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/GolfGTI is a place for GTI enthusiasts to discuss and share information related to the best car that can be had for less than $40K. We entertain beauty shots and thrive on discussing mods, whether purely cosmetic, functional, or both. We welcome discussion of all things GTI.

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2012.06.07 00:35 Nightshade3312 For the bladesmiths, beauty and destruction, art and skill.

A subreddit for the metalworkers who specialize in forging knives and other blade tools. Swords, daggers, kitchen cutlery, carving chisels, etc. Come in, look around, ask a question, learn, and have fun.

2023.06.03 03:08 Korkez11 Your unpopular opinions/confessions/hot takes about Touhou music

Here's mine (note that I'm not music expert so some of my opinions may sound really stupid to you):
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2023.06.03 03:08 MarinNation Looking for Alpha Testers to try a new Comic platform

Hi all, I've been working on a new Comic platform for a while to try to improve collaboration between artists, increase viewership and community growth, and also improve monetization and reduce production costs. I know thats a lot of goals! But we're really excited to have something that we believe does exactly that. We've run it by a few artists working on their own project and after some positive feedback, we are now looking for a few more artists to come and play around with the site.
If you're interested, DM me and I can provide you with some more details. For now though, I'll just leave you with a quote from one of the artists we approached when they explained it to their friends:

"Here's the basic idea:
He's reimagined the self-hosted comic experience so readers intuitively
  1. Find you,
  2. Support You, and
  3. Story Branches. (Game Changing)
He's using advanced search methods with personalized recommendations... And wrapped it all together with buttery smooth crowd-sourcing. And then there's Story Branches, a whole new way to iterate on your comic and even engage other creators! Yes, it's another platform out of many BUT... We think it has the potential to be the most streamlined, entertaining and fundable route for reader-sponsored comics we've seen yet!"
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2023.06.03 03:07 foggy_zaval Code Card

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2023.06.03 03:07 manolosavi port out of verizon prepay to visible

i just signed up for visible earlier this week and spent four days trying to port my number from verizon into visible…every time i (or the visible support team) tried we got the same error: account number and pin don’t match. then we’d eventually try and fail 5 times which meant we were locked out for 24hrs. extremely frustrating!
finally yesterday i got a very helpful person from verizon on the phone who wouldn’t give up! they kept escalating to different teams, eventually they figured out that for verizon prepay → visible they don’t do a port out, since verizon owns visible, they just need to do an account migration. but even with that information it took them a long time to figure out what that meant or who could help (initially they thought the sales team would help, but they couldn’t)
well finally something like an hour into the call they told me to try not using the port out pin, but rather my account’s security 4 digit pin. it worked so fast that the phone call cut us off as soon as i tapped the button! 😂 (they also called me back later to make sure it was all working fine, probably the best phone support person i’ve ever delt with)
tldr: if you’re having trouble porting your verizon prepay phone with the port pin, try your security pin instead!
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2023.06.03 03:07 Vetswithoutborders Volunteer opportunity for GIS-whiz to work/travel abroad! Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Interested in using your GIS skills abroad to help create integrated animal health systems that increase the livelihoods and household nutrition of small-scale farmers? Look no further! Veterinarians Without Borders is searching for for a GIS Mapping Advisor volunteer to fill a 4-month role in Cambodia. Note you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to qualify.
Apply here!:
Details below:
The primary purpose of the GIS Mapping Advisor volunteer position is to improve the accuracy of the inventory of organic fields, in particular the accuracy of the data of surface of land plots and to localize the parcel by using GPS coordinates for each parcel, and make achievable by a full geo-localized delimitation of parcels, linked to the database of farmers.





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2023.06.03 03:07 Chops0569 Traded some trash for some treasure

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2023.06.03 03:06 h0useki [NA][LFG][Savage][Static][C][sMC][MC] Ninja player is looking for a static.

Hello everyone ! I'm looking for a static to resume my raids in EW! I've cleared Asphodelos, Uwu and Abyssos up till P8S P1, I am new to the melee role and I'm playing ninja but I think I can get used to it quick , my past raid experiences were as a caster. I'm looking for a static where people respect everyone and where I can possibly build meaningful friendships. So, a non-toxic, non-ragy environment is what I'm looking for.
I'd like to introduce myself a little bit because it is needed. English is not my first language, I do use MMOs to practice due to the social structure of mmos, I feel like I need to say that cause there is some people that get annoyed when you make a grammar mistake, even though I can listen and read 100%, the speaking part is problematic for me and needs practice.
By past experiences, I prefer playing on a Free for all loot system like how my last static did, need if its your BIS, greed if its for an alt job but weapons to dps first(optional), I'm ok playing with masterloot but I've never had a good experience when people had those big complex spreadsheets in a [C][sMC][MC] static before. It was always some drama which I'd like to avoid, people getting mad, funnelling items to irl friends/gf, static disbanding, personally I think those type of loot systems are good for hardcore groups but I'm down to try that way again.
I work better with EST Timezone, I can raid till 11PM EST, I can't play on friday/sunday, I'd like to raid at least twice a week, 9 to 11PM EST // 8 to 11PM EST are PERFECT for me
[GOALS and Ending]
I am picking up Ninja and been practicing it for this tier, and I'd like to improve and be good at it, logs doesn't really matter that much but if I get purples at first I am happy, of course, advice and help is appreciated. If It matters to you, here are my logs...
Finishing my introduction, I want to find friends in this game to raid, have a safe space, and play for FUN while doing my best.
If you're interested in inviting me, you can contact me in discord Hseki#4498 only
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2023.06.03 03:06 snowco I know I'll be losing my apartment deposit a few months from now. Tips?

An update from this previous post
Any advice on Shanghai-specific advice on how to "use" my security deposit that is sure to be taken from me? I have utility bills coming up at the beginning of each month, and I'm here until the end of next month. Can I skip 2 rounds of utility bills without getting services cut off? And of course, I'm not cleaning this apartment on my way out because they had better use that stolen security deposit towards the cleaning.
My landlord now says the original owner wants his apartment back, and there's no chance of getting someone to rent this place short term for the 1 month remaining on my contract. I have already paid for my stay up until when I leave. I also have 2 months of security deposit with my landlord.
I'm assuming the landlord is going to use 1 month of security deposit on that 1 remaining month where nobody is in the apartment, and then he's going to take the additional 1 month security deposit as free money. I explained the remaining 1 month of money to the landlord but he's "pretending" not to understand, of course.
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2023.06.03 03:06 vegastar7 My father doesn't know how to use a computer and it's driving me nuts

I need to vent. Like the post says, my father (who is 78) is computer illiterate. The problem is, he persists in trying to use a computer. Let me explain: he decided that he wants to write his thoughts down, and he got a laptop to achieve this goal. He's CONSTANTLY calling me to help him. And I mean, "calling me" in the original sense of "yell someone's name", which is extra annoying. He's deleted files by mistakes, he's deleted paragraphs by mistakes, he doesn't open documents in the right app (long story short, he didn't want to pay for a Microsoft Word subscription, I found him a free alternative, but he keeps on opening the docs in Word) he zooms in 400% into the document and doesn't know how to fix it, he doesn't know how to do spellcheck etc... I've shown him countless times how to fix these issues on his own, but nothing sticks in his brain. The thing that annoys me the most is that when he has these issues, he doesn't respect the fact that I'm currently busy with other stuff and don't have the time to help him right then and there.
I've suggested he gets a typewriter instead since that's technology he should be familiar with, but he doesn't want to. He likes the spell check function that's in the writing app. I also don't know why my other siblings aren't called on to fix his computer problems (they're as tech-savvy as I am).
So has anyone found a solution to old parents using new technology? Is anyone else frustrated by their parents not knowing how to use computers?
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2023.06.03 03:06 ThunderXtaTic Why the fuck is it okay to bother people with earbuds in?

I have no clue how headphos or earbuds became the symbol of "Hey, talk to me!" because it shouldn't be.
It shouldn't be socially acceptable to fucking do that, and I should NOT be considered rude for wanting to be left alone.
In my opinion (should be a fact) people who do this shit are rude assholes who should not be allowed around other people.
Would you talk to someone reading a book? No. Would you talk to someone watching a movie? No.
Out of any fucking reason not to bother someone, it should be when they're listening to music.
Fuck off. By this logic I should go to the library to try to make friends by harassing people who are trying to read until I get kicked out and scream at the staff for being rude.
When I listen to music, I use my imagination and enjoy the stories or ideal scenarios that match the song. I don't like being interrupted to hear people's serious bullshit that takes my imagination away.
I'm not rude. You are.
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2023.06.03 03:06 ElkPitiful4764 Shiny Happy People: A Reaction to Derick

Just as the title describes, this is my reaction to Derick. From an outsiders point of view, Derick is trying to paint himself as this knight in shining armor, especially when it comes to Jill. He was an active participant in whatever the IBLP was subscribing to. The few criticisms I have of the documentary is the failure to dig into how Derick got himself in a position to date/court Jill. The background information was glanced over in my opinion. He is the most “secular” and “worldly” out of the people JB, “allowed” the girls to enter a courtship with. The death of Dericks father impacted his religious inclinations, I wonder if that point made him more susceptible to brainwashing by more extreme religious beliefs… Enter JB. They didn’t explain how they became prayer partners in the first place. I think Derick was co-signing whatever JB was saying to do and act.
Then comes the money. If it weren’t for the money, would Derick have used his voice? It seems like that was the real issue and not coming out against the abuse that Jill endured. I wonder what position he would be in if they were actually paid money in the past by JB/TLC and then the Pest abuse coming out. What tune would he have sang then about JB and his “beliefs”? Would Jill and Derick have lied and helped keep up their parents facade if they were paid? Would they still be adhering to Gothardism?
Also, every interview with them he would do the same weird stare at Jill exactly how JB does with Michelle. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that Derick isn’t what he thinks he’s portraying. Jill obviously thinks he’s this amazing human being, that knight in shining armor, and he does get some credit for her coming to some sort of sense in reality, but it seems the motives for his support for Jill is only to get back at JB. I think Derick needs deconstructing as well. I don’t think he’s too far off from the extremist pond.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.03 03:05 Few_Whereas8468 Talk with Frida and LSAT

Hello everyone. I’m a little nervous to make this post since I understand how it may be perceived by readers. I want to preface this by saying I ask this with genuine intentions and am not in any way trying to get accommodations I don’t feel I truly need, nor am I trying to manipulate the system in any way. Does anyone have experience with getting LSAT accommodations after being diagnosed through an online service like Talk With Frida? I am newly diagnosed, after being dismissed for nearly a decade by in person professionals saying I was just depressed or hormonal until I finally began treatment with Talk With Frida. It has completely changed my life. As I began the process of registering for the LSAT, I saw there was an option to use accommodations like being able to stand up or read questions allowed, or be seated in a private room to write the test, but I’m worried the committee won’t approve my diagnosis since I was evaluated online- or that TWF won’t agree to fill out the required medical form. Although I understand that requesting accommodations for a test this important is serious and they must be strict on who is applicable, I really think I will be negatively affected by my ADHD during the test. I work hard in school, but I test incredibly poorly. Does anyone have experience with requesting accommodations after being diagnosed through Talk With Frida? Thank you to anyone who has anything to say.
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2023.06.03 03:05 Rosenhansthud Hog4-Effects Editor not opening

I’m VERY new to this board and originally when I opened the effects palette an effects engine also popped up. Originally, I was just using the directory and palettes so I didn’t miss it much when the effects engine stopped working.
Now I want to build a step based color effect and I can’t seem to make one by editing the presets… how do I force the effects engine to open? I’ve tried double hitting the effect key and doing open+effect with no luck.
Thank you for your help!!
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2023.06.03 03:05 RadioactiveHugs Leaving ANZ mid-month because they stalled transfers

Hi everyone, just looking for some advice after ANZ stalled my transfers and prevented me from closing my accounts with them before the end of the month.
I’m in the process of switching banks. I started it at the start of May, with the intention of closing my ANZ accounts on the very last day of May so I could avoid the weirdly-worded/possibly-typo-filled disclaimer on the ANZ website that basically says “you’re still going to get charged $5 even if you leave at the start of the month”.
Everything was going well, I did test transfers of $1 between accounts, then saved my new accounts to my ANZ address books, did all the phone codes and verification steps.
Didn’t have an issue with transferring to ING, even with lump sums of $100-$500. They all transferred instantly with OSKO, as they should. Didn’t have an issue transferring between ubank and ING, even for a lump sum of nearly a $1000.
But when I tried to transfer the rest of my paycheck into my ubank account from ANZ (again, AFTER doing test transfers of $1, going through all the verification steps, and saving the details to the address book for future use) ANZ held my payment.
After waiting 24hours, then contacting them, and being told “oh, the bank you transferred to must not have osko, sorry” then explaining that ubank does indeed have osko, as proved by the $1 test transfers that sent through osko, then being told “oh, I checked again, and your transfer is being quarantined for 72hours”, then waiting the 72hours — my transfer finally did come through…. On the 1st of June.
The icing on the cake though, is that I was going to call them this morning — hoping that I could talk them into waiving the fee because it was 2 days into the month.
Except that a friend paid me back into my ANZ account this morning, because they forgot I gave them new bank details (🤦🏼‍♂️), and when I transferred it just now into ubank, GUESS WHAT?! It’s been quarantined again! (And the amount is under $100!)
So, because those 72hours are only business hours, that payment won’t show until around Wednesday or Thursday, next week.
So ANZ has essentially forced me to keep my accounts open.
For the cherry on top, there’s a post on this sub created today about someone being scammed 13k.
Why the frig are the big banks letting payments of 13k to strangers go through without even a pop-up warning, but I can’t even transfer $100 to myself?!?! 🙏🏼
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2023.06.03 03:04 emik99 Reviving my switch from the dead and need some youthful insight to tell me what I did wrong

Alright guys, I'm not an expert on this, just an old guy trying to play some games. I originally had SXOS and upgraded to atmosphere when that died, everything was working fine for awhile but I haven't touched my switch in awhile. I tried installing Zelda and it had installation errors through dbi which left an empty game icon with an endless loading circle. I wanted to just do a fresh install (I don't have any saves/games I care about).
-I formatted my SD card, 128GB. The youtube guy did exFAT and I remember something about needing fat32. Is this still the case? How should the card be formatted? -In the root I put atmosphere 1.5.3 -In the root I put hekate_ctcaer_6.0.4_Nyx_1.5.3 -I copied the sigpatches to the root and replaced files when prompted. Hekate+AMS-package3-sigpatches-1.5.4-cfw-16.0.3 -I kept a copy of hekate_ctcaer_6.0.4.bin to boot -I put fusee.bin in the bootloader > payloads
If I boot I see the atmosphere logo and then it goes into the menu. When I try to boot from fusee I get a black screen of critical error.
Can you tell me what steps I might have missed or what I did wrong?
I appreciate any feedback and thank you.

*on a side note, I was able to get into the switch by using "JustInsertTheStuff and not installing the hekate. I use Tegra to push the fusee.bin
When I try to install zelda through dbi it says error missing es sigpatches. I tried getting the newest ones but it doesn't seem to change anything.
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2023.06.03 03:04 TheSphericalCrab Considerations for reels to throw 1/32oz?

I recently made a post about getting started with BFS fishing and I got some really good advice on there. Since my research into good rods and reels has started in earnest, I've heard a couple times now that reels like the Curado BFS, one with a price tag that's on the high end for my wallet, beeds tuning and possibly aftermarket stuff like spools to actually help it cast better for weights down to 1/32.
I'll likely largely use my BFS setup for 1/16oz hard baits like jerkbaits and the like, but I'd still like the flexibility to throw the good old 1/32oz jig head and soft plastic, but if I'm going to sink a few hundred bucks into a reel, I'd want something that can do what I'd need it to without the need for an additional almost $100 spool. I do not, however, mind making adjustments to the stick reel (like removing grease from gears/bearings which I hear is a "problem" I might encounter).
I'm strongly considering the Dobyns BFS rod and have heard very good things about the Daiwa Alphas Air. I know that reel is even pricier than the Curado, but if it allows me to do what I want to and saves me money in the long run by not requiring much aftermarket work, I'll definitely take a hard look at it.
On that topic, I've seen the reel on Amazon for as low as ~$230. Is that a price tag should cause red flags for me since the reel on BaitFinesseEmpire is more than $300? Thanks in advance and my apologies for the 20 questions as a beginner in this avenue of fishing.
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2023.06.03 03:04 Drakolf The Hole:

Construction was stalled, due to the Triaxi going on strike.
It wouldn't have been as big an issue if it was for reasonable accommodations- indeed, Gorfahn did everything the Union requested that was perfectly reasonable. he supplied them with more than the minimum required breathing masks, even though those things were built sturdier than FTL-dispersal shielding.
He paid them double the minimum required wage because they were good, efficient workers, and the pay wasn't enough to really be worth them getting it done as quickly as they were able.
He even went as far as going out of his way to buy from their favorite fast food joint for their lunches, and that wasn't even something the Union requested.
He knew more than anything that the best way to keep good workers around was to treat them with respect and give them good incentives to stick around. Which was why the strike baffled him.
They were demanding an increase in wages. It would have been fine if it was a few credits extra, the economy was kind of in the shitter and that would more than make up for inflation- he knew this because he checked with his accountant- a notoriously stingy bastard who cut as close to the corner as he could- and went above his recommendation.
But to be paid quadruple the minimum wage, he was barely making a profit paying them double, giving them a small boost in their pay would have him breaking even- which was something he definitely didn't want to do long-term. Not in this economy.
Gabriel was a damn good accountant, in spite of his miserly ways, he knew how to save an extra credit here and there without compromising Gorfahn's standards. "No way how you slice it, there's no way you can meet their demands without going bankrupt." He said.
Gabriel wasn't remorseless, just ruthless. His business acumen more than made up for Gorfahn's bleeding heart. If it wasn't for him, the company would have never found its footing.
"I just don't understand why they would do this." Gorfahn said morosely, the Udarik's spines rippling along his back. "Even if I had the money, I wouldn't agree to this, and that isn't even going into how they haven't given me a good reason for this."
Gabriel sighed, nodding. The Union hadn't come to either of them about this, and refused to make a statement regarding it. It was in his professional opinion this wasn't a Union-sanctioned strike. "We might have to resort to scabbing." He said.
Gorfahn flinched, he'd had his fair share of going on strike for various reasons, some of them he was ashamed to admit were for less honorable pursuits. He would have understood if this was a spite strike if he was a bad boss.
A small part of him wondered if he was.
"We might." He said softly. "But where are we going to find enough workers to cover the deadline? The Triaxi are fiercely loyal to their own kind, they'd never scab on a strike."
"Putting out a notice might net you a fine." Gabriel pointed out. "And getting the proper paperwork for it would take longer than your deadline. All we need is enough to keep us on track, our client might be willing to ignore a delay."
Gorfahn began to pace, trying to think of a solution, yet when nothing came to mind, he looked at Gabriel balefully. "I don't know what to do." He said.
"I have an idea."
The beach was out of the way, a solid hour's drive away. While the Triaxi were content to maintain their strike, and thus nothing was going to get done regardless, Gorfahn had to maintain that this was the only way to save his business and his reputation from irreparable damage.
He didn't know what Gabriel's plan was, but considering he went out of his way purchase a bucket and change into beach attire, it was certainly going to be something suitably unorthodox.
Especially since Gabriel hated spending money pointlessly.
The beach was busy, people of all species enjoying themselves, the Aquanti lifeguard lounging in their observation tank, a few fellow Udarik playing with a whizzer. Under any other circumstances, Gorfahn would have smiled.
Joy was a treasure to his kind, and its destruction was an indelible sin.
He followed Gabriel halfway to the shoreline, and before he could even ask what the plan was, Gabriel brought out a sturdy telescopic trowel and began shoveling sand into the bucket. Gorfahn stared blankly at his accountant, and knowing that the answer he would get would be redundant- like just 'Digging'- he knelt down and used his sturdy claws to dig.
The Udarik had evolved to tunnel, and sand wasn't good material for this. Compared to Gabriel's trowel, he was only really twice as efficient. Still, they continued to dig, even as the hole continuously filled itself in.
That's when he noticed something. A couple of Humans had approached, observing them.
"Alright, bucket's full, spread it along the beach." Gabriel said, providing no further clarification. Gorfahn nodded, lifted up the heavy bucket with ease, and started pouring it along the beach. When he came back, the two Humans he'd noticed were digging the hole with Gabriel, one had even brought his own bucket with him.
He didn't question what was going on, he simply understood that Gabriel had tapped into some intrinsic Human understanding and had summoned Humans to assist.
"Ayo, big guy, get us some water, yah?" One of the Humans said, pointing at his bucket. Gorfahn complied, setting down Gabriel's bucket, picking up the other one, and walking to the shoreline. Filling the bucket was simple, he just used the tide to fill it with water before bringing it back.
The number of Humans had doubled, as had the total number of buckets. Gorfahn set the bucket down, and the Humans immediately began dipping smaller buckets into it, pouring it into and around the hole- which practically instantly drained empty- and began digging more efficiently.
This begat a system in which Gorfahn would acquire more water while more and more humans were drawn closer and closer. in between trips, he heard Gabriel talking about what was going on with his workers. "So I brought my good buddy, Gorfahn, here to relax a bit while we figure out how to deal with the situation."
The hole widened before it was deepened, large rocks were brought over by other Humans, laid out gently in a pile near the hole, before finding a new home lining the walls of the hole. Some of the Humans had begun digging a channel to the ocean, which when finished caused every flow of the tide to send a small burst of water through the channel and into the hole, which was deep enough to hold water due to being level with the ocean.
The Humans whooped and hollered, jumping around and celebrating the apparent completion of the hole.
That was when the wisdom of Gabriel's plan became apparent.
More than half of the total number of Humans- seventy-eight of them- expressed that they were construction workers, that considering the situation and the fact that they were looking for work, they'd be willing to help Gorfahn finish on time.
Especially since the Triaxi were being dicks.
The next morning, the Humans arrived on time at the right destination, most brought their own tools, the rest made due with the ones Gorfahn provided. And every single one of the Humans shot the observing Triaxi dirty looks.
There was thankfully no altercation, and Gorfahn was more than willing to pay the Humans what the Triaxi would have earned- most tried to talk him down to a lower price, but Gorfahn insisted- and by the time the new building was complete, the commission earned, and the Humans paid, Gorfahn was sitting on a solid profit.
"If you ever need help again, hit us up. And if you need a Human's touch, we'll more than gladly help you, boss." One of the Humans spoke. They all gave him their contact information, and like a tornado were just as quickly gone.
"Now." Gabriel spoke. "We did make significantly less than we would have if the Triaxi had just done their jobs, but we still earned a net profit. I'm not saying we should regularly hire our new friends, maybe a handful per job to keep things flowing-"
"I know." Gorfahn spoke solemnly. He cast a baleful eye at the Triaxi. He approached them, the air was tense as they regarded one another.
"You're firing us, aren't you?" The ringleader of the strike asked.
"I'd be well in my rights to." Gorfahn replied. "Far as I can tell, this wasn't Union sanctioned, you didn't let me get a word in edgewise, and you nearly destroyed my business. Anyone else would tell you to never show your face around them again."
He looked at each worker, each averted their gaze. "I am kind because it is not a weakness." Gorfahn continued. "I paid you double a fair wage, keep more breathing masks in reserve on the off chance that one of you manage to break one, and I went out of my way to get you food you like, on my credit."
He swallowed back a surge of anger. "I will be renegotiating your contract with the Union, your wage will be docked by one fourth until the loss I took is paid in double, and I will be regularly hiring some of those Humans to work alongside you on the job, they will get the full wage I offer. If you don't like this, you're free to quit, I'll terminate your contract with no extra charge. As a courtesy."
He lowered his voice, taking on a tone of threat. "If you pull this kind of squaff again, your contract will be terminated immediately. Is this understood?"
The Triaxi nodded, they had never seen Gorfahn this angry before, some of them were surprised he didn't lash out at them.
"Good." He said. "You are dismissed. Do not disappoint me like this again."
Gorfahn turned around and stalked off, struggling to keep his spines from bristling with anger. He promised himself, no matter what happened, he would never allow his kindness to wane, but he was not going to waste time trying to keep people happy.
He would rather them be joyful for the right reasons.
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2023.06.03 03:04 Fun-University-3643 Doing hazardous waste inventory of an old dry cleaner, and found several containers like this in the enclosed basement.

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2023.06.03 03:04 dixitsavy A couple of Anking Deck questions, help please!

Hello! I just started content review and am also in the process of learning/setting up Anki for when I begin to use it alongside the Kaplan chapters. I just had a few questions about the software. For reference, I have downloaded the newest vanilla version of the Anking Deck (which incorporates Milesdown and has tags by Kaplan chapters).
  1. How can I physically (like button wise) unsuspend cards as I read each chapter of a Kaplan book for a certain section?
  2. What add-ons should I download/add onto the vanilla Anking deck? Currently I am thinking of adding these: special fields, heirarchial tags, hint hotkeys, clickable tags, edit field during review, better search, and heatmap.
  3. Where in the Anki software do I paste the download code for the add-ons? The add-ons link says to copy & paste the code directly into Anki 2.1.
  4. Is it better to do questions by subsections/subjects or all together?
Thanks so much!
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2023.06.03 03:03 LucasRTI Any way to set a rendering resolution like in MSFS?

I will try to be short, I fly XP11 since 2018, then I went to MSFS and finally now I want to use XP12 and MSFS to enjoy the best of each. With this I ran into a problem, in MSFS I set the resolution to 1440p and this does not affect the native resolution of my system and monitor (1080p) but in XP12 this does not work like that. By setting 1440p, all my resolution is changed and consequently XP12 looks better, but my system does not, plus it makes my open programs resizes and then everything is a chaos.
Is there a plugin or another option that allows me to set a rendering resolution without altering my system resolution? I have a 6800XT, performance is not a problem for me
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2023.06.03 03:03 Longjumping_Emu6262 Should I stay at new job or move try and move on?

I'm going to try and keep this short but there's a lot of details, so I'm sorry in advance.
I'm 28, live in a MCOL area, and started a new job field about 6 months ago. I have worked trade jobs my whole life but had a severe back injury some years back, and it took me out of it. I went back to a warehouse and was making just shy of $30/hr there, and got laid off after a year when the company shut down.
I got a job offer a week after I got laid off in a small company that allowed me to get an office job. I originally talked about going into finance with the owner of the company, starting at $30/hr. We pondered and talked for a week or so and he ended up asking me to hire in as marketing, working with the other owner. I accepted the job, but he started me at $20 due to me having no job experience in any office jobs.
Now I've been there 6 months, and due to me being really computer smart, I have completely organized and manage a CRM that they weren't using originally, fully overhauled the marketing campaign that was non existent, and has drawn in 30% more traffic, built 3 separate websites from scratch for the owners 3 separate companies, and manage all 3 of them, including all new products, and have begun building 3d renderings of the construction projects we have built, as a model to show customers, mixed with pictures from the actual jobs.
Last week I asked for a raise due to me taking on and over performing his expectations tenfold (his words). I was originally told I'd get a raise at 90 days, that I didn't get. When we talked about the raise, he asked how I liked my job. I told him I liked my job here and would love to stay, but I can only enjoy work so much when I have bills I can't pay and have to work a minimum of 60 hours a week, just to pay bills. He said he will see what he can do regarding the raise. I was declined the raise Wednesday, and I'm wondering if I should stay in the spot I'm at or if I should attempt to get another job. I have this 6 months of experience only as an office worker, but I'm doing 3 and 4 jobs at a time constantly, and I don't know if it will even matter. Am I underpaid, or do I just not have enough experience to be worth more per hour?
Any advice on where to go will be appreciated. I'm so lost and tired right now. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 03:03 littlezehra I introduced my friend to my friend group and now I got kicked out

So this is going to be a bit of a long story and I’ll try to narrow it down.
We‘re a group of 5 girls, A B C D and Me. We used to hang out a long and stuff and I only got into that group through A because we became friends first and then she introduced me to the others. All good. This was all in 2019.
They were my best friends and I had a different bond with every one of them. I met this girl (let’s call her F) at my work place and usually I seperate work and friends but we bonded so much and over time we became really close. We did everything together and she was my second half, helped throughout my wedding and everything.
After some time I invited her over along with my friend group because I thought it would be fun meeting and they’d get to know each other, I do not mind that at all. So these meetings became more often and we had a great time. I went on vacation and she was all by herself, so I suggested her to call the other girls and hang out with them, I do not have to be with them for her to chill with them as well. She did that and they bonded even more and everything was great.
After some time the girls started to meet eachother a lot more and they would not ask me or include me. It became very frequent and it started to hurt me, I told them exact that and they apologized and said it wasn’t intentional and that the meetings were always very spontaneous so no bad thoughts behind. A couple weeks later I had to move cities because of work (only like an hour drive, not far at all) and as you can guess they would still never call me or ask about me when meeting together. My work friend (F) would still be in contact with me privately and we’d meet up here and there but whenever she’d meet with them she would also not call me.
So after some thoughts I decided to talk about it again and ultimately the B C and D said that I wasn’t as close to them as they were to me and the feelings weren’t Mutual and we drifted apart (even though I always contacted them and they’d always tell me how important I am to them ). Now if they feel that way I cannot change it but I was very hurt and A and F were there when we all talked about it.
So the meetings continued and I distanced myself from everyone to that point that F asked me what’s wrong and I figured she did not understand the amount of hurt I had. I confronted her and told her I was hurt she was still meeting with them after they hurt me and after she heard and saw what they told me and that she did not try to stand by my side or telling them off that it was wrong what they did. She said she didn’t want to get in between and since they did nothing bad to her she sees no reason to stop hanging out with them. I told her I just expected her to make it clear that what they did was wrong and support me. I still love her and she is the closest to my heart but I was just hurt by her actions. We talked it out and it was good.
Funny thing is, after that I contacted her twice and she hasn’t contact me at all until now (even though she said she). It’s been 2 months.
So my question is, was so overreacting? Is it wrong from me to think that way and be hurt by her actions?
TLDR: I introduced my friend to my friend group, friend group hurt me a lot and my friend stood by their side and stopped contacting me even though I did nothing wrong.
Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.
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