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Lack of self control

2023.06.03 02:13 TlustyMis Lack of self control

Hello brothers ans sisters, i have a problem with masturbation. My story is that i was converted, i got a Holy Spirit and after my conversion God took porn out of my life. I am 600+ days free from porn. After my conversion i had a timeframe of 4 months that by God's grace i was able to not masturbate at all. It was hard but i was able to withstand temptation.
After this time there was an event that i was very sleepy and devil tempted me at night and I fell then. And a month later it happend again. And after that 1 month again. And it kept getting worse. Then after 2 weeks again, 2 weeks again. Now i am in a cycle of a one week and I don't know what to do.
I cried to God, fasted, prayed, talked to elder at Church, i read Bible daily. But when the urge comes, it seems impossible to resist. I am so overwhelmed then. I managed to lately resist temptation attm night but it was so hardcore i felt like some spiritual superbattle took place near me. It wasn't that hardcore after my conversion! I look for a spouse but it will take time. With each fall i feel like it's getting worse.
Please, tell me what to do. I feel hopeless.
Jesus Christ help me!!!
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2023.06.03 02:13 PutThatAssUp [M4A] Death Note Universe RP

23M - looking for someone interested in a role-play set in the Death Note universe. One of us will play detective (doesn't have to be L/NeaMello, go nuts with your OC) while the other will play Kira (again, doesn't have to be an established character). The detective will have the reserves of the police forces of whatever country they live in. The story will take place after the events of the series, so visualize a post-Kira world. Really up for RP involving a certain degree of creative thinking and turn-by-turn engagement.
The general “theme” of the original is there – Kira should be intelligent and ruthless, the detective should be equally intelligent but driven by morals and a sense of justice.
UK-based, so currently using BST (GMT+1). Looking for something long-term, probably with some OOC discussion. Okay with violence/erotic/dark content, as long as it fits well into the narrative – as in, not a scenario which revolves around said topics (maybe an exception for dark character backgrounds). Be an adult (like, an emotionally mature individual who is over the age of 18.) Also be literate and willing to write extensively.
Shoot me a chat or DM with more info - I'd prefer to use Discord but I'm open to alternatives. We can discuss our characters and how to get started.
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2023.06.03 02:12 tinylocksmithisme Bad luck

In the last month I've serviced and ordered replacements for 2 separate customers for multi points. One is an Amsbury Truth that we went back and forth with Strybuc and thought it was ordered, then they come back and say actually we don't stock it and we won't order it unless you buy 6 since it comes from Europe (which there's no way we sell maybe one a year and never the same one twice to my knowledge 🙄) and now the customer is kinda screwed, so if anybody has any suggestions please share because we can't find it anywhere else so far.
The second is a Furr replacement, it was seized in multiple ways took some finesse to get it open but I got there, took all my measurements, lock it back up and go on my way. It was an automatic roller style (which automatic is not my preference but not my decision), submit my p.o. and my boss calls me the next morning with the news that they don't make that style anymore and for whatever fucking reason the measurements will not line up with any other roller so the best option to do a conversion to a shoot bolt style and it'll be pricy. I get the customers okay, not stoked about it but it's the main door they like to use so she accepts. They take 2 weeks to arrive, pretty standard. Get it yesterday, go out today to install (thankfully near another job I had scheduled today so not a total waste of a 45 minute drive) get the door back open, the failed unit removed, start unwinding all the packaging around the new unit since they've started some seriously tight wrapping after we had 5 in a row arrive damaged, finally get into it... the packing sheet has all the right parts listed on it. Strikes, screws, gear box and bottom rod attached, middle extension piece, top shoot bolt, profile cylinder. But actually in the box is the bottom rod and gear box, the top shoot bolt, and 1 bottom rod with gear box for an automatic tongue version. Missing my other pieces and added an extra bottom half to a random lock. There's only 2 of us with Multipoint capability I checked with the other guy he hasn't ordered an auto tongue in ages. So had to box it all back up, put the door back together, lock it back up, and inform the customer that she's gotta wait some more.
Just frustrated with the multipoint shit. I usually like working on them but goddammit.
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2023.06.03 02:12 mobyhex Smooth nose marks/scars

My nose is becoming more and more atrocious as I near 45. I had laser done for the terrible veins on the side but it didn’t do much. I’ve also got acne scarring. I feel like it’s preventing me from doing well in interviews since it looks a bit like an alcoholics nose even tho i don’t drink. Is there some procedure I can get? Totally new to this.
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2023.06.03 02:11 Fluffy_Ad_3486 Thunderlord

I have played destiny since day one in 2014 and since seeing the thunderlord in action I’ve grinded every possible exotic exploit or exotic weekly/ mission possible in both games and to no avail. Bring a mission to get it idc the grind it takes bungie plz this is nearly 10 years of it being out of my grasp.
PS: I some how managed to be gone for work every time Xur sells it don’t yell at me.
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2023.06.03 02:11 PutThatAssUp [M4A] Death Note Universe RP

23M - looking for someone interested in a role-play set in the Death Note universe. One of us will play detective (doesn't have to be L/NeaMello, go nuts with your OC) while the other will play Kira (again, doesn't have to be an established character). The detective will have the reserves of the police forces of whatever country they live in. The story will take place after the events of the series, so visualize a post-Kira world. Really up for RP involving a certain degree of creative thinking and turn-by-turn engagement.
The general “theme” of the original is there – Kira should be intelligent and ruthless, the detective should be equally intelligent but driven by morals and a sense of justice.
UK-based, so currently using BST (GMT+1). Looking for something long-term, probably with some OOC discussion. Okay with violence/erotic/dark content, as long as it fits well into the narrative – as in, not a scenario which revolves around said topics (maybe an exception for dark character backgrounds). Be an adult (like, an emotionally mature individual who is over the age of 18.) Also be literate and willing to write extensively.
Shoot me a chat or DM with more info - I'd prefer to use Discord but I'm open to alternatives. We can discuss our characters and how to get started.
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2023.06.03 02:11 livstreet559 My HOCD is different

Reading through posts here I'm convinced my OCD is less severe than others, which makes me think mine is just a questioning crisis rather than OCD. But I'm nearly 30, so that would be pretty stupid and unlikely. Only thing that reassures me is that I have the same fears the straight men on here do.
Anyway, went to the grocery store and felt the anxiety response around two of the workers there that I've had before. I think I'm bi and this is my type.
While I've accepted I still definitely have attraction to women, I have to accept I'm minimally into men as well (though I don't know how minimal it is considering I have this response every damn day).
It's like when I'm home, I masturbate, fantasize, etc. about women. But when I go out in public, my mind notices men all the time. It's like my attraction to women is fantasy and my attraction to men is reality.
TBH, I only think I stare at lesbians when I'm out-and-about in search of validation, that they'll see I'm one of them. And I masturbate when I'm particulately anxious, so that's probably a reassurance compulsion, as well.
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2023.06.03 02:10 StarKitty_79 Update - I'm just not interested in anyone...

Thank you all for your insight, encouragement, and advice. It was really helpful and as much as I didn't want to hear it, you told me what I needed to hear.
I have had a very exciting past 24 hrs! A few months after my ex-fiance and I broke up, I decided to try dating. I was no where near ready, but I did meet a great guy (40M) who I dated briefly. I actually really liked him. He had just gotten divorced, so we both found comfort in each other. He was transferred across the country and that ended our fling.
Well, he was transferred back yesterday and guess what - he called me! We got together last night and I realized that he really was a cool guy and that there was definitely things we have in common and a strong physical attraction. We enjoyed time with each other. I'm staying the night with him tonight, too, and I'm super excited. 😁
I'm going to continue to work on myself and healing from my trauma. I still have a lot of work to do. Also, I don't see this turning into anything serious, just a casual dating arrangement. I'm certainly not expecting to be fixed by this guy. I do think it's helpful to have someone there who brings excitement and fun back into my life, though.
It is nice to feel sexy and be called beautiful again. 😊
Original post:
My fiancé (44M) and I (44F) broke up after a spectacular fight. It got pretty ugly. He blocked me on everything that day. This was nothing new. He blocked me occasionally for an hour to a couple of days if we were arguing about something because he knew it really got to me.
It has been 6 months and I am still blocked. I know he still thinks about me, because he has been using pictures from trips we took together. He picked especially romantic places. Two weeks ago he changed it to a new picture of himself, but he looks like a sad puppy.
Meanwhile, I have been really having a really struggling with losing him. I didn't get out of bed for over a month after the split. I have made progress, worked on myself and grown over the past 6 months, but I'm still just as in love with him and still cry. I have gone on a number of dates and no matter how great the guy is, I just don't have interest. I just want my fiancé.
I'm really wanting to reach out to him and simply say hi, just try to open up a dialogue. Message him something like, "My dad and I went out for a beer at this bar that reminded me of the place we used to go in Atlanta. Those were good times! How are you doing?" I would use a new Facebook account so I'm not blocked.
Should I give it one last ditch effort to communicate?
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2023.06.03 02:10 LenaLoganp 15F [chat] bored and tired. Wouldn't mind making a new friend:)

Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a post here and see how it goes. I'm 15F and from USA. Near Charleston if anyone is interested. I just finished 9th grade and on summer break. Having a good break so far but often get bored in the evenings. I'm a fairly quiet girl but open up pretty easily. I get along with everyone so I figured I'd see if anyone is online and feels like chatting with me? I will respond to everyone. Feel free to send a message if interested. Open to any gender, sexuality, religion, age, etc. Just trying to meet new people and possibly a new friend 🥰
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2023.06.03 02:09 Southern-Courage158 I might lose my eye

I'm a 28 year old female from Canada. I'm a nail tech and I love doing nails. I was suicidal for a long time because of CPTSD due to my childhood and at attempted kidnapping which left me running for my life for life. I considered taking my life multiple times because of chronic pain due to multiple autoimmune diseases. I started taking antidepressants which saved my life, gave me my drive back and actually gave me the will to live again. I started a business, a home nail salon and a press on nail business. I booked events, I sold pre-made sets, I started making a good amount of money. Enough to buy whatever I wanted, finally. I felt relief because I was scared I'd never find a job I actually enjoyed and love let alone I'd find the will to live again. Everything was going so amazing.
Until 40 days ago. 40 days ago I woke up with a swollen eyelid, I joked about it- made references to fetty wap and keeping an eye out for selenerr. I saw my physician who said it could potentially be allergies, I was terrified that I was allergic to nail product so I stopped touching nail product for weeks in hopes that my eye would stop swelling. It didn't. I saw an optometrist, the first appointment she tells me that's she's never seen anything like this before- she has once, actually, but it was a man with a cancerous tumor behind his eye. I heard her say that but in my brain, I thought that couldn't relatable to me, it's probably just a chalazion or cyst, maybe a stye? So she gave me antibiotic cream for eyes, steroids for eyes, allergy pills, anti-inflammatories, allergy eye drops, she threw everything under the sun at my eye. Nothing helped, the swelling was getting worse and worse, I developed a lazy eye. I never had a lazy eye before. She does more tests and tells me I need to see an ophthalmologist, like ASAP. I'm still like, eh whatever, I'm sure it's nbd.
Then I got a phone call from a surgeon, confirming that I did indeed have a tumor behind my eye. My whole world just collapsed in seconds. A tumor? Wtf? How? What? A tumor? You sure? Yeah, they're sure and I need to see them ASAP, in a few days.
I'm scared. Everything that happened to me began to make sense, hindsight is 20/20. I had began seeing shadows out of the corner of my "bad eye" but I thought it was a mental thing, maybe I need to sleep more, smoke less weed and just relax. I didn't tell anybody because I was embarrassed. I had been fainting, like straight up- blacking out for no reason and fainting. Projectile vomiting for absolutely no reason. I was always dizzy, tired and just felt like shit. My personality started to change around 8 months ago, I just figured it was me coming to my own- I became more aggressive and more assertive. I thought it was a good business attribute so I never cared. Now I realize these are all red flag symptoms.
The tumor is pushing against my optic nerve cause visual problems. I'm worried that it's bigger than just my eye. That it's a problem with my brain. I have a biopsy on the 9th it was supposed to be on the 29th of May but I already had prior appointments with my autoimmune specialist so I had to forego it. I wish I didn't because now I'm just anxious.
I'm scared because no matter if it's benign or not- there's a chance that my eye is unsavable. It's just an eye, I know. I have another but it makes me so sad. I feel like my whole life just imploded in the span of two months. Everything I knew before is different. I'm just scared. I don't want to burden my families with my fears because they're already sad for me.
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2023.06.03 02:09 sputnikcherie Anyone here from Portland, Maine area that's found knowledgeable doctors in regard to Eds?

We're moving from the Seattle area to Portland, Maine in a few weeks. I've been really fortunate and kind of spoiled in living in a research-hospital town. There's lots of specialists around here who are very knowledgeable about POTS, dysautonomia, etc. And there's an Eds specialist that runs an Eds clinic near me, too, which is how I got diagnosed.
I was trying to quickly get in to see all the doctors to deal with other related health issues before we go, but I also need to have my son checked out (I'm certain he has Eds, also, and related digestive issues). I'm in a position now where I have to choose between doing my tilt table test or getting my son to see a doctor to start figuring out what's going on with his stomach. (Two appointments on the same day timed so that I can't possibly keep them both.)
So I was wondering if anyone here has had good experiences with any doctors in the Portland, Maine area, so that I can feel better about either canceling my tilt table test here to set one up there, OR cancel my son's appointment and get him in to see someone who's really good about Eds digestive issues?
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2023.06.03 02:08 evenmonkeys Formerly Highwind XI, Gaia XI Returns July 1st

In January of 2019, Highwind XI launched with a specific idea in mind.. finding a good balance between playing with a small population, fair difficulty and overall enjoyment.. but at a faster pace. A great group of players came together and built a small community that would ultimately stick around for nearly three years. However, in October of 2021, with a very heavy heart, the project came to an end.
It didn't take too long before I realized that I really missed working on this project and missed interacting with a community of players who really enjoyed the environment we all created. During 2022, I had considered reopening the server as it was several times. However, I always found a reason to change my mind. Whether it was something in my real life causing me to reconsider or other servers that I didn't want to compete with, I always found a reason to say never mind.
I enjoy basic programming and development as a hobby and I found myself working on this project again back in October of last year, but just as a private sandbox. I'd played around with the new changes to the emulation software the Final Fantasy XI project has been using. And while it's technically better, it doesn't support the era that I personally enjoy the most. I'd considered opening a server to the public last year, but with Horizon launching, I decided not to. It wasn't until March that I decided I was going to give it a go. But there were a list of things that I wanted to do different this time around.
Presenting Gaia XI, a Second Wind
Highwind XI is rebranding as Gaia XI and beginning fresh. The vast majority of the things you loved about HXI will remain present in GXI; however, some things have been retired and some things will be released in future patches. The two main reasons I've decided to begin fresh: it's been such a long time since the server has been alive and a lot of the changes will not fully support the previous design. Ultimately, a fresh start is just a clean solution.
When the Gaia XI website goes live on June 17th, any players who have previously played on Highwind XI will be able to reclaim their account names and character names assuming you still have the login information.
While a lot more information will be coming soon, I wanted to share one major change for Gaia XI. With the ever-changing updates and overhauls to the FFXI emulation project, many new versions and forks exist, causing client-side and server-side issues. Gaia XI will use a specific installer utilizing a specific client version; the server will be locked to this version.
This project is a hobby. My biggest setback with HXI was not accepting more help when I needed it. The kind of person that I am, I set out to try to make everyone happy, even at the expense of my own sanity. One of the biggest key points for Gaia XI will be making more time for myself and my real life and making sure I have support where necessary.
To those who played on Highwind XI, thank you for showing your support. It couldn't have become what it did without you. I hope to see old and new faces in our new Vana'diel!
Gaia XI opens July 1st at 6:00pm CST
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2023.06.03 02:07 audiobookssss AITA for only seeing guys again if they pay... even though I'm a lottery winner?

I'll get the exciting part out of the way first.
I won the lottery a handful of years ago. I won't say where. I walked away with just under 8 figures in winnings. I bought some properties, and splurged the first few years. Now I'm living off of the interest and rental income.
My life is calm. Honestly, I'm a little bit boring for a lottery winner. I spend lots of time sleeping in, with my family, on social media, and taking care of my plants, dog, and 2 cats. I take up hobbies whenever I want. I have some specific interests that I'm not going to name for privacy, but yeah, my life is pretty good. I've made lots of friends from a local gym (didn't have too many before). I'm not into travel much, I prefer staying close to my pets, but I'm game to go on vacation whenever any friend or family member want to go.
My dating life hasn't really improved at all though. Maybe that's partially to do with covid, as I am very covid conscious. I'm reasonably attractive, and I do things that make me feel beautiful like get my hair and nails done. I don't cheap out on make up or skin care anymore. But it's still hard finding a guy who wants me for more than sex.
I'm fortunate that not very many people know that I won the lottery, and I try to keep it that way. One of my cars is very specifically a honda civic so I can blend in when I want to. With dating, I also act like most women... I kind of expect the guy to pick up the tab. It's not about him being a provider, I just think of it like him expressing an interest in me. Realistically, if I were to ever marry or seriously date someone, they wouldn't have to work or could just work if they wanted to.
If I'm going to give someone that kind of life, I want to know that they'd take care of me the same way without them knowing about my financial situation and whatnot, so I rarely let guys know that I don't work. I say I work in "Operations" at a bank and got lucky that my position is fully remote and "flexible". Sometimes I'll spend hours in my office but I'm just playing sims. I've only told 1 guy that I have enough money that I don't need to work, and that relationship didn't work out for separate reasons.
Anyway, I was talking to a friend about my dating troubles (another guy who didn't call when he said he would). My friend made some comment about how most guys would be thrilled that I pick up the tab all the time because they rarely get treated, especially on first dates, so she assumes I'd have the advantage. I corrected her and said that no, I still expect the guy to pay for dates and if he doesn't then there is rarely a second date. As kindly as she could (I"m not upset with her), she said that I was being cheap and kind of an asshole by expecting guys who make less than I do (and who have to work for it) pay for our dates when I can afford to pay it all myself and never have to work again.
AITA for expecting guys to pay for dates?
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2023.06.03 02:07 SuperSaiyanACL I think I’m 95% of the way there and waiting on that 5%. This is how I got here

This post is just a vent, although it might help someone else. Thanks for reading.
Just last week I was in my worst rut of the breakup. Call it the depression stage of grief, or maybe cause I caved and checked her socials, but I was down under. Could not get out of bed, study, and almost failed a very important midterm I barely passed.
I did the very best thing I ever did during the last 4 months. I wrote a letter I was going to send. It was a final goodbye. It basically explained all the shit she did, the lies she told, and how much she hurt me. Everything she had manipulated me to allow or straight up denied yet acted in ways that did not follow suit. At the end I’d written a kinder goodbye and wished her the best.
I was convinced I was going to send this. I did not care what happened after, that letter was for me to be I peace like I deserved. Over the course of the next few days I kept reading it over and over again, making even more aggressive changes to it.
Yet, somehow, I don’t want to send it anymore, and to my surprise this feeling has stayed consistent. My mind for some reason has forgiven, even though if you asked my conscious self I’d tell you I can never forgive. I still love and care about her a lot, but it’s different now, I can’t explain it.
I’m not over her or the breakup yet, that I’m certain. However, this is the furthest I’ve gotten in this shitty journey, and I feel the end may be near. It may be a few more weeks or months, but I can see the light now, and although it makes me hopeful, I feel sad that I’m close to giving up on her for good. It’s a strange feeling.
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2023.06.03 02:05 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Contractors 15.6 - Meeting the Family

First, Previous
Having survived in the violence-for-hire business for quite some time, I immediately noticed several things upon entering the conference room. The Lady Elissa sat at one end of a long and ornate conference table wearing what could barely be called a dress, largely because it was barely existent. A male aelflung of roughly her age and wearing a gaudy military uniform in House Ganthull colors was sitting a few chairs over from her. And John sat across from them, leaned back in his own chair and watching them bicker. I closed the door behind me as they fell silent at my entrance. John looked at me over his shoulder with a grin that nearly made me groan out loud. That grin has preceded some of the worst altercations I’ve ever been in outside of actual combat. The other parties had deserved it, but still. I didn’t want to have to pull John off some pompous aristocratic puppy who thought his chest full of unearned medals meant something. Again. Although it was always fun to watch those soft little whelps bleed for the first time.
Fortunately, Elissa broke the ice. “I’m so happy you could join us! I hope you have fully recovered from your wounds?”
“They have, thank you for asking.” It seemed the spoiled brat we’d saved years ago had grown up a little. Thank Uudin for that.
“As I told Lord Rosco, I was terribly sorry to hear of your loss on, well, I’m sorry but I cannot pronounce the name of that world. Hearing of Gratorf’s death saddened me greatly, I have been paying his family a stipend ever since.”
“Yeah, she told me that you two have stayed in touch over the years,” John added as he pulled out the chair next to him. “Her help behind the scenes has been most appreciated and well coordinated, hasn’t it?”
Oh shit. Oh shit, shit, shiiiiiiiit…..
“It has been, without your influence we might not have been able to fully repair our ship after it was damaged or get the medical care we needed after the bar shootout,” I told Elissa as I sat down.
John kicked me under the table.
Nobody else seemed to notice. Elissa turned to the male aelflung and said “Chrastoff, this is Lord Rex, Lord Rosco’s second in command and a fine warrior. Lord Rex, this is Lord Chrastoff Ganthull, Name-Bearer of our House, a high officer of our security forces, lord of the nearby habitat Deepwood, skeptic of logic, and my twin brother. I am the eldest, by several seconds.”
I was turning to say something bland and polite to the little lordling, but the little lordling scrunched his pointy face up in disgust.
“These are no ‘lords’ Elissa, just base savages seeking to separate us from some money before they leave and find new marks to swindle.”
“They are my guests,” she replied icily. “They saved my life where our own men couldn’t. They will prove to be a valuable asset in our coming endeavors.”
Chrastoff laughed, “They saved themselves and kept you alive to get paid and keep their own skins intact. Mercenaries do nothing but run the moment they’re at a disadvantage.”
Elissa opened her mouth to reply, but John butted in first.
“He’s right, ma’am. I’m not a lord. I had to come to my current position solely through my own capabilities and effort. My lack of any noble title doesn’t bother me, I’ve actually earned the titles I have. But I have learned that some of the least capable people are born into power are kept there by the efforts of their subordinates who actually know how make things happen. Speaking of capable people and positions of power, I meant to tell you earlier what a fantastic job you’ve done of renovating this habitat. It’s absolutely incredible, and I hope you get the credit you’re due.”
Chrastoff’s genuine wood chair hit the floor as he launched to his feet and drew his rapier.
“I will spit you like a roast bird and dump your carcass at the dock!” He thundered, the tip of his rapier trembling crazily as he pointed it across the table at John and shook with rage. “I’ll kill you like scum! The scum that you are!”
“I doubt it,” John replied without even a trace of concern.
Chrastoff’s face turned an even darker shade of purple and it looked like he was about to launch himself across the table when a deeper voice came from a side entrance.
“Be seated my son, you are outmatched. You are a peerless fighting man but you are antagonizing a killer. I said be seated! Elissa, silence your chittering.”
An old, but not elderly, aelflung who could only be described as grizzled walked up to the table and sat at its head.
Elissa introduced us to her father, Great Lord Ganthull, as Chrastoff sheathed his rapier and righted his chair.
“Very bold of you to come into my home and engage in such provocation, Mr. Rosco. Were it not for our pending need and your impressive record, I would have you expelled from this station and your ship tossed out behind you.”
John tried to apologize but Lord Ganthull cut him off.
“A record that goes all the way back to the heyday of the Gunchow Combine as a distinguished Janissary soldier and commander, including the third and fifth battles of Stekkis IV and rumored participation in a revolt against the Stellar Angels abductor clan, who appear to be the only people in the known Fractureverse who know how to access your home world of Soil.”
Then he looked at me.
“And Mr. Rex, his stalwart companion and right hand, who was there to witness most of these events. Sold to the abductors by your kinsmen for your crime of being born with melanism to make their harvest quota, thrown into the cauldron of war between the big powers until you landed in Mr. Rosco’s elite unit. The two of you escaped from your bondage during the Fifth Battle of Stekkis IV, narrowly avoiding being caught in the supernova triggered by the Gunchow Combine as they retreated. Unable to save most of your comrades, you and your small band of escapees were forced into a life of piracy and crime, until you established yourselves enough to go legitimate as mercenaries, incorporating into Gallowglass Contracting and purchasing your first ship, the Fortunate Son, six years ago.”
The room was silent. That past was buried, nobody knew that about us. Lifetimes of secrecy, gone. Chrastoff and Elissa sat, stunned, as they connected the dots and calculated the time. Those events were well known. Trillions had died. The effects had rippled out all the way to the fringes of civilized space. They were still rippling, in some places.
John broke the silence.
“How do you know all of this?”
“Oh, I know a great deal more,” the Great Lord told him. “We have a mutual acquaintance, who is extremely knowledgeable and recommends you very highly. Shall we discuss the terms of your employment? We need someone with your expertise for a little revolution we're starting.”
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2023.06.03 02:05 LimmyRoe "I'm not going to diagnosis you."

"I'm not going to diagnosis you as autistic. It will make it significantly more difficult to get any kind of treatment for you in the long-run. Doctors and specialists will treat you differently and you will not be taken seriously with that in your chart. We can put you on [ADHD / Depression] medication and see how that works, but I would not advise getting a diagnosis."
........ all this explained after essentially confirming I'm autistic.
Could someone please explain what the fuck is happening here? I went to a new psychiatrist to get put back on my ADHD meds, and this is what I was told.
To be fair..... she also said that she doubted my ADHD diagnosis and refused to put me back on my regular meds of nearly 10 years.
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2023.06.03 02:05 Arusamour [Mississauga, ON] [H] HSK Pro ACE Wireless Mouse, VAXEE Outset AX, Ryzen 5 2600 [W] Local Cash, PayPal


G-Wolves HSK Pro ACE I purchased mine from the g-wolves website for 208 CAD. I believe the mouse itself is ~$185 before shipping. Translucent purple, no QC problems, perfect condition. (side and button grips have been applied). Used since MAY 16 (Used for almost 3 weeks). I want to sell/trade because mouse is too small and gives me hand cramps. $140
vaxee OUTSET AX Used for ~2 years for FPS shooters. OUTSET logo starting to fade, wearing of coating near mouse wheel. Performance of the mouse is flawless still. $30
Ryzen 5 2600 Used for 3+ years. no issue. included stealth cooler and left over thermal paste $45
I don't have a car with me so i prefer local pickup or shipping.
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2023.06.03 02:05 BigDende Today I tried Heinz British baked beans and they were nasty and it made me mad

All I could really taste was vinegar instead of that sweet beany taste I was used to.
No, I was not mad because they were nasty, I was mad because it brought to my attention - just how much sugar is getting added to our north American foods that we are completely unaware of??
So I checked the ingredients and nutrition facts in one of my normal cans. I was expecting like beans, tomato, bit o' maple syrup but NO, there was nearly 40grams of sugar in one can of baked beans! That's 10 spoonfuls! That's the same amount as a can of coke.
Our foods in North America are just so packed full of sugar that normal food tastes nasty if it's not stuffed full of it. This experience just highlighted that for me.
I'm not even in the USA, I'm in Canada; I think it's even worse for them down south.
Sorry I'm having a bit of a rant here, but it's no wonder people here suffer obesity and health problems so badly.
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2023.06.03 02:04 Gunslinger2007 Can the Soviet Union be saved

Can the Soviet Union be saved
Germany went to war with me, and then Italy declared war on my puppet Yugoslavia. Poland also has joined the central powers. As I am writing this Moscow has fallen, and hope is nearly lost. The United States has military access but have not sent any troops. It’s Russia vs. Europe, an Europe is winning.
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2023.06.03 02:03 HelloKittyFreakv2 Checked my BP?!

Today, I got a filling (first one in over ten years.) For the first time in twenty years (give-or-take) I got through it without nitrous or Ativan. I credit AirPods Pro active noise cancellation and my own hard work overcoming what I think is needlephobia/dentist/hygienist anxiety.
However, and I nearly burst out laughing at this, but they checked my blood pressure before the dentist stuck me and started drilling.
With some significant gaps, I’ve been to various and sundry Dentists over almost (!) 50 years. None has had my BP checked. This dentist also, (this, too, is a first) checks under my tongue for what I’m assuming is oral cancer? I have never (nor will I ever) smoked, much less (blech) chew tobacco. Oh, no vaping or smoking weed, either.
I think it’s pretty obvious from my good gums/rock solid teeth I don’t do any of those things.
I’m asking if checking my BP and looking for oral cancer is weird, unusual or even a bit of a red flag.
It wasn’t a professional-looking BP machine that I could tell, if it matters. 🤔
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2023.06.03 02:03 saomi_gray 47 [f4m] #central Alabama polyamorous woman seeks local polyamorous man ages 30-55 to share life and love.

Looking for someone to go out with, stay in with, learn with, and grow with. With my primary partner 17 years, dating separately for 14. I only date men who are already polyamorous and are near me.
Who you are:
Who I am:
My interests:
If all this sounds good to you, send a message telling me about yourself and why we might be a good fit.
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2023.06.03 02:03 LifeWithAsma Looking gor girl-friends

Heeey! I’m Asma, 21 years old girl from Qatar. I'm in my fourth year of studying psychology, hoping to be a psychologist in the near future <3
Lil bit about me: I'm an ambivert, born in May, exactly the 16th, I like reading, journaling, pottery making, arts and crafts, building legos, deep conversations, and everything related to psychology, obvs.
Wanna make a few girl friends and get to know some kind and genuine people over here, so if you are interested and around my age (18-25), don't be shy to dm me!
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