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Gay media megathread

2022.05.13 01:51 cmzraxsn Gay media megathread

Recently I've come across a few people asking for gay film recommendations in this and other subreddits. I have watched a ton of gay films in my time, and I thought I should share the good and bad with you. And I've been tracking what films I watch and books I read since 2007. This took me much longer to write up than I thought, it ended at almost 15,000 words. I don't blame you if you don't want to read through it all. Also let me acknowledge my biases clearly - I'm a gay man, and the majority of media in this list is gay male oriented. I've marked with letters like (L) the films that belong to other members of the alphabet mafia - if they're not marked they're probably gay. But I may have missed some, especially if the characters are bisexual, which isn't always obvious. And my memory of stuff I watched 15 years ago isn't that great. I can remember what I thought in general but can't always remember details of the plot and had to crib from Wikipedia. I have not included most short films unless they're notable somehow. The list is sorted by authodirector. I've tried not to include spoilers but I may have missed one or two - sorry!
This list is, by definition, incomplete. Please feel free to comment and add reviews of stuff you have seen. And you're welcome to disagree with my opinion, but do so respectfully. If you don't, I'll just clap back. Anyway, without further ado, here is the list.
(if I hit a word limit, I will segment the list and continue in the comments)
Andre Aciman - Call Me by Your Name (book, 2007) / film, 2017, directed by Luca Guadagnino (B)
You'll have heard of this one I'm sure. Some people don't like the fact that the protagonist (Timothee Chalamet in the movie) is so much younger than the love interest (Armie Hammer). But I really like it, not least for the dad's soliloquy towards the end of the movie. And for me the Italian summer atmosphere is nostalgic. 5/5
Desiree Akhavan - The Miseducation of Cameron Post (film, 2018) - based on the book by Emily M. Danforth (2012) (L)
Coming-of-age story set in a conversion camp. Chloë Grace Moretz performs really well in the movie, and there's some romance. Not as spoofy/campy as But I'm a Cheerleader but it's a similar plot. I haven't read the book. 4/5
Miguel Albaladejo - Bear Cub / Cachorro (film, 2004, Spanish)
It opens with softcore porn, but it transitions into a tender story about the adoption of a kid by his gay uncle. All the guys in it are bears, as you'd expect. Decent. 3/5
Becky Albertalli - Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda (book, 2015) / film Love, Simon (2018), directed by Greg Berlanti
You'll have heard of this one too. Simon writes emails to a mystery classmate who is also gay, but gets outed by a bully instead. A classic coming out tale. Compared to the other ones in this list, the movie is perhaps nothing special, but it's one of the biggest releases in the list, it's a decent rom-com, and it's just... really refreshing to see people like yourself in a mainstream film. The book was written for teenagers, so a little simple for me reading it in my late 20s. 4/5 (book), 5/5 (movie)
It has a sequel too, about Simon's friend coming out as bi - Leah on the Offbeat - and a spinoff TV series Love, Victor, neither of which I've seen. lmk if you have.
Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera - What If It's Us (book, 2018)
Rom-com about two gay NYC teens who fall in love after bumping into each other at a post office. Cute. 3/5
Ed Aldridge - Tan Lines (film, 2006) (B)
Navel-gazing Aussie movie about surfers. Come to it for the nice bodies, that's really it. 2/5
Pedro Almodóvar - Bad Education / La mala educación (film, 2004, Spanish) (G/T)
Thriller about boys who were raised in the corrupt Catholic church. The plot is quite complicated to describe - it mixes flashback with investigation and a film-within-film production. But my god Gael García Bernal is sexy in it. 5/5
Pedro Almodóvar - All About My Mother / Todo sobre mi madre (film, 1999, Spanish) (T?)
After the death of her son, our protagonist (Cecilia Roth) goes back to her hometown in search of her youth, and of the boy's father. Spoiler alert - the father is now a woman too. Again, a hard-to-describe plot but well worth watching. 4/5
Pedro Almodóvar - Pain and Glory / Dolor y gloria (film, 2019, Spanish)
Semi-autobiographical piece with Antonio Banderas well into his DILF phase playing the main character based on Almodóvar. Featuring flashbacks to his childhood where he used to mentally undress the eye-candy house-boy his mom (played by Penélope Cruz) hired. Not as sexy as the others but definitely worth it. 4/5
Pedro Almodóvar - I'm So Excited! / Los amantes pasajeros (film, 2013, Spanish)
Comedy set on an airplane where all the flight attendants are gay and all the passengers are sex-crazed lunatics. I can't remember the specifics, but all the economy class passengers are knocked out by some gas or whatever, and the first class passengers all drink some kind of aphrodisiac, leading to an orgy scene... though this also leads to the most uncomfortable moment when Lola Dueñas's character gets so horny that she rapes an unconscious economy class passenger. Idk the movie was trash up to that point, would have only recommended it if you wanted something silly to watch. But that crossed the line. 1/5
Almodóvar has a lot of other works, which don't fall under the LGBTQ umbrella but that I'd generally recommend. He often examines the male gaze, critically perhaps but often leading to moments like the above where he either crosses a line or dances dangerously close to it.
Joselito Altajeros - Tale of the Lost Boys / 他和他的心旅程 (film, 2017, mainly in English, but also Tagalog, Mandarin, Atayal)
A story of friendship, not romance - Filipino guy lands in Taipei and has nowhere to stay, gets taken in by a gay Taiwanese guy. Our Filipino protagonist isn't gay, but he helps his new friend come out to his traditional family who are from a native tribal community. Nice story, does feel a bit like it was funded by the tourist board of Taiwan as they go to a lot of landmark-y places. 3/5
Brian Jordan Alvarez - The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo (TV/webseries, 2016)
Made on a shoestring budget, but it doesn't look like it, this gem is available on Youtube. Alvarez's comedy is subtle sometimes, and this piece feels very autobiographical as it's about late-20-somethings trying to make it in LA. Go watch it, you'll thank me. 5/5
If you like that, Alvarez has made a bunch of longer works with the same cast of friends, such as Everything Is Free (2017), Grandmother's Gold (2018), Webseries (2019) and A Spy Movie (2021) (the latter was directed by his friend Stephanie Koenig). The first of these is a drama in which he travels to Colombia to get in touch with his roots, the others are screwball comedies with nonsensical plots.
Charlie Jane Anders - The City in the Middle of the Night (book, 2019) (L? Q?)
Sci-fi set on a planet which is tidally-locked to its sun, meaning that it rotates in step with its orbit and one side of the planet is in perpetual daylight. Humanity resides in the twilight strip between the too-hot day side and too-cold night side. I can't quite remember why I tagged this as LGBTQ, but I think the two main protagonists, both women hook up at some point. Or one of the characters is non-binary. (Also the author is trans.) Anyway, the book was fine, some interesting ideas in it but I found it a bit slow compared to Anders' other work. 2/5
Gregg Araki - Mysterious Skin (film, 2004) - based on the book by Scott Heim (1995)
Featuring a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this film is, well, harrowing. It's really about child abuse. We follow two protagonists, one with memory loss, who uncover a shared dark secret. I have the opportunity to watch this again because it came up on a streaming service I have access to but I don't think I want to. 4/5
Gregg Araki - Kaboom (film, 2010) (B)
Guy has a lot of sex, with men and women, and there's some kind of Donnie Darko-esque light horror going on at the same time. I can't remember well, I think it was... fine? 3/5
Poj Arnon - Bangkok Love Story / เพื่อน...กูรักมึงว่ะ (film, 2007)
Gangster-themed romance. 2/5
Christopher Ashley - Jeffrey (film, 1995)
A film about living as a 20- or 30-something in post-AIDS New York. I don't remember the plot at all, I just remember it was a comedy and that it's worth watching for Patrick Stewart's character alone. 3/5
Roger Avary - The Rules of Attraction (film, 2002)
In here because one of the three protagonists is gay. If I remember rightly, they're in a kind of love triangle. It's set on a university campus, and the other thing I remember is that the film starts with a rape scene, so it's definitely got thriller vibes to it. So proceed with caution. 3/5
Jamie Babbit - But I'm a Cheerleader (film, 1999) (L, mostly)
A seminal classic of lesbian cinema, it's a comedy set in an ineffectual conversion therapy camp. Of all the lesbian films on this list this is the one I'd recommend the most to gay guys in general. 5/5
Lionel Baier - Garçon stupide (film, 2004)
A film about a sexy hustler. Unmemorable plot. 2/5
Sean Baker - Tangerine (film, 2015) (T)
Slice of life about Trans sex workers in LA on Christmas day. Notable mainly for being the first movie filmed entirely on an iPhone 5 with a special lens attachment, giving it a very intimate feel. 4/5
Jean-Marc Barr & Pascal Arnold - One Two Another / Chacun sa nuit (film, 2006, French) (B)
There's a whodunnit plot in this, but I don't remember it well, I just remember that everyone had sex with literally everyone else. Liked watching it at the time but it didn't stay with me. 2/5
Phillip J. Bartell - Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (film, 2007)
Somehow worse than its predecessor (see below). 1/5
Jay Bell - Something Like Summer (book, 2011)
I really liked this little rom-com book, in which our protagonist Ben falls in love with the mysterious Tim, and his love is eventually reciprocated. But they drift apart and then the story follows Ben's new relationship with another guy as an adult. The book has a couple of problems, which I don't really want to spoil. But I loved the characters a lot. It has been made into a movie, but it didn't get a wide release and I haven't seen it yet. 5/5
If you like that, there's like ten books in the Something Like series now. I've only read five of them. The first two sequels are retellings from different characters' perspectives, and the next few feature new characters with the previous protagonists becoming side characters. Also recommended.
Greg Berlanti - Love, Simon (film, 2018) - see above
Greg Berlanti - The Broken Hearts Club (film, 2000)
Features Zach Braff in a pre-Scrubs role as part of a gay baseball team called the Broken Hearts Club. He's not the main character, though. I wasn't too impressed by this film, but it has its place - I'm sure there will be people out there who really identify with this movie. 2/5
Alain Berliner - My Life in Pink / Ma vie en rose (film, 1997) (T)
Story about a young kid who, when moving to a new neighbourhood, decides to present as a girl instead of a boy. Heartwarming, ultimately. 4/5
Bernardo Bertolucci - The Dreamers (film, 2003, French and English) (B)
This film has three main characters, two of whom are a brother and a sister. And I'm pretty sure they have sex at some point. Or at least they're both fucking the third main character. Icky. 2/5
James Bidgood - Pink Narcissus (film, 1971)
Never has another film been so blithely iconic. Every frame is a work of art. It's not for everyone, I suppose - there is no plot, and it's more of a series of disjointed scenes of provocatively-posed young gentlemen. And in the latter half of the movie it transitions to actual porn. But it is absolutely a feast for the eyes. 5/5
Chris Michael Birkmeier - In Bloom (film, 2013)
Story of a relationship in decline, looking back at the good times. Cute leads. 3/5
Q. Allen Brocka - Eating Out (film, 2004)
Comedy, not very good. Sexy though. 1/5
Q. Allen Brocka - Boy Culture (film, 2006)
Sexy with no substance. 1/5
William S. Burroughs - Junkie (book, 1953)
This is a dramatized memoir written mainly about Burroughs' heroin addiction. If you don't know, he was one of the foremost Beat Generation poets and a massive homosexual. He paints a very interesting picture of 1950s America and of his exile to Mexico. 3/5
William S. Burroughs - The Wild Boys (book, 1969)
This was written in Burroughs' cut-up technique period and as such, is incoherent. Shudder to think how many drugs he was on while writing this. I like the theme, though, about gay boys rising up to overthrow western civilization. 2/5
William S. Burroughs - Queer (book, pub. 1985, but written in the 50s)
A kind of sequel to Junkie, talks about the author's relationships in Latin America with various boys. 3/5
Robin Campillo - 120 BPM / 120 battements par minute (film, 2017, French)
Drama set in the early 90s during the AIDS epidemic in Paris, it follows several ACT UP activists. As you can expect with an AIDS movie, it's both heartbreaking and heartwarming. 4/5
Becky Chambers - The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (book, 2014) (L? Q?)
First in a (now) four-part series, it's a classic space opera which follows a road-trip narrative structure. Tagged it as LGBTQ because it has various queer relationships, some of which are alien-human, and various characters who fall outside the gender binary. Chambers is very inventive with her alien races and I really like the world she's created. I get mildly annoyed with her use of neo-pronouns (the audiobook narrator is never sure how to pronounce them), but then I step back and note that this is done as a way to denote the story being set far in the future and the characters not actually using English. 5/5
If you like that, the others in the series are good but they aren't direct sequels, they pick up another story in the same universe from a side-character's perspective. Books 2 and 4 are great, Book 3 is okay.
Becky Chambers - To Be Taught, If Fortunate (book, 2019) (T)
Including this because one of the four main characters is trans, though that's just one of his character traits rather than the subject of the story. It's a sci-fi about astronauts exploring other planets, but the planets are so different from Earth that they have to undergo some sort of biological enhancement before landing (and I guess that draws very strong parallels to the trans experience), such as muscular enhancement for landing on a planet with high gravity. Not a lot of story per se, but it has themes of being cooped up with the same people for months which I think a lot of us can relate to post-lockdown. 4/5
Leste Chen - Eternal Summer / 盛夏光年 (film, 2006)
Love triangle between two guys and a girl. Deals with the coming out themes well. 3/5
Craig Chester - Adam & Steve (film, 2005)
An early attempt at a gay rom-com in the style of There's Something About Mary - it starts with scatological humour and proceeds from there. Yeahhh not my thing. I was more interested in the relationship of the straight best friends. 2/5
John Chu - The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere (book, 2020)
Sweet little short story about a world where if people lie, water falls on them from nowhere. And when a guy tries to lie about being in love with his boyfriend, the biggest-ever torrent of water comes and floods him. Also got themes of coming out to immigrant parents. 5/5
S.J. Clarkson - Toast (film, 2010)
Biopic about Nigel Slater, gay British TV chef, about his childhood. Carried by Helena Bonham Carter as the evil step-mum, and Oscar Kennedy as the young Slater. Ruined by Freddie Highmore, who takes over the role of Slater in his teen years. Some of the most wooden acting I've ever seen. Worth watching for the cartoonish depiction of 1950s Britain. 2/5
Stephen Cone - Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (film, 2015)
Slice of life / coming of age about a twink on his 17th birthday. While the film is ostensibly about Henry, it's really more about the scandals and scruples of the adults, and there are heavy religious themes, as the dad is a pastor and most of the guests are also church-goers. Worth watching just because it opens with Joe Keery masturbating. 3/5
Garrard Conley - Boy Erased (book, 2016) / film, 2018, directed by Joel Edgerton
Memoir about conversion therapy camp. Heartbreaking but also optimistic. I watched the film before reading the book, you can do either order. 4/5
Catherine Corsini - Summertime / La belle saison (film, 2015, French) (L)
Lesbian French film, beautiful cinematography but forgettable characters. 3/5
C. Jay Cox - Latter Days (film, 2003)
Rom-com where a young Mormon man falls in love with his gay neighbour. A lot of people really like this one, I was lukewarm about it. I guess Mormons are a popular fantasy, the way they're so clean-cut, huh? It's got comedic elements to it like the over-the-top senior Elder but I didn't really consider it a comedy while watching it. 3/5
Michael Cuesta - L.I.E. (film, 2001)
More about child abuse than being gay, features a very young Paul Dano. 2/5
Beth David & Esteban Bravo - In a Heartbeat (short film, 2017)
This is a super-duper-cute animated short about pre-teens falling in love. It should be available on Youtube. 5/5
Russel T. Davies - Queer as Folk (TV series, 1999)
I have only seen a bit of the American version of this, which I gather follows a similar storyline for the first season and then spins off into its own thing. But this is the British version. Absolutely essential viewing in my opinion. Provocative and sexy. 5/5
Bavo Defurne - North Sea, Texas / Noordzee, Texas (film, 2011, Dutch)
I don't remember much about this one except that its lead was a tad too young for me to be comfortable objectifying. And that it was a very slow film. 2/5
Defurne also did some short films which I got on a BFI DVD, they're much better if you feel like objectifying some men.
Claire Denis - Beau Travail (film, 1998, French)
Also good for objectifying male bodies and not much else. Set in the French foreign legion, has a lot of macho men unable to work through their feelings. 1/5
Kirby Dick - This Film Is Not Yet Rated (film, 2006)
Documentary about the MPAA, the film rating board in America. Looks in-depth about their hypocrisy in rating LGBTQ-themed movies higher than "equivalent" straight movies, and their obvious fear of female sexuality (not just lesbians). 4/5
Xavier Dolan - I Killed My Mother / J'ai tué ma mère (film, 2009, French)
Xavier Dolan has mommy issues, the first of many such movies. The gay theme in this is anciliary to the main story, which is about his character's overbearing mother. But there's a nice sex scene in the middle with him and his boyfriend painting a room, which has been giffed many times. 4/5
Xavier Dolan - Tom at the Farm / Tom à la ferme (film, 2013, French)
Dolan's character Tom visits his recently-deceased boyfriend's mother at a farm. Boyfriend wasn't out to her. Turns into a psychological thriller. 4/5
Xavier Dolan - It's Only the End of the World / Juste la fin du monde (film, 2016, French)
Dolan's character visits his family, but doesn't tell them that he's about to die of AIDS an unspecified illness. Drama ensues. Overbearing mother again. 4/5
Xavier Dolan - Matthias & Maxime (film, 2019, French)
I think this is his best one yet. The two title characters get dared to kiss on camera, the video gets released as part of someone's art project, and then they work through their feelings about it - up until that point, both characters thought they were straight. Again an optimistic film. Also features lovely shots of rural Quebec. 5/5
Dolan has other movies too, I haven't seen all of them yet. If you're into the mommy issues theme, Mommy is the obvious one to watch. The son in that has mental issues, he isn't explicitly gay but it's implied a couple of times.
Alexis Dos Santos - Glue (film, 2006, Spanish)
Youths sniff glue and have sex with each other. Not interesting. 1/5
Róbert I. Douglas - Eleven Men Out / Strákarnir okkar (film, 2005, Icelandic)
Comedy about a dad coming out and then joining an all-gay football (soccer) team. I remember being pleasantly surprised by this one. 4/5
Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau - The Adventures of Felix / Drôle de Félix (film, 2000, French)
Road trip about a guy travelling through France to try and reconnect with his father, after the death of his mother. It was okay. 2/5
Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau - My Life on Ice / Ma vraie vie à Rouen (film, 2002, French)
Somewhat of an experimental movie, an ice-skating twink gets a camera for his 16th birthday, and the movie is filmed entirely from his point of view. Very voyeuristic in the metaphorical and literal senses, he films his step-dad and best friend almost obsessively throughout the film. An interesting one. 3/5
Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau - Cockles and Muscles / Cote d'Azur / Crustacés et coquillages (film, 2005, French)
A high point for this director duo imo, a bit scuppered by its patchy release overseas with different titles in the UK and US. It's a classic farce - son's best friend is invited to stay at a family's country house on the south coast of France, and the parents quickly start to suspect the son of being gay. Well the best friend is gay, but the son isn't, we think. The story takes some twists, and it's very light-hearted and fun. And sexy. 5/5
Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau - Paris 05:59 / Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau (film, 2016, French)
Cute little drama about two guys that meet in a sex club. Yah you heard that right. It does become a PSA for safe sex for a lot of the runtime, though. Double check the title, I'm not sure if it has the same title in different English-speaking territories. I think it was filmed with the conceit of following time exactly or having a single unbroken shot, as if nothing was cut out. Dialogue is a bit humdrum/mumblecore as a result. 3/5
Stephen Dunn - Closet Monster (film, 2015)
Coming of age film with magic realism elements. Deals with internalized homophobia and growing up with homophobic parents. Great soundtrack. 4/5
Joel Edgerton - Boy Erased (film, 2018) - see above
Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone - This Is How You Lose the Time War (book, 2019) (L)
Sci-fi about two time travelling enemies who leave each other messages. They gradually fall in love over the course of the book. I found this one hard to follow, especially with the time travel theme, so I will probably go back and reread it at some point. 4/5
Stephan Elliot - The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (film, 1994) (G/T)
Three Australian drag queens travel across the desert in Priscilla, their battered-up old van. An iconic early-90s road trip movie even without the drag. Stars Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp, all famous in their own right. 5/5
Gary Entin - Geography Club (film, 2013)
High school rom-com. Decent but not a lot of substance to it. 2/5
Jakob M. Erwa - Centre of My World / Die Mitte der Welt (film, 2016, German)
Twink falls for bad-boy. A tale as old as time. And I keep falling for it. 4/5
I think this might be based on a novel but I haven't read it.
Jim Fall - Trick (film, 1999)
Guys try to hook up after a night at the club, and keep getting interrupted. They get to know each other and gradually fall in love. Rom-com. This is one that I heard about a lot before seeing it and the plot synopsis itself wasn't too interesting to me. Actually watching it I was pleasantly surprised. Not my favourite but it's pretty decent, and better than a lot of other rom-coms of its era. 3/5
David Farrier & Dylan Reeve - Tickled (film, 2016)
Documentary - Farrier, a New Zealand-based documentarian, tracks down an American man who makes tickling porn - hires young men to be tickled on camera and gets off to it. The story gets madder and madder as it goes. Very interesting watch. 3/5
Christian Faure - Just a Question of Love / Juste une question d'amour (film, 2000, French)
It's a long time since I saw this one, but I just remember being blown away by it. Really heartwarming romance. 4/5
Glen Ficarra & John Requa - I Love You Phillip Morris (film, 2009)
Comedy with Jim Carrey and Ewan Macgregor as its leads. Based on a true story - Jim Carrey's character comes out after a near-death experience and then spends the rest of his life in and out of prison as he becomes a master at escaping. Hilarious and the romance is sweet too. 4/5
Travis Fine - Any Day Now (film, 2012)
Set in the 70s, the main characters unofficially adopt their neighbour's neglected kid with Down syndrome. They face homophobia from society and towards the end, start trying to fight for legal recognition. It has this absolute air of authenticity that made me surprised to discover it was not based on a true story. A bit of a tepid relationship though. 3/5
Dexter Fletcher - Rocketman (film, 2019)
Biopic about Elton John starring Taron Egerton. Great. 4/5
Tom Ford - A Single Man (film, 2009)
Stars Colin Firth. A lot of people seem to like this one, but I couldn't get on board with it. The way the director uses colour makes me think he's just out of film school, the film is more concerned with Firth's character's relationship with women than men, and the ending really pissed me off. I've been trying to avoid putting spoilers but I can't here: The plot is based on a redemption arc of Firth's character - he is contemplating suicide, and at the end of the movie decides that he actually has something to live for, so he won't commit suicide. And then he fucking dies anyway of a heart attack or aneurysm or something. Like what was the point of the movie then? Ugh. 1/5
E.M. Forster - Maurice (book, 1971) / film, 1987, directed by James Ivory
Forster wrote this book in his youth and it went unpublished for something like sixty years until after his death. A damn shame if you ask me. But anyway, this is an uplifting romance, between the titular character first with another nobleman (played by Hugh Grant in the film) and then with a lower-class character. It really examines that class system of 1910s England. 4/5
Émile Gaudreault - Mambo Italiano (film, 2003)
Cookie-cutter rom-com, pretty average. Set in an Italian community in Montreal. My lasting memory of the film is of a farcical scene just involving the parents, but of the acting being a bit wooden. 2/5
Cesc Gay - Nico and Dani / Krámpack (film, 2000, Spanish)
A story of mutual masturbation, where one boy realizes he's more into it than the other. And of summer holidays. It's nice but there's nothing special about it. 2/5
Steve Gaynor & Karla Zimonja - Tacoma (game, 2017) (L)
Sci-fi game, features lesbian and queer characters. The game is quite slow, it's an exploration/walking simulator really. 2/5
Jean Genet - A Song of Love / Un chant d'amour (short film, 1950, silent)
One of the most erotic films I've ever seen. Prisoners in adjacent cells try to communicate through a small hole in the wall. It is a bit pornographic in places, but not actual sex. Should be available on Youtube, though. 4/5
Adam Goldman, Jay Gillespie, Sasha Winters - The Outs (TV/webseries, 2012-13)
Comedy thing I saw almost a decade ago. Quite funny, relatable characters. Wouldn't be surprised if it's out of date now. 3/5
Noam Gonick - Hey, Happy! (film, 2001)
One of the worst films I've ever seen. Apart from the general lack of budget or production values, I think it was the scene where the bad guy of the story, a flaming queer guy, starts cannibalizing another character. 0/5
Yann Gonzalez - Knife + Heart / Un couteau dans le cœur (film, 2018)
Gay-themed slasher film. Good thriller aesthetics and sensibilities. 4/5
Dana Min Goodman & Julia Wolov - Faking It (TV, 2014) (L/G/various)
I only watched one season of this, it was pretty cringe. The two main characters decide to fake being lesbians for clout. But the main character gradually realizing she was actually gay was cute. And I had/have a crush on one of the gay guy actors in the series. 2/5
Simon James Green - Noah Can't Even (book, 2017)
Funny little rom-com / soap opera set in a village in England somewhere. A bit too YA for me really, but it was funny. The main character Noah spends the book denying he's gay, but ends up falling in love with his best friend anyway. It has a sequel, which I also read. I don't know if the series continued. I think gay young adult/children's books like this are very important and I will always support them even if they're not terribly great. 3/5
John Greyson - Lilies (film, 1996)
I saw this just once on an old VHS at my friend's house and fell in love with it. I haven't ever had a chance to see it again. It had the sensibility of a play rather than a film, but it was a decent gay drama. 5/5
Luca Guadagnino - Call Me by Your Name (film, 2017) - see above
Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson - Heartstone / Hjartasteinn (film, 2016, Icelandic)
Coming of age tale set in rural Iceland. Cute. 3/5
Alain Guiraudie - Stranger by the Lake / L'inconnu du lac (film, 2013, French)
Erotic thriller set in a cruising spot. Someone gets drowned and the police get involved. Expect lots of naked bodies on display, it contains 'unsimulated' sex. 3/5
Tom Gustafson - Were the World Mine (film, 2008)
Kinda weird but very interesting magic-realist film with a super-cute lead actor. I need to find my DVD of this to watch it again! 4/5
Andrew Haigh - Weekend (film, 2011)
Two guys fall in love over the course of a weekend. One has to leave at the end, and the relationship is under a time-limit as a result. An easy way to tug at the heartstrings, for sure. This is well-liked and well-known, with good reason. Good chemistry between the leads. (I remember being a little bit reverse-culture-shocked when watching this for the second time after being in Japan for a few years, because of the amount of drugs they take. But that's by the by I guess.) 5/5
Alexis Hall - Glitterland (book, 2013)
Something flimsy that I picked up via Audible. I think it was an opposites-attract type of rom-com. It was fine, definitely nothing special though. 3/5
Robert Hasfogel - Men to Kiss / Männer zum Knutschen (film, 2012, German)
I saw this in a film festival and it kinda sucked. No idea if it's widely available. The camera was really bad quality, and the plot was..... weird? I think is the best way to describe it. It's a comedy where one half of a gay couple gets very bitchy and aggressive towards his partner's female friend for... no reason? Idk I felt very uncomfortable watching it. 1/5
Todd Haynes - Poison (film, 1991)
Triptych art film, it's got sci-fi and horror elements. Sexy and based on the works of Jean Genet. Honestly, though? I wasn't that impressed. 2/5
Julián Hernández - Broken Sky / El ciele dividido (film, 2006, Spanish)
Way too long at 139 minutes, and incredibly slow-moving. Dramatic but mainly just an excuse for softcore porn. 1/5
Antony Hickling & Amaury Grisel - Little Gay Boy, ChrisT Is Dead (short film, 2012)
I felt viscerally offended by watching this short film (which I think might have been adapted into a feature-length film later). And I think that means it accomplished its goal by being provocative. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. The main character is sexually abused by everyone around him including his mother, and at the end of the film he goes into a BDSM club - so, does that mean all of that was his imagination? Or, was it all real? I think that's the strength of a movie when it can ask these questions and let the audience answer them. The title is also supposed to spell out "LGBT is dead" when read from top-to-bottom. Still not sure what to think about that. ?/5
Eliza Hittman - Beach Rats (film, 2017)
I wasn't too keen on this movie - guy has sex with men in private and is homophobic in public - and then it ended with him directly causing the death of one of his hookups and feeling no remorse about it which is the point that I decided the movie was trash. Sure, you can objectify the actors, but at what cost? 1/5
Christophe Honoré - Close to Leo / Tout contre Léo (film, 2002)
We follow a kid whose older brother has HIV, but he doesn't know about it. They go on a final trip together. It's a film about brotherly love and it's good at that. But... it's a bit creepy towards the kid as well and strongly implies that he might be gay as well. Some shots linger too long on the kid's body. Thinking about this I'm more and more convinced that that's not OK. 2/5
Nicholas Hytner - The History Boys (film, 2006)
High school boys in England and their creepy older teacher. Based on a play by Alan Bennett, and it has that sensibility to it. By the end of it everyone seems to be gay. It's a decent film, I think it's more notable for how many professional actors it's spawned from its young cast - James Corden, Dominic Cooper, Russell Tovey, etc. 4/5
Nicholas Hytner - The Lady in the Van (film, 2015)
This one is also based on Alan Bennett's work, but it's more like a biopic - he inadvertently ends up taking care of an old woman played by Maggie Smith. Bennett's writing is acerbic as usual. 4/5
James Ivory - Maurice (film, 1987) - see above
Derek Jarman, Paul Humfress - Sebastiane (film, 1976, Latin)
Full of mostly naked bodies languishing in the desert sun, this is a retelling of the story of St Sebastian - already a gay icon in his own right but to go into why would be an essay in itself. And all the dialogue is in Latin. It's decidedly not mainstream. 4/5
Derek Jarman - The Angelic Conversation (film, 1985)
I'm not really sure what I think about Jarman's work in general - I think it's very important from a film-historical perspective but it's not what you want if you want to be entertained watching, for example, a rom-com. This particular one is erotic imagery overlaid with Shakespeare's Sonnets, narrated by Judi Dench (yes that one). 3/5
Derek Jarman - The Garden (film, 1990)
Same as the last one, this is more heavily religious in its imagery. 2/5
Mitchell Jarvis & Wesley Taylor - ***It Could Be Worse (TV/webseries, 2013)
This is on my list, but I have zero memory of it. Welp. 2/5
Tomasz Jędrowski - Swimming in the Dark (book, 2020)
Romance set during the Polish revolution. Bittersweet, good writing. 4/5
Barry Jenkins - Moonlight (film, 2016)
This is one of the more famous ones, it rightfully won the Oscar that year. I love the cinematography, I guess I wasn't as much a fan of the triptych structure. Apparently the stage (or was it book) version switches back and forth between the three characters and it's not at first obvious that they're supposed to be the same guy at different ages. It works this way, it just doesn't have as much of a sense of connection. 4/5
Craig Johnson - Alex Strangelove (film, 2018)
Cheesy high school rom-com. Feels like a TV movie. I don't want to be too down on it, it was OK. But 2/5
Mischa Kamp - Boys / Jongens (film, 2014, Dutch)
Every frame is a work of art. But this is the PG-rated version*. Very cute teen romance. 5/5
*the UK DVD release is, annoyingly, rated 18 because of a bundled short film which is very un-PG. Don't let that put you off, the main feature is suitable for children.
Alexandra-Therese Keining- Girls Lost / Pojkarna (film, 2015, Swedish) (L/T/Q)
Saw this in a film festival, not sure how widely available it is. Magical realist story in which a group of teen girls drink a magic potion and become boys for a short time. One of them doesn't want to go back. Cute. 4/5
Justin Kelly - King Cobra (film, 2016)
Biopic / dramatized documentary about Brent Corrigan, the porn star. He famously faked his age when he first got into porn, and was actually 17. Meanwhile the producers are off hatching plots against each other behind the scenes. Based on a book, apparently. The movie is fine, I guess. Derailed a bit by James Franco. 2/5
Jonathan Kemp - Twentysix (book, 2011)
Erotic short story collection, one for each letter of the alphabet. A good starting point for getting into queer literature. 3/5
Beeban Kidron - To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (film, 1995) (T?)
This unwieldy title is supposed to be a letter, if that makes sense. With an address and sign-off. In my opinion this is kind of a remake of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert but in America, though it quickly ditches the road trip pretense and spends most of its time in one small town, where the drag queens win over the hearts and minds of the initially-reticent population. Unlike Priscilla, they aren't ever seen out of drag, and the film as a whole has a more comedic tone - Priscilla had more of a bite when it needed to. So not quite as much of a classic. But watch it just to see Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo in drag. 3/5
Kim Jho Kwang-soo - Just Friends? / 친구사이? (short film, 2009, Korean)
A young gay couple clash with Christianity and with the ban on gays in the Korean military. Cute. 3/5
Josh Kim - How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) / พี่ชาย My Hero (film, 2015, Thai)
Very similar plot to Close to Leo, a younger brother idolizes his older brother, who is descending into a life of hedonism. Heartwarming and bittersweet. 4/5
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