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2014.10.13 09:02 underthesun Nintype

Anything Nintype related

2023.03.22 16:27 fuckthemodsssss Did y'all ever fix the hunger system?

A few years ago there was an update that messed up the hunger system and made it so that you had to constantly eat because your character was always hungry no matter how much you had eaten. Has that mistake been corrected?
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2023.03.22 16:27 SER96DON Weapons' giveaway (xbox)

I got an Angel's Fist, the two handed mace(?) imbued with Light power, and a Lambent Shield, which is also Light enchanted.
I already got those so I have no need for them. Does anyone know how the Ur-Dragon rewards work? Like, I've been trying to get the Light enhanced greatsword but I've never acquired it.
Anyway, the first two people to tell me their GTs (with either fighter or warrior pawns) will get the weapons:)
I'll try to update and then delete this post as soon as possible afterwards.
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2023.03.22 16:27 Meaning-Plenty Rehman Rahi’s language legacy has a new heir-apparent and he has a book too

Whatever literature, small or big, is wrought out in Kashmir, is largely either in English or occasionally in Urdu. Not many writers take to Kashmiri, their first language.
"Writing a book might be easy,” Asif quips, “but writing a good book is not.”
Talking about youngsters, he says, it could be that their prompt in itself is not to produce good literature, it might well be that their elders or parents are telling them to publish something for people to know them across and beyond.
About youngsters getting to publishing so quickly, I reckon that perhaps there is a lack of ‘sabr’ (patience),” he says. “Perhaps, great effort and energy are not put into reading as much, or to know if such work has been produced before. If yes, then what makes theirs different?”
Not much thought might be given to what must be the appealing aspect of their work, or whether is it even worthwhile to be producing the same kind of work, will it hold any value, he reckons. “A writer must always bring something new to the readers. Also, the role of publishing houses is quite pronounced. It all boils down to business after all and certain self-publishing houses do not even bother to tell these novices that perhaps they need to rework, or their books need to be refurbished. If only they would take it more seriously, work with the authors on their manuscript, gauge its credentials and caliber, and refine it again and again then maybe a good piece might be produced. It shall help people as well in deciding whether or not writing is their realm and if they should explore other areas. Substantiating what I mentioned, refining is a process that demands immense patience.”
Aged 25, Asif Tariq Bhat is the youngest to author a novel in Kashmiri at times when Kashmiri as a language is more or less dwindling.
The first edition of the book published by ‘Ali Mohammad & Sons’ is all sold out with the second edition under process, bearing insightful critiques and remarks.
Recollecting his small journey of publishing, Asif had three publishers in mind- Gulshan, Ali Mohammad & Sons, and Meezan.
"Unfortunately,” he says, “some of these publishers brushed me away saying they already have a lot of work in progress and there is no room for more, some blatantly said that they have stopped publishing in Kashmiri.”
However, destiny had its own play and he culminated at Ali Mohammad & Sons.
“It was not a cakewalk there,” he says. “I presented the draft of my manuscript, and they returned it 11 times, saying it needs more refinement, needs more undergirding, needs more editing. It was at the 12th time that they were satisfied with the draft and waved a green flag. It was only then that I was able to get to publishing, and only then my book turned out so well. Had I not undergone that process, perhaps I wouldn’t have produced a book that sold out all of the first editions.”
Having chosen a nonconformist and idiosyncratic approach at a fairly young age, Asif stirs some thought about the ‘why’ of it.
“I’ve been a fervid reader of Kashmiri literature all along,” he says. “There is a void in the genre of novel writing in Kashmiri literature. Not that novels have not been written but just a few, and that is a meager quantity. I wanted to reignite the embers of novel writing and thus I aimed at writing one."
He does see quite a lot of poems in Kashmiri being published by magazines or newspapers, here and there.
“Poetry is vivacious in Kashmiri but prose yet needs significant attention,” he says. “Having absorbed a multitude of novels and prose in literature, I always felt despondent about the precarious condition of novel writing in Kashmir. Highly fond of Russian literature, particularly of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I’ve read most of his work, which was originally written in the Russian language. Some of his books like ‘Cancer Ward’ or ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ (he won the Nobel Prize for) have fared exceptionally well, and still continue to be translated. People are ardently following his work. Such instances piqued me to think that if literature originally written in Russian can cause such strong undying currents throughout the world, what can possibly stop Kashmiri literature?”
Undoubtedly, he says, Russia is a mammoth community but still, the language is not as domineering as English or other global languages.
“Not going too far for another example, Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ is the talk of every town. It is foreign to none, and must nearly be on everybody’s bookshelf. Nevertheless, not many would be aware that it was originally written in Portuguese, and was later translated into other languages. I asked myself if they can do it, what can possibly stop us, or what is stopping us.”
Literature of other lesser-known languages is taking the world by storm, Asif says, then perhaps Kashmiri literature also has unexplored potential.
"The best thing about any first language is that one tends to think in that language. It is the language of your thoughts in your head. Therefore, when you think and also write in the same language, the organic essence of your thought is preserved in a magical way. The work comes along more intricately with refined artistry. With all these thoughts, I ventured into the world of literature. Not many would read my work but I’m very content with all those who will. Tem chini sirf paran vael kihn, tem chi saran vael (because they are not only readers, they are prudent and sagacious readers.”
So invested in preserving and maintaining the essence and quiddity of the Kashmiri language, Asif has also launched an online program for teaching Kashmiri to the enthusiasts of the language.
Reminiscing the late Rehman Rahi, with a grim expression, Asif calls on the veteran’s words expressing love for his language and wanting Kashmiri to be taken to newer horizons so that people would be able to appreciate its beauty and finesse more.
Hooked on the same thought, Asif says he conceived the idea of starting his Kashmiri Speaking Classes (formerly named – Kashir Booel). Doling out free classes at first, Asif wanted to set about a welcoming space for the enthusiasts of the language
But certain people would join just for the purpose of poking fun at others or for the merry chase, without any zeal or interest to learn. Therefore, I arrived at charging money for the classes to keep away all the nuisance,” remarks Asif. “I’ve had students from distant places like Goa and New Zealand. Eleven successful batches have been accomplished hitherto, while not charging for the first four batches. I’ve observed fervor and assiduity in a lot of learners of Kashmiri as a language. I’ve regained the momentum now, and the ongoing batch is of 27 students and we are going well.”
These Kashmiri Speaking Classes are the first of their kind and Asif says that he wants to get them to prominence and make many more people aware.
These Kashmiri Speaking Classes are the first of their kind and Asif says that he wants to get them to prominence and make many more people aware.
Studying Kashmiri Literature, Asif is pursuing Masters at Central University Kashmir. To start with, he wrote for Sangarmal and Cultural Academy, sometimes short stories and poetry at others.
Reflecting on the rejections faced by writers with publishing houses, Asif evinces, “Rejection is a cure for any writer. It allows a writer to whittle out gems from gold. It pushes a writer to add so much more depth and profusion of vision, leading a writer to higher levels of confidence. At this stage, writers also develop great faith in their work, and patience propels them to make much more attempts. It is then that they know, perhaps some will reject but not all will or if today is not the time, tomorrow it has to be. Manifold, I was also rejected, however, today Khwaban Khyalan Manz is undergoing translation and we shall be reaching out to Harper Collins for it.”
The young Kashmiri author considers reading as oxygen for a writer. “One has to have an ocean of books within,” he says. “Often while reading, a writer comes to realize their style of writing and finds resonance with other writers. As I was reading Akhtar Moihuddin and Sadat Hassan Manto, I really resonated with their form and style of writing. Having explored that, I absorbed their work more extensively and also refined and improvised on my writing as well. That’s how reading makes a difference.”
Accentuating his words clearly for a stronger emphasis, Asif talks about hastened publishing, editing and mentorship in Kashmir.
"It took me six months to write the book but took me three years to taste satisfaction or to roll onto the stage where I felt ready to publish,” he recalls. “In those three years, I ground away all that I could for the book. I reshaped and revamped the characters, made changes to important climactic events, and read and wrote over and over. I’m not a great writer, I’ve a lot to learn yet, but I keep trying. I believe a writer should beam with contentment when they see their work on paper, and if that happens, it is only after that they should think of publishing. A writer must be happy and content with their work for others to like it.”
Mentorship in Kashmir, he believes, needs attention. “Our natural reflex is to run to our teachers for help. We tend to think they will rectify our mistakes and review our work. However, the worst I got to hear was that you have written a book, so do you think that is the end of the world? When things tell upon your self-respect, it does pull you down rendering you demotivated. I did think of giving up on the idea of publishing my book until I met Shafi Shauq and he guided my way forward. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Shabir Ahmed Ganaie, who I could turn to for help with editing. Had I not crossed paths with them at a science fiction symposium, perhaps I would not have published.”
To market a book efficiently, critiques and reviews are fairly paramount, Asif avers. “It stirs the talks about the book in the literary circles and things follow from there onwards. The extra onus, I feel, also falls upon the writer, and the writer must be areligious and apolitical in their work.”
"My book is an allegory and a factual fiction, as I call it, and it’s about a boy who is dismissed and disdained by his community as a bad omen. The turn of events is such that the boy happens to be a blessing for another community at a place he travels to. Arham, the name of the boy meets a girl Isra, and both of them find a reflection of their lives in each other. The story is set in an Arabian setting and ends with a great climax, thence the name Khwaban Khayalan Manz.”
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2023.03.22 16:27 Smirlof Some devil powers would be scary in real life

Just watching how other characters react horrified to Robins habilities, like braking the spine of her enemies made me realize how terrifying that image is. Zoro cutting through enemies like butter using cursed swords, Franky setting enemies on fire is an usual thing, luffy smashing skulls...
And I'm just mentioning main characters, if you consider other powers like Shirohige or black beard you could understand why a random Sunday morning the world is colapsing.
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2023.03.22 16:26 hunterhkeegan Transference in the therapeutic setting is so weird (can you relate?)

I've (M29) been feeling a lot of transference toward my therapist (F30s) over the last 6 months and it is pretty confusing.
We've worked together for over 4 years now and she is absolutely the best therapist who I've ever worked with. She is professional, compassionate, and very intelligent. And, yes... I've always found her physically attractive, to the extent that when we first started working together I was actually a little concerned I'd become too attached.
I live with bipolar disorder and last year I went through a really messy break up with an ex-girlfriend who became abusive. After that I went through a major depression and actually had a suicide attempt in November.
Throughout that time, my therapist was there with me every step of the way. I realized how much I could truly trust and confide in her and saw that she takes a genuinely deep investment in my wellbeing.
Since then I've basically never been able to get her off my mind. I constantly think of her throughout the day, similar to how I used to constantly think about my ex before we broke up. I understand that this is natural as my therapist and I have a close working relationship and I don't have a life partner right now so it kind of makes sense why she would take that placeholder role in my psyche.
The confusing part is that I'm very much aware that this is a professional relationship and that we are not "friends." It's also not really a sexual or romantic type of transference, I think of her more as an older sister or something like that.
Boundaries are really important to me and want to be respectful of her. Earlier this week I had a relapse on alcohol (I'd been sober for 7 years) and it's triggered major symptoms of depression including the urge to self-harm.
Because things have been dangerous lately, I had back-to-back sessions with her on Monday and Tuesday (which we don't normally do, it's just that I really needed someone to talk to about what had happened). Now I've been thinking about her more than ever and it feels weird and creepy to me.
I am hesitant to discuss this with her openly because it's so awkward and embarrassing, although I know she would navigate it professionally and objectively.
If you can relate to any of this (or are a therapist who has worked with clients experiencing this type of transference) I'd really like to hear your thoughts. I just feel like such a weirdo and am kind of in a fragile state of mind. It's almost kind of an obsessive thought.
TL;DR: Have been working with my therapist for over 4 years. After a major depressive episode and suicide attempt and alcohol relapse, I can't get her off my mind. Feeling weird about it.
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2023.03.22 16:26 ultimateformsora Got rejected for not doing a CSS/JS code challenge their way, despite them giving minimal rules

For context I’m a newly graduated student with a web dev degree. I have lots of work experience outside of web dev but it’s what I majored in so I figured I would apply to this job asking for a junior web dev with next to no experience (0-1yrs, or so the listing says). I apply and the person to respond is the president of the company. He seems eager and gives me a coding challenge. The rules were to modify three lines of HTML text into three animated shapes without touching the HTML code and instead using CSS/JavaScript. We could ask for help if we needed and that the purpose of the test was not to get stuck but to see what we can do but I came up with a solution that satisfied the requirements so I didn’t need too much help outside of some clarification on the rules.
So I did the challenge and asked him if I can do it without using JavaScript which he says I can and then I get to work but I used JavaScript anyway because it was easier. I just used JavaScript to replace the text after the page loaded (which wasn’t me touching the initial code) and replacing it with the code to make the animation because it was what I knew how to do. I did that and sent it off. This morning I get a email response back with a rejection, stating that I didn’t do it “properly” and all I did was just work around modifying the code by using JavaScript (which was one of the ways I was allowed to do it BTW — never specified otherwise) and nitpicked the animation even though they were like 95% similar, and mentions that I didn’t use JavaScript for the animation portion even though he explicitly clarified that it can all be done with CSS. He then goes on to basically say I didn’t have the expertise needed for the position and then tells me to look into n-th child in CSS (which is fair, I can always learn).
Okay, so basically he just wanted me to solve the problem his way. I successfully completed the challenge (modified the old HTML to become an animation he specified without touching the original code) and he just didn’t like the way I did it and gave me the run around with the rules stating that I didn’t have to use JavaScript but then that the way I did it was basically not possible (using css animation).
I’m just at a loss for words. I spent 4 hours on that code. It was basically a part time shift figuring out how to solve the challenge and I got rejected over rules that were made to make sure he could bend them if he wanted to, it seems. He should have specified and said ways I could NOT manipulate the code, instead of saying all I had to do was not touch the code. Idk it seems like a dumb nitpick but I’m not an expert so I just thanked him for his time. My biggest problem is honestly not even with the critique or “not doing it properly”. It was that this was for a position with supposedly no experience in a junior role and I got criticized for not having the “expertise” for the challenge despite following every rule and completing the problem, just not the “right” way? Then teach me, I am a “junior” that completed the challenge within the realm of the rules after all.
It just sucks. I’ve been job hunting for months and this was one of my first dev role leads. It does not make me feel the least bit good about any kind of job outlook.
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2023.03.22 16:26 GamingVidBot Cowboy Jesus: The Cowboy as Christ Figure from Judee Sill to John Wayne

There's a dusty, mystical intersection where the legends of the Old West meet the divine, and Judee Sill has built a campfire right at the heart of it. The folk singer's evocative depiction of Jesus as a cowboy is emblematic of the "cowboy theology" movement. This movement, rooted in the fusion of Western folklore and religious imagery, has found its way into the heart of modern music, literature, and the collective consciousness.
In her song, "The Donor," Sill sings, "Now as the rain ceases to fall, my love / The Lone Ranger of love calls for you / Hiding in the mists of his silver spurs / With the ghosts and the legends of the West." The cowboy, a ubiquitous figure in American history, is given a spiritual weight through the intermingling of ghost stories, legends, and the Christ figure.
In many of her songs, Sill takes the classic image of the Christian knight and updates it to be more relevant to her own time, when heroic gunslingers dominated pop culture. The mixing of Christianity with the cowboy mythos appears in many of her songs, including “The Vigilante”, “The Phantom Cowboy”, “Ridge Rider”, and her magnum opus “Jesus Was a Cross Maker”.
Judee Sill's "cowboy theology" taps into this rich tradition, blending spiritual themes with the rugged, larger-than-life legends of the Old West. Her music creates an immersive soundscape that transports listeners to a place where the ethereal and the earthly converge, allowing them to experience the divine in a tangible, relatable context.
But this concept of the cowboy as Christ figure goes back much further than Sill’s music. The trope of the cowboy savior has permeated literature and popular culture for generations, introducing us to the stoic Western hero who stands for justice, self-sacrifice, and redemption, He embodies the Christ-like qualities of mercy and forgiveness, while also confronting the harsh realities of the wild frontier.
Dr. Alice Whitmore, an expert in American folklore, says, "The cowboy as a Christ figure is a fascinating and enduring archetype. It's a deeply ingrained part of American mythos, representing the notion of the self-sacrificing hero who saves others while remaining a solitary figure, much like Christ himself."
The Lone Ranger is the perfect example of this: a hero who roamed the Western plains, righting wrongs and fighting for justice. With his iconic silver bullets, he serves as a symbol of purity and strength, a connection to the divine in an untamed, unforgiving world. Author and Western historian, Sam Thorne, explains: "The Lone Ranger is a compelling example of a Christ figure in popular fiction. He's a solitary, enigmatic hero whose mission is to protect and serve those in need, evoking the spirit of Jesus himself."
(According to his origin story, the Lone Ranger was a betrayed lawman who is left for dead and experiences a semi-miraculous resurrection thanks to a Native American who just happened to be passing by. This Native American, Tonto, is usually depicted as the last survivor of his village. In some versions, the Lone Ranger previously saved Tonto from dying, and Tonto returns the favor without realizing they’re the same person. With both being the last remaining member of their families, the two heroes team up and dedicate themselves to protecting the innocent. While other cowboy stories depicted Native Americans as bloodthirsty savages, the Lone Ranger and Tonto offered a vision of settlers and natives working together, united by their shared sense of morality and justice.)
The cowboy hero as a Christ figure also speaks to the transformative power of the American West. Dr. Amelia Johnson, a professor of American Studies, observes, "The frontier has always been a place of reinvention and redemption. The cowboy, as a Christ figure, reflects this idea by offering the promise of salvation and new beginnings to those who seek it."
By exploring this unique melding of Western folklore and religious imagery, Judee Sill and other artists like her, breathe new life into these age-old themes, forging a connection between our modern world and the timeless stories that have shaped our cultural heritage.
In embracing cowboy theology, we find a rich tapestry of interconnected themes: the divine and the human, the mythic and the real, the timeless and the contemporary. It's a reminder that, even in the most unlikely of places, the sacred and the profane can coexist in harmony.
However, it's essential to acknowledge that the cowboy mythos, as captivating as it may be, is not without its dark side. The image of the rugged, independent cowboy has often been connected to toxic masculinity, white supremacy, and conservative evangelicalism.
In her seminal work, "Jesus and John Wayne," Kristin Kobes Du Mez explores how the cowboy archetype has influenced American evangelicalism and the construction of white, male Christian identity. Du Mez writes, "The cowboy embodies a particular kind of rugged masculinity—a man's man who is both a warrior and a protector, and these traits are used to shape a vision of Jesus that aligns with this ideal."
While the cowboy-as-Christ-figure can offer a sense of empowerment and heroism, it also has the potential to perpetuate harmful stereotypes and cultural norms. Dr. Rebecca Hayes, a sociologist specializing in gender studies, explains: "The cowboy mythos has historically been used to justify and reinforce patriarchal norms. It presents a narrow vision of masculinity that can be damaging to both men and women alike."
Moreover, the cowboy's connection to white supremacy cannot be ignored. The romanticized image of the cowboy often overlooks the brutal realities of colonial expansion and the oppression of Indigenous peoples. As Dr. Paul Stevens, an expert in American history, points out: "The cowboy mythology has been used to sanitize and even celebrate a history of violence and conquest that disproportionately affected marginalized communities."
It's crucial to recognize that when we engage with the cowboy mythos movement, we must be mindful of these darker aspects that lurk beneath the surface. It's possible to appreciate the positive qualities of the cowboy archetype while also remaining vigilant against the potential for harm and distortion.
One way to approach this issue is by reclaiming and redefining the cowboy figure in a more inclusive and nuanced manner. As cultural critic Lila Santos suggests, "By reimagining the cowboy as a diverse and multifaceted figure, we can challenge the traditional notions of masculinity, race, and power that have long been associated with this mythos."
By reevaluating the cowboy archetype through a critical lens, we can separate the valuable lessons of heroism, self-sacrifice, and redemption from the troubling undertones of toxic masculinity, white supremacy, and conservative evangelicalism. It's essential to strike a balance, drawing inspiration from the positive aspects of the cowboy mythos while rejecting the negative ones.
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2023.03.22 16:26 RROD93 Detecting Market Manipulation and Institutional Players: A Guide with 'Volume Price Analysis' by Anna Couling

"Price action tells the story of the market, and volume provides the soundtrack." - Anna Couling

As a trader, you know that understanding market dynamics is crucial for making smart decisions and boosting your profits.
One powerful tool for analyzing markets is volume price analysis (VPA), which combines price action with volume to reveal the underlying supply and demand forces that move markets. In her book "Volume Price Analysis," author Anna Couling provides a comprehensive guide to VPA and how it can be used to interpret market behavior.
In this blog post, we'll distill the key takeaways from Couling's book and show you how to apply them to your own trading.
We'll cover the basics of VPA, including why volume is so important and how to identify trends, support and resistance levels, and entry and exit points.
But we won't stop there: we'll also explore some of the more advanced concepts that Couling discusses, such as the impact of institutional players on market movements and how to recognize market manipulation.
By the time you've finished reading, you'll have a solid grasp of VPA and the ways it can help you gain an edge in your trading.
You'll be armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and stay ahead of the competition.
So, let's get started and dive into the exciting world of volume price analysis!

What is Volume Price Analysis and why do you need it?

If you're a trader looking to enhance your skills, you've likely heard of volume price analysis (VPA).
This methodology combines price action with volume to help traders gain a better understanding of the underlying supply and demand dynamics that drive market movements.
In her book "Volume Price Analysis," author Anna Couling provides a comprehensive guide to VPA, covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques that can give traders an edge.
One essential concept in VPA is volume. By analyzing trading volume alongside price action, traders can determine the intensity of buying or selling pressure, which can help them make better trading decisions. Couling emphasizes the importance of identifying trends in the price and volume charts, as well as key support and resistance levels, which can be used to identify entry and exit points.

Moving beyond the basics.

Moving beyond the basics, Couling also covers advanced techniques in VPA. For example, she highlights the impact of institutional players on market movements, urging traders to keep an eye on hedge funds, banks, and other large-volume traders. By tracking institutional activity, traders can gain a better understanding of the market's supply and demand dynamics and potentially spot profitable trades.

What is the impact of institutional players on the market?

One example of the impact of institutional players on the market is through the use of block trades. Institutional investors can buy or sell large blocks of shares in a single transaction, which can have a significant impact on the market price of the security.
For example, if a large institutional investor decides to sell a significant portion of their holdings, it can create a flood of supply that drives down the price of the security. By analyzing volume and price action, traders can detect these block trades and anticipate their impact on the market.
Another way institutional players can impact the market is through the use of program trading. Program trading refers to the use of computer algorithms to execute trades automatically based on predetermined criteria. Institutional players often use program trading to manage their large portfolios, which can result in rapid buying or selling of securities. This can create volatile market conditions and impact the price of the security in question. By monitoring volume and price action, traders can anticipate these program trades and make better-informed trading decisions.

The impact of institutional investors in market sentiment.

Institutional investors also play a role in market sentiment. Their actions can influence market sentiment, which can in turn impact the price of securities. For example, if a large institutional investor sells a significant portion of their holdings in a particular sector, it can create a negative sentiment around that sector and cause other investors to sell as well.
Another advanced technique in VPA is identifying market manipulation. Couling suggests that some traders may engage in manipulative practices, such as creating false supply and demand signals, in order to drive up or down the price. By analyzing volume and price action carefully, traders can learn to spot these manipulative practices and avoid making trades based on false signals.

Market manipulation.

One form of market manipulation that Couling highlights is the creation of false supply and demand signals. Traders may place large buy or sell orders to create the impression of high demand or supply, which can impact the price of the security. However, they may then cancel the order once the price has moved in their desired direction, leaving other traders to suffer losses. By analyzing volume and price action carefully, traders can learn to detect these false signals and make better-informed trading decisions.
Another form of market manipulation that Couling discusses is "painting the tape." This practice involves placing trades solely for the purpose of creating a false impression of trading activity. For instance, traders may buy and sell the same security repeatedly at the same price, which can create a false sense of market sentiment and lead other traders to make trades based on inaccurate information.
Insider trading is another example of market manipulation that traders need to watch out for. This occurs when someone with access to confidential information about a company makes trades based on that information. Executives, employees, or anyone else with access to insider information may use this information to make profitable trades, creating an unfair advantage. By staying informed and aware of news and developments surrounding a company, traders can minimize their risk of falling victim to insider trading.


"Volume Price Analysis" by Anna Couling is an essential guide for traders seeking to improve their market analysis skills. With a focus on volume and price action, Couling provides valuable insights into market manipulation, institutional players, and other factors that impact market movements.
By understanding the tactics used by manipulators, traders can better protect themselves from potential losses. False supply and demand signals, painting the tape, and insider trading are just a few of the tactics employed by manipulators. By analyzing volume and price action, traders can detect these manipulative practices and make more informed trading decisions.
Institutional players, such as those using block trades, program trading, and influencing market sentiment, also have a significant impact on market movements. By monitoring these actions and staying informed about market news and developments, traders can anticipate changes in the market and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.
Moreover, the book provides numerous examples that illustrate how to apply these insights in practice. Couling's writing style is clear and concise, making it easy to understand even the most complex concepts. With practical advice and a wealth of knowledge, "Volume Price Analysis" is an invaluable resource for any trader looking to improve their market analysis skills.
In summary, "Volume Price Analysis" is a must-read for traders seeking to enhance their trading skills. Couling's insights into market manipulation and the impact of institutional players provide traders with a deeper understanding of the market and the tools they need to succeed. Whether you are a novice or experienced trader, "Volume Price Analysis" is an excellent resource to add to your trading library.
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2023.03.22 16:26 tentalones boruto manga theory/idea dump

so i just have a lot of ideas and instead of talking to nobody i would at least rant in front of an audience who might be interested
so boruto surprisingly has a lot of options left for allies he still has all of the original kawaki's past allies minus potentially just eida and daemon. and with sarada theres the potential for sasuke to be polarized to either extreme= immediately trying to kill boruto, or to be immediately suspicious because of the inconsistencies in things like his headband and the slash on borutos eye- whatever happens next is gonna be so exciting just because this last chapter was literally world changing
then lets take a second to speculate for fun right? if its being implied that momoshiki only comes out when boruto is low on chakra or mentally thrown off his game then wouldnt sage training or a curse mark or the byakugou seal be perfect for boruto? like to keep him level headed like a sage or for added chakra a curse mark or chakra seal kicks in and restores his chakra? effectively seals momoshiki inside him. which brings up orochimaru and kashin koji and like even sarada since shes not brainwashed and has the possibility of having learned more about the seal by now.
then i wanna talk about like.... is it implied that the sharingan is the a ninjutsu/dojutsu equivalent of the shinjutsu omnipotence?? like when your emotions are strong enough and you have a goal in mind your sharingan just ..... stronger? and the abilities are implied to be whatever the user wishes they could do before they get the powerup? shisui wishes he could just change the minds of every uchiha. sasuke wants to do a controlled burn of the current world, obito and kakashi can move objects safely through themselves and others- madara is strong as hell, the izanagi and izanami abilities.... sarada being the one to get offended at the idea of ninjutsu imitating shinjutsu too is chefs kiss
idk this can just be a safe space to vent about whatever ideas make the most sense to you that youre worried will not be utilized by the actual story because thats how i feel after writing the speculation section of this post LOL
i kind of want himawari to not seek revenge against the new boruto in her mind i think it makes sense for her to not have hate in her heart but it would also be cool to see her get serious about being a ninja so im conflicted on that part of the story
definitely interested to see how amado handles this next part- theyve been breaking down his outer cool as a cucumber persona and trying to make him seem like just some smart guy but im interested in him being a bit of a baddie again make him be shibai or kaguya's father whether or not those are the same person doesnt matter to me yet so im indifferent. if kaguya is the real daughter amado lost and eida purposefully didnt say anything about it that would be kind of cool. bonus points if an otsutsuki had used omnipotence on humans after eida was born but before she was immune to its effects so she doesnt know amados true identity either.
would be really cute if the senrigan is the selfish dictators dojutsu to see all of existence and make your own decisions but the rinnegan is used to see the world of dreams- a more caring application could exist of omnipotence if someone used the rinnegan to make reality that comes from peoples dreams. that makes them cute opposites- and if saradas sharingan becomes solar patterned to contrast eidas lunar pattern that would be cool too
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2023.03.22 16:26 RaisinPublic7935 Anyone familiar with Thunderhole?

Anyone with an educated guess on how long this will take to flower for?
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2023.03.22 16:25 mediump_ssed RANT: Deliver me from the lack of accountability.

Something I've noticed among the BC is this inability to introspect and realize how some of these behaviors may harm others and that other people have the right to call it out.
Example? Tipping culture. (This actually prefaced this conversation - it came from a host of TikTok videos where black servers state that they have enmity towards bussing a table of their own people and the shenanigans that ensued from it). Let's be very honest here - black people are known service industry-wide for being tables that people don't want. While racism can very well be a factor for the antipathy towards black patrons, it is generally not racism that has created this distaste towards black patrons.
"But, I know individual black people that tip well!" Yes, but let's also pretend that things like "Not all of us are bad tippers" or "I tip well to disprove the stereotype" aren't comments that also tend to come out of the mouths of the people that do tip an adequate amount. This stereotype exists for a reason. Black people collectively, along with old WW and church groups, are notoriously bad tippers, and with black people, there is an added labor cost in how much many will make the servers go back and forth if something isn't perfect to their capricious standards, eat an entire meal but complain about the food and expect the entire meal to be comped, want a discount for no reason at all, or want a little extra something (like a little extra alcohol in their cocktail) and expect it to be free.
When you address it? Time to turn on the "THAT'S WAYCIST!!" waterworks.
Blackistanis continually love to live beyond their means and believe in behaving in extremely parasitic ways about it. I notice this consistently in not just restaurant service, but with services like hair, makeup, estheticians, and even SW (to the point where many SWers won't even accept BM clients within a certain age group or won't even perform services - or bristle at it - in certain areas).
Many will say
Because of this host of issues, calling black people out on this poor behavior is pretty much impossible without an emotional response of "You're being racist!" This is a big reason why the very use of the word 'racism' is contested anymore - not because it doesn't exist, but it is used as a way to evade accountability or to deflect from a terrible behavior. I could also use the tipping example to also include services where black people are performing the service and the absolute lack of customer service skills that black people frequently will also have (particularly hair stylists and their ever increasing lists of demands such as washing hair before an appointment and charging for parting). Ironically, the people that show this lack of customer service skills are also the biggest assholes in restaurants.
Ultimately, the issue that exists in Blackistan is the need to get over on others as much as possible for as little cost as possible, and claim that everyone is racist if they feel a way and call it out. This is something that has got to stop, and yet another reason why if a person hasn't done the work to divest from the collective, you may not want to waste your time around them - it becomes a 'quality of life' concern and will bring you down.
submitted by mediump_ssed to BlackWomenDivest [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:25 Plenty-Bill-1735 Invisible Teeth Aligners: A Guide to How They Work

Invisible Teeth Aligners: A Guide to How They Work
Invisible teeth aligners, such as Invisalign, are a type of orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth and improve the dental bite. Here’s a guide to how they work:
Custom-fit: The first step in the treatment process is to have a custom fit for the aligners. An orthodontist or dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which are used to create a 3D image of your mouth. The image is then used to create a series of custom-made aligners that are specific to your teeth.
Wearing aligners: The aligners are worn for 20 to 22 hours a day and should only be removed when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced by the next set in the series.
Gentle pressure: The aligners exert gentle pressure on the teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position over the course of treatment. The amount of pressure applied will depend on the specific case, but it is designed to be comfortable and not cause pain or discomfort.
Monitoring progress: Regular check-ups with the orthodontist or dentist are necessary to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to the aligners.
Maintenance: In addition to wearing the aligners as directed, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing regularly. The aligners should be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria.
Final results: The final results of treatment with invisible aligners are a straight, healthy, and attractive smile.
It’s important to keep in mind that invisible aligners may not be suitable for everyone and that traditional braces may be recommended for more complex cases. Your orthodontist or dentist can help you determine if this treatment is right for you.
submitted by Plenty-Bill-1735 to u/Plenty-Bill-1735 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:25 MeteorologyMan The obsession with reworking updates - and why the game devs are innovatively starved

After returning to the game a few months ago after a year or so break, I was genuinely surprised to see that instead of a wealth of new content to enjoy, it was just... a series of interface changes.
It got me thinking about how the game developers appear to be in a ridiculous rut. Where's the innovation? Why does the game feel more stale than it did during Goison? If you hadn't noticed, nearly every major update over the last few years has been nothing more than a 'rework' of previous content, or useless art pieces:
There's such a lack of anything new. Champions (the last major new addition to the game, which in reality are just a set of new cards!) were released nearly 18 months ago! Magic items 2 years ago! Each season is cut and paste (which the Pass Royale might change in some form, but it looks like it's just going from stagnant A to stagnant B), the challenges are just subtle variations of the same theme, the rewards are all... the same.
The 2023 roadmap doesn't seem to be giving up on the trend, either. Starting with the Pass Royale rework, leading into an events tab rework, leading into "new gameplay" which effectively is adding a major grind to try and entice players to stay and add "powers", which are described in a similar way to champions effects.
The small team mentality works in some cases, but it really feels like it doesn't work here. The devs are clearly out of ideas, and if they have any, there's no motivation to implement anything. The game has lost that finesse it once had, and has instead devolved into a cyclic, stagnant borefest.
Just my opinion, anyway.
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2023.03.22 16:25 Aeliascent How much did male-passing privilege get me to where I am today?

We sometimes hear about trans women, especially later transitioners, who achieve some level of career success before realizing that they're trans.
I'm a 30 year old trans woman and I came out as nonbinary when I was 23/24 years old. I started law school and HRT around the same time. With that said, I knew I was trans since I was at least 16 and I tried to come out when I was 18; however, I was pushed back into the closet after some people close to me threatened self-harm and I repressed for a few more years.
There aren't many trans women who are lawyers and I can't help but wonder how much did cis male-passing privilege get me to where I am today. I have aspired to become an attorney since I was in middle school or high school and I knew that was the path I wanted to pursue. Growing up, both my younger sister and I wanted to be lawyers. She's currently in law school. Interestingly enough, my parents actually dissuaded me from pursuing law. They said I was too timid and too "straight edge." They said I should learn to bartend, but they encouraged my sister to pursue law. According to them, my sister has the requisite personality traits. Luckily, they support me today - I'm the first attorney and the first person to have a doctorate in the family.
There are probably 3-4 other trans attorneys in my public defender office, but all of them are white and trans men or trans masc. I'm the only trans woman attorney in the office and I'm Chinese American.
Despite my history, I'm still insecure about whether cis male-passing privilege helped my career. When I talk to trans women who transitioned younger, like in their late teens or early 20s, they seem to judge when other trans women who transitioned later have some career success. If anything, I credit my success to family support and acceptance of my trans identity. I worked full time and went to school at night to graduate law school debt free, all while presenting as myself.
So, how much did cis male-passing privilege get me to where I am today?
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2023.03.22 16:25 marksdwarf [Mass Combat System] Lancer Division : The Strategic Large Scale Combat TRPG - WIP

Lancer Division - Early WIP*
*Well met General, the situation in the eastern theater needs your attention. You are to rendezvous with fellow commanders who have been pulled from the Sierra Madre Line and discuss how best to position your given Lancer Pilots and Regiments for the oncoming assault. *
Greetings and hello fellow Lancer reddit enthusiasts. I am working on a bit of an ambitious project, a big fan gamebook expansion. I plan on having a demo book released by this summer, but your interest, playtesting and feedback is critical if you want this project to succeed.
Lancer Division is inspired from games like Lancer, Battlegroup, 40k, and Kreigsspiel. As well as Anime like Kingdom, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and ROT3k. I wanted to make a large-scale strategic combat TRPG where players are commanders of brigades that form a division, and each unit feels like a customized mini trpg character with different playstyles. (Healer, Range, Tank, Etc.)
You will have 3 resources to manage which serve as your brigade's mana, equipment, and action points. Players should work together to secure their supply lines and plan accordingly for combat.
You build a brigade like you build a fleet in Battlegroup, you have 20 points to spend on Regiments, Battalions, and Attachments. (Kind of like Battleships, Escorts, and Carriers). You can equip a unit with additional equipment, systems, commanders, etc. As time progresses and you earn medals, you will rank up and get access to more units or upgrade your units. On the map you typically will command two "blobs", and combat will be around 4-20 units on a 8x8 hex grid map.
Here is a link to a google drive document for the rules preview document. The rulebook will need more playtesting and editing. I will add more units and rules as time progresses. If you're interested in playing I can organize a game sometime, just post here or send me a DM.
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2023.03.22 16:25 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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2023.03.22 16:25 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

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THE WORLD IS SHIFTING Nobody Wants To Be A Commodity Are you irreplaceable?

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But before I waste anymore of your time with my doomsday speculations, let’s see if you should continue reading.If you do not relate with one of the bullets below, you’re free to leave the page:
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I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.22 16:25 Ordinary_Effort_6647 Would it look bad on me to ask a school their fail out rate?

I feel like I can’t really find any information online about how many students fail out of law schools. I feel like that’s an important factor to know for some schools. Would it be bad to ask approx how many students fail out each year?
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2023.03.22 16:25 AutoModerator Agency Navigator - Course by Iman Gadzhi (Here)

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