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2023.06.01 01:07 TookASpinOnACyclone I (20F) cut off a long term friendship with my best friend (20F) over a boy.

I have been best friends with a girl since sophomore year of high school. In the last year, I started dating my boyfriend and happened to set her up with one of his friends, and they started dating a month later. Our relationships have been relatively well, won’t go into a lot of specifics because it’s not very important, but as time went on I could tell that they was some sort of tension between us when it came to our relationship. She started talking very negatively about my boyfriend and things about our relationship but I would shrug it off.
As of recently, it became a bit worse. My boyfriend got into a fight and it was instantly “you should break up with him, you guys clearly aren’t working out” when it was obviously a resolvable issue between him and I. And the 4 of us had hung out recently. A few days later he tells me that she asked him (when I was not in room with all of them, I was in the bathroom) “how do you put up with it?”. He asks “put up with what?”. And she responds “how do you put up with my name, I don’t know how you do it”. He’s very confused and shocked that she said this but just blows it off because he doesn’t know how to respond. When he tells me that, I instantly become hurt because I’m questioning why I thought someone was my best friend would say that. So the next day, I confront her about it over text and she seems to be playing dumb. Then she responds with, “you should hear what he says about you being your back. He says all kinds of things about you” (something to that extent) and I respond by saying he’s my boyfriend, I can handle him but you’re in no place of saying anything like that to him. Then she responds with “he called YOU the N word behind your back”.
Obviously I’m stunned by this, I can’t believe what I just read. So she calls me to explain an example and she says he said it like “this n word is annoying me so much”. When I ask if they had any proof like texts or videos or anything, her and her boyfriend said no (they were in the room together when we were on the call). When I asked when this was said, like any sort of time frame, they said they couldn’t remember. So it seemed weird to me. So I go to my boyfriends house and we have a conversation about it and he swears up and down that he would never say anything like that and never said it in general, so I believe him.
I told him to reach out to his friend and ask why And ask why did he make that accusation. His friend comes back with a response that says “we never told my name that we said you called her the n word”. I was fuming. They were saying that they were sticking up for him and themselves because I was supposedly coming at all of them and that they never made that accusation and if I did it was “bs and a complete lie”. I was extremely upset when my boyfriend showed me those texts. My boyfriend and I talked about it more and he knew I was not making it up by how extremely upset I was and that I could not fake that kind of anger, especially after sending him some not so nice words after finding out the initial accusation. After all of this, I decided that this friendship was not worth it with her.
My mother said that I should not let the boys affect our friendship but after all of this, I’m starting to not care anymore have not communicated with her or him in over two weeks. Part of me feels that doing this over a boy is wrong but I also don’t want to second guess myself either. Would anyone else have done this as well? Am I doing too much?
TL;DR- my best friend talked about me behind my back then her and her boyfriend made up a lie that boyfriend called me the n word with the ‘R’, then also lied when confronted about it my boyfriend and I so I made the decision to stop talking to them but unsure what was the right call and that I may be overthinking.
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2023.06.01 01:07 AKenjiB The ultimate Facebook debate: Is it time to beat up immigrants yet or should we wait a little longer?

The ultimate Facebook debate: Is it time to beat up immigrants yet or should we wait a little longer? submitted by AKenjiB to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:06 bargaindownhill Low-weight protein ladders?

Im doing sds page work, in a very ghetto lab, but i got what i need, mostly.
I need to separate out a bunch of small protein pieces, they sit in the 600d-10kd range. Most ladders start at 10kd, so not much help.
Does anyone know of any reasonably priced low MW ladders or any hacks? I don't need huge precision, just a rough guesstimate so I can blot the right one.
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2023.06.01 01:06 Red_rose49 My(22f) boyfriend(26m) has told me he tells his parents when we 'have fun', I feel like my privacy is being taken away from me

Hi all. Here is the situation. My boyfriend is great. He's 26 and still a virgin, which I don't mind. We both do things together sexually, and have recently tried to have intercourse, but it didn't happen. We've both had a few issues- him with getting soft and me with pain down there when trying to get it up.
My boyfriend's parents live abroad. He is very close to them however, and speaks with them most days. He has told me that they know absolutely everything about him, and he is very open with them. His father is coming from abroad to visit him tomorrow. He has told me that he is going to make sure that he talks about his sexual issue with him. I felt a little uncomfortable when he said this, and we had a longer discussion. He told me there would be nobody better to talk to about this than his dad, more than his best friend.
He told me that it's obvious when two people are together they do things sexually, and when we do something sexual, occasionally he'll tell his parents that we 'had fun'. He said part of this is because he's 26 and never done anything like that with a girl, in a way they are sort of concerned for him, and thus he is keeping them updated.
Whenever we are together, he is often sends pictures of me to his family, and although I cannot read their language, I often see my name coming up in their chats. It makes me wonder how far this will go, especially after his comment ' they know absolutely everything about me'. His mother and sister take pap/smear cervical tests. I don't as of yet. Apparently he has asked them how far up the tool goes, and has assured me it is not far. He has tried to talk me into getting the test more than once. I'm thinking, even if I did get it , would he tell his mom and sister? Would they try to get him to make me have it? I'm worried that further down the line if we were to get married that the family would get more and more involved.
He told me he would talk about issues around my health down there with his mother, as she used to be a nurse and again, his parents know everything.
All I'm asking is for my privacy, it's a dealbreaker for me. I know he definitely doesn't mean bad, he knew I didn't feel good about it, but I can't help it. What do you guys think, am I being reasonable?
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2023.06.01 01:06 nooneimportant898 Confused and unable to figure myself out

I'm 17 years old with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and am confused by myself and can't really figure out what I want and have problems when deciding.
it's really difficult for me to make care enough to do anything other than no effort things like eating, sleeping or playing games. I have to find a place to work soon as I'll finish school this year and it's so hard to write the applications even more so if in my 15 attempts this month only one invited me to an interview.
When I see the state of the world with climate change and putins war I feel like it won't even matter if I get a job cause our planet will be fucked in a couple years anyway and this drains my motivation even more. I can't bring myself to care for myself if it's for someone else I can do most things which annoys me that I just look at my life from the outside unable to change much.
A different problem in my head is the difference between how I want to act and how I do act. In my head I don't want to be center of attention but my actions are the opposite, they seem in retrospective to want attention.
I struggle alot in school because I don't get the stuff they teach and forget most of it at the end of the day. And my head is always thinking which distracts me and causes me to be unable to fall asleep until really late like 1 in the morning.
I plan to talk to a therapist but since I'll be 18 in a few months I'll hold that off till then as I need a different one from then onwards.
Thanks for reading trough my rambling text.
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2023.06.01 01:06 darrenoc BFI IMAX London - Question for the regulars re:VIP seats

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the VIP seats are like in the BFI since there is absolutely no information on their website about ticket types (!!)
I am autistic and will be going alone, and I've heard the VIP tickets mean you share a bench style seat with no armrest between you and a stranger which sounds like a nightmare to me. But I don't know if that's still true after the refurb.
I'd book a standard seat but I'm a big guy and last time I went to the BFI I didn't have enough leg room.
Thanks in advance and sorry to non-UK folks for having to read this. In the absence of official info, at least the answer will be useful to have indexed on Google Search
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2023.06.01 01:06 ArcticGlacier40 After saving up for almost a year, I have a budget for a gaming PC. Thank you all in advance!

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
This PC is intended to be my first attempt at building a PC. I mostly play strategy games including RTS and 4x, as well as RPG games and the occasional FPS game. I often overload these games with a lot of mods as well. Stellaris, Crusader Kings III, X4: Foundations, Total War: Warhammer (and other titles), Starcraft II, Skyrim (heavily modded with shaders, graphics, weather, etc), Star Trek Online, Cities: Skylines, Civilization VI, No Man's Sky, and XCOM 2. These are my most heavily played games, and I hope to be able to run all of them at maximum settings if possible.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
$1800. I have been saving for almost a year, there is some wiggle room if absolutely needed to go higher but I would prefer it to be under budget if possible.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
ASAP. I have the money now, and I am prepared to start ordering parts and assembling the PC.What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
I do know that I want this build to be 1440p and 144hz capable. I also want a standard ATX, as well as an AMD CPU.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
United States. The nearest Microcenter is 2 hours away, I am willing to make the driver if necessary.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
N/A. Currently use a gaming laptop. Helios Predator 300.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I do not know enough about overclocking to make this decision. I've read it can damage your CPU if done incorrectly, but also that this is easy to avoid. If it will help with gaming than yes I want it, but it is not a necessity. If I do get it, I would probably overclock it right away.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
SSDs. 2tb storage, perfectly fine getting multiple SSDs to meet the requirements. If one SSD needs to be dedicated to the OS for faster performance that is fine by me. Can work for example on an OS SSD for 500gbs while one dedicated to gaming has 1tb.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
For color I would just like a sleek black look for the case, a window for the tower would be nice but I can do without it. Looking for a full tower. I do not need RGB. For cooling I want to use fans, not a liquid cooler. Quiet fans are much preferred.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I will likely need windows I assume. Windows 12 is fine.
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2023.06.01 01:06 AloneAd4982 Stop it

Stop it. Stop not writing.
That's a trite opening.
In media res type of thing. Always feels forced.
Lets plunge the reader in and confuse them with trying to figure out what’s going on or being referred to in the hope that their confusion will outweigh their critical abilities and you’ll have bought yourself some time to hook them into whatever you're writing about..
It’s an understandable impulse. Starting stories is difficult. It can be hard to know what words to open with. What tone to strike. It’s like talking to someone in a bar. Approaching someone and talking to them I mean, not just someone you’ve gone to the bar with specifically to talk to. No. I mean the unnaturalness of just beginning to address a stranger. Unbidden. Well one supposes it’s not completely unbidden in the realm of print. The reader has an active role and is, hopefully, barring some clockwork orange style torture, choosing to read they words you have typed. It's a close cousin of the talking-randomly-to-a-stranger feeling though, beginning a piece of writing. There’s an initial barrier which must be vaulted before things can get going. Everyone feels weird for a moment whilst the awkwardness dissipates.
So I chose to type “Stop it” as an opening. “Ooh, stop what I wonder?”I hope the reader thinks to themself. “Are they telling me to stop? What have I done?”.
Backfoots them, you see. Puts them on the defensive.
You have swept the rug from beneath their feet.
You’ve done something to the reader’s feet is what I am saying.
They feel attacked, or perplexed at the least, and will need to keep reading to vindicate themselves. Find out just exactly what it is this piece of paper thinks they should stop doing.
All of the above is an act as well. A layer of artifice I have erected to protect myself from criticism. I am writing about how weird writing is, rather than just getting on with it and saying something. God, I am tiring.
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2023.06.01 01:06 countingfoxes All His Angels Are Starving - Chapter 4

It's kill or be eaten.
Jenny has enough problems: her overbearing mother, graduation and prom, and an embarrassing crush on her best friend.
But when a freak earthquake rips her high school out of New York, none of that seems to matter. Instead, Jenny comes face to face with a nightmarish threat: Angels that want to feast on human flesh.
Welcome to the Veil
Human Population Remaining: 851
First / Previous
Jenny looked back at the gloomy English wing hallway. The bodies on the floor. The bloody smears along the wall. It was quiet, but it was that thick pregnant sort of quiet right before something horrible happened in a movie.
She guessed that more angels had come in through the windows of the other classrooms, and while she and Susan had fought the one in their room, the others weren’t so lucky. Most people must have run for the stairwells, the way they’d practiced for fire drills. But after the earthquake and with these angel things… it must have been a blind panic.
Where would they even run to? The first floor? Could anyone even exit the building? They clearly weren’t in Manhattan anymore. Jenny couldn’t help looking at the girl on the floor.
Her head was at an awkward angle with a few glistening strands of muscle still attaching it to her body. Her eyes stared blankly, her mouth parted in lifeless shock. She must have been a freshman. Maybe a sophomore. Jenny pictured the younger girl tripping in the mad rush to escape, screaming as an angel grabbed her leg while all her friends and classmates and teachers kept running.
“I don’t see anymore out there,” said Susan, who peered through the double doors.
Jenny took a breath, and together they pushed through the doors and left the English wing behind them. Slowly, they stepped into the main area where every wing of the floor met. This led to the central stairwell. Down the hall across from where they stood, a light flickered in the Biology wing.
“Let’s not take these stairs,” whispered Jenny. She barely dared to breathe. Those things seemed to be attracted to sound. Maybe their empty eyes couldn’t see clearly?
Susan agreed. “Let’s cut through here,” she said, pointing to the Foreign Language department. It was a narrow hallway that led away from the central stairwell to another smaller one.
They turned the corner slowly, trying not to look at the bodies that were thankfully facedown on the floor. Susan stepped in blood.
The Foreign Languages hallway was clear, but Jenny still held her breath as they walked towards the stairwell at the end. Something rattled one of the classroom doors hard. Jenny whirled around ready to attack. “Someone’s in there,” she whispered, holding her hatchet with both hands.
Susan clicked her cattle prod on. Its static sound was almost comforting.
Jenny inched forward slowly trying to get a look through the little classroom window. It was dark inside with most of the shades drawn, but she recognized it was the French class that Susan had taken last year. A shadow moved through the gloom, rushing towards the door. Jenny stepped back just in time as the glass window shattered and an angel's head burst through, screeching and hissing. Its cries echoed throughout the hall.
Tarnished Angel (Level 4)
Susan reacted first, thrusting her prod against its face. The prongs made contact with its nose, and it stopped screeching. It violently jerked with its head struck through the door, and Jenny took the opportunity to bury her hatchet in its forehead.
You’ve defeated Tarnished Angel (Level 4)
Experience has been awarded
+10 Energy gained

Leveled up!
Jenny Huang Level 2 -> Level 3
+2 Stat Points
Breathing hard, Jenny stepped back wanting to study the angel. What was the difference now that it was level 4? But they heard shuffling and hissing echoing down the hall. It came from the direction of the biology department, and it was getting louder.
She glanced at Susan whose eyes went wide. Then Jenny spotted the boy’s bathroom. They’d never make it to the stairwell, but maybe they could hide. She grabbed Susan’s arm and pulled her inside, carefully shutting the door so it wouldn’t make a sound. There was no knob, no lock. It was a push-to-open door.
The stench of the bathroom was thick and miasmic, and she clenched her teeth to keep from gagging. Susan gasped, and Jenny turned around, keeping her back pressed to the door, and saw what was causing the smell.
On the floor beside the urinals was another blonde angel glistening in the dim white glow coming in through a small window near the ceiling. It wasn’t moving. Neither were the three boys lying beside it, bloodied and torn up.
Jenny gripped her hatchet tight when she heard shuffling in the hall. She ground her heels against the floor, wondering how long she’d be able to hold them off if they pushed. She applied the 2 stat points she’d received for leveling up to Power hoping it would help keep the door shut.
One of the boys on the floor coughed, and Susan dropped down with an alarmed look on her face. She quickly pressed her hand over the boy’s mouth, trying to stifle his coughing.
Jenny could almost feel one of the angels outside the door, breathing down her back. She bit her lip to stop it from trembling. She didn’t want to die in a boy’s bathroom. It seemed like they hadn’t heard the coughing.
Susan struggled with the boy on the floor. Blood gushed from his neck. His arms moved feebly, trying to resist Susan’s hand clamped over his mouth. His eyes were wide, and Jenny recognized him as Mark. The boy in her gym class last year who’d been nice to her when she had nothing to do during free-play time. He’d shown her how to shoot a basketball.
He was a junior now, and they didn’t have any classes together this year, but they’d still say hi when they passed each other in the hall.
“Please,” whispered Susan, bringing her face close to his. “They’re right outside.” She looked up at Jenny with a desperate expression on her face. Mark either couldn’t hear her or he was beyond understanding. He kept trying to pull her hand off his face.
We have to kill him. The thought made Jenny’s stomach lurch. He was clearly suffering, and if he exposed them, they’d all die.
She remembered what the guidance system had said. Equipment tools, and weapons. Could she summon something to heal Mark?
She looked at the angel lying dead on the floor with its head in a urinal. She didn’t recognize the two other boys beside it. They must have fought the angel together with their bare hands. But since they killed it, did that mean Mark had his First Blood bonus? Which meant he had points he could use, if only they could get him to calm down so they could explain.
She had to use her imagination, right? She had to imagine what she wanted and the system would apply a cost. Alright. She shut her eyes, tried not to think about the angels scurrying up and down the hall outside, and pictured a potion. Something like the ones she’d pick up in games to restore her health. She pictured a glass vial of red liquid. Red signified health, that much she was certain of.
A Minor Potion of Recovery will cost 100 Energy. Insufficient Energy.
Fuck, she thought. She was 25 short. She knew Susan wouldn’t have any to spare after making her cattle prod. But Mark might. Now how was she supposed to explain that to him while still holding the door?
She thought about the other angel she’d fought, the one in the French classroom. Angels didn’t seem to understand how doors worked. It couldn't turn the handle and it attacked the door mindlessly. So maybe if she tiptoed, she could get to Susan and Mark and explain how he could craft a potion to save his life.
If they’re quiet enough, the angels won’t hear them and try to get in. It was risky, but they could manage it. And if it worked, they’d have three people instead of two to fight them.
Just as Jenny worked up the courage to step away from the door, a loud crash made her freeze. A deafening hissing filled her ears, and Jenny realized there were way more creatures than she’d initially thought. But there was another crash, followed by a shrill scream that made her blood run cold.
She glanced at Susan who looked just as terrified as Jenny felt. The walls shook. Violent sounds and hissing and screeching came from outside. Dust drifted down like snow on Susan's blue hair. Something slammed against the wall just beside the door. Jenny shut her eyes and braced herself for the worst if whatever commotion was happening outside forced its way into the bathroom.
It sounded like a fight. Something else was fighting these angels. Throwing them around. Cutting them down. Was it another student? Maybe one of the teachers?
Hope made her heart pound hard against her chest. Maybe someone else had figured out how to make use of this system thing and leveled up enough to fight these creatures head-on. She felt dizzy with relief. Were they saved? Praying, she listened as best she could, trying to figure out what was going on.
She heard a pitiful mewling followed by a thick snap. Then there was silence. No hissing or footsteps or anything, and Jenny couldn’t take it anymore.
“I’m going to check what that was,” she mouthed slowly to Susan who shook her head no, looking frightened. Jenny bit her lip, but turned anyway to pull on the door slightly, just a sliver.
Cool air from the hall tickled her nose. In the pasty white gloom, she saw what had caused the commotion. Her heart sank.
Several angels lay strewn about on the floor. None of them were moving. On all fours was something bigger than the angels she’d seen before. Its back was broad and more defined and wasn’t just exposed skin. Instead, it was green and glossy, like an insect’s exoskeleton. And it held one of the angels like a rag doll while it chewed on its face.
Imperfect Angel (Level 12)
It turned its head as it snapped off the thinner angel’s skull. The Imperfect Angel’s face was covered in that same green scale-like thing. It had long dark hair that bounced while it chewed, and, while it was still slim, it wasn’t as ragged and bony as the other angels.
It dropped the now headless angel corpse and moved to another. Its movements were strange, even though it was on all fours like the other angels had been. It favored one arm over the other, and as it moved, Jenny saw a nasty gash across one of its green shoulders. It was hurt from the fight.
The Imperfect Angel… was that some sort of evolution then? Did it level up as well then? From killing people? Killing other angels?
Jenny realized with a chill that the angels were in the system too. They were partaking in the Survival Challenge. She nearly dropped the hatchet. Her palms were sweating. The angels were also getting stronger. She realized it was only a matter of time before it noticed her or ventured into the bathroom. And if they wanted to get to the stairwell, to get to Oliver, they’d have to fight it or something like it at some point.
And she didn’t want to fight it in the bathroom where there’d be no space to swing her hatchet. She took a deep, shaking breath as she listened to it eating the other angels. Sweat ran down her back. She bit her lip. There was one thing that was for certain: if she wanted to live, she’d have to get much, much stronger.
This was so unfair. All she’d wanted was to get on with her life. Graduate. Get away from her family. Get away from her mom.
Her mom’s voice filled her head, screaming at her to find Oliver.
She wondered what her mom would do in this situation. How would she handle all this carnage and death? Jenny just wanted to sob and scream and pull out her hair. She wanted to break all the mirrors in the bathroom and smash everything she possibly could. But what good would that do now?
It was oddly familiar to how she felt at home. Fighting with her mom, slamming the door, sobbing into her pillow, wishing she wasn’t here.
But she was here. Stuck in this nightmare. And she was at least getting stronger. She’d killed a bunch of them already. This wasn’t like home. She wasn’t powerless. She wasn’t just going to hide in her room and cry and play video games until she passed out. She shut her eyes and sucked in a breath and made her decision.
She clutched her hatchet, feeling the tiniest bit comforted by having it in her hands. She looked back at Susan who had Mark’s head on her lap, trying to console him, still pressing her palm down on his lips as he struggled.
Without a word, Jenny stepped out into the hall. She didn’t want to see Susan’s reaction. She didn’t want to second guess her decision to fight this thing. At the very least, she resolved to lead it away from the bathroom so Susan and Mark could figure out a way to get out.
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2023.06.01 01:06 funestusveternus3124 I don't understand if he's interested in me or not, help

(sorry for my bad English) I met a guy at a comic/cosplay convention last month, and I got an instant crush as I talked to him for the first time (we didn't talk much unfortunately). When I went home I resigned myself, knowing that probably I wasn't gonna meet him again and that I was too dumb for not asking him for his number or even one of his social medias, but as I was scrolling through the Instagram hashtag of the convention, I literally found a picture of his cosplay with his ig username. So obviously I took my chance and sent him a friend request, which he immediately accepted and sent one back. This was two weeks ago, and in the span of these two weeks he has liked some of my stories, some of my posts and even DMed me once because apparently I used a song from a band he loves in one of my stories lol, so we talked for some time and then he literally ghosted me, liking one of my messages and leaving me on read. Istg, I'll never understand how approaching people over social medias works, so I don't understand if what he's doing is normal or if he's at least slightly interested 💀 The thing is, he seems like such an interesting guy, we have a lot of interests in common, but I'm too shy to text him...
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2023.06.01 01:06 GamerTownTM What is it with Alex's bizarre pet obsession?

"Ayano thinks of her father as a "pet" that her mother is keeping; a pet who curbs the effects of her genetic condition. If Ryoba made the decision to dispose of Aher husband, Ayano would think of it like the family dog being put down. It would be sad, but she would accept it.
If her father attacked her mother, she would feel the same way as if the family dog had suddenly mauled a family member; it would be unacceptable, and the dog would have to be put down." from June 16, 2021.
"Instead of typing out long titles like "Yandere-chan's great-grandmother", I'm going to give them numbers.
The 7th Aishi was overwhelmingly loving and affectionate towards her daughter, and granted her anything she wanted or asked for. As a result, the 8th Aishi was a very spoiled girl; she never developed any knowledge of murdeseduction techniques, and was basically incapable of doing anything "yandere" on her own, without help from her immediate family. When she met her Senpai, she begged her mom to add a basement to their home, purely so she could do the bare minimum amount of work to acquire him (kidnap him and keep him as a pet) instead of bothering to eliminate rivals, woo him, etc.
The 7th Aishi recognized that she should have raised her child differently, and was determined to not let the 9th Aishi turn out the same way. As a result, she taught the child to be incredibly independent, and also slipped in a lot of knowledge about murder and seduction while teaching her everyday things. This is what caused the 9th Aishi to develop her own teaching process, which she passed down to her daughter.
The 9th Aishi also adopted the 7th Aishi's personality; her "default" state was to act cutesy and feminine, even though she was cold and indifferent on the inside. Ryoba truly was "yan" and "dere" although her daughter turned out more kuudere.
The 8th Aishi never killed anyone, and never worked a day in her life, instead being a leech on her parents, who were very wealthy. She didn't care much about her children, focusing instead on her own life. The 7th Aishi did most of the work in raising the 9th Aishi." From October 10, 2020.
"She will mindbreak Senpai and turn him into a pet who accompanies her everywhere, so that she never has to stop experiencing the "Senpai Effect"." on October 6 2020
"Yan-chan either keeps them as pets forever, or just exterminates them off-camera." On November 2 2015
" If Senpai's sanity is lowered to 0% over the course of the game, he'll be similar to a mind-broken husk during the end cutscene. He won't engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue at all. Yandere-chan will quickly realize how easy it is to take advantage of him in this state, and will simply take him home with her like a girl who has found a lost puppy and adopted him as a pet." What the FUCK. On August 3 2020
This is also coming from the same guy who came up with such classics as the bondage bed and proposing a similar interactive interrogation system to Bullet Girls 2.
Which is a porn game.
And has an interrogation system that revolves around borderline rape.
I'm not joking.
The king of games is not content with just panty shots, he's going to turn the Aishi family basement into a replica of Maynard's Pawn Shop. Maybe he'll add in Zed?
Sorry about non archived reddit links, archive was acting up in that regard. Also, I'm absolutely sure that I missed some creepy mentions of pet shit, this was just from about 5 minutes of searching.
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2023.06.01 01:06 dootuh What does this mean, first haul ?

What does this mean, first haul ?
has it been seized ? no updates so far so I don't know
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2023.06.01 01:05 med9296 Is keeping my sp blocked blocking my manifestation?

I immediately blocked my sp (ex) when we broke up so I could be ensure complete no contact while healing, working on myself, and manifesting him back.
I've finallyyyyy had 3d movement over the past week and a lot of it... sp and 3p broke up, sp has been watching my social media from fake pages (his friends told me this), and sp has been telling both his and my friends how much he wants me back.
My question is, is this the right time to unblock him? I've done such a great job at healing and letting go I barely even think anymore about the fact that he's blocked. I'm worried if I unblock him I will sit around and focus on the 3d aspect of whether or not he's texted me yet. In my mind if he's meant to come in now he will find a way, for example maybe we will run into each other naturally somewhere, but is this testing the universe too much? Is keeping him blocked for my own comfort the same as having doubts about him texting me/coming in? I've been patiently waiting for 3d movement but didn't think about what to do when it actually happened
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2023.06.01 01:05 eddiee431 Anexly Store best US account seller with lifetime warranty more than 5000 costumer

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2023.06.01 01:05 Duramax443 26 [M4F] Seeking ONE partner

26 [M4F] Seeking to fill 2 spots!! Read Thoroughly- Long Post FYI!
Hello Reddit and fellow Roleplayers!
I'm working on perfecting my posts to obtain the partners I am looking for! As always, this post may be a tad lengthy but I feel it’s important as the society of role-players changes, to be even more clear about what I am looking for and willing to role play from the get go. First let me start by saying that I am not looking to replace any partners simply add another to my day. I am looking for somebody who is literate, detailed, and capable of responding at least 2-3 times daily, generally, I say generally because of my own work schedule and my understanding that life happens. My longest without a response will usually be 24 hours at the most however I am usually still able to chat OOC. I will always notify my partners if I will be away for an extended period or if my focus on the RP directly will be delayed and it is my expectation that you communicate with me like an adult and grant me the same courtesy. Life happens I get it, much like anybody else I don't want to be left in the dark wondering that's all :)
That brings me to my next topic, I love to chat OOC and really get to know the individual behind the phone, so if you are not that type of person please do not apply! I love world building and character building and development as well as plot development. Next up I am not interested in playing with F characters that are damsel in distress style. I like female characters that are strong, independent and can hold their own in most situations and scenarios, those who aren’t afraid to take charge. I don’t expect them to lead everything but I do except some independence. Along with this I’d like you to be able to play multiple characters so we can share the weight of the story development!
I’m open to most genres but have found my self in:
-Slice of Life with drama -Knights, Medieval, Pirates, Cyberpunk, Apocalypse, etc. -Historic with mild alterations -Westerns Please note I enjoy romance with my stories but I enjoy adding extra items such as drama, plot twists, grit, angst, and the like so it does not at all have to be cliché sappy and what not.
I’m not a wild fan of: -Heavy Magic -Animals/Werewolf style stories -Supernatural -Fandoms
Finally, I write on Discord only, 3rd person, past tense!! I ask that my partner do the same, this is pretty non-negotiable for me. As well all partners must be 22+, this is due to my enjoyment of connecting with people during OOC, and I wish to communicate with people of my age group. I am on the east coast so EDT, FYI. I’m very open to hearing some fresh ideas from the communities and to build a new story and world with somebody and to make a friend, if you’ve reached out to me before please don’t hesitate to try again, as I’m sure we all know us Roleplayers get lots of inquiries and it’s hard to navigate them all!! And if you’ve read this far please hit me with a solid intro, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO ONE LINER INTRO!!! Please put some thought into your intro, we all obviously wanna role play, that's why we are here. I obviously wanna role play, tell me why we would be a great match for it!
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2023.06.01 01:05 PaleCanuck Does Mechanical Fever need a bassist? And, do you think they'll eventually replace their old one?

I'm biased because that's my instrument IRL. (I don't claim to be really good or anything yet, but I don't completely suck IMHO.) So that's my opinion, but I'm interested in everybody else's opinions.
There's RL precedent for having no bassist if there's a keyboard, which of course Mechanical Fever has. I'm talking about The Doors having nobody on bass live, opting instead to have keyboardist Ray Manzarek play the bass parts. I've never played live so this is just my theory instead of speaking from experience, but I have to imagine that this kind of limits what your keyboardist can do, and that's probably why most rock bands have somebody on bass even when there's also someone on keyboard.
I guess that this means Serval & co. can manage without one, but it would be nice for them to have one. They felt like they needed one before, after all.
As for whether or not you think they'll eventually get someone, I'm curious not only whether you think they will, but also whether you think it will be a character we can pull for.
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2023.06.01 01:05 BigIron357 Kronos

I went to put in for a couple of days of at the end of June but it said that was a blackout period what does it mean?
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2023.06.01 01:05 Economy-Maize9894 i took truffles once, had a bad trip and need help!

i 17m took truffles about a year ago, august and had a bad trip (i took about 9g). this was my first time really under the influence of anything and i truly hated it, i didn't know what was real and wasn't and i just wanted it to end. the trip took about 18 hours in total and i hated every second of it. since then i hadn't really thought about except a couple of months ago when i all of a sudden felt all of my movements delayed. i was under stress and anxiety at the time but i questioned wether it was because of the trip or not. now end of may beginning june i went to my friend before yesterday and they hotboxed, i'm usually not around these type of things and i didn't know they were going to but i stayed around an hour. i don't know wether i got high or not but since then i've really been stressing about my bad trip. currently i'm constantly thinking about it and i'm really stressing (so much so that i feel it in my chest and get really worried)about it and that i don't know what's real or not, to be honest i'm extremely scared right now that i won't recover again to my old self and that the bad trip could return at any second. i really just want this to end. has anyone gone through this? and does anyone have any tips?
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2023.06.01 01:05 Ajax444 New collector question about holo cards.

Ok. My son is done collecting and has no care for Pokemon cards. I have begun building sets out of his collection. I am using Pokellector to catalog the cards.
As far as holo cards go, what is the deal? I know that most cards have reverse holos, but what about the ones where the picture is the holo part? Pokellector does not have these listed as variation cards. How do I know, for example, which cards in a set (let’s take Guardian’s Rising for example) have base, reverse holos, and picture holos?
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2023.06.01 01:05 Fireblade09 Most people are actually pretty nice!

I’m 24 and going to law school. To work and network with a white collar job (and also because it looks fun), I’ve decided to learn golf.
My dad isn’t a pro by any means, but he’s passable and plays maybe 10 times a year, so he took me to a very easy, laid back course today for my first time actually playing. Also I recently inherited some clubs from my grandfather, so that was a special touch.
I’ve been to a driving range maybe 20 times and am pretty naturally athletic. I slice most drives and shank plenty of shots but, ya know, I’m not gonna kill anyone or take 5 hours to play 9 holes or leave a massive hole in the ground.
All the same, scrolling through some of these posts made me nervous as hell. I thought for sure I’d get yelled at and fuck up some etiquette. I tend to be a little socially anxious, so I was very scared stepping onto the course.
My dad and I get through our first 4 and it was going much better than I thought. No need to yell fore and I was only about a +10 with a couple mulligans that my dad granted me. We noticed some regulars behind us, but they weren’t close enough to play through yet.
We finish hole 4 and start to tee up hole 5. I shank my first drive into the tall grass, turn around and see one of the guys behind us driving up in his cart. I turn red as hell as I set down another ball, then I proceed to do the exact same fucking thing.
I’m embarrassed as fuck now and about ready to quit. Not just the hole, I mean just walk off the golf course. In my mind, this regular is here to poke fun at me for being new or tell me to hurry up, or else yell at me for messing up some manners. I mutter something to my dad about playing off his ball and put my driver away.
The regular walks up to me and hands me a club…my wedge that I forgot on the hole before lol. He smiles and tells me to give it another shot. I tee up another ball and absolutely stripe one. My best shot ever, by far, directly down a straight par 3 and a few yards from the green. This old regular gives me a thumbs up and lets us know that they’re gonna skip ahead a hole while we finish up this one.
Anyway, I had lots of fun and bonded with my dad. We’re gonna go again tomorrow. All of that to say, most of the old regulars actually seem pretty chill and nice, contrary to what I was afraid of based on this sub.
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2023.06.01 01:05 ComfortableAttractio Bitcoin and social media similarities

I am a bit new to bitcoin and money so please bear with me. I've been thinking about similarities between how money and bitcoin work and social networks, wanted to share my thoughts and hear out what you guys might think as well! I'm really eager to learn more about it, I feel we're so early.
You know how we're all more connected than ever, right? Like, how you're friends on Instagram with someone you met once at a party? The same goes for money. The more connections in a money network, the easier it is to trade stuff. Everybody in the network is connected by the same type of money they use to show and store value.
So, think about how fun it is when a new friend joins your group chat. That's the same with money networks – every time someone new hops on board, everyone in the network benefits. This is what we call "network effects", and it nudges people towards using the same type of money.
Now, let's talk about "hard" and "soft" money. Hard money keeps its value over time, and soft money, well, it's kind of like buying a brand-new phone that loses half its value as soon as you open the box. Naturally, we're all more into hard money because who wants their cash to lose value?
The tricky thing about trading is that what you want, where and when you want it doesn't always match up with what others have to offer. It's like trying to find a vegan, gluten-free, organic dessert at a random small-town bakery – not an easy task! That's why we lean towards a type of money that can tackle all these problems, and this money will become the most popular.
Basically, the money market is like a reality TV show – there's room for only one winner (or, at least, a few finalists). More people using the same type of money means it's easier to trade. But, just like your favorite TV show, the winner isn't always who you expect. It really depends on the market and what they're looking for in their ideal type of money.
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2023.06.01 01:05 status_malus How to Simplify weird time string into less lines?

I am trying to get some information from a machine using only get-wmiobject, part of that information is a time string but I would rather it be in an easy to read format. I asked ChatGPT and it gave me a 9 line chunk of code that worked with some tweaking. I guess it does not matter, but I would like it to be shorter so my overall script is not so long if I end up doing this multiple times.
Note, this will be run against 20-30 machines into a csv but I don't think that matters.

What I have (and am trying to figure out how to make it human readable):

#$gus = remote computers ip $LeaseInfo = get-wmiobject -ComputerName $gus -class win32_networkadapterconfiguration select DHCPLeaseExpires,DHCPLeaseObtained $LeaseExpire = (out-string -InputObject ($LeaseInfo.DHCPLeaseExpires)).trim() $leaseObtained = (out-string -InputObject ($LeaseInfo.DHCPLeaseExpires)).trim() #trying to figure out how to make the $LeaseExpire humanreadable $WeirdTime = $LeaseExpire.substring(0, 14) #Now $WeirdTime is 20230630143351, I am trying to turn it into the day/month. #This is where I don't know what to do 
Chat GPT said to do this, but I feel it is needlessly verbose:
$dhcpLeaseExpiration = "20230630143351.000000-420" $dateTimeString = $dhcpLeaseExpiration.Substring(0, 14) $year = $dateTimeString.Substring(0, 4) $month = $dateTimeString.Substring(4, 2) $day = $dateTimeString.Substring(6, 2) $hour = $dateTimeString.Substring(8, 2) $minute = $dateTimeString.Substring(10, 2) $second = $dateTimeString.Substring(12, 2) 
Any Ideas?
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