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2023.06.03 04:14 Top_Freedom1343 MY FRIEND AT THE STRIP CLUB

I was really irritated with my good friend (Peter) this past Memorial Day weekend when both of us went to Scottsdale, Arizona just for fun.
I was irritated when, after Larry June's concert, both he and I went to a strip club because we had nothing else to do. To cut a long story short, we were in the strip club for nearly 2 hours. I wanted to leave, but I wanted to scout for one lap dance before he and I left. Guess what? He took out his phone and began taking a video of the TV in front of us. I'm not sure if there were any poles in between. But it just irritated me because when I asked him if he was posting to his Instagram story, he said, "I am only posting the TV so there is no way your girlfriend would know," but in my head I was thinking, it's common sense not to when my girlfriend follows you on social media. I'm just wondering if my friend is breaking the bro code because I'm in a relationship. Second, you're not supposed to pull out your camera in this situation, but he did. I spoke with him the next morning and told him that bringing out your phone and taking a video is not permitted in the strip club. My friend Peter said "I only had my phone up for 2 seconds." I'm not sure if you get my point, but if my gf found out I was at the strip club, I'd be in big trouble. But doesn't that seem obvious to him? This friend Peter broke up with his girlfriend for a year and a half, and I'm not sure if he was aware of my situation or not.
Another issue was that he kept shaking his leg a lot...I'm not sure why. When he shakes his leg on the couch while we're watching an NBA game and I'm eating my dinner, it irritates me. I didn't say anything, but I just stared at him, hoping he gets it. Another time, when we arrived at the airport, he was shaking his leg again, and I felt like I was on a roller coaster as his leg continued to shake.
On another occasion, we went clubbing in Scottsdale, and he brought out his phone to record, which he obviously posted on his social media (instagram). When my girlfriend saw the story, she asked, "Are you dancing on any girls?" I told her no. However, the angle makes it appear as if I was dancing on them because there were two girls in front of me. After I told him about the incident in which my girlfriend thought I was dancing on girls, he deleted his story the next morning. After that trip, I returned home to my girlfriend, who said I was suspicious because this friend named Peter deleted the story immediately, but I had nothing to hide. Because I've never danced with a girl. But, boy, all of this social media stuff is just causing unnecessary problems - People on Reddit, I'd like to know what you think and if you could give me some advice on this friend. I only have one friend, and it is he about whom I am constantly speaking. No one else.
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2023.06.03 04:13 Weak_Independent_821 this is a photo of me and my good man Richard out for a good old cup of coffee, thought the sub would enjoy! apologies for not showing my face, I have a cold and look horrid as of right now

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2023.06.03 04:12 hauntedoptionals Spotted smth cool!

Spotted smth cool!
Took the fun route home from work since it’s Friday and passed this sweet dude! Was cool to see one driving around! Made me smile. (Sorry for quality - screenshot of corner of dashcam 😅)
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2023.06.03 04:12 mxfs Ridiculous medical command instructions/requests

I'm working on a presentation for emergency medicine residents (of which I am one now) about EMS. Most of my colleagues don't have EMS experience, but they all either are or soon will be answering the command phone/radio. What are the most ridiculous things that medical command has told you to do? Please give me your stories... I have a few of my own, but I have 30 minutes to fill and the more good material I have, the better.
Also, if there's anything serious that you think new EM docs should know about EMS, please pass that along, as well. I was a medic for 10+ years, but I've been out of the field for a little while now, so your help would be wonderful!
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2023.06.03 04:12 Dramatic-Web-5085 Further update - living a nightmare

Original post here -
It’s not been very nearly 2 months since my son got injured in a freak accident. And it’s still not over. It’s still dragging on.
This past week I was charged by the police under the child and young persons act because it has been deemed that my actions caused harm to my child.
Very soon we have to go to a meeting with social services where they will decide on our future. On wether or not my kids are placed on a child protection register.
I still cry multiple times a day, social work have made me so paranoid that even our 5 year old is getting nervous, and I don’t see how the damage caused to my family and myself will ever be repairable.
I have never know stress and worry like this, I don’t sleep well anymore, I hardly eat, I’ve lost a tonne of weight, I don’t smile or laugh, the joy I used to find in things has gone, and my self worth is in the toilet.
I guess I more needed to ramble to someone, anyone, who isn’t with me everyday.
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2023.06.03 04:12 momoenagisa Being kept at home by parents who believe I’ve been brainwashed for wanting to move out

This is going to be a long one, but I (24) have been trying to move out since I was 18. Every time I’ve tried to leave, my parents have interrogated me for hours, degraded me, and told me I’ve been brainwashed and they need to fix me.
They constantly tell me I’m unable to take care of myself and can’t leave. My dad has threatened to do anything to keep me from leaving them, including calling the cops on anyone who tries to come near the house and pick me up. Unfortunately, no one in my life will help me leave anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Uber and lyft also won’t come out where I live, since there’s no drivers in the area. We live about an hour from any cities or towns in the middle of nowhere. He claims that this is what any good parent would do and if anyone does try to help me, I’m a horrible person for pushing him to do something he’ll regret later. He growls at me during these interrogations and lowers his voice until it sounds almost like something completely inhuman. He just stands over me or puts his hand on my thigh. I know he wants to hit me, but he knows I’ll call the cops. It’s the only thing stopping him at this point.
My car is also in my dad’s name. It was given to me when I started college, but he refuses to sign it over to me, because if I leave with it he can report it stolen and have me forcibly brought back. The car is practically its own story, since I wasn’t allowed to drive until I was 21. I wasn’t allowed to get my learner permit until I was around 18, and I was only allowed to get it because he charter school I was attending needed it to verify my ID before I took my SAT. It’s important to mention that I was put into an online school when I turned 11 and kept locked in a house until I was 18. That’s a very big part of the story that I’m going to glance over now. Any time I would try to drive, my mom would start screaming and lock herself in rooms or give me the silent treatment for months or call me screaming that I hate her and don’t understand what it’s like to have a child or get my dad to stop me. She had a habit of saying things like “Why do you like hurting me? Why do you like doing this to me? Why do you like worrying me and making me sick?” during these episodes. She still says these exact same things, but about me living in an apartment or moving out. When I was finally allowed to drive, they used a tracking device (really) to keep up with where I was. However, my mom would get in the car with me for the first year, and only stopped because of a massive fight we had after she grabbed the steering wheel and almost made me crash the car. When I started driving alone, my mom would accuse me of being at people’s houses because the tracker would glitch often (it wasn’t very high quality), and send me screenshots of it accusing me of trying to leave them. My dad would step in and threaten to cancel my insurance and report the car stolen, even though I honestly hadn’t done anything.
I was recently awarded an opportunity for an art residency where I would have been allowed to live in a gallery and focus solely on creating for 3 months without needing to get a job. My housing would have been paid for. I had been planning to leave since last year, but every time I tried to leave the house to get to the airport and fly down to the location, my parents would interrogate me and physically stop me from leaving. I would try to reschedule my leave, and they would just keep doing it each time. Both of them are at home most of the time, so I couldn’t really sneak out, though I wish I had tried to looking back on it. My biggest fear was they would destroy or burn my belongings that I couldn’t take with me and legal documents I couldn’t get to. (They burned my brother’s belongings once and saw it as a great parenting moment. Essentially, they burned everything that was most important to him while my mom prayed in tongues over the fire. He was 18.) The strain from trying to leave and failing each time eventually blew through my savings, and I had to contact the gallery and cancel the trip. The gallery hasn’t spoken to me since, so there’s probably not a chance they’ll let me try again later. I was looking forward to it because I thought since it was states away from where I am that I could finally get out, or that someone would finally help me leave, but that obviously wasn’t the case.
I had been working at my university as a graduate assistant, but I had to cut back my hours. I was making $200 every 2 weeks, but when I had a job in retail that paid more, I was treated kind of terribly by the university and told to quit my job if I wanted my degree. There were no accommodations made for graduate students in my field who had jobs. Most of the other grads either had someone supporting them or were married, but I didn’t have that. No one could understand why I couldn’t just quit, even after I tried explaining my financial situation to them, and eventually I caved and took on a GA position. I regret it, because I had nothing left by the end of things. I was also having to commute because of the issues with my parents not letting me move out, and my route was a 2 hour round trip. Most of my paycheck went to just paying my gas millage. Another student at the university needed a place to stay temporarily (they’re rich) and someone gave them a place to stay without a second thought. I had been begging for help and telling people about what was happening to me, but no one wanted to give me a play to stay, even people I was close to who were looking for roommates. If anything, it made them feel uncomfortable that I was dealing with the situation and they didn’t want to be part of it. Most of the people I went to school with, including professors, know this is happening. I tried to seek out housing on my own, but even though my credit score was high enough, none of the jobs I worked paid the amount they wanted. Most if not all of the places within a 50 mile radius of me want 2x to 3x the rent price per month as income. I’ve never been able to make that between balancing work and school. My only option was to find a co-signer. No one will co-sign for me. All my mom’s family believes she’s a saint and I’m abusing her, and all my dad’s family hates anyone associated with my dad, including me. My brother wouldn’t help either, even though he’s in his 30s and dealt with the same treatment from our parents. He’s extremely religious and believes he would be disrespecting them and offending god if he helped me.
I’ve dealt with it for so long, I try to keep up hope that I’ll get out soon but I know that’s not true. I wanted to get out before I was 25, hoping I could at least enjoy my mid twenties, but it’s just not going to happen. The nearest shelter is extremely unsafe, but I know I’m probably going to end up homeless and lose everything at this point if I want to leave. I’ve just lost all hope.
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2023.06.03 04:12 funky_fella_ I(18m) still love my ex(18f) and want to reconnect but I'm unsure of how to approach the issue.

(Trigger warning: SH/suicide)
Background information: Eva (fake name) and I are both 18 now but were dating from the age of 16 and have been friends for a few years outside of that. I (and my family) have a bit of a history of mental health problems that have been a large part of my life through my childhood and adolescence, especially since lockdown and the whole remote learning thing, and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder along with adhd and asd.
A few years ago I met Eva, and something seemed to just click. Although we were both still very young and romantic relationships were a thing for the far future, there was just an immediate connection and we became great friends very quickly. After about 3 years of friendship with a little flirting mixed in, I finally worked up the courage to ask her out. To my surprise, she said yes immediately (I imagine she had been waiting for a while).
Things started off strong and we were growing closer and closer over time, we did everything and I was happier than ever. At some point during summer last year my mental health started to worsen. Eva tried to be there for me and was always so supportive of me. However, I refused to seek or accept any help from the people around me or therapy. Although I didn't realise it then I was driving a wedge between us. This became especially clear in September when we returned to school, my attendance dropped and because of this I was spending less and less time with Eva and when we were together I was cold and withdrawn. I noticed that we were spending less time together and I made an attempt to fix things but I think I ended up making it all worse as I became very clingy because I was scared to lose her. Along with this, my increasing self-harm and our approaching mock A levels were driving stress through the roof for both of us.
At the start of November, less than a week before exam leave, I was saying goodbye to Eva as I left her outside her house when she suddenly turned very serious and told me that we should break up. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. After a few long seconds of silence I asked her if we could just not do this now and talk about it properly another time but she had made up her mind. That was the longest walk home I've ever experienced. Nothing quite felt real, almost like I was dreaming. I got home and went straight to my room without talking to anyone and just sat for what felt like hours doing nothing, not even thinking. I just sat there staring out the window. Eventually I got my phone out and texted her, I put my heart and soul into that message explaining as best I could how I felt about her, how I was trying to get better and just how much I loved her. But she was adamant. She said that she was just stressed by exams and wanted to focus on herself, but unfortunately I know her too well and I could tell that I was the problem. I of course don't blame her. i don't think anyone wants to date a depressed suicidal time bomb that could go off at any point. But that didn't make it hurt any less and my self harm got significantly worse. In the week following I managed to distract myself by compulsively revising for the upcoming mocks which was pretty successful.
After the exams when school routine returned, I fell apart. With nothing to sufficiently distract me I was practically unable to think of anything other than Eva. I was in school for a few days and it quickly became too much. I could hardly get out of bed let alone go to school. I was in a downward spiral and I was getting worse and worse every day. Eventually it became too much and I snapped. In early December I attempted to end my own life. I won't go into details here because it's still a touchy topic for me. During this ordeal I sent a final goodbye message to Eva saying that I still loved her and I was sorry for how things ended. I eventually passed out and was awoken by my family and promptly went to the hospital where I was glued up and placed under watch. I stayed there for a few nights before I was let go after agreeing to start therapy. I was then diagnosed with depression and anxiety and started taking antidepressants.
I have since been on a journey to try and get better I've made an effort to do more things for myself such as picking up guitar again which is something I've always been passionate about but I hadn't been doing as much in the last year I've also started taking my dog to training which has got me out of the house and doing some exercise. I haven't, however, been in school much and my attendance has been at an all time low which obviously isn't great now that I'm doing my A levels but I've managed. I've also finally started talking therapy which took a hot minute to actually happen (thanks NHS and CAMHs). I'm lucky enough to have very supportive parents that have helped me along the way. I've even managed to largely be SH free since the incident, largely thanks to anything remotely sharp being locked in a safe, but I'll take the win. Throughout all of this though, the one thing I haven't been able to talk about is Eva and my relationship with her. My parents and therapist are aware of this and aren't pushy about it, but I know I'll have to confront it at some point. The thing is, I still love her. I still spend hours thinking about her, I still see her in my dreams. And every time I see her all these feelings come rushing back. the anger at myself, the emptiness i feel without her, and how happy she made me.
I guess I just need an outside view. Do I tell her how I feel? Do i just forget and move on? I feel either way I have to apologise for what I put her through and what a horrible person I must have been to be around. I don't know if I have any chance of rebuilding what we had but even if there's the smallest chance I feel I need to try. I need advice on how I should approach this. If at all, please help. And don't hit me with the 'your so young it just seems like a big deal' this isn't just a romantic relationship but also a great friendship that I greatly miss.
TLDR: following a breakup and my attempted suicide i still have feelings for my ex and want to reconnect but dont know how or if I should
(sorry for the grammar I'm a little stupid)
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2023.06.03 04:11 ParkingLotParks I Was Harassed Outside My House

I live in Utah. I specifically live in a progressive community apartment complex. People have all sorts of pride flags hung in their windows, there are protect trans kids, blm posters, abortion finder flyers up all over. I feel safe in my complex for the most part.
For context, the complex is situation between a gas station and a Fiz. Fiz is one of the many fountain drink drive thru chains that are advertised to Mormons who can’t drink coffee or tea for their caffeine intake so they instead cannot live without soda. I took my dog out to go potty one afternoon though. I get out my door and onto the grass latch by my parking space and I heard a boy yell “Kill Your Self F****t”
I don’t pass so I know I look like a woman right now, I’ve just gotten my first gender affirming haircut and it’s not shorter than a bob would be. It is so strange because after the fear of being screamed at so vulgarly, and taking the long way back inside so they don’t know where I live, I also felt dysphoric. I knew they saw me as a lesbian when I am actually just masc presenting and married to a man. I took note of the car and saw that there were 5 men of all ages in the car.
After this I’ve been more diligent about my safety, but it’s getting worse. I am getting harassed all the time. People who drive on my street will make a point to honk, stare, make a very dramatic face of disgust or mockery at me. I didn’t think I was even visibly trans yet. I feel like this is the repercussions of unsafe laws and rhetoric. I know women who look like me and are cis and straight. I worry for myself and others with everything getting so hateful.
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2023.06.03 04:11 Glad-Conference-5229 raised an ipad kid and I don’t know whether to blame myself or my parents. either way I feel like I missed out on life and it’s too late to make up for it.

A few weeks ago I was talking with my parents about struggling to find the motivation to talk to people. They proceeded give each other “the look” and it hurt me. It makes me realize how often I was judged before I was told what to do.
I was virtually raised by my iPad and was never encouraged to do any extracurriculars so I was a very lonely and unathletic child, most of my childhood memories consist of YouTube videos. I didn’t get much active parenting in the socialization part of my childhood, it was just “go out there and do whatever as long as you get good grades”. I really wish they would’ve gave me a push for anything besides grades.
I remember in middle school, my mother was pissed off one day and finally started yelling at me about how I just sit and do nothing. It didn’t really help me do anything at all though, nobody encouraged me to and at that point I was already in a major depression. All I would do was read manga online and daydream, sometimes I started to look at gore just to feel something, I had a raging porn addiction (still somewhat do) and couldn’t look at anyone in real life.
I’m damn near 20 now and I’ve recovered, I have a lot of hobbies of my own now, but I’m still incredibly socially awkward from my lack of childhood friends and experiences. I can’t pick up on common sense and I have a very awkward personality. I’m very distant from the rest of my family. My classmates seem to have a lot of friends and I’m still just off to the side despite my efforts. I don’t even use media that much anymore, I’ve been limiting my screen time ever since I was 16. I have a lot of interests and skills I’ve learned but I still feel like my lack of experience is killing me.
It’s like I’m a lost cause. My siblings don’t have this issue, they also weren’t given as much device freedom as me. I feel like less, so inferior to everyone else, like my brain is forever numbed from that shit critical period of mine.
Sometimes I like to age regress to feel like I’m making up for the childhood I didn’t have, playing with Barbies and looking at old kids makeup kits and pretending I’m with other girls and actually talking to them. That never really happened in my childhood to me but the idea of it relaxes me a lot.
I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just think I’m like overgrown child now and it makes me feel sad knowing how much more socially intelligent everyone else is.
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2023.06.03 04:11 neeneemarie This is the biggest case of butt hurt I have ever seen 🤣🤣 Also what dumba** states "I don't lie" and then puts "allegedly" after that 🤣🤣 World renowned journalist. I've got my popcorn for this manic shit show 🍿

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2023.06.03 04:11 julialima31 [FOR HIRE] Open For commissions! profile for $30! If you're interested, just send me a dm! I do it from a photo.

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2023.06.03 04:11 Khoa475 My Pixel 7 Bricked Itself

So I just decided to opt out of Android Beta today and installed the normal version from system update.
When I get to the setup process, everything look normal, but then, during the file transfer process, I plugged it in with my Pixel 3 XL which I use to store photos, and then the app start to check, and then it said the cable is disconnected, which is not true.
After a few tries, I switch to another cable (connect to the 3XL), but it keep going, and after I tried it again with a lightning - usb c with an iphone.
It still doesn't work, so I decided I should do a factory reset, and after I finish, it somehow got even worse.
The setting app now randomly stopped working when I'm trying to do the setup, and when I try both options (not transferring, and transferring through cable or wireless) it keep prompting me to confirm it over and over again, until it stop working.
Does anyone know how to fix this (normal or through the bootloader). Any help will be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 04:11 somejobautist How should I answer my interview questions, considering I have an awkward and specific situation?

6 months ago I worked for a short time at a somewhat upscale restaurant. It was the best job I've ever had in my life and I absolutely loved the environment there and the people I worked with aside from the problems I'm about to dig into here.
I ended up getting let go from this job-- I was a slow learner, and I got let go on performance. I loved my manager and he promised to give me a good review for whatever jobs I look at next, because he said he thought I was a good person. He is the kindest, most thoughtful manager I have ever worked for. When they were letting me go, I asked if I would be able to apply again, and he said yes in 6 months. He was also telling me how optimistic he was that things would work out.
Shortly after leaving the job, my car key went missing, which I have a hunch was due to my S.O.'s mother, but sadly we had no security cameras or proof, so we couldn't just have the cops go to the house looking for the key. Instead I spent a good 5 months unemployed, my S.O. saved up to get my car towed and keys made, all the while we were struggling financially and this all lead up to now- I now have a court date for overdue insurance in June and my license is suspended, and my S.O.'s car just got repoed TODAY!! Needless to say it's been a shitshow.
I absolutely loved the environment I was working in before, and I desperately need a job at the same time (obviously). Since I officially hit the 6 month mark on the 1st, I applied to the place again. I immediately got rejected from the location I worked at. I then applied to another location and got a call to interview tomorrow right after sending the application.
Should I hide the fact that I haven't worked since? On the resume I sent in I listed the establishment as the last place I'd worked, which showed it was 6 months ago, so I was honestly surprised they called.
Ever since getting the keys dealt with again, I technically did recently accept an offer at a place in a near management position which I left after a week of training because I was seeing some red flags that turned out to be PROVEN TRUE 🙃 Such as I still haven't been paid and it's been 3 pay periods now, even though I left, and legaladvice advised to to file a wage complaint.. so who knows what I would have endured there.
Should I mention that I got this position since the title may be impressive? Or is it best to shut my mouth that I had a job that I left that soon?
Now, inevitably they are going to ask me what happened the last time I was at the restaurant. Well, buckle in and get ready to hear a little workplace drama: I was a slow learner at first, i admit it. Once I got the hang of things, though, I REALLY got it, and it honestly was the easiest job in the world to me, and I LOVED doing it when everybody wasn't on my ass. Unfortunately, since I had prior frustrated my coworkers, it got to a point where even when I was doing light-years better, I would still have coworkers be on edge with me and always excessively checking to make sure I had things done, even after I had shown that I had my stuff down pat for a while now. 2 of the coworkers, the most on my ass ones, quit, and the manager assured me it wasn't because of me, but I feel that was a lie because I told them I don't work well under guilt or pressure. Basically I had a day where I broke down to my manager in the office, hysterical crying, telling him that I know how to do things now and that nobody's noticed, and he said that many did and many did not.
Once those 2 were out, I was left with the last coworker I'd be around regularly- and it was this girl who was bitter from being paid $1 less from the rest of us. I KNEW she was going to take this opportunity to be just as on my ass, if not more, than the last two, and honestly, I just didn't have the mental fortitude to deal with it. I don't do well for social games, I don't have the heart for it, and if someone is going to try to frame me for something, I have a bad habit of just letting it happen to get it over with. The girl was already snipping and it's been too long to remember specifics at that point, but I knew she was looking for any wrong thing I did to tell my manager. I wasn't planning on doing anything wrong and I wasn't doing anything wrong, but I had had enough, I felt genuinely just sad, heartbroken that this all had transpired and I didn't have the energy to play workplace drama games with this girl, it's genuinely just not something I like doing. I felt shattered, and terrible that my coworkers quit and it boiled down to the last underpaid girl who I actually liked LESS than the 2 who were most on my ass. Those two girls were actually good girls and I thought they had great allover personalities, I just wished they had cut me some slack once I got used to things. I really had a love-hate relationship with them. But prior to any of this happening, this same underpaid girl had made it known to coworkers that she was already upset with the job and bitter, she had an attitude about it and compared it to working at mcdonalds, but none of this was EVER within management's sight that I'm aware of. So they had no idea that this girl I was now left with has been moping around bitter and not taking this job seriously and always ready to quit and be mad at anything they ask her to do due to her pay for a while now. Thats why I lost my ability to play this game so quickly-- she was very visibly eager to try to dimish my every effort from the jump once the two coworkers left and she felt she had me all to herself and had leverage now, and could easily outsmart and outbeat me. I don't even remember what it was, but I snapped and told her I had covid (I didn't), because I knew she would freak out and ask not to be scheduled with me. I was suspended for 3 days because I caused such an upset with the covid comment and then returned to work. I figured once I said that I'd get in trouble but then it would blow over, and I was hoping they wouldn't schedule me with her any more, since they had just brought in a guy from another department to what my position was and he was REALLY good and I absolutely loved working with and learning from him. So after my 3 days, I go in for my next scheduled shift and I see I'm working with her again, even though I had sent a hotschedule message asking to be scheduled with the guy. Which my manager said was fine, but I couldn't do anything about the already posted next 2 weeks on the schedule, it just isn't a workplace where they will alter it. So once I see her I decided to whip out all of my work in the first hour, and I DID. I went complete horsepower mode and knocked out my whole shifts of work in the first hour, and went and laid down in the back for a second. I knew I may get in trouble for laying down, but I just wanted it to be over. I was exhausted as I had been up all night because a manipulative family member had an episode for the first time in a long time of not having one, waking me up when I needed to sleep for my shift. So when I knocked out all of my work in that one hour, I gave her NO room to talk to me. She was very obviously upset that I wasn't consulting her every 2 seconds and I didn't want to deal with this- it had me kicking my ass into gear to complete all that work so hard, but I knew this was the last time I could deal with this. I broke. So I decided to kind of ask for trouble a second time, after the whole lying about covid ordeal, and kind of laid down in the back.. somewhat on purpose, and somewhat because I was actually tired, because I knew this may be thr last straw where I get fired, and I just wanted it to all be done and over with, I was so sad, I just didn't want to have to work in such a degrading way like this where I am forever indebted to everyone and I have to prove my worth at 100X speed and be the picture perfect worker there, when I was already doing GOOD at that point. Alas, that was the last straw and it was over. And to be fair, just being a slow learner wasn't my only problem. Okay, I'm just going to be honest now. I learned at a decent pace, but my two ACTUAL biggest mistakes were that 1.) I have chronic pain and didn't disclose when I interviewed that I need to be home at a certain time in the evening (9/930 latest) to take a medication that impairs my driving, else I have trouble walking and it really slows me down. 2.) I projected my OCD onto the company and purposely overlapped the floors, making them think I was just a slow learner 😬😬 I did this with employee bathrooms as well. I also sprayed down spots of the employee bathrooms we weren't expected to spray down and was in fact told at first that we're NOT supposed to clean those parts, which gave me the ick and I would secretly spray those parts because they would be common/basic parts. Come to find out later that new guy said that's actually how we WERE supposed to do it.. anyways, at the end of the day during bathroom duties I wouod already be slowing down due to my pain to begin with since my medication wasn't getting into my body at the appropriate time, and on top of THAT, my slowing down was even worse because I was sneakily cleaning these parts of the bathroom that everyone would scold you for cleaning because it took too much time. So therenow you know the truth, i was contemplating just baring it all, so there it is. How in HEAVENS am I to explain this tomorrow? Since the manager said he would give me a good reference anywhere, should I assume he is also going to do that for me to the same restaurant of another location nearby? I am scared of putting my foot in my mouth, because what if I TL;DR the truth for them or tell them that I was bad, only for the manager to say I was great, and then it looks weird and I don't get hired, or, what if I lie and tell them I was great but the manager tells THIS place the truth, since it is the same chain? Basically what if his offer to give me a good reference only extends to external places unassociated with the company? Since I was rejected IMMEDIATELY after sending the resume into my prior location, I worry that the restaurant may hear the entire lowdown on what's happened. How should I navigate this? Another thing is now that the one car is suspended and one is repoed as of today, my S.O. and I are living with a relative, so that relative has to drive us around, so I'd have to leave around 4:30-5pm until he can get the car back, or until I pay my insurance AND get the okay from the state that I am officially unsuspended, because he needs toe dropped off at work around 6-630, he works graveyard. Basically the relative would have to drop me off to work, come and get me with him when I'm off my shift, and drop him off (I doubt she would let him use the car alone). Unless I'm thinking about this wrong, which I admit, my mind is currently overflooded and overwhelmed with what to do.
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2023.06.03 04:11 Iron_Shou Radar Tower map edge bug (the planet shape)

Radar Tower map edge bug (the planet shape)
I have been loving this game and have sunk many hours into it! However, after running into this bug may never feel the same way again. There is this bug where if you put a radar tower near the map edge its "zone of discovery" bleeds over to the other side. All of this is marked in red in the photo. This is obviously totally game breaking as it implies a round planet in satisfactory. The in lore planet shape is obviously supposed to be that of constructor.
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2023.06.03 04:10 Both-Importance-9938 please i need advice or some insight on this. the story you’re about to read is insane. i just want to know the chances of my police report proceeding

F(21) back in march on the 23rd i went over to my M(24) ex boyfriend’s place and stayed the night. he was planning on helping me change my oil in the morning. i had brand new 5qts of oil and an oil filter waiting in my trunk. my ex and i are super close considering each other best friends, we did mess around here and there still so there was that fwb aspect but there was alot more to it than just that. We broke up in October of 2022 (it was mutual so we could focus on ourselves) and shorty after that he was filling the void of loneliness by sleeping with a few girls including me still. One of them happened to be a complete psychopath. this girl he met grew a deep hatred for me and huge obsession for him. in the beginning she was stalking me on social media, i would see her name viewed my story and even accidentally liking my photos. It got so bad i had to block her and then i started seeing views from weird random accounts and even her SISTER. it got creepy and weird really quick, she was even stalking him but this time IN PERSON! she had his location too at the time and then he was started to get paranoid as well. he obviously kept her around cuz of the benefits of her having money and always buying him shit and another chick to fuck of course cuz men love their variety amiright? (i don’t judge i’m open) anyway long story short it built up to me waking up the next day from that night to my ex texting her fuming telling me she fucked with my car. I walk over and see the two drivers side tires slashed from what looked like knife indents, keyed all around from the knife as well i assume from how deep scratches were, and the worst of all pouring that 5 qts of oil i had in my trunk all over the interior, radio, seats, vents, everything was drenched and covered in oil. along with stealing my new oil filter…my car was behind a locked gate and unfortunately my dumbass didn’t lock my car, but she still managed to trespass my ex’s property through a different gate that was accidentally left unlocked that night. i used to be an uber eats driver so that really screwed me over financially, i have really bad mental and physical health issues that prevent me from keeping a regular job. the car estimate from all the damage was over $11k and she still owes me $500 for the damages my insurance didn’t cover. i made the police report immediately and now have a detective but it’s been really hard getting ahold of him. the last time i did talk to him i gave him evidence of an audio recording of my ex talking to her on the phone about it and her admitting to it, along with a screenshot from his phone of her admitting to doing it as well. so far i haven’t heard any updates and it’s been two months since i’ve submitted the evidence, my case still isn’t in their system either…i know its typical to be a long process but i’m still very concerned and anxious about this, i want her to face jail for what she did i literally had to get a new used car cuz the damage was that bad. restitution and jail is what sounds fair to me. i’m basically just asking for advice or insight from anyone that’s had any experiences similar to this or redditors who work in law or crime business, please it would be a big help! thank you for reading.
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2023.06.03 04:10 Written_Wishes Ideas for celebrating pride alone at home? How to feel like you’re part of the community when you can’t be?

Hey everyone! :)
Unfortunately for me (31F and bi), I’m ill and housebound and have been for a decade now.
It’s sadly going to be a while yet before I have fully recovered and can go out and take part in the world, or go to pride events/meet and hang with other lgbt+ people. (Plus where I live has nothing here. It’s not a hateful place, just too small to have its own parades and stuff.)
I always feel a bit flat and sad around pride month due to this and was hoping some of you might have some cool ideas I could do to feel included, even from a sheltered distance?
I feel a bit lonely lgbt wise, and I’d love ways to make pride month feel more like a fun time/holiday feel, instead of just another boring day in my house. Having some queer friends would help, but my situation means I can’t find any haha!
Due to my circumstances, I’m out to only one family member and only for almost 1 year.
I’d like to create a new memory, or do something to make the occasion special, and actually feel some Pride y’know, cause being stuck inside the house makes me feel like I’m “hiding” who I am still if that makes sense?
Hope it does, it’s nearly 3am here! Excuse any typos. I own a little pride flag I got the day I came out, and a commemorative pride 50 years coin but that’s it.
TLDR; Super disconnected from pride due to ill health and would love tips to feel like it’s an event, and mark the occasion.
Stay safe everyone! :)
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2023.06.03 04:10 Sweetlobsterbaby My husband spent $200 on onlyfans

Disclaimer: This will probably be a long one as this is not his first occurrence. I've held onto this and need to get it out. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I have been married to my husband for a year and known each other for 3 years. So like the title says I (f23) found out my husband (m24) spent $200 on OF in one month. The amount is surprising in itself and it began the day of our anniversary. We have had multiple discussions about stuff like this. Last year he had screenshots of other women on his phone (roughly 50 in total) for "when I'm not there". My husband is in the military, so he is gone for the field, rotation, training, etc. I asked him if it would be okay if I kept photos of naked men on my phone for when he leaves. He said he wouldn't like that and then deleted the photos. We discussed that I have no problem with him watching porn and its natural to need to do stuff, but the keeping it next to photos of me and it easily accessible is disrespectful to me.
It doesn't help that I struggle with depression and anxiety. Every time something like this happens, I can't help but wonder if he is actually attracted to me or if I'm being a good enough wife. I believe I am attractive and have had men hit on me while married (I work as a nurse, comes with the territory) yet I am always very apparent that I have a husband. However, the reassurance of being attractive to other men means nothing if my husband is searching for stuff elsewhere. When we first began dating, he kept making comments on my boobs and that he liked big boobs (I'm a DD so he was the first person to ever tell me they were small). We had a discussion on this, and it stopped. I began to feel more confidence in our relationship. We then dated for 2 years before getting courthouse married (military benefits and love are a heady combination). We planned to save up for a wedding ceremony as I had recently gotten my degree and would be making a decent pay as a nurse.
Well, a month into our marriage I found the photos mentioned above. About 2 months later his mom came to visit. She asked for us to send her some photos from our trip that were on my husband's phone. He gave me his phone to send them, and I went to his google photos. There right below the risqué photos I had sent him were screenshots of other women (I now recognize them as OF creators). I felt sick to my stomach but couldn't show it as his mom was right there. When we got home that night, I brought it up and he said that those were the same photos from before but that his google syncs everything and he just forgot to delete them there. I made it clear how very hurt I was and that I did not believe he just forgot about them. I told him it hurt so much to see my own body directly next to theirs and that I felt I was severely lacking.
About 6 months after that he had to leave for a month-long training and did not have access to his phone for 3 weeks. I found out that he had had a dating profile (plenty of fish, like really? of all the dating sites?) while he was on leave (two months before the marriage). He also had an OF account and had spent $80. I had to wait until he came home to bring this up to him and he promised nothing happened. He said he just wanted to see what type of women were in the area he was. I believed him because I really do love him and the thought that he cheated then came back and married me was sickening. I also told him that I find it disrespectful that he feels the need to spend $80 in a month to see other women. I made it clear I do not approve of OF. I understand free porn and don't mind it but paying is crossing a line.
Finally, we are caught up to present day. Where my husband has spent $200 on OF in a month. I do not know how to approach this. It feels like I keep having the same conversation over and over with him. He leaves in a month for a 9-month rotation, and I don't know if I can trust him. I worried if I bring it up, he will not stop and just be sneakier about it. What should I do? I do not want a divorce, but I feel so disrespected and underappreciated.
I try my best to be the best wife. I do all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. I have 3 12 hour shifts a week so I have more time to do so. I also like to take care of people and think its nice for him to come home and not have to worry about anything. However, with depression sometimes I have low libido. That means occasionally we only have sex once a week. I have a hard time not blaming myself, maybe if I went to the gym more or just had sex with him more?
For those of you wondering how I found out, he has 2 emails. We share finances. I have access to his emails, and he has access to mine. This is so that with shared financials we can see what payments are due, notifications, etc. We split bills and have a joint account as well as individual accounts. However, there are some bills still connected to individual accounts. When my husband leaves, I have to go to his email for his bank account sign in as I don't have it memorized. When I signed into his email there were emails from OF and the dating website.
TLDR: My husband has had multiple occurrences of porn/emotional cheating after many discussions of boundaries, and I am at a loss of what to do.
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2023.06.03 04:10 jessebrews22 Exterior Cat6 line for Camera cut too short

So long story short, i was finishing up a job for a client on a new contruction home. We pulled cat 6 for POE security cameras on yhe exterior of the home. However one of the lines were cut too short - The line cannot even reach the port in the camera (Luma 510 Turret Cams).
To make it worse the spray foam insulation practically glued the line in place so i cannot pull any slack for the life of me. Any suggestions on this? I was thinking of trying a keystone or coupler as a quick fix but it'll be way too bulky to fit inside the camera when it comes to mounting it in place.
I was thinking maybe splicing using B connectors (dolphins) as my last ditch effort - i know that can be tucked in the camera chassis no problem. Would this degrade overtime?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 04:10 quenap01 Reddit Accountants, please help me ace my upcoming interview!

I have been out of the field for the past 8 years (was offered a unique music director position that I could not pass up), and looking to jump right back in with a Senior Accountant role at a mid-sized corporation.
Had a chat with talent acquisition, and it went very well. But little was discussed about the actual job function. Got a virtual interview coming up with the hiring manager on Wednesday. In the email was a more descriptive job summary, and I’m a bit unclear what a few bullet points entail. Any info is most welcome!
Some background: I’m 43 undergoing a career change. Have a math degree, and spent 11 years as office manager and HR generalist, managing their books and handling all financial aspects of the business. I’m a very quick study, and fully confident I could learn whatever thrown at me.
The point I’m unsure of is this: • Maintain AGS system by rolling/reviewing new product costs, monitoring daily system transactions and correcting system errors.
What is an AGS system? And what does this job function entail? Anyone have some info?
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 04:10 3rdthrow Young people CAN’T be disabled!

I’m probably blowing this out of proportion but this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me.
Prepare yourselves for ageism and sexism, y’all.
I am trying to put gas in my car. The gas station I am at has handicap buttons where you can call an attendant to your car. This detail is important to the story.
I have a disorder where sounds are deeply painful, exposure to certain sounds can make the disorder, worse.
As I am going into the gas station to pay, this woman starts honking and shouting at me.
She is clearly just trying to get my attention but remember loud noises can make my disorder worse. So I yell that I am disabled and take off running into the gas station to get away from the sound.
Running into a gas station, isn’t normal behavior and the gas station attendant is used to seeing me around.
He asks me what is wrong.
I tell him that I have a hearing disorder that causes pain and that there is a woman who keeps honking at me.
The woman hobbles up to the door, clearly having difficulty walking.
She cracks open the door, doesn’t come inside and points an accusing finger at me.
By this time, there are three men in the gas station not including the attendant.
She shouts that she can’t walk and I need to help her.
“Ma’am, I’m disabled. I can’t help you.”
She ignores me.
There is something about her body language that implies that she feels entitled to my help, that I can’t describe.
Whatever, it was the gas station attendant didn’t like it. He left the counter (which I’ve never seen him do in all the years that he had work there) and physically put himself between the woman and myself.
“How can I help you, Ma’am?” He asked.
“SHE is SUPPOSED to help me!!!”
I’m thinking to myself, why me? What does this woman think is special about me?
Which is the moment, that I realize that I am the only woman.
I forgot that women are free labor.
So not only do I have to experience the ageism of, ‘I definitely don’t believe you are disabled because you are young’. I also have the lousy experience of this woman’s internalized misogyny.
All of which is unnecessary because of the bright blue button that had a handicap sign pointing to it, with the words ‘press if you need assistance’.
Honestly, if she hadn’t been acting like a lunatic, shouting and honking so that I couldn’t get near her. I would have pumped the gas for her. As helping people makes me feel more capable.
I’m a few hours since the incident and luckily no harm appears to have been done to my ears. The fuel of fear of her behavior worsening my condition was why I was so angry.
Also, this is the sixth time. I have told an older person that I was disabled and the response was basically, “no you are not you are just ignoring me and need to be taught a lesson”.
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2023.06.03 04:10 julialima31 [FOR HIRE] Open For commissions! profile for $30! If you're interested, just send me a dm! I do it from a photo.

[FOR HIRE] Open For commissions! profile for $30! If you're interested, just send me a dm! I do it from a photo. submitted by julialima31 to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 04:10 ParkingLotParks I Was Harassed Outside My House

I live in Utah. I specifically live in a progressive community apartment complex. People have all sorts of pride flags hung in their windows, there are protect trans kids, blm posters, abortion finder flyers up all over. I feel safe in my complex for the most part.
For context, the complex is situation between a gas station and a Fiz. Fiz is one of the many fountain drink drive thru chains that are advertised to Mormons who can’t drink coffee or tea for their caffeine intake so they instead cannot live without soda. I took my dog out to go potty one afternoon though. I get out my door and onto the grass latch by my parking space and I heard a boy yell “Kill Your Self F****t”
I don’t pass so I know I look like a woman right now, I’ve just gotten my first gender affirming haircut and it’s not shorter than a bob would be. It is so strange because after the fear of being screamed at so vulgarly, and taking the long way back inside so they don’t know where I live, I also felt dysphoric. I knew they saw me as a lesbian when I am actually just masc presenting and married to a man. I took note of the car and saw that there were 5 men of all ages in the car.
After this I’ve been more diligent about my safety, but it’s getting worse. I am getting harassed all the time. People who drive on my street will make a point to honk, stare, make a very dramatic face of disgust or mockery at me. I didn’t think I was even visibly trans yet. I feel like this is the repercussions of unsafe laws and rhetoric. I know women who look like me and are cis and straight. I worry for myself and others with everything getting so hateful.
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