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2023.06.01 01:50 january042023 Is it grief or depression

I'm just over 6 months out from our loss at 33 weeks. I'd been doing quite well until Monday this week when things shifted completely. I haven't been able to work or even really get out of bed. I've been crying hysterically for most of the day and I've needed either my Mum or husband to stay home with me as being alone makes it so much harder. Usually by the arvo/night I can feel a glimmer of hope but it's gone by the morning. Last night I tried setting some small goals for the day and some small intentions- waking up at 6.30am before my LC so I could journal and meditate, shower, dress and put on some light makeup. I was hoping these things would set the tone for a 'better' day, however once I'd done those things I felt it all again, the heaviness, the emptiness, the loss, and the feeling that I can't keep going. 💔 I dont want to die, but living seems so hard right now. I've tried breaking the day down but even that feels impossible. I previously tried antidepressants afew months ago and they seemed to make my symptoms worse.... I dont know what to do, do I try anti depressants agin or do I keep riding this impossible storm. We are also starting IVF shortly so I don't want to feel like this, I want to be happier. This is so hard 😢
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2023.06.01 01:49 dontknowlolhaha I was raised by a spoiled abusive man child and my mother was no better

Hi Reddit I guess I’m going to be airing out everything I was too scared to say when I was little to a bunch so strangers because I guess that’s what 20 year olds do now.
I 20f was raised in England by an abusive man who came from a middle class family. The abuse started when I was just a child, I don’t remember the first time it happened however I do remember the last. I remember the car rides to breakfast club where he’d strike me and belittle me. I remember the PE notes I’d be written because I’d have strange unexplainable marks on my body from him which my mother wrote out. I remember him beating my sister who is not biologically is and screaming for him to stop. I remember holding the button down for 999 telling him if he ever raised a hand to me again I would tell them, that I would tell everybody what he does to us.
I spent my childhood thinking my mother was a hero because she never hit me however it turns out she was scared of me. She was scared of me because well I struck my farther back as I got older in an attempt for him not to not hurt me any longer. The abuse was minimal enough for others not to catch on meaning the bruises would be often small and concealed. My mother was no better although she did not hit me I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t in her eyes disgusting or a slut even as a young primary school child.
I remember seeing something in my dads eyes something you do not see in everyone, it’s pure evil. When I tell you this man has something deep inside him that is truly disturbed it isn’t even a guess because well according to him this is generational abuse. He was raised by a rather well off Buisness man and a well off mother, he’s in his 40s now and he still receives cars and holidays off them and extra financial support. My mother was no better when it came to been spoiled either, her first reaction when my grandad passed was the sheer bitterness of her inheritance.
In recent years I have lived mostly with my older sister who has gone on to be a beautiful successful woman, however sometimes you’ll find me in my parents home which is where I’m currently writing from now. If you’re wondering what could’ve possibly inspired me to write this to a bunch of strangers the answer is my grandmas husband recently past away and my mother and farther have been all over her and by all over her I mean all over her money. It’s sad to say but a part of me loves my mother the same way I did when I was a child but then I see her taking advantage of others for her gain and I remember just who she is.
I believe much of there behaviour has been enhanced by there use of cannabis, my parents don’t just casually smoke it no. They smoke it every hour of everyday my dad still manages to hold a job though, well kind of he’s lost about 7 jobs in the past 2 years. My mother is of course a stay at home wife who is conveniently riddled with illnesses which are yet to be proved by a doctor strangely enough my mother has a lot of convenient things happen to her.
I have a wonderful boyfriend who has helped me overcome some of my past, including the evil that even lied in me. I had to accept that I was sometimes no better then him when I’d raise my hands. I have calmed down if you’re wondering and I’m even studying a law degree. One day I will be away from these people and I won’t have to suffer anymore, this is only the very surface of my life and if anyone has experienced similar to what I have I’m sorry they didn’t deserve you as there child and it’s not your fault.
Hope this helps anyone who is in this situation if there’s one thing I could’ve changed I would’ve told someone when I was younger, it might seem scary but I promise enduring it is so much worse. I turn 20 next week and the healing process is long and painful.
I’ll be around to post edits and answer questions, thank you if you read this.
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2023.06.01 01:49 z_Kennedy This is my last straw

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2023.06.01 01:49 Kittyliquor53 [Recruiting] Co-Op Society #2PJG9YPUQ Th9 & above Lvl16 Clan War/CWL/Games Independant

Ok, so you say you lost your home, your job & your spouse all b'cuz you play this silly ass game? Pffft, so what! You might just be the member we are looking for? We are primarily an adult clan with international members but USA based. We are NOT focused on anyone's attack skillz! (These things can be learned) But if you have a green war tag we DO expect both attacks to be made. We have no donation ratio rules but hoping you donate when you can and request as much as you wish. We DO donate well! English ONLY in chat please! We rotate our members during CWL as opposed to just putting in our top bases. We place more importance on allowing our lower members a chance at adding stars than we do winning each round. As for our members...we DO ask that you keep your language in check & please, don't use the term 'bro'. We really don't care where you're from...just not bro friendly! I know well how everyone says how they are the best...all I can say is in 8yrs of playing this is the best place I have found to be! Only way to know yourself is to stop in and see for yourself?
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2023.06.01 01:49 RingDingDonahue Simple way to change RGB Light strip based on Weather Forecast?

So, i can't for the life of me seem to find a reasonably easy way to change an RGB Wifi LED strip controller (that's alexa \ google enabled) based on weather triggers... (rain, snow, etc)
Any ideas?
I have alexa \ google home \ Hubitat as my hubs\controllers
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2023.06.01 01:48 WhenwasyourlastBM If you do anything today, I think you should read this

Hi everyone, I'm your friendly neighborhood suicidal here. Well, I was, I had quite a lucky weekend and it led me to some insights that changed my life. All I want is for you to read this, maybe it will snowball for you like it did for me, and maybe in a week you’ll understand why I felt compelled to write this. You don't have to be open minded, as you read this post, you're probably going to think things similar to what I would have thought a week ago. Maybe "this person is crazy," "what worked for you won't work for me," "if this worked so well why isn't everyone doing it." That's all fair. Go ahead and type the problems you find into the comments, just do me a favor, and don't click back. You can even skip to the end if you’re inpatient with the speech, totally fair, I’m very long winded.
For background I've had CPTSD symptoms as long as I can remember. I have had suicidal thoughts daily, I've had attempts, I've done inpatient/outpatient programs, 5 different antidepressants, ADHD meds, DBT twice. I'm fully NC with my parents. And today I would deny it if you asked if I had a mental illness. Not because I'm in denial, not because I don't think I was living in literal fucking hell or because I think you aren't either. I probably could have and still could lose my job for my symptom related problems... I'm a RN but I'll be the first to tell you that I'm very skeptical of the way we treat mental illness in this world. I am not offering medical advice; I'm simply saying this because I've had experience as the patient and as the person handing you your Abilify in the hospital while you wait for inpatient beds in full blown crisis. Point is I fucking get it.
And by now you're maybe mad, I haven't gotten to the point. Where is this going? Is she selling a book? Ayahuasca? Where’s the scam here? Again, I see how sus this looks. What my goal here is to do is guide you to the insight you need to forge your own path. It isn't so much about the insight or how you get there. The point is that nobody ever gave me a clue to get there when the destination will seem as obvious as the sky being blue. It's so overwhelming. Articles, videos, doctors, etc. Promising the cure in 3 easy steps. And while I can suggest some of those things, I'll link at the end, I don't think they are the point. Cognitively we understand exactly what we need, we just don't know how to get it and the overwhelming number of unhelpful things makes it much easier to freeze up. The goal of this guide is to combat that. All I want you to do is read this one thing. No cure, no 6-week class or book to read.
I'll cut to the chase; the short answer is that CPTSD symptoms mean you're closer to feeling better than the people who made you this way will ever feel. Your body and mind know how to make you better, but we've been conditioned to ignore them and listen to the "experts." All of us here will agree that we have unprocessed trauma that needs to come out. We tried everything to process it but all we do is get further and further from processing it. We cope and feel ashamed that we are doing everything right and it doesn’t help. Doesn’t fill the void. I'm going to list how I got here and what I realized to do this. The is a beta test as it were. My goal is to create a "protector" proof way to begin healing, the beginning of a healing avalanche. It's not meant as medical advice, a cure, anything other than a summary of my weekend and the insights I've had. I just want you to read. I've included optional links, there is no right way to read this. I just want you to read what speaks to you and do what speaks to you. If that's going into the comments and saying that this is the dumbest shit you've ever read, I more than welcome that because you’re already a step ahead. You’re giving yourself permission to feel/say what you want to do. If I can just push one person in the right direction then I'm happy and if you hate this entire guide and think I'm the dumbest person ever, that's still a step in the right direction. As you read, I'm hoping it'll make sense.
The boring and short answer that helped me:
IFS, a book, music, and missing my meds. But that’s not helpful to anyone, and to isolate each of those items and say it was any one thing or that this is the cure would be a total lie. First of all, don’t just drop your meds. Second of all, IFS is expensive and hard to find a therapist and many sites warn against independent use in severe trauma. I think these items happened to be a catalyst for me, but they won’t necessarily be for you.
The Longer Story:
About 2 weeks ago I missed a dose of medication and heard [a beautiful song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14PeAUjhEGk) on H3 Podcast. A small part of me was just so excited to feel. And it occurred to me that this woman couldn't have made such good music if she didn't feel. What was wrong with feeling? I began to ponder that. Still fully numbed to the world. You see, I spent the last 3 years in an avoidant Effexor haze/THC haze. I had been pondering my CPTSD for so long and I realized I could ponder it forever and ever, but I can't think myself whole. I have to feel it. But then I buried that part. How silly? I knew that part was there, and I knew I was burying it. Why was I doing that? But I started missing my meds more and more. I was opening up to the idea of feeling. I was flooded with suicidal thoughts, and I broke down and called Kaiser despite knowing how much kaiser has triggered me in the past. I needed something bigger and better than CBT/Coping/DBT/Pills. I would not allow them to stop me from feeling. I went off my meds (don't do that without consulting or reflecting first. I just knew it was a personal need and I was ready). And a snowball effect happened. Not because I am magic or stopped my meds. But because the cognitive part of me that knew I needed to feel to get better was trustworthy. A mess of signs in the world were occurring, and as a devoutly non-spiritual person it was clear. It had to be because I actually DO KNOW what's best, and I was choosing to see these things in the world because that part of me has always been there. Screaming for my attention but I wasn't listening. It turns out that I just needed to give myself permission to feel the bad things and that snowballed. But easier said than done. I can’t exactly pinpoint what did it for me, so below I’m going to list the items I used in tandem to warm myself up to healing. There are no right or wrong answers, but I think it would have been very very easy for anyone of these items to fail individually. It came down to a perfect storm for me, but one set off the other and they all worked as a collective. Importantly, there are many things I didn’t do.
What I didn’t do:
Stop “bad” habits: There is a reason I overeat, smoke ‘too much’ weed, oversleep, etc. An IFS model would say there are no bad parts. These things all are done with benevolent intentions. A part of you is putting out a fire. The second you set an intention to stop these habits, a part of you gets very uncomfortable. Honor these parts. You can die a carton-a-day smoker, but if you quit before that part is ready, I think it’s going to become much harder to feel whole. IFS is definitely a great model if you struggle with these things. I’ve now realized that traditional healthcare partially didn’t work because the parts of me are creative and stubborn. Alarm bells go off at the thought of being told they can’t do what they want.
Meditate/”self-care”/Mindfulness: Fuck those amiright? But seriously, after spending decades failing to feel anything positive from these things, I’ve learned it’s because people who don’t actually understand it do a terrible job of teaching this. It’s so isolating to hear that when it’s done nothing positive for you. I felt like such a failure. For me it turns out a part of me is terrified of emotions, sitting in “meditations” felt like torture, I would become so distracted and miserable. The idea of “watching thoughts go by and doing nothing” is less than ideal. It supports the misconception that there are bad or good thoughts or feelings. I’m a firm believer in looking at thoughts. Why am I thinking about hulk right now? What am I afraid will happen if I don’t think about hulk? Same goes for self-care. I think these things are methods we use to avoid feeling what being human feels like. Many of us will find we never felt what it’s like to be human. That’s okay, that part of you is in there.
Therapy: Every therapy session I’ve been to felt like I was just justifying my existence to someone else. If a therapist isn’t open to feeling, you will never get better. They probably don’t know even know they are afraid to feel also. The moment I said to myself “I am suicidal, I want to die. That’s okay. It means I need to fix something” instead of “Oh no I’m sick and I’ll never be happy and this feeling is wrong it means I’m bad.” Again, this all seems silly, its not something I can cognitively get into your head, it’s something you need to feel.
What I did do:
Feel: The simplest, biggest thing. Feeling is being human, for better or worse. I was lucky, I missed meds and found profoundly beautiful music that spoke to me. That may not be your life circumstance and it may not feel or be safe to feel yet. That’s okay. I had no agenda, I put on music I loved and got into my car and just listened to the music. As emotions came up, I just felt them. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS SMOOTHBRAINED! I’m very aware of that. But this is where the snowball happened for me the most. I think it’s important to find music that speaks to you, but my personal example was a little insane. I used to listen to a band called [“Beware of Darkness.” ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvPO5h_0UyE). In 2014 they had millions of fans and I hadn’t heard them probably since 2016 or so. When I decided it felt good to feel, even the most hurtful emotions, I knew this band meant a lot to me and the frontman had very profound lyrics and emotionally touching music. I put the band on and just drove, around the block, to the beach, to the carwash. I was feeling, the lyrics were saying everything I’ve been saying my whole life. I felt like if feeling all these things created this art, then feeling these things is fucking beautiful. And the lyrics are very dark, the writer admits to having been extremely depressed for most of his career. Anyway, this is when shit got weird. I had been listening to the music and feeling and reading on IFS, that all felt great. Things were falling into place. But guess what? I found out that this fucker released a book a couple months ago called “Thank God for Depression.” The odds? I don’t know, but the point is: many people will go their whole lives without feeling whole, but we have symptoms guiding us there, many people don’t. A part of you just wants to feel but you’ve been so conditioned not to that you don’t even know how. Deeper parts don’t know it’s okay.
Reading about IFS: I always read IFS was helpful, and I always knew of its existence. However, I never would have been able to really give IFS an authentic chance until I saw a glimmer of hope. I think IFS and music really fed each other into helping me. I also want to give credit to a redditor who posted his helpful [website](https://integralguide.com/IFS-Process). Much of the information above came from that. The only reason I didn’t just post “why you should do IFS” is because if it were that simple I’d have been cured a long time ago. I strongly believe in IFS for many reasons, but the biggest was that it provided many of the “What I didn’t do” items. Giving up on the idea that I’m sick and need to do XYZ and then I’ll be all better was huge, learning simply that I’m not broken because being sober or skinny didn’t fix anything was also huge. Also, everyone swears their methodology is best and I don’t want to debate that. I think it’s more about the restrictions we subconsciously put on ourselves than anything else, and for me, the idea of jumping into a new therapy or reaching out was not helpful. I also have a tiny thing I don’t love about IFS. It’s easy to get caught up into doing it “right.” I found myself asking “am I blended,” “am I making stuff up,” or “am I even doing this right” too many times. I think if you’re open to hearing what your parts have to say and honoring that then you can get a lot accomplished.
New perspective: Essentially that’s this whole post. I stopped seeing my CPTSD as a bad thing that I have but a blessing telling me how to honor myself and my feelings. And it’s so stupid sounding, but once you get through to enough “parts” or open up enough, quell the doubts, etc, a switch will flip and you will be amazed. It also gave me a spiritual side I didn’t know could exist. I’ve had about the closest thing a person can have to an ayahuasca experience in my bedroom with my computer, spotify, and weed. Because it turned out that a part of me was just scared I would be “cringe” or “lame,” if I felt better. Part of me thought I would be sellout if I healed. Like I’d be less cool, it seems crazy now but it’s a very valid fear. But you know, the lead singer of the band from earlier? He’s happy now and his music has never been better.
And this is where we get spiritual and woo woo and many of you are welcome to skip. But before you do, just know I have always been such a skeptic I didn’t even believe in Santa as a 4-year-old and I never once believed in God. I always thought spiritualism = religion = the cause of so much suffering.
Ayahuasca: I haven’t done it. It’s come up many times in this post though. From a more clinical perspective, ayahuasca can help people access the parts in IFS. I have another post with great discussion in the comments, but I would guess using both Aya and IFS together would have like a 99.9% efficacy rate in CPTSD, however nobody is going to do that research in the states anytime soon. Aside from the whole War on Drugs part of things, I think it would be disrespectful to use this plant medicine without a Shaman who knows how to respect it. But there is a saying “Ayahuasca starts working the moment you answer her call.” And as you read the post, you can see she has been calling me very loudly. Whether or not you believe in that quote, you can’t deny the serious of fortunate events that led me here. [8 Days ago]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldX32k3B6aE) someone discussed their experience with Aya on H3 Podcast and the host Ethan played this [Music]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr8rRm9kDhs) that next day. I was tapering my meds and as I mentioned, it felt so good. And that lead to me listening to [Beware of Darkness]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjAb9JNTmIs). Who's lead singer wrote “[Thank God for Depression] (https://www.amazon.com/Thank-God-Depression-Thing-Happen/dp/B0BPW62QWN) That author in the book? First page he is talking about Aya, the day I put on his music for the first time in years was after hearing that other music on a podcast, the very same podcast where a woman tells the host that Aya has helped her, the very day I missed my meds and first opened up to the idea that feelings are good. It’s turtles all the way down. Maybe you believe it’s more spiritual, but even on a more skeptical level, I made those connections because I knew what would help me. IFS would say it’s “Self Energy,” a Shaman might say it’s the divine, a Buddhist might say it’s enlightenment. But ultimately that’s the goal, whatever you call it. It’s the thing that fills the hole you don’t know how to fill.
Anyway, every second since I've "flipped this switch," "found self," etc I have another "aha" moment. The world makes more sense, the stars align, and I feel grateful for CPTSD. It's easy to tell myself I'm having a manic episode, it's only been a couple days, its the effexor withdrawal. I see how that would be the obvious answer to everyone. It would make sense. But on the other-side. From the perspective I've gained now, I have the hope and confidence to know that's not true. Because I've literally never felt whole until now. And I'm holding onto that wholeness. There is a lot of parts work I have to do, I'm seeing a shaman in a couple weeks, and there's still the economy/state of the world. But I have something to hold onto and just wanted to share it with anyone who wants that too. I want feedback, DMs, etc. I'm a baby in the world of being happy, so I'm not going to pretend I have anything together. But I have the thing and the thing is what matters.
Resources/things I've referenced:
HOLY GRAIL]( https://integralguide.com/IFS): LEVI you are a beautiful person and this webite imo is the holy grail. Shoutout to u/IntegralGuideAuthor
[Thank God for Depression] (https://www.amazon.com/Thank-God-Depression-Thing-Happen/dp/B0BPW62QWN): $10 on amazon, I haven’t even finished it but it’s been a huge source of insights. But it might just have worked because the author is so special to me.
[Podcast Clip 1]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldX32k3B6aE) 8 Days ago someone discussed their experience with Aya
[Music Ethan played next Day]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr8rRm9kDhs) Very relatable music. “Someone smiled at me today and I cried because I realized I don’t like myself.”- Elizabeth Homes, very new artist and talented foot soldier.
[MUSIC!]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjAb9JNTmIs) I forced myself to pick one song. If you need music ideas that’s my bread and butter. But this one song says more than this whole post could for me.
REDDIT! All of you were on my mind. All the posts here remind me how I’m not alone in this.
Ayahuasca: DM if you want to talk about this, I haven’t done ayahuasca yet and it would be a bad idea to act like I have. However, if after all this you feel it’s YOUR personal next step, I tell you the information I've found to point you towards a retreat.
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2023.06.01 01:48 xtremexavier15 TSWT 24 (pt 1)

Girls: Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal
Episode 24: Hawaiian Style
A riff from an electric guitar opened the episode, the scene fading into a close-up of a spinning blue globe. As the camera moved up across Africa and Europe, the words 'TOTAL' and 'DRAMA' appeared in white block letters with a flash, moving up at an angle to make room for 'WORLD TOUR' in two additional rows of larger letters. One final word, 'AFTERMATH', appeared below it in a shower of stars, and as the theme music reached a tentative low the gleam from the words took over the whole screen.
Izzy, Sadie, Noah, and Mal grabbed a swan boat, and moments later, the boats splashed down into a river running through a hilly forest.
The music entered a low point as the title screen was shown again, the words flaring up once more to transition to the next clip.
Ezekiel Clone sniffed the air. He perked up and the camera cut briefly to the still berry-covered Owen washing up then back to him. The clone took the opportunity and launched himself at the fun guy and attacked him.
A few laughs were heard and the Aftermath theme renewed itself, the title screen flaring up for a third time.
Mal, Topher, and Sadie raced down the Wall as the camera panned down to show them moving faster. Sadie unknowingly skated towards the mine, causing her to be blown off the wall with a yell.
The title screen showed up for the final time.
Topher slipped on the puddle of oil, forcing him to land on his back while the cake splattered on the floor candle first.
The camera quickly panned rightward to the door at the side of the plane; it slammed open and countless animals ran out – a sasquatch, a bear, a horse, a seal, a duck, a bunch of rats and chipmunks, and Ezekiel Clone at the front of it.
The resulting explosion was shown from about a mile away, and the light completely enveloped the once-peaceful nighttime scene.
The Aftermath's title sequence played once more, earning another round of applause from the unseen audience as the episode began.
"Hello, everyone!" the voice of Josh spoke out, walking in to a close-up shot of what looked like the host's couch in an outdoor set. "Welcome, to Total Drama Aftermath! We are coming to you guys live from the beautiful tropical shores of Hawaii!" The camera zoomed out. As he'd said the main parts of the Aftermath set had been transplanted to a beautiful white-sand beach, a smoking volcano off in the background. Two-tiered couches had been set up on either side like usual, but unlike usual, both held members of the Peanut Gallery: the left had Brick, Courtney, Cody, and Heather on the top row, Lightning, Jo, Amy, and Rodney on the bottom; the right-hand couches had Lindsay, Sky, and Shawn on the top, Beth, Harold, Duncan, and Ella on the bottom. Luna and Ron were also seated next to Ella.
"After traveling all around the world this season," Josh continued, "we had to wrap it up with a big shot of paradise. And I'm not relaxing on this beach by myself. Let's give a big welcome to our Peanut Gallery!" The audience cheered, the camera cutting from one half of the gallery to the other as the former contestants there smiled and waved to varying degrees.
"We've two episodes left before we declare this season's million dollar winner!" Josh said enthusiastically. "And it's going to happen right here."
He paused for a few seconds for the applause to die down, then continued. "First things first, we have to say hello to a few people who were boot off the show. Please welcome," he motioned to the side, "Noah, Sadie, Owen, and Eva!"
The crowd cheered again as the four were shoved into view by an unseen intern. "Why are we all being introduced at the same time?" Sadie asked.
"We're doing things differently today," Josh answered.
"Tell me we don't have to sing," Eva said. "I'm tired of raising my voice."
"We'll get to that soon enough," Josh told him. "But first, I want to ask you guys something." He cleared his throat. "Are any of you wondering why I'm here today instead of Blaineley as usual?"
"To be honest, yes," Shawn answered. "You haven't been in the past aftermath episodes."
"Did Blaineley get her job back or what?" Duncan asked impatiently.
"She definitely did, but that's not why she's absent today," Josh said. "She's out sick today, so I'm here to fill in for her."
"I do hope she gets better soon," Ella said with sympathy as she nurtured Ron and Luna.
"So do I," Sadie agreed as she sat down next to Ella, who frowned harder at her. "Are you not going to talk to me?"
"We'll talk after this episode is done. As for now, don't bother me," Ella said sternly.
Sadie sighed miserably, and even when Luna and Ron glared at her, her expression didn't change.
"I deserved that," she mumbled to herself.
"Hey Josh, don't forget to talk about Dawn and how she's stuck in Siberia," Harold reminded the man.
"I was getting to that," Josh continued. "Last episode, Dawn was nursing a wounded bear in Siberia. Thankfully, the bear's all better now!" he said brightly before frowning. "Sadly, the airport officials wouldn't let her fly home since she only had Blaineley's passport."
"Me and Shawn rented a helicopter to locate and find Dawn," Jo told the host.
"Thanks for that," Josh said as a quick aside. "The wait is over!" he said brightly, pointing dramatically off into the distance.
The crowd cheered as a green helicopter was shown approaching high over the set. Dawn leaned out the side door and waved at the camera, then called out "Hello! I'm so happy to see all of you!"
The bear from Siberia poked its head out as well, and the crowd gasped. "Behind you!" Harold cried in warning.
Dawn looked at the bear, then back at the crowd. "Don't worry about Bruno!" She and the bear quickly ducked back into the helicopter as it descended. A ladder was thrown out, and Dawn used it to climb down and land on the sand.
"Are you ready to return to co-hosting?" Josh asked Dawn. "Blaineley's sick in bed, so I'm taking over for her."
"Okay," Dawn agreed and was going to shake hands with Josh, only for heavy plodding footsteps to herald a strong right hook at Josh from the bear, who had apparently landed on the beach without issue.
The audience and gallery gasped and shrieked in shock. "Bad Bruno!" Dawn scolded the bear. "We don't hurt people, remember?" The bear hung his head in shame.
"He's gotten possessive of me ever since I fixed his paw," Dawn explained as Josh rubbed his face. "But he's really sweet and protective... as long as no one gets within three feet of me."
"How are we supposed to host if that bear is in our way?" Josh asked.
"We'll figure something out, don't worry," Dawn told him. "But right now, let's get back to hosting."
"The Peanut Gallery will soon have a say in who's gonna get the million bucks," Josh said as the crowd clapped.
"That's good," Eva spoke up, the shot cut to the left half of the gallery and revealed that she was in the top row while Owen was at the top. "I have some things I'd like to say about the Final Three."
"Mal can't win the finale," Owen added. "He's the only evil player left!"
"That's if they can live long enough to compete," Shawn said with Noah in the top row. "How are they going to get out of Drumheller?"
"The number one cause of death in Drumheller is being stranded there!" Duncan claimed.
"Are we sure they'll be here for the finale?" Dawn asked her cohost.
"These guys are survivors," Josh said. "Look at Izzy. She's like a Total Drama cockroach."
"I thought that was Mal," Jo remarked.
"Maybe Izzy is Total Drama lichen," Shawn theorized. "The stuff that survives forever."
"My point is," Josh went on, "they'll find a way here one way or another, and it'll be exciting however it goes down!"
"So who does the Peanut Gallery think will win?" Dawn jovially asked the camera.
[A stereotypically Hawaiian tune began to play as the camera zoomed in on the monitor set up over the hosts' couch, which was now showing an image of peanuts dancing on two sets of tiered couches with a question mark between them. The question mark enlarged as the lyrics began, transitioning the screen to something else.]
"Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?"
[Dawn sang over an image of three slot machine windows amongst a field of question marks. The windows started on question marks as well, before they started spinning rapidly.]
"Is it Mal, Ezekiel, or will you pick Izzy?"
[As Dawn sang, the reels stopped from left to right as each contestant was called in turn, showing stock images of Mike, Ezekiel, and Izzy all smiling.]
"There's Izzy, she's the new girl, and she's been playing hard!"
[Dawn sang, appearing on screen and doing a hula dance wearing a grass skirt, a lei around her waist, and flowers in her hair. Behind her, the scene changed to black-and-white clips of Izzy, showing her diving into the water to swim to the flag in Sweden, then her talking to a lobster in Newfoundland.]
"But she is too bizarre! She'd have! To pay! A bodyguard!"
[Dawn added. The clips continued behind her, showing Izzy jumping from ice floe to ice floe in the Yukon, then finding her barrel of oil in Drumheller.]
"Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?"
[Dawn dropped back out of the scene as another few short clips played: Mal fulling exposing himself in China, Ezekiel being knocked to the floor in Greece, and Izzy talking about game shows in Japan.]
"Is it Mal, Ezekiel, or will you pick Izzy?"
[Another trio of clips accompanied the next line, this time showing Mal smirking down while climbing the Statue of Liberty in New York, Ezekiel singing in the cargo hold in Egypt, and Izzy being stretched in London before the beat dropped.]
"Ricki-tick-ity, you're gonna hear it from me!"
[Harold popped up on the screen wearing a dark baggy sweatshirt and beanie over his normal attire, and a gold chain and sunglasses. The music became a smooth hip-hop beat as he rapped. The black-and-white montage naturally became Ezekiel specific: him watching his clone be created in Area 51, then him being thrown off the plane by Chris.]
"The only one winning this is our man, Zeke!"
[Both he and the montage continued: showing Ezekiel playing his harmonica in Australia, then climbing up to the condor in Rapa Nui.]
"Pimpin' like a king, sippin' lemonade in the shade!"
[The montage continued: showing him crossing the finish line with Ace in China, being stuck in quicksand in Africa, and pulling out the pieces of his gold bling in Germany.]
"Kickin' it Hawaiian style! Gonna take home the cheddar!"
[Harold stuck a flower in his hair as Ezekiel was shown almost admitting that he likes Sadie to Jo in Paris, then taping up the broken pieces of his bling in the Amazon.]
"We're gonna be all smiles!"
[He rapped over a clip of Sadie carrying Ezekiel across the tightrope in Niagara Falls.]
[Harold said to the camera as the next clip consisted of Ezekiel and Sadie kissing.]
"Why does he get to sing?"
"He doesn't. Harold!"
[Ella, then Dawn were heard saying over a clip of Ezekiel thanking Ella for helping him in the Yukon.]
"Ricki-ticki-ticki-todelle, give it up for Ezekiel!"
[Harold rapped over clips of Ezekiel panicking over the plane turbulence in Jamaica and he and Sadie getting captured by the Ripper in London.]
"Harold's in the house spittin' rhymes that are viral, a-viral!"
[He rapped over a clip of Ezekiel holding on to the camel's butt in Egypt.]
"Give me the microphone! The song is over!"
[Dawn said as she snatched the microphone from the dweeb's hands, the montage was frozen on the camel scene.]
"Your rapping is good, but you can't hijack a song like that," Dawn scolded as the music ended and the shot cut back to the host couch, Harold walking back to his seat.
"Your singing voice is nice to hear though," Josh complimented.
"My father did say I have a gift!" Dawn said sweetly and shook his hand.
Bruno rose up from behind the couch, swiped down with his paw to separate the two, then smacked Josh all the way into the ocean.
The audience and gallery gasped in shock, and Dawn cried out "Josh!" in fear. She quickly turned a glare towards the bear, saying "Bruno! I told you, don't hurt innocent people!"
Bruno hung his head in shame under her glare, and he trudged over to the right half of the gallery. Most of the contestants that had been sitting there screamed and ran away, leaving only Beth paralyzed in fear in the bottom-left corner. Bruno took the seat behind her, and leaned over to sniff her.
"Maybe we can calm the bear down with something?" Sadie asked
"We can use kava tea," Shawn suggested as Bruno began to lick Beth's head. "Kava is a root the native Polynesians used to calm minds."
"Is it also an appetite suppressant?" Beth asked in terror as the bear continued to lick her.
"Before the Peanut Gallery hold up their flags to show who they're supporting," Dawn said as she resumed hosting and Josh rejoined her dripping wet, "let's see how our finalists stack up!"
She motioned back up to the widescreen as trading-card-like pictures of Mal, Ezekiel, and Izzy appeared on screen against a yellow starburst pattern, then rapidly spun around in a circle.
"Who has the best chance of taking home the cash?" Josh asked, smirking in anticipation before he and Dawn looked back at the camera. "Let's see who earned it the hard way, with some...!"
A bout of static cut the scene to an image of a white man in a full-body cast lying on a stretcher with his left arm in a sling. He was suddenly sent flying as an ambulance crashed into him, a deep voice announcing "Total Trauma!" over the blare of the siren, the shot pulling back to show Chef sitting on top of the ambulance in a male nurse's outfit.
"Ezekiel took a bit of a beating this season," Dawn began over a montage of clips showing Ezekiel getting knocked off the condor's nest by the mother condor then sucking his finger after touching an artificial in Area 51. "Most of it physical."
"He formed a relationship with Sadie and overcame most of his insensitivity," Josh continued over a clip of Sadie hugging Ezekiel in Paris. "But with Sadie out of the game," Sadie was shown catching her own parachute and Ezekiel was shown digging holes with Topher in Drumheller, "Ezekiel had to work with Topher."
"Ezekiel also has skills to fall back on," Dawn said, the montage cutting away briefly to show the moonchild nodding. The widescreen showed a stock photo of the young man. "Although he's the physically weakest of the finalists," the montage continued, showing Ezekiel getting covered in bandages in Egypt, "and ignorant about some things," the next clip was of Ezekiel believing Mal's lie in Jamaica, "he's easily the smartest of the Final Three," Dawn finished over a clip of him figuring out his team's saying in Newfoundland.
"All and all," Josh said as the camera cut back to the hosts, "I'd say he's got a chance. And he's definitely saner than our next competitor."
"Izzy also managed to avoid serious injury all season," Dawn said as the stock image of the psycho was shown. "What can we say? She's unstable," clips were shown of her falling into pudding in Niagara Falls, then hitting a pole and sliding down in New York.
The camera briefly returned to Josh as he said "Despite being new to the game, Izzy made a name for herself with his high IQ, friendships, and happiness." Halfway through the sentence the clips resumed, showing her taking charge in Sweden, forming Team E-Scope with Noah and Eva in London, and being dressed like a mummy in Egypt.
"Despite all we've mentioned, she isn't without her flaws," Dawn said. "Her attitude has gotten people annoyed with her on more than a few occasions," a clip was shown of her pressing buttons while Chef tried to stop her, "and she took this year's biggest makeover in Area 51." The clip reel changed to a long-distance shot of Area 51, and Dawn asked "Could we see that clip again?"
The feed cut to static, and Izzy was shown stepping out the chamber with her face looking like a clown.
"I remember that moment!" Cody said. "It took her all night to wash the makeup off."
"Even with her clown appearance, she's still more rational than Mal could ever be," Jo replied.
"Speaking of Mal," Dawn said, looking back up at the widescreen as it cut to another round of clips.
"No one really knew much about Mal when he first showed up," Josh continued as the clip of Mal's first appearance in the Yukon was shown, "but he quickly established himself as a ruthless competitor willing to do anything to make people suffer. Whether it's by throwing someone out of a plane," he was shown letting Owen fall from the plane, "throwing animals at someone," Mal was shown hurling a dingo at Cody, "or just being intimidating in general," he was shown threatening Ezekiel to be in first class, "Mal has been the vilest villain this whole game," the clips finished with Mal shoving Lindsay into a pole.
"Also," Dawn added as the shot cut back to the hosts, "raise your hand if he's the reason you're here now!" The camera cut around the Peanut Gallery, showing Duncan, Ella, Lindsay, Sadie, and Sky raising their hands on the right couch and Cody and Owen raising their hands on the left one.
"He's got all of the abilities of Mike's other personalities," Josh added over clips of Mal finding easter eggs in Rapa Nui, "and has avoided a few eliminations of his own," he finished over a clip of him surviving being eliminated in Africa.
"He's in the Final Three because of luck," Duncan scoffed.
"And if Topher didn't blow up the plane and get disqualified, he wouldn't even be there," Shawn added.
"Nothing seems to stop him," Josh claimed as the widescreen was shown in static, "even if he did get a swollen eye or get hoofed in the nuts." Clips of those instances happening in Rapa Nui and Greece played.
"But anyone can still win. It's too close to call," Dawn chimed. "Let's take a look at what could stop our finalists in their tracks." She motioned back up to the widescreen, which cut to another series of clips.
"Izzy's biggest weakness, aside from his insanity getting in the way, is her style of thinking," Josh said over a clip of Izzy going through the lasers in Paris.
"If she doesn't become fully aware of herself," Dawn added as clips of Izzy glowing from being inside a radioactive box in the Yukon were presented, "then she could wind up losing her pride and effectiveness."
"As for Mal," Dawn said as the clip montage moved to Mal talking to Topher in the Amazon and him giving away chowder in Newfoundland, "he is one of Mike's personalities, not the main one."
"If the final challenge triggers any of Mike's other alters," Josh added over Mal eating cake in China, "that could spell the end for Mal."
"And Ezekiel?" Dawn continued as the recap footage shifted to Ezekiel running with a panda in Japan. "I'd say his biggest weakness is his emotions."
"Agreed," Josh chimed in. "He's been working on his social skills," the montage continued on to show Ezekiel checking up on a tarred Topher in Drumheller. "But if he lets Sadie being eliminated get to him, he could very well do something drastic towards Mal," he finished over Ezekiel being faux complimented by Mal in Sweden.
"And here's where it gets interesting," Dawn continued as the static cut away back to her. "It's time for the Peanut Gallery to vote for their favorite finalists!"
The footage flashed ahead to a close-up of small flags bearing Izzy's face, the camera zooming out as the audience applauded to reveal them to be in the hands of Amy, Duncan, Eva, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, and Sky; they were now the only ex-contestants sitting on the left-side couches.
Cutting to the right-side couches revealed most of the rest of the cast sitting there holding Ezekiel flags: Beth, Brick, Cody, Courtney, Ella, Harold, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Luna, Rodney, Ron, Sadie, and Shawn.
"Figures nobody's a Mal fan," Duncan smiled, hurling all the Mal flags away.
"I don't see how Ezekiel can beat Izzy," Eva admitted. "He'd lose immediately in a fight against me while Izzy can fend me off for thirty seconds."
"But Ezekiel's the only finalist that hasn't gotten arrested or did something questionable," Shawn replied. "That has to count for something!"
The camera cut to Bruno as he walked up towards a nervous Beth with a red checkered bib around his neck. "Uh, is the tea ready yet?" she asked before Bruno roared.
The black male intern promptly arrived with a tea kettle and cup on a tray. "I'll take care of it," Shawn volunteered, grabbing the kettle off the tray. "I have some experience dealing with bears last season, especially hungry ones." He cleared his throat, then turned to face Bruno.
The bear roared again, but rather than flee, Shawn just shoved the kettle into his mouth, which immediately closed around the spout. Bruno blinked in confusion, then began to drink; he finished after a few seconds, took the kettle out of his mouth, and yawned contentedly.
"I still don't know how blessed I am to have you as my boyfriend," Jo said.
"After 44 days of traveling, Bruno can use some rest," Dawn talked to Josh.
"And he got it," Josh said, only to be interrupted by a roaring Bruno once again. The bear promptly fell asleep and dropped over onto Josh, pinning him to the ground as the audience gasped.
"Josh!" Dawn shrieked before noticing the camera still on her. "Err, coming up next, a few lucky members of the Peanut Gallery will face-off in an exciting surf challenge," she said quickly, "for a chance to win an advantage for their favorite finalist!" She nervously looked down at Josh.
"All that and more," Josh said, muffled by Bruno's sleeping head, "when we return on Total! Drama! Aftermath!"
"Can someone assist me here?!" Dawn asked as she tried to push Bruno off Josh herself and the audience applauded.
The show's title screen was shown again, the flaring letters leading in to the break.
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.01 01:48 Jcaliber_ What should I do?!?

A backstory to the situation, I (22m) my Girlfriend(20yrs) has a little sister and let’s call her Naomi(11yrs). You see, Naomi is a good kid but however things are getting worse far as her actions & listening. I'll name a few things, she has trouble with keeping her room clean, arguing back to her parents, saying inappropriate things, having the last thing to say, and now on the side when these things happen we would take her to the side and talk with her and explains how what she does/say can have consequences. We try to find solutions. (At this point it’s almost present day)She evidently gets kicked out of 2 school in the span of two days. Her punishment was to do manual labor at home and she couldn’t go to school because it was the end of the school year. Moving bricks is what she had to do, she had to move a certain amount in the each day. Naomi basically had to do community services work but at home. During this, she would say, “my arms hurts” “my backs hurts”, etc. Things kids say when doing hard work, fair. she is allowed shower, food, breaks, and bathroom use. She had to stay outside during the day to work. We would give her advice to help work smarter not harder. She unfortunately didn’t utilized time to work. She had to sleep outside one night inside the truck and it wasn’t raining or anything bad but clear as day. It would gradually become more difficult, one day it went from bad to worse. She was outside screaming and crying to her mom why she had to do all the work. At this point I left to work, My GF had to get in between to help because what Naomi would do is ask why and would stand at the door crying and depending, she would scream. I was coming home and get a call that her mom went to jail because of child abuse(She was let out the next day).According to what Naomi had to say, she had to sleep out side for 3 nights, her stomach was hurting for 5 days which I never heard nor did she tell anyone, and she was choked & hair pulled by her sister also she said she had to use the restroom outside. Naomi had to stay with a family friend that day. Skip to today, my gf mom is already facing 3 counts of child abuse charges and up to 9 years in prison. Guess who also as of today?! The step-dad & her sister! They both have to go to court and one of them is already a felon. The only thing that’s true is she had to sleep outside 1 night! They took only the statements from Naomi but no one else. We the family didn’t want all of this to happen. She wasn’t even hit because the mom don’t want child abuse charges she’s facing now. I thankful didn’t get serve anything but what do I do?!?!?!!
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2023.06.01 01:48 ElRhinoMexicano Stocks or HYSA or

Might not be the right forum but I am looking to still retire early while doing this.
Long story short I will be taking over the mortgage on my parents home since my dad passed. Me and the wife will be living with mom. House mortgage left is 250k. moms will be staying rent free, only thing she asks is to give my sis and bro each 100k once she passes (home has equity). I will be paying the mortgage and putting away about 500 to 1,000 for when the day comes to give my siblings 200k
What would be the best way to store the 500 to 1,000 a month. I don't want to refinance the house when the time comes to pull out the 200k I want to have the 200k so I don't have to pay interests. Any advice is welcomed thanks in advance
P.S I've tried telling moms to refinance now and she can enjoy all the equity but she does not want to...not even the 200k 1
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2023.06.01 01:48 xPyrez Ethics 💯

Ethics 💯 submitted by xPyrez to medicalschool [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:48 ShingekiTitan Do you guys recommend moving to Columbus Ohio from NJ

My info 1. Spouse - stay at home mom for now and might find a job later for may be 100-150k 2. One 3month old daughter and 2 year old mini aussie dog 3. Planning for 1 more kid after 3-4 years. 4. Income - 300k from software job and no other income 5. NW - 200k (non retirement) and 200k retirement 6. H1-B for life as I am Indian and will stay in USA till kicked out, I will wait for my 3 month old US citizen daughter to grow up and sponser me. 7. No property in USA but I got some ancestral non income generating homes in India.
Probs with NJ I don't want to pay like 700k or 800k for a home which I am don't like or barely like and 6.5-7 % interest for 30 years(may be less rate in future) and high property taxes to go to public schools while I want private schools (for political reasons and my preference on schools). NJ New homes is only for families with close to a million dollars in bank for a cash offer or for families earning 500k+ yearly income to easily afford 160k down payment with good backup cash and 5-8k monthly payment on property which I am neither. I think I can only do either a small, old, ugly or far away home in NJ for 600k or less which I don't want.
Pros of Columbus I can get a big good looking home like 5bhk, 3bedroom 3k + sq feet on a 0.5 acre lot within 10-25 miles of the center of the city for 500k with low property taxes. The home will look better than any other friend's home I had seen in NJ with similar income. Decent private schools for 8-15k per year. (Just need to keep my remote job and future job changes might be hard, also social life needs to be restarted).
  1. City with good safety where my wife/daughter can walk at night
  2. City where I can afford private schools for 10-15k per year
  3. City with somewhat less state income tax and less property tax
  4. City where I can buy a big home 2k -3k square feet with 4-5 bedroom and 3 bathrooms and backyard for my dog to play for a total price of 600k or less, preferably 400-500k.
  5. I love the cold NJ/NY weather, my favorite outside is 50-60f (I can live with 40f but hard to tolerate 70f + ) and I can't stand the heat as I came from super hot Indian city.
  6. I would like free space of 0.5 -2 acres around but not a requirement
  7. I would like a single floor home so that I don't need to keep climbing up.
  8. I work in software but permanent remote job. If there are some software in person jobs in the city it would be good as I can get the in person job if I am fired from remote job.
  9. I mostly stay at home but I want some accessibility for music classes, self defense classes, gym, warehouse clubs,
View Poll
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2023.06.01 01:48 googlesheetisweird Has anyone else had issues with building fences?

My neighbour is causing so much grief right now...
From the beginning, we both agreed to build a fence on the property line bordering our lots. We also agreed to split the cost evenly at 50/50.
I had just moved in after building my home (lived in the older home for a bit before tearing it down).
I have a survey that was done, approved by the City, and has been used for all purposes from building, permit process, etc. I also shared this document with my neighbour to agree on where the fence will be installed.
Now my neighbour is claiming that the survey is wrong. Not only that, he took photographs (and developed them and printed hard copies) to "prove" where the property line pins were, and claims that they have been moved (no one touched them).
I asked if he has a survey of his own, and he said he doesn't. He only has these "photographs" of the pins where MY surveyor placed.
I want to get this going, but he's been dragging on this process. I need to get the fences installed before I start sodding....

In the case of dispute, would you just give up extra foot or so, just to satisfy their needs, or should I find other options?
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2023.06.01 01:48 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator (The Course)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 01:48 FatherLiamFinnegan Using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP/Unifi Long-Range AP and having very spotty WiFi in some areas. Want to start anew and could use help with what to buy and where to put it.

I have a small 1200 square foot home. I tried to make a mockup of everything in paint and I apologize it's probably not to scale but it's as close as I could get it. See here - https://i.imgur.com/zh09Q8h.png
Last year, I switched from 150mbps Spectrum cable internet to 400mbps Vexus fiber and noticed the WiFi router I had wasn't doing a good job at transmitting the higher speeds to my devices on wireless. A coworker talked me into buying "prosumer" equipment and had me order an EdgeRouter X SFP ($100) and a Unifi Long-Range Access Point ($110) rather than go with something like a Netgear Nighthawk.
When the router arrived, I tried to talk to Vexus support about connecting the fiber directly to the router but they said it was impossible and I had to use their gateway so getting the SFP version of the router was pointless. I went ahead and got everything configured anyway and installed the AP in my closet attached to the ceiling powered via POE.
This setup does do better at speed but the range is meh. The two Ring floodlight cameras are always complaining about weak wireless signal and sometimes drop completely. Where I use the laptop in the bedroom gives about 1 bar of wireless (sometimes 2) and it's rather slow. Everything in my living room seems to be fairly well connected.
I had a computer setup with the Ubiquiti wireless controller software so I could set the WiFi up but it was running Linux and died a few months ago and I'm not sure how to get it working again as I'm not a Linux person. The wireless is still working though so that's a plus but I can't mess with the settings. I'm also not that knowledgeable in the EdgeOS CLI and it seems like their GUI is more geared towards a network technician which I'm not. The internet went out today and it took me doing some deep googling just to figure out how to tell if the Fiber gateway was handing the router an IP address (the command is show dhcp client leases if you were wondering).
I need something that a networking dummy like me can use that can actually reach all of my devices with a good signal. I don't think the house is big enough to require multiple access points or a mesh network but I could be wrong. I don't really need any advanced features like having the ability to VPN in to my house but having adblock at a router level would be nice. I was considering setting up PiHole for that but it's a lot to learn. I would really like to keep the spend under $400 if at all possible and am comfortable running wires through the attic and into the walls if need be.
Thanks for reading and really appreciate any help anyone can give me.
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2023.06.01 01:47 HellaHotLancelot r/bindingofisaac user claims to have beaten all main bosses with all characters. Others are quick to cast doubt.

Disclaimer: I commented on this post, but only once and correcting another commenter. Also, this drama is a couple months old, so popcorn pissers beware. This is also my first writeup here, so I apologize for any formatting issues. I can also answer any questions anyone has.
Context: The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike. Each run is randomly generated; without using seeds, no two runs will be the same. As of the latest expansion, Repentance, there are 34 characters and 12 completion marks for defeating certain bosses. There's technically 24, one earned for beating the boss on normal mode and one for beating them on hard mode. However, beating the boss on hard mode also earns the mark for normal mode. Hard mode is available by default. There's another mode called Greed mode that has a mark. However, the hard mode of Greed, Greedier, is not unlocked by default. You'll have to play some Greed mode runs into order to unlock Greedier mode. (This is what my comment was about).
Some terms:
-T (example: T Lost, T Jacob): T stands for Tainted. It refers to the alternative forms of the 17 playable characters
-Eden token: The characters Eden and Tainted Eden require Eden tokens to play. Eden tokens are earned by beating certain bosses. All bosses that give Eden tokens give completion marks, but not all bosses that give completion marks give Eden tokens.
-Lost: The Lost is an unlockable character. You unlock the Lost by dying in a certain room holding a certain item. This revives you as the Lost. The Lost has no HP, any hit kills them. The Lost gets an innate Holy Mantle (an item that protects you from damage once per room) when 879 coins are donated in Greed(ier) mode.
-R Key: R Key is an active item that starts the current run over at the first floor, while keeping everything you've earned that run, such as health, items, and completion marks. Using R Key, you can earn mutually exclusive completion marks in one run.
A user posts a video to the subreddit, claiming to have gotten all completion marks with all characters. Their win streak is 230, and their stats show 0 deaths.
People are immediately suspicious:
I absolutely don't believe you

Has the same amount of Eden tokens as his streak
Never died a single time by a poorly designed room as T lost, T jacob and J&E
Never got telefraged by delirium as T lost
Didn't die after DYING and being revived with Missing Poster as The Lost WITHOUT MANTLE
-Never got telefraged by delirium as T lost
I cheesed it with Tainted Cain and had Gnawed Leaf as Tainted Lost.
-Didn't die after DYING and being revived with Missing Poster as The Lost WITHOUT MANTLE
Missing Poster revives you as The Lost even when unlocking it and actually if you have for example Dead Cat, it doesn't even turn you into The Lost, just unlocks it.
About Holy Mantle, I didn't even go alt path before unlocking it for The Lost for obvious reasons. (OOP)
Wait but you said you unlocked holy mantle before The Lost unless I'm reading this wrong?
Wdym? To be precise, I didn't "unlock" Holy Mantle because it is available from the beginning, I meant "Lost holds Holy Mantle". (OOP)
You need to donate like 4 Quintillion Coins to the Greed machine in Greed mode 🎃
Some users try to math it out:
There s no way this is real, cmon no deaths when characters like t.lost exist? Also you beat delirium lots of times in a row without dying once?
Edit: since there are 34 characters and 12 marks to get, the worst case scenario is gaining only a mark per run so the maximum number of runs assuming you get at least a new one each time is 408. Lets count the scenario where you get 3+ marks on a run, or even more insane, lets say you get 4 per every run, that will be 34 times (12 - 4) which is 272. Your run count is 230, so basically besides the fact that you didnt even die once you also managed to get an insane amount of R keys?
Edit 2: forgot to add that you also need to store the coins in greed mode to unlock keeper, and here are some runs wasted because of that
(This comment is deleted and I wasn't able to recover it, but based on the context it was probably pointing out that OOP had the same number of Eden tokens as their win streak)
Yeah, which means he must have never played either Eden character
Holy shit good observation
Uhh why is that can you explain i didnt get it
You have to spent Eden tokens to play him. Since his Eden tokens is the exact amount of wins he has that means played eden for free which isn’t possible
Wait? Arent eden tokens are not spent if you win as Eden. Or at least its spent unless you win and gain another token
Winning as a normal character would increase your Eden tokens by 1 and your win streak by 1. Because Eden costs a token to play and gives you one back when you win, your Eden tokens wouldn’t increase afterwards but your win streak would. Playing as Eden would make your winstreak increase but not your token count, so he can’t have played as either Eden because the winstreak and token count are identical. OP is also claiming the use of R keys as a way of balancing that, and I’m not totally sure how R key interacts with tokens and winstreaks, but that seems far less likely than them just having faked it.
Iirc you get a eden token at the end of it lives no? So if you R key you should be able to get 2 every run. Although even then he’d need an r key EVERY SINGLE FUCKING RUN AS BOTH T. AND REGULAR EDEN which is much less likely than it sounds (ESPECIALLY t.eden)
Optimally all completion marks need just 5 runs. For example:
  1. Boss Rush + Hush + Chest
  2. Dark Room + Mega Satan + Delirium
  3. Mother
  4. Home
  5. Greed mode
That would be just 5*34 = 170 runs. More realistically it's 6 runs per character or 204 runs in total. I averaged 6.67 so I'd say it's not even that tight. (OOP)
may I remind you that at the start of a new file you need to beat mom's heart 9 times and get to satan and isaac a few times as well? you dont get this setup from the get go, you need additional runs where you get no marks
I believe the minimum is 5 runs to get all completion marks for a character, which would only be 170 runs, so that is actually believable
for example:
1st run: Boss Rush, It Lives!, Hush (ignore Deli), Isaac, Blue Baby, Mega Satan
2nd run: Satan, The Lamb, lucky Delirium
3rd 4th and 5th run for Greedier, Mother and The Beast respectively
you would still have to get lucky to get a Void portal on the last boss and not sooner, but even so you could still do a dedicated run and it would only be 6, which assuming you never got lucky the new minimum would be 204. This makes 230 runs perfectly believable for a minimum amount of wins but not to get them all in a row
I keep saying this but I explained in another comment that you cannot get the 5 runs minimum since you do not have these bosses unlocked on a new file
oh damn you're right, you'd need somewhere around 25 wins to unlock every ending. 10 for Sheol and Cathedral, 5 for both of them to unlock Chest and Dark Room, 3 wins against Hush to unlock the Void and Mother (first win you can still go to the Void by exiting and reentering however)
add those 23(+?) runs to the 170-204 minimum range and it gets pretty damn close, with 193-227
But honestly, it's not like the minimum amount of wins was really in question to begin with, it is pretty likely he went and got every mark without dying, he just cheated to do it or more likely edited the file to bring the death counter down and preserve his win streak
Someone asks for the Bestiary to be shown:
Show the beastiery, it will show you how many times you died to each enemy
It shows couple deaths but it doesn't take into account revive items so kinda meaningless. (OOP)
Then your not afraid to prove to the public, your beastiery.
Here https://streamable.com/pejo69. I counted 26 "deaths" (=revives). Many of the deaths are to so dumb characters they were probably for going through Dead Cat to get revived as another character. For comparison, my second file says 406 deaths but I counted 478 in bestiary. Scaling that number would mean 34.6 revives expected and I got just 26. (OOP)
The bestiary may not take revive items into account but the deaths counter does, if you die and revive it''ll still show as a death on the counter
In stats main page? No it doesn', you can test it yourself. (OOP)
I have, that's how I know
You haven't apparently I just tested it. OP may be a liar elsewhere, but they're right on this one. The death counter on the stats page does not increment if you die and revive. (PC, testing by giving 1up! with the debug console in case that matters)
Some users make jokes:
If real- you need to touch grass
If fake (which we all know this is)- you need to touch grass
In conclusion-go touch some goddamn grass

Now die 100 times to get the Scissors and Dead God
No. (OOP)
Sounds like a skill issue ngl
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2023.06.01 01:47 Djf_x80 is this mewtwo from the original gen1 games??

is this mewtwo from the original gen1 games??
i’ve had him sitting in home for like 2 years now. have no recollection of how i got him. with SV gaining compatibility i checked in on my mon and found this guy. Does that gameboy icon mean what i think it means?
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2023.06.01 01:47 pingtings [WTB] Dutchware Chameleon Hexon 1.6 Hammock

Looking for a 1.6 fabric for extra durability- I want to get used to sleeping in a hammock at home first.
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2023.06.01 01:47 Professional_Video23 Pent Up Feelings

I (20m) am shit when it comes to relationships and dealing with deeper emotions for people. I’m gonna sound like an asshole down below.
tldr: entered a relationship with a girl I didn’t have feelings for and pushed away feelings I had for someone else. Broke up with gf, fthe feelings I pushed away are developing into something very strong.
Here’s my situation.
Had a good friend (friend 1) who I had a bit of history with but nothing serious. Great friends though, but never rlly have deeper conversations. Always just a fun time. Never pursued anything because deeper I really didn’t want to fuck it up. Plus she lived far away so it wasn’t realistic.
In 2021 I had a bad experience that left me empty, numb and instinctively reject any deeper emotions for someone.
A few months later in college I met a girl, we became very good friends and things moved on from there. I never felt any deeper feelings though. Eventually asked her to be my gf after a few months. I was kinda pressured into that if I’m honest. It was obvious how much she genuinely liked me, I liked how easy it was to talk to her, and I felt like I had an obligation to her. I saw her all the time and we were both core members of our friend group and she was good friends with my roommates (I didn’t want to break it all up). Now that I’ve listed those out so clearly I feel like an idiot. I thought some might develop and wanted to give it a chance, but she still always just felt like a good friend to me.
During our talking phase I was still in contact with friend 1, things began to develop a bit there. Locked up and rejected the feelings tho because I felt like I had an obligation to my to-be gf. One night she tried to progress things over text and I told her I had a gf (yes, I probably should’ve let her know sooner). We stopped talking for months after.
My gf changed after I asked her out officially. Felt like she wasn’t the person I asked to be my gf in the first place, nothing extreme but it was subtle and gradually began to progress.
During the next year, her mental health took a bit of a turn and she was terrified I would break up with her and she’d relive some of her past experiences. I was always there for her. I’m very open to talking about that sort of thing. I was very good at calming her down and basically became her rock. I didn’t know how she would react if I broke up with her. Otherwise the relationship felt healthy, at least on my end because I wasn’t overthinking anything.
Eventually I felt like she was in a good enough place for a long enough time that I could break things off. I felt so fucking guilty for wanting to break up with her because I knew how much she loved me, genuinely. I couldn’t reciprocate it though and it was unfair on her to continue. I felt like I made the right decision there.
After that I did a lot of self reflection, I picked myself apart from a load of different angles (basically did a shit tonne of overthinking - which doesn’t solve much at all if I’m honest). I tried to figure out why I couldn’t love the girl who was basically perfect for me.
I also thought back to a recent conversation I had with friend 1. She told me she had feelings for me (that time when I told her I had a gf). And if I’m completely honest, I had some feelings there for her too but I was so fucking numb at the time I was able to ignore them because they were “wrong”.
I began to think about that a lot and the feelings I thought I put away came back in full force. This time I couldn’t control them. They began to develop in a bit of an unhealthy way. I began acting differently towards her and I really disliked how I felt like I wasn’t being the full version of myself, which wasn’t an issue before.
A few weeks ago tho I met her and we went drinking. After a night of mixed signals I let her know that I really did like her right before she went home. She said we’d talk about it later but we haven’t had that conversation yet (2 weeks now, she probably forgot about it tbh). And I’m not sure if that’s a conversation I want to have because I don’t want to fuck things up with her. The fact I’m still holding onto that feels a bit petty.
I don’t want to come on too strong too fast and Ik these feelings are already pent up enough as is. Because of this I’m wary of having a serious conversation about it, also she might’ve moved on fully already and could be exploring other options. I’m also carrying some regret and that sometimes prevents me from looking forward, and makes me crave the connection we once had. Most importantly, I don’t know what she wants or if she’s ready for anything either.
Where should I go from here? I was thinking of just waiting until the end of the summer when we’re both back in college, but every now and then i get really impatient because the feelings I have for her just keep getting stronger, and the more prone I am to acting irrationally. And I don’t think that plan may be the best course of action.
Thanks for reading.
A second opinion would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.01 01:47 maythewheekbewithyou Recently neutered and dealing with loss of brother questions

One of our guinea pigs passed away leaving behind his brother. He is around 3.5 years. First week post-death he was his usual self. We then got him neutered. First few days post surgery he was in his hidey a lot and not eating much so we forced syringe fed him critical care, and he perked up slightly over the week. As he perked up and was eating hay and vegetables well we paused on critical care.
2 days later he suddenly regressed, was in his hidey constantly, not much exercise, his coat wasn’t it’s usual shiny silk, and he stopped eating unless we hand fed him. He seems very withdrawn, realisation of his brother not coming back perhaps. We also found calcium deposits on bedding and blood in his urine. Whilst he was getting some water through his veg we have concerns that he might not have been drinking as much water as usual.
Took him to the vet for his checkup, he was in some pain, made uncomfortable noises, when they pressed hard on his tummy region*, and we were told to just focus on his diet and pain relief medicine. His diet is hay + low calcium vegetables (romaine leaves, pepper, cucumber). We have started syringe feeding critical care and water again which he is loving thankfully. Also doing more floor time with him to keep him occupied and moving.
Question 1: Anything else we should be doing to help him physically? There is still some blood in his urine but smaller amount.
*Question 1.5: Usually the vet practice is great and have been wonderful but this vet was very unhelpful and didn’t explain anything. Is it likely for the pain to be surgery related or something else?
Question 2: We are aware he can’t be with a sow for another 6/7 weeks. Would it be advisable to get a friend in a cage nearby asap, then start bonding at the 8 week mark, or wait until then and then try play dates and bonding through a guinea pig adoption centre? Whilst the latter option would be great for having initial play dates first before bringing home a friend I am concerned for his mental well-being.
Guinea Pig Tax https://imgur.com/a/2lsCZ3E
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2023.06.01 01:47 emoforever1927 Questions about phones

I am purchasing a new phone in the next few weeks and am drowning in extensive research. I have been seriously wanting the pixel 7 pro for a while and have seen such bad response as well as a few conflicting good response. Thought I might get the 7a but then the same thing with the reviews... I also briefly considered the Samsungs but I have a pre-loaded hatred for their set up and over all look having known people that had them. Similar with iphones. Also, I much prefer Android and how it works anyway.
I have a 4 year old Motorola and have been thrilled with it except for the camera which is a new must.
What are my other options (besides Google Pixels, Samsung or Apple) for a phone that MUST HAVE:
Literally, these are my only dealbreakers for a phone. I know Google pixels can definitely do these things as I have been searching those reddit pages for months! Just wanted to see if any other phone can do this as well! I am someone who would get extremely annoyed if I had to get another new phone right away and wondered if there was something else out there that I could rely on better than a Pixel!
If it helps, I am in the USA.
Thank you to anyone who can give me advice!
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2023.06.01 01:47 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [POST GAME THREAD] Southeast Missouri defeats Missouri State, 24-17

Southeast Missouri Southeast Missouri @ Missouri State Missouri State
Game Start Time: 3:30 PM ET
Location: Americas Center, St. Louis, MO
Watch: ESPN
Southeast Missouri Southeast Missouri
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
271 yards 18 yards 289 yards 1 1 1/1 12:34 3
Missouri State Missouri State
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 313 yards 313 yards 0 2 1/3 15:26 3
Drive Summary
away for -7 yards in 30 seconds ending in punt
home for 36 yards in 116 seconds ending in turnover
away for 0 yards in 15 seconds ending in turnover
home for 12 yards in 142 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 16 yards in 39 seconds ending in punt
home for 39 yards in 114 seconds ending in punt
away for 93 yards in 138 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 34 yards in 97 seconds ending in turnover
away for 45 yards in 43 seconds ending in field_goal
home for 35 yards in 12 seconds ending in end_half
home for 37 yards in 135 seconds ending in miss
away for 77 yards in 204 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 50 yards in 65 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 0 yards in 15 seconds ending in turnover
away for 0 yards in 15 seconds ending in turnover
away for 40 yards in 109 seconds ending in punt
home for 66 yards in 124 seconds ending in field_goal
away for 0 yards in 39 seconds ending in end_half
away for 25 yards in 0 seconds ending in touchdown
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Total
Missouri State 7 0 0 10 0 17
Southeast Missouri 0 10 7 0 7 24
Game thread

Game complete, Southeast Missouri wins!

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2023.06.01 01:47 Ineffaceable u/Ineffaceable

[USA][H] Sealed Games / Zelda: ALBW / Luigi's Mansion Edition 3DS / Splatoon Amiibo [W] 3/DS Games, Switch Games

TIMESTAMP (5/31/23)

Only looking for CiB items! I am also open to partial trades and offers.
Have Condition Price/Value
Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash! (Amiibo Bundle) Sealed $45
WarioWare Touched! Sealed $95
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Edition 3DS In box, Pristine condition $210
A Link Between Worlds Loose $20
Callie & Marie Amiibo 2 Pack NiB $35
Gameboy Advance
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Four Swords)
Pokémon White
Pokémon Black 2
Metroid Prime Hunters
Mario VS. Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem
Big Outside box + Cardboard Insert + Pokewalker for Pokémon SoulSilver
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Amiibo Reader Bundle
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Luigi's Mansion 3
Pikmin 3 "Deluxe"
Splatoon 2

Thanks for Looking!

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