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Welcome to OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

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2023.06.03 04:31 Haethra-7 Instead of directly scorching enemies, Khepri's Horn should have the equivalent of Incandescent.

Scorch being applied to whatever enemy is hit was added in imo a very lazy way, and adds nothing to synergize with how Khepri's Horn as an exotic works. It takes a full second at least for the scorch damage to start ticking afterwards, and on normal red bars, you'll be overkilling them anyways so the scorch is meaningless. If the ignition should be "earned" somehow, then I personally think killing 3-4 enemies with one cast is enough. It's already mainly supposed to be used for clearing out a bunch of grouped up red bars, refilling your Barricade energy in the process.
I just think it's silly that I can cause an ignition chain on red bars from one heavy attack of Throne Cleaver, but an entire exotic armor piece (that is already struggling to have its own niche) gets worse because of a random change that seemingly didn't have much thought behind it.
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2023.06.03 04:31 Dragon-Lord75 Trygon Tail Piece

Trygon Tail Piece
Greetings Tyranid Hive Mind. In my last post about 2-3 weeks ago, I asked whether I should buy a Trygon. After looking through and doing research, I have finally bought a Trygon. So far, I’m going for the Trygon Prime with toxin sacs and adrenal glands. But that leaves me with one last thing I need your help deciding, which tail piece should equip on it. Thank you guys in advance
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2023.06.03 04:30 Throwww_wayy Need help/advices

I'm 25M and had an unprotected vaginal intercourse with a stranger F I met online here on reddit last March 25. It was a 5 minute oral then Vaginal penetration of only around 15 seconds because we were interrupted.
Now after 1 week I started experiencing pains inside my urethra inside the head of my penis, Few days after I experienced Lymph Groin Pains and then later developed into pain in my sides and back. As if my kidneys were sore. I didnt have a fever but I felt really tired experienced diarrhea for about a week and shortness of breath too.
Fast forward to April 17, 23 days after initial exposure I got tested 4th gen Ab/Ag and came out negative. The symptoms eventually went away one by one exept the pain when urinating.
Got retested on May 16, 52 days after the initial exposure. This was a 3rd gen Abbott Bioline HIV 1/2 3.0 test, it came back negative.
After 3-5 days of my most recent test I started having rashes around my neck, it was itchy and painful to touch. But went away after few days, after the initial rash. It was replaced by small rash and looks different from the initial rash on neck and comes up one by one, it emerges with red itchy patch of skin but subsides after a couple of minutes and leaves a very small bump with either red or white center. I also experienced headache on top of my head and having a sore throat up to now. The soreness that I feel on the kidneys are back as well. And just yesterday the diarrhea went back too.
I am really confused and dont know what to do, Here are some of the questions in my mind.
Does HIV initial symptoms goes away then comes back? Are there any other std that might have the same symptoms? Is this seroconversion in any way? What might be the chances of me getting HIV if the F is infected and it was only 10 secs of penetration?
Any answer or advice is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.03 04:30 DueJellyfish8097 Trip 4 - A Ride into Eternity

MEQ30 score: 130/150; second only to trip 2 which was 145/150.
Note that I seem to either be unusually sensitive to this stuff or I have a really psychoactive cactus
Trip 4 is set indoors, at my house in the central north island of NZ predominantly lying down on my futon in the living room, with the curtains close and blindfolded for the majority of the peak. The heat pump is on. During the trip I played nature videos on netflix (docos that feature nature scenery and places) with the sound off, and the music that was playing was a John Hopkins Psychedelic playlist, with some modifications (mainly I added ~2 hours of instrumental beatles music to cover the comeup period and about 30 minutes of Enya to the open of the peak). Music was playing on a Boom 3 speaker. I spend a large portion of the peak blindfolded with a t-shirt (although not entirely but I’d guess probably 3 out of 4 hours of the peak were closed eye.
The trip begins at night (initial dosing at 1am on Saturday May 27th). The trip duration is probably in total ~18 hours – 2 hours of comeup, peaking from 3AM to 7AM, the glow / comedown phase from 7AM to 5PM (was basically laying down most of this time, still getting gradually fading open and closed eye visuals). The sort of lights flickering at the edge of my vision and ear ringing that seems to signify the cactus fully letting me go occured around 5-6pm, after which I was able to start standing up and do a few tidy up tasks before bed. Still had that good feeling until 8pm when I drifted off to sleep.
I spent the week prior to the trip (Monday to Friday) working out of town supporting emergency response work to some flooding events. Friday I drove back home arriving home around 4pm. I did some meditation and listened to relaxing music in the evening and also had some coffee to keep me up until I took the meditation. I also did some pre-trip journaling and thinking about intentions etc. Overally, probably the set was so-so – previous trips were partially preceded by week long holidays so my overall moodstate was good. I was probably slightly anxious and a little bit unsettled entering into the trip.
Flight Instructions
Essentially the classic flight instructions.
o If you see a door, open it and go through
o Trust the trajectory, follow your path
o Let go, be open, trust
o If you see a window, look through it
o If you see a demon, stand your ground and question it
o I am safe. Let go.
I did the same tea making tec as last time, more or less. The piece of cactus was 260mm long and 90mm thick. I peeled the outer clear skin but did not remove any spines. I then cut the cactus into approx 1 inch thick pieces. A difference this time was that I separated the dark green outer skin, my theory being more surface area exposed to the water might increase extraction. I chopped all the pieces up finely into pieces, including the center and put it in the pot and added water. The first boiling lasted about 4 hours, because I added about 2 liters during the boiling process to keep it going. The second boil was a 2 hour straight boil of fresh water added to the cactus. I used a t-shirt to squeeze fluid out of the cactus pieces and a strainer to transfer the fluid through to try and get some of the gunk out. The final reduction was to boil the liquid down to about 1 cup.
The Trip
This part is a transcription mostly of notes I made during the trip. Another section will try and delve into the peak experience (what I can remember of it) although it is mostly ineffable.
12:10 AM
Working on the last te areduction now. Total boiling time will be about 6.5 hours I guess. I have set the TV up so that I can see it from where the futon is; my idea is to watch nature documentaries on mute with the music playlist plaing. I have found a black t-shirt to use as a blindfold as I plan to do a significantly more closed eye journey.
I am excited to see where the cactus takes me this time, and what I will learn about myself and the world.
I intend to change my habits. I intend to learn what she has to teach me. Kissing gaia.
I will let go and embrace the journey, and float downstream.
12:35 AM
Still doing the tea reduction. Soon! I am surprised I am not tired at this stage – I’m excited for the trip I guess 😊
12:57 AM
It begins. Final boil done. Down to one cup. I am letting it cool down.
May my journey be beautiful and may I find important lessons.
I intend to change my habits.
A re-write of the flight instructions:
If you see a door, open it and go through
If you see a window, look through it
Let go and float downstream
Let go, be open, trust the journey
Trust the trajectory, follow your path
1:01 AM
The first sip. Blech. Always tastes bitter and gross although it seems to taste worse this time. It tastes thicker and grosser than previous reductions.
10 minutes in. Have been sipping it slowly. Gross.
The best way out is through! I am watching Our Planet footage.
1:15 AM
Starting to feel a tingling sensation on the right side of head / brain. Stomach starting to feel rumbly and toss and turn. Feeling a mild tingling sensation in my body.
1:15 AM
Hi! Where will she take me? What will she show me? (Addendum / writers remark: Who am I saying hi to?)
1:17 AM
Starting to feel a bit ‘grounded’ in the present
1:23 AM
Lighting ringing sound and a subtle shift in noise perception. Time is slowing down. Becoming even more present in the moment.
Still sipping the tea
1:27 AM
Have one third of the tea lift. Took a big gulp. Feeling naseaus / like vomiting / queasy. Initial sensations of tingling have worn off.
Still watching Our Planet.
1:33 AM
Body high starting to kick in. Mainly in the head this time. Edge lights at the edge of my vision starting.
1:41 AM
I am letting go. Some extra colour / deeper texture already.
1:44 AM
Feeling queasy!! Happy! 😊
1:43 AM
Don’t worry. Time is stopping
1:47 AM
Talking faster when I am reading through my intentions
Feeling good
Perception shift in visual effects and sound, time slowing down.
1:50 AM
She says lay down.
Door is opening.
(There is a sketch of a smiling face and a sun shining on the smiling face, and a sketch of a 3 dimensional door that has opened and is shimmering. )
1:52 AM
Essentially done the tea. Extremely queasy and almost vomitted. There is maybe 1/15th of it left in the cup (sludgy solids) but i can’t bring myself to drink it.
1:54 AM
Enya playing now 😊
1:58 AM
Feel the love!
2:28 AM
Music! 😊 (There is a sketch of waves)
Music = Amazing. The notes.
2:00 AM
Mega queasy now
2:27 AM
Queasy still. Wanna vomit. Time is slowing. Extra perception. Deeper colour. Slower perception (everything is slowing down). I can hear every little movement and noise the heap pump makes. Lots of sound perception.
I feel good
Intense colour depth starting.
2:41 AM
Taihiti on TV. 3D and 4D. The colour is deep and incredible. It is coming out of the screen. Beautiful beyond words.
Change is cood!
Colour; the blue is bluer and deeper.
2:50 AM
We are all the same. Everybody is the same. Human
3:00 AM
(Have started mostly wearing the blindfold at this point although taking it off to pee / write)
Intense closed eye visuals. Coloroful triangles and patterns; seems like glass breaking apart in my vision. Shifting to the music.
There is a door that opens and a vast staircase through it. Going in
3:09 AM
Watching a video of NZ. Beautiful. Beautiful beyond words – NZ is beauty.
3:30 AM
3:10 to 3:30 – eyes closed. My brother was here – he is here. He reached out and hugged me, I felt it, and I hugged him. We watched the TV. He asked why Enya music? I said mom then we were back in Canada with mom.
3:37 AM
My brother is here. Just two bros hanging out watching TV. He hugged me again. We have a cover – I am doing this to change my life. But really I am just hanging out with my brother.
3:47 AM
More closed eye.
The roof was gone. The floor was gone. I seemed to be in space, or somewhere else. I was laying at different angles. Not sure where I was. More hugs from My brother is here. No one knows. They don’t kneed to know. Just us hanging out.
4:00 AM
I was in another dimension. I was in a long tunnel, stretched out, infinitely long, then the tunnel snapped back to completely flat circle with me in it.
I was folding round – 8 dimensionally and rotating round inside it.
All good. My brother still there. Multi dimensional ride with 2 bros.
I folded round multi dimensionally, I turned flat, I was spread out against walls. I turned into paint and dissolved. I was in Cochrane.
Changing habits – it’s all a cover to hang out with my brother. Shhhhhhhhh.
He says he’ll tell his side he is helping me change my habits.
But we are just hanging out. LOL.
4:10 AM
I folded round on myself. Folded up. I was vertical while laying down.
4:30 AM
I was in a clockwork mind room or auditorium / theater space that contained my mind. I could see my entire mind, floating in this room. But my mind was also Gaia / the infinite love from Trip 2. I had an out of body perspective – I could see myself, standing on a ladder next to mind, with wood and other things being passed to me from my brother. I was working on fixing it. But I was out of body (no me ?). I had a birds eye perspective of the entire thing; I could see my mind, and I could see verything that was wrong with it. I could see all these doors / windows in it, with papers and images flowing out of it and scattering everywhere.
After this, I was transported into this big gear rearranging clockwork space (sort of like, the moving staircases in Harry Potter but all gears and Clock work) with pieces rearranging. The pieces were me. I spread apart and moved apart into these gears and puzzle pieces, then it put me back together (writers note, one specific thing I remember was the leg that always limps when I get really depressed / suicidal being removed and replaced with a new one). The put me back together. Different. But togetehr.
Swirly thing. I went through this swirly portal (like the rotating swirl time travel portal in Austin Powers lol). Time travel. Space travel. Back in Canada. My brother was alive. I was my brother.
Paint – I kept dissolving into paint! All spread out.
5:00 AM
We were building a ski building. Then moved into this strange Mexican space.
Paint! I turned into paint! And Nacho cheese, I turned into Nacho Cheese! LMAO!
I was back in an enormous, infinitely large clockwork room, with huge infinitely large clockwork heads and clock work men. A clockwork mansion. All imitation – the boys. Clockwork?
Time frozen (5:20AM)
5:20 AM
Mexican ski girls
Lots of mexican stuff
I was a mexican girl
6:20 AM (Time not written down but believe this was around 6 – 6:20 AM
Did I get molested or abused somehow as a child? Is that what it showed me?
I asked out loud
It seems like the answer was yes, but I can’t find the door or kick the door in to find it
Mexican girls? Playing? Was that it?
WHAT THE FUCK (this is written in enormous letters across an entire page)
Later – maybe 8 – 9 AM:
Spent several hours looking for doors and windows trying to find it. Couldn’t find it, but eventually a name drew itself with my eyes closed, out of floating glowing balls, but I couldn’t quite read it and it wouldn’t fully form. Though I think I know the name.
Nothing written from 9AM to 8PM although essentially I was just laying on the futon in bliss. Ostensibly the end of the peak and the hours after it might be described as a 'bad trip' although mescaline seems to put a pretty cozy blanket of love and happiness around things.
8 PM
Long glide and come down. Hours of intense crying, cathartic, but stressed. Laying blasted out on the futon almost till sunset. Then was able to get up and move around more from around 4-5 PM. Sad but releaxing nad healing. Spent alot of time crying and cuddling the body pillow. It’s OK. Whatever it was wasn’t my fault, I didn’t deserve it or do anything wrong. I deserves to be loved and cared for. Can learn to love myself.
Early in the peak, with my eyes closed, one of the first closed eye visuals I had at the transition from the body high / comeup to the peak was of of all of these great triangle glass shards starting to crack and break apart. It was me, breaking apart.
Early in the peak, my brother arrived. I remember thinking about him, and then I felt him reaching out to hug me – I opened my arms and we hugged. I felt the hug. I can still feel the echo of it when I’m writing this. It felt like a real hug.
The roof disappeared, and the floor disappeared, and then I was floating somewhere, in time and space, although maybe i was time and space. I kept shifting direction and position. I would be laying vertically, at an angle, sideways, up and down. Sensational.
I remember being stretched out into this infinitely long tunnel. I was in the tunnel, but I was also spread out, round the walls of the tunnel. Suddenly, the tunnel became infinitely long, as if I was being transported somewhere or going through it. Somehow the tunnel was also multi-dimensional – 8 dimensional? I wrote that down. Suddenly the tunnel snaps shut, into a completely flat circle. And I was in the circle, flat.
I remember dissolving away into paint, melting and spreading out across the floor. The paint spread out and started covering the walls of multi-dimensional spaces – like cubes and spheres and tunnels that were all folding round on themselves in multiple ways, impossible ways. I turned inside out and outside in, and I spread out and dissolved.
For awhile, we were hanging out watching the TV, watching New Zealand on TV. I told him I live in NZ now. Only we weren’t in NZ – we were somewhere else. Eternity? Canada? Floating in space? In between? We seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. It was bizarre. I said it was funny, watching video footage of NZ, while I lived in NZ, and my body was in NZ, but we were somewhere else, but we were also there in the room watching the video.
It looked so beautiful – NZ. What a beautiful place. The mountains and the valleys and the rivers and the plains multi-dimensionally coming out of the screen. The incredible depth of colour and texture. The ineffeable beauty of it all.
At some point, I turned into my brother. And I turned into a Mexican woman.
I had a discussion with my brother about how I was trying to fix myself, but that was just a cover to hang out with him. He said he would tell his side that he was helping fix me, although we were really just hanging out. After that with my eyes closed I turned into a builder on a ladder, a huge ladder, in space...or, somewhere, I don’t really know where I was. And pieces were being passed to me. My brother was a builder. I was my brother, my brother was me. I was fixing myself?
After this, I believe I ended in the vast clockwork room, which also seemed to be a giant, infinitely large spherical space or auditorium. In it I could see my mind, and I could see me on the ladder trying to fix myself. Except I was an observer floating around the space. I could see all these doors or windows in my brain, and there seemed to be images, books and papers flowing out of it and scattering everywhere (And back in? I’m not sure). My mind was being fixed? It was like I could see everything wrong with my brain. Except it wasn’t just my brain; the duality thing again. It was my brain, but it was also gaia / eternity / infinite love ( the same thing from the second trip). It seemed like I was getting close to it but not quite fully merging into it. And I was the brain and I was gaia and I was also out of body floating with a birds eye perspective.
After this, I was transported to the re-arranging clockwork big gear space, sort of like the moving staircases in Harry Potter. I dissolved apart into various pieces of clock work and machines, and the space took me apart, repaired pieces, replaced some, and then put me back together. The same, but different. Subsequently, I ended up in this enourmous, infinitely large room full of huge clockwork machine men (think like the clockwork men from Doctor Who only infiinitely large)
This sequence (the infinitely large spherical space, the clockwork big gear space and the room filled with clockwork machine men) is probably the second most incredible thing I've ever experienced in my life (only narrowly edged out by trip #2)
After this I entered the mexican place. It was quite strange – I’m not sure where the mexican comes from. It was ineffable and indescribable. All of these colours. Sort of like the colours on my blanket. Only, I was the colours. And I was the place. Then there were mountains, like the Mexican place, and me and my brother were building a ski lodge. There were these Mexican girls there. I felt heat. And red colour. I dissolved again into Nacho cheese. I feel like there is more to this part of it although I can’t remember. I believe that for an extended period I simply became light and was just drifting along (I have a sunrise alarm with a 1 hour sunrise and I seemed to dissolve into the light of that)
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2023.06.03 04:30 Klau5_Dieter "And all this time I thought I had the hardest row to hoe."

This is my review of "Ellen Foster" by Kaye Gibbons. May contain spoilers. I will try to keep to a minimum.
Some of the blurp:
When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy Ellen Foster tells her own story, with an honesty, a perceptivity, and a quite un-self-conscious heroism. Her mother dies. She stays with her father until it becomes too dangerous. She lives with a teacher, a grandmother who blames her for her father's marriage, then with an aunt. At the close she discovers a home where at last she is wanted and loved.
Now my opinion: I was skeptical of the book for the first 30-40 pages. The book is written like a stream of consciousness of Ellen Foster, the main character. Punctuation is lacking and sometimes her thoughts and the things others say to her melt together. Ellen Foster also jumps back and forth between the past and the present with no warning, which was at first jarring and also felt like it slowed down the plot. But then suddenly I was hooked. As the past kept approaching the present, more and more pieces fell into place and I was itching to find out exactly how she ended up with the things she tells of the present time.
Some quotes:
Why don't you eat? he wants to know. I don't have an appetite, I say back. Well, you better eat. Your mama looks like this might be her last supper. He is sure he's funny that he laughs at his own self
I always want to lay here. And she moves her arm up and I push my head down by her side. And I will crawl in and make room for myself. My heart can be the one that beats. And hers has stopped.
My only gripe with this book is that Ellen says some things in the second half of the book, which no 11 year old or 13 year old would say, even a well-read one. It felt a little bit like the author slipped away from Ellen's voice and into her own.
I found this book at the thrift store for $1. It caught my eye because the spine is plain white with a legible font, which is usually a green flag for books I like to read. All in all, this was well worth a read. When I was about 60% done, I would have given it 3 stars out of 5. Now that I am all finished, I'd say 4 out of 5 starts. May even re-read it in the future.
Thanks for your time. Have a good day now!
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2023.06.03 04:30 dyewho 27 [M4F] PA/USA - Long Haired Asian nerd looking for his forever

My name is Long, I'm 27 from PA and here is what I look like! I'm a homebody nerd (that occasionally travels) that is looking for his boo!
I'm a chill, positive, go with the flow guy that knows when to be serious...However I love making people smile and I'm usually joking around more often than not.
In my free time I like to play World of Warcraft, fighting games, work out, sing, and I LOVE watching crime scene / speed run documentaries and the occasional anime.
I have 2 cats, Sanji and Mojo. Sanji is a gray cat named after my favorite one piece character and has a permanent head tilt. Mojo is named after the Powerpuff girl villain and is cow printed. I would love to exchange pet pics for pet pics!
I have my own apartment, a full time career that I love, and I feel like I'm ready to share my life with someone who wants to do the same.
I'm not looking to have children and I am strictly monogamous. I'm also looking for people between 24-32. I'm completely fine with relocating if we end up clicking!
If any of this interests you, please send me a chat or message with one of your passions! It can be a hobby you adore, or a show/book that you're super fascinated by. Also, if possible, please send a picture! I think physical attraction does play a part, a minimal one, but one for sure.
Okay that's it for me! I appreciate everyone for reading and I hope yall have a great weekend. Hope you all find what you're looking for! :)
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2023.06.03 04:29 Bowman16 Here's What Went Down at the INSANO Listening Event in LA - SPOILERS

Per the advice of user Ocelot859, I wanted to share a rundown of what went down at the INSANO listening last night in LA. A lot of this info is scattered on Twitter already from various people who were there and I don't feel terrible sharing because Cudi quite literally encouraged everyone in attendance to share their experiences. Some Spoilers below about the album release, features etc. Long read, feel free to ask any questions and I'll get to them when I get to them.
The Event
It was at the Peppermint Club in LA as most already know. Unfortunately, it was 21+, but that's because there was an open bar. Doors were at 10:30, I didn't get in until 11:15 or so. The line was fairly long, but when I entered, it only felt like 50-75 people. Think a lot of people showed up but got turned away because they weren't actually on the list.
They took everyone's phones, so I don't know the exact timing of everything and I didn't have a watch on, but the event let out at about 1:30am.
Good crowd - it wasn't an industry, record label thing with people standing around staring. Almost purely fans from what I could tell.
There were two DJs opening up, spinning various records, including A-Trak.
CUDI & Guests
Cudi came out during A-Trak's set with bright green, long hair (he posted pics on his socials) and was smiling the entire time. He said he's never felt better in his entire life.
Guests I saw: Wiz Khalifa, Chip tha Ripper, A-Trak, Ibn Jasper, Dot da Genius, Dennis (management)
He was passing out joints, taking tequila shots with folks in attendance, stepped in to the crowd at one point, and did a giveaway at the end of the event. One person got an INSANO jacket, another got a vinyl box set. He was signing people's CD's, shoes, and whatever else.
Told a story about how the artist KAWS was one of the people that helped get him back on track with creating music.
Cudi talked about the fact that he wants to make music forever. For some reason, it seemed as though he was trying to tell the crowd he'll always be involved in music, but not necessarily making it under the name Kid Cudi (just my perspective).
The Album
I forget every song name - didn't have my phone to take notes or record anything, but that's okay because we were enjoying the moment.
He played roughly 8 or so songs, including performing "Porsche Topless" live. Everything was upbeat, nasty hip hop production except for two songs. One of those was a more melancholy track he said doesn't fit in to the album, but he kept coming back to (song is 2+ years old). He said he wants to include it because it may "help some people." The other one was a funkier track that sounded like it sampled Ace of Base "All That She Wants" - specifically this part - and he said it was his song "for the ladies."
He shared the album version of "Wow" with the crowd
Wiz Khalifa performed part of his guest verse on the track that he was on. Solid track.
Song named "Superboy" was the last song he played - he said he recorded it in London last week while he was filming/recording the Knuckles movie (Sonic the Hedgehog). This is the "embodiment" of the entire album. Uptempo, super hard beat.
Guest verses I heard: Pharrell, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa
Next single will be "At the Party" featuring Pharrell (on the hook) and Travis Scott - to be released in August
Album to be released in September (Cudi said "September is mine!")
He said there will be different versions of the album released, some with different tracks - sounds like he will have multiple "deluxe" or alternate versions
Vinyl will be ready on release day to purchase - vinyl will have 4 different covers and designs.
If I remember anything else, I'll post later!
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2023.06.03 04:29 RedHeadMedia07 Combat Isn't Fun - Switching to Theater of the Mind. Any tips?

Hey, everyone! I've gotten so much help here and I wanted to thank everyone for making D&D the most welcoming community there is. So...if you don't want to read a whole bunch, basically I would like tips on how to run quick and exciting Theater of the Mind combat. If you want to know more about why I'm having trouble with combat so far read below.
So I've ran a whole campaign and I'm part of the way through a new one and one thing that's always been a bothersome experience is combat. My players are not invested, usually on their phones during other players turns. It takes awhile just to get through one round of combat. So far I've been playing on Owlbear Rodeo with battle maps I've gotten from online. Combat is such a slog, it takes forever, and usually after 2-3 rounds it's over. But 3 rounds is taking almost 2 hours to get through. I have stressed that I don't want phones at the table but the reason my players have given me for using their phones is that my combat is just boring. So I want to make wide changes to make it more exciting for my players. I figured switching to Theater of the mind would somewhat force my players to pay more attention, and now that there's no grids and pieces to keep track of, maybe rounds will go by faster. Of course, I know I need to do more than just that to have good combat but I'm hoping switching to this would be a good start. What are some tips for engaging, quick paced, and fun combat that would make my players want to pay attention? Thank you.
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2023.06.03 04:29 theAg471 Anyone know the gemstone?

Anyone know the gemstone?
One of the pieces left to me by my grandmother. Anyone know the gemstone or the approximate age? The clasp could be a clue on the age. I just can't find anything on it.... thank you in advance
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2023.06.03 04:29 Rude_Ad_3641 The irony of it all

Ok, so the actual “life plus Cindy“ Reddit is so abusive now, like didn’t they say this one was the abusive one? I haven’t seen that here, but over there, god damn… just thought I’d point it out
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2023.06.03 04:29 Ricky_Kukfield This hand painted ww2 pin up artwork

I purchased this art from an estate sale a couple years ago. I had originally posted it on Militariacollecting back then, but there weren't many leads.
This painting is approximately 18x24 inches in size, and has a wooden rod attached to the bottom (when I bought it, it was rolled around this rod). It has an area at the bottom that looks like it could've been attached to a canvas frame at one point, then cut out.
The signature reads "Dan Pasko 3/16/45" and there is a tear through the canvas in the center under the womans breast. On the rear a penciled note reads
"piece of shrapnel went threw here. that's why its torn"
Hoping someone has a valuation / info on this type of period art. I've since had it framed professionally, but I always wondered where it's from and worth.
Any help appreciated, I've been thinking about selling it.
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2023.06.03 04:28 Nabiyathebutterfly Fundraiser by Gabriella De La Garza : Tonsillectomy surgery - Share

I am new to Reddit but I thought id give it a chance since a loved one is in dear need of helping financially. She had her tonsils removed this morning due to the past couple of months being in and our of Doctors offices with constant Antibiotics and non of the working. A specialist recommended for her to get Tonsillectomy surgery, which she did but unfortunately her family Is unable to pay for the expense of the hospital and surgery. She is a Music Theory major at SHSU, and she will begin her internship this coming July which limits her from getting a job to pay for her bills. Her desire is to be of help and assistance to those who need it most, through her talent -her voice. Thankfully after a couple weeks she'll be able to recover her voice after the healing is done and begin her journey in internship and soon after as a Music Therapist.
If you are able please consider reading her gofundme story and donating if you are of course able.
Prayers are always welcomed.
Blessings to all.
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2023.06.03 04:28 WolfPride98 Someone send this dude to medical school. 🤣

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2023.06.03 04:28 AutoModerator [Full] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 04:27 Low_Wafer1963 This subreddit is going downhill…

This subreddit is genuinely one of the most useful places I have come across on Reddit. Migan’s advice has helped me in countless ways.
However, some people are sinking way too deep into the whole race and genetics topic. It is beginning to just become racist at this point and not even scientific.
South Asians are constantly being targeted and treated like garbage. One person even said that Hitler should have killed them all and that they are essentially a useless race.
Things like this can be extremely discouraging to those looking to better themselves.
We need to find a way to fix this problem or else this subreddit is slowly going to die out.
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2023.06.03 04:27 str8dropliving Smokin GAS OZZ by hkushcoffee 120u, defo in my top5 hashes of all time, anywayz all packs are sent, workz done for now and im booooolin’ jus thinkin…

Smokin GAS OZZ by hkushcoffee 120u, defo in my top5 hashes of all time, anywayz all packs are sent, workz done for now and im booooolin’ jus thinkin…
So is it jus me or is Reddit really saturated with (sorry for lack of a better term) morons? Maybe the subreddits I surround myself in doesn’t help but I have found, from rolex to drugsarebeautiful there is always more than one idiot. They comment things that not only make them or OP look or feel dumb, but in reality when you actually have a little look at these people they seem to live a sad existence.. I dunno man maybe it’s just me maybe I’m being negative and everything is fine. Someone please shed light on reddits general distaste for pretty much anything🤲🏽
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2023.06.03 04:27 TastyBananaPeppers Searching for Gold Research Day: More Golden Pokestops for more Gimmighoul coins, maybe boosted shiny rate for Pokemon from a quest task, & optional $1 paid timed research. Saturday, June 3, at 2 PM to 5 PM Local Time (3 hours total) [Anti-Cheat Warning /Timezone Coords / GPX Routes]

Searching for Gold Research Day: More Golden Pokestops for more Gimmighoul coins, maybe boosted shiny rate for Pokemon from a quest task, & optional $1 paid timed research. Saturday, June 3, at 2 PM to 5 PM Local Time (3 hours total) [Anti-Cheat Warning /Timezone Coords / GPX Routes]

Niantic's new Anti-Cheat Behavior System is active

Using a 3rd party modified app, joystick app, adventure sync app, or any kind of cheating app carries risk for a strike/ban. It does not matter which kind of Pokemon Go (official or 3rd party modified) app you use with your cheat, you will have a chance for a strike/ban. This is all dependent on what is being tracked in the anti-cheat behavior system. If you did not get a strike/ban back in 2022, you are considered lucky.
If you value the time and money you invested into your account(s), you should not cheat with your account(s). If you own multiple accounts, you are subjective to whatever punishment they come up for owning more than one account according to the Pokemon Go's Terms of Service. If you do not care about the strikes/bans, you can do whatever pleases you. You are welcome at any time to share your strike screenshot in my subreddit.
Just because I provide you with the information on how you can break the game's Terms of Service by the use of game cheats or exploits, I am not responsible or liable for the loss of your Pokemon Go account(s) or money used to buy in-game items and tickets. If you want to read more about the Anti-Cheat Behavior System along with the 3-Strikes Discipline Policy (punishment system), you can go to
Event Date:
Event Bonuses: PokéStops may turn gold without a Golden Lure Module
Roaming Form Gimmighoul won’t appear at Golden PokéStops if a Golden Lure Module wasn’t used, but treasure-hunting Trainers may still find Gimmighoul Coins when they spin the PokéStop!
Spoofing Hot Spots & Event Coords with GPX Routes Download 2023
Research Task Coords with Discord method
Research Task Coords with "Coords Go" app method
The best place to find weather boost raids or Golden Lure Parties is in a Discord group:
Useful stuff as always:
These are links you can click with your mouse or press with your finger to open.
[Click/Press Here] MEGA POST #4: Everything You Need for Android Spoofing 2022 - Guides for No Root Spoofing, Rooted Spoofing, and Botting - GPX Routes, Poke Maps, Nests, Discord Groups, and Frequently Asked Questions
View Poll
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2023.06.03 04:26 justwhyyyyyy13 Friend is raising money on gofundme for IVF

So does that mean I can create a gofundme for being child free or paying my rent?
Her post: My name is (removed) and my fiancé and I are fundraising for ourselves to pay for IVF. We sold our house and moved to Colorado to do IVF here at CNY. However, Colorado is quite expensive to live in. We are doing a fertility puzzle! One piece of the puzzle is $5, and whoever bus a piece will have their name wrote on the back. Once the puzzle is complete, we will frame it and hang it in our nursery! Anything is INSANELY appreciated and everyone who helps will be completely responsible for bringing this beautiful baby into this world. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING
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