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2023.06.01 00:35 UncreativePieceOf Old fucks decided I suck at math because I'm young.

Yes, I suck at math but it has nothing to do with my age.
So these people were standing in the queue when they became talking about technology and young people. It was innocent at first "back in the day we used to do this manually" etc. But then escalated to a roast which felt like it was targeted towards ME.
"Nowadays all the cashier has to do is to push the products", "They can't even count in their minds", "the register is doing everything for them".
Maybe I was being unreasonable but I got angry. I always get called stupid simply because I'm slow, careful and ask too much questions, like "is this a native species?" About a snail I found on a fruit. I know it sounds stupid because it's completely unrelated to our job but I wouldn't like to kill an innocent animal or destroy the ecosystem in our area.
I'm also really insecure about it. Technically I know I'm not the dumbest person on earth but I'll probably never get a degree and it's killing me. Not only do I have ADHD which makes studying incredibly hard even with meds, the one thing I'm interested in studying is so overrepresented in the work field I'll end up being unemployed regardless.
Back to the topic. One of these guys asked me how much the beer costs after the discount so to make things faster I used a calculator.. which turned out to be broken.
I had to try every combination a few times because this glitchy thing couldn't comprehend what I was typing in it on the first try. At one point one of these assholes said "if you want to get the answer you need to learn how to use it first".
Aventually they noticed the manager who was working nearby and called her over so she could do the math for me.. Instead she checked the beer out in the next transaction so we could get a clear view of what the register did.
Thankfully she explained that the interface isn't too readable. The design is bad. The beer had two different discounts shown in two different places. Also the price tag was also wrong hence why I couldn't figure out the right answer. The tag claimed the beer would cost 2.70 after the discount when in reality it was 2.50.. which is the conclusion I came to while using the calculator. I CAN USE THIS GODDAMN THING WHAT DO YOU THINK WE USED IN SCHOOL?? HOPES AND PRAYERS??
I hate knowing these random people I'll never meet again walked out of the store thinking I'm an absolute dumbass.
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2023.06.01 00:34 Deep_North_South I think I am going to replace my condensor unit. Advice?

TLDR: Technically sound person... am I insane for not calling an HVAC guy to replace my condenser?
First: I am an industrial electrician so I know my way around that aspect for the most part.
Are there any electrical concerns that a very proficient electrical technician wouldn't think of due to the specificity of any devices involved? (From what I can tell I have a couple capacitors, a couple motors, a contactor, a thermal relay, a centrifugal switch, a disconnect and a breaker)
The root cause of my WHOLE shit fucking up was a crispy ass disconnect single phasing all of it. Thought I was gonna get away with a new capacitor until that blew up 90 seconds after replacing it.
I DID look for obvious stuff before just turning it on, the disconnect in question had good continuity when power was not applied, and was not obvious as a problem until I turned it on while power was applied and it started crackling. It let 240 through for a few seconds, then started single phasing. By the time I got up there when I would turn the breaker on with the disconnect on, it was just single phasing. 120 leg to leg, 120 or 0 to ground respectively.
Questions are more regarding the plumbing side. Can I DIM? (Again, very technically minded)
Is it going to be mostly compression fittings or will I need to sweat copper?
Should I try and recover my refrigerant or just buy new?
If so, should I call a contractor or just buy a recovery tank... and what else tools wise do I need (job specific tools... gauges, lines, pumps etc... I have channel locks and a hammer /s)
Am I insane for not already having called a licensed HVAC guy to come get REAL deep inside me without lube?
Any and all advice is appreciated.
Also if you're a tech in West Michigan... maybe you would be especially appreciated 🤷‍♂️
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2023.06.01 00:34 Ok_Progress_1710 Alter concept #5: Ptlopsis, Strings of doubt.

If this character seems over powered, that is because I am VERY BIASED and love Ptilopsis with all my heart.
Event: strings of doubt.
Alter character: Ptilopsis, the neural web.
Class: caster, slow, AOE
Branch: Chain caster. Each attack jumps between 3 enemies, dealing 10% less damage per jump, and slowing enemies they hit.
Talent: Connected web. Any buffs given to Ptilopsis TNW will also be given to allies in a 3x3 area around her, and to whoever gave the buff to Ptilopsis TNW.
E2 talent upgrade: when stunned by any source, Ptilopsis TNW gives a 15% ASPD buff to allies in a 5x5 area for the duration of the stun.
Default ability, offensive recovery, auto: the next attack can target 2 more enemies and deals an extra 50% of attack as physical damage.
E1 ability, auto recovery, manual: Ensnaring net. Ptilopsis TNW immediately throws 3 snare traps onto the nearest ground tiles without any allies on them. These traps stun enemies who walk over them for a duration that depends on the enemy's weight, decreasing as the enemy gets heavier.
E2 ability, auto recovery, manual: Fate link. Ptilopsis TNW is stunned for 10 seconds upon activation. While Ptilopsis TNW is stunned, the enemy with the highest ATK will take damage equal to 25% of their ATK every second. When the stun ends, Ptilopsis takes damage equal to 2 times that enemy's ATK minus her own DEF stat. Any damage taken by Ptilopsis TNW while she is stunned will also be taken by her target.
When stunned, instead of the usual 'falling to one knee' animation that other operators use, Ptilopsis TNW instead closes her eyes and glows slightly.
E0-1 appearance: This Ptilopsis is a bit larger than her original self. She holds a ball of silver yarn in one hand, and her staff in the other. Ptilopsis stares at the yarn ball as though she is lost in thought.
She still wears her usual outfit, but it has been updated with a much more angular and streamlined design. A hood made of rigid hexagonal pieces is pulled up behind her head.
R2 appearance: Standing up strate, Ptilopsis now has the yarn wrapped around her fingers.
If the appearance was L2D, tapping Ptilopsis would cause her to twist and weave the yarn into several different shapes and patterns, such as a cat's cradle, spider web, and several others.
At the end of the animation, Ptilopsis settles on one pattern, a woven pattern of two repeating shapes, a heart and an owl.
Instead of a normal event, this character would come with the points pass of a third rouge-like campaign, lithe the Mizuki one.
The campaign would be themed around digital code and hacking, and it's collectibles are all relevant to machinery and computer design.
Voice lines and personality:
Ptilopsis is the core of Rhoads Island's technologies and logistics. Her new upgrades have only strengthened that connection, and she isn't shy about flaunting her new abilities.
Operator acquired: "Thank you for waiting doctor, my preparations are complete. Operator Ptilopsis, new and improved with enhanced performance and cognition, at your service. Tell me, doctor, how does this body look?"
Idle: "Aaaand the doctor is off to dream land again... hehe, I shall use this chance to show you my new might. When you wake up, all this work will have disappeared."
Due to her change in role, being a caster instead of a medic, Ptilopsis finds it a little hard to let go of her medicinal duties.
Mission failed: "Warfarin, let me help with the medicine... the rear guard? I completely forgot!!!"
Assistant interaction #1: "Doctor, I've got you. Please try not to stumble so much. You... didn't stumble? You were trying to straighten my coat?" (Embarased Iberi noises.)
With her flaws aside, Ptilopsis still acts with the same efficiency and grave as always. Although, she may enjoy her new taller body a bit TOO much...
Assigned to a job in the base: "Amiya, let me help you with that. See? My newfound height is quite useful for such tasks."
Trust tap: "What's wrong doctor? Can't reach my head? Hahaha! Foolish doctor, now it's time for Ptilopsis to pat you!"
Miscellaneous voice lines.
Tap, but not trust tap: "Eep! Doctor, I nearly tripped over you!"
Deployed in battle: "Let's get to work, no sleeping on the jo-zzzzzzzz..."
Assistant interaction 2-3: "Hmm? Yes, I can help you with... did Blue Poison send this in? It has frosting smudges all over it."
"(Yawn) Ahhh... nothing beats hot coffee on a work night. Doctor, care for a sip? It's freshly brewed."
Defeated in battle: "Neural overload!"
3 star victory: "That wasn't even a challenge. Surely a result of our impeccable teamwork."
Ability activation 1-3: "You're all wrapped around my fingers!"
"Nothing escapes my web!"
"(Whispered) An opportunity to show that frog whose better!"
Promotion: "Entrusting me with such important duties, are we now? Hah, just wait tilli get a chance to show you how brilliant that decision is."
Watching battle records (gaining XP): (Sigh) "How did we ever make due with such a primitive system before? Doctor, would you let me digitalize this for you."
Added to a squad: "You can stop worrying about logistics now."
Assigned as squad leader: "I've already prepared an efficient strategy. Just give the order doctor."
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2023.06.01 00:33 Bored100135 If I start eating in a surplus will all the weight gain be fat? I know I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. I need to gain weight but don’t know where to even begin

I’m panicking cuz I’m underweight. Btw I always felt that would make me feel validated or whatever but I feel disgusting and ashamed of what I’ve done to my body. If I can’t figure out how to gain weight on my own idk what I’ll do. Idk where to start tho, eating makes me feel tired and bloated and I don’t wanna just balloon in weight like I did last time I recovered and was a big part of my relapse. If anyone has some tips I’d appreciate it
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2023.06.01 00:33 Cyber--J 23 M UK Looking for new people to talk to/hang out with

Hey everyone,
I have made a post like this on here before and sadly has not been that successful. Figured to give it another go to find new people to chat to.
Some info about me is that in my spare time i enjoy playing video games,watching anime, playing/planning/DMing DnD and playing with my dog. I would be interested in talking to someone to chat to, play games with,watch shows/movieswith etc. I am open to people from any timezone.
Hope to hear from some of you soon
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2023.06.01 00:33 StevenMJ12 Welcome To World Of SpaceBNB ($SPBNB) Launch Soon A Memecoin Inspired By The moon & Space Audit Done 100x Potential

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We have a Friendly hyped and responsive community. You will get fast replies if you got any queries or so.
Twitter: coming soon
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Contract renounced
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At Space BNB, we believe that the cosmos should be accessible to all. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of space tourism by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and decentralized finance. We aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe through an inclusive and innovative platform. With Space BNB, your dreams of venturing into space can become a reality.
I don't wanna waste your guys time or money. Just wanting to give me a chance to prove and honestly you guys will see where we go with all of my projects that I come up with.
Thank You!
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2023.06.01 00:32 Objective_Ability_81 I think my biggest red flag is "cam girl" bs I did when I was freshly divorced and thrown on my butt. I have no idea how to mitigate this.

Was during Covid. My husband filed for divorce while he was overseas deployed. We had an argument, I said when he returns we need to talk, implying things were not working out. (it was a BAD marriage). Instead, he just filed while overseas, blindsiding me despite my pleas for him to wait so we can properly figure it out. He closed lease on house, withheld spousal support, had the car picked up, kept all my Covid checks (they got deposited to spouses account for some reason, don't remember why), and emptied out our joint savings. Before anyone wants to preemptively bash and judge me, I wasn't an adulterous wife, I worked 2 jobs (pre-COVID), was earning my MA, didn't have money issues etc. He was a piece of work. I eventually got my Covid checks and spousal support a couple months later, after involving legal, but it was a scary couple of months. Covid had hours at work slashed, and I had to figure out how to get everything out of the house (he left the cleaning/moving out to me and me alone), find an apartment, and a car. I caved and did the camgirl thing for around 2 months. Hated it. Felt beneath myself.
I do not judge legal consenting sex-workers. It's not my place. But it wasn't for me. That said, while I hated it, I don't feel "shame". I did what I had to do to survive for a couple months, then hours picked back up and I found a new second job and promptly ditched that crap. I don't believe it's a blackmail concern. I wore cosplay (heavy makeup/wigs), did not use real name, real location, not even my real country. 90% of it was me playing video games and acting flirty. I didn't do depraved or immoral things. In some fantasy world where it is connected to me, big whoop? You can't blackmail me with something that trivial; I just don't care.
I also didn't pay taxes on it due to ignorance, but am in the process of amending that. (Just gotta send the IRS the check)
But is this information alone enough to mitigate that? Or is there no way around this being labeled as inappropriate sexual behavior?
All my red flags revolve around my husband honestly. Left Army due to depression but was HEAVILY pressured by my husband to do so "so we can be together". Later (after army), an arrest (not violence related, we were bickering at the store and I got frustrated at a self check out and some stuff didn't get rung up, I was to blame since I did most the ringing, but charges later dropped) medications for depression/anxiety (2 years free now) started smoking weed to cope (6 months clean), and the cam work. Want to emphasize that while I believe my husband was a common denominator in me making VERY bad decisions for 2 years, it was still ME that made these decisions but it all leads back to him. Don't wanna sound like I'm not taking responsibility; I am. I've grown and learned a lot and facing adversity again, I'd never make these same mistakes, but it's eating away at me because I'm THIS freaking close to getting back to my dream career, and as I age into my 30's, panic is setting in.
An agency has me flying out for some tests, and it's all becoming real, real quick, but the thought of losing the clearance for these dumb decisions makes me wanna puke. I know I post long threads here a lot, sorry yall. Just been a weird time for me and things are coming together but boy this clearance stuff is rough.
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2023.06.01 00:32 gingerbagelz 24 [F4M] #London, UK - looking for my forever player 2 and hand to hold =^.^=

hi lovely people of reddit! :)
i’m a 24 year female living in the uk. i’m 5 foot 2 (and a half), currently have dyed hair, blue eyes and i like to do my makeup and take care of myself. i go to the gym (weights) and swim a few times a week :) totally happy to share pictures (sfw) once we chat or hop on a discord video/voice call.
my hobbies include gaming (dead by daylight, valorant, and a few other games), reading, documentaries, travelling, music, and food. i love finding new places to explore :D i love hello kitty, collecting stuffies and also colouring in. i love heath, fitness and spiritual stuff too. deep conversations and controversial topics is something i adore.
i have a stable job and drive.
my friends usually say i’m innocent, caring, kind and gentle. i’d like to think that i take an interest in people and have a big heart also :) i can be pretty clingy at times and always want to know about your day. my love language is words of affirmation and i love cute stuff (don’t we all).
honestly, i’m looking for a partner in every sense of the word. i don’t do casual nor do i want online only. i do really want to find something long term and serious, if that even exists on reddit 🥲 also with the intention of meeting up and pursuing this irl! relocating is an option for me as i do work remotely.
i like people who are a little bit quirky (either with your aesthetic or your personality), kind, caring, honest, genuine. someone who has an open mind, preferably dominant or open minded regarding that, and can give just as much love as they receive (i love affection), and someone who can hold a conversation and loves calls (cough sleep calls cough) 🫶🏻 no people that are married, with kids or not mono please. i’d also prefer you to be older than me (whether that’s by a few months or some years, i don’t mind). accents go straight to the front of the queue along with (as SZA puts it) big boys :))
if you’re interested, feel free to drop me a message introducing yourself, please don’t message me if it’s going to be sexual and rude :) thank you and good luck on your search <3
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2023.06.01 00:32 Proudlymediocre Carrying It Forward: My Dad's Act of Kindness Still Echoes Decades Later

When I was a kid, my divorced aunt -- my dad's sister-in-law -- ran into financial issues.
In the midst of this, we all were at the hospital visiting my grandpa, and we were amassed in the cafeteria when my aunt went over to grab a sandwich. As my aunt approached the cashier, my dad, who so often would not spend money on himself, quietly got up from his seat, walked over to the cashier, and paid for my aunt's sandwich before returning to his seat without any fanfare. To this day, I still don't know if he saw me see him do that (note: Dad doesn't take compliments well -- he gets embarrassed by them and tends to deflect them towards other people or dismiss them).
Today, an older and discreetly-emotional (red watering eyes, but no sounds) woman seated near me mentioned to the server that her husband died this morning. So without any fanfare, I paid for her plus tipped the server well, because I wanted the woman to know that someone else empathized wit her pain. I will probably tell my wife I did this, but will not mention to anyone else (reddit doesn't count since it's anonymous and at the end of the day has zero consequential effect on my life). This is not the first time I did this, and honestly it won't be the last. And I'd be lying if I said my dad's action -- quietly paying for my cash-stricken aunt all those years ago -- didn't have an effect on me, and still didn't influence me today. In fact, I thought of him today as I paid for the woman in mourning.
I post all this here because I'm so grateful my dad tried his best to live his life the right way. It influenced me, which in turn has an influence on others, and his kindness to my aunt and his striving to be good to human beings in crisis (dad is one of those people who will stop and get involved during a medicaL emergency or car accident) decades ago is still echoing today.
So here is a gentle reminder that our kids are often watching, sometimes when we're not aware that they are. And if we want the future to be a better place we can start by modeling for our own kids right now the benefit of giving our time and our money to other people, to letting people around us know that we see them and to be there for them when they are in pain. My own kids are grown now, but I still try to model that satisfying feeling of helping a fellow human being in need. Because arguably I got more out of helping that woman today than she got.
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2023.06.01 00:31 Ratfts I feel like I'm going nowhere

Hi, I'm posting this kind of with the intention of getting reassurance or advice 😂 I graduated with my psychology degree in summer 2022, I loved doing my degree and learning, I was really looking forward to starting a career in something I find really interesting. I basically got the first job I could after uni because I was moving in with my bf and needed money, I work as a physio/OT assistant part time. The job itself isn't a bad job but I've been there a year now and I'm just super unhappy because I've been applying for so many jobs in mental health and I've gotten nowhere for the last year, so I didn't really think I'd be there this long.
I've gotten quite a lot of interviews but they all end up with rejection, the feedback is usually "we really liked you and you come across as very personable but someone else just had more experience than you" but then Im struggling to get more experience in mental health bc I keep getting rejected for not having experience 😂
I would also like to do my masters bc I thought it might help boost me to get a better job but I just can't afford it with working part time, having to pay bills, for food, utilities etc.
I feel like I'm going nowhere and I sometimes feel like I did the degree for no reason because it feels like I'll never get into the jobs I want :') I guess I wana know how long it took you guys to get into the job you love/wanted, and how old you were too because Im 23 and I get worried that I should be further along than I am right now (I know everyone moves at different paces, but I just want to know if it's normal to be looking for a while before you finally break into the mental health setting, after doing a psychology degree). Thank you:)
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2023.06.01 00:31 Away-Ninja1381 10yrs on from a transplant

So to start off I got HSP as a child, I don't really know how it all biological worked but all I can say is that it lead to both of my kidneys failing around my 5 birthday. From this event happening I was put on dialysis, honestly these where some of my hardest days; given my young age I wasnt really informed what was actually happening to me (I only found out a few years ago what dialysis was lol)
So I spent 3yrs? of my childhood hooked up to a machine for 3 to 4? Hrs a day (it's been a decade I can't remember the specifics) inwhich I still have the scars on my chest to this day. Again, I won't lie, those days were rough because spending days to weeks to months sitting in a hospital bed watching the same CBBC shows on repeat while other kids my age where running around in the outside world having the best times of their lives. It was hard. There was also others medical issues during this time but thankfully trauma blanks that out lol.
So after the 3yrs? on dialysis and the renal unit trying to save my original kidneys they eventually decide to start looking at transplant as an option. For my transplant they began to look at family such as my mother, uncle and siblings. Look, I know I'm extremely lucky when I speak about this as many are waiting years for a suitable kidney and I'm incredibly sorry if that's your situation but my transplant was from my father. He was a perfect match on nearly every category (again was 10yrs ago I can't remember specifics)
So on the 13 of December 2012 I woke up high as a fukin kite with a slightly used but functional kidney from my father. I was lucky as my transplant went smoothly with no hiccups (to my knowledge anyway i was unconscious for a few hrs) again I know many don't go smoothly and I'm sorry if that had ever happened to you.
So now I'm 18yrs of age living a semi normal life, still having to take meds in the morning but have been doing that for over a decade so that's just normal to me. I still go to a consultant but me and her are best mates so no complaining.
I don't won't this post to come off as boasting or flexing on anybody and If It does I apologize. I just wanted to type my story out and some people to relate and understand it. Also maybe if your worried about it this can show you that it does get better, you can live a normal life to your standard if normal at least.
Anyway thanks for reading, if you are.
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2023.06.01 00:31 Jay2KWinger Account of a Parley

The little cluster of rocks wasn't much, but the cabling and paneling and sundries that had lashed them all together marked them as being a part of the asteroid belt known as the Reef. It was a nest of scum, the sorts that had been banned or kicked out of the Tangled Shore, that even The Spider didn't want to associate with. Because it was where the worst sorts filtered down to, the locals called the area "The Trench." Awoken enforcers never went near it, unless they had numbers and firepower at their backs.
In recent months, the Trench had become more crowded. Ships of all stripes had parked around it-- Eliksni ketches and Cabal cruisers, Awoken galliots and Arcadian shuttles. The makes meant little, as they were frequently stolen. The livery and banners they flew all varied, but there were two specific ones worth noting. One was blue and bore a sigil of a broken sword stabbed into a stylized crown, the other black and portrayed a stylized Eliksni skull with an upper jaw full of jagged teeth. The banners of House Salvation and the pirate lord Gresdin Sawtooth.
A skiff dropped out of a short-range jump and docked itself between a sloop and a cobbled-together transport, both of which had their old livery scored and scratched away. As the skiff's captain disembarked, he could see that crews were already at work painting Sawtooth's standard onto them. A vandal stepped out in front of him, crashing into him, but the vandal took one look and thought better of finishing their scowl, instead scuttling away to another ship.
Similar reactions followed, even from a few of the Legionless Cabal that plodded the walkways of the Trench. But soon enough, the skiff captain approached the Trench's topmost suite of cabins. Two Eliksni guards glared at him, but he stared them down in kind, until one turned and barked into the cabin, "Tell them the Technomancer's back."
But the Technomancer-- a Fallen reaver named Bansiks-- raised his bulky mechanical arm and shoved the two House Salvation Elites out of his way as he barged into the cabin. His synthesized voice rasped as he approached the high table. "Lord Gresdin," he called.
Several other figures were clustered around the table, turning toward him as he approached. One was just Kalsek, one of Gresdin's lieutenants, bristling with indignation-- but not just from Bansiks's interruption, the Technomancer could tell. Kalsek was more angry about the two interlopers at the table. Both were Eliksni, and one towered over all present at the table, wearing scarred armor and clutched in his lower hands was a heavily modified forge hammer, the head of which glowed with Scorch energy. He stood behind an older Eliksni seated at the table, but Bansiks could see the lightly-armored elder's own scarred body beneath the faded, priestly robes he wore. Both wore the blue banner of House Salvation.
He knew them both by reputation. The giant was, despite his size, the lesser of the two, a retainer to the elder. One of the many outcasts of the scattered House of Scars, he had become a reaver in his way, taking part in pirate raids and eventually seeking more glory for himself in the Last Attempt at conquering the human City. He had been captured along with many others and languished in the Prison of Elders, but had escaped along with so many others when the Prison had fallen, and eventually came to House Salvation, eager to smash the wretches that had defeated his people and imprisoned him. But in the end, Brekkis the Breaker was simply a brute to his core.
On the other hand, the elder, Morsik, was a former archon of a lesser House that had long ago fractured and fallen apart, one who had suffered much abuse in the time since, but largely at the hands of Lightbearers and the Reef folk. Drawn to Eramis by the promise of a reborn Riis, he had become a very effective recruiter for his new House, speaking in an almost hypnotic fashion as he whipped up the furor and fervor for revenge against the Lights for the pain they'd all experienced. It worked so well, it was little wonder why they called him the Demagogue.
Seated at the midle of the table, opposite the entry to the chamber, was a broad-shouldered, barrel-chested Eliksni. A bandolier strapped across his chest had several Shock pistols at hand, and though they were blocked by the table, Bansiks knew there was an array of swords and knives and similar bladed weaponry around his waist. His Ether-mask had a twice-bifurcated crest, two flanges of which twisted forward and down, almost like tusks, while the other two were bent into horns. The front of his mask had its grill wrought to resemble a mouthful of jagged fangs. He wore his own black standard, with one upper hand resting on the grip of his namesake sword, a zweihander with a jagged edge. Gresdin Sawtooth, pirate lord of the Trench, looked up at him.
"Bansiks," Gresdin acknowledged. But then he turned back to the House Salvation envoys. "For all she demands of me and mine, Eramis could not come herself, and sends you instead?"
"Eramiskel," Brekkis growled.
But the pirate lord slapped his palm on the table. "Not my Kell," he snarled back. "She disrespects me like this, she does not get that wisp of respect from me in turn."
The brute glowered down at him. "No one--"
"No one sends a thug like you unless they're trying to send a message," Gresdin interrupted. He turned his gaze instead to Morsik, dismissing the retainer immediately. "The Shipstealer expects much from me, and all the other crews that berth in my Trench." A rasping snarl rattled in his throat. "Running down and looking for old relics, but what does she offer in return? A vague threat that we will be allowed to live?"
"Eramiskel has been given purpose." Morsik's voice was soft, quiet, the kind that forced the listener to strain to hear, and to thus better absorb his words. "To revisit the pain our people have suffered upon those who inflicted it."
"Lightbearers," Brekkis snarled.
"You know better than others, Lord Gresdin," the Demagogue continued, "that our people are plagued by weakness. Those with the means to lift us up simply won't make the decisions necessary to shape a place for us to live. No one, apart from Eramiskel."
"She wants trinkets that grant their bearers power," Bansiks rumbled, and raised a relic in his hand, setting it on the table in front of the pirate lord. "Iriks is dead," he told him. Brekkis made a move to reach for the lantern-like relic, but the Technomancer's bulky synthetic arm twitched up and extruded a blade that touched the brute's throat. "That's not for you."
Morsik's expression did not change, but there was the impression of a frown. "Eramiskel has asked for the relics."
"This is not the new Riis that Eramis ruled," Gresdin picked up the relic and passed it to Kalsek. "You are in the Trench, and this is my domain. Not even the Lightbearers dare come here. What makes you think you can make demands of me?"
The Demagogue placed two hands on the table as he ponderously rose, his scarred, aged body trembling some as he did so. Brekkis moved to assist him, but Morsik waved him off. The elder Eliksni stood with an almost regal air, and then slapped a hand down on the table. Cobalt blue ice crystals rippled outward from where he struck, spreading across the table, and then the floor, flash-freezing Kalsek in place, relic included. As the pirate lord bellowed in fury, Brekkis slapped aside Bansiks's blade and grabbed him by the throat.
"You think you have power," Morsik murmurred, as he lifted his hand, letting the pirate see the Splinter embedded in the gauntlet he wore. "But you do not. And there is a power beyond even this, which eclipses even the Light."
To the former archon's surprise, however, Gresdin began laughing. "Your House kneels to the Black Gale. But the Gale is not here--"
At which point, red SIVA clouds snaked out of Bansiks's gauntlet, winding around Brekkis and pinning him to the floor with hardened cables of metal. As this happened, the Technomancer raised his synthetic arm and the blade unfolded as the barrel of a cannon emerged from it. Morsik stared this down, raising his hands carefully. The Stasis crystals receded, Kalsek staggering as he was freed, and Gresdin arose from his chair, hefting his namesake sword to one shoulder with a speed that belied its weight.
"--and Gresdin Sawtooth bows to no one."
Morsik inclined his head thoughtfully. "How would you like to strike down the Reef folk?"
The Lord of the Trench paused, lowering his sword briefly, though not fully. "Explain."
"The man-folk and their Lightbearers have plagued our people since the moment we first reached this star. But only one of their Houses has ever enslaved Eliksni." The Demagogue spread his hands. "The House of Sov." Gresdin stared him down, but then glanced at Bansiks, gesturing subtly with a spare hand. The Technomancer lowered his cannon, but left Brekkis pinned under SIVA tendrils. With a nod, Morsik continued, "The apologists will say the broken Weavers swore oaths, but oaths made under duress are not binding, as they proved later when they rebelled."
"A rebellion that got them all killed," Kalsek pointed out.
"Because the man-folk will never let Eliksni live unless they kneel to their Lightbearers and to the Traitor Machine," Morsik spat. "If we start to rise back up, they send their ghouls to slaughter us."
Gresdin grunted again. "No one dares attack the Trench. Even the Lightbearers stay away." But he looked over as Bansiks shook his head.
"The Lightbearers have pirate hunters now," he reported. "Not only have they taken out several of the ketchkilers, they are hunting relics like that," he indicated the lantern in Kalsek's hands.
Gresdin chewed on that thought for a moment before Morsik folded his lower hands over his belly, the other set behind his back. "The relics have power. The old crews knew this." He eyed the pirate lord. "You broke from your House because your Kell was weak. House Blades was renowned for its prowess in battle, but Yovariskel had been too cautious to join the Last Attempt, and Koussakskel is too cowardly to seek the glory you crave. You earned your place as Lord of the Trench as befits your old House's ways.
"You have supporters in House Blades," Morsik continued. "They grumble and whisper and want their glories, but Koussakskel holds them back. A bold move on your part-- scouring the Reef of House Sov-- would galvanize them. They would flock to your banner. And Eramiskel would honor your deeds, and offer you pride of place as High Baron in her House, as admiral of Salvation's ketch fleet."
The pirate lord mulled this over, while Kalsek argued, "Why should Lord Gresdin lower himself to serve a kell who failed her House? The Lights defeated her, her House was scattered." But the expression on Gresdin's face told that he'd already taken the bait, and now the Demagogue just needed to reel him in.
"Perhaps her House had been weak," Morsik suggested. "And with you at her side to assure the strength of her followers..."
Bansiks looked at Gresdin, who regarded the elder with a long stare. Then, with a ponderous move, he planted the end of his jagged zweihander on the floor, and nodded to the cyborg Eliksni. The Technomancer stepped back from Brekkis as the cabling binding him down dissolved back into clouds of nanites, which withdrew into the tanks on his back.
"Then let us speak," Gresdin Sawtooth smiled, "of what your Kell will do for me."
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2023.06.01 00:31 Typical-Bread-7991 Defining My Magic System's Categories

I have trouble clearly defining the limits to my categories and am stuck on what to do. I have a purpose for each, but there are areas where they seem to overlap. Could you help?
Lumina requires the use of spirits to aid in creating abilities. These abilities are changed and honed depending on the user. Performing these abilities requires the synchronization of spiritual energy and physical energy. Spirits provide spiritual energy, which sets the base for abilities. Humans provide the physical energy, which is necessary to shape and bring these abilities to life. Synchronization requires delicate control of both spiritual and physical energy at a 2:2 ratio. If done incorrectly can lead to some drawbacks.
There are 3 stages of transmutation that can be done to Lumina: Spirit, Tamashi, and Zone.
Spirit form:
Allows the user to infuse and manipulate energy into or out of objects and other things. The time it takes for an object imbued with energy to go back to normal depends on the amount of energy infused.
Tamashi form:
It creates a spiritual embodiment and allows you to use your spirit's limbs and body parts. Focusing your energy on a part of your body triggers your spirit to take over in a way. The spirit uses that area as not only the second layer of defense but provides an offensive advantage as well. The more of your spirit's body you use, the more energy it takes. These embodiments may not be very durable depending if they are offensive, defensive, or supportive.
This allows for the external manifestation of your power. The amount you can create is based n your ability and energy reserves. By casting your energy within this zone, you can manifest your ability nearly instantaneously depending on the size of the ability. There is a capacity for how much you can create depending on your power as well.
Take fire-breathing as an example of a power. It could be considered Tamashi form since (if your spirit was a dragon for example) you could use the mouth of your spiritual embodiment to breathe it. On the other hand, it could be Zone due to it externally and leaving your body.
There are powers that seem to be part of both categories and I don't know how well to define them to where these things won't happen. My other idea was to create sub-categories based on the different overlaps that could happen.
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2023.06.01 00:31 crazicelt Possible Conntions between ME:4 and ME:OT & MEA

(Disclaimer I know we know next to nothing about the next Mass effect game. This is just for fun don't want to participate then don't.)
Now I have recently recently replayed the whole Saga looking for threads to see how the next Mass Effect game (ME:4) could connect to the OT and ME:A.
Now as the OT has few threads beyond pure speculation of what happend to the galaxy after the war? I will be leaning heavily on Andromeda and the glaring lose ends that were clearly ment for DLC and a sequel. Plus the few teases we have gotten.
I made notes throughout my playthrough of potential threads. The summary of which follows.
Now the main threads left inME:A revolve around: * The Benefactor * The Kett Empire * The Jardaan/Remnant

The Benefactor.

Where did they get their resources?
And we are talking ridiculous amount resources.
Cerberus was apparently maxed out making the Normandy SR2. The Arks and Nexus dwarf that. The only thing the Milky way species built like that was the crucible, And that took multiple species and a extinction level event and complete designs.
To design, construct and operate the 5 Arks & Nexus that undertaking dwarfs even the crucible. Your talking multi government level resources.
The council would make a good bet but they wouldn't do all this subterfuge once in Andromeda the easiest answer is a illuminati type deal where a bunch of power players all got involved to hedge their bets just in case. So Cerberus, Shadow Broker, Alliance, STG, some Asari Matriarchs people like Henry Lawson all pooling resources.
But I'm not so sure.
How did the Benefactor get in touch with the Kett?
A datapad in the Kett base (where moshae was kept) has communication between Benefactor and Hztch mentioning transfer to base and showing of home worlds.
It's not the communication/infiltration that is interesting its the fact that the Benefactor showed, presumably, this Kett their homewold. And Hztch wanting to reciprocate. If the Benefactor is a species or group from the Milky Way. How could they of shown them anything.
The Kett homewold is deeper in helus and their FTL is worse than the Milky Way ones over long distances and the Initiative took 614 years to cross dark space.
That's a 1228 year round trip.
It doesn't matter if the Benefactor is Milky way based they would have to have FTL technology far beyond even the Reapers. Or a mass Relay in Andromeda. Which Judging by the resources they can move isn't impossible.
How did they learn of the Reapers at least bare minimum 4 years before ME1?
This is simpler they talked to Liara before ME1. Or came to a similar conclusion Liara did.
Another option is they found Jaadaan technologies and mistook it for Reaper technology.
Who is the Benefactor?
Could be anyone or any thing. I'd rule out Cerberus at least in control as they don't use unshackled AI and there are enemies of Cerberus who used the initiative to escape TIM. We know he likes lose ends tied up. Plus this endeavour just seems beyond Cerberus in terms of resources.

The Kett Empire.

A generic Empire who kinda remind be of the Kobali from Star Trek cross with Vampires. They have 21 pure lineages and every Kett that serve under the Archon has his DNA. They are far beyond Milky Way with bio-engineering but less sophisticated in FTL (because Milky Way species had a jump start).
They use warp/Alcubierre drives (I bet that was part of the Goose chase FTL research humans did before discovering Mass Effect) decent at short range long range requires stais. "Vast" Empire but sounds feudal.
I don’t see the Kett connecting to ME4 in anyway. At least not directly.

The Jardaan/Remnant.

The Jardaan are incomprehensibly advanced. In less than 8 centuries they arrive, create massive subterranean vaults on planets, teraform a whole cluster of star systems, design and create entirely new forms of organic life flora, fauna and sentient life. Able to make mini Dyson Spheres/hollow world that can move at FTL. Their technology is able to teraform countless worlds near instantly and simultaneously.
They use similar technologies to Milky way in that they use Element Zero Drive core but they are just beyond anything we've seen in Mass Effect.
We know at least 1 of the Kett Vassals worship the Jardaan Remnants The Thusali once worshipped remnant. This mean the Jardaan did leave traces outside Heleus.

Mass Effect 4 teases

There are only 3 solid things that we know about ME4.

Theory and connections to ME4

In my opinion the main connections that may appear in ME4 are around the Benefactor. They were operating in the Milky Way in 2170s and 80s and had ridiculous resources.
It's possible the story may lead you to discovering who the Benefactor is or put in opposition to them.
It could also connected via the Geth. As the FTL telescope the initiative used was geth in Origin they may find or be the link.
It could also connect by wanting reliable travel to Andromeda. They finally made contact and the Alliance wants to make reliable journeys.
My off the wall theory
My theory is out there, but it explains some things. Like how the Benefactor was able to move so many resources, operate in 2 galaxies show the Kett their homeworld and how 2 games separated by 2.5 million light years and maybe centuries of time are connected in any way.
My theory is that the Benefactor is Jardaan.
Maybe they found Reaper technology or came into conflict with Reapers and wanted to protect the Milky way species or whatever. But it fits.
The Benefactor used numerous voices and faces rather than a disembodied voice like Shadow Broker, or a front like the Charlatan or agents like The Illusive man. Like they were trying to connect.
They might of been operating in 2 galaxies. They were wither from the Milky Way using resources and technology beyond anything we've seen or they aren't from the Milky Way and are able to make trips between galaxies in decent time.
They have vast amount of resources the Jaadaan could get resources far easier than any Milky way species. They converted whole worlds into assembly lines/factory's.
Plus there is a reason humans are building Mass Relays. And a reason the council won't like it..
I'm curious as to what others think.
For fun want connections, if any do you think there will be between ME:A and ME4?
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2023.06.01 00:30 c4tluvrhehe i don't know if i'm doing the right thing

i'm in a custody battle with my daughters dad. shes 4 months old, he is fighting for full 50/50 including overnights. i've been fighting for consistent contact, every other day for 4 hours with one overnight visit to her dads a week. the reason i'm fighting for what i am is because she is so little. i feel its a lot of stress to put on an infant to be sleeping in a different house every night. we have a notebook that we send with her back and forth documenting when she eats, sleeps, plays. i see she doesn't sleep for as long when she stays overnight at his house, typically 3-4 hour intervals, whereas at my house she sleeps 4-6 hour intervals, sometimes 8. i feel she is more comfortable at my house because she is here more often. i do want to get to 50/50 but i think gradually adding nights as she develops more would be the healthier way of doing it. part of me feels guilty because he is fighting so hard for that 50/50 right away, it makes me question if i'm doing the right thing. i understand the only way our daughter will ever get used to it is by doing it, but it feels harsh at her age to throw her in it. i just don't know what to do. i just want all of this custody drama to go away, but i know it won't for a long time. i've just been questioning myself a lot and don't know if i'm doing the right thing. it's extremely stressful and exhausting.. i just want to do whats best for our daughter and her development.
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2023.06.01 00:30 KeepItWavey Southampton owners: We have failed the people of the club Full board interview with The Times

It's behind a paywall so here's the full thing:
The Sport Republic group admit they were too removed from the action and recruited poorly as their first full season since taking over ended with the drop.
I meet the three men who own Southampton in what is about to become their new shared office at the club’s impressive training ground. They have had a few weeks longer to dwell on what went wrong this past season than their counterparts at Leeds United and Leicester City and one clear conclusion they have drawn is that they should have spent more time at the club. Rasmus Ankersen and Henrik Kraft are the co-founders of Sport Republic, which bought Southampton in January 2022 with the financial backing of Dragan Solak, a Serbian businessman.
“We were not close enough to understand what was really going on,” Ankersen says. “That’s a major lesson for us. We acted like a parent who is sending money to their kid but not sending their love and attention,” Solak says. “It never works and it didn’t work in our case as well. That’s why we are going to be close, to show support, to know what is going on, and knowing exactly what the club needs. We thought a huge amount of financial support would resolve a lot but it didn’t really.”
There have been, as a consequence, a raft of executive changes, including Solak, a self-made Serbian businessman, becoming the chairman of Sport Republic.
Solak had assumed he would be a silent investor “coming to a few games and enjoying some of them” but now he will help with strategy and give Kraft the space to become, in the long term, the chairman of Southampton.
“When we were relegated,” Solak says, “I thought it was important we showed the people at the club and the supporters that we are going nowhere. If anything, we will be here more than before.”
From his distant vantage point Solak could not work out why the players “sometimes did not have enough heart, it did not look like a synchronised effort”.
He wondered if there was a psychological problem. “We know we have great players, but they don’t show that in the games,” he says. “Some answers we got from the club were, ‘Don’t worry, it will be better.’
“We would now like to know more about the life of the club and to be supportive to enable them to be the best possible. We were not failed by the people in the club, I failed them. I should have been closer to everything.” From now on he will be, as he puts it, “part of the family”.
Supporters had witnessed what began as a promising takeover gradually become dysfunctional in terms of results. The owners refute that they in any way briefed against Ralph Hasenhüttl who was sacked in November. They backed the Austrian in the summer of 2022, having enjoyed a short honeymoon period up until the previous March.
“It became clear it wasn’t working and then there was the unique situation of the World Cup coming up and there was speculation and negativity,” Kraft says. “It wasn’t a foregone conclusion. We wanted him to be successful, why wouldn’t we?”
“I personally like the guy, we play golf together,” Solak says. “He lost the confidence in being able to turn things around.”
Nathan Jones proved a spectacular disappointment as Hasenhüttl’s replacement. “When we appointed Nathan it was based on what we needed to improve to stay in the Premier League,” Ankersen says. “We had stopped being aggressive, being on the front foot, we had problems with set pieces and Nathan had proven he had been able to instil that in a team [Luton Town] that was in the Championship, but which has now been promoted. It was not to do with his character, he’s a great guy, he’s hungry.”
“We have to admit we didn’t see him not being able to handle the media pressure at Premier League level,” Solak says. “If he could have been more calm and calculated after the games he would have stayed longer.
“Him being too honest and losing it a little bit in front of the cameras turned the fans against him. He definitely didn’t do what we wanted, but it was not too bad. He was the guy who stopped Pep Guardiola [after victory over Manchester City in the League Cup] having the chance of a Quadruple.”
Much criticism was aimed at the club for buying young players with no Premier League experience in January. “Everyone wants a proven Premier League striker, they are hard to find,” Ankersen says. “January is a hard window.”
Ankersen admits “we didn’t get the balance right”, but points out that Carlos Alcaraz was particularly productive in spite of only playing half a season. “To some extent the young players were carrying the team,” he says.
The elder statesman of Southampton is James Ward-Prowse, who is contracted until 2026, and given that the 28-year-old has been at the club his entire career, it would be a wrench for the fans to see him leave.
“Of course, we would love to keep him,” Ankersen says. “He is Mr Southampton, he’s done amazing things. He will be in demand. If there is something that comes up that satisfies the club financially and satisfies James then out of respect we will have to have that conversation. “It would be selfish to say, we have a contract, and not fair to him,” Solak adds. “If he can play Champions League football next season, then that would be great for him. We have to see who will approach us.”
Will they try to blitz the Championship or work their way organically through the challenges? “We would like to do it organically and then blitz,” Solak laughs.
“We are building an organisation that is fit for purpose and has all the capabilities to go straight back to the Premier League,” Kraft says. “When you look at the infrastructure and the facilities then you can see this is a club that belongs in the Premier League. Our goal is unashamedly to win the Championship. We’re not doing a patch job, we’re doing it in the right way.”
They will need the right manager and the recommendation of Jason Wilcox, the new director of football, recruited from Manchester City in January, will hold the most weight. The successor to Rubén Sellés will be in situ by the time the team return for pre-season training at the end of June.
Both Ankersen and Kraft are motivated to build something innovative, a multi-club structure that unearths talent in Africa and, according to Kraft, “to prove you can build a model that is financially sustainable because there is a belief in football that the only way to compete is to throw money at it. We’re trying to break that.”
“I just thought it’s going to be great fun,” Solak says of his motivation. “I thought I was going to be a passive investor but as I become more active, I love it. In the Championship I might have more happy weekends.”
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2023.06.01 00:30 SoulSpiegel12 [PS1] [SOMETIME AROUND 1999] Trying to remember a game my dad rented me back in the 90s

I vaguely remember my dad renting me a game back in the 90s. It was kinda like a 2D side stroller but the protagonist was an anime looking character. The game started out in a graveyard sort of resembling Ghost n Goblins. I might be fuzzy about the details since I was only 4 at the time. Thanks for all your help guys!
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2023.06.01 00:29 e__elll My boss keeps interrupting my lunch break.

In my state (California), employees are entitled to a 30 minute uninterrupted lunch break, and if it interrupted for even a minute for any work-related reason, the employer must pay the employee an one extra hour of wages called “premium pay.”
However at my job, our lunch breaks are paid, and oftentimes, our food too. Which is why even though my boss constantly interrupts my lunch for work issues, I helplessly feel as if my boss owns my time.
Yesterday was the defining incident. I was 15 minutes into eating before I was pulled out of the kitchen by my annoyed employer to deal with a client’s meltdown in our lobby. Then we were bombarded by calls, so I had no choice but to stay and help my coworkers.
It was a while before I could go back to the kitchen and resume eating, but my employer just had to pass by while I’m eating and remind me again “I needed to be out front the minute something happens.”
I’m not sure if I should quit due to the stress. I feel like I should be grateful to work in a place with paid breaks and free lunches, and understand that with busy jobs, employees are expected to “take one for the team.”
What should I do or how should I think? Should I quit, bring up premium pay, or should I suck it up considering the circumstances?
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2023.06.01 00:29 mycatbaby Leave toxic work environment early?

I have a new boss since Jan 1 and decided that after a long string of errors on their part that affected my position, to take another job and put in notice. I’m in a leadership/management position that is in-Part a semi-technical role. Not many folks have I guess the skills I bring to the job.
I had a series of meeting set that outlined trainings and made things manageable for me to prepare for regarding documentation, so that not burn out on trainings.
Supervisor rearranged the entire schedule I had set, added more then rearranged and added more trainings - some repeats that I both already showed my boss or have documentation/videos on. It’s like 2-4 hours of zoom meetings for the remaining two days.
On top of that, the supervisor is just awful to be with. Snappy, sassy, rude, etc. Def overwhelmed. I dread the next two days.
Anyway, I just want to end it. I can stick out and fulfill these final requirements, or just cut the cord. I’d be screwing over a lot of people if I just cut my notice short, but it will be such a relief. I don’t want to burn bridges, but I just don’t want to do this anymore, it’s so much energy to train others for hours when the documentation is there.
Would you stick it out and fill the notice of a terrible toxic work environment?
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2023.06.01 00:29 ThrowRAnil my bf (26M) and I(26F) had a rough couple of days and I'm having extreme emotional reactions to it

We have been together for nearly a year now, and I'd like to share the events of the past two days. I'm uncertain if my reaction is proportionate or if I'm experiencing an excessive emotional response, but here is the full story. Two days ago, he had plans to come over to my place so we could hang out. However, he canceled last minute, explaining that he had a tough day and didn't feel like coming over. Usually, we play games together at night and talk over Discord. On that particular night, he mentioned wanting to listen to music and didn't join the voice channel while we were playing. This left me curious about his behavior, so I asked him about it. He simply expressed that he needed some space and we would meet the following day. Yesterday, he came over, and we went grocery shopping together to get ingredients for a dish he enjoys. I cooked dinner, and after he finished eating, he immediately fell asleep. Feeling somewhat neglected, I didn't want to sleep beside him, so I chose to sleep on the floor for part of the night and later moved back to the bed when I got cold. During his sleep near the morning, he had a wet dream and suddenly woke up, which also woke me up. I realized what had happened and asked him about it. He said that he had a sex dream, I asked if I was in it and he said no. He was examined the sheets to see how wet they are. He then suggested going home to change his clothes and asked me to accompany him. Feeling insecure and sad about the whole last 2 days and overwhelmed by some other concerns unrelated to this event, I ended up in tears. He noticed my distress and attempted to comfort me by lying in bed with me and spooning, but he fell asleep right away. Feeling unsettled, I left the bedroom and engaged in other activities until he woke up and expressed his hunger. I told him that I didn't feel like eating, but there were leftovers in the fridge. He had some of the remaining food and eventually left. I find it challenging to pinpoint which part of this story has upset me the most or why it triggered such an emotional response. Moreover, I'm uncertain if others would react similarly. However, at this moment, I feel a strong inclination to take some time apart from him, at least for a while. Any insights?
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2023.06.01 00:29 color178924 Must have accessories/tools?

I'm currently shooting traditional barebow on a recurve and want as minimal investment as possible, especially since I have plans to upgrade to a longbow in the near future as my current bow is too short for me.
The biggest spend last year was for a soft case, fast flight string and wax. I've got a quiver and tab and its pretty much all I shoot with. Recently got a plunger to replace the stick on rest and am finding it much too fussy already.
Do I need a brace height tool or serving tool or are there ways to get around both? What other essential tools/accessories am I missing that you all recommend?
Would also like to add that for the most part, I prefer doing my own work to save on costs unless it requires specialized equipment or skill to perform.
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2023.06.01 00:29 aura-bear-101 Got an Interview at a School I Really Didn't Want

Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit to post to, but here it is.
I (21F) just graduated college. I am in a Master's program to get my teaching license. I have been putting in applications to teach everywhere. I want to stay close to my college town because I am tired of living at home (for reasons too long to list here).
I applied for the school I attended in high school, thinking they wouldn't even look at me. Well, low and behold, today they call me wanting to interview me next week. I do not want to teach at this school.
My high school experience sucked. My high school is in a small town with a clique. If you weren't/aren't in this clique, you can basically kiss your chances of making any sports or athletic teams good-bye. I hate that about this school.
I was constantly overlooked academically for this very same reason. I was never given any extra help or honors, despite taking 5 AP Classes during my high school years. This school was part of the reason I chose a college almost 2 hours away after graduation.
Now, I'm in an awkward situation. My grandparents really want me to work at this school so I'll be close to home. I have told them time and time again I do not want to work at that school! I have another interview for a school tomorrow closer to my college town. I really want to work at that school.
I'm worried that even if I do get the job for the school I want my grandparents will still try to force me to go with my high school because it's my alma mater. I can already hear you all in the comments saying "you're a grown adult, do what you want", but it's not as easy as that.
I have no money (I'm working part-time at daycare now) and my car is owned by them. The school I would work at is 30 minutes from my college town. Public transport is not an option because this is the South. We don't have that here.
I'm looking for any kind of advice you all can give me. Good or bad. I'm really stuck here.
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