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This subreddits is specific for DataHoarders coming from Switzerland. We focus more on swiss deals about SSD, LTO Tape, HDD, NAS/DAS, Software, Thunderbolt Devices, NVME Enclosures, etc. It doesn't matter if you live in the italian/german or french part of Switzerland. What only matter, is that you are a DataHoarder!

2023.06.03 03:38 meetCodingGeek 12 connects job are a thing too now?!

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2023.06.03 03:38 FlowersOfEvil Numbing cream for laser?

I've got plenty of piercings and have sat for 6+ hours getting a tattooed before and been just fine. But dear god laser is something else. It damn near makes me cry every time. Does anyone have any good experiences with numbing cream and could make a recommendation or just tips to make it hurt less in general?
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2023.06.03 03:37 MarblesIsBad Help me realize a dream?

Hey, my name is Morgan and I'm gonna get a touch personal. A few years back I had heart surgery, the years following that I was kind of a husk of a human. I had no motivation to do anything or accomplish anything. I was miserable. Still have rough days ill admit, but thanks to my wonderful new doctor I met a year or so ago I'm kinda trying to do things again. Twitch is one of those things.
It's liberating and feeds my creative itch, and I enjoy the hell out of it. Sharing my passions, talking to people, and just putting on a show. It's lovely. I'm nearing a goal, to hit that first 100 followers. I'm like at 88 right now. As part of SuperUltraCombo this week I'm about to go live and continue playing some sweet Street Fighter 6! A franchise I love dearly. I would love it if I could get 12 more follows. Please do come by, chat with me, and have a good time with me.
Twitch has been like a life saver for me. I genuinely want to hear from yall. I'm going live right now. Come through even if it's just to say hello. Or get yourselves some free chips and guac haha!
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2023.06.03 03:37 bobbob50000 Does ketoconazole shampoo help with dry flakes from scalp flakes from minoxidil drying it out, or is it ONLY for fungal-related flakes like dandruff?

As title implicates, just wondering if keto shampoo could help me get rid of these pesky dry flakes in my hair or not.
I currently use liquid with has PG so I know that dries my scalp out much more than the foam, but liquid is over 2x cheaper and penetrates better so I prefer the foam.
Anyone have any luck with keto shampoo for dry flakes from minoxidil? Or any other suggestions to keep them at bay? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 03:37 Beanie_Inki The 1800 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way

The 1800 United States Assembly Elections The Hamiltonian Way
Attorney General: Charles Lee (1798-1800)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: John Jay (1798-1800)
Secretary of Finance: Oliver Wolcott Jr. (1798-1800)
Secretary of War: James McHenry (1798-1800)

With the grand success of the National Party in the Assembly, Hamilton got to work with waging his war against France. Securing an alliance with Britain through the Treaty of London, America would soon find itself at war with France and its ally Spain.
Through a combination of France and Spain being stretched too thin to fight effectively, and America possessing a gargantuan military thanks to its levée en masse policy, the Gulf of Mexico was successfully blockaded, and the colonial forces starved. America would then conquer its way through Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean until it stood as a champion.
However, instead of making peace and consolidating the new territories, Hamilton had committed to a great gamble by, with the approval of the British, sending American troops directly to Europe to help put down the French Revolution for Good.

The American Revolution was a revolution of intellectuals; elites coming together to organize an overthrow of British rule, guiding the people along the way. The end result was initially instability, under the mob rule provided by the Articles of Confederation, but when the new Constitution came into effect, stability came and America prospered. The same could not be said for France.
The French Revolution was a revolution of the mob; angry men coming out to vent themselves by storming buildings, ransacking cities, and plunging the nation into a sea of blood. Royals, nobles, religious figures, anyone suspected of being an opponent of the revolution was sent to the guillotine. It was one thing to throw off the shackles of tyranny; it was another thing altogether to frenziedly execute anyone associated with the old order.
Though the Jacobin Club had been dissolved long ago, its ideals have not. There are still many radicals in the world who continue to unwaveringly support such ideals even in the face of the French themselves rejecting it; the Committee of Public Safety had been overthrown many years ago in favor of the more moderate Directorate. Chief among these remaining Jacobins was Thomas Paine, the head of the Country Party’s radicals. It was one thing to be a Jacobin; it was another thing entirely to be a Hébertist like him.
With the damage done by Jacobinism as clear as day, Hamilton knew what he had to do. For the sake of not just America, for the sake of not just Europe, but for the sake of the world, the French Revolution had to be stamped out for good. McHenry was shortsighted. It was too risky to just indirectly assist the British. As Jay had prescribed, America had to go to Europe and take the fight directly to France’s shores.
This would be a watershed moment in American history; Alexander Hamilton, the first governor of the United States, had held the burden of every one of his actions setting a precedent for future governors to follow, yet none would be quite like this one. America was destined to be actively involved in the world, and for sure every governor following Hamilton would look back to him to deal with their foreign policy. God save America, for there was no turning back now.

Just as Charles Lee was about to strike at the heart of the Friendly Tribune and make an example of their leaders, Hamilton requested a meeting with him. Happy to finally be in contact with someone else in the executive branch, he complied and met with the governor.
Hamilton met with Lee regarding public order; sending troops abroad was highly unpopular. Even the newspapers which usually backed Hamilton even in his darkest times were questioning the wisdom of sending troops across the sea. What business would America have fighting in Europe? It made sense to punish the French and their allies in Madrid for their misdeeds and to seize their North American holdings, but there was no land to gain in Europe. The land there was not to colonize, for it was the homeland of colonizers.
Hamilton had a simple request for Lee: don’t let the newspapers know a thing about the war in Europe. If anything bad happened, even if it was small, the newspapers would go nuts over it, and the people would follow. Hamilton specifically requested that the Security Act be invoked as soon as any newspaper started speaking up, and that the use of National Marshals against such papers be liberal.
“The papers are your enemy, the papers are your enemy. The isolationists are your enemy, the pacifists are your enemy, the pacifists are your enemy. Write that in your journal 100 times.” was what Lee was told by Hamilton. So, with gusto, he got to work keeping every goddamn paper in-line.
Unfortunately for Hamilton, it wasn’t just the public he had to worry about, as he had to now contend with the sole cabinet member who opposed his decision: Secretary of War James McHenry. This was inevitable. If he sided with McHenry, he’d have to confront Jay. Regardless, he had to get McHenry to support this since waging a war was going to be difficult without the secretary of war supporting said war.
The meeting was brief, as McHenry’s opposition stemmed less from the idea of sending troops to Europe and more so because he believed that it wasn’t winnable and also that the troops would be better off pacifying the newly-occupied territories. Hamilton reassured him of victory being possible, citing the army’s size swelling to almost 6-digits from its already massive size of 80,000 at the war’s start. Furthermore, Hamilton reminded McHenry of the Security Act’s potency in dealing with uppity non-citizens and Attorney General Lee’s efficiency in enforcing the act. National Marshals would be fine enough to secure the territories while the bulk of the army was in Europe, though a small force would be left behind to deal with it.
It seemed the meeting was over, but McHenry had one last concern to mention, on behalf of Secretary of Finance Wolcott, who had been frequently absent for “personal reasons” since the passage of the Fourteen Points. The problem was that of funding such an operation. Funding was generally fine for most of the war due to the Economic Reorganization Act, but fighting such a war in Europe was risky from a fiscal perspective. Hamilton reassured McHenry that he had a plan in mind just in case the money ran dry, though he wouldn’t elaborate. Satisfied, the meeting ended, and Hamilton got to speaking with Britain over the Jay Plan.

For once, William Grenville would see the governor himself, as opposed to John Jay. He could only hope that whatever happened here would leave a good impression; he had high expectations for such a man like Hamilton. Though, he knew little about why this meeting was called on such short notice, and why Hamilton himself was even there to begin with.
So, the meeting began. Hamilton first began to ask questions about what was going on regarding the European theater. Grenville answered by bringing up the two main campaigns: the slightly successful campaign in Holland, and the stalemating campaign in Italy and Switzerland. The former was only successful due to the arrival of Prussian forces, which had been turning the tide of war, while the latter was a stalemate due to mountainous terrain making offensives nearly impossible against the might of the French Army.
The Battle of Novi, which resulted in a victory for Austro-Prussian forces in Italy.
With that now known, Hamilton informed Grenville of his intention to send American troops over to Europe in order to assist in putting down the French Republic. Furthermore, to surely get Grenville’s approval, he even claimed he intended to go himself. This completely stunned Grenville. Though he knew that Hamilton had a preference for Britain over France, he was still a revolutionary, and him outright planning to send troops across the Atlantic to put one down seemed completely backwards. Still, help was help, and so he happily informed Hamilton that such action would be appreciated.
Of course, the devil was always in the details. The American Army was an extremely large army. If there was one similarity between America and France, it was that they both practiced levée en masse. With all of those troops, lots of food, ammunition, and other supplies were going to be needed to keep them supplied enough to fight. Hamilton acknowledged that he could only give them so many supplies. The bulk of their supplies once they arrived would have to be from Britain and other nations in the Coalition. Wanting nothing more than the final destruction of the French Revolution, Grenville promised logistical support for the troops.
Viewing the meeting as successful, the two ended it there. Hamilton was set to take an unprecedented action; America was going to fight across the sea. Such an action had untold rewards, but doing so possessed unbelievable risks. If anyone could prevail, however, it would be Hamilton.

American troops had landed in Europe, ready to fight. The journey took a bit longer than expected; the seas were rougher than usual, but they still made it. This was it. This was the twilight of the French Revolution.
Unfortunately, back at home, the press caught wind of the staggering number of America’s men landing in Europe. While nothing bad had happened to them yet, Hamilton had underestimated just how much the public opposed any action in Europe.
Despite the best efforts of Attorney General Lee, the press was able to make hay with this. Particularly, that damned Friendly Tribune, right before its final shutdown after Lee had discovered its headquarters in the basement of a building that was supposed to be for textile manufacturing. The whole damn place was run by Quakers. Lee felt incredibly stupid for not making the blatantly obvious connection earlier. Regardless, the newspaper was destroyed in one fell swoop, and those who worked for it were subsequently arrested and convicted.
But this wasn’t going to be the end of it. Absolutely not. The news was out there. Shutting down the papers wouldn’t make that any less true. Already, people were visibly angry about it. Protests began popping up in Philadelphia, and Quakers were running amok denouncing the intervention in Europe. Lee had failed his one job, God help him.

What a disaster. Hamilton was all the way in Europe fighting, the people had just gotten wind of the highly unpopular direct intervention, and worst of all, it was election season. Whether Hamilton forgot or simply didn’t care was up in the air. Regardless, for the first time since the Whiskey Rebellion, Hamilton’s allies felt like they would lose.
The National Party was very divided on the direct intervention. They were already divided on the matter of war to begin with; passing the Mobilization Act was no easy feat. But taking the fight to Europe? Many in the party had privately found Hamilton to be insufferable, and a small few in the Assembly began to openly criticize the war. Senate President Pinckney, who acted as governor in Hamilton’s absence, could only thank God that the Senate Nationals had more party discipline.
The Country Party, on the other hand, was vehemently opposed to the war from day one. They saw it as completely ridiculous and counterproductive considering they were a revolutionary nation; what kind of revolutionary nation fights other revolutionary nations? The initial war in North America swayed some of them and the anti-war public into supporting it due to the successes, but war in Europe was insane.
Yet this war was so controversial, that it broke the two-party system. The Quakers, who found no home in either party due to their opposition to mobilization and war as a whole, which made the National Party unfit for them, and their opposition to slavery and Revolutionary France’s worst excesses made the Country Party unfit for them. So, under the leadership of famed abolitionist Elias Hicks, a new party was born from the ideals of the Quakers: the Friendship Party.
Elias Hicks, Quaker, abolitionist, and founder of the Friendship Party.

National Party
The cockade of the National Party.
The National Party stands as the nation’s dominant party. With a supermajority in the Assembly and a working supermajority in the Senate, the nation bows to the whims of the party; more often than not the wishes of Governor Hamilton. The Nationals support Hamilton’s entire domestic program of the Fourteen Points, high tariffs, internal improvements, and defending the Bank.
The party, however, stands in its most divided state since the Whiskey Rebellion. With many members already skeptical of the Mobilization Act and the prospect of war with France, Hamilton’s decision to personally lead American troops into Europe has caused factionalism to once more present itself in the party, with a noticeable chunk of the party opposing such action.
The Louisianans are the less dominant, more moderate faction of the party, headed by Massachusetts Governor John Adams. While still remaining mostly loyal to Governor Hamilton, they do hold some opposition to his domestic policies, most notably the levée en masse provision of the Mobilization Act. Most notably, however, is their opposition to Hamilton’s current foreign policy. The Louisianans are highly opposed to directly intervening in Europe, believing that consolidating the newly conquered territories, most notably Louisiana, is much more beneficial to the nation than recklessly sending American troops overseas, instead favoring indirectly supporting the Coalition through giving arms and loans.
The Rejuvenationists are the current dominant faction of the party, and are obstinately loyal to Governor Hamilton. Headed by Senate President Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, they dance to the tune of Hamilton’s every word as they lend their support towards his complete domestic agenda alongside supporting rigorous enforcement of the Mobilization Act’s levée en masse provision. On foreign policy, they believe in continuing the war until the French Revolution is fully stamped out, in order to destroy the threat of Jacobinism one and for all and rejuvenate America’s standing in the global community. Most controversially, some radicals in the faction have even proposed a postwar military alliance with Britain in order to ensure a maintenance of the postwar order.

Country Party
The cockade of the Country Party.
The Country Party has, for most of its history so far, been a joke of a party. Opposing Hamilton’s popular agenda and being dominated by radicals alienated many voters, resulting in it never finding a true mandate in the Assembly. However, with Hamilton’s direct intervention in Europe causing the greatest uproar against the governor since the Whiskey Rebellion, the party may finally find a chance to win.
Opposing Hamilton’s domestic agenda, the party calls for a reduction in tariffs, an end to the whiskey tax, and an exit from the war paired with an immediate repeal of the Mobilization Act. However, the party still holds factions, with radicals calling for an end to national internal improvement programs, the bank, and even the standing army, while moderates wish to see a continuation of internal improvements, a reduction in the power of the bank, and the maintenance of a voluntary standing army.
The Normalists are the moderates, headed by Assembly Minority Leader DeWitt Clinton. Calling for a return to normalcy from the turbulent rule of the National Party, the Normalists call for an immediate peace, a repeal of the Security Act, a reduction in tariffs and the whiskey tax, and the pursuit of American neutrality. However, unlike their more radical counterparts, they still believe in national internal improvement programs and only weakening the Bank. Furthermore, they don’t believe in abolishing the standing army, viewing it to be necessary to fight both domestic and foreign threats to national sovereignty.
The Brumaireians are the radicals, headed by former Assembly Minority Leader Thomas Paine. The Brumaireians support a peace treaty with France and Spain containing compensation for the conquered territories, and an issuing of arms shipments and loans to Revolutionary France, viewing them as fellow revolutionaries fighting a fight not so different from America’s own decades prior. On domestic affairs, they favor a complete repeal of the entire Fourteen Points and the Mobilization Act, alongside abolishing the Bank, national internal improvements, the whiskey tax, all protective tariffs, and the standing army, viewing them all as threats to liberty and proof of the urban class conspiring to dominate the common farmer.

Friendship Party
*Note: This is a write-in option only.*
The cockade of the Friendship Party.
The newest party to join the American political scene, the oddly named Friendship Party seeks to further the interests of the Quaker cause, and especially the cause of pacifism. Headed by famed abolitionist Elias Hicks, the party seeks to combine various ideas from both parties paired with abolitionism. They take from the National Party’s disdain for Revolutionary France and their high support for merchants. They take from the Country Party’s support for peace and their opposition to the Mobilization Act, the Security Act, and the standing army. Their syncretic ideals are further represented by their notable members, with Moses Brown representing the merchants, William Savery representing the pro-Indian rights activists, and Robert Pleasants representing the rural folk.
However, due to the party’s affiliation with a small religious group, their hardline pacifism and abolitionism, and the fact that they’ve only just formed, the party is not even known to most voters, and is not projected to get many, if any seats. Furthermore, Quakers are mostly based in the Mid-Atlantic, and consequently, the Friendship Party is only able to run candidates in that area, with all of the candidates requiring write-ins due to not being included on the ballot.
Who are you voting for in this election?
View Poll
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2023.06.03 03:37 247drip Looking for a cheap dirt bike to learn how to ride on. Any recommendations?

I was hoping to spend a few hundred bucks for something I don’t mind scuffing up a little bit the more I look, it seems like the cheapest I can get an adult size is like $1200-$1500. Dealer near me has some Apollo bikes in that range. These are like 110-150ccs though so I imagine I will outgrow that very fast. I’m 6’1 170lbs for reference.
Planning to ride this primarily off road on flattish grassy land to get familiar with the basics.
Very open to suggestions
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2023.06.03 03:36 Typical_Setting_6x7 i’m so done with this lifelong mental impairment.

I officially cba anymore. BPD is for life and that is really depressing for one. Therapy for me personally is going to be so difficult bc I don’t even know what to say where my trauma comes from i’d probably just guess at best. I can’t be bothered anymore to try and regulate my emotions and impulses. I want to run far away from everything I know, delete everyone I’ve ever come across and then just die quietly in peace with my continuous negatively biased thoughts. But no I’m way too likeable as a person, make friends too easily and BOOM just like that i’d have a bunch of friends to manage and a romantic relationship to put someone through hell in.
People keep talking about the end is near. How near ? is death really coming soon upon all the non-believers ? Can I get that in writing. When will this end come because I cba anymore. I love myself I hate myself I can do anything I can’t do anything. MAKE IT STOP OR AT LEAST PICK ONE.
This might not even belong here, I’m just ranting here but it’s 100% my BPD causing me this anguish.
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2023.06.03 03:36 Character_Taro_5938 Should I be the bigger person?

I did not have the best relationship with my parents during my teenage years but now as I’m almost 30 I have gotten a lot closer with my mom since I moved away. I felt bad for leaving my brother behind because I was basically the only adult figure in his life he would respect and listen to. Whenever my parents needed him to do something they would call me to call him, I had to help him with Job interview prep, help cook meals that he would be able to eat because he’s picky. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because he’s my little brother. My brother is only 1 year younger than me. Present day, he has a lot of anger issues, depression, and possibly undiagnosed bipolar disorder. The first year I left home I felt so guilty for leaving him, he’d call me saying he’s sad and has no motivation to do anything. We came up with a plan for him to get his act together: start making his own meals, going to the gym, applying for jobs, etc. Things were good. I talked to my mom everyday and my dad once a week and my brother every once in a while. Whenever I would come home to visit, my brother and I would spend a lot of time together. Flash forward 3 years later, my brother was visiting to get lasik eye surgery done because it’s cheaper here and he booked his flight on his own (which he usually doesn’t do) and he sent me his itinerary and it was for 2 months… I called immediately saying 2 months is way too long for just us two in my house. We bicker quite a lot when it’s just us and we both have tempers but he assured me it’d be okay, he’ll keep to himself a lot.
Over the 2 months we did have little tiffs here and there because I was trying to use this time to help him be an independent adult who would be able to live on his own. On his last night here, he got very very drunk and we got into a verbal altercation which led into a physical one. My brother beat me and I had to call the cops on him. He broke my bedroom door trying to get into my room when I locked him out. Meanwhile my boyfriend was on FaceTime with me the whole time having to witness and hear everything without being able to do anything to help. The cops came and asked if I wanted to press charges, obviously I said no because I would’ve had to bail him out since he knows no one here. He calmed down after the cops left. I didn’t realize he had called my dad and told him that I called the cops on him for nothing and told him some twisted version of the story. the next morning, my brother and I walked by each other in my living room and he didn’t say a word to me. I finished work that day and immediately drove to my bfs (3 hours away) I felt guilty for leaving my brother because I took the only car and he would’ve had to Uber to the airport so before I left I bought him fast food to last the night. My dad had called me asking what happened, I briefly told him I was still very shaken up so I didn’t go into too much detail. My dads only fcking comment was “you called the cops?! That’s going to bring down your property value” LOL right. So I immediately hung up the phone and didn’t talk to my parents for a week or two because I knew I needed time to cool off in order to handle a convo with them and I didn’t want to hate them. Meanwhile the next day my brother sent me a text “I’m sorry” to that I replied for what? And he said for hitting you. Fcking pathetic ass excuse for an apology.
A couple weeks later I talk to my parents and they understand what happened and swore to me they’d never give another dime to my brother and they really yelled at him. That summer I came home and didn’t speak a word to my brother, I just couldn’t and didn’t feel safe around him. It made me feel sad and guilty but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then when I came home for thanksgiving and christmas, my mom was trying to force and guilt trip me into talking to my brother. I told her if she keeps pushing me it’ll make me never want to talk to him. My parents said I should help my brother find a job while I’m home (he’s been unemployed for 2 years); I told them to F off he’s an adult and I have a full time job I need to do while I’m visiting, maybe in your free time they said. Some nights when my parents were asleep and my brother would come into the living room I’d slowly make small talk then eventually it led into me asking if he wants to watch a movie with me and into me inviting him to the gym with me. First gym interaction was him screaming at me for parking too close to a car, normally I’d retaliate but I just didn’t let him get to me so I just ignored him. Our relationship will never be the same but I was still able to talk to him occasionally.
Fast forward to February of this year. My Cousin had a huge Asian wedding. We all got very drunk and in the Uber home it was my mom, dad, brother, uncle, my bf, and me. Not sure how the conversation happened but my brother started talking about how he respects women and that triggered my bf who’s very productive of me. This led into a screaming match in the Uber, my parents and I both trying to calm my bf and brother down. When we arrived at the hotel and got out, my bf punched my brother in the nose and he was bleeding and the whole Asian family started screaming and crying. Everyone found out my brother beat me and my bf was trying to defend me. My bf and I immediately left the hotel and took an Uber back to the air bnb where we packed our things and got a hotel room for the rest of the weekend.
I received calls and texts from my parents and brother saying it’s my brother or my bf, I had to choose and if I chose my bf my brother would never talk to me again and my parents will never want to be In the same room as my bf ever again. My parents both said they loved my bf and could’ve loved him more than my brother but now they can never look at him again. They also said they thought him and I were going to take care of my brother after they passed away. My bf and I completely agree that it should’ve never gotten physical. I was sad to see my brother hurt but in a way he did kind of deserve it? I mean he had punched me in the face and legs and arms when he had beat me and I was unable to fight back? So is it payback idk?
My dad and I still talk from time to time but he still despises my bf and will send me texts from time to time saying he doesn’t trust him. My mom and brother have not once called me. I sent my mom a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, I get a text “I’ll always love you”. I had texted my brother apologizing for what happened and that my bf and I truly do care about him but we just want him to get better. I told him if he starts seeing a therapist to help resolve the anger issues I’d be open to trying to rebuild our relationship- no response.
My bf and I have been together for 3 years, we have 3 dogs and a home together. He is my person. It’s been really hard for me because I used to be so close to my family. I’ve thought about being the bigger person and giving my mom and brother a call but part of me thinks what’s the point? Why do I have to be the bigger person? Shouldn’t my mom want to talk to me? Shouldn’t she call me? I just feel like they’re choosing my brother over me.
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2023.06.03 03:36 Strategic_Slayer Charismatic Commentators Wanted For Cooperative Content (Creator Collaboration)

The name is Slayer. Strategic Slayer. And as a gamer and content creator I'm looking to hire like-minded individuals for an upcoming entertainment channel that would prioritize fun and lighthearted content. Let's plays, reviews, podcasts and more.
Ideally we're looking to associate with those that are serious about turning a passion into a profession. Meaning, you must be committed and capable of creating grade A content. So passion and professionalism is a necessity here.
Just know, we're willing to work with some inexperienced creators... provided they possess the necessary requirements we're looking for. That said, here is a list of reasonable requirements for those that are interested.
Age - 21 and up. Why? Because we're looking for seasoned veterans that are knowledgeable about content creation. Although some exceptions can be made, depending on the individual.
Humor - Humor is a necessity for the type of content I intend to create. And no, I'm not referring to childish bathroom humor. Keeping it mature and tasteful is the name of the game here.
Passion - Passion is yet another necessity for a gaming centric channel. So if you're not passionate about content creation then please don't reply to this post.
Professional - As a multifaceted content creator I have years of experience doing damn near everything. Meaning, I'll be able to keep you focused and point you in the right direction if you need a bit of guidance. Aside from that, you will also be required to fulfill your commitments and do so within an appropriate amount of time. Simply put, no slackers.
Schedule - Certain days and times of the week would be required for meetings and recordings. For example, Tuesdays are typically when new games, expansions and seasons release. So you would need to be available on those days at specific times.
Skills - Ideally we're looking for talented content creators and knowledgeable nerds that can communicate properly. Meaning, you MUST speak fluent English.
Work History - I'll need a sample of your previous work. Nothing major, just a link to a YouTube channel. And no, I don't care about your subscriber count.
Congratulations, you made it to the end. That said, if you meet the necessary requirements then don't hesitate to contact me immediately. Just make sure to directly message me with the necessary information. List located below.
- Discord Username
- Preferred Platform (PC, PS, Xbox)
- Preferred Games, Movies & TV Shows
- Associated Skills (editing, graphic design, writing, etc.)
Also, for those that are interested, here's a link to my YouTube channel. Enjoy. : )
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2023.06.03 03:35 hvrock13 Apartment building with water cooled exterior unit, failed blower fan question.

So I’ve heard what I know is the blower fan bearing on the brink of failure get progressively worse for a week until it finally gave up overnight. The landlord bought the property from the previous one, and she doesn’t really understand how her system even operates.
I have sent her videos of the sounds I heard indoors and outdoors, it was very loud coming from the lower roof overhang area (3 floors) so I know the fan was located around there somewhere. She didn’t reply to me for a week, because she was apparently on vacation. When she did reply this morning, it had just failed finally. That’s when I learned we had a water cooled type of system. Which I read is pretty uncommon for a smaller residential building.. and explains why it’s always had reliability issues in the couple years I’ve lived here.
She insisted it was fixed after she sent her boyfriend over to put more water in the system and bleed the lines of air, they didn’t test it themselves (the only vents are in occupied apartments they couldn’t just let themselves into), she was just sure that was the problem. I was positive that couldn’t lead to the sounds I heard in the roof and ductwork of the building. And of course when I got home, it was in fact not fixed. No air from the vents, even when switching the fan switch to on on the thermostat. I sent her a video of a bad blower fan bearing that was identical to what I’ve heard. She basically said only one guy in the area now can even work on this system now. And he’s on vacation til next week. It’s 95F the next 5 days. A tenant on the third floor said his place is 100F (they’ve been redoing the roof this week so no shingles over part of it).
I told her that this blower fan is basically just the fan that moves air through the ductwork, it isn’t even connected to the cooling operation in the outdoor unit. I don’t see why it would require a specialty hvac tech to work on a basic single speed blower fan failure. She won’t budge, I don’t think she understands or is willing to try to understand my explanation that it’s just a bad fan. Nothing to do with the water cooling. She won’t even call around the area to ask if they could do the job.
So I’m just wanting to be sure that my understanding of this is correct, that this single speed blower fan with a bad bearing should be able to be replaced by most experts, because it just creates the airflow/ventilation needed to move the cooled air through the building. And it’s only on or off, it’s an old system. This shouldn’t be as difficult as she’s making it to fix, correct?
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2023.06.03 03:35 MeanArt318 Buying fireworks

Where is a good place to buy fireworks?
I'm in grand rapids area michigan and there aren't any very good stores near by me, I checked out red apple and their pricing is much better than some stores near me.
I typically spend $500-$1000
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2023.06.03 03:35 Numerous-Will4708 Resident stabbed my husband

I posted here yesterday about me being worried about my resident husband and a female coresident that he might have had an emotional affair with a few months ago. We worked it out, etc. Deleted the post for privacy reasons but thought I’d give context for anyone reading. For anyone who didn’t see it, once I caught wind that boundaries were being crossed a few months back, he blocked her everywhere and things have been awkward between them since with no contact unless strictly work related.
Today, he tells me she had to help him during a procedure. Apparently he needed someone to suture for him and when she did, she - purposely according to him - stabbed him in the hand with it. He says the spot where she stabbed him was nowhere near where the sutures had to be placed. He called her out at this point, she said sorry, and he had someone else finish it. He mentioned it to her attending afterwards.
This is insane to me. I feel like she’s retaliating and this seems honestly like psycho behavior. I told him to escalate it because it’s becoming a hostile work environment but he said HR wouldn’t do anything. He says he thinks he handled it well and I’m sure he did but I’m still stunned that she’s going to these lengths. I do think she did it on purpose because I remember hearing lots of stories about her from other people that she’s slightly off her rocker.
What the heck do we do here? I’m truly worried about my husband.
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2023.06.03 03:35 yellow36 Turning an Instagram repost account into a business

My background is in marketing and sales.
I have a manufacturing business idea that I’ve been brainstorming for a while now. One of my relatives has a related business of his own, and is eager to work together. Still, at this point it’s just an idea.
The business requires thousands in startup capital that will require I save for at least 6 months before I can even buy the materials for one unit.
I’d like to start spreading awareness about my venture in some way, and learn as much as I can by interacting with the customer base.
The problem is, I have nothing of my own to share yet. It will be impossible to gain any traction now without a prototype of some kind.
I had the bright idea to create an Instagram “theme page” (an account that reposts other user’s content with credit/attribution to the original poster). I’m sure you’ve seen these pages related to travel or beauty all over Instagram, and follow at least one. I came up with a creative name that’s extremely relevant to the product, and no one is using it.
These pages are super easy to get content for, and grow surprisingly fast. Running an account like this will tell me what “style” of the product gets the most engagement and common problems others make when building or designing them. I’d also likely gain at least a few hundred/thousand followers in the process.
My concern is other manufacturers. While the user content I will be sharing is their own (and I would gladly delete their photo from my account upon request), the manufacturers may not be happy with a potential competitor sharing their product. However, it’s worth noting that countless individuals build and design their own models. Really, it’s impossible to tell who made what as there are no “logos” on this particular product.
I’d be posting other’s content, then one day deleting all of it and posting my own. I’m just worried about and lawsuits and best practices.
Am I overthinking this? Have you started a business in this way?
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2023.06.03 03:34 ChaseBaker Cannabis Delivery?

Cannabis Delivery?
I’m at the double tree near the airport. Flying out in the morning. Have a great view of a lake framed by a trailer park. For some reason the view really makes me wanna get high. Any recommendations? Thanks!!!
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2023.06.03 03:34 fantomknight1 Just completed my first race in F1 2019 (Melbourne) and got in 5th with a Toro Rosso....... only.....

Unfortunately the stewards don't seem to understand the rules of the game and unfairly gave me a 3 second penalty for cutting a corner. This set me back to 11th place and I think everyone can agree with me that this is clearly a bullshit penalty.
Now... Some of you might have some questions such as, did I cut the corner and can we take a look at the recording? However, now's not the time for that. It's important not to get bogged down into the details. I don't even know how that's relevant to this conversation.
The point is the stewards are bad people for clearly being biased against me and my perfect driving of which I scrubbed all evidence of.
In all seriousness it was a thrilling, hard fought race. Once I was shown the flashback feature I was able to enjoy the race knowing that if the AI slammed into me randomly I could just go back to avoid that. I definitely need to get better about hitting the corners (I'm a bit inconsistent there) and I nearly ran out of fuel (need to get more). Still, solid first race with a lot of battling to hold onto P5.... bummer about the penalty. P11 doesn't feel nearly as good after such a hard fight.
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2023.06.03 03:34 ConsistentBicycle313 Best friend ghosted me after I’d asked her to be my maid of honor

Little bit of background for this, as it probably seems really odd. My best friend and I have been close ever since we met in middle school, gossiping about stupid things, getting into trouble etc. we have been close through high-school and I was hoping into later adulthood. She was the first one to know when I started dating my now fiancé, and the first to know when he’d proposed to me February 2023. After I’d initially told her about the engagement she initially seemed happy for both of us. That’s when I started noticing messages and interactions becoming more and more non-existent. It didn’t bother me at first as I understand life gets busy and things happen… A few weeks (maybe even a good 2 months) after I’d told her about the engagement, I’d wanted to ask her if she’d want to be my maid of honor. I planned a bit to be able to give her a card to ask her (at the time my job restricted me to certain hours and meeting up in a time frame both of us could work wasn’t gonna happen). I’d texted her to ask if I could give her something that night, and she’d said no. (I honestly have forgotten the reason why) So I asked if there was another time I could drop by and give the card to her, to which there wasn’t a clear response. I’d ended up giving the card to a friend of mine to give to her as they saw each-other more during the day, and it would be easier instead of continuously not being able to hand it to her myself…. After the card had been given to her, I never received an answer as to if she’d wanted to be my MOH, she instead just asked for when the date of the wedding will be, and we haven’t planned that far out yet, but as time passes we’re nearing a date for the wedding. She’d said okay to this, and after I’d gotten that reply, even if I sent something as a conversation starter it was met with very little words, and has moved to nothing. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve spoken to my best friend, and at this point I feel like I’d be burdening her if I sent a message after such a long time.. Did I do something wrong? Or is there something I’m not doing correctly? Because I feel like I lost someone I thought I’d wouldn’t loose for many many more years, and yet it already feels like the friendship is no longer there after so much time.
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2023.06.03 03:33 DailyHoroscopeIndia Today's Horoscope! (3rd of June, 2023)✨

If you have any specific questions about your sub-sign, please ask those in comments below!
♈️ Aries: Single Aries should be on the lookout for an electric connection with Taurus and Cancer signs. Those in relationships can revel in the stability and confidence of their bond. Jupiter's energy is a great opportunity to save or invest wisely. Health-wise, prioritize active lifestyle over screen time to combat stress and sleeplessness. Travel-wise, Slovakia is the ideal destination for an enchanting experience. Luck-wise, baby pink and lime green are your talismans today, and you may want to consider testing your luck in the stock market. Emotionally, patience and tranquility are your allies, so try to let go of unnecessary worries.
♉️ Taurus: Single Taureans should be ready for a touch of nostalgia to fill their day, and consider exploring the world of online dating. For those already in a relationship, meaningful conversations about family expansion or new places to call home lie ahead. At work, engaging in lively conversations with colleagues will help uncover their unique personalities, and may even present an opportunity to pocket some extra cash. To tackle stress, prioritize relaxation and mindfulness to counter its impact on physical health. For travel, Los Angeles is the perfect destination to sweep you away in its mesmerizing charm. Embrace the energies of numbers 61, 2, 33, 59, and 6, as they hold your luck today, but approach the stock market with caution. Finally, cherished memories from your childhood may bubble to the surface, bringing warmth and smiles. If revisiting some of the more challenging pieces from the past becomes overwhelming, seek the guidance of a therapist.
♊️ Gemini: Single Geminis, today is the day to embrace your craving for passion. Long-term couples should be prepared to tackle important decisions that will shape the future of your partnership, uniting you in strength. Professionally, it's time to be extra vigilant at work and stay alert to make a difference in your bottom line. Health-wise, be cautious with physical exertion and allow your body the rest it needs to maintain optimal well-being. Travel-wise, discover the wonders of a Canadian city for an invigorating and unique experience. Luck-wise, envelop yourself in the hue of yellow to bring a surge of luck to your day. Emotionally, be gentle with yourself as unresolved feelings resurface and seek the support of a therapist to help illuminate your emotional journey.
♋️ Cancer: Single Cancerians, Leo companionship will bring sparks of excitement into your life today. For those already in a relationship, it is important to refine your communication style to ensure your partner truly understands your message. Professionally, it may be difficult to stay productive and motivated, so be sure to stay vigilant and avoid being caught slacking off by your superiors. Health-wise, take advantage of the vitality and strength your body offers you, but be mindful of any potential emotional turbulence if you have previously dealt with depression or anxiety. Travel-wise, Ankara, Turkey awaits your arrival for an unforgettable journey. Luck-wise, the numbers 8, 22, 10, 42, 92, and 85 will bring you good fortune. Avoid gambling to protect your valuable luck. Emotionally, the Moon's influence will tug at your feelings. Take some time to reflect on your emotions and practice self-compassion.
♌️ Leo: Today is a day to bask in the glow of your ruling planet, the Sun! Whether you are in a place of joy or sorrow in your personal life, you can rest assured that today will bring you warmth. Your unrelenting drive at work will be admired by your peers and your financial status is improving, giving you a more secure foundation. Make sure to stay hydrated and treat yourself to a vitamin C serum to keep your skin looking radiant. If you're feeling adventurous, consider a trip to Bosnia, where locals and beauty will make for an unforgettable journey. Let the vibrant shade of turquoise guide your luck today and expect serendipity to grace you in social gatherings. To manage stress, find healthier ways to cope such as exercise, and nurture your emotional well-being to watch your potential soar.
♍️ Virgo: For those in a partnership, today is a great day to have a meaningful dialogue about finances. Let honesty and partnership guide the conversation. For those flying solo, watch out for sparks as captivating Scorpio vibes fire up your allure. Professionally, use your ingenuity to come up with money-saving tactics like swapping restaurant fare for homemade meals. Your workday should be smooth sailing with gentle waves of productivity. Health-wise, if you're feeling signs of depression or anxiety, reach out to your therapist. Remember, seeking assistance is vital to mental wellness and a commendable step. Travel-wise, explore the vibrant culture of São Luís, Brazil. A beautiful city bursting with life, it awaits to leave you awestruck. Finally, embrace a rush of good fortune as lucky numbers 8, 22, 49, 93, 85, and 12 dance throughout your day, sprinkling blessings every step of the way. You're also finding solace in your newfound skin, so bask in the pride of your magnificent metamorphosis.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day for romance and contemplation for solo Libra signs. Long-term unions should prepare for loving discussions to evolve to a deeper level. Financially, it's time to create a strategy to ease your monetary management, as an increased workload may come your way. Health-wise, be mindful of skin sensitivities and hydrate generously. Travel-wise, Nauru is calling your name and promises to be an enchanting journey. Lucky numbers 38, 92, 3, 19, and 6 are here to bring you luck, so don't forget to clutch your talisman for an extra dose of fortune. Finally, banish self-doubt and step into your power with confidence and daring. Unwind and recharge by exchanging inspiring conversations with kindred spirits.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day to focus on communication and connection. United Scorpio signs should take the time to express their feelings and let their partner know what is on their mind. Financially, things are looking up, so if you have been considering a career change, now is the time to explore your options. Health-wise, it is important to prioritize an eye exam and make sure to get some exercise before bed. Travel-wise, Serbia is calling your name and offering a chance to explore its captivating wonders. Lucky numbers 9, 3, 20, 92, 33, 49, and 5 are in your favor, but the stars advise against any gambling pursuits. Lastly, if you have been thinking of a beloved family member, make sure to reach out and cherish the moments spent together.
♐️ Sagittarius: Single Sagittarians should be on the lookout for fiery connections, while committed archers should take a step back and focus on their own internal stability before attempting any heartfelt conversations. Financially, it may be a difficult day, so it is important to seek advice from trusted confidants before making any decisions. Health-wise, it is important to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine in order to maintain equilibrium. Travel-wise, Ravenna, Italy is a great destination to explore and experience its captivating charm. Luck is on your side today with numbers 64, 22, 2, and 88, so take advantage of this prosperity by looking into stock market opportunities. Finally, revel in the joy of your newfound life path and embrace the personal power that the stars have illuminated for you.
♑️ Capricorn: Today is a day of magnetic attraction for solo Capricorns, as enigmatic water signs draw near. Those in committed relationships can rest assured in the stability and trust of their past experiences. At work, you may be challenged to collaborate with a less-liked colleague, but your finances remain solid. Health should be a priority today, and if any toothaches persist, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Traveling to the resplendent city of Fuji, Japan, is highly recommended to ignite your sense of wanderlust. Numerical synchronicities 12, 84, 3, 2, and 59 will bring luck and deeper meaning to your day. Finally, feel the tides of improvement swell within you, a testament to your growth and revelations. Embrace your ever-evolving nature with courage and grace.
♒️ Aquarius: Venus is blessing you with harmonious energy, so it's the perfect time to make plans with your love. If you're single, you may find yourself drawn to Gemini charmers. Professionally, focus on productivity and don't let perfectionism get in the way. Health-wise, take care of yourself and don't forget to look after your teeth. Travel-wise, Columbus is calling you with its vibrant experiences. Luck-wise, Jupiter is sending you good vibes and the numbers 5, 84, 10, 21, 38, and 43, as well as the color yellow will bring you extra fortune. Emotionally, the Moon's influence means your emotions will be on a roller coaster ride today, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.
♓️ Pisces: For those who are single, a harmonious connection may form with stylish Taurus individuals. For those in relationships, communication hiccups may arise, so it is important to navigate them with patience and understanding. Pisces in retail should brace for a busy day and take breaks and snacks to prevent burnout. Health-wise, dental care should be taken seriously and black coffee should be consumed in moderation. Austria is calling for a visit, offering remarkable experiences and picturesque landscapes. Lucky numbers for today are 73, 99, 10, 32, 64, and 20, so keep an eye out for financial fortune. Lastly, embrace the healing power of quality time with friends and family, sharing heartfelt hugs and making cherished memories.

Check out today's Hora

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2023.06.03 03:33 Strategic_Slayer Charismatic Commentators Wanted For Cooperative Content (Creator Collaboration)

The name is Slayer. Strategic Slayer. And as a gamer and content creator I'm looking to hire like-minded individuals for an upcoming entertainment channel that would prioritize fun and lighthearted content. Let's plays, reviews, podcasts and more.
Ideally we're looking to associate with those that are serious about turning a passion into a profession. Meaning, you must be committed and capable of creating grade A content. So passion and professionalism is a necessity here.
Just know, we're willing to work with some inexperienced creators... provided they possess the necessary requirements we're looking for. That said, here is a list of reasonable requirements for those that are interested.
Age - 21 and up. Why? Because we're looking for seasoned veterans that are knowledgeable about content creation. Although some exceptions can be made, depending on the individual.
Humor - Humor is a necessity for the type of content I intend to create. And no, I'm not referring to childish bathroom humor. Keeping it mature and tasteful is the name of the game here.
Passion - Passion is yet another necessity for a gaming centric channel. So if you're not passionate about content creation then please don't reply to this post.
Professional - As a multifaceted content creator I have years of experience doing damn near everything. Meaning, I'll be able to keep you focused and point you in the right direction if you need a bit of guidance. Aside from that, you will also be required to fulfill your commitments and do so within an appropriate amount of time. Simply put, no slackers.
Schedule - Certain days and times of the week would be required for meetings and recordings. For example, Tuesdays are typically when new games, expansions and seasons release. So you would need to be available on those days at specific times.
Skills - Ideally we're looking for talented content creators and knowledgeable nerds that can communicate properly. Meaning, you MUST speak fluent English.
Work History - I'll need a sample of your previous work. Nothing major, just a link to a YouTube channel. And no, I don't care about your subscriber count.
Congratulations, you made it to the end. That said, if you meet the necessary requirements then don't hesitate to contact me immediately. Just make sure to directly message me with the necessary information. List located below.
- Discord Username
- Preferred Platform (PC, PS, Xbox)
- Preferred Games, Movies & TV Shows
- Associated Skills (editing, graphic design, writing, etc.)
Also, for those that are interested, here's a link to my YouTube channel. Enjoy. : )
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2023.06.03 03:33 lovemymeemers Pride Needs to be Left at Home

I'm in the Cath lab and am so fucking proud of our team most days.
We had a major STEMI Wednesday, guy was already admitted and coded in the elevator on his way to us. Compressions we're done and ROSC happened. Yay!!
Patient is fighting us to anesthesia has to sedate, paralyze and intubate.
We angio and RCA and LAD have major blockages. We fix, put in an impella and he's prepped to go to our sister facility a few minutes away because they have a CVICU and we do not anymore.
MD wants 600 plavix stat and a Foley. I run and get supplies to drop an OG to deliver plavix and grab a Foley kit. Drop both record time, plavix goes in.
I felt so happy when I went home that I was able to do both of those things and help the patient and the whoever would be receiving him.
A bit later a couple nurses tell me shouldn't have "Because we don't want the unit to think we are going to start doing those things regularly"
What. The. Fuck.
The patient needed the 600 of plavix STAT. Guess what mother fucker, I'm giving it and creating an LDA for it. Guess what else, he's a shit show and intubated so he needs a place not on his skin for his urine and the Doc said the Foley also needed to happen quickly.
Also, I asked another nurse to do the Foley while I did the OG in the interest of time. Her response? "You got the order, you do it."
Fuck that and people like that. Our job is the patient and their well being. Not your fucking pride.
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2023.06.03 03:32 shellebelle89 My son is missing

My son is missing
Have not been able to contact him since May 5. Last known whereabouts were in Portland, said he was staying in an Airbnb near a park. Please tell him to contact me if you see him.
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2023.06.03 03:31 deadheadramblinrose Poison Ivy and Sumac Removal Services

I have, once again, found poison sumac and poison ivy in my backyard. Actually, I didn’t find it - it found me. I tried to kill it all myself last year but clearly it didn’t work.
Does anyone have a recommendation for companies in Columbus that will help me? I’ve Googled - had a couple results come up, but no reviews or prices. I can’t go near this stuff anymore - it’s been 1 day and it’s on about 50% of my body and I’m already planning an urgent care visit tomorrow to get a steroid shot and taper.
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