees, earnings, royalties, residuals, proceeds,
buyouts, bonuses, prizes or other compensation received at any time pursuant to the performance of
Services by you. You hereby understand and agree that since ---- is you Mother Agent, it shall be
entitled to receive a fee for its Services as your mother agency, which fee shall be payable by other model
management or agency companies that you engage throughout the world at ----’s direction.
b. You agree to pay ---- thirty three point thirty three percent (33.33%) on all flat rate jobs where the
client’s agency commission is included in the model quote.
c. You agree to pay to ----, a franchised agent of SAG and AFTRA, a fee (the “Union Fee”, and, together
with the Regular Fee, the “Fee”) equal to ten percent (10%) of all Gross Compensation earned for the
performance of Services by you that are subject to the jurisdiction of the Screen Actors Guild (“SAG”), the
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (“AFTRA”).
d. You understand that ---- is entitled to receive from any and all clients that engage your Services a
service charge, agency fee or other compensation (the “Client Fee”) over and above the fees set forth in
subparagraphs (a) and (b) above. You acknowledge that the Client Fee is an additional inducement for
---- to act on your behalf and you shall not have the right to, or interest in, the Client Fee. Further, you
understand that ---- maintains a network of relationships with agencies worldwide, including, without
limitation, with your mother agent. You acknowledge that, from time to time, ---- may be required to
pay such other agencies (including, without limitation, your Mother Agent) a commission and that ----
and such agencies may agree to divide the compensation
e. that you are required to pay ---- and such other agencies.
f. In consideration for the Services rendered by---- during the Term to develop and promote your career,
you agree that in the event you wish to cease being represented by ---- prior to the expiration of the
Term, and ---- agrees in writing to release you from your obligations contained herein, you shall cause
your new management company to pay to ---- an amount (the “Post-Term Fee”) equal to ten percent
(10%) of your Gross Compensation for the balance of the Term. If you do not cause such payment to be
made by your new ---- company, you shall be obligated to pay ---- the Post-Term Fee yourself.
Such Post-Term Fee shall not be paid with respect to Renewals, for which ---- shall be paid its fee in
accordance with subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c) above.
  1. Expenses; Advances. ---- may, in its sole discretion and from time to time, advance or loan money
(collectively, the “Advances”) to you in connection with your performance of Services, including, without
limitation, advances of compensation payable to you and expenses necessary to render your Services(e.g., publicity
and promotional costs, airfare and hotel expenses, rental expenses, messenger Services, language lessons and
shipping expenses). You authorize ---- to deduct any outstanding Advances from any Receivable (as defined
below) prior to remitting such amounts to you. If you receive compensation directly from a client or another source
with respect to the performance of your Services, you agree to immediately pay to ---- an amount equal to any
unpaid Advances. You agree and understand that ---- will not release any modeling materials in its possession
and you will not be permitted to commence representation by another model management company until you repay
any outstanding Advances or otherwise make provisions acceptable to ---- for the repayment of such Advances
by such new model ---- company.
  1. Collections, Statements & Accounting.
a. ---- shall use commercially reasonable efforts to collect all amounts (including, without limitation,
compensation and expenses) due to you from clients with respect to the performance of Services by you
(any and all amounts actually received by ---- shall be collectively referred to herein as, the
“Receivables”) pursuant to signed vouchers submitted by you to ----. ---- may, but shall not be
obligated to, commence legal proceedings or hire a collection agency to collect amounts due to you from
clients. In the event that ---- commences such proceedings or hires a collection agency, you shall bear
any and all related expenses and such amounts shall be deemed “Advances”. As set forth above, ----
shall have full authority to settle at or below par any and all disputes with clients on your behalf.

---- Management and Mother Agent Agreement Strictly Confidential Model Initials _______ 4
b. ---- will periodically provide to you an amount equal to the Receivables less any amounts owed to
----, including, without limitation, any Fees owed to ----, any and all unpaid Advances; any Client
Fee paid to you, any taxes required to be deducted and any other amounts permitted to be deducted
pursuant to ----’s standard accounting procedures. In addition to such amount, ---- will provide
you with a statement of your account, including, amounts collected by ---- and any deductions
permitted pursuant to this Agreement.
c. In the event that you receive any payments directly from a client, you will remit any outstanding Fee,
Client Fee or Advance related to such client to ---- within seven (7) days of your receipt of such
  1. Expiration or Termination. Upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement, you shall immediately
reimburse ---- for any outstanding Advances or other expenditures made by ---- on your behalf; you shall
immediately remit to ---- any unpaid Fee. As long as any amounts owed by you to ---- are outstanding, you
shall cause any future agency or client to pay any amounts owed to you directly to ---- in settlement of such
a. ---- may terminate this agreement immediately upon notice if such termination is “for cause”. For
purposes of this Agreement, “for cause” shall mean (i) your material breach of this agreement, (ii) material
breach of any agreement with a third part related to your work. (iii) dishonesty in dealings with ----,
and/or (iv) willful violation of any law, rule, or regulation (other than traffic violations or similar offenses)
or any final cease and desist order. Any notice of termination hereunder shall be in writing.
  1. Suspension.
a. Your Services, the running of the Term and the payment of any compensation hereunder, shall be
automatically suspended without notice (and any subsequent dates herein specified thereby postponed),
upon the happening of a Default and/or Disability and defined below. Each suspension shall continue until
ended by ---- by written notice
b. to you and the Term shall resume upon delivery of such notice. No such suspension shall affect any of
----’s other rights hereunder.
c. “Default” shall mean any failure by you (other than by reason of Disability) to perform the Services.
d. “Disability” shall mean your inability to perform the Services because of your physical, mental or
emotional disability, illness, injury or death.
  1. Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant that (i) you have the full authority and power to
enter into this Agreement; (ii) you are not subject or party to any oral or written agreement that would interfere with
----’s rights pursuant to, or your ability to perform and carry out, this Agreement, including, without limitation,
any agreements for employment or ---- Services; (iii) you have, or will acquire, any and all permissions and
approvals required by law to perform the Services; and (iv) any information you provided to ---- is true, correct
and complete.
  1. Indemnification. You agree to indemnify and hold ---- and its agents, employees, officer, directors,
members and representatives harmless (including attorneys’ fees) from and against any claims, liability, judgments
costs and expenses arising out of (i) your failure to fulfill your obligation hereunder or any engagements or
employment contracts obtained in connection with this Agreement; and/or (ii) any breach of any representation or
contained in this Agreement.
  1. Minor Provisions. If applicable, you acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to obtain all necessary
governmental consents, permits and approvals required by state and federal laws and regulations for the
performance of Services hereunder by minors, including, without limitation, work permits, visas, and court
approvals where necessary. At your request, ---- will guide and counsel you with respect to obtaining such
consents, permits, visas and approvals.
  1. Damages, Remedies, Venue and Waivers. Your sole remedy against ---- for loss or damage arising out of
the performance or any non-performance under this Agreement shall be proven direct, actual damages. ---- shall
not be liable for any indirect, incidental, reliance, special, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of its
performance or non-performance under this Agreement, whether or not ---- had been advised of the possibility
of such damages. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the non-breaching party shall give written notice to the
breaching party of the circumstances of the breach and shall provide, if feasible, at least 14 days within which the
alleged breaching party may cure such breach. Such notice, and any other notices pursuant to this Agreement, shall
be provided to ---- and Model at the respective addresses designated below.
a. In addition to the foregoing provisions regarding “Damages, Remedies,” either party may. at any time,
initiate a non-binding mediation procedure (of no longer than three (3) hours duration, unless agreed to the

---- Management and Mother Agent Agreement Strictly Confidential Model Initials _______ 5
contrary by the parties in writing), utilizing the Services of JAMS, Inc., to try to resolve any dispute
regarding the interpretation of, or the parties’ obligations under, this Agreement, it being understood and
agreed, 1) that each party shall be obligated to pay half of the mediator’s fees, 2) that both parties will pay
their own attorneys’ fees and costs, and 3) that the other provisions herein regarding “Damages/Remedies”
are not obviated by this provision allowing for mediation.
  1. Miscellaneous.
a. Further Assurances. You shall execute and deliver such additional documents, provide such additional
information and take all other actions as may reasonably be necessary or desirable to carry out the terms of
this Agreement and facilitate the rights granted to ---- herein.
b. Notices. All notices, statements and other documents required to be given pursuant to this Agreement shall
be given in writing either by personal delivery, pre-paid first class or express mail or recognized
international courier at the respective addresses of the parties set forth in this Agreement, or such other
addresses as may be designated in writing by either party.
c. Assignment. You understand that this Agreement is personal to you and shall be binding and enforceable
against you and may not be assigned by you. ---- shall not assign this Agreement to any person or
entity without your prior written approval; provided, that ---- may assign this Agreement without your
consent to (i) any person
d. or entity controlled by, controlling or under common control with ----, or (ii) in the event of a merger,
reorganization or sale of all or substantially all of such party’s assets or voting securities.
e. Amendment and Waiver; Entire Agreement; Severability. The terms and conditions of this Agreement
may not be amended, modified, superseded or waived except in writing signed by you and ----. This
Agreement confirms the parties’ full understanding as to the subject matter hereof there are no other
expressed or implied promises or representations being offered. If any part of this Agreement is or becomes
invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement
shall not be affected.
f. Governing Law; Jurisdiction. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington
exclusive of conflicts of law principles. Any action commenced relating to this Agreement shall be
commenced in the Federal or state courts of Washington, as appropriate, in King County. ---- has
advised you that this is an important legal document, and ---- has encouraged you to seek advice or
counsel from an advisor of your choice, including an attorney and/or tax professional, with respect to the
terms and conditions herein. ---- has provided you with enough time to review this Agreement prior to
executing it and to consult an advisor(s) of Model’s choice with respect to its terms and conditions.]

My problem here is the part about social media. Regarding anything I do in entertainment such as instagram, tumblr etc. Also the fees as the wording is a little tough. I'm getting this contract reviewed by others but my mom thinks this is some sort of "Slave Drive Contract" which is used in the K-pop industry. I'm also 21 years old and being asked to model isn't new to me. The person who gave this to me does have a legitimate background in the modelling industry. They do seem new to being an independent manageagent but have shown me some proof of success.
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2023.06.06 07:32 Arsnich Constantly ignored requests.

My MIL and I have a history, but we have a placid on surface relationship and I tolerate her for my kids and husband, having said that, she’s the main reason for my fights with my husband (we are now pretty much on the same page). I resent her for ruining and making herself the centre of all our major life moments, and I will never forgive her or think of her as a good person, she is selfish in my eyes.
She acts like a loving grandma, but she buys my kids affection, only really knows what I tell her and doesn’t really engage, that’s ok, they’ll see who she is on their own in time. One of my children is Autistic and I told her I was looking at sensory toys for when he is having a moment. As we live a few hours away from major retailers, I asked her to keep An eye out for a specific sensory toy. They didn’t have it in stock, she sent a photo of a 100 piece bag of pure crap? Think sticky toys and really cheap nasty stuff that I can’t have in the house with a 1.5 year old here anyhow. I told her no and that stuff would be overwhelming to my kids too. She sent it anyway with my FIL and he gave it directly to the kids. We ended up with sticky toys stuck to my walls and ceilings, overwhelmed kids and my 1.5 year old chewed through a toy which had waterbeads in it! This time I texted her and said that what she sent is toxic crap that we don’t need here and anything else like it will be binned immediately. She respects the boundaries my SILs implement, but not mine and I’m sick of it. I don’t pretend to even like her at this point, she will go against what I say, honestly I don’t like her at all and I want her to stop going against me. Sorry just a vent but so frustrated.
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