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Is it worth the money

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Is It Worth It?

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Anything on the Facebook Marketplace that is definitely not worth the money they're asking, goes here.

2023.06.01 00:33 NeverGonnaGi5eYouUp Little disappointed to see Russian partners still exist

I get this is a business, and Russians are probably a big part of the income here, but still disappointed to see any money or support flowing into a country that is still illegally occupying part of Ukraine.
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2023.06.01 00:32 SneakinCreepin Trying to get girlfriends sister away from violent junky boyfriend

Title says it all. Girlfriends sister was doing well, saving money, gearing up for real estate exam..etc. Goes on date with ex meth head fucking loser that went to prison for 8 years, and quickly starts going downhill. Loses job, can’t wake up to alarms, 10k in savings blown on food in a month or so, and has now been arrested for possession for drugs she was going to get for him. In this case where it’s just this clear that his influence has lead her to self destruct, can a lawyer meet with a judge and have a restraining order made against the boyfriend as a stipulation of a sentence that isn’t jail/prison? If not, is there any avenue her family can take to get her away from this person? He is a volatile, incredibly toxic, parasitic person who the entire family has interacted with and hates. What can they do, if anything?
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2023.06.01 00:32 KozuBlue Are Baldur weapons that good?

Just unlocked these in the shop in ch2. I think there's exceptions to my thinking (e.g Balfour bow is best 1h bow?) but many seem more of a sidegrade than an upgrade to what I have already. Maybe a few more points attack, but lower STR and a bit heavier so seems like a wash? Is it worth buying these for all my units?
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2023.06.01 00:32 ohioinspire Super nice dice box

Super nice dice box
Got this from Clockspring 3D. Extremely nice STL Model used almost a full roll of filament but well worth it. Please note. I find that the hinge or swivel of the hidden dice tray is weak and can break if infill is not sufficient (or walls) printed in PLA+
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2023.06.01 00:32 weyecey What a good way to End the Month of MAY.... Been seeing various Testimonials about PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM on this Sub-Reddit and I decided to give him a try! It was worth the try though, Dude is unbelievable!!! 🙌💯🔥

What a good way to End the Month of MAY.... Been seeing various Testimonials about PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM on this Sub-Reddit and I decided to give him a try! It was worth the try though, Dude is unbelievable!!! 🙌💯🔥 submitted by weyecey to letswintogether [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:32 Technical-Pie-9708 Winning loser.

This problem gambler in Western australia won a big bet, then received a letter of demand saying it was palpable error and they will pursue civil proceedings against him to recoup it. They paid the bet and he withdrew the money and started burning it. He's got control of it now but chunked away aabit of it. In his mind they owe him still.. he has no assets and is already in debt with other creditors and state govts.
Where does he stand?
What are his options?
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2023.06.01 00:32 weyecey What a good way to End the Month of MAY.... Been seeing various Testimonials about PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM on this Sub-Reddit and I decided to give him a try! It was worth the try though, Dude is unbelievable!!! 🙌💯🔥

What a good way to End the Month of MAY.... Been seeing various Testimonials about PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM on this Sub-Reddit and I decided to give him a try! It was worth the try though, Dude is unbelievable!!! 🙌💯🔥 submitted by weyecey to letswintogether [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:32 AlbertoRomGar Open Source AI Is Not Winning. Incumbents Are

After the "Google has no moat" document was leaked, there's been a widespread conviction that open-source AI is thriving and has become a real threat to Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft.
I don't think the last part is true for one reason: If winning the AI race is a matter of reaching the largest number of users, incumbents don’t have competition at all. Google and Microsoft have huge deep moats. Not just money. Not just talent. Not just resources, influence, and power. All that too, but their true moat is that they design, build, manufacture, and sell the products we use.
Microsoft has turbocharged Bing and Edge, 365, and now Windows. Google has enhanced Search and Workspace (including Gmail and Docs). Incumbents in other areas are doing the same. Adobe Firefly, now powering Generative Fill on Photoshop, is a clear example on the image generation front. On the hardware side, Nvidia—the undisputed leader—has optimized its top-notch H100 for LM inference.
The innovator’s dilemma portrays incumbents as beatable: Challengers with a solid will to pursue risky innovation could, under the right circumstances, overthrow them. But let’s be frank here; we’re not living under those ideal conditions: generative AI happens to fit perfectly with the suites of products that Google and Microsoft and Adobe and Nvidia already offer. They create the very substrate on which generative AI is implemented.
Even if Google and Microsoft were to open-source their best AI and allow the open-source community to flourish on top of freely-shared innovation, they’d still keep the moat of all moats: That who creates and sells the goods owns the world. The open-source community doesn't have a chance. Sadly, generative AI is slowly becoming an add-on to the incumbents' hegemony.
If you liked this post, I write in-depth analyses for my weekly newsletter, The Algorithmic Bridge.
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2023.06.01 00:32 LawEnvironmental7868 Fortnite account OG

I'm wanting to sell my Fortnite account as I'm going to Norway in August. Started in season 2 complete skins from season 3-8 and many more going into chapter 2 and 3. Also has save the world with vbucks challenges. Has over £1000 worth of skins I think.
Anyone interested, send me a message please. Need the money urgently.
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2023.06.01 00:32 Proudlymediocre Carrying It Forward: My Dad's Act of Kindness Still Echoes Decades Later

When I was a kid, my divorced aunt -- my dad's sister-in-law -- ran into financial issues.
In the midst of this, we all were at the hospital visiting my grandpa, and we were amassed in the cafeteria when my aunt went over to grab a sandwich. As my aunt approached the cashier, my dad, who so often would not spend money on himself, quietly got up from his seat, walked over to the cashier, and paid for my aunt's sandwich before returning to his seat without any fanfare. To this day, I still don't know if he saw me see him do that (note: Dad doesn't take compliments well -- he gets embarrassed by them and tends to deflect them towards other people or dismiss them).
Today, an older and discreetly-emotional (red watering eyes, but no sounds) woman seated near me mentioned to the server that her husband died this morning. So without any fanfare, I paid for her plus tipped the server well, because I wanted the woman to know that someone else empathized wit her pain. I will probably tell my wife I did this, but will not mention to anyone else (reddit doesn't count since it's anonymous and at the end of the day has zero consequential effect on my life). This is not the first time I did this, and honestly it won't be the last. And I'd be lying if I said my dad's action -- quietly paying for my cash-stricken aunt all those years ago -- didn't have an effect on me, and still didn't influence me today. In fact, I thought of him today as I paid for the woman in mourning.
I post all this here because I'm so grateful my dad tried his best to live his life the right way. It influenced me, which in turn has an influence on others, and his kindness to my aunt and his striving to be good to human beings in crisis (dad is one of those people who will stop and get involved during a medicaL emergency or car accident) decades ago is still echoing today.
So here is a gentle reminder that our kids are often watching, sometimes when we're not aware that they are. And if we want the future to be a better place we can start by modeling for our own kids right now the benefit of giving our time and our money to other people, to letting people around us know that we see them and to be there for them when they are in pain. My own kids are grown now, but I still try to model that satisfying feeling of helping a fellow human being in need. Because arguably I got more out of helping that woman today than she got.
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2023.06.01 00:31 Ratfts I feel like I'm going nowhere

Hi, I'm posting this kind of with the intention of getting reassurance or advice 😂 I graduated with my psychology degree in summer 2022, I loved doing my degree and learning, I was really looking forward to starting a career in something I find really interesting. I basically got the first job I could after uni because I was moving in with my bf and needed money, I work as a physio/OT assistant part time. The job itself isn't a bad job but I've been there a year now and I'm just super unhappy because I've been applying for so many jobs in mental health and I've gotten nowhere for the last year, so I didn't really think I'd be there this long.
I've gotten quite a lot of interviews but they all end up with rejection, the feedback is usually "we really liked you and you come across as very personable but someone else just had more experience than you" but then Im struggling to get more experience in mental health bc I keep getting rejected for not having experience 😂
I would also like to do my masters bc I thought it might help boost me to get a better job but I just can't afford it with working part time, having to pay bills, for food, utilities etc.
I feel like I'm going nowhere and I sometimes feel like I did the degree for no reason because it feels like I'll never get into the jobs I want :') I guess I wana know how long it took you guys to get into the job you love/wanted, and how old you were too because Im 23 and I get worried that I should be further along than I am right now (I know everyone moves at different paces, but I just want to know if it's normal to be looking for a while before you finally break into the mental health setting, after doing a psychology degree). Thank you:)
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2023.06.01 00:31 HOMES734 Help! How do I get FRGST out of CB to a platform where I can sell it?

Put $50 in early in the year and just checked today and found out my holding is worth $40k! I cant figure out how to send it to a wallet where I can sell it. Is it possible or am I stuck waiting for CB to list it themselves?
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2023.06.01 00:31 lordcthulhu33TTV I fucked up and I don’t have the will to continue

Long story very short I never really fully recovered financially from Covid. I had a year and a half of free rent but no income for 10 months of that. Finally back to work in 2022 I was playing catch up with everything until I needed to pay rent again. Lost my job in January started another one a few weeks later. My rent is 1820$ my pay is now 1200 a week after taxes 850$ paid two months worth then had a huge medical bill and I’m now behind again and facing eviction. I lost my gf because of this and now I may have to give up my dog and if that happens I might not be able to live anymore. I have no one to help no friends no family no one. I’m completely lost and frankly scared. I’ve applied to every program to help and I can’t even get a loan with my credit score in the dumps.
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2023.06.01 00:31 origutamos Calgary man facing human trafficking charges released on bail

Benjamin Loewen, 21, was charged May 18 with sexual interference, material benefit from sexual services of a person under 18, drug trafficking, making child pornography, distribution of child pornography and extortion by threats.
“We believe the accused was targeting young, vulnerable teen girls, forcing them into sexual situations, directing their movements, advertising sexual services, and taking their money,” said Cpl. Wayne Williams, ALERT Human Trafficking.
Loewen has been released from custody and is set to appear in court June 16.
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2023.06.01 00:31 Jay2KWinger Account of a Parley

The little cluster of rocks wasn't much, but the cabling and paneling and sundries that had lashed them all together marked them as being a part of the asteroid belt known as the Reef. It was a nest of scum, the sorts that had been banned or kicked out of the Tangled Shore, that even The Spider didn't want to associate with. Because it was where the worst sorts filtered down to, the locals called the area "The Trench." Awoken enforcers never went near it, unless they had numbers and firepower at their backs.
In recent months, the Trench had become more crowded. Ships of all stripes had parked around it-- Eliksni ketches and Cabal cruisers, Awoken galliots and Arcadian shuttles. The makes meant little, as they were frequently stolen. The livery and banners they flew all varied, but there were two specific ones worth noting. One was blue and bore a sigil of a broken sword stabbed into a stylized crown, the other black and portrayed a stylized Eliksni skull with an upper jaw full of jagged teeth. The banners of House Salvation and the pirate lord Gresdin Sawtooth.
A skiff dropped out of a short-range jump and docked itself between a sloop and a cobbled-together transport, both of which had their old livery scored and scratched away. As the skiff's captain disembarked, he could see that crews were already at work painting Sawtooth's standard onto them. A vandal stepped out in front of him, crashing into him, but the vandal took one look and thought better of finishing their scowl, instead scuttling away to another ship.
Similar reactions followed, even from a few of the Legionless Cabal that plodded the walkways of the Trench. But soon enough, the skiff captain approached the Trench's topmost suite of cabins. Two Eliksni guards glared at him, but he stared them down in kind, until one turned and barked into the cabin, "Tell them the Technomancer's back."
But the Technomancer-- a Fallen reaver named Bansiks-- raised his bulky mechanical arm and shoved the two House Salvation Elites out of his way as he barged into the cabin. His synthesized voice rasped as he approached the high table. "Lord Gresdin," he called.
Several other figures were clustered around the table, turning toward him as he approached. One was just Kalsek, one of Gresdin's lieutenants, bristling with indignation-- but not just from Bansiks's interruption, the Technomancer could tell. Kalsek was more angry about the two interlopers at the table. Both were Eliksni, and one towered over all present at the table, wearing scarred armor and clutched in his lower hands was a heavily modified forge hammer, the head of which glowed with Scorch energy. He stood behind an older Eliksni seated at the table, but Bansiks could see the lightly-armored elder's own scarred body beneath the faded, priestly robes he wore. Both wore the blue banner of House Salvation.
He knew them both by reputation. The giant was, despite his size, the lesser of the two, a retainer to the elder. One of the many outcasts of the scattered House of Scars, he had become a reaver in his way, taking part in pirate raids and eventually seeking more glory for himself in the Last Attempt at conquering the human City. He had been captured along with many others and languished in the Prison of Elders, but had escaped along with so many others when the Prison had fallen, and eventually came to House Salvation, eager to smash the wretches that had defeated his people and imprisoned him. But in the end, Brekkis the Breaker was simply a brute to his core.
On the other hand, the elder, Morsik, was a former archon of a lesser House that had long ago fractured and fallen apart, one who had suffered much abuse in the time since, but largely at the hands of Lightbearers and the Reef folk. Drawn to Eramis by the promise of a reborn Riis, he had become a very effective recruiter for his new House, speaking in an almost hypnotic fashion as he whipped up the furor and fervor for revenge against the Lights for the pain they'd all experienced. It worked so well, it was little wonder why they called him the Demagogue.
Seated at the midle of the table, opposite the entry to the chamber, was a broad-shouldered, barrel-chested Eliksni. A bandolier strapped across his chest had several Shock pistols at hand, and though they were blocked by the table, Bansiks knew there was an array of swords and knives and similar bladed weaponry around his waist. His Ether-mask had a twice-bifurcated crest, two flanges of which twisted forward and down, almost like tusks, while the other two were bent into horns. The front of his mask had its grill wrought to resemble a mouthful of jagged fangs. He wore his own black standard, with one upper hand resting on the grip of his namesake sword, a zweihander with a jagged edge. Gresdin Sawtooth, pirate lord of the Trench, looked up at him.
"Bansiks," Gresdin acknowledged. But then he turned back to the House Salvation envoys. "For all she demands of me and mine, Eramis could not come herself, and sends you instead?"
"Eramiskel," Brekkis growled.
But the pirate lord slapped his palm on the table. "Not my Kell," he snarled back. "She disrespects me like this, she does not get that wisp of respect from me in turn."
The brute glowered down at him. "No one--"
"No one sends a thug like you unless they're trying to send a message," Gresdin interrupted. He turned his gaze instead to Morsik, dismissing the retainer immediately. "The Shipstealer expects much from me, and all the other crews that berth in my Trench." A rasping snarl rattled in his throat. "Running down and looking for old relics, but what does she offer in return? A vague threat that we will be allowed to live?"
"Eramiskel has been given purpose." Morsik's voice was soft, quiet, the kind that forced the listener to strain to hear, and to thus better absorb his words. "To revisit the pain our people have suffered upon those who inflicted it."
"Lightbearers," Brekkis snarled.
"You know better than others, Lord Gresdin," the Demagogue continued, "that our people are plagued by weakness. Those with the means to lift us up simply won't make the decisions necessary to shape a place for us to live. No one, apart from Eramiskel."
"She wants trinkets that grant their bearers power," Bansiks rumbled, and raised a relic in his hand, setting it on the table in front of the pirate lord. "Iriks is dead," he told him. Brekkis made a move to reach for the lantern-like relic, but the Technomancer's bulky synthetic arm twitched up and extruded a blade that touched the brute's throat. "That's not for you."
Morsik's expression did not change, but there was the impression of a frown. "Eramiskel has asked for the relics."
"This is not the new Riis that Eramis ruled," Gresdin picked up the relic and passed it to Kalsek. "You are in the Trench, and this is my domain. Not even the Lightbearers dare come here. What makes you think you can make demands of me?"
The Demagogue placed two hands on the table as he ponderously rose, his scarred, aged body trembling some as he did so. Brekkis moved to assist him, but Morsik waved him off. The elder Eliksni stood with an almost regal air, and then slapped a hand down on the table. Cobalt blue ice crystals rippled outward from where he struck, spreading across the table, and then the floor, flash-freezing Kalsek in place, relic included. As the pirate lord bellowed in fury, Brekkis slapped aside Bansiks's blade and grabbed him by the throat.
"You think you have power," Morsik murmurred, as he lifted his hand, letting the pirate see the Splinter embedded in the gauntlet he wore. "But you do not. And there is a power beyond even this, which eclipses even the Light."
To the former archon's surprise, however, Gresdin began laughing. "Your House kneels to the Black Gale. But the Gale is not here--"
At which point, red SIVA clouds snaked out of Bansiks's gauntlet, winding around Brekkis and pinning him to the floor with hardened cables of metal. As this happened, the Technomancer raised his synthetic arm and the blade unfolded as the barrel of a cannon emerged from it. Morsik stared this down, raising his hands carefully. The Stasis crystals receded, Kalsek staggering as he was freed, and Gresdin arose from his chair, hefting his namesake sword to one shoulder with a speed that belied its weight.
"--and Gresdin Sawtooth bows to no one."
Morsik inclined his head thoughtfully. "How would you like to strike down the Reef folk?"
The Lord of the Trench paused, lowering his sword briefly, though not fully. "Explain."
"The man-folk and their Lightbearers have plagued our people since the moment we first reached this star. But only one of their Houses has ever enslaved Eliksni." The Demagogue spread his hands. "The House of Sov." Gresdin stared him down, but then glanced at Bansiks, gesturing subtly with a spare hand. The Technomancer lowered his cannon, but left Brekkis pinned under SIVA tendrils. With a nod, Morsik continued, "The apologists will say the broken Weavers swore oaths, but oaths made under duress are not binding, as they proved later when they rebelled."
"A rebellion that got them all killed," Kalsek pointed out.
"Because the man-folk will never let Eliksni live unless they kneel to their Lightbearers and to the Traitor Machine," Morsik spat. "If we start to rise back up, they send their ghouls to slaughter us."
Gresdin grunted again. "No one dares attack the Trench. Even the Lightbearers stay away." But he looked over as Bansiks shook his head.
"The Lightbearers have pirate hunters now," he reported. "Not only have they taken out several of the ketchkilers, they are hunting relics like that," he indicated the lantern in Kalsek's hands.
Gresdin chewed on that thought for a moment before Morsik folded his lower hands over his belly, the other set behind his back. "The relics have power. The old crews knew this." He eyed the pirate lord. "You broke from your House because your Kell was weak. House Blades was renowned for its prowess in battle, but Yovariskel had been too cautious to join the Last Attempt, and Koussakskel is too cowardly to seek the glory you crave. You earned your place as Lord of the Trench as befits your old House's ways.
"You have supporters in House Blades," Morsik continued. "They grumble and whisper and want their glories, but Koussakskel holds them back. A bold move on your part-- scouring the Reef of House Sov-- would galvanize them. They would flock to your banner. And Eramiskel would honor your deeds, and offer you pride of place as High Baron in her House, as admiral of Salvation's ketch fleet."
The pirate lord mulled this over, while Kalsek argued, "Why should Lord Gresdin lower himself to serve a kell who failed her House? The Lights defeated her, her House was scattered." But the expression on Gresdin's face told that he'd already taken the bait, and now the Demagogue just needed to reel him in.
"Perhaps her House had been weak," Morsik suggested. "And with you at her side to assure the strength of her followers..."
Bansiks looked at Gresdin, who regarded the elder with a long stare. Then, with a ponderous move, he planted the end of his jagged zweihander on the floor, and nodded to the cyborg Eliksni. The Technomancer stepped back from Brekkis as the cabling binding him down dissolved back into clouds of nanites, which withdrew into the tanks on his back.
"Then let us speak," Gresdin Sawtooth smiled, "of what your Kell will do for me."
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2023.06.01 00:31 Ozzyblack- Hesitation while accelerating

Have a 2015 WRX completely stock. recently while driving and accelerating i can hear the turbo build boost, the RPM gauge will not move and then after about a second it will accelerate like normal. If i had to compare it to anything it feels like an anti lag. I push the gas the car does not accelerate AT ALL (while boost is at about 15psi) then after about a second it accelerates like normal. The only information i think is worth mentioning is that recently i have gotten a P0420 code for a bad cat. It has since cleared. No other codes are present.
Edit: I have also recently replaced the MAF but that was a couple months ago.
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2023.06.01 00:30 PhenomenalMysticism Stealth Retainer Question: Is there a significant difference between the plastic retainer and stainless steel retainer?

I've been using the plastic Stealth Retainer for almost 3 months now. I use the retainer often with the 4 ounce and 8 ounce weights, which I got from their website. I'm wondering if there is a significant difference between the plastic retainer and stainless steel retainer in terms of quality, comfort, and durability? I want to know if it is worth switching to the stainless steel retainer? I'm hesitant in purchasing the stainless steel retainer because the price seems just too expensive for a single retainer. If anyone has experience with this or advice regarding this, it would be much appreciated to know if I should get the stainless steel retainer or just hold off.
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2023.06.01 00:30 Former_Woodpecker843 is casillas any good? if not which is the most worth card to get from here?

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2023.06.01 00:30 KeepItWavey Southampton owners: We have failed the people of the club Full board interview with The Times

It's behind a paywall so here's the full thing:
The Sport Republic group admit they were too removed from the action and recruited poorly as their first full season since taking over ended with the drop.
I meet the three men who own Southampton in what is about to become their new shared office at the club’s impressive training ground. They have had a few weeks longer to dwell on what went wrong this past season than their counterparts at Leeds United and Leicester City and one clear conclusion they have drawn is that they should have spent more time at the club. Rasmus Ankersen and Henrik Kraft are the co-founders of Sport Republic, which bought Southampton in January 2022 with the financial backing of Dragan Solak, a Serbian businessman.
“We were not close enough to understand what was really going on,” Ankersen says. “That’s a major lesson for us. We acted like a parent who is sending money to their kid but not sending their love and attention,” Solak says. “It never works and it didn’t work in our case as well. That’s why we are going to be close, to show support, to know what is going on, and knowing exactly what the club needs. We thought a huge amount of financial support would resolve a lot but it didn’t really.”
There have been, as a consequence, a raft of executive changes, including Solak, a self-made Serbian businessman, becoming the chairman of Sport Republic.
Solak had assumed he would be a silent investor “coming to a few games and enjoying some of them” but now he will help with strategy and give Kraft the space to become, in the long term, the chairman of Southampton.
“When we were relegated,” Solak says, “I thought it was important we showed the people at the club and the supporters that we are going nowhere. If anything, we will be here more than before.”
From his distant vantage point Solak could not work out why the players “sometimes did not have enough heart, it did not look like a synchronised effort”.
He wondered if there was a psychological problem. “We know we have great players, but they don’t show that in the games,” he says. “Some answers we got from the club were, ‘Don’t worry, it will be better.’
“We would now like to know more about the life of the club and to be supportive to enable them to be the best possible. We were not failed by the people in the club, I failed them. I should have been closer to everything.” From now on he will be, as he puts it, “part of the family”.
Supporters had witnessed what began as a promising takeover gradually become dysfunctional in terms of results. The owners refute that they in any way briefed against Ralph Hasenhüttl who was sacked in November. They backed the Austrian in the summer of 2022, having enjoyed a short honeymoon period up until the previous March.
“It became clear it wasn’t working and then there was the unique situation of the World Cup coming up and there was speculation and negativity,” Kraft says. “It wasn’t a foregone conclusion. We wanted him to be successful, why wouldn’t we?”
“I personally like the guy, we play golf together,” Solak says. “He lost the confidence in being able to turn things around.”
Nathan Jones proved a spectacular disappointment as Hasenhüttl’s replacement. “When we appointed Nathan it was based on what we needed to improve to stay in the Premier League,” Ankersen says. “We had stopped being aggressive, being on the front foot, we had problems with set pieces and Nathan had proven he had been able to instil that in a team [Luton Town] that was in the Championship, but which has now been promoted. It was not to do with his character, he’s a great guy, he’s hungry.”
“We have to admit we didn’t see him not being able to handle the media pressure at Premier League level,” Solak says. “If he could have been more calm and calculated after the games he would have stayed longer.
“Him being too honest and losing it a little bit in front of the cameras turned the fans against him. He definitely didn’t do what we wanted, but it was not too bad. He was the guy who stopped Pep Guardiola [after victory over Manchester City in the League Cup] having the chance of a Quadruple.”
Much criticism was aimed at the club for buying young players with no Premier League experience in January. “Everyone wants a proven Premier League striker, they are hard to find,” Ankersen says. “January is a hard window.”
Ankersen admits “we didn’t get the balance right”, but points out that Carlos Alcaraz was particularly productive in spite of only playing half a season. “To some extent the young players were carrying the team,” he says.
The elder statesman of Southampton is James Ward-Prowse, who is contracted until 2026, and given that the 28-year-old has been at the club his entire career, it would be a wrench for the fans to see him leave.
“Of course, we would love to keep him,” Ankersen says. “He is Mr Southampton, he’s done amazing things. He will be in demand. If there is something that comes up that satisfies the club financially and satisfies James then out of respect we will have to have that conversation. “It would be selfish to say, we have a contract, and not fair to him,” Solak adds. “If he can play Champions League football next season, then that would be great for him. We have to see who will approach us.”
Will they try to blitz the Championship or work their way organically through the challenges? “We would like to do it organically and then blitz,” Solak laughs.
“We are building an organisation that is fit for purpose and has all the capabilities to go straight back to the Premier League,” Kraft says. “When you look at the infrastructure and the facilities then you can see this is a club that belongs in the Premier League. Our goal is unashamedly to win the Championship. We’re not doing a patch job, we’re doing it in the right way.”
They will need the right manager and the recommendation of Jason Wilcox, the new director of football, recruited from Manchester City in January, will hold the most weight. The successor to Rubén Sellés will be in situ by the time the team return for pre-season training at the end of June.
Both Ankersen and Kraft are motivated to build something innovative, a multi-club structure that unearths talent in Africa and, according to Kraft, “to prove you can build a model that is financially sustainable because there is a belief in football that the only way to compete is to throw money at it. We’re trying to break that.”
“I just thought it’s going to be great fun,” Solak says of his motivation. “I thought I was going to be a passive investor but as I become more active, I love it. In the Championship I might have more happy weekends.”
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2023.06.01 00:30 Zehnpae Arcanum - (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

Arcanum is a steampunk CRPG developed by Troika Games. Released in 2001, Arcanum was the first of the Troika Trifecta of what could have been. They reminded us just how fun complex RPGs can be..and how dangerous they are to your bottom line.
We play as the Living One, the supposed reincarnation of an ancient hero. Handed a ring by a dying gnome and told it is of great importance, we are thrust into the world of Arcanum. Along the way we will meet many interesting people, potentially kill them, and hopefully unravel the mystery of what exactly our fate implies.
The game world is presented to us in isometric 3D with a UI reminiscent of the popular Diablo 2 layout. A deep skill system allows us to focus either on combat, non-combat, or anything between. It is possible to do a 100% pacifist run, but most players will opt for some combat which can be swapped between real time or turn based as desired. NPC's hand out quests or you can just shortcut it and kill them, getting your reward the murder hobo way.
The Good
The depth of Arcanum is something to be inspired by. A lot of open world games claim you can go anywhere, do anything but there's usually some pretty hard limits. Imagine starting up BOTW, skipping the tutorial, heading straight to Kakariko village and just shanking Impa. On her corpse is a note that explains everything you forgot instead of having to run around looking at memories.
You can do that here. You can kill everyone. Or not a single person. You can do a complete pacifist run if you choose. You can head right for the big towns, for dungeons, for the desert, for whatever you please. Of course the game will breadcrumb you towards the main quest line if you please, but you can also skip entire swaths of content if you so desire.
There are over 30 companions you can recruit from for your party, each with their own conditions for joining you (IE: Some won't join you if you're not a murder hobo, some won't join you if you're too good at magic, etc...). More quests than you can shake a stick at, most of which have some interesting depth to them. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much you experience.
The Bad
Unfortunately a lot of it ends up not mattering. The rewards for most quests are useless junk. By the time you reach mid-game you'll realize a lot of quests involve tons of reading and the reward will be maybe some cash you can't use because there's nothing really worth buying.
Mind you, there's a lot of cool stuff to do and see but it runs into the problem of you don't know if the quest you just accepted will be some deep lore exposing, end game affecting super mission or if you're going to spend 3 hours trying to find some random trinket for an NPC only to find out they'll go, "Hey thanks!" and then hand you some coin.
The Ugly
If you're familiar with Troika, then you're familiar with bugs and jank. It's an easy game to accidentally exploit. If you don't know what you're doing you can lock yourself out of several quests. Various items are broken and don't actually work. Balance is non-existent and enemies can often be easily exploited. Several soft-locks exist where you have to reload potentially form hours ago. It can be...frustrating at times.
Final Thoughts
Arcanum is one of those games I psyche myself up for remembering how much fun I had. I spend 2 hours making a character, 4 hours doing everything in the first town, 8 hours doing everything in the second town, then I can't be bothered anymore, head to the last part and finish the game about 30 minutes later. Rinse repeat every 4 years...and love every minute of it each time.
Thank you for reading!
Interesting Game Facts!
We are now in year...13 of "InXile is totally going to make an Arcanum 2, just you wait!" copium ever since Jason D. Anderson first joined them. Don't worry guys. Any day now...aaaaannnnyyyyy day now.
100 reviews in 100 days (Day 79)
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2023.06.01 00:30 BlackWidowwww Tip Pool Opinions

I have been at my current restaurant for years. During Covid, we transitioned to an equal tip pool because it was slower and inconsistent. Meaning, the bartenders, host, food runner, and servers all share tips evenly. This worked well during Covid and our host is essentially the busser as well.
But now, there is debate about going back to a normal tip out system. Some servers aren’t pulling their weight and the bartenders milk the clock. But we may lose our host and management is threatening us with having to host for minimum wage if we remove the tip pool. On the upside, the tip pool means consistent paychecks and you don’t have to worry about getting good sections. On the downside, less control over your own money.
I guess I’m just curious about your thoughts about a tip pool restaurant? The servers seem split 50/50 about switching back.
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2023.06.01 00:29 Thick-Awareness3293 Does anyone else think that Nintendo making an Arkham Knight-esque, driving/action, beat em up, F-Zero game with Captain Falcon is feasible/plausible to make?

I've always loved captain falcon, he's always been my fav character to play in every single smash bros game. In the story of the game itself, I know captain falcon is a bounty hunter but we never really get to see any of that expanded upon because f-zero is primarily just a racing game. I'm aware that F-zero also had an old anime adaptation, but I feel like that doesn't really do it justice. I think it would be so cool if Nintendo made a beat em up type game, similar to Arkham knight or mad max, where you get to play as Captain Falcon as a bounty hunter, fighting guys but also driving and racing around in his Blue Falcon but I'm not too sure if it would work.
I just love the like built up lore Captain Falcon has gained over the years in the smash bros games. I know none of it's canon, but I feel like the game has been so dead for years, what would be the harm in adapting the story a bit to make his cool smash abilities canon (although captain falcon did do a falcon punch in the anime so maybe it is idk lol). He's just such a cool character and has these crazy powers and fighting abilities and IMO its a waste to just sit on something like that and not use it. Like c'mon, who wouldn't want to go around falcon punching and kicking as captain falcon in his own game it would be so fun.
Now I know this is beyond a stretch. At the end of the day, the name of the game is money and Nintendo is most likely gonna stick to their major titles like zelda, mario and pokemon. But we have been seeing recent older games make a resurgence, like the recent metroid prime remaster that did pretty well, so that gives me a sliver of hope.
(Pardon my cringe) I can picture it now. The day of the new Nintendo direct. We see Captain Falcon in a race. OMG its for a new F-Zero game, wow I can't believe they're making a new one! Everyone's going nuts. But then we see Captain Falcon hop out of the car. Wait he wasn't in a race, he was chasing some outlaw or bounty. And then we see him start to fight a bad guy and then he does a falcon punch. Like COME ONNN. I know that shit would be soooooo hype. People would go fucking crazy.
I just feel like Nintendo would make a fortune making a game like this; People love Captain Falcon and he has garnered such a fanbase over the years from a game that wasn't even his own. His Smash Bros, fighting game character-esque persona has arguably been received way better and given the character far more notoriety then his own game series.
I love the F-Zero games. Now, I'm not saying I want to completely get rid of the original games essence, I definitely would still want racing modes. I'm just saying that, Captain Falcon gained such popularity because of the smash games' interpretation of the character, that Nintendo would be crazy to just sit on a property like that. I just know Fans would go nuts for this game.
Now I know this is but a naïve pipe dream, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there lol.
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