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2023.06.01 00:02 Vitalitron00 Tomato plants & Weeping Willow

Tomato plants & Weeping Willow
Reaching out to this community for help with our plants we started this year.
Willow Tree: Me and my girlfriend bought a Weeping Willow from our local store. We bought it while in rough shape at a discount last year. Dug and planted it on our property, then realized it was too close to our home. Replanted it further a way, and noticed it started to leak sap and there are bugs on it. I believe we need to find tree sealant to treat the wound. Any confirmation or additional advice would be appreciated 👍
Tomato plants: we bought 4 seedlings from a merchant this year. They started in small pots and recently move them to larger ones. We've gone between inside care when temperatures at night were low, to bringing them outside to get wind and sun when appropriate. Water them regularly and until recently not many issues.
Then these spots started and their growth slowed. We researched it may be septoria fungus, and so we bought some fungicide at our local store and sprayed them as instructed. But they seemed to get worse which prompted this post. Any advice would be appreciated 👍
If anyone wants any additional information or photos please let me know :)
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.31 23:56 dantodd A/C recharge question

I recently got a '96 Miata. I suspect the A/C hasn't worked in a long time but I'm not sure.
I checked all the relays etc. Everything seemed good the clutch wasn't turning the compressor but when I applied direct voltage it worked fine.
I happened to have a can of R134 with a spray top. I figured "what the hell" and hooked it up to the low pressure fitting. I never got all the way up to 24psi but the clutch did kick on and it has been working for about 4 days now.
What should I do next? Let it go and see if it keeps working or has a slow-ish leak Add oil Evacuate and add oil and R134 by weight.
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2023.05.31 23:47 HeUnit Price check: Uny/7led/wwr urban scout chest piece

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2023.05.31 23:43 crispytime29 2023 Jazz Draft Prospect Power Rankings

*Sorry if the formatting isn't great* Reddit's text editor is butt cheeks.
The draft is less than a month away. After the combine, we've seen a shift in prospects. The following is my completely unqualified and unprofessional opinion of the current power rankings. This is not in general, but keeping the Jazz in mind completely and basing it off their needs and fit. So here ya go...

1) Victor Wembanyama (8'7" 105lbs Unicorn - Deltron 750)
Victor wouldn't drop to 9 even if it cured cancer.
2) Scoot Henderson (6'3" PG - G-League Ignite)
Hoping that Scoot falls to 9 is like hoping the Celtics come back to take their series against the Heat in game 8 of the ECF
3) Brandon Miller (6'9" SF - Alabama)
Yeah I wish...
4) Amen Thompson (6'7" PG/SG - Overtime Elite)
Amen falling to 9 is about the same odds as me getting a girlfriend in the next 6 months. Basically zero.
5) Ausar Thompson (6'7" SG/SF - Overtime Elite)
Wishful thinking to get him at #9 but not impossible. He's an amazing athlete that seems to have a well-polished game with star potential. Some scouts are claiming he's better than his brother Amen, but only time will tell.
6) Taylor Hendricks (6'8" PF - UCF)
The guy is rocketing up the board and at this point, grabbing him at 9 might end up being a stretch. Great 3 point shooter, scorer, and hyper-athletic big. The guy at one point seemed to be a sleeper hit, but is now getting good attention and is climbing fast.
7) Anthony Black (6'5" PG/SG - Arkansas)
Admittedly I am still a little hesitant on Black, but I'm coming around to him. There's a good chance he'll be available at #9. He's a great defensive combo guard that needs to polish his shooting. Seems like a good locker room guy and he has good size.
8) Cason Wallace (6'2" PG - Kentucky)
Probably my favorite player in the draft. He has less star potential than the players listed above, but seems to be one of the lowest-risk players in the draft. I get a Marcus smart/mike conley vibe from him, though he likely won't reach the peak that Conley did. Love the lockdown defense and potential to become a great playmaker in the future.
9) Jarace Walker (6'9" PF - Houston)
Arguably the best big in the draft after Wembanyama. He's developing a 3 point shot to have him help stretch the floor. Place this guy next to Walker Kessler and we could have an extremely young and unstoppable 4-5 combo down in the paint. I just have him lower because he is slightly derivative of Kessler. But still worth taking at 9 if he's available.
10) Cam Whitmore (6'5" SF - Villanova)
The more time goes on, the more worried I get about Whitmore. We've seen players similar to him that rely on athleticism and natural talent that ended up bombing in the NBA. Guys like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Anthony Bennett, Josh Jackson just to name a few. Not saying that's guaranteed, but the guy just doesn't have a knack for the game that others above in this list do. I genuinely hope he does well for whoever he ends up with though.
11) Gradey Dick (6'6" SG/SF - Kansas)
I'm not rock solid on Dick at #9. His ability to score is impressive and his ability to fit right up into a tight system and satisfy his teammates is worth noting. He is going to have to soak for a little bit before we know how big he can be long-term. He is also known to work long and hard to make sure he does his part. But he also comes across as one that can only do so much long-term, sometimes you want something with a little bit more of a natural feel.
12) Leonard Miller (6'9" PF - G-League Ignite)
He's a long guy with some raw talent that's climbing up the board fast. One of the most intriguing things about Miller was his jump from last year to this year. Last year looking lost, this year he's looking like he could be the real deal. Good amount of potential here that could fit as a good stretch 4 in Utah's system. Rumors have it that the Jazz are pretty high on him and my prediction is that if he's available at 16 we'll take him.
13) Kobe Bufkin (6'4" PG/SG - Michigan)
Another player who has been climbing quickly and has gone from a mid-to-high twenties player up to the late lottery. He shows a lot of promise to develop into a good player in today's NBA being a good scorer with quickness and agility to get the ball to the hoop. He's my guy at 16 if we go for a big guy at 9 and if he's available which is no longer a guarantee.
14) Keyonte George (6'4" SG - Baylor)
A player who was starting to fall before having a good showing at the combine. Seems to have a pretty solid shot and ability to score. He's a decent 2-way guard that seems like a more built and less explosive Jordan Clarkson.
15) Nick Smith Jr. (6'5" PG/SG - Arkansas)
Another big question mark. Seemed to be one of the most hyped prospects going into college and due to injury had a shortened and unimpressive season with Arkansas. Seems to have the body and mindset for the NBA, but talent just hasn't been proven yet.
16) GG (Gregory) Jackson (6'9" PF - South Carolina)
A very intriguing pick at 16. He has some growing up to do mentally but he also impressed at the combine and in his first and only season with South Carolina. Seems to be a prospect that will either shine and be a steal or sink and be a bust with little in between. He's an incredible offensive talent with the ability to hold his own on the defensive end. Comparable to Taylor Hendricks but he's also a higher risk than Hendricks.
17) Brice Sensabaugh (6'6" SG/SF - Ohio State)
Comes across as a guy that needs the right coach to develop well. Immaculate offensive game with some major concerns on the defensive end. If a coach can help him on D, he could be an absolute steal. But it's important to understand that his defense needs some work if he wants to stay in the league.
18) Jett Howard (6'7" SG/SF - Michigan)
Good strength an shot maker who because of his upbringing has always been around NBA minds (His dad is Juwan Howard, one time all star and 18 year NBA player). He doesn't seem to be a shoe-in fantastic player but has the work ethic and the mindset to succeed in the NBA. Needs to work on consistency on the offensive end if he wants to be a difference maker in the league.
19) Jordan Hawkins (6'5" SG - Uconn)
I'm not 100% sold on Hawkins at 16. He's a solid player with good intangibles but does give some pretty strong Jalen Suggs vibes. Good enough player, but also not quite built for the NBA. He has the heart and effort to make it in the league, but there are definitely higher upside players available at 16.
20) Jalen Hood-Schifino (6'6" PG/SG - Indiana)
Solid guard with some hype and some naysayers. Seems to be somewhat decisive. He absolutely has the heart and size to compete, but consistency on the offensive end is a problem. Some games he's looking incredible, and other games he looks like a benchwarmer. It's hard to predict how he's going to pan out. (Also the latest ESPN mock draft have the Jazz taking him at 9??? Horrible take in my book, I think there are better players available at 16)
21) Kris Murray (6'8" SF/PF - Iowa)
One of my favorite players in this year's draft, though one that I have to admit probably isn't a great pick at 16. He has a higher floor but lower ceiling than a lot of other guys around this point in the draft making him a safe but probably not earth shattering pick. All around solid player that could be a valuable bench piece on a good team.
22) Sidy Cissoko (6'7" SF - G-League Ignite)
A possible sleeper who was outshined by his teammate Scoot Henderson who's a guaranteed top 3 pick. He's a solid sized wing who can also play a small ball power forward. His effort on defense makes him likely to get playing time early on. Athleticism isn't fantastic and tends to use his size to get what he wants on the court. A risk at 16, a no-brainer at 28. Hard to predict where he'll land.
23) Noah Clowney (6'10 PF/C - Alabama)
Likely not an immediate impact in the NBA but has the potential to be really good down the road. He's primarily a stretch 4 who can also play center if he puts on some weight. He moves well and has a raw game that's worth taking a chance on. Unfortunately he's too high risk for 16 but probably won't fall to 28 either.
24) Maxwell Lewis (6'7" SG/SF - Pepperdine)
A possible sleeper pick. He's a solid 3&D player with good length that needs to add a little more weight. Not an elite athlete, but he's still able to score by making smart plays getting to the basket. His 3 point shot is looking solid, and if it translates to the NBA he could be an impact player off the bench pretty quick. Another one that likely won't be there at 28 but also may not be worth taking at 16.
25) Dariq Whitehead (6'4" SG/SF - Duke)
Poor guy has had bad luck. Talent of a top 10 pick, but 2 foot surgeries have set him back from reaching his potential. Has a knack for the game and is a good perimeter defender, but recent play shows that he may just end up being a 3&D type guy. But injury history and questions regarding how he'll recover from existing injuries put him back on the list.
26) Dereck Lively II (7'1" C - Duke)
This is one that is higher than 26 on regular power rankings, but for the Jazz he just doesn't make a ton of sense unless he somehow falls to 28 which likely won't happen.
27) Bilal Coulibaly (6'8" SF - France)
One of the bigger question marks in this draft. Taking him at 16 is a definite stretch but at 28 might be worth it. He's long but skinny and has consistency issues making him the question mark he is. It's really hard to know if his game will translate to the league or not.
28) Brandin Podziemski (6'5" SG - Santa Clara)
I really like the idea of taking a risk on Podziemski at 28. He's another player that won big time at the combine. After his first year in the NCAA he was thought to be a nobody before transferring to Santa Clara where he dominated. He's far from athletic, but has good Basketball IQ and is a deadly scorer. He's a slight risk at 28, but one I think worth taking if he's available at 28. Could be a Kyle Korver type player in the future.
29) Trayce Jackson-Davis (6'9" PF - Indiana)
One of the most physically gifted athletes in this draft, 6-9 with a 7-2 wingspan weighing in at 240, this guy is ready for the NBA in that way. In terms of play, probably not as much. His play style is traditional center, but he's a little undersized and that style of play is on its way out. He seems to be highly competitive and wants to be successful which will help him in the next level, just needs to start developing a shot if he wants to be a long term piece in the league. But if he does that, he could be a steal at 28)
30) Colby Jones (6'6" SG/SF - Xavier)
A safer pick at 28 if he's available. His play style has been compared to Josh Hart as the type of player that does a little bit of everything without being incredible at any one thing. A safe bet if we're looking for a role player off the bench at 28.
31) Olivier-Maxence Prosper (6'8" PF - Marquette)
One of the biggest winners from the combine. He was thought to be a mid-to-late second rounder that has blasted into late first discussions. He played extremely well against his peers and is now looking to be more polished than once thought. High energy and great size contributes make him worth seriously considering if available at 28.
32) Julian Phillips (6'7" SG/SF - Tennessee)
Phillips is slowly working his way up the draft ladder, once thought to be a mid second rounder is now cracking the late 1st. He has good length but needs to put on some weight if he wants to stay healthy. He's not a good 3 point shooter and would really need to develop on that end to get playing time, but the athleticism and explosiveness make him really intriguing at 28.
33) Jamie Jaquez Jr. (6'7" SF - UCLA)
The last on the list here that I would be okay with the Jazz taking a chance on at 28. He's an all-around solid player that proved to be one of the best with UCLA over the last 4 years. He has good size and seems to be fairly polished. Reason he's this low is potential ceiling doesn't seem to be very high. Could be a good bench piece for us, but also doesn't seem to be one that has the potential to be a long-term player for any team in the league.
34) Bobi Klintman (6'10" PF - Wake Forest)
High risk, high reward type player. There are others I like better at 28, but Bobi wouldn't be a waste. He's a 6-10 stretch four with a great 3 point shot but does not quite seem to be NBA ready. With the right development staff he could turn out to be solid, but I expect him to spend some time in the G-league for his first year or two.
35) Rayan Rupert (6'7" SG/SF - New Zealand)
I do not understand the hype behind Rupert. He's athletic, has a great wingspan and he's young. On the other hand, he played backup minutes in New Zealand averaging barely over 6 points a game. That on top of injuries and I don't see why he's projected to go as high as our 16th pick.
36) James Nnaji (6'10" C - Barcelona)
I like Nnaji, but I'm not sold on him for our 28th pick. He gives me Azibukie vibes but with more potential. He he has great athleticism and size, but would need a lot of time to develop. I feel like we would be better off finding a backup center in free agency.
37) Andre Jackson Jr. (6'6" SF - UConn)
A definite project player that was a good piece in UConn's national championship run. He would be worth investing in if we had a second round pick, but he's just not quite NBA ready yet.
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2023.05.31 23:18 Fr0gFish Completed my first MDF kit. Added lights!

This is the “Slum Stacks” kit from TTCombat. Assembly was very simple, everything aligned perfectly.
Next I added some resin bits (a console, an air vent) and a lot of grating on floors and over windows. Also used my Dremel to damage the “containers” a bit, to create detail and make them slightly less “blocky”.
Paper and xps bits were covered in Mod podge. Then I sprayed a base coat of black, and over that a layer of reddish brown rust base.
Then I dry brushed the whole thing with cheap silver paint from a hobby store, using a large makeup brush.
After that I added latex concealer “paint” - which you can’t see because it dries clear. Then all base colors were added. I dry brushed highlights using off white.
After that came the fun part - rubbing off the latex to reveal rusty metal patches, and covering everything with a grimy brown ink.
Lastly I added a few details (the street lamp and the sign for the local brothel) and some cheap LEDs from Amazon. These came pre wired and were super easy to install. https://i.imgur.com/3TNKmLs.jpg https://i.imgur.com/WaAoVmr.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XXuAjfK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/rW0F7C2.jpg
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2023.05.31 23:13 PhillyJinx Found an old stack in my room

I don’t collect pokemon cards(sports cards for me) but found an old stack from when i was little. I did some quick comps—nothing too crazy but seems like I did okay for forgetting about these lol.
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2023.05.31 23:07 ashl9 Selling office chair

I'm located in north Austin. The chair used to be my sister's work from home chair but she upgraded. It also has a cushion (not pictured) that I can throw in for free. Chair is an Ikea Skalberg / Sporren, swivel chair valued at 149.00. Selling for half price! Might look cute spray painted and since my sister is petite, it might make a nice office chair for a child.
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2023.05.31 23:00 blothbelt First art customization!

First art customization!
Jinhao 82 ($3), acrylic paint markers, acrylic clear spray seal. Done! 1000% increase in aesthetic delight! So simple, and so motivated by the process prototype, I will become addicted now...
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2023.05.31 22:28 Czyczy2 Question regarding color VALL-28001

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2023.05.31 22:23 bloodyxsocks 1994 2wd automatic 157k miles.Bought for 4500 bucks. I like the small original rims. Might spray paint them chrome. What’s the biggest tire I can put on these 14x5j rims?

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2023.05.31 22:22 jankohrobar anyone link for this?

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2023.05.31 22:18 kithoo Prints sticking to FEP and build plate

So, I know this is a common problem, but I'm getting it in a way I have never seen before. I was previously using a Mars 3 and never had this issue - now I'm using an Photon M3 Premium.
I have prints that are failing but they're printing on BOTH the build plate and the FEP. Basically I'm getting a thin layer (let's guess ~1mm) on the plate and the FEP. So it's basically two pancakes. I've had stuff not adhere to the plate because of low curing time - in which case I just get a mess in the res. I have never had something both adhere to the build plate AND also fail by printing on the FEP.
Anyone have an ideas what may be causing this. I'm using ~20s base layer cure time and 4-6 layers. That should be more than enough for basic printing like I'm doing (swatch caps for paint dropper bottles). I'm just clueless as to what could be causing this and I am dead tired of cleaning my FEP.
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2023.05.31 22:18 starrtartt Carpenter bee help...

Anyone struggle with carpenter bees? Any tried and true way to keep them away from your sauna? We had our property sprayed as they were wrecking the house, and it's helped a little but not much. Everyone says paint and stain will keep them away but staining our house last year did nothing to deter them this year. I noticed one hole on my sauna from a bee that I plugged up, but would like to see if anyone had a better way to keep them off the sauna.
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2023.05.31 22:13 mugsofdoom How to Paint: Cyberpunk Bases

How to Paint: Cyberpunk Bases
I made a tutorial you folks might like
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2023.05.31 22:11 mugsofdoom How to Paint: Cyberpunk Bases

How to Paint: Cyberpunk Bases
I made a tutorial. You folks might find it helpful
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2023.05.31 21:27 makemeBeleaf How to Rid House of Rat & dead Animal Smell?

House was struck by lightning in November, had a fire, fire departments dumped an Olympic pool’s worth of water on it, still dealing with the fallout 6 months later…
House was empty throughout the winter months, and without the normal traffic of day-to-day life, rats moved in. They brought their friends and family, too. You can imagine the smell.
Pest control company arrived only this past week, set traps, sprayed and left poison…and now there are dead rats EVERYWHERE. I can do a walkthrough to collect bodies, and an hour later - there’s more!
But the smell. I work in waste management, and the smell of rats/decaying carcass is worse than anything I have yet to come across on my route. How do I clean this???
My thoughts are to clear everything out of the house (furniture and anything unwashable is likely going to be tossed), do a deep clean, and bring in an ozone machine. Will it work? Is that sufficient, even with any critters lost in the walls?
Other notes that could affect advice:
New insulation, sheetrock, and paint just went up on the walls this past month and I imagine that having had that done before the place was cleaned and rats were removed is going to mean the walls will hold the smell…
New carpet has yet to go in, and while the room most affected (living room is where the bulk of pantry was packed and placed) had been cleaned and subflooring sealed, I’m concerned that the new padding and carpet is going to hold onto these smells as well.
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2023.05.31 21:24 Scary_Strategy1580 Best spray paint canvas?

My boyfriend has always wanted to get into spray paint art, however I don’t know much about whats the best canvas to spray paint on (metal, linen,etc.) I want to surprise him with some spray paint supplies but should I buy sheet metal, wood, fabrics, so that he can practice on?
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2023.05.31 21:14 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-10-7: Blood-Stained Clinic

Morning rose with the sun shining down past the bundle of bamboo. The song of birds could be heard far away, as everything laid dormant. Close to where Eientei stood; still retaining most of its infrastructure, was everyone who had survived another blood moon night.
Sumireko woke up, feeling groggy as she rubbed her eyes and stood up. She looked around and found Rumia next to her. She recalled what had happened last night, how Rumia nearly lost control again and killed someone. Fortunately for everyone Sumireko still had the White Rose on her, even if she still doesn’t know why it reacts under a blood moon.
“What a night.” She thought. “You think that we could have at least one night in Gensokyo without anything happening. But then again, it is Gensokyo.”
She looked over to her left, finding another figure who laid on the ground. Her hair was a dark auburn, with a pair of wolf ears and long claw-like nails on her hands. She looked to be sleeping peacefully; as though everything that happened last night never happened. The only issue however is that she didn’t seem to have anything to wear, which caused Sumireko to look away upon realizing that fact.
“And another person who we ran into along our travels too. It feels like everytime we go somewhere we find an abandoned place, meet someone new, then fight bad guys and nearly die in the process.” Sumireko thought, looking around to see if anyone else was awake. “I guess I should go wake the others since I’m up.”

Kagerou Imaizumi was sitting inside the clinic on a small stool, her body covered up with a cloak given to her by Satsujin after he and everyone else woke up. Many of them were still injured so they went back inside knowing there would be supplies and medicine which can heal them up in a jiffy. Currently Wakasagihime was keeping her company, as was Kosuzu, and Sumireko, while the others were looking for whatever medicine Eirin made that could heal all wounds in seconds.
“I’m so glad you’re okay Kagerou.” Wakasagihime said while hugging her friend as tight as she could with tears of joy. “To think that you were the giant wolf all along.”
“I-I’m glad to see you also.” Kagerou, feeling her lungs being pressed together thanks to the sheer strength the mermaid had. She didn’t want to push her friend away though, so she remained quiet about it. “It’s a good thing that I didn’t mistake you for food or something.”
“So, what do you know?” Sumireko asked, wondering if the wolf girl had any recollection of what happened last night or anything prior. “Do you remember what you did during the blood moon?”
“Um, not really… I do remember when everything turned to chaos about a month ago. I just remember finding refuge with some other youkai who I knew from the Grassroots Youkai Network. We were fine at first for a couple of weeks; hiding in a cave big enough to hold about 10 or so of us. But then one night one of us noticed the area outside turning red like it did before, only this time someone got curious and checked it out… Then the next thing I knew I myself was fleeing for my life out in the open, trying to avoid looking at the light’s origin.”
“But you did anyway, didn’t you.” Kosuzu asked. “That’s when you turned into that beast.”
Kagerou nodded. “I have the ability to turn into a werewolf on full moons. Normally I hate it because I end up so hairy. But I guess the red colored moon amplified that somehow. I really don’t remember what happened afterwards, but when I reverted back to my normal self, I didn’t have anything to wear, and I could recall the aftertaste of rabbit… I must’ve eaten a lot of people during those nights… You must hate me because of that.” She said in a down tone.
“Hate you? I would never!” Wakasagihime said. “You and Sekibanki are two of my closest friends! I would never hate either of you no matter what!” She said, squeezing her tighter than before.
“T-Thank you…Princess.” Kagerou said, feeling her ribs being crushed. “C-could you loosen your grip now please?”
"Wait, where is Satsujin?" Sumireko said, looking around. “Wasn’t he here not too long ago?”
“I think he went to check on the others.” Kosuzu said.
"Hey." A feminine voice spoke from nowhere.
And there was Satsujin, or rather, Satsuki, who was wearing a new attire, consisting of a black kimono with a cherry flower imprint, along with a hair retouch that made the original's style go from a natural mess to something more sophisticated.
"So, how do I look? I just found this room with a lot of intact clothes, and I figured out I could give myself and him a new coat of paint." Satsuki said, spinning around.
"I don't know why you chose this attire, rather than something that won't mess up so easily." A layered voice said.
"Hey, you should've been glad I took the time to give us some basic care! You haven't changed our clothes in days! Besides, what's so bad about fighting with style?" Satsuki said.
"Whatever. I'm just glad there's something covering me down there at least." The layered voice said.
Sumireko starred with wide eyes, almost in disbelief in the outfit in question. It seemed odd but at the same time it suited Satsujin, or in this case Satsuki very well. Wakasagihime and Kagerou both looked in awe. Kosuzu on the other hand had a much more ecstatic expression.
“Oh my god!!!” Kosuzu said. “You look amazing in that! You look like a refined noble lady. No, better. You look like an impoverished boy who had been turned into a beautiful woman with the help of a kind goddess, who gets taken in by a noble samurai as you both fall in love and get married and have a beautiful daughter together!!! This gives me an idea for a possible story actually! Oh, if only I had my books with me!” She squealed.
Meanwhile, Mary could just admire her partner in crime, unable to say anything. She had her hands clenched together, moving towards her. "You look…so…PRETTY!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH~" She said, screaming like a fangirl, with a full face blush.
Some of the others had similar impressions. Meiling liked Satsuki’s style, Suika gave a thumbs up, Ko could only stare with mild confusion; believing that the person in front of her was supposed to be Satsujin.
The one person who had a much different opinion on the matter was Youki. The swordsman took a good look at the blue-red eyed girl, and how much prettier she was now. It was enough for him to leave the room momentarily, only to return after wiping his nose of any possible blood that might’ve leaked.
Inside Satsujin’s mind, a few of his variants had similar yet mixed feelings regarding Satsuki’s style choice. Satsunyan was one of the few who was very excited.
“Nyah! We look totes adorbs! You go girl!” Satsunyan said.
“Why…are we wearing a dress?” Satsuko asked Sateen.
“Because the fouls of darkness that haunts our very being wishes to make us suffer, knowing full well that the draconic aura of our hearts would dwindle upon receiving compliments that would make us question the many things that make us who we are.” Sateen said in an edgy tone.
“Why…Didn’t you stop her?” Grim asked Satsujin. “No, seriously why?”
“Because it was better than not being exposed.” Satsujin answered.

After some recovering and conversations, the group knew the next task at hand: Figuring out where to go next.
“Kosuzu?” Sumireko asked the young spirit. “Do you have any possible idea on where everyone from Eientei went?”
“I wish I knew, but unfortunately I don’t know. When I became a spirit, everyone was already gone, leaving me here alone. I tried checking the entries in hope that there would be some kind of clue, but no.” Kosuzu flipped through the pages of the journal to show that there was no proof of Haru’s whereabouts. “I’m sorry I can’t be of much help.”
“So we’re back to square one.” Suika stated. “We came all the way here, nearly lost our lives repeatedly, and we still have no clue on if all our friends are still in the land of the living.”
“Hey, don’t say it like that. I know they’re still out there somewhere.” Kosuzu said. “Besides, they have Haru with them. I haven’t known him for too long, but I know that he is very capable and very strong.”
“Yeah, and with a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ kind of attitude.” Suika said. “Or in his case: Chop someone’s arm off without giving a valid reason, then stay in their home knowing full well you’re making everyone else anxious just by being in your presence, while having next to no social awareness.”
“Eh?” Kosuzu was a little confused. “What do you mean Suika? Do you know him?”
“Oh… You have no idea.” Suika said in a calmer voice. She reached into her pocket once again, checking to make sure a certain box was still on her personnel.
“Uh…Well anyways. If only we had something to give us a clue on where to go next.” Kosuzu said.
And then flying out of the sky, into the doors of Eientei, down the endless hallways, making several turns around corners, slipping through the crack of the door into the room where most of everyone was in, slapping onto the face of Meiling was a sheet of paper. The gatekeeper took the paper off her face, looking at it closely.
“What’s that?” Cirno asked Meiling.
“A paper… With horrible handwriting.” Meiling said.
“That’s definitely Haru’s.” Sumireko said. “PB?”
“On it.” PB took the paper, making a translated copy and handing it over to Kosuzu.

May 4th, Year 202X
Time of writing: 7 pm. Cloudy day. Chance of soft rain tonight.
It's been a few hours since Kosuzu's cremation ceremony.
Not all of us were able to attend, as there were many who were still injured and needed someone to provide care for them. That only left me, Akyuu, and a handful of other people who knew her well.
Akyuu was heartbroken to see her friend die. The whole time while she was speaking she couldn’t stop crying or sobbing everytime she finished a sentence. When she finished she bawled her eyes out and I along with a few others had to go take her to another room.
Flandre’s condition had improved physically, I noticed how her wings have been growing back and forming new crystals, something I didn’t expect to see nor understand. However her mental condition remained the same. Even now, she doesn’t talk to anyone, she won’t eat unless someone spoon-feeds her, and she still keeps clinging onto that container of ash labeled ‘Remilia’. I wish I could do more for her, but…
I don’t know what to do.
I came here to Gensokyo by pure chance, only for my skills to be put up to the challenge the moment The Depraved Incident occurred. I've been working day and night; barely any sleep or time to rest, just to help everyone and anyone who I can still save.
But I still keep failing, I still keep losing those who I wish to save. To think I still call myself a doctor after all of this…
But I still can’t give up, nor can I allow myself to grieve.
I've been considering making an expedition over to Youkai Mountain tomorrow. Because of the tengu village, and the shrine that sits on top of the mountain, there is a pretty good chance that there is some sort of resistance established there. And considering that I could find tougher enemies to deal with before getting there, I've decided to bring two more people with me just in case. The two best options I'm considering right now are Seiran and Aunn. First off, Seiran can use that strange telepathic communications mechanism exclusive to her species she told me some time ago to keep constant contact with Ringo, in case something goes wrong, and second, since Aunn is the more visible face of the Hakurei Shrine aside from Reimu herself, it might make things easier when we need someone to vouch for us.
I'll announce my plan later today to the rest of the team. It shouldn't be a problem to convince them, but if it goes wrong, I'll have to go alone, as always.

I̳͍ͭͧ͘͝ ̛̙̜ͪ̏́cͨ͂҉̞̪͘a̛̻̪̐̿͡n̵̨̘͔ͭͥ'̸͆ͪ҉̥͉t͙̹ͦ̈͘͜ ̬͓̊̈͞͡d̴̀̚҉͚̰o̢ͦ͋҉͖̻ ͣͮ͜҉̥̗t̖͍ͥͩ͝͠h̶̙̞͊̑͝i̶͖̤̒̋͝ș̨̞̉͆͞ ̶̶̭͚ͨ̊a̳̮ͣ̄̕͠n̢͖̥̔̀͢y̵͎͍̽ͮ͜mͧ͒͏̡̪̠ó̹̱ͪ͜͝ŗ̑͑͏̠̦e̛̠͈ͫ̿͝.͐ͩ͞҉̥̻ ͍̞̋̏͟͞

“...” Kosuzu looked at the last part of the entry with a sense of worry, with feelings concerned over what it could mean.
“Youkai Mountain? That’s where they went?” Sumireko said.
“That makes sense actually.” Meiling said. “From what I know, it is home to the Kappa and Tengu, both of whom are talented and knowledgeable respectively. Plus you also got Moriya Shrine there, which most people can access via the ropeway.”
“Ropeway?” Mary asked.
“Yeah, the ropeway. It’s easy to identify with the little sign close to it. I can’t imagine anyone missing it and attempting to scale up the entire mountain by themselves.” Meiling chuckled.
“Well what are we waiting for? We should head over there as soon as possible!” Sumireko said.
Everyone heard the sound of a stomach rumbling. That stomach being Kagerou, whom they all looked at.
“Um… Sorry.” Kagerou blushed a little. “I guess I haven’t eaten much.”
“Even despite what happened last night?” A few thought.
“I guess it is better to find something to eat first; gather up some energy so we are ready for when we depart.” Cirno said. “Now, what kind of food would a clinic have…”
While the others looked for something they could possibly eat, Kosuzu continued to look over the entry again, trying to see if there was something else.
“Is there something on your mind, Kosuzu?” PB asked her.
"I'm worried about something else. The last line of the journal is unreadable. Mr. PB, are you sure you transcribed it well?" Kosuzu said, handing the transcription again to PB.
“Hm… I am certain that I have. Though this is strange, as though it is unnatural…” PB looked at the paper once again. “But then again I have seen similar scenarios in the past with previous companions long ago. Something like this is usually a sign of their mental health waning; the energy to keep running low until they are completely drained.”
“S-should I be worried then?” Kosuzu asked, concerned about what it could mean regarding Haru.
“Hm… Well if there is one thing I can say, and this is based on an old friend of mine… Is that the ones who are the most depressed are usually the ones who are too stubborn to give up. Judging on what I know about this Dr. Haru, he sounds like a man who can be pummeled to near-death, yet gets right back up again just to prove his resilience.”
“What is this old friend you speak of?” Kosuzu asked. “Are they someone you know well?”
“Indeed. I can still remember the first time we met. The journeys we went through, the friends we made, the struggles we accomplished… It is a shame that they went through so much, all because of my value.” PB said. “Perhaps someday, we can meet again, though when it’ll happen remains unknown in my database.”
Kosuzu looked at PB, then down at the entry again, staring at the words for a moment.
"I just wish he is still holding on." Kosuzu thought, clenching her hand in her chest, looking at the sky. "Friend…"

A small container with an exciting label of a whole roasted bird being converted into a tiny little pill, referred to simply as “Insta-dinner: An entire full course meal in a single pill!!!”
This was what everyone used to fill up their stomachs. Just one pill and bam! However, Sumireko kept staring at it, not eating it. The rest's appetites were satiated.
Meiling took one with some water, and moments later all the hunger she had felt since yesterday had all but faded.
“Oh, I feel full. I don’t think I felt full in months!” Meiling said.
“I know right! I had to eat like three of these just for my stomach to say that I had enough.” Suika said.
Some of the others were a little doubtful on the effects of the pill however. Sumireko was looking at the small red and brown colored capsule with slight doubt.
"Oh. The last thing we need is to turn someone here into a giant blueberry and then have them go through a juicer." Sumireko said, reluctant to take the pill.
“I have no idea what you’re referring to.” Satsujin said, taking the pill himself. “You should eat it anyways, because who knows how long we’ll get to eat again.”
Sumireko was going to say that dead people wouldn’t eat. But then remembered a certain ghost and her gluttonous appetite, so she remained silent about the matter and swallowed the medicine.
Now it was time to get ready. Once they leave Eientei, they’ll be making a one way trip over to Youkai Mountain. Some of the group members were doing some last-minute things before they depart.
Youki, Mary, and Cirno were sharpening their blades to ensure efficiency in combat, using the grindstone Mary had found a while back.
"Mary's grindstone proved to be an excellent tool. My sword is as good as new again." Youki said, checking the weapon one last time.
Ko was spending a bit more time with Rumia, resting her head on her lap while Rumia stroked her hair. Gummy and Shanghai accompanied Ko as well.
Suika was chugging down her gourd before the trip.
Wakasagihime and Kagerou were chatting, with Kagerou now wearing a new outfit identical to her old one.
Meiling was in the middle of meditating.
Satsujin was checking on some things inside his mind.
That only left Sumireko, who was standing alone by herself while holding the white rose in her hand. She looked at it, though questioning its existence and purpose. She could recall what Merciel and Su-Wang have told her regarding the rose’s power.
You have to be absolutely certain… Was what Merciel told her.
That would mean you would no longer have it… Was what Su-Wang said.
Thinking about it, she and everyone in their group were very fortunate to not have been killed or corrupted during their travels. If anything happened, then at some point she would’ve had to determine if it was worth using the rose or not. Sure, they can bring someone back to life, but what if by using it now, they waste the opportunity to use it later for someone more important?
As she thought that, she noticed PB and Kosuzu coming back, with the young spirit holding what looked to be a flask containing a pile of ash.
"Why are you carrying that?" Sumireko asked, pointing to the flask she had on her hands.
"I want to ask you all a favor. When we get through all of what will come, and find out where they went, could you please…spread my ashes on what's left of my library?" Kosuzu said, moving over to the front so everyone could hear her.
The room got very quiet suddenly. Everyone turned to hear what Kosuzu just said. They were a little surprised to hear that come from her of all people; some even almost forgetting that the young bookworm who could always be seen sweeping her family’s store was now dead.
Sumireko looked back at the flower again, then at Kosuzu. If she really wanted to she could just hand the flower to her and use it to revive her. It would be easy after all; bring someone back from the dead and be done with it.
Yet… She remained quiet. While everyone knew of the flower’s healing properties, none of them knew about its ability to revive others, save for herself. She only wants to use the rose in case of an emergency.
Someone truly important.
“Sure thing Kosuzu.” Sumireko said in a slightly saddened tone.
“Thank you.” Kosuzu said.

Everyone departed Eientei, making their way out the doors of the long abandoned clinic, and out into the morning sunrise that could be seen past the bamboo. For some reason, most of them felt like their journey was slowly coming to an end; just one last place to look and it’ll be over.
One journey ends, and another begins. A quote that Sumireko thought for some reason yet couldn’t recall where she heard it. She had put the rose away, moving her hand over to the locket that was still around her neck.
She looked inside, remembering the smile of her late little sister, before closing it and quickly catching up to everyone else.
“Up next everyone! We’re going to Youkai Mountain!” Sumireko said.
“YEAH!!!” Everyone cheered, following the psychic through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Moriya Shrine…
Located somewhere close to the top of Youkai Mountain. The home of two goddesses and a wind priestess…Least, it used to.
Right in front of the shrine, a girl wearing pure white miko clothing had been kneeling down on the shrine grounds, giving a prayer to whomever may be listening. That girl was Yuzuki, the current temporal Shrine Maiden. And behind her was Kasen Ibaraki, currently possessed by the God of Despair Demise.
Inside the Shrine, a voice spoke.
“So… In exchange for this newfound body you gave me, all I have to do is beat up some kids?” The voice asked.
“Why, of course. A man as great as you should have no problem doing a simple task.” Demise said in a charming tone. “Why, the body Yuzuki gave you using her power matches your charismatic personality! I’d say you’re much more captivating than I am.”
“Heh…Those words…You make me blush honestly.” The figure said. “And yet we’re so alike, are we not? We both know that our charm and skills are what put us on the top; having our hands grip tight on the leashes of those we control and manipulate; climbing ladders made of bones of our enemies.”
“Haha…I have to agree with you… After all, to think that an all-powerful being such as you reincarnated into one of the most powerful men of this universe… A shame of what happened to you and your brother though back where we came from. Who knew the other gods wouldn’t agree with your views on the mortal realms?”
“My brother… That reminds me… How is Larry doing?” The voice asked, inside a figure showed a sharp smile.
“Your brother is doing well, Simon… I’d say he’s been getting well acquainted with the Satori, all thanks to the hard-working efforts of Professor Altalune.” Demise said. “A genius man indeed. But nowhere near the level of intelligence or wisdom your brother bears.”
“But of course. And you; with your foresight and your ability to control vibrations… It is nothing compared to the vast power that I now hold once again.” Simon said. “Oh…And one last thing before you go.”
“What is it, oh Omniscient One?” Demise asked.
“How many do you wish for me to kill?”
Demise smiled, looking into the future for a brief moment to get an idea on what’s to come. Then he held out his hand in response.
“Two. No more, no less.” Demise answered.
To Be Continued in ACT 2-11: Ropeway to False Divinity
On a scale of 1-5 Giant Wolfs, how would you rate this?
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2023.05.31 20:49 Academic-Banana1681 Need advice

Need advice
I think my hair texture has changed, is that something that happens? Or have I always just had hair like this and didn’t know? Is it curly? Is it wavy? It’s something. I hate how frizzy it gets. I can’t run my fingers through it. I don’t have a routine and don’t know where to start. I need low maintenance but something that kills the frizz. I use good shampoos, I alternate between Kevin Murphy and Pureology.
First couple pics are freshly out of shower, haven’t combed hair or anything. Super tangled.
Other pics are as it is air drying, no product except a little Kevin Murphy detangle spray, and I just feel like it gets frizzier and frizzier as the day goes on. My last haircut was a couple weeks ago.
Please help!
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2023.05.31 20:48 Pleasant_Issue I wish this game was more popular.

I know this is a long post and these are getting tiresome - I don’t think these opinions are must haves I’m just spitballing ideas.
EDIT no where am I talking about micro transactions. Maybe a battle pass/ purchasable cosmetics etc to help fund the game. Everyone knows buying things that give you an actual advantage is a poor move lol.
So I’ve been playing this game quite a bit lately… and I’ve been meaning to write this post of thoughts and suggestions for a while now. So here It goes! Hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears and please let me know in comments what you guys agree or disagree with. Or Devs- what is just outside of the realm of possibilities / resources available to the team.
I’ll start with suggestions on what would make the game a little more intriguing besides the base as is already. Which is a lot of fun - but can get stale after you’ve completed a lot of stuff, got your cosmetics, a ton of money, and are just basically left chasing leaderboard.
-combat For me personally - I really enjoy mechanics and feel of combat. It’s a little clunky to be fair. But that adds to the feel of the game. Not all gamers may feel the same way though and this may turn off new players so I think a little POLISHING would go a long way. Cocking every weapon swap should not be a thing any longer
-Weapons/armor How about some stats ? As of right now we have a confusing word doc to sift through. Should be able to see some stats on EVERYTHING including heals/ food and water. We gotta think about new player experience . It has to be a liiitle more instructional then it currently is. It took me a while to understand stamina and how to reduce it.
-Bags More variety please!! As of right now the only difference between barrel and radio is one square? Seems strange to me. Maybe two more big boy bags to drool over !
Okay that’s all I can think of for now lol.
End with some questions. Dev team - you guys are a small team. You going to hire some more juicy individuals to help grow this game? How about marketing more?
I feel like the community would not mind coughing up some money- let’s monetize it up a bit!
Besides money and playing the game - what can we as a community do to help the game grow?
Thanks if you made it this far. 🥂
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2023.05.31 20:37 pitaenigma Happy Pride Month r/Israel!

Happy pride month Israel!
The subreddit, like many corporations that do nothing throughout the year, is celebrating pride month with a rainbow snoo and a pinned thread! We’re at the forefront of activism!
Like we did last year, here are a list of pride events hosted by cities, universities, and honestly whatever else I’m blatantly stealing from Haaguda Lemaan Halahatab, organized by date. If there is a link missing, it’s because I couldn’t find it (because their website is a nightmare) or because I gave up partway through. Some of these events I’m pretty sure are not Pride events (Lightyear screening? Really?) but I included them because the Aguda people did. Feel free to add links and other events to this post and I will add them whenever I notice.
1.6: M.E. Eshkol (evening pride event), Jerusalem (Pride parade), Yad Hanna (Pride event)
2.6: Kiryat Bialik (Pride weekend), Tel Aviv (Dyke March)
3.6: Shoham (Pride event)
4.6: Hebrew University Ein Kerem (Pride event), Shoham (Queer Author Event)
5.6: College of Management Academic Studies (Pride event), Hebrew University Mount Scopus (Pride event), Ben Gurion University (Pride event), Ein Kerem campus (Pride event)
6.6: Northern District (Academic conference about LGBT resources), Hod Hasharon (Pride march+show, though the website says something else, I have no idea), Yehud Monosson (Queer family event), Shoham (Teen LGBT event), Jordan Valley (LGBT race), Bar Ilan University (Pride event), Sapir college (Pride event)
7.6: Haifa University (Pride event), David Yellin College (3 day long LGBT stands no I do not have any idea what this means)
8.6: Ramat Gan (Tel Hashomer Medical LGBT convention), Kfar Vradim (Pride march), Tel Aviv (Pride march lasting 2 days, one is a party),
10.6: Drom Hasharon (Pride weekend), Jordan Valley (Pride weekend)
11.6: Givatayim (Pride event lasting many days, not listing them all), Ramat Gan (pool party), Oranim College (Pride month themed lecture)
12.6: Golan (Pride event), Yehud Monosson (Board gayme night), Ramat Gan (“Lightyear” screening, I wish I was kidding), Tel Aviv University (Pride event), Nesher (Pride event)
13.6: Raanana (Pride march), Ramat Gan (Safari tour, somehow, idfk)
14.6: Agriculture Faculty (Pride event), West Galilee College (Pride event), Beit Berel (Pride event), Ramat Gan (sick of their shit, done writing about them), Kibbutzim College (Pride event)
15.6: Ramat Hanegev (Pride event), Kiryat Ono (Pride event), Ramat Gan (central pride march), Herzliyah (Pride event), Haifa (Pride march), Rishon Letziyon (Pride March)
16.6: Kiryat Bialik (Pride event), Tel Hai (Pride event)
17.6: Yehud Monosson (Mizrachi pride event)
18.6: Yehud Monosson (family lecture)
20.6: M.E. Gezzer (Sapir Berman lecture), Rosh Haayin (Pride event), Yehud Monosson (lgbt movie screening)
21.6: Tel Hai (Pride party), Ashkelon (Pride event)
22.6: Beersheba (Pride march), Netanya (Pride march), Modiin Makabim Reut (Pride march), Afula (Pride march), Ramat Gan (Women’s party), Harish (Pride event), Ramat Hasharon (Pride event), M.E. Hevel Eilot (Pride event), Hof Hakarmel (Pride event)
23.6: Kfar Saba (Pride event), Ramat Gan (queer kabalat shabat), M.E. Hevel Eilot (Pride event)
25.6: Reichman (Pride event)
26.6: Ashdod (Pride march)
27.6: Givat Shmuel (Pride evening)
29.6: Ramat Yishai (Pride event), Bat Yam (Queer family picnic), Rehovot (Pride march), Bnei Shimon (Pride event), Weizman Institute (Pride event), Tiberias (Probable pride event), M.E. Hevel Eilot (Pride event)
30.6: Mitzpe Ramon (Pride march), Hadera (Pride event), Yoav (Pride event), Givat Shmuel (Pride event)
5.7: Tivon (Pride event)
7.7: Emek Yizrael College (Pride event)
20.7: Yokneam Illit (Pride event)
24.7: Petach Tikva (Drag show)
If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community in need of help, there are multiple organizations that are there and willing to help. A few I know of are Haaguda Lemaan Halahatab (general LGBT aid), The Trans Center (transgender people), The Lionesses (parents of trans kids), Igy (queer youth), Havruta (gay religious men), Bat Kol (religious lesbians). Check your local area for LGBT groups that can help, and if you DM me (about this specifically and nothing else - see rule 9) I will try to help.
Here are a few questions and answers that might pop up (I stole them from my post last year)
Why isn't there a Pride Parade in (insert Arab town)
Pride parades are organized by local volunteers, and are heavily supervised by police. While האגודה למען הלהט"ב and other organizations do help, they work with local activists. This is also why there isn't one in Bnei Brak, or many other cities. This is a troll question meant to distract from other issues.
Why do we need a Pride month?
Pride started as a protest, and is likely to become more of one soon. LGBTQ rights are under attack worldwide, with the movement against it gaining power and influence. This government includes parties that are explicitly homophobic, including one whose sole purpose is the eradication of non-straight people. Anti-LGBTQ talking points are circulating more and more often, many homegrown but some imported from American grifters, with many of those grifters coming here personally to spread them. It is increasingly important to show ourselves and say we will not be erased.
I'm straight, should I come to my local pride events?
Yes. It’s not a day explicitly meant for you, but it’s one where we show we matter, and having people join in is a strong move. Besides, it’s usually just fun.
I don't want to see half-naked dudes making out in public
It's June and beach season, so you're probably seeing that anyway. Still, most Pride events (all of them other than the Tel Aviv one, really, and I don't go to the Tel Aviv one because I'm a reddit mod and allergic to people) are fairly low-key events. People walk with flags and shout slogans, then there's music and merch at the end. Some people do face paint. There's a guy with an anti-circumcision poster who seems to be at every single event, I've never spoken to him but he gets into a lot of fights. Bigger events (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa) might have a politician or two, but most prefer to just say nice words and not bother making an appearance.
Should I get involved?
YES. There is a huge shortage of volunteers country-wide and these marches cannot happen without them. If you have time, the day of a march, contact your local organizer. If you don't know who they are, look at local FB groups or maybe ask me and I can ask around.
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2023.05.31 20:37 seenhear Getting a new drive unit in my 2017 S75

Getting a new drive unit in my 2017 S75
So this past Saturday I got in the car to drive from San Jose, CA to Monterrey, CA. There was a warning/notification on the dash and MCU displays:
"Powertrain requires service - OK to drive. avoid hard acceleration - schedule service"
Also the error code "DL_W147" was displayed.
So, I went about my trip since it said OK to drive, but I did put it into Chill mode to help me limit my acceleration. I also immediately got on the app and made a service appt.
The next day I got a message asking about when this error first came up and how often, to which I answered this was the first time and it's persisted since it first showed up.
The next day, service was confirmed with a quote: $255 charge for labor to replace the drive unit (aka the main motor of the car). Interesting, as the car seems to be driving just fine still; so it's interesting that the system is able to apparently identify a critical failure pending, before it actually fails. That's pretty cool.
I sure wish this would happen to my main HV battery. LOL.

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