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2023.03.27 09:22 LanshengIC About Lansheng Technology Limited collects semiconductor industry news for a week

1) South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics released its annual report on March 7, showing that Samsung, the world's largest memory chip maker, will see its semiconductor inventory surge by 76.6% in 2022 due to weakening global chip demand.
2) According to foreign media reports, Intel's plan to build a factory in Magdeburg, Germany, is seeking an additional 4 billion to 5 billion euros in subsidies from the German government because the cost has soared by more than 70% compared with the original estimate.
3) Infineon and UMC announced on the 7th that the two parties signed a long-term cooperation agreement on automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) to expand the production capacity of Infineon MCU in UMC to expand the automotive market. Cooperation in the field of electronics.
Lansheng Technology Limited will continue to pay attention to news and information in the semiconductor industry.
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2023.03.27 09:13 Ravi_181_05 Boost Your Git Productivity with These Hidden Features

Boost your Git productivity from now onwards! From Git hooks to Git stash, In this blog, discover powerful tools to streamline your workflow and save time.
Git is a popular and powerful version control system that is widely used by software developers worldwide. With its efficient tracking and management of source code changes, Git is an essential tool for any developer. However, as with any tool, there are always ways to improve your workflow and make the most of its features.

1. Git Hooks

Git hooks are scripts that run automatically whenever a specific event occurs within Git. These events can include committing changes, pushing code to a remote repository, or merging branches. Git hooks can be used to automate repetitive tasks, enforce code standards, or trigger notifications to team members. By utilizing Git hooks, you can reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and ensure that your code meets the required standards.

2. Git Bisect

Git Bisect is a powerful tool that can help you locate the source of a bug in your codebase quickly. It works by performing a binary search between two commits to identify the commit that introduced the bug. This process is automated, and Git Bisect will guide you through each step until the source of the problem is found. By using Git Bisect, you can save time and eliminate the need for manual debugging.

3. Git Stash

Git Stash is a convenient feature that allows you to temporarily save changes that are not yet ready to be committed. This can be useful if you need to switch to a different branch quickly, or if you want to test a new feature without affecting your current work. When you're ready to continue working on your changes, you can retrieve them from the stash and continue where you left off.

4. Git Reflog

Git Reflog is a powerful tool that allows you to recover lost commits or branches. It works by maintaining a history of all the Git commands executed within a repository, including deleted commits or branches. By using Git Reflog, you can recover lost work quickly and avoid the need for manual recovery methods.

5. Git Worktree

Git Worktree is a useful feature that allows you to have multiple working trees within the same Git repository. This can be useful if you need to work on multiple features simultaneously or if you want to maintain different versions of your codebase. Git Worktree provides a simple and efficient way to manage multiple working trees without affecting the original repository.

6. Git Rerere

Git Rerere (Reuse Recorded Resolution) is a feature that can save you time when resolving conflicts during merges. It works by recording previous conflict resolutions and reapplying them automatically when a similar conflict occurs in the future. By using Git Rerere, you can reduce the amount of time spent on manual conflict resolution and ensure that the correct resolution is applied consistently.

7. Git Archive

Git Archive is a feature that allows you to create a compressed archive of a Git repository. This can be useful if you need to share your code with team members who do not have access to the repository or if you want to create a snapshot of a specific branch or commit. Git Archive provides a simple and efficient way to package and share your codebase.

8. Git Submodules

Git Submodules allow you to include other Git repositories as subdirectories within your repository. This can be useful if you want to reuse code from other repositories or if you want to maintain dependencies between different projects. By using Git Submodules, you can manage dependencies more efficiently and avoid duplicating code.


By utilizing these hidden features of Git, you can improve your productivity and streamline your development process. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, there's always room to improve your workflow and make the most of Git's features. By automating repetitive tasks, streamlining debugging, and efficiently managing multiple working trees, you can save time and increase your productivity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: What are Git hooks?
A: Git hooks are scripts that run automatically whenever a specific event occurs within Git, such as committing changes or merging branches. They can be used to automate repetitive tasks, enforce code standards, or trigger notifications to team members.
Q: How can Git Bisect help with debugging?
A: Git Bisect performs a binary search between two commits to identify the commit that introduced a bug. This process is automated, saving time and eliminating the need for manual debugging.
Q: What is Git Stash?
A: Git Stash is a feature that allows you to temporarily save changes that are not yet ready to be committed. This can be useful if you need to switch to a different branch quickly or test a new feature without affecting your current work.
Q: How can Git Reflog help with recovering lost commits or branches?
A: Git Reflog maintains a history of all the Git commands executed within a repository, including deleted commits or branches. By using Git Reflog, you can recover lost work quickly and avoid the need for manual recovery methods.
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2023.03.27 09:00 AutoModerator ASK HERE - Daily Help Desk (Questions, Teambuilding, Reroll, ask anything!)

ASK HERE - Daily Help Desk (Questions, Teambuilding, Reroll, ask anything!)
She's bestgirl
New player or veteran, feel free to use this thread to ask your questions! You can also join our Discord: here
F.A.Q. New Player Start-Up and Reroll Guide
Useful links, guides and tools
Want to make this sub better? Become a moderator!
If you are interested to join us please submit a modmail or contact us on discord!
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2023.03.27 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Advice Thread 27/03/2023

Welcome to the DAT, summoner! Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, or anything else in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow summoners, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer some questions yourself as well!
A lot of helpful guides and resources can be found in the subreddit mega wiki.

If you ask a question please give ALL relevant information!

  • Your monster box: Upload a screenshot to Reddit directly or an image hosting site like imgur or use swarfarm. Sort your box by "Grade" and try to include all 4*s and LD nat 3*s.
  • Your current progression: Where you currently are in the game, what your teams are, what content you need help with and what you have tried so far.
  • For ToA, which enemies are on the floor you're stuck on.
  • For PvP, indicate what rank you are trying to achieve, i.e. currently F3 want to get C1 Arena. For RTA also share your rank percentage.
The less people have to clarify or look up to help you, the more likely you will get a fast response.

Beginner friendly/farmable PvE teams

Recommended progression: GB10 -> ToAN -> GB12 -> ToAH -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> R5 and Rifts
Fast progression: GB12 -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> BJ5 -> Tricaru DB12
Note that for NB12 a few violent sets (especially on twins) are making things a lot easier so before tackling Necropolis you might want to farm a little bit of DB11, it also gives you Guard runes for Tricaru.
  • GB10: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, Lapis, Shannon/second awakened (2A) Kro
  • Legacy GB10 teams typically include Belladeon, Bernard, or Darion. These units are outdated and can be skipped.
  • GB12: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, Shannon/Lapis/2A Naomi
  • DB12: Verde (L), Fran, Loren, Sig, Elsharion or Verde (L), Vero, Fran, Loren, Spectra (2A)
  • PB10: Verde (L), Colleen/Fran, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro, 2A Spectra/Yen/Pang. You can also use 2A Jultan to tank the boss (on multiple Will sets).
  • SB10: Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, 2A Raoq, Ling Ling
  • NB12: Lapis (L), Colleen/Fran, Loren, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro/Raoq (NB10 guide). Twins are a much better choice and should be used if possible. You can also directly use Tricaru.
  • ToA(H): Fran (L), Lapis, Verde, Loren, Vero/2A Kro/2A Spectra. Use Tyron if you have him. 2A Sath/Thrain are good options if you want to go for a dot team, do not use Baretta as he's terribly outdated.
  • R5: Front Line: Xiong Fei, Darion Back Line: Colleen, 2A Kro, Tesa, Theo/Xiao Lin/Belladeon
  • R5 stat minimum: You need 25k HP and 1.5k DEF for FL units and 20k HP and 0.8-1k DEF for BL units. Healers and your cleanser should have 100% RES after lead.
  • Rift unit options: Xiao Lin, Theomars, Fran, Colleen, and 2A Kro can be used in most of your rift teams. FL Mav/Bernard is good for Water rift and Lapis is good for Fire and Dark rifts. Twins are great in all rifts.
You still need appropriate rune quality and turn order! Do not expect to beat a dungeon just by having these units

Common speed teams

  • R5 - BJ5: Colleen, Baleygr, Janssen, Dagora, Loren, lead unit (BJ5 guide)
  • DB12 - Tricaru: Verde (L), 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru (guide (Note: DEF requirement is 3300)) (Cheatsheet) (Calculator)
  • NB12 - Tricaru: Either add Astar or replace Verde with her (on vamp, same stats). Adding Astar and Lushen to clear waves first also works.
  • GB12 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen (guide)
  • PB10 - Tricaru: Kill towers first (usually L>R>B but some people reported R>L>B working better for them).
  • SB10 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen

PvE accuracy requirements

Rifts need no ACC. R5 needs 15%. SB10 needs 25%. PB10 39%. ToA(H), GB10, and NB10 45%. DB10, GB12, NB12 and ToA Hell 55%. DB12 needs 65%.

General tips and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • NEVER feed non-farmable monsters! (you can feed dupes for skill ups)
  • Save your devilmons! In general you do not want to give devilmon to 4* units, Sigmarus and Jeanne are the best early game candidates. Veromos does not need devilmon.
  • Best summon stone targets: Tyron, Lushen, Shaina, Sabrina, Talia. For PvP Khmun, Skogul, Galleon.
  • Check the events for free energy, mana, and other beneficial stuff. To find the current event pages use the button below the energy/mana counter in-game.
  • Lapis can farm Faimon Hell on the free 6* level 15 vampire/revenge runes provided by the challenges. She should be your first 5* and probably 6* as well.
  • Shield sets can reduce the HP/DEF requirements on other units and multiple shield sets will stack to form one larger total shield. Each set contributes a shield equal to 15% of the base HP of the monster they are equipped on.
  • White artifacts from B2 are cheap to upgrade and can give you a massive stat boost early.
  • Hall of Heroes (HoH) should be attempted as high as you can climb. Reps like Rica or Verad can help a lot. Mid/late game players can get 5 extra copies of the HoH monster using almighty scroll pieces after each floor at the small cost of 2000 guild points for each extra monster.
  • Most nat 5*s are PvP exclusive and should be set aside in storage till you make some progress on PvE. Some exceptions are CC units like Rica for ToA, cleansers like Anavel for starter R5, and Perna for rifts.
  • Dimensional hole energy should be spent as soon as possible, always try to stay under the energy cap (recharge rate: 1 per 2h). 2A Kro first, then Spectra or Raoq.
  • Need advice on RTA? Check this post first
  • Looking for ToA Hell guidance? Take a look at this FAQ post.
  • Swarfarm provides a bestiary for monster stats and data logs.
For more information please check out the more exhaustive FAQ.
If you see someone using monster icons, you can learn how to use them yourself: .
To set your user flair please visit the Reddit website (do not use the mobile app) and edit it there (example picture).
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2023.03.27 08:56 bistrainingsolutions Why is Fire Safety Training Important?

Why is Fire Safety Training Important?
Fires destroy property, cause injuries, and take lives. A fire in the workplace can also mean the termination of jobs, as many of the offices and factories destroyed by fire in Canada are never rebuilt. One of the key strategies to maintaining a safe workplace and preventing fires is fire safety training.
With proper training workers can eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out. Without proper training a small occurrence can quickly grow to become a major incident with devastating outcomes.
Everyone is at risk if there is a fire. However, there are some workers who may be at greater risk because of when or where they work, or because they’re not familiar with the premises or the equipment at the work site.
Fire safety training can teach workers how to recognize fire hazards, conduct a fire safety risk assessment, prevent a workplace fire, and respond if a fire occurs.

Recognizing Fire Hazards

Fire safety training begins by identifying the basic properties of fire. All fires start when heat (a source of ignition) comes into contact with fuel (anything that burns) and oxygen is present. To prevent a fire the goal is to keep sources of ignition and fuel apart.

Conducting a Fire Safety Risk Assessment

The fire safety risk assessment helps identify what a workplace needs to do to prevent a fire and keep people safe. The assessment looks at:
  1. Emergency routes and exits
  2. Fire detection and warning systems
  3. Fire fighting equipment
  4. Removal or safe storage of dangerous substances
  5. The emergency fire evacuation plan
  6. The needs of vulnerable people
  7. Communication with employees and others on the premises
  8. Staff fire safety training
A fire safety risk assessment is the first step in identifying fire hazards. It also identifies the people at risk, state of emergency preparedness, and effectiveness of controls in the workplace. With the information from the risk assessment employers can make improvements in their fire safety plans and eliminate or reduce risks. Employers can also ensure appropriate training is provided to workers.
Common sources of ignition include:
  • Heaters
  • Lighting
  • Open flames
  • Electrical equipment
  • Welding or grinding equipment
  • Cigarettes or matches
Sources of fuel in the workplace include:
  • Furniture
  • Garbage
  • Wood, cardboard, and paper
  • Plastic and foam
  • Flammable liquids (e.g. paint, varnish, gasoline)
  • Flammable gases (e.g. propane)

Preventing Workplace Fires

Fire safety training teaches workers how to prevent fires. If workers are aware of the best ways to prevent fires, they can contribute significantly to a safer workplace.
Tips to prevent fires in the workplace include:
  1. Keep the workplace clean. Common litter and construction debris act as fuel for fire. Clutter may block access to exits and emergency equipment.
  2. Smoke only in designated areas and extinguish smoking materials safely. Never smoke in storerooms or chemical storage areas.
  3. Mark hazards and potential fire risks with clear, visible signage. Post emergency telephone numbers and the company address by the telephone in all work areas.
  4. Keep machinery cleaned and properly lubricated to prevent overheating and friction sparks.
  5. Place oily rags in a covered metal container. This waste must be properly disposed of on a regular basis.
  6. Have faulty wiring and malfunctioning electrical equipment repaired promptly. Never attempt electrical repairs unless you are qualified and authorized.
  7. Avoid running electrical cords or wires under rugs and carpets or near a heat source; keep them out of doorways where they can become worn.
  8. Maintain open access to all electrical control panels. Material or equipment stored in front of the panels could delay power shutdowns in emergency situations.
  9. Use and store chemicals safely. Read the labels and the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to learn about flammability and other fire hazards. Provide adequate ventilation when using and storing these substances.
  10. Be aware of possible ignition sources when working in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those containing flammable liquid vapours or fine particles (e.g. vehicle paint spraying or grain flour). Use non-sparking tools and control static electricity as required.
  11. Never block sprinklers, firefighting equipment, or emergency exits. Observe clearances when stacking materials.
  12. Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Know where fire extinguishers are located and which extinguishers to use for the specific type of fire.

How to Respond if a Fire Starts

It’s important that everyone in the workplace is prepared for a fire. Workers need to know what to do in case a fire occurs and how to work together to effectively stop the advance of a fire.
Through fire safety training, workers learn:
  • The company’s emergency plan
  • The worker’s role in the emergency plan
  • How to activate the fire alarm so the building occupants can escape
  • To leave the area immediately, closing all doors behind them
  • Where designated muster areas are located outside the building
  • What to do if they encounter heat or smoke upon exiting
  • How to fight a small fire with a portable extinguisher
Workers and employers need to take fire drills seriously and learn from them to improve response. By practicing what to do in a fire, flaws in the emergency plan can be revealed and those faults can then be addressed. Practice also builds confidence and helps keep everyone calm in the event of a real fire.

The Use of Extinguishers

Most workplaces contain portable fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers can only put out small, contained fires, such as a fire in a wastebasket. Extinguishers in different workplaces may or may not be suitable for dealing with grease or electrical fires.
Workers that haven’t received training in the proper use of portable extinguishers should not attempt to fight a fire. Through training workers learn to never fight a fire:
  • if the fire is large or spreading
  • if their escape route may be blocked by the spread of fire
  • if they are not trained in the correct use of the extinguisher or are unsure of the type of fire
If workers do fight a fire they should:
  • call 9-1-1 first
  • ensure everyone has evacuated or is leaving the area or building
Originally published at on November 11, 2015.
Blog URL:
About BIS Safety Software:
BIS Safety Software is a software company that offers compliance and learning management software for the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) professional. This cloud-based software application includes Training Record Management Software, Classroom Calendar Management Software, a Training Matrix, Online Learning Management Software, Digital Folders, plus Online Forms that are used for site inspections, hazard assessments, incident management, preventive maintenance,
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2023.03.27 08:50 RockDck Hi, I'm super muffin. Nice to meet u ^^

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2023.03.27 08:49 Davidepett What do y'all think about my space deck?

What do y'all think about my space deck?
I'm making a space deck that doesn't use the astronauts and rockets meta, until now it worked pretty well
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2023.03.27 08:47 PanneauxSolaire L’énergie solaire plus accessible

L’énergie solaire plus accessible
L’énergie solaire a connu une révolution passionnante.
Au cours des deux dernières années, le secteur de l’énergie solaire a connu une révolution passionnante. Les avancées technologiques et les politiques gouvernementales favorables ont contribué à rendre l’énergie solaire plus accessible, plus efficace et plus économique que jamais auparavant. Voici un aperçu des développements les plus importants de la révolution solaire au cours des deux dernières années.
  1. Une baisse continue des coûts : Les coûts de l’énergie solaire ont continué de baisser régulièrement au cours des deux dernières années, rendant cette source d’énergie de plus en plus abordable pour les ménages et les entreprises. Selon l’Agence internationale de l’énergie (AIE), les coûts de l’énergie solaire photovoltaïque ont diminué de près de 90 % depuis 2010, ce qui a permis à l’énergie solaire de devenir la source d’énergie la moins chère dans de nombreux endroits du monde.
  2. Des innovations technologiques : Les progrès technologiques ont permis aux panneaux solaires de devenir plus efficaces et plus durables. Les panneaux solaires à concentration, qui utilisent des lentilles pour concentrer la lumière solaire sur des cellules solaires de petite taille, ont connu des avancées significatives. Les panneaux solaires bifaciaux, qui peuvent capter la lumière solaire des deux côtés, sont également de plus en plus courants.
  3. Des batteries de stockage d’énergie plus performantes : Les batteries de stockage d’énergie sont un élément clé de l’utilisation de l’énergie solaire, car elles permettent de stocker l’énergie produite pendant les périodes de forte production pour une utilisation ultérieure. Au cours des deux dernières années, les batteries de stockage d’énergie ont connu des améliorations significatives en termes d’efficacité et de coûts, ce qui a contribué à rendre l’énergie solaire plus fiable.
  4. Des politiques gouvernementales favorables : De nombreux gouvernements ont mis en place des politiques favorisant l’énergie solaire au cours des deux dernières années. Certains pays ont augmenté les subventions pour les installations solaires, tandis que d’autres ont mis en place des réglementations obligeant les entreprises à utiliser des sources d’énergie renouvelable. En outre, la Chine, le plus grand producteur de panneaux solaires au monde, a récemment annoncé qu’elle se fixait pour objectif de devenir neutre en carbone d’ici 2060.
  5. Des entreprises engagées en faveur de l’énergie solaire : De nombreuses entreprises ont pris des mesures pour passer à l’énergie solaire au cours des deux dernières années. Par exemple, Google a annoncé en 2019 qu’elle avait atteint 100 % de ses objectifs d’énergie renouvelable, et Apple a annoncé qu’elle avait construit un parc solaire de 130 MW pour alimenter son siège social et ses installations en Californie.

L’augmentation de la capacité solaire

L’augmentation de la capacité solaire est l’un des changements les plus importants dans le domaine de l’énergie solaire. En 2021, le monde a atteint une capacité de 773 GW, soit une augmentation de plus de 20 % depuis 2019. Les États-Unis, la Chine et l’Inde sont les principaux contributeurs à cette croissance. À mesure que l’énergie solaire devient plus populaire, nous pouvons nous attendre à ce que cette tendance se poursuive.

La baisse des coûts

Un autre changement important dans l’énergie solaire est la baisse des coûts. Grâce aux progrès technologiques et à l’augmentation de la capacité de production, le coût de l’énergie solaire a chuté de plus de 20 % depuis 2018. Cette baisse des coûts rend l’énergie solaire plus accessible aux personnes qui n’en avaient pas les moyens auparavant.

L’augmentation de la capacité solaire

L’augmentation de la capacité solaire est l’un des changements les plus importants dans le domaine de l’énergie solaire. En 2021, le monde a atteint une capacité de 773 GW, soit une augmentation de plus de 20 % depuis 2019. Les États-Unis, la Chine et l’Inde sont les principaux contributeurs à cette croissance. À mesure que l’énergie solaire devient plus populaire, nous pouvons nous attendre à ce que cette tendance se poursuive.

La baisse des coûts

Un autre changement important dans l’énergie solaire est la baisse des coûts. Grâce aux progrès technologiques et à l’augmentation de la capacité de production, le coût de l’énergie solaire a chuté de plus de 20 % depuis 2018. Cette baisse des coûts rend l’énergie solaire plus accessible aux personnes qui n’en avaient pas les moyens auparavant.

Progrès de la technologie

Les avancées technologiques modifient également le paysage de l’énergie solaire. Les panneaux solaires sont devenus plus efficaces, légers et durables. Des technologies innovantes telles que les cellules solaires en tandem et les panneaux solaires organiques sont également en cours de développement, rendant l’énergie solaire encore plus accessible.

L’essor du stockage solaire

Enfin, le stockage solaire se généralise. Les batteries qui stockent l’énergie solaire deviennent de plus en plus abordables et efficaces, réduisant la dépendance des gens au réseau électrique. Avec le stockage solaire, les gens peuvent utiliser l’énergie qu’ils génèrent pendant la journée la nuit ou pendant les pannes de courant.


La révolution solaire est bien engagée et nous pouvons nous attendre à voir une croissance continue de l’énergie solaire dans les années à venir. De l’augmentation de la capacité solaire à la baisse des coûts, l’énergie solaire devient plus accessible aux particuliers et aux entreprises du monde entier. Avec les progrès de la technologie et l’essor du stockage solaire, l’énergie solaire est en passe de devenir l’une des principales sources d’énergie renouvelable dans le monde.
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2023.03.27 08:45 borklazer2 [QC] CLEAN ROLEX DATEJUST 41MM GRAY DIAL/RHODIUM

  1. Dealer name: GeekTime
  2. Factory name: Clean
  3. Model name (& version number): Datejust 41mm Gray Dial On SS Bracelet VR3235
  4. Price paid: $528
  5. Album Links: QC Album
  6. Index alignment: Looks good to me
  7. Dial Printing: Looks good to me
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: Looks good to me
  9. Hand Alignment: Looks good to me
  10. Bezel: Looks good to me
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): Unsure
  12. Timegrapher numbers: Looks good to me
  13. Anything else you notice: The last image (being the glow in the dark) doesn't seem right to me. It doesn't appear that all parts of the watch glow or am I mistaken?
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2023.03.27 08:35 SomeSpoopyPerson [RDTM] Donating tickets and asking how much favour the game will give him

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2023.03.27 08:01 AutoModerator Live Day Trading

Welcome to RealDayTrading Live Chat!
***Please familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette guidelines before participating.**\*
  1. Please read our wiki. If you have not read our wiki in its entirety yet, we encourage you to observe the Live Chat at first. Once you have familiarized yourself with the wiki, post trades that are only in alignment with the strategies and methods outlined in the wiki.
  2. Every posted trade must have an entry and an exit. If you do not post an entry, do not post an exit. Trades must be posted in REAL TIME.
  3. If you have a question regarding someone's trade, please do not ask them in the Live Chat -- instead, create a comment in the Weekly Lounge Thread and tag the trader.
  4. If a Verified Trader or an Intermediate Trader questions or deletes your trade, do not post any subsequent actions taken on the trade (exiting for profit, loss, scratch). Any feedback made on your trades are done only with your best interests in mind. Please remember that this is a learning environment, not your personal proving ground.
  5. If you believe that somebody's trade is unsound, please comment on the trade in a constructive manner that aligns with the strategies and methods as described in our wiki. Furthermore, please refrain from making excessively speculative comments on the market.

Staying on topic during the session:
  1. All comments during market hours should pertain to live trades or stock call outs (see: Etiquette point 5). Comments that do not adhere to these standards are subject to deletion at the moderators' discretion.
  2. If you wished to add context to your trades, please keep them as factual, technical, and concise as possible.
  3. If you wished to post EOD stats, please be sure to include win rate and profit factor, and only do so after the market closes.
  4. Discussion is allowed during the pre-market and post-market hours, but please be mindful of the subreddit rules.

Format for posting trades:
Format for posting commentary:

*Please be mindful that moderators / traders are also focusing on their own trading as well. Comments that violate our etiquette or rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders initially warned, and further offenses will lead to a ban.\*
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2023.03.27 08:00 AutoModerator Mégafil conseils personnalisés d'investissement - semaine du 27/03/2023

Ce mégafil regroupe toutes les demandes de conseils d'investissement, merci de ne pas créer un nouveau post juste pour un conseil d'investissement.

Quels sujets pour ce mégafil ?
Comment faire ?
  1. Prendre connaissance de l'article sur les risques auxquels on s'expose en investissant
  2. Prendre connaissance des conseils standards d'investissements de vosfinances et s'en inspirer pour sa situation
  3. Prendre connaissance du paysage des placements disponibles en France
  4. Créer un commentaire dans le mégafil avec au moins les informations suivantes:
Je suis timide, j'ose pas parler d'argent...Rassure-toi personne n'en a rien à cirer, tu es anonyme ici, vas-y balance les chiffres.
Même si je suis anonyme je ne veux pas que tout Reddit sache que je suis riche (ou pauvre) !Crée un compte jetable, tu ne seras pas le premier.
Je ne sais pas quels sont mes objectifs je n'arrive pas à me projeter au-delà de la semaine prochaine.C'est dommage, se donner des objectifs c'est 50% du travail d'investissement. Fais un effort.
Comment j'évalue mon appétence pour le risque ?
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2023.03.27 07:53 Climbigner First “issue” with X1C - resolved with the wiki

I had an issue with my X1C that I have had for 3 weeks now. I mostly have been printing PLA but tried some PAHT-CF. The other day I had the PAHT-CF jam up my 0.4mm nozzle. In an effort to avoid this, I tried loading some PLA right after the last PAHT-CF print finished using Bambu Handy. This was a mistake - it clogged my extruder and I was pretty bummed - I walked away from the printer for a day feeling pretty disheartened considering everything I had heard about the X1C. It took me all of 5 minutes to diagnose what was up through the wiki and I had it solved 20 minutes later. I have been a prusa user for 4 years and have fixed mine as well as the few at work many times and I must say, the bambu instruction video and wiki were awesome. Just wanted to share my experience.
submitted by Climbigner to BambuLab [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 07:48 Daegon8 Another rollback.. feeling so despondent right now.

Let me start by saying thank you EHG for the superb job you've done with the game and all the updates since I last played (right after ch9 Majasa was added).
Yours is the first game to actually get me to break away from Lost Ark and its daily grind and gameplay loop which I have been stuck on since it launched Feb last year. I even chose to play LE over LA and miss my gold earning raids past couple weeks which is huge for me.
Plus I even chose to get the bare minimum lvl 20 for the rewards in the D4 beta so I could rush back to play LE.. despite Diablo being my all time favourite franchise, make no mistake I enjoyed the D4 beta and look forward to the full release but pouring too much time into the beta for it all to be wiped today and spoilering more stuff for myself didn't appeal to me.
Point is, I'm really enjoying LE - and these rollbacks are a soul crushing deal breaker - I just can't believe its still happening, how is it not absolute top of the priority list? The first time it happened last week for me I didn't come to complain here or on forums, I took it on the chin and just bounced back.. understanding that its beta and there will be bugs.
But now a second time it's happened and you can understand my frustration and hesitation to even start up the game again.. I play very efficiently and in the space of the 4-5 hours I lost, I got multiple great crafts done, 2LP uniques, tons of shards, rare runes (ascendance etc), got the exact blessing i wanted both times I got rolled back, got my corruption up. Even had multiple juicy exalted nodes (exalted helmets and rings) which I reset with a Memory node to redo.. So it felt like I lost so much. Empowered monos are so grindy as it is, to then just lose all that progress and grind feelsbadman.
I really don't want to be one of those guys throwing his hands up and saying "I'm done" - but how can I possibly consider starting up the game at this point? (Even though I really want to). Rollbacks are one of the worst things that can happen to a player (besides just losing your entire character or stash).. so how is it not highest priority to fix?
Is there anything I can do in the mean time that someone has perhaps figured out as a band aid to circumvent these rollbacks? Like for example should I not just exit to desktop from within my empowered timelines but rather log out in a certain place or under certain circumstances? I am playing in EUW by the way.
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2023.03.27 07:46 ashleydb PS Vita on Batocera v36 - Getting Vita3k working?

Anyone had success getting this going? Tried following the wiki, but seems like that needs some work.
I've used the Vita3k config app to install the two bios files. I didn't do the font though.
I've found some NoNpDRM ROMs (mostly interested in Uncharted, which is an EU build), I've added a title ID to the zip file name, and scraped everything. Launching just bounces back to the menu.
I tried opening the Vita3k app to install the game there. It seems to install successfully (other non-NoNpDRM ROMs didn't install). But trying to click play on the ROM within Vita3k seems to just exit me to the config app again.
FWIW, I've got a HP EliteDesk 705 G4 SFF PC running a Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11 GPU.
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2023.03.27 07:40 LeChat_Perlipopette [Satisfactorygame] Tuto : Comment avoir plus de 4 personnes en multijoueur dans Satisfactory

Si votre jeu est ouvert, fermez-le,
puis ouvrez « exécuter » en le tapant dans Windows Search ou en appuyant simultanément sur Windows Key + R,
Une fois que la fenêtre d’exécution est ouverte, collez-la dedans
exactement comme ça, il devrait ouvrir un fichier dans le bloc-notes appelé Jeu.ini
une fois que vous voyez le fichier Game.ini est ouvert, collez cette ligne de code dans une nouvelle ligne
[/Script/Engine.GameSession] MaxPlayers=16
Une fois que vous l’avez mis en place, assurez-vous d’enregistrer le fichier, faites un clic droit > Propriétés > Lecture seule > Appliquer > OK
Vous pouvez changer le 16 pour le nombre de joueurs que vous voulez dans votre jeu, 4 est le plafond de joueur officiellement pris en charge, mais cela fonctionne parfaitement avec 5 pour moi
Je recommande à tous les membres de votre groupe qui rejoignent votre jeu de le faire aussi pour assurer le meilleur scénario, même si je ne pense pas que ce soit nécessaire.
vous pouvez également accéder aux paramètres du jeu une fois que vous êtes en jeu et augmenter ou réduire votre paramètre « Qualité réseau » de faible à ultra et voir ce qui vous aide
Pour vous aider à comprendre le tutoriel de texte que j’ai fourni, voici un portfolio IMGUR montrant comment le faire,
Tutoriel en photo
Après avoir fait tout cela, vous pouvez commencer un nouveau monde ou continuer un ancien, mais assurez-vous que votre monde est défini sur amis uniquement pour que vos amis puissent cliquer
Join Game > 'Votre nom' > Join (bottom right corner)
Si vous êtes renvoyé au menu principal, essayez simplement de vous joindre à nouveau s’il continue de démarrer, essayez de rejoindre le serveur d’un autre ami qui a pu rejoindre avec succès, vous pouvez également avoir un problème de pare-feu ou la personne hébergeant le monde n’a pas suivi ce tutoriel correctement
Si vous avez des problèmes, n’hésitez pas à commenter et j’essaierai de vous aider
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2023.03.27 07:31 VeNGosu Hybrid over sport se accord 2022? How much does 4,500 take off the "new" price? First time car buyer

I'm a traveling overnight nurse and am exhausted all the time and really do not look forward to dealing with the fact that I need a new car to get me around state to state.
This is my first car purchase from a dealership like this and the idea of not getting a good price has really hampered my ability to make the purchase. I was looking at a 2022 Accord sport SE and the sport Hybrid. I'm thinking I may as well save the gas money if I'm not buying for performance and want to get the Hybrid sometime this week and the car is in great condition with 4,500 miles. I just saw someone say they got one for 29,500, and if this one has 4,500 miles on it and I want a similar price point, what kind of out-the-door price should I be asking for? I Have zero experience here and you can assume very little knowledge of these kinds of negotiations.
And can someone tell me how the warranty would work on a used car? They use the word "warranty" in the description 5-6 times referring to different warranties that I had thought would somehow blend together. Following this I will post the info they gave me. Thanks for any help my friends!
Edit: Why are the Sport SE cars only 1,000 or so dollars different from the Hybrids? Are the hybrids not gas-saving with bigger engines and the added horsepower of the battery?
Note: "balance of factory warranty, lifetime warranty, limited 12,000 warranty, powertrain warranty (how is this different than the others?), new vehicle limited warranty 48,000..."
HondaTrue Certified Details:
* 182 Point Inspection* Transferable Warranty* Limited Warranty: 12 Month/12,000 Mile (whichever comes first) after new car warranty expires or from certified purchase date* Powertrain Limited Warranty: 84 Month/100,000 Mile (whichever comes first) from original in-service date* Vehicles purchased within New Vehicle Limited Warranty period: extends New Vehicle Limited Warranty to 4 years*/48,000 miles*. Honda Care Motor Club Partner for 1 yea12,000 miles. Up to two complimentary oil changes within the first year of ownership. SiriusXM 90-Day Trial* Vehicle History* Warranty Deductible: $0* Roadside Assistance
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2023.03.27 07:17 Honiboidos WTS/WTT Collection Purge!!!

Hi Swap have a few interesting ones up today as well as some more standard stuff!! Hope you enjoy!
vid for the Boudicca:
Preferred payment is PayPal F&F, but if you need to pay a different way we can work that out!
Will ship USPS insured sameday or nextday
If you need any additional info or pictures let me know and I will get them
Main trade interests
Koenig Mini Goblin
Eutsler DUK
Craig Brown knives
open to see any trades though worst I can say is no! open to see best offers on knives as well!
1- Anton Van der Westhuizen Boudicca 8" Angels Finger - Blade steel RWL 34 scary sharp full black Cerakote, this is a beauty is has the most glassy smooth bearing action that I have experienced. The Black Timascus inlays and clip are perfection. 1st owner I bought it directly from him at blade show ATL last year and it has never been carried or cut with, just flipped a few times. I have to many nice things to say about this piece! Has COA and pouch it came with. Just posting this to see potential trades !!! TV 1250
2- Attn2Detail MK2 Medium with s30v blade steel a beautiful hollow grind and DLC finish over the whole knife the knife has been carried and cut with a few times and slightly off center to the lockside but I have not tried to remedy this issue. it comes with the timascus clip as well as the black clip it originally came with. the OG clip has no wear on it the timascus clip has 3 lines on it that where on it when I received it and can only be seen in a specific light tried to show it off in the vid SV/TV 775
3- KM Designs Drei Konig - custom made by Kirk Mayberry originally had plain ti clip and green g10 backspacer, I contacted him and he made the timascus clip and backspacer that are curently on the knife. it does come with the original clip and spacer as well. has been carried and lightly cut with and has minor snails that I tried to get in the video. will come with COA and a extra pouch I had laying around. SV/TV 850
4- R&H knives Tasca 2 Gen 2 - Condition: with the exception of the clip (ano scuffs) and pivot (small marks from pivot tool), the knife is beautiful. The knife came to me that way. I was considering cerakoting the hardware and liners so the scuffs didn't matter to me. I'm at least 3nd owner. Lock up is 20-25%. The action is incredible. Jan makes his own bearings/washer system in house and it is 🤌🤌 Medium detent and just buttery smooth open to close. Tuned for a controlled shut but can be adjusted to drop shutty if desired. The blade and hardware have a mirror like DLC finish that is Bonkers and the edge is mirror finished. polished purple dark matter scales. Ti scales have extensive relief milling inside Perfect lock up. Comes with COA, pivot tool, and OG box SV 525 TV 600
5- BBK Yeager V2 with Zircuti clip and backspacer -2nd owner M390 blade steel comes with origional clip, backspacer, and blue pivot collars. the OG clip has wear on it but the zircuti kit is in mint condition. the knife is centered. the pivot has scratches on it shown in vid and the body has a minor snail on it tried to get it in the vid. the action is great on this knife running on skiffs has og bearings as well and it makes a cool ting. the edge is in good condition it has a slight smile on the lockside of the blade. has the box, Coa, and pouch it came with SV/TV 425
6- Winterbladeco Factor black and grey G10 m390 blade steel, 2nd owner I carried it once and have not cut with it. It has also been fidgeted with fidgeted with. the noise it make s is as satisfying as they all say it is. the action is great and I bought this one off the swap no marks that I can see. looking for trades on this one first then will go to sales. has everything it came with from factory SV/TV 385
7- SBD Mini Tempest Bowie blade black TI/CF 2nd owner M390 has been carried 2 times by me and has never been cut with the blade is centered and has great actions has everything it came with from factory SV/TV 340
8- Vero Axon #750 2nd run M390 belt satin blade finish has been cut with and sharpened has some scratches on the blade shown in Vid. has a very smooth action running on skiff, scratches on the pivot on both sides and a scratch on the clip with just some overall minimal wear on the body has the pouch, coa, and og bearings, stickers and cloth . SV/TV 240
9- Benchmade Bugout 535BK-4 M390 aluminum has been cut with and sharpened has been used but not abused has some wear on the blade and clip the finish on the scales hide marks very well SV/TV175
10- TwoSun 129 M390 blade has been cut with and sharpened has great action minimal wear on the clip and a great action for the price and a beautiful milled textured lockside SV/TV 90
11- Civivi Baby Banter with Jupiter space kitty scales#169 - nitro V has been cut with wear on blade shown in vid still has factory edge. the kitty scales are flawless has never been used with the kitty scales on it, come with pouch, cloth and og green scales as well as coa for the kitty scales, but no box sv/tv 99
12- Coldsteel ti lite 6in - aus10a blade steel has not cut 1st owner not perfectly centered favors lock side has the box SV 70
13- Boker USB #123 blade show 2021 addition has been sharpened d2 blade steel overall good condition very fidgety little thing SV/TV 50 sold
Add ons
CJRB Feldspar D2 has been used but not abused definitly could use a sharpening add on for 15$
Thank you for reading Knife Swap and I hope I didn't miss anything this was alot to type!
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2023.03.27 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - March 27th

# Today In Phishstory - March 27th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Saturday 03/27/1993 (30 years ago) Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1993 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Llama , Guelah Papyrus , Rift , Stash , Reba , My Friend, My Friend 1 , Uncle Pen , Sample in a Jar , I Didn't Know 2 , David Bowie 3
Set 2 : Buried Alive > Halley's Comet > It's Ice > Bouncing Around the Room , Chalk Dust Torture , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin' Rosie > Hold Your Head Up , Poor Heart > Golgi Apparatus
Encore : The Squirming Coil , Carolina
1 Beginning featured Trey on acoustic guitar. [2] Fish on trombone. [3] All Fall Down signal in intro.
Jamchart Notes:
Reba - Attentive version with Trey totally on point, his playing rife with melodic content and truly inspired, as if tapping into some sort of otherworldly intent. A wonderful build with some impressive Mike thrown in.
Mike's Song - Solid but typical play in the 1st jam leads to good improvisation in the 2nd jam. Beginning with sounds similar to the as yet unhatched "Simple," the jam returns to typical "Mike's" jamming, then breaks into Mike-led, rhythmic and exploratory play, before coming home to wrap up.
Weekapaug Groove - "On Broadway" teasing/jamming leads to an improvisational breakdown section with good variation in the intensity. At 8:15, the jam breaks into an inspired "Type II" section which concludes with an explosive return to "Weekapaug."
Show Notes:
The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. I Didn't Know featured Fish on trombone. The intro to Bowie contained an All Fall Down signal and an All Things Reconsidered tease. Weekapaug featured an On Broadway tease. Listen before Carolina for an a cappella Suzy Greenberg quote.
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 03/27/1992 (31 years ago) 13x13 Club, Charlotte, NC, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1992 Spring Tour
Set 1 : Llama , Reba , Paul and Silas , The Sloth , Divided Sky , Guelah Papyrus , Maze , Glide , Bouncing Around the Room > Run Like an Antelope
Set 2 : Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove 1 , The Horse > Silent in the Morning , My Sweet One 2 > Rift , Bathtub Gin , Dinner and a Movie > Magilla > Harry Hood 3 , Cold as Ice > Love You 4 > Cold as Ice , Golgi Apparatus
Encore : Memories 5 , Sweet Adeline 5
1 Mentions of Paul Languedoc in the form of "Roots!" [2] Oom Pa Pa, Me And My Arrow, Simpsons, Random Note, and Aw Fuck! signals. The band also squawked at Page. [3] Fish referenced a fan's T-shirt and quoted Marvin the Martian. [4] Fish on Bag-Vac. [5] Without microphones.
Jamchart Notes:
Magilla - > from "Dinner and a Movie," Trey takes a cool line and really plays up the melody. Page takes over, his solo unique and varied, a sound awash in waves.
Show Notes:
The beginning of the show, as well as the Antelope jam, contained We're Off to See the Wizard teases. Mike's Song was preceded by an Auld Lang Syne tease and subsequently contained a Stairway to Heaven tease. Weekapaug contained multiple mentions of Paul Languedoc in the form of "Roots!" My Sweet One contained Oom Pa Pa, Me And My Arrow, Simpsons, Random Note, and Aw Fuck! signals and featured the band squawking at Page. Fish referenced a fan's T-shirt during Hood and quoted Marvin the Martian. Page teased I Can't Turn You Loose in Love You. After Love You, Fish continued to play the Bag-Vac during Cold As Ice. Memories and Sweet Adeline were performed without microphones.
Listen now at!
Phish, 1990-03-27 Stache's, Columbus, OH, USA
Tour: 1990 Tour
Show Notes:

John Fishman

Masefield, Perkins, Fishman & Bolles, 2015-03-27 ArtisTree, South Pomfret, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:


Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers, 2004-03-27 Tap Room, The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Mike and Warren Haynes sat in with the Codetalkers during this free late night performance. No setist is known and recordings do not circulate.
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2023.03.27 07:00 AutoModerator [OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread

If you post something for feedback, you must give QUALITY feedback at least once before the next thread is up. Check out the Quality Feedback Guide for tips on giving good feedback. Sincere feedback requests only please. Posting for plays will not be tolerated.
One feedback request per thread max (i.e. one track)
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This thread is posted every day at Midnight Eastern (GMT -5). Click here for the full automoderator thread schedule.
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