Airbnb with indoor pool

Pet owners, how do you do indoor pest control?

2023.06.01 00:51 TheGuyWithTheSI Pet owners, how do you do indoor pest control?

I'm starting to see a lot more centipedes around the house and feel like spraying pest control indoors would help alleviate the problem, but I have two very curious dogs. How am I supposed to do pest control with animals walking around everywhere?
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2023.06.01 00:48 random-girl2468 I don't know how to cope

My daughter (18 months) is the light of my life and I'm glad to have her. I live with her paternal grandmother in her house and her father (my ex) lives in the pool house. He has forced himself on me several times in our relationship and even after I moved in with his mother, and recently I became pregnant again even though I have an IUD in, I don't know how far along I am, and even if I didn't want to stay pregnant, I live in Texas and termination is illegal and I would have to travel to get one. I was just almost fully saved up to be able to move out to my own place with my daughter. I'm so angry at him. And myself. I fought him, I scratched him, I kicked him, but I couldn't stop him. Having this baby means I will have to keep living here with them. His mom loves having us here and she is a doting grandma to my daughter and she has told me many times she doesn't want us to leave. I haven't told her I'm pregnant yet but I feel like she will be thrilled and that makes me feel even worse. I wish I could have fought harder and stopped this from happening. I've thought about going to a shelter at some points just to stay away from his abuse, but then I would be putting my daughter in a shitty position and away from the only home she's ever known, and I worry they would try to get full custody of her if I tried that. Hell just moving out from them and into my own apartment makes me scared I will lose custody of her. I don't know if I should just try and make the best of living here and have this baby, go to a shelter, or try to secretly seek termination in a different state.
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2023.06.01 00:45 123maybe321 Indoor Feral Cat (2 months in)

A cat was left on my church doorstep with a note about it not being wanted anymore. So we adopted it. We've neutered him, gotten him cat trees, scratching posts, an abundance of treats and his favorite foods/litter. I had no idea he was feral until one month later when I learned more about feral cats, and, mainly, when he didn't socially adjust. My husband and I are almost certain he hates being indoors due to his inability to use the two litter boxes correctly and constant hiding. We've tried the safe room to which he's now in the living room, he plays, he cleans himself more than he did the first few weeks, he uses the litter boxes 80% of the time, and has napped besides us a handful of times. He's a lot better than he first was, but last week he peed on our couch and it felt like a wake up call. Does he even enjoy being indoors? I've never seen him knead and he doesn't pur. I seriously wonder if he's ever done that. But he doesn't seem interested in leaving at the same time never attempts to run out the house). We are considering making him an outdoor cat. Is this the right thing to do? Or should we just hold on and keep trying to socialize him?
Please note: We took him to the vet (after many seemingly traumatic attempts) and nothing was wrong for him to pee outside the box.
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2023.06.01 00:44 throwaway16392658 I wish there were more femboys near me... I feel so alone out here.

Not really sure where else to put this but yeah, I'm a 29 year old femboy whos been looking in my area for another femboy to cuddle and be with for a while now, and my area just feels so dead. Its the Midwest, so unless you're near a big city like st Louis or Kansas city or Chicago you're pretty much screwed, and spoiler, I don't live anywhere near those places. It doesn't help that I'm also poly which slims the dating pool down a good bit, so there's no telling if I would even mesh well with another femboy even if I did meet them... ugh.
I'm just depressed about it I guess. Not tryna creep, not tryna slide into anyone's DMs or arrange meet ups or anything. But man, I get so jealous sometimes seeing all the adorable feminine presenting peeps on my main page, or in the discord servers im in, and knowing that I can't ever even have a chance to meet them... it just hurts to think about. I might have to take a break from all of this tbh, its just bringing me down lower the more I see and think about it. Idk, thanks for reading and stuff, imma go be sad now. <3
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2023.06.01 00:43 whatapendeja Help! I can't take him to the vet until tomorrow, what can I do to help him until then?

Help! I can't take him to the vet until tomorrow, what can I do to help him until then?
I got home from work, got close to kiss his head and saw that wound. I thought he might've been playing roughly with my younger cat, but she's tiny and I don't think she could do that. They're indoor only so I'm not sure what could have caused it, I'll try and see if I can figure it out. I want to take him to the vet because I'm afraid it'll get infected, but it's late so they aren't open (not in the US). Should I clean it and try to put gauze in it? It's not bleeding and it doesn't look very deep, but it's worrying me. Please help! Sorry for the blurry pic, he won't stay still :(
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2023.06.01 00:43 Simon_Drake Extreme sexual dimorphism in three-sex species with cross-generational breeding

I'm not talking about sentient species, I'm thinking more in terms of animal husbandry and selective breeding of animals to work alongside humans. I've been reading Dragonriders Of Pern but I'm thinking more in terms of mammals just to keep it grounded, pardon the pun. I'm also thinking about bees where they have unusual reproduction processes, fertile queens and infertile worker females in addition to males making sortof three genders. But again I'm going to keep it mammalian.
Lets imagine a species with three sexes, Male, Female and King. Males and Females reproduce as normal mammals do. They have a lifespan of ~15 years with male and female cubs reaching sexual maturity around 1~3 years as with most mammal species. But then there's also the King, larger and stronger than even the largest males. Kings age slower, reaching maturity after ~20 years and can live to be well over 50 years old. Perhaps they are lions or wolves, the details don't matter, but the King is the leader of the pack, the ultimate ideal of the Alpha Male. The King protects the pack from outside attack and being so long lived has wisdom to pass on like where to find food in times of drought. Being larger and with a bigger brain the King can provide guidance to the pack like knowing when an enemy pack has them outnumbered and retreat is the wiser decision than fighting and losing many lives.
The difference comes in the King's reproduction, perhaps he only comes into heat once every few years or mating is a rare event. But the King mates with a regular female, instead of a litter of half a dozen cubs there's a single King cub, or perhaps a Prince. The pack all help raise the Prince ready to one day replace the King as the inevitable new ruler, except this process takes the lifespan of several regular males and females because the Kings live so long. There's something reminiscent of Simba from the start of Lion King, the one true heir that will eventually become the leader and he's special amongst the rest of the pride not just because of social status but he's actually special, he's going to be bigger and stronger and longer lived than anyone else.
From the perspective of a human raising these animals to ride or as hunting animals the King is essentially jumping the generations on the family tree. Whichever female gives birth to the Prince will also have regular children, or the animal equivalent of nieces and nephews, non-king cubs that continue her bloodline. Then there are several generations of breeding the regular animals, trying to keep the bloodlines from inbreeding too badly, bringing in males from other family lines to stud etc. Then the newly adult King would breed with a female that might be the great-great-great-great-grandaughter of his mother, only loosely related given how many other generations have passed in between.
From a genetic perspective the regular male and female gene pool could be controlled through selective breeding, picking the strongest or fastest of each generation. Then when the King comes to re-enter the bloodline it picks up the trends and benefits of that selective breeding. Perhaps as with humans there's a single chromosome difference in the sexes just with a third option, and the king benefits from the statistical improvement in the other chromosomes gained through generations of selective breeding.
I was thinking about this in terms of generations of animal husbandry for really large animals (Like I said, I've been reading Dragonriders Of Pern). Most large animals have long lifespans and it's impractical to have them grow to adulthood really quickly or to shorten a giant animal's lifespan just to speed up the generations of selective breeding. So I thought if you could mix and match, have a bloodline with short generations that allows scope for selective breeding but have a subset of that species (i.e. a third sex) that is radically different in size and lifespan and that is the animal you're really breeding to enhance. This isn't how it works in Pern but it's an option that might work in a similar story or if someone were to reboot the Pern franchise, not that rebooting really happens in written fiction but you know what I mean, rewrite a similar story reusing some of the old premise but change some implementation details.
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2023.06.01 00:42 Deathcounter0 Why do they remove accolades BB every match?

In the most recent Video, Crytek (or rather its Franchise Manager) announced, among other things, that there will no longer be Rewards from playing matches with the next patch (1.13).
Let me present the case:
Hunt is in the silver tier of the "Best of 2022" Steam Showcase. There, Steam puts games into tiers from Platin to Bronze. The games are place based on Top Gross income. Since we do not have exact numbers we can only put them in perspective:
Hunt made more income in the year 2022 than games like Terraria, BF 2042, Path of Exile, The Witcher and many more (see links above). A lot of these games are not unknown to most ears.
So? What is this money spent on?
Let's have a look:
We have servers that on average run on 30 ticks, so overly simplified, the server is doing calculations in 30 FPS. In Comparison, 128 tick servers are present in Valorant and CS:GO, which is an unrealistic expectation, but atleast 60 Hz or 30 Hz while loading in all Mobs in an idle state should be possible in 2023. Granted, the servers need to calculate a lot of A.I movement but the term "Hunt servers" is already put up in a negative light.
Anti-Cheat and Cheater consequences:
Quite frankly, it's awful. With stories like this, this and this really giving the impression that Crytek is not even permabanning cheaters, or do not act on soft cheaters.
Furthermore, Easy Anti Cheat, Epic Games' Anti-Cheat service is free for game developers. Data Security and Internet Privacy concerns aside (Tencent), the last news blog on cheating was about 3 years ago. We do not know when the last EAC update was either. I can't help but feel that this cat and mouse game has a cat napping near the stove.
Removal of BB Rewards for the Tutorial:
With the introduction of the new Tutorial, the BB Rewards from the previous "Tutorial" was scrapped entirely from 250 BB to 0. While it was reduced 2 years prior from 800 BB to 250 BB. That little change somehow didn't make into the patch notes but I am sure it just wasn't worth mentioning.
New Patches bringing new bugs:
From the Lemat Bug, to the Reload Bug, to the floating tools Bug and Hunt servers not being able to count reserve ammo or how many throwing knives/axes you picked up. Yes, we are getting there, and yes some get fixed. But it is pointless when 5 bugs are fixed per patch, and 5 new ones take their place.
This patch alone we had:
FPS drops when closing the map (quite noticeable when playtesting don't you think)
Weapon Holster on saddles dropping your main weapon when canceling (Weapons are exchanged in almost every game from downed hunters, why is this bugged?)
Completely unrelated to any changes: Hornskin somehow takes away any blunt damage reduction from your teammates, making you oneshot from Winnie Cen. Trauma or Hammers.
Saddle Bags previously were able to give you 5 consumables with Packmule, now it was "fixed", and instead of giving you 5 consumables, it just removes 1 consumable (from a consumables that has 2 charges) - They are, after all, toolboxes that have a different item pool.
An Saddle Bags sometimes not appearing for every Player.
The last social media post about the Q & A Team playtesting Hunt was in 2019, I hope they are still doing good :)
Battle Passes get cheaper:
Let's see if they have the same amount of Quality and Levels as previous Passes. Also to do the math: To get 1000 Blood Bonds, you would need to play 50x20 - 20 consecutive Weeks, which is like 5 months to get a Battle Pass which is free to play.
New content:
Yes, I can't leave that one out, if I want to be fair. Good content is good and nice, and necessary to increase player count and player retention. However, what Hunt needs right now is QoL features and improvement of existing systems (and don't try to fix systems that already work fine *cough* up and downstair sounds and MMR system). Hunt needs an operation Health and I hope this goes hand in hand with the announced Cryengine update.
Did I forget anything? I mean they added Charms, and Charm rarity shortly after - so that's nice for Crytek. I kinda wished we would have seen those changes mentioned in the dev stream so chat could have Q & A with the devs afterwards, but a seperate video is also one way to do it.
Please, don't remove BB rewards for playing the game, for engaging with the game so that those who do do indeed buy BB and DLCs have (same skilled) enemies to play against. This change is extremly anti-customer and punishes players that play the game daily and regulary. Those who make up most of your player numbers.
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2023.06.01 00:41 bakeley Oil cooler leak?

Oil cooler leak?
2012 Yaris LE, 192k miles. Does this look like the oil cooler gasket is failing? I noticed this afternoon that one of the hoses feeding the oil cooler was covered in dirty oil with a dime sized pool underneath. I cleaned the hose and noticed most of the oil on the cooler side of the hose, not the engine side. The hose appears to be tight and in good shape. I am also not down on oil…Anyone ever had to replace one of these?
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2023.06.01 00:41 hishazelgrace Experience with Flea Meds?

Hi guys, does anyone have any experience with pets need meds .com? I ordered their flea control for cats for my stray I want to eventually adopt as an indoor only cat, but I’m nervous about giving it to him. It is a monthly dose of 210 mg Lufenuron and 15 mg Nitenpyram.
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2023.06.01 00:40 SettingThese2854 The Truth chapter 1

One rainy evening Leon was sitting in his living room watching T.V. and finished eating dinner when all of a sudden three light taps can be heard from the front door surprisingly enough was loud to be heard over the show he was watching. Leon went to check the door and answered,
"Hello? Anyone one there?"
seeing no one was there Leon suspected that it the wind from the rain blew something against his door. Leon was about to close the door but a soft voice could be heard and caught his attention, Leon looks down on his porch and there was a female fluffy.
"P...pwease..nice cough mistuh.."
then the mare lost consciousness and collapsed where she stood, Leon looked down at the light brown fluffy mare pegasus with a dark brown mane and tail with green eyes. This fluffy mare look battered and broken with a blackened eye, bloody nose, few missing teeth noticably in the top front, half of it's left ear was torn off, almost skin and bones as if it hasn't eaten in days with a light stench of feces.
Leon look upon the beaten up mare as he noticed a tiny purple fluffy foal asleep on the mare's back, Leon was surprised how everything this mare has been through the foal was still asleep. Leon thought about what he should do because he didn't care much for Fluffies in general but he did grow to like them at least a little bit anyway, as Leon thought it over he decided to let the mare and her foal stay overnight out the rain until morning once then he can give them to a shelter at least there the fluffies can have a place to call home.
Leon knelt down over the mare and foal to gently pick them up until a chubby green fur unicorn stallion fluffy with a red mane and tail appeared out of the dark. As the stallion approached them he spoke,
"Dummeh Hooman go 'way, nu sab dummeh poopie mawe! Dat dummeh poopie onwy nee foweba sweepies."
Leon has now turned his attention to the stallion which most likely is a smarty given how arrogant it is and called everyone a dummy. Looking at the smarty and noticed a bit of blood and bits of brown fur most likely matching the beaten mare between them. Standing up Leon stepped forward and has put himself between the smarty and the mare.
"I suppose it was you who did this to her?"
Leon said as he stood towering over the smarty with his fist clinched. The smarty who is now trying to put up a brave facade by standing his ground, sticking out his chest and puffing up his cheeks but truly scared by the giant before him.
"Hmph, s..smawty nu cawe, dummeh poopie mawe bewong in smawty hewd an' aww da dummeh poopie fwuffy in smawty's hewd onwy num poopies an' gib wickie cweanies to poopie pwace fo' da oda pretty fwuffies in hewd bu',"
The smarty raises his hoof and points it at the mare behind Leon.
"Dis dummeh hab babbehs an poopie fwuffy nu nee babbeh."
Leon took a deep breath in and slowly exhale to calm himself then he asked.
"Well if she isn't suppose to have babies then why not kick her out the herd instead of beating her to death and pursuing her to finish the job?"
The smarty was quiet for a few seconds as if he was thinking of an answer.
"Fine, smawty teww da truth. Ou' see smawty hab speciaw fwed back wif hewd name Pwum an' Pwum awweady hab tummeh babbeh by smawty bu' smawty wan' enfie so smawty gib enfie an' hab good feews wif poopie mawe bu' Pwum nu can find out."
Leon then realizes what this is all about then slightly chuckles at the fact that a male fluffy don't want to be caught cheating with another female especially a brown one. The smarty spoke as if he was irritated.
"Nu waff, wet smawty gib poopie mawe foweba sweepies NAO!"
Leon took a step forward with a firm stomp toward the smarty and the smarty tumbling backwards onto it's side.
"You do NOT raise your voice at me, who do you think you are? In fact get off of my porch, get out of my yard and get out of my sight!"
The smarty picked himself up and snorted as he lowered his head.
"Dats it, smawty nao gib ou' worstest huwties wif bestest hown an' den gib ou' foweba sweepies!"
The smarty charged toward the human only to ram his horn into Leon's left shin which barely broke skin followed by repeated strikes with his front hooves and after 10 to 15 hits the fat smarty seems to be out of breath then the smarty looks up at Leon with a smug look on his face and with a smirk for a smile but that expression on the smarty's face quickly changed to disappointed confusion as he realizes that the human isn't phased at all, not even a little bit.
"Ha! Tickles and now I'm gonna take this left foot here and break your face with it"
Leon said with a devilish smile then he pats his left thigh twice indicating he was about to kick the smarty. With a quick jump to the right the smarty out of the way before Leon could make a move.
"Dummeh hooman is dummeh f...SCREEEEEEEE"
the smarty felt a heavy force under of his chin and was sent flying nearly half way across the yard with a trail of shit following after. Leon placing his right leg down started to walk over to the smarty and surprisingly the smarty picked himself up after a kick like that but then again Leon was holding back..way back.
"Huhuhu..Ou' saf ou' kif fwuwwy wif weft fuuf."
The smarty could barely speak now because of a swollen and bloody mouth and nose, a chipped tooth and the tip of it's tongue is gone most likely biting down on it when the kick was delivered.
" You calling me a liar?"
With his left leg Leon kicked the smarty again but this time at slightly more force directly into the middle of the smarty's face causing it to completely fly out the yard and into the middle of the street.
The smarty laid there in a small pool of blood for a minute until it struggled to stand up back on it's hooves then the smarty started to staggering away down the street crying
and possibly back to it's herd but once it stepped into a nearby street light along with a well timed flash of lighting the illuminated smarty turned it's head to Leon showing it's face that's so mutilated that it's damn near impossible to know if there's a face there anymore. Leon keep watching the smarty stagger away further and further down the street until there was no sight of him.
Walking back to his porch Leon went to check on the mare and her foal, Leon picked up the mare who was cool to the touch ever so gently as the foal still asleep in it's mother's back and brought them inside. Leon placed the mare and foal on a empty counter space in the kitchen but just then Leon noticed how the mare's vibrant green eyes are now a faded milky white as both pupils are nearly rolled in the back of it head in different directions and upon further inspection he ran his hand against the mare's fur noticed the mare's fluff is really thin that multiple deep purple and black bruises can be easily seen all over it's body.She was dead for a little time now but how could she, she was just unconscious..or was she? then at that moment Leon realized that the mare must have died when she collapsed earlier.
Just then the young foal began to wake up as it began to make chirps and peeps calling out for it's mother it'll never get to know and love. Leon gently picked up the foal into his rough but gentle hands and noticed it was female. The foal start to quiet down as it held onto Leon's thumb trying to suckle for some milk. The foal's eyes were still closed but began to slightly open more and more with each passing second
"Sigh Since I went through all of this trouble to just save your life then I guess I'll take care of you then."
Leon spoked to the young foal as it's eyes fully open for the first time and gazing at the human before her.
The foal spoke it's first words with a smile on her face as it's tail wags rapidly.
"Yeah..I'm ahem your dad now but you'll need a name too,"
Leon looks over at his vase of flowers his cousin sent to him from Japan.
"Your name will be Wisteria."
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2023.06.01 00:39 AccountAny1995 Moovair thermostat part 2

The manual that came with my Moovair stat doesn’t explain the different modes.
how does “dry“ differ than “cool”
in the winter, should I put it on ”heat” or “heat + aux”? My previous Carrier only had a heat mode and called upon the resistance backup heat as required.
will the Moovair call upon the resistance backup on heat mode? Or does it need to be on heat +aux?
if I leave it on “heat”, how will I know it’s working efficiently without the backup resistance? Simply by it running all day or the indoor temp dropping?
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2023.06.01 00:38 Dramatic_Mulberry157 No.... not again....please god no.....

Ive been having a rough day. A long day. I finally get home ready to relax, and as im chillin in bed suddenly.... i see a fucking demon spawn flying around in the area adjacent to the bedroom. I scream with pure terror and frustration, I am irrationally and pathetically terrified of these fucking things. And this is the THIRD one that has somehow gotten in here in a matter of weeks and i have NO idea where they are getting in from. Since its probably a tiny little crack or hole somewhere it's damn near impossible to pinpoint. I have a very hard time being able to kill them, because i have a major disability that makes standing hard and balance precarious. So the act of swatting something is enough to throw me off balance and send me to the floor or, worse yet, miss the wasp and now have it pissed at me coming at it like that. Opening the door and hoping its smart enough to notice the opening and fly out is the only possible option, but not a great one, since it requires it actually noticing the open door and using it, instead of just bouncing against a window or the ceiling over and over. And the longer the door is open, the more of a risk of another one coming in here. I'm shut in my bedroom, but even then, the sliding doors dont fully meet in the middle so theres a crack opening that it could easily fly through, and then its in my cramped bedroom area with me, and wont be leaving till it decides it wants to. I am absolutelY WRACKED with anxiety and fear right now. . I cant relax or get comfortable. It could fly in here literally at any second. And im scared to go into the rest of the house where it could be anywhere. I hate being terrorized and so controlled by such a tiny thing, but like i said, its a totally irrational fear thats borderline neurosis. Just knowing its in there is causing panic symptoms. I dont know what the fuck to do right now. Any ideas woul be great, but my options are so limited, as i explained above. I dont have any spray bottles, no wasp killer (which you cant use indoors anyway), a flyswatter does me no good since i cant swat it without falling down....... idk what the fuck to do. i HATE these things. my day was already shitty. now my place i was hoping to finally relax and feel better i feel terrorized in.
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2023.06.01 00:38 amac66 What should I buy for temp control 1000de hps in a 4wx4lx8h I also thought about a regular in-line fan with something like a independent ink bird temperature controller or bigger controller I can run with an ac for the room too any ideas?

What should I buy for temp control 1000de hps in a 4wx4lx8h I also thought about a regular in-line fan with something like a independent ink bird temperature controller or bigger controller I can run with an ac for the room too any ideas? submitted by amac66 to GrowingMarijuana [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:33 Oh-nicki-ur-so-fine LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE FOR A 2B2B

Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m from Chicago, I’m 21, and I will be a senior in the fall. I am looking for a roommate in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit and I will be graduating in December (so I will be reletting to someone else after that).
I work in finance/financial services and that’s what I’ll be doing post-graduation in addition to grad school. I’m super clean, and cleanliness is a priority for me. Im looking for a roommate that’s also clean and that’s on the quieter side and enjoys a peaceful and calm living environment. My goal is to be under $1000 with utilities and parking and rent.
My hobbies and interests include fitness/nutrition, self care, laying by the pool, fashion, real estate/interior design, and living a healthy, routined lifestyle. I like going out but not too often. I like going to bed at a decent hour and school is a priority for me.
I’m interested in Latitude Apartments, Octave, and am interested in looking at more options such as available subleases too. I would prefer something more modern and updated.
I would also be interested in splitting a lease for a one bedroom apartment (I would live there in the Fall, you would live there in the Spring).
My number is 8476096545 and my Instagram is @nicoleeconradii.
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2023.06.01 00:33 ringedsideroblast Has anyone’s blood pooling gone away?

Pretty sure I have some kind of long COVID but have been lucky enough to be able to function mostly well on a day to day basis. My worst symptoms are POTs like with heart rate to 130-140 with standing/walking, anxiety and blue veins/blood pooling in my hands. It gets really painful at times and I feel like it is a constant reminder that I’m sick which makes my anxiety worse. My doctor has no idea what it would be caused by and has sent me to a vascular specialist. I’m just nervous because I have a history of heart issues. I’m about 3.5 months out from COVID (second time) but only a month into symptoms.
Has anyone had this improve over time?
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2023.06.01 00:33 anthonychn Best Way to Route Payments after Deceased

First time posting here, so hopefully this is enough information.
Mom passed a month ago, and she was a landlord that had tenants through AirBNB. I'm now helping to manage her tenants, and I wanted to ask what the best way to manage the payments would be. I'm worried about paying income tax on the money coming in if it goes directly to my bank account.

I have two brothers, so naturally the revenue would be split amongst us 3. Would the best method be to route the Airbnb payments into a trust account?

I'm not aware of what my options are as I haven't dealt with this before, so any information would be much appreciated!

Info if it matters: I'm 26, and I live in California. Mother passed away in California and was a California landlord.
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2023.06.01 00:31 chemexcafe Infilled - Free PLA Prints while Kickstarting 3D Print Timesharing Project - Fulfilling Prints & Seeking Printers and Designers

TL;DR - I’m offering a free printing service (pay only for material and shipping) to kickstart a project that automates finding the optimal printer and/or designer for any printing needs. Requesting a print requires filling out a simple form, and you can be as vague or specific about print parameters as you want. Click here to submit a print request, and click here to be a printer.
— — —
Hi! I’m working on a 3D printer timeshare project called Infilled.
Infilled automates finding the fastest and most affordable 3D printing option among its network of local hobbyist printers and designers, shifting away from the expensive industrial manufacturers. Basically the UbeAirbnb for parts and prints. Users can select the print they want with the cheapest possible setting, fine tune all print parameters, or everything in between!
While this project is just starting, THE PRINT SERVICE WILL BE FREE for standard PLA prints - Either I will personally handle the print request and will only be charging the price of materials and shipping, or I will cover printing expenses from other printers.
For now while I work on a better front-end, you can submit your print requests by filling out this form - again you can be as broad or specific about print parameters as possible.
If you are a printer or designer and would like to join this network, please fill out this 2 minute form.
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2023.06.01 00:31 crazicelt Possible Conntions between ME:4 and ME:OT & MEA

(Disclaimer I know we know next to nothing about the next Mass effect game. This is just for fun don't want to participate, then don't.)
Now, I have recently recently replayed the whole Saga looking for threads to see how the next Mass Effect game (ME:4) could connect to the OT and ME:A.
Now, as the OT has few threads beyond pure speculation of what happened to the galaxy after the war? I will be leaning heavily on Andromeda and the glaring loose ends that were clearly meant for DLC and a sequel. Plus, the few teases we have gotten.
I made notes throughout my playthrough of potential threads. The summary of which follows.
Now the main threads left inME:A revolve around: * The Benefactor * The Kett Empire * The Jardaan/Remnant

The Benefactor.

Where did they get their resources?
And we are talking ridiculous amount resources.
Cerberus was apparently maxed out, making the Normandy SR2. The Arks and Nexus dwarf that. The only thing the Milky Way species built like that was the crucible, and that took multiple species and an extinction level event and complete designs.
To design, construct, and operate the 5 Arks & Nexus that undertaking dwarfs even the crucible. You're talking multi government level resources.
The council would make a good bet but they wouldn't do all this subterfuge once in Andromeda the easiest answer is a illuminati type deal where a bunch of power players all got involved to hedge their bets just in case. So Cerberus, Shadow Broker, Alliance, STG, some Asari Matriarchs people like Henry Lawson all pooling resources.
But I'm not so sure.
How did the Benefactor get in touch with the Kett?
A datapad in the Kett base (where moshae was kept) has communication between Benefactor and Hztch, mentioning transfer to base and showing of home worlds.
It's not the communication/infiltration that is interesting its the fact that the Benefactor showed, presumably, this Kett their homewold. And Hztch wants to reciprocate. If the Benefactor is a species or group from the Milky Way. How could they have shown them anything.
The Kett homewold is deeper in Andromeda, and their FTL is worse than the Milky Way ones over long distances, and the Initiative took 614 years to cross dark space.
That's a 1228-year round trip.
It doesn't matter if the Benefactor is Milky way based they would have to have FTL technology far beyond even the Reapers. Or a mass relay in Andromeda. Judging by the resources they can move isn't impossible.
How did they learn of the Reapers at least bare minimum 4 years before ME1?
This is simpler they talked to Liara before ME1. Or came to a similar conclusion Liara did.
Another option is that they found Jaadaan technologies and mistook it for Reaper technology.
Who is the Benefactor?
Could be anyone or anything. I'd rule out Cerberus at least in control as they don't use unshackled AI, and there are enemies of Cerberus who used the initiative to escape TIM. We know he likes loose ends tied up. Plus, this endeavour just seems beyond Cerberus in terms of resources.

The Kett Empire.

A generic Empire who kinda remind be of the Kobali from Star Trek cross with vampires. They have 21 pure lineages, and every Kett that serve under the Archon has his DNA. They are far beyond Milky Way with bio-engineering but less sophisticated in FTL (because Milky Way species had a jump start).
They use warp/Alcubierre drives (I bet that was part of the Goose chase FTL research humans did before discovering Mass Effect) decent at short range long range requires stais. "Vast" Empire but sounds feudal.
I don’t see the Kett connecting to ME4 in any way. At least not directly.

The Jardaan/Remnant.

The Jardaan are incomprehensibly advanced. In less than 8 centuries, they arrive, create massive subterranean vaults on planets, teraform a whole cluster of star systems, and design and create entirely new forms of organic life flora, fauna and sentient life. Able to make mini Dyson Spheres/ Hollow World that can move at FTL. Their technology is able to teraform countless worlds near instantly and simultaneously.
They use similar technologies to Milky Way in that they use Element Zero Drive core, but they are just beyond anything we've seen in Mass Effect.
We know at least 1 of the Kett Vassals worship the Jardaan Remnants The Thusali once worshipped remnant. This means the Jardaan did leave traces outside Heleus.

Mass Effect 4 teases

There are only 3 solid things that we know about ME4.

Theory and connections to ME4

In my opinion, the main connections that may appear in ME4 are around the Benefactor. They were operating in the Milky Way in the 2170s and 80s and had ridiculous resources.
It's possible the story may lead you to discover who the Benefactor is or put in opposition to them.
It could also be connected via the Geth. As the FTL telescope the initiative used was geth in Origin, they may find or be the link.
It could also connect by wanting reliable travel to Andromeda. They finally made contact, and the Alliance wants to make reliable journeys.
My off the wall theory
My theory is out there, but it explains some things. Like how the Benefactor was able to move so many resources, operate in 2 galaxies show the Kett their homeworld and how 2 games separated by 2.5 million light years and maybe centuries of time are connected in any way.
My theory is that the Benefactor is Jardaan.
Maybe they found Reaper technology or came into conflict with Reapers and wanted to protect the Milky Way species or whatever. But it fits.
Like they wanted to protect the milkey way species and guided them to the cluster, they just teraformed with planets suitable for every species. And it's not odd that out of every species, humans are able to train their brains quickest to manipulate Jardaan technology or that SAM is perfectly suited to it.
They guide the "life boats" to Heleus, but the scourge happens before the initiative arrive.
The Benefactor used numerous voices and faces rather than a disembodied voice like Shadow Broker, or a front like the Charlatan or agents like The Illusive man. Like they were trying to connect.
They might have been operating in 2 galaxies. They were wither from the Milky Way using resources and technology beyond anything we've seen, or they aren't from the Milky Way and are able to make trips between galaxies in decent time.
They have a vast amount of resources, and Jaadaan could get resources far easier than any Milky Way species. They converted whole worlds into assembly lines/factory's.
Plus, there is a reason humans are building Mass Relays. And a reason the council won't like it..
I'm curious as to what others think.
For fun want connections, if any, do you think there will be between ME:A and ME4?
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2023.06.01 00:30 BlackWidowwww Tip Pool Opinions

I have been at my current restaurant for years. During Covid, we transitioned to an equal tip pool because it was slower and inconsistent. Meaning, the bartenders, host, food runner, and servers all share tips evenly. This worked well during Covid and our host is essentially the busser as well.
But now, there is debate about going back to a normal tip out system. Some servers aren’t pulling their weight and the bartenders milk the clock. But we may lose our host and management is threatening us with having to host for minimum wage if we remove the tip pool. On the upside, the tip pool means consistent paychecks and you don’t have to worry about getting good sections. On the downside, less control over your own money.
I guess I’m just curious about your thoughts about a tip pool restaurant? The servers seem split 50/50 about switching back.
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2023.06.01 00:26 EnergieTurtle Fell out of the tree when we were outside.

Fell out of the tree when we were outside.
Fell out of our backyard tree while in the pool. Dogs noticed. At some point, one was on our back patio almost wanting inside the house, which I picked up with gloves because my dogs were going nuts. Then we noticed the other 3.
Blue jays? Definitely blue feathers. Parents above, can’t see them but we also see the nest, but it’s out of our reach
Dogs locked inside until it’s clear. Two of them are still grasping onto our chain link fence.
Not sure if I’m in the right place for advice. What should I do other than leave them alone and keep my dogs away.
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2023.06.01 00:25 partaylikearussian Ahh, you guys, always finding ways to surprise me.

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2023.06.01 00:23 _Queen_Cassi_ Is this a viable option?

Is this a viable option?
I would like to use something like this as a terrarium for a jumping spider, do you think it has enough air ventilation? Also has anyone else used something like this? Of course I would decorate it better for the spider to have hides and stuff to climb on with much shorter plants but I think it would be such a pretty enclosure 🥺 I only want this if it's safe for my spideyboi tho. So... opinions?
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