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2023.06.01 00:37 Less_Ant_6633 Surplus steel tube from a gov. auction, located in Arizona...

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2023.06.01 00:37 Fortyouncestofreedom Do I have a hernia?

I will preface this with I had a double hernia operation when I was 4 or 5. That was 40 years ago. I definitely had a bulge.
Fast forward to a month ago, on a Thursday, I was doing a lift I don’t usually do a standing lay push down. (I lift 3 days a week, Pilates 1x per week, yoga 3 times per week)and I felt a sharp pain in lower left abdomen. I stopped as it was my last exercise of the day and went home. It kinda hurt while just walking around and getting groceries that day but seemed fine over the weekend. I did a few ab exercises to see if that bothered me and felt no pain or bad feeling whatsoever. Went back to normal routine the next day with no problems limitations or pain.
This past week, which was a month to almost the day when I felt the sharp pain I was struggling on one of my last reps of a seated Lat pull-down and felt a popping sensation in my lower left abdomen. It was either 200 or 220 lbs so pretty heavy. There was zero pain associated with this popping sensation. I fully expected to look down and see a bump or at least feel one. I did not. I continued my workout and it started to hurt so I stopped for the day. I haven’t gone back in a week now.
It hurts when I lean over sometimes, it hurts just standing. It hurts a little into my left testicle. It does not hurt when I do an exercises like a plank. It does not hurt when I cough. It does not hurt when I sneeze. It mostly hurts when I stand and kinda hurts as I sit here and type. It’s not a bad pain at all but I’ve been told by my doctor I have a high pain tolerance. It hurts in the morning and hurts when I turn my torso. I can lift my legs, jump, go upstairs etc with no pain whatsoever.
I do not think I feel a bump. Sometimes I think I do but when I feel my other side it feels similar in comparison. My lower abs feel weak though like something is wrong or up but nothing pops out and I can hold a plank no problem. I’m gonna test it for a bit but wanted an idea of what I might have done. I hope it’s not a hernia. It doesn’t really feel muscular though so maybe that’s what it is? Maybe a sports hernia?? I don’t know.
Any thoughts/help/ideas/advice is most appreciated. I have been alternating advil and Tylenol.
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2023.06.01 00:37 Educational_Copy_140 New seller looking for some advice

I just opened my shop a few days ago after watching multiple videos on how to start an On Demand printing business. It's acting as a wonderful creative outlet for me as well as (hopefully) a second source of income other than my VA disability pay.
So far 7 sales for a little more than $70. In 5 days.
Primarily I'm making T-shirts, mugs and stickers. Staying away from the overtly political or the angry and trying for more lighthearted or clever or funny. Whatever pops in my head. But I'm wondering if I should split things up a bit and have one shop for the shirts and one for mugs and stickers? Would it benefit me to split up the merch in that way? Can I even have more than one Etsy shop?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 00:37 NelsonStearman What are best tools for a design take home assignment?

Hi! I need to do a take home assignment that consists of designing a new product.
What tools could I use to make the presentation very beautiful? I mean in terms of representing the user journeys and making a prototype.
Also, do you have any other tips for take home assignments? Thank you!
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2023.06.01 00:37 nevatoolatee ☀️ PRE-SUMMER SALE 🌞 ☑️Interested in a Snapchat Account Hack? $ DM ME! I get access to Password and 4 Digits for My EYES ONLY!🔓(ACTIVE RIGHT NOW)

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2023.06.01 00:36 welp-suicide-watch Welp, I’m back buddies (that was fast)

As I come out I go back in, this place is starting to become like a second home. Brief backstory if you guys (and gals) want it, I’m in the uk, I’m gay with a tonne of attempted suicides on my record and I’m not feeling my best atm. Looking through this server makes me feel like my problems are fucking boring and insignificant but I thought now is better than never, my life has been rocky at best getting dealt the amazing cards of autism, eye problems, stomach problems, back problems, joint problems and finally the great mystical powers of overthinking, stress eating and suicidal tendencies. My bf (conspiracy nut) of four times has broken up with me again (no name for anonymity) after cheating on me the first while I was incredibly ill with a jerk who dumped him, then the second time ended up with him falling out of love with me, the third was a short fling style relationship that lasted not long before this one that mainly consisted of me overthinking if he still loved me or was out cheating, he confessed he had feelings for his past lovers and didn’t love me that much (which my stupid ass self ignored) he confessed he wanted to do less than legal things to his ex lover (he won’t do any of them that I know) and the fun part was he called me paranoid when I kept asking if it was me that was making him feel horrible (spoiler: it was and I knew it) but he kept saying that he knew I was paranoid but it wasn’t me then I proceed to have a relationship filled with sinking feelings about if I was the problem, crying myself to sleep and then even considering suicide multiple times due to this and several unrelated issues. Thank you for listening to my rant and I hope everyone sleeps well, im going to go eat a tub of ice cream and cry at a movie.
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2023.06.01 00:36 CallmeCalicoin Can I/should I pursue legal action?

(Dec 15th)Car accident resulting In minor TBI and post concussion syndrome
History of stress induced hallucinations (labeled as disability on job application and employer infromed before hand)
(April 18th)Aggravated concussion symptoms due to high stimuli environment Went to hospital with increase in confusion, migraine, dizziness, and headache. Was told likely reason was a new injury.
Taking this info, and the history of hallucinations believe that an at work accident resulted in new concussion
Pulled to back room to fill out workplace accident paperwork, asked many questions about when, where, how, and what happened. (All while still in a state of brain fog and confusion)
Sent home until doctors appt to confirm injured state, and to file an LOA with sedgwick
(May 10th) doctor says I still have concussion and need restricted duty (no manipulating objects over 10 pounds, no bright lights, loud noises, hyperactivity)
Informed by team lead that "restricted duty means I can do nothing at the store." And to "go home until follow up appt."
(May 25th) follow up appt approved me for light duty (up to 25 pounds of lifting, remembering to take breaks as needed)
(May 26th) return to work and informed that an accommodation with sedgwick has to be made for light duty
(May 30th) accommodation call made and pending approval
Pulled into store managers office by dept manager (posturing and imposing stance) informed that after reviewing footage there is no evidence of an accident.
When history of hallucinations resulting from stress is brought up the same dept manager stifles a laugh
Turns out, by company standards, "restricted duty" and "light duty" are treated the same and the dept manager (different) who told me I can't work and to go home until follow up appt (25th) was incorrect
Also told that I was not supposed to make an accommodation call as that created a new LOA claim
(May 30th) dept manager (aggro) tells me I need to go to HR with no sidetracking (hadn't had any before)
I'm told that due to a system decision about my absences (covered by sedgwick) I am terminated, and that I need to keep physical track of my time punches. Once the termination goes through I will be "reinstated" and need only wait a few days
That night my scheduled shifts vanish and I'm unable to clock out using the store time clock, all of my related benefits are deactivated and I'm locked out of store applications.
Is this something I should seek legal counsel for? Should I quit?
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2023.06.01 00:36 theinfamousj Pidyon Haben, Conservative, Non-Jewish Father

For the first time in generations in my family, the first born child I am carrying is going to be a son. I'm Jewish and was raised Conservative. Son-to-be will obviously be Jewish by virtue of being the issue of my body.
Baby's Dad is not yet Jewish. We keep a Jewish home including kosher, etc., etc. and the plan is that Dad will complete his conversion process and offered to become a convert of his own accord before we became engaged.
So as happens, I have no family members who know anything about the Pidyon Haben ceremony but what we've been able to read online and in books. I am not sure how the religious status of the Dad affects whether the ceremony can be performed or when? Or is this one of those things where my brother (Baby's Uncle) or father (Baby's Grandfather) are to step in for Dad as the closest adult male Jewish relatives? Please help. I want Son to be given all the rites and ceremonies due him.
(We already have a brit milah planned and a mohel secured on that end. Just waiting for Son to come to this side of my body.)
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2023.06.01 00:36 maynevent Month 2: Progress Report

Last month's progress report:
Last month's goals for this month:
tldr; updated a few previous articles, posted 14 new articles, Amazon commissions starting to come in, things have started heating up towards the end of May
Backstory and Learnings:
Following from last month, I was in the middle of removing Ezoic from my site. I fully finished that up a day or two after I posted my first month's progress report. That was my main priority and then I started using my SemRUSH trial to its full advantage. I began collecting keywords to start writing articles and also started researching keywords for my previous articles that I just wrote on a whim, trying to make them more viable. As of the middle of May, most of views were coming from 2 articles, with a view here and there for other miscellaneous articles as well.
I really liked SemRUSH, but for right now, and with my site's infancy, I can't justify continuing with the service. It is for sure something I will circle back to in the future, though. Getting back to the articles, I began writing. I've noticed a pattern with myself, I'll go 5-6 days without writing and then all of a sudden, crank out handful in succession. 3 of the articles from the first batch I wrote near the beginning of May are starting to show promise. I have 1 article with 5 clicks, another with 24 clicks and the last one with 38 clicks. The rest of the articles are duds or are still cooking, I suppose.
I have also noticed some of my articles from the initial 10 I launched my site with are starting to get a bit of attention as well. The 2 articles I mentioned in the first paragraph that account for my most views are part of this initial 10 group. And to be fair, that does make sense, since they have been live the longest and have had (albeit minimal) time to age. I have a mixed feeling of joy and worry. I know that SEO and all of that is a waiting game, but I can't help but wonder and worry about my non-successful posts.
In terms of hitting my goals defined last month for this month, I can say I was able to accomplish them, for the most part. I wanted to make reasonable goals for myself that could actually be attained. I aimed for upping my post count from 18 at the end of April to having 28 at the end of May. In total, I finished May with 32 total published posts. I feel good about the upward trends I am seeing in GA, GSC and even Bing (screenshots below). I did acquire a few new backlinks as well, but nothing too special. Mainly just forum/community posts. I need to do some outreach and plan to start at least trying in the near future. In total, according to GSC, I have 56 external links from 5 different domains. Bing shows 9 total backlinks from 4 referring domains. Interestingly, Bing has a few domains Google does not have. Dunno what's up with that.
On to monetization. As mentioned in last month's progress report, I was a bit too hasty with ad placement. I was kinda feeling a bit bummed out by signing up for Amazon Associates so soon, but I think that was the right call. I have made, what looks like, 9 total sales, including the 1st one mentioned last month in April. I believe I did get a bit lucky, though. I had one sale where someone purchased a $600 item that gave me nearly $13 USD in commission. As exciting as that is, that was not one of the items I have on my site. But hey, it still counts, so yeah. Taking that one away, I still did pretty good IMO with $8+ USD in May. And I officially got the approval email from Amazon as well, which was really neat to see.
I am having some struggles with Social Media and have all but given up (for now) with the exception being Pinterest. I have been creating unique images and creating pins for every new article I write and posting them to Pinterest. Not seeing much from it though. According to GA, I have gotten 3 users and 4 sessions from Pinterest since going live on March 26th. I have been trying to research a bit and it seems like Pinterest is like Google in that the pins need time age as well. Hopefully, with enough determination and consistent posting, I will see some more traffic come from Pinterest.
I am a bit confused why so much of my traffic is coming from direct. I noticed I am starting to get impression on GSC under the 'Discover' button, but only 2 clicks so far from it. So that can't be it. Aside from the huge spike at the end of may (which was all direct and I still haven't figured out why), I am still getting anywhere from 3-7 sources as direct per day. I whitelisted my IP address in GA, but my traffic is still coming through. But to combat that, I am using private mode in FF since GA is blocked.
Things I am Investigating:
Keyword: borderlands legendary loot guide Page: Ranks # 3 for keyword
Keyword: borderlands rare loot guide Page: Does not rank (I cannot find this page unless I type the URL into Google), Legendary page ranks # 15 for Rare keyword
Keyword: borderlands uncommon loot guide Page: Just created, nothing is ranking for this keyword yet
This Month's Goals:
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2023.06.01 00:35 origutamos Serial domestic abuser who murdered Edmonton mother will be able to apply for parole in 16 years

Damian Cooke climbed the stair to the witness stand, his aunt at his side, and began to read what he had written about his mom. "My mom was very nice. She gave me the best fifth birthday,” the boy told the hushed courtroom. Suddenly, tears welled in his eyes. He leaned into his aunt, crying.
Cooke, 8 years old, spoke at a sentencing hearing Monday for Hunter Duncan, the man convicted last year of murdering Cooke’s mother, Breianna Schamber.
A jury found Duncan guilty late last year of second-degree murder, hearing he strangled Schamber in her home after a breakup with his girlfriend. Schamber’s wounds were so severe a medical examiner compared them to those suffered by some hanging victims.
Duncan, 26, faces a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole for 16 years.
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2023.06.01 00:35 catlady012120 Husband refusing to let my mother visit

I need to rant because I feel like I might explode without anyone to talk to. Basically, my husband and my family haven’t been getting along since I got pregnant.
Long story short, my parents have been less than perfect in my husband’s opinion and they’re distant from any other issues going on between myself and my siblings- which, as upsetting as it is, I’ve gotten over it because 1) they’re old and live far from all of us, 2) they have never been extremely involved in emotional issues between us, 3) have always addressed our complaints/feelings one on one rather than in a group setting and, 4) we are all adults so what are they going to do if we fight? Ground us?
The problem is that my husband moved closer to my family because they were super supportive and loved (still say they do) him like a son. However my parents moved, and we lived with my siblings for the last year or so. During which I miraculously got pregnant and basically everything went to shit because all of us had our own crap going on and such. My husband has been feeling abandoned by my parents as they never addressed any issues going on in the shared house and often times took his sibling-in-law’s side vs his pregnant wife’s, while still telling me to relax and not stress. Admittedly this is true and was a huge problem for me, making the inter-sibling issues even worse. I have talked to both my parents about it and they’ve both apologized to me, both said they were in the wrong but just like always, nothing they can really do. My dad tried to talk to my husband but he was checked out already, and finished with them all, which made an even bigger impact and was really disappointing to me. My mom has made no move to apologize to him and feels like that is something my husband needs to reach out to talk over if he feels like he has something to say.
The issue is he doesn’t have anything to say. He feels like they should have reached out to us long ago and apologized. I’m willing to accept that our family dynamic will never be the same again- I’m willing to accept no big family gatherings and week-long holidays, calling my parents when my husband isn’t home, etc. What I’m not willing to do is sacrifice any and all contact, especially after baby is born. It has been extremely important to me to have my mom come stay with us after birth since we started trying over three years ago and even before that, watching her help my sister when she had her kids. Now, my husband is refusing to allow her to come- to the point that he would rather file for divorce because he feels like they are not his family and I would be disregarding the emotional toll its taken on him- he has been suffering depression and anxiety for half a year because of everything going on. Its really heartbreaking to hear he would rather separate than let me deal with the mental and emotional and physical load childbirth and pregnancy in the way I want/need to. I don’t feel like asking for two weeks, mom staying in a hotel, is being selfish.
I have been trying to be supportive, compromising, caring, forgiving and understanding to everyone involved as well as to myself. I’ve been the middle man trying to explain both sides and asking for both sides to put their feelings and personal opinions aside for just two weeks to be there for me and this baby.
Now I just don’t know what to do with two months left before my due date and its starting to feel like I am drowning.
Edited to add: I’m not looking to be told divorce is the best option; so please refrain from writing so. My husband is wonderful- he has been since we met almost a decade ago. He has been loving and supportive but he is going through a very hard time, and has been for a while. I’m just looking for someone who can commiserate or relate and give me some advice for dealing with the situation.
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2023.06.01 00:35 YouDidintGetPOTG Bought my first from SpaceSabers on etsy

Bought my first from SpaceSabers on etsy
Hey everybody, I just bought my first ever saber from SpaceSabers on Etsy, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive with 1200 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars, but there were a few outliers of bad reviews. I hope I made a good choice buying from this shop but would like input from those more knowledgeable than myself. For those wondering I bought a Darth Nihilus neopixel lightsaber that is base lit with a 92cm blade. I payed $320 for it(it was on sale for 35% off).
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2023.06.01 00:35 throwaway72294 How to make it on your own?

Hello everyone I(28F) currently am in a relationship with my bf(31M) of 9 years! I love him and want to be with him just sometimes I wonder what would happen if we split! Some backstory is I graduated in 2013 never went to school or anything after. I met my bf two months after graduation I was still living at home. We talked for about 6 months then started dating November of 2013. Decided to move in together April of 2014. During the time in between I still lived with my parents. We both worked and paid bills. In 2018 he got a great job offer he couldn’t refuse. We had to move from the Midwest(US) to the East Coast(US). We couldn’t afford two cars when we first moved so I didn’t work (it was easier this way). I take care of the house and cooking etc. for the last 5 years not complaining at all. We now can afford a lifestyle where I don’t have to work. I’m thankful for it but I also know that it’s not really mine. Lately for some reason I really think about the fact I’ve never been alone in my life and worry that if we ever split I wouldn’t have anything and it scares me. I’ve been thinking about trying to take classes. I also feel guilty though because I would be using his money to possibly fund a future for myself if I needed it. I feel secure with him but I always hear the older women in my life “make sure you look out for yourself” and “start a savings fund for yourself just in case and don’t tell anyone you have it”. Also I want to clarify he lets me use the money on whatever I want but it’s still the money he’s earned himself! This is hypothetical at this point but any advice or anyone who has been through it stories are welcome!
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2023.06.01 00:35 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Deion Sanders’ Spring Game debut raked in a nice profit for school: ‘It was a good day for Colorado athletics’ FOX

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2023.06.01 00:35 SchlitzInMyVeins Rob Manfred and MLB are lying. Their greed and arrogance are the only reason the Brewers would ever leave Milwaukee.

I am triggered in response to this recent article about Manfred's visit to Milwaukee. Need to vent. Sorry in advance.
If Milwaukee hopes to keeps the Brewers in town, the city better figure out a plan to renovate American Family Field. Otherwise, the MLB franchise could be looking for a new town to call home. At least that’s the indirect message from league commissioner Rob Manfred.
Manfred used the recent news of the Oakland A’s to make his point. The Athletics have a tentative deal in place to move to Las Vegas after the organization struggled to receive assistance from Oakland for stadium renovations.
“It resulted in a decline in the attendance which had an impact on the quality of the product that the team could afford to put on the field,” Manfred said, per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
I know something that will ACTUALLY fix the product on the field—revenue sharing and salary floors/caps. This league is already catastrophically broken by greed. Who the fuck thinks a league can exist long-term when some teams spend 4-5x the payroll of others?? The current state of competitive balance is a ruse. The lack of constant stadium upgrades isn't the reason teams "can't afford to put a decent product on the field," it's the fact that there are no real guardrails to ensure a competitive league. Small market teams only exist to make billionaires rich and not to actually compete.
Like Stearns said, "we want to get as many bites out of the apple as possible." It's about being just good enough to keep butts in the seats, not to push us over the hump. It's about maybe, accidentally winning a championship. Small markets either gut their teams and completely exploit their fans like the A's or Reds... or they attempt to compete just enough but never actually have the means to truly compete.
This threat to leave is just another sad example of MLB's infinite greed, constantly trying to pry money out of public funds. For a league that already barely scrapes together a competitive league, this is absolutely pitiful. The MLB is only set up this way because it's old and corrupt. Other leagues (like the NBA or NFL) actually allow small markets to compete on a level playing field... and they're much better off because of it. The MLB refuses to admit that. They constantly disrespect their players who make up the actual product on the field, fail to market the game correctly, and siphon money away from the competitiveness of the game.


Strip MLB's antitrust exemption and federally legislate that any money from public funds to MLB franchises MUST be met with a percentage of equity in the team in return.
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2023.06.01 00:35 Dismal-Jellyfish A big short in Treasurys? Traders are building up bets around a debt ceiling resolution

A big short in Treasurys? Traders are building up bets around a debt ceiling resolution
Speculators have been building up a “historically massive” short position in U.S. Treasury futures ahead of what could be $1 trillion of new debt issuance on the heels of a debt-ceiling resolution, according to Macquarie’s sales and trading global macro strategy desk.
Bond speculators have been taking up a large number of short positions in 2-year, 5-year and 10-year Treasury futures TY00, -0.05% (see chart), according to the Macquarie team, which pinpointed the combined tally of contracts at nearly 3 million as of late May, or the most since 2000.
The buildup matters because much of Wall Street has been focused on the brief spike in yields on some Treasury bills due in early June to above 7%, or climbing U.S. sovereign CDS spreads as the U.S. teetered toward the brink of a default.
But Macquarie’s team thinks the more important development tied to the debt-ceiling fight has been the significant number of wagers in Treasury futures in the past three weeks.
A look at Commodity Futures Trading Commission data shows an explosion of speculation taking hold in Treasury futures, which Macquarie’s team led by Thierry Wizman pegged as the biggest buildup in short interest in 10-year Treasury futures since 2000. So has been the combined short interest in 2-year, 5-year and 10-year futures.
Short bets are a wager that prices for a stock or bond will fall. Since bond prices and yields move in the opposite direction, fixed-income speculators would be focused on the potential for yields to climb when new Treasury supply outstrips demand.
The Macquarie team said the heavy positioning likely reflect traders “attempting to hedge away or sidestep the inevitable issuance of new bonds,” in a Wednesday trading desk note.
Positioning for a flood
Like others on Wall Street, Macquarie’s team expects heavy U.S. Treasury issuance of $500 billion to $1 trillion over the next few weeks or months, once the debt-limit deal is written into law.
“Markets are trying to get ahead of that as much a s possible,” said George Catrambone, head of fixed income and head of trading at DWS Group, in a phone interview Wednesday, adding that some investors are factoring in higher Treasury yields.
“But I don’t think anyone is quite sure where the demand is going to be,” he said.
Catrambone also said it’s hard to pin any single rationale to open futures contracts. He pointed to other “crosscurrents” at play in markets, including that Congress still has yet to do its part to increase the debt-ceiling.
Investors also aren’t clear on the path lower for inflation to the Federal Reserve’s 2% annual target, he said, or about the mixed signals from Federal Reserve officials on if there will be another rate hike in June, or a pause.
What’s more, the Treasury might consider getting creative to keep markets on an even keel, including by issuing 5-month bills or other maturities that suit investor needs, Catrambone said.
How it could backfire
Wizman’s team at Macquarie thinks there’s potential for short positions in Treasury futures to backfire if a flood of issuance from a debt-ceiling increase doesn’t cause Treasury yields to rise.
They pointed out that the 10-year Treasury yield TMUBMUSD10Y, 3.647% climbed to about 3.8% in late May from about 3.4% over the past two weeks.
Given the climb, “we’re not convinced that yields can rise further into the issuance of new bonds,” the team said. They also expect “pent-up demand” for Treasury debt to keep yields in check, given the lack of new supply since the $31.4 trillion debt-limit was breached in January.
“So from a technician’s perspective, that’s a setup for a short squeeze that takes the 10-year and 5-year yields back to around 3.5%, with a little help from some downbeat U.S. data over the next few weeks.”
Treasury yields were mostly lower Wednesday, as were stocks, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.41% down 0.4%, the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.61% off 0.6% and the Nasdaq Composite Index down 0.6%, according to FactSet.
The 10-year Treasury was at 3.636% at the end of May, booking its biggest monthly yield climb since February, according to Dow Jones Market Data.


  • A bunch of Wall Street gamblers have made a historically hefty bet against U.S. Treasury futures, with new debt issuance looming large - sounds familiar, huh?
  • Poking the Bear: They've got nearly 3 million short positions on 2, 5, and 10-year futures, the biggest pile-on since Y2K. I guess they're expecting bond yields to climb when the new supply drops.
  • Why You Should Care: Now, some are watching the spike in yields and the U.S. flirtation with default but Macquarie's team reckons the real game-changer is this swell of Treasury futures shorts.
  • Riding the Wave: This could be traders trying to "hedge away" or dodge the flood of new bonds coming our way - between $500 billion to $1 trillion worth, once the debt-limit deal is law.
  • The Plot Twist: But what if the yields don't climb as expected?
    • We might be staring at a short squeeze in the Treasury market, driving 10-year and 5-year yields back to around 3.5%.
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2023.06.01 00:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (latest edition)

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2023.06.01 00:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Here)

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2023.06.01 00:34 user123h4h Random housing question current Fed LEO can help confirm or clarify

I had a question regarding owning property while employed as an 1811 or even federal government in general. Someone mentioned that when working for the federal government that there are certain benefits when it comes to selling your property if you need to move due to relocating. I think the way it was described was something along the lines of if you own a house and are moving to a different city, if you are unable to sell your house after a certain amount of days then the federal government will help you and give you fair market value for the home.

It seemed like an unusual benefit, so tried googling it and can't find anything. Conversation came up because I was mentioning how one of the only things I saw being tough is to pull the trigger on a home purchase in these positions due to the fact that you could have to move at times and this was the reply I received. Hoping some current Fed LEO can help confirm or clarify what this person was trying to explain to me. Thank you
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2023.06.01 00:34 The_b0ogeyman What type of therapist can help me?

Hello all, thanks In advance for reading
I’ve (25m) been thinking about seeing someone to try and overcome some issues I’ve been having
I’ll try to be brief: I have a hard time in social settings normally, but it is generally something I can overcome
If I’m put in a situation where I have to talk to my boss at work for example, my chest gets tight, I start sweating, and it is very hard to manage breathing and talking. Never mind trying to come up with thought out responses that I should be
I believe it has something to do with authority. I had to be very submissive growing up, my dad had anger issues. In order to avoid getting smacked or some other form of punishment I would try to hide if I was doing something he may not approve of. (I remember if I was on my computer when he got home from work and I heard his truck pull into the drive it was time to instantly shut it off and pretend to be doing something else)
There are plenty of other examples, but if I’m being honest I’ve blocked out a lot of my childhood.
If someone that I view has authority over me called me into their office and made an accusation that I did something wrong that I didn’t do I would completely freeze up and not be able to stand up for myself. It seems like I have this sense that I’m doing something wrong even if Im not In any way
Im sure there are better ways to explain this. Please ask questions if i need t clarify anything. Im tired of living like this. Thank you in advance
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2023.06.01 00:34 Hot-Beginning7732 2004 40th gt 5 speed

2004 40th gt 5 speed
Is there a spot to post this for sale in this club? 54k original miles
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2023.06.01 00:34 4D617474686577 Sophos Firewall Home Edition

Hi all,
Just picked up an (open box, basically new) XG 115 from eBay. Currently running a home built pfsense system bare metal.
I know the XG 115 is end of sale and eol is 2025. Can I assume if I run Sophos Firewall Home it will keep getting updates past these dates? For how long?
My current setup is doing the following:
Never having used Sophos, am I likely to find feature parity? I'm aware Sophos OpenVPN implementation is a little different but haven't looked into it.
Thanks, looking forward to community insights.
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