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2023.05.30 01:40 Dry_Chip4222 Apparently, JackSucksAtLife is a tv program with 9.2 rating.

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2023.05.02 20:42 ClassicClarifier Forsen's Giftbox videos are all gone PepeHands RIP 🕯️

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2023.03.15 16:08 WaddlesJr H3 Iceberg EXPLAINED

This my my first post (of a few) that aims to give insight to the lore presented on the 100+ MEGA Iceberg post that was posted last week. I try to be as thorough as I can, but when we're talking about 6 years of content it's practically impossible to include every single piece of content surrounding certain posts.
If you notice any type-o's or incorrect links let me know - This post is huge and so I certainly missed some things. Hope this post is helpful!
This covers the first 4 layers. LET'S GO!


Peace and Love
In the summer of 2020 Ethan and Hila watched a video made by Ringo Starr. The video declared that after the 20th of October he would not be accepting any more fan mail. He ushered his fans please, do not send any fan mail to ANY address. He has TOO MUCH to do. No more fanmail. Anyway, peace and love, peace and love. Ethan loved the peace and love attitude and started quoting it. It would become a staple on the show and among fans, and led to Ethan eventually re-enacting the entire video.
Watching the Video Ethan's Re-enactment
A web show hosted by Ethan Klein and Trish Paitus. There's simply too much to cover in-depth here, but I think we all know how the rest of this goes.
Trisha's New Boyfriend Is Hila's Brother - Frenemies #1
The Crew
The well oiled machine that keeps everything running! Current members consist of Dan, Ian, Zach, AB, Love, Sam, Olivia, Cameron, and Lena. I created a post with more specific information about everyone on the crew, so check that out if you want to know more!
Foot Soldiers
In the March of 2020 Ethan would host a segment on the show about, a popular website that hosts feet pictures of celebrities. This would lead to fans mass-rating Ethan's feet a 5 star, leading to Ethan being #1 on the site, and the title 'Foot Soldiers' given to fans of the show. By May of 2021 Ethans grippers would reach an all time high rating of 7.42 out of 5. However, mods began to catch wind of these shenanigans and Ethan would be banned from the site entirely, his page, deleted. However, the name Foot Soldiers are still echoed across these dusty halls to this day.
Wikifeet Segment Ethan reaches 7.42 Ethan gets banned
A video of Vin Diesel lookalikes repeatedly saying "FAMILY" surfaced and was watched on the Pod. After this the crew and chat began chanting 'FAMILY' throughout the show. While it's not done as much these days, it does still prop up from time-to-time.
Watching the Vin clip FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY


White Claw Gabe
White Claw Gabe is a famous Tik Tok personality that LOVES FRIDAY BABY!!! Ethan started watching his clips on the show and eventually had him call in. This eventually led to him calling in every Friday, and he has been a staple on Friday shows ever since!
Watching Gabe First Call-In First Friday Show
For a time there was a running joke on the show that they were going to hit 3 million subscribers this episode. Fans would subscribe during the episode, getting them over 3 million subs, and then unsub, brining them back down to 2.9m. Eventually subs would just start to continuously drop and have been dropping ever since. Viewers started calling it the H2.9 Podcast because of this. At time of posting they have 2.87m. H2.8, anyone?
3,000,036 H2.9
The Jersey Outlaw
HOOO BOY. Where to even start with this one... Jimmie Lee is a crazy dentist gone comedian whose stage name is The Jersey Outlaw. Before the Podcast a video was made about him on the Ethan and Hila YouTube channel, and eventually he was brought onto the Podcast as a guest. Some considered his episode to be the worst of all time. However, in recent years Jimmie has come back onto the show. While he himself is controversial and not particularly funny, the interactions the crew and guests have with him are hilarious. To go into his entire lore would be an entire post in and of itself, but here's a bunch of clips (oldest to newest) if you wanna dig in.
Ethan and Hila Video First Time on Podcast Jimmy Emails Ethan Thnks the Jimmy Episode was Awful Gokunaru Video Call-In #1 Call-In #2 Zach and Jimmy on the Street Jimmy Lee Redemption Set Watching Street Comedy Jimmie Lee Loyalty Test Diner Call-In Ethan's Dad x Jimmy Lee Jimmy Lee Meetup Disaster Dan Hates Jimmy Arab World News vs. Jimmy Stavros Advice Jimmy Did It Again
Pride Minute
Jordan Peterson once said that Pride Month is too damn long. And so, Pride Minute was created so that that we get to be ourselves for no more than 60 seconds! Many Pride Minutes have been had with, and for, many people. And lets not forget that sweet holographic foil card! Jordan Peterson Pride Minute 1 Pride Minute 2 Pride Minute 3 Pride Minute for Fouseytube Pride Minute 5 Pride Minute 6 With Keffals Pride Minute 8 (This is just ridiculous) Yung Gravy Manly Minute Pride Minute Trading Card For Steven Crowder
Hairline King
Allllll the way back in 2017 Ethan discussed how great his hairline is. Too great, perhaps. In 2020, he decided to put his face in a machine and it came back with two determinations.
  1. He's UGLY AS FUCK (Hey, the machine said it not me).
  2. His hairline is dope af.
So the machine agree's - His one redeeming attribute is that sick hairline! From there Ethan became the hairline king, absorbing the hairline of his enemies to make his hairline everlasting... Or is it?
[What's a Receeding Hairline?]( Machine Calculation Hairline King Is Born His Enemies Are Balding He's Absorbing Their Hairlines Receeding or Photoshop? Portnoy Hairline Rating The Hairline is Damaged?! Challenger Approaching Andrew Tate
Prolapsed Anus
Over the summer of 2022 Howie Mandel posted a picture of pudding on a mans ass a man fully prolapsing his anus on TikTokfor the world to see. Ethan LOVED this and ran with it to the end of the earth. He showed it to all his guests, and eventually confronted Howie about it. He confronted Howie about it on HIS podcast, and when Howie came on the H3 Podcast, a man called in and prolapsed LIVE ON AIR for Howie. Shortly after a prolapse tribute was made for Silent Library and... Well... Others have witnessed it since.
Howie Tik Tok: Howie TikTok Whitney Cummings Tim Dillon Pokimane Yung Gravy Kurtiss Conner Bradley Martin Brittany Broski
Prolapse LIVE: Howie Mandel Silent Library Hila & Brittany Broski Stavros Ethan's Friend Sean
Lovebot was created so that Love, who lives in Sweden, could be apart of the show. It was remotedly controlled by Love where it got the shit beat out of it constantly by The Crew AB and AB alone.
First Appearance LoveBot vs. Gatsby AB DID THAT EVERYONE SAW THAT At the Rage Room Dobby?! Love Bot Resurrected


Steamy Awards
A yearly segment that is meant to be a parody of the Streamy awards. The co-host(s) change every year, and are cursed to insanity if they take on the role. Good luck this year to our latest co-hosts, Tana and Jeff.
Steamy's 2020 Steamy's 2021 Steamy's 2022
Triller Lawsuits
In April of 2021 Jake Paul had his fight against Ben Askren, to which Ethan joked about pirating the fight on Instagram. He then showed a clip of the fight in the following podcast, to which Triller decided to combat by suing Ethan for rebroadcasting the event. A few months later, Triller sued Hila, and a few months after that a third lawsuit was filed. This topic is a post in itself, so I'm not going to get anymore detailed.
Ethan Jokes About Pirating The Fight Clip of the Fight is Watched Triller Sues Ethan Triller Sues Hila Third Lawsuit
800 DPI
No one knew for awhile, but Dan's mouse has a voice, and it's sexy as hell. Many in the chat thirst over Dan's mouse. Ethan also got sick and impersonated the mouse, so there's that too if you're into it.
First Time Mouse Plays The Crew Discovers the Source Ethan on Stream(Members only) Ethan Soundbite
During Frenemies Trisha often complained about how Ethan took 5% of payment for the show. After Frenemies ended, Trisha's sister would make a video talking about him taking that 5%. Joe Rogan also has a say in the 5% fiasco.
Trisha on Frenemies Trisha's Sister Joe Rogan
Scorpion Chair
In 2021 the Podcast moved to a new studio. Dan used this as leverage to try and get a newer, more badass, chair. There were various iterations of what the chair would be, but in the end it was the STEEL STRIKER, forged in the deepest recesses of a neutron star.
Dan's Leverage Tank Chair 1.0 Tank Chair 2.0 Scorpion Chair First Appearance Scorpion Chair Arrives
In July 2022 Ethan would watch some of Jidion's awful prank videos, leading to a response from Jidion himself. In the response Jidion was highly critical of Ethan, however, he took a liking to Dan and called him W DAN, or WAN for short.
Jidion's Prank Video Jidion's Full Response Calling Dan WAN
Ethan is 42
Ethan was in denial on his 40th birthday, believing he was only 37. By his 42nd birthday he was still in denial. The crew often has to remind him that he is, in fact, 42 years old.
Ethan's 40th birthday Ethan's 42nd Birthday
Majority Female Audience
Back in the day the show was watched primarily by men. However, after Frenemies there was an uptick in women viewers. As of September 2022 the audience was 60% women.
Majority Male Audience Majority Female Audience
Shoutout to his family
In May of 2020 a famous DJ named David Guetta made a tribute song to George Floyd's family, starting the song by saying "shoutout to his family". They watched it on the podcast and it became a very popular soundbite, eventually winning the first ever soundbite tournament! The channel also recently made a lore video about this, so check that out!
Shoutout to His Family First soundbite tournament
A popular soundbite that originated from when Jimmie Lee, Zach, and Cameron went out on the streets of LA. A similar soundbite has spawned from Jimmy saying this on a Zoom call with minimal service.
Original Ethan Asks Why He Cut It From His Video? Zoom Call


AB Boxing Matches
AB fought (and lost) to Hundar of Muscle party in Creator Clash 2022. Both Hundar and Luckyboy (ABs boxing coach) were guests on the Podcast to talk about his fight. This year AB will be fighting Dad.
Interview with Luckyboy Crew Watching ABs Fight Creator Clash Debrief With Hundar ABs Second Fight Announced
Joker Brain
One of the oldest ongoing jokes on the show. It started in December of 2020 when Zach declared he had a 'Joker Brain'. Since then merch has been sold surrounding Joker Brain, a Joker Brain NFT was created, and Zach has dressed up as the Joker multiple times. However, in September of 2022 Zach had his Joker Brain title revoked. It was given to Lena - The true joker brain of the crew. Zach does not agree.
Zach has a Joker Brain Joker Brain Shirt Zach Wears Joker Mask Zach as Joker for Halloween Joker Brain NFT Lena is the True Joker Brain Zach Returns as Joker
AB's Burrito
During an ad read for HelloFresh, a picture of a burrito that AB had made was put on the screen. However, it was suppose to be a quesadilla. This prompted input from the chat to explain how much AB fucked up the recipe, and the meme has remained ever since.
AB's Burrito What it Should Have Looked Like Burrito's at Creator Clash
A Tik Tok Lawyer that Ethan stumbled upon and found absolutely hilarious. Since then P&P has called into the show multiple times, and even made an appearance on the live show. LETS GOO!
Watching his TikTok Calls in At the Live Show
Godfather Impression
Possibly the oldest impression on the show. It started with humble beginnings, and eventually Zach added music to the segment. Today Zach is often the instigator, and will play the music to get Ethan riled up.
First Appearance Music Added Slurpee The Food Dance New Song & Desk Soundbites Added Jeff Wittek & Mike Majlak
OTR Intro's
The Wednesday show of the Podcast is titled Off the Rails (OTR). This began when Hila stopped being on every episode to focus on Teddy Fresh. There are two intros that need to be addressed, which are: 1. Zach's soundbite intros - These started off small and have ballooned in scope in size, even getting video added as of 6 months ago. 2. Skits - There are a fair amount of skits that are played at the start of the episodes. I'll add a few here.
Zachs Intro's: Car Crash Train Screech Intensity Rising Soundbites get added Guitar Begins Video Gets Added The Way of Water
Skits: LoveBot Harry Potter Let's Not Get Cancelled We Got Cancelled Clickbait
Weights in Fish
In October of 2022 a TikTok went viral that revealed a team fo fisherman cheating by putting weights in fish to increase their numbers. This led to a hilarious soundbite that is often used on the show.
AB's Origin Story
AB started out as the YouTuber known as Starkilla. He created a video defending Ethan and it got very little views until about a year later when it started taking off. Ethan got sight of the video, and ended up asking AB to join the crew!
Starkilla video AB Joins the Crew
Bomb Threats
cough Ethan said someone should bomb the NRA and the episode got banned cough
Zilly Zonka
When Ethan was trying Mr. Beast's chocolate bars on the show the crew came up with an ellaborate ploy to create a fake golden ticket, and a fake website to submit the ticket on, so that Ethan could get ZILLY ZONK'D BRUH. He made a re-appearance later when AB and Ian made a fake cryptocurrency.
Mr. Beast Bars P.A.D. Coin
20 Billion Dollar Compound
The Leftovers set started as a 3 million dollar set, but with each episode Ethan continues to pump more and more of his life savings into its defenses. Today it is an entire compound with state of the art defenses worth 20 BILLION dollars in total.
3 Million Dollar Set 20 Billion Dollar Compound
Dr. Idz
A medical doctor who fueled Ethan's Coke Zero addiction by telling him that Diet Coke is good for him. Has a TikTok channel where he debunks medical misinformation. Has called into the show multiple times for various different topics. Is a certified stud.
Is Diet Coke Good For You? Call-In #1 Is Drinking Piss Good For You? Are Ice Baths Good For You?
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2023.02.16 01:27 JonathanPhillipFox WHY IS TAYLOR SWIFT ALWAYS SHOWING FEET? The woman loves to bare her sole, or, 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐓𝐰𝐨, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭, 𝐢𝐧 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐈 𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐛𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬

Part One, which is much Better,

Whereas this is going to be, mhmm, I'll do it better, later, I want to; have you ever heard about the reason, "Sumptuary," laws went away, in western europe, do you think it was because there weren't enough middle aged gentlemen to work 9-5, 40 hours a week on the project of, "how much, is, too much," wherein, and, invariably, this didn't mean so much, "that Man is wearing, a Baronial Straw Cap," as much as, "that woman is dressed, as if she were wealthy, which she is not, like a prostitute."
Seriously, "certain people have to wear certain things, lest everyone get confused!" there was some, "engineer minded folks gone hellas off the deep-end, to these things," laws which said, you have to wear, what you are, but over and above all of that, was, or, let's not quibble, "an aspect had been, that," in the not-so-good-and-bad-minds, "if you dress like a baroness, but I can talk to you, it's flirting," type of thoughts, leading, to,
Har-Har, so silly, yet, Look at our world, "is there some reason it should be deleterious to our young women to dress like Rich Women," Outside of the same rationale of, 'men are dangerous,' seen in Saudi Arabia; well is there some reason that young women, if you're gonna, "Jordan Peterson," at me, shouldn't, if not at school, feel free to represent themselves themselves in such manner in their free time in within their social networks, the internet, if need be, "Oh," it's forbidden, yes, and for the benefit of the young women, and is it a matter, perhaps, better suited by, providing, a safe society, well, how much violence to the incels would be too much, for that, we are a culture that drug wars aren't we?

Japan has been like this, in some respects, because of this,

...hasn't it? In Europe, without Police, what did these Millers do?
Cowards Change, Cowards also think this works on everyone like, Drug War, it doesn't
Two Cents, imho
These are koans, to think about; but the reason these laws went away, historians say, without much controversy, is that if you're policing, Fashion, the implications, the references, the inventions, the discrete signifiers of attention and the misdirections they're all sewn into, you kinda gotta be, you know,

French Vogue, the Editorial Staff, as your Cheka; The Zuckerburgs Can't, the Mitterand Romenesque Gentlemen cannot, "Keep Up With It Over Time," and Remember:


The woman loves to bare her sole
Hypothesizes Gawker, and in that sense redeems the aspersive speculators or taylorswiftfeet, whom I'd never tell to call her the naif she hasn't pretended to be, merely,
I don't know.
I do know this, I know that the design of, 'this internet,' has been, overwhelmingly, made to be a birdcage and made by, well, boys, boys, boys for whom, should ask a girl, maybe
Would not be realistic, in practical terms outside of the insult which, considering, what might be called the presupposed impact upon society, is generous of me, the question I've got is more of a Koan,

What is the Tone?

There has been a semi-famous challenge to the American Legal Definition of, "Whore, a Disease Which is a Person, Communicable Through Their Description, Descriptions," Porno, "whore," Graph, "record," Phono, "sound," Graph, "record," Photo, "Light," Graph, "record," we use Greek and Latin to retain this Point of the Fact, it's the reason Greek and Latin are used in Medicine and if it hasn't been obvious to you that a, "pornograph," contains a Whore in it, De Facto, it has been to People Who use the Word, "whore," as if this is a real thing, to be concerned about, so, there has been a challenge to the Legal Definition of, "I know a whore when I see one, in a photograph, film, or read, or, hear about one in a description," that goes,
Everything, can be made into an erotic object through description and context; eros is in the discourses,

Ekphrasis, like, Such as, albeit the, "passive-aggressive," of these things, in the Dialect of Forensics,

But Swift has given these guys [on wikifeet] lots of fodder, so you know that they’re making informed decisions. Here she is in the video for “Lover”: ❊✤❋
You might think this is normal, to be relaxing barefoot on the couch. But I would counter with this shot, in which she is wearing shoes on the bed: ✾ ✿ ❀

Ode to a Grecian Urn, this isn't, but the Dialogical Nature of this is, you're going to, you're likely, to, get Vivid Mental Imagery, "sprung up from the depths," new thoughts, Poesis, empathetic visions, - did you just sexualize Her?

What is the deal here? Is Swift pandering to perverts? Is she a pervert?

"I think that's fine if She is, of whatever sort, actually, it's Fine!"

What is the deal here? Is Swift pandering to perverts? Is she a pervert? I imagine that she knows what she’s doing, because that’s kind of her whole thing. Take, for example, this TikTok she posted last September: ❀✿❀

The, "Deal," ala Seinfeld, is SEO, is, "People Google Her Feet," and that's good for Clicks, on the article, "one and I'd call in plausible, otherwise," two from two like-minded Publications so rapidly, well; on the one, "what would the different-be, from noticing, the extant discourses?"

...on the other, it doesn't explain the, 'tone,' nor that this tone is considered to be so work appropriate as to be written up in boilerplate water-cooler chit-chat-fodder,
Neither of those articles would have quivered if they'd been framed, in some manner, such as,
Should your children be listening, to Taylor Swift, considering, she's....
Or, if it were framed, "this is normal," but,
Is it age-appropriate?
Is She Too Old, Is The Message, to the, Too Young, was she too young, when she put her feet on the cd, but now, this is the late blooming, of, those foolish mistakes of a wanton youth's exuberance, "I don't know!" there is no answer once the question, these questions, they're like, "Inflation," so passive as to the agents and the actors that it isn't, "is it inflation, or, price gouging," but, "yes!" it's Price Gouging, unless they've got a false consciousness from the panic, from the inflation, in which case it's systemic, and the State's Responsible for Disciplining their labor force into lower wages until the prices come down, it's a simple matter of, "abstractions are the agents, the actors are the passive,' unless it's a crime,

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/is it a crime?

Watch me be correct, and, Remember:
The, "Deal," ala Seinfeld, is SEO, is, "People Google Her Feet," and that's good for Clicks, on the article,
Does this do, "nothing," no, it does do, "something," it treats a particular young woman, and, by, extension, all of the young women who see her in public and think, "that could be me," and, in addition to that, all of the people trained through, some combination of SEO and the Tone we see to question,

Is this Age Appropriate?

Is this one?
You wanna hear, something, funny, O.K. I'll tell you, there were a couple times, at least, probably, not three, that I put on my sister's Krav Maga class T-Shirt around the house, and, at least two times I'd thought, and this is, like, within miles of the specific class on the t-shirt, mind you, with no knowledge of who else would have been in the class, I'd thought, how, how,
If I wear, this to the store, like, the most,
"muscle shirt, intended, but it gives the man a belly, like a toddler's belly,"
What if I wear this, the store, to more the store, until someone, someone will, say,

"TAKE THAT OFF, Take it Off!"

I'm, uh, uh, whattdyoumean, I, I'm, training, is all, I'm not, DONE

"You haven't earned that!"

It's just what I'd thought they'd say; not because, "they'd, Particulary, Say," but because, well, it would be correct and also appropriate to have done so,
Is this age appropriate?

How am I ,a,sposed to Know! Without, Guidance!

I was a child!
Chrissakes, I'm older than all of you, the ash underneath old stones, older than, trees under sand under the sea, older than, whale bones warm from the heat of the earth on the inside, underneath the black of the ocean, older than, it's how it is.

I'll write this better later,

I love you, it's the process, Kata, the Rituals; of artwork,

This is art, isn't it?
L'espirit Escalier, "oh the name you forget, in there, was," She Says, helpfully, or, "you woulda had'em if you'd mentioned, this, and that, and the other," oh, darn, she's a muse, you just, wet noodle spaghetti, which, think about it:
all of the good and virtuous reasons to think twice, about, what we'd tell a particular person, at a particular time, are not true of the General, "public," and at an imparticular time, though we feel them, rather than think-them, so,
Then, she comes at you screaming, L'espirit Escalier, as a muse,
Oh you dumb Motherfucker I cannot believe what you've just said I had no idea you were serious, if I'd known that you were about to...
This is art advice, if you're going to be, stressed out, anyway, or, already, are, ya know; and that, um, like, yeah, the silent cowboys come from, never crossed bridges, bridges not crossed in so long, no one remembers where they'd even go and that's fine, we all go there, we all go to there, but, like, you know,

Bushi Bushi Bushi

...for the cowboys...


Jonathan Phillip Fox
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2023.02.05 00:59 No_Mud_4283 medio dudosa esa página (abrir si se requiere)

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2023.01.21 05:45 BoredCat93246 Whenever you doubt Scott, just remember he has most of the North American Wii U games AND a 5.31/5 on WikiFeet.

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2022.12.23 11:35 Knee_and_Toe_Thief Throbber material

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2022.12.14 23:32 Rae_Regenbogen Illusion Cake Episode

If the power imbalance in Ned and Alex’s relationship didn’t clue people in, this episode definitely shows that these men need to take sexual harassment training and learn how to behave in a professional environment. They are basically begging for a lawsuit.
Zach made a “bookake” cake and had the judges squirt white cream on his cake.
Keith made a cake based on his feet, re:wikifeet. “I don’t care if people get off to my feet…”
Eugene made a cake of a judge’s head. “Should I make a dildo?”
These men need to get it together. There were a lot of points where people were visibly and audibly uncomfortable during this episode. How the try guys think this behavior is at all appropriate in a workplace is beyond me.
Edit: I originally spelled Keith’s name incorrectly
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2022.12.14 18:45 JonathanPhillipFox GOD PUT HIS CONDOM IN U, BEFORE U WERE BORN XXX PART TWO WHERE IT IS EVEN LESS NORMAL, Begins With Free Associative Rewrite of One Line of Kafka into a Cat Eat Mouse Poetry , ends with talk of Witchcraft, Radio Sets, Worst Case Collapses and the Religious Imagery of Hannah Montana undrcvr SuprASCII

𝔐𝔦𝔱 𝔪𝔦𝔯 𝖌𝖊𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖜𝖎𝖗,

𝔡𝔲𝔯𝔠𝔥 ℌ𝔞𝔲𝔰𝔴𝔞̈𝔫𝔡𝔢,

𝔡𝔲𝔯𝔠𝔥 𝕸𝖆𝖚𝖘𝖜𝖆̈𝖓𝖉𝖊

𝔡𝔦𝔢 𝔎𝔞𝔱𝔷𝔴𝔞̈𝔫𝔡𝔢,

ℑ𝔠𝔥 𝔎𝔞𝔱𝔷𝔢𝔫𝔴𝔞̈𝔫𝔡𝔢,

𝔥𝔞𝔟𝔢𝔫 𝔪𝔢𝔦𝔫 𝔐𝔞𝔲𝔰,

𝔰𝔦𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔟𝔢𝔫 𝖉𝖊𝖎𝖓 𝕳𝖆𝖚𝖘

𝔪𝔢𝔦𝔫𝔢 𝔪𝔞𝔲𝔰𝔢

𝖂𝖎𝖊 𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝕸𝖚𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗

𝔏𝔦𝔨𝔢 𝔞 𝔐𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯

Or as Kafka had put him, Himself,
Turn around
I fear and tremble and know the true truths of real glory,
a life in a world upside down,
where safe for work content,
Has Lost all Meaning,
We're out of our shoes, on a show about work,
Flaunting, as if this could be safe for our workplaces
You're reading, this far, remain uncommitted to further upon some line-item basis, "sure," anyway; what would it, "read," like if I'd finished the notion of portions of this into some, "Carries Mother (much happier, now that she's got gang and- nevermind, "if I refined this but remained concerned that anyone might think I've got a crush on Jenna Fischer, either, I cut off a major pathways to poesis and truth (in the sense of wierdness, also, the epiphanies of Oh I Know, Exactly, For Sure what a repressed Freudian Utilitarian...etc. etc. would sublimate into phantasia, looking, at....that one

The Microplastics in my sons brain are a Condom from God

He Is Risen

Halt die Klappe, du gottloser und atheistischer Hahnrei📷
Verbal language cannot change either internal [pyschical, existential, spiritual] nor external [material] realities, that it can give so radical an impression of (changing them) reflects the Dimensional Perspectives Ignored, "eyes closed until Blinded to," dimensional realities of simultaneity, non-contradiction and that we can see one spiritual object from one interior, discursive dimension at one time is no different than that we can see one physical dimension of one object from one place at one time, what could be more natural than to assemble them from this perspective with which we're so familiar, which cannot, really, be imagined to make sense otherwise e.g. while we know that horses have eyes on their sides can we imagine that vision, so easily, as to know, so easily, four more, on opposite sides of not us, but some object, while exploring?
Spiritually, we needn't have two eyes, nevertheless, I cannot imagine an advantage to see, "phantasia," Eros and, "real," life Logos, both real in the experience, and, equally, following an incompatible system of chronemics, of dialect, of Right Action, Cooperation, unless one wanted to use the synthesis to disprove the one over the other which is as senseless as to reject one's own binocular vision, due to the extra-textual Philosophies of Men Who Farm Men, written, extra-textually, to a religion to farm men through a more efficacious management and this that,
The World is Flat, One Of Your Eyes is a Liar, and, To Remember an ulterior side, underneath, around in opposite, from where you can see certain truths, through not true trues, in the flat of the face, facing, now, you cannot know-nor remember the errors in your vision held opposite you, from the opposite view, your eye, the one which lies, does so to hide, in its subtle mistruths and confusions, which suit its purposes, disastrous to you and your loved people, and don't cast one out in haste oh no,
Cast Out the Wrong One and the Whole World will Mock and Torture You

Which is all a good reason to never never never never google, "Porn"
Don't Do It, you've got life left to live, and It Took Some Brave Young Man who could have lost everything, to, see the other side of the War which Pornos such as Shoes-off picture wage on the virtues of chastity, and, well, this young man had said, to everyone upon, rule

"Never Ever Google, "porn," not ever, and to this I replied:

Literally, the rest is, herein, thereafter this and then-on, what I had replied at that time.....
I said I said, to This Person,

Yeah dude,the U.S. Congress Thinks It Might Even Make You the,

the hard r word for real Maybe least, they'd used to, it's funny, with conjecture like that you'd think they'd been almost certain, seeing, as, they'd been so sure about the don't deserve civil rights because the porno'd broke your entire informed consent region of the hippocampus whilst you'd slept after saw a woman on tv with her shoes off,
nah, I, I can't, I can't go vote with you guys, can't talk to me out in public no more neither, on-account-ah, on account of those, those, I am Curious (blue and yellow) Blu-ray rips of the criterion collection of the European Union Cut of the Films I'd found lookin' for, jag off n'fuckin movies on uncensored bing website well turns out Jag är nyfiken got fair bit of naked in it and the Curious Girl Dora'n Explore'n round bout the suburban lifestyles of Rich European Lutheran's Late 60's aint not one warnin' bout drugs, about ethnic street crime nor street perverts not that whole film but she says, she says,
"Beware the Myth of an Ethical Meritocracy," like it aint no joke on account of that,
I can't vote 'cause I got the brain damage, I can't speak nor talk without askin' cause I now got the brain toxin, Erototoxin it's called it's all them pornosand all them pictures of ladies without their shoes on and its in the Hannah Montana films when she's got a bikini on and it's in Family Guy When Peter Gets His Big Fat Fuck On and it's in books and literature where there is nudity, and it aint described in clear terms to be evil and filthy, and, Now I can't ever go to the bathroom without close supervision nor allowed in a yard with a shed without a lock on that shed and it just keep gettin' worse and Worse and Worse I get so hard I see one ankle I swear I'd even incest one and take the sentence to prison just for one moment's release from these cravings of a madman not 15 yet but all broke down and ruined, fellers, so no, I can't go vote with ya'll in the Silent Auction nor anyotherkind no more these I got under the sun
It's so fucked up, too, because John Harvey Kellogg was out there publishing whole bible full of penis-and-vagina stories for young folks manifestos book-full of Gym Class Professional and Serious Nominclature for the Fuck-areas of men, women, animals, hybrids and freaks of nature and the proper means to avoid Biological and Racial Degeneracy, I just about weep to think,
A case came to our knowledge
through a gentleman who brought his daughter to us
for treatment for the effects of self-abuse, of a father
who adopted a summary method of curing his son of the
evil practice. Having discovered that the lad was a
victim of the vile habit, and having done all in his
power by punishment, threats, and representations of its
terrible effects, but without inducing him to reform, the
father, in a fit of desperation, seized the sinful boy, and
with his own hand performed upon him the operation of
castration as he would have done upon a colt. The boy-
recovered from the operation, and was of course effectu-
ally cured of his vile habit. The remedy was efficient,
though not justifiable. Even a father has no right
thus to mutilate his own son,
...what strength it took this licensed medical doctor, in control of his own mental institution owned private, so much responsibility, that, *you remember them people in the news, from michigan, last year, "*everything I ever owned been bought for me with Mr. Kellogg's Company's Money," that much responsibility, respect after his legacy, still had the courage to say,
The boy-
recovered from the operation, and was of course effectu-
ally cured of his vile habit. The remedy was efficient,
though not justifiable.
Even a father has no right
thus to mutilate his own son,
........ though we must confess,
You Gotta, if you're a medical doctor that hot take is gospel to the vulgar,
...that the lad's chances for becoming a useful man are fully as good as they would have been had he continued his course of sin.
601 Pages, and I just weep, to think, that,
If Karl Marx had come through town sellin' damned book 'bout Trade Unionism,
Met that child, not qualified, now, for much other than castrato singership, said to 'em,
How them balls Hangin, Little Man?
...aint got none of them, no more, Mr. Marx, Karl Marx from Germany, had 'em balls still I'd be rightful excited to join yer trade union so'as to go'on take more'en'I'm worf from them employers out there don't realize a man's right he takes from his employer with a firearm, shure would but I 'aint got the balls left to sire a whole Oklahoma Irishman's family, full of mouths hungry, need'n liquor as fast mamma pour it down they gullet, won't have none that on account of the diseease made me fuck myself so much dad cut'em balls off with'em cow sheers
Boy, you tellin' me none your educated Trade Union Publications told you about the dangers fuckin' on that little dick too ruff'n'often as an Irishman's spawn to begin with, might risk an anemone's moral conscience and the sea flea's love of christ with the cock of a Horse Done Gooned the Fuck out upon Stable Vices and No One Taught You This, about your cummy little cock
...sir, Mr. Marx, sir, I aint stupid I know all about the labor theory of valuation and the blood debt owed to the proleteriate and the Science of Historical Determinism,
a tear, no you don't, one little cock flogged to rot, with my books on the shelf and I taught him nothing,

"Sing for Me, Castrato, for I cannot bear to hear you speak."

- the communist and Porno-Ignorant Karl Marx, remorseful at least
Last fun thing,
You ask me,
Is this Photo Pornographic?
I put a flat palm to chest, in actual shock, but, faking it too, You Mean to Tell Me that,
You mean to tell me that Mitterand Romney is sucking cock for Bus Transfers,
....loose hollowpoint ammunition, used needles, amazon giftcards, clean pants is he being pimped, or, is he selling himself- is he selling his mouth, or just his asshole.....

...or just his Mouth?

.....sick freaks, whole world full of sicks freaks out there, giving him money, Tagg, Tropp, Meesus and Chain Gang out at the lake properties, knowing Daddy will do anything for a handful of coricidin while Old Men from Belgium watch him fuck an Orangatan no condom, I'd thought you'd brought the condoms to protect your asshole from that Orangatan's Cum , Mitt, so old and Flemish it sounds like a Hog's Wallow, I'd thought them sons of yours insisted you fuck with condoms smoke enough glass you'll forget to keep the thoughts sacked up in that whore know-nothin' noggin, in Blood Curdling Flanders Patois,
Where is Daddy, where is daddy, when he does not come home these nights, when he does not come home to the Lake Properties, the Golf-and-Court Compounds or the Financial District Condos where the phone is ringing, the phone is ringning, the help is wandering through the halls and up and down the stairs of the lower manhattan financial district condo, the upper west side condo, the upper east side condo, the brooklyn condos and the investment properties at 432 park avenue, "Mr. Mitt!" They're Hollering, "It is your workplace, it is Baine Capital," they've got the contractors on site, daddy, at the groceries in Zimbabwe, and the girders are all out, daddy, all out and lined up in shipping containers, where do we scrap them daddy we've got to get this steel from the Grocery Stores structural girders out of Zimbabwe before the Woke Scold Mommies wake up and photograph the Contractors and send it to the papers, the Steel is all ready, to scrap, daddy, but where are you, and whose cock are you sucking tonight?

Look at How It Has Aged Them Into Grotesque, world weary, Ghoulish Caricatures of Boyhoods trampled in Tourist Cocked Cuts, each dick, each day, each dick down w/dog at an Amesterdam Brothel while the Brothers Call Out in the Night, in the Dutch Foreign Night, "Daddy," Baine Capital Has Called they're scared they've got to make a decision about the KB Toys Pension Fun if they've not found an account overseas where the courts have no claim it'll all be in escrow, in escrow for those selfish old toy people to retire with!

Ruined Lives, these photos are all Porno, Nsfw and Maybe even illegal
...if **that is what you mean,**then, you're using, the word as it's been encoded in the clinical terminology, and, if that's what Mitterand Romney's been doing,

I don't consider it Moral, Myself, or at all defensible for a person who doesn't use the 'N' or,. 'F,' Word in Earnest as if These are Real Things In Real Life to Describe With Logos and Descriptive Language (outside of poetry, eros and pathos) to use the word Pornography, Much less if they'd be too coward to call that same person a whore to her face, 'but if that's the language we're neck deep in, when we describe Mitterand Romney's Life and Lifestyles, indirectly, through a Description of Mitterand, the Person, as a Communicable Disease of the Mind, Spirit and Body, then, I,

Understand the language your using, when you call this a Pornography, there he is,
Warriors for Christ Baptized in Erotoxins from Cell Phone Videos,

Woke Scolds Caterwaul about Long-Chain Polymers,

"Plastic in the skin," we're told, "in the brains of infants!"

How can We Know that isn't God's Condom, god's condom that Dao Chemical Needed to give to us to keep their brains from pictures of their feet out poisoning,
Sexology is the science of sex. Sexosophy is the ideology or philosophy of sex. In sex research, a great deal of what is actually applied ideology gets by, with its basic ideology unquestioned, as if it were scientific. The dominant ideology of the present era is that of, what is best termed, the sexual counterreformation, a reaction to the reformation, usually called the sexual revolution, of the 1960s and '70s. Victimology is a prime exemplification of ideology displacing science. In sex education, sex therapy, and marriage counseling, ideological research prevails over scientific research far too frequently -as when teenaged pregnancy is erroneously defined as an epidemic disease, for example, even when the mother is eighteen or nineteen years old; or when a twenty-year old is defined as a pedophile even if his/her partner is almost eighteen. There is no consensus as to what constitutes the basic theory of scientific sexology: behavior modification competes with motivational teleology. Exigency theory is a newcomer. Most research design follows the model of classical physics and celestial mechanics, and does not accommodate itself to multivariate, sequential determinants. Human sexological research is stigmatized as slightly unsavory and verging on pornographic, and there is inadequate dialogue between sexology and its less stigmatized relatives, reproductive biology, population dynamics, and animal mating behavior.
....oh, let them joke about the Nuclear Weapons Waste in Child's Schools, let the children joke about wearing masks to save them from sickness, Mask the Eyes, mask the ears, who can mask them fast enough to end the memories of Mitterand's Boys Hollering at the Fraternity's Rush Week, trying, to, get him in the car with margarita mix and adderall suppositories,
Don't You Fuck Him, don't fuck him, It's Bad Pussy!
They'll scream, but all of it too late to warn the Managerial Class-Bound Patriarchal Princlings,
don't let them fuck that whore pussy, Dad, Do Not You Let Them Fuck You,

It Is Dangerous to Fuck Daddy, In the Hog-Fucked Pussy!

Radioactive material found at Missouri elementary school, tell me what Miracle Could Keep Nuclear Material Out of Missouri Public Schools, when we can't even keep erototoxic images of women's feet and bottom area out of 2023's top Elementary Schools in America

It is all around us, seeping into our brains, via magazines, newspapers and television. Once there, it gets to work, "reflexively and mechanically restructuring the brain "; terrifyingly, "involuntary cellular change takes place even during sleep, resisting informed consent ".
According to Dr Judith Reisman, pornography affects the physical structure of your brain turning you into a porno-zombie. Porn, she says, is an "erototoxin ", producing an addictive "drug cocktail " of testosterone, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin with a measurable organic effect on the brain.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will conduct new testing at a Missouri grade school to learn more about the level of radioactive contamination in the school and on its playground, is that a Joke,

Does She Realize that 17 Year Old Children Can See This?

....or does no one care?
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2022.12.14 18:41 JonathanPhillipFox In Response to the the Terror of a Child, Named Rightly, and in the Mind Of More Pure Virtue, Without diseases of Temptation and Porno Whore Brain From Erototoxins, which are Real, and, Dangerous, Unlike Fake Joke Dangers, such as microplastics brains- GOD PUT HIS CONDOM IN U, BEFORE U WERE BORN XXX

"Mommy," Spake the Child, Doctors had claimed that the A Lot Of Microplastics in his Brain were an illness, were not supposed to Be Inside of His Brain When He Was Born Just Like Long Chain Polymers Were Not Supposed to make His Blood So Slippery, just like Biodiverse Life Systems Total Collapse and all Bugs Die Too..

Was Supposed to Make His Life More Difficult, when it just made his life easier, to study, his arithematic, on the Silent Summer Nights, pindrop'n't silent like a Parking Lot in midwinter's parking lot unsymphony, or the sound of a hospital room; those silent summer nights, some defeaning, with dying rodentia, "it was always this loud," we're told, 'always a lot of dying rats, with birdsong too caucaphonous while crickets sung us into FOOLS.

Squeals and Squeaks then run-run-gunshots Kill the Rats Kill the Rats scream-scream-squeak, That Silence We'd All been warned about a sweet and particular pleasure, but not like most pleasure, in that it isn't a Poison, nor toxic, nor brain damaging, nor the degenerate pleasures of brain damage,

"The Silent Pleasure is pleasure without sin," Tapwater to the alchohol of all dopamine.
"Your Children cannot Thrive in Silence"

The Boy has Thrived, in Silent Nights, Studying Arithematic and Mathematics and Numeracy and Sudoku and Mensa IQ Test Practice Exams, "thrived," where generations had been lost to Smashing Pumpkins Music Lifestyles, Lyrics, Costumes and Lifestyles Energies, "perfect scores," achieved in a Silent Room With No Radio, and No Phone nor movies with lascivious imagery, this Young Child, Of 17,

Master of memorized exams and flawless arithematical Exam-Test Focus, 24/7, at all times, and Drilled Down Deep, "the HEART LEAPS, Out Of My Chest, at the sight,\

.... of an adult woman provoking an Involuntary and Non-consensual response from the 17 year old child, My Infant Unstained...

Where are Her Socks.

Where are Her Sneakers.
What does she mean, "white,"
Is it Her Porcelain Skin, treated in all of the Medical Scientific Luxurious that the Romanov's Had and then more-so, except here-so, in vanity, What does she mean, "white?"
Does she mean, "fair," does mean to call herself fairest, "and in the figgurative manner," Fair,
Where are Her Sneakers, Where are Her Socks,, her complexion so fair, even without the apple crimson, and to imagine that an adult woman would allow a Naif, not even a naif, a child of 17, a child who has always followed orders, waited for his commans before making, and Modestly, his demands, startled, what is my purpose here, not even realizing the daydream, tell me what to do, what shall I practice for you, how will you examine me, what will it mean for my permanent future, and she says, look at my sneakers, startled again, confused again, and if he is to notice that consent to his permission to make demands?
....fairest white of Her, or just the fairest we can see, this voter who doesnt seem to feel the need to ask whether I vote for my 17 year old child to know that she'd been dressed in her hairs before dressed in her clothes,,
A Child Who shakes his head in scorn, at service workers wearing weddings rings, "I can't believe a man who had the worksheets and the pen to fill out the worksheets would ever neglect arithematic practice and have to work for an hourly wage instead of the capital gains of their assetts, both illiquid and liquid, borrowed against, Like Real People Do, for spending money,

My Cumless Babe, who had begun asking us at ten years old to supervise him in the bathroom for signs of Masturbation, "Erototoxins could take me so quick, while I'm in for a dip, Take a Look at My Chastity, and tell me to strip," He'd penned this Poem Weeks in advance, and Practiced it for rhythm and Delivery, flawless dance and Pop-locked all in rhythm, "and I'd Practiced it all in secret, in the bath, and, in the bedroom,"

It Broke My Heart, "I could have cum in there mommy."

All alone in there, "I could have cum."

"Mommy, what is this a picture of?"

Scopolamine, a quick online rx from a dozen or so pharmacies,

"Mommy, what is this one- when, the Chair is Empty, and I don't see anything, yet , the Chair is Disrespecting, Workplaces, Mothers, Motherhood, Men the work of Men the Man I am and other things, but I'm also certain that it is empty, and when I told the teacher that I needed to be supervised within her Mandate as a Legal Guardianship?"

She'd Thought I was having, "a stroke," what is this one, the Pokemon is ruined, it is dirty, now, both on the inside and outside, as if the pokemon is a man and there is some thing, which, hates and laughs at men while making them do things, that men don't want to do but I just but I can't see anything at all," that was the day, that we had a talk with our physician about Erototoxins and the Poison of the Brain through the blood through Hump-implication content, "look at what I want from Men, Including Men Pokemon,"
My Child Cannot see nor know to see the ankle, the hump, the woman who has baited this child, all children, cannot be stopped, for the woesom truth is that She is a Daughter of the Water Panther, Mother shared together with all of the things which live in the dark, what Thrive Beneath the Great Gray Rainbow and become more vibrant, youthful, and reveal themselves the violent type of dutchlike in fine clothing, Saint Louis are [text corrupted, an imagined conversation between Donald's Trump Father, and, Donald''s Trump where the elder reveals in his Boey native tongue that Saint Louis Women are more like gods or demons than the mortal persons of other places, both beautiful, and, youthful, and, Non-Numerical in their youth, outside of Astrological Charts Entirely, even Solar Astrological Charts bear no withness to when, nor, how often, nor, what had happened the night before, of their wost woken day, each of them, a choice, and none of them for a purpose or a point while so younger than Celebrities Vestal Virgins also older, than the fathers of those virgins, older than the rocks and the trees and the Dark on top of seas and older still than underneath and in the deep where whale-fall centuries lay final high bones, Leviathon Bones hiding mountains, tips and peakest of high mountains which held the high air and the holiest first stars in the minds of the first eyes to behold them, now so far inside of death and blind-eye histories, so low in the sea and unkown to all thing, which will, or, could leave, with their memories that no more enormous thing, could or will ever exist in the minds of the living who can imagine them, Older than these echoes yet younger than your daughter's idea of a freshman, "Ellie Kemper grew up in the Veiled Prophet Circles true detective's writer couldn't imagine in the real or material enough for fiction, then the Naif, again, in fiction, then Betty Boop'ed to the preschool of Marilyn, Phylis is another Saint Louis Demon, friends of mine say she votes in the same district,same/same, Phyllis is a mean girl she fucks, and plays innocent, Life is not a line and Saint Louis Women do not live with one
As a General Rule [and in these damned days full of these perfect and Media Trained Sham Fraud Jokers, commensurately, more certain-so] whenever one feels that prudence would lie on the side of saying, "not that," less that way, less loud, less thought, less loud and more normal, I think, "why," because I think that In Truth there could be revealed the True-Truth of Me, which is, to be hidden, shouldn't be shown, No Lord No Not at all Nor do I believe that you or me no anyone is less capable of SAYING anything at all than we are incapable of pronouncing [or typing] the lemma, and if it be ridiculous, ok then its funny, if its outrageous, as well, then its funnier; the resistance we feel, out of prudence, out of training, to speak our damned mind, "and I mean: without the thought parts," if one waits for them to approve, this, the same as, "I said it to improve," some, what, misrepresentation through omission, the same time, it takes a great deal of practice to bring, "the unconscientious assemblage of thoughts into words, from feelings, tugged and toyed with, into blah blah blah verbiage, and the reticence we're trained, in our ascetics, in Logos to feel and then recoil from practice of the dialect of Pathos, "because its crazy," nevermind that it isn't crazy, neither pathological, nor, machiavellian, nor Kapgras Psychosis nor schizophrenic confusion, "Contra Vox Populi, these are deficits, these diseases, NOT EXCESSES," nor does anyone need to be told that Poetic Pathos is not Logical, nor your most coldest logic of workplace rigour, much less that Eros is, also, "just on top, besides, next to," Logical, Rational Descriptions, "new, which have come from you," and those Poetries you've composed from the hurt of the ghost, or, "agape," or of awe- that of Holiness, these things, these align adjacent-to; I cannot tell you, "I would not like to see how I'd feel to see a Pokemon Hump Jenna Fischer's feet, but, I can say, I think that I'm too young to understand how older girls manage to transcend such boundaries the more beautiful, also, and it's a stray, observation, but if we, you and me, consider the Innocence, "and then spoilt, over-indulgence once performed, Percieved in truth, or, in broad public error, "fall from Grace," like Even and Adam, "true metaphor," like all religion whelll, Little Gods and Real Demons Know: Perform the Rituals, Real-ly, you'll never become less familiar with the fact that one could never chain oneself inside of these personae if one wanted to, ourselves, in truth, we transcend them, and it is a myth to think that in innocence there is truth, wherein innocence an ignorance, what does Kafka's Cat Say, to die Mause, Philosopher?
Pathetic Old Man's firmament is the limit of the living,
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2022.12.07 01:41 scheme_in_retro Lebrun James wiki feet for AB

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2022.12.06 23:00 cactusoup Anthony Padilla interviews barefoot ppl

Anthony Padilla interviews barefoot ppl
Also he’s got a 4.9 score on men.wikifeet
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