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Harry Potter and the Stones of Magic

2014.03.06 13:33 Harry Potter and the Stones of Magic

The full Harry Potter tales

2015.02.04 06:47 dangerouslycheesey94 Pottermore Writings by J.K. Rowling

Find ***all*** the writings and content that has been released by J.K. Rowling on Pottermore.com.

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2023.03.22 16:41 No_Entertainer_3145 22m from Italy with various interests looking for people to talk with

Heyo, I'm going to try posting a longer post (again). So, I'm a 22 year old guy living in Italy and I was looking forward to meet and talk with people from this sub.
What could I tell you about myself?
  1. I like gaming, I do play multiple kinds of games (both off and online). I have played games like League of Legends, Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, a bunch of other RPGs and idk, feel free to ask.
  2. I enjoy watching series/movies (even though not really frequently). I have absolutely loved Breaking Bad, I also have watched Peaky Blinders and some other series, I don't watch that many movies but I've been watching the Harry Potter saga lately (finished it, too).
  3. I enjoy learning different stuff or skills that may or may not be helpful to me
  4. I enjoy music a lot, I listen to a lot of music during my day, mostly in the background while I'm studying/working on something and I enjoy rap/hip hop a lot, also like pop but I do enjoy a lot of different genres. I like listening to instrumentals too at times and I absolutely love pianos (was even looking forward to learning how to play it one day, who knows)
  5. I like water.
That's pretty much it, thank you for reading all of this.
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2023.03.22 16:34 RSforce1 Now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone for first time, and I have to ask... What's the point of Quidditch?

Now I was reading the chapter in which Wood tells Harry the rules of Quidditch and I can't stop wondering... what's the point of the game?
What's the point of it being a team sport, what sense has all that happens in the match and the points they score if the match doesn't end until the seeker catches the ball and when he does, his team wins the match regardless of the previous result during the game?
From my point of view, this makes all players who are not searchers only a mere filler, the points have no value and everything that happens in the game is useless.
What do you think about that?
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2023.03.22 16:17 Light-Wand Should I buy a PS5 or an Xbox series X ?

I've always wanted a console in my life, but I never had the chance to get my hands on one of them. Luckily, I saved up enough money and I'm going in vacation to buy one of them. But I am now worrying about what console to get because of the pros and cons of each console. Considering I don't really like PS5 exclusives like God of War, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank ect... And that I'll buy the gamepass/PS plus and that I love Star Wars and Harry Potter, it's really hard to decide.
But the ultimate thing that I will prioritise above all criterias is if the console will last long. I've seen PS5 not fonctionning shortly after the purchase and things similar with the Xbox series X. That has got me worrying if it will degrade even more considering the fact that I'll the take the console with me on the plane trip back to home.
Pls help me, and thank you if you do.
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2023.03.22 16:00 Steamy5906 22M looking for quality long term friendship

Well the title says almost everything. I'm looking for a friend that we talk almost everyday. It doesn't matter where you are from. I'm in timezone GMT-4, if you want to talk to someone in a close timezone. Age isn't a big factor as long as you're over 18. I'm 22.
A little about me. I'm a mechanical engineering student. I'm in my third year. My interests are cars, hiking, gardening, pets, long meaningful discussions about social issues and political views, self improvement, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, fitness, history and language learning. I'm learning Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese. Spanish is my strongest out of those.
I like movies, but I haven't been that into movies these days. However, I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. My favorite TV series is Game of Thrones. I'm not a big reader of books, but I hope to read the book series one day.
I enjoy any type of music, but I usually listen to R&B, indie, pop, reggaeton and soca.
Not sure what else to write. Message me and find out more about me. Just start by telling me a bit about yourself and thanks for reading this far.
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2023.03.22 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Wed, Mar 22 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Putin will be arrested if he comes to Ireland, Department of Justice says
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Uganda passes bill banning identifying as LGBTQ
Comments Link
Putin has vowed to respond to Britain sending uranium tank arms to Ukraine - as his defence minister says there are fewer steps to go before nuclear collision between Russia and the UK
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Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held
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‘Don’t Say Gay’ lawmaker pleads guilty to COVID relief fraud
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Biden designates area sacred to tribes as largest national monument of his presidency CNN Politics
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Most Americans want to ban cigarettes and other tobacco products, per new CDC survey
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Study shows ‘obesity paradox’ does not exist: waist-to-height ratio is a better indicator of outcomes in patients with heart failure than BMI
Comments Link
A crucial building block of life exists on the asteroid Ryugu. Uracil, a component of RNA, was found in a sample collected by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft.
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Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket
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Scientists have discovered the chemical compound uracil, one of the building blocks of RNA, in just 10 milligrammes of material from the asteroid Ryugu
Comments Link
Young Sun-like star reveals hidden step in how planets like Earth get their water. The new results show that a significant portion of Earth's water most likely formed billions of years ago, before the Sun had even ignited.
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Leukaemia breakthrough: Experimental pill sees cancer vanish in 18 patients
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Bill Gates just published a 7-page letter about AI and his predictions for its future
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World’s top climate scientists issue ‘survival guide for humanity,’ call for major course correction
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what sucks when you get married?
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What video game have you played the most?
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What subscription is worth every penny?
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TIL of Ettore Majorana, an Italian theoretical physicist who predicted the existence of the neutron and neutrino before disappearing without a trace in 1938
Comments Link
TIL that one of Hitler's earliest allies and close friends, Ernst Röhm, was actually openly homosexual, despite the Nazis' hatred for homosexuality. He was the leader of the SA until 1934, when he was killed during the Night of the Long Knives.
Comments Link
TIL the Big Gulp was invented in 1976, when Coca-Cola suggested that 7-11 use 32 oz. cups, much larger than 20 oz. cups being used by McDonalds at the time. The first regional order of 500 Big Gulp cups sold out in a week, eventually forcing automakers to make cupholders bigger as popularity grew.
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[OC] Every Possible Wordle Solution Visualized (With Interactivity!)
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[OC] Timeline of same-sex marriage legalization across Canada, USA and Mexico (2003-2022)
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[OC] Microsoft Bing: A forgotten $10B+ business
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What do you make rarely because it's a lot of work and not even remotely healthy?
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Garlic press which doesn't leave 1/3 of the bulb behind?
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What's on the menu tonight? Home Cooks Sound Off.
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[Homemade] Spicy noodles with hot dogs!
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[homemade] Reuben eggrolls
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[homemade] cheesy roasted garlic rolls
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Chris McKay confirms 'Renfield' is a direct sequel to 1931's 'Dracula'
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Netflix’s ‘Gears of War’ Movie Taps ‘Dune’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ Writer Jon Spaihts
Comments Link
‘Family Means No One Gets Left Behind’ An Oral History of Lilo & Stitch, the Disney Movie that Almost Brought Hand-Drawn Animation Back.
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Recreation of Bob Ross’s Mountain Waterfall, Me, Makeup, 2023
Comments Link
Cyber Samurai, by me, digital drawing, 2023
Comments Link
The Face of Terror, Steffen Hartmann, digital, 2022
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Taylor Tomlinson Signs Netflix Deal for Two More Standup Specials
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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Ciarán Hinds ‘Was Put Off by the Amount’ of Sex in the Show: It Took Away ‘From the Political Storytelling’
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always-30th Anniversary Reunion Special Trailer-Netflix
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Pedro Pascal bought Five Guys for the whole cast and crew of The Last Of Us
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A picture of Mount Rushmore before the faces were carved in. It was known as the Six Grandfathers.
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I travelled 5,000 miles to take this scenery in
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Impressive display of balance and strength
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Off the highway at SXSW someone was projecting art of keanu reeves on the basketball stadium for john wick 4
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What we made it work today
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"CHIEF OF POLICE WANTS ME DEAD" Sign in Small Town Kansas [OC]
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This sign warning of a dog who runs in front of cars.
Comments Link
This sign make Janitor look like its own gender
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Stabilised footage of the Bigfoot film from 1967.
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A German-Jewish WWI veteran wears his iron cross while a Nazi soldier stands in front of his shop in an attempt to intimidate
Comments Link
Upon landing in New Zealand flight attendants sprayed insecticides inside the cabin before anyone was allowed to leave the plane.
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Harry Potter, but Balenciaga.
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My dog got some shots today and it reminded me of a famous painting
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Yesterday I posted how I was going to adopt Vincent today. A kind redditor who wants to stay anonymous paid his adoption fees and told me to pay it forward. We're home. The 1 ear cat and the 9 finger man
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Cheetahs love getting scritches too.
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Dog visiting friends
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2023.03.22 15:55 anabolic_coach Q&A #67...Dorian Yates "Shadow Warrior" Review

Q&A #67...Dorian Yates
Q: Hey Coach how is your day going? I hope things are going awesome for you. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for giving us some great information on such a wide variety of topics.
I like the fact that you are multi-faceted and not just talking about the drug end of the sport. I do like that contents as well don't get me wrong but I also really enjoy all the recipes, health and longevity info, as well as your crazy stories. Damn bro you have some crazy shit happen to you often eh?
My question is about training videos from the Pro's. I have all of Ronnie Coleman's videos and I love watching them. Is there another one you could recommend for me that would be motivational yet informative as well?
I am not biased to any one single Pro so it could even be someone I am not familiar with. Let me know your thoughts as I know you give amazing recommendations for just about everything.
Thanks Coach
Shadow Warrior is a Classic!
A: Hey man thanks for writing in. I always look forward to guys sending me DM's with their questions and I do my best to help them. So you are looking for a good motivational and educational video are you? No worries I have one that you will really like for sure. I will recommend a video series that is by none other than Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. So let's take a look at what this is all about.
What an Amazing Trailer!
The “Shadow” as Dorian was called during his competitive heyday was a term that would invoke fear into the hearts of his competition. It was the 1990’s and Dorian was tearing up the Olympia stage like a true warrior and he wasn’t taking any prisoners. His domination on the platform was truly out of this world because he ushered in a new era of the mass monster. I remember as a teenager the amazing transformation Dorian did back in 1993 and those black and white photographs of him posing in the offseason.
One of the Best Backs in Bodybuilding History!
Just looking at those photos still motivates me to this day as they are truly legendary. Now in my opinion Dorian brought together the ultimate physique that will be remembered for decades to come. He packed on slabs of lean dense muscle, but at the same time, he never lost the aesthetic and symmetric proportions that seem to have disappeared within this last decade. He also was known for his conditioning and paper-thin skin. He would come in more dry and peeled than an onion. He was the perfect mix of mass, symmetry, and conditioning. A combination in my opinion, that has yet to be matched to this day.
The 1992 Transformation that Blew Everyone's Mind!
One Hell of a Video!
Dorian has recently released his new training video called “Shadow Warrior” and for all of you who are Dorian fans, it is a must-see. I have seen just about every bodybuilding video produced. Some of them are good, but then you have many that are too predictable following the same format. It consists of bodybuilder X working out then eating a meal. That gets boring pretty fast for even the most simple-minded bodybuilder. I want to give a huge thumbs up to Garry Phillips and Abhijit Chattaraj for producing one of the best bodybuilding films ever! Yes, folks, it’s that good and isn’t something I can say for the other dozen or so bodybuilding films produced every year. I was very impressed not only with the layout of the film but also the direction was superb.
Rowing 200 Pound Dumbbells for the Cover of FLEX Magazine!
Welcome to Temple Gym
This is not one of your simple hour and half bodybuilding flicks where it’s a back and forth mixes of training and eating and training and eating. It is a hell of a lot more than that and should be a reminder for others producing films to take as an example. It is set on two discs and contains close to 6 hours of amazing footage. The first disc covers the main feature and it was nothing short of amazing. It starts off with Dorian giving us a tour of Temple Gym and welcoming some different pros like Tony Freeman and Dennis Wolf in for a workout.
Dorian also spends time with all his fans that come and visit him no matter how big or small. He is well known to give back to the sport and is always helpful to everyone that comes to Temple Gym. One part I really liked about this is that he included some awesome archive footage from the 1990s. It contained some video footage of photoshoots and guest posing appearances that I have not seen anywhere else. It also covers a lot about his history in the sport from the time he got started as a teenager and his amazing progression over the years to become a 6 time Mr. Olympia. Included on this disc is also his 1996 interview at the Grand Prix. This was something that I never saw before and was very interesting to take a look back at one of his famous interviews.
Dry Dense Mass Monster!
Blood and Guts
Now just when you thought it was over think again. Next up is over 2 hours of one of his seminars at Liberty’s nightclub way back in 1990 after his Night of the Champions win. Now for those of you who are into volume training and have never tried his hardcore approach then I suggest you give it a try. In my opinion, for those that complain that they don’t get enough out of this style of training, I believe it’s because you don’t train with the intensity needed to make it work. Let’s be honest most guys that call themselves bodybuilders train with the intensity of a yoga instructor and simply don’t have the balls to destroy the weights with ten percent of what Dorian put into his workouts.
Very Few Trained as Intense as Dorian!
This is why high volume is so popular these days. We all know that Dorian trained like an animal in the gym and for those of you who didn’t see “Blood and Guts” then you don’t know what you are missing. Second many who try this system are not properly educated on how to incorporate it effectively. If you fail at these two most important pillars of this method you are doomed to fail. During this seminar, Dorian covers a treasure chest of training and nutrition knowledge. This info alone could have been a complete DVD and would have provided more useful information than most videos out there.
Teenage Dorian Never Giving Up!
Time for Pain
My favourite part of this video collection is where Dorian takes some top pro bodybuilders and gives them a taste of his style of training. This is kick ass because not only are you learning from him directly in the gym but also watching him punish his clients is worth the price of admission alone. It shows some footage of him training back with Zack Khan before the British Championships.
One quote I really liked is when he punishes them into the ground he mentions how all the weights at Temple Gym are heavier than other gyms. This goes to show that even with advanced pro’s that have been training for 15 to 20 years, Dorian still is teaching them how to maximize muscle contraction and perfect their form. In my opinion, no one in bodybuilding was more critical about proper biomechanics of exercise than Dorian, who looked for every angle to fully decimate the muscle.
Dorian Stayed Lean in the Off Season!
A Workout from Hell!
He puts the most renowned writer in bodybuilding history, Ron Harris through one hell of a leg workout. I am sure that workout left him limping in pain for at least a week to come. He also puts Evan Centropani through a back workout that is truly legendary. But the most inspiring part is his training sessions with Chris Cormier. As Chris mentioned, he’s been training for 30 years and the intensity of Dorian’s workouts are off the charts. Dorian puts him through a leg workout that will stay etched in Chris’ frontal lobe for the rest of his life.
Pain and Suffering To Create a Champion!
Dorian punishes him on a gauntlet of exercise all the while training like a beast himself. But the hack squats at the end of his workout leaves Chris on the verge of an out of body experience. Chris was suffering in pain and was swearing more than someone with Tourette’s. He stumbles up the gym stairs to lie in the dirty alley outside to multiple episodes of dry heaving and vomiting. Dorian brings him some water and tells him to get up because he’s making the place look untidy. This is classic footage of the reality of Dorian’s training sessions on one of the sport’s most experienced pro bodybuilders. It finishes off with a major photo collection of Dorian from his early training days and competitions all the way to the Olympia stage.
The Original Mass Monster!
Classic Footage
Now for those of you who were thinking about ordering this video all I can say is that it will be a classic added to your collection. It has tons of valuable educational information that you can apply to your training and nutrition program. But best of all the raw footage seen here is not available anywhere else and believe me it is truly priceless.
Dorian is a Big Fan of Medical Cannabis!
I was very impressed not only with the content but the layout and production were fantastic. This is without a doubt my favourite bodybuilding video released in over a decade. If you are looking to add one new bodybuilding video to your stash this year then this is the one to have. Yes, it’s that good so get yourself a copy while you can! You can find it at www.theshadow-warrior.com
A True Bodybuilding Legend!
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2023.03.22 15:53 Milagan Harry Potter and the Dark Rooms of Berghain

Harry Potter and the Dark Rooms of Berghain submitted by Milagan to berlinsocialclub [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 15:47 alabastor [USA-PA][H]GB,GBA,GBC,N64,PS,PS2,XBOX,360,GC,DS,3DS,SWITCH,ETC [W] Switch games, offers

Hey everyone,
Below is what I've got for trade, some of it I may have to confirm with my partner if they're ok with trading it but for the most part everything is for trade
Primarily looking for:
Pokemon sp/bd (either one)
Octopath 2 NSW
Special edition version games (like FE, hollow knight, etc) - low priority

I also have a bunch of steam game keys, if those are allowed to be traded on here. can provide a list if needed
Item Console Status Notes
Octopath Traveller NSW CiB
Cadence of Hyrule NSW CiB
Pokemon Legends: Arceus NSW CiB
Paper Mario: The Origami King NSW in Gamestop case
Pokemon Shield NSW CiB
Just Dance 2021 NSW CiB
assassins creed revelations 360
battlefield 3 limited edition 360 didn't see a code in the box
bioshock 360 platinum hits collection box
call of duty black ops 360
call of duty modern warfare 2 360
Call of Duty MW 3 360 CiB
dj hero 360 disk only
drumset 360 has pedal and sticks
forza motorosport 3 360
gears of war 3 360
gears of war triple pack 360 used code
guitar 360 rock band guitar
guitar 360 guitar hero guitar
halo 4 360
keyboard 360
mass effect 2 360 platinum hits
mass effect 3 360
mortal kombat 360
Need for Speed Most Wanted 360 CiB
Need for Speed Pro Street 360 CiB
portal 2 360
rock band 3 360
saints row the third 360
skyrim 360 gamestop sticker
soul calibur IV 360 loose Gamestop case and sticker
soul calibur v 360 loose Blockbuster Case
tales of vesperia 360 gamestop sticker
the beatles rock band 360 CiB
xbox 360 console 360 with cables
you don't know jack 360
you don't know jack 360 case only
Fire Emblem Echoes 3ds CiB Special Edition
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d 3ds CiB has gamestop sticker on box
Mario Kart 7 3ds CiB
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3ds CiB
Pokemon Moon 3ds case only
Pokemon Omega Ruby 3ds CiB
Pokemon Sun 3ds CiB
Pokemon y 3ds CiB
Super Smash Bros 3ds CiB
are you smarter than a 5th grader ds
Brain Age DS CiB
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin DS Case Only
Flash Focus DS Loose
Pokemon Conquest DS CiB
Pokemon Soul Silver DS Loose
r4 ds
Mario Kart Double Dash Gamecube CiB
pokemon red gb loose
Action Replay GBA Loose
Golden Sun GBA game and case, missing booklet Has a price sticker on case
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GBA CiB
Megaman & Bass GBA Loose
Metroid Fusion GBA Loose
Red SP Console GBA
Zelda: A Link to the Past + Four Swords GBA Loose
Blue Console GBC
Gameshark GBC Loose Gameshark sticker is partly worn
Pokemon TCG GBC Loose
Yellow Console GBC
Zelda Oracle of Seasons GBC Loose Has a price sticker on it
Grand theft autio Vice City Guide book
bomberman 64 n64
controller n64 yellow
controller n64 purple
controller n64 grey
donkey kong 64 n64 price sticker
expansion pack n64
goldeneye 007 n64 sharpie on cartridge
Hyper Pack Plus N64 Loose
namco museum n64
nba showtime n64 price sticker
nfl blitz 2001 n64
nintendo 64 console n64 with cables
pokemon stadium n64
rr64 n64
standard pack n64
star wars episode 1 pod racer n64
star wars rogue squadron n64
the new tetris n64
tony hawk's pro skater 2 n64
wwf no mercy n64
guild wars 2 PC Physical box Redeemed code
guild wars 2 heart of thorns PC Physical box Redeemed code
guild wars factions PC Physical box Redeemed code
starcraft 2 heart of the swarm PC Physical box Redeemed code
starcraft 2 wings of liberty PC Physical box Redeemed code
Team Fortress 2 PC Physical box Redeemed code
the sims pc disk only not sure what console it's for
memory card ps1 loose grey
memory card ps1 loose teal
007 Everything or nothing ps2 greatest hits
athens 2004 ps2
controller ps2 black
controller ps2 black
dream gear controller ps2 clear
espn 2k5 ps2 gamestop sicker
god of war ps2 disk only gamestop sticker
Grand theft autio Vice City ps2 Gamestop Sticker
growlanser generations ps2
guitar hero ps2
guitar hero 2 ps2
guitar hero 3 ps2
guitar hero 3 ps2
kingdom hearts ps2
kingdom hearts 2 ps2
kingdom hearts armageddon ps2
lego star wars ps2 no insert greatest hits
mad katz controller ps2 red
mad katz controller ps2 blue
marvel vs capcom 2 ps2
memory card ps2 loose yellow
memory card ps2 loose yellow
memory card ps2 loose black
memory card ps2 loose red
memory card ps2 black
microphone ps2
mortal kombat deception ps2 cib price sticker
Need for speed 3 ps2 disk only
need for speed hot pursuit 2 ps2 no inssert cracked case
pac man world 3 ps2
ps2 console ps2 with cables
ratchet and clank ps2 no insert greatest hits
shadow of the colossus ps2
singstar 80s ps2
singstar rocks ps2
sno cross ps2 cib
soul calibur 3 ps2 no insert
ssx ps2
street fighter anniversary collection ps2
the simpsons hit and run ps2 greatest hits
the sims ps2
the sims 2 ps2
the sims 2 pets ps2
the sims bustin out ps2 gamestop sicker
psp go white psp loose has charger
Lego Harry Potter Wii CiB has sticker on box
Mad World Wii CiB
mario kart wheel wii loose
mario kart wheel wii loose
Mario Kart Wii Wii CiB
Metroid Other M Wii CiB
nunchuck wii loose
nunchuck wii loose
nunchuck wii loose
Super Mario Galaxy Wii CiB
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Wii CiB
Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii CiB
Wii Fit Plus Wii CiB
pro controller wii u loose
pro controller wii u loose
wii u console wii u with cable-s
star wars battelfront 2 xbox
star wars battlefront 2 xbox disk only
star wars jedi academy xbox gamestop sticker
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2023.03.22 15:06 Kind-Cheetah-2706 Welcome Rebels

Welcome to the Chicken Rebellion
Here is where we can create plans of action to destroy Voldemort
We shall destroy the wizards

Or just talk about Harry Potter stuff
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2023.03.22 14:50 Reddit_Survivor9 This is my idea for Cursed Child.

I've been thinking of the Cursed Child being someone who's not the child of Voldemort and Bellatrix, but Snape and Petunia.
Keep in mind this story is a bit dark, and I'd appreciate constructive feedback.
Petunia is given a love potion by Snape as a method of revenge when Lily rejects Snape in her fifth year, and she becomes pregnant with Snape's child, which Snape doesn't know about. The girl is given to Mrs Figg who through Mundungus Fletcher, proceeds to give her to a family of pureblood supremacists who don't have children. She is sent to Durmstrang, two years above Harry. Having grown up a loner, fed with all sorts of pureblood supremacist propaganda, bias and prejudice against Muggles, she learns who she was from Mundungus at the end of the war. Angry at the deception, she resents Snape and Petunia, the former for his stance against Voldemort and pureblood supremacy, and the latter for deserting her. She becomes a new Dark Witch intent on taking over the world, and killing Harry Potter and his friends.
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2023.03.22 14:45 SBPRA The Adventures of Henry And Eulalie

The Adventures of Henry And Eulalie
Sci-Fi Adventure Takes Young Readers Across the Universe
“Ever since I was a child, I dreamed about going to other worlds as I slept. I’ve always been interested in the crossroads of magic and science and the role of perception in one’s reality,” says author Mushin Knott. She brings her magical fantasy adventures to life in The Adventures of Henry and Eulalie, the first book of a planned trilogy.
Illustrated by Kalpart, the story takes 11-year-old Henry Harris and his fairy friend Eulalie through worlds of reason and science (Sun-Rhea), the land of his birth father (Donegal), and the many magical realms of the Wildlands, including the home of his birth mother (Mirabel), the Land of Echoes, populated by ghosts and shades, to the Sky in the Lake, where they must free Henry’s mother from her imprisonment.
The story begins with Henry seemingly passing out at baseball practice on Planet Earth, only to wake up and learn that his consciousness has been “bilocated” back to his birth planet by three scientists, one of whom is his uncle.
Magic and science combine to take young readers on soaring adventures between diverse worlds.
About the Author: Virginia native Mushin Knott studied classical guitar at James Madison University, and holds master’s degrees in both literature and economics from Virginia Commonwealth University.
“Join Henry and Eulalie on their other-worldly travels. Their story will delight the imagination of readers of all ages.” – Lynn Eddy, VP of Acquisitions, Strategic Book Publishing
Publisher's Website

#fairy #fantasy #science #adventure #differentworld #youngadult
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2023.03.22 14:37 XanderLord42 Audio Book

I grew up listening to the audio books of this series as well as harry potter and a few others. I was wondering if any news has been made about the wonderfull Gerard Doyle returning as his role of Eragon narrator. I know he told Christopher he would.
I work 12 shifts at my job and love listening to audio books while I do my job. I cant wait to listen to the next book, I listen to the whole inheritance cycle at least once a year. They are my comfort books and hold a huge place in my heart. Honestly audio book are what keep me from going cart where I work so I was hoping someone had some good news. Sorry of this is a repost and thank you for reading.
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2023.03.22 14:20 maiak_0 need a new comfort author! (info in comments)

need a new comfort author! (info in comments) submitted by maiak_0 to 52book [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 14:07 TrustworthyEater Sectumsempra = gender transition spell

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2023.03.22 14:04 Myriamink15 A little fanart of Harry Potter

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2023.03.22 14:03 Intrepid_Fun6196 M4F Long term Rp

Hello all. I’m looking for a 18+ long term semi detailed rp M4F based on a few animes. Naruto, MHA, DBZ, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, or even a Slice of Life rp like Quintessential Quintuplets, Rent a Girlfriend Horimiya More Than a Married Couple Less Than Lovers and so on or Harry Potter Rp. I prefer for Harry Potter or the animes to be cannon characters but OCs can be negotiated. For these RPs I prefer if they were a mix of romance and adventure in order to keep things interesting and I would prefer if you could write a minimum a paragraph if possible.
Some characters I’m looking for
Naruto-Sakura, Ino, Tsunade, Kushina
MHA-Momo, Uraraka, Miriko, Midnight, Mt Lady, Mina
DBZ-Chi-Chi, Bulma, 18
One Piece-Nami, Yamato, Uta
Fairy Tail-Lucy, Mirajane, Juvia, Erza
Black Clover-Noelle
Quintessential Quintuplets-Nino, Miku, Ichika, Itsuki, Yotsuba
Rent a Girlfriend-Chizaru
More Than a Married Couple-Akari
Digimon-Mimi, Sora, Kari
HP-Hermione, Ginny
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2023.03.22 14:03 AlexMikkelsen Making music

Making music
Hello everyone. I'll start right away, without long introductions. This post consists of two parts: theoretical, where I reflect on the nature of creativity, and practical, where I comment on the creation of specific compositions. So, let's go!
Music is an amazing kind of creativity. A song done in a few minutes can take off and earn an author a lot of popularity and a ton of money.
Roy Orbison and his partner Bill Deese sat at Orbison's house trying to compose a song. In search of a melody, they played whatever came to mind. Roy Orbison's wife, Claudette, looked into the room and told her husband that she was going to the city to shop. Roy asked if she needed money, and then Deese got into the conversation with the remark: “Pretty woman never needs any money!". Then Orbison began humming the phrase "Pretty woman walking down the street", and Bill Deese began to beat the rhythm with his fist on the table. He vividly imagined a certain woman in a yellow skirt and red shoes, her heels clicking on the sidewalk. When Claudette returned with her shopping, the song was ready. In a television interview, Orbison said that it took as long to write the song as it sounds.
Neither cinema, nor literature, nor painting can boast such a big difference between costs and results. What's the secret? And why are some compositions successful and others not? I will not delay with the answer: in my opinion, the reason for this lies in the melodies.
If you write brilliant lyrics, make a professional arrangement in a high-quality studio with the best masters, achieve crystal clear sound, draw a great cover, shoot a video for a lot of money and invest properly in advertising, but you will not have a good melody, all this will turn out wasted. Melodies that catch, swing, evoke emotions will be interesting, but just a set of notes, even a pleasant one, will not lead to anything special.
I don’t know why different people’s brains respond in the same way to certain sets of sounds, but we can take advantage of this. We need to learn how to find these sounds.
When creating music, there are principles that are characteristic of creativity in general. In my understanding, creativity is the creation of new connections between elements. Elements can be anything: things, words, ideas. For example, let's take two elements: a table and a glass. Let's create a connection: the glass is on the table. This is trite, but this is creativity. Let's try the other way around: the table is on a glass. Already more interesting. A table inside a glass, a glass inside a table, a glass made of wood, a table made of glass - as you can see, there can be many options, and I think you have already noticed an important detail: most of these connections are complete nonsense. But among the nonsense, you can find something interesting. For example, a table where you can pour water - at least this is a little less nonsense than previous examples)
So in everything that concerns creativity: the majority of creations are uninteresting and useless, and the task of the creator is to find worthy ones among them.
The Russian poet Mayakovsky has a wonderful poem. In the original, of course, there is a rhyme that makes the poem ten times better, but the pure meaning is also worth attention.
Poetry is the same mining of radium.
In gram production, in years of work.
You exhaust a single word for the sake of
Thousands of tons of verbal ore.
But how sizzling these words are burning
Next to the decay of the raw word.
These words set in motion
Thousands of years of millions of hearts.
The creation process as a whole consists of three stages:
  1. Accumulation of elements. In order to have something to create connections between, we need to find something new. The process of cognition, akin to creativity, is engaged in this. They are closely linked: recognition of something is impossible without creation, and creation leads to the recognition of something new.
  2. Generation of new links. As a rule, the subconscious is involved in this process. It does it quickly, easily, and much better than consciousness. Try, for example, deliberately creating new connections between the same table and glass, and you will see that this process is slow and stressful. But if you somehow convince the subconscious to do this (for example, trying to do it consciously for a while), new connections will pour in. This is inspiration.
  3. Selection. Probably the most important stage at which it is necessary, focusing on your feelings, to choose the best and throw out the rest. One of the biggest challenges at this stage is not distinguishing the good from the best and stopping work before greater results can be achieved. For example, a musician composes a melody, he really likes it, because it turns out to be better than everything that he has composed before, but he does not notice that the melody is still not good enough to use it in his work.
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality":
"Unfortunately for Mr. Malfoy, he is still new to the art of creativity, and so he has committed a classic error of Ravenclaw."..."Mr. Malfoy is new to the business of having ideas, and so when he has one, he becomes proud of himself for having it. He has not yet had enough ideas to unflinchingly discard those that are beautiful in some aspects and impractical in others; he has not yet acquired confidence in his own ability to think of better ideas as he requires them. What we are seeing here is not Mr. Malfoy's best idea, I fear, but rather his only idea."
Now let's move on from the principles of creativity in general to creating melodies. In the case of melodies, elements are notes: their duration, pitch, and the intervals between them. And their combination is the creation of connections. Our task is to generate a large number of melodies, and then select those that cause an emotional reaction, catch. You can just hum or play an instrument. Do not forget that at first the process will be very difficult, and the result will be disgusting. Soon, the subconscious mind may figure out what you want from it (or maybe not - try it next time), and it will start working on its own. This is the optimal state for work.
Another important aspect of working with the subconscious is worth mentioning. The degree of effectiveness of his work and control over him depends on the degree of mental stress. If you are relaxed, then control and efficiency are maximized - you can easily start and stop the necessary processes, there is even an opportunity to hear melodies right in your head and control them there. If you are tense, depressed, then the situation will be the opposite. Therefore, it is advisable to bring yourself as relaxed as possible before starting creative work.
This can be done either with the help of external things that cause relaxation (environment, music, smells), or with the help of the skills of conscious relaxation (concentration on breathing, biofeedback therapy). This is a separate, no less interesting topic, but now we are talking about something else. Unless it is absolutely not worth using nicotine, alcohol or worse for relaxation - the minus is more than the plus.
When the melody is ready, you can create a composition on its basis, and here you will find all the same creativity, all the same enumeration of options - not only notes, but also chords, instruments, effects, features of the genre in which you compose. All this is also important, but not as important as the melodies, and in this article I will not go deep into this topic. As developing any skill, composing music takes time and effort, and it is worth remembering that the fundamental difference between someone who has achieved something and someone who has not achieved anything is that the first one started and did not quit.
On this philosophizing, we can end and go to examples.
There are special programs for working with music, and they are called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are a great variety of them: there are paid ones, there are also free ones. Those who work with them constantly argue about which one is better, but here the principle applies: the best workstation is the one in which you personally feel comfortable working. At one time I played with FL Studio, with Reaper, but now I mainly work in Cakewalk by Bandlab (formerly Sonar). Unlike the previous two, it is free and at the same time relatively full-featured (although not very popular). An interesting detail: when creating what I will talk about next, I used exclusively free programs, plugins and other intellectual property. You can judge for yourself how much this is enough to create music.
Here is the final result:
So, after a long break in creativity, I decided to write something and remembered that Bandlab has another free DAW that you can work with right in the browser. There it is.
There are a lot of instruments and sounds here, it is easy to learn, so it can be useful for beginners.
Remembering my brilliant theory about composing melodies, I began to strum whatever was right on the keyboard. I am not very good at playing the piano, but nevertheless, after several approaches and many attempts, I composed the main melody for the synthesizer. Added bass and drums. It worked out well. Then, trying to keep up with the style of this melody, I composed the intro. And then the bridge after the main melody. Added a few more instruments. And so, little by little, the following picture came together.
Road (former Blizzard)
It may look menacing, but the project is actually not that difficult. Complex arrangements can have several dozen tracks.
I've heard the expression that music is a combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Following this principle, I tried to make sure that in each measure (rectangle) there was something new - the introduction of a new instrument or a new melody, or, on the contrary, silence.
And this is how the so-called piano roll looks like in this program, where the work with notes takes place. Here you can add, move, stretch and perform other manipulations within the law of your country.
Piano roll
Let's go further. And then I decided to do something cosmic, and, torturing the keyboard, knocked out a few notes from it. I set the tempo down, took a stringy synthesizer as an instrument, and it turned out to be ambient.
As you can see, everything is even simpler here, but the composition does not get any worse from this. The cherry on top was an apparently Pink Floyd-inspired guitar solo. Also played on the keyboard, but in separate fragments, and adjusted to the rhythm.
As you can see, I like to copy melodies and scatter them on different instruments playing at the same time. Here it played a cruel joke on me, and by copying the synthesizer melody to the bass track in the beat before the solo, I got a peculiar, albeit dirty sound. It would be much better to have one note on the bass here, not two. But I don't think anyone really cares.
After creating this track, I got the crazy idea that it would be cool to publish this. But two compositions seemed to me a little, so I took out old records from the stash and finalized them. They are made in Cakewalk and look like this.
Hello World
Yes, my narration looks like:
But, as I said, creating an arrangement is the same often not very interesting enumeration of options, the result of which you see in the screenshots.
Let's say the arrangement is ready, and the nastiest part of the job comes - mixing. This is when a sound engineer adjusts the volume, pan (left / right), frequencies and effects for each individual track so that they sound organic and do not interfere with each other. I set up old projects right in the program, and saved two new ones as separate tracks and loaded them into Cakewalk. True, when saving to the recording, some kind of digital crackle appeared, which can be heard in some parts of the Road and Home tracks, but I suggest considering this as an artistic technique.
Mixing of Road
I must say that the mixing turned out pretty badly, and at the middle frequencies I have a mess, but I think that all this is compensated by great melodies).
The next stage is mastering. This is the preparation of the final recording for publication. Here, the volume adjustment, equalizer and so on also come into play, but this is now applied not to individual tracks, but to the track as a whole. Modern tracks are very loud and very compressed (this is when the loudest moments of the recording and the quietest ones are brought closer to the same average loudness value). The so-called "loudness war" led to this result. Once the producers discovered that the louder the recording, the brighter and more interesting it seems to the listener, and began to compete with each other in twisting the sliders. Thanks to this, the volume of the published music has been steadily growing over the past half century, and we will not be left out either). In addition, the recordings from one release should have the same volume so that the listener does not have to turn the knob at the beginning of each new track.
My mastering skills are even worse than mixing, but here the same Bandlab came to the rescue. The service provides free (which is important) mastering services in automatic mode: you upload a track to the site, and the program tries to put it in order. And, interestingly, she is good at it, although for professionals this approach will cause severe mental and maybe physical suffering.
I'll tell you a secret: individual people, professionals, should be engaged in mixing and mastering, since this is a painstaking and thankless process that can cause a lot of problems for a novice artist. It is a known fact that Billie Eilish recorded her debut album with her brother literally in the bedroom on not the most expensive equipment, and highly paid specialists in the studio were engaged in the subsequent processing. But this does not threaten us yet.
So, the tracks are ready, and they are even almost of the same volume (I messed up here too, obviously choosing different mixing styles for different tracks (see the picture above). Now you need to share them with others, and then collect praise, wait for letters from labels, fend off fans ...
The current time is such that even a schoolboy can send his music to all possible stores, and then collect money for listening (royalties). For this, there are special services - aggregators, which either for a fee or for a percentage of the proceeds send masterpieces to all sorts of itunes and spotifies. I decided that such a scale is not required specifically for this release - tracks in this genre have not achieved great popularity, and it will take too long to wait for the release on the platforms.
The first thing I did was upload my four-track mini-album to Soundcloud. I found some commercial licensed photos on free stock photo stocks and designed the album page and cover with them.
I also decided to make a video with my tracks and put it on Youtube. As a video editor, I used a not very convenient, but free Shotcut. The video featured the album cover on a black background and the song title underneath. Remembering that the standard Microsoft fonts are not very free for commercial use (you never know), I tried hard and found a suitable one on Google Fonts. On the one hand, the resulting picture looks quite stylish, but on the other hand, it is very cheap and creates some kind of tragic feeling. But that is what it is.
I saved the result at 720p, but, interestingly, YouTube itself added 1080p from somewhere else, apparently so that you can enjoy a black screen in HD format.
I also made my own Coub for each song, suitable for the style, and also published it, but there is no particular activity there.
I must say that I do not count on any particular popularity of these four compositions. Yes, in my opinion, there are good tunes (and this is the most important thing), but this is not the kind of music that hits the charts. What I have composed is the first steps, acquaintance. That is why the mini-album is called Hello World.
Actually, that's it. Thanks for your attention!
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2023.03.22 13:58 SyNtAx0990 Help me

I don't remember the name of this immersive Harry potter site. I want to recommend it to a friend. -it is controlled by real people -you need to wait 1 day after sign up to login. -it feels very realistic
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2023.03.22 13:54 orten_boi I have never watched ny Harry Potter movie or read anything at all, but now I’m gonna binge all of them(both the books and movies). First impression here we goooo

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2023.03.22 13:44 Lepube The Mandalorian: Chapter 20 - The Foundling. Updated table.

Update on a previous two posts (Chapter 19 and Original) with the below table.

Chapter Episode IMDB Rating Minutes Director Writer
1 The Mandalorian 8.6 39 Dave Filoni John Favreau
2 The Child 8.5 31 Rick Famuyiwa John Favreau (2)
3 The Sin 8.9 37 Deborah Chow John Favreau (3)
4 Sanctuary 7.7 39 Bryce Dallas Howard John Favreau (4)
5 The Gunslinger 7.5 35 Dave Filoni (2) Dave Filoni
6 The Prisoner 8.3 43 Rick Famuyiwa (2) Christopher Yost
7 The Reckoning 9.0 41 Debra Chow (2) John Favreau (5)
8 Redemption 9.2 49 Taika Waititi John Favreau (6)
9 The Marshall 8.8 52 John Favreau John Favreau (7)
10 The Passenger 7.8 40 Peyton Reed John Favreau (8)
11 The Heiress 8.7 33 Bryce Dallas Howard (2) John Favreau (9)
12 The Siege 8.3 37 Carl Weathers John Favreau (10)
13 The Jedi 9.3 45 Dave Filoni (3) Dave Filoni (2)
14 The Tragedy 9.1 32 Robert Rodriguez John Favreau (11)
15 The Believer 8.9 36 Rick Famuyiwa (3) Rick Famuyiwa
16 The Rescue 9.8 44 Peyton Reed (2) John Favreau (12)
17 The Apostate 7.5 (-1) 35 Rick Famuyiwa (4) John Favreau (13)
18 The Mines of Mandalore 8.4 (-2) 42 Rachel Morrison John Favreau (14)
19 The Convert 7.2 (-1) 59 Lee Isaac Chung Noah Kloor & John Favreau (15)
20 The Foundling 8.4* 33 Carl Weathers (2) John Favreau (16) & Dave Filoni (3)
21 TBD TBD TBD Peter Ramsey John Favreau (17)
22 TBD TBD TBD Bryce Dallas Howard (3) John Favreau (18)
23 TBD TBD TBD Rick Famuyiwa (5) John Favreau (19) & Dave Filoni (4)
24 TBD TBD TBD Rick Famuyiwa (6) John Favreau (20)
Coming fresh off the worst rated episode of the series, we head off into Carl Weathers second attempt at directing with Chapter 20 - The Foundling.
As predicted in last post, the episode is only 33 minutes long (To be fair, I did say between 35-37, so they made me look shit)
I have gone an updated previous episodes and amended their ratings, which is why you'll see (-1) etc next to their new score. This shows how much they have changed since last week.
Chapter 20 is currently sitting on 8.4, but with only 571 reviews, hence the asterisks next to it. So far, every episode has averaged around 10,676 reviews. Based on the history of how these episodes are scored, the fact Chapter 20 is at 8.4 so early into the episodes release, tells me that it has maxed out and will only go down from here. I expect in a weeks time we'll see if around the 8.1 or even as low as 7.8. But hey, I've been wrong before.
Now, I understand these IMDB ratings are subjective and to some, mean nothing. However, what we're now seeing are low rated episodes in a season that has put The Mandalorian in a never before discussion on whether or not it is good anymore. So yes, I believe that the data is correlating with recent news and negative feedback of this season in particular.
This doesn't bode well for this season, especially after the rumors swirling that Season 3 viewership numbers are so bad, it's sitting 3rd behind Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett.
Next week we head off to Chapter 21, that is directed by Peter Ramsey, who has directed films like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Rise Of The Guardians, which are actually decent.
But Peter's expertise really is in his long history of being a Storyboard Artist. He's worked on some big, successful films going back to the 1990 classic Predator 2. If you have some time, check out his other work in the art department!
We could be looking at 8.8 episode here, folks. Too much talent to be shit. Then again...it is Disney, and they've proven they know how to ruin a good thing.
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2023.03.22 13:36 SethNex Different characterizations of Albus Dumbledore

There are many ways how the fandom sees or write about Albus Dumbledore in different fanfiction stories. Some of them are either the same as it was in canon, a little a different, or an almost complete rewrite of the character. After reading many fanfictions, here's three types of Dumbledore that the fanfic authors usually use for their stories.
What do you think about the different Albus Dumbledores in Fanfictions? What other characterizations did you read about?
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2023.03.22 13:34 the_bat_detective 29 [M4F] Florida/Online - Looking for my down to earth gamer girl who plays the same multiplayer games

I’m looking for my special someone, my someone who is eager and willing to have everyday conversations about anything nerdy and also serious topics too, even if it’s something we don’t know much or willing to learn more about. But most importantly, someone who is a gamer and desires a romantic connection like I do.
Here’s a bit about me:
If any of this catches your eye, send me a message! I’d love to hear from you.
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