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60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-02-26 to 2023-03-04) [Discussion]

2023.03.12 20:08 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-02-26 to 2023-03-04) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

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1172451 시리TV Shili ASMR The Most Ticklish Chinese Style feet Exfoliation | Cupping foot massage
661572 LunaRexx ASMR ASMR inappropriate THERAPY SESSION 👀💜 asking YOU questions, focus on me, roleplay for sleep
638337 Jojo's ASMR We changed every Minecraft sound into ASMR...
620653 Gibi ASMR The ASMR Pharmacy | Doctor Fills Your Tingle Prescriptions
614098 Gibi ASMR ASMR | Messing with Your Face
564924 Moonlight Cottage ASMR You’re my canvas, 1859 | ASMR Artist Roleplay (personal attention, making paint, soft spoken)
421632 지읒asmr 지읒asmr} 명훈아 약속 지켜
416619 Gentle Whispering ASMR Searching for the perfect ASMR trigger? You're in luck! 🎉
401528 Jojo's ASMR [ASMR] if you do not tingle, I will send you $100.
364259 강유미 yumi kang좋아서 하는 채널 [ASMR] 학습지 선생님
354839 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR Quirky Girl in Class Thinks You're the COOLEST 😊✨ Personal Attention, Compliments
339352 TomASMR ASMR BEST Barbershop Haircut For SLEEP ✂️
321943 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ハニスト】 【ASMR】本当に眠りたい人を考えた睡眠誘導。これは最強に気持ちいい!囁き抑えめ・脳ぞくぞくマッサージ・耳かき・吐息 EarCleaning DEEP SLEEP【周防パトラ 】
320729 HeatheredEffect ASMR ASMR | Honey Birdette Lingerie Try On Haul | LUXURY LINGERIE
319732 Jocie B ASMR ASMR with Fidget Toys and Sensory Items 🧸 (tapping, popping, clicking, squeezing, whispered haul)
306138 ASMR Anil Çakmak The Most Ever Sleepy ASMR MASSAGE 😴 (asmr for sleep)
299098 p q ASMR 피큐 ✏️그림을 듣다ASMR 연필 소리ㅣ관통ㅣ팅글 고인물(No Talking)
296420 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] 100% Guaranteed Sleep ~ A to Z Sleep Treatment
293555 FrivolousFox ASMR [ASMR] Foggy Lens Licking & Mouth Sounds ~ Tingle Immunity Cure (Dark & Intense)
283217 Mol ASMR. ASMR sin anuncios para dormir con mouth sounds sonidos para estudiar ASMR español
278970 ASMR Bakery ASMR Tapping Through Your Brain | Invisible + 3D Triggers (No Talking)
276515 랄랄ralral 잠 들기 30분 전 화장 지우기 ASMR
272658 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Spit Painting (Personal Attention and Wet Mouth Sounds)
267906 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Casual Upclose Mouth Sounds (wet and dry), Hand Sounds, and Rambles
255102 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Asking You Personal Questions 🔐🤭
250254 ASMR Anil Çakmak FACE SKIN CARE In Mens Barber Shop + ASMR HEAD MASSAGE (blackhead removal)
245919 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR Friend Does Your Tingling Skincare 💆‍♀️🧼 (Personal Attention, Layered Sounds, First Person)
238703 RaffyTaphyASMR ASMR Good Sounds for Good Sleep (sound assortment)
229413 [ASMR]nara_나라 ASMR(Sub✔)마법사의 집-두 번째 손님, 인어디블과 마법을 푸는 포션 House of Wizards-Second Guest, magic potion & Inaudible23
229030 Goodnight Moon ASMR Painting Your Face (soft spoken/whisper)
224001 Sweet Carol ASMR PARA QUEM NÃO SENTE ARREPIOS - Sweet Carol
223881 ♡Necoma Ch.♡猫羽かりん 【けもりふ】 【KU100/耳舐め】そんなトコまで届いちゃうの…!?♡奥までぐぽッ♡耳舐めASMR♡【音圧、密閉感、高音質】EarCleaning,Earlicking,Mouthsound,힐링,귀 핥기,舔耳
219003 ASMR Mongsilunnie 몽실언니 ASMR.sub 고요한 밤 입원 치료 간호사 상황극 | 혈압재는 소리 | 주사 | 체온계 | 소독 | Night Nurse Takes Care of You in Bed
216801 padlofy ASMR TikToks | TIKTOK COMPILATION (Part 10)
213595 Ale ASMR ASMR CERQUITICA DEL MICROFONO vas a dormir en menos de 10 minutos Ale ASMR
213074 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 【ASMR】すぐに眠りにつく😴脳がゾクゾクするトリガー集、耳かき、耳マッサージ(90万人記念/囁き雑談)
211212 ASMR BlueKatie どのASMR見るか迷ってるならこれ見て!全力で寝かせるから( ー`дー´)キリッ
210875 Starling ASMR ASMR Cranial Nerves All Over The Place, Vision Exam, Real Person Ear Cleaning ( 3 Roleplays )
208623 高倉むきASMR―Muki Takakura― 【ASMR】(3時間)心地よすぎる最強耳かき/ Ear cleaning , Healing whispering
205417 ASMR Glow ASMR Therapist asks you DEEP personal questions!
202506 Mol ASMR. ASMR con AI (inteligencia artificial) para dormir ASMR español
196852 Pao CH ASMR✨️Para el niño mas lindo de todos😌Solo para hombres💝
194448 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【KU100 ASMR】 Bubbly water ASMR for sleep & relaxation ♡ Unintelligible whispers
193691 FredsVoice ASMR [ASMR] Nicest Doctor Cranial Nerve, Eye Test & Ear Examination
192993 beebee asmr Making My Sister Try ASMR For the Second Time…A Fail…Again ( Uncut Version )
189675 freckles asmr Slow & Gentle ASMR for Sleep with White Triggers ☁️✨🤍
189018 ASMR Glow ASMR Brain Scratches & Whispers for Sleep 💤
186793 Yarify ASMR ASMR en tu CAMITA • PRINCESA AURORA te ayuda a DORMIR ❤️🏰 Atención Personal
182872 Chiara ASMR POV: DOLCE PARRUCCHIERA TI TAGLIA I CAPELLI ❤️ ASMR hairdresser roleplay
178761 edafoxx ASMR ASMR - POV YOU ARE THE DOCTOR - personal attention, intuition test, cranial nerve exam
177613 Arbmeis ASMR sonidos MUY INTENSOS & relajantes
175786 ASMR MASSAGE FUN ASMR Back & Foot Massage by Anna. Сomplete relaxation
174340 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR Pampering You to Sleep, Vampire Royalty🧛🦇 Skin Care, Scalp Massage, Fluffy Mic
171737 Hatomugi ASMR [囁き声-ASMR] 3種類の綿棒で耳かき👂TASCAM DR-40X
169560 Lizi ASMR ASMR Relaxing Sound Therapy to Help You Sleep! Real 3D Binaural Audio
169174 Valeriya ASMR ASMR Relax with me after work 🤤
161691 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【ASMKU100】楽チンに出る出る!ビックリするくらい気持ちいい〜ッッ♡ はむ/耳かき/ジェルボール/Vtube힐링/掏耳朵【脳汁一番搾り】
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2023.02.24 15:10 snugglies [Sell][US to US][Perfume] Arcana, Darling Clandestine, Moonalisa, Solstice Scents, and more!

I have a lot of mostly full-sizes to destash. All have been lightly tested by me but are full unless otherwise noted (please see my spreadsheet for all my comments, there may be more info than is listed out below). I will invoice you via PayPal G&S. USPS First Class shipping is $5, and I will ship within 4 business days. Please comment to claim!
Click here to view my spreadsheet with notes.
Andromeda's Curse
Arcana/Arcana Craves
Darling Clandestine
Little and Grim
Little Book Eater
Pulp Fragrance
Solstice Scents
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2023.02.10 16:20 robnox Just some Uber math

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2023.01.16 19:37 fkinsendit13 Kinda cool

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2023.01.10 21:43 L0osifer seriously just be from the same idiot who said mail man is sexist... 🙄

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2022.12.28 22:14 AwesomReno Finally got priced out.

Finally got priced out.
Oh Zillow.
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2022.12.21 20:51 outer_spec if the liberols made gingerbread people!1!

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2022.12.21 18:39 swtogirl Why *do* they? Hmm

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2022.12.17 20:33 Frosted_underscore Was playing around on google maps when all of a sudden....dwight.

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2022.12.17 12:11 Zombi1146 Fewmin

Why are gammons so bothered about a biscuit's genitals?
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2022.12.16 21:31 Sentimental-Trooper Speechless.

What is the point of this!?
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2022.11.24 06:12 ArsonHaver Did I just rob the British Museum-

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2022.11.20 22:55 big_macaroons Things you find in an old jacket pocket that for a moment you hope may be money starterpack

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2022.11.06 20:21 Alternative_Bet_191 How to Turbocharge your prompts using AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI dynamic prompts extension

How to Turbocharge your prompts using AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI dynamic prompts extension
Dynamic Prompt is a script that you can use on AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI to make better, more variable prompts. In this guide I will explain how to use it.
This will randomly combine two of the options for every batch, separated with a comma. In this case, "opt1, opt2" or "opt2, opt3", or "opt1, opt3" or the same pairs in the reverse order.
This will use a random number of options between 1 and 3 for each batch.
If you omit the $$ prefix, one item will be selected. (Equivalent to 1$$)

Wildcard files

Wildcard files are not provided by this script as lists exists in other repositories. A good place to start looking is here Empty lines and lines starting with # are ignored. This can be used to add comments or disable sections of the file.


You can nest combinations inside wildcards. This means that you can create more advanced templates. For example:
This will then either choose a season from seasons.txt or a time of day from timeofday.txt.


Prompts are processed recursively. If a wildcard file contains a row with dynamic syntax, then that will be resolved as well. For example if seasons.txt contains the following rows:
Summer Winter {AutumnFall} Spring 
if the 3rd row is chosen, then either Autumn or Fall will be selected. You could go pretty wild e.g.
Summer __winter_in_different_languages__ {AutumnFall} Spring 

Fuzzy Glob/recursive wildcard file/directory matching

In addition to standard wildcard tokens such as __times__ -> times.txt , you can also use globbing to match against multiple files at once. For instance:
__colors*__ will match any of the following:
  • WILDCARD_DIcolors.txt
  • WILDCARD_DIcolors1.txt
  • WILDCARD_DInested/foldecolors1.txt
__light/**/*__ will match:
  • WILDCARD_DInested/foldelight/a.txt
  • WILDCARD_DInested/foldelight/b.txt
but won't match
  • WILDCARD_DInested/foldedark/a.txt
  • WILDCARD_DIa.txt
You can also used character ranges [0-9] and [a-z] and single wildcard characters ? . For more examples see this article.

Combinatorial Generation

Instead of generating random prompts from a template, combinatorial generation produced every possible prompt from the given string. For example: I {lovehate} {New YorkChicago} in {JuneJulyAugust}
will produce:
  • I love New York in June
  • I love New York in July
  • I love New York in August
  • I love Chicago in June
  • I love Chicago in July
  • I love Chicago in August
  • I hate New York in June
  • I hate New York in July
  • I hate New York in August
  • I hate Chicago in June
  • I hate Chicago in July
  • I hate Chicago in August
If a __wildcard__ is provided, then a new prompt will be produced for every value in the wildcard file. For example: My favourite season is __seasons__
will produce:
  • My favourite season is Summer
  • My favourite season is August
  • My favourite season is Winter
  • My favourite season is Sprint
You also arbitrarily nest combinations inside wildcards and wildcards in combinations.
Combinatorial generation can be useful if you want to create an image for every artist in a file. It can be enabled by checking the Combinatorial generation checkbox in the ui. Note, num batches changes meaning. With random generation, exactly num_batches * batch_size images are created. With combinatorial generation, at most num_batches * batch_size images are created. This upper limit ensures that you don't accidentially create a template that unexpectedly produces thousands of images.
Combinations are not yet supported, i.e. {2$$abc} will treat 2$$a as one of the options instead of selecting two of a, b and c.
The combinatorial batches slider lets you repeat the same set of prompts a number of times with different seeds. The default number of batches is 1.

Fixed seed

Select this if you want to use the same seed for every generated image. If there are no wildcards then all the images will be identical. It is useful if you want to test the effect of a particular modifier.

Magic Prompt

Using Gustavosta's MagicPrompt model, automatically generate neww prompts from the input. Trained on 80,000 prompts from, it can help give you interesting new prompts on a given subject. Here are some automatically generated variations for "dogs playing football":
dogs playing football, in the streets of a japanese town at night, with people watching in wonder, in the style of studio ghibli and makoto shinkai, highly detailed digital art, trending on artstation
dogs playing football, in the background is a nuclear explosion. photorealism. hq. hyper. realistic. 4 k. award winning.
dogs playing football, in the background is a nuclear explosion. photorealistic. realism. 4 k wideshot. cinematic. unreal engine. artgerm. marc simonetti. jc leyendecker
This is compatible with the wildcard syntax described above.
The first time you use it, the model is downloaded. It is approximately 500mb and so will take some time depending on how fast your connection is. It will also take a few seconds on first activation as the model is loaded into memory. Note, if you're low in VRAM, you might get a Cuda error. My GPU uses less than 8GB by YMMV.


The collections directory contains modifier libraries that you can use as is or use to bootstrap your own. Copy the collection that you want to use into the wildcards directory. Note, in previous versions, the collections were in the wildcards directory. This has now changed so that your own collections don't get clobbered every time you want to update the extension.
If you're using a Unix/Linux O/S, you can easily create a symlink to the relevant collection rather than copying it across if you don't plan to alter it. E.g.
ln -sr collections/parrotzone wildcards/ 


The script looks for wildcard files in WILDCARD_DIR. This is defined in the main webui config.json under wildcard_dir. If wildcard_dir is missing, then wildcard files should be placed in scripts/wildcards/


Fantasy movie scene generator:
A photo of a {minerpaladinwarriormagevampirearcherthiefbardrangerwhite mageblack magebarbariansamuraiswordsmasterheroranger} ((({dwarfelfhumanorcgoblin}))) in a {goldminecastletowerpubdungeonjunglewooden housefantasy cityunderground dwarf fortress} {((with monsters))}, ({battlefilm stilltraveling}), high quality, 8k, medieval, epic fantasy movie scene, Nikon d850, bokeh, UHD, HDR, Cinematic Illumination, Atmospheric, Sharp focus, [{smokedustsand}]
Neg Prompt: illustration, 3d render, text, compression artifacts, low resolution, miniature
![img](vissezxqrdy91 " A photo of a miner (((human))) in a dungeon , (battle), high quality, 8k, medieval, epic fantasy movie scene, Nikon d850, bokeh, UHD, HDR, Cinematic Illumination, Atmospheric, Sharp focus, [sand] ")
Liminal Space Generator:
A low quality photo of a empty {flooded} {subwayairportnostalgic daycareold hotelmallsewage underground tunneldark bathroomtesting chamberfoggy neighborhoodstairwaystrange corridorhospital}, familiar, (({paranoianostalgiauncanny})), unsettling, ((unnatural)), (Liminal space), fake, dreamlike, {overexposedunderexposedblurrylight leaksunfocusedout of focuschromatic aberrationlow resolutioncompression artefacts}, noisy
Neg prompt: windows, (monochromatic:0.1), high quality
Military generator:
A old photo of the {living quartersbathroomscommand roomentrancewater storage tankspower roomnuclear reactor} of an {underground government nuclear bunkersubmarinespace stationmilitar base}, cold war, {feardepressiondesperationhauntinglonelinessalienationdepravitycatastrophesadnesssleazeuncanny}, {overexposedunderexposedfilm grainblurrylight leaksunfocusedout of focuschromatic aberration}, (Ektachrome or Kodachrome:1.3), {AlbaniaArmeniaAzerbaijanBulgariaByelorussiaCroatiaCzechoslovakiaEast GermanyEstoniaHungary KazakhstanKirghiziaLatviaLithuaniaMoldaviaPoland RomaniaRussiaSerbiaSoviet UnionTajikistanTurkmeniaUkraineUSSRUzbekistanYugoslavia}, ({1950s1960s1970s}:1.1), (faded expired slide film:1.1)
(Note that this is not mine) Nostalgia for a fabricated past:
a found vintage amateur photo of {calmpeacefuldepresseddirtydistresseddrowsydruggeddrunkecstatichairyhauntedmenacingmysteriouspaleprayingscraggyshadowysicksleepingthin} ({couplefatherhumanmanmotherparentspersonsiblingsstrangertwinsunclevisitorwomanworkertraveller}:1.3) {insideinin front ofoutside} {abandonedcrumblingdecayeddecayingdecrepitderelictdeserteddilapidateddingydisreputabledisuseddustyfilthyforgottengrimymoldyneglectedobsoleteold-fashionedold-schoolpoorramshackleseedyshabbysleazyslummysordidsqualidunoccupiedvacantvacated} {russiansovietsoviet-eraeuropeaneast europeaneastern european} {buildingstructurefacilityinstituteinstitutioncomplexestablishmentedificebasementcellarvaultbunkermotelhotelunderpasswarehouseatticoverpassmotel roomloftbasementcorridorhallwaypassagewaybackroomhotel roomwarehousedepotstoragestorehousestoreroomgaragehousehangarshackhutcabincottagebungalowfactoryplantworkshopworkroomstudioworkplaceofficeapartmentflatcondobedsitbedroomkitchenschoolschoolroomcantinashelter} ({at nightat eveningin darkin low lightin dim lightat duskat twilightin darkness}:1.1), {mysteriousweirdstrangecuriousunidentifiedsurprisingunknownunfamiliarpuzzlinginexplicablebaffling} {objectcreaturepersonentitythingphenomenonphenomenaapparitionshadow} in the background, {fogmistsmokegrimedirtdecaydustdepressiondesperationhauntinglonelinessalienationdepravitycatastrophesadnesssleazenostalgiauncannyrainsnowicesleetmuddebrisrubblegravel}, {flash photographyoverexposedunderexposedfilm grainblurrylight leaksunfocusedout of focuschromatic aberration}, (Ektachrome or Kodachrome:1.3), {AlbaniaArmeniaAzerbaijanBulgariaByelorussiaCroatiaCzechoslovakiaEast GermanyEstoniaHungary KazakhstanKirghiziaLatviaLithuaniaMoldaviaPoland RomaniaRussiaSerbiaSoviet UnionTajikistanTurkmeniaUkraineUSSRUzbekistanYugoslavia}, ({1950s1960s1970s1980s1990s}:0.6), (faded expired slide film:1.1), (vintage {Super 88mm35mmholgalomokodaktoy camerapoint-and-shoot120 film} {home moviestock footagefound photographyvernacular photographysnapshotfamily album}:0.8)
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2022.11.02 15:46 nae2021dublin Please share your spots. Lets get them all

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2022.09.17 22:35 Nycshurm [SELL][US to ANYWHERE] 500+ perfumes from Poesie, Astrid, Alpha Musk, Kyse, Black Baccara, Solstice Scents, NAVA, BPAL, Blooddrop, Stereoplasm, Alkemia, Hexennacht, PULP Fragrance, Haus of Gloi, Alchemic Muse, Sucreabeille, Hagroot, Possets & many more (plus a huge niche perfume & indie tea tab!)

Hello! I am destashing some of my indies so they can go to someone who will enjoy them! I have 3 tabs on my spreadsheet: Indie Perfumes, Niche/Mainstream Perfumes, and Indie Loose Leaf Teas.
Over 150 new additions this week, all marked with a ⭐️. Decant offerings have been vastly expanded as well! Please see the “Note On Decants” section further down this post for more information on decants. ISO list also included below.
Shipping to the US is a flat $3.75, while shipping to CAN and EUR will be quoted but usually ranges from $14-$16. I ship within 3-4 days, and will pack your perfumes with much love, care, and bubble wrap!😊
Click here to view my spreadsheet:
- First Tab: Indie Perfumes, with newly listed decants of discontinued & LE Haus of Gloi (Rain Collection oils, EDPs, Winter Collection, and more); Poesie reissue and LE scents; Arcana past collections; dozens of Solstice Scents, Sixteen92, Astrid, Death & Floral, Alpha Musk, Hexennacht, Black Baccara, Siren Song Elixirs, and tons more from all houses!
- Second Tab: Niche and Mainstream Perfumes, all direct and brand new — lots of Floraiku, Maison Margiela, Kurkdjian, Etat D’Orange, Tom Ford Rose Prick, and others!
- Third Tab: Indie Loose Leaf Teas
\A note about decants*: my decants will generally come in screw top jars with a reducer — except for the following brands, which will come in vials: Alpha Musk, Death & Floral, and Possets. I take cleanliness very seriously, and take every measure possible to ensure that my materials and working space are kept very clean. I decant with disposable, single-use 1mL pipettes.
\A note about swaps: will swap for (or purchase outright) any size\ NAVA Indus; any size NAVA Bastet Amber Dream Summer; FS Solstice Scents Tenebrous Mist, Solstice Kyphi, Cellar, Night Star, Sea of Grey, or Pinyon Truffle; FS Alpha Musk Flake, Deep Throat, After Dinner Mint, Fluffed Figs oil, Honey and Toast, Perks, or Memory Lane; FS PULP Fragrance Accidental Interloper; Poesie Sixties Salad or Two Dances With Darcy; Solstice Scents Whipped Soap; and/or Alchemic Muse body whip.
Here is a small sampling of what is available, there is much more on the spreadsheet! For most updated availability, please check spreadsheet first, that is updated regularly & is most accurate!
*Poesie Scents include (note that all Poesie samples have tape over labels to prevent smudging): Anne of Cleves, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Byronic Hero, Cloud, Echo, Ethereal Lace, Fan Dance, Fireside Reverie, French Kiss, Innocence, Just Like Heaven, Ida B Wells, Ladybird, Lagniappe VIII, Lagniappe X, Library Ghost, Meg, Peach Tiara, Radiant, Salty Ghost, Serene Lace, Shield Maiden, Wakeful Ghost, We’re All Mad Here, Wicked Ghost, Ynes Mexia
*Solstice Scents scents include: Blossom Jam Tea Cakes, Cherry Vanilla Ambrosia, Coquina, Conjure Dark, Full Dark EDP, Gin Flower EDP, Gunnersons Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Night, Kitchen, Loggia, Outpost, Parlor Trick, Riverside Sleighride, Rose Leather, Sirocco, Solstice Magnolia, Tropical Moon, Winslow, Witches Cottage, Wolf Spirit
*Alkemia Scents include: Among The Pines, Arabesque, Calliope, Cassis de la Foret, Deus Ex Machina, Evil Temptress, Falling Stars at Summer Solstice, Feuillemort, Fireflies in the Garden EDP, Forest Patchouli, Frondescence EDP, Garden of Our Love, In A Railway Carriage, Luminae, Sea Girl, Terrae, Whisper of Stars EDP, Woods on a Snowy Evening
*Alchemic Muse scents include: Gillyflower, Kama Sutra, Phantasm, Silhouette
*Alpha Musk Scents include: Alice in Her Uniform, Beastress, Beetlebum, Body Musk, Candied Owl, Cardinal Sin, Catwalk, Celestial Amber, Celestial Musk, Crystal Amber, Cotton Pop, Corduroy Crush, Cozy Bear, Damsel No Distress, Do You Love Me, Dreaming of the Past, Fern, Forbidden Drive Inn, Foxy, Funnel of Love EDP, Gloss You, Greige, Invisible Ink, Jaw Dropper, Nectarina EDP, Langur Love, Listless, Orange, Orange Blossom To The Tune of Jo Mo, Pinkie, Poe, Primal, Pumpkin Punk, She Wore Baby Blue Velvet, Slivered, Snow Stars, Spun, Suntan Musk, The Noble Sloth, Trash Panda, Voice that Stinks of Death and Vanilla
*Andromeda’s Curse Scents include: Black Phillip, Chimera, Hex, Patisserie
*Arcana Wildcraft Scents include: A Terrible Enchantment, Blush, Cake Lust, Chillum, Fairy Cake, Frisk, Glittering Milk, Moonstone, Pineapple Whip, Skin Musk, Smoked Vanilla, Surf, This is Not Canada, Touch, Waterfall, Watermelon LN, Wide Eyed
*Arcana Craves Scents include: Blueberries Crave Black Cats, Blueberries Crave Cocoa, Strawberries Crave Black Sands, Strawberries Crave Botanicus, Strawberries Crave Nyx, Strawberries Crave Waterfalls, Vanilla Craves Crescent Moons, Vanilla Craves Mermaid Shoals, Vanilla Craves Terror,
*Astrid Scents include: Asteria, Balancoire, Blueberry and Blossom Jam, Bonfire Remains, Brioche, Cavernous, Glittering Night Sky, Extinguish, Flowers Growing Through Bones, Lyrical, Merci 26, Merci 32, Pear & Jasmine Cream, Pink Sandalwood, Pumpkin Panettone, Trinkets & Feathers, Water Dragon, Whinnies 26, Wolves
*Black Baccara Scents include: Alice’s Tea Party, Book Fair, Conifer Farm, Danidae (EDP), Mother Earth, Spring Sunrise (botanical perfume), Witch House
*Blooddrop (by the maker of Astrid) Scents include: A Multitude of Stars, Exquisite Corpse No. 3, Merci Noel, The Restless Mare, Seance, Whinnies 10
*BPAL Scents include: V’al Hanissim Yule 2019, Erato, Floral Sheet Ghost, Fraggle Rock: Red, Hells Belles, House of Night (discontinued), Love Let Her, Marquise de Merteuil, Pannychis, Saloon #10 Szepasszony, Unspeakably Evil Temple, Thrive, and Wolfsbane
*CocoaPink Scents include: Fairytale (oil), Fairytale (EDP), Lipstick Stains (EDP), Lost Coast
*Death and Floral Scents include: Dawn of the Dragonsblood, Decomposing Roses For A Decomposing Romance (rice bran base), Goth Dolly, Lavender Sprite, Mx McJangles, Orange Cranberry Sauce, Swamp Elixir (EDP), That’s A Rock Fact, The Sweater We Buried You With, Yellow Rose (EDP)
*Deconstructing Eden Scents include: Aquarius, I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This, In the Gloaming, The Woodcutter
*Fantome Scents include: Koschei the Deathless, Kyuu Kohi, Solovey
*Haus of Gloi Scents include: Black Musk Red Ginger & Clove, Black Tea Honey & Milk, Come Hither (oil and EDP), Cozy Rain, Depravity (EDP), Ferntree Gully, Forest Rain (EDP), Haus Amber at Midnight (EDP), Haus Birthday, Hearth, Hummingbird, Iced Earth, Lacy Ghost, Lumps of Coal, Moonlight Masquerade (LE), Nag Champa Single Note, Portland Rain, Precious Resins and Golden Vanilla, Precious Resins and Snowy Fir, Priestess, Pumpkin By The Bonfire, Real Coal (EDP), Red Roan (EDP), Silver Bells (EDP), Snarl, Snow Wolf (EDP), Troika, Twice Is Nice, Winter Rain, XOXO
*Hagroot Scents include: Haunted Rose, Innana, New Orleans, Southern Conjure
*Hexennacht Scents include: All Souls Night, Black Musk, Black Phillip, Blue Musk, Dark Shadows (EDP), Elemental, Fleurs Blanches, Lahaina, L’Air en Hiver, Orange Flower Lemonade, Rose Red, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Turquoise (EDP), Whitechapel 1888, Witch of the Wood, Wuthering Heights
*Kyse Scents include: Bois de Santal et Terre, Vanilla Debauche, Vertigo Cuir
*NAVA Scents include: Crimson Elixir, Ederra, Summer Tea Dragon Spice, Vegas Vampires Blue
*PULP Fragrance Scents include: Bewitching Amber, Drunken Jack, Fortune Favors, Phantom Room
*Siren Song Elixirs Scents include: Coquette, Lady Brienne, Lady Sansa, Lolita, Minx, Paramour, Rose of High Garden
*Sixteen92 Scents include: 0001 Cemetery Lane, Bela Lugosi’s Dead (original 2015 formula); Dead Mans Curve (EDP), Ghost Next Door, Gryla, Just a Curse Have a Nice Day!, Gryla, La Llorona, Lafayette Cemetery, Lycanthorpe, Marlene, Morgan Le Fey, Pretend We’re Dead, Strigoi, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes (oil and EDP), Querida
*Stereoplasm Scents include: Charades, Cotinis Nitida (June Beetle), Flora and Fauna, The Ghost Rockets, The Green Ribbon, Paradoxical Faith, Pinguis, Totally in Love
*Sucreabeille Scents include: Attempted Murder, Apricot Tree, Atlantis, Banshee, Blueberry, Final Boss, Chthulu / Elder God, Khal Drogo, The Kraken, Stay Sexy, Steel Roses EDP, Water Witch
*Whisper Sisters Scents include: Bloodletting, Candy Rose, Cellar, La Llorona, Smitten Kitten, Tangerine Trollop
*Wylde Ivy Scents include: Lovesick And Undead EDP, Mist and Moonlight EDP
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