Pride parade charlotte nc

Utah Pride 2023—A bigger festival, a new parade route and an "unapologetic" love

2023.06.01 01:52 Chino_Blanco Utah Pride 2023—A bigger festival, a new parade route and an "unapologetic" love

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2023.06.01 01:50 Chino_Blanco Utah Pride 2023—A bigger festival, a new parade route and an "unapologetic" love

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2023.06.01 01:32 Zoidberg22 Doug Ford will attend York Pride parade amid flag controversy

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2023.06.01 01:21 this_girl_be_rachel All the Pride Marches and most of the events near me take place on a Friday night or a Saturday. I wish organizers cared more about queer Jews.

Both me and my girlfriend are Jewish (not frum but still religious). We are very excited for pride this year, even ordered matching shirts on Etsy.
However when we looked at which city we wanted to go to I realized that pretty much everything took place during Shabbat making it practically inaccessible for us and now I'm sad.
I just wanted to go be queer with other queers but I guess now I can't. I wish Jewish people were taken into consideration during the planning of these events.
Queer Jews exist; there's actually a lot of us. But I guess pride parades aren't a place for us unless we're secular... sigh
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2023.06.01 01:20 wayfaringthru Hamas denounces Jerusalem Pride Parade as ‘provocative march of perverts’

Hamas denounces Jerusalem Pride Parade as ‘provocative march of perverts’
Finally some middle ground between the government and hamas
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2023.06.01 01:03 Ok-You2465 my first brilliant stars booster box

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2023.06.01 00:48 zurt1 Pride month in gw2

So very soon it'll be the start of pride month and last year's pride parade was my first ever, since coming out/realising I was ace. Does anyone know of any plans/groups that organise these pride events for the coming month?
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2023.06.01 00:47 Armand9x NDP Commits all MLAs and Candidates to Marching in Pride Parades, Calls on Premier to do the Same

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2023.06.01 00:21 Iku-iku-dash Pride month is tomorrow ....

And my main concern is not the lunatic cishets that want to genocide all gay and trans people, but the embarrassing tucutes at my school/online!
I’m just a normal person but these tucutes are why mass shooters are going to unalive them at their stupid “pride” parades.
What’s there to be proud of anyway? My medical condition is the biggest source of pain and shame and you’re a trender if you don’t agree.
(/uj gotta love r trusucm when pride month rolls around)
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2023.05.31 23:51 zeke177 Pride Parade Map

Pride Parade Map
In case anyone needs it.
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2023.05.31 23:49 LolaBijou Who the hell keeps eating my peppers? This is my second round of seedlings (Charlotte, NC, the home of roided out bugs)

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2023.05.31 23:37 javaspringboot Is it awkward/safe to go to the Pride Parade alone?

Hi! English is not my first language so I apologize for any grammar errors. I (36F pansexual) am planning to go to see the pride parade next month, but I don’t find anyone to come with me. I’m not openly out and none of my friends are interested. I used to live in a very conservative country so I’m really curious about queer activities. Is it awkward/safe for me to go alone?
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2023.05.31 23:32 TheNiceWriter It's pride month again, and as usual I feel very hesitant to attend parades

I've never been to a pride parade, because I'm a bi person in a straight passing relationship.
This is my second pride month being out as non-binary/trans masc, but I still look like a woman with my husband. I'm a little worried about people seeing me as a straight person infiltrating pride, and I really don't feel welcomed.
I don't know, my social anxiety is already debilitating (I suffer from pretty extreme panic attacks) and the idea that all of the cool LGBT people might secretly hate me for being straight sets me on edge.
I dunno, am I being too anxious? Is there a clear way to say just at a glance "I'm transmasc please don't hate me"? Making myself look guy-like is just so hard to do obviously.
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2023.05.31 23:22 winnipegballbag Pride Parade question - signs

Are supportive signs acceptable as a spectator at the Pride Parade? Mildly political in nature is the tone I am considering, with comedic flair I would say. At least I think it's funny anyway The parade is about celebration and joy I know, but wondering how you feel about political signs at an event that isn't specifically a protest?
Edit: sign vibe to be more specific: Anti Heather + Pro pride
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2023.05.31 23:13 StaticReality_ 24 [M4F] Charlotte, NC - hey you! Yes. You! Come and say hello

Hello fellow humans ! I'm a 24-year-old guy from Charlotte, NC, I’m looking for my special someone (ages 20-28) who's ready for a long-term relationship. My interests are football, basketball, video games, cuddles, cats, and getting lost in the depths of TikTok and YouTube.
Personality-wise, I'm laid-back and quiet, but I become more talkative around people I know. My sense of humor leans heavily on sarcasm, so if you appreciate witty banter, we'll get along great! At the same time, I'm super affectionate, and family-oriented, with honesty being a core value of mine. (Trust issues 😅)
I live in Charlotte,but I'm open to long-distance relationships within the USA. When it comes to dealbreakers, smoking cigarettes is a no-go for me. Currently, my lifestyle is on the quieter side, but I'm eager to be more active and try new things. If you're up for hitting the gym, going on hikes, or just exploring new activities together, DM Me :)
Fun fact about me: I've been on 20+ cruises 🛳️, so I've got plenty of travel stories to share. What’s the craziest travel story you have?
Ps. I’m going on a river cruise out of Paris next year so a plus one would be nice ;)
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2023.05.31 23:13 TheMixerTheMaster Metallica - Through the Never (Charlotte, NC - October 22, 2018) [Groove Metal/Thrash Metal]

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2023.05.31 23:11 ApologeticKid Thoughts on "Pride Month"

As June ("Pride Month") approaches in the US, orthodox Christians are bracing for an onslaught of LGBTQ+ marketing, campaigns, advertisements, parades, and paraphernalia. It feels like an aggressive affront to Christian values, and in some ways it probably is intended that way. But I've been thinking about how to approach this as a Christian. And I've found it extremely helpful to conceive of the LGBTQ+ movement as a denomination of contemporary civil religion.
For context, consider how an Americanized quasi-capitalist version Christianity was the "civil religion" in the US for the first half of the 20th century, and that determined the way people spoke, how businesses advertised, what values were upheld in the media, etc. The same is true today, but Americanized Christianity has been replaced with expressive individualism, whose most obvious denomination is the LGBTQ+ movement.
To be sure, the LGBTQ+ movement is a religious movement - complete with its own soteriology, hamartiology, anthropological and metaphysical assertions, rules of sanctification, etc. But my point is that conceiving of it in such a way has helped me and many others better understand how to approach something like Pride Month.
Pride Month is to the West as Ramadan is to the Islamic world; It is a religious festival to a different and competing set of beliefs. To help make sense of this, consider what it would be like to be an orthodox Christian in Pakistan during Ramadan. You would have to accept that certain things are going to happen a certain way, and you will be affected, even though you don't adhere to the beliefs which produce those outcomes and, in fact, think those beliefs are wrong. If given the opportunity to explain why you aren't adhering to the fast or prayer rituals, you should! With honesty, conviction, reason, and humility - not trying to stoke hostility, but praying that in your respectful defense of your actions, you might pique someone's curiosity about this alternate way to think and live.
This is Pride Month for us, in the West. America, specifically, is no longer even theoretically a Christian nation (if it ever were one to begin with). It is, instead, an expressive individualist nation, and Pride Month is it's holy month.
So, as you ponder how to act, speak, think, and worship Jesus in the midst of Pride Month, ask yourself how you would carry on in the Gospel if you were in an Islamic nation during it's holy month. My guess is we'd all agree that we would be respectful, yet convicted. Grieving, yet hopeful. Open to discussion, but aware or our status as an "outsider" and therefore mindful of how we ought to engage. And above all, we would be even more mindful of our own sin, and of the goodness of our Savior who loves us and forgives as He does! And in that way, we might become even brighter lights of contrast against the backdrop of darkness. And Christ will be glorified.
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2023.05.31 23:07 Ok-Armadillo-8995 Tips on my pride makeup?

Tips on my pride makeup?
The first photo I have no eyeliner and then the others have eyeliner but I usually just do eyeliner makeup, I am not a very eyeshadow centric person but I'm going to a pride parade this Sunday and I can't tell if this even looks good or not.
If there's any maybe simpler or beginner friendly makeup looks that you guys would reccomend I'd really appreciate that, I can't tell if this looks good on me 🥲🫶🏼 final photo is how I always just do my makeup
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2023.05.31 22:48 peepeepoopoo301 Charlotte, NC 2 abandoned cats

Hello everyone, There are two cats that were abandoned at the end of Prince Charles St in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I'm too far away to rescue them myself so I'm asking for someone to please go help them. Thank you.
The house fire that displaced the owners: They've moved out of state and left the cats behind. (I'm no longer speaking to the people)
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2023.05.31 22:48 zeke177 Pride 2023

With Pride Month starting tomorrow and the parade Sunday, what other fun things are you planning on doing? Will you be at the parade?
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2023.05.31 22:36 Birdfin WeHo pride parade vs LA pride parade?

If you’re planning on attending a pride parade this year I’m curious to see which one you’re planning on going to. Personally I only want to go to one but I’m not sure which one would be the better parade. Any thoughts?
View Poll
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2023.05.31 22:35 Alternative-Pumpkin9 Unwittingly Dangerous

Rekhji woke slowly, the dim light signaling the period between setting of the first sun and the rise of second. The silence and the semi darkness were a comfort, and he settled back into his pod, hoping to slip back into a deep sleep for a few more hours.
But a sound, so out of place that it was enough to wake him, plucked him from what was sure to be a very pleasant dream. The trees were creaking. Loudly. That meant wind. Wind meant a storm. A storm meant that either the weather control on this planet had failed or that a storm large enough to break through the system. Either would be catastrophic for his just budding crops.
Rekhji leapt from his bed, throwing the woven grass blanket over his sleeping partner, and rushed for the door, foregoing clothes for speed. Braced for the worst, Rekhji burst from his home. But what greeted him was the one thing that he did not expect. Peace. Trees swaying gently, the suns burning dimly above him, the light of the stars just barely visible. But the trees.
Though confused, Rekhji felt the beats of his hearts slow. Something was happening, though it didn’t seem to be as calamitous as he feared. Then, as one, his likhen raised their heads, fixing their large eyes on the sky. A lifelong agriculturalist, Rekhji had long since learned to trust the instincts of his animals and followed their gaze into the sky.
A dot appeared.
It was low, just barely skimming the tops of trees. And as it approached, Rekhji could hear the trees screaming under it. Louder, much louder than the previous, comparatively gentle, creaking of the trees. It, whatever it was, hit the small farm harder than any cyclone the planet could have conjured. Rekhji had a glimpse of large, leathery wings, a mouth of knives. And eyes, horrible, yellow, intelligent eyes.
Rekhji abandoned his likhens to their fate, their wails driving him faster towards his home. He dashed from room to room, waking his partner, their children and his partner’s parents. It was as they sealed themselves in the bunker below their home, built to withstand meteor strikes, that the world burst into flames above them.
They felt the heat, even through the door. By the next morning, nothing remained but ash.
“Well, Sun God take it, tell me what you do know!”
Grand Overseer Mujsdif collapsed back into his seat, glaring petulantly at the shame faced members of his council.
“G.O., what we know is that it started in the East, destroying and…consuming several small farms before turning to the capital. What we know is that it took the lives of several hundred of my men and half of my psychics. And we know that it’s dead. That is all we need to know.” General Futyij galred around the room, daring anyone to oppose him.
Lead Psychic Muli was happy to oblige. “That is not all we need to know!” He left off ‘you shortsighted fool’ though his tone clearly implied it. “Sir,” he turned to address Mujsdif “this creature was not actually a creature.” Muli announced, a self-satisfied smile gracing his face. A smile that faltered under the glare from Mujsdif.
“Kkkkk…what I meant to say is that, though it was clearly alive, it was not alive, shall we say. It was a projection, a psychic simulacrum. Though something of that magnitude...the mind boggles at the amount of psychic power needed for that sort of channeling. But it was not some creature that burst from a mountain on a thoroughly terraformed planet without warning.” Muli directed the last few words and small glare at Futyij, who seemed to be contemplating what Muli would look like without limbs.
Mujsdif leaned back in his chair, absorbing the words. The situation was already a political disaster. He had just been awarded control over this planet, and now several hundred deaths and the burning of nearly 1,000 square kilofores of crop land was sure to embolden his rivals. But understanding the motivation and location of those who would dare execute such an attack might keep them off his heels.
“Investigator Fughik, is it possible to figure out where in the eternal night this thing came from?”
Fughik glanced nervously at Muli before responding. He was new to his post, newer than Mujsdif, even, and anxious not to lose it. “Well, I have been working with Muli on a potential lead. Something of this sort, so large and complex, should have left a…how did you describe it Muli?”
“A psychic stain.” Muli responded
“Right. If we can analyze the signature left by the creature, and then match it to the stain, then we should be able to track down those who did this.”
“And how long will that take?”
“Oh, anywhere between a week and, I don’t know, 11 years?”
Crashing sounds followed the counselors as they fled the room.
“We need progress Muli! You told me you could do this!” Mujsdif raged.
“I’m sorry Overseer, we-“
“We’re getting new reports every day!
Just this morning, I had a report that an entire farm of likhen were found drained of blood! Apparently, a small quadruped with a thirst for blood now lives in the south forest! And in the north, there is some giant animal living in the lake. It apparently doesn’t do much aside from appear for the occasional picture, but still! I don’t even want to mention the south! We’ve had to evacuate the entire continent. Did you know that Muli? Did you know we had to evacuate an. Entire. CONTINENT!” Mujsdif finished equally enraged and weary.
“Who is doing this Muli? And why? What possible reason could they have for setting this parade of nightmares on us?”
Muli swallowed audibly. “Sir, motivations and possibilities are beyond me. What I can offer are solutions. My psychic squadron are even now finishing up a shield that should protect the capital and most of the outlying cities. And we have been very thorough in checking for the source of the power. Thus far it has been…unfruitful. The only possibility we have encountered is a tiny planet, in the far flung regions of space. But for something like this, and at that distance, you’d need almost an entire planet focused on this one thing. And that doesn’t make any sense.” Muli finished, frustration creeping into his normally calm voice.
“We have a lead?” Mujsdif asked quietly.
“Well, yes, I suppose, technically…”
“Send out a search craft. I don’t care how slim a chance it is; we need to be seen doing something, Muli. Otherwise, whatever monsters they’re throwing at us might not get the chance to kill us. Our own people would see it done.” Mujsdif said, looking out the window and down on a stream of refugees that seemed to grow every day.
“My fellow council members, I come before you to confirm the reports from my esteemed colleagues and share the troubles of my own planet. We have been beset by fantastical creatures of unknown origin, attacked from every side. And yet we endure. And now, through the tireless of work of my council, and me, we have discovered a possible source of the abominations. Though the chances are slim, we vow to never rest until the perpetrators of these attacks, and the reasons for them, are discovered.”
Rousing cheers greeted Mujsdif’s proclamation. Despite Mujsdif’s prior urgency, it had been several weeks before he had spoken to the Council of Overseers. It took the appearance of several stone bipedal figures that only moved when you weren’t looking at them, and reports that several other planets were also experiencing a similar phenomenon to push Mujsdif to action.
But now he was committed, and all that was left was living up to his words. For the most part. He was still a politician, after all, and politicians always get a bit of wiggle room around the claims they make, Mujsdif reasoned to himself.
Nuzkiv was that action. He stood at attention as the Overseer paraded into the room. Nuzkiv had been chosen from among the pilot cast. He was not the most skilled, nor was he the most experienced, but he was the steadiest, most consistent pilot they had. General Futyij felt that if anyone could pilot through uncharted space, scout a distant planet, and get answers, it would be Nuzkiv.
At least, that is what the general had claimed. Nuzkiv suspected that the General did not really believe in the plan and was unwilling to part with his best pilots in case further military action was needed.
This did not reassure Nuzkiv.
But, like everything else in the military, once the untamable sea of bureaucracy was parted things moved quickly. In no time at all (actually, several weeks had passed and the city had been attacked by small quadrupeds that produced electricity spontaneously) Nuzkiv found himself sitting behind a prototype vessel, meant to get him to his destination in mere days, instead of generations.
His launch was broadcast throughout the solar system. And despite his misgivings, Nuzkiv took his spot with pride and waved with a confidence he did not possess.
His trip was uneventful. Several days passed with nothing but routine maintenance and the occasional bit of space debris. Nuzkiv was grateful. His ship, for all it possessed in speed and endurance, made up for it by lacking armor. Or weapons. Or a life pod. But that didn’t worry him. Not…not at all.
As the ship approached the destination, Nuzkiv readied to drop from the slipstream created by the hyperlight engine. Reentry was always rough, and Nuzkiv wasn’t sure how the ship would respond, so he made sure to drop several light years from the outreaches of the solar system he was targeting. Doing so saved his life.
The ship dropped from the slipstream and immediately Nuzkiv knew they were going too fast. At least 50% faster than they should have been going. Fortunately, he had the space necessary to slow down, thanks to his abundance of caution.
‘Futkil would definitely have botched that.’ Nuzkiv allowed himself to think with a smile. ‘Everyone thinks that Futkil was such a hotshot but here I am, exploring…’
Nuzkiv’s line of thought was cut off by a sudden jolt as his ship slowed precipitously. It almost felt like something had impacted the light energy shield that the ship possessed. But there had been nothing on the scanner and nothing on the sensors. His sensor for how much psychic energy was present in the ambient environment was displaying a level he had never seen before though. Over 9,000. Nuzkiv reasoned that it must have been damaged during reentry.
The ship shuddered several more times as further impacts sounded. Nuzkiv willed the ship to stay together long enough for him to slow down and gain some measure of maneuverability. At long last, the ship slowed enough that Nuzkiv felt comfortable opening the bay doors and using his eyes to look out into the void.
For a moment, Nuzkiv questioned whether he had somehow died during the slipstream voyage and somehow stumbled into the Eternal Night. Not that he believed in that nonsense.
All around him were hundreds, no thousands, of creatures. Most floated in space, unable to move because of the lack of atmosphere. Nuzkiv reasoned, through the part of his mind still functioning, that these must all be psychic constructs. But for what purpose, he couldn’t imagine.
But in examining the tableau before him, he realized that there were several that could still move. And they seemed to be moving towards him with what Nuzkiv could only call ‘malicious intent’.
Fortunately, Nuzkiv was still flying fast enough that most of them lagged far behind. And as he approached the outermost planet, a small, icy thing that was definitely a planet despite what anyone says, Nuzkiv became aware of pressure. Not in the ship but around his mind. As if the space around him were absolutely charged with psychic energy. He glanced again at his psychic energy detector, whish was somehow still climbing.
The pressure was so intense that his focus on maintaining speed and vector slipped, and just before he entered the gravitational field of the first planet, which again was definitely a planet, a beam of light shot from one of the constructs. Nuzkiv never saw it clearly, but it seemed to be a flying biped with strips of cloth billowing behind it.
The stream of light seemed to follow Nuzkiv as he attempted to maneuver the ship despite the pain growing around his mind. It was all he could do to keep one eye open and pilot the ship with two of his hands.
It seemed a foregone conclusion that the light would find his ship, but the speed of the small vessel and Nuzkiv’s refusal to give up got it closer and closer to the planet. Nuzkiv crossed the border into the gravitational well as the light impacted the latter half of the ship. Alarms wailed as the pressure in his head suddenly disappeared, replaced by the worry of venting atmosphere.
Nuzkiv chanced a glance through his rear cameras and was shocked to find that there was nothing chasing him. In fact, several of the constructs seemed to be stopped and standing at some invisible line through space. They raged and pointed, clearly eager to harm him, yet unable to approach.
Deciding to solve that mystery when he was not about to die, Nuzkiv rushed through the steps to seal the breach. The damage was not as bad as he had feared, nor as insignificant as he had hoped. Realizing now that the best he could do was find the source of constructs, Nuzkiv faced his ship towards the heart of the solar system, setting his sights on a small blue planet.
Between the surprising strength of the gravitational pulls of the planets before him and the damage he had sustained, it was all he could do to keep the ship on route. His approach to the planet was hampered by a surprising amount of space trash; old satellites and parts of launched chemical rockets.
Nuzkiv wondered at this, as any species psychically strong enough to launch constructs like the ones he had seen should have just used their power to create psychic bubbles to travel in. Why mess around with the science side?
In fact, all signs pointed towards a type two, maybe even a type three, civilization. Nuzkiv again pushed these questions aside, using passive scanning to gather as much information as he could about the inhabitants of the world below, hoping the universe would allow him a moments reprieve.
But fate was unkind to him. A piece of space junk, no bigger than his eye, surprised him, cutting through the weak point in his shield caused by the constructs attack. The debris punched through one side of his craft and out the other without even slowing down. The ships energy sagged as it struggled to deal with the sudden loss of pressure and the new breaches and Nuzkiv found himself caught in the gravity well of the planet.
Despite his best efforts, Nuzkiv landing was what his more charitable flight instructors would have called ‘a bit rough’. And his less charitable instructors would have called ‘a disgrace to the pilot cast’. The ship was mostly in one piece, for which he was grateful. He had aimed for a large patch of undeveloped ground, in the middle of a large land mass.
Even as he dragged himself from the ship, dazed and kept upright only be the stimulants his suit was administering, he could hear the approach of vehicles and loud alarms.
He emerged to find himself surrounded by bipeds, similar to the constructs he had seen, all pointing what were clearly weapons at him. And despite his limited psychic abilities, and despite the traumatic landing and serious injuries he had sustained, he became aware of jumbled thoughts and emotions that were being flung into the air with abandon.
“You….could you stop… thinking so loudly for like, one second?” And then everything went black.
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