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2023.03.22 17:45 ProfPennyPincher $LBNK.V - Developing Their Canadian Projects Rapidly

Lithium has been in extremely high demand over the past few years and that demand is only expected to continue. The Argentinian government recently stated that mining exports had hit a 10-year high due to the demand for lithium, as exports surged 234% in 2022 with no sign of a slowing trend. And with more battery plants set to be opened, such as the Volkswagen plant planned for Ontario, we’re going to need a lot more lithium.
With a ton of continued development, $LBNK.V is one of my favourites in the exploration stage lithium industry for a number of reasons.
Considering the current $42M valuation, it definitely places them in an interesting position considering that peers in the industry with nowhere near the lithium under $LBNK.V’s properties and are also far behind in development are valued higher. This is definitely a company to keep on the watchlist here as they continue to pursue DLE production.
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2023.03.22 17:44 ProfPennyPincher $LBNK.V - Developing Their Canadian Projects Rapidly

Lithium has been in extremely high demand over the past few years and that demand is only expected to continue. The Argentinian government recently stated that mining exports had hit a 10-year high due to the demand for lithium, as exports surged 234% in 2022 with no sign of a slowing trend. And with more battery plants set to be opened, such as the Volkswagen plant planned for Ontario, we’re going to need a lot more lithium.
With a ton of continued development, $LBNK.V is one of my favourites in the exploration stage lithium industry for a number of reasons.
Considering the current $42M valuation, it definitely places them in an interesting position considering that peers in the industry with nowhere near the lithium under $LBNK.V’s properties and are also far behind in development are valued higher. This is definitely a company to keep on the watchlist here as they continue to pursue DLE production.
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2023.03.22 17:43 ProfPennyPincher $LBNK.V - Developing Their Canadian Projects Rapidly

Lithium has been in extremely high demand over the past few years and that demand is only expected to continue. The Argentinian government recently stated that mining exports had hit a 10-year high due to the demand for lithium, as exports surged 234% in 2022 with no sign of a slowing trend. And with more battery plants set to be opened, such as the Volkswagen plant planned for Ontario, we’re going to need a lot more lithium.
With a ton of continued development, $LBNK.V is one of my favourites in the exploration stage lithium industry for a number of reasons.
Considering the current $42M valuation, it definitely places them in an interesting position considering that peers in the industry with nowhere near the lithium under $LBNK.V’s properties and are also far behind in development are valued higher. This is definitely a company to keep on the watchlist here as they continue to pursue DLE production.
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2023.03.22 17:32 Afairkill143 The Empress of Light (Terraria) vs Savathun (Destiny 2)

Two bug-like powerhouses fight toe-to-toe in a battle to see who is truly a goddess and who is not.
Savathun arrives to a random planet, alone without backup, and stumbles across multiple annoying and lesser creatures. Trying to understand them as much as she tries to destroy them, however, she decided to kill the wrong butterfly and summons the Empress of Light.
The Empress of Light senses an extremely hostile and dark force, so she begins to attack.
Savathun, being attacked, fights back to defend herself from the new creature.
Savathun cannot flee the planet, she must stay on the planet (she can enter her Throne World).
The Empress of Light can also enter her throne world (Empress of Light can infect and spread the Hallow in her Throne World).
Round 1: Nightime Empress of Light vs Savathun
Round 2: Daytime Empress of Light vs Savathun
Round 3: The Daytime Empress of Light does not lose her power when entering Savathun's Throne World.
Round 4: Nightime Empress of Light vs Savathun with the Light
Round 5: Daytime Empress of Light vs Savathun with the Light
Round 6: The Daytime Empress of Light does not lose her power when entering Savathun's Throne World (Savathun has the Light)
Win Conditions:
Whoever is left standing wins.
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2023.03.22 17:32 emorejahongkong Matt Orfalea: @publicintegrity's Iraq War False Pretenses database is finally coming back online

Matt Orfalea @0rf Tweet:
After over 2 yrs, the @publicintegrity Iraq War False Pretenses database is finally coming back online. Thank you all for sharing to make this happen!
I originally got no response for almost a year. So this absolutely would not have happened without your support over the last few days.
Matt Orfalea @0rf Mar 19:
Massive archive of Bush admin's Iraq War lies disappeared. “OOPS!” https://censorednews.substack.com/p/massive-archive-of-iraq-war-lies
I first asked CPI in May 2022 if they could explain what exactly happened and if there is any plan to bring back the archive. Last month, I followed up over the phone and email with still no response.
Github's page:
False Pretenses
A score-card of false statements by U.S. officials in the run-up to the Iraq war
Originally published Jan. 23, 2008:
Researchers at the Fund for Independence in Journalism sought to document every public statement made by eight top Bush administration officials from September 11, 2001, to September 11, 2003, regarding (1) Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction and (2) Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda. Although both had been frequently cited as rationales for the U.S. war in Iraq, by 2005 it was known that these assertions had not, in fact, been true.
The centerpiece of this project was an exhaustive, searchable, and robustly indexed database of all public statements on the two topics by President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House Press Secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan. These statements were painstakingly collected from the websites of the White House, State Department, and Defense Department as well as from transcripts of interviews and briefings, texts of speeches and testimony, prepared statements, and the like.
Also included were statements in the same two categories that appeared in major newspapers and on television programs, were part of public statements by other officials, or were contained in government studies or reports, books, and the like from September 11, 2001, to December 31, 2007. Secondary material from reports and books was included in the two-year database only in cases where specific dates were available. Other noteworthy material was included for context and completeness.
As a general rule, only the relevant excerpts of public statements have been included in the database; deleted material is marked “[text omitted].” (In a case of a lengthy press conference in which Iraq is mentioned only briefly, for example, only the relevant passage is included.) Where deleting text might have rendered the remaining material misleading or difficult to understand, longer passages were left intact. And in some cases public pronouncements of Bush administration officials that did not include direct statements were included if they provided useful context.
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2023.03.22 17:30 AutoModerator r/BWF - Daily Discussion Thread for March 22, 2023

Welcome to the bodyweightfitness Daily Discussion thread!
This is the place to post simple questions, anecdotes, achievements, or just about anything that's on your mind related to fitness!
Our Discord server is very active and is truly the heart of the community. It is not only a social space, but it is also a great place for live discussion on training and nutrition compared to the slow pace of reddit! Come say Hi!
If you'd like to look at previous Discussion threads, click here.
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2023.03.22 17:26 Castbound35 [H] Below [W] offers


Assassins Creed Valhalla

Cod: Cold War

Cod: Mw2 (2022)

Demon Slayer- Hinokami Chronicles deluxe

Elden Ring

Injustice 2 ultimate

Marvel vs capcom infinite deluxe

Mortal kombat 11 ultimate

Resident evil village


Sleeping dogs: definitive edition

Tekken 7 (all dlc)

Watchdogs: Legion

Wwe 2k22 cross gen
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2023.03.22 17:25 cranialnervous We may be shooting ourselves in the foot and hampering bitcoin adoption if we don't change course quickly

The recent uproar around changes to the UCC seems are the result of a fundamental lack of understanding of commercial law, and we may be shooting ourselves in the foot and hampering bitcoin adoption if we don't change course quickly.
Texas Blockchain Council, Bitcoin Today Coalition and Bitcoin Policy Institute are now coordinating to try to correct misperceptions being advanced by some in the bitcoin space around the impacts of recently proposed UCC amendments being voted on at the state level.
The crux of the UCC issue is very well laid out by Carla Reyes in her recently released paper: Emerging Technology's Unfamiliarity with Commercial Law - "Far from advantaging CBDCs, the 2022 UCC Amendments promote stability and predictability in commercial transactions involving cryptocurrency."
If you read nothing else in the paper, please focus on this paragraph. The bottom line is that these UCC amendments actually enshrine bitcoin's core tenets in state laws around the country, while doing nothing to advance CBDC adoption.
If you are going to reach out to your state legislatures, please read Carla Reyes's paper first and gain an understanding of the issue.
You can view Carla Reyes's paper online in your browser by following this link and I will also include a copy of her paper below.
Over the course of a three-year, collaborative process that was open to the public, the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) and the American Law Institute (ALI) undertook a project to revise the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to account for the impact of emerging technologies on commercial transactions. The amendments, approved jointly by the ULC and ALI in July 2022, touch on aspects of the entire UCC, but one change has inspired ire and attracted national media attention: a proposed revision to the definition of “money.” The 2022 UCC Amendments alter the definition of “money” to account for the introduction of central bank digital currencies, such as the Bahamian Sand Dollar, and create a separate asset classification category for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin — controllable electronic record. Opponents of this change state concern that the UCC seeks to “ban” cryptocurrency or otherwise advantage central bank digital currencies and disadvantage cryptocurrencies. This essay examines this dispute over the 2022 UCC Amendments, and argues that it stems from a misunderstanding of core commercial law concepts. Ultimately, it seems, diminishing familiarity with commercial law — a side effect of expanding reliance on emerging financial technology products — stands as a key obstacle to the enactment of a legal changes designed to give the objectors the very legal effects they desire.
Cryptocurrency stories of woe have dominated the news cycle since May 2022. Some of this news coverage reveals the general public’s lack of familiarity with commercial law concepts. For example, when a ruling in the Celsius bankruptcy determined that certain customer deposits belonged to Celsius, and, relegated customers to unsecured creditor status, the world generally seemed shocked. Well, everyone seemed shocked except commercial lawyers. Those lawyers familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its interaction with the Bankruptcy Code might have predicted such an outcome, and, indeed, had they been consulted, might have helped prevent it. Unfortunately, as the regular use of checks and other negotiable instruments dwindles in favor of emerging financial technology products, commercial law familiarity also diminishes.
In a somewhat twisted turn of fate, emerging technology’s unfamiliarity with commercial law now threatens the adoption of key commercial law changes designed to improve the use of emerging payment mechanisms in commerce. This essay examines the proposed 2022 UCC Amendments6 and recent claims that the Amendments seek to “ban” bitcoin and facilitate the adoption of a controversial asset called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The essay argues that such claims rest in a failure of emerging technology’s advocates to understand commercial law terms of art and the purposes they serve in the UCC. Far from advantaging CBDCs, the 2022 UCC Amendments promote stability and predictability in commercial transactions involving cryptocurrency.
Recent concerns that the 2022 UCC Amendments push a pro-CBDC and anti-bitcoin agenda9 stem from a deep cultural and value clash between proponents of bitcoin and proponents of CBDCs. By way of brief background, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency intrinsic to the Bitcoin network. Introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain protocol provides a mechanism for recording electronic transactions through a distributed adversarial network in which it is computationally impractical for any party or group to retroactively modify transactions. Bitcoin enables the cryptographic demonstrability and relative permanency of each digital transaction, facilitates direct peer-to-peer financial transactions without intervention by a third-party intermediary, and incentivizes network support and security by issuing new bitcoin, subject to a cap, according to pre-determined rules coded into the network. Bitcoin is a medium of exchange laden with a variety of values, including preferences for: deflationary monetary economics, privacy, autonomy, and freedom in financial transactions.
These values stand in stark contrast to many of the technical and cultural elements of proposals to create CBDCs. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB) defines CBDCs “as a digital liability of the Federal Reserve that is widely available to the general public.” Even while lauding potential benefits of CBDCs, such as convenience, safety, and liquidity, the FRB also expressed concern for potential negative effects. In particular, many worry that CBDCs will increase government financial surveillance, restrict financial autonomy, and potentially disincentivize savings, among other economic implications. Ultimately, as a result of these issues, the face-off between bitcoin and CBDCs acts as a battleground over important value and political differences.
While this value-laden and politically-tense debate over the nature of money and alternative payment mechanisms brewed, a variety of stakeholders began a completely unrelated, deliberative, and open process to amend the UCC considering the last decade’s technological advances. One key issue posed by emerging technology centered on improving the commercial law rules for digital assets such as bitcoin.
A variety of lenders secure loans using cryptocurrency as collateral. As early as 2014, commercial lawyers and scholars pointed out the potential limiting effect of existing UCC provisions for the negotiability of encumbered cryptocurrency. Under the existing UCC provisions, bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) is a general intangible. When a lender takes general intangibles as collateral for a secured loan, the lender may only perfect its security interest by filing a financing statement in the relevant filing office. As discussed in further depth below, bitcoin’s treatment as a general intangible caused two problems for those lending against bitcoin as collateral: (1) crypto-native lenders lacked an optimal method of perfecting bitcoin collateral, and (2) bitcoin users could only ensure they received unencumbered bitcoin by conducting a search in the Article 9 filing system.
First, crypto-native lenders expressed concern about filing financing statements for fear of reducing the privacy interests of debtors. Lenders worried that third-parties could ascertain when a debtor owned cryptocurrency (including, say, bitcoin) and had perhaps borrowed against it. Debtors sought more privacy than that. As a result, some lenders began taking “control” of the bitcoin collateral by, for example, taking the bitcoin into a wallet the lender controlled. While this was good for gaining access to the collateral upon default, under the existing UCC, that lender, without filing a financing statement with the relevant filing office, remained an unperfected secured creditor. Such status, of course, would pose a problem if the debtor defaulted to another, perfected, secured creditor, or if the debtor became insolvent and filed for bankruptcy. In either case, the crypto-native lender with control of the bitcoin but no filed financing statement would lose in a contest for the value of the bitcoin collateral to a secured party who filed a financing statement or to the bankruptcy trustee. Second, treatment of bitcoin as a general intangible imposed a severe limitation on the negotiability of bitcoin. An onward transferee of bitcoin could never be sure without searching the filing system whether the bitcoin they received was encumbered or not.
Many initially think the answer to the problem of treating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as general intangibles lies in making bitcoin “money” under the UCC. Under the UCC “money” receives treatment as super-negotiable; a recipient of encumbered money from a debtor takes it free of a security interest granted by the debtor. However, ultimately, this solution remains suboptimal. Making intangible bitcoin “money” for UCC purposes is problematic because a security interest in “money” can only be perfected by possession. Possession in the UCC is a physical, tangible concept. You must be able to hold a thing in your hands in order to possess it. So, if you make bitcoin “money” for UCC purposes, you make it impossible to perfect a security interest in bitcoin, which is worse for lenders than classifying bitcoin as a general intangible — at least as a general intangible, an actual way to perfect a security interest exists.
The 2022 UCC Amendments offer nuanced resolutions to these issues. First, the amendments create a new category of asset for UCC purposes (and for UCC purposes only). That category of assets is called a “controllable electronic record” (CER). A CER “means a record stored in an electronic medium that can be subjected to control under Section 12-105.” In an innovative move, the technology agnostic 2022 UCC Amendments defer to the technical system of the CER to determine what constitutes control as a technical matter, so long the person who has control obtains: (1) the power to enjoy substantially all the benefit of the CER; (2) the exclusive power to prevent others from enjoying “substantially all the benefit” of the CER; and (3) the exclusive power to transfer control of the CER.34 Notably, exclusivity is not lost if it is shared by agreement (or by technology — such as multi-signature arrangements).
This definition of “control” serves two purposes: (1) it serves a definitional purpose — namely, not all electronic records are CERs, just those capable of being subject to the defined term control, and (2) lenders who take cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, as collateral, may now perfect security interests by control.36 Indeed, the amendments make control the preferred method of perfection for CERs over filing. This, of course, is exactly what existing industry players had already been doing — just without the legal benefits they would have wanted under the existing provisions of the UCC. The 2022 UCC Amendments seek to bring the law up to speed with what bitcoin-native secured lenders thought was best all along. Additionally, the 2022 UCC Amendments provide that if a purchaser of a CER (such as bitcoin) is a qualifying purchaser, the purchaser will benefit from a take-free rule; the purchaser gets an unencumbered CER. In this way, treating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as CERs resolves the two prominent problems lenders taking bitcoin as collateral face under the existing UCC provisions.
Far from favoring CBDCs, the 2022 UCC Amendments seek to facilitate the negotiability of CERs such as bitcoin. Without such rules as the take-free rules, bitcoin and other CERs would be at a disadvantage to CBDCs in terms of negotiability. Instead, the 2022 UCC Amendments preserve the negotiability of bitcoin and other CERs in a way that should better enable individuals to freely transact in bitcoin without worry that they are taking the bitcoin subject to a secret lien. This represents an extremely important change to commercial law rule for the maintenance of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as freely transferable bearer-like instruments.
As the 2022 UCC Amendments were being drafted and debated, El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender. Arguably, El Salvador's move made bitcoin “money” under the existing UCC. Of course, this presents a problem because no lender can now perfect a security interest in bitcoin. Recall that “money” must be perfected by possession and possession is a concept for tangible things you can hold in your hands. The existence of intangible bitcoin as “money” does not fit within that model of perfection by physical possession. Further, some countries already developed CBDCs like the Sand Dollar. The Sand Dollar, as e-currency authorized by the Bahamian government, clearly falls under the UCC’s existing definition of “money,” leaving lenders with no way to perfect security interests in Sand Dollars or other CBDCs, because possession, as a physical concept simply does not work.
Further, as a form of legal tender, many expect CBDCs to integrate with the existing banking system, and the existing UCC rules already account for how to perfect in collateral like a deposit account (namely by control, defined in a different way). Notably, even El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin integrates with the existing banking system similarly to CBDCs. El Salvador implemented its adoption of bitcoin as legal tender through the Chivo wallet, a custodial wallet that does not give users control over their private keys. The 2022 UCC Amendments could have taken its cue from the El Salvador implementation and required that perfection of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency take place via a custodial wallet provider or deposit account. The 2022 UCC Amendments opted for a different approach. Namely, to address the likely integration of CBDCs with the existing banking system while also attempting to honor the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols like that found in bitcoin, the 2022 UCC Amendments kept the CER category for bitcoin and created a separate concept of “electronic money.”
“Electronic money” includes any “medium of exchange that is currently authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government,” but excludes “an electronic record that is a medium of exchange recorded and transferable in a system that existed and operated…before the medium of exchange was authorized or adopted by the government” (like El Salvador and bitcoin). Notably, this change does not preference CBDCs, but instead deals with unique issues. Namely, if electronic money is credited to a deposit account (which in UCC-speak means a bank account, and could include an account at a central bank), then the normal deposit account perfection rules will apply. If the electronic money collateral is not credited to a deposit account, then a security interest in electronic money could be perfected by control. As a practical matter, because of the nature of CBDCs, the default method of perfection in electronic money in practice will likely be by perfection of deposit accounts. It should come as no surprise, then, as to why treating bitcoin like “electronic money” and folding it into the definition of “money” would be sub-optimal. Namely, such treatment would likely encourage recentralization of bitcoin holdings through deposit accounts or intermediated securities accounts. Such recentralization would be a step in an incredibly wrong direction. Rather, enabling maximum party autonomy by allowing individualized control over a CER to act as a method of perfection for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies represents a more beneficial approach, as signaled by the fact that crypto-native secured lenders employed this approach before the 2022 UCC Amendments project began. The separation between “electronic money” and CERs, far from somehow favoring CBDCs, respects existing commercial practice and the decentralized nature of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
The worries raised about the UCC including CBDCs in the definition of “money” while excluding bitcoin center on a concern that other laws might copy the definition for other purposes. In this regard, the private law nature of the UCC plays an important role. The UCC is not regulatory in nature, and the definition of “money” in the UCC has no direct impact on the definition of “money” for other legal purposes such as in taxes, anti-money laundering, money transmitter regulations, security regulations, commodities regulations, or even which mediums of exchange serve as U.S. legal tender. The definition of “money” in the UCC serves a narrow commercial law purpose: to provide predictability and stability in commercial transactions relating to a specific type of medium of exchange. The unique and decentralized nature of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency require a different approach to enabling stable and predictable commercial transactions involving those assets.
The 2022 UCC Amendments seek to preserve the decentralized nature of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, enable secured lenders to enjoy legal benefits of their existing commercial practices, and by protect the negotiability of bitcoin by allowing onward transferees to take bitcoin and cryptocurrencies free of existing encumbrances. Without an understanding of the role that the definition of “money” plays in the UCC, however, bitcoin’s proponents may miss the opportunity to support a law that respects some of bitcoin’s core values. Although unfamiliarity with blockchain-related terminology often motivates sub-optimal legislation and regulatory schemes for cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and other emerging technology, this battle over the 2022 UCC Amendments stems from the opposite: unfamiliarity with commercial law among proponents of emerging technology. Emerging technology’s language wars, it seems, run both ways.
In the case of South Dakota, while the governor’s rhetorical response reflects well on her political judgment, this proposed bill does not, unlike the Governor and others claim, tilt South Dakota toward a CBDC purgatory. Nor does it restrict Bitcoin’s adoption. It’s actually bullish for Bitcoin.
How this misunderstanding has metastasized through political discourse — from state governors to Bitcoin-friendly Congressmen — deserves its own deconstruction, but I’ll leave that to others.
The bill in question — based on an update to the Uniform Commercial Code — not only expands definitions and protections for Bitcoin, but actually creates a legal mechanism for recognizing self-custody and for the protocol’s inclusion in traditional lending, insurance, and commercial transactions.
In a sense, it’s an upgrade to existing commercial law that would allow Bitcoin to be used as collateral for all future financial contracts. It’s “not your keys, not your coins” in commercial law.
Not only would this bill protect your Bitcoin in any commercial transaction, but it would also better define and protect ownership of your Bitcoin in a bankruptcy scenario like FTX, Voyager, or BlockFi.
More at https://www.btcpolicy.org/articles/in-attempt-to-stop-cbdcs-states-are-rejecting-ostensibly-pro-bitcoin-legislation
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2023.03.22 17:23 Jumplion What is the non-English equivalent to the phrase "Go from Point A to Point B"?

I was thinking about the order of the English alphabet and I remember learning about the history of how it came to be a while ago. This got me thinking, how to other languages organize their alphabets (or equivalent icons), and how does that effect certain sayings/idioms?
Are there equivalent sayings/idioms/jokes that involve the language's own alphabet rather than phonetically translating English, like "We need a plan B", "I am an alpha/beta/omega", "Make a U turn", "Wear this T-Shirt", "A-Grade eggs", "Down, down, down to the bottom of the 'C'" etc.... ?
Like, how would you translate the joke in "I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z" to, say, Korean? Or is it such an English-centric joke that it would require phonetic translation (as seen in this extremely rough Google translate)? I'm familiar with Hebrew being used to designate school grade, like "kita aleph" (.כיתה א/Grade Aleph/First Grade) as one example.
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2023.03.22 17:13 JohnWick464 Help with Elder financial abuse

I'm fairly certain my father has become a victim of elderly financial abuse.
I will try to cut the story as short as possible, but it will be a bit long. In 2021 my father had a stroke, he lived in my home prior to the stroke, due to vaccination mandates, I was unable to visit him in hospital, unable to take him to hospitals for his surgeries, as he got diagnosed with lung cancer during the same period, it was found while he was in hospital for the stroke, he spent 2 months in hospital and a female friend visited him often in the hospital during these 2 months, this female friend turned my father against most of his children. After he got out of the hospital, he stayed with me for 3 weeks and I took care of him, his sisters (my aunts) got involved with taking him to appointments and the hospital for his surgeries as again, I couldn't due to vaccine mandates.
They did not return him home, he stayed with my aunt for around 6 weeks for both operations, then they didn't tell me anything and just put him in an old aged home, due to mandates, I couldn't do anything, this was early 2022. During this period, this female friend had got access to his bank book and his keycard and the pin number to it, I couldn't find out any information, I tried talking to the age care home numerous times and said I wanted to discharge him and bring him home and take care of him, they refuse to tell me any information, stating that I was not the authorized person, they could not tell me any financial information, nothing, my brother has been in contact a lot with this female friend, I suspect he is an accomplice to the financial abuse taken place on my father. The aged care facility were also trying to talk me into stepping down with pulling him out by trying to offer cheaper packages and things also.
During the period of me trying to get him out of this aged care facility, his female friend kept accusing my aunt of elder financial abuse on my dad, saying she was stealing his money and the age care costs were not getting paid and that they were apparently trying to take her to court over it, during this time my aunt was definitely the authorized person on the list at the age care facility, they contacted her and advised her about what I was talking to them about and that I was wanting to get my dad out of the aged care facility, my aunt did not say anything, never made contact with me, in fact they went out of their way to disconnect my father's phone so I couldn't speak to him anymore. (Initially this made me believe that my aunt was up to no good, despite knowing that my father's friend is no good, my initial thoughts were both my aunt and this female friend were committing the financial abuse on my dad, but turns out I was wrong, more to this later on).
I noticed a lot of my father's mail was not coming here at my address anymore, it use to, I managed to get a financial statement and some of the transactions were quite questionable and looked like signs of elderly financial abuse, for example he is living in an aged care home, why would he need to spend 150$ at a supermarket? He had a stroke and cannot drive anymore, why on earth would he need to spend like 100$ a time at a gas station? Not to mention some of these gas station transactions are close to where that lady lives.
I heard my mailbox go off a few times, so someone was stealing mail out of my mailbox and driving off as I would look out the window to see who it was, clearly taking any evidence from my mailbox, such as financial statements, as I said, I managed to get one. I suspect this was happening usually when I wasn't at home.
The people I suspect of the abuse advised me of the fees that apparently my father has to pay to the aged care facility, which are extremely high, way higher than his pension can even cover, I did some investigation of my own and my father is quite mobile, doesn't need much care at all, just needs meals provided and someone to make sure he takes his meds and that's all, he doesn't have assets and things, he is quite poor, and I spoke with my sister who works in aged care and she even said, his pension should be covering his fees and meds, which I worked out shouldn't be anymore than about 2,000$ a month, the people I suspect said he is paying anywhere from 3,000-4,000$ per month, those fees are for the Deluxe packages etc.
My brother was bragging to me about a will being put in place, I know there is no will and it's a lie. Recently my brother just showed up coercing my father to take belongings away, telling my father lies, saying that I was moving soon and taking his things with me, my father's belongings have been in my possession for more than 1.5 years and I have not taken or sold any of his property without full permission from my father. And any funds I have got from this have not gone in my pocket directly what so ever.
I have advised if the property isn't brought back, I will be contacting my lawyer, they have agreed to bring the property back, as I need to sell these items to pay for my father's funeral expenses, which I have had a conversation with my father about this. I also told them if they do this again, I will be calling the police for trespassing and stealing. The fact my brother acted impatiently and started taking things means, there is no will in place, I asked my father have you done a will?, he said no, your brother tried to get me to do it but I refused.
At this stage, I do not know who the power of attorney is, I suspect it's his female friend, my dad has told me that she has his bank book and keycard and she is handling his finances, now I have found someone who has been a previous victim of this said female friend, this person advised me that the female friend was ripping them off for money, maxing out their credit cards etc. I was also advised by them that the said female friend of my father's has a history of fraud and has been taken to court for defrauding Centrelink for a lot of money in the past, a huge amount of money to be exact.
My sister found out by talking to one of the aunt's involved previously, that the money was being taken out of my dad's account before the aged care place could take the fees out to pay for my dad's expenses there. Bit strange to me, if they are not getting paid, why haven't they reported this as suspicious?
My brother has told me that apparently my father owes the aged care home a crap load of money, many many thousands. How can he know this, I can't even find out this information, the aged home refuse to tell me anything about financials, telling me I was not an authorized person, despite being his son.
Anyway, the female friend has turned my father against his sisters now, as well as his children, except my brother. This is my theory, the female friend used my aunts as a scapegoat, convinced them to put him in an aged care home, to isolate him from me and my siblings to set the stage for financial abuse. I think then by getting my aunts out of the way, the female friend of my dad's has then taken control completely. She has turned my father completely against his sisters and children, except the brother as stated.
I found out, he is being given some pocket money to buy smokes, that's pretty much it.
For quite a while this female friend was trying to make out like she wanted him out of the aged care home, but hasn't put up any further fight for that since she got my aunts out of the way.
Does anyone know a good starting point for me? I am seriously looking at taking this person to court because if I don't, my father will suffer, he won't get a proper funeral when he passes away, he will be in severe debt etc, it's not fair on him and I want to correct all of this and fix this for him.
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2023.03.22 17:07 REALCellWaters Some Posts (03 22 2023)

Post 01:
Just admit the truth, you gaslit me about HIV, assuming you didn't literally infect me.

Post 02:
They deserve to be in jail or the psychiatric hospital.

Post 03:
Lily from Stony Brook understands me and is genuinely my friend. Though, I haven't spoken to her since like 2010. It was obviously her at the MET Museum in 2021 using a different name, though. She saved my life. She's going to be my fellow comrade too.

Post 04:
Did Oje Hart and Kelly just get married? They basically told me how they intentionally caused the HIV scare in 2019. Today, they got married when I came to the realization it's true.

Post 05:
Giving someone an HIV scare is like METAPHORIC RAPE, not Attitude Era WWE. This is not sensationalism, where they plan the wedding when I realized I was actually gaslit about HIV. This should LITERALLY BE A CRIME.

Post 06:
Is anybody a nice person? Or are they all a bunch of sadistic monsters who enjoy hurting me?

Post 07:
My psychosis is pretty bad lately. I can't even tell what's reality and fantasy at times. I'm starting to lose touch with who Kelly is, which is tragic, because she was my best friend and gave me the best experiences of my life. Now she's becoming a fantasy character in my mind.

Post 08:
To Kelly: if you're in my old blue bedroom, on the other side of the wall, listening to me, you don't have to put yourself through the suffering I lived through for many years. Though, I appreciate the gesture. Have you been in there for all of 2022? Right here and I didn't know.

Post 09:
The Asian social media model who hides her face, but is totally Kelly, posted herself looking in a mirror, and was basically saying how Kelly's my reflection. She's literally me.

Post 10:
At some point, we need to stop the sensationalism and playing WWE. If we truly love each other, we should embrace and give each other a hug very soon.

Post 11:
Oje Hart and Kelly are trash people who metaphorically raped me, a vulnerable mental patient, giving me an HIV scare, causing trauma, just because Vince Russo or Vince McMahon is my biological father - which I didn't realize at the time.

Post 12:
People usually suck, but SOMETIMES people don't suck. I'm hoping there's someone out the who cares about what happened to me. It certainly doesn't seem like it at the moment.

Post 13:
They say I can't handle the truth. Whatever. What is the truth? Is Mark Zuckerberg my half brother? Was the HIV scare intentional? Just tell me. They don't want to. They lie to me.

Post 14:
I realize this is definitely my father is a billionaire, gaslights me into thinking he has no money, while I have less than $2,000 in the bank bad. But is it literally try to infect the vulnerable mental patient with HIV bad too?

Post 15:
Kelly knew I was practically a virgin, at rock bottom, broken, and a clean baby. She intentionally gave me the HIV scare. She's a lying psychopath who deserves to be in jail. I don't know if what she did is technically illegal. It should be a crime.

Post 16:
Are they all psychopaths that found it hilarious and sexy knowing how Kelly was gaslighting and scaring me about HIV which led to me taking PrEP? These monsters deserve prison.

Post 17:
Dr. Garrett said: "Your ideas about what is real change from day to day. Uncertainty about what is real would make most people extremely anxious, but the fact that your beliefs about what is real change so often doesn't seem to upset you. Why is that? If your ideas about who people "really are" and your ideas about who did what to whom when for what reason keep changing, how can you hope to think in a steady way about your life circumstances?"

Post 18:
I feel disassociated and disconnected from the real world, nobody interacts with me, I have no friends, talk to nobody. I just like living in my delusional, comforting, fantasyland on social media. That is the source of my self-esteem. I am a movie star in Wonderland.

Post 19:
Unfortunately, Wonderland is a house of cards. When my mother inevitably passes away I don't have the money to keep this going. That doesn't mean if I'm homeless I won't start a new delusional Fantasyland to comfort me from the new extreme sadness. But it will be a different one.
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2023.03.22 17:02 cbb88christian Negotiations Underway 4

First Prev Next
Approximated Earth Date: 3. May. 2235
"Destination set: Earth's Moon. Estimated travel time: Fifty-five minutes, and twenty-three seconds."
Teresh had to catch himself with a hand as the ship suddenly roared to life. The world began to turn as he could feel its momentum change. Questions began to bubble in my head, like a pot of gotesh starting to boil.
Earth? Is that the name of planet 626, or another? Could it be a prison world? Was I just tricked by an elaborate ruse into surrendering myself to becoming a captive once more? Teresh shook his head. No, that's stupid. Unless humans are an incredibly cruel species, there would be no reason to lull me into a false sense of security. They are aware that I am unarmed and alone. Tom alone would be able to physically overpower me. I will just have to trust in my new ally.
Part of him wanted to escape, and another knew that it would be pointless. Even if he made it back to his ship there was no guarantee that he could get the hanger doors open. Then there was a chance that they would just blast him out of space the moment he left the ship. This was not the time to let fear rule him. He had to be strong, brave, and honorable, like his ancestors before him.
A brisk knock came at the door, which nearly caused him to jump out of his feathers. He saw the familiar orange and black form of Tom walk through the door. Along with him, an orange suit and helmet that he held in his left hand. Tom’s throat rumbled before he started talking.
"I looked through our spares. This is the smallest one we've got. Might be a little loose on the shoulders, but it should get the job done," he explained, holding it out to him.
"Thank you," Teresh replied, taking the bundle from him. The fabric was pretty soft and surprisingly flexible and elastic. Though, he did immediately think of one flaw. "You don't suppose my talons are going to poke through the fabric, do you?"
Tom stood there, a hand on his side. After a moment of silence, he shifted his weight to the other leg and responded, "Eh, I don't think so. Long as they're not razor sharp you should be fine. Just don't push too hard against the finger parts."
"Oh, you have five ‘fingers.’ As you called them," Teresh said matter-of-factually. He noticed upon looking at his suit and referencing Tom's that the hands had five ‘fingers’ each.
He held up his own, and they both counted four talons. One that took the same position as the thumb, with the only missing being a pinky equivalent. Fortunately, Teresh was quick on his feet.
"I'll do my best to keep it out of sight. At worst, I lost them in an accident," he explained.
"Huh, good ingenuity. We're going to need that if we want this to work," Tom replied, crossing his arms together.
Teresh wasn't exactly sure how to read the gesture, but his tone sounded positive. He would be sure to upload their language to the translator as fast as possible. When interpreting, the machine outputs everything in a dull, neutral voice. Once the language was properly recognized however, they could speak to each other as if there were no language barriers at all. That would have to wait, sadly, as it sounded like they were about to get moving.
He stood up and began donning his suit. Quickly finding a small zipper, which was a tad infuriating with talons. The Valaxi could manage them just fine, but the kooli needed their own zippers that featured a larger hole for their talons. Just another advantage they had from natural superiority.
Tom shuffled his feet a bit and turned away from Teresh in an instant. Causing him to pause and tilt his head at the human.
"Is something the matter?" Teresh asked curiously.
Tom throat rumbled again, and he coughed. Responding, "Sorry, I just figured you wanted some privacy."
The kooli shook his head, amused by his sentiment. His race didn't typically wear trappings like the Valaxi or the Leo-oup. Typically, such practice was observed as a way to either cover exposed genitalia or to accentuate their appearance. Kooli had no such exposure and preferred the natural beauty of their bodies and feathers. To don clothing atop was seen as a practice that only extremely narcissistic or Valaxi obsessed kooli indulged in. Even their own Jarva only donned a cape and crown when attending the imperial commune.
Of course, he had no clue why the humans covered themselves, but that would have to wait for future discussion. All he could do was theorize as he finally slid on the loose garb. The suit fit well enough, outside of bunching up near his feet and elbows. Not enough to be a hazard, but just enough to look a few sizes too big. He began to fight with the zipper again, seeing Tom glance back.
"Ah, did you need help with that? I imagine it's tough with the..." Tom paused awkwardly, "claws?"
"Talons. And yes, it would be very helpful, thank you," Teresh replied.
Ancestors protect me, he pleaded, realizing what it meant.
Tom took a few steps and knelt down, less than a foot away from Teresh as the gentle zzzzzzzip of the zipper traveled up the suit. The kooli held his breath through the whole process. His eyes strained to find some semblance of a shape inside the black void. Seeing a rough circular object move inside, with some strange jutting or jagged shapes around it. Unable to form a clear picture as the zipper reached the top of the suit. Tom gave it a small tug and seemed satisfied.
"Good, nice and secure. Not too bad a fit either. Just looks like a kid wearing his dad's shoes," he explained absentmindedly.
"Kid? Shoes?" Teresh asked, feeling much smaller when draped in the large suit.
"Ah, right. Kids are what we call our young. Children, kiddos, there's plenty more. As for shoes, we wear them on our feet to protect our skin," Tom explained, causing Teresh's eyes to widen.
So many questions chirped inside his mind. It was going to take hours just to process all the basic questions he had about humans, not to mention ones on culture and family unit. Tom seemed to pick this up too as he held out the helmet.
"I promise I'll answer every single question you've got once we get you to my contact. For now, just try to keep a hold on them in your head," he said, as if able to read his mind.
Now that wasn't something he considered. Though there was no evidence of such an ability existing, who knew what humans were capable of. Perhaps they could possess natural psionic ability. That discovery would make for an excellent essay or dissertation.
It was not the time for essays however, it was time to don his own black mirror. Taking the helmet, he slid it onto his head. It was a bit claustrophobic, and it hurt a little with his crown feathers being forcibly pressed against the top of the helmet. Outside of that though, it was perfectly serviceable. The entire world around him was shifted to a darker tone, including Tom. If he couldn't see his face before, it was now impossible to see anything past two layers of this dark glass. He could feel Tom touching parts of his neck, and he heard a few snaps as the neck and helmet joined together. Either magnetic or through some other means, he couldn't tell. Tom stepped back and gave him a once over.
"Perfect. This is actually going to work," he spoke softly.
"You doubted it working?" Teresh joked, the translator rumbling within the suit.
"Hey, this is completely new territory for me. I'll be happy if we make it past the front door," Tom replied, then pointing towards his chest. "Which reminds me. We're going to have to shut that off when we get there."
Teresh gulped, "B-But-"
"Yes, you'll have no idea what's going on. You're going to be in a new place, surrounded by tons of humans, and you may or may not be in danger," Tom explained, doing absolutely nothing to quell his fears.
However, what the human did next was something that Teresh never saw coming. He actually got down on his knee, more or less being eye level with him. Although he couldn't see them, he could tell that Tom was looking right through him.
Tom's voice was serious, low, and full of determination. Exclaiming, "Teresh. I need you to trust me when I say this. As long as I am with you, you are safe. I won't let anyone touch a feather on that head, and if they do, I'll knock them off their ass. My friends will be there with us too. All three of us are going to protect you. Okay?"
What is this feeling? Teresh thought to himself. There was something about his words that caused his heart to swell. He felt like he could do anything, that he was going to succeed. Not even General Vorin's words instilled him with as much confidence.
"Y-Yes Tom. I trust you," Teresh answered.
"Do you mind if I put my hand on your shoulder?" He asked. More confusion, but he was too inspired to question it.
"You may," the kooli replied.
Tom lifted his hand, causing Teresh to flinch as it slowly but surely impacted his shoulder. Feeling his strange finger appendages grip his shoulder firmly but not painfully.
"I'm with you. Don't forget that," Tom said stoically. Then standing and pulling back. "Let's do some rehearsal in the bay. You won't need to talk the talk, but you'll need to walk the walk."
"Talk the talk and walk wha-?" Teresh began.
"Don't worry about it kid. It'll be just like theatre," he explained, then going on, "that's a-"
"My people have theatre Tom, I understand," the kooli replied, grinning under the helmet.
"Right. Of course. Let's go," Tom replied, his tone suggesting a bit of embarrassment.
Together, they made their way out of the medical ward and into the main hanger, or "bay" as Tom called it. He saw the other two outfitted individuals watching their approach. Able to tell that both parties were engaging in a game of observation. Trying to discern the shapes underneath the suits.
Still only three crew members, for a ship of this size, he thought to himself.
With how small their crew was, perhaps this flagship was decommissioned. That would explain the lack of bodies and ships in the hanger. If their military was even more armed than this... they would make for a wonderful child race. The Valaxi would help them reach their true potential. If Teresh could accomplish that, he would consider it his greatest feat in life. It would cement him and his family in the good graces of the empire forever and bring honor to General Vorin's home.
Tom held up his hand and shook it around at them, announcing, "Hey guys, this is Teresh. Teresh, meet Maxim and Ally."
"Hello," a higher voice responded from the suit on the right.
"Howdy," another low voice emerged from the suit on the left.
"How-dy?" Teresh mimicked, shaking his taloned hand at them.
He heard a few coughs or strange gasps from them, and he just hoped he hadn't offended them in some way. Tom's throat rumbled like a growl, causing the two to stop. A show of authority it seemed.
"We're going to help Teresh get to Mikael. Once we meet, then we'll figure out what to do from there," Tom explained.
"Sounds good. How do we start?" The one called Maxim asked.
"First, Teresh," he turned to me. He tapped the side of his helmet several times, explaining, "if I do that, it means turn on your translator. If I do this," he made a flat sliding gesture on the bottom of the helmet, "it means turn it off."
Tapping, on. Sliding, off. Easy, Teresh internalized.
"Good. Now we're going to start practicing some scenarios. We have a little over a half hour left so we don't have too much time, but it should be enough. First, I'm going to explain what we're doing, then I'll give you the signal to shut your translator off. We need to get you used to humans talking or doing things around you. Whatever you do, you need to stay calm, cool, and collected. Think you can handle that," Tom asked, nodding his head at him.
He clenched his hands tightly, feeling truly confident for one of the first times in his life. Teresh focused his gaze on the three of them, "Let's do it."
It's time to prove my mettle.
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2023.03.22 17:02 Edward_Stivenson Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Report

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Report
Defining a Report
A report is a type of writing that represents information, data, and research findings on a specific topic. The writer is expected to deliver a well-structured, credible, and informative text that dives into the small details of a certain topic, discussing its benefits and challenges.
Reports serve many important purposes. They provide recorded facts and findings. They are used to analyze data and draw insights that can be used for decision-making. Some reports serve as compliance checks to ensure that organizations meet certain standards and requirements. Also, reports are a formal way to communicate valuable information to decision-makers and stakeholders.
A report paper can be academic or about sales, science, business, etc. But unlike other texts, report writing takes much more than getting acquainted with the subject and forming an opinion about it. Report preparation is the most important stage of the writing process. Whether you are assigned to write an academic or a sales paper, before you start writing, you must do thorough research on the topic and ensure that every source of information is trustworthy.
Report writing has its rules. In this article, we will cover everything from how to start a report to how to format one.
What are the Report Types
As mentioned, there are plenty of different types of report papers. Even though they are very formal, academic reports are only one of many people will come across in their lifetime. Some reports concentrate on the annual performance of a company, some on a project's progress, and others on scientific findings.
Next, we will elaborate more on different sorts of reports, their contents, and their purpose. Don't forget to also check out our report example that you can find below.
Academic Reports
An academic report represents supported data and information about a particular subject. This could be a historical event, a book, or a scientific finding. The credibility of such academic writing is very important as it, in the future, could be used as a backup for dissertations, essays, and other academic work.
Students are often assigned to write reports to test their understanding of a topic. They also provide evidence of the student's ability to critically analyze and synthesize information. It also demonstrates the student's writing skills and ability to simply convey complex findings and ideas.
Remember that the report outline will affect your final grade when writing an academic report. If you want to learn about the correct report writing format, keep reading the article. If you want to save time, you can always buy essays online.
Project Reports
Every project has numerous stakeholders who like to keep an eye on how things are going. This can be challenging if the number of people who need to be kept in the loop is high. One way to ensure everyone is updated and on the same page is periodic project reports.
Project managers are often assigned to make a report for people that affect the project's fate. It is a detailed document that summarizes the work done during the project and the work that needs to be completed. It informs about deadlines and helps form coherent expectations. Previous reports can be used as a reference point as the project progresses.
Sales Reports
Sales reports are excellent ways to keep your team updated on your sales strategies. It provides significant information to stakeholders, including managers, investors, and executives, so they can make informed decisions about the direction of their business.
A sales report usually provides information about a company's sales performance over a precise period. These reports include information about the revenue generated, the total number of units sold, and other metrics that help the company define the success of sales performance.
Sales report preparation is a meticulous job. To communicate information engagingly, you can put together graphs showing various information, including engagement increase, profit margins, and more.
Business Reports
If you were assigned a business report, something tells us you are wondering how to write a report for work. Let us tell you that the strategy is not much different from writing an academic report. A Strong thesis statement, compelling storytelling, credible sources, and correct format are all that matter.
Business reports can take many forms, such as marketing reports, operational reports, market research reports, feasible studies, and more. The purpose of such report writing is to provide analysis and recommendations to support decision-making and help shape a company's future strategy.
Most business reports include charts, graphs, and other visual aids that help illustrate key points and make complex information easy to digest.
Scientific Reports
Scientific reports present the results of scientific research or investigation to a specific audience. Unlike book reports, a scientific report is always reviewed by other experts in the field for its accuracy, quality, and relevance.
If you are a scientist or a science student, you can't escape writing a lab report. You will need to provide background information on the research topic and explain the study's purpose. A scientific report includes a discussion part where the researcher interprets the results and significance of the study.
Whether you are assigned to write medical reports or make a report about new findings in the field of physics, your writing should always have an introduction, methodology, results, conclusion, and references. These are the foundation of a well-written report.
Annual Reports
An annual report is a comprehensive piece of writing that provides information about a company's performance over a year. In its nature, it might remind us of extended financial reports.
Annual reports represent types of longer reports. They usually include an overview of a company's activities, a financial summary, detailed product and service information, and market conditions. But it's not just a report of the company's performance in the sales market, but also an overview of its social responsibility programs and sustainability activities.
The format of annual report writing depends on the company's specific requirements, the needs of its stakeholder, and the regulation of the country it's based.
Report Format
As we've seen throughout this article, various types of reports exist. And even though their content differs, they share one essential element: report writing format. Structure, research methods, grammar, and reference lists are equally important to different reports.
Keep in mind that while the general format is the same for every type, you still need to check the requirements of the assigned report before writing one. School reports, lab reports, and financial reports are three different types of the same category.
We are now moving on to discuss the general report format. Let's direct our attention to how to start a report.
Title: You need a comprehensive but concise title to set the right tone and make a good impression. It should be reflective of the general themes in the report.
Table of Contents: Your title page must be followed by a table of contents. We suggest writing an entire report first and creating a table of content later.
Summary: The table of contents should be followed by an executive report summary. To create a comprehensive summary, wait until you have finished writing the full report.
Introduction: A major part of the report structure is an introduction. Make sure you convey the main idea of the report in just a few words. The introduction section must also include a strong thesis statement.
Body: The central part of your work is called the report's body. Here you should present relevant information and provide supported evidence. Make sure every paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Here you can use bullet points, graphs, and other visual aids.
Conclusion: Use this part to summarize your findings and focus on the main elements and what they bring to the table. Do not introduce new ideas. Good report writing means knowing the difference between a summary and a conclusion.
Recommendations: A report is designed to help decision-makers or provide crucial information to the conversation, including a set of goals or steps that should be taken to further advance the progress.
Appendices: As a finishing touch, include a list of source materials on which you based the information and facts. If you want your report to get acknowledged, don't neglect this part of the report format.
How to Write a Report Like a PRO
Mastering the report writing format is only a fraction of the job. Writing an exceptional report takes more than just including a title page and references.
Next, we will offer report-writing tips to help you figure out how to write a report like a PRO. Meanwhile, if you need someone to review your physics homework, our physics helper is ready to take on the job.
Start With a Strong Thesis
A strong thesis is essential to a good paper because it sets the direction for the rest. It should provide a well-defined but short summary of the main points and arguments made in the report.
A strong thesis can help you collect your thoughts and ensure that the report has a course and a coherent structure. It will help you stay focused on key points and tie every paragraph into one entity.
A clear thesis will make your report writing sound more confident and persuasive. It will make finding supporting evidence easier, and you will be able to effectively communicate your ideas to the reader.
Use Simple Wording
Reports are there to gather and distribute as much information to as many people as possible. So, the content of it should be accessible and understandable for everyone, despite their knowledge in the field. We encourage you to use simple words instead of fancy ones when writing reports for large audiences.
Other academic papers might require you to showcase advanced language knowledge and extensive vocabulary. Still, formal reports should present information in a way that does not confuse.
If you are wondering how to make report that is easy to read and digest, try finding simpler alternatives to fancy words. For example, use 'example' instead of 'paradigm'; Use 'relevant' instead of 'pertinent'; 'Exacerbate' is a fancier way to say 'worsen,' and while it makes you look educated, it might cause confusion and make you lose the reader. Choose words that are easier to understand.
Present Only One Concept in Each Phrase
Make your reports easier to understand by presenting only one concept in each paragraph. Simple, short sentences save everyone's time and make complex concepts easier to digest and memorize.
Report writing is not a single-use material. It will be reread and re-used many times. Someone else might use your sales report to support their financial report. So, to avoid confusion and misinterpretation, start each paragraph with a topic sentence and tie everything else into this main theme.
Only Present Reliable Facts
You might have a strong hunch about future events or outcomes, but a research report is not a place to voice them. Everything you write should be supported by undisputed evidence.
Don't forget that one of the essential report preparation steps is conducting thorough research. Limit yourself to the information which is based on credible information. Only present relevant facts to the topic and add value to your thesis.
One of our report writing tips would be to write a rough draft and eliminate all the information not supported by reliable data. Double-check the credibility of the sources before finalizing the writing process.
Incorporate Bullet Points
When writing a research report, your goal is to make the information as consumable as possible. Don't shy away from using visual aids; this will only help you connect with a wider audience.
Bullet points are a great way to simplify the reading process and draw attention to the main concepts of the report. Use this technique in the body part of the report. If you notice that you are writing related information, use bullet points to point out their relation.
Incorporating bullet points and other visual aids in your report writing format will make a report easy to comprehend and use for further research.
While you are busy coming up with effective visual aids, you may not have enough time to take care of other assignments. Simply say, 'write my argumentative essay,' and one of our expert writers will answer your prayer.
Review the Text for Accuracy and Inconsistencies
After completing report preparation and writing, ensure you don't skip the final stage. Even the greatest writers are not immune to grammatical mistakes and factual mix-ups.
Reviewing what you wrote is just as important as the research stage. Make sure there are no inconsistencies, and everything smoothly ties into the bigger scheme of events. Look out for spelling mistakes and word count.
If you want to further advance your writing skills, read our article about how to write a cover letter for essay.
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2023.03.22 16:58 ZapasSCUM SCUM Ultimate Hardcore Survival

Name: SCUM Ultimate Hardcore Survival IP: Type: PVP/PVE Discord: https://discord.gg/xCZf4M6VSK
Increased Number of Zombies/Puppets - More Damage - More Spawns Loot reduced - Loot respawn Time Extended Fewer vehicles Fuel is rare and more expensive More Animals No Ingame Chat/Map/CrosshaiSanta Coma Activated Time goes in Realtime (UTC) but only 6 Hour Nights No Sector or Squadmate Respawn Higher Lock Protection Damage More Building Elements Cargo drop twice a Day More Difficult Kill Boxes Custom Economy Only forced Wipes Max Ping 250 Open Admin Log -- Detailed Server Settings on Discord
Server Birthday: 29.12.2022
You want the full Survival Experience without the Wild West that is the Official Servers? You are a Solo Adventure or a squad that cannot be online 24/7? This Server might be a perfect fit for you or your Group. We give Raiders a Harder time with increased Lock Protection Damage and more difficult Killboxes for the C4 Parts.
Server Location: Germany Server Host: GG Host Slots: 15 (gets expanded once 50% Capacity is reached)
Specific Ingame Rules: - Do not destroy containers inside other players bases - Do not remove items from containers to purposely despawn them. If you can’t loot it, leave it - Mines are allowed in Flag areas or inside Claimed Buildings only - No hoarding of vehicles. A maximum of 2 cars (WW/Laika/SUV) and a maximum of 2 motorcycles are allowed behind your walls or a squad's walls. It is allowed to drive more vehicles as long as they are not behind your walls or have a lock installed.
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2023.03.22 16:58 spartan_retard buying things online isnt as it used to be

for context, i collect transformers toys, i've been a fan since i was about 6 and my mom would often go to china for business and bring me some that i still remeber to this day having a blast with (07 movie voyager ratchet and cybertron dirtboss for example) though i did grew out of it and didnt get back to it until 2017 when i was 15, that's when i bought my first 2 toys with my own money that i got for getting good grades, only to realize that here, in Morocco, we are very late in terms of what we get meaning in other countries they obviously always get the latest products while we get what's left of the old ones, which isnt surprising since there is little to no interest in them here even though people are aware of the existence of the franchise mainly due to the michael bay live action series and i'd always hear about "the one where they go to egypt and blow up the pyramids", in fact there is so little interest that i may be the only one who buys them here which feels very lonely lol, the only way i could get the latest figures was to tell my uncle who lives in quebec to buy them for me and pay him back when he comes and it was better since the Canadian dollar is cheaper than US dollar
in 2020 i got my first job that paid me well enough for me to buy more toys though once again, im always so behind other collectors but i couldnt do anything about it
in April 2022 i decided to look into a way to buy them online through amazon in the hopes that they would ship here, though they do it costs a pretty penny, then i discovered this service called shop&ship by aramex, which allowed me to do just that, buy directly from amazon and have it shipped directly to mu door step, i created my account and decided to buy 1 figure to see how long it will take to have it in my hands, and it arrived within a week, i couldnt believe it, and it was the latest figure to come out, and i had it in my hands, AND it was during ramadan which made extra special
after that i made numerous other purchases and they would always come on time
come june 2022, our beloved government decided to tax every single product purchased from abroad and have it blocked at customs clearance in Mohammed V airport, and people need to go all the way there to get their package wether thr package is small or big, literally anything and everything even if it was a sock or a necklace, and each category of items has its own percentage, clothes are 68%, toys were 23% etc...
usually an item would only be blocked if its value surpassed 1250dh, but now it doesnt matter
when i made my order and it got stuck at the airport i didnt know what to do, i asked around and basically i had to go to the airport, go to zone 3, go the shipping company i work with and hand them the info of my pacakge and they would take care of it, first time was miserable but i got used to it and came once a month to get my package
in fact i would come so regularly that the person responsible for checking my identity told me that i was blocked because, i wish i was joking, i come too often making them think i buy and sell these products for a profit according to an employee there, and no, i cant tell them that i dont, and now there's no point in going to the airport because the system wont allow me so i have to talk to them via email to see how much i have to pay for taxes and they would respond in 2 hours instead of sorting it out with a simple phone call
and remember where i said each category has its own percentage? and said toys WERE 23%? usually before going to the airport i would calculate how much taxes i have to pay, and the first 7 times i had calculated the exact amount, the last 3 times they raised to percentage to 34% then ~58$
and the workers there are some of the most incompetent people i have ever seen, when they give the papers that let you go to their warehouse where all the pacakages are at you have to hand them to the workers there so they could find it and see what's inside, standrad procedure really, nothing wrong with it, problem is they sometimes find your package, leave it on the table, and do anything else but finish the job they just did 75% of, i swear one time they kept looking for my package for like 15 minutes and it was on their table completely visible they just had to flip it to see the tracking number but they didnt
and right now i have a package whose taxes i have paid asap, meaning i should've recieved it a week after paying said taxes, but no, as of writing this it has been 9 days since i paid and have just finished a call with the employee responsible they still reassure me that it will leaved their facility in the weekend, which is what they said last week
and this is all done to fund more projects to improve the lives of the population according to the government
and this is one of MANY recent screw ups the government pulled and i just wonder, where do they think they're going with this? for things so simple to be over complicated to such a point, how can we just take such rulings and accept them like good little boys knowing full well they are making things more difficult
i sometimes wonder why we wont go to the streets and shout our hearts out over such issues as we did for the recent soccer matches
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2023.03.22 16:57 fuucudu in 8th grade, I used to get chased in the hallways because I kept staring at someone

This girl, I'd stare at her everyday when we passed by each other in the hallway during passing time and then she'd always get mad. She was also in my lunch period. There was like 6 times she's chased me in the hallway. I did this all of 7th grade and freshman year, but she never chased me those grades, only 8th. This one time, it was the first 2 mintues of passing time and I was walking and she was down the hallway. She said to me "stop looking at me!" I was actually scared, I turned around and started running (be aware, when I turned around started running I felt extremely stupid) then she started running right after me. She hit me in the back of the head with her Keychain. We ran all the way down the hall and turned the corner, and there was two administers standing agiasnt the wall. She was trying to grab and hit me, and I started stomping loudly to get their attention. They both looked and told me "go back and try that again!"
So I walked back but only went halfway from where I ran from because she was back there. They were discussing that she was pushing me. She apparently got in trouble for it and was accusing her. She was getting an attitude with them and talking back. I went back to the scene to see what was going on and she saw me and gave me a serious look. At the time this happened, it was NOT funny. When I look at it now, this situation is pretty silly and foolish. It's funny now though. The only reason I kept staring at her everyday was just to annoy her.
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2023.03.22 16:55 digital4kcollector (Offer) list (request) list

I split all splitable titles If you want a full code please let me know.
​ *Disney/Marvel/Star Wars all hd unless marked as 4k *
​ *hd unless marked otherwise collections* ​
​ *HD unless noted as 4k* ​
TV shows
Standard definition and XML Titles
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2023.03.22 16:49 Badgerisbest If you are personally known and trusted by any Trans individuals, Drag performers, parents of Trans kids, or visibly LGBT individuals in Texas, Florida, or (insert anti-trans state here) the time to reach out to them, check-in on safety, and suggest yourself as a trusted resource is today.

The trans community is rapidly considering arming themselves for self-defense, especially if they cannot currently move out of [insert state here.] These states have mounds of anti-trans bills appearing, but usually any easy path to gun ownership. Many have not been traditional gun owners or grown up near guns as much as other individuals. They will need extra reassurances on best practices, range safety, home keeping safety, or a trusted Range Buddy, aka You.
Many parents of trans kids are under assault and having state officials show up at their door just for trying to help them seek proper care.
When we straw polled our LGBT and Drag performing friends in Texas months ago, before the legislative session even started, at least 1/3 were already considering or had already made some moves to purchase a self-defense weapon. Around 8/10 of them had not grown up in gun-owning families and communities and would be first-time owners.
If Trans healthcare for adults in banned, many of these individuals will be forced to seek meds or detransition by law, some of which will be incredibly traumatic. Hormones to a trans adult are like water, and despite what misinformation is out there, many things start changing back quickly without them. Imagine being forcibly injected with testosterone or estrogen by the state without your consent.
We had a very experienced friend who has been shooting for 6+ years, assured my partner and me and show us the ropes and it calmed a lot of unease and intimidation with the whole process.
We went from considering a gun to owning two in two days after our neighbor called us "HIV AIDS riddled Fa****ts" over a minor noise dispute. Many others might have moments that push them own faster than they would like to pace themselves. You can be their teacher.
If you do not know everything about Trans kids, you do not need to other than they need respect and the ability to talk to their doctors in private. This 27-minute episode is an extremely quick "get up to speed" podcast on the entire complex issue and dispelling the mounds of twisting and demonization Trans kids and trans adults face right now.
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2023.03.22 16:49 Worldly-Damage-6691 My wife (39F) and I (38M) are drifitng apart -- reconfigure the relationship, save it, call it quits ?

This is a throwaway account, and names have been changed.
I (38M) have been married to my wife (39F) for 12 years and we have two kids (3yo boy and 6yo girl). We are both hard-working and fairly successful professionals in a large german city and have been supportive of each other's career over the years. We have both always been fairly into feminism and openness, and we always were very careful to divvy up the domestic chores and children care. In the past few years, my wife has been creating a new startup, with all the corresponding workload and stress -- I have been supportive of her, of course, I did encourage her to start it and at the beginning even took some extra jobs to make ends meet. I have always been supportive of the specific demands this kind of enterprise demands and have been taking the kids for some weekends, vacations, etc. by myself when she needed extra time to work.
In the past few years, starting with the pandemic, the balance has been less reasonable. While I do empathize with the issues of running a company through turbulent times, this has taken a toll on my professional life (where I am also in a somewhat high-profile position in academia) and family life -- for instance, she canceled repeatedly family vacations a few days before all along 2022 because of work, stopped taking the kids to their activities while I took care of it, etc. This has affected our relationship as a couple as there was very little time for just the two of us. She has anxiety issues and a complicated family life so I empathize but multiple conversations I started with her during the fall of 2022 fell short.
Two years ago, I was invited to spend a semester at a fancy US university as a visiting professor. This something fairly important to me professionnally. I told her about the invitation and she told me she would be happy to move to the US for a few months and would arrange for remote working -- I did make it clear it would be ok for me to refuse. As a consequence, I accepted and we made plans for the balance to be ok. We decided I would move by myself there for 4 weeks, with the two kids, and then she would join for three months. So we did that, which definitely was a challenge as I was by myself, in a country with no family or friends support, with two young kids. I did manage to set up all the logistics, new homes, new schools, etc. As she arrived, she became extremely anxious with work, remained on a European schedule, was generally very absent. After two weeks, she left to attend a conference somewhere else in the US for a week.
When she came back, I told her we were drifting apart, and I wanted to talk about what our priorities in life were. That I respected that her work was her main focus, but we should try and understand where that would lead us. We have always been fairly open regarding relationships and I also told her we could explore not being as exclusive, as a means of each focusing on different goals while not feeling frustrated of trying to maintain an exclusive relationship that was not the main focus anymore. She was very upset with the conversation, which I understand, but also did confirm she had many things in mind and needed to focus on work and mental health, while not wanting to change the relationship.
She was miserable with remote work for a few days, and so much so that she decided to leave back to Europe for a few weeks, again leaving me with our two young kids. While I understand she was in a bad place, I do feel bad about her leaving us, the kids being a little sad, and me trying to satisfy my professional obligations while being the sole caretaker of two kids. I do feel betrayed and neglected.
I feel I don't necessarily want a separation rather than work out a new way to be together which involves opening our marriage (tbh, the tension and isolation with housework and family work makes it so that at some point I probably would cheat), but sometimes I feel very helpless. Any feedback ?
TL; DR: I feel my wife has been drifting apart due to focusing on her work and feel resentment about it. How do I navigate this ?
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2023.03.22 16:46 Mundane-Turnover-913 Fantasy Booking Cody Rhodes' WWE title reign 2023-2024

At WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes manages to accomplish what many before him have failed to do, and that's defeat Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal champion. Cody knocks off the Tribal Chief in a 5-star classic in the main event of Night 2, and has a large celebration with confetti and pyro, maybe even featuring his wife making an appearance with their daughter Liberty.
On the next night's Raw, Cody and the new tag team champions: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, hold another celebration, which doubles as an unveiling ceremony. You see, Cody admits that when he returned to WWE in 2022, he did so with the intention of winning the WWE championship. He didn't ask to hold BOTH world titles. Therefore, he decides to officially trash the Universal title, and brings back the classic World Heavyweight title belt, which he announces will be returned to SmackDown, and put on the line in a tournament, concluding at Backlash in Puerto Rico (which will be won by GUNTHER).
As for the WWE title, Cody brings back the classic Winged Eagle WWE title belt, and gifts Sami and Kevin with a brand-new singular set of Tag Team titles (with a completely new design). The celebration is then interrupted by a debuting Switchblade, Jay White! Cody and Jay stand face-to-face in the middle of the ring, as the crowd chants: "Holy shit!" However, before they have time to do anything, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack Sami and KO from behind, and the new heel version of the OC is formed, with Jay White taking over for the still injured AJ Styles.
A 6-Man Tag Team match is set for Backlash in Puerto Rico, between Cody/Sami/KO and Jay/Gallows/Anderson. Ultimately however, the match ends in a no-contest after Roman Reigns and the Bloodline make their return after a month away. They attack everyone, and Roman and the Usos even put Cody through the announce table with the Shield bomb.
King and Queen of the Ring
As a result of the ending at Backlash, Adam Pearce announces a triple threat match for the WWE championship in Saudi Arabia, between Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns and Jay White. This will be the greatest triple threat match in WWE history, a true equal to the likes of HHH/Michaels/Benoit or LesnaCena/Rollins. In the end, Cody manages to get the winning pinfall over Roman, retaining his title.
Money in the Bank
Since White didn't take the pin at King and Queen of the Ring, White is able to get himself a one-on-one match with Cody at Money in the Bank in London. Similar to past classic MITB matches such as Cena/Punk in 2011 or Cena/Styles in 2016, this is yet another epic match. I'd expect this to be a match of the year contender, with the British crowd eating up every move. In the end, Cody finally manages to vanquish the Switchblade for the last time, earning his respect in the process. White is then attacked by a returning AJ Styles, setting him up for a match against him at Summerslam.
In Detroit, Cody's next opponent is none other than John Cena! Cena makes his first appearance since losing to Austin Theory back at WrestleMania and says that he knows his in-ring days are starting to pass him by. He thus wants to accomplish the one thing that everyone is waiting for him to do, and that's win the world title for the 17th time, and break Ric Flair's record. He also admits that Cody has been on his radar, and he wants to be able to face him at least once. Cody is honored and agrees to defend his title against him.
At Summerslam, Cena makes his entrance in a very similar manner to the way he entered at WrestleMania 23 (with a car of some sort since they're in Detroit after all). Cody brings yet another classic match out of this title reign, with Cena taking Cody to the limit. In the end however, Cody manages to defeat Cena completely clean, retaining his WWE championship.
Clash at the Castle
Cody comes out on the next Raw and throws out the open challenge to whomever wants to challenge him in Cardiff. His challenge is accepted by none other than BROCK LESNAR. We haven't seen Lesnar since WrestleMania, when he defeated Omos. Lesnar tries to intimidate Cody in the build-up, but he remains unfazed, just as he was with Roman.
In Cardiff, Brock initially dominates the hell out of Cody, barely giving him a chance to get any offense in. However, he manages to turn the tide in his favor, and ultimately defeats the Beast, retaining his title once again.
At our next Saudi Arabian PLE, Cody's next opponent is Logan Paul. Paul defeated Seth Rollins at WM and managed to eke out further victories at King and Queen of the Ring and Summerslam. He uses this momentum to challenge Cody for Unforgiven, and Cody accepts. Logan once again has an excellent showing, but in the end, his arrogance is no match for Cody's earnestness, and Rhodes remains the champion.
Survivor Series
For our final PLE of 2023, Cody doesn't defend his title at all. Instead, he begins an Interbrand feud with the Judgement Day, who've been ruling over SmackDown ever since WM, when they all won their big matches (Balor defeated Edge, Dominik beat Rey, and Rhea beat Charlotte). If Survivor Series if supposed to be about brand warfare, then why not get some fun out of it?
By this point, AJ Styles lost his feud with Jay White, and defected to SD to join the Judgement Day with his friend Finn Balor. They then began invading episodes of Raw, attacking White, Gallows and Anderson. Cody agrees to team with them, since he hates the JD, wants to face Balor and Styles, and has a lot of respect for Jay. Ultimately a WarGames match is announced for the show. In the end, Cody manages to win his first WarGames match (he's a Rhodes, he HAS to win in this match type, it just makes sense).
Royal Rumble
Having grown upset at Cody for interfering in JD business at Survivor Series, Balor and Styles challenge Cody to a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. Cody accepts because he's a fighting champion, and he knows the fans would love this match. In the end, Balor and Styles' partnership begins to break down, as they both want the title for themselves. Cody takes advantage of that and manages to defeat both men and retain his title. That same night, Sami Zayn (no longer tag champion), wins the Men's Royal Rumble match.
WrestleMania 40
WWE forgoes having a PLE between Royal Rumble and WM (there shouldn't be any PLE's between those shows IMO), and instead, we just get months of epic build between Cody and Sami. They bring up the fact that Cody wanted to face Sami the previous year, but Roman got in the way. Now there's no Roman in sight.
At the Showcase of the Immortals, Sami and Cody have yet another epic match, one that will be talked about for years to come. In the end, Sami manages to defeat Cody clean as a whistle, to become the new WWE champion. Cody shows his respect after the match, and Sami gets a celebration all his own.
From this point on, Sami could feud with Jay White, AJ Styles, Bron Breakker, Logan Paul, a returning Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa or anyone else really. There would be limitless options for him. You could even turn KO heel again, and have KO get the dominant heel world title reign he should've gotten years ago.
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2023.03.22 16:46 prettybbychim inflamed areolas for 9 months+ need second opinions

medications: ambien, azelastine, ativan, effexor xr, hydroxyzine, lo loestrin fe, omeprazole, singulair, wellbutrin, zyrtec
surgeries: appendectomy (2018), cholecystectomy (2022), top surgery (2022)
issue: inflamed nipples and areolas. bright red, hot to touch, extremely itchy
pictures are of both left and right nipples, before and after vaseline application: https://imgur.com/a/RS1mNYM
i had top surgery on july 12 2022, in other words, a double mastectomy with nipple grafts and liposuction. i’ve had issues with nipple chafing prior to surgery and saw a breast specialist who prescribed a steroid that cleared it right up (march 4 2022)
as my nipples have healed, i’ve experienced very similar symptoms to the chafing. i have tried: lanolin, vaseline, hydrocortisone ointment and cream, cocoa butter, and body moisturizers such as cerave and cetaphil. these were all done at the suggestion of my surgeon. nothing has made this issue go away. some of these improve it for a time and then it comes back full force. others make it worse (like the lotions).
my surgeon told me this month to once again try more moisturizing lotions more frequently throughout the day. that’s why i’m using cetaphil on the area because i use that for the rest of my body. it makes it worse
it’s so irritated and itchy, it’s driving me insane. i want to claw them off at this point. i love my surgeon but none of his suggestions have improved anything. i need second options please
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2023.03.22 16:41 SlowShoes There are no games to play! (January-March Edition 2023)

When I read posts about how there are no games to play on the Quest, I simply can’t relate. I’m a voracious consumer of VR games, experiences and demos and currently have over 330 of them on my headset (not including my PCVR library). These experiences are a combination of both old and new items, and my wish list and library just keeps growing week after week with new releases, recommendations and game updates. This year, I wanted to keep track of all the games I’ve played and keep coming back to and catalogue them here in hopes that they may give you some fresh ideas of games to play, or reasons to revisit older games due to their updates or improvements.
Some of the games listed below, I can forsee playing all year long, and to be fair, others I've tried are not my cup of tea, but they may interest you enough to try them out. In either case, here are my quick thoughts on the 21 games I’ve played so far from January to March of 2023 along with links to them on the store.
  1. Bocce Time! ($8.99) From the developer: In Bocce Time! you'll head down to a peaceful park or atmospheric pier to test your bocce skills across 12 distinct courts. Jump into a quick match to 1v1 a random opponent online, create and join private rooms with up to 8 players, or play against AI across 3 difficulties to unlock additional ball customization options. With full cross-play, everyone's invited to join the fun! It's Bocce Time! My thoughts: This game has seen so many updates since it’s release and if you haven’t checked it out, there’s a free trial that opens up the whole game so you can try it out for yourself. With two parks (10 courses), an AI bot to challenge (that has great quips), collectible balls and support for up to eight people, this is a wonderful social game to play with friends. The Walkabout Mini Golf vibes are strong with this game, so players of that game will feel right at home. The latest update unlocked the entire park as a play area, and ensures that you and your friends will have unlimited options for where to play from. Along with Discord tournaments available if you're feeling competitive, this game is a real hidden gem and has grown a lot since its release. Absolutely worth a go, especially at that price point.
  2. Golf+ ($29.99) From the developer: GOLF+ is the ultimate VR Golf experience and the exclusive VR Golf game of the PGA TOUR. Join your friends for a round on Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 2, TPC Sawgrass and more. Want something more casual? Hang out at Topgolf for a night of music and games. My thoughts: Simply one of the best games on the app store. With all the great new updates such as Beat the Pro and new courses dropping every so often, it's one game that will be on my Quest until the next headset comes out. With the official PGA licenses, a variety of match options and support for four players, it’s an essential Quest game to play alone or with friends.
  3. Little Cities ($19.99) From the developer: Escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the most loved VR city building simulation game. Create your own little city and watch it come to life – from a humble village to a bustling metropolis. Design the layout and strategically plot amenities to make a perfect city where your citizens love to live. My thoughts: The latest update added citizens to the game. This adds a lot more flavor to your city and brings more life to your city. It’s a pretty simple SimCity style game that should keep you entertained for a few hours. I enjoyed this one, but wasn’t blown away. The extra DLC courses and achievements will give you more play time if you find yourself enjoying this one though.
  4. Compound ($19.99) From the developer: "COMPOUND is a randomized, rogue-lite, free-roaming shooter for Virtual Reality veterans. Duck and dodge around enemy fire in a tough-as-nails retro FPS with multiple locomotion options. Prepare to die - a lot - until you are good enough to reach the heart of The Corporation and take back what belongs to everyone..." My experience: Essentially Doom on Quest. The awesome blocky aesthetics work perfectly in this world. With a great gameplay loop and exciting gunplay this one will easily get its hooks into you. I found myself saying "just one more run" more often than I had time for. This single player shooter has so many achievements and difficulty levels that it kept me busy for quite some time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it and still have more to do. A must buy for any fan of the genre.
  5. Walkabout Mini Golf ($14.99) From the developer: 8 unique 18-hole courses to master. Unlock NIGHT MODE for more challenging versions of all courses. Play solo, 1v1 online quick match, or create a private room with up to 8 players. Extremely accurate physics feel just like the real thing. Collect over 188 custom balls hidden throughout. Solve treasure hunts on each hard course to earn special putters. My thoughts: What more needs to be said about this excellent game? It’s on my constant rotation of games to play alone, with friends, or even with strangers - as the community is so warm and welcoming. The community is truly one of the best, and there are several discord servers for tournaments, weekly meetups and more. An essential game that every Quest owner should have.
  6. VR Pool ($19.99) From the developer: ForeVR Pool brings the coolest pool halls from around the globe straight to your living room! Challenge friends, family, and in-game pros to a game of 8-ball pool – no table required. Battle 12 bots to level up and take on Legendary challengers. Join a Quick Match or jump into a private multiplayer party! Friend in town? Share your headset with Pass & Play. Up the ante and stake in-game coins in matches against other players. My thoughts: This was pretty feature-light and choppy when it first launched, but it now has 9-ball in addition to 8-ball. If you bought it early, it's worth a quick revisit. It sticks pretty true to the ForeVR formula with its aesthetics and collectibles. The graphics aren’t going to win any awards and frankly put me off of it when I first booted it up, but the physics hold up and it’s a good time against the AI or a friend. With 2v2 matches coming soon, that is where this game could really be worth revisiting for some multiplayer fun and friendly smack talk.
  7. After the Fall - (Played on PC $29.99, available on Quest $29.99) From the developer: Welcome to ‘The Line’... Decades have passed since the apocalypse turned 1980s Los Angeles into a snow-crested wasteland, overrun by mutated undead. Starting out in an underground camp with up to 32 other player survivors, you take up arms as a new Harvest Runner. Your mission? Venturing out above ground to expand the Line’s reach into the city and fuel mankind’s survival for another day. My thoughts: What a fun game. The gunplay and sheer amount of enemies on screen via PC is just stunning. You're set in an apocalyptic world and must shoot your way out while gathering resources. The atmosphere is stunning, and the graphics are top notch as well. While I’m sure it’s downgraded a bit to run on Quest, don’t let that hold you back. You can play this co-op with up to three other players and bots will fill you out to four. The teamwork this game offers is wonderful. Find a friend or two and jump in this one, or play with the ever-full lobbies of people looking to join up. The latest Descension update adds two new maps and a ton of other bug fixes and gameplay additions. It's a great time to jump in with a friend!
  8. Cosmoniuous High (Played on PC $29.99, available on Quest $29.99) From the developer: From the creators of award winning titles 'Job Simulator' and 'Vacation Simulator', comes a new original creation—the comically catastrophic Cosmonious High! Welcome to your alien high school that's definitely completely free of malfunctions! After crash-landing into your first day, you'll unlock powers, explore the halls, and save the school from cosmic chaos. My thoughts: I would consider this is the third entry in the Job Simulator series - even though it's technically not in the same world. I’d really recommend you play them in order to fully appreciate the experience this game has to offer. Job Simulator was the first game, with jokes and fun interaction. Vacation Simulator expanded on that idea with similar characters, and what Cosmonius does is take the ideas of object interaction and conversations and cranks it up to the max. I had so much fun experimenting, talking with NPC’s, exploring the school and seeing what story the game had to offer. This is one of those games that just speaks to people like me who likes to push the boundaries to see what you can do in a game and rewards players for experimenting. It's a heartwarming game that continues to get quality of life and accessibility updates.
  9. The Invisible Hours - (Played on PC $29.99, but coming out on Quest, currently available in the Rift store.) From the developer: The Invisible Hours is a complex murder mystery playable with or without a VR headset. Players freely explore an intricate web of interwoven stories within a sprawling mansion. A group of strangers receive a curious invitation from the enigmatic inventor, Nikola Tesla, offering each of them the chance to make amends for their darkest wrongdoings. When the last guest arrives at Tesla’s isolated mansion laboratory, they find him dead – murdered. Disgraced Swedish detective, Gustaf Gustav, vows to find the killer amongst the other guests: a blind butler, a convicted murderer, the world’s most famous actress, Tesla’s former assistant, the son of a wealthy railroad magnate, and rival inventor Thomas Edison. But none of these people are what they seem. My thoughts: I heard so many great things about this game and it's really more of an interactive story than anything. You find yourself moving around the mansion, piecing together the intricate story and learning how all these people relate to one another and their hidden secrets. I had a great time with this game, it had a unique concept that kept me fully engaged throughout.
  10. Pokerstars VR (Free) From the developer: PokerStars, the world’s leading poker brand, has combined live and online poker in a truly immersive VR experience. Featuring Quest Pro support with face and eye tracking, advanced haptics, and mixed reality passthrough! My thoughts: This is one of my go-to games with friends. Once you get past the initial low-stakes tables where kids play and go all-in on many hands, you’ll find a new set of players that actually play smart poker and like to chat. If you have some friends, you can create your own private room and avoid that all together. It’s a relaxing game where you can meet new people and just chill in VR. It’s my social game where I go to unwind. Recent updates have seen them add craps and social poker rooms with slots and roulette. If you're looking to relax and play some poker, this free to play game will hit the spot. You can easily play this game for free and not ever spend a dime.
  11. Path of the Warrior ($19.99) From the developer: We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news...chaos in the streets of Rage City tonight! The myriad local gangs, once at constant war with each other have now unified under a mysterious new crime boss...Mr. S. Thugs have flooded the entire city, unleashing a wave of terror. The police are overwhelmed and the public is in imminent danger! Can anyone put a stop to the crime wave? Can anyone save Rage City? My thoughts: This fighting game is one that you can blow off steam with. It harkens back to the old Double Dragon or Final Fight arcade days and I highly recommend you play through this game with a friend as you’ll be laughing your way through it at the absurd combos and interactive objects and scenery you can use to defeat your foes. Find a bit of open room to play in, and punch your way through the game.
  12. Half Life Alyx Mod: The Undertow - (PC only, Free) From the developer: You play as Alyx, tasked with delivering a mysterious briefcase to the owner of an underground night club, upon arriving you realize this deal might not be so straight forward... Expected Playtime: 50min - 1hr. Features: Full-fledged Story with Voice Acting, Custom Sounds, Assets, and Gameplay, Unique Puzzles & Engaging Combat, Full Single-Controller Support and Drinkable Vodka (Finally). My thoughts: I’ve been working my way through some Half Life Alyx mods that bubble up to the top via Reddit or online posts. This one found its way into my queue and while it had a really unique setting, it was extremely buggy in one spot, to the point where I had to restart a section close to 20 times. I didn't find the end game satisfying, and with so many other great mods, it was a miss for me.
  13. Sheaf - Together EP (PC only, Free) From the developer: Enter virtual reality to listen to the debut EP “Together” of synthwave producer Sheaf. No gameplay involved -- just sit back, relax, and enjoy the music while you drive through a retro low poly world. The EP features 3 tracks, and each track comes with its own scenery, tailor made to fit its mood. You can start each track separately from the main menu. My thoughts: As noted in the developer description, this is really more a zen-like experience where you’re sitting in a car that drives down a road while chill music is playing. Certainly different from a lot of other “zone out” experiences that focus on geometric shapes, but the blocky visuals really conflicted with the chill vibe it was going for. Not really my jam, but if you like chill experiences, it might be for you. You certainly can't beat the price.
  14. Shooty Fruity ($19.99) From the developer: Do your job whilst shooting guns! Shooty Fruity combines job simulation with exhilarating combat that makes you feel like a true action hero - whether McClane, Wick or Rambo. Take on new roles and unlock weapons to fight your way through your career. Scan shoot repeat! My thoughts: I kept seeing this game show up in sales and various feeds so I finally tried it out. After 30 minutes I just was not having any fun at all. While the enemies were silly (various fruits and vegetables), the gun mechanics were lackluster. I just did not get into the gameplay loop of shooting and scanning groceries. It was just too repetitive for me and for that reason I can’t recommend it.
  15. What the Bat? ($24.99) From the developer: From the creators of WHAT THE GOLF? comes a silly VR game about navigating life with baseball bats for hands. Swing your way through over 100 levels of batting, cooking, shooting, smashing, parking, painting, pickling, petting, and WHATnot. My thoughts: I was a huge fan of What the Golf on iOS, and was quite excited when I heard about this sequel. The “high” price point turned me off for a while, but when UploadVR gave it their “game of the year” award, I finally pulled the trigger. I had high hopes, and it was fun… at first, but the gimmick started to wear really thin on me rather quickly. It just didn’t seem to have the same magic the first game had. I kept going through it in hopes that something would change, or capture that original feeling, but honestly, it was a grind to finish such a short game. I understand I’m probably in the minority here, but I was quite disappointed.
  16. Superhot ($24.99) From the developer: Multi-award winning, smash-hit SUPERHOT VR blurs the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem. The definitive VR action experience. Time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's you, alone, outnumbered and outgunned. Snatch weapons from fallen enemies to shoot, slice and dodge through a truly cinematic hurricane of slow-motion bullets. It’s like nothing you have ever played before. Something is different here. Lose track of what’s real. My thoughts: You know it, and you probably love it. Like so many others, so did I. This was one of my first VR experiences years ago and I finally saw it through to the end. This game can be quite demanding for some levels requiring accurate shooting, movement and timing. This game offers a really unique take on gameplay and multiple ways to get through some levels really increase the replayability. With the unique achievements to strive for you have a real winner. A must own for all gamers.
  17. Tube Be Continued (Demo) (Full game $14.99) From the developer: Hello! Welcome to TUBE Industries: a hamster owned and operated tube puzzle emporium! Prepare for a tube-based, puzzle-filled, HAM-PACKED adventure with our charismatic leader: The BOSS. Here at TUBE Industries we provide the puzzles and you provide… the brains. No shady business here! My thoughts: I like to look at the new App Lab games that come out every now and then and I’m a sucker for a good puzzle game. This is a game where you connect mazes together for hamsters to run through. It was a weird story that sees you working with a Hamster CEO trying to save his company from the Board, which are all hamsters. Really weird stuff, but while the demo was fun, the puzzles were a bit on the simple side and ultimately, I just did not think it was worth buying at this point. That being said, if the demo grabs you I could see this being a fun few hours with new content planning to be added.
  18. Dart Racer (Free) From the developer: Dart Racer is an arcade racing game where you compete against AI during race and other players on the online leaderboards - features multiple race tracks and environments - steering based on throttle differential - interactive tutorial - customizable game and comfort settings - optional hand tracking. My thoughts: Now this is podracing! It really did feel like I was doing some classic Star Wars podracing, but it was quite tough to learn the controls. Once I got that figured out, there certainly was some fun to be had, but unfortunately, it just was okay for me and I dropped out after a bit. Give it a try for free, and keep in mind there are plenty of motion assists to play with so you don't get sick.
  19. Nock ($9.99) From the developer: Nock is bow and arrow soccer. Skate and fly around a pitch while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team’s goal. Compete in multiplayer ranked matches, or play casual custom games with your friends! Like a real sport, Nock is easy to learn but difficult to master. Block arrows let you create obstacles and you can even use your body to make a goal or save. A fast-moving ball can knock you out. Skill-based matchmaking keeps every game extremely close and competitive. Casual modes let you challenge yourself against bots or play with friends in custom matches. My thoughts: Rocket League but with archery. While I’m not a fan of archery games in general, this game really had the physics dialed in. I always felt like I was in full control of my movement and bow and arrow. Nothing ever felt like it was off, and the aiming was spot on. Every hit of the ball, or miss was my fault. An absolute blast with with up to four friends, and that’s how I recommend you play it - with friends. But there are leagues and tournaments readily available if get into the game. That being said, I’m pretty terrible at it, and will only play with friends who can tolerate my terrible skills.
  20. Into the Radius ($29.99) From the developer: An atmospheric open-world single-player survival shooter. You find yourself in the middle of the blighted zone, cut from the outside world. Your guns and your wits are all you have left. Fight the deadly enemies, dodge dangerous anomalies, and collect wondrous artifacts on your way to the Radius center to find your way out. My thoughts: I found myself constantly saying “I can’t believe this actually runs on a Quest.” The amount of items you can interact with, areas available to explore, systems to learn and missions to accept can be quite overwhelming. Honestly it took me about 5-7 hours of gameplay, tutorials and youtube videos until finally the game “clicked.” After this one fateful mission where I was over encumbered with items, low on ammo with minimal health and dealing with enemies at every turn, I was totally immersed and was having the time of my life. It was an absolute blast and despite being so tense - a joy to play. I did tone down the difficulty a bit, which made it much more playable and less punishing. Truly a great game if you like the loop of scavenging, planning your route ahead and making sure literally every bullet counts. While it lacks in story, it does have a lot of environmental details and little things that you have to find for yourself. If you like survival games, it’s almost perfect.
  21. Surgineer ($9.99) From the developer: Have you ever dreamed of being a real surgeon? Well… you are not gonna learn that here. Welcome to the most unrealistic surgery simulator where everyone can instantly become a terrible doctor. You will have to solve hilarious surgical procedures ranging from CPR to brain transplant or even removing alien eggs from a poor patient using a robotic arm! You always thought you had that surgeon in you? You better have a bulletproof malpractice insurance before getting your virtual hands on a patient! My thoughts: At such a low price point, I wasn’t expecting much. I remember playing Surgeon Simulator back in the day and this looked like that. Much to my disappointment it was much more terrible than I had hoped. Absolutely no fun was to be had here. I constantly fought with the controls, many times had no clue what to do and finally gave up in frustration. I understand part of the appeal is the wonkiness of it, but this game requires someone with a lot more patience than me to get some fun out of it.
There you have it, 21 different games played in three months. I would say there are plenty of games to play and enjoy on the Quest. I hope you find a few that you might not have heard of, or that you might find worth revisiting. Let me know on the Ruff Talk Discord channel if you have a game you enjoy that I should try, I'm always open to recommendations. You can also find this article on the RuffTalkVR Blog Until then, I hope your next VR experience is a memorable one.
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