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2023.03.22 16:43 Aurum555 Bulk compost/soil

Does anyone know any landscape supply companies that supply north of the perimeter? Every place that I have looked at are supplied by ERTH products, and all of their "compost" and gardeners mix use ERTH food, which is literally human feces composted with peanut shells and I don't feel comfortable using unfinished human waste compost in a garden I plan to eat out of. I ordered a small amount recently and was almost knocked over by how much it smelled like an outhouse.
I'd love to find a serious bulk supplier that isn't human waste and isn't going to be $3000 for 15 yards of compost like soil3
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BetMGM Ontario Casino 100$ welcome bonus. Deposit 10$ to claim bonus. 10x wager required to clear bonus.
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2023.03.22 16:43 cottagefairylife App Cycle + Starting New Job + Moving to New City = not great for my digestion

Just wrapping up my app cycle. And the combo of moving to a new city, starting a new job, and applying for med school has not been the best.
It’s made my acid reflux act up and my digestion to get all messed up. Lowkey the burning sensation in my stomach has intensified. I also learned that stress makes me bloat much more easily from carbs and dairy.
Luckily, I’m chilling now after getting accepted and that’s made the symptoms better. I’ve started an alkaline vegan diet using Ayurvedic recipes from my desi grandmother, and that has made a difference.
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2023.03.22 16:43 ryleegrace9 AITA for blocking my boyfriend’s “friend” (with history)

So my boyfriend was obsessed with this woman named Eva. They were friends since childhood, and for years he was chasing her. Obsessing over her. And from what he’s told me, she was a compulsive liar (lied about having surgery) (doing hard drugs) ect. And was overall just nasty to him. She said “eww” when somebody asked if they were more than friends.
My boyfriend can’t really be trusted at this point, so I don’t know what’s true and what’s not, but he told me that she would always say “not now” when he would try to peruse her each time.
One day at a festival, she told him that she was in love with him out of nowhere. And then had sex with another guy the same night. And that “broke him”
He then goes to write a deep love song about her, (my boyfriend writes lyrics, his friend performs the song)
While I was at this concert where his friend was playing, he starts to play that song in front of me, Eva, my boyfriend, and Eva’s boyfriend. Me and my bf have only been together for about a month or 2 at that point, so although I was hurt and felt disrespected, I moved on from it since he said he didn’t want his friend to play it.
What makes me suspicious was when she texted him later in the evening saying “ Your girlfriend is amazing…. But… how do I navigate this”
Navigate what? She has a boyfriend. And I’m with him. That’s all I saw of it. He didn’t respond to it in front of me either.
As he starts to tell me more about their history, and what happened, I stop being overly friendly to her during concerts. Since him and Eva have the same group of friends, we all go to the same music shows. Eva was introduced to me as just a platonic friend at first. So that’s why I felt lied to.
I noticed my boyfriend was deleting texts with her too , I asked why, he said because he wanted “more storage”
When she senses I’m not being super overly friendly to her anymore(I’m not a rude person, I’m just not fake) She makes a scene and says to my boyfriend “WHY DOES SHE HATE ME?”
She then gave me dirty looks, staring at me, and was whispering about me obviously to her friend. She is a 24 year old woman, and it is so childish to me. So I blocked her on all social media after that.
I haven’t heard from anything since, since I haven’t been to shows recently either, so I hope the drama is all done. She did ask him “Did you move in with your girlfriend” Still don’t see why that’s her business. I don’t know if I was in the wrong too.
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2023.03.22 16:43 Snowing678 Union explorer bindings, are they really that bad?

I've been snowboarding in the resorts for a long time and finally decided to try splitboarding. I did a weekend tour pre COVID at loved it, but life got in the way so I couldn't justify getting a splitboard. However I managed to pick up a splitboard (Nitor nomad 161) on a decent discount and now I'm looking for a set of bindings. I have all the safety equipment and I'm proficient in using it.
I've seen Union Explorers are quite cheap but seem to get a lot a hate. So trying to figure out if they would make sense for someone like me, i.e. new to splitboarding, expecting to be doing day trips here and there. As a note I like the union charger but not sure if they are worth the extra 80Eur (non-US).
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2023.03.22 16:43 IFKarona What’s good about JavaScript?

I’ve recently decided that JavaScript is the best tool for a project I want to work on in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, I have very very little experience using the language, and the programmers I know have nothing good to say about it, which is not helping me find the motivation to learn it. So I’m hoping you can help me find some motivation.
What do you like about JavaScript? I’d love to hear about what makes coding in JavaScript pleasant or good in your experience, fun apps you’ve implemented in JavaScript (especially if they would have been difficult to implement in most other languages), cool snippets, good experiences you have had at conferences, and the like. If you’d like to share something that might appeal to me especially, my interests include retro gaming, graph theory, and linear logic. But really I’d be grateful to read any positive you have to say about the language.
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2023.03.22 16:43 Mindless-End-5071 Phyllis was a bad friend to Andy for not letting him know about Angela's affair

I really don't like how the office members don't reveal to Andy that Angela had been cheating on him with Dwight but even before we came to that point I'm mad that Phyllis used that as an opportunity to blackmail Angela instead of telling Andy about it. It really tells me that she was no friend to Andy at all.
Listen Angela in the show is really bad person, no questions (Really love the actress who plays her along with everybody else in the Office) but that really hides the fact that Phyllis isn't any better of a person either. Angela deserved some payback for how she treated Phyllis. Thankfully Andy found out because Phyllis finally revealed it to the office to start everything off but that was only when it was convenient for her to spite on Angela.
For me, it slightly dulls the sweet moment that Phyllis and Dwight share when he talks about his feeling for Angela (“Why is she marrying Andy?” Phyllis: “Angela’s not really a risk taker and Andy’s not much of a risk.”) and the moment in the auction for her hugs. I thought it was such nice friendship that she and Dwight shared but that came at the expense of Andy.
Its even a little ironic considering later on when she is having her own fears whether or not Bob Vance was cheating on her with his secretary.
The reveal about the affair should have absolutely come out from Angela since all of this was because of her not Phyllis but honestly there is a limit to how long before you wait when wedding invitations are getting distributed and the person may end up finding himself look like an idiot in such situation. Michael was absolutely justified in wondering "How can he still not know?"
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2023.03.22 16:42 OD_Timi Should I get a new car or sports bike?

I am currently 22 and living in the UK. I drive a SEAT Leon 1.4tsi. It's FWD with about 125bhp (will get it mapped in a couple months). I had always planned to upgrade my car in a couple of years. I wanted a coupe/saloon with RWD and 200bhp+.
However, over the last week or so I have kinda fallen in love with sports bikes and it is giving me second thoughts on my next motor-vehicle. In the UK, at my current age, I can only get a restricted sports bike license (under 47bhp) and would have to wait until I'm 24 before I can get an unrestricted license. The power restriction doesn't bother me, but there doesn't seem any point in getting a restricted license and restricted bike only to be eligible for unrestricted in a year or so.
I am aware that I won't be able to afford both a bike and a new car. I am also aware that having a bike as a daily driver would be pretty impractical since I live in the UK and already have a car. Should I plan to get a sportsbike in 2 years and maintain my current car as a daily driver alongside the bike? Should I forego the thrills of a sportsbike and just invest in a performance car as my daily?
I'm not sure but I imagine maintaining a bike alongside a car is more expensive than maintiaing a car on its own. Whatever money I use to pay for the licenses, gear, the bike iteself and insurance could just go towards a nicer car. Do you think the tradeoff will be worth it?
Many Thanks
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2023.03.22 16:42 Miatia404 I don't know how to move out of my strict Muslim family's home without causing too much of a stir

Long post warning! I (22F) have lived at home my entire life with my strict Muslim parents (60F and 58M). They are pretty conservative. I was homeschooled and raised in an environment where I wasn't allowed much freedom, I'd get scolded and shamed a lot. There was constant screaming and fear of upsetting mom cause she didn't want to help me with math homework or thought I was too artistic, too quiet, too loud, etc. Due to this, I never had much freedom. As an almost 23 year old, I feel like I am just starting my teenage phase and all I am looking for is a little bit of freedom. I love to buy clothes and makeup that I'm normally not allowed to wear, it seems like a silly guilty pleasure for an adult woman. I wear stuff under my clothes when I leave the house and go shop on my lunch break. I order stuff to the Amazon locker near work to buy things, because they track my phone and it's an easy way for me to have freedom without them knowing about it. I just hate the feeling of having to sneak around to do basic things out of the fear of upsetting my mom.
As I got older, my parents have become less harsh and verbally abusive to being more overprotective and nosy. I think a lot of this is related to me starting puberty, there's still a big fear of boys but now partying, drugs and drinking. I should mention that my brother (20m) rebelled a lot. He moved out with his girlfriend at 17 and got heavily into partying and so now they have seen that their kid is capable of "degenerate" behavior, I think they fear me ending up like that even though we have totally different personalities. I am an introverted, mild mannered girl. I just want my own space to be able to experience independence. I don't like feeling anxious every time I walk to the kitchen, fearing a comment about my outfit from my mom or being told that I slept in too late on a Saturday. I would like to start dating, and my mom simply won't approve of any mom that's not a 6'5' Muslim engineer that makes over $100k a year. I went on a couple dates in college and it was hell. My parents lost it so that part of my life is not something I want them involved in until I meet someone I really want to be with long term. I want to live my life free of constant feedback.
I am really grateful that my parents have allowed me to live at home for so long, I have saved up quite a bit of money. The problem is that now they don't want me to leave. I paid off my student loans and have $35k in savings. I am starting a new job on Monday that pays even better than my current one, which gives me an average salary. I have always dreamed of buying a home in cash, but I don't think that's going to even be realistic until I'm like 27, and by then, I have wasted so much of my young adult life just sitting in my childhood bedroom living the same life I did when I was 13. I have a good career going and it kind of feels silly to have the adult responsibilities of paying for my own car, buying my own stuff, while still not having much freedom.

I have brought up the topic of moving out before and my mom always come up with 100 reasons why I can't do it. Such as, it's a horrible financial decision, it's not safe, interest rates are too high, or that my dad has heart issues and we don't know how long he'll live - so if I move out, I will have regrets about leaving too soon. I do feel slightly guilty, I guess it's oldest daughter syndrome knowing they don't really have much family in the states and would be lonely and bored. My mom has shouted at me when I bring it up, saying that I'm ungrateful and don't understand how hard it is to live in today's world and that the economy is set up for married people. I understand that it's hard in this economy. Like I mentioned, I had always wanted to save up and buy a home in cash but as I get older, I am starting to think just getting out is the most important thing for me. My friends who make the same income as me afford to live alone.

At this point, I have literally thought about getting "caught" with some weed so my parents want me to leave. I do love my parents a lot, and I know they want the best for me...but their idea of the "best" means living with them until I get married and never finding myself. Just having someone else look over my every move to ensure I am not a shame to the family. I am looking for ways that I can move out without harming our relationship too much. I have considered saying that I want to move out so I can get a dog or something, my mom isn't vehemently against them and understands my love for animals is something she can't provide while living here. I think she views them as Haram but doesn't have a strong enough basis to scold me for it. I have tried telling them that I need to learn how to budget on my own but that isn't a valid excuse in their mind. They tend to believe there is not a valid reason for an unmarried young adult to move out unless they have things to hide. Privacy isn't really on their radar.
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2023.03.22 16:42 pinkwiggirl Procedure in the UK?

Hello NoBurpers, there are a lot of posts on here about the procedure in the UK but honestly, it is all quite confusing. I've mentioned my RCPD to my GP 1 time and have been disregarded since so it's hopeless for me to go down that route. It has got so much worse recently that I have to consider getting the botox procedure however I cannot afford it.
Ideally, I would get private health insurance and use it to cover the cost of the procedure, however, health insurance is so overwhelming and confusing, I'm 21 and have no experience with it whatsoever. Would anyone who has had to procedure and claimed it under private health insurance mind detailing their plan and how it worked? Some super clear transparency could be so so appreciated. Do I have to find out whether the specific doctor who does the Botox is covered by my insurance before I get insured? Do I tell the insurance that I'm having this issue? It isn't diagnosed by the GP so it's not a preexisting condition (my acid reflux may be though). Also, how long did most people have to wait until they got an appointment for Botox, is it a long processing period?
Sorry for the long post, it's just so overwhelming and I'd appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 16:42 Robert_B_Marks Horne's The Price of Glory is driving me nuts...

This may be less a review and more of a rant...
Watching some Perun videos about the trench war in the Ukraine (and the "Verdun" of Bakhmut) got me to finally start reading my copy of Alistair Horne's The Price of Glory...and it's hard reading. I'm 25 pages in, and it's driving me up the wall.
So, for a bit of context: this book was first published in the early 1960s, and the revised edition that I'm reading was published in 1993. In his introduction, Horne states that in the intervening time, nothing really made him revise more than a couple of lines here and there...and it really should have done.
The amount of information that comes across as received wisdom (much of it from Basil Liddell Hart) is pretty staggering. More than once I've gone to the back of the book for his source notes to track down a direct quote to find no primary source for it.
For example, Grandmaison. Horne's depiction of Grandmaison is of a lunatic obsessed with the bayonet who had an "attack at all costs and regardless of the circumstances" approach. According to Horne, Grandmaison had no understanding of modern firepower. Now, Horne can read French - he has French language sources in his bibliography. However, he didn't actually bother reading any Grandmaison to chase down the source and see if the quotes were accurate.
If he had (speaking as the one who translated Training of the Infantry for Offensive Combat), he would have realized that Grandmaison understood the power of modern small arms quite well - he considered the ground in front of enemy field fortifications to be unsurvivable for any extended length of time. Infantry had to attack not because attacking was the only thing they were supposed to do, but because it was the only thing they could do that would stop the enemy from shooting them to pieces. The casualties would be costly in the attack, yes, but they would be total if the unit didn't attack.
Then there's the depiction of the pre-war French army. This is an army that Horne depicts as not having howitzers because they were considered unnecessary, and wearing the famous red pants to intimidate the enemy - AKA, completely disconnected from the reality of modern warfare. HOWEVER...both of these were issues the French army had been trying to solve for years before the war. The military notes in the RUSI Journal have announcements of French army uniform changes to get rid of the red trousers, followed by announcements that the trousers are actually being kept, every few month (it was, in fact, the French army fighting their personal Battle of Verdun against the French bureaucracy to put their soldiers in uniforms that didn't scream "Please shoot me!" to the enemy). And one of the excised chapters of the first volume of Joffre's memoirs covers his struggles to get heavy howitzers for the French army. The French army was not disconnected from reality here - they were trying to modernize in the face of a government bureaucracy that was dysfunctional to the point of lunacy.
And then there's Horne's treatment of Joffre, which is character assassination...and one that doesn't survive Horne's own text. He literally declares that Joffre was taciturn because, unlike Haig, there was nothing inside his head. He presents Joffre as being somebody who was not a military thinker at all...and then credits Joffre with calculating the timing just right for the counter-attack at the Marne that turned the battle. There is a massive contradiction here. Now, Joffre made his fair share of mistakes, but the bumbling idiot that Horne makes him out to be could not have saved France at the Marne the way that Joffre did. The degree to which Horne twists himself into a pretzel to try to reconcile these (and fails to do so) is pretty staggering.
But the thing that I find absolutely unforgivable is Horne's treatment of the German war planning. Now, in fairness, most of the German war planning documents were thought to be lost until Terence Zuber unearthed them in the late 90s and early aughts. Historians had to reconstruct it from what the German official history and German generals had said after the war. So, up to 1958, Anglophone historians faced a massive question mark as to what the German war plans had actually been, and generals like von Kuhl trying to excuse the failure of the Marne campaign were taken at face value.
Notice I said "until 1958"? The reason I said that is because in 1958 Gerhard Ritter's The Schlieffen Plan: Critique of a Myth was translated into English and published, and contained the actual Schlieffen Plan memo (you can find the book on - due to not being sure if it's in the public domain yet, I'm not going to link it). If Horne had read it, he would have realized very quickly that it wasn't a master plan for the quick defeat of France followed by a turn to the east to deal with Russia, but a hypothetical exploration of what it would take to beat France in a single-front war. There was still a massive question mark over much of German war planning that wouldn't be answered until Zuber started translating and summarizing documents (I will say that I think his translations and summarizations are invaluable, and his conclusions based on them are very faulty), but what the actual document contained was no longer a question mark.
The fact that Horne did not read this, but instead relied upon earlier reconstructions by Liddell Hart and Fuller is inexcusable. He equates the later war planning for a two front war with the Schlieffen memo, which was no such thing.
And, just to close, there's his statement in the reference notes that "After the passage of nearly half a century, there is probably little of value that has not yet appeared in print" - in fairness, this statement was clearly made in the early 1960s, when the book was first published. But, this isn't the original edition - this is the revised edition published in the 1990s, and it's a hell of a statement to make when the fall of the Berlin Wall made a bunch of German records that had been thought lost available to historians, and opened up the German side of the war in a way that had the potential to recontextualize EVERYTHING we understood about the war. There's quite a lot of value yet to be said in the 1990s alone, and this is still the case in the 2020s.
This is the problem with any book about the war written at a time when Liddell Hart was still actively poisoning the well of scholarship. But, that doesn't make it any less frustrating, particularly when one discovers that Horne is relying so much on received wisdom that he could have discovered was wrong just by bothering to track down the sources of the quotes he was using, most of which were in sources that were available to him at the time.
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2023.03.22 16:42 hen_V2 Simplest Aim Warmup for any rank

Use Practice mode to warm up if its first game of the day.
Use Hard Bots and strafe in between every kill.
This is all the aim you need to rank up to like mid Plat.
Amount of kills needed to rank up on hard bots per Rank:
P3+ = 20+
Also use Aim Lab for tracking if you need that.
If you have aim and still in silver or low gold. Just use Reyna, Phoenix flashes, or Lineup agents. I never play Reyna because I don't instalock but honestly you're not gonna get a good smoke player in low ranks, so playing for picks and line ups actually works in low ranks. When you get up higher though, games start to become a 50/50 so you need that duelist rr.
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2023.03.22 16:42 Abram367 FPS Drops When Moving Cursor

I current have Heroic installed on my steamdeck and I run it in gaming mode. I have noticed that when I move the cursor in docked mode using mouse/keyboard, the frames drop massively and cause lots of stuttering. When I stop moving the cursor and move around using the controls on the deck, the frame drop are gone. The frame drops only happen when i move the cursor around using a mouse in docked mode. What could be causing this? This is currently happening on Rage 2. Re-opening the game or rebooting the system does not solve the issue.
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2023.03.22 16:42 maxrunyon Earn $150 in 3 hours Testing Wearable Tech in NYC

All demographics for a new product testing project in NYC.
This project is located in Midtown Manhattan. Sign up, participate, and get paid this week.
Message me to apply.
We are looking for individuals living in or near New York City, NY who would be interested in participating on-site in testing exciting new digital wearable technology.
Project Details:
If you know anyone else who would be a part of this project have them sign up too!
Message me to apply or if you have any questions.
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2023.03.22 16:42 Historical-Second646 H10 pairing issues

I have a new-ish H10, purchased new in January from Amazon. For about a month it worked reliably, but in the last month or so, pairing with my iPhone (using the Polar Beat app) or Apple Watch have become a huge headache. It's kind of a crapshoot every time I put it on and moisten the electrodes whether I'll be able to reliably pair it, and even in the best case scenario, it won't automatically pair -- e.g., to go for a run with just my watch I'll need to go into my bluetooth settings and re-pair each time. I have tried everything -- making sure the strap is super wet, resetting the sensor, restarting all my devices. Nothing seems to really make a difference.
I'm just not sure if this is expected or what. I know bluetooth sucks in general, and I know that non-Apple products trying to communicate with Apple products over bluetooth is even worse. Polar will pay for a shipping label to look at the H10, but it's kind of a hassle, and I'd rather not bother if this is just how it's going to be (and I don't really know if this is the H10's fault, Apple's fault, or some combination).
Would appreciate any pointers or suggestions about what might be going on, as well as tips on how these issues might be fixed, if there's something I have missed. Thank you!
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2023.03.22 16:42 wissthebeast adulting help

I moved into a new apartment and started service in my name for electric. The second months bill came in and I paid it. I got the "thank you for your payment" email, to later receive an email of double payment, for the 2nd and 3rd. They also want me to go to a kiosk to pay. I want to fight it but idk how. I called my banking institution and we have come to the conclusion that it never processed in the first place thus being an issue with the dte website
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2023.03.22 16:42 raphaelaleixo React Native - Animating text opacity

First time trying to work with React Native, and stumbling upon a frustrating issue that I can't figure out, so I'm calling for a bit of help here.
I'm doing a simple clock application. Making everything as simple as possible to get to the problem I'm having this would be the app layout so far:
``` import { useEffect, useRef } from "react"; import { Animated, Text, View, StyleSheet } from "react-native";
const ClockFace = () => { const fadeAnim = useRef(new Animated.Value(0)).current;
function _start() { Animated.loop( Animated.sequence([ Animated.timing(fadeAnim, { toValue: 1, duration: 1000, useNativeDriver: true, }), Animated.timing(fadeAnim, { toValue: 0, duration: 1000, useNativeDriver: true, }), ]) ).start(); }
useEffect(() => { _start(); }, [fadeAnim]);
return ( 12 : 00 ); };
const styles = StyleSheet.create({ wrapper: { borderRadius: 20, flexGrow: "1", display: "flex", background: "white", justifyContent: "center", alignItems: "flex-end", transition: "background-color 1s ease-out", position: "relative", overflow: "hidden", }, time: { display: "flex", alignItems: "center", fontSize: 120, gap: 5, }, });
export default ClockFace; ```
I have a little snack with that code, too:
So, the thing is. When previewing on the web, the dots are blinking as I intended. But moving to iOS, there's no animation. Any reason for that? Is there any documentation where I can find which properties can or cannot be animated? Am I missing something really stupid? :)
On Android, the issue seems to be worse, as it doesn't even load the application. I am trying to follow the steps described here:
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2023.03.22 16:42 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Zoo-nanigans - Insect Kingdom out-takes (Zoo # 12)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Zoo-nanigans - Insect Kingdom out-takes (Zoo # 12)
During the visit to the Insect exhibit in Zoo-nanigans # 11...
"What is this?" Rillke stopped at the oversized statue of a butterfly.
"Butterfly." Shoal said. "They're pretty but that species is toxic."
"Yes." Emma smiled and looked at Shoal. "The Monarch butterfly has toxic dust on its wings to deter predators."
"But then, what are these things?" Rillke pointed to eight hanging forms.
Shoal rubbed his fingers together, trying to snap them like humans. It did not take and he simply stared at his hands in frustration.
"That's the caterpillar in its chrysalis." Emma explained. "They wrap themselves in silk and then kind of break down and rebuild themselves."
Rillke's jaw went slightly slack.
"And they're not the only ones." Van pointed to the far side of the opposite wall. "Moths do it too."
"No, moths use a cocoon." Emma corrected him. "See butterflies and moths have different end goals but similar life paths."
Gleve clapped, "Oh I know this one! Butterflies and moths both start as caterpillars and mostly eat plant life until they pupate into their chrysalis or cocoon. Butterflies come out and are pollinators. Moths come out and mostly seek mates to continue the cycle and some don't even have mouths!"
Emma nodded and gestured to Gleve.
"Both are terrifying." Rillke said as he stepped away from the statue and looked into a moth environment. "Why is the statue in the environment?"
"Atlas moth." Shoal yawned, "That's the actual animal."
Rillke cleared his throat and stepped away. "Something without wings, perhaps?"
"Good luck." Van grinned. "Though next is mantids."
"Mantids?" Rillke perked up, "I recall they live among flowering plants, yes?" He smiled.
Hadley grinned and pulled out their com. "I'm gonna record this."
Shoal gave a brief, annoyed snort.
"Some do." Emma nodded as she walked over to the large sets of terrariums. "This is an Orchid Mantis."
The group looked and Emma watched as Shoal's eyes went wide and he slowly backed away.
"Where?" Rillke asked.
"I hate these things, I always fall for the camouflage..." Van hissed.
"Pretty flowers anyway." Gleve smiled.
"Middle of the case it is staring at you all." Shoal said.
Gleve turned around to see his friend was not getting closer, so he turned back and focused. Then Gleve saw a set of compound eyes staring back at him. Gleve flinched and Rillke followed where his gaze had been and finally saw it.
"Devious!" Rillke nodded.
Emma laughed as pointed to another terrarium, "That is a green mantis environment."
Shoal went up first, looked in and turned around without a word.
Rillke was puzzled for a minute and walked up stared in horror and backed away.
Gleve was also curious but put his hands over his eyes as he peeked in. Then slowly backed away.
"They eat their mates?" Rillke gasped. "Please tell me that is not a common Earth staple."
Emma grinned. "We could always find out."
Rillke froze, the two parts of his brain trying to process the flirting with the horror. Finally he just smiled and blushed a deep purple.
Shoal just shrugged and looked into the nearest one, then shook his head. "Are any of these not horrific in some manner?"
"It was eating the other one's head." Gleve whimpered.
Emma sighed, "Not really. Insects are very brutal. And the arachnids in the adjoining exhibit only get more so."
"Where the hell is it?" Van snorted as he continued to look for the orchid mantis.
"Van..." Emma sighed.
Van held up a finger. "Don't make me scan for you..."
"Can he really not see it?" Shoal asked, "Or is this a bit?"
Rillke leaned in. "I suspect he could easily find it with scanning, but refuses to do so."
"Found you! All six of you!" Van laughed.
"Six?" Rillker balked. "Emma, something less terrifying, please."
"Termites." Van pointed to a large mound in a larger enclosed environment. He continued to look in the terrarium as the others passed.
Shoal passed last. "Still can't see it?"
"No..." Van sighed. "I hate mantises." He shook his head and followed the group as Shoal climbed onto his shoulder.
"These are the things the aardvark goes after, right?" Shoal asked as he watched a camera feed from a tiny drone.
"Yes." Van nodded. "Termites are kind of like ants in that they're a colony species. But termites don't just dream big, they build big too."
"As long as they don't evolve to eat metal." Hadley said.
"Some did for a short time." Van said. "But went extinct and it was determined it was best to keep them that way."
Hadley looked horrified for a few seconds.
"He's right." Emma said. "During the mass extinctions of the 21st and 22nd century they briefly made mounds of metal and fiberglass."
"Absolute bastards to kill too." Van grumbled.
"They also spread so fast and so far they were deemed a hazard and when they died to what was basically a rust virus we decided it was best to keep it that way." Emma nodded. "They're still cute in an ugly sort of way though."
"I like their style. Gleve, markdown the crew for some videos on these guys " Shoal said with a smile.
"Of course." Gleve noted it on his com and slipped it back into a shoulder sash he wore.
"What about crickets?" Rillke pointed to a sign.
"No." Shoal said with a flat and certain tone.
"You're thinking of cicadas." Van said. "Crickets don't get that loud, often."
Shoal grumbled.
"Relax, we can go around to the ants." Van offered.
"If it gets too loud I'm blaming you Rillke." Shoal said as he crossed his arms and scrambled down to Gleve's shell once more.
"Fully understandable." Rillke nodded.
The group began to walk down and viewed several smaller displays. One had weevils that absolutely entranced Gleve.
"They are so funny looking!" Gleve clapped.
"They're normally considered pests." Hadley explained, "They're a beetle that tends to eat crops. Why aren't they with the other beetles?"
"We are in pest paradise?" Van pointed to a sign.
"And the mantids?" Rillke asked.
"Big predators of pests." Shoal countered.
"I want to see more beetles." Gleve said with a smile.
"As long as we avoid the Monkees." Hadley grinned.
Most of the group stared at the Intelligence in confusion.
"Hadley, only you and I likely got that joke, and I'm half considering leaving you buried with the termites for it." Van glared at the mischievous Intelligence.
Hadley nervously stepped away from the cyborg.
"They are on the way..." Emma kept an eye on Van and Hadley.
As the group passed into the next exhibit, they just as quickly exited as the loud and raucous noise of the crickets did end up panicking Shoal.
"Apologies, Shoal. I shall see to it that a volume label is put on that section for your people and mine." Rillke bowed his head.
Emma winced, "That was abnormally loud."
"Twenty decibels over the average." Van said. "Something had them agitated..."
"Well hopefully it was just an unpleasant visitor before us." Gleve said. "Otherwise they might not get any more visits."
Emma nodded and went to her com. Then focused back on the group. "Next up is beetles."
The group came to a large area filled with small to medium terrariums and one gigantic one that was put under their feet and viewable from the top down.
Gleve immediately put his face to the ground and used his arms to help guide himself as he started to observe the insects.
Shoal watched from Gleve's shell before hopping down and observing himself.
"So many species..." Rillke observed in surprise.
"Almost half of all insects can be classified as beetles." Emma said.
"Closer to forty percent." Van corrected her with a shrug.
"What is this one?" Rillke pointed to one terrarium with a warning sticker on it
"Bombardier beetle. They secrete and heat an acid they launch at things that disturb them." Emma said as a light caustic smoke popped against the terrarium's barriers.
"Oh..." Rillke blinked. "Fascinating."
"Shiny..." Shoal said as he stood staring down at a beetle in the lowered exhibit.
"Rainbow beetle." Hadley said with a smile. "The most shiny."
"But this is the best." Van smiled as he stood at a terrarium. "The Ironclad Beetle."
"You would like those uncrushable bastards." Hadley sighed. "Though I suppose they are acceptably small and adorable."
"Keep it away." Emma said as she moved behind another terrarium.
"You're kidding me." Van snorted.
Shoal read its information plaque. "It's harmless."
"It's creepy!" Emma whined.
Van just stared.
"Don't judge me!" Emma shouted with a nervous laugh.
"I'm not." Rillke said. "I'm just confused."
"My dad took me to Mexico when I was a baby. I got covered in them and it freaked me out, okay?!"
Shoal nodded. "I get that."
Van nodded as well. "On to another beetle, like the Rhinoceros Beetle."
Emma nodded and looked around.
"Is it that one?" Gleve pointed to a large terrarium with a few large beetles jousting with each other.
"That's them." Van sighed.
"Territorial or mating?" Rillke asked.
"Both." Van said.
"Win the territory, win the ladies." Hadley said. "Or scare them off."
Shoal nodded as he heard a light but consistent sound. He turned to look and saw a sign.
"What's an apiary?" He asked.
"Bees are kept there." Van said. "Mostly for honey production. I think we have four species including the Japanese stingless bee here. They have a huge area in their environment plus a hive we started them in that produces honey that we sell."
"Won't they need it?" Gleve asked.
"Not in the amounts they make, because they have a perfect environment; they don't hibernate so they don't actually need to store up as much. But we always leave around twenty to forty kilograms when we harvest." Emma added.
Shoal nodded. "Can we see them after the ants?"
Emma nodded. "And we can see if any honey is for sale."
"What is honey?" Rillke asked.
"Me of course!" Emma laughed.
Rillke blinked.
Van shook his head.
"Besides a nickname for your partner, its regurgitated nectar produced and tended to by bees." Hadley smiled.
"Bee vomit?" Rillke almost turned greener than normal.
Van laughed and nodded. "Yeah we eat weird things."
"And you want to be called, essentially, bee vomit?" Rillke looked at Emma.
Emma laughed and shook her head. "You don't have to, I was joking."
Rillke nodded. "Very well. Drasui."
Emma blushed.
Van chuckled, "What's that mean?"
Shoal chuckled. "No real translation."
Gleve nodded. "The best way to understand it is..."
"Gleve!" Emma hissed, a slight tinge of her German accent filled her voice.
"Leave it be Gleve." Shoal smirked and looked down the hall. "I see ants!"
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