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2023.03.27 08:04 hondabeatpp1 A thick grease coming out of my brake pedal (club sport v3 pedals)

A thick grease coming out of my brake pedal (club sport v3 pedals)
Recently my brakes have become unresponsive I have to push as hard as I possibly can but I only get 60% brake force, I'm guessing this has something to do with it. Would appreciate any info!
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2023.03.27 07:52 JH10097 Went into the back of a car after a driver slammed on brakes and fled scene, advice on insurance.

(England) so last night I got into an accident when the car 2 in front of me suddenly hit the emergency breaks on a dual carriageway roundabout for no reason, the car in front of me also deployed the emergency brake and the driver was unsure whether they hit them or not, and I put the brakes on but didn't quite stop in time.
The car 2 in front drove off, neither of us behind had dashcams, and the police said they wouldn't chase anything up as there were no cameras at the scene.
My issue is, the car in front was very lightly damaged and I can likely do the repairs on mine myself. Neither of us are particularly keen going through insurance and I as a young driver truly can't afford the insurance premium going up due to reporting the accident which will most likely be seen as my fault. I'm already struggling to pay the insurance and all my other bills as is.
I understand that I'm supposed to report it anyway but my question is will the insurance be able to see the police report if I just get it fixed myself potentially voiding my insurance at a later date?
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2023.03.27 07:37 LittleCicada9826 My 12 year old sister has refused to talk to me or my mom for months. How can I best approach this situation?

I’ll do my best to describe our situation and include as many details as I can, however it’s much more complex than I can describe in a short post. I’m 15F my sister is 12F.
My mother is very critical, yells, is extremely money oriented, has high standards, and is very conscientious of cleanliness, to an obsessive level. Our parents are doctors who always came home late and tired. My mom held an outstanding grudge against my father for a bad financial decision and they would often fight with each other. My mother would constantly take out her frustrations on my sister and I, as well as pressuring us to abide by her obsessive standards. As a result my mom and I have a terrible relationship and used to yell back and forth. I believe my sister views our mother similarly.
Over a year ago, my sister just suddenly stopped talking to me or my mom (at different times). It was gradual at first. We’re all introverted, but my sister is by far the most shy out of us 4. She does well socially, has lots of friends at school and is always calling people at home, but is very shy around new people. She’s always using Discord, playing video games, very addicted to her iPad and the Internet, she is literally constantly on it. (honestly I am addicted, too, but not to her level of severity).
She will grudgingly talk to my dad, but always takes a many seconds long pause to reply. And she simply refuses to talk to me or my mom. By refusing to talk I mean really refusing. If my mom pressured her to talk for several minutes, she might maybe give her a dirty look and spit out a one word answer, before going back to her iPad. And she has literally not said a single word to me in many months. I am not exaggerating this in any way. There are no “good” days where she will talk to either of us.
None of us really understand why she is refusing to talk to me or my mom. My mom thinks that she is angry at seeing my mom and I argue so much. I can relate to how I think she may be feeling. I am constantly getting the urge to avoid my mom and dad and not talk to them, and I often say this out loud to my dad.
Since she refuses to communicate with us and explain what’s wrong, it’s extremely difficult to figure out why she is doing this. I genuinely do not know. I treat her nicely, often compliment her, and otherwise stay out of her way, as she gets extremely annoyed whenever I attempt to talk to her. We used to have a great relationship, however we had a few bad fights when I was 12/13 and I believe that was when she first started ignoring me.
I’m unsure what I can do for her, but I know that this is not healthy. I love my sister and just want the best for her. Any suggestions for what I or my parents can do? I’m sorry for the vagueness but I am just very lost. Thank you!!
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Hi everyone,
I've previously uploaded other updates using Elidel to treat my atopic periorificial dermatitis, so feel free to read those for my experience at the beginning. Check out my previous posts for photos of what my skin looked like before Elidel too.
I'm happy to share my 2-week update - I have 1 more week left to go of my treatment plan. My doctor prescribed me Elidel for my skin and to use it once a day for 3 weeks.
Products & Routine:
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2023.03.27 06:57 St0lz Every time I unplug my wheel I need to delete game config for it to work again

My computer is not a dedicated sim rig. When I work I have move away my steering wheel and pedals and therefore their USBs need to be unplug from the computer.
Whenever I plug them back to play Automobilista 2, my pedals continue to work as usual but my steering wheel stops working. My axis and button bindings are still seen in the config screen, but they just don't work in-game and also the FFB is lost.
I have tried several workarounds, none of them work:
The only working solution I have is to delete the whole %userprofile%\Documents\Automobilista 2 folder, which means every time I want to play the game I have to reconfigure EVERYTHING from scratch.
Needless to say, while Automobilista 2 fails to detect the wheel, all other games (AC, ACC, DR2.0,...) and apps (Moza Pit House, Windows controller settings, ....) have no issues whatsoever in detecting buttons and axis and providing working FFB.
Did anybody have any similar experience? Does anybody have any suggestion? I would refund the game but first time I played I already spent more than 2 hours on it so Steam won't allow me to refund it.
PD: My wheel base is a Moza R9 V2 and my wheel is a Moza CS V2.
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2023.03.27 06:53 Coffee_Lover90 Among Realms Internal Battles

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Conflict
It was midnight in Kingswood, Arrowswift, a far from welcoming neighborhood. The type where its resident’s only idea of “welcoming” would be to greet new visitors (along with their wallets and other belongings) with open arms if they so much as suspect you’re of higher class, and won’t even hesitate to teach you some “manners” if you’re not a very well-behaved guest. On this one particular night, there was an event currently taking place inside the back alley entrance of a closed-down bar.
And through this entrance, just downstairs to the dim-lit hallway, turning a corner of the basement, right passed a muscly, rugged man guarding the door, was a fight club. A considerably large crowd bordered the cage, captivated by the brawl going on inside, bets were already placed and it was the end of the 5th round as a fighter was swiftly brought to the ground, defeated.
“Wow, five straight wins people, FIVE STRAIGHT WINS!” emphasized the announcer of the cage match. “It's like you guys WANT to look bad, c’mon!”
The crowd roared as the loser was dragged out of the cage.
“Alright, final round folks,” said the announcer. “Who wants to have the last dance with this handsome stud?” He gestured to the fighter of five straight wins, Dominic Ledger. The man of the hour nonchalantly stood there with his arms crossed and eyes closed as he waited for the 6th and final participant to enter the cage.
“I’ll take 'em!”
Ding Ding!
The sound of the bell made the fighter’s lips curl into a smirk as his hazel eyes slowly rose to meet the gaze of a big, burly man who looked to be in his 40s at least. He strutted up to Dominic with a smug grin on his face, towering over the shorter man with his shadow swallowing him whole, and sneered with a low, raspy, menacing voice.
“Hope you’re quick on your feet, pretty boy.” He cracked his knuckles and got in a fighting stance. “Cuz I dance dirty!”
Mildly amused, Dominic got in his own fighting stance and beckoned him to make the first move. As his opponent charged at him, Dominic sprung into the air with perfect timing and flipped over his back, causing his bulky contender to stumble and slide to the ground. Regaining his composure, the young fighter whipped his long, wavy poliosis-colored hair out of his face and turned to his “dancing” partner.
“Hmph, your ballet could use a little more practice, don’t ya think?” Dominic taunted.
Growling with anger, the bumbling bodybuilder let out a roar while lunging forward as he tried endlessly to throw every punch and kick under the sun at his younger, yet more experienced contender, all of which were unsurprisingly countered with ease. Dominic soon gained the upper hand, successfully returning every single jab and kick onto the bigger man before throwing him up against the cage face first as the crowd went nuts. So the cocky fighter took a moment to relish in the attention.
Meanwhile, a guy in the crowd, who wasn't cheering along with everyone else just looked around stoically with his arms folded, then mumbled to himself, “Alright, time to cut this short.” before walking off. The guy made his way to the cage gate when the announcer noticed him.
“Hey hey hey! Where ya th-” He was cut off by a hard shove to the face as the man proceeded to go inside. Not noticing, the soon-to-be champion walked up to his defeated combatant.
“Hey muscle man, I thought you’d be more of a challenge,” Dominic continued taunting. “I’m disappointed.”
“Don’t be cute with me boy. I’d give your ass something to sas about if I didn’t have to put ya away first,” he replied slyly.
“Wha- GHAHHH!” The champ suddenly got tased from behind by the same man from the crowd and was brought to the ground.
“Hey, you!” shouted the announcer, confronting the intruder. “First off, no weapons allowed! Second, if you ain't a fighter, you can’t just enter the cage like that!”
The man pulled out a police badge and put it right in the announcer’s face. “APD, I can do whatever the fuck I want. Now shut up.”
The announcer was completely stunned and backed away with his hands up as the cop addressed the entire crowd. “Alright everyone, show’s over! You’re ALL under arrest!”
Meanwhile, Dominic’s "opponent" who’s also revealed to be undercover handcuffed him while he was subdued on the ground, chuckling at his expense.
“Fuck…” was all the passionate fighter could groan out as he rolled over on his back and just laid there, deflated by what just happened.
Four Months Later…
“Dominic Ledger!”
Dominic’s hazel eyes popped wide open, jumping slightly in his bed. Previously asleep in his cell, he is suddenly startled awake by the gruff voice of a correctional officer.
“You’re free to go.”
“Huh?” Dominic was a bit stunned that he was being released so soon after just four months of incarceration. As he’s being escorted out, he passes by an inmate who calls out to him, “Yo Dom, lemme know when you open up ya dojo!” to which Dominic only nodded with a smile.
He changes from his prison garments back into the black tank top, baggy purple, black, and white tribal tracksuit, and white sneakers that he wore at the fight club, and walks up to the front desk for the rest of his belongings.
“Looks like the early jailbird gets the worm, huh?” said the female jail clerk, handing him his stuff.
“I know, thought I’d be here longer,” Dominic admitted to her.
“Yeah well, that’s how it is when your uncle’s a famous boxer,” said another officer walking passed the former inmate. “By the way, thanks for teaching me that knife hand strike,” he whispers to him before walking away as Dominic gives him a wink, leaving with his things.
Outside of the Corrections Department, a red Volvo drives up to the front of the building. The driver of this expensive car is Clarence Dukes with his son Seth in the passenger seat.
“Get outta the car and get in the backseat boy.” Clarence barked at his son.
“Huh?” Seth answered confused.
“You heard me!” Clarence bellowed. “Backseat now! So your cousin can sit up front.”
“He can’t sit in the back?” Seth shot back, unbuckling his seatbelt.
“No,” he said sternly, “that boy’s had a hard life and we gotta be courteous to him. And maybe if you had the same drive and discipline your cousin does, you’d get the same privilege. Til then, earn it first!”
Seth gets out of the car and into the backseat just as Dominic exited the building. Clarence gets out to greet his approaching nephew with his arms extended wide, accompanied by a deep, raspy, “He-ey Dominic!”
“Hey, Uncle Clarence.” Dominic greeted back as they embraced with the older man’s big, beefy body practically engulfing him.
“Ahh It’s been so long, how ya feelin' boy?” Clarence asked.
“Never been better,” Dominic replied.
“Hey, Dominic.” Seth waves at his cousin unenthusiastically.
“Hey, Seth.” Dominic waved back.
“C’mon, get in.” Clarence opens up the passenger seat for his nephew. “We’ll go get the rest of your stuff back at your old place.”
On the way to Dominic’s apartment, he and his uncle continued catching up while Seth remained quiet in the backseat.
“So how was it in the clink?” Clarence asked. “Ya shoulda called and told me you got locked up, I would’ve posted bail sooner.”
“Eh, it’s not too bad in there, nothing I’m used to,” Dominic replied.
“That’s what I always admired about you, Dom; hard like iron. Ya know what that is? That’s that Dukes blood running through your veins.”
“I’ll say this,” Dominic continued, “their gym is much better than any I’ve ever been to.”
“Yeah? Well, just wait til you see mine, you’ll have a field day.” Clarence chuckled, “But I see you’ve been packing on some muscles of your own, I bet you had all those inmates at your mercy huh? Ya let em know you’re the nephew of the great Duke of Steel?”
“Actually, I’ve just had some guys ask me to teach them a few moves,” Dominic corrected him, “Some even said I should consider becoming an MMA instructor.”
“Well, maybe someday you can be,” Clarence assured him, “but ya gotta work your way up to that first. Shouldn’t take too long though cuz I’ve always said you were a rising star, I just never understood why your mom never saw that in ya.”
“Mom already had enough to deal with, but she definitely never approved of my relationship with violence,” Dominic said.
“Hey! Martial arts ain’t violence, it’s an art form,” Clarence argued, “Believe me, if your mom could see you for the champion you’ll become (thanks to me), she’d change her tune.”
“If you say so,” Dominic replied tentatively.
“You got lots of potential kid, and heart; just no direction is all. But don’t worry my nephew, cuz when I'm done with you, you’re gonna be a legend. No more going behind back alleys or small, stuffy, overcrowded bars fighting a bunch of no-names and winning chump change. Picture this instead: A big, flashy stadium, packed from every angle, with ALL eyes on you as you go neck and neck with other big-name fighters and hearing YOUR name echoed throughout the whole damn building when you rise as the victor!” Clarence chuckles, “Now that’s a dream, right?”
Dominic gives a half-hearted laugh. “Yeah, that sure is a lot to take in.”
They finally arrive at Dominic's apartment, once parked, Clarence turns to his nephew and puts a hand on his shoulder.
“Well, you’re with us now, and we’re happy to have ya. And right on time too, cuz Seth here needs ALL the push he can get. Speaking of which, Seth! Go help your cousin get his things!” Clarence ordered his son again, snapping his fingers this time. “Go! Pick up the pace! A good workout for ya.” Seth moaned, rolling his eyes but did what he was told.
After gathering the rest of Dominic’s things, Clarence drives them back to the wealthy neighborhood of Copper Lane where they eventually arrive at his mansion. Inside, Clarence’s daughter Claire was in the middle of an online kickboxing session in her father’s personal gym.
“Remember, keep it straight, don’t lean.” said her instructor over the laptop.
“How’s this?” she asked.
“Good,” he complimented, “You’re a pretty fast learner.”
“Well, you’re a pretty good teacher.” she flirted back winking at him.
“CLAIRE!!!” Claire jumps when she hears her father.
“Oh fuck, dad’s home! I gotta go!” She rushes to close her laptop and quickly hides behind the door just as her father barges in looking for her.
“Claire, I know you’re in here!” With his back turned, she tries to sneak out only to bump into her older cousin.
“Oh, Dom! You’re here!” she exclaimed nervously.
“In a rush?” he playfully asked.
“Yeah well, ya know how it is. So how was it in ja-” Her words are cut off by a sudden yank of her shoulder as her father spins her around to face him.
“Claire!” Clarence holds up a bracelet she left in his gym. “You been in my gym again?”
Avoiding his question, she responds with, “Dad, do you mind? I’m trying to catch up with my cousin.”
Clarence grabs her by the arm. “Scuse us, Dom.” He drags her to her room and shuts the door. “I told you you can’t be a fighter!”
“Dad, this isn’t the 50s, I can be a fighter if I want to,” she argued back.
“Bullshit! You’ll just get pummeled out there and make me look like a fool.”
“How would you know? You never even bothered to train me!”
“I don’t train girls! You know that, and for good reason; I mean look at you, you spend all your time whining and being a brat, I can only imagine you in the ring with another fighter.” he demeaned.
All Claire could do was just stand there and grit her teeth at her close-minded pig of a father with squinted, green eyes full of hatred. Meanwhile, the two male cousins are placing Dominic’s belongings in his new bedroom when the elder cousin broke the silence.
“So Seth, we got a long road ahead of us, hope you’re ready for a ride.”
“Yeah.” Was all the younger cousin could respond with as he places a box down.
“Yeah? You know, you haven't said very much since I got here, something bothering you?” Dominic asked.
"Uh, no. Forgive me, I’m just a bit flustered with everything going on.” Seth looked out the window facing away from his cousin.
“Hey, it’s natural for fighters to get the jitters, but you can’t let it get to you,” he advised leaning against the wall, “Uncle Clarence told me in his emails that you’re in serious need of some motivation, I suppose I could offer some expertise.”
“Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I meant.”
“What’s stressing you out then?”
Not even looking at his cousin once, Seth paused for a minute before letting out a sigh. “It’s just… dad’s so hell-bent on making me into a fighter, he even put me to work at his gym as a janitor, so when I’m not training, I’m cleaning showers. Either way, I’m bound to that gym.”
“Sheesh, and I thought I was passionate, he got me beat,” Dominic remarked.
“Sure… so into HIS passion, I barely have any time for MINE.” Seth’s tone had a bitterness to it.
“What does that mean?” Dominic asked.
“Uh… You know what? Never mind. It’s not that important.” Seth dismissed as he ran a hand through his messy, short black hair before turning back to his cousin. “Oh, by the way, dad bought you some new hand wraps and he told me to give them to you.” He motioned to his cousin to follow him. “C’mon.”
Dominic followed his cousin into his bedroom where his workout bag was, when Seth reaches into it to pull out the wraps, a drawing tablet falls out.
“Shit…” Seth cursed under his breath.
Dominic picks it up off the floor before Seth could grab it first and starts flipping through it. Seth had drawn a bunch of comic book-style illustrations of various fictional characters.
“Uhhhh, th-th-that’s not important!” Seth stuttered trying to take the pad from Dominic.
“Oh, are these the drawings Uncle C mentioned? They’re actually pretty good,” said the older man.
“Please give that back.” Seth finally takes the pad from his cousin and quickly puts it back into his bag. “Dad’s on my ass enough as it is, I’d really rather not get into this right now.”
"Yeah, cuz keeping it secret is a better solution, huh?" Dominic asked sarcastically.
"I’ll see you at dinner okay?” Seth says with a sigh as he walks out, ignoring the rhetorical question.
Dominic suddenly hears the ear-piercing shrill of “You're such a sexist dick!!!” before hearing a loud door slam. He comes out into the hall to see his uncle angrily storming off from his daughter’s bedroom, and takes a breath before stopping short of his nephew.
“Come with me Dom, I wanna show ya something really cool,” he says as he directs his nephew to his den which has a double door.
When he opens it, Dominic sees the den as a big, exaggerated trophy room. Inside, many of Clarence’s trophies are showcased in individual glass cases on one wall with the middle wall having a large fireplace holding a flat-screen TV. And all around the fireplace are framed pictures of Clarence in his youth along with other famous fighters. And right in the middle of the hard, shiny wooden floor was a 2-seater, home theater recliner facing the TV.
“Woah.” Was all Dominic had to say as he looked around.
“Impressed beyond words?” his uncle asked, “One day, you and Seth will have a place here.” He points to the opposite wall that also had glass cases on the shelves but no trophies inside of them... Yet. Dominic takes a closer look at them and notices that the plaques below the cases already have his and Seth’s names on them. He then goes to look at some of his uncle’s framed pictures as Clarence begins to narrate to him.
“Yeah your uncle was something else at your age, I had that same drive as you. I was on a roll and didn’t wanna stop. Did you know your uncle has NEVER lost a single fight? And I went up against the best of the best: Clive 'Brick Wall' Donovan, Max 'Bigfoot' Graves, Jack 'TNT' Morris. Those guys were also legends of their own, they NEVER lost a fight… Until of course, they went up against a new legend… Clarence “Duke of Steel”!”
He laughs fawning over some of his pictures and then lets out a nostalgic sigh. “Sometimes I regret how things turned out, cuz you could bet I’d still be making history right about now.” he turned to his nephew. “Like I said, with you here, Seth could really learn a thing or two about discipline. Boy’s been slacking, more focused on his silly drawings than he should be on his form.”
“Well Claire sure seems into it, can’t you train her?” Dominic asked. However, the question was only met with big, thundering laughter.
“HAHAHA! Ah, kid, women aren’t equipped to be fighters, I mean they’re equipped to be trained just not for fighting if ya know what I mean,” he scorned, elbowing his nephew. “Besides, that girl is barely college material, ya think she could get her head out her ass long enough to dodge a single punch? Good one Dom.”
“I dunno, I’ve seen quite a few female fighters and they're not exactly “trainable” when they’re flipping guys over in a spar,” Dominic said, trying to remain light-hearted but clearly rather put off by his uncle’s ignorance.
“Aw, that’s just chivalry, Dom. no self-respecting man would ever let the woman pull the strings.” Clarence scoffs and puts a hand on Dominic’s shoulder. “Now, get some rest, my nephew. Tomorrow I’ll show you the gym,” he says, walking out of the den.
Around 11:00 PM later that night, the rest of the family has long since retired to their rooms. Dominic, still feeling active, decided to visit his uncle’s den again. While looking over some of his trophies, memories started flooding his mind:
“How many times do I have to keep bailing you out of trouble boy?”
“Mom, it’s not my fault this time-”
“Well, whose fault is it? That boy you put in a coma?”
“He had it coming to em-”
“I just don’t know what to say to you, not even in college yet, and already you've seen the clink!”
“C’mon mom, college is not that big a deal, at least you'll save more money for your medication.”
“I'm not worried about me Dominic Travion Ledger, I'm worried about you. You’ve been at this since childhood, anytime I think you're in good hands, you always find a way to stir up trouble. I might as well just let your uncle raise you 'cause I’m at my wit's end here!”
“What's wrong with Uncle Clarence? He seems nice! He said he could train me to-”
“No! Over my dead body! Listen here, you think I like being so hard on you? You and I are in some rough times, but my main concern is making sure my only son has his head on straight so he won’t get locked up or even dead before I am. I’m gonna straighten you up whether you like it or not, cuz if you don’t start manning up around here, who will? Do you understand me?”
“…Yeah mom.”
Dominic walked over to the empty shelves and stuck his focus on a specific glass case that had his name on the plaque, he saw his reflection in it, though it wasn’t staring back at him very favorably. He turns to leave the den and as he’s walking out, he notices Seth quietly leaving his bedroom fully dressed. Not noticing his cousin, Seth tiptoes over to Claire’s bedroom door, quietly knocks, and sneaks in when she opens it.
Curious, Dominic walks up to the door and puts his ear up to it but hears nothing, he tries to knock quietly but gets no reply. When he peeps in, he finds the room empty with Claire’s window fairly open. Just as he looks out of it, he faintly hears Seth exclaiming in excitement, “Alright, to Hot Buns City it is!” followed by a giddy, “Yeah!” from Claire as the two of them enter Seth’s cheap, orange, and red-striped muscle car before driving off.
The siblings headed downtown to Hot Buns City; a pretty popular, 24-hour burger joint and hang out amongst other people their age. They sat outside to eat, laughing, talking, and enjoying the fairly peaceful night with each other for once.
"So Jason NEVER noticed his pants were split?" Claire laughed.
"Nope, not helping that he didn't even bother to put on underwear that day," Seth replied, chuckling.
“So Michael's looking hotter than ever, does he ask about me?” Claire asked seductively, twiddling the straw of her milkshake.
“Shouldn’t you know? He’s giving you private kickboxing lessons.” Seth pointed out, mouth full of burger.
“Well he WAS.” she corrected with annoyance in her voice, “And it’s getting harder to do that thanks to dad. I was BARELY even able to get 20 minutes of training today.”
“Yeah well, dad’s been keeping me way too busy in the ring lately. Even in my downtime, I can't so much as pick up a pencil without hearing one of his lectures, “The only form of art you should be focused on is MARTIAL arts.” he mocked his father.
“Seth, sooner or later, you have to stand up to dad,” Claire said.
He scoffs, “Like you’re any better?”
“At least I’m not the one he’s pushing super hard.” she snarked back.
Seth sighed, “I just don’t get why dad can’t drop his 1940s-era sexist attitude and just make YOU his successor.”
“Yeah… Well, the thing is… I wanna be a fighter, but I don't think I wanna be a FIGHTER fighter.” Claire said struggling a bit with her wording.
“What do you mean?”
“I feel like I could do more than just fight in cages, I wanna make a difference, like a service, you know?”
“You mean like join the army?”
“Not exactly, I’m thinking of joining the force,” she revealed.
Seth only responds with a skeptical, “Hmm, well good luck with that.”
Causing Claire to get defensive. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I'm just curious as to HOW you’ll even get that far with dad breathing down your neck.” Seth clarified.
“It's ok, I got it all planned out,” she reassured with a sly grin. “I figured once I save enough money, I’ll just tell dad I applied for college and they accepted me and just take it from there.”
“Uh-huh,” Seth said, still unconvinced. “Well meanwhile, I’m still waiting to hear from that publisher?”
“Wait, if you can’t find time to draw, how are you able to make full comics?” Claire questioned.
“During my night shifts, when I'm pretending to work,” Seth answered blandly.
“Oh.” Claire grunted, “You know what? I don’t wanna talk about dad anymore, let’s talk about something else.”
“Yeah, let’s talk about not inviting me to one of your secret outings.”
They turn to see Dominic standing over them with a playful smile.
“We thought you were asleep,” Claire gets up to sit with her brother to let their elder cousin sit opposite them.
“Nah, just been looking forward to spending quality time with my two little cousins.”
“How did you get here so fast?” Seth asked.
“I borrowed Uncle Clarence's Volvo,” Dominic replied nonchalantly.
“Are you crazy?” Claire gasps. “Dad's gonna flip! He won't let anyone touch his Volvo!”
“Hmph, look who’s talking, trainee.” This left her at a loss for words and a lot of blushing. “Relax, it'll be back in the garage before he knows it,” he assured.
“Not that he’d care,” Seth thought to himself.
Dominic continued. “But while we’re on the subject Claire, I’d like a follow-up on those training sessions of yours, picked out a style yet?”
“Style?” Claire asked.
“Fighting style.” Dominic specified.
“Oh, Kickboxing.”
“Ahh, impressive. Such a shame Uncle C won’t let you fight, I’m interested to see where this goes.”
“Tell me about it!” Claire exclaimed. “But if you think that’s impressive, just wait till I join the force. It’s always been a big dream of mine; but not to be just any regular cop, but one of those action movie hero-type cops, ya know?”
Dominic just nodded, playing along to his littlest cousin's wide-eyed naivety. Seth just rolled his eyes. “I think she might be taking this a little too seriously.”
“Say what you want Seth, at least she’s going for what she wants. Which reminds me, when are you gonna man up and tell Uncle C you don’t wanna be a fighter?” Dominic asked.
“You think I haven’t?” Dad’s not exactly a good listener.” Seth said.
“Yeah, he’s more of a yell-at-your-face-first, ask-questions never kinda psycho,” Claire added.
“Hey now, isn’t that a little harsh? “I know he can be strict, but I think you two should cut him a little bit of slack,” Dominic told them, “I mean I wouldn't be going anywhere right now if he didn't take me in.”
“Easy for you to say, you’re like the son he’s always wanted,” Seth lamented, “I’m just hoping with you here, he’ll pay less attention to me for once.”
“C’mon Seth, you know that won’t happen. As his real son, he’ll just keep putting this on you unless you finally put your foot down for once.”
Seth just looked down. “I dunno about that Dominic.”
“Just give him time, he’ll learn to respect your choices… eventually. But, you know, ya gotta admit little cous, martial arts could actually do you some good cuz confidence has never been your strong point.”
“Mmm-hmm.” Seth moaned dismissively.
“Right?” Claire teased, “Seth always was namby-pamby.”
“Am not...” Seth mumbled when suddenly-
“Heeeey babe.”
They’re interrupted by a trio of douchey-looking guys who all looked to be in their 20s walking up to their table (more specifically Claire’s side).
“Watcha doin hanging out with these homos?” The leader of the trio got in between the two siblings and shoved Seth out of his seat so he could sit next to Claire.
“You SHOULD be hanging with me in my Ferrari enjoying a good looong ride if ya know what I mean,” he said putting his arm around her. If the leud invitation didn’t spell “slimeball” written all over it, his hungry, grey eyes and sly smirk certainly did. This encouraged a round of cackling by his two equally slimy friends.
“What!? Eww!” Claire desperately tried to break free from his hold until Dominic threw a ketchup bottle at him and sat up from his seat to get in his face.
“Hey, dickhead, leave her alone!”
“What’d you say to me tranny!?” The punk tries to make his way over to the streaky-haired man until Seth gets in between them.
“Look man, we don’t want any trouble okay? Can’t you just go flirt with some other girl?” he suggested trying to keep the peace. The lead douche gave an over-the-shoulder glance at his goons.
“Am I mishearing things boys, or is this little runt giving ME orders?” Seth began to back away as the lead douche slowly approaches with his goons surrounding him like hyenas. “You talking to me, little boy?” he bullied the shorter, younger man with a hard shove.
“Hey, stop it, man. You’re not that cool…” Seth tried in vain to be stern, but non-violent.
The lead douche only responds with an even harder shove followed by a loud, venomous, “What? Speak up, little man!”
“Aww look, I think he’s bout to cry.” one of the goons instigated.
“Gonna cry little pussy?” Lead douche mocked, getting in his face this time. Dominic and Claire decide to offer Seth some encouragement.
“Hey Seth, are you really gonna take that?”
“Yeah, man up dammit!”
In the midst of all the pressure placed on him, Seth impulsively punches lead douche in the face which strikes a reaction from his goons as they gang up on the meek fighter.
“H-hey, get off me punks!”
“Put this little runt in his place boys!” lead douche orders his goons while holding his face in pain.
Dominic and Claire sprung up and rushed to his aid, but lead douche grabs Claire and proceeds to drag her away. “And you are coming with me, bitch.”
Without warning, Claire strikes him in the gut and body slams him. Meanwhile, Dominic starts fighting one of the goons as Seth fought the other; this turns their peaceful night into a full-on, bloody, intense brawl. Seth fought with the teachings forced on him by his father, though due to his lack of confidence and disdain for conflict, he was still clearly struggling as his opponent (who wasn’t even any taller than Seth was) takes control and knocks him to the ground.
The goon was about to pounce when Claire grabs him by his dreadlocks, slings him to the ground, holds him down, and spits right in his face. The largest goon of the group grabs Dominic and throws him onto his uncle’s Volvo, then their leader jumps on the hood up over him, but Dominic kicks him in the groin and throws him off.
The big goon rushes to punch him only for his fist to go through the window a split second after the seasoned fighter dodges in time. As the brawl went on, the severity of it became so big, that the people who were previously eating outside all scattered with some going inside the restaurant to watch the fight from there and others taking out their cellphones to record it.
Dominic noticed a bystander trying to call 911. “Shit… Hey, forget these guys! C’mon, let’s go!” he told his cousins.
They all stopped what they were doing and headed for the cars. As Claire got in the Volvo with Dominic, Seth got in his own car and tried to start it up, only to learn that his car battery died…Again. And to top it all off, lead douche shatters the driver's side window trying to pull Seth out with him. “Oh, you ain’t leaving so soon, little girl!”
Dominic sees this, gets out of the damaged Volvo, grabs him, and bashes his face into the backseat window of Seth’s Muscle car rendering him unconscious.
“C’mon, the Volvo still works!” he says as he helps Seth out of his car.
They all got in the Volvo and drove off before the cops could even arrive, but back at home, things weren't any easier. After learning that the fight was uploaded and now trending on, it was even any wonder if their hearing was still intact from all the yelling Clarence was doing.
“DAD WE’RE NOT KIDS! WOULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE!?” Claire tried to out-scream her father.
“This boy just got outta jail and you almost got 'em put back in! And not only that, got my precious Volvo damaged in the process, all because you two don’t wanna follow orders!”
“Dad, did you not hear what we said!?” Seth intervenes. “Three guys picked a fight with us and one of them almost kidnapped Claire!”
“Yeah!” Claire chimed in. “And FYI, he would have if I didn’t know how to fight back. Still don’t think girls can be fighters, dad?”
“ENOUGH OF THAT!” Clarence roared, “Now none of this would’ve happened at all if you didn’t sneak out, especially you boy!” He pointed to his son, “You got training AND work, what are you thinkin goin to a burger joint?”
“C’mon, dad! I just wanted ONE night to be normal. You almost never let me go anywhere or eat what I want.”
“You’re a fighter! You’re supposed to be staying focused and watching your calories-”
“But I don’t wanna be a fighter! That’s what YOU want! I…I keep trying to tell you that.” Seth interrupted, his voice cracking at the end.
Clearance stared down at his son in disapproval before saying, “Well then, what the fuck else are you gonna do, Huh? You barely act like a man." He crosses his arms, "So maybe I should just let you make your coloring books all day, is that what ya wanna do, huh?”
"They're not coloring books! Look, comics may not be very manly to you, but it’s what I really like doing okay? I even…” When hesitation sets in, he glances at his sister and cousin with the latter motioning to him to continue. Seth turned back to his father. “I even contacted this publisher.”
“And?” His father pressed him.
“And… Well, I haven’t really heard back from them yet, but… In the meantime, I’ve even thought of applying at this comic book store-”
“No, no… Stop.” Clarence puts a hand up. "Now you listen to me boy, you are a Dukes and you have a responsibility to represent that name. And the fact that you’d much rather make childish drawings all day tells me that I'm just busting my ass trying to toughen you up for nothing. Ya know how bad that makes me look? You don’t have a clue what I go through trying to turn you into a man. You know what? I’m not even gonna get into this in front of your cousin, cuz I don’t wanna hear another word about comic books or fighting from you two entitled brats ever again.”
“But dad-”
“I MEAN IT! And while you’re at it, both of you will pay for every damage done to my Volvo. So Seth, get used to working overtime, Claire, I don’t care how the fuck you do it-”
“Actually, Uncle Clarence,” Dominic spoke up, walking over to him. “Claire and Seth had nothing to do with the Volvo, it’s my fault.”
“I know, I know, I shouldn’t have taken it without asking and I'll pay for the damages, I promise.”
“Dominic, don’t. You ain't gotta take the fall for your cousins’ reckless actions.”
“But they really didn’t-”
“Don’t worry about them, just focus on yourself and your training and go get some rest…” Clarence reassured his nephew and turned back to his son. “And I’ll see YOU at the gym tomorrow, bright and early,” he warned while walking out of the living room.
Dom walks over to his sulking cousins. “Look, guys, I’m sorry I got you into trouble. And you don’t have to pay for the Volvo, I’ll take care of that myself.”
“Well, that’s one less thing to worry about, not that it makes it better.” Seth sighed, heading to his room. “See you tomorrow Dom.”
“Good night Dom.” Claire gets up too and hugs her big cousin before heading off to bed herself.
Dominic goes into his own room and lies on his bed contemplating what to do. Finding a job was already out of the question, It’d be difficult to land one even if it’s part-time. Not just because of his felony record, but on such short notice like this, it would also interfere with his uncle’s plans already put in place for him. After all, if he’s this strict on his own son, then Dominic could only anticipate the vigorous training he’ll endure too.
All he knew was that he needed to make some easy money fast so that his two cousins wouldn’t have to catch hell from their father over HIS actions. And after spending a little over an hour failing to find other ways around it, he reluctantly comes to the conclusion that the only way to get quick, easy money he doesn't have is by doing the only thing he knows how to do.
To Be Continued…
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2023.03.27 06:52 Desperate-Poet4556 Brake pads

Prius 2010. I need to replace my brake pads, do you recommend any particular brand ?
submitted by Desperate-Poet4556 to prius [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:37 salberini [WTS][USA-CA][H] Focal Clear MG, beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro [W] paypal

Just selling off some headphones from my collection, hoping someone can get em' at a solid discount.
Focal Clear MG: $ 850 shipped CONUS OBO
Owned for less than a year. 0 scratches, never been dropped or anything. Probably have 40 hours of use on them. Comes with the carrying case and cord. Pads are stock.
Dt 1990 Pro: $ 380 shipped CONUS OBO
Upgraded to Dekoni Elite hybrid pads. Have had these for 2 years but rarely use them since I stopped gaming as much as I used to, maybe has 75 hours on them. Sound great, in very good condition, but has some small surface scratches on the aluminum which you can see in the pics. * only comes with what is pictured - no stock pads or extra cords

Cheers, ty for viewing!
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2023.03.27 06:35 Loud-Professional976 Updates 2&3 - I’m losing my grip and am indifferent to life

Background - I’m 56, married, not kids. I make $400k/year and have about $5M in bank from sale of company before married. Wife doesn’t work which is fine. I also have Tourette’s and ASD. When younger they thought I was developmentally disabled. Instead, testing revealed TS and ASD. Graduated fro top engineering school (PhD - physics). Socially awkward. I have 3 close friends - 1 h/w couple and I dorm roommate (gay male) all friends since college. Wife has a lot of friends - most think I’m a freak because they are very social and I’m quiet. Event 1 - wife told her friends story I had told her about my childhood. It’s embarrassing to me and I asked her not to tell anyone. Essentially my mother died very unexpectedly a day after Xmas when I was 13. Grew up pretty rural area. Father unable/unprepared to raise children so we grew up feral. This coupled with TS/ASD pretty much meant I was a virgin until well into college. I am clueless in social settings, don’t pick up innuendo, facial/social cues, etc. She thought it was a cute story but now her friends female/male make little comments. I really can’t tell if they are jokes or directed at me because of my ASD most of the time. Recently, we met them all at a brewpub and they started again - I guy in particular. I asked him repeatedly to stop as did his wife. He didn’t. I have one hobby that helps me with TS - weightlifting and now crossfit. I lift a lot - virtually everyday for 25 years. Im not violent but I had enough. I grabbed him and tossed him out of the pub like a sack of potatoes - then sat down and continued eating my salad. My wife freaked out and everyone was in shock. I posted about two weeks ago and people said get some therapy.
Therapy session - I never had therapy. A therapist who specializes in patients with ASD took me on. She is vey nice. I explained what happened. I also explained I am very indifferent to life. I have almost not interpersonal connections - though I want too. I don’t know if I love my wife or if she loves me or respects me. Her friends tell her I’m a good provider and am dependable. One of them (unmarried) said she should start dating ASD men because they are easy to live with and won’t bother her(???) which I don’t understand. They were all laughing. I think they confuse ASD with deafness. ASD people retain everything! Therapist suggested a separate couples therapist. Therapist said I was depressed.
Couples therapy discussion - discussed couples therapy with wife. she made it clear she didn’t support this idea and that I have the problem for embarrassing her in front of her friends. I left for a few hours. When I returned she was crying. She doesn’t want to lose me, we are a team, etc. after a couple hours it came out that she had a abortion a month before we started dating and that’s why she can’t have kids. I don’t understand why not, but we did the whole fertility treatment protocol with no luck. She was worried how therapist would judge. When I asked who father was she wouldn’t say because it would make thing awkward (????). I’m confused. My friends are convinced it is someone in her group of friends. I should say my gay friend and his BF are not huge fans of my wife.
So that what we have. I don’t know what to do. If I find out that it was one of the group I’m out. We have a pre-nup so she is not entitled to anything outside of $250k per agreement. Her lifestyle would take a hit. If we split up I doubt I’ll ever marry again and doubt I’ll date again. Why? It would seem my only redeeming qualities are that I am a good provider and simple to live with.
Sorry for the length.
Update: thank you all. Having other perspectives really helps me. I plan to have a conversation with her about this all tomorrow or Sunday. I will keep you all posted. I don’t think you know how much I value your input. Reddit has its detractors, but for someone like me (people with ASD) I can raise issues anonymously about things I could never bring up in a face to face meeting.
Update2: So I told my wife we are going to have to talk about couples therapy. Her response - do what you need to do, but don’t involve me. My wife’s friend Katie (divorced - H cheated) was asking me about crossfit, where I go, etc. when my wife was being dismissive a few days ago. I told her the place I go (not that many in town so it was pretty easy to figure out the schedule. On Sundays they have 1 class and open training. I pull into the parking lot and Katie is waiting for me - which is odd. I’m puzzled. Katie tells me we need to talk. She then tells me my wife maybe did or is sleeping with her ex husband, meaning my wife broke up their marriage. She found messages between them on an old iPad that he left at the house and was still signed in. I’m unsure of the gist of the messages until Katie, who knows what is up with me, explains the meanings of the messages/innuendo. So, no need to talk with my wife, but Katie and I are trying to figure out what was/is going on. I will update again soon.
Update3: so it seems pretty undeniably that my wife was/is unfaithful. I looked over the cell phone bills and there are a lot of texts and calls at very odd times to Katie’s ex husbands number. That coupled with the messages I have seen add up. Tomorrow I’m speaking to my sister (lawyer) and plan next steps. I also am moving the money around so she only has access to her $250k. I really hate having ASD and being so naive and clueless - now being one of those times it really sucks. Why couldn’t I just be normal instead of a freak show? I went outside my comfort zone and trusted someone - and it blew up in my face thanks to my own ignorance. I don’t understand/process most emotions. I have no idea what love is, what respect is, and have no way to know if my wife, or anyone else ever loved or respected me. I think i process almost all information differently than others but don’t really know. For example, I have ASD related synesthesia so I see integers as colors and equations as colored pictures - so they are relatively easy to memorize and manipulate in my brain. This is part of the reason they initially thought I was developmentally disabled when younger. Why couldn’t I just have accepted that I don’t have the ability to interact with people - I’m a reliable appliance useful to perform a needed task destined to be ultimately discarded once the task has been completed. I wish I could just transfer my consciousness to the latest AI suite.
Sorry - I am just frustrated and are having reoccurring tic attacks due to the stress and anxiety.
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2023.03.27 06:20 Fit_Act2956 need help with throwie style

need help with throwie style submitted by Fit_Act2956 to graffhelp [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:12 CraftyMaelyss Why won't my Button BP let me cast to my Panel BP?

Why won't my Button BP let me cast to my Panel BP?
I've been really stuck on this problem. For context, I have 2 scripts: BP_TestButton_Panel and BP_TestButton_Button_0 (we'll just call them Panel and Button 0)
What I'm trying to do, is get a boolean in Panel (hasHitB0) to set to true. So when the button activates, it'll cast to Panel and tell it to set that boolean to true.

This is where my problem comes in. When I reference the Panel script inside the Button_0 script, it gives me the 'note' of 'Test_Panel' is already a 'BP Test Button Panel', you don't need Cast To BP_TestButton_Panel.
The problem is, I'm still learning and every example I look at and try does not work for Booleans and no one will explain what the issue is, so I'm really stuck on this issue. I need it explained very literal manner, since saying 'use interface' or 'just cast' is like someone asking how a car works and you just say 'ignition' instead of 'you put the key in the ignition, it turns and starts the engine, then you use the pedals to stop and go and the wheel to steer.'
This is the error that I keep getting:

What I'm trying to achieve with this, is that when the player presses a button, it sends a message to the Panel to say it's been activated, so when all the buttons have been activated, they change to yellow. That's my end goal but I'm having so much trouble understanding why it's not letting me cast, since I'm doing this from inside Button_0 and I'm trying to reference the Panel blueprint.

When I read this, it feels like it's saying that I've written this inside the Panel blueprint but from these screenshots, it's very clear that I'm inside the Button_0 blueprint and that the variables on the left are set up properly. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong here and why it's saying this error?
I think it's set up properly but I don't know since no one explains with booleans
I am still new to this engine, I'm learning and I have spent a very long time looking up forums, youtube videos and googling the answer but it always applies to a character model, or a cube but it never addresses booleans or values and that's what I'm struggling so much with.

If you're going to show me an example with character models or cubes, please do not. I have already viewed them. I have already tried them and they don't work.
Don't post me videos, please explain to me why it's saying this, why it's saying that I'm casting Panel BP to Panel BP instead of Button BP to Panel BP, because that's what I'm really struggling with here.
submitted by CraftyMaelyss to unrealengine [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:12 NewnameAuto Be sure to help your friends. Never know how they’ll repay you

Be sure to help your friends. Never know how they’ll repay you submitted by NewnameAuto to akaiMPC [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:09 Lactoria-Fornasini Expectations and guidance on "Tipping" Service Dude & Mechanics Needed Please

Long time lurker and shadetree mechanic here. I've got a serious question about whether or not I should be slipping my Ford service guy some cash and asking him to take the mechanics who worked on my car out to lunch. Here's the 411:
I drive a 2012 F150 4 door that I finally took into the shop last week for a laundry list of inconvenient problems that weren't super urgent. The parking brake wouldn't release fully and went almost to the floor, cruise control intermittently stopped working, seat heater stopped working (its cold here in CO), TPMS sensor warning light, infrequent metal on metal noise during cold start, and a couple other small things. It's only got 64k miles, and I'd like to keep it another 10 years. Service guy calls and says water pump is leaking, one turbo (coolant line?) is leaking, TED on seat is fucked, and they fixed everything they could reproduce. First quote all up was $3550. I asked the service guy if they have any active coupons and explained that I've been a 20+ year customer, I've bought multiple trucks from them, yadayada and ask if they could give me any discounts. Dude first comes back and says 10% off and then says $550 off, making it $3k even.
Question is was I likely just getting ripped off on the first quote and he dialed it back when I challenged him, did he really find a way to discount the price, and/or does it even matter. I'm saving $550 either way for work that I need done.
Is it copeaseteic for me to slip the dude some cash on top of the $3k or should I just pay my tab and be on my way? If yes, how much should I give him and how do I make sure the mechanics get some of it?
Thanks for your input.
P.S. My other car is an 02 blaze yellow garaged WRX that I bought new off the showroom floor. Over the years, me and a buddy managed to caress a conservative and tasteful 250 whp out of it. VF39, STI TMIC, lots of JDM STI bits, MRT full turbo back... I love that car! I really enjoy lurking around here. It sorta makes me feel like I'm still part of the car community.
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2023.03.27 06:06 CalmDirection8 Do you clean your disc brakes? I have lots of squeak but worried about messing up electronics (and brakes too)

Do you clean your disc brakes? I have lots of squeak but worried about messing up electronics (and brakes too) submitted by CalmDirection8 to ebikes [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:00 Athena12677 Help making a "Truly Wireless" keyboard

So hear me out, wireless keyboards require a wire to charge. That's lame. I can do better. We have wireless charging technology! My keyboard mostly sits on my desk, so I can just slap a wireless transmitter under my desk mat. Shouldn't be hard to solder a wireless receiver to my pcb where the the power port connects. The issue I'm running into is, how do I not murder my battery by leaving it charging 24/7? I'm sure there's some bms I can use, ideally that would start charging at like 30% and stop charging at like 70% or 80% so as to maximize battery health, so far as I understand LiPos.
I did find the TP4056 chip, but it says specifically that using while the load is attached will mess up the reading.
So I need to figure out either: A) A charge readecontroller that works if the battery is being charged and used at the same time B) A way to pause charging while I'm using the keyboard, and resume charging while I'm not (preferably automatically. I guess I could have a switch for "using mode" and "charging mode" but that's so much less elegant. Also I'm forgetful.) Or C) maybe to just use a smart charging pad with overcharging protection (but this might not serve to maintain battery longevity as it might pretty much keep my battery at 100%.)
Does anyone see a solution to my dilemma? Is there any other glaring issue with my plan that I missed? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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2023.03.27 05:58 Marche90 iPad Air 5's touchscreen suddenly failed. What gives?

Half an hour ago I was playing Genshin Impact on my iPad, when suddenly my character stops moving. I think it might just be a glitch, so I turn off the screen and turn it on. Nothing, so I reboot the device. Nothing still. At this point it's obvious I'm going to take my device to the nearest Apple service place I can find, which will be tomorrow (and yes, I do have Applecare+), but that still leaves me with a question: what the hell happened? It's not like this device has been damaged, it always remains in its case, rarely leaves the house (hell, even my room) and have never eaten or drank anything near it. How could the touch fail out of nowhere? Remember, I was playing when the touch failed.
At least I can back up my data to iCloud and a portable hard drive. Hooray for USB-C and hubs.
Also, I'll take this chance to hope a mod can see this. Please update the flair options. There's been no updates since 2022
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2023.03.27 05:57 MistaDJ1210 If you were to design your own Batman outfit, how would you design it?

TL:DR If I were to design my own Bat-suit, the bodysuit would be a dull midnight blue (as well as the gloves, gauntlets, boots, mask, and cape), and the hard armor plates (painted matte midnight blue) would be designed to protect me from small-arms fire, and the spaces between the plates would be designed to be primarily knifeproof, and the segmented plates would be designed to allow full range of movement. The gloves would have extra padding to prevent me from badly injuring my hands when I punch a person, object, or surface, and they would be designed to be knifeproof. The gauntlets would be designed to stop bullets and the scallops would be designed for blocking and/or breaking blades from knives or swords. The mask/helmet would be designed to protect from small-arms fire as well as blunt force trauma, and it would have long pointy ears that look like bat ears (like the mask in the Arkham games), but they would not be so long as to prevent me from fitting into small spaces. The neck would be flexible enough to allow me to turn my head from left to right, and look up and down, and it would have a knifeproof collar to prevent enemies from stabbing me in the throat. It might even have a voice modulator to make my voice sound inhuman and demonic, adding to my fear factor as well as protecting my secret identity, and allow me to mimic voices. The cape would function as a glider, a parachute, and a fireproof (and maybe bulletproof) blanket, and it would enable me to shroud myself if necessary, but still give me full range of movement, so the length would need to be adjustable. The codpiece would have extra padding on the inside to protect against blunt force trauma, and the outer shell would be bulletproof to prevent my enemies from shooting me in the balls. The kneepads would be designed to protect against small-arms fire as well as blunt force trauma. The utility belt would be matte midnight blue and it would contain large pouches, as opposed to tiny capsules. The symbol on my chest would be either the New 52 symbol outlined with shiny gold, or the Dawn of Justice symbol outlined with shiny gold. Now the biggest question (that Christian Bale would most likely ask) is: “How would you design it so you can change in and out of it quickly if you need to go to the bathroom?”
submitted by MistaDJ1210 to batman [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:34 dav-c 2012 es 350

This was my cousins car bought from longo lexus and given to me last month. I need a small suv. Pics were taken before the rain, tire pressure light on
First service was a Newport lexus and the rest at lexus Westminster (which does not report to carfax but everything’s in my Lexus service history) Last major service at 90k, transmission, power steering flush, replace drive belt. On the next oil change at 115,000, rear brake pads, break flush, and new tires are recommended
I have auto check and carfax available for email and you can put the vin number into myLexus to see service history. Craigslist
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2023.03.27 05:31 brandcentered Return my base M2 MBA for M1 iPad Pro 11?

I’m curious to her your POV:
Thinking about returning my M2 MBA for IPP 11 256gb (refurbished) + Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.
I love the MBA, I bought it to upgrade my 2015 MBA, which is showing its age but still working fine (but slow, and almost runs of battery in an hour or two)
Few weeks with MBA have been great but I miss the screen of MBP (which I have from work). Plus I cannot stop thinking about a touchscreen device. I tried, but I feel like I want an iPad (touchscreen, flexibility)
I mainly use my laptop for web browsing (70% of the times), use Google Suits from Web (25%), and some online meetings (5%; Zoom, Teams & Meet) on my laptop.
Do you all think my IPP configuration mentioned above will be a good option for my use case?
Why 11inch? Feels a good balance power and portability. Plus, I can always connect my 11” IPP to monitor and use it for real work.
My biggest worry is web browsing on iPad Pro 11 (i mainly use chrome on my laptop. Is chrome any good? Or do I need safari? What about web extensions?)
Another concern, Google Suite and web browsing.
Any advice related to my use case will be great. TIA 🙏
submitted by brandcentered to iPadPro [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:27 Taofey "Recore: Homecoming" Chapter 3... and maybe the last...

Okay, folks. Crunch time. If I don't get any response to this chapter (comments, y'all), I'm gonna figure it's a waste of my time...
I love this game and wish it had been given more time to fix all the early glitches. Now...
Chapter 3
Kiari Danali, Commander
August 11, 2263, 1226
Okay. Assessment time.
No hull breach. That’s good. I started to trade my headset for the helmet but… why? If I put on the pressure gloves and helmet, I was still barefoot. If we had a breach, I’d get sucked out of it through my feet! Dang! What a gruesome thought!
We need to get to ground, do what repairs we can and then see if we can find that beacon. I’m good with escape velocities, but reentry scares the heck outta me! I need Kev. Okay, buddy. Time to wake up.
I set everything on auto, took a deep breath and hit the release on the flight harness. If I could squeeze my little butt through the space between me and Kev…
To give you a picture of what it’s like to be me, understand that I’m a big girl. No, not fat. Big. Just tall and kinda medium… endowed, but I got muscles too. Squeezing between the pilot seat and the JAFO seat behind me is an exercise for a tiny person anyway. If I get wedged in there, we were dead, so I’m gonna have to be real careful if I’m gonna get to the chest panel for my buddy.
By the way, at five foot-eight, I’m gorgeous! At least that’s what Mike always says…said.
Got a hitch in my throat. Sorry. Mike won’t run his hands over my milk-chocolate skin with that soft smile ever again or tease me about my kinky black hair. I keep it short and Mike always teased me about what would happen if I let it grow out. I smiled at the laughter ringing in my head and tried not to cry.
Suck it up, Kiari. We’ll make ‘em pay later. Right now… Kev.
I slipped out of the flight vest I found on my seat when Kev put me in, the 40cal caseless semi-automatic, and the other stuff we pilots carry into combat a definite deterrent to squeezing between the headrest and my buddy. I wedged it between the canopy and the HUD, shut off the gravity stabilizer, spun around in the weightlessness to face the rear and tried to figure a way through. Going over the headrest was a no-go and squeezing between the headrest and the canopy was gonna be a tight fit even for my slight build.
Oh well.
First, I gotta drop the seal between us. If there’s a hull breach in his section, this is gonna hurt! Zero air can’t hurt him but, if something happens to him, I’m the only one who can fix him.
I found the bio-lock on the release handle and heard the click. I took a deep breath… even though I know it don’t work like that… and pulled the handle. The clear partition dropped into the bulkhead and I had to unsnap his HUD to get it out of the way. I let out the breath thankfully and set the HUD with my flight vest. Now comes the interesting… not so much… part.
My head fit around the left side of the headrest, but my boobs… Well, they were in the way. At least they were… pliable. I got most of my body through up to my hips and that’s as far as I could go. I couldn’t reach him specifically, but I could release his harness.
I hit the release and, as he floated toward me, I grabbed his chin. Once close enough, I tapped the bio-recognizer on his chest and, when it opened, strained to get to the connector for his locator. Of course, it was way in the back and connected to his transmitter so I had to be real careful I got the right one.
After feeling around carefully, I found the one my mind’s eye knew was the right connector, pinched the release and pulled. Kev came toward me again, but the connector came loose. I pushed him back and, with my little flashlight, looked in to see that I hadn’t made a mistake.
I was right. I tied the ribbon cable around others one-handed and then, after checking the rest of the connectors, pushed the reset.
Kiari: “Com’on, big guy. Wake up.”
He stirred and the big purple eye started getting a bit brighter.
Kiari: “You with me, Kev?”
Kev: “Yeah. Gi’ me… minute…”
Kiari: “Okay.”
The light in his eye brightened further and his big head lifted.
Kev: “Hi, Kiki.”
Kiari: “Hey, big guy. Check the transmitter before you go any farther, Kev. Make sure I got everything hooked up properly.”
It took a minute and he closed his chest and grabbed the harness to snap it back in place.
Kev: “You going to need help getting back?”
Kiari: “Don’t know. We’ll see.”
I wiggled back until my boobs hit the headrest. With my free arm, I scrunched them down and slipped back into my seat. I heard his deep chuckle.
Kiari: “Just be glad we thought to give you a smaller frame, buddy. Boobs are the worst!”
Kev’s not your normal AP-3. He was a K-9 until I started flight training. Then, after two of my navigatoweapons specialists quit, I asked if he could be put into another frame. When I suggested an AP-3, they laughed. When a designer came up with a smaller version with longer legs, they stopped laughing.
Kev’s six-one and his shoulders are smaller, but the alloy they made the frame out of supports the heavier synchros. If he punches you, your great-great-great gramma will feel it!
I spun around, grabbed the harness and sank into the seat. I punched in the grav stasis and “oofed” when it dropped my weight… all 136lbs of it… into the seat. I pulled the flight vest on, zipped it and took the ship off auto. While I hooked the harness in place…
Kev: “What did you do to my ship!”
Kiari: “Your ship? Where the heck were you when I had to fight my way through some really noob pilots? Sleeping?”
Kev: “Tell me about it.”
Kiari: “Nope! Just call up the past thirty minutes, Mr. What-did-you-do-to-my-ship!”
It took him all of a couple of seconds and…
Kev: “You know a fighter isn’t designed to do… any of that, don’t you?”
Kiari: “Look. You weren’t there. The pilots were weird bots, Kev. They looked almost… human, but they had some really sick response times. You could have taken ‘em in a hang-glider!”
Kev: “Yeah, but I’m not the pilot, nor am I a kick-butt girl!”
Kiari: “Thanks!”
Kev: “So… what about this beacon?”
Kiari: “Not sure. Wish there was some way to talk to ‘em. Any ideas?”
Kev: “Give me a minute.”
If anyone could make the impossible happen, it was Kev. When I got my fighter, he went with me to the bone yard to find something… different. The 20mm was his baby, He found it, refurbished it and figured out the weight to center of gravity calculations and mounted it.
I sweettalked the supply tech into finding the rounds for it and Kev spent several days loading the belts. Somewhere in the complex under Area 51 was a supply dump with two hundred thousand rounds for my belly gun as well as spare parts for Joule.
Naming your ship isn’t a suggested practice on the S.S. Matador, designated “Mandate One”… the warship under the command of Captain Gregory Pike. That was Kev’s idea and, when Pike saw the purple letters on the nose of my big black fighter, he frowned but didn’t say anything about it. I guess he figured one kick-butt girl’s name on the fighter of another kick-butt girl was alright. Kev knows this fighter like the back of his big old metal hand! Of course, with me at the helm, he’s had to do extensive repairs too, but…
Kev: “I cross-connected the intercom with the beacon. Using the beacon reply frequency, we should be able to talk to them. If that doesn’t work, I’ll see what I can do with the ADF. They won’t be able to talk back but…”
Kiari: “That’s alright. I’m gonna go with the ‘twenty-questions’ thing. What channel?”
Kev: “Six.”
I switched the comms, took a deep breath and slowly let it out. If this isn’t real…
Kiari: “Are you human? One beep for yes, two for no.”
I waited.
I glanced in the rearview and grinned.
Kiari: “Are you a red dragon sitting on a pile of gold in a castle with a virgin princess in the tower?”
Kev: “Com’on, Kiki.”
Kiari: “Well that settles that. Besides, you’re the one who reads that stuff.”
Kev: “Yeah. Just get on with it.”
I chuckled at his grousing and keyed the comms.
Kiari: “When we get closer, I’m gonna need you to give me three beeps. We’ll use that to locate your general vicinity. Are you in danger?”
“Beep… beep-beep.”
Kiari: “Yes and no. Do not respond unless you hear from me. Then only three beeps. Understand?”
Kiari: “You get a fix?”
Kev: “Western U.S., Kiki. From this far out…”
Kiari: “Let’s get under the dome, Kev. Then we’ll see what we can see.”
Kev: “Okay. Slow to 5000kph. Stow wing stores. Down five degrees. It’s going to get bumpy when we hit atmosphere.”
This was rote for the big AP-3. He went through the checklist automatically while calculating our descent. I responded quickly, our lives in his big metal hands.
I used the attitude jets to slow us while lifting the 20mm back into the belly and the missile tumblers into the wings. Then I pulled the “stow” lever for the pulse guns.
They always gave me trouble because they had to turn 90 degrees, slide toward the fuselage and then up into the stow bracket. The right one stowed with no problem, but the left one…
Kiari: “Left pulse gun is red, Kev.”
Kev: “Reset both and try again.”
All business. Okay. I sent them both back out and tried again. This time I got a green from both and the lights went out. At least if I mess up, they won’t burn off during reentry. I pushed the stick forward to the prescribed attitude and listened to Kev.
Kev: “Attack angle optimal. Slow to 2700. Atmosphere in…”
The ship shook a little as we skipped along the edges of the atmosphere. Most folks think the big air ball is smooth out here. It’s not. It moves kinda like… the surf on the beach. There’s ripples and little waves and that kinda thing and, getting into it can be tricky. You can’t just dive in and hope for the best. Too fast, you burn, too slow you burn. It’s kinda like “Goldie-locks”. You gotta get it right or you’ll leave parts of yourself all over out here orbiting forever.
This kinda thing is what Kev’s good at. He helped me with my studies at school… when he wasn’t reading fantasy stories like, you know, “Lord of the Rings” and stuff. I wouldn’t have gotten through flight school without him. Of course, the reprimands we got there were all me, but…
Kev: “We’re in. As soon as we get into viable air, it’s all yours, Kiki.”
Kiari: “Thanks, big guy. You’re the best.”
Kev: “The best at fixing what you break!”
Kiari: “Don’t be that way, buddy. I always help, right?”
Kev: “Sure you do.”
That chuckle always makes me laugh.
Kiari: “Where the heck are we?”
Kev: “Over the east coast of Africa… I think. The shoreline has changed since we were here last.”
I glanced to the north, according to my instruments anyway, and didn’t see any…
Kiari: “They have a ‘Waterworld’ incident while we were gone?”
Kev: “Looks that way. Remember, we’ve been away for almost two centuries. With being attacked, we might find a lot of things have changed. I didn’t see any ice when we were coming in and, at this height, it should be visible. I’m thinking we might find California almost gone. We’ll take it as it comes. Get down into flyable air, Kiki. Take it to 90,000 feet.”
I shut down the gravity stasis and checked the ship’s charge. I was still in the green and it was coming up… slowly. I was gonna have to play with the thrusters to save energy in case we get another flight of those weird ships spotting us. My engine turbulence could give us away too, but I wasn’t gonna worry about that right now.
Right now, we needed to find that beacon, land and make what repairs we needed to make. Then find out what the heck was going on!
I dropped to 90,000 and looked around. As far as I could see down there… the Pacific Ocean… there were no islands. Not Japan, Taiwan, Marshalls… not even most of China! Geez! I was looking forward to a little fun-in-the-sun in Hawaii, but that might be on hold for… a century or so!
We came across and got our first glimpse of the west coast.
Kiari: “Baja’s gone, Kev.”
Kev: “Yeah. I noticed. Turn north a little, Kiki. The signal looks like it’s coming from Nevada or Utah… if they’re still there. And California…”
We both stopped talking. California… what was left of it, was coming up. LA was gone! Just gone! There was what looked like a long island and then…
Kiari: “Looks like San Andreas popped, Kev. Arizona has beachfront now.”
Kev: “Key up your buddy down there, Kiki. I might be able to get a fix.”
I switched to channel six.
Kiari: “We’re close. Beep me.”
Kiari: “Kev?”
Kev: “You’re not going to believe this, Kiki. He’s at the facility!”
Kiari: “Homey?”
Kev: “Yeah. I wonder if the hanger’s still there?”
Kiari: “I wonder if my bike’s still there! We’ll need to drop lower, Kev. I don’t want any surprises, but we’ll be flying over Nevada. If they’re monitoring…”
Kev: “I’ll bring up the range on the passive, Kiki. Keep your eyes open.”
Kiari: “Right.”
I started my descent miles out to sea, California just in front of us and… whatever was still there just beyond. Luckily, the fighter doesn’t leave a con trail so…
The passive showed some traffic down there. It was staying low and they were flying three to a flight. Not many, but they looked like… like a search pattern. I held at 70,000, and passed over the… island of California rather quickly.
Kev: “Almost home.”
Kiari: “Yeah, but they’re concentrating their search east of the airport. We’ll have to pick a time when their backs are turned. Those guys don’t seem to be able to look behind them so…”
Kev: “Just don’t get cocky on me, Kiki.”
Kiari: “Promise. Looks like they have a couple of flights south… way south of Homey and two more to the east and north. If I can see a way to get them all to be looking away…”
I dropped down to 30,000 and slowed my approach. The passive showed the flights behind me and the ones to the north and east. The one south seemed to be moving farther south so I ignored them. Homey Airport was just ahead and the hanger was in a canyon just west of it.
If I could zoom in…
The flight to the north turned south. The one to the east kept going that way and the one south turned east as well. The north flight would pass over Homey in a few minutes. If they kept going, it looked like I’d have a free run at the hanger underground… if I could still find the site. I needed whoever was down there to let me know where they were. The signal was weak, so they might just be…
The flight from the north circled south of Homey and came west. I’m not a fan of screaming into the ground from 30,000, so I had to wait. With the stealth on, they couldn’t see me on their instruments. If they looked up, they might see the black dot… but I doubted it.
They turned north again and I hoped they would continue.
No luck. They only went about a hundred miles and circled back to the east. As long as they continued…
Kiari: “Looks like their backs are turned, buddy. It’s now or never.”
Kev: “Just remember that Joule can’t do the stuff you did in space, Kiki. If you try those maneuvers, you’ll tear the wings off!”
Kiari: “Okay, guy. I need one beep. Only one.”
Kev: “He’s in the warren close to the lift! If we…”
Kiari: “We’ve got company!”
The flight going east abruptly circled south. They were eavesdropping! Jerks! They were going to circle east of homey about 50 miles and they would be over my hanger to the west in minutes. Sneaking was out of the question. The ones going east were way out there and I couldn’t even see the guys south at all. There was only these guys and me.
Kiari: “Weapon stores active.”
I pulled the handles down one at a time. The missiles thumped as they locked in place, the green indicator letting me know they were there for me. The pulse cannons locked in and I glanced from wingtip to wingtip to make sure.
What the heck! I dropped the lever for the 20mm and waited. The solid thump and the green light told me I was loaded for bear!
Kiari: “I’ve got twelve missiles, 11,234 of the 20mm and the pulse cannons are charged to full. You ready?”
Kev: “No. But go ahead anyway.”
I had to laugh at his calm statement. Leave it to Kev to state the obvious. The two weapon system/navigators I had before would puke at what I was gonna do. Not Kev. He was only worried I would overstress his ship! Now we needed to prep the guys below.
Kiari: “Hey, guy! You need to be ready to bring us down! If you’re not there already, find shaft 01-Bravo-472-Zulu. If it’s not powered up, find 01-Bravo-453-Charlie and, once the door to the maintenance chamber is open, find the lever tagged ‘Hanger Lift 472’. You might have to charge it by pulling down on it a couple of times but that’s the only way. You have bogeys above you so do not respond. I say again, do not respond! Hoping you can get that done so I come in. Otherwise, I’ll be a sitting duck! You have about twenty, so…”
I put the nose down and started following the pattern the three weird ships were making, a wide spiral to get down to their level. I figured if I could stay just above ‘em and drop in behind ‘em we would be able to break off and drop into the canyon where our hanger lift sat waiting. We’ve been kinda lucky so far and I really didn’t wanna press it too hard.
Problem is, these guys were tightening up their pattern with each sweep. It looked like they were centering on Homey but, if they end up flying over the hanger lift while it’s going down, they’ll see us. I don’t wanna take ‘em on, but… whatever happens, happens.
It took about five minutes to drop in behind ‘em, they haven’t seen us yet and I’m gonna stay just a little above ‘em until we get close to the canyon. I have no idea what’s going on below and I only hope they got the message.
Now, the path these guys are taking will put us at the drop-off point in ten minutes… unless we get caught. Then, it’s gonna be really hairy taking these guys out before they call for reinforcements. Please, guys. Be there.
Kev: “It’s coming up, Kiki. The ships to the south just turned north. They’ll be over us in ten. We have to be…”
Kiari: “I know! Okay. Break in five seconds. I’m gonna drop the bottom out after we cross the mountains, Kev! Keep those fighters in sight!”
Kev: “Got it! Just get us down.”
I pulled the stick hard to starboard while pushing the thruster forward as well. We shot over the mountain and I pulled the thruster in and into the reverse gate and dropped the ship. I had to push forward on the thruster again to get lined up on the…
What the heck! The big circle that was the lift was down three feet… and then came back up. Then it dropped six to eight feet and then came back. I dropped the landing legs and did a hard landing on the circle of overgrown pavement and the lift started down again. When I had room, I pushed the stick forward and slipped into the big chamber, kicked left pedal and sank below the lift floor. I threw the canopy open and, seeing some guy working the lift handle…
Kiari: “Close it! Hurry! Close it now!”
The guy pushed the handle up and I watched the lift move that way.
Kev: “Visual in five… four… three… two…
The thump told me the lift sealed and I looked at Kev.
Kev: “They did a flyby and didn’t even turn. We’re good.”
I kept an eye on the young guy at the control panel and his big grin. When the robot with the white frame came through the gate to the hangers…
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2023.03.27 05:19 miller775 Mo USA car dealer issue

Hi my name is Mike so this is a pretty good story so on march 8th of 2023 a 2007 Prius from a dealership for 5000$ cash this car was sold to me with not a passing inspection I went to get the car inspected and the gauge cluster was not working. So it failed I proceeded to return the car back to the dealership and they talked me into another newer Prius a 2012 I drove this car for a grand total of 2 days and every single light on the dash board is on and the Abs light turns on I call a consumer lawyer and he tells me to get it inspected at Toyota at the time of sale they told me they fixed a break caliper well comes to find out the break caliper is dumping break fluid and the front break pads was less than 1mm so this car would not pass mo state inspection at all this car was also sold to me without inspection this car could of hurt me and my 1 year old daughter I put a bad review on there page today and the kid who sold me the car said they would refund my money in full then 30 mins later his dad calls and says I’m a liar and wants to fix the car I just want my money back and on top of that the title they filled out incorrectly I could not even pay taxes on the car and I don’t trust them to fix the car correctly because they told me they fixed the car when they clearly did not even fix it correctly dad says even if there was no break fluid the car would still stop even know front pads are almost bare metal and Toyota would not let me drive the car out of the dealership itself. Here is pics of the state of car
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