Duralast gold brake pads

GTA 5 Online Modded vehicles for sale #3

2023.03.22 17:42 Advanced_Falcon_2816 GTA 5 Online Modded vehicles for sale #3

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2023.03.22 17:32 misterflocka Maintenance schedule for 2013 CRV questions - does everything look right?

I try to stay ahead of maintenance so my CR-V will last 20-25 years before I purchase my next car. After almost 4 years of ownership (I’m the longest owner out of the two previous owners) I am very happy with the car.
My maintenance plan:
  1. Spark plugs (NGK) every 100k miles
  2. Coolant every 100k miles (Honda coolant)
  3. ATF every 30k miles (Honda ATF)
  4. Costco brand Full synthetic oil & FRAM XG7317 filter every 5k
  5. Brake fluid every brake change (every 70k) was tested by my mechanic recently after 40k miles and still good
  6. Rear diff fluid every 30k?
  7. Drive belt every 100k
Ignore brake pads & rotors (fronts last about 70k, rears about 90k), headlights, batteries, tires, rotate and balance, alignments, engine air filters, cabin air filters, struts and shocks, and any other maintenance - I already have a sort of schedule for those. Any flaws in this plan?
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2023.03.22 17:30 misterflocka Not a fan of maintenance minder, when do I actually need to do CR-V maintenance on a 2013 CR-V?

I try to stay ahead of maintenance so my CR-V will last 20-25 years before I purchase my next car. After almost 4 years of ownership (I’m the longest owner out of the two previous owners) I am very happy with the car.
My maintenance plan:
  1. Spark plugs (NGK) every 100k miles
  2. Coolant every 100k miles (Honda coolant)
  3. ATF every 30k miles (Honda ATF)
  4. Costco brand Full synthetic oil & FRAM XG7317 filter every 5k
  5. Brake fluid every brake change (every 70k) was tested by my mechanic recently after 40k miles and still good
  6. Rear diff fluid every 30k?
  7. Drive belt every 100k
Ignore brake pads & rotors (fronts last about 70k, rears about 90k), headlights, batteries, tires, rotate and balance, alignments, engine air filters, cabin air filters, struts and shocks, and any other maintenance - I already have a sort of schedule for those. Any flaws in this plan?
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2023.03.22 17:28 clemfandango13 Tune for the R33CP Engine Swap, a new favourite for me

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2023.03.22 17:17 iBringThaNoize Looking for an artist to draw or GD to design and bring my barbarian to life.

Willing to pay, I'm not rich, but I'd pay as long as it's a fair price, I'd like a front on, and side on profile, of both my human barbarian form, and my ware bear form. Hes 6'9" maybe 380lbs, , inspired by thor from god of war, NOT marvel. So big bellied but also string as an ox. He has almost 2 full sleeve tattoos of Nordic symbols and curse runes that glow bright blue when he is transforming unto his warebear form and stay glowing while he is a warebear. His face has 2 scars, one about an inch long that runs sideways just under his right eye, and a 4 inch scar that is on his left eye like scar from lion king. His main weapon is a trident, gold with a green jewel under the forks, hes a nomad viking who was a king but was usurped by his brother, so no shirt, dark leather shoulder pads stained by blood, steel bracers with Nordic runes engraved, black leather pantaloons that lace up from the waist to the cuff of the foot on the outside of each leg, long hair and big bushy beard that is big, but not out of control big, steel boots that go up to his knees he stole from a knight he killed, also stained by blood. Hope this helps. Thanks guys.
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2023.03.22 17:03 Advanced_Falcon_2816 GTA 5 Modded Outfits 🎒 Casino Heist Outfits

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2023.03.22 17:03 AdApprehensive8141 My break was rubbing and when I took my wheel off I saw that only 1 brake pad moves is this normal?

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2023.03.22 16:45 Blackcrow93 Crossplay for ranked disabled

Can we have a crossplay for ranked sorted by console or input?( like it was before was fine have a separate leaderboard too) What is the point on mix the matchmaking even in ranked if there is a wall of mobility and aim between m&k and a joypad? atm is a nightmare situation for what i have see from the last year ranked season.
It make no sense at all,i understand in other modes this can increase the playerbase and got a fast matchmaking.But in ranked is literally a wall to cross play with a pad or m&k and mmr means nothing because the matchmaking is still “bugged” as it was before as gold duo Q we still find in joust 3 premade with diamond and above that some results in a lose with 1 mmr point loss and so on(yes i have screenshot too). I saw i’m not the only one complain about this situation.I use to play since season 2 so i understand what i rant about and i was able to use both profile on pc and xbox to compare the situation and the difference is heavy).
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2023.03.22 16:23 kireidinosaur 2015 Chevrolet Sonic Brake Issues After Brake Service

My 2015 Chevrolet Sonic has 116,000 miles. In October, my mechanic changed out the front rotors and brake pads. He also did a brake fluid flush.
In January, I began to experience some strange symptoms with with my brakes. Whenever I was driving, the brakes worked fine until I was about to come to a complete stop. At that point, my brake pedal became hard, and it felt like I was stepping on a rusted spring. I also noticed that I had reduced stopping, especially when going in reverse. Additionally, I could hear an audible metal creaking sound when the brakes were applied and when they were let off.
I took my car to the mechanic a month ago. Brake fluid levels were totally fine. The only issue he could see was that the rear drums needed to be adjusted. He did this, and the car was fixed!
That was until today. Now, almost a month later and without warning, all of the symptoms described above have suddenly come back. What could it be?
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2023.03.22 16:18 Much-Cardiologist-13 Non-BMW garage for non-service situations e.g. Brake Pads?

BMW 330d xDrive M-Sport (g20) 69 plate.
Brake Pad Lights warning in changed within 2000 miles?
Option 1. Local garage that I have used many times before and that is trustworthy and reasonable in price. They'll even let me order the parts but have them fit them for me, or I can just use them and use BMW parts.
However, they claim that it is too expensive to use the BMW I-drive system to update the system replacement pads electronically, but they can cleareset the warning and provide full receipts (showing BMW parts if needed).
Option 2. Local BWM garage.
Cost difference = The BMW garage is 85% more for the same end result?
What would you do???
(FYI - I will use a BMW garage for the services to keep a FBMWSH).
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2023.03.22 16:01 skysky535 Front Brake Rotors/Pads

Front Brake Rotors/Pads
Quick question for y'all, what brake pad/rotors do y'all like for mk7 that are great, but won't break the bank? Been debating the APR Rotors with (I think) the red stuff pads (can't remember which one is the daily/road use). Pic for attention lol
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2023.03.22 15:51 Zealousideal_Wind867 How much Did I overpay?

How much Did I overpay?
Hello all,
Three months back I bought my first car, a second-hand 2012 Hyundai i10, few days back I gave it to for its first service. While providing the vehicle for service I told the mechanic(authorized Hyundai service centre) about some of the car's issues: handbrake not working, left headlamp not lighting up when using the parking lights and wiper blade to be changed.
The next day,I got a call from the service center saying that the brake pads(in the front) and the brake shoes(in the rear) were 90% worn out and they suggested to change the same.I gave them permission to do the necessary changes and asked them to bring the old parts while returning the car.
When the car was returned I got a rude awakening when I saw the below bill of Rs 8471,I was told by my colleagues that brake parts are cheap(700-800) and wouldn't cost much,but I ended up being billed almost double.
on examining the worn-out parts the front pads were pretty worn out, but the rear brake pads seemed fine(this was blamed for the handbrake not working), further they had also changed one of the wheel valves, AC Belt and alternator belt. The service brake feels much sharper now, but the parking brake is still not able to hold the car stationary on some sharp inclines.

Labour Charges

Item Charges

I would like to know from the members of this subreddit, Was I scammed and thus overpaid? and if yes what can I do in the future to safeguard myself from this? I went for the Hyundai service center based on a suggestion by a colleague and the fact that I am new to town.
Thank You!
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2023.03.22 15:27 AquaTriHungerForce 99' 100 series ABS and BRAKE alarm/light after rear brake job...any experience?

I let a local shop do the rear brakes while I was away on vacation. New rotors and pads. The first day I drove it the ABS and Brake alarm and light went on. The next morning the pedal was going to the floor and all but zero braking.
Hoping this could be a sensor they didnt hook back up and hopefully not the entire pump/motor. Any experience with this?
2nd question, do i have a case that the shop caused this? Never had a single ABS problem before this.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 15:10 Lumpiest_Princess Obviously crashed 2007 van for $2500 – in "fair" condition

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2023.03.22 14:20 LickMyCave Audura Car Parts

Looking for a new set of discs and pads on eurocarparts, it seems they have a new supplier called Audura (link), comes with a 2 year warranty. Worth a shot do you reckon? Are they so cheap because they're 'new' or are they low quality and to avoid when dealing with brakes?
Anybody have any experience with them?
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2023.03.22 14:19 Per514 [WTS][QC] G&P 870, 2x 1911GBBs, Accessories, MOLLE Pouches, Backpacks, Medical stuff, etc. You need it? I have it (probably). More items not listed, ask me!

- Need everything gone ASAP. BUY EVERYTHING!
- If the prices seems not right or too high, just propose me something. You might be surprise. I don't have the knowledge of price market at the moment. Worst I can say is no.
- No trades, shipping at your expense
- ASC seller rating : https://airsoftcanada.com/itrader.php?u=4613
- eBay seller rating : https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/838patches

G&P M870 Breacher - Sping - $200
Sold like this: https://i.imgur.com/nnNll6F.jpg

- 6x shells holder
- Skeleton stock
- Original breacher muzzle break
- Original rail covers x3
- Some extra parts
- Krylon tan painted
- Come with 1 mag


EMG / SAI 2011 DS 5.1 with gold color barrel - $240
- 1x original mag

WE 1911 Desert Warrior with Kimber trade - $240
- 3x mags (2x Stainless, 1 x black)
- Real Blackhawk 1911 CQC Holster with belt attachement


1 - Vector Optics Grimlock 1-6x24 - New - $120
2 - PEQ-2 battery pack w/red dot laser - New - $20
3 - LA-5 / PEQ 15 dummy - It's a plastic box - New - $10

1 - CNVD-T replica - no purpose except you look like a real G - See through - $40
2 - Eotech EXPS3 replica with trade and quick detach mount - Good condition - $40
3 - Leupold MK4 replica - 3.5-10x40 with Geissele replica mount in FDE - Good condition except the camo tape, have some glue residue - $60
5 - Vortex Razor HD 1-6x24 replica with trade - Geissele mount replica in FDE, Magnification lever, Killflash and lens flip cover - That thing is beautiful and well built - New - $300
2 - AN/PEQ 15 dummy - It's a plastic box - New - $10
4 - LA-5 PEQ - New - Red laser and white light - No pressure switch - $50


1 - Accu-Tac bipods replica in FDE with rail mount - New - $40
2 - Surefire Supressor replica - 4 prongs flashhider - FDE Glass Breaker - $60
3 - Magpul PTS (Real) handgrip for M4 AEG - FDE (?) - $20
4 - Magpull PTS (Real) MOE Stock - FDE - $40
5 - TangoDown foregrip replica in AOR1 with quick detach mount - Almost new - $20
6 - Magpul MOE RVG foregrip replica in FDE - Almost new - $20
7 - TangoDown foregrip replica in FDE with quick detach mount - Almost new - $20
8 - Troy Industries replica Tan BUIS with trade - New - $20
9 - Troy Industries replica Tan BUIS no trade - New - $20

Parts #2

1 - DBOYS Rail covers - New - $10
2 - VFC URX 7'' (ES version - one block) - New (Barrel nut as some scratches, was really hard to remove) - $30
3 - ACM RIS w/ trades - Black with old paint - Used - $20
4 - ACM plastic handguard for M4 - New - $10
5 - ACM Plastic stock for AR - New - $10
6 - G&P M4 stock - Used (Was sanded) - $20\~
7 - HK416 grip for AEG - $5
8 - VFC HK416A5 grip for GBBR - Finger groove is sanded - $5
9 - M16 marksman grip for AEG - No bottom plate - $5
10 - Grip Pod GPS.02 (Real) - New w/ scratches - $50
11 - TM FPS reducer w/ all rings - New - $10
12 - PDI FTE muzzle brake - New - $60
13 - SCAR-H flashhider - Used - $10
14 - VFC M4A1 AEG barrel - New w/ scratches - No flashhider - $25


1 - PEQ-2 battery pack w/red dot laser - New - $20
2 - PEQ-15 dummy - $10
3 - Harris AN/PRC152 dummy - Used (removed some inside parts, not affecting the integrity) - $10
4 - MSA PRC PTT (Real) - 21in total - Used in very good condition - $60
5 - Flashlight mount in tan/FDE - New - $10
6 - Ops-Core shroud replica - New - $5
7 - Norotos NVG shroud replica - New - $5

MOLLE Pouches

1 - Blackhawk M60/dump pouches - OD Green - Light use - $20
2 - Blackhawk dual pistol pouch w/ retaining insert - OD Green - Light use - $20
3 - Pantac Side dual smoke pouch - Coyote Tan - New - $10 each
4 - TAG 2x2 M4 mag pouch (4 mags total) - Ranger Green - Light Use - $20
5 - Flyye .45 single stack mag pouch w/ insert - Coyote Brown - New - $10 each
6 - Eagle Industries 9mm mag pouch w/ insert - Coyote Brown - New - $20 each
7 - Tactical Tailor Grenade pouch - No Malice clips - M81 Woodland - New - $10 each
8 - Eagle Industries Grenade pouch - Coyote Brown - used - $10 each
9 - Pantac Dual M4 mags pouch - Coyote Brown - New - $10
10 - TAG MBTIR radio pouch - Coyote Brown - Used (Small piece cut) - $20
11 - S.O. Tech CIMP, the “El Dwiggo” Medical Pouch - OD Green - Slightly used - $40
12 - Tactical tailor Canteen/Utility pouch - No Malice clips - Coyote brown - Used - $20
13 - Eagle Industries RLCS MBTIR pouch - Ranger Green - Used - $15


1 - Tactical Medical Solution Foxtrot Litter - Black - New - $160
2 - ATS RAID II Pack - Black - New - $180
3 - TAD Stealth Jacket (Real) Gen 1 - Black - Used - $120
4 - Emerson ''Crye'' Combat Pants w/ Kneepads - Waist: 32W / Inseam: 32 - Khaki - New - $40
5 - FFI ''Crye'' Combat shirt and pants w/ real Crye Kneepads - Medium / Regular - M81 Woodland - New (But lightly faded) - $120 set


1 - ATS Cobra pack with 2x TAG GP pouches, 2x ATS Nalgene pouche, 1x Eagle Ind MBITR pouch - Ranger Green - Used - $250
2 - ILBE Issued ruck - MARPAT - Used in very good condition - $180
3 - ILBE Assault pack with Tactical Tailor Admin pouch - MARPAT - Used in very good condition - $100
4 - Propper APCU Level 5 Softshell - Alpha Green (Foliage Green) - Almost new - $60


1 - Olaes Modular Bandage 4'' (Real) - Expired but good seal - $5 each (2x left)
2 - CAT tourniquet (Real) - Used but never used - $15 (2x Grey CAT SOLD)
3 - H & H Compressed Gauze (Real) - New w/ good seal - $5 each (2 left)
4 - Triage cards - New - Free with other medical purchase
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2023.03.22 13:56 Suave_Jelepeno 09 Subaru Brake issues

09 Subaru Impressa WRX
Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my right front brake sticking. It would get so hot that the rim was toasty to the touch and I smelled brake. I figured it was was just the pads getting stuck in the caliper bracket so I replaced the pads and guides and made sure to clean everything meticulously. I lubed everything in all the areas necessary for the pads and everything felt smooth. It was fairly clean and surprisingly zero corrosion on any components.
The caliper pistons seemed to compress without issue/no sticking there as far I could see. The caliper slide pins slide in and out smoothly but I removed them, cleaned them, lubed them back up and reinstalled them. I then reassembled everything and test drove the car to break the pads in. Problem solved.....?
Everything seemed fine for a week or so. But today, I noticed a vibration while driving around 70mph so I slowed down to 50mph and it seemed to continue. So I stopped, got out and checked everything. Nothing loose thankfully, It seemed to be a heat induced vibration which I've experienced before as a Subaru tech. The right rim is hot again indicating the brakes heating up. I can assume the brake is sticking again but why?!? I replaced the calipers with brand new coated ones probably 4 years ago and these ones appears to be in perfect condition. I could use someone to bounce ideas off here so let me know what you guys think.

Thanks in advance
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2023.03.22 13:12 LEG01999 2018 Outlander SEL Rear Brakes

I was trying to help a friend replace rear brake pads and Rotors but I can't get the caliper piston to go back in. I tried a scan tool that has the epb function but when I try to do it, it says the vehicle is not equipped with it. And I've tried so many different things to try and get it back in without force as I don't want to break anything. It has a push to start. Any ideas?
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2023.03.22 12:47 McUsername621 Minimum brake disk thickness?

I am currently replacing the brake disk on my zip 4t 50 because the previous owner drove it with brake pads that were completely worn out, metal rubbed on metal and the disk is completely toast. The seller I bought the new brake disk from mistakenly sent me an incorrect brake disk, which fits on my Quartz 50 (or Sfera 50). I now have the fitting brake disk for the Zip and the seller offered me to reduce the price of the incorrect brake disk if I have a use for it so I don't need to send it back. I'm thinking about keeping the brake disk and replace it on my Quartz too. My question is how do I know when the brake disk is too thin due to wear. The workshop manual I got for the scooter doesn't mention the minimum thickness it can have before it needs to be replaced. The new brake disk is 4mm (0,157 inch) thick. The old one is at 2. 9mm (0,114 inch) thick. Anyone by chance know what the minimum thickness for brake disks like this are?
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2023.03.22 12:46 turbokungfu I just had a very vivid dream that I was sentenced to death

In this dream, I was still in the Air Force and given notice that I had to go for my final visit about my death penalty. I was not in jail, but I had to make this appointment. In my mind there was a chance they’d decide not to kill me. In the meantime, I decided to skip the appointment earlier in the morning to get a couple of required shots because it didn’t make sense and that it would hurt even more to get my death penalty shots on top of my vaccines.
So I spent the day waiting. Some people didn’t know I was going to die, and I didn’t tell them. There was a girl who knew, and put a hand on my back and said ‘I know’. There was somebody else who I thought knew but acted like it was no big deal. Anthony Fauci was in the dream and pulled me aside. He started out saying he talked to somebody about whether or not he should attend but then he said that he decided against it because the whole process ‘could take about 30 or 40 minutes’ and kind of acted disgusted. I replied ‘Oh, come on!’ And got pulled back inside. I wondered if I had been too rude.
For a while I was outside trying to move a truck I thought I’d take to the appointment. It would only barely do what I wanted it to do. It started rolling backwards and cars were on all sides of me. I could barely keep from hitting them and the gas, steering wheel and brakes had a real muted effect on the movement of the old white truck.
Next, I was talking to some lady about my case. We had the documents about the case and it. Had happened in high school. The papers were handwritten but I couldn’t make out a lot of it but someone said they had really good handwriting. Apparently, the first two years I had denied any involvement, but then changed my story. There was a link to a video of my confession, but we couldn’t watch it. I really wanted to. It was a high school party and I don’t remember much, but should have had a lawyer was my big determination. I struggled to remember the exact event and even who had died.
Then I was walking with somebody through an old Air Force building. It was a girl I intensely disliked when I knew her, but she was pleasant as she escorted me to my appointment. We were carrying two suitcases, but I only figured one was mine. We passed a set of tables where I stopped to talk to an older Air Force leader I thought of as fatherly. I told him I wasn’t well and we hugged and cried. I wondered if he knew or if he could help and we continued.
We went down some stairs and walked on some platform and were told we might break it by a chief. They told us that there were only six platforms left out of the 21 and the plastic flooring started to crack as I stepped off of it.
As we went down my final hallway, I wondered if they would actually go through with it. I wondered if I should tell my parents and how they’d find out. I got sad. Now I have no shirt and a door swings open and a chubby man with a black shirt and black rubber gloves reaches out. His hands are covered in petroleum as he grabs my hand. He tries to pull me hard, and I think he is weak, but follow along. He is surrounded by younger men on their knees waiting to rub what looks to be shoe polish on me. The walkway is padded brown vinyl and cushioned, just like the walls and ceiling. I notice I feel numb. There are photographers filming and photographing me as I walk down the hall.
Then I wake up.
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2023.03.22 11:31 Consistent-Resolve56 V-brakes keep loosening after 20-30km

I have this recurring issue where I have to keep tightening my v-brakes every 20-30km and this is not normal. These are new brake calipers and pads so I am surprised why this is the case.They are cheap though so maybe could be that they are not good quality? I also tightened the bolt holding the brake cable pretty hard so I'm quite certain the cable isnt slipping. Any suggestions?

What I mean by loosening is that I have to pull my brake lever very far to get a significant braking power. And when I adjust the brakes I only need to pull the brake very slightly. Has happened twice now not sure what's causing this.
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2023.03.22 10:20 agilephoenix97 Trading a 1 series for a 3 series

My partner picked up a 2014 bmw 120d for about £9000 in autumn last year. It had 68000 miles and currently has 70000.
Its turned out to have a fair amount wrong that will need sorted by the end of the year: stereo/reverse sensors have stopped working, back discs need doing soon along with pads, 3 tyres heavily distorted, split prop shaft coupling, both front brake reaction bushes are cracking.
To top it off my mechanic said he can hear the start of the timing chain starting to stretch, but obviously can’t give me a time frame on when this might need doing.
My partner is pretty gutted as she loves BMWs and loves this cars spec, but this car is just not worth that much to us. On reflection we should have gone older and for lower mileage within our budget.
We’re thinking of selling it and replacing it was an older 3 series, around 2009/2010 with about 30000 miles on the clock. You can pick one up for roughly £9000/£10000.
Is this insane or a good plan?
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