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Gazpacho [RF]

2023.03.27 08:30 QueasyInvestigator53 Gazpacho [RF]

We met at the gym. Gazpacho was trying to lose his weight; he was heavily obese and was around four hundred and seventy pounds when I first met him. He lost about a hundred and fifty pounds by the last bit of his life. He never shaped himself into his ideal form, but the thought of going to the gym counted, and he gained the ability to walk upright again, especially for long distances.
We used to swim in the local river next to the prairie– it was too hot not to. We used to make jokes about Gazpacho and about how his body was too buoyant because of all that extra fat he had on him. He was a good sport about it— he sometimes shrugged it off or flicked us the bird when he really wasn’t having it, though.
Memory One
One day while we were at the river Gazpacho seemed a little down and was sitting by the water with his toes dipped in. While everyone else was playing in the water I walked over and sat next to him by a tree in the shade.
“What’s wrong?” I said to Gazpacho.
“Nothing much, man.”
“You seem stressed out. You want a smoke?”
“Nah, I’m fine.” He said. We sat there for quite awhile in silence. Probably for hours. I was concerned about him.
I sat with Gazpacho until the sun went down from the middle of the sky to and across the prairie by the horizon, casting the last bit of its colors upon the field until there was nothing but a crimson glow of dusk across the sky.
“I’m tired. I might go home.” He said.
“It’s pretty early still. You should stay out with us while you’ve got the chance.”
“Nah, I might just go home.”
“I’ll go home too then.”
As we walked home through the field everything was pitch black but a couple of star lights that were twinkling. Gazpacho stopped dead in his tracks, already looking up at the sky.
“What do they make you think of?” Gazpacho said.
“The stars?” I said, now stopping too.
“Well, they’ve been there for a while.” I said.
“Yeah. I don’t know how they make me feel.”
“Why do you ask?” I said.
“I don’t know. I’ve just been wondering about it is all.”
We stood there for a while in silence. He went home shortly after.
Memory Two
There was a week where the power was out in the neighborhood because of a blizzard. The snow flooded the roads and the grass and the front yards and the porches and up to Gazpacho’s doorstep. The snow was so heavy that the cars were stuck parked on the road. And the wind blew fiercely, thumping against the windows of the living room where we sat. Our three sofa chairs were huddled around a decently large table that sat next to a raging fire, and the chimney was crammed— causing thick, luscious flames to erupt from the overfilled wood. Gazpacho used his tongue to lick along the squared edge of the rolling paper, the saliva, like glue— all the while the light from the fire danced across the left side of his rounded face, his right side obscured by the darkness of the room. He wore a thick, arctic coat with fur inside its hood with two layers of jeans and two layers of socks with boots covering each foot.
“When’s that blunt gonna be done?” our friend Marty said to Gazpacho.
“It is done.” Gazpacho said. He sat learning forwards with his one hand on his knee, his other hand brandishing the joint in the flickering light of the fire.
“Yeah, I see. Pass it around.” said Marty.
“Well I gotta light it first.”
“Yeah, that’s true.”
“Where’s the lighter at?” Gazpacho said.
“Here.” Marty tossed the lighter to Gazpacho with an underhand throw.
With it in hand, he flicked the lighter, which caused it to spark; he flicked it a couple of times, but the butane was almost out so no flame caught.
“Use the fire.” I said.
“Right.” He said. He pushed up to his feet with a grunt. He was pretty overweight, so the floorboards creaked as he walked to the chimney facing us at the edge of the room.
“This fire’s too big to stick this joint in.” He said.
“Use a stick.” I said.
“Good idea.” He said. He took a stick out from the pile of kindling next to the fireplace, placing part of it into the fire and then pulling it out shortly after. The edge was hot to the touch— and it took on a deep, crimson red. He used the flames from the stick to light the joint, but the joint didn’t burn evenly because of the expanding and contracting flames across the side of it.
“It’s uneven, but it’ll be fine.” He said confidently, tossing the burning stick into the fire, walking back to the couch before sitting down with a large thump.
“Let’s hope so.” Marty said. Gazpacho took a few tokes before handing me the joint.
“It’s good.” Gazpacho said before coughing.
I inspected the side of the joint, my index and middle finger pinching against the filter, “This shit’s pretty uneven.”
“Come on bro, that was twenty dollars.” My other friend said.
“Hell, I guess so.” Gazpacho said.
Memory Three
One time we walked outside and the trees were all but dead and their branches were crooked and hollow. We thought the snow was quite nice. It was fluffy and white, and it lay scattered across the neighborhood yards and roads.
My father had a truck that we drove in the wintertime to get us around. Us three had our licenses, so I wasn’t always the one driving.
It was only us driving in the snow at the time— we had a four wheeler so we could get through it all. No other car was driving on the road at the time.
“Are you ready?” My other friend shouted from the driving seat to Gazpacho, his head peeking out from the side window. It was funny, seeing Gazpacho on that sled. He looked like a fat thumb on a tiny fingerboard; he was too big for the sides of the sled, so part of his body, the sides of his torso, stuck out from the edges and hung over the icy-cold road. He wore a thick leather jacket made for Harley Davidson riders which he used as padding against the road’s friction.
“I don’t know if I am!” He called back to my other friend. I sat in the truck’s bed. The sled that he laid on, with his chest against the bottom, connected to a thick rope that stretched across the snowy road and up the truck and tied around the receiver hitch. He held onto the sides of the sled tightly. I don’t know how we convinced him to do it, but we were to drag Gazpacho along the road by sled.
“I’m scared.” Gazpacho called over.
With a sudden jerk from the front, my friend began driving, the speedometer climbing up from one to three to five to a steady speed of about ten miles per hour.
“Go faster,” I called to Marty, and he gave me a thumbs up through his side window as he drove.
Gazpacho yelled from the back, “I’m too heavy for this kind of thing! Think about the momentum!”
“You’ll be fine!” I shouted.
The speedometer flicked up to about fifteen to then twenty miles an hour. The wind fiercely whipped against the sides of my head, flowing between the slits of my eyes. My friend Gazpacho began to shriek because he was going much faster than he anticipated.
“Don’t be a pussy, Gazpacho!” I called from the back of the truck.
But then, Gazpacho began to swerve from left to right. We passed trash cans and driveways and pedestrians walking their dogs; it was a sight to see us doing this, I thought.
“Slow this thing down!” He roared.
“Alright— alright! Slow it down! Slow it down!” I said to my other friend.
Gazpacho was fine after the whole ordeal. We still joke about it to this day.
He was a stoic man, Gazpacho. He only liked to talk when other people talked to him. Sometimes he brought up conversation starters, but he was usually a mellow guy throughout the time I knew him.
Gazpacho, in the last bit of his life, got a job at the local supermarket. He was very introverted. His manager complained to him that he needed to talk more, but it was hard for him to articulate; he attempted to speak to his customers but didn’t have the necessary social skills to communicate effectively, usually stumbling over his words or not talking at all. It was awkward for him with some customers. He probably had some form of anxiety, but I wouldn’t know exactly what.
He got scared easily, and he didn’t like haunted houses especially. During Halloween we went without him to a Haunted House, and I could tell that he felt distant from us, as if we had wronged him in some way by going to the haunted house without him. He was a little distant after the whole thing.
He had periods of reclusion where he didn’t hangout for months. I sometimes went to his house to check up on him, but he didn’t answer the door on the multiple occasions that I visited. I assume he was in his basement watching TV most of the time or playing his guitar.
He was a very good guitarist. He played for many hours of the day and into the night, his fingers red with cuts and bruises. Although, he didn’t mind it.
These memories before are like most of the times I hung out with Gazpacho. It was nice, seeing Gazpacho. He was one of my best friends— maybe he was my best friend.
He was the type to not like a lot of people. He was a shy man, and he hardly liked to hangout. He liked me, surprisingly, and I was one of the only friends he had had up to that date.
We used to hang out in Gazpacho’s basement in the summer because the basement was very cold and dry, like a cellar for wine. The AC used to blow steadily throughout the room; it was one of those box ACs that sat lodged in the windows of those poor neighborhoods down South.
It was the year 1989 when Gazpacho was born, raised watching Cartoon Network during the day and Adult Swim during the night. He was an only child nurtured by a struggling single mother who had always said that she was in between jobs. So the house wasn’t always clean, nor did it always have power on until later on in his youth. His dad had died of pneumonia when he was very young and left them the house in his will.
Growing up, he used to go swimming with some of his old buddies while the sky was light blue and the breeze was cold but not too cold to impede upon one’s occasions. He did this where the crickets chirped and the bees buzzed along the prairie next to the river where he and his friends watched the formation of the stars above the sky glisten in the twilight.
In his early teens his mother had won a law settlement that granted them a lot of money for a time, but she spent it haphazardly— only for herself when it came to shopping and going out to bars. During this time Gazpacho usually sat alone in his home, collecting his own thoughts.
He was always a tad bit overweight, but in his late teens when his mother died and left some inheritance money along with the house for him to live a couple of years on, that’s when he got most of his weight; I guess the toll of losing both parents had affected him in a very negative way.
He had tried to kill himself once but wasn’t successful because a friend had found him dazed out on some pills alone in his room and took him to the hospital. He sat alone in a rehabilitation center for about a month, all the while thinking to himself about his actions and their consequences.
It took him a while to recuperate, but when he did he felt a lot better and started going to the gym where we met. We hung out in the summer, then the fall, and then the winter.
He killed himself last winter. He left me a note talking about how he was thankful that I was there for him in the times he needed me most. After his death, he was cremated. His ashes were spread across the river we used to hangout in. There was no funeral.
Everyday after my work I like to play his guitar. It’s a dark black fender with a solid white pickguard, pristine in its condition. When I strum the guitar, the cords vibrate in a way unlike any other guitar I’ve ever held. It’s weird… Its cords reverberate after the notes have long been strung.
I inherited some of his other belongings, but his distant family took the rest. I find that wrong because they weren’t there when he needed them most.
My last memory of Gazpacho
There were millions of them, the stars, all glowing and watching us from the night sky as we laid across the prairie.
“What do you think they mean?” I asked Gazpacho.
“I think they represent eternity.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, when a star dies, it isn’t really gone because the light still shines in the sky millions of years later after they blow up. The star's light is still there but the star isn’t there. The stars we’re looking at may all be gone, but they still glow in the sky. Y'know what I mean?”
“Not really, honestly.”
“It’s hard to explain. But I think you just have to think about it enough to understand.”
Shortly after this memory, he went home and killed himself that night.
I never knew exactly what he meant by that, his perspective on the stars. His last words. But whenever I lay on the prairie looking at them, I think of you Gazpacho, and how those stars that were once in the sky are still glowing.
I miss you, Gazpacho.
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2023.03.27 08:28 StrucidGodXD I am making a book

Chapter 1
A history lesson
5 thousand years ago all was calm, until panic broke out, as a surge of demons broke through a seal defending our world from theirs. Billions of lives were lost as they shredded through earth country by country. Those who survived in panic shelters quickly ran out of food and were long forgotten as they starved. A strong substance known as corruption came along with the demons, infecting anyone it choses, forcing them to do things they wouldn't do. When it’s done, well, it gets rid of the victims. However, in all the chaos, there were four wizards. Each of them knew one thing, how to harness corruption. There is another element, Null, it seems to be the opposite of corruption. Null helps people, and as corruption is present within evil, null is within good. What these four wizards did is they created things called Gigaverses. They were like boxes, each holding nearly infinite universes. There were 2 main Gigaverses, our world, and the demon realm. All was perfect and the worlds were at peace once more, forever. Legend says one day, the corruption and null that contain the gigaverses will break, causing the corruption to return once again creating another demonic surge. But I don’t believe those fairy tales!
Chapter 2
Lessons In Demonics
Now it’s the year 2108 and things are a whole lot different. Hi my name is Micheal. Today is going to be good, I just feel it.
I step into math class and it seems I'm the only one there until I see my friend Jeramy sitting in the corner. As I approach him he notices me and whispers something to himself, now I can see his whole face, with its usual red hue, I wonder why? “OH h-h-hi Mikey OH GOD I-I mean M-Mike. Y-yeah Mike.” Isn't he so funny! “So Jeramy, how's your family doing?” “Oh them. They're fine!” As I wonder why he keeps stuttering, the teacher walks in, “Great another AMAZING math class.” The teacher rolls his eyes. The class was boring and I fell asleep. I woke up to a sound, “Ding ding” The bell rang and I dashed for the cafeteria, hungry as ever.
The place smells as if you put a fresh baked batch of cookies IN A DUMPSTER FIRE! In other words, trash. But that doesn't stop it from being my favorite place! I met up with my brother Glitch, a lanky guy with blue hair, and Jeramy, he’s slim, tall, shy, and has bright blue eyes, and has slick brown hair. I envy his hair. I sit right next to Jeramy and suddenly he turns red, “Was it something I said?” “Oh n-no your fine my lo- friend, my friend.” “oh oka-” then Glitch had to interrupt, “While you flirt with my brother ima head out.” Okay now i'm really confused, “uh, Jeramy?” “WATERMELON” I decided it’s probably best to walk out.
After lunch us three head to Demonics class. “As you can see, the angelic demon has many wing like tentic- oh hello you three take a seat please, you all can sit by each other in the back as requested by Jeram-” “OKAY GET ON WITH IT!” Geez Jeramy is acting weird. I start to take notes, and those notes turn into symbols, those symbols turn into hallucinations and they become demons and I can’t breathe and I- “MIKEY ARE YOU OKAY!” “JERAMY MOVE, professor we gotta go!”
I burst up, hyperventilating my back muscles and my head sore, as if something broke through. I’m home, Glitch on the other couch and Jeramy cooking something that smells amazing, I always adored his cooking skills. Maybe one day he’ll teach me. “Hey, Mike, here's some soup to help with your healing.” Suddenly Glitch walked away, “I’ll leave you two alone, okay Jeramy?” “Ya Glitch, that's okay,” His face is confident, I think it’s because of his soup cooking abilities. If so, I TOTALLY agree.“
Chapter 3
A very deep warning
“Hey, Mike. There's something I wanted to ask you?” I strain to lean up, “Ya Jeramy?” “Will you, w-will you,”- A loud noise happens “Hold on man, I got to go check.” “Yeah, of course.” As I walk out of the house the floorboards creaking I hear an ominous voice, “of course we have all eyes on him… just, not now.” I walk out to see a tall dude with purple eyes, messy brown hair, a slim figure, and a flannel jacket. “HEY GET AWAY YOU'RE TRESPASSING!” “Hey Mike!” The strange figure waved at me, “Who the heck are you?” “I'm Samuel.” Suddenly I remembered him and I ran up to hug him. “HEY WE HAVE AN ISSUE HERE IF YOU WANT A HUG THAN YOUR NOT THE GUY PAL TRUST ME!” “Geez okay Sam.” Sam is tall and looks to be about 15 although I'm not certain. He has purple eyes and is always wearing a flannel. Suddenly Glitch’s car came into the driveway and Jeramy ran out and pushed me out of its way. But the car parked where it wouldn't hit me and Jeramy started blushing, he’s so funny! “HEY what are you doing here!” Glitch then proceeds to hug Sam and then slap him, how am I remotely related to him? “Where have you been?” “Well i've bee-” “Hey maybe we could go inside it’s getting cold.” “Ya Jeremy's right, let’s head inside.”
I make everyone some dark hot coco, and we sit down to talk. “So Sam, what was so urgent?” “It’s about Ray he seem-” “Hey my friend is calling, can I answer this?” Glitch interrupted ''NO.” “Geez okay.” Sam then continues, “As I was saying Ray seems to have not been at work in a few months.” “If so then why tell us now and not earlier?” “I was dealing with my own problems…” I drink my hot coco and lean forward, “What, problems?” “I've been seeing droplets of liquid spread around, they all have the same shiny dark purple hue. They feel like-” He paused, “Corruption.” The room felt too quiet, “So, anything else, I mean that's just a naturally forming substance, not like it’s gonna kill you or anything. So, what's up with it ya know?” I feel like I've been speaking too much.”It… just feels wrong. Corruption only exists on the plane that keeps dimensions and gigaverses from colliding. I think we need to investigate. I came because all of you are what I consider the only people who will believe me, now ready?” He waves his hands in a circle and creates a rift, a circle thing with a purple outline, it’s hollow in the center and has a blue tube like thing with wind so strong going in, I can barely stand. Yet it seems to only suck in living creatures. “Go on now you idiots!” Sam pushes us in, we're flying millions of lightyears a second, yet we don’t die. A bright, white light flashes, and now we’re in a dark room. “Sorry my powers are weakened, I could only bring us a mile away from the house, we still have a few thousand miles.” “WHAT!? I've only gone that far on mobile games!” I go over and hug Jeramy to comfort him because I'm a good friend, and friends don’t let others be sad like that.
Chapter 4
A fairly short journey
We started our journey right when we got there. We walked for a few hours and Sam decided to stop, “Alright, let's stop here for the night.” We look up at the glowing StingRay Studios sign. It's just as bad as the first time I was here. Sam opens a portal and grabs a small box, inside is 3 sleeping-bags and 3 tents as well as 32 hotdogs. Jeramy then says “Wow, I love this idea, but why hotdogs and different tents? We can’t even cook the hotdogs.” I'm not on his side with this, so I grab a fistfull of hotdogs and shove them in my mouth. To be completely honest… They tasted amazing. Jeramy responds with, “wha-what.” “Shut up you three i'm trying to sleep.” “Geez Glitch that was mean.” “I don’t care.” I have a nightmare of my friends being killed off one by one as I was tortured… I wake up in the middle of the night and see the glowing sign, and I break in through the window. I don't care if this is illegal, why would I? After all, Ray owns the building! I search the building for clues. My footsteps echo through the night as I creep in the building. I enter Ray’s office and see the pc is on. He and I used to be friends. I know that one day, the third day of the fourth month during 2098 he started his business, with the help of me, Sam, and someone else who I didn't know too well. I type 342098 into the password box on the pc. I opened his secret file. Inside is a code, 3974. As well as blueprints for a machine that can grant full control over the demon realm. I go back to camp and fall asleep. I wake up to Jeramy making a ruckus outside. I go out and see a pile of flowers, red tulips, my favorite. I see him pacing and he notices me, “Uhh… Hi Mike! I-I Prepared so-some flowers for you I wa-wasn’t quite sure if you would lik-” I cut him off and put a finger on his lips, “I love it!” I exclaim, he blushes to the point where his face is redder than a blood moon. “Geez are you okay Jeramy?” “I'm fine…” I hug him because I don’t believe him. I tell Sam that Lucy and her brother's house is on the way to the hotel, “Sam if we go there we don’t need to pay for the room. I'm sure she will understand!” I exclaim. “Alright! Guys, let's head out, We’ll stop at Lucy’s!” He yells to everyone. We start our trip. We stop at a burger place to eat and we see Connor. “Hi guys!” He says. We all talk for a bit while eating our food and then I ask a question, “So, Connor. Do you think it’s fine if we stay at your house?” “Well… We only have one guest room and It would only fit two people so one person could stay with me and one person could stay with Lucy, the cats kinda took over the couch…” We nod our heads and hop in Connor’s car. We arrive and I see Lucy, a tall girl with brown hair that has blue highlights. She runs up and hugs me, “IT’S BEEN SO LONG MIKEY!” She yelled excitedly and I pushed her away as Jeramy yelled at her, “HANDS OFF!” Both of them are visibly angered. “So Lucy… could we stay here for a bit?” Sam asked. “Sure! Sam and Glitch can take the guest room, Jeramy could stay on the side of the house with Connor! And you Mikey can stay with-" "Im staying on the floor in the kitchen."
Chapter 5
Lucy’s House
Connor makes us some dinner and I thank him, it tastes SOOO good! To be honest he is even better at cooking than Jeramy. I suggest that we watch tv. But Lucy shuts down that idea and says we probably have had a long day and we should go to bed. I don’t bother setting up my sleeping bag and I just pass out on the floor. I woke up tired. I grab some tea. "You know Sam… this whole saving the world thing, i'm starting to think we aren't going to get anywhere with it!" I mumble. Sam rolls his eyes and finishes his tea. I move my hair out of my eyes and see that Jeramy looks sort of sad. “You okay?” I ask him. “I'm fine…” He mumbles. “Okay! But I know what's going on…” “WHAT! YOU DO!” He yells as he blushes. “Yeah! I think you want to go shopping with me but you're afraid I'll say no!” I yell enthusiastically. I love the mall. “Oh! Uhh… yep! That’s what is happening!” “Well sure! I’ll go!” He smiles and mumbles something to himself. After I get dressed I ask Jeramy “Well… ARE YOU READY TO GO SHOPPING!” “Um… yes,” he says softly. I start up the car and play anime openings on my phone as we drive to the mall. “Do you need any cash?” I ask him. “Nope!” We walk inside and I immediately notice the amazing smell of the food court. We shop around for a while but we don’t buy too much. “Wanna get something to eat?” I ask. “Sure! I would love it too!” I bought us both some sandwiches. “Jeramy… you are an amazing friend!” “hehe… ya friend…” he sounded sort of sad. “Hey are you alright?” “Yeah…” We go grab some coffee, “So Jeramy… this whole time you've been acting a bit strange… are you alright.” “Um… Mike… I've been wanting to ask you something…” “Yeah?”
Chapter 6
Confessions and Old Friends
He looks around nervously and then we make eye contact, “I wanted to ask… if you would go out with me Mike! You are awesome, you have an amazing personality… I love you!” I blush… I look into his eyes. I get out of my seat and hug him, “OF COURSE,” He stands together for a bit, I then look out the window and see…
Glitch. Staring at us through the window. He opens it and walks up. “I heard you two are getting together.” I WANT TO SLAP HIM SO HARD! WHY IS HE HERE! “Anyway… we have an old friend at Lucy's house, I think you should go there. Well bye!” He jumps out the window and sprints to Lucy's house. “Huh… that was nice.” Jeramy says, breaking the silence. “Wanna get dinner?” I ask. “No, I think we should head back.” “Alright! Let’s go… I'm still surprised about this whole… dating thing, I’ve never dated anyone before.” Suddenly he hugs me again, “I never dated before either, I’ll meet you at the car, you can shop around a bit! Bye!” I sat there a bit drinking my coffee. I feel my sweater, it has a history. My mom gave it to me before she died, I don’t go anywhere without it. Now it’s just me and Glitch living at the house. As I get up I decide I should get Jeramy a gift! As I shop around I find the perfect gift! Jeramy is really into mystery stuff. I go ahead and buy him the gift and rush to the car. “Hey Mike!” I put on my seatbelt, “Hi Jeramy, I got you something!” “Oh really!” I handed him a novel about a detective investigating a group of kids who went missing. “Oh my god! Mike, thank you!” “You're welcome! We should probably get home soon.” I start driving, I can’t help but smile as I watch him read his book. He’s so cute! “Oh yeah Mike. I got you something too!” He reaches into a crate he brought into the car and pulls out a beautiful gold lined double barrel shotgun. “Oh god… THAT IS GLORIOUS! Where did you get this thing?!” I shout as I carefully pick it up. “Oh… My brother works at a place where they make guns, I just asked him about 5 weeks ago if he can make me a special one.” “Awsome!” This gift is really cool to me because I collect firearms and ammunition. I smile, and put it in the crate, the two of us walk into Lucy's house. The guys are watching some gameshow, Connor is cooking a cake, and Lucy is sleeping on the couch that was previously overrun by my cats. I have a feeling Glitch told the guys about the mall… that idiot… “So Mikey? Who interrupts their show first?” When Jeramy called me that, unlike when Lucy called me that and I got mad, When he called me Mikey I felt sort of happy in a sense. “Hey hey hey! If it isn't the two of you! Congrats!” Sam shakes my hand after saying that. “Wow… why is there… uh, balloons and uh, cake?” I ask Glitch. “Well! Jeramy asked us to do this once you two started dating!” I think a bit and turn to Jeramy, “Ok… this is nice and all, but what would you do with all this stuff if that didn’t happen? This plan has a lot of holes in it!” He chuckles. Connor comes out, “I AM NEVER MAKING CAKE AGAIN! I am covered head to toe in butter and flour!” I back away slowly. “Hey!” I hear a voice from behind me. “Hello there…” I turn back and see Silver, I thought he was dead after disappearing that long. “And that is the old friend I was talking about,” Glitch says while eating a bar of dark chocolate. I am still very surprised when Jeramy grabs my hand and pulls me to the kitchen, “So… uh… do you want some cake?” He offers, “Sure!” I grab a slice and sit down on the couch next to two cats, I pet them. “Hey Jeramy?” I ask. “Yeah?”
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2023.03.27 08:28 Accurate_Number_1818 How do you choose the right color scheme for a modern interior design?

Choosing the right color scheme for a modern interior design can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it's essential to make the right choice as the colors you choose can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your space. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to choose the right color scheme for a modern interior design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
Understand the Color Wheel
The color wheel is a great starting point when choosing colors for your modern interior design. It consists of primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), secondary colors (orange, green, and purple), and tertiary colors (a combination of primary and secondary colors). Understanding the relationships between colors on the color wheel can help you create a cohesive color scheme.
Consider the Mood You Want to Create
The colors you choose for your modern interior design can have a significant impact on the mood of the space. For example, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cool colors like blue and green can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige can create a sense of sophistication and elegance.
Use a Dominant Color
Choosing a dominant color is an effective way to create a cohesive color scheme. The dominant color should be the color that appears most frequently in the room. You can use the dominant color on the walls, furniture, and accessories.
Use Accent Colors
Accent colors are used to add interest and depth to your modern interior design. They should complement the dominant color and can be used sparingly on accessories like pillows, curtains, and artwork.
Consider the Lighting
The lighting in your modern interior design can affect how colors look in the space. Natural light can make colors appear brighter and more vibrant, while artificial light can make colors appear duller. Consider the type of lighting you have in your space when choosing your color scheme.
Look for Inspiration
Looking for inspiration can help you choose the right color scheme for your modern interior design. You can find inspiration in magazines, online, or in real-life spaces. Take note of the colors used in spaces that you find aesthetically pleasing and use them as a starting point for your color scheme.
Consider the Functionality of the Space
The colors you choose for your modern interior design should also be functional. For example, if you have children or pets, you may want to choose darker colors that are more forgiving of spills and stains. If you have a small space, you may want to choose lighter colors that can make the space appear larger.
In conclusion, choosing the right color scheme for a modern interior design requires careful consideration of many factors. Understanding the color wheel, considering the mood you want to create, using a dominant color and accent colors, considering the lighting, looking for inspiration, and considering the functionality of the space can all help you create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing color scheme that is also functional. By getting in touch with design and build firms such as Flipspaces one can create a modern interior design that you will love for years to come.
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2023.03.27 08:26 Iamyoursmallestfan List Of Personal Changes To The Trapper

As the title of the post suggests I wanted to go over changes to make to Trapper starting with reasonable requests before getting into the more crazy ideas. I have nearly four thousand hours in the game and play the entire roster of killers on Xbox Series X as well playing as survivor so I am not a biased killer main. But I am obviously biased for this killer that I love to play as so much but so I want to make changes that just make him feel slightly better but understand at the end of the day this is still trapper who unfortunately will always suck. And this is all in good fun to not be taken so seriously. So enjoy. ~Smallest.

~Trapper gloves: (30% faster trap setting speed) after you play with this add on enough when you stop using it you just realize how pathetically slow setting a trap is & without it you never feel like you have enough time to set traps.

~The jaws family of add ons: (applies deep wound, hemorrhage & mangled to survivors who step in a beartrap) I don't know which of these should become basekit but it should be at least one maybe all three of them making stepping into a trap when the Trapper isn't close enough to act on the catch still serve a purpose & slows survivors down. One of the worst feelings is hearing someone step into a trap across the map & then they are healed shortly after. Because now you are down a trap, they know the location of the trap & the time of them healing isn't very long in the current meta which currently we know is an issue & debate (March 2023 PTB update looking at you man that's a mess maybe I'll talk about later)

~Honing Stone: (Survivors caught in a beartrap who free themselves, are downed.) Now this basekit add on comes with a condition I'm not saying we make the full add on basekit! That would become very annoying I feel like. So I say if you are injured and step into a beartrap THEN the honing stone effect is inflicted. Making being injured a risk as if you step into a trap now someone has to come & save you from the trap. Giving him some natural slowdown is it great? No but at least it's something.

~The first one being from Scott Jund that when a survivor is caught inside a trap (and perhaps several seconds after they free themselves) Trapper is given the haste status effect allowing him to get to the trapped survivor if they are further away or if he is in chase with someone else and someone steps into a trap now he gains a haste effect which helps him end the current chase he's in faster. You could also give him add ons that give other effects towards this "while a survivor is trapped" you receive things like reduced stuns, faster vaults etc. This in combination with the "basekit honing stone" would make for some interesting moments where "Do I free myself & down myself? Removing his haste to save my teammate who's in chase. Or do I stay trapped so I don't go down but he could really snowball from it?" As well as when disarming a beartrap you receive a "mini merciless storm" style set of skill checks which gives synergy with his teachable unnerving presence where if you fail it the trap does not disarm.

~The second one being taken from YouTube user Oireal giving Trapper a "Doctor static blast" ability that has a lengthy cooldown but when used the Trapper stomps his left foot down and any trap within a short range would reopen instantly. Why specifically left leg? Because that is the leg that Trapper steps directly into a beartrap with if he steps in his own trap & that leg in many cosmetics is actually bandaged up not to mention it's specifically referenced in the makeshift wrap add on.

And with that, we have my list of dream changes to come to Trapper that I think are reasonable without creating a whole new interaction like "letting him put a beartrap around a generator" I understand Trapper is a very tricky killer to balance because make him too strong and too good at grabbing his traps & we end up with basement Trapper over & over but in his current state he is way at the bottom of nearly everyone's tier lists and the data from the last official BHVR reveal proves this having him the worst preforming killer at Top 5% MMR & in the bottom 6 in All MMR.
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2023.03.27 08:25 healthcare0431 Active White Glutathione Cream

Active White Glutathione Cream

Active White Glutathione Cream is a skincare product that contains glutathione as its main ingredient. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, UV radiation, and environmental pollutants. It also has skin lightening properties that can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.
This cream is designed to be used daily as part of your skincare routine. It can be applied to the face, neck, and other areas of the body where you want to improve the appearance of your skin. The cream is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy or sticky residue on the skin.
In addition to glutathione, Active White Glutathione Cream may also contain other beneficial ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and alpha-arbutin, which help to enhance the skin lightening and brightening effects of the cream. Regular use of this cream can help to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, leaving it looking smoother, brighter, and more youthful.
To know more visit healthcarebeauty.in
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2023.03.27 08:18 toluxury Succession Interiors - bedsheets

Some people asked for some more insight on the interior design choices and lines from the show. I’ll now have to think of decor related Succession things and find the time to write them down. One that quickly comes to mind:
In season 2 Tom commented on the low thread count sheets at the Pierce house. I doubt that is the case. They probably have high quality linen sheets (linen as in the material). Quality linen softens over time from use and once it does, its soooo soft! Some people describe their old lines as soft as butter! Great linen is and can be passed down through generations!
When I think of old inherited linens, I think Cape Cod summer home vibes. The kind of house that has white linens dancing in the summer wind on a clothes line. A simple clothes line. On a humble $10m summer home used a few weeks a year. I’ve seen it. I’ve worked on helping achieve this clothes line aesthetic.
Linen is also seen as a “humble” fabric because its always wrinkled and seen as casual. It’s the kind of material I’d expect from the Pierce family. It’s possible the linens guests get aren’t as old as the linens the family uses. Which sounds backwards but actually pushes their narrative of how down to earth they are.
They Roys on the other hand probably buy high quality materials that are meant to be that way. Think companies like Frette, Sferra, Savoir, Pratesi, etc. Rather than wait for them to naturally soften over time, they probably get silk, sateen, cotton, etc. and if they buy linen probably ones that are already super soft to the touch.
Just that sentence from Tom about the low thread count sheets is a comment on old money vs. new money. Giving something the time it needs, or getting it when it is already exactly how you like it. Which is the premium the Roy’s pay for having everything now. The Pierces have paid theirs over time.
I splurged on linen sheets 2 years ago and I’m finally breaking into them. They’re pretty soft now and not as tough as they used to be. I know they’ll only get softer from here. I got them because they will last but mostly because I hate making my bed. Something about having a slightly wrinkled material creates a relaxed look in a room. Funny how I spent more on sheets than I ever have only to make it look like I didn’t. The upside is my room always looks styled and put together even though I still don’t make my bed. It’s just more of a laid back put together aesthetic. Sound familiar?
If I have time this week, I’ll write about Caroline’s comment on her new husband, Peter Munion, “buying all his own furniture”.
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2023.03.27 08:14 Accurate_Number_1818 What are some popular modern rug in modern interior design?

Rugs have always been a staple in interior design, adding texture, warmth, and personality to any space. However, with the rise of modern interior design, rugs have become an essential element in creating a cohesive, stylish look. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most popular modern rugs in modern interior designs.
Geometric Rugs
Geometric rugs have become increasingly popular in modern interior design. These rugs feature bold, angular patterns and shapes that create a striking visual impact in any room. They are often made in neutral colors, such as black and white, which allows them to work well in a variety of design schemes. Geometric rugs are perfect for modern interior design, where they can add a touch of contemporary style to the space.
Shag Rugs
Shag rugs are a classic design element that has made a comeback in modern interior design. These rugs feature a long, thick pile that creates a soft, plush surface that feels great underfoot. They are often made in bright, bold colors, which makes them perfect for adding a pop of color to a room. Shag rugs work well in modern interior design, where they can add warmth and comfort to the space.
Vintage Rugs
Vintage rugs are another popular modern rug in interior design. These rugs are often made from wool or other natural fibers and feature intricate patterns and designs. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room and work particularly well in modern dining rooms and living rooms. Vintage rugs come in a range of colors and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your space.
Natural Fiber Rugs
Natural fiber rugs have become increasingly popular in modern interior design. These rugs are made from natural materials such as jute, sisal, and seagrass, which makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. They add a natural, organic element to any room, and work particularly well in modern living rooms and bedrooms. Natural fiber rugs are also durable and easy to maintain, which makes them a practical choice for busy households.
Abstract Rugs
Abstract rugs are a popular choice for modern interior design. These rugs feature bold, abstract patterns and shapes that create a unique, artistic look in any room. They are often made in a range of colors, from bright and bold to soft and subtle, which makes them versatile enough to work with any design scheme. Abstract rugs work well in modern living rooms and bedrooms, where they can add a touch of creativity and personality to the space.
In conclusion, rugs are an essential element in modern interior design, and there are many popular modern rugs to choose from. Whether you prefer bold geometric patterns or soft, plush shag rugs, there is a rug out there that will work perfectly in your space. By choosing the right design and build firm such as Flipspaces you can create a modern rug that compliments your design scheme and adds personality and style to your room, to get a space that is both beautiful and functional.
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2023.03.27 08:13 FashionStadoStore Top 5 Handpicked Party Wear Dresses for Women to Rock the Event

Top 5 Handpicked Party Wear Dresses for Women to Rock the Event

With summer approaching soon, party invitations are also waiting for you. To glam up in the invitation with your friends and family, start searching for the most suitable party wear dresses for women.
Going with the right dress will let you stand out from the crowd at the themed party. Below are some worth dressing ideas from where you can easily make out the most suitable choice as per your choice.

What Makes Selection of Party Dresses Important?

People organize parties to meet their loved ones and have a memorable time altogether. But, the attire that will be selected for a kitty will not be the same for an engagement party.
That is why, it is important to select the party dress wisely from a plethora of options to scroll down. Based on your body type and complexion, making an appropriate selection as per your desire will seem easy.
Are you a busy person and hardly have any time to visit the nearby stores? No worries! There are lots of e-shops available for fashion freaks from where making an appropriate selection of stylish party Wear dresses for women.
Before peeping into some of the exclusive handpicked party dresses to wear by women, it will be a good idea to get through some styling tips.

Smart Styling Tips for Women during Summer

Some people remain in a hurry to select the most suitable option among a wide range of party dresses for women during summer. They forget to keep in consideration some vital tips that will let them make feel comfortable.
Also, keeping the tips in consideration will let them flaunt their style statements. Below are some important tips:

Going with light-colored clothes

First and foremost, it is advisable to fill your wardrobe with light-colored clothes. Yes, going with dresses having white color or light yellow will be a great idea. As these colors reflect heat, they will make you feel comfortable.

Opting for dresses having loose sleeves

If you are planning to go with a stylish western dress for women, then better go with the ones having loose sleeves. Going with sleeveless dresses will not be a bad idea to reflect a style statement. These dresses will let easy flowing of air to the maximum.

Staying away from tight clothing

This is one more important tip that you must follow while selecting a party dress for summer. Wearing too-tight clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also will make you look awkward. Dresses with loose fittings will keep you cool all along.

Choosing fabrics that breathe easily

Breathable fabrics must be preferred over the ones that trap moisture. Instead of going with synthetic fabrics, it is advisable to go with either cotton or linen.

Keeping the choice of jeans on hold

Jeans as you know are one of the heaviest fabrics. Skinny and stretchy jeans will make you feel too warm during summer. Still, if you want to make your style statement comfortably; then better go with lightweight cotton pants. Denim having wide legs will also be a great choice.

Minimizing the use of accessories

Minimizing the use of accessories is another important tip that you must follow during summer. Better make minimal use of dangling necklaces and too many bangles. To make yourself look exclusively stylish, better go with the use of hoop earrings.

Putting on leather sandals

You will look great in party wear dresses for women provided you can put on leather sandals. They will make you look great and comfortable instead of commonly used flip-flops.

Going with dresses

Relying on designer dresses for women will also be a great option during special occasions. Summer is one of the best times when you can easily bring out your rompers and miniskirts. If you are a having good height, then going for longer dresses too will help.
Keeping these tips in high consideration will let you choose the right type of party dress to wear during summer. Now, it is high time to come across some of the handpicked dresses that are meant for women for the party.

What are the 5 Best Handpicked Party Wear Dresses for Women?

On the way to select the most appropriate party dress, you will come across a wide range of choices. Do not be in a hurry to make the selection. Keeping comfort along with glamor and the latest style trends in consideration, you will be able to go with the most suitable selection.
Below is a list of five handpicked party dresses for women during summer that will let you make the most of the gathering:

Stylish-looking middy

Your search for a stylish-looking western dress for women concludes at middy. It has been recognized to improve the level of your comfort and provide a waist definition.
You may include a belt to come across a highly stylish appearance. Pairing a slim leather sandal will make the outfit look exclusively stylish.

Party dress with printed fabrics

Party dresses with light and bright prints will serve to be the right choice during summer. They are inclusive of stylish dresses for women including co-ords that are popular for their material cuttings.
As these dresses have a fan base, they will make you look stylish at the party. Better go with the ones having suitable length and fittings as per body type.

Kurti Set for Party Look

One most popular party dresses for women include printed kurtis. When selecting the dress, it is advisable to go with ones with soft and light-weighted fabric.
Going with cotton kurtis will be a good decision as they will have a stronger ability to absorb sweat. It will also be a highly relaxing option.

Kurta with dupatta

On the way to moving towards a traditional option, a printed kurta with a dupatta will be another choice. From silk to cotton, you will come across a plethora of options.
Going with light or bright-colored fabric will be a good decision. These dresses will make you feel cool and comfortable, and prevent early sweating.

Lehenga set

Lastly, a lehenga choli set will be among the most exclusive designer dresses for women to wear at a party. The ones made of lighter fabric including chiffon or cotton will be the right choice.
These fabrics being breathable will let you make the most out of the party time. You will remain cool and comfortable.
These are some of the best party-wear dresses that women can put on during summer. You may visit some of the most reliable online portals including Stado.in to come across some of the latest collections.
Source link
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2023.03.27 07:52 techsmarters Why is White Label OTT Software Solution the best option for OTT Startups?

A White Label OTT (Over-the-Top) Software Solution is a customizable software solution that enables content providers or businesses to launch and operate their own branded OTT streaming service. The term "white label" means that the software is designed to be rebranded and customized with the client's branding, logo, and other visual elements so that it appears as if the client has built the platform themselves.
The solution includes all the required tools for an OTT Business. You can easily get the tools mentioned below:

Custom OTT App:

Custom OTT App is a predeveloped app that is specially designed for OTT businesses. You can customize this app as per your needs. You can easily get your brand name and logo on it.
  1. Multi-Platform
  2. 100% Customizable/with a Unique theme
  3. Your Complete Ownership


It is a pre-designed & ready website for OTT Business that can be very easy to edit according to your content and requirements. It’s another white-label product where you can put your logo, links, and your service information.
The Pre-designed website is a combination of WordPress + Our customized Theme. You can get your website ready within 1 to 5 days after you buy the product.
  1. Drag and Drop Tool
  2. White-Label Product
  3. 100% Customizable


It is a fully automated billing solution that allows Xtream UI owners or resellers to manage their users, services, orders, and billing automatically and manually.
It is a combination of WHMCS and Our Xtream UI Billing Modules.
  1. UseOrdeProduct Management
  2. Admin/Client Area
  3. Shopping Cart
White Label OTT (Over-The-Top) software solution is the best option for startups looking to enter the video streaming industry for several reasons:
  1. Cost-effective: Developing a custom OTT platform can be expensive and time-consuming. With a white-label solution, startups can save significant time and money by leveraging an existing platform that can be customized to fit their brand and content.
  2. Quick Time-to-Market: Building an OTT platform from scratch can take months if not years. By using a white-label solution, startups can launch their platform in a matter of weeks.
  3. Customization: White-label solutions offer a high level of customization, allowing startups to create a unique brand identity and user experience for their platform.
  4. Scalability: As a startup grows, it will need to be able to scale its platform to accommodate more users and content. White-label solutions are built with scalability in mind, so startups can easily expand their platform as their business grows.
Smarters is a leading software development company that can help you with the best White Label OTT Software Solution for your OTT Business. You will get quality products and 24*7 support.
Contact now: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or visit: https://www.whmcssmarters.com/iptv-software-solutions/
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2023.03.27 07:52 1creation_ Selling my OG skull trooper account. Comes with gmail access, can link any platform. Can join lobby or anything you want for proof and can also use middleman if needed.

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2023.03.27 07:43 constantmigraine21 Troublesome toes

Wore tight shoes to a mall, and my toes ended up getting bruised. Removed nail paint after weeks to see the bruises, now it's starting to hurt. Is there any way they could heal faster?
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2023.03.27 07:40 uniquetoursjamaica Top Ten Activities in Jamaica for Families?

Top Ten Activities in Jamaica for Families?
Jamaica is a famous location for families searching for a sensational and gutsy excursion. With its dazzling sea shores, lavish rainforests, limestone in Jamaica, Jamaica weed farms and rich social history, there is no lack of activities and find in this lovely Caribbean island. In this article, we will investigate the best ten activities in Jamaica for families.

Visit Dunn's Waterway Falls

Dunn's Waterway Falls is perhaps of Jamaica's most famous fascination and is a must-visit objective for families. This shocking cascade is north of 600 feet tall and offers guests the potential chance to scale the flowing levels of water. An astonishing experience is both tomfoolery and essential.

Investigate Spiritualist Mountain

Spiritualist Mountain is a famous fascination in Ocho Rios that offers families different exercises to appreciate. The primary fascination is the Sky Wayfarer chairlift, which takes guests on a picturesque ride up to the highest point of the mountain. From that point, families can partake in a sled ride, zip-lining, and a water slide.

Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay is a fascination in Ocho Rios where families can get very close with dolphins. Guests can swim, play, and even kiss these well-disposed marine creatures in a protected and controlled climate.

Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is a famous action in Jamaica, and many visit organizations offer horseback riding visits through grand region of the island. Families can ride through lavish rainforests, along gorgeous sea shores, and even take a plunge in the sea while riding a horse.

Visit the Sway Marley Historical center

The Sway Marley Historical center is situated in Kingston and is an extraordinary spot for families to find out about the historical backdrop of reggae music and the existence of the unbelievable Weave Marley. The historical center offers directed visits and highlights shows, photos, and individual things of the vocalist.


Partake in the ocean side at Specialist's Cavern

Specialist's Cavern Ocean side is one of the most well-known sea shores in Montego Sound and is an extraordinary spot for families to go through a day absorbing the sun and swimming in the completely clear waters. The ocean side has different conveniences, including evolving rooms, showers, and cafés.

Take a visit through Rose Lobby Extraordinary House

The Rose Corridor Extraordinary House is a memorable manor home situated in Montego Straight that is supposed to be spooky by the phantom of its previous proprietor. Families can take a directed visit through the house and find out about its set of experiences and the legend of the White Witch.

Visit Blue Opening

Blue Opening is a characteristic swimming opening situated in Ocho Rios that is encircled by rich rainforest. Families can swim free blue water, leap off precipices, and investigate the encompassing region by walking.

Take a sailboat journey

Sailboat travels are a famous movement in Jamaica and proposition families the chance to investigate the island's shoreline while partaking in the sea breeze. Numerous sailboat visits incorporate swimming, swimming, and a stop at a segregated ocean side.

Partake in the food and culture

Jamaica is known for its flavorful food and lively culture, and families can encounter both by visiting nearby business sectors, attempting customary dishes, and going to widespread developments. The island has a rich history and culture that merits investigating.
All in all, Jamaica offers various exercises and attractions that are ideal for families. From open air undertakings and noteworthy locales to social encounters and heavenly food, there is something for everybody to appreciate. By following this aide, families can design a sensational and critical get-away in Jamaica.
Read More: Jamaica's Best Tourist Attractions
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2023.03.27 07:32 Adam-best Silicone Hammer Toe Corrector

Our Silicone Hammer Toe Corrector will moves your toe back to the natural position. Also help keep your toes in place and prevent rubbing and pressure.
This non-surgical option can be worn throughout the day to help gentlyrealign the bones of your big toe to its natural position.
Three-arch support design evenly distributes pressure across arch, heel and ball. Properly supports the three points to keep subtalar joint mobilization balance.


It is a must-have innovation for following toe condition, it can be used to effectively correct a variety of foot health problems such as:

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2023.03.27 07:23 cmaxim My Full Thoughts And Feelings After Two Full Weekends of Beta

Here are my final thoughts and feelings after playing two full weekends of D4 beta:
Just for some context. I'm not a theory crafter or a hardcore player who does extremely high level end-game content. Diablo franchise has always been my fav, and I've been a massive Diablo fan ever since D1, but somewhat casual in how I play. So these comments are coming from a dedicated fan, but probably a bit more generalized and casual sounding than some of the more hardcore, so-called "no-lifer" type of player.

Pros first:

Artstyle is absolutely fantastic. Everything I ever wanted since I felt a bit letdown by D3's stylized cartoonish art style. The game absolutely oozes the classic Diablo vibe and I was soaking it up the entire beta, so kudos on that. Environments are very detailed and wonderful to look at, love the darker shadowy lighting in the environments, and subtle details on everything.
Story is a huge step up from D3, and even D2 in some respects. Love the mature story, complex world, and dialogue and attention to detail instead of "Saturday Morning Cartoon" throwaway dialogue from D3. The new in-game cutscene engine had my interest, I found myself really interested in the story and enjoying all of that. The different factions and locations feel well realized from a world-building standpoint. Made me want to explore all the different towns and dungeons more.
Open world was a fantastic design choice. Fun to explore, real sense of being in an expansive world. Didn't see mounts in the beta but imagine they would be really fun to use on these types of big open maps. Loved all the variety of things to do and dungeons to find in the open world.
Love the characters. Lilith is a fantastic villain so far, and very intriguing. I love how Inarius is represented as kind of a dick so far, and he looks and sounds great. Love Prava, and all the supporting characters. Story is scratching the itch so far, so looking forward to seeing more on release.
Monster animations and models are all fantastic. I thought they were all a visual treat, had great audio and visual design. I liked that monster families all had their own unique abilities and types of attacks that made combat more interesting and more dangerous than D3 felt. Armour and weapons also fantastic from a visual standpoint.
The combat feel and gameplay loop is well designed. The core of the game is really the moment to moment action and I feel like the team did a fantastic job of making each class fun to play and the act of dispatching demons with the various mix of complementing skills feels rewarding and fun to do over and over which is great. Only criticism is that sometimes the attacks felt a bit too slow at times. Each strike had a bit of delay on melee characters, and sorcerer magic bolts travelled a bit too slow to have impact.


I often made the comment about D3 that everything felt dialed up to 11/10 that nothing ended up feeling truly 11/10 because the oversaturation of action, colour, explosions, etc. ultimately made everything feel a bit lifeless. When everything is "SUPER ULTIMATE EPIC", nothing ends up feeling epic because there was never any contrast to have those truly epic moments stand out.
During the beta I was getting the sense that the team tried so hard to dial it back, that they ended up having the opposite problem. I also felt like the classes and skills felt a bit rehashed and safe. Like I've played this game already and it was called Diablo 2.
Don't get me wrong, there is some creativity (arsenal system two thumbs up, and love how druid forms are fluidly woven in as core skills) and I'm happy to see some of these classes return, but one thing that D3 got absolutely right was the addition and refinement of truly unique and creative class designs that felt like passion projects from the team. Each class, despite some of them not feeling very "Diablo" felt exciting and fresh and they all stood out very distinctly from each other.
Classes also felt imbalanced. Necro is SUUUPER OP, and Barb often feels a bit disadvantaged during certain boss fights and mechanics.
Itemization felt a bit lacking but I don't want to get into that.. could be it's own entire post TBH and I'm not really the best guy to deep dive into that anyway.
I felt like in the beta, some of the classes felt a bit too similar to each other. The character models are a bit lifeless and ugly up close (although the armour design is fantastic!).
Necro skeletons are ugly and I hate their glow. I think it would be fine to simply make them a bit more detailed versions of the other skeletons in the game. I think by trying to make them stand out for accessibility they end up standing out too much, a bit too much like D3, and feel out of place. Lack of detail on them too, and animations feel a bit too cartoony I guess?
Dungeons feel a bit too copy and paste. Not enough variety, or interesting things to do in them. Boss battles also sometimes feel this way, but I think they are better than the boss battles in D3. More challenging and more variety in their mechanics, player skill needed, and tactical thought required.
It's strange, in D1, D2, and D3, the casters were always my favourite. Even D3 I absolutely loved Wizard despite feeling it didn't fit the Diablo universe simply because all of the spells felt and looked fantastic and were super fun to experiment with. I feel the opposite in this game. I feel like the Barb and Rogue's skills have a fantastic sense of impact, visceral feel, and weight to them that just feel amazing every time my barb slams dirt up from the ground, or pounds an enemy, or my rogue zips around with deadly little knife effects.
Casters in contrast feel under powered and the spell effects just feel super flat and boring as hell (pun intended). Sorcerer's fire spells for example have little detail in them, very minimal lighting effect.. they feel like they're not part of the game world if that makes sense.
I thought D2R did a fantastic job of making fireballs light up the screen and explode and had a great sense of detail that this game just doesn't have. It all feels just very "meh". Same goes for Druid and Necro spell effects. They need more polish, punch, and visual impact on screen, because as a fireball throwing, electric shocking sorceror I should feel that raw power, but it feels more like a fizzle in the game.
I know they were trying to get away from bright colours, but the world is already so dark and brooding and bleak that I think this game needs a bit more contrast here and there. Having a fireball or lightening bolt zip across and light up the game world would be helpful in bringing that feeling of power and agency back to caster combat.
What actually happened to some of these effects anyway? Overall the game felt a bit washed out and last-gen in terms of dynamic lighting and spell effects. Did devs dial it back for performance purposes? I remember seeing more drastic lighting effects and detail in some of the trailers and quarterly updates that feel lost in this beta. Like the fire jet that the sorc shoots out looked really badass in the quarterly update with heat waves and distortion effects and the ground lit up orange all around it, but in the beta it just feels like a blurry weak stream orange without much detail or light effect. Just not feeling it, I hope this gets addressed before launch, otherwise melee might end up being my new go-to.
I know this was a "beta" so I won't be too harsh on overall stability, but I think it needs to be said that if the issues I experienced continue into launch, I think this game is going to have some serious problems. The rubber banding I experienced was just awful the entire beta, non-stop. I understand queues and crashes are part of beta, but a game that's based on moment to moment reflex and action needs to be airtight from a standpoint of moment to moment stability and game freezes. Hope that it was just "part of beta" and not indicative of what to expect on launch. I had a lot of instances where my character would literally float or snap around the screen while the game struggled to figure out where I was supposed to be on the map during tense battles or exploration.
Not being able to easily swap and change skills was also a big problem for me. I know they tried to make skill refunds "cheap" in the beginning, and beginning levels it's free to swap, but overall it felt a really cumbersome and needless. Especially on the first run through the game it's important to be able to quickly and rapidly experiment with new skills and builds to make crafting your own unique version of the class and finding your own playstyle easy. Instead I felt like the system was too restrictive and frustrating to navigate when I simply just wanted to try different combinations to keep the game fresh and find my optimal skill composition. I felt a bit pigeonholed to what I had chosen simply becuase it felt too frustrating to have to open the menu and refund everything and respec and then do it again immediately after I find out I chose the wrong skills, etc.
Skill trees also felt a bit too simplistic for what they were trying to do. I don't think this game needs POE levels of complexity, but it kind of felt like they were trying to find a happy medium and it ends up just feeling like a simplistic skill system expanded into a sort-of tree system that doesn't offer enough complexity for hardcore players or simplicity for accessibility and casual players.
Also what happened to kill counters from D3? I used to love trying to beat my old massacre records in rift runs and dungeons. I don't see any reason to remove that feature from the franchise, so it was odd to me that it was missing in beta.


Overall I feel like this game is still just lacking some much needed polish. Parts of it is gorgeous and full of fun detail that's really great to see. They nailed the music, love all of it, and I'm glad that the core of combat feels good and overall very fun. Other important aspects of the game feel flat and lackluster (character models, spell effects, etc.). At this point, just a couple months from release, it feels like we're probably already a bit locked in, but I'm hoping they'll have some time to tighten up and address some of these issues before launch.
I mean if I had to rate it now, I would probably give it a 7 out of 10 which is pretty good! I just feel like with some more polish and tweaks it could easily reach 9/10, and I'm hoping the game will get there eventually.
This is all just my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree or counter any of it. I find it interesting to hear what others thought. Despite all the negative feedback, overall I felt like this game is in the right direction and a lot of fun and I will continue to play on launch, but there is a lot of potential that feels a bit lost in some of the choices made, and some of it just feels a bit under-baked, so I'm hoping the game will continue to improve as future patches and DLC start releasing.
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2023.03.27 07:16 Necessary-Helpful Looking to use IKEA PAX Wardrobe as TV & Computer Cabinet, but have some questions.

I am looking to get the IKEA PAX in 79x39x22 size, with 2 swing-out doors, a pull out drawer for keyboard and mouse, a few shelves for printer, 42" tv/monitor, and some other stuff. The PC would sit at the bottom. I'd also have some space set aside next to the PC for a pull-out stool so I can have something to sit on while computing, or even stand up sometimes. For the back panel, which is a flimsy, flexible and thin piece (cardboard?), and maybe also the backsides of the swing-out doors, I may use a subtle patterned wallpaper of sorts, or maybe some fabric design hung closely to the back panel, as a backsplash of sorts, giving it a little more decorative, personal touch, rather than just all plain boring white. Might even add some under shelf lighting.
It is going to perfectly fit into my living room's old school TV/entertainment system nook that was common in home builds in the 90's, when there were still huge and deep CRT-based TV's.
That said, I have some questions about PAX, for those of you who are owners or very familiar with the product and accessories for this line:
  1. is it necessary to use the included anti-tip hardware and mount the PAX to the rear wall's studs, or can one safely do without them, especially if I make the bottom heavier than top?
  2. I will want to have easy access to a power strip from within the PAX unit, as t is going into the TV nook and won't be easy to move out after I put it in there, so getting to a powerstrip outside of the PAX but on the floor, behind it, will be cumbersome. In order to do this, I will need to cut a hole into the backboard of the PAX, which seems fragile. I am thinking of cutting a circle just big enough to run a few thick cables through (like a power strip cable, for one), and maybe finish it off with a grommet or something so only the cable goes through and not much space is left for any bugs to get in. I'd want to do it in a way so that I can readily plug up the hole one day should I wish to repurpose the PAX as an actual wardrobe and don't want the hole in the back panel. Is there a good way to go about this without messing up that thin, bendy board?
  3. I'm thinking of getting the Vikedal mirrored doors, which come with handles. The main reason is because I am hoping it will make my small living room area (condo) feel bigger. The sofa will be 9 feet away and on the wall opposite of the PAX. Above the sofa, I may hang some art work or something, which would reflect off of the Vikedal mirrored doors. But I'm worried that during the day time, in a room that usually gets lots of natural light coming in, that I may end up getting glare while sitting on the couch with the PAX doors shut. Or, it may feel weird seeing myself in the mirror while on the couch. Not sure if it's the best idea yet. So I'm also looking at the solid door options like Grimo and Bergsbo, which I can decorate by applying a nice wallpaper pattern to the squares, as I've seen other hackers do, giving the PAX more character and making it look more expensive than it is. So I'm wondering if one of these door options is made better than the others (soft close, gap left between the doors, quality, fit, no hinge issues, etc.)?
Thanks in Advance!
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2023.03.27 07:12 koolkween I came across another press-on seller using someone’s design/something similar. They mentioned they don’t make the nails, but women who work for them do. Is anything about this weird or is it like a typical nail salon except they’re making press-ons?

Convo screenshot: https://ibb.co/mBYcT8f
Is it okay to copy designs?
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2023.03.27 07:10 SadAndMoist [m4M] A slowburn romance in a world of sea monsters. **Drama, Angst, EMOTIONAL**

Hi. Firstly, let me say that I'm F playing M (bottom) and I am welcome to any gender who is also willing to play M (top). Some people aren't into that and I want to be transparent.
I have a couple ideas that have been burning lately involving a world akin to the movie Luca, but with a dark twist. Fair warning, I absolutely want to do nsfw, but I want to build up to it slowly. I want to be INVESTED in their relationship, I want our characters to go through angst and drama and awkward confessions, the good stuff! And I'd love to incorporate any ideas you may have into the world as well if it fits.
Before I get to the scenario ideas I had, I wanted to lay out the basics of the world. The creatures involved have been given many names by humans. Sirens, merfolk, sea monsters... but the creatures themselves call their kind "lochni." Humans had only discovered their kind in the 2 decades, and as most humans tend to, the general consensus was the fear of the unknown. They're monsters. Sharp teeth, claws, a strength that surpassed most humans... so humans did what humans did best. They killed.
Not all humans. There were some small countries or isolated island communities that welcomed the merfolk into their population, but for most of the world the hunting of lochni was legal, and in fact, could pay out a pretty penny. Lochni tended to come in bright, vibrant colors, making their skins sought after from everything from loch-skin rugs to designer scale fashion.
Furthermore, with having only recently been discovered, many marine biologists received government backing to study the impending threat. There is always a need. And where there is a need, there is a supplier. Poachers patrol the waters for lost stragglers who'd be easy catches. Big enough ships go bolder, raking their nets through undersea communities and taking whatever is caught. Man. Woman. Child. It all pays.
The oceans arent their only hunting grounds though. Its a known fact that lochni bodies transform once their scales dry, turning human. Most places welcomed the poachers with open arms, encouraging them to find these monsters in disguise living among them at any means necessary. But for those small few communities that lived with the lochni, they weren't welcome.
Idea 1
Human(T) x lochni(b) taboo. Your character is a human. He falls into the water and nearly drowns when he becomes tangled in the loose docking rope towing behind his still sailing boat. My character, a lochni, cuts the rope with his claws, effectively saving YC's life before disappearing back into the ocean. Days later YC is sailing through a tough storm when he somehow manages to see a figure through the rain and churning waves. It's the same lochni that saved him days prior. His unconscious and battered body was draped over jutting rocks in the shallows of a small sand bank. He decides its time to repay the favor and pull him aboard.
After taking him home YC does his best to provide amature medical care. The broken leg his splinted and his torn fins are bandaged down against his arms to hopefully heal. But when the morning after the storm comes, he opens the spare room to find no sea monster in the guest bed, but a human. A feisty, stubborn human who refuses to stay off his broken leg or let him help him in any way shape or form. Suddenly he is in charge of an ungrateful brat who seems dead set on returning to the ocean with a broken leg and damaged fins.
Idea 2
They're both lochnis. Theyve known each other for a long time. Maybe they're friends, maybe they're rivals, but there's definitely nothing romantic between them, at first at least. But after being captured and taken to an experimental facility they grow close in their joint captivity, leaning on each other for support and waiting for the day the humans in their clean white coats slip up and they can escape. But it takes months. Maybe even a year? They've both been put through so much, put through borderline torture to the point they were both weak and submissive to any demands their captors give them. But that's what makes the white coats lower their guard. Together, they escape back into the ocean, but they'd never be able to escape what they've been put through.
But then what? They've grown romantically close, having trauma bonded inside the facility. Unlike humans, male x male relationships were unheard of for their kind. Their whole culture was about raising the next generation. How can you do that with another man? Merging back into their home village they have to decide to either try to forget everything that happened the last few months or keep exploring their feelings in secret.
Feel free to also hit me with a prompt of your own that's related to this world!
Important note: I'm not single, I will not flirt with my RP partners. I'm here to write a fictional story with fictional characters. I'm open to friendships, but not relationships. I hate to make it blunt, but there are a lot of people who STILL cross that line after being told this and have to get hit with the block button.
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2023.03.27 06:55 kyndrion Yippee model

Yippee model
I made this a while back for my kid. In the tinkercad file the two on the right have static heads, the left one is designed to rotate with the use of a 3mmx8mm dowel pin. I sharpie in the eyes and mouth and trim a part of the iris to bring the white back. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/5c0CV2w1l2C


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2023.03.27 06:47 Veevee_ena Are there such things as pop off nails?

I am muslim and started to get into nails. I would like to make my nails have 3d designs but that usually lasts to long. So is there such thing as slide on and slide off nails that have 3d designs?
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2023.03.27 06:45 Only_CORE Build check before I go ahead

I will be replacing my old PC from 2014 just with upgraded GPU (i7 4790k+RTX2060) and passing it to my dad. After weeks of researching I put togerther this list but I'd still be glad if you took a look at it.
CPU - pretty self explanatory, it should be a beast, but I'll check reviews first next week.
Cooler - probably the best price/performance water cooler? I'll probably pick up the non-RGB version. Is it worth it picking up better thermal paste like the kryonaut? Or is the one in the box sufficient?
MB - based on HW unboxed this should be a really good MB with great bios optimization and post times.
RAM - The only available 6000 CL30 kit.
SSD - Great specs and price for 2TB.
GPU - One of the cheapest 4070ti models, only Inno3D and gainward are cheaper but worse looking and i'm not sure if going for more expensive model is necessary. 7900XT is more expensive and/or unavailable
Case - Great looking and should fit a top mounted 240 radiator with 46mm RAM clearance (the Gskill kit is 44mm). Plenty of space for GPU (365 mm)
PSU - Not sure if 850W is necessary, but not sure if 750 is enought for some power spikes I might get. And comes with white cables and should fit in the case if I take away the HDD tray. Plus Pcpartpicker says something about 16 pin connector for the GPU and that I need three 6+2-pin power connectors are not daisy-chained and do not share the same power cable. The GPU gas a 12pin connector and requires 2*8 pin. What am I missing? the PSU had two PCIe cables that both have two 8pin connectors, do I need both ir can I connect the card using only one?
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor 12000.00Kč
CPU Cooler ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB 48.8 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler 3389.00Kč @ Alza
Motherboard Gigabyte B650M AORUS ELITE AX Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard 5699.00Kč @ Alza
Memory G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30 Memory 4399.00Kč @ Alza
Storage Kingston KC3000 2.048 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive 4129.00Kč @ Alza
Video Card Gigabyte EAGLE OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card 22790.00Kč @ Alza
Case Fractal Design Pop Mini Air MicroATX Mid Tower Case 2799.00Kč @ Alza
Power Supply Corsair RM850 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply 3490.00Kč
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total 58695.00Kč
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-27 07:08 CEST+0200
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2023.03.27 06:38 Akaya_The_Albeto can i have someone to proof read this and give me suggestions on how to improve it. i'm not very good at writing and some parts have been put through chat gpt to make it read a little smother. (for context its a story where the mc gets reincarnated as a dungeon)

I wake up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear, and I groggily reach over to hit the snooze button. It's another early morning, and I have to drag myself out of bed and get ready for another day at the studio. I'm a level designer, and it's a job that I absolutely love, but it can be exhausting at times.
As I slowly start to wake up, I glance over at my bedside table and see a stack of game design books and a few sketches of my latest level design ideas. I can't help but smile at the thought of spending my day working on my passion project. But before I can get lost in my thoughts, I have to start getting ready for work.
I stumble out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, splashing some water on my face and rubbing my tired eyes. I take a deep breath and try to shake off the fatigue that's been dogging me lately. Long hours in the studio can feel like a dungeon crawl, but it's worth it when you see the finished product.
After a refreshing shower and a cup of coffee, I'm ready to start my day. As I make my way to the bus stop, I feel a buzz in my pocket and see that it's my friend Madison calling. Anticipating what shes calling about, I answer her.
"Hey Madison, if this is about the game you mentioned earlier, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it. I have a lot of work on my plate, " I say, cutting her off before she can speak.
Madison responds with a hint of disappointment, "Aw, come on, Freya! You haven't joined us in over a month. We miss having you around. "
I sympathize with her, "I totally understand, but we're on the brink of finishing two big projects. We need everyone to pitch in and wrap things up before the deadline next week. "
Madison lets out a deep sigh and says, "Fine. Just promise me that once everything is done, you'll take time off and join us for a game. "
I assure her, "Absolutely, once this dungeon crawl is over with Ill come play . The owner of Crystal Caverns, has promised everyone a free paid week off, and HR has already sent us the paperwork to back it. "
As I finish my call with Madison, I can't help but think to myself, "She's quite persistent. " I put my phone back in my pocket and head to the bus stop.
As I wait for the bus, I take a moment to observe my surroundings. The LED billboards plastered with advertisements for various games and products catch my eye. Some promote the games I'm currently working on, others tease upcoming releases, and still others aim to capture consumers' attention before the holiday rush.
It's a reminder that in this industry, marketing and timing are just as important as the quality of the product. I make a mental note to keep an eye on the marketing strategies of our competitors as we prepare to launch our own games.
The old blue-greyhound bus rumbles up to the stop, and I hop on board. The seats are worn and faded, with visible cracks indicating they're in dire need of replacement. I can't help but notice the contrast between this older model and the newer, sleeker buses the city has recently acquired. Unfortunately, those buses are too large to navigate through streets like mine, so we're left with the best of the older models.
As the bus begins to move, I brace myself for the bumpy ride ahead. I can't help but wonder when my street will finally see an upgrade in transportation options. But for now, I'm grateful for this bus that will get me where I need to go.
I take out my phone once more, eager to pass the time during my bus ride. The game I'm currently hooked on is a dungeon builder, where I strategize ways to trap adventurers in order to earn points to expand and upgrade my monsters. It's not the most complex game out there, but it keeps me entertained.
As I become engrossed in the game, I hear the sound of a train horn approaching. Since the bus crosses a freight track, I don't think much of it and continue playing. Suddenly, everything goes black.
When I come to, I realize that I'm no longer on the bus. Instead, I find myself in a disorienting white room made up of large voxels. It's as if I've been transported to another reality entirely.
As I take in my surroundings, I glance down at my body and realize I'm no longer wearing my usual work clothes. Instead, I'm dressed in attire that looks like something straight out of my favorite video game or DnD campaign. My brigandine cuirass, chain mail sleeves, and brais are all straight from the Middle Ages, and my hair is now a fiery red. It's almost as if I've become my own character.
Still confused and trying to make sense of what's happening, I raise my hand, and a terminal pops up in front of me. The display shows a core number of 337, a picture of my new character labeled "soul, " and a map of a single room with a core in the middle.
As I explore the terminal further, I discover a stat labeled "Dungeon Points, " and to my surprise, I have a total of 10,000 of them. I also notice that the core has a certain amount of HP, and that there are various controls available for expanding and creating monsters, each with their own upfront cost and maintenance cost in DP.
It doesn't take me long to realize that I have become the dungeon itself. While I've read my fair share of isekais in my life, I never imagined one where someone could become a dungeon. The realization sends a shiver down my spine.
As I study the terminal, I come across a book titled "Dungeon Building Basics" under the Miscellaneous section. The book costs a whopping 8,000 DP, and I shake my head in disbelief. Instead of purchasing the book, I tap on the build menu to start designing my dungeon. I am granted 600 square feet of 8-foot-tall rooms and 500 square feet of 7-foot-tall corridors for no cost. Deciding to make the most of my new situation, I design a U-shaped dungeon with six rooms, each 100 square feet, connected by 14-foot corridors. The outermost corridor leads to the outside world, while central room is connected to the room just before the core. "This will have to do for now, " I mutter to myself as I tap on the monster menu.
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2023.03.27 06:37 Any_Suspect_6736 The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!

The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!
With wigs and hair extensions becoming necessary in today's world, it makes sense to identify the best wig outlet for the best-colored wigs more sensibly.
Wigs help us change our looks within minutes. Whether it's curly, straight, wavy, red, silver, white, or gray that we want - wigs do it all for us! This is why the wig industry has expanded so much over the past few years. With this in mind, we've curated a list of wig outlets we feel will meet all your hair needs. Read on to know more!

Paula Young

Not surprisingly, Paula Young is at the top of this list. For women who want to feel and look their best, they offer an unequaled collection of colored wigs, extensions, and hair accessories! Straight, curly, short, long, synthetic, or human hair wigs are available, as are wigs for any event.
Simply visit their wig shops to quickly change your appearance and hair volume! They offer colored wigs or hair extensions that are especially made for this purpose if you happen to have alopecia or another hair loss problem. Additionally, they provide colored wigs made from luscious 100% human hair styles that seem natural and give adaptability. They can be curled, straightened, or styled however you wish.

The Best Wig Outlets

There are many well-known wig manufacturers at Best Wig Outlet, and there are a ton of different color possibilities! They are a trustworthy retailer that offers a wide range of premium synthetic wigs, hairpieces, extensions, wiglets, and costume wigs. The stylish, adaptable pieces they offer are suitable for both special occasions and everyday use. Their range of top brands delivers the absolute best in quality, comfort, and durability.
Premium colored wigs that are pleasant and simple to maintain are provided by Best Wig Outlet. All wig orders over $50 qualify for free delivery, and the closeout department has offers up to 85% off the suggested retail price! For every personality, style, and personal choice, there is the ideal match. Additionally, you can purchase colored wigs in the newest styles from well-known designers.


The largest online supplier of wigs and hair products, Divatress, offers a wide range of wigs and cosmetics. A wide variety of hair accessories are available, including lace front wigs, crochet hair, half wigs, and more.
One of the most popular and trustworthy online wig sellers, the company offers clients a simple, quick, and enjoyable shopping experience.
They provide a wide variety of crochet hair, half wigs, ponytails, Remy bundles, and hair extensions in addition to wigs. In addition, they sell cosmetics, salon equipment, and personal care items from brands like Andis, Babyliss, CHI, Hot Tools, Kiss, and many others. At their wig shop, you'll find lovely designs in a wide variety of natural colors.


These wig stores provide wigs in a variety of colors, including gray, black, and brunette. Are you ready to hit the shops? The distinctive collection of highlighted wigs from Pula Young's wigs in the hues and fashions you've been seeking can be found right here.
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